Sci-fi.....gawd I love it...other fans?.....recommendations?

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Gawd I love sci-fi, perhaps because I love philosophy and sci-fi always plays with it, carrying out thought experiments about the human condition, human consciousness, the reality we experience, its mysteries and theoretical possibilities.


Sometimes I feel like this is a golden age of sci-fi TV. Over recent years my favorites have been Extant, Westworld, The Leftovers and Sense8 - because they're such great experimental TV, not just good sci-fi.  Also liked Stranger Things, Wayward Pines (until it lost its way) and really love time travel stuff like Continuum and Travelers.


Lots of others I could list (before even getting started on films!), but just curious to know who else loves sci-fi/time travel stuff and what you're all watching (or reading).

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