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Crazy about foreskin
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What do you like most about having sex with a guy who's uncut? 

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Their are two guys who dont come on GBT anymore, who keep in regular contact, they make my day, with their hearts of gold, just wanted to say, and for my other friends from day one, they have restored my faith in human kindness, full of support,love and kindness, just like to say,I love you with all my heart, my friends, no naming of names, just feel your love, which is all important, in this busy world we have nowadays..............................have a great day always


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Wackty wild inflatable arm flaling tube men are sexy then check out my page for more. While there check out my video and photo album posts....Lol
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I have gone off my rocker. Hot videos for free, who ever heard of that. Well you have now, free hot videos on Gayboystube, OMFG who would have thought. I've gone off my rocker folks, have a great night.

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GBT Friends Chat
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GaySiteUnite Welcome







Gay Site Unite is dedicated to and all other porn site members.



All you need is a active account. Please use your account name you have here with a different password. 


Google Chrome works best with the chat room.



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intro for Omega 222
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They shut down Dream Zone - So - Long Live Omega 222

Do you know who is playing the guitar in it ? 

I will put a new Omega File Up on Friday at 3pm Pacific 

Its all made - so I mite have another for Sunday as well


O ya - Friday is R1260 - For all you Bible Thumpers 

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Underwear or completely nude?
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My personal preference is that when two or more actors begin a movie that as they are starting a scene they strip to their underwear​ and then in the act of foreplay show and play with their underwear still in place. Later after both actors are fully aroused slowly remove the underwear and proceed fully nude. 

I ask readers of this blog their thoughts on the matter. Would the viewer rather see the actors begin with their underwear still on and slowly move into a completely nude situation or begin with no underwear and fully nude?

If one has read this blog entry please comment (1) or YES for keeping the underwear on or (2) for NO remove all clothing immediately and start the scene totally nude.

Thank you for reading this blog and a personal thank you for those of you answering comments!😋

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Chat gone? probably been asked before.
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came back here after 2 days and noticed the chat is gone? can someone pls explain what happened to it or why it had been removed?

thank you in advance

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Your Favorite Cars
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Classic cars and trucks, custom cars and trucks, concept cars, any cars and trucks you want to share.   (With Gavin's blessings!)  Starting out with a 1935 Auburn 851 Speedster. Image result for classic cars

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Favorite Barefoot Boys;
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Post your favorite barefoot guy pics here;


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looking for friends
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Looking for anyone who wants to chat on Tumbr. Message me on here and I'll add ya so we can mesaage.

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Hávamál, The Saying of Odin, Stanza 17
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Hail and welcome! This is Huginn's Heathen Hof, with your Daily Hávamál.

Kópir afglapi
er til kynnis kømr
þylsk hann umbeða þrumir
alt er senn
ef hann sylg um getr
uppi er þá geð guma

The foolish man stares
hovering about the edges of the feast
He mumbles to himself,
or just sits silently.
But once he has a few drinks,
everybody will know what a fool he is.
-Hávamál: Stanza 17

Today's stanza needs little explanation. We've all met this person. The painfully awkward individual who kind of lurks in doorways at the party rather than joining in the conversation. The verse is almost more about social etiquette than about the current theme of alcohol. 
Also of interest here is a bit of contradictory advice from Odin. Earlier in the poem he made a point of saying that the wise man is silent, but now we see that silence is being regarded as the mark of the fool. I think this is part of a broader concept seen throughout the ancient Germanic and Norse cultures. Problems were rarely seen as having a single solution, and were generally taken on a case by case basis rather than attempting to make a single judgement apply to every scenario. There are no answers that are "always right". Every situation must be taken on it's own merit. So the lesson here is that the silent man could be wise, listening and learning about those around him before he speaks, or he could be a fool who avoids speaking because he does not understand what is being discussed. 
We can't make a judgement based on nothing but his silence, so we must observe for ourselves to see which group the guest belongs too...

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cut  or  uncut

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Changed my avatar today. Do you like it?

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Older gay men face higher risk for anal cancer
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Be prepared: Older gay men face higher risk for anal cancer.  While gay men get cancer just like anyone else, they are diagnosed with anal cancer at a rate twice that of their non-gay counterparts. Why? Because they are more likely to be infected with the HPV virus, which, especially when combined with an HIV infection, can lead to anal cancer. The good news? It’s totally treatable when caught early. So if you are 50 and over, make sure you get tested for not just for HIV but HPV as well with a pap test. ... Read more at:

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Thanks my friends
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I don't have a lot of time to spend here since I'm offline with Shane a lot. So I just want to say thanks to everyone who posts on my wall.  It is looking beautiful! So I fried up some chicken for yinz!


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Bi vs Gay
Added: 16 hrs ago / Views: 8629 Do more guy say they bi or gay. Me im bi and loving it
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First time with a boy in your ass.....
Added: 17 hrs ago / Views: 12938 Have you ever had a guy do you ? (Yes, I mean anal sex,....)
How old were you?
What did you do to get ready?
Did it hurt or did it just go in easy?
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The Jaggerz - The Rapper
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The Jaggerz are an American band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Have you ever ghosted/blocked all communication with someone without notice?
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Have you ever ghosted/blocked all communication with someone without notice?
Vote now in our poll

Have you ever ghosted/blocked all communication with someone without notice?
Pixabay | Public Domain
Have you withdrawn, suddenly and completely, from communicating with someone?

28 March 2017
by David Hudson

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Need support? LGBTI helplines for those in crisis or seeking advice
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Need support? LGBTI helplines for those in crisis or seeking advice
Find here a list of helplines and crisis support websites that can help LGBTI people in need

Need support? LGBTI helplines for those in crisis or seeking advice
Pixabay | Public Domain
Call now if you need help or support

27 March 2017
by David Hudson

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An Age Old Question
Added: 1 day ago / Views: 9613 Boxers or Briefs?
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Here are today's wall postings
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This week I wish to celebrate our members, that day after day, dedicate to upload pictures to this site, which made it one of the best gay sites in the web.
Unfortunately I have to selected just a few, make a selection, because of space reasons, for which I apologize. However, everybody knows who the others dearest guys are. All of them are very well known.
Doing this, day after day, it's a lot of work, an ant silent job: selected new pictures, download it, upload it, wait for approval... I did it myself many times, and I assure you that's not easy and take many time and dedication.
So, everybody, every member of GBT should acknowledge this guys ! They work for us and for our lovely site !
Let's pay a sincere tribute to our PICTURES UPLOADERS !
Always the best for everyone,


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