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In an earlier blog, someone mentioned hypnosis, and I thought I would address something even more powerful than the ability to hypnotize others is the ability to hypnotize yourself to achieve things which are beyond your own imagination.  Complete the following sentence, "I am fill in the blank".   Whatever word you chose to place right after the "I am",for all intensive purposes is what you are.  In order to actually become it, all you need to do is repeat the sentence over and over again repetitiously with increasing frequency.  Repetitions should be from seven to nine times.  Generally speaking people who are successful at self hypnosis are successful in nearly everything they do and then some.  Why?  They simply understand themselves and know what they need in order to accomplish anything.  Anything is possible, and if don't believe me just tell yourself that over and over again about 10,000 times and you will know no possibility of failure.   IF YOU WANT A BIGGER DICK you can start by chanting, "I am HUNG"  Within a few days you will begin noticing a change in overall length and girth of your enormous cock protruding everywhere on everything.  GOOD LUCK PEOPLE.  I love all y'all.  hugs.

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What can we expect ?
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When you’re asked what do you do for fun...
Added: 1 hr ago / Views: 86 and you default and say some lame shit. When you really want to say - I spend hours stoned, huffin poppers, fiendishly masturbating while watching hundreds of vids of men beating their greasy penises, while I drool like a rabid baboon, until I’m so fucked up on penis, that I babble and blow spit bubbles until I spray jizz everywhere. If only you could be that honest.


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I'm curious
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has any guy here ever wanted to be hypnotized, I'm curious 

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Anyone Else Know About Corbin The Foot Guy?
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Damn, I love him. Always dreamed about him eating my ass. Damn, my ass needs some tongue;


Teen Foot Worship 6

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anybody hear from peter yet ? ?
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so talked with captain hook and he hasn't seen or hear from peter either :( :( :( :( so i know u still cum to gbt to masterbate to porn so cum on back and chit chat with us :) :) 

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GBT Scented Candles?
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That would be so cool if there were scented candles that reminded us of every single member.


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GayToons 1
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Anyone have Site Issues?
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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

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The Light of Rome Anthem
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Long Live The Eternal Spirit of Rome

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Why have so many posts been eliminated from our Walls?

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Parents in India seek ‘corrective rape’ for son after finding out he is gay
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Parents in India seek ‘corrective rape’ for son after finding out he is gay
The young man was living with his partner in Kolkata when his family found out about his sexuality

Parents in India seek ‘corrective rape’ for son after finding out he is gay
ruth.pollard | Instagram
Delhi Queer Pride 2016: LGBTI people in India are calling for the repeal of Section 377

17 January 2017
by David Hudson

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Close Up Versus Wide Shot
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What is your opinion on close ups in videos? I don't mind them if they are brief, but I would rather see an overall shot. I don't want to just see a dick pounding a hole. I want to see all of their bodies and especially their faces. There are some videos where the camera man gets really close and moves the camera up and down the body. I find that technique frustrating to watch. I would prefer they just put the camera on a tripod and leave the room. Do any of you guys like close ups? If so, why?

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Mother stabs gay son, burns his body, then claims self-defense
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Mother stabs gay son, burns his body, then claims self-defense
She killed the teenager after hiring thugs to beat him up and 'teach him a lesson'

Mother stabs gay son, burns his body, then claims self-defense
Itaberlly Lozano was beaten up before his mother stabbed him

17 January 2017
by Stefanie Gerdes

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say it with a song ...
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*A Blog Especially Dedicated To Handsome Guys.*
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Feel free to post all your favorite, handsome hunks, twunks, and other guys you find handsome on this blog;)


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Take Care Cooper.
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I heard that you weren't feeling good the past week or two, so I brought you some egg drop soup. I can't have any since I am allergic to eggs. I hope you aren't either. If you are, then I will get you some miso soup instead:)


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New year
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I hope this is my year for some hot fun and games .I have spent far to long on my own and far to much time on the net .So its time to do some traveling going on a manor European adventure in February visiting France Germany Holland and Italy .       

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Closet Monster....great gay coming of age movie
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I just finished watching this new and expertly made gay coming of age movie. Can highly recommend it. Full of pathos, ambiguity, pain, humour, whimsy, darkness and a beautiful first kiss scene (which isn't quite what you'd expect). Quite subtle, sensitive and inventively original with lovely cinematography. It stars the truly gorgeous Connor Jessup, who also played a gay teenager in season 2 of the "American Crime" TV series. In fact the characters in both are very similar the way Jessup plays them.

Here's the film description:

"A closeted Newfoundland teen named Oscar dreams of becoming a special-effects makeup artist, and is terrified of his macho father finding out the truth about his sexuality. When he falls for Wilder, a handsome, worldly co-worker at the hardware store, he is forced to confront his fears."


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Your Favorite Cars
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Classic cars and trucks, custom cars and trucks, concept cars, any cars and trucks you want to share.   (With Gavin's blessings!)  Starting out with a 1935 Auburn 851 Speedster. Image result for classic cars

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prick insults everyone with depression on twitter
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Take a look at @PrisonPlanet's Tweet:

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Dialed Daddy
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Anyone here have a 'Daddy'?


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on the ove always
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Its amazing how much our senses have an influence over our sexual arousal.  In my quest for the ultimate orgasm, I have had overwhelming success and I consider it a blessing that out of the last five times I have climaxed 4 of them have been the most intense, pleasureful, and gratifying orgasms of my life.  Your sense of smell plays as much a role in becoming aroused as does pinching your nipples and gently feathering the tip of your cock just below where the head splits in two.  Body order, the good kind that reminds you of KY Jelly can turn anyone in a sex magnet.   Although the scent of a well used, damp, and sweaty jock strap can also turn you on, there is no limit to the various fragrance and odors that not only make you hornier, but if used right you can train yourself to have the greatest fucking you've ever had in your life.  It's beautiful.  Here's my particular recent formulation.  A wprd pf CAUTION when using concentrated oils, they must be diluted in a medium such as olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and should only be used in a well ventilated diffuser.  Oils can be flammable so use extreme caution if you are using them without a diffuser which is NOT RECOMMENDED.   In a solution of 20 parts extra virgin olive oil. blend  7 drops ot Tea Tree Oil, 3 drops of Eucalyptus, and two drops of Lavender.  Once blended add 7 drops of Cinnamon Oil.  The concoction is very similar to Turkish "Oozo" but without the opiates; however, in addition to giving you a heightened sense of euphoria, your brain will be secreting dopamine as though you just slammed heroin.  Relax your breathing and slow it down as slow as possible right before going over the edge.  Hope you have the greatest fucking orgasm ever.  Hugs.

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On January 17th, it is Jerrod's birthday aka guynmuskogee
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It took a little bit to find one of these with Jerrod's name spelled correctly.  Not sure why this cake has beauty supplies on it.   Jerrod is plenty beautiful all on his own.  May this be the best birthday ever, until the next one.

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Finely Came out
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 My family is ok with it but my friends don't believe it.

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Belfast gay couple robbed and raped on holiday in Thailand
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Belfast gay couple robbed and raped on holiday in Thailand
The men believe their drinks were spiked; had money and iPhones taken before being sexually assaulted

Belfast gay couple robbed and raped on holiday in Thailand
David Johnson | CreativeCommons2.0
Bangla Road, Phuket, Thailand

16 January 2017
by David Hudson

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I Saw This Movie As A Kid
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It's great to find a place where you can be who you are without having to conform to anything.  Hugs and I love you all.

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green energy
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GBT Friends Chat
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Gay Site Unite is dedicated to and all other porn site members. 


All you need is a active account. Please use your account name you have here with a different password. 


Google Chrome works best with the chat room.



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