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Thank you all for the warm welcome
Added: 10 mins ago / Views: 14

I'd like to thank you all, esp Steve, Thomas, Davey and Bill

for the yesterdays warm welcome at gbt's chat and the funny lesson

about metric measures and ominous mirrors.

Hugs, Kal

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Hello again.
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Just want to say a quick hello to all my friends on here that remember me.

I was on here before as Arryboy and after a few months away studying hard and getting over a lot of hurt I am back.

Perhaps this time I will not let my feelings get the better of me and not allow myself to get hurt.

Anyway...HI ALL YOU GUYS !!

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It's a good book
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Added: 1 hr ago / Views: 0

sorry been away more as of late been doing some storm chasing so anyone can say hi when they stop by :D I will get back to ya

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Re-Learning Sign
Added: 1 hr ago / Views: 12

I knew a lot of sign-language when I was 9y. I had not used it since my deaf friend moved away when I was 11y. My boyfriend of about 3 weeks is deaf, and I am having to learn these things again. I am also learning some new signs. He is HOT and teaching me some cool new sign.

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For those of faith
Added: 2 hrs ago / Views: 28

I am not a religious man, but I have great interest in understanding different worldviews.  I am not a troll, and genuinely want to hear your answers.  I was recently exposed to yet another story of abuse perpetrated by religious authority figures, those in a position of ultimate trust.  Again, as is so often the case, this event was never confronted, and the young man has lived with this terrible secret causing great emotional and psychological damage.  I struggle to understand...  As a person of faith, how does this make you feel?  How does the knowledge of the Pope's involvement in protecting those responsible affect you?  How do you reconcile these stories within your faith?  I truly mean no offense, and sincerely hope you ask yourself these questions honestly.  My heart goes out to the countless victims.

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Added: 3 hrs ago / Views: 155

What one of you fags I gotta blow to get my video posted here? 

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Today you Feel ........
Added: 3 hrs ago / Views: 55686 In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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Music! Good for the soul...
Added: 4 hrs ago / Views: 262

Music is a huge part of my life!  I'm the guy that always has headphones on, and adds a soundtrack to everything I do.  Great music is sound that builds emotion, and lyrics are a huge motivation to me.  I love songs with deep concepts, philosophical meanings or intricate stories.  All my favorite artists are more than just the microphone, they have great minds and have ideas they want to share.

So PLEASE POST YOUR FAVORITE SONGS, and lets talk music!

Also, if anyone has Spotify, I'm "captainmorrow"...  Let's friend up!!

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4 gamers
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the old cock
Added: 10 hrs ago / Views: 1857 Ok guys...what was the oldish cock you gave a BJ to
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Ages of PORN
Added: 10 hrs ago / Views: 2217

What kind of porn do you like or have? Interested to know lol!

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Added: 11 hrs ago / Views: 8

I would appreciate your tips, experiences, videos and everything related to edging. How do you guys do it? Any special methods? When did you start?

I wanna know everything :D

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oral sex
Added: 11 hrs ago / Views: 589

do you prefer to give or receive? can't answer both, pick one!

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How many times have this happened to you?
Added: 12 hrs ago / Views: 23 Caught Jerking Off ' By Mother

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Truth is...
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Sucking Cock ?
Added: 19 hrs ago / Views: 923

Anybody have a hard time fitting a cock in their mouth ? I seem to have a real small mouth and would like to know if their is a method to learning how to do this.

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mini Boy EXperiment 6 and Boy EXperiment 3 Are Up !
Added: 21 hrs ago / Views: 15

I am making a All New Mini and a Shirtless actors - 

They shud be Up by Sunday - Im thinking of going to Vimeo for everything soon.

Thanks for all your support guys Love you lots XXXOOOOOX

and 6

Peace :)

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GBT Friends Chat
Added: 22 hrs ago / Views: 2824




GBT Friends Chat is dedicated to and ALL of it's members

All you need is a active account. Please use your account name you have here with a different password. 


Google Chrome works best with the chat room.



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Boy EXperiment #15 is Up!
Added: 1 day ago / Views: 90

Theres no point in being grown up If you cant be Childish some times ..

Wuz gona wait until tomoro to put this on But its dun and im drunk ...Love ya XXOOXXOOO

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2016 GBT Update Begins.
Added: 1 day ago / Views: 904 We have begun the 2016 GBT update some of you might start see some small changes already, and could be a few bugs.
I am so appreciative for all your help and truly hope this update will improve your experience.

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Thailand - Anyone talk the Thai language - we need help
Added: 1 day ago / Views: 89

My lovely friend Aidan needs to find out all he can about his mother and father who went to live in Thailand 20 years ago. He lost touch with them in about 2000 when he was 20yo. I do family research using Ancestry but it is of no help in Thailand. I/we need assistance and advice from either a Thai person here or someone living in Thailand that we can talk to. We need to research their Births, Deaths and Marriages indexes. Any help or advice will be gratefully received. Can't send you a blowjob but will blow you a kiss. The reward will be a picture of Aidan when he was 14yo.

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Cock Sucking on YOUTUBE
Added: 1 day ago / Views: 125

I was amazed to find actual cock sucking videos on youtube whilst searching for "explicit sex cinema"

Imagine sitting down with your mother and watching this 

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Stats page
Added: 1 day ago / Views: 187

I  hate it when guys don't put they age or location on they stats page.

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Crazy Frog - Axel F
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I'm so happy
Added: 1 day ago / Views: 302

Soon I will finish my first 2 years of college. It wasn't easy for me but I did it. Soon I will be working full time for the department of human resources.  I'll be in training to be a case worker. When I was a little boy I always avoided case workers lol. Now it will be my career. Part of me is so thankful for gayboystube. In a way I grew up here. I want to thank all my good friends here for the support you've given me over the years. 

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Added: 1 day ago / Views: 187

How do you know if you're gay?

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Morning Dance
Added: 1 day ago / Views: 14

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rate out 10
Added: 1 day ago / Views: 18

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im lonely cos im not out irl so cant talk about anything gay. so if y9ou wanna chat
Added: 1 day ago / Views: 171

my kik and sc are:
heyjoshhej = sc
joshkitex = kik

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Welcome to Jurassic Word Boys
Added: 1 day ago / Views: 415

Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson

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Added: 2 days ago / Views: 349

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Anyone have Site Issues?
Added: 2 days ago / Views: 39270

I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

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"Phallicman" the Superhero Penis.
Added: 2 days ago / Views: 22

Would you approve of a comic book about a penis who sets out to save the World?

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