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Tip of the day
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I Love Gandalf
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Eric and Cooper?
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What's this?

Is there a little something going on between Eric and Cooper (a.k.a. kaBOIng and Chicohunter16)?

[Oh, baby! What's going on?]

Oh, that's a good question... What the hell IS going on?

Is it this?

Or is it...that?

[So what is it, huh? TELL ME! TELL ME! TELL ME!]

Oh? But why would I want to do that?

[Puh-lease, Eric! Give me a bone!]

Oh? You want a bone?

Bone this? Bone that?

What kind of person would I be if I just started giving everyone my bone?

Would I be a whore? A stud?

[A studly whore that's not making any logical sense?]

Yeah... Maybe...

But everybody loves a mystery, right?

[Um... NO...]

See? That's the fun thing about a mystery! You just never know what's going to happen next!

Is THIS going to happen?

Is THAT going to happen?

Is the whole world going to come crashing down upon itself in a wild frenzy of unbridled passion and animalistic lust?

Or is the world going to explode into a gigantic fireball of anger, disappointment and resentment?

[How much Dr. Pepper have you had today, Eric?]

Throw this bitch into overdrive and head for the horizon because I want to see where this road leads!

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1500 days just a quick thanks to all and to Nick for creating the best sit ever

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Marshmont and one of his buddys the day woodstock let out lol

Need advice
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I lost my two best friends and only friends a few years ago to me being gay, so I want friends--although I may not admit it. I convinced myself after a time that I didn't need friends because: (a) I'm gay, and people don't like what they don't understand, and look at the people who still don't accept us as a community; (b) I have trouble being a friend, which is what my family therapist said to me years ago; and (c) I may have Asberger's, which is what my phsycologist said to me when I was recently out of college around 2008.

It's hard, though, not to want to have friendships--especially from some (guy) I perceive as attractive and popular. Often, it doesn't go well, and I end up looking like a fool. At my job before my recent one, I met such a guy who was like "seeing the face of God" for me he was so handsome. I immediately or soon thereafter friended him on Facebook. Our boss asked me to help some co-workers before going home for the night, which he did for me even though he was in the same room and heard the exact same request. I promptly unfriended him on Facebook to show him how mad I was. I think he noticed, talked to me, and then we were Facebook friends again. I knew that he liked and made dubstep music, so I found out everything I could about it--really just odd facts about artists to get him into making it more. Well, the end result was that he said I was smothering him. We were something of frenemies, according to him. At one point, he wanted to stay away (he also accused me of stalking him online) but I said I didn't want that. I told him I probably had Asberger's, I guess as a way to explain my odd behavior so he might stay--although I didn't explicitly say that was the reason I told him I probably had AS. I also told him I was gay, but not only him. To make him comfortable, I told some co-workers when we were sharing secrets on break. Of course, all this blew up in my face when we had a fight at work. It was really intense, filled with anger and sadness like two lovers having a quarrel. He thought I had a crush on him. But he still said to friend him on Facebook, even if he was only trying to be nice. I had since unfriended him again after one of our spats, but, when I was between jobs, I friended him again, and he accepted.

At my new job, I met another such guy (why do they have to follow me everywhere?). He's 18. The other guy was 19, but I find it surprising each time how more seemingly mature they are than me. My mother told me this job was a way to start over, and that I should focus on the job andlet friendship's develop naturally. I normally work with him, so I got to know hi and his buddies. I rapped for him and sat at lunch with him, talking to him and making him laugh. After a long time--longer than at my other job--I finally friended him, along with a few other co-wrokers so it wouldn't seem so awkward. We had received new work uniforms, and, sometime after we got them, I overheard said guy said he wished he could go shirtless under the vest (and the person he was walking with said, "That's so gay."). Then, in response to me saying the same thing, one of his buddies smirked and said that everybody desn't wear an undershirt under their vest anyway. We, of course, have to wear work shirts under the vest (which is what he meant and I obviously didn't pick up on. Shortly thereafter, one of my facebook friends (who wasn't said 18-year-old guy's facebook friend, but was someone we both had worked with once) posted exactly what said guy and I were talking about--only he had the vest zipped up. I shared the pic, and said guy liked it. Needless to say, that prompted me to post six pictures of myself--only I unzipped my vest so you could see my hair and belly button and, on the last photo, nipples. I was not only trying to be funny, but also cool and tough. I also wore sunglasses for my photos and was in an "I want YOU" pose for one. FACEBOOK IS AND NEVER HAS BEEN MY FRIEND; NOTHING GOOD COMES OF IT. The day after, I was fine until said guy accused me of sexual harrassment (which made me less want to talk to him). I explained to him that that wasn't my intention as well as the reasons behind the photos and how I wanted to be perceived (primarily as funny; I left out the cool and tough parts because I thought no one would believe that. I hoped, though, that said guy got the vibe because I told him I thought that's what Army guys (He was in the National Gaurd) liked and that it was a guy thing. The first night or so after, when I obviously had my head down in embarrassment (which I indicated verbally after his harrassment comment) and dejection once I spotted him, he put his hands on my shoulders and said "Ke-VIIIN" in the tough way he always says it. That didn't change. He still talks to me and sat with me once so far at lunch, but I don't feel the same closenes I once did with him. One time, as if in sympathy, he tapped his knuckle on my spine as he went behind me without looking at me--kind of wierd for a sexual harrassment accuser. I didn't lose my job, thank god. Indeed, I sent the pictures to people I thought would be cool with it--more than hiim. I even received some positive feedback from the OP that prompted my photos and another Facebook friend. When said guy and his friends wanted me to remove my pictures as soon as I got home, I thought that I needed to show my sincerity in not posting again and so I unfriended them permanently. I want to be friends, but I'm not sure how he (and his buddies) feel about me now. I have even been called "wierd" in jest by them, so I don't know if they know I'm gay or not. Also, when he saw me after the incident, he said, "Are you still here? Good." I guess at this point I should mention that I told everyone, which is how I really feel, when prompted that I often don't feel good about myself, so maybe he was respondng to that. I also said that I was glad he was at work as well. One night, he even said I deserved a promotion, but then asked me where (what location)

Rodney Pike is an artist, illustrator and Photoshop ninja. The artist specializes in caricature, photo manipulation and political satire and his work has been featured in countless publications both printed and online.

In an ongoing series of hilarious photoshops, Pike skillfully blends Mr Bean/Rowan Atkinsons face into famous paintings by artists like Da Vinci, Rembrandt and Bouguereau. Be sure to check out Rodneys entertaining artwork at the links below.

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The Adventures of Eric and Cooper: Prologue
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Jeremy listened as he heard a soft knock echo throughout the living room. He jumped up off the couch and strolled casually towards the door as he adjusted his sweatpants. Peering through the door's peephole, Jeremy could see a grinning Andrew on the other side.

Andrew waited patiently outside as he listened to the door being unlocked. Slowly, the door opened inwards, revealing a shirtless Jeremy on the other side.

"You're late." Jeremy protested with raised eyebrows and a slight smirk.

"Late for what?" Andrew asked as he unashamedly gaped at Jeremy's bare chest.

Jeremy grabbed Andrew's sweater and pulled him closer; their faces nearly touching.

"My attention." Jeremy said as he slowly placed his mouth up against Andrew's lips. Andrew gratefully opened his mouth and accepted Jeremy's tongue.

Jeremy held Andrew's sweater in a tight grip as Andrew reached around and slowly slid his hands down into Jeremy's sweatpants. Jeremy let out a slight moan as Andrew's hands found his firm cheeks.

Jeremy began sucking on Andrew's tongue as he slowly began to unzip Andrew's sweater.

Suddenly realizing that they were still standing in the doorway, Andrew carefully nudged Jeremy inside as he reached back around and shut the door. Jeremy pulled his mouth off of Andrew and pushed him back up against the door as he gazed into Andrew's eyes. Smiling, Jeremy reached around behind Andrew and locked the door.

Without saying a word, Jeremy continued to gaze lovingly at Andrew's face as Andrew looked down at the front of Jeremy's sweatpants.

"You must be really glad to see me." Andrew said as he returned his gaze to Jeremy's face; a lustful smile overtaking his lips.

"Huh?" was all Jeremy could say as he looked down and noticed that the front of his sweatpants were sticking straight out.

"I'm not wearing any underwear." Jeremy explained with a smile as he reached down in a futile attempt to hide his raging passion.

"That's okay," Andrew said as he gently kissed Jeremy on the cheek, "I feel the same way."

Andrew suddenly blew against Jeremy's cheek, making a "farting" sound as Jeremy suddenly pulled his face away.

"Jerk!" Jeremy said with a giggle as he reached over and playfully yanked Andrew's sweater off; tossing it onto the couch.

Jeremy took ahold of Andrew's hands and pulled him towards the fireplace.

"Make yourself comfortable." Jeremy said as he walked back over to the couch. Picking up the remote, Jeremy turned off the television and tossed the remote back down onto the couch. After turning the lights off, Jeremy walked over to the stereo and turned it on. Andrew removed his shirt and shoes as romantic music began to play over the speakers.

"That sounds nice." Andrew admitted with a smile as he sat down onto a giant, over-stuffed bean-bag chair that Jeremy had placed in front of the fireplace earlier.

"You like that? It's 'Cruisin'' by Smokey Robinson. My dad really likes him. I thought it might...'enhance' the mood." Jeremy said with a smile as he sat down next to Andrew.

Jeremy reached over and picked up a blanket that was sitting next to the bean-bag chair. Jeremy unfolded the blanket and laid it over Andrew and himself.

Jeremy reached over and put his arm around Andrew as Andrew cuddled closely up next to Jeremy; their bodies illuminated only by flickering firelight. Jeremy gently placed his head up against Andrew as they both lost themselves in the lyrics of 'Cruisin'".

"Tell me a story." Andrew asked as the music began to fade-out.

"Really?" Jeremy giggled. "You want me to tell you a story?"

"C'mon." Andrew smiled as he looked over at Jeremy. "I love listening to your sexy voice."

Jeremy looked at Andrew as he returned his smile and began raking his fingers back through Andrew's hair.

"Well, there is a story that I've had on my mind for a while now. It's a story about two guys named Eric and Cooper."

"Eric and Cooper, huh?" Andrew asked as 'Being With You' began playing over the speakers. "And what does 'Eric and Cooper' do?"

"All kinds of things. They like to go on adventures to strange places... They like to get themselves into dangerous trouble..."

Jeremy placed his mouth closer to Andrew's ear. "They like to be...romantic." Jeremy said with a breathy whisper as he kissed Andrew's ear.

"Sounds nice." Andrew said with a smile. "Let's get started."

[To be continued...]

Braedan's GBT Teen Boy Favourites Video Mash Up
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So hey...I started tinkering around with all my favourite GBT videos - of the most beautiful sexy teen boys - inside editing software, making them work in new ways, splicing and dicing them, trying to have extracted clips from different vids interact with each other,

Hard Core Films - Long or Short
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What hard core films can anyone recommend that have a story and include hard core fucking?

Christmas tree or sex toy?
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The artist who created this item which is on display in Paris says it was meant to be a Christmas tree. Most everybody who has seen it says it is a Butt Plug. If I were asked, I'd definitely say Butt Plug.

"Hyper Cock" art blog
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Anybody know a good art blog that predominately contains "hyper cock' art? Please share if you do. Thanks.:-)

Very Urgent: GBT FAQ
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If you visit this website, and have never scrolled down to the bottom of any GBT page to click on the 'FAQ' link, you're missing some extremely important, pertinent and key information about the attitude and philosophy of this website. :)

For Toby19
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Witch Person gave you the talk about the brirds and bee's ?
Did annyone explain to you Mastrubating, and getting a orgasm ?
I did not get the talk About the brirds and bee's, and mastrubation was taboo.
I found out about Mastrubation by my self, and it was wonderfull at the age of 12 when i found out how to do it, And it's stil wonderfull.

White on asian / young
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hi guys im into white dominating asain if any of you have any expereince or share the same love lets chat and know each other

Im also into young smooth boys etc so private chat me if you share same interest

Gay Vs str8
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Do you think gay guys are hornier than str8 guys?

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why won't my videos upload?
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Are there any specific guidleines I should be following? I tried uploading a few videos that were never accepted and i don't know how to contact the website to ask why. It was a pretty standard video

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Congrats Nick18
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Hi y'all..

1600 !
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1600 days today !

Awesome times here !!

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He has a really big cock and shoots a heavy load so I really want to feel it

boo every one boo
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Today you Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......


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