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Donald Trump's Doctor - Dr. Harold Bornstein
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Would you believe this TROLL is Donald Trump's doctor?  Maybe that's the best he can afford.  Personally I wouldn't even let this creep touch me.


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The Homeless....
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I wanted to tell this story because I thought about it last night and shared it with a friend on GBT. He and I thought it was cool and I wanted to share it with you all. Anytime we go somewhere we always get off at this one exit on the interstate when we go home. Well, this lady was standing there at the red light and she had the BIGGEST TITS I EVER F'n SEEN IN MY LIFE, she was standing there holding a sign that read, "I have not always been crazy." I guess she was like 70 years old and she was not very pretty but that does not matter. I had $4 and I told paw paw to roll down his window and hand her the money. He said, NO! I then yelled at him, ROLL DOWN YOUR WINDOW!!! He said, NO! again.... I got out of the truck and walked it to her as paw paw yelled, "Get back in the truck!" I totally ignored him as I walked over to her and handed her the money, In the deepest voice I ever heard in my life, she said, "Thank you young man." I was like, HOLY SHIT! That's a man!! I could hear Paw laughing his ass off. I got back in the truck and I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo embarrassed and totally like, WTF!! The Next day, we got off the interstate again and he was there again, just not with the BIGGEST TITS this time, lol. I told paw to roll down his window and he did and I hallered at him, "HEY!!! Remember me?" He was like, "YEA!! "Then he says, "Do you remember me?" I said, "YEA!!!" Then I asked him, "Where's your TITS today?" and he just laughed at me. He thanked me again for giving him money the day before and I told him, "You're welcome!" About this time Paw reached out and gave him some money and I thought that was nice of him. I told Paw, "See, its nice to help people out, it feels good huh? He laughed and said, "Yea, you are right and did the right thing yesterday." I then got to thinking, I would love to just sit down and talk to him, (The Homeless Man) to see where all he's been and what he used to do. I bet you could right a book about his life. I bet he could sit for hours and tell you everything he ever did and seen in his life. I bet there are so many things that would impress everyone.  

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First blog ever, hope it works.
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Been visiting here for quite some time.  Figure now is as good a time as any to reach out to the GBT community.  Here goes nothing:


I'm a 38 year old guy, hopelessly trapped in the closet, and I have the most intense schoolgirl style crush on a 20 year old guy that interns during the summer at work. 

We started working together three summers ago when he was 17 and still in high school.  Ever since then, I have not gone one day, or even an hour, without thinking about him.  It's really quite ridiculous.  Everything I do, every day, is interrupted with thoughts about him being by my side and me guiding him through whatever situation is happening.  All I want to do is share my life with him. 

I would quantify our current relationship as "work friends".  He seems to have no idea that I want so much more. 

This guy is generally very quiet and most would probable say asocial.  I think this is what draws me to him.  When I look at him, I see a lot of my overly introverted self at his age.  I want to crack him out of that shell soooooo bad. 

Over the past three years I have gone out of my way to chat with him casually and try to sort out common interests and whatnot.  This has only served to frustrate me.  One day we'll have a great conversation with lots of laughs and the next it's difficult to get a "good Morning" returned. 

All in all, even getting a "good morning" makes my day.  Just talking to this kid makes me feel like a nervous giddy school girl.  It's so fucking ridiculous. 

The problem with all this is that we work together.  He is interning, and has been since high school, to try to set himself up with a career. I respect that so much.  Wish I could have had the ambition to do that at his age.  The last thing I want to do is ruin that for him. 

I feel like if I simply said, "hey I'm gay, do you dig me?", I'd risk him not being into it and make him super uncomfortable.  Would it be selfish of me to do this?  If I scared him away from a potential career opportunity I'd never forgive myself. 

On one hand I like this guy so much it hurts and I want nothing more than to tell him so.  On the other hand I care for him enough that I want to shelter him from the awkwardness that an advance from a guy nearly twice his age would cause. 

This dilemma has consumed my life for three years and I still don't know what to do.

What do you guys think?

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Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta -- October 1 to 9, 2016
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The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is definitely a 'bucket list' event.  For more information, go to

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Oral Sex More Popular Than Anal Sex Among Gay and Bisexual Men, Online Survey Finds. DO YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE.
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Oral Sex More Popular Than Anal Sex Among Gay and Bisexual Men, Online Survey Finds.  Researchers from Indiana University, George Mason University and Online Buddies, Inc., polled more than 24,700 gay and bisexual men ages 18 to 87 to ask them about their most recent sexual experience -- and what they found was somewhat surprising.  Anal sex among MSM is not as popular as one might think -- only 35.5 percent and 33.8 percent of participants engaged in receptive or insertive anal intercourse, respectively, as their last sexual act. The most common sexual activity was oral sex -- 75 percent performed it while 73.4 percent received it. ...


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Black Sabbath - "Paranoid" Belgium 1970
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I love watching Ozzy in this vid - he looks so stoned Lol. 

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See NZ by Train
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Since summer is on it's way these ads are now appearing on our tv. Thought I'd share the scenery with you guys.

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Te most common lie
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Love he eyes
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sunday funkday
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53 years ago on august 28 1963 a man said "i have a dream"

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easin on down
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one to ponder
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true friendship
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A Picture Blog
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Have not spent much time there in a while, but updated a few posts tonight.

Let us know what you think.


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An Amazing Gift
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When one looks at all the other male reproductive organs in the animal kingdom mankind has been gifted with the most beautiful. I wonder what part natural selection has played in the genetic development of the penis? Perhaps natural selection has played no part and perhaps it has. Can a father who has a perfect penis pass that down to his son? Does genetics play an important part in penis size and shape? Is penis worship a recognised religion? well it should be, because I want to worship the perfect

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the ads are disgusting! it just me? or are the ads next to a video gross? this site is so beautiful... they just seem out of place. 

...and yes, i do realize they pay the bills. 

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GBT Friends Chat
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GBT Friends Chat is dedicated to and ALL of it's members

All you need is a active account. Please use your account name you have here with a different password. 


Google Chrome works best with the chat room.



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Weekend Viewing - Nosferatu the Vampyre/Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht
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I think this is a good, creepy film written and directed by Werner Herzog. They did the film in German and called it  "Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht" (Nosferatu: Phantom of the Night). They then filmed the entire movie again with the actors speaking English. If you like creepy, horror "light" I think you'd like this film. 

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just a word to guys who use internet explorer..consider a change to google chrome..i did and it has turned out very good. it has seemingly solved some problems and added some features i like a lot..

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What You See is Not Us
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Funny how people see members folders and presume to think that what they have is what they are like in the real world, when most of the time thats not true.For those who look at what I like on this great website (one of the best gay sites out there I must admit) all would think all I have on my mind is young boy cock and bodies in the real world. In fact I rarly think about anything I save on here when at work or out with friends and or family.  What about you?

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I have searched the sie andf can not find it
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There is a video of a smooth twink self edging, he has to grab his legs to keep himself from cumming, Does anyong have it in there favorites or have the link. Great self control he has. TY

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YES KIWI AB 29  AUST 9 AB record 49 wins in a row

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saturday night chillin
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just some old school music for those like me who are chilling out on a bank holiday weekend with nowhere to go

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*A Blog Especially Dedicated To Handsome Guys.*
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Feel free to post all your favorite, handsome hunks, twunks, and other guys you find handsome on this blog;)


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stop it
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Joey Mills-Vacation
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The song is out:D

Joey Mills-Vacation

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Thomas Horn is Up!
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Thomas is a Great New actor - He was in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close -

Its About a boy who lost his dad in the twin towers attack in 2001 (Awesome Movie)

Thanks for watching guys - Boy EXperiment 202 will be up Sunday about 5 pacific time

Love U  -  XXXXOOXX 

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The Japanese Boy Chapter 17
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Chapter 17

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Ever Beat to a Beat?
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A lot of us don't particularly like background music in vids. But have you ever JO'd in sync with a song or music of any kind? For a while, I would beat off to Michael Jackson"s "Beat It", appropriately, which seemed to have been written just for that purpose.

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Joey Mills Music Vid Coming Up!
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I really wanted to do this. A music Vid with Joey Mills and a surprise song! I can't wait till you guys see it. I am working real hard splicing up each scene, with some beach driving scenes included.


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Nouvelle saison de football
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Comme vous avez remarquer sur mon profil, j'avais dis que j'étais éducateur de football pour les enfants.

Aujourd'hui à eu lieu un rassemblement qui concerne trois catégories supérieurs: les U11 (2007-2006); les U13 (2005-2004) et les U15 (2003-2002). Ils y avaient une centaines d'enfants issues de plusieurs clubs le but de ce rassemblement était la préparation. Mon rôle à moi, c'est de soutenir les équipes de mon club.

Moi-même, j'aurais une équipe des débutants (2010-2011), je m'occuperai de leur entraînement et des rencontres plateaux les samedis matin.

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Just Cool Cars....
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I did not know yall wanted this to keep going. I didn't want to bore anyone so I took it down. I guess I will keep this one up. Post your favorite or crazy car or truck. I love trucks myself but cars are cool too.

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Just enjoy...
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Just wanted to say Welcome back Andy..
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As Andy has been in Hospital and has been through alot recently I wanted to welcome him back..A long time member and an old friend 😊😊😊

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