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NO one likes a troll! Especially the kind that live under old wooden bridges and hangs out for hours naked in the YMCA steam room! And you can bet your sweet bippi that I have zapped quite a few nasty trolls in my day, BUT.....the WORST kind of troll is the kind that is mean and self righteous enough to leave nasty comments on blogs about how much they hate this or that then does the same things they are ranting against! If that isn't the magic caldron calling the kettle black then I don't know what it is! There is an old spell my dear sweet mommy Hoodoo used to tell me about that helps make the world a batter place....It's called live and let live. And it works! If my name isn't Horatio J Hoodoo!!!

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Today you Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

Now you see it.....Now you don't! TA DAA!
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What bag of weed? I ain't got no bag of weed ocifer!

Cooper's Spooky Halloween Night: Part 2 (re-post)
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[Brasov, Romania]

[Somewhere inside Bran Castle]

[An eerie calm permeates a large room, illuminated only by flickering candlelight. Several black marble pillars can be seen circling a central location within the room. Hanging from each pillar is a deep, red tapestry on which can be seen images of a large, dominating dragon. Each tapestry is different in its appearance, but each tells a similar story.]

[In the center of the room is a large, black marble table, shrouded in a deep red cloth. Around the table are several large, burning candles. The room appears to be almost ritualistic in its nature.]

[Atop the marble table lies Cooper's body, dressed in clothing of pure black. He is clean and pale, and appears to be in a deep sleep. His arms have been crossed and carefully placed over his chest.]

[The room is as silent as a tomb as a dark, black mist begins to creep into the room. The mist increases in volume as it slowly begins to surround Cooper's body. The mist begins to twist and turn as if disturbed by unseen movement from within. From those disturbances in the mist can be heard dark, ominous whispers.]

(From the right) [Whisper] - Cooo-perrr...

(From the right) [Whisper] - Cooo-perrr...

(From the left) [Whisper] - Heee's usssing yooou...

(From the Right) [Whisper] - Run awaaay Cooo-perrr...

(From overhead) [Whisper] - Leaaave this plaaace...

(From the left) [Whisper] - He is selfisssh in his desires and seeksss only to possess all thossse he lays his eyesss upon...

[The whispers in the mist suddenly turn to soft, echoing laughter as they begin to move about the room in a playful manner.]

[Suddenly, and without warning, the room's heavy, oak door suddenly slams open as Eric bursts into the room. He is dressed from head to toe in a lavish, black outfit. Covering the back of the outfit is a large, dominating dragon.]

[Eric] - He is mine!!! Leave this place at once!!!

[Cooper's eyes suddenly open wide; a look of startled bewilderment on his face. His body jerks as he arches his back and takes in a deep breath as if breathing for the first time in his life. The whispers in the mist suddenly speak as if in terror.]

(From the right) [Voice] - Forgive us master! We seek only to counsel him!

[Eric reaches out with both hands and suddenly thrusts his arms backwards as if to motion for the mist to leave the room.]

[Eric] - You seek only to poison him with your lies!!!

[The mist suddenly begins to flee the room, moving past Eric as he stands and stares angrily at the far wall; a look of deadly determination on his face.]

(From the rear) [Voice] - Forgive us master! We will leave this place at once!

[Eric suddenly whips around towards his left and thrusts his hand out towards the heavy, oak door. As if by magic, the door suddenly slams shut as the last of the mist quickly leaves the room. Eric turns back towards Cooper and quickly walks towards the marble table. Eric reaches down with his right hand and grasps Cooper's neck, angrily pulling him up into a sitting position. Cooper begins to choke slightly as he stares ahead at nothing. Cooper's eyes are wide and a look of terror can be seen on his face.]

[Eric] - In death, you have found life! In me, you have found a new beginning! Who you once were is no more! Your place is here! Your life belongs to me! Listen not to the lies of the unfaithful, but obey the words of the Dragon!

[Eric forcefully pushes Cooper, forcing him to lie on his back once again. Cooper begins to cough as he tries to catch his breath. Eric slowly takes a couple of steps back away from the marble table as he calmly watches Cooper.]

[Cooper calms his breathing and reaches up to wipe the sweat from his brow. He slowly but cautiously sits up, his gaze coming to rest on Eric. Eric continues to watch Cooper with an expressionless face.]

[Cooper] - You... I remember you... You attacked me in my home. What have you done to me? Why have you brought me here?

[Eric continues to calmly watch Cooper. After a brief moment, Eric slowly turns around; his back facing Cooper. Cooper notices the dragon on the back of Eric's coat. It's the same dragon that is depicted on the tapestries. Eric quietly reaches out and gently places his right hand on the nearest tapestry. He begins to speak as he slowly draws his hand downwards, contemplating the images before him.]

[Eric] - Do you dream...?

[Cooper remains silent as he continues to watch Eric; his eyes periodically drawn to the dragon emblem on Eric's coat. Eric removes his hand from the tapestry. He then places both hands behind his back; his right hand held by his left hand as he continues to stare at the deep, red imagery before him.]

[Eric] - Dreams are a vision... A vision of what was...and what may be... Dreams are images of our darkest and deepest desires... Dreams enable us to see ourselves for what we truly are...

[Cooper] - And what are you...? What have your dreams revealed about you?

[Eric slowly turns; his gaze coming to rest on Cooper. Eric unclasps his hands and begins to walk slowly towards Cooper; a look of satisfied finality on his face. Cooper's eyes go wide as he slowly backs away from Eric towards the edge of the marble table. Every candle in the room is suddenly extinguised, plunging the room into total darkness. Cooper's last images are of Eric walking towards him...]

To be continued...

Anyone have Site Issues?
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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

Ben Carson: People not born gay. Its a choice
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Ignorant? is he right or wrong? Probably some gays are hardwired this way, but not all. I could see situations where people in the formative years of their youth share a gay experience with a friend that sets them down the path toward attraction of the same sex that they wouldn't have had if there hadn't been that experience. Maybe in some people sexuality isnt hardwired at all and they only figure it out after they've had enough exposure to it to make a decision. Probably more people fall into this catagory than the former, which if true, would suggest Carson is right. I don't know, its complicated, what do you all think? Oh, he's a neurosurgeon, so its not like he's an idiot or is clueless.

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giving out my hugs to all my friends, and big MWAHSSSSSS, love scott

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So apparently a lot of my photos have disappeared. What's going on?

Justin Bieber turns 21
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Twink pick 05/03/15
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Face of the day 01/03/15
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me ! :)
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Is there someone out here who want's to talk to me?

Maximum hotness
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Best Wishes for 2015.
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Best to everyone on GBT for a wonderful 2015, and hoping your wishes for the new year come true (including your favorite gorgeous boy if you are so inclined.)

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I need some advise guys. I was on another gay site and clicked a pic and a screen popped up that said I was in violation of USA law and that my carrier had been notified (it was named). There was a $ amount of a fine listed but I was too busy shutting down my computer to read it all. Am I going to get busted? Does anyone any any experience with this sort of stuff?

Daveys play time
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You see what Davey is up to when im asleep

An almost Daily Pic(k)
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The steady sweet support =)

Vacation, Want To Meet Up?
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Vacation finally in 2 wks.  If anyone is in Houston or Dallas and wanna meet up, hit me up.

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Oh Captain My Captain!
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♥ Like Two Drops of Water ♥
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My fave is Christian Bale and Channing Tatum's Cats. ♥ XD



Sexy Fail ♥
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Billy n' Joel's Music Thread
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What is your favorite song or album from Youtube?

Post the link to your favorite song, cover or album from Youtube.

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Happy 100 days to Jean
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I'm so glad you stayed my friend and you have made many new friends here .

Je espère que vous restez longtemps mon amiy

When You Need A Friend
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My mother died a couple of weeks ago. She was ill and had been for some time but her death came suddenly and was a shock to us all. It was so unexpected that two of my sisters and several of my mothers grandchildren could not attend her funeral at such short notice. 


And it was during the mourning that social media played an important role in keeping the family in touch. A sister and neice in Australia and a sister in Nigeria could all keep up to date with what was happening back home in Scotland by social media, in particular Facebook.


And then it occured to me how important sites like this are. When we are alone and feel like a chat or are feeling down and need a lift our friends are there for us. If your close friends or your school, college or university friends are not available to help then your virtual friends are always here. Because in reality thats all friends are, they are there ready and waiting to help. At the end of a phone, at the end of an internet connection they are there. 


So I say thanks to my friends on GBT and in particular Andy, who always seems to know when to stop by and say hi. 


Thanks Andy and thanks all the rest of GBT.

Live Long and Prosper
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for Leonard Nimoy and Trekkies from all over

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If you were given the chance to meet yourself in the past, with none of the negative reprecussions that come with time travel blah blah blah, what advice would you give to your younger self?


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