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aint this some shit

Twink pics 01/03/15
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    Health and Medicine Researchers Study More Than 15,000 Penises To Determine Average Lengths Around The World


Finally, a study which may lay to rest some of the lingering fallacies about penis size and alleviate the woes shared by many men worldwide. According to new research, the average erect penis length is just over 13 centimeters, or around 5 inches. Furthermore, there’s no strong association between foot size and penis length, so women can stop judging men by the size of their shoes. You can read the entire study in BJU International.

Although many compare themselves to the “average” penis size, what this figure actually is has been surprisingly difficult to determine. As pointed out by Science, that’s mainly because most studies have relied on self-reporting, which isn’t very accurate. To get around this problem and obtain a more reliable data set, a team of U.K. researchers decided to compile measurements taken by health professionals who followed a standardized measuring procedure. They included both girth (the circumference at the base or the middle) and length (pubic bone to the tip of the glans) measurements from 20 different studies, which totaled 15,521 men from various countries across the world. And the results will be music to the ears of many.

The average flaccid penis was found to be 9.16 cm (3.61 inches) long, whereas the average erect penis is 13.12 cm (5.16 inches) in length. In terms of girth, the average circumference of a flaccid penis turned out to be 9.31 cm (3.66 inches), and 11.66 cm (4.59 inches) for an erect one. Furthermore, those at extreme ends of the spectrum were found to be much less common. For example, only 5 men out of every 100 have an erect penis longer than 16 cm (6.3 inches).

When they looked for correlations with other body features, such as testicular size, weight or foot size, no strong or consistent associations were found. Although they couldn’t find any significant evidence for a relationship between penis size and race, they note that conclusions can’t be drawn since the vast majority of measurements were from Caucasians.

So what’s the take home message? Men, don’t be so hard on yourself as what you see on the TV or in magazines is not an accurate representation of the average penis. But if you’re concerned, make sure you’re measuring correctly.

Anyone have Site Issues?
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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

Multiple choice.
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Have you ever ever wanted to meet yourself and see yourself from someone elses point of view?  Oh yes I would like to wish someone on here a Happy Birthday this month that I had a lot of love for but will never speak to him again. Happy sweet 16.

I am happy
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I am very happy today: I upload 2 videos and 2 phot albuns - both where posted pronto! But I have a question: what are the video formats and codecs that can be uploaded? Can someone inform me please. Thank you all for watching my videos and photos

The Fosters
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The first boy on boy kiss happened tonight on The Fosters on ABC Family.  I hope you all watched it.

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Hi Honey Im Home!
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Heyyyy everyone...  been ages I know.  I apologise for not being back sooner.  My dream move did happen, but then fell apart.  Didnt help that some ass decided to stab me just for the sake of robbing me of £2.  I'm okay though and swore I would get through it.  Ive nearly recovered enough to start life again but just for now I want to focus on two things...   one is coming back here and the other is re-launching my singing career.  Then I will focus on setting up in a new place again and THIS time..  nothing is going to go wrong for me.  Ill be back later to post more but for now just wanted to send you all my love and BIG hugs!

When You Need A Friend
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My mother died a couple of weeks ago. She was ill and had been for some time but her death came suddenly and was a shock to us all. It was so unexpected that two of my sisters and several of my mothers grandchildren could not attend her funeral at such short notice. 


And it was during the mourning that social media played an important role in keeping the family in touch. A sister and neice in Australia and a sister in Nigeria could all keep up to date with what was happening back home in Scotland by social media, in particular Facebook.


And then it occured to me how important sites like this are. When we are alone and feel like a chat or are feeling down and need a lift our friends are there for us. If your close friends or your school, college or university friends are not available to help then your virtual friends are always here. Because in reality thats all friends are, they are there ready and waiting to help. At the end of a phone, at the end of an internet connection they are there. 


So I say thanks to my friends on GBT and in particular Andy, who always seems to know when to stop by and say hi. 


Thanks Andy and thanks all the rest of GBT.

Thank You
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I would like to thank those members who regularily upload video for the community. You know who you are and thank you for taking the time to do it.

grr hey ho
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what are those annoying not realy important things that irritate you like a gnat bite - like caps in a text message or cleaning the bathroom sink deciding you need a shave bliss then realise you have to do it all over again

Billy n' Joel's Music Thread
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What is your favorite song or album from Youtube?

Post the link to your favorite song, cover or album from Youtube.

Cooper's Spooky Halloween Night: Part 1 (re-post)
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[Somewhere in America]

Cooper-[Home. Finally home from a boring Halloween party. Who was that strange guy that kept watching me?]

Cooper-[Eric. His name was Eric. So strange. He seemed different. What was wrong with him?]

Cooper-[Midnight. So tired. Time for bed.]

Cooper-[Eerie. Something doesn't feel right. Why is it so quiet?]

Cooper-[Alone. Family is gone for the weekend. Have the house all to myself. Better lock the door.]

[Lightning suddenly flashes outside, followed by a loud, thundering boom. Startled, Cooper turns to peer out the window]

Cooper-[Strange. It was clear outside a few moments ago. Why is it so dark?]

Cooper-[Stairs. Gotta make it to the top of the stairs to my bedroom. I hate being home alone.]

Cooper-[Lights. Better turn on the lights. Nothing happens. Is the power out?]

Cooper-[Careful. Don't want to trip and fall. Gotta make my way to the stairs.]


Cooper-[Stop. Don't move. Don't breath. Am I hearing things?]

Cooper-[Imagination. It's just my mind playing tricks on me. Gonna go upstairs and go to bed.]

Cooper-[Cold. Why is it so cold up here? Gonna crawl into bed. Blankets will keep me warm.]

Cooper-[Bedroom. Finally made it. Shut the door. Lock it. Why do I feel so nervous?]

[Lightning suddenly flashes outside, followed by a loud, thundering boom. Startled, Cooper turns to peer out the window]

Cooper-[Strange. It was clear outside a few moments ago. Why is there no wind?]

Cooper-[Presence. I'm not alone. I feel like eyes are watching me. Why did Eric keep staring at me?]

Cooper-[Fast. My heart is racing. Hope I can fall asleep.]

[Some time passes. Cooper is fast asleep, but is suddenly startled awake]

Cooper-[Cold. So cold. Why is the window open? It was shut tight when I went to bed.]

Cooper-[Close. I'd better go close the window. Can't leave it open. Too cold in here.]

Cooper-[Closed. Closed the window. Better make sure it's locked.]

Cooper-[Stop. Don't move. Don't breath. I'm not alone. There's someone in here with me.]

Cooper-[Eyes. There are eyes watching me. Reach for my baseball bat. Got it.]

Cooper-[Adrenaline. I'm freaking out. Something is not right. Why was Eric's skin so pale?]


[Lightning suddenly flashes outside, followed by a loud, thundering boom. Startled, Cooper turns to see a shadow move across his room]

[Cooper throws the baseball bat across the room, striking the wall on the opposite side]


Cooper-[Run. Need to get the hell out of here. Can't move. Too afraid.]


Cooper-[Cold. It's freezing in here. Need to run. Need to flee.]

Whisper-[Eu sunt moartea ta și viața ta! Vei fi pentru totdeauna a mea!]

Cooper-[Run. Just run. Run. Run. Almost to the door. Can't move. Something has a hold of me. I'm terrified.]

Whisper-[Eu sunt moartea ta și viața ta! Vei fi pentru totdeauna a mea!]

Cooper-[Fell. I'm on the floor. On my back. Someone has me pinned to the floor. Am I having a nightmare?]

Cooper-[Fight. Life or death. What the hell is happening? Can't move. Pinned to the floor. Who is it?]

Cooper-[Scream. Can't scream. No sound is coming from my mouth. This must be a nightmare.]

Cooper-[Wake. Need to wake up. This isn't real. Need to wake up. Now.]

[Lightning suddenly flashes outside, followed by a loud, thundering boom. Terrified, Cooper looks up to see Eric above him, holding him to the floor]

Shouting-[Eu sunt moartea ta și viața ta!!! Vei fi pentru totdeauna a mea!!!]

Cooper-[Eric. It's Eric. What is he saying? Why is he doing this?]

Cooper-[Pain. Pain in my neck. Something is inside me.]

Cooper-[Blood. There's blood running down my neck. Getting dizzy. Feel weak. Am I dying?]

Cooper-[Faint. I'm passing out. Can't remain conscious. Give in to the darkness. Give in to the void.]

Whisper-[Fapta se face. Ești a mea pentru totdeauna.]

To be continued...

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Face of the day 01/03/15
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Photoshop battle
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he minds his own business i mind mine
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i dont keep chickens i dont envy him

Oh Tinky naughty boy!
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After all these years I guess Jerry Falwell was right!

 You will be missed dearly. Peace be with you.

Leonard Nimoy lived up to his longtime catchphrase: Live long and prosper. Having achieved success in many arenas during his lifetime, the actor, director, writer and photographer has died at age 83. His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, reportedly confirmed his death to the New York Times, saying the cause was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Bates Motel set
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Paid a visit to the Bates Motel set. The building to the left is the side of the motel itself. The street was blocked off and wasn't much to see from the front anyway since the motel is covered in platic sheeting to protect it from the weather.

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lookin for guys that wanna post there pics
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i have a new site and im lookin for guys that wanna have there pics posted.......lev me a msg

Maximum hotness 01/03/15
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Sissy Boi, Femme, and Fem Boi
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Hi everybody,

I was just wondering anybody else out there likes the categories listed in the title of this post?

If so can anyone recommend some good sites for these, because there really is not that much of them on GBT.



Honest wasn't me
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The grass is ever green...
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My shoes...

Say it loud.....
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Hey Mr Big Cheese
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Imma here again in the blog saying howcum you only put like a few of the 20 vids i uploaded last 2 days? I think you got a tomato for a brain.


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