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The Dark Truth About Adélie Penguins Was Kept Secret For More Than A Hundred Years
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Aww. Aren’t penguins the cutest? With all their waddling and flappy little arms. Adélie penguins look particularly adorable, standing at just 70 centimeters (27.5 inches) with beady little eyes.

But don't be fooled by their charming appearance. When Dr George Murray Levick made his observations on their sexual behavior in 1911 and 1912, it was deemed too inappropriate to ever be published. You might consider that standard in prudish Edwardian England, but even by today’s standard, some of it is pretty extreme.

Far before the sexual liberation of the 1960s, penguins were ahead of the curve by engaging in promiscuous sex between unpaired male and female penguins. There were also records of homosexual sex between male penguins.

So far, no problems by modern standards. But wait. On his Antarctic Expedition, Levick also observed instances of Adélie penguins engaging in rape, gang rape, sexual and physical abuse of chicks, as well as necrophilia with penguins, some of which had died the previous year.

Levick blamed this "astonishing depravity" on "hooligan males." So shocked, he wrote down his observations in Greek so only educated gentlemen could understand. His code seemed to work, and his work wasn't published until 2012.

In 1998 more penguin depravity came to light, when people observed adélie penguins using stones to pimp out females for prostitution. They also reported that some of the prostitute penguins tricked the males into thinking they would have sex by performing an elaborate courtship ritual, then run away with their stones.

Pingu will never be the same.

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Home Alone
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The truth is...
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Nuclear Family 3.0
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The only real change we need is the media and cultural progressing from Nuclear Family 2.0 to Nuclear Family 3.0

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I an Alex..Chris's new bf.  I love to blog so if you see long blogs it me not Chris. you guy see awesome



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Sleepless Nights
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Jesus Christ! Lol
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For All You Guys That Think You Will Never Fall In Love Amd Worth every Minute
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ALEXX WRITTNG:   Prior to April 15 2016  I was in  a relationship with Lisa, she was  a sophomore. My relationships  with girls are usually lengthy and solid.. We had continued it from high school we were in the same graduating  class. My life was drama free. . I have only had sex with 12 girls and never with a dude so as you can see . Now I turned 21 and that is not all that many. I had no clue my life would turn upside and in basically two weeks everything important,The anchors of my life would change, I discovered  who  I really am. While I didn't try and hide anything  I diid not ven question Cmy obsession with Chris. Hishris.. But, a lot of people really adored Chris is a fantastic baseball player and a cout frm actually the Pittsburgh Pirates called my other an told her he shuld nit play any spoty ecept aseball. Chris loves being a linebckr hei so fast and has good hands,and a tight end starter which he  lovrd.  Nw while these changes are happening around me i have never hd sex ith a gyt which was an amazing experience the firt time iffialy. I sy officially because over he last 2 years we have had some football yeam A open pon I wpoud ;r changef. if you are wil  agree it's worth dvthese past hrars ir part of  year in just a couple weekthese years I have been ignoring ho i was or part anyway. it was a blessing. One of my room mates and my favorite person in in the world. I was borderline obsessed with him . Any plans I made were based on how much can I see Chris. We have breakfast,lunch, and dinner with his best friend, Ron,  most of the other guys followed. . i always sat beside Chris and at some point he would save me a seat I was worried he might figure out how much I was obsessed with him. e shared a room with a 16 year old and Chris was his guardian so he could live with Chris. About a week after I moved I was advised to be in the quad at 7 PM and don't be late the whole group will be ther. This better not be some initiation.


Chris said Alexx you know about 7 give or takotr  guys wanted that room. What  made the room  popular if yu were in the baseballfootball goupies. That being ao it n't ;oke  ton of peope amd I was we had a dude thon the team that sellsold just toms of 2eed, I was going to be Captin of the  b

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A cute story
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Real Str8 Video
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Cousin fuck my girlfriend

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Where should I move?
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They are tearing down my building and I have to move, I am really sad. I am not sure where I will go, what do you guys think I want to live someplace where their are lots of things I can walk to.

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The truth is...
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Unexpected Glory
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The truth is...
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Spring time masturbation outside
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The weather has finally turned nicer so I have been getting outside and having a jerk-off or two in the woods or at the park. It's so nice to get back to nature and jerk-off leaning up against a tree or sitting on a bench.

Thursday I stopped on my way home from school and just went into the woods and stroked it. I came within 4 minutes. I wanted it to last longer but I had plans. lol

Friday (Today) it's raining so I'm going to be stroking at home (in a few minutes). I may use my fleshjack.

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Just enjoy...
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GPP GayDar
Added: 4 hrs ago / Views: 93 Summer almost here. It will be pool time, Worlds of Fun time, And Oceans of Fun time. Got my GayDar up and running for all the hotties I am going to see. :)

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Happy kingsday
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for all my dutch friends here ...have a nice day!

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Cabin Story - Part: 1 - Starring: Andrew and Jeremy
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[Late one evening on a cold Winter's night, several flashes of bright light can be seen emanating from the window of Andrew's secret cabin hangout deep in the woods.]

[Andrew] “Damn, I am one sexy bitch”

     [Flash! Flash!]

[Andrew] “Wait until GayBoysTube gets a load of me!”

[Andrew smiles to himself as he stands in front of his full-length mirror, camera in hand, his eighteen year old body fully nude and fully boned. His grin growing, he lies down on his back and puts his legs in the air.]

[Andrew] “And now for some missionary action!”

     [Flash! Flash!]

[Outside Andrew's window, a dark figure lurks secretly in the bushes, watching and waiting. His obsession with Andrew growing stronger and stronger by the day.]

[Jeremy] “You filthy whore! What kind of perverted mischief are you concocting inside your cabin? God, I should barge in there right now and make you my bitch! I love you so much...”

[Jeremy, an obsessive-compulsive schoolmate of Andrew, reaches down and aggressively grabs a handful of snow as he grits his teeth against the cold, mountain air.]

[Jeremy] “GRAAAWL!”


[Startled, Andrew looks towards his window and spies a clump of snow clinging to the cold, slightly frosted glass. Throwing the window open, Andrew sticks his head out and shouts into the growing darkness.]

[Andrew] “I know that's you, Jeremy! Stop stalking me! I told you, I don't wanna lose my virginity until I get to college!”

[Andrew stands up and prepares to shut the window before stopping and sticking his head back out into the cold air.]

[Andrew] “And you better not be touching yourself again, either!”

[Jeremy] “Fucker...”

[Jeremy yanks his hand out of his pants as he ducks back further behind the bushes.]

[Slamming the window shut, Andrew turns around and begins to get dressed. Putting on his coat, he slides his camera into his pants and walks out of the cabin, locking the door behind him. A cloud of vapor escapes Andrew's mouth and he slowly turns his head around to survey the surrounding area. Andrew whispers to himself.]

[Andrew] “Where are you, you obsessive-compulsive slut...”

[Unable to spot any trouble, Andrew begins walking towards his black SUV parked along side his cabin. Opening the driver-side door, he pokes his head in and scans the inside of his cab. Noticing nothing out of the ordinary, he gets inside and immediately locks the doors.]

[The engine underneath the hood of the SUV roars to life as Andrew pulls his camera out of his pants and begins looking over his newly shot photos. His roaming stops the moment he reaches his missionary pictures. A wide grin begins to form across Andrew's mouth.]

[Andrew] “I'd bang me... I'd bang me so hard...”

[Andrew hears a slight rustling behind him as he suddenly turns his head towards the back of his dark cab. Before he can react, Jeremy leaps forward and grabs Andrew's head; pulling it back against the headrest so he can't move. Jeremy begins to smile at Andrew.]

[Jeremy] “I'd bang you too, Andrew!”

[Andrew] “Oh mama...”

[Jeremy, still smiling, pushes an ether-soaked rag up against Andrew's face, rendering him unconscious. Reaching down, Jeremy snatches the camera and looks at the photograph of Andrew with his legs up in the air.]

[Jeremy] “Oh yeaaaah...”

[Jeremy steps out of the vehicle and opens the driver-side door. Reaching in, he takes a secure hold of Andrew and gently begins to pull him out of the still-running SUV. Lying Andrew down onto the cold snow, Jeremy reaches inside and shuts the engine off before placing Andrew's keys into his pants pocket.]

[Once again taking a hold of Andrew, Jeremy carefully begins to drag him back towards the cabin.]


[To be continued...]

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ISO this Video Friends
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I hope someone here in GBT comes across this video, it is a "Spank This" Video but I have seen it one time before. It it Tommy Anders and Jesse Starr On a couch being spanked by Stern. Even if you are not into spanking please Let me know if you come across it or add it to GBT. Thank You and Hugs

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Happy 900 days austinpscottt
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He always has a hug for those who needs it. Happy 900 days my friend. Sorry I'm a day late.


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Love Jack Frost:)
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to all that have bad storms in your areas hold on and stay safe be over soon

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Cabin Story - Part: 2 - Starring: Andrew and Jeremy
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[Several candles illuminate the interior of the small cabin as a fire roars in the fireplace set inside the wall just right of the cabin entrance.]

[I'm your number one fan...]

[I'm your number one fan...]

[I'm your number one fan...]

[Andrew's eyes open slowly as he spies Jeremy's face hovering closely above his own.]

[Andrew] “Gah!”

[Jeremy] “Wakey wakey, sleepy head!”

[Jeremy closes his eyes and begins making kissing noises as Andrew struggles to get off of his twin-size bed.]

[Andrew] “What the hell? You strapped me to my bed?”

[Jeremy] “Can't be letting you get away my little Snooky-Wookums.”

[Andrew] “You're crazy!”

[Jeremy] “Crazy in love!”

[Jeremy hops up onto the bed and sits on Andrew as he begins grinding his ass against Andrew's crotch.]

[Jeremy] “What do you think of this, Mr. 'I don't wanna lose my virginity until I get to college'?!”

[Andrew relaxes just a bit.]

[Andrew] “Actually, I kind of enjoy it...”

[Jeremy] “You're not supposed to enjoy it!”

[Jeremy slaps Andrew gently across the face as he gets off the bed and reaches for the camera sitting atop a small table next to the bed. Andrew's head snaps up.]

[Andrew] “Put that down!”

[Jeremy] “Put what down? Put this down?”

[Jeremy turns the camera's view screen towards Andrew and shows him the photograph of his provocative missionary position.]

[Andrew] “Oh, you little prick...”

[Jeremy giggles as he steps away from the bed and begins flipping through Andrew's photographs.]

[Jeremy] “Great body, Andrew. Damn, I wanna hit that!”

[Andrew] “Not gonna happen!”

[Jeremy lowers the camera and begins moving towards Andrew.]

[Jeremy] “That's what you think, my little sex puppet!”

[Jeremy gently slams the camera back town onto the small, wooden table. He turns towards the bed and once again sits on Andrew's crotch.]

[Jeremy] “I'm up here, and you're down there. Now, seeing as how you're strapped helplessly to your bed, I suggest that you do what I tell you because, quite frankly, it would be a real shame if your friends and family were to get a view of all those nasty little photos you took of yourself.”

[Andrew] “You wouldn't dare...”

[Jeremy] “I wouldn't?”

[Jeremy gets off the bed and smiles at Andrew.]

[Jeremy] “I'm crazy, remember?”

[Jeremy turns and walks towards a black duffle bag sitting on the floor next to the cabin entrance. After rummaging around inside the bag for a brief moment, Jeremy pulls out a dildo and a tube of Boy Butter as he turns and gives Andrew a devious grin.]

[Andrew] “Oh no you're not...”

[Jeremy] “Oh yes I am...”

[Jeremy stands up and holds the eight-inch long dildo against his crotch as he bites his lower lip and starts making thrusting movements towards Andrew.]

[Jeremy] “Ugh, ugh, ugh!”

[Andrew] “Sweet Moses...”

[Hopping back up onto the top of the bed, Jeremy begins rubbing his crotch against Andrew as he suddenly stops and looks at the nearby camera sitting quietly upon the small table next to the bed. Without a word, Jeremy slowly turns his head back towards Andrew and gives him a wide grin.]


[To be continued...]

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Anyone have Site Issues?
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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

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The truth is...
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Today you Feel ........
Added: 11 hrs ago / Views: 54855 In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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Changing my hair color or highlights
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Changing my hair color or highlights is easy. I use several products that are temporary and wash out easy. One of them is in this photo. I am not advertising it, I am just answering the question about my hair highlights that have been asked about 20 times. I like to keep the guys curious to what I will look like daily. I sometimes change the highlights or color of my hair 4-5 times a week if I feel like spending the time to do it. You can even use some of the products on your pubic or armpit hair if you want. :) Most of it is non-toxic also and environmental safe.

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Rank these - best favorite to least favorite
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Being sucked


Being rimmed


Beiing fucked


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GBT Friends Chat
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GBT Friends Chat is dedicated to and ALL of it's members

All you need is a active account. Please use your account name you have here with a different password. 


Google Chrome works best with the chat room.



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