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Random Acts of Kindness
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Today while going out for lunch with my family this random lady stopped when I was getting out of the train station. At first I never wanted to be bothered since I was running late. However she then handed me a gift card for the amount of 2 coffees and 2 pastries at my local coffee shop. I was kind of shocked at that since it kind of made my day. Not everyone been that nice to me besides my best friends who sometimes spoil me when we hang out. Now that this happened to me I feel like a should do something back for someone when he or she is less expecting it.

I was wondering if any one of you guys have this happen to you or even did something like that.  

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* NEW * NOW PLAYING IN THEATRE TWO: 'FOUR MOONS' (2014) aka Cuatro Lunas
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DIRECTOR/ WRITER: Sergio Tovar Velarde

STARRING: Antonio Velázquez, Alejandro de la Madrid, Cesar Ramos (See IMDB listing for full cast)


GENRE: Drama - Music

Four stories about love and self-acceptance during four different stages of life:

1) An eleven year-old boy struggles to keep secret the attraction he feels towards his male cousin.

2) Two former childhood friends reunite and start a relationship that gets complicated due to one of them's fear of getting caught.

3) A gay long lasting relationship is in jeopardy when a third man comes along.

4) An old family man is obsessed with a young male prostitute and tries to raise the money to afford the experience.

WINNER! ~ BEST FEATURE FILM - Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2015
WINNER! ~ BEST FEATURE FILM - Nation Festival Cinema LGBT Montreal Film Festival 2014
WINNER! ~ BEST MEXICAN FEATURE FILM - Monterrey International Film Festival 2014
PLUS 4 nominations


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First Timers: The Neighbor Boy
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Hey, Thought I'd start a blog and see how it goes. This is about my first time. How about you guys confess you first times too.

Thomas was the first boy I was ever with. He was a couple years younger than me and lived next door. We knew of each other but never really hung out before then. That fateful day his mother Carol had called over looking for somebody to watch Thomas because she had just gotten called into work. I told her my mom was out shopping at the moment.

                “Damn it.” She paused for a moment, “You’re old enough, could you come watch him for me? I mean you don’t have to do anything, really, I just need somebody over here in case anything happens.”

                “I guess.” I figured, hey, maybe I’ll make a few bucks.

                “Great! Get over here right now, I’m on my way out the door.”

                She was literally at the door with all of her stuff when I knocked. “Thank you so much for doing this. There’s some money on the kitchen counter if you guys want to order a pizza or something.”

                I glanced around the living room, “Where’s Thomas?”

                “Oh he’s upstairs in his bedroom playing or something. Okay, bye.” Then she was in her car a speeding off.

                I made my way upstairs to find a door with a Nirvana poster on it and assumed it was his. I opened the door and slid in saying something like, “Hey Thomas, it’s just me. Your mom said we could order a pizza but I’m not really hungry just yet-” What the hell!

                Thomas flew into a rage, “Get out! Get the fuck out!”

                I backed up but accidentally closed the door behind me. I started fumbling at the doorknob.

                When I had stepped in I found Thomas completely naked, lying sideways on his bed with his legs in the air and his arms wrapped under his knees. One hand was wrapped around his dick and tugging away. The really weird thing was that something orange was sticking out of his ass. When he noticed me he grabbed whatever he had shoved in there and yanked it out before throwing some blankets over himself and cussing me out.

                “Get the hell out!”

                As I tried to get the door open again I tried to get him to calm down. “Dude, calm down. Every guy does it, okay? There’s no need to be embarrassed. I do it all the time too.”

                Just as I got the door opened he hopped off the bed with the blanket covering him and started marching toward me. I stepped back out into the hallway just as he slammed the door closed in my face. Standing there I realized that whatever he had shoved up inside of him, he was trying to hit the g-spot for a better orgasm. An idea came to mind.

                Leaning into the door frame I said, “You’re doing it wrong.”

                I could hear that he was still standing just inside of the door but he didn’t say anything.

                “Everybody gets it wrong the first time. You have to have somebody show you how to do it right. I had somebody show me when I was your age.” That was bullshit but he didn’t have to know. “Come on Thomas, don’t be such a pussy.”

                The door cracked open and Thomas peeked out at me. I asked, “You’re going for the g-spot, right? You heard about the spot up your ass that can trigger a better orgasm? There’s a trick to making it work.”

                Thomas glared at me suspiciously, “tell me how to do it then.”

                “It’s hard to explain,” I pleaded, “just let me show it to you.”

                “You won’t tell anyone?”

                “Why would I tell anyone? I’d be in it just as much as you.”

                Finally, he backed away from the door and let me in. I remember my heart was pounding as I stepped in, thinking, Oh my god this is really happening isn’t it! Thomas turned around and headed back to the bed. The blanket wasn’t wrapped around him so I could take in his whole backside. He had the most gorgeous little bubble butt. I just wanted to reach out and grab it. Instead I follow him to the bed where he sat down but kept the blanket on.

                “So what was wrong?”

                I looked down and found the orange thing he had shoved inside that butt of his. It was a carrot! I almost started laughing. I picked it up off the floor, “First of all, this is way too stiff. You need something hard but also giving. Something that will follow the passage way inside you and not just rearrange it. Now, where’s your lube?”

                He gave me a confused look, “What’s lube?”

                All I could think was, Holy shit! He was doing that raw? That had to hurt.

                “Lubricant. You need something to slick it up that way everything glides into place and you don’t have to shove it in. Hold on, I’ll find something.”

                I headed down the hall to the bathroom and began poking around. I found a little container of Vaseline in the medicine cabinet and a roll of paper towels next to the sink. Returning to the bedroom I tossed the paper towels on the bed next to him.

                “What’s that for?”

                “Things can get a bit messy. That’s to clean up afterward.” I smiled, holding up the Vaseline, “This will do the trick. Now, you ready?”

                He nodded nervously before rolling onto his back. He heaved a sigh and threw the blanket aside. I stared down at his uncut dick, my mouth moistening at the site of it. He was maybe two inches shorter than me, a tuft of pubes at the base of the shaft and bare balls. I prayed that one day I would get to lap away at those balls then suck that dick dry. But first things first.

                “Okay, raise your legs up like you did before.”

                He lifted his legs up with his hands tucked under the knees. The cheeks of his bubble butt spread apart and revealed his adorable little hole. “Like this?”

                “Just like that. Now, I’m going to lube you up.” I took a scoop of Vaseline onto the tips of a couple fingers and began massaging his hole, rubbing the lube around and around. I watched his face as he laid back and began to relax. I think he likes it. Scooping up a little more, I ran my fingers up the full length of his crack before slathering his dick with it. With my free hand I dropped my pants and my shorts and began lubing my dick as well. Thomas was only semi-hard, I was stiff as a rock, but by the time I was done we were both hard and ready. I grabbed a paper towel and cleaned the Vaseline off my hands before pressing the tip of my dick against his hole which immediately clamped up. I rubbed around and around with my tip, smearing everything with pre-cum, until he started to relax again.

                Jesus Christ! I can’t believe this is happening!

                I looked down at Thomas who was shaking a little with nervousness. “Now, take a deep breath and hold it.”

                He nodded and took in a deep breath. I grabbed a hold of him by his thighs, the tip of my dick already oozing a little pre-cum inside his asshole as I began to press. “I’m going in.” He nodded again then winced in anticipation.

                I shoved the full length of my cock up his ass until his sphincter was clenching away at the base. He was so tight in there it pulled my foreskin back so the tenderness of my head was resting against the tender walls of his inner sanctum. He gave out this cute little whimper as I slid into place. Everything around my dick would clench up and hold and then release, clench up and hold, then release in the most wonderful rhythm. My God, I already want to cum!

                “Okay, you can let out your breath.” I gave him a gentle pat on his bare thigh, “I’m just going to stay like this until you’re ready. Start jerking off when you’re ready to begin.”

                After a bit he reached down between his legs and grabbed ahold of his dick. The first stroke his dick slid right out of his hand. The second time he grabbed it a little harder a little lower down. Let me tell you, when this boy jerks off he literally jerks it. He was furiously tugging away at his dick, I thought it had to hurt but he seemed fine with it. Enough time had passed that the need to cum was gone.

                “Now, the trick to all of this isn’t just shoving something up your ass and leaving it there like you did.” I slid my dick out about mid-shaft before sliding it back in. This got another little whimper out of him. I kept the rhythm of pulling out midway and sliding in, out and in, nice and easy. “You see, there are a bunch of nerve endings up in there and the trick is to stimulate all of them as much as possible.”

                As I established my rhythm I watched him take on this kind of slack-jawed facial expression, his eyes going a little lazy, while he gasped each time I slid in and sighed each time I pulled out. For several minutes both our bodies were synced. I wrapped my arms around his legs and hugged them closer to me to see if I could possibly go any deeper than I already was. He grabbed his dick which had slid out of his hand again and took up his crazy beating of the poor piece of meat.

Through my own gasping I asked, “Do you feel the difference?” He could only nod with that adorable expression on his face.

Suddenly I felt a quivering run through him as everything clenched up around my dick. “Try to hold it!” I said, slamming myself into him. There was no need to be gentle by that point. He squeezed his eyes shut as he tried to hold back from cumming. I felt it begin to well up inside of myself and I too began to clench as I pulled my shaft out all the way to the head before slamming the full length back into place. He called out a bit at this move but I kept going anyway.

Then it happened. For a second his whole body relaxed, inside and out. The first spurt fired a trail of cum that nearly ended at his chin. Everything tightened then relaxed again as the second spurt fired up and landed by one of his nipples. Thomas was quivering all over as more and more cum fired out of his dick. Best of all he kept moaning, “Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh fuck yeah. Oh my god. Oh yeah.”

That’s when I shoved myself in as deep as I could go and began grinding his sphincter with the base of my shaft. Load after load rocketed out of my cock and into his belly. My knees started getting weak so I collapsed over the top of him with one hand to each of his sides, panting and wheezing over him.

We were both done, our balls completely drained, his chest and belly smeared with his cum and his ass filled with mine, but for a couple of seconds we just staid that way, him looking up at me and me smiling down at him, my dick in his ass and his hand wrapped around his boner, both of us still out of breath. I finally got back up and hugged his legs against my chest again, “Now tell me that wasn’t your best orgasm ever.”

He chuckled a little, “That was awesome.”

We both laughed. I kept my dick inside of him as I reached for the paper towels, tossing one to him and telling him to clean up his hand that was all slick and sticky. First I mopped up the cum from his chest and belly then I wiped down his dick, stroking it back to full attention as the paper towel soaked up the cum and lube together. Finally, I slid my semi-hard, well spent dick out of his ass and used another paper towel to wipe his ass clean of the Vaseline and the white dribbling out of his hole. I was going to clean off my own dick but decided, You know what? I think I want to keep Thomas’ stink on it for as long as possible. So I pulled up my pants and tucked my dirty dick away.

I held a hand out to Thomas who was still lying on the bed with his legs spread and ass open. He grabbed my hand and let me pull him to his feet beside me. I grabbed him by the shoulder, checking out his naked form again – that four-inch dick with the cute little bush at the base and those bare balls hanging beneath it – giving his shoulder a gentle squeeze I chuckled, “Now, that’s how you do it right.”

Thomas pulled on a pair of tightey-whitey’s that automatically gave me a boner to see him wearing. As he poked around the mess of clothing on the floor for something to wear I headed toward the door, “Your mom left us some money for a pizza. I’m kind of hungry after that.”

“Nothing with mushrooms or pineapples,” he demanded.

I put in the order and was sitting in the living room watching tv from a lazy chair when Thomas came by. From the corner of my eye I watched as he tried to sit down only to wince. He decided to lay down on his side and watch the show with me rather that put any pressure on his butt. I smiled to myself.

After a while he started squirming, scratching at the seat of his jeans then he headed toward the bathroom. A few seconds later he called out, sounding pissed, “Dude!” He came marching out of the bathroom, “Did you jizz in me?”

“What?” I figured he knew but I guess not.

“Did you jizz up my ass?” He hooked a thumb over his shoulder.

“Well that’s the way it works Thomas. We both have an orgasm, we both cum. I happened to be inside of you at the time so that’s where I came at. That’s how it works.” He looked like he was about to shout something else but I was afraid the neighbors might hear all this talk about jazzing and asses so I cut him off, “Look, if we ever do it again we’ll swap places and you can jizz in my ass, okay?”

Just then the doorbell rang. As I went to retrieve the pizza Thomas marched over to the couch and sat down a little too hard, “Ouch, damnit!” With that the rolled onto his side and laid down.

We were pretty much quiet the whole rest of the night, watching TV and picking away at the pizza. Thomas eventually headed back up to his bedroom and I was thinking of joining him to see if he wanted to try for round two but that’s when Carol showed up. She thanked me again and again for helping her out as she shoved two twenty dollar bills into my hand. I assured her, “Anytime.”

Before leaving I called back, “See you later Thomas!”

From the top of the stairs he said, “See you next time.” There was something vaguely threatening to his tone.

The whole way back to my house I kept thinking, Holy shit! I just fucked the neighbor boy and got paid for it! This is the best night ever!

After calming my Mom down – I had totally spaced out calling her and letting her know where I was – I headed upstairs to go to bed. I peeled off my clothes and grabbed my dick, still a bit slick with Vaseline, crusted with dry cum, and covered in the scent of Thomas’s ass. I filled my head with images of his adorable bubble butt, his slicked up sphincter, and recalled the way he clenched up as I slid into him. I came within seconds. It was nothing in comparison to the load I had left inside of him but I let it go into a sock and finally wiped my dick clean before crawling into bed.

Best night ever!



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(Truth is...™)
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:) cute
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Is GBT Pro Life or Pro Choice?
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Well what do you guys think? Many might know where I stand I think its been a 60 year nightmare and not only would I ban abortion I would ban birth control pills too, for god sake we have no right to alter the natural process and result in far less life, gezz look at the stats the Blue states have birthrates so low they must import people keep going. I am sorry I am a Humanest and a Naturalist and nothing about this is Natural or Pro Human at all.......

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Your first proper wank
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Who can remember their first proper wank, how old, where were you and what did you think?  It happened to me 4 months after my 12th birthday.  It was the night before we went on holiday in Cornwall. I woke up about 3 in the morning and my crotch was soaking wet, I thought what the hell has happened, my hand wandered down to my cock and I was shocked.  I had gone to bed with a cock the size of my largest finger and suddenly there was this (that's what it felt at the time) huge cock.  I grabbed hold of it and wanked myself stupid.  On holiday I kept sneaking off to the toilet to have a wank, I just couldn't stop.  He he good old days.

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Calimero Is Gone!
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Calimero is gone I hope he is alright, and I hope he is not upset with the site. Can anyone please check on him?

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Help and or advice ?
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Hi Guys for those that read my blogs will know that I am a 65 yr old retired teacher.  I live on my own in a small bungalow and while  I was having a coffee I got to thinking that I could share my home with a homeless gay guy.  Now I know some people will think that I am just gagging for a BFor partner.  I know what its like to be persecuted and ridiculed because of my sexuality and to be honest, the thought of a gay guy being homeless because of his sexuality fills me with both horror and sadness. What do you think?  Please be honest with me but don't be nasty. Maybe you already know someone who needs help. 

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Just an update
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Mom is well with cancer now gone and just some recovery time. I was hospitalized with what was thought to be a STROKE (OMG). After a few days it was found that I had received a concussion a few moths back from a slip and fall on a new marble tile floor. Have had some ocular surgery - Right eye completed and 100% and on 8/5 the left eye will get the implant, THEN - no need for glasses. Looking forward to getting back to GBT and ALL my dear Friendship. Miss you all MUCHLY and send a Big Hug to each and everyone. LOVE, Andy xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Tarzan :)
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Join us in the chat room
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No password necessary. Just use your gayboystube user name.


Chat room is open to all ages. If you do not like that then do not enter. 

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Oh, Canada!!
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G'day, Hi, Hello, Bueno Dias, Konnichiwa, Guten Tag, Bon Jour
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Hey everyone

Love this site and the sharing of pics, vids and stories

I'm an Aussie Dad and just curious where everyone else is from and whether you have a favourite place you find the boys more attractive.

For me I'm international and have no real preference (except I don't look at Russian stuff because of how they treat the GLBT community)

What's your thoughts?


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That embarrassing moment, yes that one.
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Have you ever had an embarrassing moment?  The reason I ask is that it happened to one of my students when I was teaching. Every now and then student teachers would be in school for teaching practice and taking a real class.  I was sat at the back of the class assessing this young female teacher who was taking  my english class of year nine 14-15  yr olds. She asked this young lad to come out to the front and place in the sentence she had written on the board the correct punctuation she had left out.  He said he couldn't but she insisted and again he refused.  The lad turned to me with desperation in his eyes then looked towards his crotch.  I knew immediately what the problem was and told the female teacher to chose another student.  The young lad looked at me smiled and mouthed thankyou .  At the end of the lesson the students left and I sat with the female teacher and briefed her on how she had done.  I then explained about the young lad telling her she had to be careful with young lads of that age because their penis had  a mind of their own and they can have an erection at any time.  She went bright red and a lesson was learnt.   

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Holy Crap
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World AIDS Day
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Today we remember those we have lost to this horrible disease. Are thankful for the advances in treatment that allow so many to live full and productive lives. Pray for a cure. And implore all we know to be safe in all that they do.

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This has been a crazy two weeks. Brian, my best friend since like first grade told me about 2 weeks ago he's gay. I was cool I sid OK it doesn't change anything just be careful be safe. We were  partying and all I kept thinking about was Brian. I have had a gf for  years the sex is great but now I am obsessed with Brian. When I was drunk I told him all I do is think about him he said I want us to be boyfriends and I just said es. We have been having sex everyday 3 or 4 times a day its amazing even if it is in the car. I haven't talked to my gf since she's all pissed off and I am sure not telling hr. Brian and I  are seniors and play soccer and baseball together. I never even knew I was gay how does this happen? I am really happy with Brian but a shitload of problems comes with this. He broke up with his gf 3 weeks go just before he told me.  I liked my gf a lot but its so much more intense with Brian. Has this happened to anyone else? Two weeks ago I was a regular straight now now me and best friends are always naked fucking. this is crazy.  What the hell do I tell Lisa? What do I do when me and Brian are always together and not around bitches you know how guys talk. I talk to Brian about it and he says we only have til June just keep it on the downlow. How is that even possible e wear each others class rings now.  I am always hounding him for sex he is just as  hot to fuck. I am so screwed on one hand and happy  as fuck on the other. My two brothers will freak. Maybe I need to just stop fucking around with him but I really dont want to

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anyone ever got there thing caught in there zip accidently, whats the best thing to rub on it to ease the pain

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Cooper's Spooky Halloween Night: Part 16 of 20
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"Sometimes we hope against hope that we may be blessed with the impossible... That we may live until that joyous occasion when we are reunited with the loved ones of our past... An occasion that may, to our deepest sorrow, never become manifest unto us... 

“But I have endured...

“The strength of my spirit has been tested to its outer limits... My faith in the Creator has been tested to the point that I feel the weight of the Heavens may come crashing down upon my sinful heart... 

“But I have endured...

“Fate may seek to mock me at every turn... To break my will when I am at my weakest... To rob me of the humanity that has defined my very being itself... But there is one constant that the cruelty of man and the forces that be, whether they be the forces of darkness or of light, will never take from me...and that is love... 


[Next to a pond outside Brasov]

"As I move, desperately, towards the figure that now stands before me, dare I allow myself to wallow in hope? Dare I allow myself to be taken by the sudden wave of joy which is trying, unceasingly, to capture my heart and soul? Dare I...feel...again?

“Is it real? Or is in a illusion?

“Dare I allow myself to believe that I have endured...until the end?”

[The hands of a man...a man of his late fifties... His short, greying beard surrounding the opening of his mouth as he struggles desperately to make sense of what is happening before him at that very moment. Slowly, and gently, do his hands rise as he drops to his knees. His eyes are brimming with tears as he reaches up, tenderly, and grasps the arms of the one standing before him.]

[A sudden cry escapes him mouth as his head tilts back; his eyes shut as the weight of all of his sorrow and torment are suddenly released in a torrent of anguish and regret.]

[Oh, how Edric cried... How he wailed like a newborn child born into the frost-bitten dawn of a new Winters morn. How his heart did break...and was born anew.]

[How he endured until that joyous occasion when he was reunited with a loved one from his past...]

[Eric slowly reaches down and places his hands upon his father’s cheeks as he gently pulls his face upwards to meet his loving gaze. Edric, his voice echoing throughout the surrounding forest in gasps of choking sobs, looks up through tear-soaked eyes. It is at that moment that Edric takes notice of Eric’s true visage: his skin; his eyes...something is terribly different... Edric reaches up and gently grasps Eric’s face as he continues to fight back against the very sorrow that only moments ago dropped him to his knees.]

[Edric] “My What has happened to you? What cruel fate has the world unleashed against you?...”

[Eric slowly lowers himself to his knees as he continues to meet his father’s gaze.]

[Eric] “Feel not sorrow for me father, but revel in joyous abandon at my eventual return. For so long did you endure without losing hope... Without giving in to despair and doubt... Your love for me, and mine for you, brought us to this moment...

“Though I have been absent from your presence, never did I truly leave you. You felt so alone for so long, but from afar did I keep constant vigil upon you whenever my time did permit me. You were never alone, father. Not then, now or ever.”

[Tears hang from Edric’s beard as he slowly begins to regain his composure. Convinced that the reunion with his son is now a reality and not a cruel dream, he begins to speak.]

[Edric] “Who did this to you? Who would destroy your life in such a cruel fashion? Who would thrust a dagger into my gut as I watch and weep in despair for my fate to be reconsidered?”

[Eric slowly slides his hands from his father’s cheeks and up to the top of his head as he prepares to show him a vision of the events leading up to that moment. An event that Eric knows will cause further pain to his father, but one that is necessary.]

[Eric] “Close your eyes, father, and open your mind. Be not afraid of the images that you will see, but embrace them with thoughtfulness and understanding. Brush aside any anger that you may harbor within your heart, for it will seek only to destroy you further. Let go of the past, and welcome the beginning of a new present...and future.”

[Edric suddenly gasps a deep breath as a flood of sounds and images seek to overwhelm his mind.]

[Eric] “Let go, father... Open your mind... Open your heart...”

[Edric gasps one deep, final breath as he loses himself to the sounds and images now playing throughout his mind...]


[Next to a pond outside Brasov]

[Three years earlier]


[Eric and Cooper are sitting peacefully together on a warm, summer evening. The still waters of the pond lay before them as they speak quietly to one another; stopping only occasionally to giggle at the words being spoken between them as their hands slowly meet one another. From their right can be heard the sounds of snapping twigs and crunching leaves as three boys emerge from the nearby wooded area.]

[Marian] “Well, well...what do we have here? Looks like Eric found himself a new friend?”

[Dumitru] “Boyfriend is more like it!”

[The two boys begin laughing hysterically as the third steps between them.]

[Gabriel] “FREAK!”

[The boys continue to laugh loudly to one another as Eric slowly rises to his feet.]

[Eric] “Leave... Now...”

[Dumitru] “Or what?! You’ll kiss us?!”

[Gabriel] “Holy shit! Cover your mouths!

[The laughter continues as Cooper stands and places himself before Eric.] 

[Cooper] “You were told to leave.”

[Marian’s demeanor suddenly turns vicious as he steps forward and places his right hand on Cooper’s chest; shoving him back and to the side of Eric.]

[Marian] “Stay out of it, freak lover!”

[Dumitru steps forward and keeps Cooper at bay as Marian steps closer to Eric; their faces nearly touching as Marian comes to a stop.]

[Marian] “You see, friend of the freak...this here’s a vampire lover... Him and his father...sympathizers. They aid the forces of darkness as the Order endeavors to quell their hellish uprising.”

[There is a moment of silence as crickets chirp all around the pond and woods. Eric’s voice comes deep and soft as Marian keeps his face close.]

[Eric] “You know nothing of the things of which you speak. What you call the Order of Righteous Knights, my father calls the Order of Self-Righteous Deceivers. For many years did he serve the Order and their lies. For one brief moment, he WAS the order. What he did was right and just...”

[Marian] “What he did was treason... Treason against everything that is right and pure in the world. Treason against humanity itself.”

[Gabriel steps up close and whispers into Eric’s right ear as he slaps him gently, twice, on the left cheek.]

[Gabriel] “Vampire lover...”

[Eric flinches ever so slightly as he keeps his glare on Marian. There is a brief, but tense, pause. Marian’s eyes go wide and wild as he begins to whisper towards Eric.]

[Marian] “Vampire lover... Vampire lover...”

[The three boys begin to whisper in unison as their voices grow louder and louder, eventually culminating into screams of rage.]


[The warm, evening air surrounding the five boys suddenly becomes sickeningly silent as Marian’s eyes once again go wide before Eric.]

[Eric’s breath stalls as the world around him comes to a screeching halt. From the right, and without warning, Eric is suddenly knocked back as Gabriel slams a fist-sized stone into Eric’s temple.]

[Eric falls to the ground without a sound as he comforts his throbbing temple; his body writhes across the cool grass beneath him as he struggles, desperately, to remain conscious. Cooper looks on with horror at the events unfolding before him.]


[Dumitru’s face contorts with sudden rage as he brings his fist up and slams it into Cooper’s gut; doubling him over slightly as he tries to catch his breath.]

[Cooper’s arms are pulled back behind him as Dumitru steps behind and holds him upright. Marian turns and whispers towards Gabriel.]

[Marian] “Do it...”

[Smiling, but with a hint of hesitation in his eyes, Gabriel reaches down and grabs Eric by the hair; pulling him towards the pond. With a sudden, forceful push, Gabriel submerges Eric’s head into the pond water as Marian, Dumitru and Cooper look on.]

[Dumitru] “Do it! DO IT!”

[Eric offers little resistance as Gabriel keeps his head submerged. Cooper, fighting wildly to move towards Eric, is unable to escape Dumitru’s tight grasp.]

[The warm, evening air slowly begins to turn cool as Eric’s body goes limp. Gabriel slowly stands as the four boys stare silently at Eric’s lifeless form. Marian whispers quietly.]

[Marian] “Vampire lover...”

[The cool air suddenly begins to turn very cold as Marian looks towards the wooded area before him; his eyes going wide as a look of terror suddenly overtakes his face.]

[To be continued...]


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joel will miss you so much, but you will always be in my heart, and I want you to know anything you do in the future, I wish you every success, take care, love scott

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Today you Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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the alchemist in his studio
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@ kaboing :) giles

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MiNi 6A
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Same thing - I just took out jake and put in a boy that will be happy to be in my Sshow

I cant believe its Sunday - I went nuts becuz of this 4 day holliday Peeeeaaaacccce ...huggies oooooo

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