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Can your eyes remember what you have seen.. Yes they can.
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"Not sure how this works... it just does! Bizarre"
1. Stare at the red dot on the girl’s nose for 30 seconds. 2. Turn your eyes to a plain surface (your ceiling or blank wall).
3. Blink repeatedly and quickly.


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How many tatoos are too many?

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Hump Day Prep
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Justin Bieber Full Frontal in Bora Bora
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article :

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Now get in the bath


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I am religious as shit but also bi sexual. I sleep with men, I am open about it. I cant help the way I feel. The bible is the scripted word of god and I believe it as direction but not actual fact (in some cases). In bothers me so much I try so hard to love god and put him before me but I still sin. I am almost 25 and I still cant figure it out. It bothers me daily. Any idea...?

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Today you Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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I love uncut cocks
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Hell-o everyone

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Anyone else likes it?




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anybody use Openload ?
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i do and have allready 100 G on it. very easy and i can watch the porn with my ipad from every where. if any have please tell me

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Versaut in Köln
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i h8 to sound stupid.. how does 1 send a pic to anothers wall? there are many things i know how to do yet things such as this escape me

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how to illustrate a blog
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why illustrate a blog - well it adds  context to your point or is just an image you want to share - its not an alternative to posting an album

so its not as simple as selecting an image clicking copy and pasting but this might help -

so create a blog on gbt - ok funny cat - i have a photo i want to share

i made a free account on an image sharing web site in this case

i uploaded the image to my account on imgur

back in gbt blog i selected the icon for image sharing and a window opened

i have to post the source - i copy that from imgur - step 5 - click direct link (e mail and im )

and paste on the gbt window

you now need to resize your image - step 6 try 500 x 500 - that a reasonable size no bigger thats just annoying

step 7 click ok and you have your image on your blog - comment and send


its not easy first time round but keep trying - and there are other ways - hope this helps


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Natural State of Human Sexuality
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The natural state of human sexuality is Bisexuality.The less common gay population is only a refection of this inherent trait. Its historically proven and global colorization removes any debate over the natural state vs cultural influence. (aka is was not just the Romans) We need to learn from Brazil in this area they have been ahead of the world here for 100s of years, and so no shock they have the highest rates of honest/open people able to express their natural sexuality.(basic Human Right) 10% of males, biggest city 20% of males are Gay/Bi but still have many issues and growth forward yet when you look at the UK lets say with 1% you see that we are all still way behind in this very old game.

Only debate really is do you believe Humans should have a Right to a Natural Sexuality or Not and a culturally manipulated one. (is a prove fact this greatly effects the population)

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Horrified, in shock and trembling after reading Toby19 Blog.
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 At this moment, I feel confused and frightened....what just happenedjQuery18204570994559871313_1444148394634 I left last Thursday and returned yesterday evening on a late flight.When I finished unpacking my stuff this morning, I checked in at the GBT.and came across Toby's blog on how everyone was feeling to find his blog with over 4K entries! I started reading and after reading about members leaving the GBT and how some members were pissed off about this blogger who caused this and so on. My first name was mentioned in a few entries and then it came to me that it maybe it was me that the focus of the anger was about. This started last Tuesday or Wed when I was cruzing the internet and came across a familiar GBT profile page mentioning something to the effect that this was the best gay site to go to etc. And, I noticed that it was my avatar and my handle on it. This ad was also noticed by others at the GBT. At first I thought it was just a picture but when I took a second look I clicked on the page and I found myself at my real site without logging in. I asked other members about this knowing that the site was not secured with one saying it could be a closeted computer geek, another saying "that is how it is" to "they had no clue." If you see the add, you can see a link to a Vid that was included.

This what I saw and I became alarmed that this was not only a open link to my page but if you clicked on My Friend's, you could see all of them too. I did mention it to Nick and a few of my online friends about it and got a few replies back thinking maybe this was an isolated incident or that someone had it in for me. I could only remember telling one guy to fuck off when I refused to be his friend after multiple times he sent me invites. OK, the hunt was on..I.was able to trace that it was one person who was able to gather enough information about me and what sites I go to to include a pattern of his behavior that included pictures of my listing in the internet search site to include the opening page of imgur. I also backward traced the guy who I declined his invitation. I learned that he opened member sites and made contacts with other member again the same negative theme to the sites. I made my concerns to my closets friends then blog it (the blog including the pics vanished shortly after I published it.) I did get some feedback with some members being able google their handles to find them on the internet......then my inbox went dead: no email, no posts on my wall and I could not post on this site including my own....I was dead in the water but I kept getting email messages via my phone of members leaving messages on my wall or leaving personal messages but when I check my site nothing.....I do not understand any of this or why I may have been targeted...Nick thinks I a drunk, others a psycho not taking his medications and others who thought I was a conspirator freak....But this is a fact, you all have been kind to me, I have made friends, and we have great taste for great looking guys.....I did what I thought was good but not this....I am deeply apologetic...Joel  PS, I received over 50 email alerts, again, no showing up on my site. Here is my real phone number and it does take text messages. 1-408-559-4272.

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I'm ready for you
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any car guys out there
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big car action going on here in Schaumburg il mecum car auction is going on thus fri and sat. May have to stop in there myself hehehe

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October 7th marks one whole year of our beautiful union. I wouldn't be half the man I am now without you.

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First Sexual Experience
Added: 1 day ago / Views: 21526 Describe your first sexual experience. How old were you? Where did it happen? What happened?
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So what happened to Camelot5?

There's no direct communication on this site, it's like conversing with ghosts.

Why can't the owners / moderators communicate with us all?

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Added: 1 day ago / Views: 6 Sam Smith - Writing's On The Wall (from Spectre)

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I'm living prof that it gets better :)
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When I first came to @GBT I was lost didn't like the fact I wax attracted to guys and wanted to kill myself , Now I love being gay . I've learned to love myself , accept  and appreciate that I'm gay. It does't matter what anyone thinks about me, it only matters what I think about me.  I know lots of other boys who have told me simular stories of how @GBT has changed thir life for the better. I'm so grateful to the mature  (older) members here that have shared with me their experiences. and assured me it does get better and they were 100% right my life has gotten so much better since becoming a member here. Im so thankful that @GAYBOYSTUBE is here and it is my second home  ) I love yu guys hug Cole xxx 

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Brazil The Gay Shining Light Forward
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Many might not know that Brazil has been ahead of just about every country on earth as far a gay/Bi rights for 100s of years. First to allow everything including basic right to Live, they have some more room to grow and fights to still win but they do not get the recognition I believe they deserve. This is the place to start to look for the Truth, by that my meaning is in Brazial 10% of the populations reports to be Gay/BI not the 2-3% they tell us Human Sexuality is in other places. Also many of the biggest cities like Rio de Janeiro report 20% of Males identify in polls as Gay/Bi yes 20% of Males. 

Now why is this? Well most should know the Brazilian cultural openness towards sexuality though they are mostly Roman Catholics and do have a divide still. But despite this the cultural openness about all sexuality frankly they are world know for is what allows more truthfulness in the population and less control over them in these ares. This should remind all of us how far we still have to go but that also its not a fruitless fight or a conspiracy theory these are facts and well known facts I might add for 1000s of years some how they convinced even many of you are not true. Brizial is a very divers population so we are talking about Humanity here, and again historically the question that is more retentive is Does Life Long Heterosexuality Really Exist or is this a cultural manipulation of true human sexuality? 

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sometimes even gayboystube boys argue
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sometimes even gayboystube boys argue


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i`m in love ;-)
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East coast flooding
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hang in there to all the people in the flood zone. Hope all are safe and sound.

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