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One of those days
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Visiting a Porn Store
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So what are you thinking when you're shopping in a porn store?

la de da :) giles
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:) giles

Eric and Cooper?
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What's this?

Is there a little something going on between Eric and Cooper (a.k.a. kaBOIng and Chicohunter16)?

[Oh, baby! What's going on?]

Oh, that's a good question... What the hell IS going on?

Is it this?

Or is it...that?

[So what is it, huh? TELL ME! TELL ME! TELL ME!]

Oh? But why would I want to do that?

[Puh-lease, Eric! Give me a bone!]

Oh? You want a bone?

Bone this? Bone that?

What kind of person would I be if I just started giving everyone my bone?

Would I be a whore? A stud?

[A studly whore that's not making any logical sense?]

Yeah... Maybe...

But everybody loves a mystery, right?

[Um... NO...]

See? That's the fun thing about a mystery! You just never know what's going to happen next!

Is THIS going to happen?

Is THAT going to happen?

Is the whole world going to come crashing down upon itself in a wild frenzy of unbridled passion and animalistic lust?

Or is the world going to explode into a gigantic fireball of anger, disappointment and resentment?

[How much Dr. Pepper have you had today, Eric?]

Throw this bitch into overdrive and head for the horizon because I want to see where this road leads!

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in the mood to see some hot emo fucking :P

Give me one slang term for masturbation.
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Jacking off

Happy Weekend
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Good Movies on GBT
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Beyond great porn, there are very good movies on GBT. Let's

Saturday is Codys birthday :)
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luv u cody

New here
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Hi, new to the site and was wondering how people are doing?, hopefuly first blog of many :)

what is your pet peave its not an animal
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being tailgated for me

Happy Friday
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Gay teen porn actors
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Out of curiosity, what percentage of these guys do you think are straight?

test blog...
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thought I'd try doing a blog from time to time just cuz I like throwing out my thoughts. Most will probably be kinda dirty since I'm usually on this site to play with myself.

I saw a self fucking video today, it was super hot and I had to slip myself out of the leg hole of my briefs and finish. I wait until my dormie leaves for class and then watch GBT or Xtube vids. I like guy, bi and straight vids and these two sites usually have whatever I am in the mood for.

We both hang out in our undies in the room a lot unless we have visitors, but we don't do anything. I don't know if he knows I'm bi cuz I tend not to talk about status, but he has seen me with a girl and has probably noticed my spank tissues and undies that I sometimes forget to pick up. He isn't seeing anyone right now, he claims to be straight, but I bet he would be into messing around. I don't want to mess things up with us, so I don't make a move. He's mostly a boxer brief guy, but when he runs low on clean laundry, he has to wear his old white FTL's. They are pretty old and one pair has a small hole right on his sack. I stick to mostly briefs, and some favorite old trunks I like that make my bulge look big. He looks good, my guess is smallish cock, but big balls, he just hangs like that. more on my dormie another time, he's a good guy, smart and we are the same major, so it's all good. He wears a lot of thin sports shorts so I can always see what kind of undies he's got on.

Block functionality?
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How do you block someone on this site that is posting annoying wall messages?

Anyone have Site Issues?
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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

The gay dating scene
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I am seeking some advice on picking up guys, and also any recomended websites worth looking into... I have never had issues picking up girls, i am confident, easy to talk to, decent looking (not a 10 but i'd fuck me for sure lol), etc.... but since realising that my gay tendencies are not going to disappear overtime i have began being a little more open minded and started to keep a look out for potential when im out on weekends and general day to day stuff. The problem obviously is you just dont know if a guy is gay, atleast when your chatting up a girl you know whats what, but a guy is so much harder... How do you know? And yeah if anyones had experience on gay dating sites some honest feedback would be helpful...

Non Porn Day?
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I have always wanted to have1 day a year we only listed new Non Adult videos and images. What do you guys think, sure many might get upset but might be fun and a little diffrent.

Grand Canyon
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The Phantom ranch is down there in that big crack,

Pictures of me showing off in skintight clothes
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I'm going to try to upload some piccies of me from the past couple weekends wearing super skintight spandex while running errands. My favourite adventure was going to Dunkin Donuts early in the morning two Saturdays ago wearing my new purple leggings. The material was super thin. Everything showed through, even the veins and the shape of the head. As I walked there, I could feel my entire wiener swelling up and throbbing because I was so horny. It was so daring and exciting knowing that the lady who was taking my order could see every little detail of my boyparts perfectly outlined in the spandex and pointing straight up, completely stiff. There's no doubt she could tell how excited I was that morning!

Today you Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

Braedan's GBT Teen Boy Favourites Video Mash Up
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So hey...I started tinkering around with all my favourite GBT videos - of the most beautiful sexy teen boys - inside editing software, making them work in new ways, splicing and dicing them, trying to have extracted clips from different vids interact with each other,

Delivery Guys
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One of my favorite fantasies is having sex with a delivery guy.

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Witch Person gave you the talk about the brirds and bee's ?
Did annyone explain to you Mastrubating, and getting a orgasm ?
I did not get the talk About the brirds and bee's, and mastrubation was taboo.
I found out about Mastrubation by my self, and it was wonderfull at the age of 12 when i found out how to do it, And it's stil wonderfull.

Tip of the day
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mops home :)
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your welcome for breakfast coffee supper or a sleepover anytime - giles

Michael G. Long, Editor, Gay Is Good: The Life and Letters of Gay Rights Pioneer Franklin Kameny,
takes a compelling and thought provoking look into Fred Rogers life and sexual orientation.

Read it here:

For Toby19
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back soon
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not been well, tonight is the best I have felt in the last ten 10days, missed all my friends, scott


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