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Give me one slang term for penis.
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I will start with the obvious one.

Adorable :)
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Profound life changing experience tonight driving through western NYS. Pulled off interstate for dinner at locally owned historic steakhouse founded in 1901. I sat at the bar, perusing the menu, lots of deer taxidermy around. TV has ESPN showing the Michael Sam documentary.

Group of 10 drunk middle-aged straight married men in golf polos and (pleated!) khakis are sitting at the bar. They see Michael Sam on ESPN and start shouting and pointing at the TV: "YAH LOOK AT THAT FUCKING FAGGOT CRY! HE'S SUCH A FAGGOT, WATCH THAT PUSSY C-CK SUCKER CRY WHEN HE STARTS PLAYING FOOTBALL BRO! HE'S CRYING BECAUSE HE'S A F--KING C-CK SUCKING FAGGOT." They laugh among themselves HAHAHA and slap high fives while I sat five feet away.

This is the fear and horror that gay people live with every day of their lives. An inky, dark, sick feeling sat in my stomach. I stood up and left before ordering. They were all drunk and I worried for my safety.

Getting in my car in the parking lot, suddenly three people appeared at my car window. I locked my door, fearing the worst.

It was the Chef, maintenance man, and waitress. They asked me to roll down my window, so I did. They said, "please don't leave, we are so sorry those guys said those horrible things, that's not right, that's not who WE are, we work here and we welcome all people and we want to cook you dinner. Please don't leave. We told those guys their behavior was unacceptable and asked them to go. We don't want their business if it means we have to allow them to disrespect people. They're ignorant."

The Chef is an Iraq war veteran (born in Puerto Rico) who said he can't stand by and watch bigotry happen in front of him; it's not in line with his principles and what he fought for. The waitress is a nursing student at a local community college. The maintenance man is a honorable local man who's never been to NYC and works his ass off washing dishes and cleaning hotel rooms so he can buy his fiance a diamond ring. All three of them gave me a hug and sat down at the table with me at the end of their shifts. We talked and drank Merlot. They showed me infinitely more love and compassion than the bigoted white middle aged wealthy assholes who cloak their bigotry behind a veneer of Sergio Tacchini golf polos and Rolexes.

Astonished, I ate my dinner with a tear in my eye and hope for our future. Thank you to these wonderful human beings in Salamanca, New York.

Nude at the pool
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My brother and I were lucky enough to grow up in a nudist family. We lived in Florida in the sticks and had a pool so we were nude all the time. From the time we got out of diapers, we went nude when ever we wanted to, which was all the time. Our folks were naturalist. When we were born, our dad would not let the doctor circumcise us as he was not, and understood how much better it was not to be.

When I was 11, my new best friend from school wanted to come over and swim, so I told him we went nude at home and only swam nude. He did not believe me. He had seen me nude in the locker room, but he was always a bit shy. It was a hot Saturday and he wanted to come over for a swim in the worst way. I told him that he would have to go nude to swim, and he thought I was kidding him. It took him about 45 min. to ride his bike out to were we lived. I had been nude since I got home from school Friday, so when the doorbell rang I knew it was him and went to the door nude. When I opened the door and he saw me, his eyes got big. He could not believe I was standing at the front door naked. He was wearing only shorts and gym shoes. To freak him out more, I walked out onto the

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I'm bored and cant sleep :(

Closing Friday Thought
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Hamburg This Weekend
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25 July - 03 August Hamburg Pride 2014

01 August - 03 August Hamburg Cruise Days 2014 (roflol)

02 August Christopher Street Day 2014


Get some
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I am going to get me some sunday cant wait been on family vacation without the one can you go a week without any

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There is a user on here by the name of Sexonline214 who keeps pestering certain members to have Skype sex.

Just wanted to let you guys know to be careful of this guys spamming.

Losing Virginity
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If or when I lose my virginity, will my anus go back to its normal size--as tight and closed as I have it now, or will it stay as wide as the penis that may penetrate me?

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They say that boys with acnes on the faces masturbate to much. Is it true? I like boys with acnes. Anyone else?

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Hi everybody!!

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I'm going to try this again...

Will my balls/groins get bigger
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If I do not masturbate for a week--doubt it--I cannot go without for more than a day, will my balls/groins get bigger?

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Two questions.

Does anyone know how to contact the Mods/Admin on here? How long does moderation take before uploads appear on here?

Straight guys who play gay
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"Straight" guys are doing my head in well one is a close friend of mine and I have fooled around a few times and his always looking at me with the come fuck me eyes then when I try something he pulls the I'm straight card ! what do I do guys jQuery182027780680387579887_1406849084739?

Our beloved Billy starts a new chapter in his life on August 18th.


I want eveyone to know how proud I am of him.

Study hard my brother and make yourself proud.

Billy I love you with all my heart

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Today I masturbated seven times straight.

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I just submitted my FIRST...

Jake T Austin of The Fosters is so happy to be on the wrestling team, he can hardly contain himself.

Night At The Museum 3
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Thanks to all those that followed my blogs of pics during my work on the set of Night of the Musuem 3, now re-titled Night At The Museum: The Secret Tomb. Filming wrapped May 16, and will be released in Dec. The official trailer was released today by 20th Century Fox, and can be viewed here:

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Lets hope and pray that Jordan will be ok.

If You Are Torn Between Your Christianity and Your Sexuality Check This Out

Then Share These Websites:

* * * *

A Comfortable Place for LGBT Youth and Families

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Columbus, Ohio
24 Hour Crisis Hotline: (614) 294-5553

San Francisco
24 Hour Crisis Hotline: 415-621-2929


young n eager
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whoever like to get in relationship with youngsters n teens eager to

Today you Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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although many men, as they get older, find that their balls sag more and more...

As you may know, I enjoy masturbating quite regularly. I like to try many things, but my go-to always seems to be what I call the two-hander where I hold my penis with my entire left hands from the base and I jerk the remaning shaft and the head with my right hand, no lube. I will sometimes jerk with both hands in sync or out of sync, where both hands meet halfway at the shaft. Sounds like I'm describing some kind of slider mechanism. LOL. I like it cuz it seems to get the job done. What is your preferred masturbation technique? Is it similar to mine, one-handed, underside, lube, no lube, fleshlight? Share.

Thanks in advance. :-)


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