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Cute little stinker....
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Maimum hotness
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hey guys marry christmas to you all godbless xxx

Otter knew better
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Protect this site from pedophile creeps.
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I'm a newcomer here at GBT. However I've discovered that this site is in danger of being ruined by the inappropriate posting of videos and photos of kids who are obviously underage. Such as this:

In addidtion to flagging the video, two messages were sent to both the administrator and the party who posted it for its immediate removal. However that was hours ago early in the day and it is still up.

But the previous blog post I made about an hour ago to protect this site from that sort of thing was removed!! So here it is again.

Those of us who care need to join together to make GBT an unwelcome place for those who want to post videos or photos of kids who are of questionable age. Those creeps ruin the site for legitimate gay/bi users

way to funny
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Daffy duck
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sorry if this offends anyone, but do you have a fav christmas carol or christmas hymn

Say What
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Contributing to Gayboystube.
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Members who don't contribute anything or hardly enough need to stop complaining about how often a video is uploaded here week after week. Or for that matter what is posted here. If you are a non - contributor on this site then you have no idea the work evolved in uploading videos here. I've been a member here 1342 days. I've uploaded 822 videos in that time. If you do the math, that's 1.64 videos a day. I've probably uploaded videos that have been posted here already, so what! Nothing makes me more mad when someone doesn't like or bitch about what the other uploads. If you don't like what's posted, get more involved and contribute more to this site. Stop bitching about what others post here.

Maximum hotness
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a time of giving
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it's a hard time for some people over the holidays. Try to forgo that one expensive gift and make a donation of money or your time to the charity of your choice. hugz Ron xoxo

Today you Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

Just a thought...
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How long did you guys visit the blogs/videos before you made an account? For me it was a long time, but I'm not out.

Maximum hotness
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A New Zealand Pastor has admitted sending a hate filled email to well known NZ Gay author telling him "I pray that you will commit suicide".

The pastor, who runs his small church out of his home, says he sent the email because he doesn't agree with the Homosexual lifestyle.

Wonderful Coming Out Story
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Hey Guys! Just wondering what your favourite type of underwear is? Type, Style, Colour, Size, Etc.... :)

Remember when an earthquake levelled New Zealand's capital as punishment for legalising gay marriage?

Canterbury residents and supporters of marriage equality are among those who might be offended by the outlandish claim of a Right-wing fringe group that gay marriage was to blame for the "destruction" of a New Zealand city.

The London Swinton Circle's recent newsletter proclaimed the "recent destruction of Wellington by earthquake [was] a warning" after the New Zealand Government oversaw the introduction of gay marriage last year.

The group seemed ignorant of the fact New Zealand's destructive earthquake actually happened in Christchurch two years before gay marriage was legalised and more than a year before the Marriage Equality Bill was even pulled from the ballot for consideration.

upload videos and photos
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How long does it take to upload Videos/ Photos?

Maximum hotness
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Anyone have Site Issues?
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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

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some people take this for granted, but it means a whole lot of things, and say a lot of things about a person. I always like to share my love to all my friends on here, and to those that are not here just now, just whispering in someones ear' I love you' you feel your heart misses a beat, sharing is good as well, just to pick someones spirirts up, when saying this little word......just me thinking aloud again

wishing you
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I don't want much for christmas. I just want the person reading this to be healthy. happy and loved! wishing you all a merry christmas

merry christmas
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this is one amazing singer and yea i even think he is gay as well u should check out his michael jackson video omg it is awesome :) he was on the ellon show as well. and others


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