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Your first proper wank
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Who can remember their first proper wank, how old, where were you and what did you think?  It happened to me 4 months after my 12th birthday.  It was the night before we went on holiday in Cornwall. I woke up about 3 in the morning and my crotch was soaking wet, I thought what the hell has happened, my hand wandered down to my cock and I was shocked.  I had gone to bed with a cock the size of my largest finger and suddenly there was this (that's what it felt at the time) huge cock.  I grabbed hold of it and wanked myself stupid.  On holiday I kept sneaking off to the toilet to have a wank, I just couldn't stop.  He he good old days.

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French TV vs USA TV
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French TV

Condom Commercial - French TV


Can anyone tell the difference? 

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Another draw in the wall.

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Cooper's Spooky Halloween Night: Part 16 of 20
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"Sometimes we hope against hope that we may be blessed with the impossible... That we may live until that joyous occasion when we are reunited with the loved ones of our past... An occasion that may, to our deepest sorrow, never become manifest unto us... 

“But I have endured...

“The strength of my spirit has been tested to its outer limits... My faith in the Creator has been tested to the point that I feel the weight of the Heavens may come crashing down upon my sinful heart... 

“But I have endured...

“Fate may seek to mock me at every turn... To break my will when I am at my weakest... To rob me of the humanity that has defined my very being itself... But there is one constant that the cruelty of man and the forces that be, whether they be the forces of darkness or of light, will never take from me...and that is love... 


[Next to a pond outside Brasov]

"As I move, desperately, towards the figure that now stands before me, dare I allow myself to wallow in hope? Dare I allow myself to be taken by the sudden wave of joy which is trying, unceasingly, to capture my heart and soul? Dare I...feel...again?

“Is it real? Or is in a illusion?

“Dare I allow myself to believe that I have endured...until the end?”

[The hands of a man...a man of his late fifties... His short, greying beard surrounding the opening of his mouth as he struggles desperately to make sense of what is happening before him at that very moment. Slowly, and gently, do his hands rise as he drops to his knees. His eyes are brimming with tears as he reaches up, tenderly, and grasps the arms of the one standing before him.]

[A sudden cry escapes him mouth as his head tilts back; his eyes shut as the weight of all of his sorrow and torment are suddenly released in a torrent of anguish and regret.]

[Oh, how Edric cried... How he wailed like a newborn child born into the frost-bitten dawn of a new Winters morn. How his heart did break...and was born anew.]

[How he endured until that joyous occasion when he was reunited with a loved one from his past...]

[Eric slowly reaches down and places his hands upon his father’s cheeks as he gently pulls his face upwards to meet his loving gaze. Edric, his voice echoing throughout the surrounding forest in gasps of choking sobs, looks up through tear-soaked eyes. It is at that moment that Edric takes notice of Eric’s true visage: his skin; his eyes...something is terribly different... Edric reaches up and gently grasps Eric’s face as he continues to fight back against the very sorrow that only moments ago dropped him to his knees.]

[Edric] “My What has happened to you? What cruel fate has the world unleashed against you?...”

[Eric slowly lowers himself to his knees as he continues to meet his father’s gaze.]

[Eric] “Feel not sorrow for me father, but revel in joyous abandon at my eventual return. For so long did you endure without losing hope... Without giving in to despair and doubt... Your love for me, and mine for you, brought us to this moment...

“Though I have been absent from your presence, never did I truly leave you. You felt so alone for so long, but from afar did I keep constant vigil upon you whenever my time did permit me. You were never alone, father. Not then, now or ever.”

[Tears hang from Edric’s beard as he slowly begins to regain his composure. Convinced that the reunion with his son is now a reality and not a cruel dream, he begins to speak.]

[Edric] “Who did this to you? Who would destroy your life in such a cruel fashion? Who would thrust a dagger into my gut as I watch and weep in despair for my fate to be reconsidered?”

[Eric slowly slides his hands from his father’s cheeks and up to the top of his head as he prepares to show him a vision of the events leading up to that moment. An event that Eric knows will cause further pain to his father, but one that is necessary.]

[Eric] “Close your eyes, father, and open your mind. Be not afraid of the images that you will see, but embrace them with thoughtfulness and understanding. Brush aside any anger that you may harbor within your heart, for it will seek only to destroy you further. Let go of the past, and welcome the beginning of a new present...and future.”

[Edric suddenly gasps a deep breath as a flood of sounds and images seek to overwhelm his mind.]

[Eric] “Let go, father... Open your mind... Open your heart...”

[Edric gasps one deep, final breath as he loses himself to the sounds and images now playing throughout his mind...]


[Next to a pond outside Brasov]

[Three years earlier]


[Eric and Cooper are sitting peacefully together on a warm, summer evening. The still waters of the pond lay before them as they speak quietly to one another; stopping only occasionally to giggle at the words being spoken between them as their hands slowly meet one another. From their right can be heard the sounds of snapping twigs and crunching leaves as three boys emerge from the nearby wooded area.]

[Marian] “Well, well...what do we have here? Looks like Eric found himself a new friend?”

[Dumitru] “Boyfriend is more like it!”

[The two boys begin laughing hysterically as the third steps between them.]

[Gabriel] “FREAK!”

[The boys continue to laugh loudly to one another as Eric slowly rises to his feet.]

[Eric] “Leave... Now...”

[Dumitru] “Or what?! You’ll kiss us?!”

[Gabriel] “Holy shit! Cover your mouths!

[The laughter continues as Cooper stands and places himself before Eric.] 

[Cooper] “You were told to leave.”

[Marian’s demeanor suddenly turns vicious as he steps forward and places his right hand on Cooper’s chest; shoving him back and to the side of Eric.]

[Marian] “Stay out of it, freak lover!”

[Dumitru steps forward and keeps Cooper at bay as Marian steps closer to Eric; their faces nearly touching as Marian comes to a stop.]

[Marian] “You see, friend of the freak...this here’s a vampire lover... Him and his father...sympathizers. They aid the forces of darkness as the Order endeavors to quell their hellish uprising.”

[There is a moment of silence as crickets chirp all around the pond and woods. Eric’s voice comes deep and soft as Marian keeps his face close.]

[Eric] “You know nothing of the things of which you speak. What you call the Order of Righteous Knights, my father calls the Order of Self-Righteous Deceivers. For many years did he serve the Order and their lies. For one brief moment, he WAS the order. What he did was right and just...”

[Marian] “What he did was treason... Treason against everything that is right and pure in the world. Treason against humanity itself.”

[Gabriel steps up close and whispers into Eric’s right ear as he slaps him gently, twice, on the left cheek.]

[Gabriel] “Vampire lover...”

[Eric flinches ever so slightly as he keeps his glare on Marian. There is a brief, but tense, pause. Marian’s eyes go wide and wild as he begins to whisper towards Eric.]

[Marian] “Vampire lover... Vampire lover...”

[The three boys begin to whisper in unison as their voices grow louder and louder, eventually culminating into screams of rage.]


[The warm, evening air surrounding the five boys suddenly becomes sickeningly silent as Marian’s eyes once again go wide before Eric.]

[Eric’s breath stalls as the world around him comes to a screeching halt. From the right, and without warning, Eric is suddenly knocked back as Gabriel slams a fist-sized stone into Eric’s temple.]

[Eric falls to the ground without a sound as he comforts his throbbing temple; his body writhes across the cool grass beneath him as he struggles, desperately, to remain conscious. Cooper looks on with horror at the events unfolding before him.]


[Dumitru’s face contorts with sudden rage as he brings his fist up and slams it into Cooper’s gut; doubling him over slightly as he tries to catch his breath.]

[Cooper’s arms are pulled back behind him as Dumitru steps behind and holds him upright. Marian turns and whispers towards Gabriel.]

[Marian] “Do it...”

[Smiling, but with a hint of hesitation in his eyes, Gabriel reaches down and grabs Eric by the hair; pulling him towards the pond. With a sudden, forceful push, Gabriel submerges Eric’s head into the pond water as Marian, Dumitru and Cooper look on.]

[Dumitru] “Do it! DO IT!”

[Eric offers little resistance as Gabriel keeps his head submerged. Cooper, fighting wildly to move towards Eric, is unable to escape Dumitru’s tight grasp.]

[The warm, evening air slowly begins to turn cool as Eric’s body goes limp. Gabriel slowly stands as the four boys stare silently at Eric’s lifeless form. Marian whispers quietly.]

[Marian] “Vampire lover...”

[The cool air suddenly begins to turn very cold as Marian looks towards the wooded area before him; his eyes going wide as a look of terror suddenly overtakes his face.]

[To be continued...]


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Added: 6 hrs ago / Views: 403 I like guys that are androgynous, meaning partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex.  However I don't like to be confused as to whether it is a boy or a girl.  I think the picture below is of a boy and his dog - but he sure looks to me like a girl trying to look like a boy.  What do you think? Girl or Boy?
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:) cute
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the crows nest - my place
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mr crows place spring - winter 2015 - giles x


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Homophobic town?
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Anyone else live in a homophobic town? I feel like the only way I can leave this place is if I sell Tshirts on the side of the road. And this reminds me of one of a comment left by Jason'sboy on my "Gay Conservatives" post. He said that he knew how it feels to have parents that don't give a shit. My dad blew his money on gambling and my mom blew hers on television preachers. I learned important lessons from my parents mistakes. I wish everyone luck and I hope you guys do the same. HUGZ. xoxo

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Join us in the chat room
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No password necessary. Just use your gayboystube user name.


Chat room is open to all ages. If you do not like that then do not enter. 

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MiNi 6A
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Same thing - I just took out jake and put in a boy that will be happy to be in my Sshow

I cant believe its Sunday - I went nuts becuz of this 4 day holliday Peeeeaaaacccce ...huggies oooooo

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R U FuKiN kidding Me
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Im Bord - here r sum more Luke pics Named it  R U kidding Me The Song is Babe

  EX 6 is down - I will edit out 4 pics (jake) and put it bak on as 6A tomoro or soon

Kisses xxxx huggies ooooo

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This has been a crazy two weeks. Brian, my best friend since like first grade told me about 2 weeks ago he's gay. I was cool I sid OK it doesn't change anything just be careful be safe. We were  partying and all I kept thinking about was Brian. I have had a gf for  years the sex is great but now I am obsessed with Brian. When I was drunk I told him all I do is think about him he said I want us to be boyfriends and I just said es. We have been having sex everyday 3 or 4 times a day its amazing even if it is in the car. I haven't talked to my gf since she's all pissed off and I am sure not telling hr. Brian and I  are seniors and play soccer and baseball together. I never even knew I was gay how does this happen? I am really happy with Brian but a shitload of problems comes with this. He broke up with his gf 3 weeks go just before he told me.  I liked my gf a lot but its so much more intense with Brian. Has this happened to anyone else? Two weeks ago I was a regular straight now now me and best friends are always naked fucking. this is crazy.  What the hell do I tell Lisa? What do I do when me and Brian are always together and not around bitches you know how guys talk. I talk to Brian about it and he says we only have til June just keep it on the downlow. How is that even possible e wear each others class rings now.  I am always hounding him for sex he is just as  hot to fuck. I am so screwed on one hand and happy  as fuck on the other. My two brothers will freak. Maybe I need to just stop fucking around with him but I really dont want to

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Lifted Trucks?
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It has always been my dream to get a lifted 4x4 pickup truck. I wouldn't mind having a fine twink to go mudding with me!

How about you guys? What kind of vehicles would you like to have with a fine guy riding shotgun?

Ford F150

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So Sweet!
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got some messages asking me and yes i'm still working on uploading the rest of Cole's pictures~

takin a while :/ but they should be up soon!

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Very fit. Copy on pc to use link.
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Super fit
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Very fit lad who needs teaseing. Skin looks so soft and tasty!
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anyone ever got there thing caught in there zip accidently, whats the best thing to rub on it to ease the pain

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Nice View
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Holy Crap
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Today you Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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Sunday Brunch
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Moan, groan or silent.
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My BF in the army, when he cum use to moan and groan like no tomorrows where my BF who moved to London 18 months ago didn't make a sound. The only way I knew he was about to cum, when giving him a hand job he would tap me on the shoulder or when I gave him a BJ I would place one hand on the cheeks of his bum and when they tensed up and totally  relaxed then I knew the explosion was about to take place.  As for me I moan, groan and pant like a good one.  lol.

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horror 1986
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aged 16 this scared the shit out of me i still have issues knowing that im gay single

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Hot Daddy pic 11/28/15
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joel will miss you so much, but you will always be in my heart, and I want you to know anything you do in the future, I wish you every success, take care, love scott

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machloop 2
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low level flying in the machynlleth loop north wales my brother lives near here and i plan to visit in the new year for a walking holiday

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myth and legends
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was wondering how people felt about myths and legends on vampires and mermaids. Myself id love to be either one :D

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Thanx to everyone!
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Hey there to all my friends. Just wanted to thank each of you (167) who have friended me or accepted my friend request and for  all the great pics you've posted on my wall. My work tends to keep me very busy and sometimes out of town for days at a time.So when I do get a chance to get on the site it's usually pretty brief and most of those times are usually adding pics and vids from either friends or new members. Then again, it could be just to rub one out:) Either way I appreciate everything from all of you. Lots of love, hugs and kisses :o :D

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