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Anyone have Site Issues?
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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

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the music returns
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Adam says his treatments have finished and that he'll be logging onto GBT shortly.

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I am trying to find out if I can put images here by tumblr, since the imgur images seem to have disappeared.


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Now they know
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Password Working Finally :(
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Hi all! Almost two weeks I've tried to sign in with invalid password. "Invalid Password" which was Correct all the time but not acceptable when trying to sign in. Today it was success, surprise!

I was trying to use all possible browsers I have, changed my IP sevaral times but no results... And then when I'm finally here what I can see is that all my pictures have disappeared, about videos I don't

know because I don't see any of them left on my wall (only headlines, no pictures)... What has happened here ? Don't understand... Happy Weekend to all of you!

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How I Feel Sometimes
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Sometimes I feel like putting my head underwater in a bathtub. Just to forget about my worries.


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I am taking a break from blogging. It may be a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months. I will not create any blogs or post any blogs. I will still

talk to friends here on this site and post new content. And in case you are wondering Nick, yes I forgive you. We had a huge disaster the other day,

and I am doing everything in my powers to help out. So I will be more focused on gathering up more pics to create more albums.


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Sex Toys
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Do any of you play with toys, these are mine.



Sex Toys

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Beware of who endorses you
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Today you Feel ........
Added: 10 hrs ago / Views: 51771 In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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Added: 10 hrs ago / Views: 353

twinks Compelling Visual

I'm amazed that this video is still up, despite at least 4 flaggings (that I know of).  Is this getting people off here?

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GBT Offline for 24hours to Recover Images
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We might have to go offline for 24hours so we can try to recover these lost images, I do apologies but seems the only option that now remains. I will try to avoid this, but

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The Age of Aquarius
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One of my favorite records of my parents', when I was growing up in the 1970s, I used to "borrow it without asking" and play it all the time.

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pics deleted
Added: 12 hrs ago / Views: 10

Anybody know why so many members favorite photos have apparently been deleted?

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Cute guys in non X rated movies?
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In your opinion, what are some guys you find cute or hot in movies rated G to R? I will start off with one of my favorites. Kale (Shia LaBeuof) off of Disturbia. Damn, Shia is so hot in that movie. Especially when seen walking around barefoot. I would totally bang him :)

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GBT is Back I am So HAPPY!
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I am so Glad to be back I missed you guys so much, I hate days off! I hope I never have another one

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done and done
Added: 13 hrs ago / Views: 202

Got all the non-returning pics deleted...I hope this isn't a recurring phenomena.



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Cooper's Spooky Halloween Night: Part 21 of 21
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[1:50 AM]

[Marian lets out a sigh of relief as the Vampire Lord pulls his ethereal hand away; his attention focused squarely on Edric. Slowly and calmly, the Vampire Lord begins walking towards Edric with the confidence of a conquering hero. Nearby, the screams of the fallen Knights begin to subside as their bodies become subservient to their new hosts.]

[Edric reaches over to the left side of his hip and grasps the hilt of a sword with his right hand. A sharp, metallic ring can be heard as Edric pulls a long, silver blade from its sheath. The blade is aglow with a strange, bluish hue as the Vampire Lord continues his approach, albeit at a slower pace than before. Stopping several feet away, he lifts a finger and points at the sword Edric is holding as he begins to speak in a deep, otherworldly voice.]

[Vampire Lord] “Vile magic, this. To think that an order of ‘righteous knights’ would stoop so low as to incorporate such vile wizardry in their tools of murder and oppression.”

[The Vampire Lord lowers his hand as he continues. A short distance away, Adriana is watching the exchange take place as she holds a struggling Marian in place.]

[Vampire Lord] “You seek to subdue my children of the night as you cry out in holy vengeance. You accuse us of dealing death and misery when we fight only for our very survival. You are an order of hypocrites and murderers. You, and others like you, will pay for your self-righteousness!”

[Edric raises his sword and points it at the Vampire Lord.]

[Edric] “An empty threat from a fallen Lord. You surrendered yourself to the order of Knights all those years ago, knowing full well that we would strike you down should you make any move against us, and for what? So that you could return from the Dark Void in a blaze of glory? So that you could return to the land of the living and give false pretense about your so-called ‘children of the night’? How many innocents have you killed in your lifetime of undeath? Hundreds? Thousands? How much terror have you unleashed across the countryside as we fought valiantly to contain your rampage of destruction?”

[Vampire Lord] “Such strong and misconstrued words emanating from the mouth of a weak and ignorant man. Perhaps coping with the undeath of your very son has clouded your mind!”

[Edric’s stance falters slightly as he slowly begins to lower his blade.]

[Vampire Lord] “Ah yes...your precious Eric. Shackled helplessly now to a stand of iron as the very essence of his life seeps away. Soon he will be consumed by the power of the Dark Void as he fades into nothingness; rising again into the realm of darkness and misery as he endures an eternity of suffering for his misdeeds.”

[Edric turns his head towards the left as he notices Eric for the first time. Eric is hanging limply by the shackles attached to the long, vertical poles as his head droops lazily towards his chest.]

[Edric] “ son.”

[Edric watches on in stunned disbelief as his ire quickly begins to rise. He returns his attention to the Vampire Lord.]

[Edric] “You son of a bitch... I will destroy you with the fury of Hell itself!”

[Letting out a loud, blood-curdling scream, Edric suddenly rushes towards the Vampire Lord as he raises his sword. Without warning, Edric is knocked back several feet by a blast of otherworldly power as the Vampire Lord screams in rage. Adriana, her tension rising, momentarily slackens her hold on Marian as he quickly brings his head back; slamming it into Adriana’s face. Adriana stumbles backwards; tripping over a large stone as Marian suddenly bolts into the surrounding woods. Adriana screams at the top of her lungs.]

[Adriana] “My Lord! Marian escapes!”

[The Vampire Lord quickly snaps his head in Adriana’s direction as she gestures towards the nearby woods.]

[Adriana] “Quickly, my Lord! He mustn’t get away!”

[The Vampire Lord withdraws his attention from Edric as he quickly runs after Marian. Adriana, only slightly dazed, rises to her feet as she quickly runs off into the woods behind the Vampire Lord.]

[Edric slowly sits up; shaking his head as he struggles to regain his senses. Noticing that the Vampire Lord is absent, he quickly seizes the opportunity to offer what desperate aid he can to Eric as he continues to hang limply by his shackles.]

[Edric rushes headlong towards Eric and the black, lightless portal leading into the Dark Void as blurred images rush past his peripheral vision. Time seems to come to a perfect stand-still as Edric inches ever closer towards Eric; paying little heed to the dozens of thralls surrounding the portal.]

[As the distance between Edric and Eric is nearly closed, a sudden flash of blinding white light, accompanied by a large, outward blast, suddenly overtakes the center of the gathering. Thralls and Knights are violently knocked backwards and into the night air as the nearby trees suddenly begin to crack and sway against the sudden, outward force. Cooper and his thrall captors are knocked back with slightly less intensity as Edric finds himself flying through the air, away from Eric and the black portal. Eric is knocked slightly forward as the weight of the heavy, iron stand remains upright after nearly toppling forward.]

[Behind Eric is the ghostly image of a woman; her pure-white gown billowing forward as the blast begins to subside. With deliberate intent, the woman quickly places herself between Eric and the black, foreboding portal behind him as she suddenly wails in agony; her arms wrapped tightly around Eric’s chest. After several, brutal seconds, the umbilical stretching between Eric and the dark portal is severed, sending the portal into a violent, unstable mass of swirling darkness. Small pops and crackles can be heard emanating from the portal as small bolts of electricity begin cascading all around the sphere. As the electricity begins to build in intensity, the globe begins to shrink into near nothingness as it suddenly explodes outward, nearly engulfing Eric and his ghostly savior.]

[Immediately following the blast, a sudden, powerful gravitational pull, accompanied by a loud, continuous inward suction of wind, begins to drag the nearby thralls and Knights into its blackened center as the ghostly woman keeps her place behind Eric; struggling against the gravitational pull as she protects him from being consumed by the collapsed portal.]

[Not far away, the thralls that were only moments ago keeping Cooper captive, are struggling desperately against the portal as leaves and other various forms of debris go whizzing past their bodies. At their heads is Cooper, his legs wrapped desperately around a large sapling as he struggles to remain in place.]

[To the left of Cooper lies Edric; his arms wrapped tightly around the trunk of a small tree as he looks up just in time to see a helpless Gabriel sliding towards him.]

[Gabriel] “EDRIC! HELP ME!”


[With desperate abandon, Gabriel reaches outward as Edric’s hand suddenly takes hold of Gabriel’s arm. Edric grits his teeth as he struggles against the desperate forces seeking to consume himself and Gabriel.]

[Edric looks up at the white light as he continues to struggle against the unceasing pull of the failed portal. After a slight adjustment of his vision against the brightness of the light, Edric is shocked to see the visage of his deceased wife clinging desperately to Eric. Edric fears that his heart might stop as he continues to look on in stunned disbelief. A slight whisper escapes Edric’s mouth.]

[Edric] “Camelia...?”

[Edric, his heart breaking at the sight of his lost love, unwittingly releases his grip on Gabriel, sending him onwards towards the dark portal. A cry of terror escapes Gabriel’s mouth as he is pulled into the center of the swirling cloud of blackness and despair. A smile begins to form on Edric’s mouth as his grip on the trunk of the small tree releases; his body dragging across the ground as he keeps his vision locked onto the love of his life. As if unaware of his fate, Edric is pulled into the dark portal behind Gabriel.]

[Nearby, Cooper’s captors fail against the forces against them as they are pulled into the dark void; screaming as they fly helplessly through the air. As the strength of the portal finally begins to relent and subside, the ghostly form of Eric’s mother releases her grip from his chest as she returns willingly to that place of darkness and defeat.]

[From out of nowhere runs Dumitru; stopping at Cooper as he reaches down and pulls the gag from his mouth.]

[Dumitru] “You owe me for this...”

[Dumitru reaches out and removes the rope binding Cooper’s hands together. As Cooper begins to rise, Dumitru suddenly turns and runs off into the dark woods.]

[Without giving it a second thought, Cooper turns and runs towards Eric. A slight moan escapes Eric’s mouth as Cooper removes his wrists and ankles from the shackles binding him to the iron poles. With slight effort, Cooper picks Eric up and begins carrying him away from the scene of the expired chaos.]

[With great effort, Eric slowly lifts his head to look at Cooper.]

[Eric] “Dragostea invinge tot.”

[Eric's mouth forms into a slight smile as Cooper surrounds himself in a cloud of black mist; hurtling them both up and into the night sky.]


[Deep in the woods outside Brasov]

[2:30 AM]

[Marian is breathing heavily as he writhes, face down, against the ground; the sound of dead leaves breaking underneath his weight. From his mouth and nostrils seeps a dark mist; a mist darker than the Void itself.]

[Marian pushes himself up as he rests on all fours; his heavy breathing finally beginning to calm.]

[With a small amount of effort, Marian manages to bring himself up to his knees; a look of seething hatred on his face.]

[Marian’s ire begins to rise sharply as his face contorts with rage and hatred.]

[Arching his back and raising his head towards the starry sky above, Marian lets out a loud, triumphant scream of rage and excitement into the cool, night air.]




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Boy EXperiment #9 is up
Added: 14 hrs ago / Views: 18

This video gos out to the 2wierdos = 2 boys that went to McDonalds got a box full of bags of food and walked around there city handing them out to the homeless - they also passed out bottles of watter . = I also feature 3 different porn vlogs in it
 The song is Gimmie all your Lovin'
Boy  EXperiment #10 is up next = thats a Big one hehe

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The types of songs you find after drinking 5 shots of vodka :D
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While everyone was away, I decided to kick back, watch a movie, have a few drinks, and listen to some old school blues songs. After listening to

Howlin Wolf and John Lee Hooker, I decided to type in "On the Road Again" in the search bar. I remember hearing that tune somewhere and guessed

some of the lyrics from the melody of the song.

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Now what happened, VIDS TOO!
Added: 1 day ago / Views: 116

All my vid thumbnails are gone!!! Whats happening?


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When will My Penis Stop Growing?
Added: 1 day ago / Views: 765

Every time I measure my Penis it is getting bigger, can I stop it from growing?

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Someone is deleting my pictures
Added: 1 day ago / Views: 307

More than half the pictures I had have been deleted, this happened after last week I was unable to enter GBT for a hole day. Anyone know about this?

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The Mini Boy EXperiments are Back on
Added: 1 day ago / Views: 58

Back In Black

And Babe

Thanks for all your support - Love you Guys ...Tommy B

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Opinion on high interest credit cards?
Added: 1 day ago / Views: 109

I don't have much of a credit history, yet I was able to get a credit card with a $300 limit. Yet the interest is close to 30%. I know it may seem alot

to some people, but they help those who either have bad credit or no credit at all build up credit. I will use it to buy stuff for my custom lighter business. So what are your opinions on it? Do you think there should be laws against credit card companies charging high rates of interest?

credit card


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Added: 1 day ago / Views: 103



After breaking up with his girlfriend, Josh comes to the realization that he is homosexual. With the support of his now ex girlfriend Claire, and his best friend and house mate Tom, Josh must help his mother with her battle with depression and the rest of his family embrace his new found lifestyle. All of this becomes a little more complicated when he explores his sexuality with a young and handsome Geoffrey.




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sexy asses
Added: 2 days ago / Views: 44

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Added: 2 days ago / Views: 151

What is or will be important in your life

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