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photos and videos.
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ive been very patient up till now. pretty much all my favs have been deleted. thats  all my spank bank gone! what the fuck is going on? i love this site but im getting a bit frustrated. with it. i know you guys work your asses off to keep it running and i totally respect you for took me a while to aquire alll that content! please help me out here

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oh dang..what now>?
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Happy Valentine's Day
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Any Foot Fetishists Out There?
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I was wondering if there was anybody else out there that shares my love for hands and feet.


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mr crow
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Wonders In The World #5
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5. "Mustangs" by Robert Glen. The City of Las Colinas, Texas USA.

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500 days? Really?
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Woooohooo just hit my 500th day on GBT..................................stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all my friends for going along for the ride!  

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I may be going to Miami sometime this year. I've heard there's a big gay scene down there. Anyone ever been, or are from there?

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did a lot of pictures get deleted?
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i used to have two or three pages of liked photos now only one, also both my photo albums are gone. Has anybody else experienced this/know why it happened?

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Boy EXperiment 7A = Magic Man
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utube took down 7 so this is just the replacement

Also Thanks Jericho for all the great stuff u post on GBT

I hope u all have a safe n' happy Valentines day ...peace

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to all my friends, here on gbt and not here on gbt, you are always in my thoughts and close to my heart, HUGS, KISSES, AND A BIG CUDDLE from me to all of you, love scott

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I support Paid Family Leave for Both Fathers and Mothers
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I support paid family leave, but not this income equality (affirmative action in the job market), I see the paid family leave being helpful but slanting the table because of deficiencies on one side in the job market is a disaster and Not Americana. A big jump 13-15$ a hour minimum wage Yes I am for that :)

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Favorite Pet and What Gender?
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What would be your favorite pet and what gender?


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Dreaming of Cuddling.
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When going to bed, especially during the winter time, I think of cuddling. What better way to keep warm than to have a hot guy cuddling in bed with you.


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I Wonder What Would I Do This Weekend... Any Suggestions, Boys?
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Happy Weekend to Everybody :)

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Interesting fact!
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Anyone have Site Issues?
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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

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Oh Yea
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tumblr nw4lsm58 XZ1s4lybho1 1280

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Nice Butt
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Very Cute Boy
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how to illustrate a blog
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why illustrate a blog - well it adds  context to your point or is just an image you want to share - its not an alternative to posting an album

so its not as simple as selecting an image clicking copy and pasting but this might help -

so create a blog on gbt - ok funny cat - i have a photo i want to share

i made a free account on an image sharing web site in this case

i uploaded the image to my account on imgur

back in gbt blog i selected the icon for image sharing and a window opened

i have to post the source - i copy that from imgur - step 5 - click direct link (e mail and im )

and paste on the gbt window

you now need to resize your image - step 6 try 500 x 500 - that a reasonable size no bigger thats just annoying

step 7 click ok and you have your image on your blog - comment and send


its not easy first time round but keep trying - and there are other ways - hope this helps


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Big Boy
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Journal of Eric: Part 3 (Cooper's Spooky Halloween Night)
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[Part 3]

[Journal Entry] Adriana suggested that I move into Bran Castle; an ominous looking structure surrounded by trees and sitting atop a large hill overlooking Brasov. She told me that it would be the ideal location for me to take up residence as the citizenry of Brasov avoided the place like the bubonic plague. Something to do with it being the former home of herself and the Vampire Lord before he was sent howling into the Dark Void back at the Knights compound. Adriana's generosity and compassion for me has me somewhat worried. What exactly is she scheming?

[Journal Entry] Marian hasn't awoken from his coma yet, but I can already see the changes overcoming his body. I have placed him atop a rather elegant bed inside a small room on the east wing of the castle. I am keeping a close watch on him to ensure that he doesn't attempt an escape while my attention is diverted elsewhere. Adriana has assured me that I would retain some kind of an emotional bond with Marian and would be able to sense his whereabouts, although with much less efficiency than that which Adriana is capable of. Something to do with abilities becoming weaker when passed from parent to offspring, which, in turn, prevents me from passing on those same abilities to my own offspring. It matters not though. My own strengths and abilities must remain greater than those that I infect, lest they attempt a mutiny against me.

[Journal Entry] Further exploration of the castle has yielded quite a few surprises. For one, the castle is in remarkable repair. It is clean and tidy, covered in all manner of exquisite rugs and tapestries, and bears the faint aroma of lilac and sandalwood. I cannot even fathom why Adriana would abandon Bran Castle for a dank old cave.

[Journal Entry] Marian has finally awoken. He was slightly despondent at first, but a lengthy discussion with him about the fundamentals of his new life as a child of the night slowly began to bring him around. I took him outside to the center of the castle courtyard and endeavored to rouse his excitement over his newfound abilities when something remarkable happened. Marian made the discovery that we have the ability to call forth a curious looking black mist. As of yet, we are unable to ascertain its exact function, but I am certain that its true meaning will become clear in time.

[Journal Entry] Marian is truly beginning to warm up to me. He may have done something terrible to me, but there is no point in making him my enemy. What good would it do me to destroy his morale? Before his awakening into un-death, I mulled over the possibility of keeping Marian on a tight leash; of ruling over him with absolute authority, but I came to realize that it would not be the best course of action. By befriending him and showing him forgiveness, I in turn would have his loyalty and camaraderie. Being the tyrant would only push him away and towards anarchy. I must try to avoid this at all costs. There is still the matter of the other two boys that accompanied Marian to the pond, and Marian is my only link to them now...

[Journal Entry] I took Marian feeding tonight. He was reluctant at first, as was I back in the cave with Adriana, but his hunger soon convinced him of the necessity to drink of the lifeblood of the living. As we stood next to our victim, awash in a new wave of vitality as the lifeblood surged throughout or bodies, Marian did something that I did not expect.

As we stood staring at one another, Marian took a hold of my arms and kissed me on the mouth. Taken somewhat aback by his peculiar advance, I inquired as to the meaning of his actions. As he wiped the lifeblood from his chin, he confided in me that he had been in love with me for some time, and that his feelings for me are what forced him into action, leading to my eventual downfall at the edge of the pond water. When I asked Marian as to why he simply did not tell me of his emotions, he suddenly began to grow somewhat distant and agitated. He told me that he never had the chance because I had fallen for another, and that my actions had broken his heart beyond repair. Being unable to remember who this former love of mine had been, I implored with Marian to reveal his identity, but instead of answers, I received only indignation and revulsion.

As I could sense the growing sorrow within Marian, he turned and began his trek back to the castle, with me closely behind. This new turn of events troubled me, and I knew that I could not lose Marian to heartache and sorrow lest I lose my chance at vengeance. As I watched Marian stomp through the densely wooded forest that lay before the castle, I took a hold of his arm and pulled him around; stopping his advance forward. I knew what had to be done... I placed my hand around Marian's neck and kissed him gently on the mouth. As a smile slowly began to spread across his mouth, he took me by the hand and continued his walk towards the castle, with me in tow.

[To be continued...]

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it aint that bad
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theres a lot of angst  going on thumbnails missing bankcrupt bussiness men telling us how to think shouty women pleading for your votes religeous charlitans wanting your money and fanatics wanting your head as a trophy whales being slaughtered come on it is a crazy world but lets get some perspective there is quite a bit of love out there and some butts and odd looking dogs

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The Impact of Cyber Bullying
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13 year old Luke Culhane uploaded this powerful video to YouTube that shows what would happen if the damage created by cyberbullying could leave physical marks. This will make you think twice before sending that mean text!

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Candyman Please Forgive Us
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I feel so bad for candyman that lost all his images, I can not tell you how deeply this hurts me. Please stop by and tell him how much you love him and appreciate him

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