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just like to say to you all
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thank you for visiting my wall, keeping my heart full of love for you all, life can be shit at times, but you always manage to make me smile.......

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How many of you have been involve with and orgy. What was most that was there, The age range.

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My Sperm Smells Like Cinnamon!
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Is this normal?


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Anyone have Site Issues?
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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

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Series of random photos and videos that grab me as I trek through the virtual universe and report back to Earth_rosewater
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Week of May 20, 2017

Que la jeunesseQue la jeunesse...Que la jeunesse...Jamie Thorington In “Endless Heat” By Hadar Pitchon

Gilles Chambon, Dédale, 2017

Gilles Chambon, Dédale, 2017

Sibling Rivalry

e-mbody:<br />
“brothers.<br />

Close comrades - circa 1890 

collarbonecollection002cutecaturday001Que la jeunesse...Que la jeunesseQue la jeunesseQue la jeunesseQue la jeunesse




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Great Song:)
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Might Be Going To Nashville...
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Got a few supplies. Cake, pickles, and slim jims. So, I'll fill up my canteen (an old wine jug) with water, so I'll have something to drink on my way over there. I have absolutely no money to my name, so hopefully I can get a job there and buy some food, and a few other things like clothes. Haven't worn jeans in years. Would love to get me a few pairs. Perhaps a new cap and some shoes. Love you guys:) ~James.


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Otto Warmbier has died.
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Otto Warmbier has died.    I know it is not unexpected but damn it that shit pisses me off.     That was unacceptable what that regime did to him.

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for a friend
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Which is your favorite super hero.
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(Try to make a ranking of the most sensual superheroes)

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Favorite New Gadgets In Your Lifetime
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What are your favorite new gadgets since the time you were born?  (Yes, Cooper, fire was invented long before I was born!)  Many things have changed our lives dramatically.  I'll start with one gadget that is hugely popular, even though I do not own one:

DVD Player

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My Wall Post For Today
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In order to save time, instead of my going to the Walls of ALL of my GBT Friends, I will post my daily items here.  I'll try to update this daily, and will move what is today's post down when I add a new post.  Enjoy!

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Your Favorite Cars
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Classic cars and trucks, custom cars and trucks, concept cars, any cars and trucks you want to share.


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Today you Feel ........
Added: 16 hrs ago / Views: 67073 In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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Um...all of the videos are gone. Please tell me this is not permanent...
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Um...all of the videos are gone.    Please tell me this is not permanent...I guess that they can be restored, right?!

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Hi friends, I need some help. HOW CAN I ADD GIFS TO A PHOTO ALBUM? Thanks

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Gay Site Unite
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The Gay Site Unite Organization,  the safer place to chat.



We are dedicated to providing gay guys from all around the World with a safe place to chat with each other. It doesn’t matter where in the World you live, or whether you come from another gay website, you are most welcome here.  The only thing we ask is that you MUST be aged 18 to apply for registration.


It’s not just about chat,  it’s all about talking to like minded guys, having a laugh, sharing good times and yes, even talking about bad times.  Here, you can talk in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment and you can do so with the knowledge that we will respect your privacy. In the all new chat room, there are different rooms which you can pop into to participate too. For example, there’s the General Chat room where you can talk about anything you like (well.. within reason, of course!..)


Had a long day, or need some time alone to think, why not pop into Ryan’s Garden. A room where you can relax, unwind and just talk if you want to. This room is perfect for talking about things which have been bothering you or you’ve had a stressful day at work. Whatever the reason, do pop in here just to “chill out” There’s a Team of Staff working both in the background, and in the chat room keeping the place safe. If you feel you need to talk we are here for you. If you’re worried about privacy, please let us reassure you that anything you say will be treated with the strictest of confidence. But do bear in mind that although we can offer help, advice and support, we are not trained Counselors. But, we will help you find a way to overcome whatever is troubling you.

Then, there’s the Social Networking part of the site. You can meet people, make new friends, upload photos and much more.  Yes, you can even send private messages!


Come on in and make yourself at home. The entire Staff Team look forward to welcoming you as a member.







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Omega #7 is Up!
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I had 2 comments on God gave Rock n Roll 2 U telling me how I fuked up the song n video by putting the drummer first 

I watched it again and I think they are Wrong - So One more time - - 

I hope U All have a Safe and Fun Summer - Love U all XXXOOXXXOOXXX

Special Thanks to the guys here at GBT for the Videos I used in this one - I gut 2 more coming on Fri all done 3PM Pacific time 

Life ain't no easy ride
At least that's what I am told         
Sometimes the rainbow baby
Is better than the pot of gold
You've got to stick it out
Whether you're wrong or right
And you can't give in without a fight

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Hello Summer!!!
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Have fun tomorrow!! 

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Ass Pics, or Video`s
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Hi, have a guy who comes round, gets off on watching guys asses, being fucked or fingered or toys in, any good links please

it makes him real horny, and his tree trunk cock soon gets hard 

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DIY toilet paper
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If you run out, I've found Huffington Post works just fine.

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The problem with chatrooms is thar people can not keep it clean especially talking about young or for some underage. Those who do need to be banned from chatrooms.

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Added: 1 day ago / Views: 320 HAVE A SUPERB WEEK !




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"Deep Throat" 2017
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