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my art__✏️
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re-uping since imgur links kept breaking ~


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wishing you guy a nice friday
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hoping to catch up with my sleep later

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"beatin till it's cold" New Urban Disctionary defines as " masturbating in the shower until the water turns cold'
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boys, who read here, your parents know what you are doing. and why it takes so long in the bathroom. they also know you do it elsewhere so always clean up your crusty remains. you mom will thank you!

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GBT Friends Chat
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Gay Site Unite is dedicated to and all other porn site members.



All you need is a active account. Please use your account name you have here with a different password. 


Google Chrome works best with the chat room.



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JonDavid introduced me to another Pennsylvania 10 yo drummer
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Alex Shumaker. Lives in Punxsutawney, PA (yeah, home to Groundhog Day). 

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I heard this coming from a classroom and thought it was so nice. I had to go in and find out from the teacher (this was during a lunch period) what he was listening to.

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Hard big cock
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Playing with mijn big, fat cock :P  Who`s jerking too?

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Needing some info
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Hello friends,

I keep getting emails that my vids have been approved, I have gotten more then the number of vids i can see om ,y wall. Does any one have any idea where they go or who is an admin to contact?

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Your Favorite Cars
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Classic cars and trucks, custom cars and trucks, concept cars, any cars and trucks you want to share.   (With Gavin's blessings!)  Starting out with a 1935 Auburn 851 Speedster. Image result for classic cars

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Giant 🐓 Thread
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if you could engage on only ONE type of sexual activity what would it be?     

a. anal

b oral

c mutual masturbation

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I had to share these...
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This is how you can be Troye Sivan's date to the GLAAD Media Awards
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This is how you can be Troye Sivan's date to the GLAAD Media Awards

This is how you can be Troye Sivan's date to the GLAAD Media Awards
Troye Sivan is one of the world's biggest openly gay pop stars

23 March 2017
by Jamie Tabberer

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Shout of the day...
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Native American tribe votes to recognize same-sex marriage
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Native American tribe votes to recognize same-sex marriage
Osage Nation joins Cherokee Nation and the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes in recognizing same-sex marriage

Native American tribe votes to recognize same-sex marriage
ee_nash_rdr_garden | Instagram
Osage Nation has voted to recognize same-sex marriage

23 March 2017
by David Hudson

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Will try this again with the cats..
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^^^^ They make me happy their so cute :3  

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say it with a song ...
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Hávamál, The Saying of Odin, Stanza 11
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Hail and welcome! This is Huginn's Heathen Hof, with your Daily Hávamál.

Byrði betri
berrat maðr brautu at
en sé manvit mikit
vegnest verra
vegra hann velli at
an sé ofdrykkja öls

Just as a man can carry no better
burden on the road than Common Sense,
He can likewise carry no WORSE burden
than the over-drinking of ale.
-Hávamál: Stanza 11

In stanza 11, we see the third repetition on the importance of Common Sense, and the first of a series of warning about the dangers of drinking to much. Unlike some other religious traditions, the Lore never tries to BAN alcohol, or imply that it's consumption is inherently bad. Rather, most Germanic/Norse cultures placed an emphasis of discipline and self control. You could "eat, drink, and be merry", but you were expected to be able to hold you liquor and know when to stop.

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chat in the bottom right slows NAVIGATION. NOT USED TO NOTHING, delete it

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It`s Big
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My dick is so big now :P

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Grinning and looking into the camera
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Does it bother anyone else besides me while watching a porn and one or more of the "actors" keeps looking and grinning into the camera? I find it so distracting and annoying that I can't watch the video. 

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Where has all the good porn gone? It seems the only porn I see anymore is nothing more than guys on cam. I guess the Internet has just killed the porn industry.

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Such A Cutie:)
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We need more cute guys here;

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Underwear(Tell me what to wear)
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Thats try something new, tell me what underwear to wear tonight!!! I got.....

1) Calvin Klein Steel Micro Hip Briefs

2) Calvin Klein Steel Micro Trunks

2) Superman Briefs

3) Punisher Briefs

4) American Eagle Flex Trunks

5) Evolve Trunks

6) Nike ProCombat 6 inch Compression Shorts

7) Boxers



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Artist's name or website of this artist.
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Can anyone tell me the Artist's name or website of this artist.

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Horny as usually .....
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Hi boys,
I wish I find my steady partner but of course want to realize all my private wishes and fulfil all yours because this is the only way to be really happy together. Today I have something physically harder for my boy but maybe here is one who will like it and next time I can call him by name. Now I tell you how to get me out of control. 
First we take together a nice shower. I'm gently washing your body, caressing you, you are such pretty boy, I'd love to have you right now but I must last yet. After you show me how is your physical shape on my exercise bike. It's pretty warm in the exercise room but i wont hide from you how much arouse me to make your body sweat from every pore. 
You understand and soon you are dressed in sexy shirt, shorts, sport shoes and headband on your head. I kiss you yet before you start.  
I love so much to watch you exercising, really hard, watch you all hot and sweating. Good boy.  You don't stop and continue till your body is totally drenched in sweat. I feel I want you more and more. Finally you stop and I go close to you, kiss you and hug. Your shirt is totally soaked and I feel I must have your body right now. You all shiny and drops of sweat running down your body. I step close to you, give you a big bottle of mineral water, wipe off your face, give dry headband, kiss you and compliment for such hard exercise. I hug you a and start caressing your body, my dick is hard like stone just having you such close . We lay down on matresses and first I'll play with you till you orgasm, caressing your body and start stroking your dick. You are more and more aroused and I'm petting your body. I love so much to see my boy sweating such intense and moaning in pleasure. You are closer and and I finish you with my tongue. You cum like crazy allover my face. You lay down tired but nicely satisfied. I hug you tightly, feel your hot sweaty body and also smell your personal scent, smell my dear boy, his pretty clean body after such extreme sweating. Now it was such intense that I almost cummed all out. Now you're the only boy in the world, I know how strong it'll be and I'm such close.... Feel stronger and stronger arousal just being such close to you and you start to slowly stroke my dick. I feel how I'm full and need to cum. Last moments of growing pressure and I feel I'm coming. I change fast position and start cumming allover your body and scream in pleasure. So, if here is a boy interested I cannot wait for your reply.

#1Patrik3838Aug 28, 2016
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Anyone have Site Issues?
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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

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Who else can give themselves head?
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Just wondering. After I stretch I can suck myself well enough to cum in my mouth. I look like this guy in my technique, although I'm not as cute. 

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Back In Black - Drum Cover - 10 year old Drummer - Avery "Drummer" Molek (with one hand. the other is broken)
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This boy lives in the neighboring town of Washington, Pennsylvania. He is good.

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