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It's an age old question: What's the point of life? Something that I wrack my brain trying to figure out all of the time. I've accepted that biologically, I'm a failure, as I'm never going to produce offspring. That leads to then assume that one can succeed in life differently on an actual purposeful scale outside of that. 

So that could mean impacting lives in some other way. I've wanted to be a history teacher since I was a kid. I always keep that in the back of my mind. I truly believe it would be meaningful. And fulfilling for me as a human. That might be selfish, but it's part of what I think.

It's just so hard to not end it. Even now, I just imagine throwing myself from my balcony. But knowing my own luck, it wouldn't kill me anyway. Idk just feeling particularly pointless and alone right now

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Cum Up Your Bum
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I was fucked bareback by a very cute teen last night. Normally I push out the cum immediately after but this guy insisted I keep his load inside me.

After a few minutes of rimming him he wanted to fuck me again, with his first load acting as lube. With my poor ass red raw he cum in me again and then wanted to watch me push out both loads which he caught in a soup bowl.  He wanted me to suck up his cum from the bowl. .......I politely said no.

What an incredibly kinky guy...I hope I he visits again.

Would you have said yes or no to the bowl of cum soup?

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Update Countdown
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This Is A Phenomenal Video!!!
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This is a PHENOMENAL video!!!!!



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Someone Wanna
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someone wanna fuck me? http://gayonly.men/profile/176418

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Love This Video!
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Love how these two daddies totally abuse this skinny twink!

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My Picture Profile
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Hi guys,


The photo is from Boyphoto 5 'Freizeit' by Janssen Verlag.  I know there are more (and fuller length) photos of him.  Anyone got them, please let me know!


Thanks x

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It Was His First Time
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This summer will sure be one to reember for me and a former classmate. I have always wanted to mess around with him but never mde it happen until the other night he is 16 and cute as can be with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. I walked to the local 7 eleven and he was there much to my surprise he came and talked to me and i could smell alcohol on his breath he said his older brother was having a party. After a few minutes he asked me if i wanted to hang out with him so i sd sure. We walked up to the ski lodge that was closed for the summer, we just talked and he was still drinking. I asked him if he wanted to play truth or dare he din't know what it was or how to play but he said ok. I was totaly blown away cause within 30 minutes i convinced him to let me undress him and play with his dick. He was hard as heck before I even pulled down his boxers, i would say he is an easy 9 and uncut. They joy was totaly mine pulling and stretching his foreskin always asking doe this hurt and he kept saying no. I made sure i sniffed and tasted his foreskin too and as i was iicking his big soft balls he just busted like crazy so much cum squirt out all over my face and in my hair. I couldn't believe it he nutted with no warning and he was so drunk i don't think he even remembered.

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Connection On Logging In
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Nick, this site now does not have a secure connection. Usernames and passwords can be compromised. Please advise.

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If You Think Sober Sex Is Boring, It’s More Down To You Than The Lack Of Stimulants
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If you think sober sex is boring, it’s more down to you than the lack of stimulants
Too many gay men and women need to drink or take drugs to enjoy sex. It needs to be addressed, says this gay man in recovery

If you think sober sex is boring, it’s more down to you than the lack of stimulants
Pixabay | Public Domain
Alcohol problems are more common among LGBTI communities

19 September 2017
by GSN Contributor

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Eye Candy
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Are You An Excellent Observer?: Only One Of These 6 Guys Is Gay; Guess What It Is
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only one of these 6 guys is gay; guess what it is

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Ass Methods Assistants
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All my lovers have always liked to TOP me. I don't like being a bottom mostly. (For personal reasons I may never explain in depth, but know they're not from any homophobia.) I have had all of my ex-lovers (men and some women) in there... Well, except for the one ex that was 10 inches and he was a complete bottom. I've not been a big fan of anal action unless someone else is a bottom for me. I'm not sure what preparation is needed these days. How to make it go well and pleasurably for me? I've got toys to keep it stretched enough to use when needed. Of course I keep it trimmed and clean. I don't know if there's more I should be doing to get it better for the two of us.


Well, actually I am embarrassed of my butt. It's small and flat. My legs are wide and strong. Ha, I used to be able to do the splits. I have been thinking about doing a new bunch of new workouts and exercises. But I'm no athletic expert. I'd be grateful if you know, how to have a good set of exercises to do to make my cheeks/butt muscles look better and be maybe enlarged, without making my legs or waist getting thicker.


Any Ideas?




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Phone Sex
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well who loves it

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Rosh Hashanah 9-20-2017
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Happy Rosh Hashanah to our Jewish friends here!

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Today You Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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Snacks Anyone
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5 Best Responses To Gay Reddit User Who Said 26 Is 'old'
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5 best responses to gay Reddit user who said 26 is 'old'
'The best years are done', he said

5 best responses to gay Reddit user who said 26 is 'old'
Pixabay, posed by model
Youth and beauty are great, but they're not everything!

18 September 2017
by Jamie Tabberer

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This past weekend I got to watch my friends cousin jerk off dang is he cute but what I don't understand is that when guys are jerking off and about to nut they all slow down or stop to watch it cum out wtf. And I don't understand why str8 guys are soo worried about another guy seeing their package but not shy to flaunt it to females are they soo affraid the other guy will laugh . Tell me please.  

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Help ,,,,
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Anyone know any polish or german web sites that have cute uncut twinks that I can enjoy and bust a nut.

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Mi Foto 16
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Bomarzo´s pretty boys

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What About Autumm
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what are your feelings about autumm

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Two Gay Students Struggling With Insomnia Talk About How To Cope
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Two gay students struggling with insomnia talk about how to cope
New study shows that treating insomnia can also help depression and anxiety

Two gay students struggling with insomnia talk about how to cope
Many people suffer from sleepless nights, but there are ways to make falling asleep easier

18 September 2017
by Jamie Wareham

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Who Live In Paris ?
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Hey guys, I'm new in Paris. Who lives here too ? Come in private if you want to chat.

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Mi Foto 11
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Twinks 5133

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Private Messages
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Does the new site format no longer have the private messaging facility. If it does I cannot find it!

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Hello Wembley Stadium....hello London
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this sunday september 24 the baltimore ravens (my boys) vs the jacksonville jaguars play in london....first time for the ravens...exciting for the team and fans...kickoff 9:30 am east coast time.

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This Is How You Moan, Groan, And Yell Properly Boys When You Are Having Sex!
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This is how you moan and groan and yell properly boys when you are having sex!



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to nck and his team a special thanks to u for a great effort u have done here on the new look and lay out

u deserve more than a beer a big thanks bro   rosco

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Just Got Back On After A Few Days.
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Just got the power put back on, and was finally able to get back online about an hour ago. Hope Everyone's doing fine. I'm alright, if you guys are concerned. ~James.


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I Have A (new) Job!
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It's been a while. Due to mental health problems having a life and jobs is difficult. But early July I got a job. And doing very well in it. Already getting paid 50 pence an hour more than the others. It's cleaning in a school..whoooaa. cleaning seems to be the only job I'm good at. And because I'm really good at it my boss has already started to give me privileges- giving me other work she wouldn't trust with any of the other workers. So I'm making more money. 

Recently I was given another job after the school and it's working in brioche pasquires,  they of course, if you know,  are a french company that make  brioche and such things. There also boxes fulled with bags of them which you can eat when you want or take home.

basically it's helping to distract from my problems, but not fixing, and I make over £1000  a month from those two jobs alone.  

Anyway. Thoughts would be nice.

finally got Internet back today. After a long time, 

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Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride...
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... sounds all food and clever until the ride gets really wonky and i can't decide to throw up some more OR wet myself some more.

Not a big fan of throwing up, so BAM! - the diapers a little more wet.

I am writing this for something kinda reason... wonder if anyone actually reads these ?

Full Disclosure: i rarely read the blags of my fellow boy love conspirators here on GBT and maybe that's a mistake OR maybe i should keep this platform what is is and stick to erotic madness beyond any measure inducing sensual daydreams to treasure forever... Who Knows?

THE DEAD KNOW! - but they are hella tough to get around for a meeting and NEVER EVER EVER ask them to hang around for lunch.

In Fact; don't mention food or drink [especially water for some reason] when dealing with the "permanently and irreversibly no longer alive" [pc is such horseshit, fun to throw around, tho]...

I am a furry.

I wear diapers for fun.

I love boys and would NEVER allow harm to come to a boy... like Asimov's three rules.

... if you don't know Asimov's 3 rules OR care enough to g00gle them - you can immediately fuck right off





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Name The Movie
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The Shadow Angle
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Caption This...
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What would be a funny caption for this picture?

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