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can anyone explain what this term means to this computer illiterate guy. danm i cant even figure out how to post a video or photo.


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"Chinese" Delicacies - once again :)
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Almost 1 year ago I uploaded some delicious pictures with my blog. Today I was just watching my old blogs and then I noticed that all those pictures have disappeared, just gone -thanks to Imgur!!!      So, I decided to upload some of them again, thanks to Postimage!!! I'm still laughing to these images! Bon appetite:)

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Could use some support. Going through a though breakup.
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My bf and I broke up a month ago, at first i was dealing with it okay. But less then a week ago he was asking to come back. Well I find out he has a new bf and i confronted him. Now everything is a mess, i reached out to my friends and they whent to him and told him what I said so im now just feeling completely isolated and could use some support. so i figured I should come here.

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stroking guys for existing
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(Idea is on the first comment here.)

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Can you think of the name of this song?
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It's a song by a male singer with a thick Australian accent. I live in the US. There aren't too many Australian singers on the radio. Especially not with a very thick accent.I also heard it play multiple times, so I am assuming it is new. That was about two weeks ago.


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Moving to the UK and getting a Saab 900
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I have been talking to a few guys here from the UK and thought it would be cool to move there. I would buy myself a black Saab 900 if I was to go there.


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Check out my new ride:D
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Let's be polite
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Weird Friend Request... here's copy of it. Necessary or not?
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You have 2 new friend request(s) Accept
2gayl4u 2gayl4u Hello, it's 2gayl4u. I want to add you as my friend at GayBoysTube. Accept / Reject
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I just got a friend request and when I went to check his page -as I always do with everyone before accepting or deleting the request-  the page was asking Username and Password, server .Of course I deleted it because I've no idea what kind page or member is waiting there... Is there now something to do with the new "Private Mode" or Page or whatever it is called, if so I think I won't accept any request in the future with this style, I still want to know something about my new "friend" before accepting him. Thanks.

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WetDreamer is gone!
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We miss you. XOXO


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Sharp Dressed Man Looking Hot Undressed
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yes daddy
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Pic of the day 04/04/16
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I Am Brand New Here Looking For Friends I live In Philadelphia
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Hi I am Tim I am 21 work at Temple University. I live with my brother and two room mates. I was looking for porn sites and found this site.

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1792 ratings


Age: 115
Location: sheffield uk
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Zack Again
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I hope enjoy whit this pic. Nice Weekend everybody!!!

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Love how he shows he's having fun!
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Cute Boys
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Hi, Iam Ruche

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Does anyone know what happened to halpinhope?

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Happy April!
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Hot and Horny Weekend 04 02 2016

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Today's Quiz: What is the Name of this City ?
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So name this beautiful City, the name of the Beach and where is it located? Good luck again, Boys! Cheers:)

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GPP 03/30/16
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Ye Olde Funhouse
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Saturday's Quiz: What is the Name of this City ?
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Sam, I hope you're ready? What's the name of this City, State, Continent and from where the photo was taken? Good luck, boiiiis!


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new video
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like to see new vintage video and rest from I DO even some new video would be nice

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Added: 508 days ago / Views: 254 your Easter eggs boys.

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Anyone ever considered buying one of these, or has anyone has actually bought one?

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Don't Stop Me Now
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Please help me Nick18
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I got a new pc.  Tried to log on to GBT and it says the password is wrong.  I am using the same password as my old computer, In fact that is how I am talking to you.  I tried to create a new account and all my E mail address wont work ever new ones I created.  That email crap is just wrong.  Any way can you help me?  Dannyboy1

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Hey GBT community!

I'm looking for a video I really enjoyed when I was 12-13 years old of an older and a younger boy, probably Japanese going at it in home video camera to the sounds of Rick Astley's song 'Hold me in your arms'.

I found this video here on GBT a while ago but now I can't find it anymore, anyone has it or knows what I'm talking about?

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Nice n HOT weekend for all !!
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Today's Quiz: What is the Name of this Lake?
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So, the name the lake, where is it located and what is the special feature of it? Good Luck, Boys! :)

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… to someone i once knew
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hi handsome’
it’s what you always said to me
I love it
you always made me smile
sometimes you made me cry
I miss you so much

when you stepped into my life it was like a big bang
I loved you from the very first sight
I was too shy
I didn’t dare to speak to you
I never had the courage
luckily you had
I always was so happy when you called my name
I was in heaven when I saw you
and a sadness and emptiness spread in me when you left
I was flattered by your words

enchanted by your smile
I always love you the way you are
I love every little thing about you
you know we had some ups and downs
but friendship means to care for each other
and you always did
now the only things left are the memories of the fun we had
and the picture of you in my heart

I don’t know why
looks like we are going separate ways
I can’t forget you
I’m thinking of you all the time
of all the things you’ve said to me
how often you said you love me
how often you said you need me
sometimes it needed no word
we had so much in common
and we still have

we share the same dreams

I never want to miss what we had and shared
the only thing I know is
I really love you so much
you’ll always have a special place in my world and deep in my heart

now that you’re gone
now that you don’t talk to me anymore
I feel alone
it’s like someone switched a light off in my heart
I hate this game
how often have I cursed our love
I still believe in love
but it hurts so deep
love should last forever
but only our magic moments will

wherever you are
I hope so much you’re not alone
whoever is with you
I hope he loves you from the deepest of his heart
the only thing I want is that you’re happy
I wish you all the good things in life
you’re so wonderful

sometimes we have to say goodbye
but sometimes there is no time left
there are so many things I always wanted to say
there are so many questions I always wanted to ask
but I never dared
there is so much left unspoken
but words can never tell what I feel
every angel has his place
and yours is still in my heart
the last thing I will ever say to you is not goodbye


when you read this, you'll know that it's for you. I miss you so much, especially today. I told you once why birthdays mean so much for me, much more than christmas or easter or anything else, and today is yours and I just want to party with you. Dance, sing, laugh … I just want to hold you in my arms, telling you how wonderful you are, but you're not here … i'm crying instead, worried and scared. I only need a little sign, two simple letters, tell me you're ok and you would make me so happy again.



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This week i officially began the "coming out" process...i told my two closest friends first, and thankfully they're okay with it...


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pic of the day
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