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22 march 2015  yep its spring

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Who goes there
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just me
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thanks to all my friends on here, for the wise words, love scott

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Looking for video joining software
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Hello friends of GBT :) Hoping I can get recommendations on a good video joiner. I'm trying to rip a pay site for GTRU, but all the vids are in chunks that need to be brought together into a single file. I've tried many of the free software programs from the first google search page for "free video joiner" but none of them seem to work very well. Either the files don't play or the color is messed up, etc.

Any suggestions appreciated!

Lovin you all!


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pink floyd's genius
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Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.

Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain.
You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.
And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking
Racing around to come up behind you again.
The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older,
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

Every year is getting shorter never seem to find the time.
Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way
The time is gone, the song is over,
Thought I'd something more to say.

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Amazing, Isn't? ♥
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What you gonna do
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Some PPL are NEVER happy.....I'm often guilty of this
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Our inability to be satisfied with what we have stems from living in marketing societies that insist we need to keep purchasing more in order to be fulfilled. Time-strapped and cash-poor, we continue to strive for what we believe the "Joneses" and the Hollywood stars have - more money, bigger houses, faster cars, and lovelier lovers. However, often all this wanting is leaving us unhappy and dissatisfied. Instead of wanting what we don't have, it can be a pure revelation to turn around and want what we already have - be it health, loved ones, a good career, interests, hobbies, a car, clothes, a home, great views, talents, etc., make the most of it and be grateful for it....and be happy. :) Peace

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Damn it not again
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New year
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Today is the start of a new year, and I'm looking forward to new beginnings. I'm really glad to be a part of GBT where I've met so many nice people and where I feel accepted for who I am. I can't wait till the weather is nice so I can venture out and take more pictures, because I'm a really active boy and I like the outdoors a lot. Happy new year :D

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Wise words.....
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Very cool picture ( more wall paper)
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pic upload
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i can't seem to upload pics of myself other than profile pic. hhhmmmm.... what am i missing


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who likes Usher, seen him in concert in glasgow last night, he rocked

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Long time lurker who decided to join and see what's up. Everyone seems really nice!

About me: Northeast US, Love tech theater (esp lighting), and I love guys!

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Ironic a cat scan
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♥ Seaduction ♥
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Eclipes from a plane
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Bad day to be a black cat
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friday 20th march minchinhampton uk approx 9 29 gmt 2015 during solar eclipse the birds stopped singing the colours started to go a steel greyish hue and the temperature dropped even my breath began to condensate briefly

 the eclipse is reflected on the inside of the camera lens - upside down the small crescent at the bottom of the shot :) giles


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Jacking off intensity if not done in a while
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I need to nut bad after work, for I havn't done it in a few days. Do you guys find it intense if you haven't in a while? Thanks.

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Now you see it.....Now you don't! TA DAA!
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What bag of weed? I ain't got no bag of weed ocifer!

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Hot summer -
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It was an unusually hot day for May in England. The sun was beating down and the air was still. It had been like this for a week now and the temperatures had soared above 30 degrees C.  I was lucky enough to have booked some leave this week to do some jobs around the house that needed doing.  My day was simple, I would get up walk the dog then do some work until lunch time. 1pm arrieved and I had some lunch. As I sat there in just my shorts, I began to feel a bit horny. I took my shorts off as our back area wasnt overlooked. I got a large towel out and lay it on the deck. I had my phone so put some quiet music to take me somewhere else. I awoke some time later to a noise outside. It was next door's grandson who was coming home from college. He comes into ours occasionally when he is at her house to see the dog and chat about stuff.

I ignored at first as I was obviously naked. He shouted again saying I know youre there, I can see your car in the drive. I put my shorts on and answered the door. As he is used to coming in ours he shot through the door and asked did I have a beer. It was 2pm and earlier than I normally would but it was so hot I said yes.


We went and sat out on the decked area and drank our bottle of beer. He asked what I had been doing, so I showed him the flagging I had layed and pointed. Hot work, he said, so I said yes. You been doing that all day? he  asked... well up until an hour ago and I have been sunbathing since then. Cool he said, and there is no wind here and you cant be seen. You mind if I sunbathe too. Now bear in mind this guy was 19 so half my age, you can understand my reluctance. Erm yes, I suppose, you go and sit over there then. Next thing, he was down to his boxers. A neat white pair of Calvins that just about fitted him. They were hipsters and hugged him like a bear. Wow, its a proper little sun trap here eh...........

Why do you think I made it. Hey this hot  is sun I said and you may burn, I have some sun block in the house, you  can put some on.  While I was in, I got us another drink because it was so hot. I  threw the sun block to him and said that he should use liberally due to the intensity of the sun. Diligenlty he rubbed it in all the exposed areas to the sun. He then asked if I would put some on the top of his back where he coulndt reach...sure I said, dying to but a little unsure. He clearly trusts me so I carefully started massaging this oil into the top of his back. That done, I returned  to my position. It had made me a little hard doing that and as I lay back down, I noticed him looking at my semi hard cock. I said nothing at the time but a few minutes later I noticed him still looking. As our eyes met in a knowing fashion, he smiled out of the corner of his mouth and said..."Interesting" what is, your cock is stiff. I said  well its hot, I get horny in the heat, just to test his reaction. Me too, he said, mind if I take these off.. shit no, I normally sunbathe naked here anyway. So he did. He was 165cm tall, brown wavy hair, a slightly tanned body as he was of Brazillian descent, dark brown eyes and feet that he could model. He exposed a beautiful sized cock in a well groomed bed of hair and shaven balls. I bet he is smooth underneath too... well that just made me pulsate even more. His name was Rodrigo but i called him Rodders ever since he was young.

He asked me then to put some cream on his newly exposed areas where he couldnt reach. I obliged beginning to rub cream into his lower back, on his buttocks and upper leg area. He was face down at this time and as I  began to rub into his ass cheecks he opened his legs slightly to reveal a lovely  head with  just a little pre cum. I began to massage into his crack headiing up and down  towards his balls... he  began to groan  and  opened his legs more to further reveal his cock which was hardening by the second. I was stiff as anything by this tiime, my heart was pounding and I really wanted to shove my cock into his ass, but something stopped me. I heared a noise outside, as if someone was listening to what was going on. Shhhh Rodrigo just for a second as I tried to stop his moaning. The fence was only 4 feet away from where people walk and wouldnt be too difficult to hear us. I heard  a snigger then footsteps away. Gingerly I looked over the fence to see a guy of similar age running away on his own. I just got a look at his bright red trainers.

So back to business. By this time Rodders had finished his second bottle of beer and was breathing quite deeply in the boiling sun.......sun cream he said...Oh yeh, hang on. So I continued where I had left off soaking my hands with it and rubbing slowly in his crack, again he moaned and spreak his legs still further so I was able to push one of my fingers into his tight pink ass. MMmmmm he groaned quietly now as the guy that ran away was his friend from down the road, Max. I decided to push deeper into his ass and as I did I could feel pre cum pushing its way to the  top of my cock and his cock projecting further out from underneath his body... I pushed two fingers in now, full length in an attempt to find his g spot. He moaned and wriggled with pleasure as I massaged his prostate..... this will make you cum like youve never cum before Rodders.....fuck me he said, I need more. With that I leant over him, both of us stark naked and my cock throbbing like it was about to explode, and slowly eased it into his lovely pink hole...

As he took all of my 7inches, he let out a huge sigh of breath and raised his ass to meet my body. I slowly began to pump his ass and as he arched his back I was able to play with his nipples to heighten his pleasure. I wasnt long before he was saying that he was going to cum and couldnt take it anymore. I rammed my cock home to try and cum the same time as he would... Im so fucking close now, any,,noo..nnnoooooo...and with that he started shooting beautiful cum out of his cock all over the sheet I had put down, and that shooting finished me off. Cum in my ass he said, I want all of it. Music to my ears i said and shot 5 loads of warm thick cum into his ass.....
we both lay  on the deck panting and sighing...that was fabulous Phil he said next  time I go top....


Just then, there was a knock at the door, Rodrigo sat bolt upright with a look of horror on his face.. Who the fuck is that, he said... I dont know, I ll have a look. Put your whites back on and Ill see. I put my shorts on that I had been wearing ealier and went to the door... there was a short guy about 5/5 with thick red/brown hair and piercing eyes at the door. He was wearing running shorts, a white t shirt that just about fitted and a pair of red trainers. 'Is Rodrigo here' he asked. Erm Yeh I said, why. I thought I heard his voice earlier Oh, so that was you was it... he smiled with that knowing grin on his face. I asked his name and he told my quite boldly...... Max. Oh hi Max I said. So erm you wanna come in then, we are just out back chatting and stuff in the sun. Oh right yeh he said.

He came out back and Rodrigo looked a bit sheepish, not the relaxed guy I had been with before answering the door. Hi Rods he said... Hi Max, what u up to, said Rods...well I call him Rodders but anyway Rods said that we had been sunbathing and had a beer..Beer said Max, can I have one. So I went and got all three of us another beer. We sat and chatted about stuff for 10 minutes or so and Max said how hot it was. Its a great suntrap I said. He started taking his gear off, and ended up stripping to a nice pair of brigh red underpants with the Bench logo on them.

I was surprised he felt so comfortable to join us but hey, he know Rods pretty well I guess and still kept his dignity. He downed his beer in almost one and finished with a big aaaahhhh and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Hey nice beer he said. You can have another if you want.. Yeh man that would be cool. I went and furnished us with one more beer as that was the last of my crate. Ok fellas, this is it so make it last.

We chatted about a range of stuff for a while when I had an idea. Hey guys, you off college tomorrow too? yeh. Great because I am going to the beach when the tide is all the way out to meet it. The sand is hard and dry and with this southerly breeze it will be nice. Yeh man, we can skinny dip too, said Max. You can yeh and you wont be seen as its a mile from shore and the heat haze will stop you being seen. Cool, what time, said Rods. Well we need to be at the beach by 10. Ok they both said, that'll be cool.

Time was rolling on and I reminded them that the family will be home around 4 so better think about the exit plan. Well, no time to waste then, said Max, whipping his underpants off and heading for the garden hose pipe,  whos for a cool off. He unwound it and rang back spraying at both of us. I quickly cleared all the blankets and fabrics away, whipped my pants off and suggested Rods did the same. Max was perfectly in proportion with a small but firey bush of hair and was average size and cut. He was quite at home being naked and happy to soak us too. This went on for a few minutes until it started to get a bit noisy so I calmed it down.

We sat and got our breath back all lying side by side with me and Rods on either end and Max in the middle. The sun was hotter than  ever now and I felt horny once more. It all went quiet and I notice Max looking at Rods. He slowly moved his hand over and gently put his hand round his cock.. Not here Rods said. Fuck Rods, youre not shy are you.. No he said so Max did it all the more. Rods began to get hard again and I noticed how comfortable they were with eachother. I said you guys done this before. All the time said Max and your turn next. I am 17 and in England its legal.

Max quickly finished Rods off in another display of shooting cum all over his belly then turned to me. By this time, I naturally hard again and waiting to see hotw this would go. He leaned over and asked if he could fuck me as he had never fucked an older guy before.........this being my first time was both excited and a little nervous which added to the thrill of the situaion. I moved over so he could get closer to me. He began by sitting on top of me massaging my chest, gently stroking my nipples both at the same time. The pleasure of just this was getting me there. He moved his hands up and down each time edging closer to my cock and balls. He nudged himself down so he was sat almost on my cock which was just touching his little pussy. He moved further down my legs with his ass, still massaging me but getting closer to my cock all the tiime. He then took hold of my length and put it in his mouth...mmm big he said, it filled my mouth. Fuck he was good at this, he had the full length in and down his throat. Youve done this before I said....mmmm in garbled fashion and pointed to Rods.. so I guessed they were regulars. He suddenly stopped when he felt my cock throb regulary,  jumped away and twisted me to turn me over

As he turned me over, I looked up at this perfect teen and knew then why Rods and him get on so well. He was lean and shaped without being too skinny. He had dark brown perfectly shaped nipples which were standing on end, even in the warm sun. He leant over me and pushed my head back so I was lying flat. He put his lips to mine and gave the most fantastic kiss with his soft warm lips. Moving down my body with his lips, he reached my cock, pleaced his mouth around again and attacked with his mouth and throat. Again he felt my cock enlarge and throb just as I was about to come and stopped. He grabbed behind my knees and lifted ,my legs off the floor to reveal my shaven ass took some of the oil we had been using and lubed us both up. He gently put his head against my hole and gave just a little push. The head eased in to my ass in the warm sun and I felt his warm cherry invade my cavity, with a few more gently stokes, he was all the way in and I could just feel the end of it on my g spot which he seemed to find very squickly. He began to pump harder and harder and I could hear his breathing getting heavier as his strokes became longer and harder but also as he came close to cumming. Stop for a second I said and began to jerk, I want us to come together. I looked briefly to my left to see Rods with his phone out filming the whole thing. This just heightened the pleasure really and I looked at Max to see he was ready to pop and he could tell it was time. He leant over me, kissed me and eased back up, still fucking me but allowing room for me to jerk off until in seconds he was saying Im going to cum... I said, inside, I want all your seeds inside, so with a final few thrusts, I could see his nipples tighten up, his belly start to quiver and feel his cock getting bigger and harder pulsating inside me. With an almighty aaaaaahhhhh, he began to cum in me which sent me over the edge. We were both cumming together in a frenzy of pleasure, beer hot sun, oil and a young cock inside me was too much and I was in heaven. The orgasm seemed to last for ever and I certainly didnt want it to be over. He flopped down on me straight after, panting like a dog and his heart thumping light a freight train. How fuckin good was that he said.

Dont want to stop the fun guys but it's 3pm and the fam are home in an hour, grab a shower each and use the towels in the bathroom. They went off  together and I cleared up and hozed down to get rid of oil and other bodily fluids. It was about 15 minutes and neither had come back, so now cleared, I made my way upstairs to find them both in the shower. It was a walk in wet room, so plenty of room for this. Shit guys, you have been ages I said walking up the stairs... This shower is cool it has jets coming from all angles. Ah yeh its a body shower not just a shower. I love the one at dick level, said Rods who  had been quiet now for some time.  Yeh, me too I said.. Get yourselves showered so I can put the towels out to dry.They finished up in the shower and left, just in time for me to tidy and get ready for the family coming home.

The following day I woke up with an eager anticipation of the day ahead. We were going to the beach and walking out to where the tide ebbs away to. We were due to meet at the agreed time but no sign of the others. I waited half an hour in case I had made the mistake about timings. After half an hour, I had to go, time was pressing on and the tide would come back in eventually. I had packed a bag with a few beers, some pies and crisps to snack on and the usual towels, suncream etc. I began to walk the mile or so out to the waters edge. The wind was light, warm and coming from the south so I knew were were in for a scorcher.

The beach was empty, though it was still fairly early and I couldnt see where I was headed as there was already a heat haze. I was wearing a pair of shorts with nothing  underneath, a well fitting tee shirt and flip flops. I had only walked for about 5 minutes and felt the sun beating down on me so I stopped for a bit to put some cream on. I concentrated on my face, neck and body. As I was rubbing into my body, I slowed down over my nipples as I always did and imagined Rodders from next door rubbing it into me gently. I had to stop this as an erection just on the beach was not great. I slowly walked out for the 20 minute journey until I reached the waters edge. There was no shelf and you had to walk what seemed to be miles until you got deep enough to swim. As usual, there was nobody about so I had taken all my clothes off. The water was warmer than usual and I lay down thinking of all the fun we could have had if the guys had turned up. The I got to thinking that they hadnt come allowing them to be in their garden....or worse, mine. I played around in the water for a bit and headed back. I notice, unusually, two figures standing where my clothes and bag was. As I drew closer, I noticed a male and female figure. Well I was buck naked and didnt care, out there, they were the unusual ones for being clothed..... but they werent. She had an olive complection about 5/5 in height with long brown hair and no visible tan lines. She sunbathes naked I thought to my self. she had the most beautiful pert tits I had ever seen. They were like sitting up saying hello to you. He was about 5/8, slim with wavy brown hair. His skin was slightly tanned but had swimming trunk lines. As I walked closer, they both smiled at me. Hi I said, you guys enjoying this great summer too... Yeh man, Im Connor and this is Jo. Well hi..

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think of leaving
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this is to my friends ,who have left or are thinking of leaving, I know life can be dull or cruel, but this site wouldnt be the same without all of you, some have left and notcomeback some have left but kept their profile, lets make it a nice place to be out of the rain of life. steps down of my soap box, gives all my friends a big hug and kiss, scott

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Porn Rated "G" ♥
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O no some thing went wrong
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today at the office
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spring has arrived

:) giles


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hi like to have more friends with hot videos. Who wanna be my friend?

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Who wants to play with my ding a ling
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Chuck Berry made this song in 1972 and it was forbidden in England i wonder why

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fucked up
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pretty fucken bad when you cant fucken up load a photo any more fix it

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Happy St. Patrick's Day...
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Search Download
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Hello everybody ;-)

Did everyone know where can I Download this Vid? 

Skater Teen Boys Porn Enthusiasm Experience

I found it here on the Chapter "Featured"

Videos from HSBoys are not downloadable :( Thank you for Help.




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A big bick ♥
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Cooper's Spooky Halloween Night: Part 4 (New)
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[Somewhere inside Bran Castle]

[Despite the sudden darkness of the room in which he woke to find himself in only moments earlier, Cooper is astonished to discover that he can see perfectly in the darkness; his eyesight enhanced by his newly acquired vampiric powers gifted to him by Eric on that fateful night. Cooper can see Eric standing next to him as he lay on the stone table. Eric reaches over and grabs Cooperâs right arm; pulling on it as if to tell Cooper that he wants him to move.]

[Eric] âLay on your stomach!â

[Cooper offers no resistance as he reluctantly turns over to do as instructed; completely unsure of what is about to happen. Eric gets up onto the stone table; straddling Cooper as he gently places both arms around and underneath Cooperâs chest and stomach as if to hold onto him. Eric speaks quietly into Cooperâs ear.]

[Eric] âDonât be afraid...â

[Cooper gasps as he feels his body suddenly being pulled up off the stone table and into the air. A dizzying, sickening feeling begins to overwhelm him as his brain tries to make sense of what is happening. Cooper suddenly begins to feel a cool breeze flowing over his body as if he is flying through the air.]

[The whirlwind of incapacitating emotions taking place inside Cooperâs head finally begin to subside as strange, moving shapes begin to form underneath him. Cooper suddenly comes to the realization that he is flying high above the countryside, surrounded on all sides by a strange, black mist. Cooper stares downwards as he watches all manner of treeâs, shrubs, houses, animals and strange formations of land go whizzing past him with blinding speed. A smile spreads across Cooperâs lips as he begins to enjoy the strange and magical sensation of flying like a bird through the pitch-blackness of the late-night sky.]

[Cooper can feel Ericâs arms wrapped tightly around him as they both go hurtling further into the night...]

[Somewhere outside the town of Brasov]

[Dumitru] âAre you sure you know what youâre doing? Do you have any idea how dangerous Eric can be?â

[Marian continues to walk forward at a quick pace as he turns his head to the left to look back at Dumitru. Marian looks forward again as he suddenly stops; his head snapping back around as his eyes look out past Dumitru. Marian begins to scout over the nearby terrain as he suddenly bolts forward; coming to an abrupt stop a few feet past Dumitru. Marian whips back around to look at Dumitru; a look of sudden anger on his face.]

[Marian] âWhere is he...?â

[Dumitru suddenly becomes aware of the absence of Gabriel.]

[Marian] â he...?!â

[Marianâs fists tighten as he stares at Dumitru with his raptor-like gaze that Dumitru and Gabriel know all to well. Dumitru steps slowly towards Marian.]

[Dumitru] âHow the hell should I know? He was right behind me a few seconds ago!â

[Marian suddenly walks up to Dumitru and grabs ahold of his shirt with both hands; pulling Dumitru up against him. There is venom in Marianâs voice.]

[Marian] âI swear... If that little shit went back to the castle, I will rip his fucking throat out...â

[Dumitru stands staring at Marian; their noses touching as Marian holds Dumitru close.]

[Dumitru] âDonât worry about him... Heâs no threat to us. Besides, he knows what will happen to him if he even so much as thinks about stepping out of line...â

[Dumitru slowly reaches up and takes ahold of Marianâs hands; gently prying them off of his shirt. A smile begins to spread across Dumituâs face as his eyes narrow. Dumitru reaches down and grabs ahold of Marianâs crotch as he presses his lips up against Marianâs left ear.]

[Dumitru] âI wanât you inside me...â

[Marian suddenly reaches up and shoves Dumitru back, causing Dumitru to stumble and fall onto his back. Dumitru sits up and stares unblinking back at Marian; a look of confusion on Dumitruâs face.]

[Dumitru] âWhat the hell is your problem, Marian?! Huh?! Canât get a fucking boner?!

[Dumitru grabs a nearby rock and throws it at Marian as Marian takes a sudden step forward; his face contorted with rage. After a few moments, Marian begins to cool slightly as he suddenly turns and walks off; continuing on towards his destination. Dumitru jumps up and begins following after Marian. A sudden feeling of dread begins to creep into Dumitruâs mind as he looks about and suddenly realizes where they are...]

[Somewhere far outside Bran Castle]

[Cooper suddenly finds himself standing on solid ground; a slight dizziness in his head as he stands swaying in the sudden stillness. Cooper looks ahead and notices himself standing behind Eric. He looks slightly past Eric and notices that Eric is standing next to a small pond. The pond is surrounded by trees on one side, and a rocky cliff on the other. Cooper slowly walks towards Eric; stopping a few feet away from him.]

[Cooper] âWhere are we? What is this place?â

[Eric stands motionless as he stares down at the still pond. Crickets can be heard chirping off in the distance as Eric looks up; his back still turned towards Cooper.]

[Eric] âThis place...? This place was the beginning...and this place was the end.â

[Eric turns and looks at Cooper; a look of sorrow on Ericâs face. A tear can be seen running from Ericâs eye and downwards across his face. Eric speaks in a quiet voice.]

[Eric] âThis place is...death...â

To be continued...

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