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i've been on and off this site for a couple of years now....boy its really boring...we need MR PICKELS .. MR PENISMAN PAYALOT JED CLAMPETT AND THE REST OF THEM BACK....AT LEAST IT WASNT BORING

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ok im thinking spring is finally upon us. who else has and addiction to motorcycles and/or fast cars/trucks? ;)

horny to chat
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I am so horny, 50 year old hairy and I need to chat dirty and get off. leave a message.

with all the rain and flooding
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with all the rain and flooding in the mid west i hope jed clampett hasnt washed away

Im not turning my Child GAY ! !
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Last week I took five people off my friends list on facebook - four for their comments about marriage equality and one because of a message they sent me.

That day I had posted a status about my twenty-month-old son Charles, walking around the house with his two babies in a pram (Elmo and Abby Cadabby), a pair of my kitten heels on his feet, and a handbag on his shoulder. Needless to say, it was adorable.

Only one person had a problem with this, and they sent it to me via a Facebook message. They were concerned that by supplying my son with a pram, letting him wear handbags and my shoes, I was turning him into one of those 'god-defying homosexuals'. This was someone I had met through parenting, so they knew me well enough to know my son is an only child and I had gone out of my way to buy him a pram (only colour available was pink).

They evidently didn't know me well enough to know I was once president of View Askew, a support group for homosexual students and supporters at Waikato University.

Needless to say, I was disgusted. This person earnestly believed that I was turning my child into a gay baby by letting him play mother to his toys.

If my son is gay, it won't be caused by me or anyone. I doubt that playing with a pink pram (and wearing pink nappies for that matter) is going to have anything to do with his sexual preferences as an adult.

The simple fact remains that I bought a toy for my son that nurtures the caring side he has begun to show. He frequently asks for a sibling ( We 'av Baby Mumma?). He loves the pram in question. My husband and I bought it for him because he had been putting his toys on an old walker trolley so he could push them around.

The real kicker is that if, in fact, my son tells me over the dinner table when he is older that he is getting married to a man, I will be thrilled; a son-in-law sounds just as wonderful to me as a daughter-in-law would.

The reason I decided to submit this is because the stereotype that if a boy plays with dolls or likes pink (my son's favourite colour) they must be gay. Yet, if a little girl plays with trucks and a hammer it is a wonderful thing, gender equality at its best.

For me gender equality at its best is when my son sits playing with his dolls, and I can make a status about it on Facebook without people making a fuss.

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Ahhh the suns.... been so long!

It's been so cold here in the UK for a long time... and now the warm weather is finally here. Cue me going outside to the garden, and preparing it for summer. There's nothing I love more than laying on a recliner out there lol.

Feeling happy, and pleased with myself after a long day of gardening I went to come back indoors.

Daft old me (well... a young looking 40 anyhow lol) forgot that I left the lawn-mower near the back door. The only thing I remember is staring up at the sky thinking "What the??!" hahahahaha.

I now have a really sore neck! I had it checked out at the A&E dept, and nothing broken thank goodness... but man is it sore lol. They said I should try to massage my neck, but how on Earth?? I know I have a flexible body, but I'm not made of elastic! hahaha.

Still... looking on the bright side: Tomorrow's another day (warm again they say) so I'll be back out there and gardening once again. Not going to let a silly thing like this get to me :)

Why Am I Here?!
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... Good question, but an equally good answer coming up.

Sure, I love to look at guys and often sit here dreaming about what I would love to do... and also dream about that genuine relationship where I'd never get hurt/abused again, but guess I'll have to dream on with that! lol.

I'm here because I want to make some genuine friends. Sure, sex is good... but I'm not out for a quick "Between the sheets" session! I get so tired of people just wanting to use me for one night :(

I've already met a couple of wonderful people on here, and I wish to thank those who have sent me friendship requests too... greatly appreciated. This is a great website, and I really love being here.

Oh my... I wondered off track again. Ok..

To answer that question (Why am I here?): I just can't keep away. Not because of the videos and photos (although I love them). I'm here for the company :-)

C',mon.. send me a message... I don't bite! lol

What's your fav gay production company?
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My favorite (right now) is Teen Boys World, just wondering what you guys like.

Do you have a fetish?
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I like guys in tighty whities! I have an underwear fetish just love the way different underwear looks on guys, but for the most part briefs on a guy makes me feel really horny. Whats your fetish?

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hi all this is my pin so you want to have anything old is my blackberry pin 230CAE9C AND MY WHASAPP IS +584243397148

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Why thish video I uploaded is like this: No my username, just blank. Past 1 week I can show 10 or over more some kind stuff. Same old story. Attack again? No, your system is ...there.

los ángeles de stonie
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Ur fav photo on GBT?
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Pick one and only one

hot boy checking me out?
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Ok so I was getting changed recently and my friend was kindof watching. It seemed like he was trying to get a look at my dick. I got semi hard which must have been easy to tell through my boxers coz that's when he really started staring. He never said anything but a few min later I saw him push his crotch like he was getting stiff aswell. Don't know if he's gay but He's never had a gf but he knows I've had gfs so he might think I'm totally str8. I wish I knew how to make a move without freaking him out. Were both pretty shy and our families know each other so it would suck if either of us were caught or outed. Help anyone?!?

Yahoo messenger
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Just a heads up, now got a bunch of regular friends in chat that use yahoo messenger. Once you kinda get in with our circle of friends, you kinda get to meeting a lot of people on line in a hurry. Always happy to add more tho.

If you would like to become a part of our chat circle you can either leave yur yahoo messenger I'd in this blog or PM a message to me. Please no downers, basket cases, pedophiles, or deeply troubled individuals!!!

Hopin to hear from you!


tan lines
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who likes them

Views: 246 · Added: 705 days ago

What do you guys like better, drawing or story telling, or you not bothered about artistic impression

hey all
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i have not been on here for a long time because i have been really depressed and i almost killed myself because of what happened
i lost all my friends because i told them i was gay

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what the heck is kik ???????

i need a cock
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favorite cartoon character
Views: 516 · Added: 705 days ago

ok kids...sit up straight..tell mr. mike witch is you favorite ...bugs?..elmer?..daffy?..road runner?...i'll tell you mine...

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I am no longer able to access my profile from my iphone or Ipad does anyone know why????

cant get full site on android?
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I have always been able to access the full site from my android phone including video. recently when I sign on and I try to view a video it direct me to the mobile site. did something change somewhere along the way? before site I like much better than the mobile.

San Diego
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Hi I am going to San Diego in August with my best friend (yes we both are gay lol), and we are both in the Navy. Does any one know any cool places to go there for gays? I have already heard of Blacks Beach, and that wouldn't be a good idea for me. lol If I saw a hot young guy walking around nude I would have an instant boner lol :-P. Looking for some hot clubs we might get lucky at, strip clubs, or just cool fun stuff for gays. I appreciate any help.

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i just got a kik and i need someone 2 talk 2 give me your username in the comment box thx guuys

just gross
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i gave my kik messager nickname out on an app called gay social and this 15 year old added me and he wanted me to send him nude pics of me to him for nude pics of him and i said no because i don't want to go to jail

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margret thacher...she was laid to rest today..i did not see the funeral due to the time..i did tape it brother wanted to see it..margret was a freedom fighter along with ronald reagan in the 80's..sorrow for the worlds loss..and her family..

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Hey guys! :) Just wanted to know if I am the only one who thinks the JuicyBoys-advertising (while watching porns) is really, really disgusting?

I just fucking hate it and reload the page for another "normal" advertisment :D Are there other guys who think like me or am I stupid? :P

Just another silly love song
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He turned to me and wept, the little secrets of his inner vulnerabilities on exhibit for all. His tears, drowning my world to a sea of gray cold lifelessness; a world without rhythm or heart. His hand grips mine tightly, an emotional anguish that digs at my resolve, my gift for compassion. He seeks me like a child would his mommy and I am there for him.

"That one knows the secret," one said from above. "He has the gift of insight."

"We shall see," they all replied.

I put my arms around his waist and pull him to me, placing my chin gently on his broad shoulder as we stand chests together. With my lips to his ear I whisper melodies of love, causing the strings in his heart to vibrate in chorus. It is a harmony of grace; a duet of hearts bringing civility and compassion back to a world not worthy. In an explosion of color and joy, his being is restored, my obligation fulfilled.

"Things are as they should be," they all agreed.

How Young Were You?
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So, not how old were you, but, how young were you when you had your first gay experience and what was it? I was 13 and it was a mutual jerking session followed by sucking and fucking with the older brother of my best friend. Naughty or nice, you decide!!

Law Passes in New Zealand so Gays can get Married !!
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Got an account made but...
Views: 181 · Added: 709 days ago

I havnt gotten a confirmation email. any ideas?

sooooooo just of curiousity
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What is the wildest or kinkiest thing you ever done with your male partner(s)?

Views: 165 · Added: 709 days ago

I need to vent, I'm having a bad day :'(

For all to read, this is a sad sad day =(
Views: 931 · Added: 709 days ago

This is Johnny's brother and I wanted to inform you guys that we found him this morning, and needless to say he has gone to a better place. He was going to therapy for extreme depression, and it finally got the better of him and he took his own life this morning. I wish not to share the details, but I know he loved this site and the members. The funeral will be this weekend and I just wanted to let you guys know, because he loved you guys.


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