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i had sex when i was about 10 with a boy and a girl we was just playing around we did everyday we could staying over in each other houses

when did you have it?

i would go back to 10 years old i had the most fun with my mates up to the age off 13 thats when we stop doing it

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to all the guys on here have a very happy christmas, lots of chrissy hugs

Summer reading
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Any suggestion for a good book for vacations? Novel or whatever else...

Not Badly Hurt
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After being in a car accident last Saturday, I'm so grateful I wasn't badly hurt. My friends both online and off have been great!! Fortunately my car wasn't damaged too much and a friend of mine(who is a mechanic) did all the repairs at rock bottom price!!! Just wanted to say thanks publicly to God, my Guardian Angel(s) who were watching out for me that day. I have a new appreciation for a lot of things. Life is so short and cud have ended for me last Saturday. Merry Christmas to all!!

A 6 yr old, losers his best friend........
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Jack Pinto and his best friend John should have been the picture of excitement in the week leading up to Christmas.

Instead, six-year-old John sat down to write a heartbreaking farewell letter to his small friend, one of 20 primary school students killed in the Newtown massacre last week.

In his child's scrawl, the first grader wrote that he would talk to Jack "in my prayers" in the letter, which was displayed at Jack's funeral in Newtown on Monday.

Photographs accompanying the letter showed the small boys, one with Jack draping his arm around his blond friend's shoulder.

"Jack, you are my best friend," John wrote.

"We had fun together. I will miss you. I will talk to you in my prayers. I love you Jack. Love, John."

Kyler Moss
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Anyone knows where I can download the sugar daddy videos of Kyler? I's also really love to find "raw 2" the kinky video he did together with Roxy Red :$ thnx xxx

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Your cock in your underwear.
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When you get dressed and you put your underwear on, how do you position your cock in your underwear? Do you point it up, down, to the left, or do the right?

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Merry Christmas to all my friends and members of the GBT!!

When did you learn?
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My best friend, Frank, taught me to JO when I was 13. Who taught you? How old and
where? Mine was in the woods.

end of world
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I thought it was the 21st. Sure wasn't the 12th...still

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So Judge Bork is dead? oh dear - such a loss :P

He will be arrivin at the front door of Hell right bout now an later tonite, when he's having a cuppa with good mates Strom, Adolf and Tricky Dick, will b wondring why they are there but the followin peeps r not: civil rights activists, gay activists, abortionsts, liberal democrats, Washington press corp reportrs, pornograhpers or Warren Supreme Court members (etc)... haha

the further adventures of Will & Jon
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Will sat back on Jon's couch, he looked over the apartment. It was a nice place. Not huge but bigger than he expected none the less. Across from the couch was the biggest TV he had ever seen a 70 inch flat screen. On both sides of it stood two book shelves full of DVDs. Will Stretched out his 6 foot frame enjoying the air-conditioning. Stretching his arms above his head he quickly stole a sniff of each of his pits, thankfully not offending odor. "Take your shoes off and relax" Jon called from the other room. Will did so and signed, his feet were free.
Jon walked back into the living room with two cold soda's filled with ice, he had changed into a pair of loosely fitting basketball shorts, his dick bounced back and forth as he walked freely inside them. Will took the drink and could feel his smooth boyish cheeks heat up as he blushed from looking at Jon's swinging dick. He could swear he caught a sly smile on Jon's handsome face.
Instead of sitting across the room or in another chair Jon sat right next to Will. In fact his hairy leg was touching Will's own. "What kind of Movies do you like?" It was hard to concentrate but they spent the next 40 minutes talking about movies and other shit as Jon rubbed his leg and foot on Wills leg, occasionally he would brush Wills arm or chest while they talked. Will's cock was getting hard, and he was getting so embarrassed trying to hide it. Just then the doorbell rang "Pizza!" Jon shouted and jumped up "Saved Will thought and quickly adjusted his dick.
When Jon returned with the pizza he sat across the coffee table from Will on a stool, his legs spread wide and his shorts pulled way up. Will could see his cock hanging out the leg. He ignored it but couldn't help his eyes, they kept going back to it as they ate and talked and laughed. Every once in a while Jon would reach down and adjust his dick looking right into Wills eyes as he did it..
After the pizza was gone Jon put the box in the kitchen and went over to the DVD player and asked Will, "so what kind of porn do you like?" "Porn? Um, well Uh I guess what well Whatever kind you have I guess." Will said meekly. He had never watched porn with anyone else before. Just him on his computer at home when he jacked off. This was exciting and yet kinda uncomfortable.
Jon hopped on the couch right next to Will again his body right against Will's. "Dude take off your socks, let your feet breathe!" Jon said. Will bent his long legs up and took off his sport socks and deftly put them into his shoes then stretched out again next to Jon. Their legs lined right up.
"Dude, you really have beautiful legs, golden and tanned. Not so hairy like mine." Jon said Will Looked at Jon's leg now with a bit of sympathy and pushed his against it "I think yours are sexy too I always had to shave mine when I was on the swim team. I kinda like the hairy look." Jon Laughed and started the DVD.
The big TV came on instantly and on the screen was a Boy and a Girl both about the same age as Will both naked and on the bed. This was obviously an amateur video. The detail of the video was incredible or it was the TV but the picture was so clear. You could see every hair and every ripple of the boys tight muscles. As always the first thing Will noticed was the boys cock, whenever he watched a porn if the boy didn't have a nice sized dick he didn't get into it. This boy seemed to be about 7 inches and fairly thick.
They did the usual stuff suck, and fuck. Then the next video was a threesome two boys and 1 girl about the same age again. Will glanced over at Jon there was a huge tent in his shorts. He had an immense hard-on and was making no move to hide it. On the screen the two boys were both fucking the girl at the same time. Will's cock was so hard it was painful in his shorts. There was a fairly big wet spot starting on the front as well.
The next video started and it had two boys in it, again they were about the same age as Will. About the same build as him also. They began kissing and rubbing each other cocks, Jon began rubbing his foot on Wills foot at the same time. Will glanced from the TV to Jon to see his cock in his hand. Jon's hairy leg tickled Will's leg as he rubbed it up and down while he stroked his dick. Will stared at Jon's dick. It was thick and long, really long. It had a small pointed head like a spear Will thought and it bent off to the left. "Wouldn't you be more comfortable if you took those tight shorts off?" Jon asked.

All I Want For Christmas Is.....
Views: 108 · Added: 702 days ago's that time of the year again...the time where we all get what we've been waiting for...presents...because it's almost CHRISTMAS!!! So....what do you want Santa to leave you under the tree this year??? I already told him what I wanted ;).....I might be willing to share on here what I told Santa.....maybe. lol.

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we seem to be attracted to that which we wish to be. or, we need an opposite quality to cherish.
i have always been quite hairless.. but have always liked guys with little hair. i've talked with guys like me who are very attracted to hairy guys..and hairy gays attracted to non-hairy..
in your opinion..does hair (body hair) equal masculinity? cuz i have missed out as not "my type" cuz of my hairlessness...lols

Yahoo Messenger
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Are we in the realms of Orwellian Doublespeak when peace means war and so on. For yahoo to say they closing down the chat rooms to improve their service. Is there a hidden agenda or does some suit in a chair really believe it.

What our our alternatives.

finally got a new computer :)
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heyy everybody im back and i wont be leaving again :) finally got my new computer

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Today is a special day in my life. I may check pm's and my wall, but I will be absent for a while. There are other things that I would like to put my time and energy into.

We met on a Monday, December 13, 1982, you were cute, you were the waiter and we flirted. You brought me hash browns for desert. I over-tipped and screwed up the bill. I came back during the week and you slipped me cocktails during dinner. On Friday, December 17th, I convinced you to go out after work for a drink. And when I woke up on Saturday, December 18th, I knew you were the one…the forever one. You took me to the airport later that week because I had to go home. You gave me a Teddy Bear. We stopped at Volk’s Jewelers and bought rings. It is hard to believe that it has been 30 years, my love, it seems like yesterday and it seems like a lifetime. I love you today more than ever. Because this is a forever kind of thing. Happy Anniversary

ball slapper
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do your balls slap against your partner when you top...or do they draw up close in the sack? my partner's balls dangle like crazy and make that slapping sound as he bangs me. i love balls slap when i go fast, but they pull up tight when i get close to cumming.

To everyone friends and aquaintances
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I have decided to write a fictional story telling the adventures of two young men, Will and Jon. Both in their late teens. I have done this to try to defuse the tension that I and others feel in the blogs of late. I agree that the world is going to shit, but that is out there. I think that GBT should be our santuary, so this is my way to leave all the child molesters, child murders, drug addicts, political and religious zelots outside. Lets make GBT a pocket universe of our own and have it the way it should be, a band of brothers and lovers who enjoy the male body. No countries, no religions, no bigotry no harsh words. Leave the discussions of the worlds evil at the door, there are plenty of other places to talk about that. This is the only place where we can be free to discuss such important topics as "do you shave your ass?" or " How big is your dick" subjects that would be frowned upon in mainstream chatrooms. What about it? Can I get an AH-MEN?

We all know that Xmas is a Busy time and it can cause a lot of stress.
As we shop for presents and wrap them nicely,lets also remmember to think
of our Loved ones, near and far on Xmas day. Even a short phone call, can
bring a smile, to someone special. Its also a good time to share a smile
with a stranger and wish them a happy New Year....All my love to all my
friends, here and i wish, you all a Wonderful Xmas day with the ones you
Love, at this special time of the Year 8-)

Hows your Reationship Going.
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Hows your Relationship going with your boyfriend.
Is it a relationship that will last a long time
or do you think that it wont last too long.

This is the story of Will. A young man at the beginning of his adventure looking to explore the world and his own body. After turning 18 two days ago Will realized that there was more to life than what he was used to in the little mid-western hometown. He just didn't realize that he was about to discover just how much more.
Will had been at the lake with his friends most of the day, but the football jocks and the incessant sluts in heat had finally taken their toll on him. There was only so much he could stand. He didn't understand why the girls had to be such whores spreading their legs for everyone and why the guys were sniffing after every pussy out there. Granted he had fucked a few of the girls and while he had enjoyed it, he was not out of his mind to get more.
Finally he had enough so he headed for the road and figured he would hitch-hike back to town. I was a hot mid-western day, about 95 degrees and 100% humidity. Will took off his shirt and carried it, his lean frame glistened with sweat as he walked down the two lane asphalt road. Will was not skinny by any means but neither was he bulky. Four years on the high school swim team had given him a tight toned physique, nicely chiseled Pecs and a very defined set of washboard abs. with a very light covering of golden blond hairs. His shoulders were broad and his arms strong and defined from years of swimming with tufts of blond hair under each. His head had a lions mane of golden blond hair that reached his shoulders, something he never had while competing.
He still wore his cutoff shorts tight blue jeans that were cut off just below his ass cheeks faded blue, which made his long legs look that much longer. His copper colored tanned legs were covered in strands of fine blond hairs which looked like spun gold, that got thicker as they got closer to his ankles. He wore his size 13 1/2 Nikes with ankle socks, preferring to go barefoot but it would be a long walk.
It was about 11 miles into town so Will hoped that a car would come by very soon. It wasn't long before a car did. Will heard the rumble of a car and turned to see a jeep coming up the road. He stuck out this thumb and the car slowed. It stopped next to him. Inside was a young man with short dark hair, He smiled and looked at Will, he slowly looked from wills face and then down his body drinking in every beautiful inch, he gasp a bit when he got to Wills crotch and saw a very nice bulge. "Do you need a ride" The dark haired man asked. "Yea, that's kind of why I have my thumb out" Will snickered. The young man drew his gaze away from Wills crotch and laughed, "Oh yea hop in" They drove off.
The young man's Name was Jon and he was very personable, he and Will quickly hit it off. Will noticed his body right away. For some reason it interested him. He wasn't like a football player. He too was lean and toned. His skin was an olive color, he had a patch of black chest hair, that formed a line that went down across his well formed abs to the waist of his shorts. He had very hairy legs. He wore flip flops and somehow being able to see all of his leg and feet seemed sexy. Will stole a peek at Jon's crotch. There was a long bulge going down the inside of his left thigh.
What is wrong with me, why am I getting turned on ? "Hey Will do you have any plans for tonight?" Jon asked Will snapped out of his trance "Uhhhh no not really why?" he replied actually a bit embarrassed for being a bit aroused. "I'm new in town and don't have any friends yet, I have a big DVD collection you want to come over to my place and hang out get some pizza and watch some DVDs?"

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So, I've seen u in the store occaisonally for the past few months. Wondering wat it wud be like to have u. I see u sitting there but u ignore me. I brush innocently against u but no resposne. Finally yesterday I muster up the courage to make my move. I've got to have u!!! My life is incomplete without u!!! I have fallen in love,,, with my new deep-fryer!!!HAHAHAHA Some of u may think this is lame and it is. But I really love it!!HAHA Merry Christmas all!!!!!

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anyone like astrology? i'm not a big fan but my report nailed me..what does you think?

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hi am from england liverpool up for any think old or young and trade pics and vids

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what age was your first bj mine was 13 with a lad from school in the shower room

yahhoo chat rooms
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dam that sucks they got rid of rooms anyone know of ther sites like yahoo

Today sucks balls
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So,today I witnessed an elderly lady get her purse snatched. It happened so fast. She didn't give up though, she chased him and he dropped it after all of us shoppers got out of our vehicles to try and help. I mean, who steals from the elderly? If that wasnt enough, I also found out that a classmate of mine passed on today. She was only 21 and had fought so many battles in her life for so long, it sucks so bad. And because of this stupid cold weather my knee feels as if someone is drilling into it. So I guess I could call today a bad day. My spirits are broken, Im tired of seeing death everywhere I look, my classmates are too young to be dying so soon. Everything just sucks right now. Tommorrow will bring a new day, so I guess I will turn in early at least.

Desperate Housewives
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Have you seen Desperate Housewives? I'm currently watching Season 2 on DVD. It's pretty good show! Andrew Van De Kamp is so smart ass!!! Hahaha.

What is your idea of a perfect Christmas day?
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Ideal Christmas day? Having a fun time with my friends and family at Christmas dinner. When everyone is gone, with only the flickering lights of the tree and the crackling noise of the fire place, making sweet passionate love to my boyfriend in front of the fire place and feeling his orgasm as he cums inside me. Then a long cuddle while watching the fire dance.

first kiss
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How old were you? Was it a boy or girl? How old was she/he? I was 18 with a girl, also 18. Yuck!! Haha!!

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just taking a look about 5 pages of MOST ACTIVE MEMBERS and find some interesting things:

PAGE 1/19 member BARDAGHOHIO joined 603 days ago, last login 120 days ago.
PAGE 1/29 ROONTOTSY join 674 d, log 119d,
PAGE 2/7 WANNASUCKUHARD join 742d, log 169d,
PAGE 2/35 SUNNYTEENBOY4YTEENMASTER join 416 d, log 151 d,
PAGE 3/13 HARDWHITEDICK join 715 d, log 349 d,
PAGE 3/16 SOMERSET join 522 d,log 433d
PAGE 3/26 CREMASTER join 142 d, log 43 d,
PAGE 3/28 ALIENATED join 440 d, log 55d,
PAGE 4/1 BABLOS join 869 d, log 116 d,
PAGE 4/6 JACKNFAP join 455 d, log 116 d,
PAGE 4/11 DOMERUFF join 177 d, log 153 d,
PAGE 4/12 EBIGE join 498 d, log 179 d,
PAGE 4/39 ILUVUNCUTCOCK join 793 d, log 123 d,
PAGE 5/15 MICHAEL join 611 d, log 128 d,
PAGE 5/16 IAMLUKE join 826 d, log 364 d,
PAGE 5/34 HOTLOOKING392000 join 671 d, log 181 d,
PAGE 5/38 GREEDYGRAHAMUK join 674 d, log 541 d.

d= days ago, log= last login in days.

So what is this system, just thinking about if members joined here hundreds a days ago and last active login about the same are still the MOST ACTIVE members. This is only top5 list, sure you'll find lots more same kind of thing if you go further.

The more you upload pictures or videos and most of them are non-show or rejected by your server or some other reason and you try to take apart in blogs does not upgrage you over those old "ACTIVE" members, what I think is that most of them are not going to be active members here on GBT anymore in the future. Loyal customes, maybe?

2 days ago I passed 1 "old member" and that was a miracle :)

Nothing serious, just wondering because this system is not meeting my small brains capacity. Have a nice day, BSB


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