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Tell me...
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do you like my ass? you would do with my ass?

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Any one want to Skype with me I will do what ever you want. Add subzerox77

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any young guys interested in chatting on yahoo or skype? maybe camming after we get to know eachother some :) hit me up with a private message :)

Missing video
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Some time ago I watched a really horny video.
It was 2 guys in an audition. The title was something like"Me and my gay friend audition and fuck"

Unfortunately I have been unable to find the video again.
Both guys were slim smooth and hung . it involved bareback sex and I have to say i jacked off reall good watching it.

here are a few videos I think are really horny.

1 "great-way-to wake-up"
2 "uncle sneaks in my room"

Please watch them and get back if your like me and find them really horny
ps If anyone can think of my missing video title please post me the correct name

Are Americans ready for Gay Marriage ???????
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Karma Fairuth
Views: 108 · Added: 696 days ago

Karma Fairuth:

Whats your favourite position to get fucked in
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If you are bottom which do you like best and why. I prefer on my back with my legs on his shoulder. You can play with his balls and wank yourself off.

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god i love the young guys on here they are all dame sexy would love to meet one thats for sure.

Happy Easter
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My heart felt love and affection on such a wonderful day to all my friends on here, and also to others that may be going through a rough time, today is about sharing love. If its just to lend a helping hand or a tentative ear, or a warm embrace with the people must close to you, I am always here to support all people, warm scottish love and affection friends.

hey everyone!
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hey everybody!! I want you guys to tell me what i should post (pics or vids and what should i be doing?) i love being naked and sharing my experiences with you! chat me/post on my wall! bye! :)

be all you can be
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this blog is to help..jolt..awaken..gently scream in your ear..alert..mainly younger guys who may still be in school,,been out a while..maybe even guys is always now that you should get a fire in your belly concerning your furure..its two parts...earning money,,and saving money..computers and the medical field are two growth industries..this is not to say stop having the words of pink floyd.."ten years have got behind one told you when to missed the starting gun"..find a better paying carreer...more inside soon..what do you think of this???..please join in with your two cents...thanks..ol mr. mike

Hey guys
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I just wanted to wish everybody a happy Easter :)

Easter ‘Milk’ Chocolate
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So the usual day here for easter, same as many I guess, family and food and chocolate… For me this is never an easy time – especially when I’m surrounded by sexy cousins and uncles and my hardon doesn’t leave me all day! LOL But on I go – getting hornier and hornier all through lunch, adjusting my tent all through the meal and wonderin when I can excuse myself and head into my room for sum release… This year but I wanted to try sumthin different… Then I saw the label on an easter egg – milk chocolate and an idea starts to form…

So after lunch I headed into my room horny and desperate for release… I took with me a few easter eggs for desert and then the fun began… i started by breakin up the eggs into bite sized pieces and then I layed them on a towel on the floor next to my bedroom door… if I open the door a crack I can see down the hall into the dinning room where the eye candy is at its peak and in true spy fashion (getting good at this) no one can see me… from there i started to work my hardon in my shorts at first, teasin it and workin it good till its drippin with pre… then I set it free a bit and picked up a bit of chocolate in my hand and startedworkin it around the head… it melted pretty quick and I couldn’t resist tastin it – fuck man the taste was awesome… sweet chocolate and salty pre – fuck yeh!

So theres me workin this knob with bits of chocolate and tastin the pre flavoured chocolate whilst watchin the rellos – fuck man heaven! Then as I kept workin it watchi my cousins run round in jeans, sagging and showin their undies I nearly blew right there – but I wanted to savour it sum more… so I worked it up for about half an hour I rekon – not my usual edgin sess at all – but fuck I didn’t have the luxury of time and I was so damn horny, always easier to edge after a good blow I rekon… so I was gunna cum in my usual rag (my brothers undies) but then I thought fuck it and sprayed all over the chocolate broken up on the towel and there was streams of it… thick white cum sprayed all over the place and I thought yeh why not so I had a feed… broken chocolate covered with cum and it was fucken heaven! Never tried it b4…. Ended up savin a few pieces folded up in the towel and put it under my bed and savoured it throughout the day – ok wiered I know, but that’s me! So now I got me a new flavour in life – pure ‘milk’ chocolate!

want to cam 2 cam
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Does anybody else feel like they want to be in gay porn/be a gay porn star? I feel like i would love being on bottom on camera! Any ideas/comments/suggestions?

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Contrary to what is often portrayed in the media, there is no such thing as a single school bully.

There is usually a pack of them, or in my experience, an entire school.

I was the usual skinny boy with thick glasses and the misfortune of living emotionally close to the surface.

After years of casual taunts and jibes in primary and intermediate school, from girls and boys alike, the bullying really kicked into high gear during my third and fourth form years at college.

What followed was not so much bullying as an attempt to eradicate someone's life.

Every day I would run the gauntlet of jabs, punches, jeers, jibes and abuse.

It was non-stop, without a break.

Teachers would often join in, and when my parents got involved they were informed that bullying was part of the curriculum at my school and if they didn't like it, they were free to withdraw me, which they eventually did.

As you may imagine, this instilled within me a nice, healthy, life-long respect for authority.

The bullying eventually peaked in an incident in my final year where a student I thought of as a friend set me up by leading me to the top of a fire escape.

I didn't know that he had already gone around telling everyone and anyone that I was going to kill myself.

He had arranged for half the school to turn up and shout "jump, jump JUMP!"

This went on for about an hour until I managed to push my way through the crowd and call my parents to get home.

As mentioned before, I eventually left for another school where things improved somewhat, at least as far as the bullying went.

Academically it didn't, and eventually I got expelled in my seventh form year for continuously not turning up to classes.

But that was all me. I guess I can't blame everything on the bullying.

My high school years were a mixture of betrayal, abuse, disappointment, failure and neglect.

My grades suffered. I developed life-long problems with anxiety and remain on medication to this day.

But here's the thing. Success is the best form of recovery. It will silence them all, I promise.

In my late 20s everything shaped up. I went to university, got an honours degree, and pursued my musical ambitions, and continue to do so.

Despite my day-to-day problems, I have a loving wife and a great career in an education environment.

I am also a talented musician, have a life-long interest in weight training and the martial arts (go figure!), and I eventually even managed to get contact lenses.

I get through all the negatives of my childhood by accepting that certain things happened, and also by accepting that occasionally I still have to deal with them.

To all bullied children all I can say is one day it will stop. You will reclaim all your lost confidence and self-belief, but you will need some help along the way.

To the bullies, you know who you are.

Eat my dust.

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- © Fairfax NZ News

My story has much in common with others: I was ostracised by my peers for no reason that I could figure at the time - children seem to attack anyone who is different in some way.

I remember other kids at school who became the butt of jokes because they were in some way either handicapped or behaved oddly.

The ability to survive this kind of treatment seems to depend on a child's ability to absorb or deflect the taunts and stick up for themselves in both physical and emotional ways.

By the time I reached high school I'd had years of torment from other children. For some reason I was overly sensitive to the opinions of other kids with whom I used to associate. Being bad at sports did not help the situation.

My parents, who did everything they could to help, took me to the doctors and I was put on medication for depression. The drugs were quite strong back then and whilst it made the constant battle that I had trying to find my place somewhat bearable, it also dulled my brain, so my academic performance suffered.

By the time fifth form came around, things were bad. I had withdrawn into myself and though I had people I related to, I was always worried about rejection. I was shipped off to boarding school.

Dealing with this pressure during school hours was hard enough. Living with it 24/7 was hell. I was not the only one who was tormented in this place. Once again if someone was different in some way or unable or unwilling to defend themselves, the others were going to take advantage of it.

I failed academically and scared my house-master by trying to kill myself. Finally, I simply refused to go back.

The memories of those who bullied me are there to this day and the feeling of rejection by my peers has stayed with me as an adult. It has affected every area of my life, and I have given up.

As I look back on it I feel sure that if I had given as good as I got, stood up for myself, absorbed a few beatings, I may have earned grudging respect. Telling the teachers and staff made the situation worse. It seems to me that children have no sense of community, it's a dog eat dog world in school.

As a child in school I was keenly aware of a hierarchy that existed amongst my peers, just as it exists in any community, but in a far more brutal and perhaps honest fashion. This, at a time when children are being shaped into the kind of adults they will eventually become.

My experience at the bottom of this heap was one of rejection and ridicule for reasons I could not understand. Like all the others I was in the learning phase of my development, it's a delicate and dangerous time for many.

Despite all the hand-wringing and attempts to stop, it persists and I think this is because if we remove the thin veneer that is our civilisation, it is still survival of the fittest.
My name is Kane Pohio and during my secondary schooling at St Paul's Collegiate in Hamilton, I suffered bullying. I was the target of physical and mental abuse during my time as a boarder.

I had a tumour on my pituitary gland removed when I was three, it was about the size of a golf ball when they operated. They had to remove my pituitary gland during the operation. I have to take medication for the rest of my life. I had a growth hormone to get me to my height of 179cm and testosterone injections.

As a result of having my operation, I could not play contact sports like rugby. Not being able to play the sport that the majority of the school played made me an outcast right from the start. My energy levels were no where near a normal human being without a medical condition. I found it difficult in compulsory running or any exercise for that matter. I played sports like tennis, badminton, and squash, which were considered sissy sports.

The sorts of bullying I would receive included being called names and general verbal abuse, usually started by one boy and then the whole dorm would join in. I was punched or hit. I had the contents of my locker regularly thrown everywhere. I had the gears of my bike destroyed. After watching the movie Full Metal Jacket my whole dormitory thought it would be fun to punish me for my snoring. They held a sheet over me while I was in bed after the lights went out so I couldn't escape. They had blocks of soap in their pillow cases and proceeded to beat me with them until they felt satisfied that I had been beaten enough. The height of my physical bullying was one morning when we were having a shower in a large communal shower, I was pushed from behind by the perpetrator of my bullying. My feet slipped on the concrete floor and I fell flat on my back, hitting my head on the hard floor. I was knocked out for five minutes and when I came to all the guys were standing around as if nothing had happened. I was probably in the sick bay more than any boy there.

The verbal bullying was the worst and had the greatest effect on me, and because I didn't retaliate, I was an easy target. I tried to put on a brave face and make out it wasn't having an effect on me, but deep down I was being tormented.

When the bullies could see they were not having an effect on me with their words, they would sometimes resort to physical abuse. I would regularly come home with bruises but I never let on to my parents the extent of what was going on.

You simply can't get away from it when you are in a boarding house. You learn right from the start at that if you nark, it only gets worse.

The effects that bullying has had on me include mood swings; I would take my anger, frustration and fury out on my family for sending me to that school. I left at the end of sixth form with no desire to continue being a Christian, after all, it's an Anglican school. As far as I was concerned, God had failed me with the abuse I had received there.

I went through a dark period in my life after leaving the school where I would listen to heavy metal music which added fuel to my already burning anger and fury.

I never went to any of the school balls with our sister school. My self esteem was zero and I simply didn't have the confidence to ask a girl there to go with me. It's a big part of a boy's development into becoming a man to be able to communicate and relate with girls. I missed out on that because of bullying. I guess that is a reason why I am single at the age of 40.

The other effect is that once I left school it took me 10 years of my life to work out what I wanted to do for a career. I jumped from job to job with no direction in my life.

For 20-plus years I have had the effects of bullying hanging around my neck. In 2012 I received counselling and was able to forgive the people responsible, so that I could move on with my life. The effects of bullying don't end when you leave the school gate at the end of the day, they continue well on into your life.

Now when I read stories about bullying it gets the fury up in me because some young boy or girl is being bullied. It could be your son or daughter. Think of the effect on their lives it's going to have. The students responsible for bullying and their parents need to be punished by the school in such a way that they never bully anyone in their life again, because the parents are just as much to blame as the kids are.

The schools need to have a policy with zero acceptance of bullying, where students are expelled if they are found responsible of bullying. It's not good enough for schools to turn a blind eye to it anymore, take some serious action to stomp out bullying.

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hope Andy can win the miami classic, he was looking so hunky on the news today, anyone for tennis

break ups :'(
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i just broke up with my bf :( not because of an argument or anything like that. but because hes going away to collage soon. and he didnt want to be going through a break up while going off to collage. we both saw a break up coming. but i didnt see it this soon, and i still loved him.

he meant a lot to me. the first one that meant this much to me. i dont know what to do or how to move on.

Young straight or bi couples
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Hi, I'm pretty new here and have been curious but never been with a guy yet. I am interested in viewing young straight or bi couples or young guys wanking. There are other sites that offer young couples they call teens but most look to be in their 20's. congoboy94

No undo – so what to do???
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So here’s the latest bit of humour in my life… finally start to get a few messages from some guys and think awesome, lets chat… as my shorts stiffen under the messages, I get startled by my brother walking into the room – in a mad dash of clicks to close the window – what do I do? Delete the whole bloody inbox! So now I find myself horny with some time on my hands wonderin just what that guy said in his message…. Maybe he will write back soon and maybe not – whys this place the only email box without a trash! LOL

So I go back to surfin, watchin vids and glancing at pics wonderin if they’ll message again… so if you have messaged and have no reply – it aint you, it’s the damn lack of undo… my bloody brother likes to scare me and sumtimes I do dumb things too…

Sitting here with a huge throbbiin hardon wonderin what to do… must be time for a trip down the street, find a busy shop and wander through, scratchin and rubbin till I cant stand it no more and relase sum cum down an aisle, then wander home wonderin just what to do…

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any guys out there that are romantic, or enjoy others being romantic to them on special days like easter.

Views: 105 · Added: 699 days ago

Just a quick one to wish everyone a happy and safe Easter :)


cum freaks
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my bf is still asleep so im watchin porn and getting ready for how wake up. dudes, i freakin luv cum. i want to eat it, lick it, take it in my face, anyway possible. i luv to cum deep inside him, but im torn because i want to blast it all over his stomach and chest, or his cock and pubes, or on his ass...and then lick every drop. and thats just my load. i luv it when he cums on himself so i can do the same for him, but often he cums on me or in me and i cant get to it. does anyone else have the same fetish for cum? my fantasy is to have 5 or 6 guys all jo in my face. ive seen it in porn and i jo to it everytime. to wake the bf...

Science Fiction
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What are your favorite science fiction series

Looking for "fun"
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Hi everyone, I need your help. I'm a 23 year old living in North London, UK, and need somebody to come and take my anal virginity.. have a very tight ass which needs seeing to, let me know if your interested!


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any like trading on here or things they have done in the past message me for skype or talk on here:)

Looking for a video
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Found it on here, but have since lost it.

Three boys finds a 4th unconscious or sleeping boy. They proceed to mess around with him eventually having sex. The boys break off into 2 groups. One group stays inside and the other goes outside. This all takes place in an abandoned warehouse or factory of sorts.

Help me find this video!

cool boy
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my friends
I am looking for who is doing with
pictures to swap horny boy

Do over
Views: 223 · Added: 700 days ago

if you could would you or not change one aspect of your life? Mine I should have moved to Alaska way back when I was in my 20's not for the gold lol but for the life style.

Deutsch ?
Views: 424 · Added: 700 days ago

Wär doch nicht schlecht wenn wir hier mal nen Blog für deutschsprachige User aufmachen könnten. Oder ??

Creeper definition?
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I noticed the blog from, 'qman1212'. He wants to chat with younger guys under 20 and "not looking for a creeper".
Then one of the bloggers stated "not sure what a 'creeper' is".
Do you guys have any thoughts on what is considered a 'creeper'?

Age Of Diversity?
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So I find myself getting horny once more as my eyes wander upon all who are at the local store as I reach into my shorts and start to edge - I wonder if it's normal the kind of guys I wander about giving head? From young fresh boys of age of innocence to dirty old men who are older than my dad they all get me going in one way or another - maybe I am just a dirty country boy horny for the touch of another or maybe I am perveted in more ways than one? Does it really matter how old or how young the guy i perv on is? I mean mostly i get horny over guys in their 20's or teens like me, but sometimes I find myself wanking to things that I maybe I shouldnt be pervin on - according to the rules of society. And so this teen goes back down the street and starts perving on all the meat, the buldges of young and old that get me edgin to complete the horny way that is every day in this the life of a country boy.

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ever noticed how when you're super horny and sneaking a wank lookin for chat buds no one is online - but when u barely have 5 minutes to log on and check messsages that your inbox wont stop with the new notifications! lol

fan fantacy get together
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it probably won't happen..that is a gbt get together...pick a place..time..details would be great to meet use guys who are friends online..what are your feelings about it..i'll bring the chips...lets fanticize...


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