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Wonders In The World #4
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4. "The Knotted Gun" by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. Aptly located next to the United Nations in New York City, USA

(I really hope this is right..)

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I miss Frasier!
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Wonders In The World #2
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2. "First Generation" by Chong Fah Cheong. A group of boys jumping into the Singapore River. That's downtown Singapore and not really Wonder of the world but very special and I can say "different" :)

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Videos and photos
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What's happened to the favourite videos and photos....I seem to have lost a lot.! .....anyone else?

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Any Boards of Canada fans out there ?
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I like their music a lot, very soothing and relaxing to me :)

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To the administrator
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what happened to my account?

pics away favorites away...

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Happy Fat Tuesday
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A lot of files aren't available lately.
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Have the files been removed or are there website problems?  If they were removed please let us know so we clean out our favorites from these new broken image blank boxes.  Sorry if this a redundant question but I don't recall seeing an answer.

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Mr Repzion?
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What is your opinion on Mr Repzion?

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Such a cute boy :)
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Wonders In The World
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I keep wondering where I would like to visit the places in the world, this is one of them, very interesting: 1.  "Les Voyageurs", by French artist Bruno Catalano, in Marseilles, France

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Happy New Year :)
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Yesterday (Sunday) was the Eve of New Year, Tet. We celebrate it at the same time they do in China and here's some history of it:

Tet Nguyen Dan, or Tet for short, is considered the biggest and most popular festival of the year in Vietnam. Celebrated on the first day of the first month in Lunar Calendar, Tet’s celebration is the longest holiday which may last up to seven days (with the exception of Tet 2012 when the holiday is expected to last for 9 days!). Vietnamese New Year in 2016 will last from February 7th -14th.


How Tet is calculated?

Different from the Gregorian calendar, Lunar Calendar has a fix number of twelve months with 30 days each, and a leap-year will have a whole intercalary month instead of the 29th day of February. The new year of Lunar Calendar normally will start in late January or beginning of February according to Gregorian calendar. That explains why Tet days vary from year to year: it is because the leap month may fall shorter or longer which create a smaller or bigger gap between the two calendars.

What is Tet?


Tet is the occasion for Vietnamese to express their respect and remembrance for their ancestors as well as welcoming the New Year with their beloved family members. Moreover, in the past, Tet was essential as it provided one of few long breaks during the agricultural year, which was held between the harvesting of the crops and the sowing of the next ones. To make it easier, one can imagine Tet as a combination of Christmas and New Year: every family will get together to have big meals, decorate Tet trees and eat Tet food but to welcome the new year instead of a religious cause. 


How is Tet celebrated?


Since Tet occupies an important role in Vietnamese’s religious beliefs, Vietnamese will begin their preparations well in advance of the upcoming New Year. In an effort to get rid of the bad luck of the old year, people will spend a few days cleaning their homes, polishing every utensil, or even repaint and decorate the house with kumquat tree, branches of peach blossom, and many other colorful flowers. The ancestral altar is especially taken care of, with careful decoration of five kinds of fruits and votive papers, along with many religious rituals. Everybody, especially children, buy new clothes and shoes to wear on the first days of New Year. People also try to pay all their pending debts and resolve all the arguments among colleagues, friends or members of family.


Like other Asian countries, Vietnamese believe that the color of red and yellow will bring good fortune, which may explain why these colors can be seen everywhere in Lunar New Year. People consider what they do on the dawn of Tet will determine their fate for the whole year, hence people always smile and behave as nice as they can in the hope for a better year. Besides, gifts are exchanged between family members and friends and relatives, while children receive lucky money kept in red envelope.


No matter where Tet is celebrated, it must be clarified from the beginning that Tet is not a day, but several days of celebration.

Food for Tet


The following food is often consumed during Tet; some are particular to Tet and often associated with the grand celebration:

- Banh Chung/ Banh Tet

- Pickled onions

Boiled chicken

- Mung bean pudding

- Vietnamese sausage - giò chả

- Xôi Gấc - Red Sticky Rice

- Roasted nuts and seeds

... and we drink a lots of Bia Hanoi (Beer), Bia Saigon and of course Vodka Saigon as well Vodka Hanoi. Most families make vodka from original, put some fruits (apples, bananas, apricots etc.) and leave it like marinate for about six months in a big bottle, about 20 litres. Before the party begins we filter the vodka and put it into smaller bottles. Every family has own recipe (I think so) and 99% made by father of the family or in some cases oldest sons of the family. Then when we have lunch or dinner we taste a variety of flavors but just small shots!

Chúc mừng năm mới and cao lương mỹ vị! Cheers!




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Innate Bisexuality = Humans Naturally Born Bisexual
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Innate bisexuality (or predisposition to bisexuality) is a term introduced by Sigmund Freud that expounds all humans are born bisexual but through psychological development (which includes both external and internal factors) most become monosexual while the bisexuality remains in a latent state

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Beware of who endorses you
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Pic of the day 11/11/15
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What kind of bouncy balls do you like to follow?
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What kind of bouncy ball do you like to follow?     Aside from the obvious, dudes', duh, how about sports stuff?     I suppose on some level I have enjoyed all sorts of things but soccer was probably what I liked the most THOUGH American football certainly was fun at times whether playing with just friends or being on the school team a couple of years in b-squad.    Nothing like some good ol' dodge ball.    I have heard of someone being hit so hard with a dodge ball that their eyes (I guess those are kind of balls in some way, eh?   Huh?) got stuck rolled backwards!     Horrors!      I think he was able to get them fixed at the doctors but that must have sucked!    

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man what a fuck i bet he was in high school!

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Pix and Vids
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I am not sure if this has been discussed but I am noticing that a lot of pics and vids do not show up on profiles.  You can click on it but the pic itself isn't there, just the wording.  I am not quite sure how to explain.  Once you look on profiles you will see what I am talking about. 

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Selfie Suggestion
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If you wanna post a naked selfie, then: (1) Thank you! We appreciate you sharing your junk with us! (2) Keep your hands away from your junk! If we can't see it, then why should I care? Here's an example of what not to do:


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is anyone else noticing missing thumbnails on a vids and pic,?

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What Has Happened
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I have been off this site for a few months as I was overseas but now I notice that a lot of my fav vids have disappeared and many of the friends I had seem to have gone.

What has been happening as I thought this was a great site with a mix of old and young and always found it great fun.

Ah well I will just have to make some new friends on here I suppose.

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Maurice White dies at 74
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Maurice died of Parkisons disease and he was the Founder of Earth Wind and Fire ..So many great songs i have enjoyed, from his Band ....R.I.P Maurice 

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The Age of Aquarius
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One of my favorite records of my parents', when I was growing up in the 1970s, I used to "borrow it without asking" and play it all the time.

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The types of songs you find after drinking 5 shots of vodka :D
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While everyone was away, I decided to kick back, watch a movie, have a few drinks, and listen to some old school blues songs. After listening to

Howlin Wolf and John Lee Hooker, I decided to type in "On the Road Again" in the search bar. I remember hearing that tune somewhere and guessed

some of the lyrics from the melody of the song.

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Password Working Finally :(
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Hi all! Almost two weeks I've tried to sign in with invalid password. "Invalid Password" which was Correct all the time but not acceptable when trying to sign in. Today it was success, surprise!

I was trying to use all possible browsers I have, changed my IP sevaral times but no results... And then when I'm finally here what I can see is that all my pictures have disappeared, about videos I don't

know because I don't see any of them left on my wall (only headlines, no pictures)... What has happened here ? Don't understand... Happy Weekend to all of you!

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GBT is Back I am So HAPPY!
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I am so Glad to be back I missed you guys so much, I hate days off! I hope I never have another one

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