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Views: 92 · Added: 705 days ago

I’d have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!
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What happened to the Short Films
Views: 261 · Added: 705 days ago

I was just wondering why we have seen so few short films this month I really miss watching them myself :)

Views: 405 · Added: 705 days ago

how you like getten fucked. i like it with my but up

My fave quote
Views: 185 · Added: 706 days ago

"Why do they call it 'homophobia'? i mean, your not scared of it, your just an asshole" - Morgan Freeman :P

Views: 103 · Added: 706 days ago

how like getten spanked by girls or boys

Views: 120 · Added: 706 days ago

who got a playstation 3 & whats your account name

Views: 156 · Added: 706 days ago

sank u like u no how are not coming out of the closet not vein online like pales

Views: 248 · Added: 706 days ago

y do boy chair if we r gay or not like can someone pales tell me

Did JohnnyBoy 20012 Get Lucky ?
Views: 147 · Added: 707 days ago

Johnny....I felt the earth move this morning...only to discover that it really moved in Toronto....thought maybe you got lucky and made the earth move for someone....hehe...Thomas xxooxxoo or was it just a regulat earthquake....

ex-raven football advocate
Views: 114 · Added: 707 days ago this guy supports gay other causes...he just opened a new website...just thought some of you guys might be interested...(iambidayshow)thats how it pronounce his last name..

how do u balence ur faith
Views: 336 · Added: 707 days ago

so im wondering how many people here are actuall christians or active members of another religion. how do u handel homosexuality and ur religion

movie review
Views: 116 · Added: 707 days ago

I saw you are not alone movie.. its hott and good.. i have seen this film in youtube before but they have censored "gist" of the movie, those assholes.. somebody please tell me what are the other similar must watch movies here..

Quiet or Loud?
Views: 288 · Added: 707 days ago

When your having sex or even when your just jacking off, are you quiet or do you make some noise? Watching some of these videos and not like the professional ones cause I know those are all fake bullshit but like the webcam videos its like some of the guys are gagged or something...I mean they're all SOOOO quiet and sometimes if you look at their faces even when they cumming it's like they aint even there...or their boyfriend is sucking their dick and it's like they don't feel a thing even when they start to shoot....even if I'm just jacking off I make more if someone is doing me!!

So...are you quiet or loud?? Do your neighbors 3 blocks away come banging on your door telling you to shut up?? ;-)

Views: 264 · Added: 708 days ago

Whats you fav location, do you like sun and sand, or long walks, or city life. Because where I live we dont get much sun, so I am a sun lover.

I search him HELP!
Views: 219 · Added: 708 days ago

HIS NAME? I really love him but i don't know his name :(

hey all
Views: 174 · Added: 708 days ago

hey all is anybody interested being my boyfriend??? age limit is between 18 and 35, if interested please message me or leave comment.

Greg xxx

Views: 82 · Added: 708 days ago

who Cried like me when they get into the back for the first time...

around me
Views: 86 · Added: 708 days ago

anyone around cincinnati, ohio?

Hey guys
Views: 353 · Added: 708 days ago

If u were alone with me for one night, what would we do?

What music u lessening to?
Views: 273 · Added: 708 days ago KORN>>>>

Views: 592 · Added: 708 days ago

If you like to rim, which do you prefer - a smooth or hairy bum hole?

Thomas Birthday
Views: 391 · Added: 709 days ago

On May 15th is the birthday of Thomas (Tolead), one of the most sweet, kind and wise members in this site. If you have enjoyed one of the hundreds videos that he had uploaded, or read one of his warm messages that he posts everyday in many of our walls, please stop by (here or in his page) and wish him Happy Birthday. Thomas, thank you for all the things that you do, each and every day, for this community.

Dick or a another name
Views: 123 · Added: 709 days ago

Name all the words for a dick. I no schwanz,pimel,knob,stange,prick and when i was 4 or 5 willey

Thank You
Views: 87 · Added: 709 days ago

Thank you all for the many birthday wishes. Each of you has had an impact on me in a very personal and important way; and your remembering and helping to celebrate the anniversary of my birth has made this day most exceptional and wonderful. As I said in Johnny’s blog, I am both honored and humbled by the words and deeds of each of you. I have attempted to thank and acknowledge each of you and your words; however, if I missed someone, I apologize for not thanking you personally. Thomas xxooxxoo

What's your favorite pie?
Views: 563 · Added: 709 days ago

Just a bit of the casual and ordinary. I was making some apple pie the other day and wondered what every ones favorite pie is? Please, no answers starting with cream.... oooooops, gave it away, ha, ha!

Views: 485 · Added: 709 days ago

how you like your dick sucked

Views: 91 · Added: 709 days ago

who Cried like me when they get into the back for the first time...

golo free
Views: 94 · Added: 710 days ago

hiiiiiiii every body if u like add me on skype: golo93
im 20 years and i like boy under 22

Tyler Series on Nifty
Views: 185 · Added: 710 days ago

Just posted the 4th in the Tyler Series on Nifty's under Young Friends, and the date is May 13th...hope you enjoy it...

come on. share!
Views: 326 · Added: 710 days ago

how big are you? how big is your bf or how big have you been with? what do you like the best?

Coming OUT! I am GAY
Views: 226 · Added: 710 days ago

I have decided with myself that I am not bi but am gay.
Im 22 and lately I feel like I'm dying in the inside and suffer constant mood swings. You are the first person to know my true sexuality. The reason for that is because the term gay (homosexual) has bad connotations. I know that telling my family will devastate them. All my relationships with women have never worked out for me, they end up being awkward. Ever since middle school and now I have been attracted to guys.
So my point is that I do not wish to expose my sexuality to the people I know in fear that I will psychologically harm them. I love my friends and family and am consumed with fear and anxiety by simply telling them that I am gay. Which is why I haven't told my loved ones.
I am posting this so that a stranger one I do not know can provide me with advice. Since I do not know you... I do not have the fear of being judged or looked upon.

Views: 89 · Added: 710 days ago


Uploading films anomaly...
Views: 85 · Added: 710 days ago

I've uploaded several films over the last couple of weeks, but they don't seem to ever be posted. They're not anything especially controversial, and I wondered if there was someone to contact about it. I use a browser called Seamonkey (a Mozilla product), which may have something to do with it as I've been able to post videos in the past using Firefox.

In advance, thanks!


Gayboystube on Chromebook?
Views: 93 · Added: 710 days ago

Hi everybody,
Does this site work on chromebook? And other sites (like myvidster or whatever?)

Views: 299 · Added: 710 days ago

im happy i had my first white guy

Views: 253 · Added: 711 days ago

Where has Jorik gone? He seemed like such a nice guy posting honest blogs and then suddenly off he goes. Such a shame. xx


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