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Hello Community!
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Finally I decided to create my own account at this beautiful page. So I hope for lots of nice people, nice chats and of course more hot stuff...see ya soon ;-)

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hot teens
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Hi guys! i have hot teen boys pictur. but i cannot upload. anyone know how to upload it in this site? please let me know.!

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Gay Cinema: Gerontophilia
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ON FILM: Gerontophilia

Gerontophilia is exactly what the title says it is: LaBruce has, true to presumed form, turned his attention to a sexual orientation that has had almost no airplay and the mere thought of which will likely gross out a lot of the audience.

Young Lake (Pier-Gabriel Lajoie) gets a summer job in a nursing home where the old people are kept sedated much of the time. He forms a bond with an old theatrical hoofer, Mr Peabody (Walter Borden), who is still canny enough not to take his pills; that bond becomes a love affair.

There is nothing here that should gross anyone out; Gerontophilia is a really sweet romance. For the first time, in fact, LaBruce was able to make his film with Canadian government funding and a proper crew.

Will the hard-core fans say he sold out? ''Absolutely,'' says LaBruce gleefully, after his film has shown in Venice with â and this is another first â almost no spluttering walkouts. ''But I always have a romantic element. For example, part of Hustler White, my film about male prostitutes, is that these people indulging in very extreme, crazy fetishes still fall in love and have their hearts broken, so it's not like it's completely alien to me.''

There is an immediate comparison to be made here with Hal Ashby's 1971 trans-generational romance Harold and Maude. LaBruce says he loves Ashby's film. ''But I didn't just want to make a queer Harold and Maude,'' he says. ''I also wanted to change it up a little bit in terms of the fetish of gerontophilia. Lake happens to get a job in an all-male assisted living facility but you have the impression he might be attracted to old women as well. He's attracted to people who are close to death, in a weird way.'' 

If he had an artistic reference point, he adds, it was probably Lolita.

At the same time, he liked the idea of becoming a Trojan horse, bringing a bit of freewheeling LaBruce sexual iconoclasm right into the rom-com arena. Old people who have or want sex, he observes, are conventionally portrayed as grotesques of one kind or another.

''Either they're cougars, these sexually predatory older women who try to look young and prey on young men, or just old people expressing their sexuality who are then ridiculed. So what if you tried, in perhaps a more mainstream idiom, to show the old person as a credible object of desire? That was part of my intention.''

Whether Lake is gay is irrelevant to LaBruce; in a way, being gay is irrelevant. ''I've never been much of a gay culture kind of guy, you know,'' he says blithely. ''That kind of 'you-are-or-you-aren't gay' identity doesn't make sense to me, because I think it fixes you. It limits people from having a sexual imagination â and that is what my films have always challenged.''

His next film, he adds, takes him right back to the forbidden territory that is the LaBruce stamping ground: it's about a female-to-male transsexual who cuts off men's penises; his flirtation with norm-core is already over.


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missed you all
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missed  you all ,got my tab swollen 

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Jurassic World (2015) Trailer #2
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Two thumbs up for the latest "Jurassic World" trailer. Check it yourself.

Colin Trevorrow directs the new film â based on a screenplay he co-wrote with Derek Connolly â The cast includes Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simkins, Nick Robinson, Irrfan Khan, Vincent D'Onofrio, Jake Johnson, Omar Sy, BD Wong, and Judy Greer.  Jurassic World will be in theaters on June 12th.

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Back Street Boy Blog
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Toni had put up a blog sharing his feelings about GBT and in particular about uploads and support. I believe it was posted yesterday. This morning I posted on the blog to support Toni. Later this morning Nick18 posted in the blog and basically trashed many of Toni's uploads. And basically bitched Toni, and I assume me for posting in the blog about issues. Toni is not the only person that has raised issues. Others have on the same subject. Some member have gone completely silent and are not active here any more, some like me have stopped uploading because of the lack of positive feedback or response.

Just now I notice that Toni's blog has been deleted. Knowing Toni, I doubth that he would have done that. And there is only one other person that can delete a blog. Frankly for all the talk about "freedom of speech", it appears that only applies as long as one is not critical of the site or Nick. Now I fully expect this blog to be deleted. And perhaps Nick will delete me as well. So be it.

But for a site dependent upon its members to upload content, you would expect that uploaders would be at least be accorded some level of respect for their point of view. I do understand the issues around needing to curate uploads. But the fact is, that many uploaders have asked for some feedback about why their stuff is not approved. But in my over 1,300 days here, that has never happened. I understand the stres and work Nick has to put in to keep the site up and running, but to treat a long standing member the way he did is poor business and rude.

Just my humble opinion.



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curved or str8, stand up or sit down
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i love uniques cocks. everyone that looks the same gets boring. so is your erection straight or curved? how about does your erection salue the flag or put out for a handshake? or point down like a metal detector?

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What about some fun
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Im a wanker so listen and enjoy


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the light bulp blew out damn it
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having probs with writing a blog,LOL,  this is and always be a community i hope...everyone knows the popular 1's,  i don't want to get involved with the "THIS AND THAT SHIT"...everyone sit back, relax(before you leave) and just take time to see what nick18 has instore for all with the upgrades, should be better?

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Strangest conversation
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I recently changed my profile picture from myself to a young Leonardo Decaprio. Here's why. I'm at work and one of the married guys askes to talk to me. He takes forever to get around to it but says he saw my profile here. He asked that I not say anything but he wanted to warn me that if others at work (correction officers) saw it or found out about it it would cause me grief. He said he just wanted to give me a head's up about it. After he was gone I of course think of the perfect question of why he was looking here anyway? Seems some married guys wander to the other side? How about that? I guess I knew it happens but still it was one hell of a suprise.

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Spinach Pie with Feta spanokopita
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hey share with you if you like

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Finding the right spot
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Looking for love
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I know this might attract the wrong people but willing to take the risk. I am 40 year old gay guy in UK looking for my "soulmate", if such a person/thing exists. :-). Usually I go for younger guys. By younger I do not mean under 18, however, just to clarify!! My ideal guy is in late 20s or 30s. Of course they have to be gay and also be comfortable with that. Hope I get some genuine replies!!

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Mad about BB-8 ♥
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The new adorable little droid from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"


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photo war
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is there a photo war between jericho and bouchonjQuery182042702853844321875_1429571080144  just kidding. great photos guys keep em cumming!

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photo war
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is there a photo war between jericho and bouchonjQuery182042702853844321875_1429571080144  just kidding. great photos guys keep em cumming!

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so anyone from ohio?
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Hey! so anybody from ohio? hit me up if so! like to find some friends to chat

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Bottoms up
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Erect of Soft?
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Which is your preference when looking at pics?

Personally I love a nice soft cock pic, before I get to see it grow nice and hard.

Love to hear your thoughts.

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So I'm want to meet a guy who I've met online, he's offered to tie me up which is something I've wanted for ages! I've been speaking to him for a while and he seems really nice and real, however I know this can be esiliy put on over the internet, so I should I go about this? Any advise would mean the world to me, Thanks! 

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How many of you use your photos on the avatar?
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So I'm a bit new to this site since I'm still trying to come to terms with myself, but I wonder, how many of you guys show your actual faces on this site?

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Alguien habla español?
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Deseo tener amigos que hablen español

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Are there any other autistic guys in here?
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I am an aspie, and yes I don't have a proper social life, but to be prety honest I don't give a f*ck and I'm fine with that. What I want to know is if there are any other guys here who are either really socially awkward or fall anywhere in the austistic spectrum. 

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TIme to party...Playbuddy123 turns 1,800 day.
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Please join Sumpterz and I in celebrating Jake's anniversary here.

Congrats Jake..and to 1,800 more.

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A fashion revolution?
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Gender nonconforming boys are getting a lot more coverage in the media recently. In just the past week on Facebook I've seen at least five posts from different pages promoting fashion freedom. It all seemed to reach a head when Jaden Smith was caught wearing a dress out in public. I never thought it would happen so suddenly, but people's attitudes are definitely changing about male gender norms. Now if we could just campaign for our own letter within the LGBTQ initialism, it would certainly help to validate our existence!

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help please..
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Trying to delete a video and it will not work. Id like for it to be removing asap. But it wont let me... Help please?

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Earn cash and create a free sex blog, earn $20 per 1000 visitors to your blog.
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Zack Snyder's
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The first "Batman vs Superman" teaser trailer will debut this Monday on IMAX. The director post on twitter a sneak peak of the upcoming teaser, here's the link : 

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Cooper's Spooky Halloween Night: Part 7
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[Somewhere in a forest far from Brasov]

[Gabriel crouches down behind a large tree; careful to remain out of sight as he continues to watch and listen to the exchange between Marian and Dumitru.]

[Marian stands in front of Dumitru; once again staring at the Angelic Knights compound with a less agitated countenance than before. Dumitru finishes dressing and crouches behind Marian.]

[Dumitru] "You still haven't told me what we're doing here."

[Marian turns and looks at Dumitru for a short time before turning his attention back to the compound.]

[Marian] "It's simple... The Order is going to capture Cooper, and when Eric comes to rescue him, the Order will capture him too. Once they are gone, I will take Eric's place as the new master vampire."

[There is a slight pause as Dumitru considers Marian's words.]

[Dumitru] "And then?"

[Marian] "And then? I will raise my own army of Night Bane, and lead us to glory against the Righteous Order of Angelic Knights! The whole of Romania will tremble in fear before me. No longer will we cower in the darkness like frightened children! We will rise up and reclaim our former glory, and I will usher in a new era. An era of the vampire... A new vampire order... It will be an age of glory for all children of the night..."

[Gabriel slowly stands as he continues to watch and listen. A small sound of snapping twigs is heard as Gabriel turns his head to scan the area behind him. Confident that he is alone, he turns back towards Marian and Dumitru.]

[Dumitru] "Why are you doing this, Marian? Avenging our fallen brethren and bringing justice against the Order was Eric's idea. After everything he has done so far, you still doubt his abilities?"

[Marian] "Eric has grown soft and weak. Many times have I pleaded with him to allow me to take my place at his side; to be his instrument of retribution in these dark times, only to be rejected again and again. 'The place at my side is not meant for you', he would tell me. Well, I disagree. If I cannot stand next to him, then I will stand against him! He will fall, and I will rise!"

[Gabriel releases his grip on the tree and begins to slowly back away; careful not to make any audible noise. He turns around as he is suddenly struck on the head by a blunt object, knocking him to the ground as darkness and un-consciousness overtakes him.]

[Somewhere on the outskirts of Brasov]

[Eric watches as Adriana surrounds herself in a veil of black mist and ascends into the night towards her hidden lair.]

[Eric] "So much for secrets..."

[Eric turns his head and stares at Cooper.]

[Eric] "You are not fully a child of the night yet. Soon, you will begin to grow weak and must learn to feed."

[Eric turns and looks off towards the East.]

[Eric] "The night is late, and soon, the sun will rise. You must remain in shadow lest the light burn your skin. We must return now to the castle and prepare for daylight. You will be tired and must sleep."

[Cooper] "Will we sleep inside a coffin?"

[A slight smirk can be seen on Cooper's face as Eric gives him a dissatisfied glare. He points his finger at Cooper.]

[Eric] "Forget you now, at this moment, everything you have come to know about vampires."

[Eric lowers his arm.]

[Eric] "We do not sleep in coffins, nor do we change ourselves into bats. Do not believe in the stories that are told of us by unglorified story tellers. All that you must know, you will learn from me."

[Eric begins to slowly step closer to Cooper.]

[Eric] "For too long has there been an emptly place at my side... You knew me...two years ago, though your mind does not remember. For two years have you lingered inside my mind; unable to escape my thoughts. I have fought, bribed and killed to find you. Now that you are here, you must forget all traces of your former life, and take your place at my side."

[Cooper] "What if I refuse?"

[Eric] "Refuse?"

[Eric steps up and places his face directly in front of Cooper; their noses nearly touching as Eric gives Cooper a determined glare.]

[Eric] "Then I will kill you..."

[Inside a small cabin somewhere in a forest far from Brasov]

[Gabriel is lying on a small bed as his eyes begin to open. He reaches up and rubs his throbbing head as he tries to make out the shapes that are present in his blurry eyesight.]

[Unknown Stranger] "Ah, you're awake. I was beginning to worry that maybe I had clubbed you over the head too forcefully."

[A small laugh escapes the strangers mouth and he begins to pour a cup of hot tea; offering it to Gabriel.]

[Unknown Stranger] "Tea?"

[Gabriel] "No!"

[Gabriel continues to rub his aching head as a small moan escapes his lips.]

[Unknown Stranger] "Suit yourself."

[The stranger sets his tea kettle back onto his wood-burning stove before he turns and sits on a large, wooden chair. He takes a sip of tea from his cup as he watches Gabriel.]

[Gabriel] "Where am I?"

[Gabriel blinks several times and carefully sits up on the bed; leaning his back against the wall as he tries to focus his vision on the man sitting before him. The man regards Gabriel slightly before answering.]

[Unknown Stranger] "Someplace safe. Tell me...what were you doing out here, Mister...?"

[Gabriel] "Gabriel. My name is Gabriel, but please don't call me 'mister'".

[The man grins slightly as he prepares to take another sip of his tea.]

[Unknown Stranger] "Very well..."

[Gabriel begins to look around the dimly lit room as his vision finally begins to re-focus. On the walls of the cabin hangs all manner of memorabilia. All types of medals and photographs can be seen hanging next to framed letters of commendation. Gabriel then notices, hanging above the fireplace, is a white and red uniform covered in all kinds of exotic decorations. Gabriel winces as he begins to recognize the uniform. He turns to face the man sitting in the chair before him.]

[Gabriel] "Who are you?"

[Unknown Stranger] "You mean you don't know who I am?"

[Gabriel slowly shakes his head as he watches the man take another sip of his tea.]

[Unknown Stranger] "My name is Edric Turner. Former Grand Master of the Righteous Order of Angelic Knights..."

[Gabriel says nothing as he feels a sudden shiver run up his spine.]

[Somewhere inside a secret location far from Brasov]

[Adriana ascends a flight of stairs; coming up into a dimly lit room. The room is illuminated by candles set upon a series of large stone pillars. On the floor is a long, red carpet that runs the length of the entire room. On the far wall is a roaring fire set inside a large fireplace. If front of the fireplace sits two large, red-velvet chairs. One of the chairs is larger and more grand than the other. Adriana sits down on the smaller chair. A deep voice begins to reverberate throughout the room with no particular point of origin.]

[Deep Voice] "It is done, then?"

[Adriana] "It was not necessary. Eric is...unpredictable at best. With absolutely no encouragment from me, he is determined to wipe the Order from the face of Romania. Our plans are proceeding better than we had anticipated. He truly is the child of destiny."

[Deep Voice] "And what of his companion?"

[Adriana] "His companion is no longer of any consequence. In fact, he may prove to be useful. Eric seems to draw forth strength from his continued presence. Cooper, however, must not be allowed to fully regain the memory of his time in Romania two years ago. If our actions were to be discovered, it could undo everything we have worked for."

[Deep Voice] "What of Eric and Marian?"

[Adriana] "Eric does not know. Our actions of the past remain a secret to him. As for Marian...he could prove to be a threat. He has been rebellious of Eric for quite some time now. I will be keeping a close eye on him."

[Adriana continues to lounge in the smaller chair as she stares at the fire before her.]

[Adriana] "Soon, the pieces will begin falling into place. Eric will rise against the Order, and the Order will be destroyed. Their downfall will be the gateway to your resurrection. Once they have fallen, we will recover your body from the crypts. Eric will be sacrificed, and you will be reborn. We will use Eric's life energies to heal your broken body and you will once again walk the earth as the lord of all vampires..."

[To be continued...]

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thinking of leaving, some may think putting this on a blog is a bit wrong, but I dont want to just walk away from my good friends on here, dont know what to do for the best, my energy seems to have dried up, you have always been supportive to me and thank you all for that, scott

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Why Don't More Younger Guys Keep Their Body Hair As Nature Intended
Added: 559 days ago / Views: 2726 Case In Point:

I love younger guys with body hair. Yeah young twinky boys look cute smooth, case in point , but I wish more younger guys in general kept their body hair. Nature intended men to have body hair why all the distaste in it? Why can't more guys just accept their bodies for what nature intended them. I believe males are most beautiful in their natural state. I also never got the obsession with guys trying to be rail thin, again young twinky boys look cute like this, but most younger guys look better I think with some meat on their bones. As far as older guys trying to stay smooth and rail thin, your fooling no one anyway, why not accept your body for what it is. This is my 2 cents anyway, what do you guys think?
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Friday April 17...Day of Silence
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Day of Silence (April 17, 2015)

Silence can create change!

Thatâs why every year hundreds of thousands of students across the world take a vow of silence on a Friday in April. This quiet but powerful, student-led action raises awareness about the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Anyone can organize a Day of Silence activity or event, and it can be a powerful way to band together and take a stand. Learn more about how to register, organize, what your rights are, and what to do if those rights arenât being respected.

Strength in numbers. Solidarity in silence.

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Webmasters deleted so many of my gallerys!
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Without notification the webmasters deleted over 40 of my gallerys. Without notification or reason why. Thats not the right way. Im angry and dont post any more new pics.

Bye all.

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missing you my friend
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Phallussy (Dennis) i miss you please come back soon your missed here

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Added: 559 days ago / Views: 200

Hey guys! i been on here for couple months and decided to create a account and say hi! hope to get to know everybody here! this is a cool website! im looking to make some friends and to talk about this lifestyle. so leave comments below or message me and hope to hear from you

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how do you remove a pic folder?
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I've tried to delete so I can add more pics and resubmit but the album is still there.

Any ideas guys?

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Needing new friends
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Inbox me for my number, or add me to Yahoo Messenger:

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Catching Up again...
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Jeez I'm tired. Sitting here typing this I can barely see my screen and feel worn. I'm still trying to contact a lot of people by email too (catching up).  Acheron..  if you can see this good friend, please don't think I've deserted you...  I will email very soon as I miss those chats and the much loved advice!  Paul..  you too, bud..  I'll soon get there. I was at an event last nite and I'm just so tired and my voice has nearly gone lol.  Love ya guys xxx

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Wetnesday ♥
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Taking a nice warm shower XD


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