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This thing with our posts not posting is pissing me off.
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This thing with our posts not posting is pissing me off.

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Whenever I see non-nude selfies...what comes to my mind is...
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Whenever I see non-nude selfies what comes to my mind is the very first time I saw one which was with a naked boy!

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Ejaculation spraying EVERYWHERE!
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Ejaculation SPRAYING everywhere!!!

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When you all make love in particular in the night time...
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When you all make love...particularly in the night and your partner cum, right?

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My kind of Smurfs....
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can not view whole site from my mobile
Added: 650 days ago / Views: 249

used to be able to do this up until like 2 months ago...anyone else have this problem?

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Can't log on to old account.
Added: 650 days ago / Views: 109

Are there any admins out there? I'm trying to log on to my main account and I can't. I tried resetting the password but that temporary password doesn't work. Please help me fix this issue.

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Just when you think nobody cares...
Added: 650 days ago / Views: 130

I care

And I always will. No matter what time of day ;)

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Heroes And Villains
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It has been an interesting day in New Zealand politics when two politicians - one a hero to the gay community, and one a villain - have ended up in serious trouble.

The hero is Maurice Williamson, a National party Cabinet Minister who made the famous "Gay Rainbow" speech last year regarding gay marriage.

Williamson has been forced to resign after (allegedly) interferring with a Police investigation.

The villain is an odious little creep called Denis O'Rourke; a member of Parliament who has not only been outed as gay (something I have known for 20 years) but it seems he has had his partner on the taxpayer payroll since 2011.

O'Rourke is a liar, a hypocrite and apparently a thief; not only has he voted against gay marriage but also funding for various gay organisations.

I am saddened at the departure of Maurice Williamson as his speech neutralised the gay marriage issue and reassured various conservative people that there was nothing to fear.

The gay community owes him a debt of gratitude. Here is the link to his famous speech which attracted worldwide publicity.

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Patrick Roche "21" Powerful..scary…brave:
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An incredible poem hard to brave

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Added: 651 days ago / Views: 283

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Buddy Thanks for being a long time friend.

Please wish Andy a Happy day 8-)

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Coming out
Added: 651 days ago / Views: 309

How many of you have come out to friends or pearents and was it positive my coming out was great but far to late should have done that over 25 years ago

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Re-uploaded uniform vid
Added: 651 days ago / Views: 167

Vid been re uploaded, see it here :)

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A little seasoning?
Added: 651 days ago / Views: 218

Cock Seasoning...  lol

Ohhh myyyyyyy!

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Added: 651 days ago / Views: 127

Hey guys, I have a Inbox/Mail tech question for the admin but dont know who it is. Thanks for any help.

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I Love My Boyfriend
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I love my boyfriend to death. He is wonderful and our sex life is awesome. But sometimes I just get the urge to fuck someone else. I love tall, skinny guys with nice cocks. I want to suck and fuck and get fucked by other guys all the time but I can't because I love him so much. I jerk off a lot and that helps. Does anyone else experience this? What helps? I'm very happy in my relationship. Just horny, needing some other guy's come on me.

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Topic: Envy, Jealousy and Hate
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Why do I envy the people I know? Shouldn't I feel happy for them? For an odd reason I am filled with anger, jealousy, and hate. Possibly because it seems that their dreams are becoming a reality and mine are not. I loath being greedy and yet it is a part of myself I can not control. Confusion,depression, and jealousy currently overwhelms me. There are times when it feels like my life will never amount to anything.

I know this is a strange place to seek advice, but I love anonymous responces because it makes me feel like the person responding is truly being genuine. Here on this site we have the freedom to be our trueself, because here there is nothing to be ashamed of. We are all here because we share an interest, and it doesnt matter who we are or where we come from... we live on the same earth, breath the same polluted air. Im just seeking a few comforting comments. Thank you.

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Best anal sex toy on amazon?
Added: 651 days ago / Views: 238

trying to find the best one for a reasonable price :) from uk btw xx

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Giovanni's Room
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The oldest gay bookshop in America is about to close its doors after 41 years.

The owner of the store in Philidelphia said it was losing money and simply cannot continue - read about it here

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Speaking of Loving My Boyfriend
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I may have asked this before but it's a different guy. I've been with him for almost

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If You're Buying....I'm Selling!
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I think this is a wonderful campaign and I expect vast numbers of businessmen who are actually quite homophobic in private will happily display these signs.

The objective of a business is to make a profit, not to worry about who the customers are; I know from my own 20 years as a businessman all about this.

Strange as it may seem there are about a dozen or so regular customers of mine whom I have been dealing with for many years, since the 1990s, yet I don't like them very much and find dealing with them a chore - yet if they are spending money (which I in turn will end up spending) then I am happy to take it.

That probably makes me sound like a monstrous, two faced old tart - but business is business.

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happy birthday BILLY
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Ouch Take Two
Added: 651 days ago / Views: 201

Ouch Take 2

Don't try this at home...

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jack off
Added: 652 days ago / Views: 175

how meany times a day did you jack off in school and where

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good bye guys thanks
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Vid Requests :)
Added: 652 days ago / Views: 310

Hey guys! Well, I've decided to go back to my naughty old ways and make vids of myself again ;)

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cute str8 guys
Added: 652 days ago / Views: 385

have you ever had a crush on a str8 guy? to the extent that you told him or hit on hit to see what might happen?

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US: School board votes not to ban ‘Two Boys Kissing’ book
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A Virginia school board has voted unanimously against banning a gay-themed young adult novel, after a lengthy public hearing.

A number of parents spoke at the hearing, both in favour of banning the book and against, but Jessica Wilson, who initially called for the ban, opted not to speak.

Book; Two Boys Kissing

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Jordan's Daily Giggle
Added: 653 days ago / Views: 145

Funny Elephant Pic

Sorry if this pic is large...

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.....maybe a good gift for your X-BF? :)
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Why do I care?
Added: 653 days ago / Views: 129

I don't care because I have to...

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Vegan , Fruitarian ,Vegetarian , Raw Vegan
Added: 653 days ago / Views: 172

Anyone else adapt one of these lifestyles , and why :o

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Gay dating sites being used to entrap men
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The Electronic Frontier Foundation has warned that gay dating sites are being used by police to entrap men across the Middle East.

This has alos been an issue in Russia where young men are set up by groups of thugs.

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Todays Lunch
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Thought For Today...
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funny quotes

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