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TV Shows, etc.
Views: 114 · Added: 745 days ago

Man, the shit got real last night in the walking dead!! Whoo eee' that governor is one bad mutha. Anyone that dates that lesbian from "The Mist" is in serious trouble.

Also, Game of Thrones on March 31! Anyone else think Joffre is hot?? I know you guys are all gay, but the blond Darthraki queen that's naked through the whole show is smmmooookkin' hot. I know some of you guys saw her and considered crossing back over to our side in bi-land. There's nothing wrong with that, just sayin'

Haha, Adios!~


a few things the site should update
Views: 131 · Added: 746 days ago

i think a few things the website should update are:
1. In photo albums with more than 1 photo, it should list how many pictures are in that album.
2. the next button on members' favorited pics doesn't work.

How can i suggest these to admin?

Views: 212 · Added: 746 days ago

just a light-hearted approach to a subject, let all the other guys discuss the more serious or sexual subjects. Do you wear them or thinking of buying one, or do you think they are drab, personally I dont think I would ever buy one, dont think they are suitable attire for guys, no trap doors on them.

getting in the mood
Views: 1442 · Added: 746 days ago

Is it only me who likes to visit and read a few stories to get in the mood before cumming to
I'm not being paid for this, just asking.

my pic online
Views: 399 · Added: 746 days ago

i just found one of my pics on nibbelbit....not sure how i feel...has this ever happened to you? not my best pic but my cock looks big:) so while im post ing any of you boys having some hot sex?

uploaded a vid nick18
Views: 238 · Added: 746 days ago

so lets see if it works just uploaded another vid at 10:14 lets see if it makes it on here.

Views: 216 · Added: 746 days ago

guys,we have a very honorable member here named TOBY11467,and hes suffering from bone cancer,if no donor is found by spring2013,then tobys doctors are gonna stop treating him,and thats not good.for those who already know toby,you know were are talking about a very genuine person,for those that dont know toby,you too will feel his love........his blood type is AB POSITIVE,its a rare blood type and thats why we must react NOW to help toby..........PLEASE,lets help save a Brother,a friend who really needs our help,if you can help,please get a hold of nick18 or other admins here,or hit me up too because i stay in contact with toby daily,toby needs a bone marrow transplant,i dont know whats involved with it,but im sure your time saving someones life is wel worth the effort......heres a link for more info thank you very much for making an effort.........we love you very much toby and were here for you my buddy...........Slurper

Just a few words....
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I know its fantastic to meet over the internet. And its nice to see the other chatter on cam. But why in the world are there so many people who only want to watch without having a cam?

A few years ago it was an unrwitten law: i see you and you see me.

so what happened?

Views: 356 · Added: 747 days ago

luck,,,what is it..are you lucky?..please share your thoughts,feelings,,and experiences concerning luck...thanks

about gay or straight
Views: 369 · Added: 747 days ago

to be gay or not to be?

Views: 207 · Added: 747 days ago



Just when it seems like the discussions have gotten away from it I see more questions about when did you first cum when did you first fuck Well I am really not interested in hearing about 12 and 13 year old sex stories for the gratification of horny old pedophiles. If that is what this site is about please just tell me straight up >pardon the pun< >>>>>>>joey. I think anyone who abuses a child for his or her own personal gratification should be punished

Sex positions
Views: 579 · Added: 747 days ago

What's your favourite sex position?

Bareback or use Condoms?

Views: 217 · Added: 747 days ago


why do I prefer vintage?
Views: 355 · Added: 747 days ago

everytime I see a good vintage I rate them higher then new vids. Why? Are there friends who agree? and why do you prefer them?

Bored and Horny
Views: 122 · Added: 747 days ago

Being bored and horny makes for a not so amazing time! Porn it is! :D xx

Love, Hook-up, or Friends with Benefits
Views: 178 · Added: 747 days ago

Which do you, hook-ups, or friends with benefits??? And why???

hairstyle is my thing
Views: 225 · Added: 747 days ago

I wish that twinks etc. made more efort to look smart with hairstyles....who feels the same.....

Gay Parents
Views: 102 · Added: 747 days ago

Who has gay parents in this community? How is your relationship with them? Tell us some stories of your modern family! THX! <3

Views: 702 · Added: 748 days ago

does anyone know where i can find more videos of the boy on the left with the curly hair in these videos? and

thanks alot

Sexy music search
Views: 107 · Added: 748 days ago

Because of an embodiment of an erotic story, which I will publish soon, I need music sexy guy. The video will be up to 10 minutes.
Thank you in advance for the help.

What a great site!
Views: 170 · Added: 748 days ago

I just signed on and already a number of you have become friends. What a great site for pics, vids, and good conversation.

First post
Views: 99 · Added: 748 days ago

Hello guys i'm new in this community but i would love to meet boys to have my first experience ;)

Random things
Views: 241 · Added: 748 days ago

Have you ever got your cock out in public or wanked in public?

sex - that's what its all about
Views: 212 · Added: 748 days ago

please write me stories of your first cum, your first bj, your first of anything. I like to read and masturbate to the stories.

The US Navy Seal who claims to have killed Osama bin Laden has described shooting him in the head and how he is now a civilian struggling to survive.

In a 15,000 word piece published in Esquire magazine, the soldier describes his jubilation but also the personal cost he has since suffered.

''I shot him, two times in the forehead. Bap! Bap! The second time as he's going down. He crumpled on to the floor in front of his bed and I hit him again, Bap! same place.''

The man was part of Seal Team Six, which was tasked with flying into Pakistan and killing the al Qaeda leader at his hideout nearly two years ago. He told the magazine he was the only one to shoot bin Laden. He entered bin Laden's third-storey bedroom and saw the terror chief move across the room, while holding on to one of his wives, towards an AK47 rifle.

"He looked confused. And way taller than I was expecting... he was holding her in front of him. Maybe as a shield, I don't know. For me, it was a snapshot of a target ID, definitely him... that's him, boom, done.

"I thought in that first instant how skinny he was, how tall and how short his beard was, all at once. He was wearing one of those white hats, but he had, like, an almost shaved head. Like a crew cut. I remember all that registering.

"In that second, I shot him, two times in the forehead. Bap! Bap! The second time as he's going down. He crumpled on to the floor in front of his bed and I hit him again, Bap! same place.

''He was dead. Not moving. His tongue was out. I watched him take his last breaths, just a reflex breath."

It was over in 15 seconds. He said most of the team thought they would die on the mission and had written farewell letters to their families.

The interview goes on to reveal the mental and physical price the man has since paid.

He was offered a place on witness protection, his job: delivering beer. He turned it down because he didn't want to lose contact with family and friends.

He had taken part in the interview because after 16 years' service he had no pension or health care. Only those with 20 years' service got the benefits.The soldier also talked about teaching his children to hide in the bath and his wife to use a shotgun out of fear of reprisal.

"He gave so much to his country, and now it seems he's left in the dust," his wife says.

"I feel there's no support, not just for my family but for other families in the community. I honestly have nobody I can go to or talk to. Nor do I feel my husband has gotten much for what he's accomplished in his career,"

Views: 255 · Added: 749 days ago

When you look at a new video on GBT what is it that makes you say to yourself I gotta download this one?

Views: 213 · Added: 749 days ago

I have to ask. Does anyone else experience as much video upload difficulty as I think I do? I have a few onboard, but only after several attempts. I use mp4 and wmv and have tried several times to upload part III of which the first two were excepted. Perhaps I am missing something in the procedure. Leaves me a bit confused as I see a lot of video repeated. I have much more to share which I think fits the upload criteria, but , well, ???

Has anyone tried poppers?
Views: 600 · Added: 749 days ago

Have you tried them before they changed formulas?

hey everyone!!!
Views: 95 · Added: 749 days ago

ok i miss you guys :(:( i know you do see me online but i dont chat its because its hard to stay on here for a long time so im sorry if i dont chat much anymore, as that said and done how is everyone????

valentines day
Views: 290 · Added: 749 days ago

so what are you doing for it??

Happy V-Day!
Views: 126 · Added: 749 days ago

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. For those who have boyfriends or more....enjoy your day the most. Me....I am single and will be spending my day doing endless school work...but I will be ok for now. One day at a day at a time. Sex Story #3 is coming up this weekend...and I do like to write sexy fantasy let me know if y'all got an idea in mind and I would surely write it and put it on here. ;)

Happy St Valentine's Day
Views: 100 · Added: 749 days ago

I hope all my friends (and everyone else!) finds their true love. xxxx

Happy Valentines Day
Views: 128 · Added: 749 days ago

Today, we celebrate love. Most often we think of the power of Cupid to inspire the romantic love between two people. But love manifests itself in many ways. There is the love of a parent for their child. And the child for the parent and perhaps their siblings. And then there is the love shared between friends. And, today we celebrate love in all its forms. And, as I write this, I want to thanks those that have touched my heart here in friendship...and allowed my heart to touch theirs. For it is in love that we know life at its fullest. We know that we exist and that we have value in this world. So, I thank you all for your friendship, your kindness...and most importantly for the love that helps to sustain me each day. For it is in the love of others that we know ourselves.

Views: 104 · Added: 749 days ago

Just watched Jitters (Órói) once again, love love love love this movie! So icelandic and heart breaking!Órói-(2010)


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