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Its called "gay millitary men take off clothes and beet off together outside" or something like that. I never got to watch all of it but the part I did watch was very hot.thank you

and/or does anyone know where i can find the full video, without going to the website and paying?


I want my own Daddy fantasy
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I wanna hear it and sum tips bcuz I'm closer then what you think... I'm 22
His 55

Trade Pics
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Would anyone like to trade pics?

Electro Stim?
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Does anyone here do electro stim? If so, what is the best and most inexpensive way to get started?

Publication of videos waiting.
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I still have videos I posted Sunday night and another French time yesterday.
They are still not published. The titles are: The evil angels and big cock, angels and bad angels perverse passengers and the host. Philippe

Hey guys I need some help
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My friend just turned 18 and he was trying to make an account on gbt. Well he keeps putting all the information in right and it's saying th caption is an error.. What do I do to help him fix this problem? I tryed to make one for him and it wouldn't even let me do it

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how do i get into doing gay porn in ny state? anyone?

the kid from jerry mcgwyer
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yhea jonathan lipnicki turned into a stud muffin look him up

how long ago?
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How long ago was it that u busted a good nut?
Were u alone or wirh someone?
How many tiws a day do u?

google earth--little man
Views: 350 · Added: 759 days ago a fav of mine..its a map and geography tutor..i have been to lots of cities to look around..BUT...somebody recently showed me the walk-around cool..go to a place (your house)..get down close...then on the right,,by the compass...there is the little on him and drag him to where you want to walk need to have buildings 3d...this works in many places but not everywhere..scroll forward and backward...use mouse to turn and see left and right..little side streets may not the boonies ..maybe not..try it..i love it..

We got a new dog!
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The rents back in Atlanta just scored a new Chocolate! They named him "Liffy"! I'm stoked!

Can't wait to get back there over SB. I'll post some pics when I get them!

'Bout time! Somebody needed to guard my trampy in the garden. All these gay guys jumpin' naked on it when I'm not there!!!!


hey all
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hi names john im 26 bi top from schoharie ny which is about 30mins west from albany just seeing if theres any cute guys out there that might wanna chat let me know put hey johnny in the subject :)

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how do i get into doing gay porn in ny state? anyone?

just asking
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y does everyone HATE oldaforyounger i mean i may be new and stuff but its like everyone i talk to is like he so mean and to me all i see is blah blah blah and im just asking a question please dont get mad or hate me

vid not playing
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dear gbt there is a major malfunction going on at your wonderful website in relation to playing videos etc.Please tell me its only temporary.Icant live without gbt.Please come back boys.

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higuys mail me at

Moble site problems
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Is anyone having problems viewing the videos on the moble site?

I found this piece online and found it interesting.
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A normal Sunday afternoon in the park with my wife and our three-year old daughter. Out of the corner of my eye another little girl is swinging from the monkey bars. She's almost two metres off the ground and is visibly distressed.

My first instinct is to rush to her aid but I stay planted to the ground as I look around anxiously to see if one of her parents is going to help her. If she falls, she's going to hurt herself, possibly break a limb. But still I don't step in to help. Fortunately, a female friend stepped in to save the day.

Why didn't I help her? For the same reason that I'm happy to take my daughter to soccer but not to ballet class. Because I'm a man.

I don't want to put myself in a position where I could be perceived as predatory or a pervert, or make a child, or its parents feel threatened. I've internalised this fear so much so that even though I only wanted to help, I would have felt creepy if I'd lifted someone else's daughter down from the monkey bars.

I know I'm not the only man who feels this way. At a recent playdate my daughter and another little boy were naked, playing with a hose and jumping on the trampoline.

A male friend dropped around to visit and was palpably distressed by the children's nudity. He said that he didn't know where to look and he if he looked in the wrong direction a second too long, he feared we'd think he was a creep. It was only when the kids were dressed that he relaxed.

Even men who are employed to look after children have to monitor their own behaviour in ways that would probably never occur to their female colleagues.

On a recent segment on ABC Radio National's Life Matters show, for example, Centre Coordinator of preschool and kindergarten at Little Shearwater Craig d'Arcy told of a family who wrote on their enrolment form 'If there is a male at this centre, they're to have nothing to do with my child'.

D'Arcy added that if he is changing a child, then a female colleague needs to be at the door to ensure that he doesn't do anything inappropriate or illegal.

In our society, there's a rule that it's not acceptable for men to touch or even look at children that are not their own. While this might seem paranoid, it is justified. The current enquiry into the Catholic church and other organisations over sex abuse is a stark reminder of the problems of trusting men too much. While only a minority of men are paedophiles, there are enough of them to justify the social convention.

As a father, I sleep better at night knowing that there are social barriers between men and my daughter. Despite the inconvenience and unfair assumption of guilt, I'm glad that male teachers and childcare workers feel compelled to keep their office doors open when dealing with girls.

At the same time, a more nuanced public conversation about men and children would be welcome; one that expanded, even slightly, positive models of men in nurturing roles such as childcare and teaching - without the automatic presumption that they are predators.

Of course, that doesn't mean taking a laissez-faire attitude to men and children, but it does mean abandoning stereotypes - stereotypes which, as in my experience in the park - can be dangerous.

Christopher Scanlon is Associate Dean (Academic) in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at La Trobe University.

Hurting Ass! :D
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Hey Guys!
My ass is hurting so much this morning..
Who did rape me during my sleep? v_v

Its Been A Year
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One year ago today i came out. I came out only to a few people who really matter to me so far, but even so everything has changed from my point if view. All in all i have to say it was worth it .. because i am worth it - WE ARE worth it... And YES It is still Fun to be me:)

Have you ever been a nudist or at a resort?
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Ok one more time boys, ive had a number of GBT memberrs ask my what is a Gay/ Family resort, it is a place you can go to have fun in the sun and sex. This resort is very old and private resort here in BAJA,CA Mexico. What gos on here stay here and is very leagl. Everyone is nude and free to play around, you must ask, but everone is open, hell we have over 2000 members here. We have a place here called lost boys island where boys and girls of all ages can go and play around with anyone of there choosing. Ok if you a have any questios let me know and ill try to answer them. Sundencekid1212

I'm an older guy that is looking for some one to stroke off.And to punch some one with lean hard abs.I would also like to oil your body down.

Sex Story #3
Views: 182 · Added: 762 days ago for this story I wanted to use a I decided to use Justin Bieber in this fantasty. If you all got a celebrity that you have in mind for my next story, let me know. I will soooo use it in next week's tale. ;) Enjoy.

Justin just got done with his concert for the night. Singing all of the same songs...the same screaming girls clawing at him....Justin needed some relief. He went into his dressing room and locked the door. He saw his best friend sitting there waiting for him...naked. Justin's eyes lit up and took off his shirt. He asked his friend to give him a massage on his shoulders. His friend started there...but then worked his way down to Justin's big cock that was starting to tent up. His friend couldn't take it anymore and Justin let him at it. Justin stripped off completely and his friend sucked him off. Justin felt like he died and went to heaven. Only his friend knew that he was gay and was always there to give him some relief after all of his shows. So after his friend sucked him dry, he licked and played with Justin's balls. Then, Justin decided to eat his friend's ass so that he was ready for Justin's big cock. Boy...did his ass taste soooo good to Justin. With that, Justin decided to play with his friends cock a little. Finally, the time came for Justin to fuck his friend. He didn't hesistate for one moment and fucked his friend bareback. Justin didn't stop at all...he kept going and going. His friend was in complete ectasy as he kept moaning and begging Justin to cum. After what seemed like an eternity, Justin finally shouted out and came inside his friend's ass. His friend jacked his cock off like mad and in a few seconds, splattered his cum all over the sofa. After that, Justin and his friend cuddled up for a while until they knew it was time to go. But that didn't stop them from doing anything in the tour bus....... ;)

Fraternity brothers raising money to help pay for transgender member's top surgery

Emerson College's Phi Alpha Tau launch online campaign for Donnie Collins

Donnie Collins, an Emerson College sophomore pledging the Phi Alpha Tau fraternity, is finding out a lot about the meaning of brotherhood.

Collins is a transgender male whose health insurance does not cover his female-to-male top surgery which involves the removal of the breasts. He has paid for his hormone treatment himself.

Now his his new fraternity brothers have stepped in to help raise money for the operation through a page on

'We care deeply about each and everyone, and rely on the entire active brotherhood to stand behind any one individual when they are in need,' members state on the page. 'We as an organization are told from day one to use our resources. You may not know this gentleman like we do, and we might not even know you, but if it speaks to you then we want to present you with an opportunity to give.'

Collins wants to have the surgery in May. He came out as transgender while a student at an all-girls boarding school in Windsor, Connecticut.

He tells that he cried in gratitude when he found out what his fraternity brothers were doing for him.

'I was just like, ‘Oh that’s such a Tau thing to do,’ and I didn’t even think it was that weird,' Collins says. 'But then I started sending [the indiegogo link] out to people, and they were like, ‘Oh my god, that’s amazing! See, Greek Life isn’t bad; it’s amazing.’'

As of Monday (25 February) evening PST, just over $2,300 had been raised.

- See more at:

And here is there video appeal:

anyone in socal?
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looking for new friends .
im in the IE

Sexual Likes
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Here are some Sexual Related things I like. Do you like the same or have another outlook on them. Let me know Guys.

SUCKING COCK: I love Sucking Cock Big Time. The feel of a Cock in my mouth sliding in my throat & tasting precum as it oozes out just makes me so Horny my Cock stays Hard when I am Sucking a Guys Cock. In the right situation I can get into a Guy "Face Fucking" me and when a Guy starts to Cum Its HOT if he pushes my head all the way down on his Cock so it slides down my throat.

HARD SEX: Generly I am Versital so I like to Top just as much as Bottom. I do sometimes get into a state where I would rather Top & smetimes I would rather Bottom. If a Guy is HOT, Tall, Slim, Smooth, has a high sex drive & Big Cock I will want him to TOP. When a Guy gets into it, gets a bit rough, pumps deep & hard (hitting that special spot) I get way into it. I can stay hard & last a long time sometimes I can get verbal and moan alot if its way HOT. If a Guy starts to drip some sweat om me I realy get into it & if he hits that special spot just right I can Cum without jerking off. ** When I TOP I like to do it the same way I like to take it.

3-WAYS: I have had and do enjoy 3-Ways but the guys must all click & get into a variety of things. I will be honest it fees HOT when ya Top a Guy while either Sucking Cock or having another Guy Top as well.

Mike18 Eats a Cookie
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I just saw this vid, does this not look like Mike to everyone really think its him :)

HI all new to here
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any one from Idaho or oregon near fruitland Idaho

thank you all
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In few hours it will be 400 days on GBT for me Whoop Whoop !!!, can’t believe it, Me never thought about being here for so long. I live a great adventure here, yes an adventure ... Each day me can travel all around the world and meet such of nice person from everywhere. It's a great living experience for me.. Here i met lots of wonderful persons, they made me laugh, cry, love...I'm so happy to know all of you. You bring me your friendship,your warmth and your love without any conditions and i thank you so much for that...I hope that during these 400 days, I have been able to give you a little joy and also show you how life worth to be lived .. I gave you a bit of myself...As you know, my life has not always been easy .. Very young, life has led me to make decisions. The death of my father was a great pains for the whole family. At the age of 13, I had to become a man .. Not easy ... but I had to support my mother and especially Patrick who at 5 years did not understand ..I was a man, at 13 years old, me was a man and inexperienced...This was a period in my life very difficult, not just for me...Then the years passed and I grew up not just physically .. Then one day I found the love of my life, Yannick, unexpected happiness came into my life and still more present in my life today. And years pass and when we think that nothing can happen to us, an accident occurs and I have to live the biggest fight of my young life, to survive....I fought, I was very scared, I did not give up because my loved ones needed me, especially Patrick and I survived .. And life goes on ... it was very difficult for me but I had to be strong for them .... .. I needed them and they needed me...Years pass and then Mom left to join Dad...More great pain for us .. Again, have fought together and have passed through .. Then came the fight for custody of Patrick and we still won, I mean that love has won .. I’m here today,serene, sitting in my living room and watching my Patrick and my Yannick playing hockey outside with Pat’s friends and i have tears of joy rolling on my cheeks..I am a lucky man and especially happy. It’s for this reason that i wrote this message..What I want to say is that if you give a small chance at life, you will see, she can give you so many good things and life will make you live beautiful moments..... That’s why me ’’ SMILE TO LIFE ‘’ ..... I love the life, you all know that and this is the mark I want to leave in your heart and I hope you can feel it when you think at me .. Alexis Samuel ..I want to thank you all to be my friend and sorry for you because i’ll be here for annoter 400 to Read you....Keep smiling ... Big Hugzzz n Kisss... SAM xxx..

I live in hopkins MN.I have a room just for gut punching.

rate my cock
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hi guy if you could rate my cock

What Should the Title of your Autobiography Be?
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A) Dial M for Manhood.


B) I know why the jailed bi sings.

<3u all vm! J-

Tell the ones
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I have lost some one very dear to me and have been battling the depression from it, day to day is getting better. That is why I have been gone, The one thing I have learned from this is you! me! really need to tell the ones you care about how much they mean to you, a hug, the words I love you so much. Life is so short not to say this to the ones that you care about. Thanks to the ones that have ask if I am OK. I am OK getting better :-)

Big Rugby Weekend in UK
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Hi everyone. I've been missing for almost a week and need a release!!! Big rugby weekend here in the UK with the 6 nations games. Will most likely have to party :-) Anyone else on here looking forward to the rugby?
Love to all. Matt xx


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