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just curious?!!!!!
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What happen to that live chat thing i was on last night? was it a beta test thing?. Its showed multiple rooms with people in it.

site crashing
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Does anyone else have problems with this site crashing on them? Use to be once a month which I didn't mind cause I needed a break. But now, it's everytime I get on it. Any Solutions?

is its guys from Wales UK on here
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I'm new to all if it so I just need bit if help

i'm like to have friends on here?

Dumb Question Maybe, But Asking Anyway
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Does anyone know how to get rid of "dead" friend requests? I have 3 people that requested friendship and either got kicked or closed their accounts (or maybe they got orphaned in some of the technical issues the site has had the way some of my files did).

Basically, what I have are 3 entries that have no name or profile attached to them and rejecting them doesn't dispatch them. They continue to show in the "Requests" link at the top of the page and on the "Requests" page itself and it irritates me every tie I log in.

Appreciate any suggestions.

Sexually curious
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Is there anyone in Ireland or UK for fone sex with 18 yr old boy!!...can anyone handle it :)

Sports players' underwear
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Looking a vids like "a hot guy", I'm curious to know what underwear (if any) athletes likes soccer players wear under their shorts?

true story of high school sex pt 6
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the story I tell is true.There is
no one with 9 inch cocks here just guys I went to school with. Please be of
legal age to read this. Most of what you have read if you have read the first
five parts were the most meaningful sex I had with my friends. There were
several little jerk off deals but the ones I have talked about had a lot of
impact on me and who I was. Wrestling season was in full swing and I was
having a great senior year. There were no stunning get togethers with
anyone at this time that I can remember. So I will move forward to My real
first crush or love as you would say. I had gone to college at SUNY and
continued to hit the weights and work out. I was now 210 with a 34 waist
and my hair was at shoulder length. School was only 30 miles away so I
would come home most of the time on the weekends. I had known Pike at
least that is what I will call him so that I don't out him here. Anyway I had known Pike just about all my live. He was one year
behind me in high school so by the time I was in college he was going to
his college with the name orange men. Even though we had interacted in high
school it was the summer during college break that we really started to
hang out. We played on the same softball team and just started to
click. Pike was an absolutely beautiful man in my eye's. He was 5'10 160
pounds brown hair and the softest brown eye's you could look into. He loved
baseball and played it well. He had a baseball players body. Very strong
legs for speed slender waist line and a nice chest. Not like a weight
lifters chest more like a swimmers look. His smile was so warm that when he
smiled at you all you could do was smile back.

We started hanging out having a few beers after the games when our
friendship started to heat up. He was dating this girl for a year or two
but things were starting to unravel for him with her. So when they broke up
he started to hang out at my house a little more often after the ball
games. Which believe me was good on my eyes? Pike was so fucking hot. I
knew at that age what style of guy I liked. And he fit it perfect. I was
never into guys bigger than me and always like a trim swimmer or baseball
kind of look in a guy. Anyway pike was coming by after our games and I
would console him about his break up with his girl. We would set their at
my dinning room table and start to drink I would usually have some pot or
hash to smoke and would partake. Pike did not do any drugs but would just
watch me get high as we would talk about his old girlfriend. Well, one
night I was pretty faded from smoking and drinking as Pike sat in the chair
across from me. I could not help but keep looking at his crotch as we keep
partying. When I would look back up at his eye's I could tell that he was
watching me looking at his crotch. I will never for get this as long as I
live but he busts my on it. He says, you look pretty toasted tonight
...aren't you? I said yeah I'm buzzed. He says can I ask you a question?
Well, nowadays when someone asks you that you kinda know whats coming. I
said sure whats the matter. Pike says I notice all summer you never go out
with any of the girls and I never see you with any. I was all panicky and
started to say something but he stopped me and said no worries I was just
wondering why you always invite me over and just kind of look at me ll the
time I'm here. I tried to explain that were friends and that I enjoyed his
company. But pike just kind of looked ay me for a few minutes and finally
said its cool joe I get it. He picked up his beer and took a sip and I was
freaking out. I go Pike I like you you're a good guy I enjoy you being
around me. He stopped me again and said Joe its cool I get it. I didn't
know what to do. So I just sat there and said are you sure you know? Pike
said yeah I know.

Then the strangest thing happened, Pike asked me how that hash made me
feel? I looked at him and had a sigh of relief I figured he was going to
change the subject. I said it makes me feel mellow and good. He just picked
up the pipe and took a puff. Of course he started to cough like hell and
all I could do was laugh my ass off. But took another hit cough some more
and drank his beer. I asked him why he did that? Pike look at me for a long
time right in my eye's then looked down my body and back to my eye's and
said I want to feel the way you feel. That made me think for a minute as to
what he was saying. I had heard that when pike and his friends used to camp
out they used to have circle jerks but that was when we were in 8th and 9th
grades and besides I never took part in any of them but I had heard.
Anyway I said that I felt great, but in my mind I thought he wanted to fuck
around. Before I could say anything more pike stood up and walked over to
the right side of me as I sat in the chair he put his hand on my shoulder
and said I want to feel like you do? Thats as close as to closet cases
could say lets have sex as you could get as far as I was concerned.

As I looked up at him his crotch was right next to my face as he leaned in
on me and pulled my head towards his belly. I could see Pikes lump in his
softball pants start to rise up. I leaned my shoulder against him as he
pressed against me. I looked at pike and I asked him if this is what you
want to do. I told him that I would love to have sex but not if he was
going to act like it never happened the next time I saw him. He said no I
want this to happen I've like you for some time I just didn't know how to
go about letting you know. I stood up and we walked to my room. It was late
so everyone in the house was to bed and a sleep. All I can really say was
the Pike was so beautiful all the other boys I messed with were just
that. Guys I had messed with. Now 20 and not sure how to go about having a
relationship I knew that he was special to me and I very much wanted to
have him in my life.

As we walked into my room I closed the door and locked it. Pike had his
back to me and I walked up and put my arms around him and gave him a big
huge. In turn he just held my arms as he leaned back into me. I gently
kissed the back of his neck as we both just relaxed and held each other. To
this day I remember how he smelled as I buried my face in his neck and felt
his face next to mine. We had just got done playing softball in the humid
days in New York. But he smelled hot as hell. Not the stink you get when
you have not showered in a day or so but the smell of an athlete. The way a
body smells when you have worked out. The musky salty smell and taste that
just makes you want to strip and get as much of it as you can. I let go of
Pike and sat on the edge of my bed as I started to take my baseball shoes
off when pike just stood in front of me and gently put both hands on the
side of my head and softly started to rub his groin against my face. His
softball pants where tight but his cock was hard and trying to push upwards
but could only go sideways in his pants. So he just swayed side to side as
he rubbed his cock threw his pants around my face and mouth. I could feel
the heat coming from him and the smell Musk coming from him was assume. All
the time he just keep rubbing the side of my head with his hands guiding me
to his cock. He reached down and pulled my shirt off as his hands massaged
my neck and head. I ran my hands under his shirt and felt that fantastic
stomach. It was no 6pac just a firm waist line with incredible softness and
heat coming from him. We both just gave low moans as he explored my body
as I explored his. I slowly stood up as we hugged each other I pulled his
shirt off. As he lifted his arms I could see the hair in his armpits. They
were soft and smelled of Right Guard sweat and him. I lowered a little and
rubbed my face into his chest he had a small tufted of hair in the center
which also was as soft as silk. I breathed in all of his sent and being
which drove me to his arm pits. Soft was the hair and beautiful was his
body as I just breathed him in. At that point I started to rub his cock
threw his pants and man was he hard . Every time I squeezed his cock he
whimpered a little. I finally reached in side his pants and felt his pubic
hair until I grabbed his cock. It was hot, sticky BIG throbbing and leaking
a lot. I pulled out his cock and just stroked it enough to get him
breathing very heavy. I stuck my hand in deeper and pulled out the heavy
nut sack. The aroma of his balls and sticky pre/cum filled the room. Then
Pike made a move that surprised me. He sat down on the edge of the bed and
had me stand in front of him. He felt my cock and just pull down the front
of my pants and just started to smell the tip of my cock as if testing it
to see if he would like to try more. I remember the tip of my cock touching
his lips as he cupped my balls and slowly engulfed my cock head into his
mouth. I looked down at his face as his eyes were closed as my cock slowly
slid into his mouth. Little by little he took me in as my pants fell to the
ground I just stepped out of them. Pike just kept sucking me, I could fell
the roof of his mouth rub on my cock head as all 6 inches hit bottom. I had
grabbed the back of his head and push it on until he gagged a little and
pulled off. I remember how soft his hair was as I grab a hand full of it. I
could see the spit from his mouth still on my cock. He looked up at me as I
smiled back down at his face. He was such a good looking guy his eyes were
a little watery from gagging but he went right back to it as he cupped and
squeezed my ball while just eating my cock. He sucked like it was the air
he needed to breath. I told him to slow down but he kept sucking me. At one
point he had all of me in his mouth and just created this vacuum where all
I could do was pump a little but his mouth was so tight on me it was like
my balls were going to come out the end of my cock. I just could not hold
out anymore. I told him I was going to cum. At that point he relaxed that
suction just enough that my cock head was just inside his mouth as I
started to cum. I tried to pull out but he kept me right there as the first
shot went into his mouth. His lips were rapped right around the crown of my
cock as I just kept shooting in his mouth. I could hardly stand as he
pushed under neat my balls as to try to pump out as much as there was.I
could feel the last gushes of cum forced out of me. As I looked down at him
he had just opened his mouth as I grabbed my cock and jerked what ever cum
was left on to his lips and chin. My cum was running out the sides of his
mouth and down his chest as he pushed my cum out of his mouth with his
tongue. Pike had drained me and was sitting on the edge of my bed with his
cock in his hand as my cum ran down his body. Again the room smelled of
musk,cum,sweat and hot fucking sex.

I leaned back against my dresser trying to catch my breath. Pike sat there
with a worried look on his face. I asked if he was ok? He just looked at me
and asked if that was ok? Fuck are you kidding me that was the best, was all
I could say. I asked again if he was ok and why he would ask that. He said
that was the first time he ever gave a blow job and did't no if he did
right. I was floored. I got down on my knee and looked him in the eyes and
put my hands on his knees and said it was the best. He smiled which was
kind of funny because he still had my cum all over his face and chest at
which point he asked me if I had a towel. I got up looked down on him and
gave him a kiss on the lips. Not a long hot one just enough that I could
taste him and my own cum as I got a towel and cleaned him off. As he sat
there with his cock out as I whipped him of I asked him if he wanted me to
take care of him? He only smiled and leaned back as I put my thumbs in the
side of his ball pants and started to pull them off.

back again
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Hey everyone :) sorry that I've been gone awhile. Had some minor internet issues when I moved into my new apartment. But all is fixed now. So for those of u who messaged me or are my friends, I'm back :)

Does the Site Stream Videos For Ipad?
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I was just wondering if anyone was having issues with the site playing videos on your Ipads?

Views: 142 · Added: 713 days ago

Hi Guys, I collected these for my friend, BillyBuddy...but he's having a hard time of it right now...Maybe BillyBuddy can help some of you even when he's feeling so down...
This is the organization he most wants you to know about, and support:
Preventing Suicide Among LGBTQ Youth | The Trevor Project
Ellen Degeneres: It is okay if you're gay ... Stop Bullying Now!
Anderson Cooper - Bullying It Stops Here - Part 1/4
Anderson Cooper - Bullying It Stops Here - Part 2/4
Anderson Cooper - Bullying It Stops Here - Part 3/4
Anderson Cooper - Bullying It Stops Here - Part 4/4
Dr. Phil - Being Gay Is Not A Fad
A Cyber Bullying Suicide Story -- Ryan Halligan age 13
"Bullied to Death" - AntiBullying Video
Bully Suicide Project-Stories
AC360 - 14-Yr-Old Jamey Rodemeyer Bullied To Death
AC360 - Asher Brown - Bullied To Death
AC360 - Ellen DeGeneres Speaks Out On Bullying
Ellen DeGeneres Talks To Extremely Inspiring 14-Year-Old Graeme Taylor
Gay Suicide Help
1-800-246-PRIDE (7743)
Help for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People and their Parents

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the british government is trying to get a 'bill passed in parliament' for all private e-mails sent.. that they can be monitored by police/security services..if passed this is an infringement of our privacy and human rights..let us hope that it fails to be made law

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hey imm 22 lookin for ppl around my age add me onelovebaltimore

To shave or not to shave?
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I am sub bottom guy and have always shaved my pubes since i was 16, as my 1st dom told me subs dont deserve mens pubes, what do we think ?

Mitch Hewer
Views: 187 · Added: 714 days ago

What do u GBT guys think about the gorgeous Mitch Hewer? see my profile page to see his pics.

Views: 176 · Added: 714 days ago

Is there any way to change my username without deleting my account and making a new one?

Views: 102 · Added: 714 days ago

hi everyone. just like to start talking to a few new people. message me if u want to chat x

Views: 172 · Added: 714 days ago

now i no i added a few pics of myself and friends but dose anyone have any requests
i no my vid is shot am working on a new one
got to just add really enjoying the short story's xx john

i'm nobody ...
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ever feel that way? i have and maybe more than most guys. some here know i'm an aspie ~ have aspergers syndrom ~ but i can say honest that since come this place almost year and half ago even leave and come back, this place more than just a porn site and i'm so much to help nick get other site without porn goin cos not only think but KNOW it can help so many people. not sure 'boyspop' the right name for it but something cos i know others here for real care about each other.

first 10 years of me life i am trapped in body control by miswire brain. some know couple of stories with me gran who always say she know im 'in here' and she the one who see it be true, from make a salad and i get upset cant talk but make her understand she forget green pepper. then one day, so thirsty and dehydrate and sick cos me sugar high from it and i finally say 'DWINK!' and all know i am here for real. so im sayin to you if you feel like your boy time lost for any reason, cos know you are homosexual but afraid or you get hurt and feel shame like i have also, or told you 'abomination' by church or feel hate from any one, i firstly say GOD love you. not say i am born this way but know HE love me. gran make sure i know that so i share her love with you. next i say you find that boy in you even if you 111 and you watch the video with him and at long time past should be let him BE FREE. if you 20 like me and still feel so much hurt come with me and for 5 minutes find how it is to BE FREE. watch over 100 times if you want but BE FREE. no more hurt, in prison of heart mind or soul. no more think you not good enough or shameful. you reach and spin with your eyes and know what it is like to BE FREE. i think big message to all those think of end their life is 'why?' you can BE FREE and love of all who know it will help you. i come to think that suicide is like self death sentence cos so not feel freedom. but it is a lie to self and we all need make clear that it is a lie and people love so you can BE FREE not execute self. we need to make that other place so ALL can BE FREE and have happier LIFE!

youre somebody not nobody. if you feel like you nobody come over to me profile and know i will be your friend. not the biggest poster here (i have post before but lose when leave go to anon) so if that not biggest reason for be here, you want friends well i will be one.

ya you are somebody so why not BE FREE?!

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who is into rough sex and what do u like to do

Views: 696 · Added: 714 days ago

I am tempted to join "BoyCrush" but I must be absolutely certain that it is private. I don't want anything showing up in my postal mailbox. Can anyone give me some experiences they have had with pay sites? Thanks

Lonely in Connecticut
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Any guys from the CT area feel like talkin or something... hit me up ;)

Views: 149 · Added: 715 days ago

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share my venture into writing with you lovely people. I've written a few chapters so far and would love to have your thoughts and suggestions. If you guys have anything written, I'd gladly check it out as well.


A 'Self-Portrait'
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My name is Ambrose (Yeah, I know: sorry about that!) but my friends call me Brody. My home is in Derbyshire and I'm 19 and a student.
I'm fair-haired and blue-eyed; 6ft. 1in. (that's my height, not cock size) and I weigh 14 stone.
Vital statistics: Uncut, and 6.5ins hard; flaccid, it's not really worthwhile measuring. I'm a "grower" and not a "shower".
Orientation: I'm 'bi' but mostly gay.
Preferences: Mutual hand jobs and blow jobs. I'm not really into anal, most definitely not as a 'receiver'.
I've a crazy sense of humour which always sees the ridiculous in things. (Well, I ask you: a naked guy lying flat on his back, eyes closed and mouth agape, gasping and moaning, and waving his legs in the air while his friend's cock is rammed hard up his bum! See what I means?)

Alone and horny
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Im alone for the weekend....slim...innocent and VERY horny...anybody fancy wankin with me??...its discreet and fun cos im curious....get in touch and ill ring you!!!....ill be waiting and gettin ready!!...dis is not a joke

I don't know about you, but I don't want to see a guy being BRUTALIZED, OVER AND OVER, while I'm trying to watch a beautiful boy beat off or making love to another boy. Would it hurt GBT to replace that one NASTY animated banner with a less offensive, PREFERABLY STATIC, banner? D.

Loading Video Problems?!?!!!
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At first I thought it was my desk top, but now I'm on my laptop. Am I the only one having problems with videos loading? You're watching an interesting video and a few second or minutes later into it, there's a loading countdown. Makes me so mad! Is it me or is anyone else having this problem. There are some really good videos I want to see but I just have to give up looking at them. Thanks guys.

Stanley Blow: Heart-breaker
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So, as you may know, I have been coming out to friends and whatnot — in fact, I even wrote a sex column for my college newspaper ( about my sexuality. Anyway, A friend of mine, a girl, read the column and was obviously upset. Later, I happened to be on facebook and noticed that she posted a status that said "Oh no, not again... :(" Without thinking, I said "Uh-oh, what happened?" and she typed back, "I just read something that made me really sad." Come to find out, she liked me, and I mean she REALLY liked me. I feel so bad because I think she was under the impression that I like her the same way. I feel like it's going to be kind of awkward from now on. Oh well, what can you do?

on announce by bbc of new inquiry into the awful abuse by fr brendan smythe in north ireland ~

i still cant get over this from while back about 'cure for homosexuality'

Please help
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I have just uploaded a pic from a video i have seen of these two boys.

I can no longer find it can someone please help?

Please give photo time to show


In your opinion, from what you've seen on the web and personal experience, what country do you think the hottest guys are from (and why)?

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any1 from Adelaide want to hook up for daytime fuck gf is not home

Am I living a lie?
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I need some advice. I have always been attracted to men but have lived my life in the closet. I've done it for so long that I can even imagine what it would be like to let the real me be seen. Even my friends that I have known since 1st grade would tell you I am 100% straight. Coming out would cause a lot of hurt feelings and lost relationships that I am sure could never be repaired.

At this point, is it best to just continue to live in the closet or if not, any suggestions on how to take the first step out?

uploads ???
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what's the deal with the uploads.i have try'ed a few time to upload things but no luck even after i have done that it say's that thay would by up after 12 hours but nothing.only had one successful upload.any help ???

Views: 214 · Added: 717 days ago

suche wichstreff im raum Hockenheim Speyer indoor oder outdoor egal hauptsache fun

Views: 540 · Added: 718 days ago

so does any one know of any sites with gay fictional story's


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