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Added: 616 days ago / Views: 170 ive been on this site for ages now and want to ask you guys about experiences being tied up? I love a good story and have plenty to share and always willing to try new things with the right people ;)
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Hey hey!
Added: 616 days ago / Views: 151 Just FYI, I'm still alive, people. :)
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Teen Idols
Added: 616 days ago / Views: 3384 Does anybody fantasize about doing hot teen idols. I have been jacking off to Justin Bieber for 4 years. Love the reruns of the sexy Sprouse twins and like Jake T Austin and Leo Howard. I used to dream about eating Simons ass on 7th heaven. Maybe I am weird.
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Hint with Camera : Auto-focus
Added: 616 days ago / Views: 147 If your using a camera to make pictures, and there blurry, you are to fast, oure the camera is slow becourse of low ligth conditions.
To get the Auto-focus to work correct you need to pres down the sutter 50% that's when the Auto-focus starts working.
So give the Auto-focus 10 to 25 seconds to get the picture correct now pres down the sutter the rest of the 50%.

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My First Day of School
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34.What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
Added: 617 days ago / Views: 340 go thru my mothers slow death with cancer..
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First memory of liking guys?
Added: 617 days ago / Views: 271 I love guys! But im wordering when I started to figure that out? It must have been sometime in primary school because I remember I used to love looking at the boys dress up in school plays but I can't quite remember that exact moment if there even was one! So what about everyone else, what's your first memory of likening a guy or guysjQuery182033927549235522747_1423693885917 :)
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Well this is boring...
Added: 617 days ago / Views: 199 ....
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Say During Sex
Added: 618 days ago / Views: 1150 Things I like to Say
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new photo catagory
Added: 618 days ago / Views: 124 one of the members had a great idea for a photo catagory. i am sorry don't remember his name. it was for shirtless
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Dorm HookUps
Added: 618 days ago / Views: 159 I have had some Hot Times at University this year and will post a couple of my adventures.
Have you had a HookUp this year with someone in your Dorm?
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Just a cool picture
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nudist experience
Added: 619 days ago / Views: 141 new to this, please have patience.
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Dang...still can't post photos.
Added: 619 days ago / Views: 188 Any help from successful posters or mods would be appreciated!

(Well, it looks like I can post them here, but not in my profile.)

My Blue Bulge
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Jerk off session yesterday after practice with my friends...True story
Added: 619 days ago / Views: 842 Yesterday after school I had practice and then went over to a friends house. There was no one else home except four of us who each had practice. We were really bored because it was so cold out. All my friends say they are straight and I've only jerked off with one of these guys in the past - not the other two.

So I started looking at some "straight" porn on pornhub - but ones that showed a lot of dicks. lol It didn't take long for the others to start watching too. We put it on apple TV and just laughed at it for a while. I finally couldn't take my hard boner getting my boxers wet anymore so I said, "I'm goint to jerk off...hope nobody cares".
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Not all men have dicks.
Added: 619 days ago / Views: 308 I've always been somewhat bothered by how the queer community equates loving men with loving penis, despite the fact that there are plenty of gay trans men who do not have penises. I guess I'm more aware of this because I'm a trans person (non-binary) myself, but there is so much cissexism in this community, and if we truly want to encourage the movement as a whole to accept everyone, we need to call ourselves out on this kind of thing more. We particularly need to quit equating one's genitalia with one's gender, because they are absolutely not the same thing. Just a little reminder for everyone here.
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Added: 619 days ago / Views: 232 Hello everybody!!
Well... I really dunno what 2 say... mm... well... I like guys, obvious nd... well...I hope to be here for longer and know a lot of nice and sexy people... for my first time here I will send an image, it's my boyfriend sucking my... well... yo know... cock haha

Well, tell me if you think it's big :D

Mmm... now I dunno how to upload this... whatever, tell me how and I will upload the picture haha

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Penis Clone Set Vibrator
Added: 619 days ago / Views: 297 I like know.. somebody have make this
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Now thats a cool T
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"Is it safe?"
Added: 620 days ago / Views: 168
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philly harry
Added: 620 days ago / Views: 257 Does anyone have or know where to find his set? I find a few pics allover the Web but never the set.
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a little help please
Added: 620 days ago / Views: 218 a new member with a question. I am trying to load pictures, but i can only load one picture at a time into a newly created album. At this rate, I will have 1000 albums with one picture each. Any tips on how I can load more than one at a time?
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two little words
Added: 620 days ago / Views: 242 MY FRIEND, two little words with a lot of meaning, I am so lucky to have met and made friends on here at gbt, thank you all from the bottom of my heart, love scott
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Danny and Pavels
Added: 620 days ago / Views: 154 Hi does anyone have the picture set or video of Danny and Pavels from doggyboys? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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Contacting webmaster
Added: 620 days ago / Views: 181 Is there any way to contact the webmaster?
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bag of kitty chips
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Some one say cookies
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hi and sorry
Added: 620 days ago / Views: 369 I'm going thru a hard time right now
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great wallpaper
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Any North Sea Texas fans here?
Added: 621 days ago / Views: 182 I was reading some boards elsewhere and came across that the actor who played Pim in that movie, is going to be in a new film this summer of the same type.
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Feeling left out
Added: 622 days ago / Views: 138
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