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The Celluloid Closet (1995)
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This is a great documentary to watch. Especially for the younger crowd!


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Daily funny
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happy new year
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to all my friends here , happy new year!

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Yuzuru HANYU - 2015 Grand Prix Final
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New Year 2016
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Happy New Year to all my friends. Looking forward to lots of new picture and video postings.

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glad to have known you another year, to all my friends, love you all, scott

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Serve Somebody (New Year's Resolutions)
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Sorry, this isn't from YouTube, thus you gotta click this Bob Dylan - You Gotta Serve Somebody - SNL - October 20, 1979 (?) or copy this to your browser's address window

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2016 is cumming
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new year.
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happy  new  year  to  my  friends  known  and  unknown,  from  all  parts  of  the  world  peace.

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Happy New Year
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Happy New Year to all 

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Wishing allthe members here a HAPPY,  SAFE, and HEALTHY New Year.

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Happy New Year to all here at GBT!  Here's hoping you have a hot boi with you to help welcome in the New Year!   My best in 2016!

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Thought for 2016
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I don't do New Year's resolutions. Mostly because I have become calm with who I am and what I do. That is not to say that change is avoided. Just appreciated as it happens. Personal growth and change is not something you force, it is something you embrace in the moment. That being said, there are some guidelines to life that make all of this easier for me.

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Au Revoir, Bye-Bye,再见。
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End of 2015, have to leave now.

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Happy New year to one and all, may all your dreams and wishes come your way in 2016 !!!!

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Ssd7635 What Happened?
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There was this new member who posted some cool selfies of himself yet it seems like he deleted his account. If you are Ssd7635 and you are reading this, I just want to let you know that you are welcome back here anytime.

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Lol, I'm like, always lonely and sad but I am terrible at maintaining consistent contact with people. 

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OK, so — Michael Jackson, a Catholic bishop, a Muslim cleric, and a Jewish monk are all in a Cracker Barrel restaurant for early dinner.

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This is what a naked man looks like
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For those of you who pine for the days when you could visit and not have to scroll through 2 pages of 7th graders to actually see a grown man.

Sorry that I don't have any random clips of 40 year old foreign movies that show several seconds of a nine year old's bare ass that absolutely have to be shared on a porn site for art's sake, nor can think of a reason to justify posting bath-time for toddlers.


All I presently have for this site, unfortunately, is simply a pair of grown men with hard dicks. I know how unfashionable that has become here, and I apologize to any it may offend, especially those of you who took the risk to browse here while babysitting on parole, and may still be a bit traumatized from the image of grown men so soon after release. Hopefully you will find more comfortable ambiance within your impromptu international encrypted chatrooms behind 8 proxies.

Also, apologies to messages I may have missed, as I have been visiting less and less due to the runaway 'ew' factor flooding the site. I'm sure it's as obvious to administration as anyone, and that's all I really need to know about where this place is going.

Many thanks to all the nice people here who posted interesting blogs that ranged from nature and humor to film, cooking, travel and just plain old journal entries about your day.

Now I must sign off to go about my day. This is the part where we get lectured about how chicken fucking was quite normal in ancient Assyria or whatever, and how prudish, uncultured and closed-minded we are if we aren't watching daytime Nickelodeon with our pants off and encouraging people to post "models" who are spending today with new toy space-ships and bracing for homework in algebra next week.


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I am just posting this blog to tell you guys I didn't disappear or anything just been really busy with working, Christmas, and new years. If you do want to chat I am mostly on the GBT in the evening. You can also send me a PM and I will reply to it.

Big hugs to you guys

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who likes roy orbison
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Those Christmas GIfts
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Gay boy Movie Reviews
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via GIPHY  I will be doing a review of gay friendly movies that I hope will be of interest to all my friends. I will be posting movies that feature cute boys that you can check out and watch without worrying if it is 0kay to watch without the guilt. Lets face it some of you are still in deep closet about your true desires and want. Life is too short sweetie, so get on the gay band wagon and start enjoying the finer things in life. Please don't judge, because I want everyone to feel free to blog about whatever their little heart desires. Always remember that Rentboy only has nothing but Love for you!

 Ik zal zijn bezig met een herziening van de homo vriendelijke films dat hopelijk zal worden van belang aan al mijn vrienden. Ik zal detachering films die functie Superleuke jongens die u kunt controleren en bekijken zonder zich het ongerust maken als het is 0kay om naar te kijken zonder de schuld. Laat gezicht het sommigen van u zijn nog steeds in diepe kast over uw ware verlangens en wilt. Het leven is te kort lieverd, dus krijgen op de homo band wagon en begin te genieten van de fijnere dingen in het leven. Gelieve niet beoordelen, omdat ik wil dat iedereen dat voel je vrij om te bloggen over wat hun kleine hartje begeert. Altijd onthouden dat Rentboy alleen niets maar liefde voor jou heeft!

Ich werde tun, eine Überprüfung von Homosexuell freundlich Filmen, hoffentlich wird interessant sein zu allen meinen Freunden. Ich werde Filmen dieses Feature niedlichen jungen Beitrag, die Sie Auschecken und ansehen, ohne sich Gedanken, wenn es 0kay, ohne die Schuld zu sehen ist. Let's Face It-einige von Ihnen sind noch im tiefen Schrank über Ihre wahren Wünsche und wollen. Das Leben ist zu kurz, mein Schatz, also über die schwule Bandlastwagen bekommen und genießen die schönen Dinge im Leben. Bitte beurteilen Sie nicht, weil ich möchte jeder gerne Blog über das, was ihr kleines Herz begehrt. Denken Sie immer daran, dass Rentboy nur nichts als Liebe für Sie hat!


 Je vais faire un examen des films x gay friendly que je l'espère, sera être d'intérêt à tous mes amis. Je vais poster films que garçons mignons de fonctionnalité que vous pouvez consulter et regarder sans se soucier si c'est 0kay à regarder sans la culpabilité. Laisse le visage il certains d'entre vous sont encore dans le placard profond sur vos vrais désirs et envie. La vie est trop courte ma chérie, alors réservez-en sur le chariot de bande gay et commencez à profiter des bonnes choses de la vie. S'il vous plaît ne juge pas, car je veux que chacun n'hésitez pas à blog sur tout ce que leur petit coeur désire. N'oubliez pas que Rentboy n'a rien d'autre qu'amour pour toi !


 Я буду робити огляд з гей-дружні фільми що я сподіваюся, буде становити інтерес для всіх моїх друзів. Я також буде публікувати фільми цю функцію Симпатичні хлопці, які ви можете перевірити і дивитися не турбуючись, якщо це 0kay дивитися без провини. Давайте вирішувати ІТ, деякі з вас все ще знаходяться в глибокий шафа про справжніх бажаннях і хочуть. Життя занадто короткий цукерочка, щоб отримати на гей band wagon та почати насолоджуватися прекрасні речі в житті. Будь ласка не судити, тому що я хочу все, щоб не соромтеся блог про все, що їх маленькі серця бажань. Завжди пам'ятайте, що не Rentboy лише має нічого, крім любові для вас!

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blow it out your ass!
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Lindos Teens 01
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So lindos Teens

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oh how i love cock
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hey, i'm home alone today spending too much time online

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Banana !!!
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That is freaky!
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