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A Brother in Need
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I guess I was about 17 maybe 18 when this incident happened. I am in the middle of seven children and I was the one who got the shit details when they were passed out I wasn't the youngest, which was special, and I wasn't the Oldest, which was special. I was just kinda there somewhere in the middle.

Well my brother ( the older one ) had gone to a College function actually a football game at the Local community college, A home game, He wasn't on the football team he was a baseball player, But he was a good friend with most of the players on the team.

He had taken off with a friend on his friends motorcycle, and as stupid kids did back then didn't wear a helmet. Well they were in an accident a car full of drunk teenagers run them off the road into ditch and my brother was thrown off the cycle and down any embankment an into a tree, Broken collar bone, two broken arms, in a shoulder cast with rods to hold the arms imobile and a broken lower Left leg. thank his lucky stars that he didn't have internal injuries, but he didn't.

Well guess what,, He could't feed himself, he couldn't bathe himself and he couldn't even take his dick out to piss. Since I was the only one at home during the day, guess what, I got to take care of my invalid Brother.

Wayne( thats his name) had been a typical older brother, actually a real pain in my ass, but he was my older brother and I loved him.

Mom and Dad was gone to work, His recouperation was in it's fifth week, and I was getting a little tired and feeling trapped, same ole, same ole, but one good thing was coming of it, Wayne was becoming more appreciative of me, and loving.

Since I was there all the time taking care of him I had to start giving him his bath, since the nursing company had to pull out due to the lack of the insurance coverage playing out.

Well this one day I went into his room and he was laying there in bed, his arms sticking up into the air with the rods holding them up and my older brother was asleep and the covers were kinda pulled back since he had a cast on his lower leg He didn't have any underwear on and I got my first look at him in all his masculine beauty, He had a light covering of hair down his chest and body, nicley hairy legs and for the first time I saw his balls and cock, Damn he was bigger that our Dad and I know because I had seen our Dad undressing at he WMCA Swimming pool.

I had not given any thought to being gay or such things but I was locked into staring at it, His nuts looked like a bulls, well I finally got a grip on myself and woke Wayne up and said are you ready for your bath. By the way Wayne was 21 yrs old and quite well built and handsome, and althought he was a really good looking specimen, I just realized that he never spoke of girls or having a lady friend, or any such thing, but he was always with male friends or buddies doing things, It just never crossed my mind, He was my brother.

I got the pan of warm water and pulled off the covers and he just layed there and I started soaping him up about the chest and when I rubbed the wash rag over his nipples I heard him let out a soft moan, I thought I was tickling him, and He said Please Kevin do that some more. So I started rubbing the soapy wash rag over and over his nipples. He started moaning then I rinsed him off and dryed his chest and resoaped the wash rag and started washing his stomach and I felt his stomach kinda jumping up and down. I couln't understand why he was groaning. but he was, I rinsed his stomach off and soaped up the wash rag really good, and I started at the feet and slowly washed up his legs and rinsed his legs off. When I got to the package between his legs, I fucking like to lost it, His cock was standing up straight as an arrow and his balls were drawn up tight as a shrunken head doll. I had never seen anything that big before WAynes cock was huge, and I noticed he had this clear stuff running down the side seeping from the slit in the head. Hell I thought ,something was wrong with it. I reached up and touched it and felt the clear liquid was slick, and for some reason my dick was hard, And I was feeling a tingling in my cockhead I had never felt before and I wanted to go and jerk off, I was no stranger to giving myself a handjob. I knew that a guy needs to get off every now and then, and I never dawned on me that my older Brother couldn't that with his arms propped up with a cast and holding rods. he couldn't move his arms.

As I washed his balls and cock he started to wimper an moan, and then I was just about to finish washing him off and He said Please Kevin I know that you may not want to do it but would you please continue rubbing my cock for me I'm about to die here, and I can't roll over or do it for myself, when your finished I'll do something for you in return, Please. Well It wasn't something I hadn't done before so I reached up and started to rub his beautiful about 8 inch cock up and down and the more I stroked it for him, the more excited I got and my cock was about to bust in my trousers. I noticed his balls had almost disappeared into his body just under his cock, and he was grunting and raising up with his legs and pushing into my hand, his slick clear liquid was running like a waterfall and his beautifully circumsized cock was as slick as if I had put some sort of lube on it.

Wayne started saying things like Oh Shit, Oh Fuck, Jeeeeeze Zusssssssss. For a minute I thought he had quite breathing and then he gasp for breath and His dick erupted into the most awesome shot of cum I had ever seen, I thought he must have been storing that up for a month or so. but It looked like he shot a cup and a half of man milk.

I kept pumping and he kept shooting seven or eight volleys of cum, finally he said Oh fuck Kevin stop Please stop. My cockhead is so sensetive I can't stand it.

I finished washing him clean and He said Hey little bro. Lean over here and kiss me. I leaned over his face, even tho it was kinda scratched from the accident I kissed him on the cheek and he said not there after doing what you just did for me I want a real kiss, do I didn't think anything about it and kissed him on the lips, He stuck his tongue into my mouth and I liked to lost it, I started kissing him like I had been doing it for ever I was totally turned on, then he said Kevin Lean over here and take your pants down. I can see your sporting a hardon and I want you to stick it into my mouth, I'm going to give you a blow job.

I had never had anything like that before. so I did as my Older Brother told me and whipped out my cock, It looked bigger and harder than it had ever looked to me. I slowly leaned up and over my brother and he turned his head and opened his mouth, then he said you'll have to fuck my mouth since I can hardly move my head and I stuck my cock into his mouth and It felt like heaven, hot, wet, so very soft feeling, and so sexy and stimulating, I knew It wouldn't be very long untill I would cut loose a load of cum to end all cums.

Wayne started putting pressure on the head and shaft with his lips and swirling his tongue around the rim of my cockhead, making me weak in the knees. I felt the buildup way down deep in my rectum first and the boiling sensation in my nutsack, I kept saying I'm gonna shoot into your mouth, Im gonna shoot it. Wayne stopped long enough to say, that's o.k. kid it's what I want you to do, Let it happen. And about three minutes later my cock started spasming, jerking, swelling and letting loose with a load of cock juice like I have never let loose of before. Wayne just took it all in stride, swallowing everylast drop of it and gently sucking, untill he had every last little drop of my love juice.

I spoke up and said that was incredible Wayne, where did you learn to do that, He said Oh Well! let's just say I have had my experience's and then he smiled. The Next day I gave Wayne another bath and then I wanted to learn to do to him what he had done to me.

I leaned over and took His beautiful cock into my mouth for the first time I felt I was in another world of euphoria, and bliss, I just loved and when I finally tasted my first load of his Love cream I was hooked on a lifetime of man loving. All this over being the middle child and a very Loving older Brother, With whom I have sex now many, many times, and whom I love very much.

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Mothers Day (UK) Sun 30th March
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This is going to be a very difficult day for me, guys...

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turn ons
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ok one more and then i'm done. off of here. everybody has a part of a guy that really turns them on. please share. i like to look at guys butts as well as sexy legs. but on my partner his back is a major turn on to me. yes, his back...broad shoulders, smoothness, long (he is tall) and a perfect ski slope to his butt. i can lick and kiss his back and it turns me on big time. yes my fav position is him on his front so i can kiss and lick his back, neck, shoulders and ears. it suits his turn on too for me to be there. i seldom pull out, but when i do, sometimes it is to deposit my load right in the middle of his back and the back of his neck. i slurp every drop! i know, i am such a slut. but god i love it. too horny to continue much longer. peace!

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i keep getting emails telling me I have a private message.

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good bye
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To all my friends,

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need a laugh?
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Subject: BRITISH HUMOR IS DIFFERENT These are classified ads, which were actually placed in U.K. Newspapers: FREE YORKSHIRE TERRIER 8 years old, Hateful little bastard. Bites! FREE PUPPIES 1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbor's dog. FREE PUPPIES Mother is a Kennel Club registered German Shepherd. Father is a Super Dog, able to leap tall fences in a single bound. COWS, CALVES: NEVER BRED Also 1 gay bull for sale. JOINING NUDIST COLONY! Must sell washer and dryer

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But who's Counting
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I dont mean to brag or boast but um I do declare that someone has recently reached their 1000th

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I wish we could post pictures on peoples walls.

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I'm Under My Desk...
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You know how it is guys, don't you?...

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Think of.....
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At the end i realized that cock looks bigger when you are REALLY horny......

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Ouch... Don't Bite!!! lol
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Jelly Willies - Image 1

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chrisley knows best
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has anybody ever watched chrisley knows best ? i think chase is fucking hot :)

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What would your wish be?
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Being Thankful for what we have
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On the weeekend I spent some time hanging out with my younger cousin . He

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I found this whilst clicking around, a guy I know came out of the closet...I feel like I've found a video of him having sex, I'm excited and I don't know why
Added: 690 days ago / Views: 338 I read the article and found it really helpful and now I feel less alone. The only thing now is how to approach him and tell him I'm gay too, its something that shouldn't worry me because he's also gay but it does
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share your coming out story
Added: 692 days ago / Views: 308 How did people react? Did they care? How did you do it? Etc
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My vids
Added: 697 days ago / Views: 264

Please check out my self shot vids and let me know what u think! X

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My so called friend at work has always made said she has no problems with gay/bisexual people but the other day we saw 2 lesbians with a baby to which she replied it wrong and should not be allowed for gay/lesbian folk to be able to adopt/foster children i now don't see her as m friend am i right or wrong ?

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Password Reset
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Does anyone know if they got the password recovery fixed yet?

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any Aussie boys here?
Added: 698 days ago / Views: 221

If there are, talk to me! If you're in Melbourne, lets hang out ;)

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Joke of the Day
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As they are
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Japanese teens
Added: 699 days ago / Views: 197

I am looking for a video featuring jap teens jerking one of them. It was called 'Friend' If someone could post it that would be greatly appreciated. tkx

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needf your suggestions
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Hello my fellow coniseurs of the penile art form. I find myself in need of some expert suggestions. I have discovered recently that I enjoy videos where the lovers are bare back and one or both cum INSIDE the other. Not his mouth but lost in the throws of passion he actually cums in the partners ass then pulls out so we can see his cum dribble out ( no not these gross ads where a half gallon of a milk like substance shoots 10 feet)

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maye my day
Added: 700 days ago / Views: 162

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Midnight Caller
Added: 700 days ago / Views: 206

Don't get worried, guys...

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francis lapointe aka Frank Wolf
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I recently leaned that a guy i have had chats with through webcam has passed away. He was quite well known in the cosplay world and for cross dressing. It turns out he was subject to a prolonged period of internet bullying and in November 2013 took his life. However his death is is been questioned as many feel it was a hoax or a way to get away from his online persona "Frank Wolf", I have found a obituary note , however this is easy to fake and for a sucide caused by online bullying, you would expect media of some kind to run the story, however there is no trace of this. Frank as I knew him was a wonderfull young man and if indeed dececased is a loss to this world. Anyone with any actual information would be appricated as i really am finding it difficult not knowing if he has died.

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A Message To All Friends
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Hard to believe...

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Custom video
Added: 701 days ago / Views: 589

A couple of cuties have posted custom videos posts on this site.Has anyone delt with them?

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Awareness of Life
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When did you decide to come out? Currently I feel lonely and as if sorrow haunts me. I feel like I am losing my mind as if my heterosexuality is fighting with my gay-self. Simply by observing myself i know that I am attracted to young men, I have sexual fantasies about naked guys. But deep down I feel embarassment and shame. I am in a state of confusion and don't know what to do or how to free myself.

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Fun Pic - Had To Share!
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Funny Signs Pictures

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thank you
Added: 702 days ago / Views: 137

thank you for the people who commented i want to thank you for saying nice things about my profile u guys are the best :)

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Travelling Through USA
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I am currently in America on holiday undertaking a long planned (yet constantly postponed) trip through this fine country of yours.

Will be here for about 3 months and any GBT members who want to meet up just PM me - more than happy to meet up and have a cup of tea and a chat with anybody, so just sing out.

Have been to San Francisco and Washington DC so far (lovely cities! friendly people) and currently in Boston visiting an old friend from High School who works here.

America is just amazing and I will be regularly updating this with details of my travels

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Pen Pals
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your opine cont
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soo has anyone delt with themjQuery182005200150143355131_1394683759430

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my profile
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this is about my profile i just wounder if its any good i get some good vids up and thats nice and all i just need to know if theres anything i could do to make it better

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I love boys with their animal hats!!! They are SO cute!!!
Added: 704 days ago / Views: 209

I love boys with their animal hats!!!

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Does anyone think that E.T. resembles or symbolises a cock?!
Added: 704 days ago / Views: 211

Does anyone think that E.T. resembles or symbolises a cock?!

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Reality check
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