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Tenakoe's happy slaves
Added: 549 days ago / Views: 293 I love bondage. But don't forget to respect eachother. If the "victim" says stop, the master have to accept that! :-)




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I know what you are thinking. How can I afford such a car? Well, it's a 1/24 scale model kit that you paint and glue together. I saw several people

who put these things together and make them look like the real deal. I have had problem building model cars when I was a kid. But after watching

tutorials on how to build them on You Tube, I decided to give it a go!

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Pic of the day 02/17/16
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Can we just move on over files being lost?
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Things happen,  Servers crash,

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Cancer movie that was banned in the U.S.
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Last time I am trying to embed this video on here.



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giving all my friends here and not on here, HUGSSSSSSSSS, MWAHSSSSSSSSS, for the start of the weekend

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Have a Suck-a-Dick-a-Licious Weekend!
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tumblr_nouoy1nhkK1sr74wso1_500.gif  (((HUGS)))


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So Cute :D
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Locker Room Smell?
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Would you do it in a locker room or would the smell be a turn off?

locker room

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We knew it all along :D
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What do you think?
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Just thought I'd give you all a big hug n kiss, hoping you are all well !

I'm still around and following up ...


And don't forget to eat your bananas !!!!! They're very good for your health  =)

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I just Saw that My friend Jesse has just passed 2000 days here ..A milestone to celebrate, i think.
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Thanks for being a friend, for so many years Buddy .8-)

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The American Savior
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I suspected this for a long time...
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Ever Thought of Building a Car?
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Someday I want to build a Ferrari 250 SWB California from scratch. It's not going to be a "crappy kit car". It's going to have a C6 Corvette manual transmission and an F355 Ferrari engine. I can get a F355 engine for less than 15k since most people swap them out for Corvette engines. I am going to be building a vehicle right now, but it isn't going to be a Ferrari. Maybe sometime in the near future, I can build the vehicle of my dreams.


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Now they know
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Please Forgive Me
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I can never thank all of you enough for all of the support and help that has changed my life and created this site. I assume you we will never lose any other images of videos, I am told the redundancies in the new back-up system make loss of any data as chose to impossible as humanly possible.Never thought this could have happened but I do take responsibility and deeply regret this more than anyone might know.I have disappointed you guys,and myself and its just so hard to find the right words to express how devastated I feel that so many of you lost your images folders and favorites you put such wonderful effort into that helped illuminated many others lives just a little bit more including myself. 

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Finally Came Out!!!!!
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After all these years I finally grew the confidence and did it! I feel so free it's the best feeling ever. That is all, you can keep on scrolling.

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Not Quite a Divining Rod to God
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His Rosary Beads seem to be putting him off a straight course. (Thanks to chris19578 for the pic.)

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Skinnydipping, Swimming Naked
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Have you ever gone Nude Swimming ?

If Yes Where?, River, Lake,Sea, Pool, and was it alone ore in company With Friends?

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What is your ideal cock size?
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I watch these videos and often I see a very hot guy. I know I would fuck him just by his face and wonderful body. But sometimes, I see his cock and it’s a bit of a turn-off if it’s too big. For some reason, bigger cocks don’t really “do it” for me. Don’t get me wrong, a three inch skinny cock doesn’t do it for me either. I’ve been with a guy like that and while he was hot, it could have been better. My own cock is 6.5” but it’d also thin so I do often feel inadequate. A guy with, say, a 6” cock that’s about average thickness is perfect for me. I love giving oral, I could suck on a cock like that all day. Feeling it go down my throat and then finally being rewarded with a freshet come is so wonderful for me I can’t put it into words. If he’s not feeling the oral and wants to fuck, I am more than happy to lube him up and oblige his lust for my tight ass. Looking into his eyes while he pounds me, feeling his body tense up as he comes just about puts me in heaven. And when he sucks me off afterward is the icing on the most delicious cake I’ve ever tasted. A bigger cock may cause me too much pain, I may not be able to adjust. Smaller and, sadly, he can’t thrust deep enough for it to really count. Which brings me to my question for all you other guys out there: do you have a point where a big cock on a guy turns you off? Anyone turned on by smaller cocks and why? Describe your perfect cock: length, girth (I’m a Yank but centimeters is good with me), color, cut or uncut? I prefer cut cocks but being American, I don’t see many uncut cocks and in fact, every guy I’ve been with is cut. I’m interested to see how many guys like average cocks, how many like smaller cocks, and how many like a monster in your guy’s pants that’s just drying to come out and play. Thanks for your time. Cheers! J

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Felt wrong
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I read with interest the blog about cock size, colour and whether cut or not.  Has anyone been in the position where you have had a cock in your hand and it didn't feel right ? Maybe due to size, shape or something else.  The reason I ask this, is in my early days in the army a mate and I after s few beers got carried away and started fondling each other.  He wasn't gay like me but I think just sexually frustrated.  Anyway as I held his cock in my hand it just didn't feel right.  He had a very pronounced curve and his helmet was huge totally out of proportion with his shaft.  It kind of put me off.  I did wank him off though as he did me, needless to say it never happened again and we never spoke about it. 

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Lost favorite pics.....
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Every day I miss more of my favorite pics, actually there are only a rest of 3 from 56. And the future: Nothing rest at February 20thjQuery182018099504835872327_1455625789392?????  :-P Is there anybody with the same issue?

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so i have a question
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so i have been seeing someone for a couple of months now right and he is great to me he really is however when i introduce him i do so as he is my friend and not my lover. especially to one of the guys that doesn't know i am gay however he has givin me alot of work. well last year alone of 16,000 worth of work and i don't think he would be ok with me being gay. i know it shouldn't matter however that would be alot of money that i would lose. my thoughts are it isn't anybody's business who i sleep with it. now my bf is ok with it and yes there isn't no way anybody wouldn't think he was gay however myself well unless i tell u people wouldn't think so :) :) so does that make me the biggest ass around ? yes it does bother me to some degree however i have a business to run and well i for sure need the money. so ur thoughts are ?

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Has anyone heard anything from Ads. I really miss him and know he was very unwell. Wishing him the best xx

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Weekly Flashback: Homophobic florists deny service to gay couples.
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Sometimes I just want to leave the south.............

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