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Should the Blog Section Not Allow Images and Videos?
Added: 540 days ago / Views: 886

Many have told me they are upset the Images and Videos are destroying the Blog making it less personal. What do you think? Should we remove these options?

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home less gay kids
Added: 540 days ago / Views: 262

hay what can we do about al these homeless gay kids out there that have bin kicked out of there homes and living on the street how can we help them i bet they shure like it i got room in my house

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The Art of Felix d'Eon
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Pic of the day 30/09/15
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Need a joke to lighten my day!
Added: 541 days ago / Views: 150

OMG!!!!! My dick has grown teeth!!!!





Smile Billyboy!



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Pope Francis Visit to USA
Added: 541 days ago / Views: 298

I have to say I am impressed with Pope Francis visit to USA and him as well especially with the assistance in better Cuban relations. I am sure his far more tolerance/welcoming attitude might not be heard as loud where it most needed but was refreshing. Not sure in my lifetime I have seen a Pope lead or do anything relevant or meaningful, I am sure they did many great things just not to this level IMO  

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welcome me
Added: 541 days ago / Views: 272

Hey all. Thou my profile is old m new here. M 19 yrs old nd wud want to have fun here

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Piet Arion singing "I Dreamed a Dream"
Added: 542 days ago / Views: 283

Check out the whistle notes at the end of this. :)

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Added: 542 days ago / Views: 169


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Added: 542 days ago / Views: 193

Does anyone know where cargoes has gone?

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Added: 542 days ago / Views: 165

any1 intrstd in skype chat. myself Acom here 19yrs.

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okay whose dick do I have to suck?
Added: 542 days ago / Views: 392


Okay .. whose dick do I have to suck to get my uploads approved?

Either that or can somebody please just tell me how fucking long approvals generally take? 2 or 3 days? A week? What?

Accepted? Rejected? Am I wasting my time?

Honestly, if I'm bitching about nothing, just tell me that.

Uploading newbie here if it wasn't obvious.

Anyway, don't mean to bug ya. ツ

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Added: 542 days ago / Views: 118


please take a moment to sign this petition. it`s about our youth which is our future. rejecting our youth is a sin anywhere where intolerance and bigotry win over acceptance and love.

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Around the Corner
Added: 542 days ago / Views: 420

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Shave dick
Added: 542 days ago / Views: 422

Hey boy, what is the best form to shave my dick and egs? Actualy i do it with Gilette, but ....


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Only 9% of USA HIV Budget goes to Research.
Added: 543 days ago / Views: 144

I feel we spend far too little on HIV Research and other sexual diseases where Vaccines can be created. This is a very possible goal (Bill Gates says 15 years) but with much more effort we can achieve these things much quicker and is shameful it was not a Top priority. Again everyone cares about Birth Rates at the very least, can you image a worse situation than HIV to hold down birth rates? Just saying the money is not only Ethically needed but economically a good idea, but what do we do? Talk about building a wall..........

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What do you want too see in the New Updated Mobile Site?
Added: 543 days ago / Views: 138

We are vastly updating the Mobile Section and I was wondering what you guys would like to see in this improvement? 

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Weakend's cumming.......that's his nickname.
Added: 545 days ago / Views: 338

Have a wonderful weekend everybody! (((hugz))) :D

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Yummy, Yummy Meat and Eggs!
Added: 545 days ago / Views: 308

In the quest to determine what will make me even LESS popular on this site (although I don't know how that could be statistically possible), I've decided to share this fun and interesting video.  Do you folks know what goes into your meat and dairy production?  If you can't watch the video, or do the genocide yourself, you shouldn't be eating it.  Let's see how long this one takes to be deleted.  Best wishes.

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Special friendship!
Added: 545 days ago / Views: 532   Cute!
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gettin bored
Added: 545 days ago / Views: 141

Hey there. Ny1 fr skype chat. This is acom here M 19.

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retro mop
Added: 545 days ago / Views: 295

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Loud Or Not
Added: 545 days ago / Views: 175

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Big Hugs For Nick
Added: 545 days ago / Views: 196

Thank you to Nick for all are working for us. 1000 stars and a lot of messages of encouragement for him !! Good end of weekend to all !!


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Troye Sivan - Fools
Added: 545 days ago / Views: 185

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This is why you should never tease dogs inside parked cars.....
Added: 545 days ago / Views: 134

More proof that KARMA is REAL!

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spinach and eggs
Added: 546 days ago / Views: 156

  a recipe for the weekend

 in a saucepan melt a large knob of butter

 add chopped scallions and /or several garlic cloves

 add 200 g of spinach - thats a bag from the shops

 plus some anchovy fillets ( i got this all from my local corner store )

 and cover

 leave on a low heat for 20 mins or so

 now there is enough water to poach some eggs

 so uncover add four eggs lots of pepper and add grated cheese to cover

 add some smoked mackeral or smoked salmon chopped up for added flavour

this is pre cooked from a tin or plastic wrapped


 leave for 5 to 10 mins

spoon out in to a bowl add sauce i like mayo

mustard is interesting

a bottle of beer or i like cider

and watch a gbt movie

:) giles well i liked it



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Added: 546 days ago / Views: 117

hey anybody want to Chat? i'm online and waiting send me privat message :D

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That Face...
Added: 547 days ago / Views: 235

when your fuck buddy is not doing a nice job on you. :D

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Bully Punches A Blind Kid, Then This Happens....
Added: 547 days ago / Views: 281

Bully didn't get enough punches


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is this site safe?
Added: 547 days ago / Views: 793

Anyone knows if its safe to watch porn from this site?I'm really afraid the possibility to end up busted...

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Sweet. :)
Added: 547 days ago / Views: 319

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