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what is your favorite flavor of crisps, mines is port and stilton

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whats your favoriite breakfast

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Some gay Xmas market
Added: 630 days ago / Views: 196

I was with Davey at a gay Xmas market in Cologne and it was great

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Daveys Snowman
Added: 631 days ago / Views: 251

Davey has not seen snow in real life but here is his first snowman in Germany

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Chrisley Knows Best
Added: 631 days ago / Views: 189

anybody watch this season :) chase is so gay and looks so fine :) wish i could find alot of pics of him :) yes he is know 18 mmmmmm dinner

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wont let me upload
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Ive tried numerous times the past few weeks to upload pics but it keeps saying the format is invalid. And when i try to change the format there are no other formats to choose from. Help!?

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online pussy
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Added: 632 days ago / Views: 285

who likes art, reading and walking, or other hobbies

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The vicious cycle of trolling
Added: 632 days ago / Views: 288

It turns out, I have considerable experience in this area!

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Who Likes Being Naked? What's ur dick size?
Added: 632 days ago / Views: 461

I LOVE being naked, and wish I could be naked more although I live at home with parents (non-nudists). My dick size hard is between 6.5" and 7"

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Free hugs
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What are your favourite song lyrics?
Added: 633 days ago / Views: 192

Mine are kind of straightforward and blunt...

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How to delete?
Added: 633 days ago / Views: 242

How does one deleted unwanted friends and where is the HELP section on this site?

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Added: 633 days ago / Views: 332 I LOVE COCKS AND CUM
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mmmmmmm tasty
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tooo cute
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Happy 1000 Days Rusty /Fun2beme
Added: 633 days ago / Views: 202

Happy 1000 days buddy and i hope u return soon xo

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Diaper Fetish
Added: 633 days ago / Views: 143

Smooth asian twinks with diapers! Anyone know where to find pictures? Dont judge everyone including you has a weird fetish :D

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Some seriously silly Sonic the Hedgehog stuff for Saturday :)
Added: 634 days ago / Views: 207

Something really silly for Sonic the Hedgehog fans; I know there must be some around GBT. Especially if you've played Sonic 2 and know the game theme from the Casino Night Zone. I did some alternate music for it, a bit more swingy, made up some lyrics and did the vocals for my new, incredibly ridiculous, version. Just for da lolz....:).......

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I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy.
Added: 634 days ago / Views: 164

A musical interlude, for those so inclinded. And no, the song isn't about necrophilia. For those of you too young to remember, it's about Aids in the 80s, and losing those you love and that are dear to you.

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We should have a category called Swallow for guys that like their dicks blow all the way. what ya think Nick?

I can never find those videos.

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Being Thankful
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Added: 635 days ago / Views: 249

where are you chris, I miss you as well as your other friends on here, take care, scottish hugs, scott

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Braedan's new mash up video - gay bullying and marriage inequality
Added: 635 days ago / Views: 446

Thanks everyone who enjoyed and gave such great feedback on my first mash up video! This is one is different, which is why I can share it more easily as an unlisted youtube video, although, haha, not sure how long it will last there because of the copyright issue on music. Feel free to like, dislike or comment on youtube whether you enjoy it or not. All feedback welcome. A note on audio. The 1st soundtrack song is an older one, with not the best audio. The 2nd and 3rd songs play at a louder volume with much better audio because they are newer and are mastered more clearly. The mash up is at.....
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I got your back bro
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Trees at my lil sis house
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Persimmons almost done
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ass orgasm
Added: 635 days ago / Views: 225

So I was using my dildo and I can't from my tight boy pussy. Any men wanna make me squirt

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Testing New Auto Listing Feature 24/7 updates of both Videos and Images
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We will be testing a new auto listing feature tonight and maybe a bit in the morning this is intended as a back-up and when I am sleeping to make sure the site now updates 24 hours a day 7 days a week from this point on :) and Maybe to give me a few more 1/2 days to work on improving community features and the sites lay-outs. I am sure their will be questions down the road about this, but do hope it will improves everyone's enjoyment of the site. Thank YOu

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Weekend Thought
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I buy a pack of briefs every once in a while. Not because they are comfortable to wear (who enjoys having exposed thighs on a cold day, and having your balls strapped in position LOL) I buy them, because when I am home alone, I take all my clothes off and put on a pair of brand new, white or cartoon briefs, and look at myself in the mirror (Damn...I am one good looking hairless smooth looking young man...only if I could fuck myself) Gives me a warm sensation like being a little kid again, and that sensation makes me extremely horny!

I am etremely weird and I love that! But if you met me in person, you would think of me as a shy quiete guy. I do not like being attached to labels such as "weird" or "gay" (for the rest of my life) ... I am not ashamed of being a homosexual, I just dont feel comfortable being scrutinized and critcized and labeling myself with terms that have negative conotations. When young and introvert...the outside world looks like a terrifying place!


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Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends
Added: 636 days ago / Views: 162

And Happy Thursday to my friends elsewhere!

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Star Wars the Force Awakens!!
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happy thanksgiving when it comes guys
Added: 638 days ago / Views: 178

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