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Sunny and Funny and Wild Weekend, my Friends!
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4 weeks ago I had a lots of fun with this young man in the picture and he called me yesterday just asking can we do something nice this weekend, together...

Well... I thought very carefully (about 5 seconds) what to answer him. So I'll meet him in a bar after 2 hours and we'll start with a jug of Mojito. As a starter. What comes

after that I have no idea yet... maybe let you know... Wild Weekend for all you Boys! :)

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Love is ......
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What You Want From The Next Big Update?
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I would appreciate it if you guys have suggestions on what you would want from the next Big update from GBT I believe we will have a set-up soon to test new Monitor options like approving vid/images, and an update for the Mobile site is coming in the next few weeks as well. But what else could we offer you guys would enjoy. thinking more Big things not little bugs or features please. I have been thinking about a kind of type options that will let you guys have Live Chat, Watch Movies/Video Games Others, Tip the Host of the Live Chat, and options like these. Only worry ,many might not use a LIVE CAM. What do you guys think and please think BIG lets not ask for small little things please

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mr crow steals some cheese
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mr crow and jr and the rest of the family have left the crows nest

a young buzzard is hanging out now ... they hang out crawing and riding the breeze in the next pasture ... mr crow might come back in the autumn when the family have broken up and reclaim his tree ... the mighty beech reckon its 250 years old ... still been fun having him arround but he did know how to steal snacks from  my ruck sack ...

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Finally back here again, my friends )
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After lap top collapsed, buying a new one (begging mama to buy it, one story more) and then of course because this lovely country of mine, problems with connections again... I was in black out almost two weeks! Now I think it's working again! Happy to be here, this fire works from celebrating our Independence Day yesterday 2nd September, picture from Ha Noi, not by me but anyway beautiful. And also beautiful to be back here and sharing the fireworks with you! Today I start my activity here again (if you don't mind?). Hugs to all firends:)))))))

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Makin Love is fun
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Added: 541 days ago / Views: 176,  to all my friends, a littlepeice of my heart felt emotions,scott

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The Japanese Boy Chapter 17
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Chapter 17

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a reason too beleive
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so as i sit in my chair ,watching tv .after dealing with my coworkers  inability too understand  that anyone in this world can be gay ,and that in america we are recognized  as human beings. i still beleive in love .i still beleive that we need too love one another instead of hate  hate is the work of the devil. soo this blog is  i am just saying that i love each and every one of you  and pass it on let us become one  lets all show love  thanx for listening :

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standing upright
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do you like to stand up when you do it? if so, do you prefer to be bottoming or topping in the upright position?

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Jake T. A.
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Peek - A - Boo
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check out my other blogs and please rate my profile

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photo blog how to
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help on how to take that perfect photo

edit it and share it ....


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I Want To Break Free
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Hello guys,

Can you help my friend by supporting his blog?

Thank you!

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animals and babies
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sleeping buddha lazy tiger
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Shower Thought
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Beef jerky is basically a cow raisin.

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Never done this before!
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Ive been on GBT for over a year and never posted something in my blog. Usually I just came here to jerk off but I really like the people here so I decided to be more invested in the community so welcome to my first blog post. Although I can't promise how often I'll post.

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Taking an a$$ pounding
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100% Hottie
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young underwear pics
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we need more young boys in underwear pics, does anyone else think a young guy in underwear is hot

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Toon Guys Locker Room
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We all started out winners `
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I want some :)
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so hard
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never realised how hard is to type while getting a blowjob. lol

then having him suck the cum out of me and keep on sucking :P

fuck me i want some more ;)

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the Japanese Boy chapter 16
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chapter 16

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Pic of the day 24/08/15
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Guess What Day It Is
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Happy Hump Day Everyone

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