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To This Day Project - Shane Koyczan,
Added: 864 days ago / Views: 153

Shane Koyczan "To This Day" Help this message have a far reaching and long lasting effect in confronting bullying. Please share generously.
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Trouble uploading videos.
Added: 864 days ago / Views: 142 Hey you guys I am trying to upload some videos but every time I think I was successful I just receive a message saying "your video should be posted within 12hours." I uploaded my videos like 1 week ago and I see nothing. please help.
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yahoo chat gone
Added: 864 days ago / Views: 286 anyone know hot sites free chat rooms cam tocam
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guys voice can be a huge turn on..
Added: 865 days ago / Views: 276 part of what make a guy sexy is his voice..i'm gotten a boner listening to a cute guy with "that" example of such a guy is ,,jimmy smith,,of the ravens football team..this is a u-tube vid of him in his last year of college before comming to the ravens..i feel he is a sexy mofo guy watch and tell me something......
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Added: 865 days ago / Views: 144 Seriously thinking of getting waxed,although there's not too much to take off. Has anyone been waxed and regretted it?
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Added: 865 days ago / Views: 541 ok, this is for uncut guys only. how much foreskin covers your head when you are fully erect?
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A new phone was just born!
Added: 865 days ago / Views: 203 The HTC introduces the New htc One! Has a 4.7 screen full hd. Also the HTC One introduces what HTC is calling an Ultrapixel camera sensor, pairing multiple four-megapixel sensors to increase image quality and light sensitivity. To accompany the hardware, the company is announcing HTC Zoe, software that takes still shots along with your HD video recordings, and automatically compiles highlight reels.
Instead of “Sense 5″, the HTC One runs what the company is simply calling “the new Sense.”
The One has dual front-facing speakers for stereo sound. HTC is calling this arrangement “BoomSound.”
Other hardware features include 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal flash storage (64 optional), a 2300mAh battery, and infrared connectivity for functioning as a universal remote. The One’s build consists of an aluminum body with integrated antenna and a Gorilla Glass screen What You think? Like it or not? And why
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A little bit of inspiration
Added: 865 days ago / Views: 154

Sometimes people just need a few kind words to help them get through their struggle. While the picture in the middle might not have the kindest of words, it does bring up a good point.

Share your inspirational words or quotes that you find inspirational for the rest of us to see!
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do you like a bush?
Added: 865 days ago / Views: 239 older white guy that likes to give head.I love a smooth guy with a big bush. im in st. Louis area and its hard to find guys that don't shave. makes me think of kids and I don't like that at all. how bout u guys?
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music videos..
Added: 865 days ago / Views: 571 share a must see video of music we shold see. see inside..
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Fantasy Story #1
Added: 866 days ago / Views: 206 is a fantasy story that I came up with. Let me know what you think...

He pulls me into the bedroom. We're both horny as fuck. The beautiful stud in front of me...tall, blonde...with a beautiful face....and sexy muscles. He pushes me on the bed and we make out like mad. He keeps rubbing all over me...feeling me...nonstop pleasure. Then, he pulls off my shirt...and I take off his. Then, he licks me all stomach...until he reaches "down there." He pulls down my jeans and sees my cock through the outline of my jockstrap. He licks my jockstrap all over and rubs my cock roughly. The moment comes when he pulls my jock and sucks on my now raging cock. He takes it down to the pubes and sucks like mad. The feel of ecstacy rushing within me. The pleasure that this boy was giving me. He licks me balls and plays with them in his mouth. Then, he stops. He looks at me and gives me that look....oh. We flip around and I pull off his jeans and jock and we start to 69. The feel of his now big cock inside my mouth. It's so fucking awesome. We are moaning and sucking like crazy until he asks to fuck me. I don't hesistate saying yes and before I know it...I hear the sound of a foil packet and a bottle of lube. Then...he's inside me. His blonde hair flapping and dripping with sweat...his balls pounding on my ass intensley. He is close...and so am I. He turns me around so that we are both looking at each other. He thrusts a few more times and begs me to call out his name. I do so...and continue until one final thrust...BAM! The moment of pure pleasure kicks in as he finishes inside me and I finish on myself. I wake up just as it gets to this part...and wish that he was here with me...right here, right now.
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Added: 866 days ago / Views: 141 Does anyone no any porn makers, if u do inbox me
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Ya wanna?
Added: 866 days ago / Views: 129 Guys in Toronto, NC, SC, VA or GA.
Looking to Chat, Hang Out, Party, Cam, HookUp or other NSA Action
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Fantasy Story #2
Added: 866 days ago / Views: 136 Wow...thank you for the wonderful feedback! I couldn't resist but to write another one! Enjoy!

Am I dreaming??? Is this really happening? Is this hunk of a black man showering with me?! It all happened a few hours ago at the club. I was there, dancing and drinking with my friends. We were out celebrating my birthday and they decided to take me there after a night of parading the town. All of a sudden, they brought out this big-ass cake and just as I blew out the candle...out popped this hunk of a stud black guy. He had on a red jockstrap with a huge bulge that made me get a raging boner quick. He saw the look on my face and assumed that it was my birthday. He came up to me and whispered: " must be the birthday boy. Well...I'm gonna give you a present you'll never forget." He touched my hard on and after that, I snatched him and we left the club. Everyone was kind of bumed that they wouldn't be able to see any of the action....but I was too horny to even care. We drove back to my apartment and I ripped off his clothes. Then, we made out like crazy for what felt like an eternity before he took off my clothes. "Let me please you seems like you do the pleasing for others anyways." So I let him at it. He pinched my nipples....licked my armpits...sucked on my nipples...then licked me all over until he got to my raging cock. He deep throated it like it was nothing. My eyes were behind me....complete ectasy and feeling myself quicken. Just as I was about to tell him I was going to blow, he stopped. I actually got sad for a moment before he asked for me to suck his big cock. Boy....what a cock it was....uncut...huge...and about 10 inches. I was scared about taking a cock like that anywhere..but I didn't want to disappoint him. So I sucked his was sooooo good that somehow, I was able to take all of it in my mouth and hardly gag. Then I went and played with his balls for a bit before he said that he wanted my ass so bad. He licked my ass and then rimmed it like crazy. He even shoved three of his fingers in my hole to open it up. Then, he shoved his cock in condom...all bareback. It hurt at first...but then I was in complete heaven...this hunk of a black stud pounding away at me for dear life and I am enjoying every moment. After a few more hard thrusts, he said that he was about to blow and I said to him: "I don't care...shoot it in me...I want your hot ass sperm inside me." That got him going and before I knew it...I had his hot load in my ass. Boy...was it a huge load. He kept pounding at me and I was able to finish off quick. After I came all over myself...he pulled his cock out and we laid side by side on my bed. I kissed him for a bit and then we get to talking about each other. Then, I told him I was going to shower so that I can get his cum out. I stepped into the shower and started to clean off. All of a sudden....I noticed that he stepped in next to me and started to lather me up. Now to where it all I couldn't believe he was actually here...then he asked the most hard-raging question that made me almost faint..."Round 2 stud?"
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Added: 867 days ago / Views: 194 As I was growing up, I was always self-conscious about the way I looked. Taking a look back to when I was in high school, I noticed that I was very different from all of the other guys. Overweight, hairy...the list goes on and on. I was always envious of the other guys, of the way they looked and the way they seemed to keep their bodies so in shape with almost no effort at all. I contemplated what I was doing wrong that was preventing me from having a body like that and, for the rest of my time in high school, grew to hate myself for how I looked.

When I graduated, the feelings followed me into the real world. I was always afraid of what people thought of they viewed me as a person because, as I'm sure many of us here are aware of, multitudes of people judge the book by its cover. I continued hating myself, but times have changed.

As I started college, I began browsing various gay communities across the internet, sharing little tidbits about myself and occasionally a few pictures. As time went on, I began to realize that the image I had of myself in my head was not what the rest of the world was seeing. People seemed to like how I looked and assured me that there was nothing wrong with my body type. Some of them even chatted with me further, boosting my confidence levels in myself and making me realize that everybody has their flaws, but if you look past them, you see the person behind the mask.

Today, I maintain a healthier diet and semi-regular workout routine, but not to change the way I look, but to give me a feeling of accomplishment. I'm comfortable with how my body looks and am no longer ashamed of myself. Sure, I might not be the fittest, or the most handsome, but I am ME, and, through struggle, I have learned that NOBODY can take that away from me.
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Visit my profile and a video from xvideos
Added: 867 days ago / Views: 184 Thank you for putting your comments on the video that is on the wall, it is XVideos, I'm an actor in this video.
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Added: 867 days ago / Views: 202 I just uploaded a picture, does anyone know how to remove it or stop it from showing?
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Cumming in your mouth
Added: 867 days ago / Views: 2321 When was the first time you let someone cum in your mouth. What did you think after letting him.

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Added: 867 days ago / Views: 128 Does anyone watch "That Sex Show" on LOGO? I love this show! It is funny and informative!! Heidi Hamilton seems like someone you would to go out with and have a drink and a laugh!!
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TV Shows, etc.
Added: 867 days ago / Views: 135 Man, the shit got real last night in the walking dead!! Whoo eee' that governor is one bad mutha. Anyone that dates that lesbian from "The Mist" is in serious trouble.

Also, Game of Thrones on March 31! Anyone else think Joffre is hot?? I know you guys are all gay, but the blond Darthraki queen that's naked through the whole show is smmmooookkin' hot. I know some of you guys saw her and considered crossing back over to our side in bi-land. There's nothing wrong with that, just sayin'

Haha, Adios!~

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a few things the site should update
Added: 867 days ago / Views: 144 i think a few things the website should update are:
1. In photo albums with more than 1 photo, it should list how many pictures are in that album.
2. the next button on members' favorited pics doesn't work.

How can i suggest these to admin?
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Added: 868 days ago / Views: 231 just a light-hearted approach to a subject, let all the other guys discuss the more serious or sexual subjects. Do you wear them or thinking of buying one, or do you think they are drab, personally I dont think I would ever buy one, dont think they are suitable attire for guys, no trap doors on them.
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getting in the mood
Added: 868 days ago / Views: 1473 Is it only me who likes to visit and read a few stories to get in the mood before cumming to
I'm not being paid for this, just asking.
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my pic online
Added: 868 days ago / Views: 418 i just found one of my pics on nibbelbit....not sure how i feel...has this ever happened to you? not my best pic but my cock looks big:) so while im post ing any of you boys having some hot sex?
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uploaded a vid nick18
Added: 868 days ago / Views: 268 so lets see if it works just uploaded another vid at 10:14 lets see if it makes it on here.
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Added: 868 days ago / Views: 235 guys,we have a very honorable member here named TOBY11467,and hes suffering from bone cancer,if no donor is found by spring2013,then tobys doctors are gonna stop treating him,and thats not good.for those who already know toby,you know were are talking about a very genuine person,for those that dont know toby,you too will feel his love........his blood type is AB POSITIVE,its a rare blood type and thats why we must react NOW to help toby..........PLEASE,lets help save a Brother,a friend who really needs our help,if you can help,please get a hold of nick18 or other admins here,or hit me up too because i stay in contact with toby daily,toby needs a bone marrow transplant,i dont know whats involved with it,but im sure your time saving someones life is wel worth the effort......heres a link for more info thank you very much for making an effort.........we love you very much toby and were here for you my buddy...........Slurper
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Just a few words....
Added: 868 days ago / Views: 194 I know its fantastic to meet over the internet. And its nice to see the other chatter on cam. But why in the world are there so many people who only want to watch without having a cam?

A few years ago it was an unrwitten law: i see you and you see me.

so what happened?
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Added: 869 days ago / Views: 377 luck,,,what is it..are you lucky?..please share your thoughts,feelings,,and experiences concerning luck...thanks
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about gay or straight
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 379 to be gay or not to be?
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Why is everyone on here so obsessed with talk about kid stuff
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 142 Just when it seems like the discussions have gotten away from it I see more questions about when did you first cum when did you first fuck Well I am really not interested in hearing about 12 and 13 year old sex stories for the gratification of horny old pedophiles. If that is what this site is about please just tell me straight up >pardon the pun< >>>>>>>joey. I think anyone who abuses a child for his or her own personal gratification should be punished
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Sex positions
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 606 What's your favourite sex position?

Bareback or use Condoms?
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Added: 869 days ago / Views: 236 Gay
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why do I prefer vintage?
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 373 everytime I see a good vintage I rate them higher then new vids. Why? Are there friends who agree? and why do you prefer them?
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Bored and Horny
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 139 Being bored and horny makes for a not so amazing time! Porn it is! :D xx
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Love, Hook-up, or Friends with Benefits
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 193 Which do you, hook-ups, or friends with benefits??? And why???
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hairstyle is my thing
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 240 I wish that twinks etc. made more efort to look smart with hairstyles....who feels the same.....
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Gay Parents
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 119 Who has gay parents in this community? How is your relationship with them? Tell us some stories of your modern family! THX! <3
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Added: 870 days ago / Views: 818 does anyone know where i can find more videos of the boy on the left with the curly hair in these videos? and

thanks alot
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Sexy music search
Added: 870 days ago / Views: 128 Because of an embodiment of an erotic story, which I will publish soon, I need music sexy guy. The video will be up to 10 minutes.
Thank you in advance for the help.
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What a great site!
Added: 870 days ago / Views: 187 I just signed on and already a number of you have become friends. What a great site for pics, vids, and good conversation.
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