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I am new here, I just wanted to give you some Sad news
Views: 271 · Added: 763 days ago

My friend Stephen showed me this website a while back but I didnt join till today He would always download the videos and share them with me. We had been friends for many years. He had been a member on here for a long time, I am not sure how long but quite a while. His name was MONKEYBOY. He died last night of a massive stroke. I dont know if any of you remember him or if he has any friends here of not but I am trying to let his online friends know. He was a good man and a great friend of mine. I will miss him

Views: 181 · Added: 763 days ago

Hey guys! life is going well here. I have seen a few cute guys but they are either taken or don't want me :( I guess imma be single for a while. I haven't even really had any huge fun yet. I have been to a lot of classes and met some new friends :) I hope things change up soon for the now what about my relationship/sexual life????

just a little kindness and compassion
Views: 120 · Added: 763 days ago

I was a bit bummed when I heard at MONKEYBOY's passing. I believe his last post was that he was leaving the blog do to some remarks directed towards him. And here is my point. No one nows many of our bloggers ages on here . So young some old, but yet we come here for many different reasons. Some just for the videos. I was one of them but then I started reading the blogs. Others here to vent, find friends maybe meet their next lover or support when trying to make a decision to better there lives we all have are reasons. I did not know his age yet in the last week of his life one of the few things that made him happy no longer did due to what ever the reason was. For those who choose to be negative and spiteful toward fellow GBT's just a little kindness and compassion could have made MONKEYBOY'S LAST WEEK a little more happy. Remember my young friends on GBT's we were once you and you will be us sooner than you think. Treat each other with some respect.

wood u?
Views: 352 · Added: 763 days ago

would you like your lover to be more attractive and smarter than you?

Views: 173 · Added: 763 days ago

Anybody know how to put (bad taste) music on my profile? :P

trobble with old profile-k19k91
Views: 264 · Added: 763 days ago

so i used to have a profile on here but i just tried logging on and it says that i have the wrong info, and when i tried to get my info emailed to me nothing happens. so i made a new profile, my old profile was k19k91

I worked relief aid stations for Katrina, I hope that Isacc does not hit anything nearly as bad as she did. I would not wish that on anyone! I loved New Orleans but it became a really dangerous place after Katrina, you couldnt tell the difference between cops and criminals. I'll go back to help if it gets a lot of damage again.

iam new to the site
Views: 276 · Added: 764 days ago

i maybe a bumb blonde here but how do you edit your profile on here....i am really looking forward to making some good friends on name is John, but my friends call me Johnny, I am 23 years of age and I live in NY and I am trying to make some new friends online...I been on here viewing the posts and seeing what a great support site this is...I am bi and I guess you can say I like both sides of the coin...So if anyone could help me out that would be awesome and hope to hear from some of you ---Johnny =)

Old timers appreciated here?
Views: 560 · Added: 764 days ago

New to the site. Somewhat saddened by the many comments by the young guys who don't want anything to do with older guys. Remember, we were once your age. Anyway, I hope to enjoy conversations and trading with those of you who can see me as a viable sexy person and not just some old fart. I can still "handle" my hard woodie.

Still long and strong at 62.

Senti battere il tuo cuore !
Views: 243 · Added: 765 days ago

What makes your heart beat faster? Like a person or something else :) Just askin' ;)

HRH Prince Harry
Views: 619 · Added: 765 days ago

OMG..HRH Prince Harry has caused a 'stir' in the UK..naked pics of him with naked girls taken in his hotel bedroom in Las Vegas..the naughty boy..he is 3rd in line to the throne..his grandmother our Queen will not be amused..

Views: 217 · Added: 765 days ago

Add me but be cool. Not creepy.

the original doug and jay amateur straight guys site
Views: 163 · Added: 765 days ago

I used to be friends with Doug AKA Scott and before he and Jay ended to original site me and a buddy hung out with them in Phoenix I really would like to get copies of his videos if anyone has them he is Craig from Missouri Really cute has a birthmark on the bottom of his right bicep. Had them all in my old laptop but it got soaked and ruined.

Good news bad news time
Views: 210 · Added: 765 days ago

Good news: thanks to alot of soul-searching and some friends of here i decided to stay :) and i saved alot of money by switching to geico

Bad news: im gone on a little less and not uploading anymore pictures/videos of myself and i dont have a car so i dont need insurance

I have a topic for discussion or ya'll s opinions
Views: 154 · Added: 765 days ago

If you bottom for a new lover and you are not barebacking do you still let him cum inside you trusting that the condom will hold?

Views: 600 · Added: 765 days ago

hey! I'm new here and thought i'd introduce myself...i'm James, 18, from England and about to go to University. Come say hi =)

Morning People, Hope everyone is well
Views: 118 · Added: 766 days ago

I just made it to Boulder Co. Will be here for a few days couch surfing. Expect to head out for Oregon by Wednesday of next week. Anyone in Boulder that might want to show a wandering man of the road a good time? I am 6ft 2in 190lb shoulder length hair and I clean up rather well.

Picture Commnents
Views: 186 · Added: 766 days ago

Is anyone else finding that if you post a comment on a picture, that it does not appear to be posted?

Seems that the comments I post, never appear

Views: 147 · Added: 766 days ago

yay!!!! i can watch vids this morning!!! and not a day too soon!

To say hello
Views: 196 · Added: 766 days ago

Hello,I today find this site and I would like to say hello,my name is Peta and I live in a very hot place called Bulgaria,I can speak to you in English/Bulgarian/Russian/Polish if any person would like to know about Bulgaria I have messemger and mail and allways happy to talk Dobre Den Peta xx

time to leave
Views: 335 · Added: 766 days ago

well its time for me to delete my account wish everyone the best and ill be gone by monday if anyone wants to stay in contact you can find me on facebook

Genuine Meet Wanted UK
Views: 164 · Added: 766 days ago

Genuine guy here, 31, slim, smooth, looking for similar for wank meets, watch porn together, message me for more details.

Why can't I make a banner for my page?
Views: 200 · Added: 766 days ago

I can never do it. Each time I try to upload a banner, it just says 404 file not found. I really want a banner!

I'm Beyond Confused
Views: 432 · Added: 767 days ago

I've been identifying myself as a bi-sexual male for about 2 years now, even though I have never had any sexual encounters with another male. I've had sex with girls before, and I loved it, but there are guys that I find attractive. The reason I'm so confused is because one day I can wake up and want to bang a girl and have a girlfriend, and have no interest in men whatsoever. Other days I wake up and want to suck a cock, and have no interest in women. It makes a relationship with either sex pretty impossible. And it also confuses the hell out of me.

I know this is a gay site, but if anyone has experienced this, or has any advice, I would really appreciate it.

Views: 155 · Added: 767 days ago

Is there any spot on here special to talk about recently posted videos? Im new here and dont quite know the lay (if you'll pardon the pun) of the land. When I logged on this morninhg there were som pretty hot new vids on here at least ones I had never seen before! Thanks to who ever posted em!

friday night
Views: 252 · Added: 767 days ago

Hey It's Friday night, so what are your plans for the night?

starting to get very disapointed :(
Views: 271 · Added: 767 days ago

ok so tried watching the strings that bind us and well yea the stop and go thing still happing. so i tried to download it so i could watch it and well after it finished couldn't find a program to play it :( tried real player tried gom media tried vlc media player and tried windows media player and still nothing :( damn so might there be another player out there were i can download the vids and actually get to see them without it stopping and going :(

Views: 492 · Added: 767 days ago

the nfl is back. preseason games are goin on. who is your team? hopefully we have some fans here. lets talk.

UKs ...Tom Daley
Views: 233 · Added: 768 days ago

how dissapointed i was to read in todays press (21st Aug)that our 18year old hot boy olympic diver TOM DALEY has an american girl friend...diver Kassidy Cook...
it was always a dream on mine that Tom might just turn out be gay...never mind as long as he is happy..he deserves it!!

Free Cam slave
Views: 161 · Added: 768 days ago

Hey I'm offering to be a cam slave for people around my age so no older than 20 sorry add me msn

Hunger Games
Views: 217 · Added: 768 days ago

I watched the Hunger Games the other night. Good movie and so many hot boys in that film. YUM YUM YUM

gay comics
Views: 482 · Added: 768 days ago

does anyone know any good gay erotic comic sites. free is best

what the hell motenaglguil
Views: 325 · Added: 768 days ago

do u have nothing better to do then mess up the blogs :( damn dude. hey nick u think maybe just maybe u could do something about this

Views: 316 · Added: 768 days ago

i think we have been attacked again!!

Views: 470 · Added: 769 days ago

im just wounding who else loves wrestling?

Views: 230 · Added: 769 days ago

what has been up with the websight as of late it seems as thou i have to go some were else to watch vids very very slow it stops loads stops loads stops load get the hint. hoping it can be fixed sooooooon


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