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here is a ditty for all those suffering from bad weather;

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I am having problems playing videos at the moment.Is this a site problem?

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Im watching Bad granpa and I was thinking. What would you do if you could be anonymous for a day?
Added: 763 days ago / Views: 214

You can do anything you want and you wont be reconized or get in trouble

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Dry Cum
Added: 763 days ago / Views: 934

Does anyone remmemebr what age they were?

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received a video from JOSH 2323 thru my Email, was not sure if it was a con but tried it but sure to his word he made a video personaly for me, sent it quick worth the money for such a beautiful boy that does what you like on video, wonder if others tried his videos

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Guys with long hair
Added: 763 days ago / Views: 252

What do you think about guys with long hair? Do you think they are hot? Or does it turn you off?

With long hair I mean shoulder-length hair...

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Trouble Uploading
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Hey Guys,

I need some help, each time i try to upload a new vid on the site, It doesn't show up. But when it was finisched uploading it sayed it was oke.

How do i fix thisjQuery182044761867285706103_1389114247664

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new sounds for 2014
Added: 764 days ago / Views: 163

any new music sounds for this year that think will be big, MNEK,

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I am trying to upload pictures, but cannot get the format to change into the proper one to upload. Can someone tell me how?

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Added: 765 days ago / Views: 272

use this to communicate and translate many languages.

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Sound Quality
Added: 765 days ago / Views: 178

Hi guys,

been getting a few comments about the sound quality on my vids, with some sort of buzzing sound or something like that throughout the vids when I use my webcam and HD webcam. Any idea how to stop this?

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Youngest you should date...per Butch
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new for 2014, or beyond. Having a bond with someone, is important to me, someone you can trust, you can have your up and down days, maybe you wont agree to everything in life together, but forgiveness, or just holding out your hand and saying sorry to that special person. Maybe take then out for a chinese meal, flirt with then, make them smile or share a hot tub together, it re-ignites the friendship flames, pass them a beer or just a nice cuppa. You know they care deep down, they will have my friendship forever........

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Why is it?
Added: 765 days ago / Views: 359

Why do cocks seem bigger in the mirror or in pictures/videos than in person?

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been trying to upload a video for thepast 2 month and no luck. Any pointer on how to get it on here? I keep on waiting for it to be approved but it never gets approved

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Loading Times
Added: 766 days ago / Views: 321

Has anyone else been having serious problems with videos loading?

They seem to take several minutes just to load a few seconds. It's very annoying. It's been going on for a bit now.

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Sucking Cock ?
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Anybody have a hard time fitting a cock in their mouth ? I seem to have a real small mouth and would like to know if their is a method to learning how to do this.

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umm what prefer....
Added: 766 days ago / Views: 659

Big and hairy, or small and shaved?

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Suggestion for admins
Added: 766 days ago / Views: 133


After login, it will great if the site goes to the exact page I was before of login.

Today, if I am seeing a photo or video and I want to do login to add it in favorites, after login the refresh goes to my profile and this is not efficient.

Congrats for the site, it's the one of bests.

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No idea how to use this
Added: 767 days ago / Views: 213

How long does it take for my videos to show up on here? I uploaded 3.

How do I upload more photos? It only allows one profile pic!

And how do I get all the great photos and animated gifs onto my home page?

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Happy New Year !!!!
Added: 767 days ago / Views: 176

For this new year, I wish the best for all members of gayboystube !!!


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Is he A. Monroe?
Added: 768 days ago / Views: 277

Who's the blonde on ? Is he Austin Monroe from Belami ?

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Video Quality On Gay Boys Tube?
Added: 768 days ago / Views: 229

Why are so many videos poor quality?...all blurry and pixalated?

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to late :-))
Added: 768 days ago / Views: 161

omg i forgot this forum/space Happy New Year to all of you, i hope you enjoy xmas and newyears-parties :-)

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So when is this website suppose to start working again?
Added: 769 days ago / Views: 297

So when is this website suppose to start working again?

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New Year 2014
Added: 770 days ago / Views: 139

A Happy and Safe 2014 to all here. May you have the joy and peace you deserve.

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Added: 770 days ago / Views: 315

Does anyone know who the mysterious "moderator(s)" here is? What is his story? Has anyone actually had any interaction with this will-o'-the-wisp? Or is he really another "Wizard of Oz"? Or maybe the "Banker" from "Deal or No Deal"? We all know what a "sweetheart" he was! LOL Air Tight Outta Sight!

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new year nearly
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tis nearly that time of year, looking forward to 2014, had a lot of heartache, hopefully the new one will be more pleasureable. signing off this one with lots of love for all my friends here on gbt, HAPPY NEW YEAR, when it starts, it started with a kiss, hug..................................

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I notice more members have their albums set to "private".
Many thanks to the members who make their posts available to all.
Your generosity is much appreciated.

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But Human Nature Always Prevails...
Added: 771 days ago / Views: 220

There have been some blog posts in the last couple of days mentioning how wonderful the World would be if we all joined hands, had a group hug and lived in utopia; great stuff but there is a downside - here is an article in todays New Zealand Herald Newspaper about that sort of thing...

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nothing works
Added: 771 days ago / Views: 160

can not get a video to work..............itried many

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Wheres our Toby
Added: 771 days ago / Views: 137

i mean toby who had the bone marrow transplant...........Billy

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Happy New Year
Added: 772 days ago / Views: 141

I want a whole community of GBT a good year in 2014 and that all your wishes are realized, I wish you love and meet someone with whom you feel good.
For me, my dearest wish, would be able to speak better English to be able to discuss with you.
Happy New Year everyone.

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Merry Christmas
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Hi all sorry for being late but i just had this awful week, i been without power since 9pm Sat night and been bitter cold in my house. It been 112 hours and my power yet to be turned on and have not got alot of sleep over the last few days. Also work been crazy to with the last minute shoppers. Hell we had no lights and we were still busy (don't know why we were still open) So i hope everyone had a better Christmas then me. Big hugs to you.

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гєคl ℓღνє
Added: 772 days ago / Views: 182

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Blogs 2013
Added: 772 days ago / Views: 361

Well who wrote the best blogs in 2013 not about sex but interesting things or good storys who would you pick.Mabe some thing inspiring that picks out from the rest think about it please

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Where I live
Added: 772 days ago / Views: 134

Most I imagine cannot read Russian but I live in Archangel city though I attend the University of Moscow studying sciences. Currently on holiday over in Australasia. You can read about that on my wall.

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Christmas greets!!
Added: 773 days ago / Views: 178

To all members and friends here on GBT!

For all of you that I haven't seen in some time...wish you all a happy Christmas and all the best for 2014!

Haven't been on here much lately, but that deosn't mean I forgot about you guys.

see you soon guys!


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gbt member of the year..
Added: 773 days ago / Views: 742

give your candidates...

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I meat a sooper sweet guy thats into everything im into..but he might have AIDS
Added: 773 days ago / Views: 127

he turned out to be an old friend of a friend and talking about him with said friend that he heired he had a white blood cell problem and that he was alost sure it was AIDS for the longest time.. What may cause that and not be AIDS? and how to i comfront him about itjQuery18207614464125200106_1387000728376 like "hey roumor has it that you have aids i wont kiss you until you have papers?" like what should i do!?

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Merry Christmas
Added: 774 days ago / Views: 289

I want to wish everyone Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014.

I have made some great online friends on this site - and I am pleased to know you; cannot wait to meet you all in person on my travels over the next year or two.

One or two online friendships did not work out so well and these things happen; no hard feelings from my end.

Today I am commencing my summer holiday in a place called 'Papamoa' - a popular holiday area in New Zealand - and boy is it full of cute young guys at the moment! (3 wonderful weeks ahead!)

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