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forget the past
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What has happened is water under the bridge, it is time to move on and forget. I have replied to an email that explained things to me and now I shall endeavor to put it in the place it belongs. Now lets get life back on track.

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I uploaded 2 videos last week Sunday and they are still not showing up nor did I get any email about them.

How long do they take to be approved and to show up??

Have a great day everyone!!

Anyone in Germany?
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I was wording if I could get some help, we have been having some streaming issues with parts of Germany. If your in Germany can you tell me if you can see this video play or what you do see? Thank you

Updated Profile - Check it out!
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Put in a few more hours of making the profile page a bit more interesting and diverse of information for as many of you as possible. If there are any suggestions you would like to see on the page (or off), let me know! :) I also added a few polls, so make sure to give them a vote; otherwise, enjoy the rest of the page. Thanx!

<3 Drew <3

vid probs
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for some reason i have all kinds of issues watching vids on this site. it hasn't always been this way.. my pc is out of date. it cant even do skype!! but i do have a 256kbps connection. could it be the vid card or something in my pc?

Fuck Me Jack!?
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Does ANYONE know where I could download/watch a movie by Sweet and Raw called "Fuck Me Jack" for free? Oron is down, so I cannot find a link ANYWHERE.

est-il des persons francais ici? Just wondering
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So, is there any french people here? I was wondering because I speak french (kind of) and usually they are hot;)

Views: 175 · Added: 763 days ago

I just wanted to say heyy to everybody, if idku or we havent tlked plzzz talk to me id love to get to know u :) cum check out my pics if u wanna text let me know. I hope u all have a happy horny day :)

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I love blowjobs. Giving and receiving. I was wondering what was the best blowjob you recived? How old were you and who gave it? Where was it at? Mine was when I was 14 given to me by my cousin. I woke up and was getting a bj. I was hooked from then on.

lost vids and photos
Views: 289 · Added: 763 days ago

over 1/2 of videos i posted are missing plus in favorite photos all are missing is this happening to any one else or do you know the reason

bord lets skype
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hey im 22 bord and horny if you are around my age lets skype. email me here or add my skype onelovebaltimore

Still Gay ;)
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So... Recent events in my life — and by events, I mean conversations with my father — have caused me to question my sexuality. Now, I came out to my dad three months ago, and his response was: "how do you know? Have you ever been with a man/woman?" He swore told me that the only way to truly know would be to have experiences. I told him that isn't hw it works, but to this day, he continues to make comments when I talk about crushes like "what's HER name?" or if I talk about a girl who has a crush on me — which seems to be happening more and more for some reason — he'll ask if I "like" her. This frustrates me to no end and makes me feel like I don't really know what my sexuality is, so I started watching some straight porn tonight. I'll admit, I really enjoyed the first part of the video, which was a blowjob scene, and my dick was so hard because the guy's cock was really hard. However, I started losing some "heat," if you know what I mean, when the guy started eating out the girl. Every time I question myself, I end up solidifying my sexuality in my own mind until I talk to my dad again. I don't know how to get it across to him how horrible he makes me feel. I've tried explaining it to him, but he comes back with "I don't want you to make a choice in life that you're going to regret." What makes it even worse is that he will tell me that he is supportive of my being gay. Mixed message much?

your profile and 'turn offs'
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do you have 'bald, fat, hairy, old' in your turn offs? i have posted about this before but saw this article today and it make me think again about how mean it must be for some my older buddies on here that have to see that. its naught but hate with in a community hated!

not one my older friends here ever 'hit' on me and i just ask to see this group of friends who start taking a pic of themselves when 19. that was 30 years ago and they have pics through those years still friends.

friend does not mean sex partner. think about it and hope my friends still like me 30 year from now!

let's hope at least some get this and take that off 'turn offs'

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my apology
Views: 183 · Added: 764 days ago

I sincerely wish to apologize for my actions the otherday. As many of you long time mambers know I was poisioned several years ago and that left me in a wheelchair. Well several weeks ago I passed out from lack of oxygen and spent a week in the hospital. Last week I met with my doctor and was given the results of the tests. It turns out that I had a small stroke, and due to my condition I will keep having them now till I have one big one and that will be the end. I was just really pissy at everything and when I saw the blog about someone critizing my comment from days earlier I just lashed out. I am truly sorry I was just mad. Looks like I will be looking into Hospice care so I dont know if I will be online any more or not. I wish you all well.

Fake pics...
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please contact me if u can do fake pics of celebs etc...

Views: 439 · Added: 765 days ago

why is ity everytime I come in here the blohs are always the same thing, can't people talk about normaleveryday things, instead of just sex, or this video or sucking someone while sleeping, I mean get real people, I don't care what you do at night, and I don't really want to hear about dreams or sill inane subjects, lets get a good thing going.

ok fine, no more
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It seems like I have upset asheshauled and someothers so screw it no more blogs. I dont need to communicate here anyfurther. I will go back to watching the porn like before. I dont need this drama in my life.

Baltimore guys
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Any young guys in baltimore ... If u cute I will blow ur mind !!! hit me up

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To all especially to the person named monkeyboy, I feel that someone has made a huge mistake. I am asking Monkeyboy to please let me know when this so called email was sent to him as I am quite stumped. and to all others I am sorry if I have offended you in any way sincer that was not my intention. Yes I know this is a porn site and maybe I made the mistake of trying to see if others were interested in trying for a conversation other that what I have seen, but I was wrong. I shall wait ti hear from monkeyboy but thenI think I shall find a place that suits the intellectual mind better.

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The sun it sets on fiery wings:
We stand alone as it goes down:
Birds hush the songs they sing:
The sight brings smiles and not a frown.
Alone upon a beach we stand:
The waves do gently ebb and flow:
Then build a castle in the sand:
To lie beneath the moonlight glow:
We watch the stars across the sky:
Clouds soft pillows like feather down:
The beauty we feel will make us cry:
Holding hands we make no sound.
On golden wings the sun does rise:
The night has past without a care:
These precious moments can make us wise:
Time alone for us to share.
We spent our time upon the beach:
The moon, the stars were ours a while:
Though the heavens were beyond our reach:
But the time was right for us to smile.

College Guys
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What are you guys majoring in? Why and did you make that choice? I currently just finished my first year of college and I just can't wait until I graduate as an engineer. At first I wanted to be an architect, but down the line I've changed my major. I wanted first to be a civil engineer, you know, designing bridges, molding our infrastructure, make traffic flow smoothly, but when I saw the Mars' Curiusity land, I got the chills and inspiration to be mechanical engineer. I want to build, or be a part of, something that would benefit human kind.

Tom Daley... (UK Olympic Diver)
Views: 138 · Added: 765 days ago

can any guys on GBT fake some pics of Tom..showing what his bulge looks like without his speedo's...please i will give u my e-mail address to forward them!!!

Are we all so different?
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I have been reading the posts on here this morning, and it just reiterates what I have seen throughout my travels.

No matter the country, or time, we humans are more alike than most of us care to admit or think about. I hear people in the news critizing people for being this or that, but are we all so different that we hate one another for that difference? Dont we all look for someone to love, somewhere to belong, work so that we can play, a place to live, clothes to wear and dreams we wish would come true?
I see the marvelous diversity in humanity and how far together we could go and yet there are those that hold petty grudges and nurse past hurts that inevitably hold us all back by being more divisive than inclusive.
Just a thought, that if you see the beauty in your fellow man and the strength that is our diversity, our ability to become more than even we think we can become then your well on your way to becoming the very best we can become.

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I have just read the twp poems that this guy oftenback has posted and I have noticed that no one seems to care, I preferred his poem the beach as it reminded me of the few times I was able to sit on the sand with some one I cared for. his other poem is dark and gruesome, but I see a point to it everytime I walk down some large city street. I wish oftenback all the luck and hope he posts more poems for us all to share.


knowing that often eypecially in gay-areas there are suicide-questions ...
also here by checking the GBT-Blog !

To BE real in LiFE is always hard...especially in Teenagers-Lifes...
Not want being a child anymore and not want BE like the adults - like the parents...
In school it´s learned that `know how´ & knowledge is more important than social aspects.You also learn to BE better than the others...

Everyone is someone - noone could live that LiFE that you/I living...

Ok - now to some gay realtys what is also an Bigger proB for every COMiNG OUT...
Sex is wanted ofcourse - But mayBE to concentrated in only Sex...
LiFE is a Big illusion in anyway...the `gay-world´ make this very transperent...
So do you/I have a sexy attractive Body with a tight ass & an cock with more than 20 cm ?!

MayBE some know gay-chat-sites for example `gayromeo´ & `planetromeo´ & `´ etc. At the Beginning it seemed to BE very hot and interesting But with longer time not.Only Being fixed to Sex,Sex & Sex...

To live the LiFE authentic & real as possiBle
But never forget that you are not live only for your Fun...
In harmony to take & give...

What me help for much Better understanding of LiFE & the realties
is this little Book ===) `The Little Prince´ from Antoine de Exupéry...

Yes - this is my try to give an practise answer to the headline of my Blog...taking your/my HEART in your/my hand !

So wishing all an sunny day - outside & inside (and good & hot night too ;-)-


Hey NiCK & the other ADMiNS of GBT !!
Views: 318 · Added: 767 days ago


first of all thank you for this great & hot gayboys-website...

want not waste your & my time
but please STOP this PSYCHOPATH here called `wanniwi´
easy lookin´ to my wall so I donot
have to reply his words full of illness

& in my mailbox endless `mails´ from this STALKER...

Thx for listening & hoping for your reaction & real support ...

Views: 234 · Added: 767 days ago

lets make it national have sex with a black guy day
the black guy has to fit a certain description:
-20 years old
-about 5'7
-live in missouri
-name is andrew "tony" (last name a secrete)


check it out! btw please dont leave "sexual" comments and stuff like that on it.. i mean i dont care if its here and you fuck around here but on the you tube channel .. well its public and ide rather you not ;)

Actor Ezra Miller Comes "Out"
Views: 174 · Added: 767 days ago

Actor Ezra Miller came out as queer during a recent interview with Out magazine.

Miller, best known for his roles in "City Island" and "We Need To Talk About Kevin," is not only preparing for his debut in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," but he is also ready to reveal his true self to the world.

In the candid interview with Out, Miller said: "I’m queer. I have a lot of really wonderful friends who are of very
different sexes and genders. I am very much in love with no one in
particular. I’ve been trying to figure out relationships, you know? I
don’t know if it’s responsible for kids of my age to be so aggressively
pursuing monogamous binds, because I don’t think we’re ready for them.
The romanticism within our culture dictates that that’s what you’re
supposed to be looking for. Then [when] we find what we think is love --
even if it is love -- we do not yet have the tools. I do feel that it’s
possible to be at this age unintentionally hurtful, just by being
irresponsible -- which is fine. I’m super down with being irresponsible.
I’m just trying to make sure my lack of responsibility no longer hurts
people. That’s where I’m at in the boyfriend/girlfriend/zefriend type of
Krochmal, adds, "Though I'll happily accept just about any label
someone throws my way, I consider myself queer, too. And I loved how
gender inclusive he was -- for him talking about being queer seemed to
inherently mean thinking about not just boyfriends or girlfriends but
also a genderless or genderqueer zefriend."

Earlier this year, Miller divulged that he had had gay encounters as a youth.

“I’ve had many, you know, ‘happy ending sleepovers’ in my early youth,” he told Next Magazine
in January. “My period of exploration -- I think that’s essential.
Anyone who hasn’t had a gay moment is probably trying to avoid some
confrontation with a reality in their life.”

The 19-year-old's coming out
will surely not overshadow his upcoming role in "The Perks of Being a
Wallflower," out Sept. 14. Although his resume might not be too lengthy
just yet, Miller has been touted as a "star on the rise" since last year, and that star is about to shoot a whole lot higher.

Miller takes on the role of Patrick, the gay stepbrother of Sam (Emma
Watson), the object of main character Charlie's (Logan Lerman)
affection and a girl way too out of his league. Patrick is gay but
closeted and keeps his boyfriend a secret.

The film touches home for Miller, who was mocked as a*****for having a speech impediment and then for his sexuality.

“I was trying to kiss boys in school,” Miller he told Out's
Krochmal, before revealing how a best friend he had fooled around with
turned on him. “He had some macho realization that led him to believe
that I was the problem. So I went from having a stutter to being a
totally gay little opera singer to being, like, a really confused queer

“I just want kids in all situations to hold on," he added. "A lot of
[adolescence] left me wanting to end my own life, just give up. It feels
like the whole world -- because it is. It’s your whole world.
But, man -- life is a really, really cool ride. It’s really amazing the
type of shit you can get up to if you endure. Like, you can do anything
you want if you can survive.”

older guy looking for younger guys
Views: 180 · Added: 767 days ago

hi im 56 guy looking for younger guys for role play

Views: 221 · Added: 767 days ago

hey any gays in nottingham?? if yh, find me on Skype - haydenwalker96

looking for twinks to cam with on skype
Views: 168 · Added: 767 days ago

my skype is bret.arter1 add me must be twink or twink type :) i am 22 w/130 so hit me up :)

Views: 495 · Added: 767 days ago

Idk I don't really see a point in it anymore..I wake up with no one to hold me and tell me that I am loved and then all i want to do is be tired again because being asleep doesn't bring that pain of when I'm awake...I wanna die soooo bad sometimes...I feel as if I'll be single forever and no one will want me cause im always put second or farther from first...all the heartbreaks and sadness is hard u know? If people felt what I felt they probably would already of killed themselves...that's how bad I'm feeling...I don't know what to do anymore... :'(

My firewall i getting attacked on
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My firewall is getting attacked with packages of 4 when i visit this site..It is not good i am thinking of deleting my account because of it,Anyone else have this problem?


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