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I bet you thought I'd forgotten you?...
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No chance! LOL...  I'm still about, guys and yes I do still care about you.  I'm just going through a little rough patch in life but attempting to get everything back on track.  If I've not posted on your wall recently, please forgive me as I'm still sorting the chat room out on a daily basis..  it's grown rapidly since I first opened it..  and has more members than I ever thought it would see...  I'm so pleased that it's being used.  It was my gift to GBT's site..  and all members.   Anyhow, love to all and please..  feel free to contact me anytime either here, G , email or in chat xxx :)

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Join me on the chat room?
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Board and looking for people to chat with. Or message me if you want to kik.

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Maybe some problems coming again...
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Server is valid only for: pfSense-55b73ae5beda

Site :

Error Code : sec_error_unknown_issuer



Client address:
Client group: default
Target group: blk_BL_porn
URL: :

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puberty article
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-i read an interesting magazine article this week in the lunchroom. it was about preparing your child for puberty. it covered in great detail about mother's and father's educating their young girls about having her first period. spotting and all that. it is a time when a girl becomes fertile and produces eggs. the article also discussed how parent's do not prepare their sons for his first ejaculation. a very similar circumstance of the boy being able to produce sperm and impregnate. well most all boys discover their first ejaculation  through masturbation, there are still some who have wet dreams when the process starts. makes sense to me that we prepare our boys, but what parent does really?

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Just take me away! I am tired of feeling trapped. I don't know what to do. Outside of this site, I don't have much of a life. My own family wouldn't help me get a job. I want to go someplace different. I want to meet new people. My life feels like some never ending nightmare. Just get me out!

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Watch John Ritzheimer's reaction when he gets a bag of dicks and some dildos in the mail. lol

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Hey guys ..  Hope all's well

Can anyone tell me what's going wrong with the uploads here jQuery18209444300766506866_1452182734600?

I've had 4 albums not uploaded for nearly a week (all NN)

I upped 4 new ones today... The first one has the 8 out of the 27 photos in it showing only !!! (it even says 27 under its title)

The second one has 15 out of 30 !! (also says "photos :30")

(waiting to see the other 2 albums ....)

they are ALL NN .. so not breaking any rules .... Can anyone please tell me if it's happening to you as well, if there's anything one can do , if there should be a maximum amount of photos per album, or what ??  because I have tried but not getting any answers ..




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hi all
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just like to say hi to all members

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Any1 horny here?
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Guys m acom 19 yo from asia . super horny any body wud like to share their dick ? skype ny1

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I cannot believe this! I am crying tears of JOY! I love you Joel! I love you so much! I am so glad you are okay! Please come inside and enjoy the party!


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I think I been there before
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This is how I feel about telemarketers calling my phone.
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For the past few days I had telemarketers ringing my cellphone off the hook. I even had a dream of some woman dragging a guy down some spiral stairs. She knocked him unconscious with a glass vase. The phone kept ringing and I was afraid the guy would wake up. Great way to kill a crazy dream............................


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My New camara, Sony RX10
Added: 584 days ago / Views: 255 I did it, i got the Sony RX10.
It has lots of possebiltys for Pictures in Raw, Jpg ore both together.
It even can film in 3 different format's. Did get it together with ScanDisk Extreme SDXC UHS-1 128 GB 45MB/s
Feel like Chrismas came ealy this year :-)
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Embedding Videos Into Your Profile?
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How do I embed videos into my profile like GayBoystubes?

video still

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Animal Skin Rugs?
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What are your opinions on animal skin rugs? Would you ever own one?


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newborn babies
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I just ran across this video again, I love it.

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I'm sure my cats feel this way
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I tried to upload photos on my account and when it does each photo it used to say something on Chrome, I don't know what it used to say but I accidentally clicked don't allow this page to show more something, I don't know what! and now I cannot post pictures, anyone have a clue what I have done? sorry to be so vague. Paul X  

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nned to shine a little happiness
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to all my friends on gbt, some are down, feeling slightly depressed, I am here to guide you through the darkness, open up my heart and hopefully make you smile a little more, LOVE SCOTT, take my hand, and we can make life a better place to be...................

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I'ma win that powerball jackpot tonight.
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Hands off, its mine.$$$

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Best fantasy?
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Anyone remember that fantasy that gave them a wet dream?wash those pjs!

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Cute fem boys
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Cute fem boys and big black cocks make me very horny.

Anyone know this kids name? 



red haired boy fucked by two blacks

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Hello Everyone!
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Just wanted to say hello to everyone!  Have a great day!

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Fuck me - Fick mich
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Ich mag gerne mal in meine Pussy gefickt werden von einen erfahrenen Schwanz

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inter generaion male intimity
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would like to talk about this subject, have a lot of thinking from you.

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Im looking for this video but not in the unpausable/unsearchable format! does any one have it?
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Gifs of the day 01/12/16
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Donald Trump's new plan for foreign immigrants
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Donald Trump is a nut job.


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Added: 586 days ago / Views: 107  poem to younger

why is it youth that i crave?
 A desire  to which i am a slave
in its physical form, so delicious
my intent for it, for you, so malicious
youth, so fresh, so inexperinenced
so childlike and so easily influenced

you see my kind, as ugly, and old
flabby , unattractive, dead and cold
a person that must be avoided
without so much as a smile awarded
left alone to whither and die
i slowly exhale my last sigh

some say age is just a number
because I`m older i can only wonder
how your hard body feels against mine
but that which i desire, you`d decline
for in your eyes, i`m undesirable
your disgust in me is undeniable

taste i must the flesh of your youth
the only cure for my aching sweet tooth
just to taste, your lips, your sweat, your seed
your intoxicating body is the only drug i need
if only i could swallow your pride and joy
a man id make of you my sexy... young... horny.. boy
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Всем привет!
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Мои друзья, вы лучшие!

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MTV's "Teen Wolf" Comes Out
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Know this news was posted in Gay News by another GBT member, but I thought the eloquence of Charlie Carver's ("Teen Wolf") explanation of his thought process and sound advice for anyone considering coming out was well worth a closer look and read especially for younger GBT members. 

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thanks to barsinger for great new chat site but it often has few folks there. Any other good gay chat sites? I do love chatstep for 1-to-1 fun if anyone interested?


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Don't know why my blog post showed up again. Sorry. MNGUY

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