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It's friday
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Sex Scandle on the Farm
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Hello World
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nude camping
Added: 677 days ago / Views: 1783

i so wanna do this.

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Moo Motherfucker Moo
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Ice cave
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Added: 678 days ago / Views: 144

I have McAfee Total Protection.

When I click on the video section, I get a full screen warning from McAfee, staing that it is an unsafe site and that I should not go there.

Has anyone else

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No shoes No shirt No problem
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I want a cooke too
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Video Uploads
Added: 678 days ago / Views: 229

Hi, everyone - I've only just joined this horny site and have uploaded several videos all of which I'm told have been successful, yet none appear on my site. Have I done something wrong? x

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Added: 678 days ago / Views: 143

anyone free round Buckingham at the weekend

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I'm Back!
Added: 679 days ago / Views: 144

Hello. Hello. Hello. Yes, I am back after a long while. It feels good to be back....with school and other stuff, I Barely have time to myself, but I am going to make this work. So please feel free to add me, check out my videos, and subscribe....message me even! Can't wait to hear from all of you again!

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Uncut Pepper dick lol
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is this site with malware?
Added: 679 days ago / Views: 808

Google chrome stated that there is malware on gbt. Malware from

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Added: 680 days ago / Views: 194

At last got a weekend free got to try do something anyone free

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Added: 680 days ago / Views: 230

This old building has been abandumn and now the city wants to tear it down what a damn shame

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Two buddy's at the park
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In Love with My Best Friend....
Added: 680 days ago / Views: 163

It's tough because he "claims" to be straight. I'm pretty sure that he's bi. I've been in love with him since 2008 and "deeply" in love with him since 2010. I gave

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The Cafe Wall Illusion
Added: 681 days ago / Views: 181

The cafe wall illusion is a geometrical optical illusion in which the parallel straight dividing lines between staggered rows with alternating black and white bricks appear to be sloped but are not.

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im so sad
Added: 681 days ago / Views: 389

hello to whoever is listening im so sad , i lost my roomate and i feel like i did a terrible thing by making him leave he is only 19 but

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Does anyone know where the club is in this videojQuery18204327740117441863_1410839617409?
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I feel better...
Added: 681 days ago / Views: 189

And the solution for this little depression was really to go further into perversion and shoot a new vid. Hope it will upload correctly.

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Added: 682 days ago / Views: 208

just going to make my brekkie; burger, egg, black pudding, a little beans on the side, toast and a nice pot of tea. what do you eat or like in the mornings, you are welcome round anytime, and I will share my breakfast with you all. love scott

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Added: 682 days ago / Views: 240

I wonder where I'm going? I suddenly feel lost and stupid, after 8 days of extreme sexual excitation and enthusiasm. Little down after the high, like if the party was ending. After a long dream, Reality is quite depressing. I think I should go on and make a new fetish vid, to renew the pleasure I experienced at first, but could it work again? Maybe the solution for me is to go deeper and deeper into fetishism and masochism, till I'll be like an animal, a pet-dog, totally whipped out of my mind and my self. Maybe it's not a good idea. I have a very good life, earn money, have nice and intelligent friends, easily find someone who fucks me when I want to, I'm a very lucky guy, nevertheless I desperately whish I could be anyone else. It's time for shooting a new vid.

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Added: 682 days ago / Views: 315

haven't blogged in awhile. this thought in in my mind. when you ride your partner with him on bottom, but he is in you feel like you're fuking him, even though you are bottoming? do you ever ride him to the point you feel like you are fuking his brains out. i refer to it as "fuking yourself." so go fuk yourself this weekend and remember it was my idea.

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vicktorduquartier vicktor alonso rio de janeiro
Added: 682 days ago / Views: 194 whatsapp ? skype ? with me / Comigo.
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Added: 683 days ago / Views: 676

HI guys just wondering anyone knows any good sites or videos to see young smooth boys getting topped? pref by older guy or just 2 boys fine by me :) if anyone shares the same thing i do would love t0 hear from you :)

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Added: 683 days ago / Views: 194

Some where some one gets to see this in real life while on his boat

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Driving and Cumming!!
Added: 683 days ago / Views: 367

Haha... ok its a little emberassing! A few days ago, after driving for several hours and suffering from extreme boredom, I slowly unzipped my pants and began to stroke my uncut dick while going 75 miles per hour! When I came I moaned so loud because the thrill was unimaginatively amazing, so much adrenaline, so much cum, pleasure, and squirts!

Have you ever masterbated while driving? Received a blow job while driving? Sex in a moving car? How did it feel? Details so I can jerk off to your story :)

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Day Dreaming
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la de da :) giles
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Added: 684 days ago / Views: 159

I just saw it on CNN, they said that the "coronal mass ejection" (aka solar storm) could effect ppower grids, cell service and GPS systems. I'm sure nothing serious will happen, but I give them credit for an eye

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only the shadow knows
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more of Red Rock Canyon AZ.
Added: 684 days ago / Views: 154

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Fun with Food...
Added: 684 days ago / Views: 287

Hey I had a fantasy last night that I was with my boyfriend having fun, as you do.

just to to paint a picture, he is a half Japanese, half Malaysian, not an ounce of fat on him. Reasonably toned muscles and dark skin. Nick 6 inch cut cock, smooth hairless body.

Anyway, in my fantasy I put some Nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread) on his cock and balls. Then nibbled and licked and sucked it of slowly till he came hard and hot.

i definitely plan to try it out for real this weekend.

Have you done this or something similar?

Can you recommend some other food to have fun with?

John xx

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Another day another job
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This site has serious problems
Added: 684 days ago / Views: 144

Half the time the photos I upload don't even show up on my profile. I just created a new album last night with at least five photos in it. I woke up this morning to find out it was approved, but there are only two photos?! Someone really needs

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