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cum freaks
Added: 885 days ago / Views: 414 my bf is still asleep so im watchin porn and getting ready for how wake up. dudes, i freakin luv cum. i want to eat it, lick it, take it in my face, anyway possible. i luv to cum deep inside him, but im torn because i want to blast it all over his stomach and chest, or his cock and pubes, or on his ass...and then lick every drop. and thats just my load. i luv it when he cums on himself so i can do the same for him, but often he cums on me or in me and i cant get to it. does anyone else have the same fetish for cum? my fantasy is to have 5 or 6 guys all jo in my face. ive seen it in porn and i jo to it everytime. to wake the bf...
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Science Fiction
Added: 885 days ago / Views: 202 What are your favorite science fiction series
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Looking for "fun"
Added: 885 days ago / Views: 111 Hi everyone, I need your help. I'm a 23 year old living in North London, UK, and need somebody to come and take my anal virginity.. have a very tight ass which needs seeing to, let me know if your interested!

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Added: 885 days ago / Views: 182 any like trading on here or things they have done in the past message me for skype or talk on here:)
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Looking for a video
Added: 885 days ago / Views: 565 Found it on here, but have since lost it.

Three boys finds a 4th unconscious or sleeping boy. They proceed to mess around with him eventually having sex. The boys break off into 2 groups. One group stays inside and the other goes outside. This all takes place in an abandoned warehouse or factory of sorts.

Help me find this video!
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cool boy
Added: 886 days ago / Views: 147 Hello
my friends
I am looking for who is doing with
pictures to swap horny boy
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Do over
Added: 886 days ago / Views: 257 if you could would you or not change one aspect of your life? Mine I should have moved to Alaska way back when I was in my 20's not for the gold lol but for the life style.
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Deutsch ?
Added: 886 days ago / Views: 447 Wär doch nicht schlecht wenn wir hier mal nen Blog für deutschsprachige User aufmachen könnten. Oder ??
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Creeper definition?
Added: 886 days ago / Views: 409 I noticed the blog from, 'qman1212'. He wants to chat with younger guys under 20 and "not looking for a creeper".
Then one of the bloggers stated "not sure what a 'creeper' is".
Do you guys have any thoughts on what is considered a 'creeper'?
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Age Of Diversity?
Added: 886 days ago / Views: 282 So I find myself getting horny once more as my eyes wander upon all who are at the local store as I reach into my shorts and start to edge - I wonder if it's normal the kind of guys I wander about giving head? From young fresh boys of age of innocence to dirty old men who are older than my dad they all get me going in one way or another - maybe I am just a dirty country boy horny for the touch of another or maybe I am perveted in more ways than one? Does it really matter how old or how young the guy i perv on is? I mean mostly i get horny over guys in their 20's or teens like me, but sometimes I find myself wanking to things that I maybe I shouldnt be pervin on - according to the rules of society. And so this teen goes back down the street and starts perving on all the meat, the buldges of young and old that get me edgin to complete the horny way that is every day in this the life of a country boy.
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Added: 886 days ago / Views: 262 ever noticed how when you're super horny and sneaking a wank lookin for chat buds no one is online - but when u barely have 5 minutes to log on and check messsages that your inbox wont stop with the new notifications! lol
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fan fantacy get together
Added: 886 days ago / Views: 260 it probably won't happen..that is a gbt get together...pick a place..time..details would be great to meet use guys who are friends online..what are your feelings about it..i'll bring the chips...lets fanticize...
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Added: 886 days ago / Views: 151 How do you add a profile background... its not working for me can anyone help?
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Hanging Out At Home
Added: 886 days ago / Views: 281 Hanging out at home takes on a whole new meaning for me since I moved to the country, when I lived in the city with my mum I had my own room and computer in there… I surfed porn a lot and it seems didn’t wipe my history as much as I thought – so what? I was and am a horny guy and love porn… Little did I know that my desires would lead to me being forced to move to the country with my Dad and my brother so I can have positive male influences in my life – yeah right! My Dad is a total homophob and my brother is no better… Now I get a hard time 24/7 from my brother about being into dudes and my Dad watches me like a hawk on the computer… I don’t have a computer in my room anymore and I have to surf in secret while he’s home, doing homework or so I say, with hidden tabs shining a light into the world of porn I used to know as my best friend… So has it worked? Nope! It now gets me horny knowing it’s forbidden and I get off watchin vids with a hardon in my pants whilst my Dad and bro are home… I spend my time down the street, perving on anyone and everyone and wank in my shorts almost every day… I get on my knees at the urinals given half a chance and wank in secret to the sounds of my bro and his girlfriends… Funny how discipline for getting horny has made me even hornier for hanging out at home…
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Mobile site
Added: 887 days ago / Views: 142 Why doesn't the mobile site recognize my user name and password? Anyone know?
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Added: 887 days ago / Views: 1311 What's everyone's fetish?
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I was Just wondering
Added: 887 days ago / Views: 337 When you guys were early to mid teens did you ever sit around the house in a pair of shorts or boxers and allow another person ( brother,sister cousin friend etc) to see up the leg of your shorts. I did that many times and each time it made me feel soo horny knowing I was being watched.
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Lifes what u make it :)
Added: 887 days ago / Views: 139 Yeah ok I know I’ve gone a bit about perving and being stuck at home… true it aint always a picnic and for the most part it drives me nuts all these restrictions – but in some strange way it does get me hot… dunno why but theres somethin about maybe getting caught whilst edging in my boxers with my dad wanderin around the house that gets me super horny… its like a drug sometimes –chasing the high and not knowing if I can dare touch my dick thats throbin in my pants… will he come in at the wrong time and see the porn ive got playin…. knowin I cant get up from the desk or the boner will show and tryin to hide the juice leakin down my leg… ok livin with a homophob for a dad and my idiot brother aint always easy – but nothin beats the time I did my bros best mate in urinal down the street and the way he cant admit it… its hot to know that when I pass guys in the street that ive wanked off to them whilst they were shoppin or getting a coffee… so yeah it sucks at times and maybe when im 18 ill leave this town – but no use goin on about the bad stuff, might as well edge one out and enjoy the rush!
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what happened
Added: 887 days ago / Views: 852 well im getting better at typing with 1 hand so i wanted to answer what some guys were asking about what happened. my house is at the top of a steep hill and i was going down it on my bike and this lady pulled out of her driveway right in front of me and i rode right into the side of her car. i went over the top of her car and thats the last thing i remember about it till i woke up in the hospital. i broke my ulna bone in my arm and got a concussion and the doctor told me that at first they were really worried that i maybe got a skull fracture, but it wasnt, just a concussion. they shaved the whole back of my head. i also got lots of scrapes and bruises. im getting better tho. my boyfriend visited me every day at the hospital and my mom thinks hes great now lol. i was off school all week but im going back next week so ill have to get used to waking up in the mornings again. to everybody who wrote things on my wall or mails or things like that, thank you a lot it really made me feel good. im sorry i still havent written much back yet but i will soon. huggzzzz :) (doing emoticons is hard with just 1 hand lol)
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Anybody from HK?
Added: 887 days ago / Views: 121 please comment if you're from/in HK
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A young guy wanted- Thailand!
Added: 887 days ago / Views: 113 Any young guys want to live with a loving GAY family in Thailand?
First priority is LOVE of the family anything else will come later.
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Best friends
Added: 887 days ago / Views: 394
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The sound of his beating heart
Added: 887 days ago / Views: 315 We lie naked, our bodies together. I caress his beautiful face and place my head on his chest. As I stroke his lips, that sound I hear is magnificent - it is the history of his essence. It is the joy his mother felt while she held him to her breast. It is the pride his father had when he hit the ball. Its the patience he showed in challenging situations, and the grace demonstrated in the face of adversity. Its the honesty and charity he displays to complete strangers on a daily basis. As I listen, I find myself enveloped by it, ensnarled and cocooned naked and helpless among its many palms and lashings. Before I can panic, I recall that this is the man of my dreams, the one for whom my inner most vulnerabilities are on display. I offer myself in submission, for I know he is kind and gentle. I have heard his heart. I have nothing to fear.
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Gay Couple want freinds
Added: 887 days ago / Views: 117 Hi we are a gay couple who have lived together now for 10 years but occasionally we find a straight acting, no fems, guy to have fun with. We do not like dirty or masochism we just like hot and horny sex, we are both versatile and like to suck, rimm kiss and fuck and be fucked.
We prefer younger guys but like any guys who want to be our friends and just like to enjoy good sex. We live in Thailand and are hiv neg and expect you to be the same?
You coming here for a holiday or want to settle, let us know?
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R U Top, Bottom or Versital
Added: 887 days ago / Views: 427 Top, Bottom or Versital.........

Generly I am Versital but sometimes I get more into being a Top & sometimes a Bottom, it depends on the Guy & situation.

If a Guy is Hot, Slim, Smooth, Tall, Uninhibited & have a Big Cock, I like to have him Fuck me nice & Hard. I get way into a guy being verbal while he Fucks me & I am quick to get Verbal as well. If a Guy leans over & nibbles on my nipples while he Fucks me, I want More, Harder & Deeper.

I should also say when I Top I like to Fuck the same way I like to get Fucked.

I can also get into a Hot 3-Way if the mix of Guys is right. I seem to like being in the middle while Fucking a Guy & Being Fucked at the same time. I have been with 4 Hot Friends of mine where each Guy Fucks the other then Cums all over a Guy.

So are you a Top, Bottom or Versital? What Do You Like & Get Into?
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Upset about posting videos?
Added: 887 days ago / Views: 376 Don't be. I was at another site before this and people used to bitch and moan about posed videos never showing up. They got all pissed off, threatened to leave, stormed around, posting to blogs, etc. Finally the admin guy told people he appreciated their hard work whether it showed up or not and that a lot of times he needed to make a decision whether he was violating copyrights, posting underage material, or reposting a vid that already appears 17 times on the site. After he said that, everyone just mellowed out and posted without making a federal case out of it. You guys that post vids regularly really do a nice job, but so does Nick.
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In the Beginning It was Good
Added: 887 days ago / Views: 122 I was out in the backyard rubbing one out and thought of Annie. Annie was a shy 18 year old babysitter and I was a cute 5 year old taking a bath before bedtime. She came into the bathroom to check on me and I can still see her stare at my little cock just undere the water. "Oh," she said and I didn't know what to say. She knelt down beside the tub and looked straight at my cock. "It's so cute, can I touch it?" she said. I wasn't sure what she meant, so I said, "Yes." She put her hand into the tub and the flat of her palm over my cock and pressed down. I had electricity going all over my crotch, down my legs, up my spine, wow it was so cool. Then she began to rub it on my belly, back and forth, up and down, and it was the best pleasure I'd ever known. I saw her hand moving in front of her. She was rubbing herself too. "If you like this we'll do it some more when you go to bed," she said. "Bt it's our special secret, so don't tell anyone about it." Tell, hell, I wanted to keep this to myself because it felt so good I didn't want to share it with anyone else. At bedtime she came to my room to tuck me in. "Pull your PJ bottoms down," she said, and I did. My heart pounded in my ears and my cock felt strange, like it might break off if I touched it, but she did it for me again. She rubbed it slow, then fast, in circles too, and I tightened my ass cheeks and bounced up and down into her hand. "You can do it to yourself too," she said. "You practice and you'll get real good at it." Annie babysat me again a couple of other times and I never saw much of her again, but I practiced rubbing out excitement every night, sometimes twice or more until I finally came five years later, then I practiced even more. Next in my series, Danny, the grandson next door, my hero, and what he taught me.
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Vacancy in florence
Added: 888 days ago / Views: 116 a teenager for me to play and love together in my house in florence kiss....
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Ostern 2013
Added: 888 days ago / Views: 104 a little vacation from me in Florence?

Ciao Tony
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Hot pics?
Added: 888 days ago / Views: 355 Send any hot pics to me
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Young Londoners, come here! (Bis repetita...)
Added: 888 days ago / Views: 104 Further to my post a few days ago, may I be so demanding as to ask you to get in touch only if you are interested? This will save a lot of time and energy on both sides. Also, I know I like you all, cute teenagers, but do try and communicate in something a bit more sophisticated than pidgin English or one-word messages, like that awful "cool" word. Please?
And to cut a long story short, I'd like to invite you here at home, for you to undress and walk around naked. No sex. I'm nearly 50, near Kennington tube station. Thanks.
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Its Johnnyboy20012's birthday!!!!
Added: 888 days ago / Views: 254 My beautiful new friend is having a birthday on Monday! 29 years young and looking sexxeh. He wants to spank MY bare bottom 29 times! Is that the way it works here??

Everyone please wish him a happy day!

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young, bored and want to chat
Added: 888 days ago / Views: 288 anyone out there under age 20 please feel free to message me. Not looking for a creeper. and please be honest with your age.
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Added: 888 days ago / Views: 280 I'm horny, just saying haha
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Added: 889 days ago / Views: 105 add me to have funny time im 19 years
i like one under 22 years
skype me golo93
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Anyone from Bristol, uk
Added: 889 days ago / Views: 122 Anyone from Bristol, uk or close by comment :)
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Anyone from Bristol
Added: 889 days ago / Views: 108
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Added: 889 days ago / Views: 110 add me to have funny time im 19 years
i like one under 22 years
skype me golo93
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Stress Management
Added: 889 days ago / Views: 267 A psychologist walked around a room while teaching stress management to an audience. As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they’d be asked the “half empty or half full” question. Instead, with a smile on her face, she inquired: “How heavy is this glass of water?”

Answers called out ranged from 8 oz. to 20 oz.

She replied, “The absolute weight doesn’t matter. It depends on how long I hold it. If I hold it for a minute, it’s not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, I’ll have an ache in my arm. If I hold it for a day, my arm will feel numb and paralyzed. In each case, the weight of the glass doesn’t change, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes.” She continued, “The stresses and worries in life are like that glass of water. Think about them for a while and nothing happens. Think about them a bit longer and they begin to hurt. And if you think about them all day long, you will feel paralyzed – incapable of doing anything.”

It’s important to remember to let go of your stresses. As early in the evening as you can, put all your burdens down. Don’t carry them through the evening and into the night. Remember to put the glass down!

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Young Londoners, come here!
Added: 891 days ago / Views: 110 No sex, just you undressing and walking around the flat in the flesh. You do your own things and I'll watch, that's all. Serious. We can talk further: email me on Thanks!
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Added: 891 days ago / Views: 824 How may times a day do u jerk off?? I haven't jacked in 2 weeks haha
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