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Any1 Got any tips
Views: 159 · Added: 899 days ago

Hi Im trying to upload some vids and or pics but cant seem to upload pics. Is there something I need to do so I can?

wild night
Views: 551 · Added: 900 days ago

what wild things have u done in bed

youngster abuse
Views: 505 · Added: 900 days ago

in my opinion..roman catholic priests are by far the worst perpertrators of sexual abuse on youngsters..not scout leaders as shown in some vids..scouting is a great organization for youngsters!!

Views: 188 · Added: 900 days ago

situation hypothetical............

Views: 201 · Added: 900 days ago

RACIST. It's the RACIST people I HEAR of that gring my 5th gear. The world want peace and goodwill towards all kind on the fuckin rock....well....STOP MAKING YOUR OWN MONSTERS! and swallow your fuckin CRY.

On-Line LOVE ???
Views: 291 · Added: 900 days ago

Any body ever fall in love with another member on GBT. Did it work foryou or not? Any body have opinions or advice for a hopless romantic?? Thanks guys.

bigstiffy123 is mean.
Views: 496 · Added: 900 days ago

MY good friend jack40boy30 put a blog up to aask for friends on GBT to sype him if they like and some guy called bigstiffy123 wrote him back and called him ugly.Do we want guys like that on this site guys....

Views: 330 · Added: 900 days ago

Does anybody have an idea when GBT was created..and why ?

Views: 123 · Added: 900 days ago

hi. I am a new member and have uploaded both vids and pics. However the last 4 or 5 uploads are not showing. have I done something wrong or does it sometimes take longer than 3 or 4 days to be passed. thanks.

requesting mod to delete account. Lost password....
Views: 179 · Added: 900 days ago

think you can please? I tried remembering it but totally lost tit. and the password recovery doesn't work. Delete "TheJudge" for me? I'm most likely moving onto this payin membership other boytube since I got my phone back. At the moment I got the mind like that finding nemore fish who forgets shit all the time.

uploading pics
Views: 232 · Added: 901 days ago

gordi1602's avatar

i've tried three or four times now to upload pics... can anyone post me a step by step way of doing it... many thanks.. x

Views: 325 · Added: 901 days ago


I'm 21 years old. Please add me eric46savage on skype. Not many guys are on Skype, so I need more guys to keep me busy. 18-23 years old only. Thank you very much. :D

Photo albums not appearing
Views: 151 · Added: 901 days ago

I've posted 3 albums recently, but only one has appeared. Kinda frustrating. Also frustrating is when I post an album and it appears but without my name :(

Views: 245 · Added: 901 days ago

Okay. Going to post a story that happened to me but first I thought it would be nice to tell what led up to that story. Dave and I were on the swim team at school and we would wait to be the last two to shower after practice. Reason for that was so we could do whatever we want and be alone. One night after practice I was on my knees and sucking him and heard something behind me. I stopped and looked up and Dave was loking at the door. I turned around and Ron (another team mate) was there looking. He just kinda shook his head and walked off. Scared the heck out of me and Dave just left the shower room and went out to get dressed. I followed him out and Ron was gone. I asked Dave what he thought Ron might do and he said he would talk to him. He said he went to school with him since the fifth grade. I said okay and we went out to wait for his mom to pick us up. I worried about it all night and all day wondering what might happen. What Ron might say. Who would find out. Dave called the next night and told me not to worry about it. It was taken care of and wouldn't say anything else about it. I talked to a good friend of mine in a chatroom and told him about it. Ron has a girlfriend so I knew he wasn't gay. Russ (my friend) told me to just go with it because most guys are curious about things at our age. Always felt Russ was a pretty smart guy and he had been giving me advice since I 'met' him. After the next practice Dave and I was in the shower again and Ron came in to get his shower. Nobody said anything. We just showered and left. Still Dave told me not to worry about it. Russ gave the same advice but said I should 'feel' things out cause Ron might just be curious but afraid to say or do anything. Alright then. The next practice came and went and Dave and I were in the shower again (we had stopped doing anything cause I was so afraid of getting caught again) and Ron came in and came over and stood right next to me and started getting his shower. I could see he had a half a stiffy so I just looked at Dave and he kinda nodded a little so I reached over and wrapped my hand around Rons dick. He kinda jumped and I just said it's okay and started to jerk him. He got totally hard (and he had a huge boner. at least 7 inches and yes to a guy who only had a little over 4 inches that's huge)! Ron kinda leaned forward and put his hands up and leaned against the wall so I pus some shampoo on his hair and got everything all soapy and kept jerking him. I looked over and saw Dave was jerking too so I just started to jerk myself while I jerked Ron. Ron started moaning and I felt his dick start to swell so I just jerked him without going over his head (I know mine gets real sensative when I squirt) and watched him squirt a huge amount out. I been used to Dave and mine and we never squirted like that. Ron just stood there and pulsed everything out and I stopped jerking him and worked on myself while he watched. Dave squirted next and that made me go and Ron just watched us squirt. Hard to believe that just a few months earlier I was embarressed to let anyone even see my little hairless 'boy-bits' (heard that statement and still thinks its funny) and now I'm jerking and squirting while two boys watched We got done and just finished our shower and left and got dressed without saying anything about what happened. The following saturday I was going to spend the night at Daves (we take turns staying over each others houses) and Dave invited Ron too. Cool!! Well, not so much. Dave's mom, dad and sister were home too and even though Dave says they NEVER come into his room Ron and I decided not to do anything. We spent alot of time just talking. Ron asking us what we did and stuff and we told him. He promised both of us that he would NEVER say anything (which made me feel alot better) but would like to try things with us...Two weeks later I turned 14 and the day after my birthday Dave, Ron and I stayed at Daves again and we DID do things. THAT will be my next story if anyone wants to hear it. Just wanted you all to know what led up to it. Travis

Gay marriage?
Views: 111 · Added: 901 days ago

A very good friend of mine, a Drew Peacock, entered into a marriage with another friend of mine, a Rudolph Hucker. They had a lovely maid, a Miss Stitts - Gloria. It was a very happy occasion,and,so far it has all worked out.

I'd love any comments on this rather unconvential state of affairs.

Thank you.

What you think of this tattoo idea?
Views: 133 · Added: 901 days ago

Two Male sex symbols tied together about the size of an orange. But inside the circles put a dream catcher web drawn in. And a wolf fang hanging from a piece of sinew with my name on the fang. And another on the other sex symbol but no name (for my future life partner). If I find someone before age 27 that is ;p

Views: 164 · Added: 901 days ago

William Shakespear..wrote LOVE ALL and TRUST but a few...and how right he was!!

a forever 27 club pact
Views: 149 · Added: 901 days ago

vehicular accident, drug overdose, poisoning, murdered, natural cause, diseases, suicide....I guess I'll be making a pact to the 27 lounge. Prime years are wasting, I'm a virgin. Rather be with a real young guy (16 OR to 30) But bullshit surrounds and controls who you are allowed to fall in love with. Legal age my ass. These "Vintage" porns tell me "legal age" is bullshit, If they been making young amateur gay teen porn for over 30 years.(which some are REAL HOT) I'll meet up with my sexiest favorite star who'll forever stay young looking as a teenager.....Cobain I love you. I'll play one for you as it goes down. It won't be long from now. Wait. Try to hold on while I slam it to the floor!

My Pics Don't Seem to Appear!
Views: 109 · Added: 902 days ago

I keep uploading pics which I'm told were successfully uploaded and will be posted on my site - then nothing happens! Same with some of my videos. Is there a huge backlog?

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Up loading videos
Views: 219 · Added: 902 days ago

Every time i up load a vid a message goes to my friends in my out box (new video) how can i stop this, have gone to edit profile, preferences and can't see what to do. Any suggestions would be helpful.

How long?
Views: 704 · Added: 902 days ago

Just a question for all the tops out there. On average, how long can you last?

Views: 386 · Added: 903 days ago

Haven't seen any updates to the vids in over a day. Have uploaded some, but they have't appeared. Just was wondering.

Views: 295 · Added: 903 days ago

on my job as a courier, i have a route and see the same faces most of the time. at a stop at a auto parts store(daily stop) i saw a really cute young(21)guy 2 weeks ago. i've seem him about 3 times. he is 5-10, 150, light colored curly hair(under a baseball cap). i'm afraid to look at him too much and he is quiet type but every time i look a him he is lookin at me. i'm sure he isn't "checkin" me out like i'm checkin him out. it is a cool kinda nervious feelin around him. does seein a hot guy give you that feelin?

I prefer to remain totally free of hair from the ears down. Mostly i like to wax, but sometimes I can't find the time, so I shave, but shaving leaves itchy stubble. As for my partner I don't like chest hair, but can deal with at least well groomed.

Manchester Meet
Views: 300 · Added: 903 days ago

Manchester meet Porn / Wank sesh - meet, watch twink / scally porn, wank off together - simples, can travel. Looking for lads 18 - 35 who can accom

Up loads
Views: 129 · Added: 904 days ago

I'm up loading and one vid stays on 100% when done but the other one went throuh, has anyone else has this problem

Views: 184 · Added: 904 days ago

Any one wanna phonesex im from texas im whiling to meet someone and have some fun !!!!!!! txt me i vant wait :€

abnormal psyk class
Views: 121 · Added: 904 days ago

so in my abnormal psyk class we are now on sado massochism and i am wondering if anyone is into that syuff.i sortof am

Views: 138 · Added: 904 days ago

does anyone have young vids that wanna share???

anyone 18 or under in southern ontario?
Views: 865 · Added: 904 days ago

just turned 18...seeing if theres anyone on here from southern ontario

I'll miss you
Views: 104 · Added: 904 days ago


Views: 182 · Added: 904 days ago

Any 1 live in norfolk

would you?
Views: 821 · Added: 904 days ago

you are given the power to kill people simply by thinking of their deaths and twice repeating the words "good bye." people would die a natural death and no one would suspect you. are their any situations in which you would use this power?

Views: 256 · Added: 904 days ago

Just thought I 'd shout out to my dad IF he does see this... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOUR ONE AND ONLY SON IS GAY! :)


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