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hey everyone!!!
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hiya i just thought i pop on here to see how everyone is??? i hope you all doin well and im sorry that i havnt been on lately it because family issues got really serious so i just been so busy with sorting it out and it will be on going for some time :( but im looking forward what the future holds if everything goes well. any i got to go and i hope u all have fun and take care of yourself!!!!

huge hugs and kisses to you all!!!

Kyler Moss anyone?
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Does anyone have any full length Kyler Moss Videos?

Kyler Moss is one of the best models out there and there is a very limited number of full length videos of him on this site.

The Hobbit is nearly Here.
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The premier is on today and i wish i was there in Wellington NZ.
Whos off to see it when it comes out.I havent read the book but
i will very soon.

Balls - Nipples
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What u like Balls or Nipples... I like balls

looking for young guys 18 to 21 to be my top guy.
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looking for young guys to orally service in pittsburgh,pa. must be straight acting and appearing like me. penis size means nothing to me. cute chubby boys are welcome.

Age: 111
City: Los Angeles
Country: US
About Me: Love porn. Can't get enough
Here For: The young amatuer vids
Favorite Categories: Bareback, young, piss, public, caught,
Ideal Partner: 12+ w/ natural pubes :-) <-------
Erogenic Zones: Balls, legs, lips
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Guys

gay saunas
Views: 181 · Added: 904 days ago

how manygo to these?? thesr 3 local to me and i visit quite often get a good mix of age tht go have t lounges buffett etc so a good night out normally spices up the weekend to

Random ?
Views: 650 · Added: 904 days ago

If I were the penis in your pants, what would you name me? :)

Views: 242 · Added: 904 days ago

I reckon this is a relly nice to do - a lady leaves money to a nice neighbour. A lot of old peeps cant get bout much so for someone to do little thing s to help out is nice and a big help to old peeps in their day to day lifes.

Her family r just being fucking wankers in my opinon - (typical Aussies not wantin to work! haha)

When u cark it who/what will you leave ya money to? I wwant to leave money to libraries

"It is often said that a small act of daily kindness goes a long way. But one lucky Australian could not have expected that her good deeds would land her a multi-million dollar cheque.

The next-door neighbour, who helped an elderly widow with her daily chores, was left with a ‘thank you’ gift of eight million pounds.

Sydney widow Betty Harris, who died at the age of 95, left her entire estate, worth $12.5 million (£8.18 million) to her neighbour Beatrice Gray....

food revisited
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has anybody tryed food? like/dislike,,do you cook? your favorite food. what cousine is tell,,,thanks..

Views: 181 · Added: 905 days ago

Hello everybody,it feels nice to sey hi to you all.

If you could pick a superhero to be gay...
Views: 273 · Added: 905 days ago

If you could pick any superhero to be gay, which one would you choose and why?

Who's better partner
Views: 134 · Added: 905 days ago

Who's better partner ? Old man or young boy

favorite time of year
Views: 144 · Added: 905 days ago

Whats your favorite time of year, and place, and how many times do you get to go there to soak up the ambiance. I know some guys dont like the christmas period, but you must have another time that rings your bell.

christmas bells
Views: 479 · Added: 905 days ago

what is your favorite time at christmas?

Does someone like No Doubt ?
Views: 169 · Added: 905 days ago

Just wanted to know if there's someone out there who loves the band No Doubt like I do.

Views: 124 · Added: 905 days ago

I knew it! i always knew this guy was gay :P his whole demeanor is so camp and poofy haha

"...TV reporter Matty McLean has made a personal plea to Parliament to legalise gay marriage so he can fulfil his father's wish to attend his wedding.

McLean told a select committee considering the legalisation of same-sex marriage of the difficulty of growing up gay in NZ and the signal that the government sent by not allowing homosexual couples to marry...

"Put simply, I want the same rights that the majority of New Zealanders are afforded because ... I truly believe that the right to get married is a matter of human rights at its most basic level," he said yesterday.

The Close Up reporter, who previously worked on Breakfast, said writing his submission on the bill had reminded him of his decision to reveal his sexuality to his father - a rugby-playing, Speight's-drinking, construction company owner from Central Otago.

"That was six years ago, and the first thing he told me was how disappointed he was. Not in me, but in the things that he thought I would miss out on.

"Like any parent, he had dreams of having a beer with me on my wedding day and holding his first grandchild, and he was concerned that I might miss out on those things.

CHRISTMAS is coming
Views: 323 · Added: 906 days ago

for those guys that celebrate Christmas..just as a matter of interest what would you wish for on the day?

What's horniest for you
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Have to say the horniest thing for me is when I meet a good friend in Carlisle. He is usually naked at his home. Lying on the bed with a nice cock ring fitted making him look even larger than normal.
He has always new poppers available . We usually play for a while. He will then indicate that I go to the other room and get into the sling frame he has there. Then he plays with my ass with tous and will then eventually fuck me deep. All this time I'm high on poppers. Gosh it's so very very horny.

If you could return to any age; what age would it be?
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I would return to 13. Thinking back I remember 13 being the best year of my life. Not only because of sexual reasons, but if I could retain what I know now and bring it back to that age I would advise my dad to invest, starting with IBM!

First experience
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Did you have your first sexual experience with a girl(doesnt matter how young you were)
Hold were you, what happened and did you enjoy it

where to move?
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In which country you dream to live as a gay guy? Why?


In 1975, a dark-blond, short of stature with a boyish, unmuscular body and huge cock burst onto the adult film scene. His name was Kip Noll.

But where is he now?

Even in his very first film, he was a star. Trademark Studios issued a small magazine, "The Kip Noll Story," along with his very first hard-core loop. Kip was only 18 years old. He jacked off while wearing a yellow silk high school athletic jacket trimmed in blue. The words "Waipahu High" appeared on the chest. The jacket has become one of the most famous pieces of clothing ever to appear in adult film. (Director Mark Reynolds purchased it in a second-hand clothing shop in Los Angeles, and it was owned by the studio. It later disappeared.)

Kip Noll almost never made it into film. Mark Reynolds says that when he first met Kip Noll, the actor barely registered. Kip had unkempt hair and a mustache. He was so nondescript, the director almost missed him in the crowd. Kip had flown in from San Diego, and Reynolds almost told him to go home. But after shaving the mustache and getting a haircut, Reynolds realized Kip Noll had something ineffable about him that was startlingly attractive.

Kip was supposed to be the brother of Bob Noll. Bob Noll was a beefy, curly-haired blond with piercing blue eyes who had done loops for Trademark. They looked alike, and shared similar masturbatory techniques. Kip soon eclipsed his "older brother," Bob.

Soon, Kip Noll had other "brothers." There was brother Jeff Noll ("Jeff Noll's Buddies"), cousin Marc Noll ("The Adventures of Marc Noll"), brother Scott Noll, brother Chris Noll (aka Scott Noll) and brother Chris Noll.

In his second film, "Double Your Pleasure," he has hard-core gay sex for the first time. He 69s with a boy (Steve Parker) while being fucked doggie-style by another (Mark Lester).

In his first four films, Kip is missing one of his front teeth. But by his fifth film, "I'll Do It If You Will," the tooth has been replaced.

Kip filmed his sixth film, "I'll Do It If You Will," on a farm during the 4th of July weekend. Kip comes home from school to find two other boys on his daddy's farm. He teaches them the joys of sex before they daisy-chain. Kip then sits on a bench and masturbates to orgasm. It's mind-blowing. His whole body flexes and writhes, and he can barely keep his grip on his penis because he's lost all control over his body. It is perhaps one of the most awesome orgasms ever captured on film. (It is also one of the rarest: For reasons not explained, Falcon pulled the loop from its library in 1980. It is now a collector's item.)

Kip took a break from gay porn, and did not make another film until 1979. He did it for William Higgins, a former Congressional staffer who had left public life for adult film. The scene with Emanuelle Bravos not only marks Kip's first scene as a top (he also bottoms), but it marks his first speaking role. (His words, spoken in a deep, masculine voice, are, "I want you to suck my cock.")

In 1980, Kip starred in the first hot tub scene ever in a gay porn film, in "Kip Noll and the Westside Boys, Zip Code 90069" (the "Zip Code 90069" would later be dropped from the title).

Kip was involved in a motorcycle accident in 1980 which prevented him from appearing in "Rear Deliveries" (Catalina, 1980). But later that year, he was better enough to do a due with Lee Marlin for Trademark called "Roommates."

In late 1980, Kip filmed "Grease Monkeys." He, Lee Marlin and Derrick Stanton fuck on Pismo Beach. Kip later said it was the most difficult shoot of his life, because the water was freezing cold and a huge crowd of onlookers kept cheering them on from the cliffs overhead.

Kip helped promote "Grease Monkeys" by appearing in a live stage show at the Eros Theatre in New York City. He, Lee Marlin and Nick Rodgers did a number of dance routines each night. One of them involved Kip coming down into the audience and straddling the armrest of each patron's chair, rubbing his balls and asshole against the armrest.

In 1981, Kip let his hair grow out. It became long, fuzzy and bushy, and marked Kip's transition away from the urban disco-boy and more toward a hippie-ish wild man. In "Pacific Coast Highway," Kip engages in docking -- rolling Jack Burke's foreskin over the knob of his own cock. Kip reunited with "PCH" co-star Jeremy Scott for "Class of '84, Part 2." Scott is the last man to fuck Kip Noll on screen.

In 1981, Kip fucks Derrick Stanton in "Brothers Should Do It." It's not a well-lit scene, but Kip is clearly having fun poking Stanton with abandon. Noll reunited with director Mark Reynolds and super-hung Steve York for the incest-themed "Cumming of Age." The two are joined by Kip's "brother," Scott Noll. Kip teaches Scott how to masturbate while watching the loop, "Kip Noll." They start to fuck when York walks in on them, and joins in. Kip later told friends that Scott Noll was completely over the moon for Steve York, and York was difficult to work with due to his struggles with his homosexuality. Kip said he felt shunted aside, and the scene shows it. But Reynolds says this is his favorite film of all time.

Kip joined with Al Parker at Surge Studios to fuck Scott Noll again (this time, Scott appeared as "Chris Noll"). A second scene with Parker intercut with shots of Scott Noll jacking off in the shower become a surreal set of still photographs that turn into live-action shots. The film is notable because it originally contained a third scene ("We Tarzans, You Boy, Oh, Boy!") with Noll, Noll and Parker having sex on a hammock. It eventually was sold as a stand-alone loop by Mustang Studios prior to that studio's purchase by Falcon, but the loop has since been lost.

In 1981, Higgins collaborated again with Noll -- this time to do new footage with Jon King for "Kip Noll, Superstar, Part 1." (A second segment was planned but never made. The "Part 1" has now been dropped from the film.) Noll is interviewed (apparently legitimately) by Jon King. Clips from "The Boys of Venice," "Kip Noll and the Westside Boys," "Pacific Coast Highway" and "Brothers Should Do It" are shown. After the last clip, King and Noll smoke a joint and then have scorching sex. Kip loses control during his orgasm, almost collapsing.

Also in 1981, the Follies Theatre opened in New York City. Kip appeared there in September. Every single one of his performances was sold out. The reaction was unprecedented. Crowds stood in the aisles, the back the of theater and the lobby. Some audience members obtained tickets for seats on the floor of the stage. Lines for the show backed up into the street.

Noll became famous for having sex with the audience. He often would put his erection into patron's mouths and fuck their faces for 10 or 15 seconds. Once, Kip Noll pulled a patron out of his seat and up on stage, where he proceeded to suck the man for several minutes. The two eventually performed a live 69 sex show for the crowd. Another time, two lovers who had come to the show night after night had a small argument in the theater. Apparently, one man had always sat on the aisle, getting Kip's prick in his mouth. "Look, tonight I'm going to sit on the aisle seat!" the other lover loudly said. Kip overhead. When he came to their seat, he stepped into the row, allowing both lovers to slurp on his prick at the same time.

After each show, Noll often came back into the theater to shake hands with fans and chat. He signed hundreds of autographs each night.

Kip Noll returned to the Follies for their New Year's Eve Roman Orgy. The audience was encouraged to strip and sit in their seats with only a towel over their crotches. Kip danced all night.

In 1983, Kip Noll made one last film. It was "Kip Noll's Casting Couch." The film was produced and financed by Kip himself, and shot entirely on video. Unfortunately, the quality of the video is very low. The film is notable because it features an auto-fellatio segment by straight porn star Ron Jeremy. Kip appears in all the sex scenes, even introducing a new "Chris Noll."

In 1984, Kip Noll re-appeared at the Follies one last time. The club had lost its license and closed for a time, but had recently re-opened. Kip appeared on stage with mega-hung uncut blond Lance and mustachioed leatherman Daniel Holt.

Throughout his career, Kip Noll was truly a superstar. He appeared on the cover of "In Touch" twice, and on the cover of "Stallion" once. He had two magazines devoted solely to him: "The Kip Noll Story" and "Kip Noll Cocky." The artist Nico once drew a picture of Noll and Lance in an erotic embrace for the cover of "Meatmen."

In "Kip Noll, Superstar," Jon King asks Kip Noll why he got into gay porn. "The sex...the enjoyment of it," Noll responds.

Where is Kip Noll now?

In 1985, rumors abounded that he had died of AIDS. But as "Manshots" magazine reported:

This proved to be groundless when a friend, having an "in" at one film house, telephoned and asked if the rumor were true. The answer was, "Just a moment, I'll ask him."

Another rumor is that Kip Noll was straight and got married. In an interview in "In Touch" magazine, Noll said he made no pretense about being straight. But there is conflicting evidence about Noll's hetero- or bi-sexuality. When performing at the Follies in 1981, Noll wore a button with a woman's picture on it; Noll told patrons it was his fiancee. But others said that Noll often appeared with a different woman all the time, and these were just friends.

Kip Noll's final screen appearance may not have had anything to do with gay porn.

In 1985, a made-for-TV movie, "Blackout," appeared on HBO. Richard Widmark meets a gas station attendant just prior to the film's finale. No credit is given for this actor (who speaks two lines), but he looks and sounds just like Kip Noll.

Someone has to know where Kip Noll is now. Someone. There are rumors that he died of AIDS, died of a drug overdose, that he owns a ranch in Montana or Wyoming, that he married and converted to Mormonism and has 12 kids and lives in Utah.

So far, no one has ever proven that he's dead or alive.

Why can't I post pictures?
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I've been trying to post pictures for months, but they never show up. What is happening?

Why can't I post pictures?
Views: 109 · Added: 906 days ago

Name or link of this video.
Views: 178 · Added: 907 days ago

name or link of this video:

London based exhibitionists
Views: 346 · Added: 907 days ago

Hi London (UK) lads.

Does the idea of jerking off in front of a camera, then having it posted on here turn you on? Are you 18-25? If so, get in touch and we can make this happen!

First ejaculation
Views: 116 · Added: 907 days ago

How old were you when you first ejaculated, how did it happen, what did you think about it and did it change your life?

First ejaculation
Views: 111 · Added: 907 days ago

How old were you when you first ejaculated, how did it happen, what did you think about it and did it change your life?

Reuters) - A New Jersey man accused of chatting online about his sexual fantasies of kidnapping, raping and eating children has been charged with luring a 15-year-old boy to Pennsylvania for sex, federal authorities said on Wednesday.

The U.S. Attorney's office in Newark said Robert Mucha, 56, met the boy through his mother, who lived in Sussex County, New Jersey, where Mucha now lives.

In October 2010, Mucha persuaded the boy to visit him by promising to take him to an amusement park, after which the boy would spend the night in his apartment. On the night of the visit, Mucha fondled the boy, who objected and left the apartment, the criminal complaint lodged against him said.

Mucha, of Newton, New Jersey, was charged with possessing child pornography in a separate case in July.

Matthew Reilly, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's office, said Mucha had been charged with a further count of possessing child pornography on his home computer.

If convicted of enticing a minor to engage in sexual activity, Mucha faces a maximum sentence of life behind bars, Reilly said.

According to the charges, Mucha used a web-based chat service on multiple occasions to communicate with individuals who shared his sexual fascination with child cannibalism.

Many of their communications focused on how they might "abduct the children, drug them, roast them and, ultimately, consume them," the criminal complaint said.

Haven't posted in awhile
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Hey guys, haven't been on in Awhile,, how's everybody doing? I'm still looking for ppl to text me. Please let me know if you want to :)

need advice
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I have stop being friends with my friend Kate because one of her friends named Lachlan is threatening me to stop bring friends with Kate and Lachlan and now has starting to threaten my friends as well and I will not put all my friends in danger because Lachlan doesn't want me to be friends with Kate so I have to stop being friends with Kate so my friends are not in danger and kate still wants to be friends

is there any other way to solve it?

Views: 184 · Added: 908 days ago

Anybody know how I can add music to my profile?
I'm new be kind :)

Ugh the regulations for pictures on here >.<
Views: 156 · Added: 908 days ago

I had to re-size my first default pic and it looks like shit :( I want to add the rest of my pics but they are too hazyyyy

Barret's penis
Views: 395 · Added: 908 days ago

I am small.(:
Yes..I don't mind.My penis is 4.75 inches and not very thick.Some guy's have laughed.Some suck it like it's a pleasure on each measure-ment!..but I love small cock's and I think it's hotter to take that little cock inside my mouth and be able to tongue the head,deeply and swiftly twist myself all over it.
I had a 30 year old fuck mate and he was 2.5 inches errect....he was a proud porker around 400 lbs!I was in bliss sucking his cock!
I made him cum twice a session,and alway's wore that sweet meat to a nub{as if not already}...he was so sensitive after,and I was too,because more suction,more agile movement in the mouth,and we BOTH were soooo turned on!
I am wanting to hear from you if you are blessed with a small endowment{and thats any thing UNDER 5 . 5 inches}...I love cock I am small(:


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