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Phone Sex in USA
Views: 211 · Added: 898 days ago

anyone up some sexy phonesex xxxx??????

herb reed
Views: 260 · Added: 899 days ago

most of you older guys will remember "the platters". a musical group from the 50's. the last member of that group, herb reed passed away. he was 83. i really loved their songs. great great vocals. i encourage you young folks to go to u-tube and hear some great music. thanks,,mike

tennessee cock
Views: 233 · Added: 899 days ago

hi im 20 black bubble butt 7-9 inch cock, mixed. i stay in nashville, and im looking for some "entertainment" i dont care the races as if it matters, but i just want to get laid. i give really good bj, and no guy i gav e it to took more than 5 minutes to come. im versatile and good at being a top or bottom. if you stay in nashville, memphis, or mursfreeboro or surronding area and would like to "hook up" message me

keyel xy
Views: 212 · Added: 900 days ago

anyone easel find all the guys and i mean ALL the guys in that show are fucking HAWT and theire eyes are the best!

.. ok maybe just the younger ones

lube time!
Views: 779 · Added: 900 days ago

hey...what lube do you think works best?

Kekswichsen / Soggy cookie
Views: 483 · Added: 901 days ago

There's a scene in the movie "Crazy", boys play a game called "Kekswixxen" in English "soggy cookie", this is where boys get together with a cookie or biscuit in the middle. Everyone masturbates and shoots onto the object. Last man to shoot has to eat the cookie.
Has anyone ever played this game with friends? I'm interested to hear some stories of yours! Anyone to share??? ;) (unfortunately I don't have this kind of experience to share... Only jerkoff each other with a schoolmate once on pool, but not in a circle...!)

thanks again xxx
Views: 178 · Added: 901 days ago

love this place loads of hot vids and pics and to all the friend that i have made here you know who all are and hopefuly will make more xxx
keep up the good work.

fun things to do with cum
Views: 865 · Added: 901 days ago

post stories about fun/funny things you did with your cum or someone else's.

One morning when I was like... 13 I gave my older bro a blowjob and he came in my mouth.
He dared me to keep it in my mouth until the 10o'clock break, so I did.
I walked around the school with his cum in my mouth, was kinda awkward since I couldn't talk or communicate so I just nodded and shook my head, my brother still reminds me of that and laughs at me lol.

Post your stories!

Views: 255 · Added: 901 days ago

is there any one near or in long beach and no older than 24 years old cause i want sex.

cross dressing
Views: 256 · Added: 901 days ago

Have you ever cross-dressed? I would be interested to read about it... Maybe others too? Thanks for sharing.

#1 reason you love gbt?
Views: 300 · Added: 901 days ago


Is it a good idea to become a Webcam Model?
Views: 520 · Added: 902 days ago

Like is it safe?

People couldn't ttrack u down and kill you?

Can you really make good money by doing it?

or would someone take a video of me and stick me on a pornsite and my family n friends will end up seeing it??????


What Kind of Videos Do You Like to Watch on GBT?
Views: 180 · Added: 902 days ago

I personally prefer amateur videos. I like knowing the guys fucking are real and that they are really into doing whatever they're doing. It's more exciting to watch than professional actors who wouldn't be on camera if they weren't being paid to do so. I do watch professional porn but I prefer real everyday guys. The plus side of Pro porn is that the quality is obviously better than the amateur stuff and there's lots of hot stuff out there to be sure.

I don't care for the camboy videos that are 30 minutes of him sitting and staring into the camera and playing on his keyboard and toward the end, he finally reveals himself. It's just not worth my time. I also don't waste time on videos that are so blurry or pixelated that you can't tell what's going on.

Overall, I like amateur BJ vids the best and enjoy hot solo twinks with nice abs and big equipment. But 45 minutes of J/O becomes boring after a while. So shorter is better in this regard. I also like risky public sex vids.

So, what do you like to watch?

Enjoy then!
Views: 800 · Added: 902 days ago

I know it's been a totally common issue or situation here, but seems admins don't like my videos or photos like you guys do. That upset me a little bit. 2 albums of photos (40 pictures) and many many other hawt videos and good movies, they are just never been published. Compared with that I personally didn't enjoy that much straight guys masturbate in front of camera, I feel only funny about that. I'm seriously thinking why I do all things here, what do I actually want from here or people here, and why I share my movies (most of them I bought DVD or Blue-ray, transfer to hard disc, find English subtitle for you guys, compress to a small movie file and upload here), and which probably against the laws...
Yes, I'm thinking of not to share videos anymore. Until I find a meaning. Or at least, the admins could inform me why this or that video cannot be published or problem of photos I uploaded etc.

So, enjoy! Guys! :)

my cousin
Views: 531 · Added: 902 days ago

When I was a teenager 13-17 I used to fuck around with my cousin.He was the same age and about the same build as me. he would come into town from the farm or i would go to the farm for sleep overs. nothing ever happened until bed time. once we were in out tighty whity under wear the fun would star. we would take turns rubbing each other bellies. little by little we would rub in larger circle until our hands would go across each other nipples and down along the waist band of our under wear. we would rub each other for three minutes at a time taking turns as we went lower and lower. i was always the first to rub and feel his cock get hard as I would rub his hard on . just as he would start to breath heavy i would stop and say it was his turn. He had a great cock as I remember 6 or 7 long cut with a great mushroom head.

The thrill of finally sliding my hand under his pants and feeling the top of his cock hitting my fingers and the heat coming from was so hot. we would edge each other time and time again as i would hold his cock seeing the precum slowly oozing out. I like sucking cock by when but never did with him but as we laid there I would prop myself up on my elbow and jerk him of with my face only inches away from his cock. I love the smell of his ball as i would jerk him of always close enough that when he came it would always hit me in the face. I would act like it was disgusting as his cum would splash on my face but i never pulled away. once he recovered he would jerk me off. we would do it 3 or 4 time a night when ever we got together.

Racism on GBT
Views: 660 · Added: 903 days ago

is racism accpetable on this site. I Posted a blog looking for other irish lads on the site here is a reply i got from a user
mike1946 - 2012-05-22 07:38:57
i drink too much, live with my mother, and get into fights. i guess i'm irish.(j/k) cute he puts the jk at the end o make it all ok

Views: 136 · Added: 903 days ago

The only thing I hate about this site is I cant view vids on my straight talk phone. Moble wont work for me.. Ughh kinda pissed right noww.

Views: 151 · Added: 903 days ago

anybody wanna chat im bored hit me up

Views: 158 · Added: 904 days ago

Ok guys I need sum help. I have a straight talk 3g phone but I cant watch vids on this site. The moble doesnt work says that.the vid cant be played.. Anybody know wat I can get? I dont have 5dollars to get skyfire on my phone. Need advice plz guys.. It sux not bein able to watch vids. My parents are not helping me out...

Views: 453 · Added: 905 days ago

I am downsizing my collection and wondered if anyone in the uk would be interested in in taking some of the 400 discs of my hands.
if you are interested message me

Phone sex in Texas
Views: 179 · Added: 905 days ago

Hi im giving everyone a change for ohone sex freeeeeee!!!!! im 18 years hispanic black hair average sooooo if u want a good sexcx talk is just one call away messege me if ur interesting remember its free by the way my parents are away !!!!!;)

Views: 218 · Added: 905 days ago

Soo I guess this site wont update soo we can watch vids on our phones without putting a flash player on my phone. Is this gonna every change nick

Where are my videos??
Views: 111 · Added: 905 days ago

I must have uploaded at least 15 videos - all have been accepted - but still they are not on my profile. Why should that be? Same with pics as well. Is there any way of monitoring what happens to the stuff we upload? Thanks x

Views: 131 · Added: 905 days ago

The moble thing isnt working. It keeps tellin me the vid cannot be played. Do I haft to have a flash player

Have You Ever Been Caught Masturbating?
Views: 967 · Added: 905 days ago

Just wondering if you've been caught dick-handed while jacking off.

any feet lover
Views: 154 · Added: 905 days ago

any feet lover,want to share their story.

Failure is not an option!
Views: 261 · Added: 905 days ago

My right hand is refusing to have sex with me. Well, that’s not exactly true. My right arm is not cooperating. I don’t know what’s caused the problem. Was it lack of communication, or was it overwork? I simply don’t know. In any event my right hand wants to do his job, but the arm suddenly quit. My right arm won’t lift over my shoulder or even reach an itch behind my back. I can’t reach the rear side of my right ribs with my right thumbnail or even wash my hair with my right hand. Someone suggested it could be a locked shoulder. Have any of you ever experienced this? What could have caused it? Will it go away or do I need surgery?

I do know one thing; I can’t use my left hand to masturbate. It’s like playing in a band with a rookie drummer. He just doesn’t know the routine. The only thing he knows how to do is play with my balls ever so gently and sometimes give a little tug on them. It took several years of practice to get things just right. Now I know how Jim Lovell felt when Ken Mattingly got kicked off Apollo 13. Maybe I need a backup team. Anyone interested in applying for the job?

is it UK / WALES guys on here
Views: 248 · Added: 905 days ago

is it UK / WALES guys on here it be good to get to know alot if guys im into a lot if things i love younger guy just massage me :)

What gets posted
Views: 203 · Added: 905 days ago

Sometimes I upload a few vids and not one gets posted. Couple of days or weeks later someone else gets the same vids posted. Obviously there's reasons why some stuff won't be posted as its not accepted or has just been posted and is commonplace. But many times there seems no reason, you upload original twink stuff thats OK with the rules and its still declined. Two of my friends I subscribed to were posting about 4vids everyday and getting nothing posted, now they deleted their profiles and left after 80+ days cos they got fed up. I wrote to Nick asking about this as I think its too disheartening to get nothing posted at all when there is no problem with the material. Who are the moderators are they users? Are there guidelines like no more than 10 posts per hour? I just think whats the point finding good stuff or editing and fixing vids and original material if nothing will get posted at all? Don't get me wrong I have tried to support the site and appreciate the effort that goes into it, but i want to know how this works?

Views: 136 · Added: 905 days ago

is there any one near or in long beach and no older than 24 years old cause i want sex.

Views: 295 · Added: 906 days ago

erick344 is spam.....

any one in south carolina
Views: 139 · Added: 906 days ago

looking for some new people to meet in my state, if you are in sc or near hit me up willing to meet and make friends

Views: 697 · Added: 906 days ago

Hey! My first post. Does anyone have any good tips on how to shave your own crotch/cock and ass area so that it is smooth and you don't miss any spots? I have both a manual razor and an electric razor with a trimmer on it and a pair of scissors but it is so awkward and hard to make sure you get everything without cutting yourself. Any tips?

Views: 141 · Added: 906 days ago

hey guys thank you for the 5 star rate on the pics that i uploaded the other day get boost of my confidence and more will be on the way when i have a free afternoon once again great feedback
much love
enjoy the rest of the weekend whatever your up too

The Movie Battle Ship.
Views: 213 · Added: 906 days ago

Any of you guys see it? Going to see it tonight just wanted to know if it sucks or what ?

cum face
Views: 273 · Added: 907 days ago

me suis fait juter dans le nez...


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