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thinking of leaving, some may think putting this on a blog is a bit wrong, but I dont want to just walk away from my good friends on here, dont know what to do for the best, my energy seems to have dried up, you have always been supportive to me and thank you all for that, scott

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Why Don't More Younger Guys Keep Their Body Hair As Nature Intended
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I love younger guys with body hair. Yeah young twinky boys look cute smooth, case in point , but I wish more younger guys in general kept their body hair. Nature intended men to have body hair why all the distaste in it? Why can't more guys just accept their bodies for what nature intended them. I believe males are most beautiful in their natural state. I also never got the obsession with guys trying to be rail thin, again young twinky boys look cute like this, but most younger guys look better I think with some meat on their bones. As far as older guys trying to stay smooth and rail thin, your fooling no one anyway, why not accept your body for what it is. This is my 2 cents anyway, what do you guys think?
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Friday April 17...Day of Silence
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Day of Silence (April 17, 2015)

Silence can create change!

Thatâs why every year hundreds of thousands of students across the world take a vow of silence on a Friday in April. This quiet but powerful, student-led action raises awareness about the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Anyone can organize a Day of Silence activity or event, and it can be a powerful way to band together and take a stand. Learn more about how to register, organize, what your rights are, and what to do if those rights arenât being respected.

Strength in numbers. Solidarity in silence.

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Webmasters deleted so many of my gallerys!
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Without notification the webmasters deleted over 40 of my gallerys. Without notification or reason why. Thats not the right way. Im angry and dont post any more new pics.

Bye all.

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missing you my friend
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Phallussy (Dennis) i miss you please come back soon your missed here

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Hey guys! i been on here for couple months and decided to create a account and say hi! hope to get to know everybody here! this is a cool website! im looking to make some friends and to talk about this lifestyle. so leave comments below or message me and hope to hear from you

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how do you remove a pic folder?
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I've tried to delete so I can add more pics and resubmit but the album is still there.

Any ideas guys?

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Needing new friends
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Inbox me for my number, or add me to Yahoo Messenger:

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Catching Up again...
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Jeez I'm tired. Sitting here typing this I can barely see my screen and feel worn. I'm still trying to contact a lot of people by email too (catching up).  Acheron..  if you can see this good friend, please don't think I've deserted you...  I will email very soon as I miss those chats and the much loved advice!  Paul..  you too, bud..  I'll soon get there. I was at an event last nite and I'm just so tired and my voice has nearly gone lol.  Love ya guys xxx

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Wetnesday ♥
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Taking a nice warm shower XD


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Oh Captain My Captain!
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damn cats lol
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Justin Biebers new hair
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Yum hehe

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first time
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when was the first time you ever jacked off at what age ummmmm

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18 and 16?
Added: 716 days ago / Views: 1656 im not in this position but:
in your opinion would an 18 y.o. boy still in high school dating a 16 y.o. boy be acceptable?

also, anyone else think 2 younger boys kissing in public and in love is a sight that is way more special and more love filled than a straight cupples love? and a sight not seen enough?
im bi and i feel like the love between 2 guys is way more likely to be more special than with a boy and girl... what do you think?
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new neighbours
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hum my twin ?

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does it mix, or am i the odd 1?


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★ Saturday Night Movie ★
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Just finish to watch this movie, I was kinda expecting a bit more from this but it was okay I guess, check it when you can.


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Hi There! :)
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Happy 800 days Kaboing (Eric)
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Wishing you a great 800 days my friend love and hugs Jerry and Davey

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Hi everyone in need of some venting.
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ive been using this site for a few years and it is my favorite for porn. i finally decided to make an accont because i feel i need to have contact with fellow gay guys even just if its over a pc.

latly ive been struggleing a lot with hopelessness and worthlessness more than usual. im 21 and live in New Jersey south jersey a kinda small no name town in the pine barrens and less than 15 mins from the shore. i feel like im never meant to be loved. i feel it is so hard to meet decent people where i am. all the guys i meet are creepy and just want to fuck. i've had other relationships in the past but not since like 2009ish. every guy ive been with has cheated or used me. about 2 years ago i was robbed of my virginity by rape. ive delt a lot of pain and trauma from it and have worked a lot n dealing with it but it really gets to me when by myself and thinking im not meant to be loved and ill never find love. and hey when i do i feel weird telling a boy sex is my least concern and the actual friendship and time together is way more important to me. dont get me wrong i like sex but feel as if i dont wanna have it and after watching porn for some reason i kinda get sad and envy the "perfect" looking boys in the videos for having a slim body good looks etc but i know thats why most get paid to be a pornstar. i dont know what to do anymore i barley got friends anymore since all take my kindness for weakness and fuck me over or treat me like shit. i do not have many resourses to even meet gay guys in my area. i was looking for some venting,support,advice,and experiences with any of these feelings and or situations.

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Chicks enjoying a warm cup of coffee
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whatkind of squrril this is
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Sunday Message
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Looking for solo sets
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Hey everyone,

I have begun collecting pictures which is no big suprise I'm sure. I especially like sets of a single person. There must be dozens of you out there with these collections already in your favorites but there is no way to find all ofthem as they are not always under "solo" in the photo galleries. So if you have a good collection in favorites shoot me a PM please? It saves me randomly searching through the community list. thanks

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I'll stick to boy on boy
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Just watced a bit of boy on girl sex, wow it looks staged. lol, also looks like there being forced with a gun to the head, no meaning or anything,

i'll stick to boy on boy, even if its staged they make it look real and seem to really enjoy it. :P

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Bisexual friend experimentation
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I have a bisexual friend who i have known for some time now. He has hit on me a little but does not act disrespectful or overstep boundries as he thinks i am straight. I have recently been having thoughts that maybe i could try out some gay sex to see if i do like it. However im not overly attracted to him its more so the thought of doing it and experience rather than anything else. Im curious if this may ruin a good friendship, and whats the chances of him keeping my secret. i know its hard to judge without knowing someone but just a general opinion or past experiences would be helpful... Thanks

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Mates - Advice needed
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What would you do if you saw some pics of ppl/mates that you know get uploaded on here, not by them.

I agree they are cute, and glad others think so too, BUT, they've had pics lifted from FB.

Would you tell them, or report it, or keep it secret and beat off at the thought?

I'm not sure 

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From my town to Moskow how from Turkey to Germany (through Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic ) or how from Canada to Mexico (through North Dakota, South, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas.) For my position can say that I traveled a little and almost never was. What do you mean the wrong impression of me, if I lived in America, the equivalent would visit each state 5 times. I'm such a homebody! This is only a quantum of me, for a common understanding of what my life and who I can not be evaluated by my words. I have a hard life transmitted. And I am very non-standard guy ^^,


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Corbin Fisher
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Am i attractive or not?
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I feel like whenever I post on sites like this or dating apps and such I never get many messages or matches etc. Some people say im hot and other say im not attractive. Be honost with me. What do you think? Below is a link to my gallery with pics of me. Im 20 btw. Couldnt figure out how to post pics directly in the blog.

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Hot Blog Entry From When I was 17 (3 years ago)
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*****Below is a blog entry I found from when I was 17 a few years ago. Thought id share it since parts are very sexy***
It was a normal Friday night in my life. I was once again sitting at home wishing I had someone to be with or anything for that matter that could have taken me out of the rut of my life. I was sitting on my laptop when I realized a kid I had friended on Facebook had accepted my friend request. I messaged him and we began to talk about normal everyday stuff.  Before I could even bring up hanging out or even think about it for that matter, he had asked me if we could hang out the next day which was a Saturday. 

            I still did not know much about this kid other then he was around 16, named Nate and was friends with one of my only close friends Brett. I texted him the next morning and he did not respond. He later messaged me on Facebook and told me to pick him up around 7 at his house which was one town over from mine. On the way to pick him up with my dad,  my friend Brett who was with him at the time told me to pick him up in front of the mall. I proceeded to pick him up.

            He got into the car and was shorter then I had expected and still had a young sounding voice and a youthful look to him. When we arrived back to my house, my dad left my car and I proceeded to show him all the features of my car that I enter in shows. He seems interested and we continued to go into my house and downstairs to my home studio. Things were slightly awkward because we had never really met before. We listened to music and jokingly faught with each other. He was weirder then I had expected. He seemed very hyper and acted like we had known each other for a long time.

            We had began to talk about girls and sex. He told me that he had gotten a blow job from a girl before he had came to my house. We continues to talk about sex which wasnât that strange for 2 boys to talk about. All of a sudden he says to me, âPull down your pants, I am going to suck your dickâ. I laughed thinking he was kidding and responded with, ânahh manâ. He continued to ask me and I still was convinced it was a joke. He then grabbed the bulge in my shorts and said, âyour already half way hard, let me suck your dickâ. At this point I was a little freaked out and continued to tell him no. He then pushed me down onto my futon and pulled down my shorts. Not really having much choice I slipped my slightly hard penis out the fly of my boxer-briefs. 

            Nate began to suck me. He surprised me with his skill. Although I still wasnât sure if I liked it, I did appreciate his talent at it. He sucked, jerked and deep throated me for a few minutes and then asked me if I would like to suck his too. Not having much choice, I nodded and he pulled his surprisingly large penis out of his boxers. He said to me, âI am not totally hard, but I think you can fix that.â. I was very hesitant when it came to sucking him because I had not only never done it but I was not very turned on or wanted to perform this task. But after a few seconds of hesitation I attempted the task. I could only fit half of it in my mouth because he was so big. Compared to him, I had no dick sucking skills. 

            After a few minutes, he told he was bi but only âsuck a guys dick biâ. He sat down next to me and we continued to take turns sucking and jerking each other. I had trouble keeping myself hard because was not really in the mood. After doing this I finally came in his hand. I began to return him the favor but my dad had walked in so we had to stop. We talked for a few minutes and then we dropped him off back at his house.

            I thought this was simply a 1 time thing and that we would probably never see each other again. The next day we continued to text and he told me that he would like to have a sleepover on Saturday. I told him that it was a possibility but no guarantee. Even though I did not enjoy our first encounter very much, I had developed some type of attraction to him. I brought up threw texting weather or not he liked me and he said he would never date a guy. I thought he was just bluffing so I ignored it.

            On Monday I got home from school and a few hours later received a text from Nate asking me if I wanted to meet at the YMCA and work out together for a few hours. I said yes because I had recently gotten my license. We met at the gym and he was with a program through his school. He seemed like the only normal one in the program. We separated from the group and lifted weights and worked out together like normal guys do. He then had to leave and followed me to the door and said bye and then gave me a hug. I thought this was a big indicator that he had some type of feelings towards me.

            That night we were talking on Facebook and I had told him straight up that I knew he liked me more then a friend and to just admit it. He told me he does not like guys and we could only be friends with benefits. At this point I was rather heart broken and upset. 

            On Tuesday after school I was very depressed feeling. I have been depressed for several years but never like this. I texted him and he did not respond. This made me even more upset. I posted a picture of me with my BB gun to my head on Facebook saying I wanted to pull the trigger. This was one of the biggest mistakes I had made. Just a few minutes later, 4 cops showed up at my house along with 2 paramedics. They took me to the ER and evaluated me on weather or not I was a risk to myself. The cleared me to go that same night and I went home. 

            Nate and I continued to talk and argue about feelings etc. We still had planned on the sleepover at my place on Saturday night though. We talked about how hot of a night it was going to be. On Friday I drove to CVS and picked up some lube. It was more expensive then I had thought but after going back to my car for loose change I was able to buy it. When I got home I had gathered all the different lubes, condoms and other sex related items and put them all in one box.  This time I was prepared!

            The next day I had gone to work with my dad and planned on picking Nate up on our way home. We texted throughout the day and our parents had talked to confirm details. Finally we picked him up on the way home and also picked up subs from a sub shop for dinner. As soon as I was done eating at home, he began to play with me. He grabbed my dick and made me hard and right away we began touching each other and giving each other more head. For some reason he did not seem as big as before and I was better at blowing him and actually enjoyed it. 

            All of a sudden my mom knocked on the door of my home studio and we threw our pants back on and she came in. it was slightly awkward but no big deal. He locked the door behind her and we went back at it. Only 1 minute later my mom tried to come in again but the door was locked. At this point she was very suspicious and called me upstairs and told me I could not have sex. I reassured her and said I was not a fagg. 

            When I got back downstairs I told him we had to be more careful and wait till at night. He did not like this idea very much and continued to touch me. This time we just felt each other up and jerked each other under our pants. We continued to do this. One thing that pissed me off was he continued to talk to girls on Facebook while we were doing stuff.

            At around 11 we went back to blowing each other and determined that this was going to be an amazing night! He told me we should finish up quick and relax and then go back at it. So we both came in each others hands. He then went back on the computer and totally neglected lying or cuddling with me after we finished. To my surprise he fell asleep only a few minutes later. It was only 12 and this made me very upset and heartbroken because this was supposed to be an amazing night of love, lust and sex. 

            I began to cry to myself and video chatted with Brett who was my friend who knew Nate. I told him what was going on etc. I also posted a status saying I would never chill with Nate again. At this point I was really angry and threw a pillow at him to wake him up. He refused to wake up so I lightly kicked him and told him to get the fuck out of my house. We stood there both with our shirts off for 5 minutes staring each other down. We did not talk to each other for another hour while he once again continued to go on Facebook. I prepared to go to bed because at this point it was apparent to me that I was no longer going to get any action.

            Then he all of a sudden laid down next to me and said, âI know one thing we could doâ. I laughed and he grabbed me again and we went back at it. But this time more intense. After a few minutes of doing the âusualâ in the dark under the black light, he got out of the futon and grabbed the box were I had stored everything. We then tried both typed of the lube on each other. After jerking each other with the lube for a while he then said, âyou can put it anywhereâ. I wasnât sure what he meant so I asked him and he told me he wanted me to put it in him. I was not very sure about this because it did not seem good to me. After he asked me a few times I gave in and put on a condom and continued to fuck him. We were both new at this and only did it for a few minutes before going back to doing the usual.

            I made him cum first and then he did me the same favor. He then got up and we cleaned off. Unfortunately he not only rejected my attempt at kissing but also did not even stay with me to cuddle. He went back to watching TV and I fell asleep. 

            The next morning he called his mom to pick him up at around 11 30. We continued to talk and he kept asking for a pair of my new shoes in my shoe collection. I kept saying no. He tried to convince me by grabbing my dick and even hugging me. He promised me that we would chill again on Thursday at the latest. He finally went home and after I through out the used condom and all the trash we had left behind, I logged into Facebook. To my surprise he had blocked me. I wasnât too worried though because I had assumed he has did it the night before when we were fighting. I texted him instead and asked him why he had blocked me. He responded,â lets just text, you donât like Facebook anywayâ. At this point I knew something was up. I continued to text him but he would not respond. He only responded a few times that day simply saying people knew about what we did in his town. 

            I later came to find out that one of Brettâs friends had seen the stuff I texted him and told people. Nate now hated me and would not even respond. I had never felt this upset in my whole life. I couldnât even go back down to my studio were it had all taken place because it only made the pain worse. I tried everything from telling him Iâm sorry to offering him cars, shoes, cash and a career. He still wouldnât even respond. Over the next few days he only responded a few times simply saying that we werenât friends and that he hated me now. This was even more upsetting because when we were hanging out he promised me that this would never happen.

            The whole week after the sleepover I was so depressed and lonely that I could not even get a boner or have the desire to talk or have sex with anyone else. It has been almost a whole week now and he still wonât forgive me or talk to me. I am currently on a flight London while I write this in hoped of escaping the pain that I left behind at my house. Now I can only hope he will forgive me eventually and give me another chance at being friends. It hurts knowing how I lost someone who was perfect besides not wanting a relationship. He was straight acting, muscular, young looking, nice and amazing in bed. I am once again forever alone. 


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I work hard do as I am told, bend over backwards to meet targets, and I still get shafted, me being negative. I do be positive, but when you continually get shafted its hard to keep focussed ifI rolled over dead, the feeling is they would just step over my dead body and look for someone else to meet my targets. so the question is what the ********* point...............

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nature at its best
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Back ache
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I want sex but Davey has a back ache what do i do? Help help im so desperate

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A Fantasy
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I have a fantasy to be raped, i mean raped by a pure stranger, to have some one sexual force themselves on me makes me excited, to have them penertrate me unprotected makes me excited, for them to be more than one makes me very excited ...... Surely i cannot be the only weirdo out there that would like this, i understand to alot of people being raped would be the most terrible thing they could have done to them.

Any views or comments on the matter ?

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what does a man with a big dick have for breakfast..?

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