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this vid is so hot
Added: 956 days ago / Views: 283
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what's your most perverse turn on?!
Added: 956 days ago / Views: 528 Behind closed doors people are free. What's wrong with consenting people doing what they want! What's your bit of rough??!!!
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Added: 956 days ago / Views: 156 Do any of you live in the texas area ? I'm new here and wanted to make some friends
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has anyone stuffed something up their ass?
Added: 956 days ago / Views: 618 I wonder if you guys have such an experience, and you might wanna share it
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Added: 956 days ago / Views: 147 I WANT AND NEED FEET. Please send picks of yours to boyfeetlover10@gmsil. I REALLY WANT TO SUCK SOME TOES AND LICK THE CUM FROM BETEWWEN THEM...
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Sat Night Out !!!!
Added: 956 days ago / Views: 241 right guys, we off tonight into central London. hope every has a fab night and lots of sex. chat soon xxx
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Question for the Younger Guys (and Observant Older Ones, Too!)
Added: 958 days ago / Views: 394 As I mentioned in a previous blog, I've noticed that videos (from pay-sites as well as web-cam videos featuring boy-friends) almost always conclude with each partner jacking himself off, rather than showing partners getting each other off. What makes this stranger is that it's very common in straight videos to see the girl stroke or suck her male partner to a climax, quite often taking the whole load in her mouth (even if she spits it all back out).

I mentioned this in the forum of the pay-site I subscribe to, and, was quite pleased to get a quick reply from the guy who does most of the casting, scene set-ups, AND camera work...he's going to start asking the models if they are willing to get their partner off, and allow their partner to get *them* off.

But, he also said something that struck me as very odd (and, given the number of younger guys having sex he sees, in an industry where shyness shouldn't be a problem, I find his comment even more interesting. He said, "For some reason, twink models (as new as they are to sex) have a lot of trouble with someone else getting them off."

Now, of course, he's talking about guys in front of a camera or two, lights, and a cameraman and possibly others in the room, but, fits in with what I've seen from those amateur videos...I mean, if boyfriends are having sex on cam, it just seems odd that they'd not get each other off. question for you younger guys....when you're having sex with a partner (whether for casual sex or in a relationship), do you let your partner get you off? I mean, either cum in his ass while fucking, or having him stroke or suck you all the way to and through an orgasm. And, do you do the same for your partner?

Speaking as a - much - older guy, it's simply inconceivable to me to *NOT* get my partner me, that's my most important *duty* during sex: to give my partner the most pleasure possible.

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Added: 958 days ago / Views: 155 Be proud of who you are—there is no one else just like you! There is no shame in living as the person you were created to be. Whether you are gay or lesbian, bisexual or transgender, queer or questioning, or even straight, you have the right to live your life as you see fit, and to love the person of your choosing—no matter what anyone else tells you. When you come out as LGBTQ to those you know and love, you change the world. Each person with whom you share your sexual orientation and/or gender identity is one more person who can now put a face on the LGBTQ community and one less person to act harshly and hatefully out of prejudice. Do we still need Pride parades and Pride festivals and seminars on being LGBTQ today? The next time you observe or hear tell of two women being ridiculed for holding hands in a public place, or of a young man being bullied for being effeminate, you will know that the public understanding of LGBTQ matters is still incomplete, and standing up with pride in ourselves and pride in our communities is still essential.

Finally, here are quotes from two men, both named John, that wrap up the essence of Pride with a big rainbow-colored ribbon: "It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love. It matters only that you love." -John Lennon.

"Beloved, let us love one another, because love is from God; everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. Since God loved us so much, we also ought to love one another. God is love, and those who abide in love abide in God, and God abides in them. There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear; for fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not reached perfection in love." -1 John 4:7, 11, 16, 18.

P.S. I have decorated my profile page for LGBTQ Pride, including a video and a music player that plays a number of classic gay anthems, for anyone that is interested. Be proud!
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Added: 958 days ago / Views: 386 My name is khan n i'm not a terrorist.
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wont work
Added: 958 days ago / Views: 203 cant log on to gbt through firefox, anyone else having problems
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new flowplayer sucks
Added: 958 days ago / Views: 213 is anyone having as much trouble with the new flowplayer as me. It takes forever to start. I have to hit refresh at least three times to get it going.
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whats an acceptable age gap in a relationship?
Added: 958 days ago / Views: 326 I personally don't think it matters, but society still lives largely in a world of pre determined ideals and beliefs. Answers?
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44th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots 6-28-1969
Added: 958 days ago / Views: 174 Today is the 44th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. The start of the public struggle for LGBT rights in the US. Everyone should know and remember.
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Friday !!!!
Added: 958 days ago / Views: 289 Thanks fuck its friday lol. we just live for weekends. Finish at 3 today then the weekend starts here. YAY !!!!!

anyone doing anything fab this weekend?

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Meus amigos
Added: 958 days ago / Views: 204 Um alô para todos meus amigos Gostosos
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Cum too soon
Added: 959 days ago / Views: 603 Hi Guys
Anyone got any tips on how to avoid cumming too soon?

Cum much too quickly at the moment

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Added: 959 days ago / Views: 149 Just to let my friends know I am having problems with my logging on, don't know if its my pc or URL, keep getting this tagged onto my URL;#.UczrJ71wbIU, its causing all sort of problems. Socialscotts, to all my friends I will be back. Joel you will always be my friend.
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will there be a time??
Added: 959 days ago / Views: 285 will there be a time where gays will be majority and straight guys will be minority. I am writing this cnsidering the fact that i continuously fall for guys who are straight!!!
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Added: 959 days ago / Views: 167 Well....looks like things are getting pretty much back to "normal" here at GBT. Like they say..."if it ain't broke, don't "fuck" with it. Sometimes something "new just ain't that good.

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Added: 959 days ago / Views: 262 so what do you all think of gloryholes? has anyone tried and if so what was it like. Are there any known locations in melbourne
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The neighbour boy
Added: 959 days ago / Views: 1680 I think I am in love with my neighbour's boy! He is soooo cute, and he loves to come over to our place and hang out. Today he came again, and he came while I was taking a shower and he just showed up in our bathroom while I was still showering. Just came in, and started talking about this and that as if it would be the most natural thing. I got so horny having him there while I was still completely naked. I got a hardon and he was totally checking me out! But he is 7 years younger than me - not legal! What should I do?
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Added: 959 days ago / Views: 593 I'm so confused, because i don't know whether i'm gay or not .if i'm gay than why is that so? And than why do i like pussy?
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How do you feel about shaving?
Added: 960 days ago / Views: 196 Recently, I thought about shaving my legs and I've done it before. I like doing it and I do it in swimming season. But I wanted to know how do other people feel about it?
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Added: 960 days ago / Views: 207 Don't trust too
much. Don't love
too much. Don't
hope too much.
Because that too
much can hurt you
so much.
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Added: 960 days ago / Views: 140 Hey guys! So just to speed you up...I am still on vacation in lovely Cali and enjoying every moment of it. I do have a boyfriend who lives in Georgia and he is moving to NC in the much closer to me. :D But me and my boyfriend decided to establish an open here is where the advice is needed. I am calling out to those who are or were in open help me and my boyfriend in keeping ours going. I love him too much to lose him and I don't want to fuck anything up. Any advice that anyone has would be helpful. Thanks guys and I hope you are having a hot hot summer.

Much Love, Chris
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First Blog Entry :)
Added: 960 days ago / Views: 170 Sooooo, this blog will be bascially be about whatever people want it to be! :) If you could, go take a look at my profile and don't be afraid to tell me what you think! Lol But anyways, leave a comment! This is how these things get started I think lol.
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What do you prefer?
Added: 960 days ago / Views: 358 Safe sex or bareback? Personally safe is the way to go unless you are in a relationship with a partner that you trust. Even jacking off I use a condom(easier to clean up :P)
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Added: 960 days ago / Views: 211 hey guys. do you have any pets.

we have a springer spaniel called Benson and a budgerigar called Bobby.

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New Video Player?
Added: 960 days ago / Views: 366 Hi everyone I wanted to see what everyone thinks about the new video player? I know we had some problems with it stretching videos before and distorting them a bit because of this but that all should be fixed and and should be working well. We will have many player updates coming very soon, with many new features and options but just wanted to make sure we got the basics working well and everyone is happy
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Coincidence ?
Added: 960 days ago / Views: 219 Marriage rulings to be released on 'Lawrence v. Texas' anniversary; Ten years to day!
by Jeremy Hooper
June 26, 2013: We will get our answers on both DOMA and Prop 8.

June 26, 2003: We got our Lawrence V. Texas ruling, which overturned so-called sodomy laws in this nation.

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PS4 or x box one
Added: 960 days ago / Views: 154 me PS4 how about you
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my vids
Added: 960 days ago / Views: 179 hey if anyone cares to check out my fav vids and likes similar stuff then message me for a chat:)
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Added: 960 days ago / Views: 308 Hey runrunrun where r u?
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Added: 960 days ago / Views: 391 I don't like this GBT community,i wanna deactivate my account.
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where is my upload?
Added: 961 days ago / Views: 184 i have just uploaded a video (my first infact) but i dont knw where it gone? somebody help!!!
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new vid player
Added: 961 days ago / Views: 135 seems to be ok:)

anyone want to add me for a chat feel free
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Download Issue
Added: 962 days ago / Views: 215 I found a work around to the current download issue. If you left click on the download icon and pick open in a new tab, you can then follow the instructions to download the video in the new tab. I didn't try it on adding a favorite but it may work as well.

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bbm chat and swap pics
Added: 962 days ago / Views: 151 Add me on bbm I'm 18 with 7inch cock. Also like to meet in nottingham anyone near my age 2A545168
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Viewing Videos - What's the latest update ?
Added: 962 days ago / Views: 184 Hi Nick. I'm sure you are tired of hearing about this by now but any help would be appreciated. It sounds like most people are able to download and view videos but I'm still not able to - I CAN view pictures. I've never been concerned about downloading videos - I've always just clicked on a video thumbnail and watched the video. I haven't been able to do this for several weeks now. I actually thought there was something wrong with my PC until I clicked on the "blogs" tab and found all the posts related to this issue. I use both IE and Chrome and get the same results - does it matter what version I'm using of these browsers? Is there a setting I need to change, a program I need to download or are you still working on fixing the problem?

I think this is a great web site - probably the greatest I have seen. Thank you for all the time you give for managing the site - you do a great job. I'm hoping you can give me some insight as to what I need to do to get up and running again.

Thank you for your time,

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Added: 962 days ago / Views: 549 who wear tighty whites, boxer, boxer brief. i do
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Favorite underwear brand
Added: 962 days ago / Views: 332 So I've browsed the blogs online and decided I might as well make up my own an make them fun! So tell me, what's your favorite underwear brand? Or if you don't have one, imagine a pair on a boy that would drive you crazy lol ;)
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