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Happy New Year
Added: 1007 days ago / Views: 144 Hey

Happy New Year to Everyone! Please inbox me if you want to talk. Add if you have Skype

I wish you a best year!
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My dear friends and those friends whom I have not yet met...
Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 188 As this year comes to an end we must reflect on the things that happened in 2012. Not in the nation but in our private lives. I find that I look back at the most important things for me:

I found a very entertaining web site GBT and on the web site I made some friends

One of these friends was a young man named Alan. who had came through a rough background and stood on top of the hill looking to his future. He inspired me to be more than I am and to look beyond my upper middle class life and to help those who are in need.Who I call my nephew.

Another friend I met is who I call my Brother, Thomas. He is a wise man always cool headed when tempers flare. Always there with a kind word. Always able to see beyond a persons shortcomings and look at the good in someone. Thomas is the kind of man that should be leading a flock of young men, mentoring them with kindness and compassion. My life is so much better for knowing him.

Stees: My other young nephew, he always is upbeat and plesant. Having a good and kind word for me. So excited about beginning his life with Misha. On the cusp of the adventure that is married life.

And all my other friends here, Backstreet, Vegas, Davey and yes even you Damien

I know what my life was like without you in it, and I think GOD that you are all in my life now. Together we shall make 2013 a year to remember !

Love to you all amd Happy New Year, Please celebrate safely!

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For Toby
Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 148 Fight fight and fight again.If you believe in yourself you can beat this.Doctors told me years ago I may not live and will never walk again. I would not listen, told them to go to hell. I'm here and I'm walking fine. Never give up. never give up and think only in a positive way. My Love,heart and spirit are with you where eve you may be.XXXX
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would love to down load this vid however cant :(
Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 617

can someone please post this here so i can download it this vid is freaking hot :) :) and although i would love the blond either one will do :)
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Latino guys and cum
Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 302 I've started getting into Latino porn as and I just fucking love how much cum there is. They almost always cum in each others face before they start fucking and then cum inside the guy or another facial after its so hot. I want to know are most Latino guys like this as I would just love a guy who could cum over me that many times :p
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Happy New Year
Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 250 I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Years. I think putting it in a blog be easier then sending everyone the same message. Well Also I want to say I am finally back to work this week on Wednesday so I might not be on as frequent as i used to be over the last 150 days here. I am not leaving you guys don't worry about that since I love most of you anyways.

Over the last 150 days here I meet a lot of awesome people and would hate to lose contact with you so I am not leaving just going to have less time to visit but will try to come on in the evenings. I still encourage my friends that frequently post on my wall to still do so and with reply back when I come online. The bad part about being busy it might be hard to chat with my UK friends and anyone that are in different time zones then the ones in Canada and the USA. However I know we will find the time to chat.

I can't believe all the awesome friends I meet here everyone ranging from Canada to the USA, to the. UK and as far as New Zealand and Australia. I have to say wow we are such a diverse community here which is awesome to learn alot about were all of you comes from. However this site would not be possible with out Nick so thanks to him you all are each others friends.

Here is the biggest hug I given out so I hope I can reach out to everyone I care about and to people that I have yet I love you all and have a great New Years.
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Bye All!!!!
Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 461 i hope you all have nice lifes!!!

love you all Greg xxxx
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Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 471 How many times do you wank off per day? Do you like to edge, or just cum?
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Added: 1009 days ago / Views: 129 Allen GBT-Usern ein gutes Neues Jahr. Mögen Eure Wünsche sich erfüllen!

Happy New Year to all GBT-Users. May your wishes come true.
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Added: 1009 days ago / Views: 340 As some of you know my bf of 5 yrs asked me to marry him. It was really cute what he did, we have an advent box that you can put things in for everyday up until December 24th. He hid the ring in the 24th so when I opened it expecting a candy or a small gift there was a ring with a note asking me to marry him. Of course I said yes, so now I am saving for a ring for him (Thank god for Christmas money yay)and saving for a trip to NY so we can tie the knot. The only problem I have is my dad who has always completely accepted I was gay and been very supportive to both Misha and me is very against us marrying and wont give me a reasonable answer as to why, I thought if I left it a few days he would come around, I just called him (he lives in UK) and he was the coldest I have ever known him to be. I have always been very close to my dad and most would say spoilt even though there is a huge distance in miles between us so this is kind of a shock to me my mom said give him time but he seems worse now than when I told him on Christmas day and I dont know how to handle his rejection of my plans to marry Misha?
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Added: 1009 days ago / Views: 186 lately.. i have noticed how much i like the latino vids. i've always liked "brown boys". if any here want to add me..plz do! lols
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Added: 1009 days ago / Views: 175 Hey everyone. New here. I can't figure out where to upload a picture. At first I thought it was "Banner" and uploaded a picture from my computer, yet the site gave me 404: File not Found right after. Can someone please explain the process?
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Latino guys and cum
Added: 1009 days ago / Views: 151 I've started getting into Latino porn as and I just fucking love how much cum there is. They almost always cum in each others face before they start fucking and then cum inside the guy or another facial after its so hot. I want to know are most Latino guys like this as I would just love a guy who could cum over me that many times :p
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Wie oft am Tag?
Added: 1009 days ago / Views: 140 Bei mir ist das unterschiedlich, es gibt Tage da mache ich es mehrmals - Rubbeln^^ und Dann komme ich faste immer mit einmal Täglich aus ... oder sogar tagelang ohne ...
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New Zealands, Definition of Marriage, Amendment Bill
Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 206 The Labour MP behind the bid to legalise gay marriage expects the debate to divide grandparents and grandchildren.

With Labour MP Louisa Wall's Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill tipped for a final reading in May, same-sex marriage could be passed into law next year.

Ms Wall said the bill was a "talking point" with the potential to split families this summer.

"For me, it's an issue like the Springbok tour: you're either for it, or against it. I'm happy for it to be one of the topics of holiday conversation."

She said debate over marriage equality reflected a "generational issue", with pensioners proving to be the minority in opposition.

"And for me, the opportunity to get that cross-generational dialogue going is between grandparents and grandchildren.

"I think it provides a really good opportunity for older people to talk to younger people."

A recent Dominion Post readers' survey also reflected the divisiveness of the issue.

Of the 613 readers polled from December 13 to 20, 35 per cent identified themselves as being in support of same-sex marriage, while a further 35 per cent were against it.

Just under a quarter described themselves as "neutral" on the subject, while a further 6 per cent had no opinion.

The Futurescape Global Dominion Post poll had a margin of error of 4 per cent.

Those in opposition were much more vocal than those in favour. Fewer than a quarter of the 176 respondents who took the optional opportunity to expand on their opinions spoke out in favour of marriage equality.

Many defined marriage as being between a man and a woman, while several felt a civil union was sufficient recognition of gay couples by law.

Eighty-eight per cent of respondents were aged over 40.

"I think it is difficult for most people in my age group (late 70s) to accept that two people of the same sex can be ‘married'," wrote one respondent.

Someone else remarked that their stance against gay marriage was "just the way I was brought up", while another apologised for being "old-fashioned".

Grey Power New Zealand national president Roy Reid said a lot of older people were "reasonably conservative in their thinking", and agreed that some of the association's members would struggle to express support for marriage equality.

"Most older people hold on to what they were taught was right and wrong from very early days."

Ms Wall said she could understand senior citizens' reluctance to endorse gay marriage. "For many people, what they've seen is what they understand - and they understand marriage to be between a man and a woman."

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None of her parents' friends were openly gay when she was a child, she said. "You just didn't see it, growing up."

But she said that a lot of today's pensioners would have campaigned for homosexuality to be decriminalised in 1986.

"Obviously younger New Zealanders are a lot more accepting of marriage equality, but it's a minority even within that 80-plus cohort [that are in opposition]."

Mr Reid himself was "reasonably easy" about same-sex marriage. "It doesn't bother me if someone who holds those beliefs wants to get married."

Ms Wall's bill is now before a select committee, which will report to Parliament on February 28.
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Hairy legs
Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 443 If you had hairy thighs would you keep it that way, trim, shave, or wax?
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special moment
Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 158 guys do you have a special piece of music or song, that jingles your bells, that brings back some good memories.
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Need Advice
Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 466 Im a 21 year old college student, and I am sexually confused. I love jerking off to gay young smooth guys, but also think about having sex with blond or brunette women, I haven't had sex with anyone yet! My parents are catholic.
I feel like I can be my true self when I'm by myself, others consider me nice and shy. What I truly want is someone I can comfortably talk to wether man or women. In real life I dont have many friends and they think that I'm straight.
Would love to hear any advice, comments, you guys have!
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Squirting on the Ceiling
Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 189 I'm not Sherlock Holmes or stuff but... There's one thing I've noticed when guys reach the 'blast off' stage of masturbatory fun.. and that is: Some guys S.T.O.P. rubbing to reach 'squirt overload' stage, but other guys keep on going as if they physically want every drop of fluid out of their bodies! I'm the latter btw. I have tried loads of times to stop before 'launch' but it doesn't work for me at all! I would really like to know why guys stop rubbing before squirting on the ceiling??? Peace n hugs Davoo. xx. PS: My next messaging here will make your willy bigger.. all U need is a jar... and some furious wasps :O)
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Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 191 just wishing all the friends I have made on here, a very big new years advance hugs and kisses, thanks for making my stay all the more enjoyable.
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Toby Regbo
Added: 1011 days ago / Views: 223 I just finished watching "Treasure Island" the 2012 version, you got to check out this movie and the actor Toby Regbo! and let me know what you think of him! the movie was cool but he is over the top sexy.
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lakecruisers FINAL BLOG
Added: 1011 days ago / Views: 289 To all the guys that posted comments on my leaving blog...i want to thank you most sincerely for your good wishes..also for your persuasive comments..but my mind is made up i am leaving. with i must say some sadness..
i hope with my bf to take over the lease of an residential inn in west yorkshire near to my will take a lot of time and effort to 'make a go of it'..
so i will say goodbye and to all my friends i wish you a wonderful 2013 and may all your wishes come true...Luv..Russ (lakescruiser)..
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Toby Regbo
Added: 1011 days ago / Views: 158 I just finished watching "Treasure Island" the 2012 version you got to check out this movie and the actor Toby Regbel and let me know what you think of him! the movie was great but he is over the top sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Added: 1011 days ago / Views: 293 I just watchd this movie; has anyone seen it? its meant to be a classic. I hadnt heard of it before - a friend jus told me there are lots of cute boys in it haha - so didnt relise bout all the graphic violence and stuff; foound it relly shocking an hard to believe there r such places. (oh an jus a warning: at 1 hr 17 mins its relly shcking and bad)
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A better year
Added: 1011 days ago / Views: 169 I hope every one had a peaceful Christmas, and that the new year will be full of happiness and wellness,There has been way to much sorrow this past year. Too that i say better times.

from me Mark
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Shaiman L.
Added: 1011 days ago / Views: 333 So... I have a few vids of Shaiman... send stills of potential trades if interested.

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A time of renewal
Added: 1011 days ago / Views: 267 I was so emotionally spent going into Christmas. With the shooting, everyone yelling about one thing or another, my staff deciding that they would rather have my money instead of my companionship at a Christmas party. I began to lash out at people. I realize that now. People who were simply voicing their opinions. People who's opinions didnt agree with mine but who have a right to their opinions none the less. I still believe that the United States of America is the Greatest country on earth and if I believe that then I cannot in good faith ignore a founding principle of this great land the freedom of speech.

Going to the mission on Christmas has reminded me of just what life is truly about. Its not about things, possesions or money. Its about love and caring for each other. I stood there amongst people who were wearing all that they possesed and they were wishing me a Merry Christmas. I tell you I was humbled.

Then I thought what was the point of all the bickering and fighting I had been doing. There was none. I spoke with Thomas today and afterwards I decided to post this blog.


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Please Help Please
Added: 1011 days ago / Views: 313 Just when I thought I had heard every evil in the world. A church ( and I use the word very loosly) in Kansas is claiming that GOD sent the shooter to kill the children in Conn. because Conn has legalized GAY marrage. It was GOD's Punishment. They are planning to go there and picket the school:

A growing movement in the USA has started to get them classified as a HATE Group a pettition has been filed with the White house that has over a quater of a million signatures. Please everyone who is a citizen of the USA log on and sign this pettition:

If we can force the government to classify them as a hategroup we can stop their actions. I am all for free speech but this is too far, this is just plain evil, and I fear it will lead to more violence and spilling of blood. These are the same nut jobs that picket at fallen soldiers funerals saying GOD hates your soldiers and Fags must all die etc. Please help No matter how you feel about me, I beg you help stop this maddness.

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sprouse twins
Added: 1011 days ago / Views: 139 So I didn't realize that's Dylan and Cole were 19 now. Anyone up for a threesome? ;)
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What age of boys are you into?
Added: 1011 days ago / Views: 637 I would like to know if there any guys in the London area that are into boys and men?

Are you into pic swapping of boys and guys?
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yum yum
Added: 1012 days ago / Views: 124 Any ever have a prostate massage? tell us about it...
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Can't upload profile pic.
Added: 1012 days ago / Views: 177 Hey everyone. I'm kinda new. Can someone tell me how to upload a profile pic. It's not working for me. Is it firefox?
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Shaiman L.
Added: 1012 days ago / Views: 115 So... I have a few vids of Shaiman... send stills of potential trades if interested.

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Shaiman L.
Added: 1012 days ago / Views: 130 So... I have a few vids of Shaiman... send stills of potential trades if interested.
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Shaiman L.
Added: 1012 days ago / Views: 145 So... I have a few vids of Shaiman... send stills of potential trades if interested.
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How to add media play to ur profile
Added: 1012 days ago / Views: 555
I got a flash MP3 player here ,and I upped the mp3 files to this free web host whether u create a free profile then upload called you then paste the hotlink, not the share link URL, from each upped file there individually into the track list page of the file player pimp tour profile website. Then name them and then click to create the code copy and paste it into edit profile under the about you section, if you want it to play in the blogs and pages that you create. (try to make sure you know which code you jave added it you already have other code in there, maybe add to a different section of the profile)...set the pixel size in the player in the HTML code from 300 to 220 and away you go. You can reduce the volume there too.If you are confident you can edit the code and remove add and links too, but perhaps keep a copy in case you have to repaste it into the profile def bookmark the page in ur browser. Good luck RusT XXXX

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hey i'm back after my GBT account lachlangibb was deleted for no reason
Added: 1013 days ago / Views: 142 hey how are you all and i want to know why my other GBT account was deleted?
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AUSTRALIAN INTELLIGENCE? (oh! hang on - there isnt any)
Added: 1013 days ago / Views: 241 Read all bout the worlds dumbest spies an have a good laugh :P - any of u who dont live in New Zealnad shuld not be at all surpisd by this, it relly is par for the corse haha - (in NZ we r nevr surprisd at how dumb the aussies r HAHAHAHAHA)

"..HUNDREDS of former and some present Australian spies have posted information about their employment with intelligence agencies on the internet in what security experts have called 'a gift for foreign espionage'

A survey by Fairfax Media has discovered more than 200 former and present intelligence officers who have disclosed their classified employment in profiles on LinkedIn, other professional networking sites and social media including Facebook and Twitter..."
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GAY MARIAGE IN UK: the opponents view
Added: 1013 days ago / Views: 196 Oh great! this is all we need: a lecture on gay mariage by a middle aged virgin wearing a dress, while he engages in a medievil ceremony complete with incense, chantin an suprnatural witchcraft -

"..A senior Roman Catholic will today use his Christmas sermon to liken plans for the legalisation of gay marriage to the way the Nazis and Communists tried to undermine religion.

The Bishop of Shrewsbury will launch a vociferous attack on the Coalition’s decision to fast track a vote on same-sex marriage in the New Year.

The Right Reverend Mark Davies will use his midnight Mass to say marriage can only be between a man and a woman..."

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Christmas day at the mission
Added: 1013 days ago / Views: 193 I would like to relate to you the adventure I had yesterday serving food to the poor and the homless at the Victory Mission. I arrived at 10:00am. the kitchen area was already in full swing. they were cooking 50 turkeys in electrc roasters. Food had been pouring in since before dawn,people had been fixing dishes at home last night and this morning to serve. I began helping set up the tables and the chairs. OUtside it was 12 degrees. It has snowed and there was a strong wind which made it a wind chill of minus 7. There were already people lined up at the door. By 11:00 we had food ready to serve and the room set up. We opened the door and let them in. Between 11:00 am and 10:00pm we served over 1,200 meals. Poor people homeless people, families who were living in their car with their children. We made sure that each and every one of them had a full meal and a hot drink, the children had milk. and each one of them had a blanket when they left. I was bone tired but never felt so alive. I was sad and felt so badly for each of he people there, some of them were addicts you could tell, but some were good honest hard working people that had just fallen on hard times. I talked to one family and they said if they went to (****) shelter that they would be seperated from their children by family services so they are fighting to keep together as long as they can. I am sitting here today in my heated posh office waiting for my next patient needing me to examine his ass, and I wonder can I be doing more?
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