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Feels good to be back!
Added: 803 days ago / Views: 166

Hey guys! I know i haven't been very active and haven't even uploaded a profile pix :P All of that is to come soon, looking forward to chatting with everyone!

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We shoud have a GBT chat like other sites
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They do on other gay sites like Lube Your Tube (and it's free, unlike the rest of their services at the moment). So, why not us?

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Whole Albums Avatar boy
Added: 803 days ago / Views: 551

Dear Everybody:

I'm new here, as a member, been coming here for years totally love this site.. I've noticed by the Avatars of some members, their into young like me..

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ME IN THE RAW (photos)
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Added: 804 days ago / Views: 218

PM me your e-mail and i will e-mail u a nude selfie! no joke!

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Well Said
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Thank You!......For the final time.
Added: 804 days ago / Views: 251

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone on GBT for being such an amazing community, and for making me feel welcome. :) For personal reasons that I will not say, I will be deleting this account at the end of the day. I have made so many friends on this website than in real life (kind of sad isnt it? haha) But i know that one day i will come back with a new account and be more active in the new one than the one I have now. Which reminds me....sorry guys for not being so active on this site as much as the other members on here. BUT I will say that I am glad to be a part of the world of GBT and with the videos and blogs and all, even if I have a small role in the blogs. :) Well, again thank you everyone and later on tonight I will be deleting this account. Love you all!!!


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"The generation that fought hardest to come out, is going back in - to survive."
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LGTB older people who fought the first battles for equality now face so much fear of discrimination, bullying and abuse that many are hiding their lives to survive. Thousands are dying earlier than their straight counterparts because they are isolated and afraid to ask for help. But a growing number of people are fighting to keep LGBT aging from meaning aging in silence.
An important film to raise awareness about an issue many might never stop to consider.



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another test
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Added: 805 days ago / Views: 168

do it it may catch on

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really now cum on
Added: 805 days ago / Views: 279

so i am on the video section and what do i see ads for nasty as women. i understand u need to keep the sight going with ads. however this is a gay sight however how is someone suppose to get off when u clearly see pussy. damn

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test pic
Added: 805 days ago / Views: 282

test pic

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New drawing , hands free
Added: 805 days ago / Views: 198

Sorry if im a bit rusty haven't drawn on a peice of paper in a year haha

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Tips for making better Selfie's,Using a mirror
Added: 805 days ago / Views: 346

Using a mirror,

First clean the Mirror very good, becaurse youre Camara wil see al the spots etc on the mirror, and be in youre Selfie. Look also is the lens of youre camara is clean.

If possebel, set the Iso of you're camera to 100 ore 200, this will keep noise out of the selfie ( Noise is when the selfie looks like there is grain in your Picture.)

Low Iso needs more time to get the exposre of the Selfie correct, so you need to keep the Camera from moving.

Option 1. put your camara on a tripot.

Option 2. Use a flash, Warning: the flash wil reflect in the mirrow, So keep the camara at a 45 degree angel when taking the selfie

Put youre camara on auto wite balance, Ore the Selfie wil become to yelow ore orange, that is beacaurse the most indoor ligth is warm wite color, (warm withe =3200 kelvin, dayl ligth = 6500 kelvin)

Push the camara sutter only 1/2 down, this gives the command to the camara to Auto focus, wait 2 seconds and the autofocus shoud be done, push the shuttergently all the way down to take your selfie.

Coments and tips are always welcome,

Hope this helps if you want to know more tips, just ask,


Handy56 Hobby fotograf

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test oic
Added: 805 days ago / Views: 185

just a test

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Question: Witch brand and model camera do you have ?
Added: 805 days ago / Views: 216

I am using at the moment a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H5 ( 3" LCD, 7.2 megapixels, 12x optical zoom ) from 2006.

Saving for a New camera

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Gay, straight or somewhere in between
Added: 805 days ago / Views: 288

This may seem like a strange question, but do you think someone can be gay as far as physical attraction, but straight as far as their emotions go? I guess I mean, canyou want to fuck boys but love girls - or do you think that someone whe tells you that is really just not facing up to the fact that they are gay?

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Added: 806 days ago / Views: 177

Whats on your ipod

to name a few on mine i have lots of blue gass lots lots of Texas swing and some big band stuff and some rock and roll i also have three file called travlin rock and roll travlin swing and travlin blue grass for when I am doing a road trip on the bike. plug it in turn it up and burn up the miles.

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what just happen
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Back to URL
Added: 806 days ago / Views: 171

what if the pic's u want to post on the blog and it is a pic that you took from your own camera

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Surprise ;-)
Added: 806 days ago / Views: 292

Has anyone ever seen someone that they actually knew in one of these pics or vids jQuery18205238578279591298_1407567258686?

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Give me one slang term for penis.
Added: 806 days ago / Views: 698

I will start with the obvious one.

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Added: 807 days ago / Views: 165

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for adding me as a friend on here cheers guys

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400 days gone and am off
Added: 807 days ago / Views: 245

400 days have passed since i became a member.

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Added: 807 days ago / Views: 392

I remember working as a line cook while in college and their was two bus boys that were twins identical and the only way you could tell them apart was one had a molde on the front of his neck right at the notch of his collare bone, i had a major crush on both of them, but nothing ever happend.

has any one ever had twins before

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Dildo/butt plug
Added: 807 days ago / Views: 317

I've recently been watching lots of videos of boys using dildos and butt plugs, and I started to really want to try one out, I've only ever used my hand to wank in the past so I'm wondering what these things do to make that better? I'd love to have some advise on what to do, wear to buy, antying that could help me out would be great! Thanks, - Jake

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Cat verses Man.....
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Cute Bomb.....
Added: 808 days ago / Views: 163

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'My Lonesome Cowboy' sculpture by Takashi Murakami
Added: 808 days ago / Views: 351

Several years ago at a Sothebys auction, this larger than life sulpture called My Lonesome Cowboy, by Japanese pop sculpter Takashi Murakami was sold for 15.2 million dollars. It's a depiction of a boy waving an ejaculate lasso.

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how to post a picture image on a blog
Added: 808 days ago / Views: 260

how to post a picture image on a blog

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how to
Added: 809 days ago / Views: 197

how do you add a picture to a blog I have been trying but nothing works

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Embed code
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Embed code is not working here is an example link with embed code

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IN THE WORKS! The National LGBT Museum!
Added: 809 days ago / Views: 182

There is a project underway to build the National LGBT Museum in Washington DC,
Envisioning a national museum about gender and sexual identity.


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Haters Gonna Hate.....
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nude beach
Added: 809 days ago / Views: 256

i so want to go to one? so, anyone been? what was your experience(s)?

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