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Naughty boy's La La La
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Warning tag on Jasechase
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Something I learned...
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When life throws you Lemons

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Want to learn how to sing Soprano?
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kicked in the balls

Seems this football place gives you a crash course lesson free.

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Body and Soul
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Deviant nude

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so why was i banned then?
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i nevr pissed anyone off evry vid or pic was from here but i was kickled off.... why? i lost loadsa friends nd i aint got a frikking clue why.

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i don't go on here much these days since i have got my xbox one.

in my last post i forgot to tell you I left my boyfriend (the one that was obsessed with me) because one of his friends contacted me and told me he was cheated on me with him and showed me proof

here is an update of what has been happening since my last post

i had a boyfriend a month ago but he left me when his friends lied to him and they said i was just using him when i wasn't, last week he relised his friends were lying and now he wants me back, i don't know if i should give him another chance because it might happen again.

last week some guy came up to me in a shop and put their arms like a X and said turkey for dinner and i don't know what it meant and i was so confused and walked off lol

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Feeling Down?...
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Come on..

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Problem with uploading videos
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Why can not I upload my videos? The inscription says that the video was posted and is waiting for input from a few days ... But is that nothing happens

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Love you all...
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For me GBT is a part of my "family", i see GBT as a family... all the guys... Somethimes things happen... but as i realized we must not quit and leave... as i did :( we must stay and fight... meaby bad things have been said and lots of members have been fighting for the last weeks... but i must say that things are now back to normal. Also i have to say that im sending my love to those people that have left, i love them too... and im waithing for them to get back.
Love to everyone one again.... im very happy guys...!!! i WONT LET YOU DOWN again... :P :P :P ^__^ kISSES, Ross

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this is for my friend chris, I really care about you, you are loved and thought about a lot on here, I send you my heart to look after you, love scott

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love thy neighbour, I know real life is not perfect, but I can give my love and loads of affection to all my friends on here, like Thomas, Joel, Chris, Mike,Billy, Jerrod, to name just a few, and Sam, and all the rest of you I love close to my heart

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Posting vids.
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No idea why the vids that I submit get no approval. But then I see a lot of others that get approved, even when they have been loaded to this web site b4: is like I'm sumiting new material, but the video that is already here made it..........for the 4th time!!!!!!

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Is sex a compromise?
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I may be daft...
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... and yes, I sure as heck act crazy (as in nutz!) at times but deep down inside I'm a diffrent person.

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What to do?
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Ok so im really on the DL about likin guys i mean ive had Gfs

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Happiness is:
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When did you last unload?
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By yourself or with someone else?

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Any Suggestions on books to read???

i have read harry potter, the hunger games, stuff like that. I have also readthe perks of being a wallflower(which i loved and suggest to anyone who likes reading)

i was thinking about reading such books for my next book:

The hobbit

A clockwork orange

the great gatsby

so if those books sound good or there are any other suggestions let me know please!

(particularly like fantasy but will read anything with good reviews)

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Hey, Friends?.....
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Have A Great Day

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Camp Gay Men
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How do you feel about camp gay men?

The reason I ask is there is an interesting article in pink news about how a lot of gay men hate those who are camp and singles out certain comedians such as John Inman and Larry Grayson (two hilarious men who made millions laugh by being over the top gay characters on television)

I wondered what everyone's thoughts on the subject are; do camp men embarrass you? do not like camp men? do you consider it just part of life within a gay scene in your city? do you prefer camp men to straight acting?

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Love is...
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Cute Cats

You and me cuddling up, whilst I whisper in you ear "I love you..."

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NO – is the easy way
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hey ppl im new to the whole gay thing lol ive allways loved guys i started havin sex with boys at 13 havnt done it sence but want to. anybody wanna skype chat ect

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thanks for deleting my blog...

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everyone is sooo nice
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any people play xbox live
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if you have xbox live add me WhySOMuchHate

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If you can smell burning...
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Don't panic..

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About people
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Is my belief that what is of interest to oneself is of interest to others as well, and we are often shocked to discover a passion for a particular cause is not shared by other people; in fact, most people may be totally indifferent to an issue that I care and may be ready to die for. The issues that are of greatest concern to most people, of course, are those directly related to themselves: concerns about one's body, one's clothing, one's personality. Most of the people are likely to realize, however, that their interest in themselves is probably not shared by others; I often feel, on the other hand, that other people are as interested in them as they are in themselves.

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smile and the world smiles with you,

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