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Nyk, Nyk, Nyk....Moe, Larry, WEED! Moe, Larry, WEED!

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Escorts in NYC @ 8885798378 @ New York Escorts -
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Do you know how to find the most amazing escort services in NYC? This is nothing to be embarrassed about; every successful and happy gentleman has his own secrets. One of these could be from hiring the most beautiful and open-minded girls in the city.

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Rent boys, hustlers, garcons de passe, Stricher ... every country has its name for them. For many people, rent boys are a form of gay icon, they openly challenge society's stereotypes about masculinity and what men are and aren't allowed to do with their bodies. They hold clients in thrall with their beauty, their young flesh, offer to make dreams come true, if only for a few minutes. If you ask them they will tell you that they can't be bought, they simply hire out their body for a moment or so. It might sound glamorous and daring, but the reality is usually very different and bleak. The photo is of the late, lovely River Phoenix in the 1991 film, 'My own private Idaho', which begins with him getting a blow job from a client. The rumour at the time was that in order to rehearse for the part, Phoenix, who was straight, asked another actor to suck him off so he would know 'what it felt like to be blown by a man' - some boys have all the luck! This link is for the opening sequence of the film: So what do you think? Are rent boys heroic or tragic figures, or neither?

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Farthest ejaculation
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The farthest male ejaculation ever recorded was 18 feet (6 m) and was achieved by Horst Schultz. The farthest a woman was recorded to ejaculate was 10 feet (3 m). WTF?. Anyone want to try for a new record?!

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Sunday Last Thought
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To all my friends here. This is the truth I feel for each of you.

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Just imagine: it's November 1916, the Battle of the Somme, and you're standing knee-deep in ice-cold, muddy water in a trench somewhere in Northern France. You're freezing, dirty, hungry and terrified. All around is the stench of death. You're an ordinary soldier, you've no idea what you're fighting for, in fact you don't really care, you're just glad that you've managed to survive so far and can't wait to get home. Oh yes, and one other thing - you're gay. Not only that, you're in love with the 18-year old soldier next to you who cries himself to sleep every night because he's so scared. But you've never dared tell him how much you love him. Then suddenly a whistle blows, further down the line the officer draws his pistol and gives the order to go over the top. Your heart lurches. Already the enemy machine-guns are firing, bullets are crackling over your head. You haul yourself over the edge of the trench and start running towards the enemy lines when you hear an unearthly shriek. You turn and see the boy you love lying on the ground in a pool of blood, his entrails hanging out, screaming for his mother. The last thing you see before you run on is the light going out in his eyes. This is what this collection of poetry is about - love poems written by gay men who fought in the Great War. As someone who served in the army I can promise you that the emotions and images described are absolutely true. The title and author are in the picture below, the ISBN is 0715628798. It may only be available in a used copy now. Do try and get one,but beware-it isn't for the faint hearted.

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A tous mes amis francais ici, je vous souhaite une tres bonne fete! To all my French friends on GBT, I wish you a very happy 14th July. 'Allons enfants de la Patrie, le jour de gloire est arrive!'

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So True
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Mobile GBT
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Where have you taken GBT with you to watch?

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We are the Champions ...
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England ... USA ... Spain ... Belgium ... Costa Rica ... Ghana ... Potugal ... BRAZIL ... all out, hehe

Sunday starts the football world cup final 2014 in Brazil (or for all you north americans the good oldfashioned original english word 'soccer' lol)


guess the score, who is the new champion?

my heart is beating for Germany, but we will have a big party anyway, hehe

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Im going to buy new underwear but am not sure what kind! There are so many options: briefs, bikini briefs, boxer-briefs, boxers, etc. Buying new underwear feels like an erotic experience for me knowing I'll be getting naked and putting on fresh fabric against my crotch. Personally I like anything with cartoon pictures on it, makes me feel like a kid again. Any recommendationsjQuery18202504253974184394_1403589103828(I'll post pictures)

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To know how to socialize
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If you could give me any advice or give me some potion that would make people

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cum lickers
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Your first taste of another guy's cum.
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Did you like it?

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In Singapore, public libraries have decided to not only withdraw but pulp all copies of a children's book called 'And Tango makes three', which is about two male penguins who bring up a baby penguin. Why? Because the story is apparently against Singapore's 'traditional family values'. What next, I wonder? Ban gay dolphins? Gay rabbits? Here's the link:

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What are your thoughts on this?
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I've written about the boys I like, how they should be hairless, slender, a little femme, perhaps emo. But what does this do to the boys who aren't all those things? The boys, like me, tall and skinny, who are ordinary, the boys who are chubby or obese, short, not pretty, who have acne, or dreadful dentitian. I've not seen a porno about ordinary gay people, the people who don't stop you in your tracks when you walk down the street and there they are, flawless skin, the just-right haircut, cute, utterly desirable, up-to-the-minute clothes,masturbation-fantasy objects. It might just be about market forces, that pretty outsells plain any day. Perhaps it's time to have a conversation about sterotyping, about

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great new Gay TV ad from Hotwire
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I saw a new ad on TV featuring a gay couple. I think Hotwire deserves our business for airing this ad. Here's a link to the ad:

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making love
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I hate it when they call having sex making love....truth is most of the time love has nothing to do with it. We have sex cuz it feels good and its a lot of fun.

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1500 days today !
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Joined 1500 days ago exactly !

Having an awesome time here ever since !

Thanks guys !!!!!!

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Some Handy Facts about Masturbation
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Watch and enjoy

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Can someone please tell me who the long haired boy is? He is beautiful and i need more of him!
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Alexis Samuel has reached 900 days...join me in the celebration
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Today Alexis Samuel (Kaya986) celebrates his 900 days on GBT. Time for a party. For he is probably the most caring, kind and gentle man you will ever have the opportunity to know. Have a most wonderful day Sam. Hugs

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humping things
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I have a huge fetish for hunping second hand used inflatable pool toys like dolphins, whales, sharks etc. Ive always like climbing on the naked and hunping them. Anyone done this?

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Self Confidence? I have none, entrapped within the walls of my comfort zone. Highly criticising myself (being a perfectionist sucks yet I cant help it). I have heard the advice 'be yourself' countless times, yet fear overwhelmes me! I am an introvert, in-closet gay, have no friends, I drown in the frustration of lacking self confidence.

I wish I could summon the energy within my soul to tell gay haters including members of my own family and say " I AM GAY, yes I lust for men not women, I desire someone who understands my physical needs, share intimate moments with someone who not only has the same sex organs as I do, but understands me spiritually...why do you have to hate and loath my happiness with your close minded selfish scandalous revolts?"

Words and thoughts I am to scared to say...maybe running away and creating a new identity will help....wait how ironic thats exactly what I have done on the internet and so have you...I am Maxumillion21 how about you?

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Nice Facebook Group! Topics: Sneakers, Socks, Feet, Underwear and Boys!

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900 days for Dennis Phallussy
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We wish you fun and a laugh or two on your 900 days my friend

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threesomes. like or not?
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last week i got into a threesome with a so called straight friend and his girlfriend. i sucked him off as he ate her out. very hot. jerked him off later as she slept on the couch. good start to a week off.

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favorite t.v star or movie star you most like to jerk off to?
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mine frankie muniz, kier ghilcrist, david faustino, and well now that he's 21 dylan sprouse.

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Completely Hairless Boy
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I have an enormous amount of lust for young looking smooth boys, with no pubic hair other than maybe a few sparce hairs around their penis. Why I have such desires beats me. I enjoy watching young twinks fucking each other or young teens fucking older men.

Does anybody else in their 20's want to completely remove all their pubic hair (wax, shave, lazer) just to look and feel like a prepubescent teen again?

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