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I love this poem
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I love this poem it is so true.

There are no happy endings,

Endings are the saddest part,

Just give me a happy middle,

And a very happy start.

Shell Silverstien is the greatest.

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Air compressors are SO HANDY!
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chat sites
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does anyone have any suggestions on a non video gay chat room? yes i am behind the times i know

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Love this boys
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They arw the image of beauty, pure perfection, to just sit andnlook at them, letting your fantasies fly. Love them, cuddle and caress them. 

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Hey! Anyone want to share some experiences stories with me? Message me! :) I've got a few ;) !! xx

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ho hum
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:) giles


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Webcam Fun
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Maybe i get too old for webcam fun. But in the last months people asked very often for ass or "finger ur ass". Well people, i prefer cock and i dont find anything exciting in fingering my ass in fron of the cam. mainly because its very uncomfortable ;-) fapping is much more comfortable

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Added: 735 days ago / Views: 362 Boxers or Briefs?
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Arkansas House Votes In Favor Of LGBT Discrimination
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On Friday, the Arkansas House of Representatives voted 57-20 in favor of a bill that would bar cities and counties from sanctioning LGBT anti-discrimination laws.

Arkansas state Sen. Bart Hester (R), who sponsored the bill, told BuzzFeed News that creating uniform policies across the state will attract businesses and that he was angered by one cityâs repeated attempts to expand rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

âThere are many things necessary for stability -- and civil rights need to not be a volatile situation,â he said.

Hester told BuzzFeed News that it isn't just LGBT individuals who are singled out for discrimination. âI am singled out as a politician. I am singled out because I am married to one woman ⦠I want everyone in the LGBT community to have the same rights I do. I do not want them to have special rights that I do not have.â

The bill's stated goal is to improve intrastate commerce by making it illegal for state businesses, organizations or employers to implement or enforce policies outlawing discrimination on grounds not covered in state law. Currently, Arkansas does not have LGBT protections at the state level.

According to Arkansas Online, the small town of Eureka Springs passed an ordinance this week extending discrimination protections to members of the LGBT community.

Nationally, there has been pushback from state legislatures against expanding LGBT rights. It comes as courts have begun to legalize same-sex marriage and the Supreme Court has said it will weigh in on same-sex marriage this year.

Indiana amended non-discrimination rules for state contractors so organizations can hire based on religious preferences. Oklahomaâs House of Representatives heavily supported a bill that would allow clergy members to refuse to perform same-sex marriages. A Florida bill would restrict individuals to using the single-sex public facility, such as a restroom, that matches the gender that person was given at birth, which is a concern for transgender individuals.

But not all local and state governments are working to ban LGBT rights. This week, a five-person town in West Virginia voted in favor of âa new town ordinance extending discrimination prohibitions on employment, housing and public accommodations to LGBT individuals.â

Arkansas would become the second state to authorize such anti-discrimination restrictions if Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson signs the bill into law. Tennessee did so in 2011.

Holly Dickson, legal director at the Arkansas American Civil Liberties Union, told BuzzFeed News that people are not happy about the bill.

âAs soon as LGBT people get some protections against being evicted or fired just because of who they love, the state is going to absolutely prohibit them from obtaining that sort of protection,â she said.

The bill, which passed on a 24-8 vote in the Arkansas Senate on Monday, is now on its way to Hutchinsonâs desk. The Associated Press reports that the governor said Friday that he will allow the bill to go into effect without signing it.

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Does anybody buy porn?
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should share some ;)

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I miss you Chris
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Our friend was in a accident some time ago. As he was riding his bike he was hit by a car. He was in a coma for a week. He is out of ICU now. He needs everyone's thoughts and prayers so he can make a fast recovery.

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Added: 736 days ago / Views: 276 I seem to have lost a good friend, anyone know what happened, JOBEARS aka joel, will miss him a lot, scott
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Blast off
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what was your favorite year/age of your life
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mine was when i was actually (two year span) ages 27 28

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How Was Your Valentines Day?
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Hope you had a great Valentines Day everyone!

Did anyone have a special plan, for that special someone?

Or for folks like me a special plan for yourself?

Either way I hope you had a vundabar Valentines day.

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New guy
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Hey guys new here, looking for a few friends with the same interests as me :)

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La Dolce Vita the sweet life
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World Wide Wank

Where in the world have you had a wank? My places include , England ,Wales , Spain , Gran Canaria, Furtuventura, Tenerife, Algarve, Corfu, Crete, Rhodes, Kos, Sweden, Bankok, Phuket, Las Vegas.

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Taken this morning
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Double Space Blog Issue has been Fixed
Added: 737 days ago / Views: 178 I am happy announce that I believe we have fixed the 'double space" blog error where it would cut off all of the below text. This should fix 95% of all blog related issues I hope, we are still working on the '&' bug but believe this was the biggest stumbling block. I do apologizes it took longer than anyone thought, but hope we can all move forward now. Thank you all :)
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Added: 738 days ago / Views: 176 ive been on this site for ages now and want to ask you guys about experiences being tied up? I love a good story and have plenty to share and always willing to try new things with the right people ;)
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Hey hey!
Added: 738 days ago / Views: 163 Just FYI, I'm still alive, people. :)
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Teen Idols
Added: 738 days ago / Views: 3431 Does anybody fantasize about doing hot teen idols. I have been jacking off to Justin Bieber for 4 years. Love the reruns of the sexy Sprouse twins and like Jake T Austin and Leo Howard. I used to dream about eating Simons ass on 7th heaven. Maybe I am weird.
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Hint with Camera : Auto-focus
Added: 738 days ago / Views: 160 If your using a camera to make pictures, and there blurry, you are to fast, oure the camera is slow becourse of low ligth conditions.
To get the Auto-focus to work correct you need to pres down the sutter 50% that's when the Auto-focus starts working.
So give the Auto-focus 10 to 25 seconds to get the picture correct now pres down the sutter the rest of the 50%.

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My First Day of School
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34.What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
Added: 739 days ago / Views: 358 go thru my mothers slow death with cancer..
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First memory of liking guys?
Added: 739 days ago / Views: 276 I love guys! But im wordering when I started to figure that out? It must have been sometime in primary school because I remember I used to love looking at the boys dress up in school plays but I can't quite remember that exact moment if there even was one! So what about everyone else, what's your first memory of likening a guy or guysjQuery182033927549235522747_1423693885917 :)
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Well this is boring...
Added: 739 days ago / Views: 228 ....
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Say During Sex
Added: 739 days ago / Views: 1180 Things I like to Say
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new photo catagory
Added: 740 days ago / Views: 137 one of the members had a great idea for a photo catagory. i am sorry don't remember his name. it was for shirtless
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Dorm HookUps
Added: 740 days ago / Views: 187 I have had some Hot Times at University this year and will post a couple of my adventures.
Have you had a HookUp this year with someone in your Dorm?
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Just a cool picture
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nudist experience
Added: 741 days ago / Views: 152 new to this, please have patience.
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Dang...still can't post photos.
Added: 741 days ago / Views: 218 Any help from successful posters or mods would be appreciated!

(Well, it looks like I can post them here, but not in my profile.)

My Blue Bulge
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