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loss of photos
Added: 855 days ago / Views: 158

Its a shame......after the last photo hitch I lost the vast majority of my favourite photos. New photos are appearing but most of the back photos have disapeared!! Is this for good I wonder?

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mark 2
Added: 856 days ago / Views: 152

Just trying to, well, say, I feel deeply about my friends on here, I am emotional person didnt use to be, used to keep it bottled up, until I joined here. Came first to enjoy

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I'm not the only one that see no pictures right?
Added: 856 days ago / Views: 240

Are all the pictures gone or something? Am I not the only one? Just wondering

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Added: 856 days ago / Views: 221

Each day I'm getting more and more friends on gbt, and I love it !

And I like to talk to all of you in person.

So don't be shy and keep me sending messages on my wall or in private, I will anwser all of them !

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Spa/ Bathhouse
Added: 856 days ago / Views: 279

Has anyone ever been to a gay Spa or bathhouse? I find the idea of being naked around other men to be quite exciting! I would like a body scrub... only worry is I might have a boner during the entire time :0

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A Late Christmas Story [Writing]
Added: 856 days ago / Views: 247

Okay, if anyone is interested in what I write at all. Here's a story that's a bit developed, not totally finished, but here's a link. Take a look.

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Added: 857 days ago / Views: 253

Chatted to 2 guys on Gaydar a few years back

Finally met them and we had a horny meet. Took them to a safe house nearby and had fun

1 Guy fucked me while the other videod it. have uploaded the film clip. Its in night vision I'm afraid .

Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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Added: 857 days ago / Views: 397

first thought...noun or verb?

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Added: 857 days ago / Views: 226

who am I, I feel I am just wandering about in the wilderness, I do my daily thing, come back, eat sleep and work, I am scared, is life passing me by or should I be more active........

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fuck buddy
Added: 857 days ago / Views: 781

Anyone ever have a fuk buddy? Someone with no emotional ties, no commitment, but yet two guys who would meet for no other reason but to use each others bodies to achieve their own sexual satisfaction.

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Why I'm leaving this brilliant site
Added: 857 days ago / Views: 217

I've always loved this site but I'm leaving today because I've begun to notice a number of pictures, especially avatars, of boys clearly under the age of 18. These guys, particularly the older ones, posting these entries are ruining the site by crossing boundaries that shouldn't be crossed.

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Added: 858 days ago / Views: 289

I would describe myself as a 22 year old smooth twink. I enjoy having no hair on my body, making me look and feel young. I realized that I have been fantacizing about father/ son fetish. I get horny on the idea of dresing up like a little boy. I never had a father growing up so why would I fantasize about having my father sexually pleasure me? I enjoy looking like a little boy, and being treated like one; does that mean I am a pedophile or mentally lacking an emotional connection with my past?

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Added: 858 days ago / Views: 229

how to I

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Young Porn Stars
Added: 858 days ago / Views: 225

I LOVE watching Kyler Moss and Dylan Chambers. Are there any other young porn stars I should be looking out for?

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am searching for some teen boy to chat with
Added: 859 days ago / Views: 388

why some people here does reply to your message
these people suck

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Stream not Found
Added: 860 days ago / Views: 366

I'm getting a bit fed up with "stream not found" message on most of vids I try to view. Anyone else have this probjQuery182012763250805098214_1389874388327

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A German Sings about his two Fathers
Added: 860 days ago / Views: 257

A German Boy Sings Kinderen voor Kinderen song - Two Fathers

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Added: 860 days ago / Views: 324

I've been long overdue for a good cry.

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New Friends/Skype buddies
Added: 861 days ago / Views: 166

Needing some new people in my life,love talking so inbox me your skype, kik,or number. friend worth having!!!!

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american football
Added: 861 days ago / Views: 272

do you not think it is a bit rough, doesnt look too technical, see a guy running up the line hoping he doesnt get clobbered, how can they not be nice to each other

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Added: 863 days ago / Views: 457

whatever happens, friends will be friends.

but what is friendship? who is your friend? it's a question of time, it's a question of trust, it's a question of being together, it's a question of feelings for each other, it's a question of love ...

a friend is not just a number, anyone on an anonymous list. especially in social networks like facebook, and yes, like GBT some are only collecting friends and think the more friends i have, the more popular i am, is this really important? does it mean the more people love you? to find out who is a real friend is not easy, you think aah yay, he is my friend, he spends time with me, is funny, kindly, friendly and takes care, but in the next moment you notice that he only pretends it, coz he wants something else and only exploits you. this is disappointing and very deeply hurting ...

no matter who he is, what he is, what he looks like, a friend is someone who is there for me when i need him, someone to talk to and someone i can trust, who knows me and feels when i fight with my demons, who is loyal and understands me without saying a word, someone i can count on, someone who can forgive and who is not scared to tell me the truth and never judges, someone who loves me just the way i am and who is just there and gives me a shoulder, takes my hand and touches my heart ...

i don't need much friends, i only need real friends.

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Does anyone have anymore vids of this boy?
Added: 863 days ago / Views: 178

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Seeing up someone's shorts
Added: 863 days ago / Views: 544

Ok so I was at the beach today lying facing my friend and his mate who is visiting for holidays.

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Added: 863 days ago / Views: 230

i like this short film

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Net Stream Play
Added: 863 days ago / Views: 252

Many of the new videos are coming up net stream play cannot be found or played.Is this a general fault or just my computer being difficult.Some will play although keep stopping.Help! please

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To all my GBT Friends
Added: 863 days ago / Views: 333

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Added: 864 days ago / Views: 336

So, I know everyone has opinions on shaving pubes, but I'm curious about arms and legs.

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one year!
Added: 864 days ago / Views: 143

Ima lillate on this but i've been on this site for about a year now!:D I have great memories already and Ilove this site not for its content but for the people here:) thankyou all

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weekend wonders
Added: 865 days ago / Views: 220

well so glad its the weekend, so what you guys get upto at weekends.......

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if a family member or a friend found your page on here would you be embarresed?
Added: 865 days ago / Views: 586

What would you do? I was scaring myself thinking about it today haha

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Looking for a Short Film, two boys kissing in soccer field?
Added: 865 days ago / Views: 316

I had seen this short film at least a year ago. I believe it was even on here. I believe the film begins with one boy standing on a pier in the rain (maybe holding a doll) but it ends with a soccer game in the rain and after the teans scores, two boys are kissing on the field and then their fathers pull them away from each other. I was wondering if anyone could find and share a link of this film? Thanks!

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new one
Added: 866 days ago / Views: 315

when and if you ever 69, which position do you like the best and why? top, bottom or side to side?

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we are all bozos on this bus
Added: 866 days ago / Views: 257

please see first post or else....

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Added: 866 days ago / Views: 836

what do you like most about having sex?

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Twin brother
Added: 867 days ago / Views: 631

If you had a twin brother, you would have sex with him?

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Added: 867 days ago / Views: 327

hey i tend to overuse the blogs sometimes and i also am a flirt. but seriously, i have this terrific partner who's birthday is today. he's 22. i adore him. even though relationships can be challenging, he is a super great guy to put up with me. he is a great son to wonderful parents. a smart, nerd type student. he reads my blogs sometimes because he thinks i'm funny and have a sex craved mind. hey if would wish him happy birthday that would be neat. i almost never mention his name online...always as my partner, but today...Happy Birthday Logan. I love you forever!

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time machine
Added: 867 days ago / Views: 453

a fantasy. ok if you had a time machine and could travel back to when you were say 15, would you introduce yourself, show proof of the time travel and then convince your younger self to have sex with your older self?

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Does anyone know what Cameron Lane (porn star) is doing now?
Added: 867 days ago / Views: 205

i've tried to do some research to see if he is still doing porn because i adore him. But i haven't had much luck. Does anyone know? I know he was in Just Sex 2 (From Brent Corrigan's company) but that was back in 2009 i think, thats the most recent thing i've found. And i know he used to be with Cobra back in the day before the whole Murder Trial. But has anyone seen him recently?

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Added: 867 days ago / Views: 199

Some gay young teenager boys want skype to talk and may more?
Im young teenager aswell :)

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Outing of a german ex football player
Added: 867 days ago / Views: 201

The 31 y.o.

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