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I need one.

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Inspirational video
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I understand it's hard to watch videos like this but it's important to watch them it puts into perspective 

that with a positive mindset we can still be happy if we just look at the good in our lives and not dwell 

on the bad here's a boy who at the age of  only 14  living in constant extreme pain  and aware he's

already lived over half of his expected life can still be happy. yes it's not easy to watch and it makes

me cry when I do. but it also makes me aware  that I really don't have it that bad... 


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Are you guys getting a lot of buffering or is it just my crappy old lap top

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GBT Anniversaries
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I love it when someone posts that, "This guy's about to hit #### days on GBT!"  I was wondering if there's a place on the site itself where it shows everyone's days-here?  OR, as I'm thinking (and can do this if I have to), is it a matter of, you guys plug your friends' names

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is site not working
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i keep getting stream not found when i try to open a video

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This isn't directly or indirectly related to gay sex, just a couple of questions I've been looking for answers to.  Why do Americans being installed into public office of some sort, before giving evidence in a court case, etc, hold up their right hand, fingers together, palm flat and vertical. Of what is it symbolic, what is the origin of this behaviour? Similarly, why do they put their right hand over their heart when swearing allegiance?  I know that both actions are long, established actions and that it might always have been done, but why?

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need sexy young guy too have fun with
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oh sorry i was dreaming  im awake now

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Strange, isn't it?
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Now Open to Serve You:

Hot Amateur Men

Male Models Gone Porn

Men Buffet: Used and Abused

Stud Harem

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The Japanese Boy Chapter 10
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Chapter 10

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Summer Stories
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Hey guys, now that summer is winding done do any of you guys have summer, summer camp, camping, pool stories from this year or the past. Looking for true stories only (I think it's pretty easy to tell the fantasies). After I get two people to share I'll tell you two of my own. I have a few as a camper, earliest at 12. And one story and a few memories as working as a counselor in high school and college. Tell your stories and i'll share mind.  

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Monday Mornin Chuckle
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What ever happened...
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Not that Im really complaining, but what ever happened to nice CIRCUMSIZED AMERICAN boys? I am SO BORED looking at Uncut Euro boys.

Dont get me wrong, they're pretty as well, but I PREFERE cut to uncut. (although in real life, a cocks a cock, as long as it fits up my ass im good!)


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Trans People don’t need your approval
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Understand that they have had the unmistakeable courage to risk every single thing just so that they could be the people they really want to be; those who don’t get this are the same dead-from-the-neck-up bastards who always complain about everything, do absolutely nothing and then are surprised when at the end of their lives they didn’t get anywhere.

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True or False
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I read this story on a message board on the topic  "Family Nudity/Nude Childhood" All of the stories are tame and seem realistic. As if they are from real nudist families, or stories about summer camps ext. But this story I can't decide. It starts out logical but then takes a turn. However I'm sure stuff similar to this goes one. And it taking place in FL, I can't tell. Tell me what you guys think, fact or fiction. Keep in mind this is not my story it's something I am simply copying and pasting.

my uncle has two boys . when things took place they. were 8 and 10. i went to stay with them while my parents went out of state for a month. during summer vacation. i had seen them before but it had been quite a while. His wife had left him over a year earlier . i had just turned 12 when this event happened. my uncle picked me up and drove me to their farm which was quite a ways out in the country . after we arrived i put my stuff away in the spare room. his sons Jimmy and Joey came home soon after i got there . they were nice kids. very good looking boys. i went upstairs with them to wash up for dinner . after we cleaned up we all went into their room. they took off their shirts . i thought it was odd since we were about to eat supper . i asked them about it. they said we always take off our clothes in the house. then to my surprise they started taking the rest of their clothes off. after they were naked they said come on supper is ready. i was puzzled and a little freaked out but i followed them down to the dining room. my uncle was standing near the table. he had on gym shorts and a tee shirt. he just smiled and we sat down . the food was good. after the meal uncle Ron looked at me. he said. "I guess you notice that we are different from most people." I said. "Well it does seem strange that they're naked." He said that they were almost always naked at home . i asked him why. the boys just grinned at me. uncle ron said it was because he wanted it that way. then he paused and looked me in the eyes . "If you are going to be staying with us i expect you to go naked too. " i was shocked but the boys were nodding and smiling. i asked if i had a choice. Ron shook his head. "No. go ahead and take off all your clothes . then we will go watch TV." they were all watching me intently. i stood up and took my shirt off. then hesitantly undid my pants . soon i was also completely naked . lots more happened but i will post later...i learned a lot that summer.

I hung out with them all the time and obeyed the no clothes rule . one night some people came to visit so we boys all had on long tee shirts with nothing underneath.. the people a woman and two men never knew . as soon as they were gone their dad pulled our tee. shirts off. he could never stand for us to wear clothes . they had a big van that was like a camper. we went for long rides and never had any clothes on. we had shorts and shirts with us but only wore them to get out of the van to eat or something . once back in the van we took our clothes back off.

One day uncle Ron drove us to visit a friend of him . the guy lived several miles away . his place was always in the country . when we got there he had us. put on just the long tee shirts like the time the guests came to their house . no clothes underneath of course . the guy was about forty. he let us in.. i was surprised . he had three boys . One was fifteen and tall. One was thirteen and bigger than us but not by much . the third one was eleven and my size. they were all naked . i looked at the oldest one . he had pubic hair and a fairly big dick. the other two didn't have hair yet. uncle Ron had us stand in front of all of them. then he yanked our shirts off. the guy liked us. so did his boys . that was the first orgy i. ever was in. within five minutes i was on my knees in front of the biggest boy sucking his penis ...lots of boy sex all weekend . the grownups joined us too. later they came to uncle Ron s house a few times . i was able to get my parents to let me stay all summer ...more if requested. i still see the boys sometimes . we are all in our twenties now. we don't do stuff now . Ron is still around . we see him occasionally . we talk about the good old days and watch videos we made . they will never be publicized . names changed to protect all concerned.

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so cute.
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theres nothing more cute than watching two young boys kissing, kind of makes you think what else do they do....... :P

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Voyage of the Moon
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(don't have to watch, can just listen)

was written by Donovan


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Homemade or professional?
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What sort of gay sex do you like the most, fresh homemade fucking (just two boys and a webcam), or professional sex, (film crews, scripted, not passionate sex).

i prefer homemade. Seeing two boys going at it just for fun makes me horny.

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Chelsea Manning - facing solitary confinement
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I don't know what you think of what she did by exposing government material on Wikileaks, but it seems to me that she's been made a scapegoat, and treated shabbily. There is a petition at this site regarding her upcoming hearing for so-called prison violations:

It may be just me, but I think she's kind of cute!

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Sexy Cuddling
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A little draw I made for one of my good GBT friends JOHNNYBOY20012

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The Japanese Boy chapter 9
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Chapter 9

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one doc missing
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can everybody search for my favorite doc, his name is Joel

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A question about crowdfunding
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If I'd create a campaign on CumFundMe in order to raise money for producing my new videos, ex. to buy a better camera, lights, body paint, accessories and other, could I link the campaign to my videos on GBT or would it be against the rules?

Would it make me some kind of a prostitute? Would you think it's prostitution? Would it change the way people are watching my stuff, I mean, would you respect me less than you are doing now?

In my opinion, as my vids would stay free anyway and as the funding would simply be a gift, it should be OK, but before doing something stupid I'd prefer to make sure I won't get in trouble. Well it would not be the first stupid thing I do but...

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Finally an entry visa
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Today could just not be more happier day. I was married in March 2014 in June my husband one back to his homeland in Vietnam. Only to find out lower immigration lawyer had made a mistake. It is taken 14 months for my guy my husband finally finally be able To come back to the states. It couldn't have happened on a better day is today is my birthday. Some very pleased to have the man I love so much back home. He arrives September 2. It is been a very difficult 14 months but I can tell all of you guys that when you find the person you love her and much you'll wait forever to get him back in your arms. Have a great day

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The Japanese Boy chapter 8
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Chapter 8

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this is for all my friends who recently that have been unwell or are recovering, bringing you warmth from my heart, so you will make a speedy recovery or are feeling a bit down, offers you my hand, love scott

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Celtic Thunder
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happy weekend everyone
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and happy wanking.

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Joeliejoel has left
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Please come back buddy because alot of guys here will miss you.

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missing my friend
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I wish you well in the present and the future Joel, you brought me laughter and kicked me in the butt when I needed it, a sign of true friendship, love scott

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No uploadsjQuery18207349793473755009_1439624229043
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In the last few days I have uploaded 4 video's and 15 pictures all of which none has shown as being uploaded?

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Dead Gay Porn Stars Memorial [Revised
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kind of a sobering clip I ran across..most of these guys died of aids..pretty sad

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"Death in Venice" (Morte a Venezia) 1971
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Beautiful and lovely masterpiece from Luchino Visconti.

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uncensored is good
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loving the uncensored cute asian porn :P

cant stand censored stuff, not much of a turn on, its not like we dont know what there doing, we can till see everything. lol.

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me naked
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check out this tumblr page and its a good tumblr there are some naked pics of me

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