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Hi everyone! can I ask how to make a photo album private, that can be seen only by friends of mine? xD thanks!

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Watch Film 'shelter' on Scottas page. Absolutley ace.

HELP, profile pic?
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looking to change my pro pic (less sexual), just tried but no success, any ideas?

why are cocks so attracting?
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Just wondering...

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so new state new ife old family members i havent seen for 15 year yet i feel diff they know and respect and love that im gay and i happy but still feel the need to impress them i dont know wat to think these days with life moving on and im just standing there wanting the past how do you let go of sumthink hat helps you see thing as they are.... well thanks anyway ppl and hopfully ill move on or change myeelings

looking 4 younger in the nc area
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so i am in the hickory nc area and very much intersted in younger tops :) or vers :) or heck no strings fun :) or something serious lol

I know this is kinda far fect but...
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Does anyone have a rooom to rent in LA or area cos im planning on movinfg away there in sept.oct :) plz x

I know this is kinda far fect but...
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Does anyone have a rooom to rent in LA or area cos im planning on movinfg away there in sept.oct :) plz x

Takers and not Givers.
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I'm just venting but curious how other members handle this type of situation. I keep getting friendship request (so far so good) so many are members that have nothing on their profile, no type of name, have contributed nothing to GBT and usually been member for close to a year or even two. I thought this was a sharing site. How do others handle this. Maybe nick18 should offer a 30trial membershipand unless you do'nt contribute "SOMETHING" every 90 days - you're kicked off GBT. I want friends and respect those I have and don't want to appear to be a hateful person but hoe can you have a friendship that only goes one way. Input, PLEASE. Thanks, Andy (now I'm ready for all the hate messages)

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Man have you kept up with todays photo's whats up with that

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Only the chosen few right

fun night
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so any bottoms wana have a fun night

community chat room?
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Nick , you ever think about that? you have one here but basically 1 on 1, i think i'm finally coming out of my shell and would love to chat with a bunch of members at 1 time, anyone else like that ? 1 where you could chat, cam or both with everyone

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Just another of my silly ideas...
How about limiting the number of videos or picture albums each member may attempt to ONE PER 24 HOUR PERIOD? This way, a lot more members would have a chance at getting something posted.
Right now, some people are uploading 5, 10, or more videos in one day...and they are being posted. Same with picture galleries. I'll bet the ones who successfully get 10 videos posted have actually uploaded even more. All of their videos have to be checked, so that leaves a lot less time for any other uploads to be approved.
ALSO, I THINK ANY PERSON WHO UPLOADS UNDERAGE CONTENT SHOULD HAVE THEIR ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY DELETED. No warnings, no second chances, no appeals, If the moderators find any upload to be unlawful, you're JUST GONE!! Once a few accounts are deleted, fewer people will try to get away with any crap, and the moderators will have more time to approve valid uploads.

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I found the vid I was looking for gezzz right where I saw it last duh! Joe Cocker sound track You Can Leave Your Hat ON ( not keep your hat on) Antwat Ta da I got that sucker now lol

Question for Nick:
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When the monitors are reviewing a submitted photo album and find an unacceptable photo, do they reject the entire album, or just delete the offending photo and then publish the rest of the album ?

today is 12 year commemoration of Columbine tragedy and Day of Silence. its interesting to me that these are like this for this year at least. both are about awareness of bullyin and hate. so ironic too that its hitlers birthday today cos he the king of all that. but on other side, it '420' day aka national pot smokers day and come to learn about how the 420 name come to be and kind of interests me also maybe some you too (#1)

a little confusin to me and not from 420 cos cant use it with asthma and me brain has nuff fuse blown as is lol. but see, i learnt few years ago about much 'gay' history. so many people suffer, beaten by police, jailed and others murdered or like harvey milk, assassinated. to me, nothing to be silent about but stand up in honor of all those who make it some easier. i want to cheer them and thank them and honor them specially those not here with huge flowers and hearts.

i know what its like to hurt and feel misfit in many ways. but sometime just one person make the diff. i look back few years and it was me gran and me uncle and how lucky i am for both. when i could not talk, me gran said she knew i was here 'in there' she say. and when come she first one to see i am, me uncle took on from there and still there today and now gran cannot talk with alzheimers so i bring her flowers at least she can breath pretty smell cos i know she love it.

in past couple years i been here not signed up and gone and here again signed up then gone agaun cos i misunderstand easy. but one thing i understand good is others here hurtin and lonely and guys like alex17, toby19 help so much and alex first one to ever be friend here and toby give me courage to come out just like 2 months ago. so im grateful to them and all who are friends. had misunderstandin with one, feel hurt and we patch it all up. that is how real this virtual place can be.

so im not bein so silent today, but i do get why its done. but hope rest of year people out loud and proud and to be that we need be upstandin even here in play and personal time about what im writin somewhere else and that 'd come before f' cos all know short code 'wtf' ~ well d come before f and = diff ...

what the diff? between not us but what all us have that some hate so much. the diff is our sexuality and ya, this place all about sexuality and hey, im here so dont think im dissin nobody. but our sexuality just part of us and i never understand why we make other labels cos me, im not all agreed with 'gay' politics. i got not problem sayin, 'im a homosexual' cos it NO diff than other parts of what make me like im first gen american from brit/irish heritage. my race. my creed my beautiful blond hair (lol) and math genius and speech impeds etc. all small parts of me. but i dont want to celebrate the diffs. i want to talk about the sameness.

were all human beings.

so some know some things i like here and just maybe im gonna make that t-shirt says 'save brain function, sniff pits not poppers' and you all join me lol. but for serious, we all the same in this way, we cut finger, we bleed and all blood is red. we have hearts and feelins that can get hurt and if one hurtin another why is that? what hurt they have make them want to do that? how can anyone help?

some dont like me cos how i feel on same gender (sex) marriage. to me its big thing, im raised both catholic and protestant. me parents meet in belfast when like my age. irish girl. british boy. they hate death and war not each other cos of church so work together and so careful cos could be killed themselves like traitors. 25 years later, married, live in usa, 4 kids, success they go back to commemorate. that when billy get made. ya, made in belfast born in usa. so many other stories of struggle and yet success. that from marriage and marriage is holy even when between irish catholic and british protestant. means a lot to them and me. so i respect it. tolerance go 2 ways. maybe we never get 'acceptance' but maybe more understandin if we work to have legal matrimony. matrimony = marriage in latin. our laws come from latin roots and legal system uses latin still. ya should be right to have legal status or 'human right' as couple but not same as 'rite' from holy church. come on, look at pics and vids. holy? rofl and im guilty of unholiness cept some me undies cos they got holes in em but far from holy!

few days ago, i got work up about a vid on here and give nick18 full respect for takin off cos video made in a car that the boy end up killed in accident same car! ok,w vladimir shibanov was 18 when made it but he also abused since so young by sex tourism pedo and pimp igor rosanov in ukraine like other boys from poor families there. i for real dont think 99.9% of people here want that kind of thing so ya, i ask it taken off cos tarnish on the site and other goody people laff at me saying that. hey~ dont like? dont look! ya, most people here no matter sex life say theres a limit and anybody j-o to 18 year old crushed in car go look at car after accident or vlad's grave firstly. prolly change your mind.

not here to be anything really but a buddy to all like me who may not have too many or any at all in 'rw'. someone ask, 'can 2 queer males be friends without sex?' i think so. not sayin dont hug, kiss but mainly curl up and feel safe like 2 kitties or just be buds and bust each other balls about guy stuff like guys do, but maybe in queer humor. ya, i use the q word. neve the f word cept to describe cigaret in england like 'pack of fags' not mean group of homosexuals. oh dear, there that word again. ya, my name is billy and really, im not gay. im a homo and queer in so many ways (that mostly cos of bein aspie and found at least one friend here who relates so thats big to me!

im not here to copy what alex and toby do but help them however i can. nick is the code chef that cooks this all up and keeps fresh so i bow to him as unworthy wanker and bandwidth sucker yet humbly offer me geek skills if want and yes, im doin some other things but some wrong sayin 'compete' with gbt. LMMFAO! no way and cant imagine bandwidth costs! for last couple years, i save *scrap metal* to feed homeless and hungry rent boys right here where i live so no compete with gbt! if any want to learn bout how to help others where they live so we become stronger and respected, just pm me and i share ideas and things ive learnt.

so many good friends here and none i love more than them bein themselves and specially about age. like i put in profile b4, its not about age and that itself when i see in profiles turn off 'fat, old, hairy' ~ hey, what opposite of gettin older? i mean i hope im 60 some day like one friend here and we talk about stuff and he never hit on me. make compliments and i blush but not say 'turn on cam' or that kind of thing. how bout this day of silence we all be silent about 'turn off' amake some people hurt bad? ya a few old guys perv and pedo. some young guys prissy bitches act all like so better than other queers. make average joe or billy feel like hamburger markdown at grocery. so no bullyin? start with all us to each other. be at least respectin and maybe kind and thoughtful too.

ya just come back after me own meltdown and misunderstanding with someone here knows who he is and he knows me and we better friends cos find way through it and come out better friends. no drama just real people and both get hurt but big enough to say friendship stronger than this and we love each other as buddies. so lets all try to be buddies and help when ask and ya, bust balls to make each other laff but laff with not at you know? this day of silence im speakin out even makin mistakes and havin those 'social cue' issues. im human, i make mistakes and if we all get a bit more forgivin and less judgin maybe people hatin us take another look and say, dont mess with cos they got each others back! im sorry if ever offend anyone here. dont feel no shame about seeing that one vid gone or callin meself a homosexual ~ cos i am ~ no shame in it. so close with this thought

stand together if we just can be~
so much the stronger and truly FREE!

toby19 ~ and supportin buddies, thanks for the courage that make me feel it at long, long last. i hope you feel this today 4/20/12:


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If you are not comfortable with all of the settings needed with ANVI SMART DEFENDER, an excellent alternative is:

colorado college hate queer pot smokers?
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Looking for
Views: 111 · Added: 924 days ago

Hey anyone have the music vid with the Joe Crooker sound track You Can keep Your Hat On, It is a slide show vid which is good but love the sound track even more. I been looking for two days now I can't find it. have done everything in search box too going through page by page. If you have it could you please let me know and lead me to it. Thanks butterlipps :-))

Bleisch and Golden Boys films
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demis's avatar

Anyone got a copy of Sebastian Bleisch's film "Blumen Bengal"? If so, please post here on Gay Boys Tube. Also Golden boys 43, 44, 45?

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FREE TOOLS, UTILITIES, and PROGRAMS {That actually work}:
1. REVO UNINSTALLER: Completely removes those games, programs, etc you've downloaded but no longer want (I recommend ALWAYS using Advanced Mode, and I always delete ALL files Revo finds).
2. CCLEANER: Gets rid of all those space hogging caches, temporary files, thumbnails, etc. {When installing, add CCleaner to Recycle Bin} Can be set to over write / erase files 7 times (Which is equal to NSA 'National Security Agency' Standards).
3. AVIRA 'Free Edition' ANTIVIRUS: Catches and removes far more viruses, malware, rootkits, etc. than all other 'Free' antivirus programs (and many of the paid programs). [Has daily pop-ups, but the higher level of protection makes it well worth the minor annoyance].
4. ANVI SMART DEFENDER: Malware Defense. Works with Avira. Protects you from Trojans, Malware, Spyware, Rootkits, and more. Has the best REAL TIME PROTECTION of any Anti-Malware Program you are likely to find, and is completely free.

DO NOT KEEP MORE THAN ONE ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM ON YOUR COMPUTER!! If you do, neither will be fully functional, you WILL get VIRUSES, and your computer MAY become DAMAGED!!

A. Clear Recent Activity-
In FIREFOX: Click 'Tools', 'Clear Recent History', 'Today', (select all items, especially 'Cache'; Click 'Clear Now'.
In INTERNET EXPLORER: Click 'Tools', 'Delete Browsing History', (select everything except 'Form Data' and 'Passwords', Click 'Delete'.
B. Run CCleaner-
Right Click 'Recycle Bin', Click 'Run CCleaner'.

These tools and steps will:
Protect Your Computer.
Speed Up Your Computer.
Help Protect Your Privacy (Others won't be able to see pages you visited, pictures you looked at, etc).

Hope you find this helpful,
David (Bi4life).

Austin Parker and Jesse Jacobs
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Dude! Why are there no full length vids of these two, I've looked everywhere online, tons of different sites and even 4shared and TPB, Couldn't find a damn thing. So i have decided a cry for help is needed. Someone somewhere must have these two gorgeous boys somewhere. I'm begging you, Please, share these beautifully toned and spunklicious boys with the rest of us. I urge you to post the vids!

Devine pointers?
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Last week,a friend of mine saw a likeness of Mother Teresa in,a chocolate covered
biscuit. In our house various icons have turned up in everything from rice puddings to a bar of soap.
Only last week my sister saw our dear departed dog in a loaf of bread.

As I was serving up the Sunday roast I was astonished to see an uncanny resemblance to myself in a Yorkshire Pudding.

I would welcome comments to this almost religious experience.

top 4 bottom
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22 yo top lookin 4 a bottom ages 18-23 messege me

boys will be boys
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Proof that you can never underestimate the innovativeness of American Farm Boys:

At a high school in Iowa , a group of boy students played a prank .
They let three goats loose inside the school.
But before turning them loose, they painted numbers on the sides of the goats: 1, 2 and 4.
School Administrators spent most of the day looking for No. 3.
And you thought there was nothing to do in Iowa!

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CUTE Actor
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the series SHAMELESS USA is being shown on UK TV at the moment..not as good as the UK version..but for one actor CAMERON MONAGHAN he plays Ian the gay one..he is a real cutie..just luv him..anybody else think the same?

how pathetic is jealousy
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would you kill for a better gaytube home page BAHAH

I have an idea for a new category
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Sometimes I like vids and sometimes I like pics, but how about short stories? I enjoy a good erotic short story and I enjoy the short films that really have no sex in them, but the stories are wonderful.
Of course the stories submitted should be legal and some people might like to tell stories of their own personal experiences.
I know there are some talented members here and I think I'd like to see this site grow while staying a tight group of friends.
Does anyone feel the same way?

Coming Out
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I recently have been coming out to people I know. Though it has only been a few people(co-workers and people I went to high school with), it has been a drastic step towards a positive life. I feel so much better now that I have been able to air it out and get it into the open. I talked to someone I went to school with who is a HUGE part of the local teen center and ran it by him to see about getting a LGBT support group, or something along those lines, started there. I feel It would be a major step forward as we are a small town where it is hard to express your sexuality. I just wanted to share this and let all those know who are struggling with coming out or their sexuality and let you know: You are not alone and It gets better. At first I didn't think it would, but those whome I have told already have been 100 percent accepting and don't care that I am bi. It makes me feel wonderful knowing I have the backing support. And hopefully it will only continue to grow. And hopefully I can pass on the message and help others in need.

bullying videos
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omg just watched the bullying videos on here and two young boys had so much to live for and to look forward to but because of mindless thugs. they see no other options then to take there own lifes my heart goes out to the famliey and friends of these two boys and seriously how sad both videos brought tears to my eyes and sent a shiver down spin.

people that bully people should get charged with some sort of crime (eg manslaught or homacide )if the persons being bullied comites sucide

we live in a messed up world when youngsters have to take their own lives

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I mastubated from 12 till about 20 primarily by rubbing my cocks on the sheets in bed.It felt great. Anybody else mainly masturbated this way?

"How To" can be sooo helpful.
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Here is a link to an article I read that has it all: love and desire, options for "consummating", postponing the acts that need to be learned before being satisfying, and being gentle, caring, loving and HOT partners for a good relationship. I hope it may be as helpful and interesting to others as I hope it can be for me:

18 and 16?
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im not in this position but:
in your opinion would an 18 y.o. boy still in high school dating a 16 y.o. boy be acceptable?

also, anyone else think 2 younger boys kissing in public and in love is a sight that is way more special and more love filled than a straight cupples love? and a sight not seen enough?
im bi and i feel like the love between 2 guys is way more likely to be more special than with a boy and girl... what do you think?


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