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thinking of posting photos of myself, should ijQuery18207948523419909179_1384461263209

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still problems logging in for some people
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Hey Nick

I emailed you a few weeks ago about my friend London999 not been able to login, He still is unable to login today.

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Profile Page Formatting
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Can anyone help me, please? I'm trying to figure out how to give my profile page a revamp.

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I live .in Thailand and was wondering if there are any other gay guys that are members?

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anyone like austin powers films, if so which one or ones do you like best

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Added: 902 days ago / Views: 863 common phrases. what is yours. which ones do you like/hate. my dummest one is clean as a clean can that be? ....only the good die young...really?beating around the bush..strange.....armed to the teeth....not sure what they mean. please contribute. google common phrases and dive in. thanks mike.
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that little thing, that affects us all, on how you are treated or not, just being a friend is all someone needs

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Remimber that we all have feelings :)
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Just a thought to all of our Younger and Older friends..Its hard enough to live in this world living as a gay man. To be an older man who enjoys the coumpany of Younger men and boys its very tuff at times.. Some comments or actions can cut like a knife.We all need to remimber and think first that we all have feelings.Take the time tonight to go to your partner and just say I love you ..It just maybe what is needed to make the differance in their life.....xoxo..DSL

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Visit The Qu├ębec my land....
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I live in the beautiful Province of Qu

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Where you abused when you where younger? Do you fell that is the reason you are gay?
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I was abused as a kid and sometimes I wonder maybe thats why I am gay because I was introduced to sex with another guy so early. Maybe everyone has there own opinion :)

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Deutschland-Germany...........Ich liebe es! :p
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silly post here, im bored so.....oh well.....

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happy 11.12.13
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to those in the US.

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sunday chat
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ok so maybe alot of you read on sunday evenings. for discussion today. if you knew at 16 what you know today, what would you do different?

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hey guys was just wondering if anyone might have the same problame as me since the update, my profile is just blank and i cant find my fav pics, and when i click on someone elses profile there page is just blank as well, i know to click videos and pics ect but it used to just display it on the main screen

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for those that uploads videos and see videos
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hey guys if you upload a video and when you try to see if the video works

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HEJ!! ... WTF!! ... WHY!! ........

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500 Days Of Gays
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On Nov 12th, Ill be celebrating 500 days on this site:) Thanks everyone for being so awesome!

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Peeing is such an underrated activity.

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I'm thinking about trying to get a job in porn. Does anyone know the easiest way to do it? :)
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How would i do it? Doesit ppay well? Do you have to be a certain height or anythin?

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Hello I Am New
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Hello There

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Which is the song that inspires you the most in your life?
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If you know me, you will remember that one.... ...

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Site Software Update
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Hi Guys,
I'm the developer for this site. We've done a software update, and are currently working out a few kinks. If you notice anything wrong, please post in here.

Stuff we know about already:
- The site will run a little slower for the next few hours while the caches rebuild.
- There may have been some very minor data loss during the move, namely things that were added in the few hours during which we were performing the data migration. The only way to avoid this would have been to take down the site for an indeterminate amount of hours while performing the migrate - which we didn't want to do.

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What kind deed did you do recently that has got Karma back on your side?
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Today I was feeling kind of down, so I came up with an idea...It was a pretty selfish thing to do but it really made me feel happy knowing I was helping people. I took 900e out of my bank account that I've been saving for a while and i gave 500e towards kids in the philippines, 200e to a homeless eastern European family that I always see on the street and 200e to a local LGBT teen center that has helped me out a lot over the years. I felt pretty good about it afterwards. But that feeling was short lived as the realisation hit me that I am not down 900e FUCKKKKKKK! But the way I see it I could of spent that money on something stupid and I would of forgotten about it after a few days. At least those people will remember it for a long time :) Did you do anything good today? x

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What is the household chore you hate doing the most?

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Desperate about my boyfriend
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My boyfriend is still seeing his former girlfriend. I know they have a few times a week intercourse. He would'dt have that kind of sex with me. Just tender kissing and feeling. I'm desperate.

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Happy Veterans Day
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To all of my fellow veterans may you have a wonderful Veterans Day and thank you for your service to our country...I wish we could all meet sometime...

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bmi...whats yourzjQuery182014980254265722148_1383960512321???
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mine is 29.6......ummm

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I'm nearly cumming my pants by just looking at some of your profile pics
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I wish I could see some of them blown up bigger....Damn I'm horny hehe

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relationship speed
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so my boyfriend and I just celebrated a month together!. this is great and I love cuddleing with him. However i am wondering when do i make a move. we have made out and have felt eachother up above the waist. I asked him how far he is comfortable taking our relationship and he said he would rather not say. I am up to any suggestions.

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i am new
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how are you guys doing, justed wanted to say hi

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just like to open my heart to all you guys, let you feel the warmth, especially to those guys that are going through or have been through a rough time

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Hey I'm New Here :) So Whats The Dealio? xx
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Hey I'm New Here :) So Whats The Dealio? Feel free to send me a friend request...I don't bite xx

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better to love and not hate, and hate not too love, dont you think guys

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who enjoys a good bit of banter, whether it be about your love, or your neighbour,or your friend, or your lover, or just the world, or just a good craic

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need help
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I have gotten a music player on my page but am baffled how to get a cool layout on it just the code shows up can anyone help me out

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Young guys?
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We are a gaay couple living in Thailand looking for a guy to be a 3 some, maybe a gay son.

We can offer you all you need in return for LOVE and fun

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was looking at pics and wondered why some guys nipples are flat and other guys stick out rock hard. my nipples are super sensitive and go from flat to hard. i know some guys whose nipples never go flat and it looks weird in he locker room or the pool. so do you have sensitive nipples? hard all the time?

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18? no prob ;))
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Andy's 500 Days
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Andy (nate88) will be 500 days old in a few hours, so I decided to make this blog to thank him for his friendship, love and support to me and to many other members, each and every one of these 500 days. All that is left, is to open a bottle of good red wine and make a toast to the next 500 days.....

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Talentless hillbilly Britney Spears names Anti Gay Pastor as her favorite author!
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Ya know this talentless air head named Britney Spears? The chick who got famous for being slutty in music videos?The chick who kissed Madonna for attention?

Well she claims her favorite author was this redneck scumbag named Max Lucado who compares being gay to raping children or incest. Wow. Can't we just burn these people already? Do we really gotta put up with this? I mean we might as well just save everyone a lot of grief and ya know 'close the show' on certian people. Not saying anything else but you get the idea.

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