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true story of high school sex
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Subject: Best High School Sex II

I am not a professional writer, but the story I tell is a true account of
some of the guys I had sex within high school. There will be several parts
so I hope you will not be bored. No body in these stories has incredible 9
in cocks. Just normal 15 and 16 year boy beginning to explore or hidden
sexuality. Your comments are welcome. All rights reserved and must be of
legal age to read. I am now 53 so hear are the accounts of my sexual
youth. Which seem to be more fun back then.

After my first sex with Sandy things started to turn in my head. I knew I
was gay from a very young aged. Trying to understand what that meant and
who I was able to understand and come to grips with and took a long
time. Like many kids I was a bit bigger and more developed physically than
most of my friends the same age. I letter varsity the same year I was a
freshmen. MY family had a history as a wrestling family. All my brothers
and my self were all sectional wrestling champions and active in all sports
thru out the year.

During the winter months in upstate New York could tend to be rough. So the
school used to have a Saturday program. The program consisted of the high
school gym open for basketball and other indoor activities. Back then there
were no computers and cable TV only consisted of 13 channels. So any kid
that was active would go to the gym all day saturday. Most of us old
gather around the same age group an play pick up games. The school locker
room was alway open and as you can guess it was like a dungeon down in the
bowels of the old school. They had open showers with 6 shower heads to a
stall. After running around all day I went down to the showers to rinse the
days sweat of of me. Just as I kicked off my sneakers dropped my shorts and
was standing there in my Jock, Sandy appeared around the conner of the
lockers and asked what I was going to do later. I told him I was going home
to get something to eat and was just going to relax up in my room. I asked
him if he wanted to hang with me the rest of the afternoon. Believe me my
mind was already think about what we had done a few weeks ago and was
hoping that he would want to fuck around again. As i stood up to take off
my jock Sandy just set there and looked at me. I kind of fluffed myself up
so he could get a good look and as I looked out of the corner of my eye he
was getting an eye full. I asked him if he was going to take a shower? he
stated that he would wait for me while I took mine. I showered as quick as
I could hoping he would not change his mind. When I came out he was still
there sitting on the bench. I got dressed and we walked down to my house.

We made small talk as we walked but all the time I think we both knew what
we wanted to do. When i opened the door I realized that no one was home. We
made a sandwich and grab some drink and went up to my room. Once Sandy
walked past me I just looked him over the guy was so hot in my eye's a bit
dorky but who wasn't back then. His small yet taught frame with very little
hair on his legs but yet able to see the strength and tone in his body. The
short gym shorts we wore back then let you see most of the guys legs and
body. Not the baggy clothes they wear now hiding all most everything. As we
sat there eating and having our drink Sandy was sitting in my chair at my
desk as I sat on my bed. He would casually readjust himself and then look
at me to see if I was paying attention to him. Which i was. You know its
always so awkward back then to get the sex started basically we just didn't
know how to get there. So I said to him come over here and sit on the bed
with me. As he sat down I put my hand on his leg to see if he was
responsive. when I did that he just kind of sat back on his elbows as I
moved my hand towards his cock I could see the lump forming in his shorts
as he let his head go back as I rubbed his dick. We both started to breath
a little heavier as he reached over and started to feel my up as my cock
started to get harder. Finally I got down on my knees between his legs and
started to pull his gym shorts down. He started to stand up so I could pull
them down. as he did His balls and cock were right in front of me. There
was something about how good he smelled, he smelled so hot, even though we
had been playing ball all day he did not stink but had an odor of musk,
sweat and youth. I remember just burring my face into his underwear
grabbing him in the back and just pulling him into me as I just tried to
inhale all of his scent. By now his underwear was staring to fill out as
his cock filled with blood. Sandy just put his hands behind my head and
gently pushed my face up and rubbed his cock as he dry humped my face thru
his underwear. To this day I can not tell how hot it is to see a guy in
tight whites.Finally he took off his white tee shirt as I pulled his
underwear down and saw his beautiful hot 6 inch cut cock in front of
me. His ball hung low and were plump with no hair on them at all. His this
soft treasure trail from his cock to his belly button was soft as I took in
the sight and smells of my friend. He finally grab his cock looked down at
me and started to rub the head around my lips and nose again be able to
smell him drove my crazy. Every time I tried to take him into my mouth he
would just stop only letting the head of his cock enter my lips. Little
drops of pre cum hit my tongue. I remember the taste was sweet as I held
his balls and pulled on them he slowly pushed his cock into my mouth I had
some how pulled my pants of and was jacking my cock as sandy started to
pump faster into my mouth, I was feeling his hard ass with one hand pulling
his balls down with my other as he slid his cock in and out of my
mouth. The sensation of his cock head running along the ridges of the roof
of my mouth made his legs weak as I sucked his cock. Little by little I
took more of him gaging a few times as he bottomed out in my mouth. I new
he was getting close and finally I just sucked his whole cock in and kept
it in my mouth as I sucked not moving on his cock but creating a hard
suction. As he tried to pull away I grabbed the back of his ass and
physically kept him all the way in my mouth. I could feel his balls start
to draw up tight to him in my hands as he was bucking like crazy. He took a
deep breath and then I felt the cum surging thru his cock shaft with my
mouth buried on him he pumped hard but could not get away from me as he
blew his load in my mouth. I loved being able to over power him so that he
could not move and had to dump his load. pump after pump I started to gag a
little being this was the second time I ever had someone cum in my mouth. I
never really like the taste of cum but there was something about feeling it
pump thru his cock that made it such a turn on. Finally his cock started to
get soft as I pushed under his balls and cock pushing out every last
drop. He fell back on the bed out of breath and just lied there. I stood up
and started to jerk off on him. It didn't take long with him lying on my
bed naked with a semi hard on with a little cum dribbling out the end to
shoot my load. He didn't seem to like cum that much but just sat there and
watch me as I blew my load on his belly. I wiped my cock off on his chest
and grabbed his hand and made him milk out the rest as his hand slid on my
cock with cum dripping off. Something about making him hold my cock with
cum on it also made it hot.

As we cleaned up again not a word was said. We got dressed and went down
stairs and watch wide wide world of sports until dinner time and he went
home. When I saw him in school on Monday I was afraid he would be upset
about what we did but as usual he just smiled and we walked to our next
class. True story. It seems that age of discovery was some much more
intense when you were not sure what to do and everything was a new
sensation. Hope you enjoyed it.I have to say that there was no ass fucking
or really for that matter any kissing. It was just to taboo back then and
we were just kids. thx for reading. Feed back is welcome

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hey i'm new here i'm 19 my name is nick i'm live in australia, i love a good chat on the phone and i don't care when people call me on the phone i like people my age and i broke up with my boyfriend 3 weeks ago and i'm looking for someone new and my number is 041200979

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Just heard on the news that Robert Gibbs is having a hard go, He is in the hospital and is real sick his cancer is back and it does look good for him say a pray for the guy.

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I'm 28 and have been working in the mining industry for ten years. I just recently lost my job again. I have been trying to keep going everyday but the stress of losings my home has taken a toll on me. I search everyday for a job but it does no good. I have shut my friends and family out since i lost my job. is there something wrong with me. i ask myself everyday what have i done to deserve this. just wondering if anyone else has gone through something like this and feels the way i do in this awful economy.

invite in the beach
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Seeking young boy or young gay couple to be invited during my vacation in August in Italy in my beach house. of course I pay all

80's music
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how come all the really hot vids with uber hot twinks are like in the 80s and 70s with xhezy music dubbed over what i am sure are hot moans

first time anal
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was it painful or pleasurable?

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Feet, Turn On or Turn Off?
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Feet for me must be perfect, I have a particular type I like and if they are attached to a cute guy then I could play with them all night. I have sucked the toes and licked the feet of four really cute guys in my life so far.

Self Suckers
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From the time I was about 14 to like 18 I was able to suck myself off and go all the way down to my balls. I did so by laying on my shoulders and a few times sitting, but joining the army didn’t offer much private time for that, so I lost the limberness.
How long were you able to self suck? Do you still do it?

Spy videos
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who also like spy videos.
I always get so horny by watching them i think they are the best...
could this be a fetish?

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do you judge others by higher or lower standards than you use to judge yourself?

what gbt mean to me
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one word but means buddies, chums, mates, pals and not c2c or text wank but real guys who like bein a guy who likes bein with guys.

so i need say first here, like i just done on me profile wall, i need public apologize to a good friend here and thats davesplace. i been rude and a smart ass and im sorry for it. i will do better and thanks for helpin me all you have.

to any others i may have offend, i am sorry too. dont mean to be know it all just run fingers (better than speakin and ya, one last time it cos i have aspergers syndrome and say that not for pity just so known that i am a little disabled but not brain dead.) i will shut up about all that now.

then i want to give shout out to alex17 who first one to friend me here when i was billybuddy. i meet toby19 from his friends list and both these guys we all know do so much to help others here.

nick18, i had a pic on me page a sign says 'nicks diner' and call him top code chef cos i like what he cooks here and know its a hard job. nick, im doin some other sites with me unc, but both he and i offer help however we can if you want. i hope site without adult gets goin cos i think like you bring guys together here you can for real save lives there and we all can help. anybody lurkin to do swoop we need toss em cos there so much good can be done!

all who send me friend request and we message and then chat and just bs like all guys do, you give me what i never really had in bein queer and thats other queers to really be buds with.

to me big bro, thomthumb666 who tell me like it is but always in caring way, im so grateful. me own big bros arent there like you been.

last but not least to toby11467, i make promise for life to always choose life and none other way but move forward best i can. he promise same to me.

this place we come to for our own fun and natural urges ok ~ but it so much more and can get better in many ways if we all be real with each other and care about what makes it for us to know each other.

i give all here big hugs and love from me heart and hope you always choose life and if need hugs, know im always good for em.

sun shinin outside so imma go out and get some. hope you have sunshine in your life too and when rainy, we help each other out.


add me on facebook please
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Add bob gay on facebook

Robert Gibbs
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I meant to say it doesn't look good for him not does. Sorry guys! but still give the man a moment of your time if you would.


I'm still shown as I'm online.

Russia Rejects Gay Rights
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Russia, where anti-gay sentiment is strong, Thursday distanced itself from the endorsement of gay rights made in a joint statement by G8 foreign ministers on fundamental human rights and freedoms.

Following a meeting in Washington, the statement of the G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting Chair said: “The ministers reaffirmed that human rights and fundamental freedoms are the birthright of all individuals, male and female, including lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender individuals. These individuals often face death, violence, harassment and discrimination because of their sexual orientation in many countries around the world.”

The document came with a footnote saying “the Russian Federation disassociates itself from this language given the absence of any explicit definition or provision relating to such a group or such persons as separate rights holders under international human rights law.”

Russia’s deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov said Friday that “under the pretext of protecting the so-called sexual minorities, in effect there’s aggressive propaganda and the imposition of certain behavior and values that may insult the majority of the society.”

He added that the international law has no separate norms for the protection of people according to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Earlier this year, the parliament of St. Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city, approved a law banning “homosexual propaganda” directed at minors, with fines of up to $17,000 for offenders. Two people have already been prosecuted for displaying a sign reading “being gay is normal” near a youth club.

The city parliament’s members said the law should be enacted in the whole country. Three Russian regions have followed St. Petersburg’s suit.

A draft of similar legislation was submitted to the State Duma, the lower house of Russia’s parliament, by the Novosibirsk city parliament. The Duma has four times rejected drafts banning “homosexual propaganda,” saying that homosexuality is not a criminal offence, unlike in the Soviet Union, and therefore promoting it can’t be illegal.

According to a poll by the Levada Center, 74% of Russians consider homosexuality an amoral mental deviation, and less than half think that homo- and heterosexuals should have equal rights.

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whos the bottom in this vid. Gangbang My Ass!

photo upload
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i cant upload any photos the upload doesnt work.

Online Gaming
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going to play some killzone3 what your favorite online game these days??

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I am a gay virgin and I want that to change that anyone

"Bully" New Documentary
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The weekend, the controversial movie "Bully" opens, and we highly recommend it. Bully is a frank, no-holds-barred documentary that intimately portrays bullying victims' daily lives. It is often heartbreaking, and deals with tough issues like suicide, but we hope to see a discussion about this film here on GBT, as it will touch many of us that have had to endure harassment at school, Gay or not. Lets hope that someday soon this pattern will no longer be tolerated. Please find the time to see this. We are showing the official trailer on our page. Thank You.

Thanks that GBT is.
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I just want to say thank you it is. I find your website great, because in your case it's not just about porn. Your page is different from the other side, I think it's nice that it can be seen here, many short films and also the blog is TOP, where everyone can exchange with each.

SUPER easy for her - the beautiful is it to you.

2012 Coachella Music And Arts Festival
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Here is the link for the live feed for the festival going on over the next three days (April 13-15) in Indio,California. This is one of the biggest festivals of it's kind in the world, and is something to behold if you ever have attended it- but here is the next best thing-

Wet Dream
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Did you ever have one of those wet dreams that was so intense? Well I had one that was just that. It was the kind that you didn’t want it to end I could clearly see a hand stroking my hard on which was huge and I could see all of the veins down to the smallest ones just bulging out and the head of my boner was the deepest purple with the shaft a deep red , in this dream I could also see some one sucking on my boner and my hips pumping it in and out of a mouth. I could hear a little voice in my dream saying don’t let this end and all of a sudden I let lose a load of cum in the mouth that wouldn’t end I could see my boner throbbing as I was pumping my cum into the mouth . I started to wake up still in a daze but sensing my surroundings is my bed room and my heart is pounding away. I hear a voice are you all right and it is Nate lying next to me were both on our side facing each other, man I just had the best wet dream I said and I could feel I still had a ragging boner. Nate said yeah a good one? yeah I said and I reached down and was checking to see how much did I cum, and I could feel my cock was damp but no cum. Man it was so real I told Nate.
Nate had a big smile on his face and was caressing my chest and said it wasn’t a wet dream it was me sucking on your cock. Nate said it might have started out as a wet dream but at some point you started to hump the side of my hip so hard the you woke me up and you had a grip on me it took some time to get free form you fucking my hip, so I rolled on my side and started to jack you off he said and that my cock was so fucking hard he said I thought it was going to bust. Nate said that he did not realize how strong I was until I forced his head down and shoved my boner in his mouth. Nate said I was fucking him so hard in his mouth that he gagged a couple times when I was driving my boner deep down his throat. By the time you started to cum you were moaning and had a death grip on my head and you let lose the biggest load of cum in my mouth he said with a big smile.
All the while Nate was telling me this I was rubbing his boner through his underwear which was real damp from his boner dripping, I just smiled at Nate pulled his boner out from his underwear and pulled back his foreskin and started sucking him off . Nate didn’t last five second and stared to cum, I just love the feeling of Nate’s cock throbbing and pumping his cum in my mouth. Nate and I feel back to sleep with him in my arms. Man that was the best fucking wet dream to this day.

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Ever get caught jerking off! and who caught you?

Mine was my old man,told me I would go blind if I kept doing that lol, I was eleven years old when he caught me.

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Are there any lesbian girls on GBT, I'd love to be their girlfiend.

Mysterious Skin
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I uploaded a short clip from the movie "Mysterious Skin", I wanted to share it with GBT community. But it has not appeared.

Video Clip Size
Views: 247 · Added: 923 days ago

I have about 30 porn DVD's that I want to share with the members. To do so involves ripping and converting them into small uploadable files.

What is the max file size for this site?, and can I upload **.flv files?

first time
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My first and only time with aguy was when I was 21 and he was 18. We were drunk and laying on my bed and somehow I got the courage to grab his dick and rip off his under wear. I stroked foe a bit and then laid on top of him and we dubbed our cocks together. He had the largest cock i have ever seen. Long and thick and hairy. I eventually sucked his big dick and stoked him. When he came, he came all over the place and i licked it up. He then lrt me cum on his face. We only did it one time and we oth went on to marry but I think about him alot and think how great it would be now with all we know. Anyone have a story like this?

Near Swindon
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26 Goodlooking in RAF slim wana meet tonight for fun please get back, or anybody up for fun with cam laterz

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how's yours? your thoughts on gaydar.

Hello & good morning Gay-World & much more...

Really nice the new DOWNLOAD-possiBility & it´s very fast - for example for nearly 30min-vid the download needed only less than 2 minutes!!! (very hot my first now the Asia-Teens puBlic group-sex with facials cumshots & fucking in a real train in the day - funny that this vid is named `sex in Bus´ - but in anyway a must for downloading !!!

GBT is changing from Better to Better - much more colours & also now the `moBile-function´...May be it´s also now the right time for the function `Groups´ especially for the more active & creative user of our community...The Blogs belonging fast to the past & the walls could just be walls (often the text to the walls don´t get transported complete...)

Nick - you know that GBT is living through the activity of the users - not only uploading pics & vids!Groups-Function would be a Bigger step to more community...

Best Grets : BaBe ;-)-

A good kicking
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I remember one time long ago, I was 19 and was walking home from a nightclub with a friend. (In the UK the legal drinking age is 18). It was about 1am and my friend Gary and I were both rather drunk. We were half way home and stopped for a piss and ended up snogging and groping each other in a shop doorway. We were so much in to each other we never heard the 3 guys walking down the street toward us.

The 3 lads came upon us in the doorway. I was on my knees giving Gary a blowjob. The hail of fists and boots came in and knocked me to the ground. Gary was lucky because he was standing up, but I was the easier target. Gary ran off, ( I can't blame him really) and I was left to take the beating.

I managed to get to my feet and let fly with my fists and feet also. Because the 3 lads and myself were drunk few of the punches or kicks hit their target and little damage was really done.

When I caught up with Gary we had a laugh and we counted ourselves lucky. I got off with a bloody nose and cut lip, some slight bruising but thats all.

I wonder if anything like this has ever happened to any of you guys?

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How many of you gay and bi boys like watching straight boys fucking girls and having their cocks sucked by them?


Gay Tube