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my dirty ebook
Views: 200 · Added: 917 days ago

hey guys, I don't know if anyone here is into gay erotica but I recently self published my own if anyone would like to check it out. Hot stuff, and I have 2 more planned.

Also, any other good erotica out there?

real sex
Views: 369 · Added: 917 days ago

so im kinda tired of all the "fake sex". what i mean is all the pro porn vids on here. some are probly gay for pay and the love and passion isnt reall. does anyone feel this way? does anyone know any real non actor passonate sex on here

HELLO GBT! I am alive!
Views: 196 · Added: 917 days ago

I spent the weekend traveling through the mountains of the Sequoia National Forest and Yosimite. I have to tell you, if you have not been through the Sequoias you need to put them on your BUCKET list for sure! I stood in awe looking at those things. There is a tree called the "general Sherman" That is the olderst living thing on the earth, it was alive before Christ walked the earth (if you believe in Christ) and another tree called "General Grant" which is the largest tree on the earth. I tell you guys standing next to these living beings made me realize just how small and insignificant I was in the grand scheme of things. Kinda put things in prespective

Yosimite was nice but colder than a deadmans ass at night, I decided to camp there but my little two man tent ( sadly with only 1 man)and my down filled sleeping bag kept me from freezing. No hunta virus dont worry guys.

I caught a ride and am now in Sacremento, lots of wifi places!! I can get caught up on videos, and findout what I missed.

Don't give up!
Views: 266 · Added: 918 days ago

Throughout our lives, we are tested in ways that we could have never imagined. We are put through abuse, we are stepped on and sometimes made to feel like absolutely nothing. As a child I was called horrible names before I even was old enough to know what they meant. Throuought High school I was bullied by those who had something to prove. I had to work 40 hours a week to help out with the family. I would get off work at 12 am every night and would try my hardest to not fall asleep in class. I knew if I fell asleep I would wake up with bits of paper and gum stuck to my hair. Unfortunately I was used to it. I made it through high school but as we all know the strife of life doesnt stop there. A few months ago I was in the hospital and almost died. I lost my job for missing 2 days of work in my two years of working there. My car broke down, I was broke and I was tired. I always complained about when thins didnt go right for me, but this time all I could think was "at least I am alive." Suddenly all the little things didnt seem important as they once were. Every life is worth something. Don't ever let anybody tell you that your life means nothing. Everyone is on this earth for a reason. Ive lost friends because I didnt have time to talk to them. To many innocent teens are commiting suicide. Just because they dont have anyone to talk to. I am 22 years old, but I can tell you that it will all get better. If anyone ever needs anyone to talk to I am here. I know how important just talking and listening is to everyone.

Sorry for the book, Axxo21

New Friends =)
Views: 157 · Added: 918 days ago

Hey im Sebas im 19yo hairy but im cute and nice guy into new friends or anything u want.... pls be my friend, or if u want to i can give u my skype account .;)

Black and white
Views: 159 · Added: 918 days ago

Does anyone else find black and white ( i mean non color not multi race) videos especially sexy?

anyone from green bay?
Views: 221 · Added: 918 days ago

anyone here from the green bay area? i moved up not to long ago and i'm looking to make some more local gay friends

First Video
Views: 339 · Added: 918 days ago

OMG I can see one video uploaded shown in the community videos :D:D it is 1 out of 8 videos i've uploaded lol i almost have tears rolling down my face for the emotion :) I dont know if someone cares about, but i'm opening a champagne bottle right now lol :D:D:D

Scam FBI Warning???
Views: 614 · Added: 918 days ago

Anyone else visiting this site getting this scam FBI warning taking over your PC? I think this site or some files on here are infected.

bad users
Views: 226 · Added: 918 days ago

can we get rid of this subbie guy please? anyone else getting annoyed about his 'copyright' obsession?

Views: 317 · Added: 918 days ago

As you can tell by my picture albums, I am uncircumcised. I've been debating getting circumcised for years now, and I'm finally going to see my doctor to be referred to a urologist.

There's a couple reasons for this:

1)There's too much skin. When my penis is flacid, there is just way to much skin, which makes taking a piss ridiculous.

2)Bending down south. My penis bends southward as a result of masturbation I believe. The repetitive tug on the frenulum (piece connecting back of head to rest of penis), Caused the bend..that's my theory wasn't always like that.

3)Last but not least, cleanliness. I could clean myself perfectly in the morning, but by the end of the night, the accumulation of sweat, piss residue, etc..builds up under the foreskin and makes it smell. It is also very moist, which encourages infections and smell.

I was wondering if anyone here has had an adult circumcision, and if I'm making the right decision?

The last thing I want here is a huge debate. I'm just looking for experiences and advice.

The young man, only 19 in the movie, looks like a bambi: Bobby Kendall, the legendary actor of "Pink Narcisus", the first gay independend movie of all time, made in the sixties, is a legend. No one knows untill now, although he is alive or dead. His real name, any dates or informations about him- nothing. But his real firstname was known- Robert or Roberto. That he is a latin, you see by his skin. In the movie, he has strong presence. And, through the pants, you see the shadow of his best thing. But in these time to show a cok, it was forbidden and this was the reason, why the boys carries so narrow pants. You can dream about it and you should. There is one scene, Bobby is totally nude and walks along a wood. Sometimes you see shortly his dick, but the director of the movie, James Bidgood, let it be a secret.

Nowadays, such innovate and artifical movies doesn´t made by young directors. Neither they are like real porn or they haven´t any kind of erotic. In this case, they are extreme. In the old days, Bidgood and Kendall made filmhistory. They took the dreams of all gay man and put it in a movie, that was made like a eden or a paradise of gay. A lot of artist have copied the style of James Bidgood: Andy Warhol, David LaChapelle, Bruce Weber, Pierre et Gilles for example. And some music-videos of Madonna or the Pet Shop Boys take the idea of the "gay kitschy glitz".

Nowadays, James Bidgodd, born 1933, is still alive, but he is ill. He lives in New York and think of the better days of the legendary seventies. Bobby Kendall was his boyfriend all the time of the sixties. In my opionion, after his death, there will be more informations about Bobby Kendall and his own life. Untill then, we can wait and watch the film and dreamed...

Medical Fetish
Views: 243 · Added: 918 days ago

I have a fetish for medical actions, so real studies without sex by the Doctor. Who has the same preferances and corresponding videos? Thanks for tening me.

Why is it boys want to grow pubes, but when they do finally get hair they shave it off?

just a question
Views: 345 · Added: 919 days ago

my bf loves me to cum inside him. we put a towel on the bed he lays on his back legs up and i fuck him. after i cum he wants me to pee inside him. he says he almost cums again when i pee. can this hurt him in someway?

Você é Gay?
Views: 165 · Added: 919 days ago

Hoje em dia viver como nós achamos certos e sermos nós mesmos é difícil, pois como posso ser eu mesmo se sempre tem alguém lá pra me insultar, questionar e criticar. É nessas horas que expressões como essa "sair do armário" vem átona.
Alguns se escondem, outros se revelam, até de mais às vezes, alguns guardam segredo até a morte e acabam se prejudicando ainda mais e outros a riscam saber quem é quem realmente. Por isso, como saber quem é "gay", perguntar, adivinhar. Pra vocês qual é a melhor forma de se saber se alguém realmente é gay ou pelo menos simpatiza com o movimento?
Por que não podemos esquecer que a maioria dos problemas que enfrentamos nasce da falta de comunicação, de alguém chegar e conversar e saber mais sobre você e não sair criando ideias errôneas sem nem ao menos te conhecer.

OBS.: Fiz este topico em portugues pra aqueles que vem do Brasil não precisarem ou não saberem usar o inglês para compartilhar suas opniões.

man with two brothers
Views: 158 · Added: 919 days ago

does anyone see the constant man with two brothers who are gay, (him too)all the time od gtb video chat?

vaginas dont close
Views: 150 · Added: 919 days ago

does your dick fall off?

Big Fall Update
Views: 372 · Added: 919 days ago

Hi everyone first off I would like to thank each and every one of you, with out you this site would not be possible at all. For this years fall updates we have some very special things in-store, everyone should get their first look at the newest feature in a few days. This will be a HD option that will allow high quality videos to be displayed in a full HD set-up. We have added the servers already and hope this should be live in the next week or less.

We will have many other improvements coming later, yet do feel this newest option should provide the best experience possible for our users

Deeply Troubled
Views: 403 · Added: 919 days ago

I just read remarks on a blog accusing multiple people I consider friends of misrepresentations. What troubles me, is why someone feels the need to attack others. I don't understand how it is any of their business what others do on this site. Accusations against me, I could care less what he says. I have made many wonderful friends here. What he says about me isn't based on any knowledge he has of my relationships here, or friendships. So his words have no meaning when applied to me.

That being said, the desire to disrupt a small and caring community with accusations, is only to feed his own ego. I thought that ignoring him was the answer. Frankly, his desire to attack others troubles me. I would happily leave GBT and find other ways to stay in touch with my friends, if I thought he would leave. But I doubt that would happen.

I care deeply about this community that I feel a part of..And I feel sad at what is happening to it.


Videos won't load in my computer.
Views: 223 · Added: 919 days ago

I try to watch some videos on my computer but the vids won't play.

Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network
Views: 129 · Added: 919 days ago

I was looking at "toleads" avatar and thinking about equality and how damning it is that in 2012 there is still the need for such organisations to exist. One would think that after all this time and after all previous fights by people to have their rights recognised regardless of their sex, colour or religious beliefs we still haven't got it right. The world is still unequal. There are still struggles for equality. Women are still fighting for their rights in many parts of the world. Religious groups who are the regional minority still are being victimised. The LGBT communities worldwide are still not accepted into mainstream society. Institutions and groups like the GLSEN do fantastic work. Without that type of special people who fight on their behalf we would not have the freedoms we enjoy today. But I fear it will be many decades yet, if not centuries, till the peoples of this planet enjoy the rights and happiness we long for.

whats up
Views: 250 · Added: 920 days ago

It's Friday night what are your plans. Me I plan on waking up to a Mojave desert morning sun rise. Gonna be a nice bike ride tonight sweet :-))

Let’s say you are a young man with a hormone imbalance which some people do get. It isn’t exactly a handicap I don’t think, but it would sure be a disadvantage. You reach the age of let’s say 12 and then you completely stop maturing; not mentally, just physically. You reach the age of 21 and still look like you’re 12 in all aspects. You can’t legally date anyone who is 12 and nobody who is an adult would want to date you because they would be thought of as a pedophile. Worst of all is the fact that physically you are 12 and we all know what those years are like hormonally. I often dream of being younger, but I just dream I could go back and correct mistakes I’ve made or maybe convince my dad to invest in IBM and then Microsoft and Apple or something like that, but think about a life of forever 12; how would you handle it?
I think that when I reached of age I would have to have myself castrated to remove the urges once and for all.

Pop ups ?
Views: 357 · Added: 920 days ago

Why am I getting pop ups now every time I log on to the site now?

In vermont now ;) anybody close?
Views: 151 · Added: 921 days ago

In vermont now ;) anybody close?

Views: 134 · Added: 921 days ago

In vermont now ;) anybody close?

just how i think
Views: 317 · Added: 922 days ago

its is pathetic annoying and pretty damn stupid begging for sex!

has anyone ever begged you for sex? Did you give in or not?

Views: 515 · Added: 922 days ago

I just want to get something off my chest this morning. I got to Fresno CA. and hit a wifi spot for coffee and found that all hell has broken loose in my favorite place on the internet. A person who's name I shall not mention seems to be full of hate and mallace toward myself and others and for little or no reason. I notice now that his account seems to have been deleted. I don't know if I am happy or sad about that. I know you must think I am crazy for saying that but please hear me out. I am sorry that I didnt try harder to reach out to him in his time of need and try to help, I believe in his own way he was asking for help. He made statements that he knew would inflame us and get everyone riled up, he would get attention. perhaps that was how he got attention as a child from his parents he did bad things so he got punished. Please understand that is no EXCUSE but he needs help.

I understand now that this person had threatened to go on a shooting rampage several months ago. Guys this is serious, this shows the depths of hate and illnes that this person has. Making a terrorist threat in this day and age is not something to be taken lightly. I was in Aurora Colorado earlier this year, I have seen what someone who is "off his meds" is able to do. I have been to Quatar kwuait and Iraq I have seen HATE and she is an evil bitch.

Now we have to ask ourselves when the next shooting rampage happens was it HIM? Did we light the final fuse by getting him kicked off this site? I dont know how administration feels about it but I feel that somehow his threats need to be reported to the proper authorties, even if its just so he can get the help he needs. Again a sane person just doesnt make those threats on a public website ( as I was told today that he did several months ago)

Thats more typing that I've done in years, this is was to serious stuff for this early in the AM. Sorry folks. Love ya all. Peace;-) Tommy

Views: 374 · Added: 922 days ago

I wanted to say that I got on the other day and seen alot of disrespectful comments made in the blogs between each of you! This should be a friendly and supportive web site. I never in my 24 yrs of life have seen such hatred comments made toward someone. We are adults and should act that way with out resorting to disrespect and very terrible language. Well, thats all I wanted to say, and thank you for reading----Johnny

Views: 173 · Added: 923 days ago

There are some great people on this site, and that's why I stay. As far as the videos are concerned, I'm sure there are some good ones, and I occasionally am able to watch without interruption. The majority of the time when I try to watch a video it is constantly buffering, pausing, and sometimes even just coming to a halt, frozen on the screen. Are any of you having the same problems, or do I just bhave a crappy DSL connection? Any suggestions appreciated. I might add when I download a video a viewing site, it takes twice as long as the original, and I'm not willing to to that unless I'm really hot to see a video.

hay there
Views: 200 · Added: 923 days ago

anybody in the disneyland wana meet

Anyone up for c2c on msn?
Views: 133 · Added: 923 days ago

23 male uk. Up for being directed by an older or younger man. Will do anything to satisfy you! if interested.

How many people think Brian Cox is hot?
Views: 282 · Added: 923 days ago

If I had Brian Cox as a teacher in school I would either be a scientist or a male whore. There would be no middle ground.


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