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Added: 1023 days ago / Views: 143 I want sex send requests .... Black and Brown 18 to 27 sex sex sex
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SEX with realistic solid DOLL
Added: 1023 days ago / Views: 355 I have a Real Doll fantasy, I'm obsessed with the idea of having sexual intercourse with a realistic solid lifelike doll. Do more boys have such fetish fantasy, or are experienced?

(see doll pictures in: My favority photos)
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Judge trumps middle finger with jail time
Added: 1023 days ago / Views: 245 A Miami woman has been jailed on contempt charges after flipping off a judge during a drug possession hearing.

Miami television station NBC 6 reported that on Monday, local time, 18-year-old Penelope Soto laughed when Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat asked how much her jewellery was worth as he inquired about her financial assets.

The judge told Soto to be serious and Soto said she was.

He set Soto's bond at US$5000 (NZ$5958) and said bye-bye. Soto laughed again and replied, "adios". He summoned her back and reset her bond at US$10,000.

Soto asked whether the judge was serious and he said, "I am serious. Adios".

Soto flipped him off and blurted an expletive as she walked away.

Unamused, the judge called her again and sentenced her to 30 days in jail.

- AP
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Added: 1023 days ago / Views: 373 Well this sucks.... I found out who a guy really is on here and he blocks me. :( I really liked him
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dateing a twin
Added: 1023 days ago / Views: 198 im dating a twin! hes 100% gay and his brother is 100%straight they are exactly alike! dress alike do the same sports hair cut the same play the same instruments! they even both play Pokemon at 18! he said he would absolutely never do anything with his brother sexually. (like most i was wondering too :P)

the only way i can tell them apart is facial expression. mine is always excited and happy looking :D and by the way they talk. mine swings his voice a lot when he talks and is higher pitched normally (not the gay lisp)
but if his brother yells.. the more excited he gets the more they sound the same!
this leads to some misleading and confusing moments at times! ...dont wanna lean in and kiss the wrong one!!! lol jk
oh and hes a swimmer... omg amazing body! definitely a huge turn on! :D
so anyone else ever date a twin?
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Added: 1023 days ago / Views: 211 Somebody have a twin brother? How is your relation with him?
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hey all
Added: 1023 days ago / Views: 120 hey i hae not been on here for a bit because i have been camping with a friend and i can see that someone hacked my account and posted blogs using my account so sorry to all the people that saw the blogs
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Weekend movie night - part I
Added: 1023 days ago / Views: 207 Hey, I've spent some time trying to get to know people around here and have met tons of kool people and have had lots of fun. Was going to try to set up a regular installment of movie threads such as this for the weekends. The intent here is b-rated trash that's funny or stupid, but entertaining, so that when I come to your wall, for example, and joke about Kinky Kelly, you know what the heck I'm talking about *poke Toby*.

In the spirit of Kinky Kelly and Toby, this week the flick is Clerks II, which is a lovely little story about a convenience store operated by two guys trying to get accepted to Harvard's gifted program. Haha, enjoy.
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Bieber naked
Added: 1024 days ago / Views: 1508 Does anyone know where i can find the recently leaked nude pictures of justin bieber?
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Some Random Thoughts about the Community at GBT
Added: 1024 days ago / Views: 447 Over the last few months, there have been some recurring themes that trouble and upset me. We have been and are a small and supportive community of all ages and backgrounds. And as a member of this community, there are three things I hold true and dear.

First, discussions of suicide and pleas for help and guidance have become common posts. We have lost friends from here and some from our lives due to suicide brought on by many factors. In that regard, I treat any post that speaks to someone feeling the desire or need to end their life as true until other facts are presented. I realize that this is an alternate cyber world and that people do play games. But anytime I see such a post, I will hold out my hand in friendship and support. While none of us here are the professional answer to such issues, the ability to support someone to find the help they need is my first reaction. If it should happen to be a game, shame on you for playing with my and perhaps our emotions. But I will continue to hold out my hand when I see a person in need.
Also, the discussion that suicide is a cowards way out, or that you should grow a pair, is unacceptable in any time or place. And any person that chooses to spout such view should be shunned until they leave or learn.

Second is the issue of sexual abuse and exploitation of children, youth, teens and young adults. The objectivizing of children for someone sexual enjoyment is wrong. Pure and simple it is wrong. The abuse of anyone by virtue of a person’s power over them to achieve sexual gratification is wrong. It is not a subject to be debated. It is sick and wrong. This community has many members that have been abused by trusted people. These discussions bring back every memory and every experience. These experiences do not go away. The memories stay forever. I know all too well. It has been over fifty years and I can still see his face, smell him, and it bring terror to me. It does not matter to me what your excuse or reason is, it is wrong. And anyone that brings these discussions to this place should be shunned and removed. This is not a question of legal age; it is a question of a person using their power and authority to use another human being. And the exploitation of children, youth, teens and even adults is wrong. And should not, and at least by me, will not be tolerated.

This site works hard to insure that the images and videos are legal and appropriate. When you find ones that do not meet that standard they should be removed. Be warned and be aware.

Finally, we are community made up of many different people. And is the case everywhere, we will not always agree about everything. But we can disagree without threatening or abusing other member of the community. I realize all things are not private here, nor am I suggesting that they should be. But disagreements can be handled without name calling and personal attacks. I will not tolerate that in my life here or in the real world.

Just some thoughts I felt I needed to share. Thanks for listening.
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Added: 1024 days ago / Views: 177
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Added: 1025 days ago / Views: 163 hello who for chetar
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Added: 1025 days ago / Views: 547 after reading about all these stories on teen suicide, i just wanna say that kids or anyone for that matter who take their own lives are the kost selfish people. your sad cause life sucks? grow some balls! there are millions of people with.diseases or cancer who would.give anything for extra days to live, and these pussies give up.theirs?? not cool...
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how do you put pic on here
Added: 1025 days ago / Views: 205 i have tried so many times
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How do I add Music?
Added: 1025 days ago / Views: 157 I need music on my page! I tried SCM but not sure if gbt supports them. I see it but no music. What are other people using?
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Added: 1025 days ago / Views: 162 I missed all the friends I made on here and the community spirit, it made life a bit easier to get through.
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Didn't Forget!!!!
Added: 1025 days ago / Views: 153 I didn't forget you guys. I have been busy and tired lately with classes and rehearsals...but sex story #2 is coming up this weekend! XD thinking of which one to do Hope everyone is doing good. Miss ya and love ya.

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Well, that didn't last long!
Added: 1025 days ago / Views: 434 Haha, it never does when I date girls.


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Just to let you know
Added: 1025 days ago / Views: 150 The member known as "Scharmberg" was fake. I've talked to the real guy and he is straight. He was being impersonated. I just wanted to let you know. I think he deleted his account also. :( sad day
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Added: 1025 days ago / Views: 157 Just watched movie "Gayby", it's funny and sweet, very likely to my life. Has anyone else watched it too?
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Having fun
Added: 1026 days ago / Views: 846 At what age did you first have anal sex, i.e. getting your cookies pumped????? I was 12. Tell me your story, please!!!!!!
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christianjsearz hello
Added: 1026 days ago / Views: 171 I want a boyfriend latino teen hairy black like the videos I have in my favorite who write notes
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Guess who's going to france for two weeks this summer!
Added: 1026 days ago / Views: 229 Yay me! hrmpf~

Suck it-
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Added: 1026 days ago / Views: 149 thought u should know im a huge ravens fan
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So much porn blogs on Tumblr
Added: 1026 days ago / Views: 853 Did u guys know?
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How to get rid of "New Video" messages?
Added: 1027 days ago / Views: 552 Hi, I have almost 300 friends on this forum and I try to post as much new videos as possible. The problem is that every time I post a new video, a message "New Video" is automatically sent to every of my friends. It means that every time my ONE new video is posted, almost 300 "NEW VIDEO" messages are sent from my account and they are shown in my OUTBOX. As several my new vids were posted lately, I have ONE HUNDRED PAGES of "NEW VIDEO" messages in my OUTBOX, which I have to delete one page by one. It takes a lot of time, it's really annoying. Such messages are stored in ALL posting member's OUTBOXES, taking quite a lot of space on the server.
Is there any way to inform friends that new video has been posted WITHOUT placing such messages in OUTBOX?
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Added: 1027 days ago / Views: 161 Who loves erotic stories, view porn, especially the stories lived on boats between sailors on the high seas?
If so, I told you could, some of which I myself participate.
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trying again: this might sound gross
Added: 1027 days ago / Views: 366 Does anybody else get turned on by a young guys and by young I mean of legal age I am not into children, but by a young guys armpit hair? When I like hang out in the quad and there are guys sitting around in the "wife beaters" and they have these deep armpits with just a nice touch of hair sticking out I start to get hard. Is that just me or is this common? Now when I see some dude from Gorilla land and he has hair long enough to braid it turns me off but the 20ish guys when they stretch and the hair is neatly trimmed OMG, am I a perv?
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christianjsearz hello
Added: 1027 days ago / Views: 154 My first relationship was at 9 years of age with a neighbor wanted to feel a penis .... I was a virgin and he also had 14 and 9 and I fusto me a lot and I liked most when I hit it and suck it had hairs on your penis that drove me nuts was a black .. why blacks love and want to be with them for all my life
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first sexual experience
Added: 1027 days ago / Views: 160 hi every one .share ur first sexual experience like when ,at what age ,what u did and how u felt
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Super Bowl Sunday
Added: 1027 days ago / Views: 250 Any opinions on todays game? It pains me to say this being a Patriots fan, But I pick Baltimore by 10.
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Hi. I'm new, but I'm not.
Added: 1027 days ago / Views: 300 I've been coming here for a long time. I just decided to make a membership and join in. It looks like there's a pretty established community here and everyone seems really supportive. That's nice to see. I'm having some trouble with the site sometimes when trying to upload pictures and videos. They just never show up. Also I never got my validation email or whatever. But I can still favorite things and stuff. So I dunno.

Anyway. I've never really been too committed to doing any blog for more than a post or two, but I'm going to try to keep this one up from time to time. I hope to get to know many of you better, and I hope you get to know me as we go on. :)

Anyway, I hope this posts. We'll see.

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who in charge
Added: 1027 days ago / Views: 312 Helo i ask again to delitt my vide.o or i take action on istroid u company .is 6 time i see still on the distroid my video or
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What's that video?
Added: 1027 days ago / Views: 163 Hey guys! Been trying to find and then mark as a favorite this particular video where a twink dude and a jock get together. The twink sucks the jocks cock... The jock is pretty dominant. The twink hums his "A,B,Cs" while the jocks cock is in his mouth. The jock is playing the friend of the twink's older brother. Anyone know what video that is and do you have a link to it here on
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how can delitte my video from the main wall
Added: 1028 days ago / Views: 204 i want delitte my video i was put there few week ago,i delitte from my profile bust still there, any one know how to contact the server, since to me are no botton to click contact the server.
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No Videos working??
Added: 1028 days ago / Views: 345 can any one explain to me why I cant get any videos to play. I've updated the latest flash player and nothing seems to work??
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Is the Live cam chat working?
Added: 1028 days ago / Views: 280 I tried it and my camera wont come up.
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taking a break
Added: 1028 days ago / Views: 152 just to say thanks to the friends I have made on here, never thought I would meet such nice people.I think I can be overwelming at times, just my way when I meet someone I really like. Take care my friends and thanks for accepting me into your community,I.. thanks greg
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big news
Added: 1028 days ago / Views: 162 fbi and The Australian Federal Police have caught 6172 pedophiles last year and they have a new device to find more pedophiles online and they want to catch a lot more this year
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Added: 1029 days ago / Views: 254 You know i've been on GBT a short time and ever time i read the blogs i read, someone must say something very hurtful or very stupid about his blog in the comments, Hold on one damn second, have we gone back into time? Shit you young cats need to sit down and listen to the older gay generation and listen to there dark days stories it will make your hair stand on end. Now take me yes i am a old jar head (U.S. Marines). and i am 59 and have lived and seen that Dark side being gay. This young gay generation are free and open and very little hostility being who you are gay. Today you are free to walk down the street holding hands or give a kiss to the one you love, march gay pride parade, hell we have our own gay pride flag. I call that open independence and free.Shit in my teenage days my dad beat my ass for being myself, Let me till you liveing back then was a living hell. you keep to your self and keep your gay life in a box with a big lock. Just saying you where gay could get you lock up or worst killed. You where lower then scum of the earth, you where not fit to live in society, ho it gets better if you where young teenager thay would lock you up and throw away the key,. Hell cops would turn thair backs while the beat the shit out of some poor gay in the wrong place. If you brave enough to find some to have a little fun you keep it lock behind doors. and it was a secret you kept close. So please before you put someone down remember this "we come along way baby". leave the hate, and big bad negative back in the dark days, we are a free open gay community and have to far to start puting down our brothers and family a frends. A lot of old vets who are open now, have fought a long hard battle here at home and other parts of the world to keep us all free and in doing so alot of good man & woman who are straight and gay gave their lives for us to be free as we are to day. in closing i would like to share this story about my boy hood teengae friend. I may 1972.I lost my frend/lover to hate he was only 17 years old. He was coming home when my frend was killed by six high school boys he knew and i also knew, tha dragged him behind thair truck over two miles just for being gay. We both were headed for bootcamp the next day. Before i left i buried my best frend. You ask the six boys will thay walk away after doing only jail time. Only you can stop the hate and bullying, what stories will your generation tall?? SEMPER FI
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pms between me and oldaforyounger
Added: 1029 days ago / Views: 634 oldaforyounger first pm: FUCKING RED NECK GET A FUCKING LIFE GO MILK A COW AM SURE YOU NO A FEW BE ON YA FARM

my reply: haha, u cant offend me, by calling me what i am redneck/hick and DAMN PROUD if it, so crawl back under ur rock and stop attaching ppl here on gbt, sounds to me like ur the one that needs to get a life, i already have one, so HAHA!!!!! so i want to thank u for pointing out the obvious, u made me feel real happy by ur msg, laughing in ur face, haha haha

oldaforyounger 2nd 2 pms: 1) yes your right the joke on you hahahahhahahhaahahha
2) yea ya mam told me bout you so fuck off n leave me alone

my reply to both of them: u started it, and i feel privleaged to be called a redneck so thank u very much, i should turn ur pms into a blog that way every one knows ur a creap

oh wait every one already knows ur a creap and a troll, so have fun with this :D ive delt with ppl like u, all my life, hell i use to be where ur at, but i thought this is getting old and i turned over a new leaf in my life, and im now out there in the real world helping ppl, and reaching out to those here that have troubles and have no where else to turn, ive been on ur levle and it aint no place to be, i hope to receive more hate mail from u, oh....wait no i wont cuz i'll just delete them, i dont have to read any more of ur smut :D so apparently i got ur goat by being nice with my replies, whos the joke on now???? :) :)
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