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erection with foreskin
Added: 984 days ago / Views: 271 Love guys who hav a foreskin that stays over some of the head while they are erect. (Am cut myself). Like this one in 1 of my posts
Any pics/vids u could recommend would b gr8
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christian louboutin sale
Added: 984 days ago / Views: 177 Louboutin on sale Movado used to have a line of retailer stores through out the country. longchamps If you are quoting someone, please include a link to the source in your answer. karen millen dresses
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how ya do that
Added: 984 days ago / Views: 255 how does one copy a vid from this site to hes computer little help here please
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erection with foreskin
Added: 984 days ago / Views: 166 Love guys who hav a foreskin that stays over some of the head while they are erect. (Am cut myself). Like this one in 1 of my posts
Any pics/vids u could recommend would b gr8
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Looking for videos where the guy holds his partners balls while sucking him off.
Added: 984 days ago / Views: 156 Does anyone know of any videos where the guy holds his partners balls while sucking him off? I love this. Please provide the link if you know of any such videos.
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Our Real Gay Boys Tube Twitter Page
Added: 984 days ago / Views: 360 Hi everyone we have just opend a real twitter page as some have informed us that we are being impersonated. The url is please fill free to follow up, will offer coming attractions and daily backstage updates to keep everyone informed about whats going on
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SNEAK PEEK: 50 Shades of Fucked Up
Added: 985 days ago / Views: 154 Ok so before I give away this sneak inspiration for this was based on reading "50 Shades of Grey" the series over Christmas and I could never stop thinking about now, I feel that it's time to write my own version of style. ;) So here is a sneak peek into 50 Shades of Fucked Up....Your Summer Reading for this year! Enjoy!

He held me tight as we entered his apartment...god I have never seen Christian like this before, full of anger and passion. He pulled me into the Red Room of Pain and closed the door...forcing me to strip until I was only in my underwear. He then began to very slowly take off his shirt. "Damn it Christian," I said. "Just take it all off." "Oh, all in good time Mr. Steele," Christian said. After everything that has just happened, I couldn't hold in the sensation anymore. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he was in his underwear as well. He decided to lay down on the bed and then he signaled me to lick his nipples....I do just that and it feels so amazing. As I try to go lower to his hanging erection, he whips me with one of the paddles in his nearby drawer and says, "Oh no Mr. are going to have to wait on that a little longer." Oh much longer? I continued serving his nipples, my mouth getting numb from biting and suckling his tenderness. After a while Christian finally stopped me and said, "Get over here Jake and let me show you what happens when you try to run away from me."

END OF SNEAK PEEK...If you enjoyed this sneak peek, let me know. Chapter One will premiere on Sunday.
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up load
Added: 985 days ago / Views: 118 hay whats wrong with thing i cant up load any pics
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Dennis Birthday
Added: 985 days ago / Views: 299 On May 30th is the birthday of Dennis (Phallussy). A Caring, sweet and a great friend. Although lately he is off the site, if you are a friend, stop by and wish him Happy Birthday. Dennis we love you and we hope you will return soon.
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Love Hurts
Added: 986 days ago / Views: 204 If you every broke up with some one and you went to get your feeling out this is the blog for you
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Nifty Tyler
Added: 986 days ago / Views: 287 Hey got a new posting on nifty stories, Tyler 5 in the Tyler Series under Young Friends...hope you like it...
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hands free
Added: 986 days ago / Views: 275 have looked at some vids of hands free cum, i aint done that thought give it a go but end up jus wankin any tips so can do it without touching fanks chris :)
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Help Please.....
Added: 986 days ago / Views: 195 So I need my techical people to help me up on here. I have tried endlessly to upload some videos on my GBT page and of course it approves and then I never see it on to my technical do I go about uploading videos or better yet...where am I messing up at??? And for everyone else....I am in the process of coming up with new stories...start expecting them this weekend!!! :)))) With Love, Chris XOXOXOXO
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beautifule quote
Added: 986 days ago / Views: 243 People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway.

What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.

Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.

In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.

-this version is credited to Mother Teresa

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hey all
Added: 986 days ago / Views: 208 im back :):), how is everyone???

Greg xxx
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My You Tube Channel
Added: 987 days ago / Views: 165 For anyone that might be interested my You Tube Channel is at Daniel J. Neill or you can also find it at ponyboysixtynine. Thanks, DJN69
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Added: 987 days ago / Views: 960 so they say there is a part two does anyone have it
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Local guys!
Added: 988 days ago / Views: 208 Hi ive have just joined and would like to find guys from Northern Ireland on here to be friends with, is there any way of searching where people are from????
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need friends
Added: 988 days ago / Views: 285 addd me plz
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Uploading problems
Added: 988 days ago / Views: 249 Hi everyone,new to the site,but liking what I see so far.However I have a problem uploading videos,a good 50% arent showing up,Ive requested to be notified by e-mail when theyre accepted or declined,but have never recieved one.Is it something to do with a clip having a visible watermark of the site that ripped it,or the logo of the company who produced,for instance Staxus.I noticed a number of short clips from a much longer one that I have,complete with company logo's,yet when I uploaded the full clip it never showed up.Ive tried terms and conditions,and FAQ's but nothing shows up.Takes ages to upload a decent quality video,and its really frustrating when they dont show up,none of them featured anything dodgy by the way.Hope you guys can help me.
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how to suck cock and makes guy enjoy it?
Added: 989 days ago / Views: 472 I was wondering if anyone has any tips on cock sucking.
Im a virgin, never sucked or even touched a cock.its annoying i kno.
but im willing, eager to please.
I look online for how to suck but i want to know more.
Also what does it taste of? I fantasise about tasting it all the time.and also think about making a guy cum in my mouth.
what does cum taste of?
Ive always thought about cock since i was younger.
so how do i suck say, older guys cock, or big fat cocks, or black.
I prefare fatter, thickish cocks, i coudnt suk a thin small one.
I see oldr guys and think how big they r and if they would let me practice sucking.
Ill basicly do anything to touch a cock and put it in my mouth.
I would b willing to swallow, i have to kno what it feels like.
sorry i went on too long, but kinda desperate
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Added: 989 days ago / Views: 366 Does anybody want have snapchats and want to snapchat with me? luke.g16
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Caleb's Not-Love Life(part one of Short Story)
Added: 989 days ago / Views: 203 Caleb's Not-Love Life (short story)

Caleb’s Not-Love Life (PART ONE)
A Gay Story by Jack
***note that all characters portrayed in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or OLDER***

Layton, USA

20-year-old Caleb Carson was sitting on the front porch of his Mother’s home in a quiet residential neighborhood. Slim and tan, Caleb stood 5‘10“ and weighed 169 pounds. He had short, spiky light brown hair and dark eyes, and his cute face glowed when he smiled. Caleb was a very attractive young man, in his faded skinny jeans, tight striped t-shirt and red and white tennis shoes. As he sat on the cheap plastic lawn chair, listening to birds chirp on this warm, sunny Summer afternoon, he thought about his friend, Dakota Parker. Dakota was a bit younger than Caleb - only 18 - but Caleb had been attracted to him ever since he had met the boy at the local park. Caleb was gay, in the closet, and during their short friendship, he had yet to tell Dakota. The two had met only three months earlier, and they had hit it off right away. It all happened by accident: Caleb was merely taking an afternoon walk and just happened to cut through the community park, which was a short-cut home. Usually when Caleb was out walking, he took the long way around the park. However, if he had done that on that particular day, he never would have met Dakota!
As Caleb walked along the gravel pathway that ran through the park, up ahead he could see a young man walking toward him. Caleb suddenly felt a bit awkward. He knew he would have to pass this boy and he didn’t know him. They were still about 20 feet apart. Caleb wondered, should I make eye-contact or lower my gaze? Should I say 'hey’? Or maybe 'how’s it going’? No, that sounds stupid. Just keep quiet and don’t look at him, Caleb decided. So, Caleb pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and pretended to be focused on it. But as he got closer to the approaching teenager, the kid said something to him....
“Hey there!” came a soft voice.
Caleb looked up and saw an angel. He was staring into the face of a beautiful young guy! The boy had stopped on the pathway and was looking right at Caleb. He was very cute, with a round boyish face, a button-nose and big blue eyes that sparkled. His dark brown wavy hair banged down over his eye-brows and covered his ears. The kid was skinny, about 5' 9“, wearing skater clothes - consisting of a red t-shirt with some kind of logo on it, khaki cargo shorts, and hi-top sneakers. He was toting a colorful skateboard under his left arm and had on several bracelets and wrist bands. Caleb noticed the boy’s face was perspiring and he had visible wet spots on his shirt under his arms. Caleb could smell the kid from two feet away - a mixture of body spray and sweat - the sweet smell of an active boy!
Caleb swallowed hard and tried to think of what to say.
“Um, hey!” Caleb croaked out, his voice cracking.
Damn it, Caleb thought. I am going to fuck this up! He was feeling the butterflies buzzing in his stomach now. This boy was so attractive!
“Nice day to walk,” the boy said, smiling broadly.
“Oh, yeah, it’s purdy..pretty, I mean,” Caleb said, laughing nervously. He rubbed the back of his neck.
The boy kept staring. “Yeah,” he said finally, looking all around. “Good day to be boarding.” He lifted up his skateboard to show Caleb. “Do you board?”
“Uh, no, not really,” Caleb said. “My friend Jeremy does sometimes. But I probably wouldn’t be very good at it. I ride a bike though.”
“Oh,” the boy said, then turned his head to look to the right.
Is he disappointed in what I just said, Caleb asked himself. What do I say now? This is so awkward! Caleb’s mind was racing, because he really wanted to talk this boy. But he was afraid he was going to lose him and just one minute into the conversation at that!
“Well, I don’t board, but I get 'bored’ a lot,” Caleb joked, with a chuckle.
The kid shook his head, grinning blandly, “Oh, so lame.”
Caleb felt his face growing hot. He really was blowing this! He had to save it somehow!
“I, uh, like skateboarding a lot, though,” Caleb stuttered. “I...I think it’s really cool. The guys that can do it are cool, ya know.”
“Well, I must be cool then,” the boy said, with a giggle. “I do it a lot...and I think I’m pretty good. Just saying.”
“Can I see what you can do?” Caleb asked, not really knowing what else to say. He wanted to keep this kid talking to him, no matter what.
The kids face lit up. “Really? You want me to show you my moves?”
“Absolutely!” Caleb said, probably with way too much enthusiasm, but still, it worked.
“Okay,” the kid said. “Let’s go down to the sidewalk.”
“Great,” Caleb said, and fell in step beside the young man.
The two walked along the park path together now, but in silence.
“I’m Dakota, by the way,” the boy finally said, sticking out his hand to Caleb.
As they continued to walk toward Sycamore street, Caleb took his new friends hand and shook it. The hand was soft and warm, damp with sweat.
“Caleb,” Caleb said.
“Cool,” Dakota said, nodding. He seemed very pleased with that name. “My brother’s name is Caleb, too.”
“Seriously?” Caleb said, turning his head to look at the side of Dakota’s face. Even his profile was perfect!
“Yep!” Dakota answered.
Finally, they arrived at the sidewalk on Sycamore and Dakota displayed his skateboarding talent for Caleb. The two young men spent the rest of the afternoon together that day - walking around town and talking. They bonded fast and became best friends within a week.
But now, sitting on the porch of his childhood home, Caleb felt so badly about how he and Dakota had ended up. Caleb had been giving Dakota the cold shoulder for the past two weeks, after finding out that Dakota had been talking to a girl online. Even though Dakota had never said he was gay, Caleb had assumed that Dakota was homosexual like him. Caleb’s theory was simple: if he was straight, why would a cute guy like Dakota be single at age 18 and seem to have no interest in the opposite sex? Once, when Caleb asked him about a girlfriend, Dakota had laughed it off, stating that he never had dated any girls. So, Caleb had fallen for the younger man, and was deeply in-love with him. They had become very close friends, often even sharing a hug. Dakota always initiated the hugs, too, not Caleb, and he thought that perhaps these “friendship hugs” were actually Dakota’s way of making a pass at him. But Caleb was too afraid to ask Dakota if he was gay, or reveal that he was gay himself. What if Dakota wasn't gay?! What if he rejected Caleb? What if he never wanted to see Caleb again? it was too risky to come out to Dakota without being 100% sure that he was gay, too. However, that was not the case and now Dakota was in a long distance relationship with some chick he met on the internet.
“We are gonna meet sometime this Summer,” Dakota had told Caleb two weeks earlier, as he unveiled a picture of his new-found girlfriend on his cell phone. “What do ya think?”
Caleb had just stood there, staring at the photo, his mouth hanging slack, his eyes narrow. Seeing the girl, Caleb’s stomach knotted and he felt light-headed, as he realized what Dakota had just proved to him.
“Uh, wow!” Caleb forced the words. “Y-yeah...she’s just...great.”
Dakota’s face turned puzzled. “You don’t seem to happy about it. Is something wrong, Caleb?”
“No, nothing,” Caleb said, his lips tight. “Nothing at all.”
With that, Caleb turned and walked out of Dakota’s bedroom. Dakota followed his friend down the hall, asking him over and over what the problem was, but Caleb refused to answer him. Caleb left Dakota’s house that day, and never went back. On several occasions, Dakota had texted him, left voice-mails and even emailed him. But Caleb had never responded. Finally, the texts and emails from Dakota stopped coming.
Caleb’s heart was broken. He had fallen head-over-heals for Dakota Parker, and at one point thought there was a real chance of becoming his boyfriend. Now his dreams were shattered. Caleb felt cold and alone once again. What a fool he had been! He was mad at Dakota for leading him on. And when Caleb tried to rationalize the situation, he simply couldn’t do it. In his mind, whether it was true or not, Dakota and him had grown close, and were practically boyfriends. Then out of the blue, Dakota decided to break up with him and go with someone else. At least, that was how it felt to Caleb. If they had really been boyfriends, it couldn’t have been any worse, from his point-of-view.

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Know Your History!!
Added: 989 days ago / Views: 245 Hey guys, I think it is very important to know the history of gay men, more precisely the famous gay men in history that had an impact in every aspect of life. They should give us inspiration and act as examples that we can achieve ANYTHING! This is especially important for our younger members, to show them that we are as good, if not better than any man that ever lived. Of course we are all special in our own ways but we need role models to look up to. I will start off by naming just a few, add more so we can all know about them and be inspired.

Alexander the Great

Peter Tchaikovsky

Roman Emperor Hadrian

Sacred Band of Thebes (Elite army force consisting of 150 pairs of gay lovers)
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Again big mess with uploading new vids, and sent messages.
Added: 989 days ago / Views: 206 On 25th May I've uploaded 3 or 4 new vids. No one is posted here. But the same day in my OUT BOX I have new messages "NEW VIDEO" sent to each of my +400 FRIENDS ( not subscribers) x 3 or 4 vids, makes 1200 or 1600 pointless messages sent and again more useless messages in my outbox.
Several times we discussed here about sending "New Video" messages and problems with full Outboxes. I send and receive few messages per day and can't trace my sent messages. To delete those useless messages takes hours! I can delete at once only 1 page and it takes at least 30-40 seconds! per page!
Anyone got idea how to resoleve that problem?
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Added: 990 days ago / Views: 393 i like to do sex 6 times per day mmm i hope
whom like this ???
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A thought
Added: 990 days ago / Views: 206 "A teacher holds up a 20 dollars bill and asked his students:" Who would like to have this money? "All the students raise their hands.
He crumpled the money and asks: "You always want it? "The hands go up again.
He throws the ticket crumpled to the ground, jumped on with both feet and said, "You still want it? "And again, students raise their hands.
He told them: "My friends, you have learned a lesson today.. Whatever I do with this money, you always want it, because its value has not changed it is always worth 20 dollars....
Many times in your life, you will be offended, rejected by the people and events. You will feel that you are no longer worth anything, but your value will not be changed in the eyes of people who really love you. Even on days when we are less at our best, our value remains the same "
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Gay Porn Business
Added: 990 days ago / Views: 322 Does any one know how much a gay porn actor makes? How can you become one? Just curious just in case college doesnt work for me :)
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Added: 990 days ago / Views: 405 Theres a video of me on this site. I want it taken down. Anyone know how to contact someone who can help? Been trying for a long time.
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Added: 990 days ago / Views: 248 My name is max and I guess I am a strange guy. I enjoy being alone in peace and solitude. To do what I want with no one to judge me. I love watching movies, listening to instrumental music. When I am alone I jerk off, sleep, and forget about my issues, I let the naked human me come out. During the day I feel like I have to be an actor, pretend to be straight, pretend to enjoy talking to people. I also share a room, but on the weekend when I am alone... is when I am most happy. To relax and forget about the stresses in life. Some may describe me as skinny, nice, and nerdy. But there are times when I get lonely and wish I had someone there with me who will understand me. Personally I don't care whether it be a girl or guy, as long as our personalities matched. I want someone I can trust, to tell my darkest secrets, and most of all to sexually explore each other. But as of right now it seems I will not find that person, because I know that person is not very social, he or she enjoys solitude while being alone like me. Also I do not like sports, so ... if you like sports we wont work out unless you show me a good reason to like it. I am willing to go on adventures and explore the world.
Ohh I almost forgot the type of guy I like should be around my age, skinny, and smooth. I like girls who are down to earth, who dont make everything a big deal.
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Live cam chat
Added: 990 days ago / Views: 152 Is the live cam chat part of gay tube or is it 3rd party? How does it work? Do you have to chat or can you just cam and show?
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fav video and picture
Added: 990 days ago / Views: 420 Video: and,-sc-1
pictures: and
what are yours
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jerking off
Added: 991 days ago / Views: 1101 who jerk off & how miny times a day
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Added: 991 days ago / Views: 535 who like getten handjobs or blowjobs
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Added: 991 days ago / Views: 237 I love cumming on my tighty whiteys over and over am I the only one that likes that
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Added: 991 days ago / Views: 846 what king of underwear do u wear
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Best dating sites?
Added: 991 days ago / Views: 153 Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone knew of some good dating sites. Basically, I love sex (more of a bottom) and that's what I really want to find, but I would like to call someone my own. If you guys could point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys. :-)
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yea!!! Im out of school and traveling
Added: 991 days ago / Views: 175 Im in Nevada movin east towards archs national park and the south then north, if anybody is around that area hit me up, then we plan hitting Yellowstone and go down to Denver...I hope everybody is good and horny:) stay hard guys!
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Added: 991 days ago / Views: 149 who ever taped out during sex or wrestling :)
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Since Last Time....
Added: 991 days ago / Views: 138 Ok so this new post is kinda designed to explain what the heck has been going on since the last time I was fully on here...well, I kinda fell in love with my ex-roommate but he didn't feel the same and he ended up with a bf after telling me months ago that he was straight and after our little one night of fun (that's another story) ;) I thought that things would be different. Yet, it wasn't and I tried hanging around with him and his friends but I got upset and depressed and almost tried to take my life a few times...and I drank til I was completely drunk and acted a fool for about a week. Then at the same time, having to balance a lot of work and activites was not cutting it. So in the end, I broke down and then finally got help in order to get over him in so way and move on. Then, I thought I met the love of my life but then I found out we had problems with transportation and he was only 30 minutes away and then I made the mistake to fuck around with some dudes in NYC and then couldn't hold the guilt anymore and he broke up with me cause of that and he wanted to be single anyways. Now I am here in California, with a new boyfriend who has soooo much in common with me and I love him to death....hopefully I can see him for Christmas in Georgia. But yeah, that pretty much brought y'all up to speed with what's up with me up until now. LOL, pretty crazy huh? But anyways, on a lighter note, I will start to write porno stories if you have any ideas, let me know. I will try and have a story up early this week. Until then, good night GBT boys. ;)
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i guess i was wrong lmfao
Added: 991 days ago / Views: 151 all i am going to say is i guess i wasn't too far from the truth.... i just can't help laughing

people should always remember that when one is in it for the money or what they can get from one person they don't stay long at all. there is always someone willing to offer more. anyway i spoke my peace. lmfao.. god i just had to post im sorry i don't think most of u will have an idea as to what i am speaking of however there is i am sure a few that might. anyway do hope u all have a good night
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