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Views: 173 · Added: 931 days ago

Thanks to all u dudes who post the vids! Bruce xo

What's the horniest you've ever been?
Views: 436 · Added: 931 days ago

Back when I was 15 I was wrestling a friend of mine (also 15, though he looked 12) in his basement. Never got naked or did anything explicitly sexual, but i did manage to grab his cute little crotch in trying to flip him over, grind my cock against his ass, etc. Went on for like 45 minutes. Again, nothing offlimits. Then at the end he's on top of me in 69 and suddenly there's this pause from wrestling. I'm staring right at his ass in my face (fully clothed) and I swear he's about to unzip my pants when his mom knocks on the door.

That night after I got home my undies were wet from precum and I fired off an orgasm that would have rocked your world.

An introdcution is an order here!
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Being this is mine very first blog entry here, I thought it would be proper to introduce myself. If you have gone to my profile: now would be good time to do so! There is lot fun information about me there. But here I thought here, I would go a little more in depth. I am 26 year old who loves to be comical. I also eager people. My hobbies are: writing stories and music. and dream job is to film composer some day. :) Another important fact: I am christian. Thus, I do not judge other people. We are make bad choices in lives, but I am ashamed of mine. :) That is it for now. Till next time.
Aniolel, out

Views: 150 · Added: 931 days ago

Just wanted to thank all the guys who post the great vids. Bruce

Views: 138 · Added: 931 days ago

any guys on here like to cam

Hard to find for phone
Views: 187 · Added: 932 days ago

It is hard to find to someone phone someone phone when you are hard and horny. I tried and failed. Maybe my I am lucky here? :) Reply if you are interested.

Views: 122 · Added: 932 days ago

hey if u want to practice spanish addme hahaha!!! me gusta hablar español de echo es mi idioma de nacimiento .. asi que si sabes español escribeme con confianza soy de sur america y quiero hacer nuevos amigos =)

Views: 194 · Added: 932 days ago

Any other like minded guys on Skype? Add me Ladude25. Love to chat, mic, cam, share screens, etc.

Views: 108 · Added: 932 days ago

have you notice that Evening news is where they begin with 'Good evening', and then proceed to tell you why it isn't.

Views: 408 · Added: 932 days ago

Hey my name is Tanner Shane I just got into the porn industry and my Boy friend Dylan Chambers has been in for a while. If any of you guys are intrested in adding either of us on facebook or following us on twitter @tanner_shane or @dylanxchambers. Im down to talk and so is my bf, we will let you know about uncoming cam shows or vids we are doing. Let us make your fantasies come true :P

Views: 181 · Added: 932 days ago

an other word for heartless is a nobody
an nobodys have no feelings
so shut the fuck up you ass hole

Views: 128 · Added: 932 days ago

i can't seem to upload photos. all this thing does is ask for vids.
what am i doin wrong?
on another note.... has anyone ever done a gloryhole? is it worth it?

Views: 394 · Added: 932 days ago

do you prefer to jo laying down or standing up? i met a friend once who had never jerked in the shower or standing up. i do both.

just a dam good day today
Views: 228 · Added: 932 days ago

i would have to say

ok I need a little advice, I am inundated with friendship requests, please dont take me wrong that does not mean I am not grateful or being flippant about it. But when do you say yes and when do you say no. Why does someone want to friend you and then never interact with you in anyway neither through mail or sharing with your thoughts or your opinions in bloggs. I must say I like it when people at least acknowledge it through a few words thanking you for accepting their friendship (as I do) but most people not only dont have an avatar they dont even bother to read your profile nor rate you or the uploads you add what is the point?? I dont care if you upload or not that is not an issue at all but at least come by read my profile and rate me and my uploads (good or bad)or just leave me a message say hi.

How do you like your orgasm??
Views: 208 · Added: 933 days ago

For me, after a long session of passionate foreplay, I totally explode while my partner is sucking and rotating on my cocks mushroom. I love the sensation of his sucking and swallowing as I cum, not spurting all over his face or body. I watch alot of videos where the partner ends up jacking over his partners face or chest. To me that does not cut it, I want my partner to experience the same mind blowing orgasm as I do, and that by getting im off with my mouth. Does anyone else feel the same?

Views: 281 · Added: 933 days ago

I'm horny lol just want y'all to know :)

Those ads are nasty
Views: 145 · Added: 933 days ago

at least pick something that doesn't gross you out when you try to watch a vid.

funny quote
Views: 176 · Added: 933 days ago

The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the list.

Views: 168 · Added: 933 days ago

Love Quote of the Day
There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart.

Views: 237 · Added: 933 days ago

When Justin Beiber says "we gonna party like its 3012" wouldnt that make him really old and munted?
And when he says "Im coming for ya im coming for ya" isnt that kinda creepy (old, munted, wheelchair ridden 1018 year old wrinkly dude-wise)


Views: 125 · Added: 933 days ago

who wanna video chat

Show of hands (or whatever)
Views: 237 · Added: 933 days ago

Did you vote today ?
Views: 186 · Added: 934 days ago

Share with us why .... hope to see you soon :)

Whos Voting ? This is BIG TIME IMPORTANT !!!!!
Views: 256 · Added: 934 days ago

I am a first time voter here in WA. This is just a reminder to go vote. Not telling you who to vote for . Just go do it and be counted . Peace guys :) Ruslan

Erick3587 is a spammer
Views: 158 · Added: 934 days ago

... and i dont like that kind of spamming

Views: 179 · Added: 934 days ago

who want to video chat i need to talk to some one :0

If you dont go out and VOTE tomorrow then I dont want to ever hear you piss and moan about the way things are. This is your chance to have a say in how our country is run. This is your right as a citizen! This is what the soldiers of our armed forces have lived and died for. APATHY is no excuse, GO OUT AND VOTE TOMORROW! ( and thats my soapbox for today now show my some porn)

Views: 234 · Added: 934 days ago

i love lads and vids

need some advice
Views: 360 · Added: 934 days ago

so a couple days ago a close friend of mine came out to me on facebook. i had no idea he was also gay. i have never had any romantic thoughts towards him before, mostly because i was sure he was straight and didn't want to hurt our friendship. but tonight he sent me another message, saying that he has feelings for me. now i am confused i'm still not sure if i have romantic feelings towards him, but we have been friends for over 9 years now and i can't think of anyone that i am closer to. i don't want to risk a great friendship but i also don't know if i want to close any romantic doors with him. can anyone offer some advice here?

Nick where is my pic on my profile ????
Views: 203 · Added: 934 days ago

Would be kinda nice .

Views: 530 · Added: 934 days ago

I am younger and uncut and wondering if cut (circumcised) is better? I think cut looks better but I dont know if I should get it done....

Views: 120 · Added: 934 days ago

who want to video chat cause ima board :_(

I dont often get angry
Views: 453 · Added: 935 days ago

I dont often get angry but I have to admit to being a little angry when this arrived in my GBT mailbox after downloading a movie that was titled by a site I use as "Russian boys have a 4some" I then set about uploading it to GBT about a couple of hours later I recieve the following message.
"Those boys speak Czech. Maybe you don't know it, but Russia and Czech are two different countries with different languages. Or for you is for ex. Canada and USA the same countries?"
First I know Russia and the Czech Republic are different countries I also know where they are both located and even know a little about the velvet revolution etc I certainly didnt need a reference example of Canada and the USA, I have been living in the USA since I was 12 years old and I think 10 years has been enough time for me to work out while they may be next to each other they are seperate countries.
I sent a message back stating while I am very aware of where both countries are situated I do not understand the languages of either and didnt do a background check of authentication before uploading it to GBT for others to enjoy. I think sometimes people do not appreciate that finding, downloading, and uploading takes time and effort. And no before I get the hate mail from people saying I think people that contribute to uploading are anymore important than others "I DONT THINK THAT" although having said that he didnt even have favorites listed and no other contributions including no profile lol, I did think his message a little rude.

XXX Video posts
Views: 513 · Added: 935 days ago

OK anyone know what is going on with the uploads, I have uploaded approximately 14 XXX videos since last night and not one is showing???

Views: 149 · Added: 935 days ago

Random question, does anyone have the iPad 2? If so is ere a free app where I can download free music?


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