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O no some thing went wrong
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hi like to have more friends with hot videos. Who wanna be my friend?

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Who wants to play with my ding a ling
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Chuck Berry made this song in 1972 and it was forbidden in England i wonder why

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fucked up
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pretty fucken bad when you cant fucken up load a photo any more fix it

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Happy St. Patrick's Day...
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Search Download
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Hello everybody ;-)

Did everyone know where can I Download this Vid? 

Skater Teen Boys Porn Enthusiasm Experience

I found it here on the Chapter "Featured"

Videos from HSBoys are not downloadable :( Thank you for Help.




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A big bick ♥
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No Monopoly.
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Here's a little polemic due to the recent ruling in Oklahoma regarding what marriages are allowed.

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Anyone up for a lunch date?
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Looking to Connect
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Having a hard time finding like minded guys on here who live locally. Any good ideas about other sites that may lead me down the right path? Im a bi-curious guy who is intersted in older men. I've tried some Craigslist, but it seems a little sketchy to me.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated?

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Always enjoyed the team huddle
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I don't understand.
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I was just looking for directions to the sauna...

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Who here knows who Sir Terry Pratchett is?
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I ask because recently the world lost one of its best writers. For those who know who I am talking about this past Thursday Terry Pratchett passed away at the age of 66, at home in his bed surround by his family. Despite having Alzhiemer's he was lucid till the very end, his final tweet reads quite simply "The End". Please join me in a moment of silence for the passing of a great man. Farewell, Sir Terence Pratchett you will be greatlly missed, Pacifici Alis Grave Ad Perpetuam Memoriam.

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When I log in here at GBT...  I'm not just coming back to see friends. It's family.  When I look through all the blogs, and user profiles I think how proud I am of you all.  Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson about doing too much in one day and have completely worn myself out yet I have one more day of it to go yet. I would take the day off but I just cant..  it would feel like giving up on myself.

Take it from me guys...  don't let anything get you down.  Life can be harsh....  and it deals some nasty blows at times. BUT...  you WILL make it through.  I too have been there and thankfully have made it. Sure, I have nasty memories and flashbacks which kick my bipolar off but that's where my singing comes in handy..  and that's why I do it so much hahaha.

What else helps me?  Being here with you all.  We have the wonderful Nick18 who keeps the site going..  sure the site has it's ups and downs (hey...  who said so does my penis?! LOL) but the site is still here. And I thank you, Nick for that.

And I have my close friends who I call my family. They know the real me...  and when I lost my own family, they stepped in and looked after me...  something I will always be thankful for. Especially when I had a lot of drama in my life last year.

SO ...  why this blog?  Easy...  it's my long-winded way of saying thanks...  and I LOVE YOU ALL xxx

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Leader of the Pack.....
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viewing problems
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how can I view the videos that have a diagonal line through the play arrow?

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wanking issues
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I am an uncut guy but just lately iv'e changed the way i wank off, Before i used to use the skin to go up and down my shaft to create pleasure, but just lately i have started to pull the skin all the way back and use baby oil it's a little messy but its not long before i am shooting wad after wad of pure cum unfortuntly because of the oil i cannot eat my own cum which i miss do you guys think it's wrong to wank this way with having a foreskin i don't want to have my skin surgically removed as i do like my skin. The other day when i was doing this my cock head war rock hard and my pee hole was open as i poured on some baby oil it went straight down my pee hole and i was concered about the oil entering my body do you think baby oil is safe. Lastly which way do you guys find the best way to wank off standing up sitting down or lying down? 

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Extra points to those that get the movie title reference without Googling it.

Rev Harry Powell: [when he notices John staring at the words "love" and "hate" tattooed across his knuckles] Ah, little lad, you're staring at my fingers. Would you like me to tell you the little story of right-hand/left-hand? The story of good and evil? H-A-T-E! It was with this left hand that old brother Cain struck the blow that laid his brother low. L-O-V-E!  You see these fingers, dear hearts? These fingers has veins that run straight to the soul of man. The right hand, friends, the hand of love. Now watch, and I'll show you the story of life. Those fingers, dear hearts, is always a-warring and a-tugging, one agin t'other. Now watch 'em! Old brother left hand, left hand he's a fighting, and it looks like love's a goner. But wait a minute! Hot dog, love's a winning! Yessirree! It's love that's won, and old left hand hate is down for the count!

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My dad wants me!!!! lol

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Talented.....and Ready
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downloading movies
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can we go back to mp4 for downloading movies thank you vinny

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Just checking in
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Sorry, I've not been on GBT much. Since my last blog post, I've been really struggling with depression :-/ A lot of the people that I thought I could trust the most in my life have been the first ones to let me down in some way. It even got to the point I was contemplating suicide last December. But thanks to all the PMs I got on here, I reconsidered. Still, the past few months have not been easy. But I just want everyone who messaged me know that I'm very thankful for all the kind words, and I wasn't ignoring anybody. It really lifted my spirits, even though I've been in a very dark place. You guys are really sweet :3

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a friend in need
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billy you are my friend, who I love very much and will always be here for you, love scott

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Any body down for some fun tonight????

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five star
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new to this jesse friend howdy yall

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A Warm Welcome
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If you've just recently joined us all here at Gay Boys Tube...  hello, and welcome!  Come on in, make yourself at home and if you get time pop into the blog section and introduce yourself to us all..  we would all love to meet you and make you feel welcome.  There are a load of wonderful guys on here...  trust me I know.  Some of them have become very good friends who I now see as my own family and would be lost without them.  That's it..  come in...  yes, and you standing there in the corner.. don't be shy ;)

If you have any questions, or a problem setting up, have a word with the wonderful Nick18 or indeed any one of the great members here (including myself) who will be glad to help.

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who like to see asa butterfield in the nud yummy

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Friday Thought
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any body like to see douglas smith in the nude ummmmmmmmmmmmm

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Trouble with the Being Watched (Random) button?
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Anybody else always getting the same vids on the Being Watched (Random) page?

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hi have you ever had a problem that flows too much precum? it can not be somehow limited?

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lost pictures
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i have lost all of my photos in photo albums

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Hi Honey Im Home!
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Heyyyy everyone...  been ages I know.  I apologise for not being back sooner.  My dream move did happen, but then fell apart.  Didnt help that some ass decided to stab me just for the sake of robbing me of £2.  I'm okay though and swore I would get through it.  Ive nearly recovered enough to start life again but just for now I want to focus on two things...   one is coming back here and the other is re-launching my singing career.  Then I will focus on setting up in a new place again and THIS time..  nothing is going to go wrong for me.  Ill be back later to post more but for now just wanted to send you all my love and BIG hugs!

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Whoops... I did it again.
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Sorry guys...  I forgot I had events lined up over the last couple of days plus today as well, hence me not coming back before this.  In a bid to keep my depression and bipolar at bay, I have tried to keep myself busy but somehow I've overdone it and worn myself out in the process lol.  I'll be back to the normal quiet life as of Monday morning so will have more time to spend here.   How's everyone...  all okay here?  Been thinking of all you friends here.  If you have messaged me but not had a reply yet I apologise and will try and get in touch asap!  Believe it or not (looks at the time)  it's nearly 5am here and I am already rehearsing for todays event lol. Can't sleep again.  Anyhow....   love you guys!  BIG hugs and xxxx

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bye bye GBT and best wishes to all
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Just wanted to let all my friends on here know that I'm deleting my GBT profile without them worrying. Been gradually making a bunch of lifestyle changes  together with some of my closest pals, including us challenging each other to get off the internet as much as possible and go out and smell the flowers together. Here in the Scottish Highlands it all smells lovely this time of year. I've been a huge internet user for years, realised I spend way too much time on it, and am really enjoying the new vibe, something different. Have had a wonderful time on GBT, have learned some worthwhile things, and met some beautiful people. Wishing you all well. Big hugs. xo Brae :)

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Email and skype for personal cam show. I am the slave, you are the king!!
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Just add me: skype: douxcouer for personal camshow.. You decide what I have to do...

email: ... Write me to receive hot naked pics ;)

please support me with paysafecard coupons... Also sending to

thanks :*

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I'm going cloths shopping tomorrow!
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Tomorrow I'm going cloths shopping and would like to get some new sexy cloths, what kind of underwear, socks, tops, pants would you recommend for me to buy? Thanks:) JakeJake

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if anyone would like to talk kik me darkperson5 ps plz tell me ur age 

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