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Half Cat ~ Half Dog!
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zapraszam na moje nagie blogi

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Help me lol
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School sucks. To much homework. I have managed not to get into any fights so far this year lol. I  have a friend who thinks we are boyfriends. He is nice and I like him but he thinks I have to tell him everything I do each day. He is smothering me and I don't know how to react to that anymore.

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Jayden OK?
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I have just been wondering where our friend Jayden has been (  Hopefully he's OK, and that I just failed to remember why he's temporarily gone?

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down load videos
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since upgrading to windows 10 not able to save videos to my files as in the past. Anyone else with this issue. Fix?

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Cute XD
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First Pictures taken with the New Camera
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Put my new camera to work for some Classic Portrait's.

I took the pictures in RAW and later converted them to Jpg, at the lowest  compression.

My friend how asked me to take the pictures was very surprised at the Quality of the Jpg's


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Why do I never see this at my Wal-Mart?
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Please check out my other blogs

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Looking for videos
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There are a couple of videos I have seen posted at this site but I can not find them. I'd appreciate any help.

1, Starts out with 2 guys phoning a call boy. One has a video camera. The boy arrives and gets undressed. He is short and very young looking. They bargain about price for awhile and then have a three way.

2. This one takes place in a kitchen and stars the same young call boy that is in the first video.

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Nice day for football/soccer
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Front flip fail by a drunk guy
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Don't try that at home...hehe!!

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any body got a pic of Logan Lehman hes so hot

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Hot Toon Guys
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What do you think?
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weekends finally here
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hope everyone's got a fun weekend planned :)

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Uploading vids
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Can someone tel me how to upload videos, thank you

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The old wise man sat naked under a tree.  A strong and Rich Man walked up the hill directly towards him.  The old man knew that whatever happened, the Rich Man was not about to listen to him, but he waited patiently.

“How much do you charge for your advise?”  The old man shook his head and said, “My payment I leave to he who seeks the advise.”

“My son has a friend.  He has a friend who I feel is bad for him. It is a friend who people will not find acceptable for him.  How do I separate the two so my son can get on with more acceptable friendships?”

“Why does your son have this friend?”  

“I do not know” said the Rich Man. “ I think he sought out this friend to make me angry. I think he keeps this friend because he knows I do not approve.  I have told him to throw this friend away, and he just smiles at me.”

“So is this friend Evil?”

“No, not evil.  But his friend is not rich as he is.  His friend is not educated as he is. His friend is not accepted by our friends, as he is.  His friend just does not fit it.  My son can find richer, more educated and better friends, who I can accept.”

“What does the boy get from his friend?”

“How should I know?” said the Rich Man. 

“Well”, said the old man. “ A friend does three things: First he rejoices in the joys of his friend.  Second, he accepts his friend just the way he is (knowing and helping his friend to grow without forcing him to grow). Thirdly, he picks up his friend when he falls down.”

The Rich Man replied, ” I reward him when he does well at what I want him to do.  I tell him how he can better make money and get on in the town we live.  I cover up his weaknesses and failings. Why am I not his friend?”

The old man smiled and shook his head.  ” He does not want a reward, he wants to share the excitement of what is important to him.  He does not want you to tell him how to live; but to watch him live and allow him to make mistakes on his own.  And when he does fall, he does not want you to cover it up, but pick him up and tell him falling down does not make him a worse person.”

The Rich Man shook his head, and said, “That that is not what a father does.”  He started back down the hill, leaving nothing for the old man.  He turned and said, “You are a fool.  You do not understand what a trial it is, and what a responsibility it is, to be a parent.”

The old man got up from under the tree and sat in the sun.  It was warm enough to be in the shade of the tree, but his heart was cold.  He knew that that man and his son would never be friends.  He knew that that man would never say to his son “I love you”.  He knew why the boy had found a friend that was so unlike his father: he needed someone who would Love him and say, ” Friend: be as you wish, I will stand next to you and, good or bad, I will not leave your side”.

Rule to parents:  You can not control how your child turns out.  You can not make your child into an object as you see them being.  All you can do, is be interested in what they do, rejoice in their successes and pick them up after they fall down.  When  you grow old, you will have a friend as well as a child.

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The Japanese Boy chapter 12
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Chapter 12

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a fantastic show by boz scaggs..I hope you listen and watch..heavenly sounds..

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just to let you know guys, I wont be on as regular as I want, on medication, been told to get a good nights sleep, it aids the healing process, just to say you will all be in my thoughts, love scott. You know I care about you all anyways.

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Again no messages
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Again, i can´t see my private messages. There seems to be a delay. Please be patient. i will check them tomorrow if i can :)

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Chain saw massacre!!!!
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Bear with me on this...


So you take a chainsaw and you cut off the leg mid-thigh of a morbidly obese person and then do the same thing to a perfectly fit person that works out regularly - and compare the two limb afterwards.  Take the limbs and turn them so that you look down the length of the cut end at the cross section.  What you see in the morbidly obese person is that the limb is predominately adipose fat tissue with very little striated muscle.  By very little, we're talking less than 10%.  In the fit person, however, the limb may be as much as 95% muscle with little to no fat.  You say well tell us something we didn't know...


Fine i will.


Turns out that sugars circulate in the blood in the form of glucose.  Fat tissue does not have glycoprotein receptors on their surface that take in sugar out of the blood for its metabolism.  Muscle cells do, however.  The sugary blood circulates through the body and passes right on by the fat tissue without doing anything.  In the case of a morbidly obese diabetic, the small amount of striated muscle tissue in the body is inadequate to account for all this glucose and the body becomes overwhelmed by it.  The body produces insulin, a hormone that tells the muscle cells and the liver to take up these sugars so that the body doesn't go into what is called diabetic ketoacidosis, which can lean to coma and death if intervention is not taken.  The problem with the morbidly obese is there isn't very much muscle there for insulin to work on, so people become what is called "insulin resistant".  In these people, other classes of medications are needed, such as metformin, etc. that rely on other pathways to process and eliminate the overload of sugars, such as flushing it out the kidneys.  This isn't so great, however.


Insulin whips the muscle cells to absorb absorb absorb!  They absorb more than they really want to.  Big hearty muscle fibers can probably tolerate this in the short and long run, but the tiny cells that make up the lining of micro arteries that nourish nerve fibers, organs, the eyes, brain, etc. become choked with the sugar load.  Sugars act like glue in these structures, plugging them up.  The result is that morbidly obese diabetics have a staggering amount or peripheral neuropathy, retinopathy, peripheral vascular disease, coronary artery disease, renal failure and stroke.  In fact, diabetes is by far the number one cause of blindness, kidney failure (dialysis), limb amputation, stoke, and heart attack.  The number two cause of these situations isn't even close.  Diabetes is an absolute killer, much more scary than the chainsaw scenario I startled people with at the beginning of this conversation.


What can you do?  Everyone on the planet needs to do resistance training and increase muscle.  You cannot allow your percentage body fat to become overwhelming.  Simply put, you need to lift weights and stay fit, its as simple as that.  A combination of upper and lower body weight training twice a week, with a third day per week for cardio is the optimal.   For those that are already morbidly obese, a combination of weight training and cardio, perhaps considering gastric bypass surgery, can be an option.  Turns out that morbidly obese diabetics that undergo gastric bypass surgery are no longer diabetic on post operative day 1 after the surgery.  Its that impressive.


Anyways, sorry for all this.  Maybe there is one person out there that read this and something clicks in them that leads to healthy modifications that can go a long ways toward preventing them from becoming diabetic.  In others, maybe they pass along the heads up and explain the dangers of diabetes to them.  Good luck!

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How @GAYBOYSTUBE has evolved for me
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When I was first introduced to @GBT for the first lke 4 months All I did was come to watch porn and jerk off  I didn't even have an account here as I was so deep in the closet after a while I wanted to contribute to the site so I opened an account and posted 2 videos and people started friending me I got a few messages from guys wanting pics r to hookup but that wasn't my thing so I politely refused them and then a couple days later I got a message form a handsome solder @Nate88 we chatted a few times and he was so nice I asked him questions about being gay and he was honest and sincere we become good friends here @GBT he was always friendly and had no ulterior motives just wanted to help me with my questions about being gay I've so many friends here now that ask nothing of me other then just want to be friends I've had the trolls and have learned to just ignore them and they go away not to message them back or try to reason with them as that's just playing into their hand. I love this site and have met some of the best friends in my life here... 

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all my florida friends will wish you well, and take care, will say a little prayer fpor you all, love scott

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I am sad to say butterlipps ///mark has of the classy people I know..he sent a message a short while ago..mark..consider returning..good luck in the future.

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The Gay Closet
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What does it mean to be out of the closet? Does it mean that when you walk around in public that everyone knows your gay? Or when you intorduce yourself, you say Hi, I am gay? Or you rainbow up vehicle?

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Beach Fun
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The Japanese Boy chapter 11
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chapter 11

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The Japanese Boy Chapter 2
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The Japanese Boy Chapter 2

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