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Just thought I would say hi to every one and have a tremendous day.

Protect yourself against guys like this !
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A gay man (Steven Boone) here in Canada, arranges sexual hookups with teenaged guys knowing he's HIV positive, and deliberately tries to infect them with the disease ! He succeeds with one 17 year-old and that teen now has his life destroyed by this psycho.

Boone will likely only get a few years in jail, and then be out, doing it again. :-(

On a slightly different tact, guys like this hurt the image of the gay community as many heterosexuals I've met over the years have no exposure to positive gay figures (or "normal gays"). Meaning .. they only know of gays they see in the media (Drag Queens at parades, etc) and then they see articles about nutjobs like Boone and think we all must have some crazy attitude towards AIDS and other STD.

No wonder it's such an uphill battle for us to gain acceptance from the general public. :-(

Coming Out
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Well after 22 years of no one knowing i have came out to 5 people this week as bi. I thought it would give me relief from being fake for so long but has made things a little strange. How does it go from here?

I think back alot on when i was a teen after my brother and I started playing and wish I had let other guys have me. I remember times I was in the woods with other boys and how I would have loved getting naked and pleasing them or having them take control make me do whatever they wanted.I had teacher make a pass at me when I was 15 and all I let him do was kiss me,wish now I had gone home with him let him have me.

I'm sorry if all I seem to do on here is be depressing and complaining alot. Just don't really have anywhere else to do it

More about me
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I was married for 30 years, she was the love of my life and my best friend. I thought I would die when I lost her. Somehow I didn't. However I cant look at another woman. I found this site and started watching the videos and found them interesting and yes I admit arousing. I however admit I have never touched another man. Dont think at the point in my life I will either. I just cant get ofer the feeling of cheating on my beloved. I can watch the videos and make friends here if you will let me but she was my soul mate and I guess I am just buying till till we are together again. I just dont want to give anyone the wrong idea. I am a straight shooter and speak my mind ( if you'll pardon the expresson)

Crazy Thing Happened
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Well last night me and a few friends wanted to meet up for a game of hockey at our local rink. My dad let me use the car so I didn't have to take the bus. I also decided to pick up my best friend since he was on my way to the rink. This is why thing get strange.

I pull out of my drive way onto my street and reach the traffic light. While waiting this car pulls off a side street and pulls up behind me with his high beams on and is off centred to me so they are shining right in my rear view mirror and my drivers door mirror. I could not wait for the light to change so he don't have to be behind me. Well that didn't happen every time I changed lanes he change too so he is behind me. So down the road there was a drive thru coffee shop so I decided to stop there so this ass hole will get off my tail.

Well that plan never worked since he followed me to. So he followed me back to the street and at the next traffic light I decided to take the back streets. But before I can reach the intersection I noticed a bus loading a wheelchair person so I pulled up behind it so that guy would pass me. Man I was wrong he waited the whole 6 minutes behind that bus with me. After when the bus started to move I turned down the side street and he followed too.

That made me rethink my plan. I knew there was a police station down the street and was going to use that way instead. So I turned down this residential street and pulled into this driveway and noticed he was signaling too. So while waiting to turn I grabbed one hockey stick just in case he was going to attack me. However this is when it gets funny while pulling into the driveway the garage door opens and the guy that was following me pulls into the garage and looks at me with this look because I have a hockey stick in hand.

Well that was kind of awkward since he followed me right to his house. However why would he not pass me when I pulled behind the bus since he would of been home 6 minutes earlier if he didn't wait. Well that was my crazy night I told my friends and they found it funny so I decided to share it here.

my account
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I have been thinking about quitting the site. Everyone has been so hostile and rude lately. I mean whats the point of sharing your views if people are gonna tell you that you dont contribute enough to the site (Nate88) or be cruel to everyone thats on this site (Payalot). Let me tell you both, between the two of you, this is making things very uncomfortable to be on this site. Because of all the bullshit, we lost alot of members and I am about to be one of them. I dont care if people upload 1 million times a year or just one or blog daily or never. A group or a site cannot be popular with out members and if you are gonna be so judgmental and be like that this site does not even need to be here. I cannot believe I am seeing people being called pedophiles and bullies and alot of other name calling to name a few. We as a group, are sapposed to support one another and have each others backs, and I am sorry to say thats not what I see alot anymore, where is the brotherhood and where is the love?

would any one want me to post the GTS boys?
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i have all of the gts boys series and vids on thier site.let me know if anyone would want me to post them

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Eney one ever in boy scouts and ever had jerk off seshions in the tents?

Uploads not being shown
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I am uploading movies everyday most are not being shown, I am getting no feedback as to why even though i have it listed to contact on refusals. It is getting very annoying I understand if they cant show them just tell me why so I dont waste hours of upload time on movies that are not getting shown. I am going to stop uploading until i find out why.

First Attraction to Boys
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I am now 55 but I would like to share some stuff with you. I am not judging myself but it helps to chat about it. When I was 8 or 9 there was always a boy in my class that I was attracted to and used to fantasies about him. Nothing sexual but he was in my mind. When I was 10 I changed schools and of course the same thing happened. I had no idea whether this was normal, abnormal, but it was the way I thought. Anyway when I just started puberty I decided that boys were better because they had something "down there" while girls just had a slit. But it wasnt until my latish teens that I acted on my thoughts. Has anyone else experienced something like this .

Sebastian Bleisch, etc., at. al.
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Does anyone enjoy the postings of the Bleisch and Gero videos as much as I do? Some are among the first videos I viewed in arcades back in the 80s. I also enjoy the few Azov videos that I've seen. There's also Hammerschmidt, and the guy that directed "Smiling Boys" (Huzak?).
Anyone else have a similar predilection?

How are you feeling today?
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tell me how are you feeling!

Views: 219 · Added: 920 days ago

I am a new member. I wanted to say and I hope to make some friends here.

Young looking for young :)
Views: 428 · Added: 920 days ago

Hi.. I've never really encountered a young guy from the net before. Wondering if there any out there.

Obsession with Youth
Views: 272 · Added: 921 days ago

I feel as if i am obsessed with youth due to essentially missing my childhood, being incredibly shy, wounded & confused about my sexuality as a kid, plus having OCD. Essentially, I missed out, by not experiencing anything close to sex until I was 30 or so. It feels like an unquenchable desire & unhealthy. Do any others on this site relate to some of my comments.

ur fav video
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so link to ur fav vdieo mines

Uploads not being posted
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I am uploading movies everyday most are not being shown, I am getting no feedback as to why even though i have it listed to contact on refusals. It is getting very annoying I understand if they cant show them just tell me why so I dont waste hours of upload time on movies that are not getting shown.

VPN virtual personnal network
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Do you feel need to use it? If yes, which one do you use and what is your opinion on the service? Thanks

webcamming with a friend or a stranger?
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When you go on webcam would you reather be with a stranger or someone you know like a friend? I like getting naked with a friend more since its like "omg we are finaly going to see each other naked!" but im willing to be with a stranger if I have to.

house boys
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so wondering what everybodys opion is on house boys. u know the ones that sit at home and spend ur money and then spend all day on the computer probaly playing around and looking 4 something better lol. or just someone to play with while the person that is paying the bills is hard at work. i mean wouldn't u want a guy in ur life that wants to work as hard as u do? anyway just wondering what u guys think.

hey guys
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just want to say im still here, im just keeping a low profile because atm im goin through a bad time so im sorry if i dont talk or send messages just i dont know where i am these days, anyways i got to go and i hope everyone is doing well!!!

huge hugs and kisses to you all xxxxxx
love Greg

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Hey just started a new tumblr posting boys there check it out and follow it

whats going on with video uploads?
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my videos not appearing here, not even get message is it accepted or rejected. i have try that 2 times now 1st time was last week. Most important : all performers are over 18, so no child porn from me

Your Favorite Youtubers !!
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Hey guys just thought we could share our favourite youtubers with one another. Im going to pick one Big youtuber (1 mil+ views) 2 medium size (100K +) and 3 small ones. Check them out. Youtube has helped me with my sexuality, maybe it can with yours as well. (btw not all these youtubers are gay) Big youtuber NO.1 CHARLIEISSOCOOLLIKE: 2. Jacksgap: 3. Tyler Oakley 4. PandaManDanny 5. ThatRandomGayGuy: 6. Jaackintosh:

......... They are my personal favourites :) what are yours?

Fetish? Preference?
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So idk who saw my last post about older friends but that was basically cause i think i have this weird taste for older, fit, semi-fit, good looking dads. Is it just me or do others have this Preference? Just curious you know. Willing to talk to anyone who wants to. Just send over a request :)

Hot fun
Views: 183 · Added: 923 days ago

After seeing so many flashjacks on videos I bought my first one... I think my right arm is getting bigger...LOL Anyone got a favorite one or story to tell?

Penis: Shaved or not?
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So today I shaved my pubes for the first time. I very much like the visual aspect of the clean look, and the results were good. I had a pretty big bush. Now I am noticing some slight irritation so I put some scent-less moisturizer on it and I did accidentally cut myself a tiny bit but that bleeding has stopped. I was wondering what you guys think about shaved vs. not shaved, how often you need to re-shave, and what you think about the irritation. Does it go away if you do it enough?

Yes, I am 18, btw, which is why there is a picture of the result.


I Am Back
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I hope my friends remember me but my anti virus software has not allowed me access to GBT for about 2 months or more saying its a damgerous site. The problem seems to be fixed and now I can access GBT. Someone that really worries me is billybuddy. I know he had his issues and it seems he is no longer here. Is anyone still in conyact with him? I know he had some major issues and that is what worries me. Does anyone know how he is. Please let me know for better or worse.

Love to all and please contact me


How many?
Views: 296 · Added: 923 days ago

Anyone have any idea how many members there are on GBT? By members I mean people, not...Oh wait...they would be the same. :)

Members Apology
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I just wanted to apologizes to everyone for all the problems over the past few days. Situations like this are unexceptionable and taking every step to ensure future security. With our our members that site would not exist at all, and apologizes to everyone that makes GBT what it has become

The 68-year-old former Penn State defensive coordinator was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison on Tuesday. Judge John Cleland delivered the sentence here in a packed courtroom of the Centre County Courthouse. Sandusky was found guilty in June of 45 counts of sexually molesting 10 boys over a 15-year period.

The maximum sentence was 442 years. Sandusky has currently served 112 days.

"You will serve not less than 30 and no more than 60 years in prison," Cleland told Sandusky. "That has the unmitigated impact of saying 'the rest of your life in prison.' "


There was a gay apartment complex that caught fire. The female, aka lesbian section all survived as they got out lick-a-dee-split
All the dudes perished because they were too busy packing-shit!!!!!

Do you know why the stoner put two quarters in his condom before he fucks you?
So if he can't come he can call!!!

Do you know why Mr. Pibb comes in a bottle? His boyfriend left him!!!

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If you change the word black for gay in this video it makes perfect sense.

The only reason gay people are ridiculed is because we have parades to celebrate being gay. When is there ever parades to celebrate being straight?
If gay people just stopped talking about it, people will forget and not care.
You don't need floats going down the street with fellas in speedos dancing on them. Because guess what? That draws attention. Mostly negative attention.

kinda funny story, just thought i'd share
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so i just moved in with my friend and her family, who all know i am gay and are very loving and amazingly cool about it (even making little jokes here and there in good fun). her mom hates sarcasm (even tho she is sarcastic all of the time lol). so my friend tells her kids not to be sarcastic around grandma even tho she's the queen of sarcasm. without missing a beat the oldest one looks at her and says "grandma isn't the queen of sarcasm, that title belongs to kyle".(me) lol

spent the next hr laughing at that more than i should have so thought i'd share :)


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