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Views: 456 · Added: 857 days ago

some guys ask where to get pics and vids of guys....boys for a great place. big free site. high quality. original stuff. i recommend you check it out. ty. mike.

Who wanna chat?
Views: 156 · Added: 858 days ago

Wattsup- looking to chat w/ other dudes esp. if u in NYC. I'm puerto Rican but made in NYC ... 5'7", a little skinny but fit- i hoop everyday so it keeps things tight. I'm into all types of dudes white, black- esp. like my latino ppl's... get at me

shower vid
Views: 207 · Added: 858 days ago

who like also shower and medical videos? Who knows sources for download?

Doctor - Medical - Physical
Views: 234 · Added: 858 days ago

Hi, ich würde mich toll freuen, wenn hier wieder einmal Doctor-Filme mit jungen Darstellern zu sehen wären. Nicht Filme mit Sexszenen, sondern wirklich Untersuchungsfilme mit Boys, ev. privat filme, oder crazy-doctors, twinkacademy etc. - süssen Jungen, auch mit harter Handlung. Thanks, David

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hey guys! here i am a 44 yr old gay man (cynic),seen it got the video &the t-shirt sitting on my own wondering, has any one of you ever met your SOUL MATE?does that ever happen to us gay men?Do we seek partners for sex only?i havent met my soul mate either,i expect after we've sewn our oats, it'll be like dying & going to multiple orgasmic heaven if one could meet this somebody.Please say you have someone so i can cling on to a forlorn hope.Love ya!

Coming out in school
Views: 480 · Added: 859 days ago

this is for young peeps

its a hole lot easier to 'come out the closet' whn your in a school, if you tell someone who thn tells a friend thn it makes it alot easier on you rather th u havving to tell thm all yourself. also it opens up who else in the school you could get with, and your more than likley never going to see 3 quarters of the people there ever again anyway.try it, i did whn i was in schoool, and evrythin worked out gr8 :)

anyone else think the same???

just watched a video on some lad that was self harming beacuse of being gay and being bullied

i think that schools all across the world should start teaching kids from about the age of 13 about homosexuality

in the uk there is a law to stop these being teached its called section 28 which stops this happening in school and if this was dicussed in schools i dont they think youngters would be so quick to judge others about there sexuality

post comments if you agree and live in the uk of have similar laws in your country

Views: 214 · Added: 859 days ago

Anyone here from Connecticut?

Locker room and Shower fetish
Views: 594 · Added: 860 days ago

I can't help but fantasise after I play sport or go for a swim and see other guys in the showers and in the change rooms.

After once getting sucked off in the toilets at a public pool after being picked up by an older guy I now find it hard not to dream of what might be with my team mates and random hotties.

I know I shouldn't but I often think, "if only...."

Does anyone else have this sort of feeling?

Views: 390 · Added: 860 days ago

Anyone know where Marky90 has disappeared to...

dom sub master slave
Views: 238 · Added: 861 days ago

hey is anyone into that dom sub master slave stuff. let me know if u r and what u like to do. fyi u could call me a master/ dom

no videos again (sigh)
Views: 202 · Added: 861 days ago

Hi Nick hope you manage to sort the server out (they need a good spanking for all the grief they give you),I miss the video section so much.thanks for a great site anyway

Views: 764 · Added: 862 days ago

I can't get any vids to it just me????

I´m Just Conufused
Views: 668 · Added: 862 days ago

In the far future when i finally go out of my mind i will start a blog about if i should tell my parent that i´m gay (and suffer the consecuences (prolly death)but for now...

okay..i´m gay but no one knows that(NO ONE!!) but this year i happen to have a crush
on a younger boy in my class( not the normal like....but Really Like) and after doing some research i found out he was gay ane every body knew that(he told his class 3 years ago that he was gay).

*the thing is should i talk to him is private...and tell him my secret(and suffer the
consecuences (he´d proly tell the whole school and i would have another problem to deal with apart form racisim)

*or should i sit behind him in class staring it the back of his hed for the rest of the school year(i think i know the exact number of hair on his head.

Views: 306 · Added: 862 days ago

i just got my first subscriber. what does subscriber do/mean? i will buy my subscriber a new car for christmas.

forgot password link broken
Views: 235 · Added: 862 days ago

Why won't the link work to ask for password?

Views: 201 · Added: 862 days ago

Hey guys, laying around tonight, wanna chat hit me up :)

Views: 164 · Added: 862 days ago

anyone want to chat and talk dirty? hit me up

its my bday !
Views: 183 · Added: 862 days ago

lets cam ill be in my birthday suit<3 skype me! mikemikenj

A Update from Tyler James
Views: 213 · Added: 863 days ago

Hey all, just a quick up date i have been making more videos but having problems uploading to this site but i do upload them to other sites Pleas follow me on twitter :
Add me on facebook :
and my blog where there is all my profile links

If you have any ideas for me please feel free to send them and
those in the UK and under 23 i will be always up for a meet

early memories
Views: 558 · Added: 863 days ago

When I was a younger I went 2 the park, 2 meet someone I had never done anything sexually before other than making out with girls or when I was young playing doctor with friends, and I had only recently hit puberty.
I lied to my parents about going to a friends and went 2 the park.
I parked by bike by the restroom but I sat down at one of the picnic
benches in the dark. Right at 8pm, a car pulled in and a young guy got out of the car. I recognized seeing him around the park I guess he was 25yrs old.

He glanced at my bike and went in the men's room. After a minute or two, he walked out and looked around. By then it was very dark and I knew he couldn't see me. He would pace a little, rubbing the front of his pants. (I realize now that was a signal, but at the time I just thought he was horny). I wanted him to walk over, but I was afraid. Then I thought about dropping my shorts so he could see my white briefs. Sure enough, he looked over, saw my briefs and started walking over. I was so hard and wet from pre-cum where the tip of my dick tented in my briefs.

He said hello but I couldn't answer. He stood in from of me rubbing his cock through his pants while I just sat there with my underwear showing and my shorts around my ankles.
He reached forward and started rubbing my dick throu my undies I almost cum instantly. He told me to put my hand on his cock. Then he told me to take his cock out. I unzipped his pants and pulled out a 7-inch cock from his sexy green & white undies. It was cut and rock hard with a purple head, it stood st8 out and his balls were dangling down. It was the first adult cock I had ever touched. I loved the feel and the smell. I was trembling I was so excited, cos he had his hand in my undies was playing with my cock and rubbing my pre-cum all over my cock. I remember him asking me if I was ok because I was breathing so hard and fast.
The he told me to kiss his cock, and I did. The he said lick it, and I licked the tip of his cock. I ran my fingers through his bush and held his soft balls. I loved touching it and smelling his cock. But he wanted a bj and after a couple of minutes asked me to suck him. I put his cock in my mouth and sucked on it, sliding my head back and forth, sucking his head, licking all over, bobby my head up & down on his hot, hard cock. I just sat there sucking him, feeling him playing with my hard on, stroking it up & down, playing with my balls.
After a few minutes, I could tell his cock was swelling and then he cum in my mouth. What I remember most was that he shot very strong bursts that hit the back of my throat and the salty taste. I was so excited and turned on I exploded cum in my undies all over his hand. He asked me if I was ok. He said for me to clean him up, so I licked
all over his cock and his hand. He got in his car and left. I took my cum filled undies off and licked the cum out of them, my cum wasn’t salty it tasted sweet. I threw them under a bush, pulled my shorts up and rode home.

Add Me ;)
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add me :D

Trade Teenboypics (legal age)
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Hey, Who wants trade teenboy pictures in msn messenger?

Views: 208 · Added: 863 days ago

27 looking for a meet tonight for fun goodlooking slim in RAF get back if not anybody want fun with web cam

Views: 213 · Added: 864 days ago

send me a message here or add me at ;)

Gay teen website
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vist my gay website to watch gay sex action and look at pictures

get to know me beter part 2
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hey so who wants to chat tonight we can be as horny (or not) as u want just drop me a message

get to know me better
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A really cute Christmas gift for all of you
Views: 368 · Added: 864 days ago

Merry Christmas

Views: 285 · Added: 865 days ago

Q. Did you hear about the two gay guys who went to London?
A. They were REALLY pissed off when they found out Big Ben was a clock

hairy men
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who also here likes hairy men. Also, who also here likes nudist lake or sauna?

Daddies and Sons
Views: 1359 · Added: 865 days ago

Hi, are any younger guys here REALLY inot older guys? I'm not really into older guys myself and was wondering if other young guys are, or if it is kinda like some fantasy for older guys that doesn't really exist - or only if the older guy is paying for it?

Used condoms
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Hi guys anyone into used condoms full of cum or got any story's about used condoms ??

Views: 827 · Added: 865 days ago

My tumblr.
Views: 592 · Added: 866 days ago

My boyfriend and I Made a dirty tumblr. ;)
Enjoy and reblog! Message me for any suggestions or if you have any comments.


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