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chat :)
Views: 168 · Added: 863 days ago

If anybody want's to chat Im avaliable :)

Videos not appearing
Views: 243 · Added: 863 days ago

I must have downloaded at least seven new videos within the past week, none have materialized. Anybody else having the same problem? I'm told each time that they have been successfully downloaded, but then nothing happens. There was nothing underage about any of them and all seemed to fall into line with the type of films everybody else is successfully downloading. Help!

New Video Player Issues
Views: 183 · Added: 864 days ago

I'm in agreement with previous blogs regarding the new video player, the sit moderator should really consider reverting back to the previous player. There's several issues with this new version including it's generally not as sharp and clear on new player and uploads often become pixelated, plus constant buffering while you watch videos.

advice needed
Views: 381 · Added: 864 days ago

it all started when i was 14-15 when a friend asked me if i wanted to be gay i said yes and he said do i know what to do. at the start we just sucked and kissed each other and it wasnt till i was about 18 that we tried anal sex which was great at the time and at the start we couldnt keep our hands of each other. im now 31 and his 33 and we have have had sex every month since may last year i tried telling him how i feel about him that i love him and want to be with him but he says its just fun and that he doesnt feel the same should i tell him that im not have sex with him anymore and till commits to me or should i just enjoy what we have i cant stop thinking about him

any advice of comments will be great

Nck18 and Admin
Views: 227 · Added: 864 days ago

Well Nick18 it's been over 4weeks now since my profile got wipe off this site losing all 215 friends all my vids and photos I wrote to you asking for help to return them and u never even reply to me and made no effort to help so just like to say that you are a total cunt and Adim are a bunch of wankers fanks for nothing I no u won't replay to this and u can ban me I don't care anymore about u shitty little site x

Views: 187 · Added: 864 days ago

walmart in hooksett nh does not like women work there.

Views: 201 · Added: 864 days ago

hey horny as always who wants to have some fun

big nipples?
Views: 244 · Added: 864 days ago

I think big nipples are a huge turn-on. Agree?

Views: 247 · Added: 864 days ago

Do all guys have hairy butts and some just get rid of the hair better than others? Or do some guys just not have any hair at all down there?
Plus what's the best way to get rid of it eg. Shaving, waxing, hair removal creams etc. What's the good and bad sides of these solutions, I need to know please! Thanks a lot!

Sexy Actors
Views: 186 · Added: 864 days ago

There are loads of sexy actors out there but which ones would you want to have sex with? My first choice used to be zack Efron, or Robert Pattinson. But recently i have been more turned on by Mark Harmon (Gibbs from NCIS) and George Clooney. There is just something so sexy about them. What do you guys think?

Views: 517 · Added: 865 days ago

Does anyone here find that they are unattractive to everyone?
Or are you one of those people who everyone seems to fall for?

What category do you think you fall into?

I find it weird that almost nobody finds me attractive. I have learnt to accept it now, but i look at some friends who are like the second question and literally everyone seems to like them, despite them not being particularly handsome.

We have just done some updates to the player and more refinement will follow but does anyone have anything they might not like about the current player? I believe all functions will remain and maybe a few new ones added, and some design changes to its 'look' Yet anything anyone not really like currently to insure its looked at would help

Last time u...........????
Views: 601 · Added: 865 days ago

Ok guys! Here's a couple of questions 4 u:

When was the last time u had sex?
(Meaning anal. Top or bottom?

When was the last time u had oral?
(Either giving or receiving?)

When was the last time u did a handjob?
(Either getting someone off or having someone get u off?)

Did u do anything sexual on Thanksgiving?

***survey sez.....????***

Boys N Toys
Views: 203 · Added: 866 days ago

Hey guys, I'm bored with the mainstream sites to find younger guys into dildo play. Anyone out there have some fresh places to visit? Lets share the web!

Posting pictures?
Views: 233 · Added: 866 days ago

Okay, I must be missing something: when I click "Upload" it prompts me to upload movies. How do you upload pictures?

Crisis Site
Views: 1268 · Added: 866 days ago

Hey Gay Boys- I'm in the process of putting up a new place that members can come to when they are having a tough time, both here and in the real world-for info, and direction, to help find a way to a solution to a real life issue. I am requesting any members that have a clinical background, or those that can post important support info, as well as rotating members willing to put a little of their time for this, to help make this happen, I would greatly appreciate it- we will all benefit from this- "You Are Not Alone" (info on where to find the site can be found at my site and Alex17)-Thanks Guys! Be Strong, Be Brave, and Be Proud to Be Gay!

Views: 249 · Added: 866 days ago

Is anybody online right now? I'm more than a little horny.

Sexy Wrestling
Views: 216 · Added: 866 days ago

Ok, so i wanted to share my fav Fantasy, that i have had the privilege to share with anyone who wants read this.

So ever since i was about 16 i had a fantasy to wear a speedo, and wrestling a hot guy who also was also wearing a speedo, and it would be like the WWE, with the acting play wrestling. Doing all the moves the pros did, like pile drivers body slams etc etc etc. Anyways this fantasy came real for me a few times, i will explain how that happend.

So goin to high school, i became pretty good friends with this guy over a March break. Our families happend to be goin to the same ski resort, so i ran into him there not know he was goin to be there. anyways long story short that is how we became friends, and our friendship got better through the rest of the School yr. I went down to his Cottage a bunch of times, and one time we went camping we were sitting around the camp fire shooting the shit, and by this point i had the hots for him, id jerk off to him back home. We both seen a shooting star and i shit you not i made a wish, that we could fool around. About 30 min later or more, a wicked ass lightning storm came through and forced us into the tent. then we continued shooting the shit, and then the truth dare game started, one thing led to another and his dick was in my ass, and after a little experiment fucking he let me fuck him. I was so shocked and like i dunno, had this guilty feeling. Things were awkward when we woke up the next morning lol, but that was just the start of our experimenting with each other.
Anyways turns out he had a similar fetish for Speedos, he prefered Thongs but still would wear what ever i introduced to him. Ok so here is the nitty gritty to this post.

I sugested one time we do wrestling with the speedos on, and the objective was to obviously pin the other guy, but u were not allowed to unpick wedgies. That is one of my hottest turn ons, hot guys with wedgies. Any ways we would be doing all this wrestling with our speedos riding up our ass cracks, and i was stronger then him, so i usualy won. Once i had him pinned, I was able to say what his fate was. Sometimes i purposley let him win so i could be his boy toy. Anyways OMFG it was such a turn on for me, id be harder then ever just seeing his ass hanging out of his speedo. So imagine trying to shove my dick into his ass. anyways we did this for 3 or 4 yrs. I started getting interested in bareback and cream pies. The one and only time i got to give him a cream pie was us wrestling in a hotel room, and he shaved his ass the very very few times he has done that, it was perfect. Smooth ass with my giz coming out of his ass.

ohhh yeah

He had this Purple speedo that he had, and i usualy wore my neon green speedo when we wrestled. We would usualy get one and another in a position of vulnerability were, for ex. if i had him on his stomach i would dry hum him for a little bit, or if he he me on my back, he would force me to suck him off for a little bit. But having his ass in my face while i did a pile driver, was my fav move, becuase id feel sucj a hard on when his shaggy curley brunett hair would rub against my thighs, when i placed his head inbetween my legs to do a move, or seeing his ass semi exposed from the wedgie he had from just wrestling around. But if anyone knew who Alex wright was, the speedo we wore were hicked up past our belly buttons, so this way it was tight and our hard ons would be showing, as well the amazing curves on his back side stood out like as if it was a god send. As i mentioned earlier, the winner got to choose the loosers fate, weither it be head, Hand job, or straight up ass fucking, as long as the winner got off. If the winner wanted to return a favor, it was upto him.

But yeah that was my fantasy come true multiple times.

What y'all think?

Views: 379 · Added: 867 days ago

He is sending me PMs of sick storys about guys who wannna commit suicide or dying of disease!! Where is the BLOCK button???? how do i block :( him from contacting me?

hot chat
Views: 222 · Added: 867 days ago

I am online and lookin for hot chat

who is here ?
Views: 234 · Added: 867 days ago

if u want we can chat now ...

Views: 182 · Added: 867 days ago

Views: 902 · Added: 868 days ago

Even though his account has been deleted it doesn't mean he wont still possibly be lurking looking at the site.

If anyone has ways of contacting him, do it now. I was talking to him just before he deleted his account and i have now messaged him every way possible.

And if you see this gmr100, go on msn and talk to me.

Views: 171 · Added: 868 days ago

Washington state lookin for love!
Views: 185 · Added: 868 days ago

Hey! This is to mainly anyone who lives in Washington state around the seattle area. i'm lookin for a nice guy who wants to possibly meet me! or if you want to chat with a submissive bottom i'm open to that stuff also. but i'm a very submissive bottom who needs a real man to take my v-card and own a little bit of me. I'm dedicated and will never leave my man. Something i really wanna do is smoke some weed then suck my man's dick. i want a big dick. my favorite kinda boys are white or latino power tops. theres always room for exceptions so just message me for some fun! thanks!

Views: 168 · Added: 869 days ago

Hey any boys 19 or younger in or near Columbus ohio hit me up I'm very horny.

Views: 3235 · Added: 869 days ago

Have you ever got caught masterbating?

Views: 250 · Added: 869 days ago

i keep trying to upload a pro pic but it keeps freezing when i try to upload it how do i fix/avoid this

Views: 216 · Added: 870 days ago

Does anybody have a scat fetish? i dont know why but i have a fetish about poop. To me, nothing feels better than when you have to take a big dump.Pushing the poop out just feels good to me. I also get turned on when i think about or see hot young boys poop. Im 17 btw.

looking 4 younger
Views: 571 · Added: 871 days ago

would love to find a younger guy that likes to top :) i am from the nc area so if ur interested send me a message :)

i want 2 meet .
Views: 339 · Added: 871 days ago

my all friend if u r living UK.
pls add me .

Photo Albums
Views: 232 · Added: 871 days ago

Since the photos and posted albums have been restored, uploading has been problematic. First, often not all photos uploaded end up being posted. Second, the first photo of an album uploaded used to become the thumbnail for the album. I was careful that this photo was the correct proportion so it didn't become distorted when forced into the thumbnail format. Now the thumbnail seems to be picked at random and so is often distorted and not necessarily a good lead image for the album. Can we go back to the old way? It also takes several minutes for albums to upload. Could this be the reason all the photos aren't getting posted?


First of ALL : I know THAT U `GBT´-Team is actually extremly BUISY with `our´ WEB-site...even the video-player changing again...

So ofcourse it´s Better things to do than may Be the trouBle some user here make...
But it Become a dimension where I think it need really clear & clearing statements by the responsibels of `GBT´...

I am learning for become `sportteacher´ & `FAiRpLAY´ is may be the most important...
But we have especially 2 user here (some also running Blind with...)named `Alex17´& `world4u´...may be the `GBT´-weBmaster-Team got `Bad news´ from them already...

In the last weeks after & in my comeBack here I try to sensibilate for the question of BULLYing & Being BULLied!My hope have been(!) that it´s possible reaching the mainly persons WHO MEAN BEiNG iN THE MiSSiON FOR TEACHiNG US in the name of `LGBT´

But `Alex17´ & `world4u´(like one...) are so CONCENTRATED iN THEiR OWN PERSONS that there is no place for serious questions & may be a little self-criticsm...
Both donot have the Format for serious questions to give a real helping answer...

Just looking at his endless Bullying Postings at his own wall ofcourse!!
And that like twins in the combi with `world4u´
it seemed to be one person!

This 2 guys using so nice words like RESPECT & HEART & LOVE...
But this is not really to find in them at & for ALL...not even they love themselfes...And anyway noBody knows really who they are - especially not Mr. Mask...

Their activities in `suicide-prevention´ & `safer-sex´ (what coming next?!) is a Farce...and in anyway `GBT´ is a great WEB-site for just having Fun...may be also finding some (real?!) friends...SAYiNG iT CLEAR:`RUSlan´ & Mr.Mask´needed a psychater...

What is not to accept anymore that Both misusing other users here for their Bad-Games...including manupulating the weBmaster(s)!
Some user here thinking that BOTH ARE ONE OF THE WEBMASTERS...

By the way: if there are more than 5 active `GBT´-User outside from the Alex17-wall-user WHO WANT THAT I DELETE MY PROFiLE I will do...I promise !!
So `Alex17´ & `world4u´ may be you do the same & we ALL will see what happen...

My heartly Grets to & for ALL
BjORN - this - WAY(22.11.2011)

P.S.:`Friends´ from RUSlan who wrote me per private Mail know that I really answer!!

no videos playing
Views: 275 · Added: 871 days ago

videos are not playing again nick whats happening?

back :-)
Views: 379 · Added: 872 days ago

i just want to say that i am back...hugs for all

meeting boys
Views: 660 · Added: 872 days ago

how do you guys meet other gay guys? like i want to do sexual stuff with a guy but it seems like i don't know any gay guys.....


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