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my kik
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kik me darkperson5

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Boing! Boing! Boing!
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Happy Birthday Giles (@mophead2009)
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It's your birthday....and a bank holiday in the everyone there is celebrating with you. Happy Birthday Giles

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living a lie
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sometimes i wish my life wasn't one lie after another!! i'm so tired of the daily fight to protect myself from all the homophobes in a small communityi am so fucking tired of it!

  every day i pretend to be hetero even though i know  i am homo

oh my god i am so miserable. its not likr i can just pick up aaand move. what the fuck do i dojQuery18203176528074966256_1432534096711???

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Cannot download
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For the past day or so I am unable to download any of the videos here..... I only get the option to download the link. I have downloaded many of the great videos in the past few months. 

Anyone have a similar problem?  Or a solution?


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just saying hi

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The Orgasm
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As I rolled my partner onto his stomach I kissed his full round buttocks, massaging them with my hands. My tongue wandered north between the valleys of his cheeks, feeling he tickling of the soft dark hairs lining the inner moon of his curvature.


At the top of his crack I licked his curly, soft hairs that rose just partially onto his back then stopped for no apparent reason of why they even appear there to start with. His back is taunt and slim, widening toward his ribs and stretching across his shoulder blades with the smoothest, unblemished skin you could imagine. Slightly tanned, this is the smoothest area of skin on his body and I worshiped it. I wrapped my arms under his chest and up under his armpits, feeling the tangled growth of dark hair that lingers of his manly scent after a fresh shower. Iâm harder than steel as I lay my erection between the cracks of his butt and pull my chest against his back and lower my face to his neck and begin to lick. He turns his head to meet my tongue. We kiss, deeply; I explore his ears, his neck, and the shaggy hair line that smelled of delicious shampoo. I could wait no longer. I lowered my right hand to find my stiff rod and guide it to his gaping hole. A small dab of lube awaited me and I steered the head of my warm, hardness into the outer ring of his hole. He gasped and bucked at the touch, but prepared himself to be entered, not so much that I was going to enter him, but that he was going to back himself onto me and envelop my cock within his colon. I pushed only slightly as he slid me into him with moans of pleasure and slight pressure as he quickly filled himself with all that I had. I shuttered an involuntary reaction. My body on fire, I now wanted to make love to my partner with every touch and feeling within my body channeled through this long tube buried deeply inside him. The motion started. I pulled up as he slid back. We stayed together, but I wanted more friction.  More penetration so I laid my chest down against his back and my stomach against his firm cheeks and I took control. I let my hips do the trusting. Quick, deep and back toward the entrance. Again forward as I buried all of myself within him. I could feel my balls against his hairy gooch. It wasnât long I began to feel his body stiffen and stretch out. I pulled my chest tight against his back, arms under his around his chest, my tongue licking everywhere I could find skin. We were in perfect unison as dampness formed between us where our skin messed together. Then I felt it. That very distant little feeling that turns into a tidal wave that eventually becomes an orgasm.  I wasnât ready to ride it out so delaying became a priority. The more I tried to push back the more I suddenly felt the wave take told of his body and unleash itself. I thrust my manhood roughly against his prostate again and again and I knew he was on the verge of cumming. At just the right moment of his body being in total tenseness and moans of pleasure escaping his lips, I plunged forward as deep as I could, feeling his wave overcome his senses and travel through his body. Yells escaped his mouth. Contractions started deep within his balls to start the journey of ejaculating his sperm. His boy bucked, checking me off guard as his first volley cum propelled itself into the sheets. Then another and another, maybe the third being the most forceful, rippling though his muscles clear into his ass. As his contractions slowed after 3, I felt that same distant wave of pleasure entering  my body and racing toward the finish line. Between is fourth and fifth contraction, his body still jolting around my cock, his back held firmly against my chest, I started to orgasm. With matched precision his moans softened and mine began. I could feel my sperm rising and racing down the long hallway of tubes that would find my opening simultaneously as my orgasm overtook me and I lost control of it. My hips bucked forward with each splurge, uncontrollably hitting the sharp turn within my partners colon. He screamed, more in pleasure than pain. His ass ring clenched down on the girth of my penis and my ejaculations took control of my body. I was frozen in a grip with my partner, six, seven, eight spurts and done. He let go. His tension released before mine, he moaned out feeling the overload of my love juice within him. Our faces turned as we kissed and licked each other and my arms came over his shoulders. He rolled me gently onto my back and slowly withdrew my seemingly endless erection from deep within him. I noticed his hardness and his own cum stuck to his pubes and on his shaft. I felt so hard I thought it would break, but was at last able to breath in some much needed air. We lay damp, gasping for air. I rolled toward his cock and took it into my mouth to suck the remnants of his delicious cum. I licked down his shaft and tongued the clumps of cum stuck onto his thick bush. A bit was mixed in sweat around his navel, again with soft, curly hairs. He rolled over and quickly took my penis into his mouth. My body involuntarily jerked and a soft moan came from my lips. He sucked me clean and lay back. Time for a shower and round two. Rimming and oral in the tub!  

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Favourite artist
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Hey guys, I'm trying to add more music to my library and was wondering for anyone has any suggestions with thier favourite artist or artists. I enjoy a variety of music just not country, it can be sung in a different language. 

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I speak 4 languages
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Yay yay for new clothes!
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I just bought some more cutesie shirts and pants to add to my wardrobe. It always makes me such a happy boy, when I can get new clothes! :D

I've also beeng getting a lot more courage to dress up when I go out.  While I was at Walmart yesterday, one of the cashiers commented on my Hello Kitty watch. And when I was at the doctors office on Thursday for my physical, the nurse said that she really liked my rainbow colored purse. Women esp. are so nice to me, and a lot of times they go out of their way to compliment me on how I'm dressed.

I've alwys thought that girls are so lucky that they can dress pretty and sexy wherever they go, yet as a boy I have to be locked into a restrive ideal of masculinity. It feels great to be able to break free of those ridiculous fashion stereotypes, and show the world who I truly am. I can't wait to post more peektures with all my new outfits!

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ha ha ha have you guys seen your wall gezzzzzzzz what a mess they are

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When and how did you realize you actually liked boys?
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Liking other boys still feels a bit strange to me,  and I still need an experience with someone to be truly certain. But how did YOU cope with it? Do you feel like you were born with it? Or do you think this was something developed later in your life? 

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Picture to Remove
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Hey All, 

There is a picture of me on here that I need removed immediately. I've tried the "Contact Us" page as well as contacting the user who posted is every day for a week and haven't gotten ANY response. I need it removed immiediatly, also because it is underage. Any help would be much appreciated. 


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Science Time
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Hypothesis: Mangoes make your cum taste sweet.

Method: Buy and eat mangoes, load up a video of a young boy jerking his dick, masturbate, cum and taste. 

Conclusion: I'll keep you guys posted. 


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- Dear Ireland, here’s ten reasons to vote NO to same-sex marriage
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Some very comical reason's against smae-sex marriage... do people really believe these idiots...?

On Friday, Ireland is being asked to vote on a proposal to introduce civil same-sex marriage.

As we take balance seriously, we thought weâd take some time to recap some of the most convincing arguments to vote no to same-sex marriage from Ireland and around the world.

1. Vote No or children will have to listen to the âsounds of sodomyâ
A leaflet distributed in Dublin opposing same-sex marriage warns that children will be exposed to the âsounds of sodomyâ if it passes.

The leaflet tells voters that Christ compels them to vote No â asking: âShould children be exposed to this beastly obsession with unholy acts?â

Sounds of

2. Vote No because we failed to read the wording of the question
A number of lobbying groups in Ireland have been pushing people to vote No because children âdeserve a mother and a fatherâ.

The same-sex marriage legislation has nothing whatsoever to do with gay parenting â as even if Ireland does vote No, the countryâs completely separate adoption legislation is still set to pass.

Despite this, the anti-gay Iona Institute continues to inaccurately claim in adverts that the referendum would seek to âredefine the familyâ and is actually âinequality for childrenâ.

3. Vote No because otherwise you will only be able to buy gay burgers
Key opponents of equal marriage have warned that if equal marriage becomes law everywhere, Burger King will introduce a permanent gay pride burger and refuse to sell anything else.

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association warned that the message of tolerance would be âspreading across the entire planeâ, adding âsoon youâre going to have a rainbow coloured wrapper for your Whopperâ.

4. Vote No because gay couples will cause 900,000 abortions
Lawyer Gene Schaerr, who failed to defend a ban on same-sex marriages in the US state of Utah, has warned that same-sex weddings would be to blame for 900,000 abortions.

He âlooked intoâ the numbers and claimed: âearly 900,000 more children of the next generation would be aborted as a result of their mothers never marrying.â

Apparently, gay weddings would effectively be wiping out a population equal to âthe entire population of the cities of Sacramento and Atlanta combinedâ.

5. Vote No because we can lay down some funky tunes
This No voterâs opposition is so strong, he is even opposed to men marrying women.

Michael OâLeary became an unintentional rap star when he made the slip at a debate on the issue last year.

He exclaimed: âWe donât want to see men and women getting married!â

6. Vote No or bisexuals will demand four person marriages
Alabamaâs Chief Justice Roy Moore â a champion of the US anti-gay groups allegedly funding the ânoâ campaign â warned earlier this year that if two bisexuals or trans people wanted a marriage, it would have to involve four people.

He claimed: âYouâre taking any definition of a family away⦠when two bisexuals or two transgendered marry, how large is that family?

âCan they marry two persons, one of the same sex and one of the opposite sex? Then, youâve got a family of four or how many?â

7. Vote No because gay people can already get married (just not to each other)
One Cathoic bishop has been thinking about it very hard â and has concluded that preventing loving couples from marrying isnât actually discrimination at all.

Catholic Bishop of Elphin Kevin Doran explained that gay couples can just break up and marry people who marry people of the opposite sex.

He claimed: âThere is no legal obstacle to a person of homosexual orientation getting married, just as a heterosexual person can.â

8. Vote No because equality will destroy society
The Catholic church is very very concerned about the potential impacts of same-sex marriage (aside from the basic rights it gives to gay couples, of course).

According to the church, it would erode the âfoundation stone of societyâ â which doesnât sound good for civilisation as you know itâ¦

(However, given the Pope has also compared transgender people to nuclear weapons, your mileage may vary.)

9. Vote No because the semen in your Starbucks makes you want to vote Yes

Pastor James David Manning of ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem, New York, has an interesting theory for why the world has become so accepting of gays.

He claims: âWhat Starbucks was doing, is they were taking specimens of male semen, and they were putting it in the blends of their lattes.

âMy suspicion is that theyâre getting their semen from sodomites. Semen flavours up the coffee, and makes you thinks youâre having a good time.â

10. Vote No or God will give you cancer


Shockingly, this week a journalist received a letter from one âNoâ voter that blamed her cancer diagnosis on her support for same-sex marriage.
The letter claimed: âI was so sorry to hear about your cancer but maybe it is the will of God.

âAfter all you have been relentlessly pushing the twisted idea of gay marriage which would destroy the family as we know it and ruin the lives of generations of innocent children victimised by the narcissism of their âparentsâ.

âMy advice is to accept that you are both homosexual and not very pretty, as there are worse fates; you might be black for instance.â

â¦and if youâre still not convinced, nothing can help you!


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Is anyone one here german and willing to teach a bit of german? :o

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favorite positions as a top of bottom
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ok, i am versatile, but i only like to top twink type guys so i dont get that too often but i like to start letting them ride it because  they control it better, then its to doggy and then to belly down. when im bottoming i like belly down or missionary. What about you guys ?

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Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey on Gay Men and Bottom Shaming......
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Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey breaks down the psychological nuts and bolts of how and why we tend to label ourselves and other gay men. He goes on to describe how this common practice can be really limiting individually and collectively as well as begins to describe how we can challenge bottom shaming so we can grow and heal, (and have better sex)!


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left handiness
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there seems to be a disproportionate number of left handed wankers on this site considering that it's estimated that only about ten to twelve percent of the population are left handed.  Discuss!

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Newbie here, only recently found out about the blogs on this site and decided to make an account because of it. 

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Love is Love
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Uploading Pics
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Okay, how do you upload imagesjQuery18202044120980426669_1432211974943? When I click on the Create New Photo Album link, it takes me to a page where I should be able to upload pics...I give the album a name and then selected like a dozen images from a folder. It starts to upload them, but, every time, on the 3rd or 4th image, it aborts. I've used a different set of pics, and it does the exact same thing, always aborting the upload after 3 or 4 pics. They're all .jpg images, all about the same size (150-200kb or so)...I see others have uploaded a LOT of images, so, I know it's possible...what am I doing wrong???

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Stay cool and sexy...,
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Stay cool and sexy you guys! Love you all. Feel like the gay community should be a loving place and it is in many ways. Rock your stuff you cool gay guys. Rock it and never give in!

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Like Big Dicks? ♥
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So sexually frustrated. Wish someone was here with me, or at least someone would chat dirty with me while I stroke my hard cock. Alas, I am here alone. I guess I'm just going to try and relax and imagine Jeremy Sumpter's lips on my dick...

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Congradulations! You just won A BRAND NEW TOYODA!!!
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.....I think she's  pissed! LOL

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precum leakage
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is it normal to leak precum while bottoming? 

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What would u do to me?
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If i was there with u now how would u fuck me, and where would we fuck?

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"MAGGIE" (2015)
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I'm really having high hopes on  the upcoming Arnie zombie flick "Maggie" this is for me, far more interesting than "Terminator Genisys" . Maggie will hit theaters (and VOD) on May 8.

 Along with Arnold, the extraordinary Abigail Breslin and Joely Richardson co-starr the film.

Trailer :





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Latino Love Affair With Cum Video
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Wish I had a couple friends that loved cum as much as these guys do! That video is totallt f'in HOT!!!

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just watched a vid and the first kid had the hairest nuts for a teen boy. i mean coverd. so how do you like your balls and those of your partner? hairless? sparse? natural growth? busy?

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"Star Wars : The Force Awakens" Teaser #2
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Take a good look to the brand new "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" teaser trailer

Disney and Lucasfilm have released the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer for director J.J. Abramsâ upcoming sequel. The film takes place 30 years after the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and introduces new characters played by John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, and Oscar Isaac alongside the return of Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher.

The film also stars Adam Driver, Domhnall Gleeson, Lupita Nyongâo, Andy Serkis, Gwendoline Christie, Crystal Clarke, Pip Anders, Warwick Davis, Peter Mayhew, Kenny Baker, and Max von Sydow. Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens on December 18th.


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Sawyer Sweeten Commits Suicide
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Sawyer Sweeten -- one of the twins from "Everybody Loves Raymond" -- committed suicide Thursday morning, according to his sister.

19-year-old Sawyer reportedly shot himself while visiting family members in Texas. His older sister Madylin Sweeten -- who was also on 'Raymond' -- confirmed the death to TMZ, saying ... "This morning a terrible family tragedy occurred. We are devastated to report that our beloved brother, son, and friend took his own life."

Sawyer played Geoffrey Barone -- one of Ray Romano's twin boys -- on the series from 1996 to 2005. He not only co-starred with Madylin, but also his real life twin brother Sullivan.

His 20th birthday was just a few weeks away.

Madylin posted on Facebook on Thursday afternoon ... "At this time I would like to encourage everyone to reach out to the ones you love. Let them have no doubt of what they mean to you.

Read more:
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It's Him or fake
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Justin Bieber


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