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Photos not showing
Added: 746 days ago / Views: 284

Starting about an hour ago the photo albums have been showing up empty. Are other people experiencing the same thing?

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Added: 746 days ago / Views: 239


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Owls11 your missed (Ads)
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Happy 1200 days Sam xo
Added: 748 days ago / Views: 354

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making photo albums (not videos lol)
Added: 748 days ago / Views: 159

It seems to only want to let me post videos but I have picture I just wanted to upload. I did start one so i think i'm waiting for a moderator to approve. How do i add to the album if it's approved and how long does it take? I'm not even sure if it even went up for that matter lol. Anyone able to help me out?


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hairy arms
Added: 748 days ago / Views: 311

do you guys shave your arms?

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The Viagra Comic Strip....
Added: 748 days ago / Views: 145

"Hmmmm....this reminds me of something else of yours Squidward.....

but it's a LOT smaller."

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Shaving body hair?
Added: 749 days ago / Views: 385

I have a question for those of you more exerienced than I am. How common among gays or maybe just in general for young guys to shave their arm pits? And is it common for young guys to shave thier legs and the rest of their body?

I have seen some people in person with shaved legs and armpits, And I notice some of the pics, or videos have guys with shaved armpits.

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Banner Background
Added: 749 days ago / Views: 262

Hi, Can any pic essentially be uploaded as a banner?  For example I have a simple pic of pink trees in a fall like setting and have tried uploading as a Jpeg, URL and nothing works.   I dont know if that is ultimately the pic i want for background however do I need a special file for banner.    (Yes I am basically computer stupid:)

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Anybody have the Miker 123 Video?
Added: 749 days ago / Views: 474

Just wondered IF anyone has a copy of the MIKER123 video.  He's the cute blonde that strips, jacks and cums.  I had one, but my hard drive to get another copy of it.....anyone have one they could send me.   Please message me back and lemme know....much appreciated.     This video is so hawt and will make whoever watches it cum and cum again and again....thanks Seattle J

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Added: 749 days ago / Views: 181

Boys with Snapchat? I'm "metius.fufetius", feel free to add me ;-)

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Some terriers are SOO demanding! lol
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Stud party!
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Happy Star Wars Day Everyone!
Added: 750 days ago / Views: 193


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Hottest Gay Movie or TV Series
Added: 750 days ago / Views: 450

I'm looking for a really hot gay movie or tv series - like Queer As Folk but hotter if possible.  Any suggestions?  Not looking for porn but actual sex scenes would be great.

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Added: 750 days ago / Views: 219

we are looking for new friends

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Cast away
Added: 750 days ago / Views: 191

This little guy was found all alone on a island by a family of four and has lived aboard thier sail boat ever since.They say he will sit on the beach and look out over the ocean for hours waiting for some thing, the wife says she is the best dog they have ever had   True story

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Happy Birthday Alan
Added: 750 days ago / Views: 237

Itsmealan is a great guy and he deserves a great birthday, hope he has one!

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how i spend my time
Added: 751 days ago / Views: 158

Dear guys, 

as you can see I love shot pics of myself naked, some are nice some not a lot, but the important is shot.

I add a few that I think you can appreciate.



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Added: 751 days ago / Views: 215

The sunglasses stay on and the cum will fly on the couch: ouch!.

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Hey guys I am new here stop by and say hello
Added: 751 days ago / Views: 435

I am new here and everyone is so nice I need some friends and will be glad to talk to anyone.

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Videos watched
Added: 751 days ago / Views: 298

Hi all my friends! I was just counting for fun how many friends here have watched my videos and I got total number of about 1.800.000 times watched when counting all videos together since 50 days when I was accepted as a member here.

But when checking my profile it is said that: People have watched Jayden videos: 581258 times. There is more than 1,2 million watchers difference. Is this normal or is there something wrong what I don't understand or know?

Just asking and wishing you all a sunny Wednesday! Hugs Jay

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Added: 752 days ago / Views: 168

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Added: 752 days ago / Views: 213

Come tell me yours deepest darkest fabtasy - send me a private messgae if you prefer

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about me
Added: 752 days ago / Views: 245

hi, i'm 18 years old. i get really horny, looking for good porn and people to talk to and do other stuff to.

i am gay, but not out yet. don't care about dick size, but wouldn't mind a guy with skinny to middle build, but not too skinny.

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O dem bones
Added: 753 days ago / Views: 175


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Can't argue with that.....
Added: 753 days ago / Views: 232

I wonder if I can volunteer as a 'milker'. :)

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ETA on GBT Updates
Added: 753 days ago / Views: 538

I just wanted to give everyone an idea when we believe the new massive Update will begin on GBT. At this time we believe it will be at the being of June (about a month from now) Once we get this latest version of GBT up and the bugs worked out, we will start on some of the other projects and ideas members have suggested. But much of what requested will be added with the June update as well and lots of new things.


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Venice from above
Added: 753 days ago / Views: 158


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Added: 753 days ago / Views: 147


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Added: 754 days ago / Views: 212

showering all my friends with spring love, scott

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a possible kinky question
Added: 755 days ago / Views: 134

you walk in to a fast food joint and say i'd like a hot dog and the guy behind the counter says "what size do you like, i have big or small", you pause and think how to respond. lmao. :P

or you walk in a Subway and they say do you prefer 6 inch or a faotlong. lol.

and they say food is just for eating :P

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Are there others?
Added: 756 days ago / Views: 323

This site is cool.  Are there others like this around that you can post and save your videos and pictures on?




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lifestyle news
Added: 757 days ago / Views: 319

i read somewhere that females are the fastest growing users of gay porn. they like beautiful men and like seeing men do it to each other. and probably to learn how to give head!

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