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Added: 1056 days ago / Views: 200 ok folks,,,who is your team playin? sorry ny/dal..what up?
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What a terrible thing to go thru, for a little girl.
Added: 1057 days ago / Views: 152 (CNN) -- For as long as eight hours, the small girl hid, unnoticed, in a car with the bodies of two British women and a man shot dead in foothills of the Alps in eastern France.

Probably paralyzed by fear, the 4-year-old remained among the corpses as investigators waited for crime scene technicians to arrive so the car could be opened.

She is now under police protection, as is an older girl, thought to be 7 or 8 years old, who was found injured near the car. She suffered a fractured skull and an apparent bullet wound to the shoulder.

Prosecutor Eric Maillaud told reporters Thursday that investigators failed to notice the younger girl because she didn't move for hours as they waited for the forensic experts.

She was hidden under baggage and the legs of one of the dead women in the car's back seat. A thermal imaging camera failed to pick up her presence, Maillaud said.
What led to fatal shooting in France?

The child was "probably terrorized, completely concealed, completely immobile amid the corpses," he said.

Her Fmily shot dead around her and her dead mother on top of her,and the police
stood by without checking for survivers.
She,ll probably have Nightmares for weeks.Thank god her sister survived.
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Added: 1057 days ago / Views: 1279 Does anyone know if this is normal of me: I masturbate everyday and some days as much as five times. I want to stop but I cannot help it. If I do not masturbate, I get a lot of erections. When I do my homework in my underwear, I usually get an erection and cannot help wanting to jerk-off. Does this happen to all guys or is it just me. Do I have an addiction or is this normal?
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A Chat Room?
Added: 1057 days ago / Views: 324 Hi guys! Newbie here.. Brilliant site and thanks. Sorry if this post has been done to death before but, is there any chance in the future of adding a live chat site, to see who is online and erm.. chat to each other? I know chat sites need moderators, I'm sure there are 'sensible' users here who would give up time etc.. It's just a thought like... I DO know the hell that some sites descend too all too well. Would be nice though to have a chat room.

Thanks. hugs.

David xx

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Added: 1057 days ago / Views: 143 Hey i wanna start a nice relationship im 18 im from texas sa im looking for people near maybe get to know each other or take to the next level.
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How do you carry your pubes?
Added: 1058 days ago / Views: 712 How do you have them?
1.All natural
How do you like them on another guy?

I wear them shaved in the summer, all natural sept-march then start over again. Anyway works for me. I like the look of trimmed best though.
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boy for hire
Added: 1059 days ago / Views: 235 Thanks to 501s2 for the upload, I find the video dripping hot
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Nevershoutnever - On The Brightside
Added: 1059 days ago / Views: 169 I met a man of two feet tall
This man was quite ambitious
In a world that is so vicious
To us all, I said "hi"
As he replied, he said
"Listen to these words that I have lived by my whole life."

You're only as tall
As your heart will let you be
And you're only as small
As the world will make you seem
And when the going gets rough
And you feel like you may fall
Just look on the bright side
You're roughly six feet tall

I met a man of twelve feet tall
He towered like a giant
In a world that was defiant of his height
I said "hi" as he replied, he said
"Listen to these words that I have dreaded my whole life."

You're only as tall
As your heart will let you be
And you're only as small
As the world will make you seem
And when the going gets rough
And you feel like you may fall
Just look on the bright side
You're roughly six feet tall

I am a man of six feet tall
Just looking for some answers
In a world that answers none
Of them at all
I'll say "hi"
But not reply to the letters that you write
Because I found some piece of mind

Cause I'm only as tall
As my heart will let me be
And I'm only as small
As the world will make me seem
When the going gets rough
And I feel like I may fall
I'll look on the brightside
I'm roughly six feet tall
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Addicted to someone you love, is it possible?
Added: 1059 days ago / Views: 313 I met a guy on the Internet and after a while I became very much in love with him. So much in love that it became a problem cause I was constantly thinking of him, living an illusion that felt like I was living a dream (it really was only that) and by doing so, I neglected my real life and responsabilities (I have a family of my own). I became like a drug addict in a way, not being able to live WITHOUT him but not being able to live WITH him either... I decided to stop our relationship for the sake of my real life, but it is still very hard like if I had a craving for him. I iss him a lot. I feel I’m going cold turkey! Love is the strongest of drugs you know. Is there any one out there who has been living that kind of relationship and what’s to do to heal from it? Thanx for sharing your thoughts...
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power bottoms
Added: 1059 days ago / Views: 177 any power bottoms looking for a top
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Nevershoutnever! - What Is Love?
Added: 1060 days ago / Views: 173 In a sitch like this you've gotta think
And I don't think you think about the way he thinks
And I know you live life for yourself
But it all comes down to the way you help

And I know your life is such a hell
You wake up early and you work until
You have your drinks at 5 o'clock
The hours blend and your thoughts all haunt

Your hopes, your dreams, your everything
Well, momma I hope, I dream, that you won't leave

And I have a question!
What is love?
What is love?
Is it giving up?
'Cause that's not how you raised me, yeah.

In a sitch like this you gotta think
And I don't think you think about the way
She thinks
And I know you work hard everyday
But it all comes down to the way you're

And I know you're oh so sorry dad
I truly believe that you're a better man
To share one kiss then give away
All the love you come home everyday

To your hopes, your dreams, your everything
Well daddy, I hope, I dream that she won't leave

And I have a question!
What is love?
What is love?
Is it giving up?
Cause that's not how you raised me.
And what is love?
What is love?

See, I don't know anymore;
I used to look up to that love.

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Added: 1060 days ago / Views: 163 I know that I am new here but I wanted to relate an experience that I had over the weekend that you might like to hear about. Many of you know I was a friend of MONKEYBOY who recently passed away. In accordance with his wishes he did not want a funeral, in his words it was a barbaric practice to stare at a corpse in a box. Anyway his wish was just to be creamated and then to have one hell of a party in his honor inviting all of his friends. We did this on Laborday. We had a huge BBQ and party and released his ashes on a cliff over the lake. There were over 200 people there! NOT 1 member of his family came. They disowned him since he came out. (funny it was right after he came out that he was accidently poisioned Hmmm but he would never talk about that.) Anyway I diegress, we gave him a truly wonderful sendoff, str8 and gay people of the community were there all remembering him when he was active in the community and not stuck in that damn chair and bitter. When I go I hope I can get a send off like that
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I found this Blog that is worth Sharing.Its better to honest,Rather than Lie.Im so much more Happier now.
Added: 1060 days ago / Views: 302
In March of this year I googled the word “Twinks” as a laugh and found a web site called Twinks Meeting Room. I clicked it, joined and found it a really nice site where I made a lot of new friends. One of those friends told me of another site, one called Slurpers smooth Boys that he belong to as well. I checked it out, joined and well the rest you know. In that amount of time since March two very special friends admitted to me that their on-line personalities were lies. My disappointment was not that they lied but that they thought they had to lie to me. We all are gay on these sites yet they had to be someone else because they thought they would be rejected by others as they would have been in the “Real” world if they came out. Nothing could be further from the truth.
All of us had the sting of rejection given to us because we are gay. Some more than others but we all know it. So it puzzle’s me why anyone would create a fake persona here. We are all the same here. We are all family as I said before. This is the one place where you can be yourself. To enjoy yourself for being who you are. There is no reason to hide behind a false curtain here. Here you’re among friends. Friends here who care about you. Friends here who can say “Ya that happened to me too. Here’s what you do”. Friends who will listen. Friends who will cry with you. Friends who will love you for you. Even friends who become more than friends.
In the time I’ve been on these sites I have made wonderful friends that I would have never made otherwise. We laughed, loved, cried and shared together. And as I said earlier some have shared the most important thing. They shared their true selves. They became themselves and not just some made up person. I love them even more for doing it. Hopefully one day they will be able to live their lives in the real world like thy live it with me here. As themselves
If your living one of these “Fantasy” lives I can only ask why. I can understand it for the real world with its prejudice and cruelty but here you will find friendship, companionship and maybe even love. Give it a try. You may find something you like and love very much.
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A trip to the Campground. (Author Unknown)
Added: 1060 days ago / Views: 244
One day Sean invited his best friend Sam to come along camping with him and
his Parents, Sam said he'd love to come that he had never been camping
before. So a week later they all piled into the Taylor's car and drove off
to the camp grounds. when they got there they first of all set up there
tents one for Sean's parents and another for Sean and Sam who choose to
camp a little way off from the parents. For the rest of the afternoon Sam
and Sean played around and explored while Sean's parents just laid around
and relaxed. After they cooked and had dinner they sat around the fire till
it started to drizzle at which point Sam and Sean went to their tent and
Sean parents went to theirs. The boys both laid out their mattress's and
their sleeping bags Sean then got out his boxers and put them on his
pillow. He then quickly ran out to his parent's tent to say goodnight,
whist Sean was out Sam put on his own boxers and pulled them up just as
Sean came back in to the tent. Sean then started to get undressed put on
his boxers. Sean then asked Sam if he would like to play a game of cards
for something to do. Sam said blackjack? and Sean readily agreed so he got
the torch and his cards.

They play quite a few games till Sean started to get a bit bored of it and
asked Sam if he wanted to make it more interesting. Sam asked how? Sean
replied with maybe strip poker. Sam agreed so they each put on pants
t-shirt and a jumper or the game would go a bit fast if they just had on
boxers to start. Sean lost the first 2 games, and Sam then managed to lose
the next 3 games so he was just in his boxers Sam won the next game so they
were even. Sean then lost again so he had to take off his boxers, Sean then
won the next game he also had to remove his boxers so both of them were now
sitting there in the nude. Sean won the last round of that game so he dared
Sam to run over to a tree a little way off and back in the nude, Sam looked
outside to see if anyone was around and then ran for it. Sean watched as he
ran to the tree and back when he was back they both got dressed for another
game. For the next game Sean said the loser has to feel the others dick.
The next game was also rather close when Sean was in his boxers and Sam in
the nude Sean won the next game so Sam felt Sean's dick.

Sean upped the dare again this the loser has to kiss the others dick. Sean
said to Sam he can put on some undies as well if he wants, so Sam quickly
put on some undies under his boxers. When Sean had nothing left on and Sam
was left just in his undies Sean purposely lost. Sean licked his lip and
leant forwards he then pulled down the front of Sam's undies and put his
lips upon Sam's penis and kissed, and then slowly sat back up. This time
Sam said the loser has to put it in their mouth as well, the game ended the
same as the last one did. So Sean pulled down Sam's undies and took them
off this time, he then got hold of Sam's dick and gently played with it
till it got hard. As soon as it got hard Sean slowly leaned forward and put
it in his mouth and started to suck it. Sam enjoyed was enjoying it so much
he didn't dare tell Sean to stop. But after a couple of he minutes he said
I gotta take a piss and quickly got up and went outside in nude. When he
was a couple of meters away from the tent he tried to take a piss but
nothing was there so he went back in. He then sat back down said another
game Sean said ok, this time Sam tried his hardest to win and Sean tried
his to lose without been to obvious. Sean lost that game. so Sean quite
happily lent over and pulled down Sam's pants followed by his boxers. Sean
could see Sam already had a boner or still had one so he pulled down Sam
undies. he then put Sam's dick in his mouth and went back to sucking it. It
wasn't long till Sam said he needed to go again. but this time Sean said no
and kept on sucking. Sam then all of a sudden went as stiff as a board and
deposited what he would soon learn was cum into Sean's mouth. Once Sam got
his breath back said you have so got to do that again someday and Sean
replied with love to. After this they both got into their sleeping bags and
went off into a blissful sleep.

The next day they did lots of hiking and had another fire in the evening.
Sam said his goodnights and went of to the tent first, Sam took of all his
cloths and then got into his sleeping bag. Sam then heard Sean say
goodnight to his parents and then walk over to their tent and come in. Sean
then got out his boxers and started to get undress, Just as he was about to
grab his boxers and put them on Sam reached out and grabbed Sean's boxers.
Sam then put them at the very bottom of his sleeping bag, Sean then said do
you want me to get them do you? Sam just grinned and said maybe. so Sean
then started to climb head first and naked into Sam's sleeping bag when he
was far enough down he stopped. and got Sam's dick and put it in his mouth
and sucked it. Sam also started playing with Sean's dick. After a minute or
so Sean climbed back out and said can't get them from there he then
unzipped the sleeping bag and then quickly went back to gently sucking on
Sam's dick again. Not long after Sean tasted some precum Sam let forth a
with an even bigger and sweeter load of cum than the night before. Sean
sucked every last little drop of cum out of Sam as if his life depended on
it. Sean then lay beside Sam and zipped up the sleeping bag with them both
inside, after minute or so Sean said to Sam lie on your front which Sam
did. Sean then sort of knelt over Sam and then slowly pushed his dick into
Sam's bum Sean then pushed it up as far as he could. Sean then slowly
started pump his cock in and out of Sam. just before he lost it he pulled
his dick out and shot his cum over Sam's backside and onto the sleeping
bag. They then both lay on their side with Sean facing Sam's wet back and
went to sleep spooned up next to Sam.

The next day they choose a to go to a spot where they could go swimming, so
they packed lunches bathers and a towel each and left. When they got there
they found there was a small waterfall and a nice big area to swim. because
of the time of year there wasn't anyone else around, they then got changed
and went in for a swim. After lunch Sean's parents decided to lie down and
read a book whilst Sean and Sam went in again. Sean swam over to the
waterfall and went under it and to his surprise there was like a cave on
the other side. Sean then took a breath and swam back out and told Sam they
then both swam through the waterfall. Once under Sean sat up on a rock Sam
then looked at Sean and then put his hand on Sean's knee he then said can I
see it? Sean said ok and lifted his bum up and Sam then pulled down Sean's
Speedos and took them and put them next to Sean. he then gently started to
play with Sean's dick till it got hard he moved his head closer and closer
till his mouth just about touching Sean's dick. He then licked his lips and
then slowly put Sean's dick right into his mouth he then sucked on Sean's
dick for the first time. After a couple of minutes Sean heard his mum
calling out he then said I'll be back and swam out and said what. His mum
asked where were you and Sean said were playing under the waterfall. Sean
still naked and with a boner swam back under and felt Sam's dick as he got
under, Sean then sat back up on the rock and said now where were we. Sam
quickly went back to sucking on Sean's dick again he also slid one hand
into his own Speedos and held his dick whilst he sucked on Sean's. After a
little while Sean started to breath more heavily he then shot his creamy
load into Sam's mouth. As if right on cue Sean's parents called for them to
come back as it was time to go. So they quickly righted themselves and
left. when the returned to the camp site they had to pack as they were
going home soon. Once the car was packed Sean and Sam jumped in the back
row of seats and they drove off home. On the trip home Sean decided to make
Sam cum one last time, so he carefully slid his hand into Sam's shorts.
Sean checked his parents then continued his hands trip into Sam's
underpants upon which he slowly started to jerk Sam off. after about 5min
Sam got tense as he released his final load of cum for the trip into his
undies filing them right up with boicum.
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GBT rocks!
Added: 1060 days ago / Views: 209 i just came here for the hot vids but i'm pretty much hooked on the site for other reasons too...there is family here and its been neat getting to meet guys around the world...and sharing what we are about and whats going on in our lives. i like guys that don't mind showing who they are in the inside and not so macho on the outside...that's cool. i fucked girls but guys are so much better to be around, share common interests and be intimate hot! waking up in the morning nakid with a best friend is so much better than some girl who has to put on makeup before u can see i hope everyone here finds that special someone! take time to look and make the effort to share your life... if someone doesn't like it... fuck 'em...and move on... there is plenty out there just like u. don't let it get u down...:-)... just thought i would say that. Thanks for all the know who you are...:)
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true / false
Added: 1061 days ago / Views: 157 while some of these blog entries may be based on fact it seems to me that many of these entries are fantasy! real people you can look at! know who they are! where they live! people you go to work or school with!. These are the people who are real and ultimateley you have to interreact with ,So of my soap box, dont look for answers from strangers,look up your countries help lines eg;uk = samaritans/gblt listed helplines in phone directories etc...
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Added: 1061 days ago / Views: 218 any guys on here from noth east pa??
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30 Seconds To Mars - Closer To The Edge
Added: 1061 days ago / Views: 193 I don't remember one moment I tried to forget
I lost myself yet I'm better not sad
Now I'm closer to the edge

It was a a thousand to one and a million to two
Time to go down in flames and I'm taking you
Closer to the edge

No I'm not saying I'm sorry
One day, maybe we'll meet again
No I'm not saying I'm sorry
One day, maybe we'll meet again
No, no, no, no

Can you imagine a time when the truth ran free
A birth of a song, a death of a dream
Closer to the edge
This never ending story, hate 4 wheel driving fate
We all fall short of glory, lost in ourself
[ Lyrics from: ]
No I'm not saying I'm sorry
One day, maybe we'll meet again
No I'm not saying I'm sorry
One day, maybe we'll meet again
No, no, no, no

No, no, no, no
I will never forget
No, no
I will never regret
No, no
I will live my life
No, no, no, no
I will never forget
No, no
I will never regret
No, no
I will live my life

No I'm not saying I'm sorry
One day, maybe we'll meet again
No, no
No, I'm not saying I'm sorry
One day, maybe we'll meet again
No, no, no, no

Closer to the edge
Closer to the edge
No, no, no, no
Closer to the edge
Closer to the edge
No, no, no, no

Closer to the edge

More lyrics:
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First time!
Added: 1062 days ago / Views: 397 This is probably the millionth blog on this topic...but what was everyones first time like? Good/bad?
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Added: 1062 days ago / Views: 180 Im confused my site shows ive only added 15 videos ive posted loads more and they allways shown.Must admit not checked it for ages.
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Added: 1062 days ago / Views: 184 Someone want to skype add subzerox77
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Added: 1062 days ago / Views: 280 Hi there guys I need help finding a movie from a video I have in my favorite videos The name of it in my favorite is hard day Please go to my profile and under favorite videos look at the 3rd vid its called a hard day. if you know any actors or even better the real name of the movie please let me know and the compiny that made it.
Thanks all.
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Race day
Added: 1062 days ago / Views: 266 F1 and Indy time trials and races this week end gonna be a great week end of racing.
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Added: 1062 days ago / Views: 167 This is the most random and longest shot i've ever attempted ever but here it goes!

Does anyone here go to Warwick University (UK)? I'm starting there later this month to do history and politics!

James :)
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Something to Read if your Bored. Happy Reading ( I dont Know the Author)
Added: 1062 days ago / Views: 244 This is not my first experience since I had been sort of a sex toy for older boys in the neighborhood but my first very memorable experience.

One winter weekend night my sister's boyfriend was at our house late when it began sleeting heavy and the roads quickly iced over. My parents insisted he spend the night and not drive and that he would sleep with me in my bedroom. I guess they thought he wouldn't be sneaking around to my sisters room if I was in bed with him lol. Anyway I had been turned on by him ever since I first saw him. I was an upcoming jock with a nice lightly defined body but not the maturity that he had. He was 3 years older than me and was a senior star on the football team who I idolized. He knew I idolized him because he caught me staring at his body when he was visiting swimming in our pool during the summer, but I think he just thought I was a young jock looking up to him.

Anyway I had gone to bed I always slept in my briefs. I was so excited that he was going to be in the bed with me I couldn't go to sleep and was getting very horny thinking about his warm body next to mine. Later the door opened and he walked in and said "Squirt you awake?", he called me that all the time to annoy me. I said yeah and he began stripping his clothes off. He asked what I slept in and I said briefs he said great he did too and was wondering if it was cool. Boy was it. He slowly started pulling off his shirt I think he was going to give me a show since I watched him all the time. He stood there his hot pecs with a light covering of hair and a hairy navel and trail leading into his jeans. He then slipped his Nike's off and pulled the socks off and threw one at my face.

Man the smell sent an electric shock down my body and he had a smirk on his face. He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off throwing them on the floor and he stood in a pair of white briefs that had a huge bulge, his muscular legs were very hairy. He absentmindly reached down and squeezed his cock which was laying sideways in his briefs. He crawled into bed and laid back with his arms behind his head and I got a look at his hairy armpits that had the most amazing erotic smell.

My girlfriend was always complaining that he was a pig and should wear deoderant but I always loved to be near him and smell him and now I was getting an overwhelming close smell and my dick jumped. My bed was sort of small for a bigger guy like him added in and his leg was pressed against mine. The hairy leg against mine again was like an electric shock. He said get some sleep squirt and I laid on my stomach like I always do. I instantly decided that when he went to sleep I was going to feel his big cock through his briefs.

What seemed like hours went by but I'm sure it was only about 5 minutes lol

I heard him taking deep breaths and was sure he was asleep. I turned on my side facing him and let my hand lay on his thigh closest to me. He didnt move and kept breathing deep. Damn I was so excited feeling his hairy hard leg that my briefs were soaking wet with precum already. I moved my hand up and felt the leg of the briefs and moved my hand up over his bulge and kept it there for a minute, he kept breathing deep, his cock felt meaty and increasing in size but I couldn't tell his cock is pretty large on soft as I knew from seeing it in his swimsuit.

I squeezed it and massaged it then I decided if this didn't wake him I could go farther. I moved my hand to the band of his briefs and slowly slid my hand inside, still he was breathing deep and I felt his dick which seemed very hot. I was now totally out of control. I pushed the sheet and blanket down to his knees and I knew I was going to have to pull his briefs down so I grabbed the band on both sides and gingerly as I could started slideing them down. As I did he moved his legs and snorted but it gave me the opportunity to pull it down off his ass in the back.

His briefs were now down to his knees and I just pulled them all the way off. I figured I would tell him I don't know how they got off he must have done it in his sleep. I could see in the little light in the room that his cock was now hard and sticking straight up and was beautiful thick and long and as I got closer the head had a big drop of precum and the head was wet. I couldnt resist so I licked the precum off the head and his cock jumped.

He kept breathing deep so I put the head in my mouth and began lightly sucking it. I was totally fucused on his smells and the big cockhead in my mouth everything else was oblivious. Suddenly I felt his hand on the back of my head and a heavy feeling developed in my stomach I was scared shitless - he was awake! He was going to tell my family I just knew. I heard him say "Keep sucking squirt that feels good". I thought to myself what the hell, I'm in this far so I started sucking him harder.

He told me to turn my ass up toward him and without taking my mouth of his cock I turned around in bed still on my knees. I felt him pulling my briefs off of me and he threw them on the floor. I heard him spit on his fingers and he started rubbing his spit into my asscrack getting it wet from one end to the other also massaging my asscheeks, I was really sucking his cock now as much as I could get in my mouth it was so thick it seemed to me.

He said "Squirt you got a hot little pussy". That was the first time anybody had called my butthole a pussy before and it excited me for some reason. He asked me did I have any vaseline or lotion cause he knew I jacked off, I said yes in the nightstand top drawer and he reached and got the small jar of vaseline and took a gob and smeared it around my hole and began pushing it in with one finger. As I said I had been quick fucked before by a friend and older boy in the neighborhood so it didnt hurt as much like it did the first time and felt really good he said keep sucking and put two fingers in, then after awhile three fingers.

I had never had anything as thick as those three fingers in me before and the stretching feeling on my hole was electric and something I had never felt before. He said "Baby lay on your stomach I'm going to fuck your pussy."

LIke an obedient dog, I reluctantly took my mouth off his cock and laid on my stomach and he pushed my legs out apart and crawled in behind me between my legs. He bent over and put his cock head to my hole and slowly pushed, his head was big and again I got that amazing stretching feeling as his head popped into my hole. He said that's it baby and he held it there for a minute and then slowly began sinking his cock all the way in. It was an amazing feeling, nothing like I had felt before and pretty soon I felt his bushy pubes on the top of my ass and his big balls on the bottom part of my ass.

He laid there on top of me for a minute just slowly squirming in me as his mouth was next to my ear telling me how good my pussy felt. He began slowly fucking me and told me he wasnt going to last long it felt too good and began stroking in and out of me faster. We were both fighting to keep from screaming when suddenly he went real deep in me and I felt his big cock expand. He laid there on top of me slowly squirming for awhile then pulled his cock back and pushed just the head in and out of my outer hole.

He was milking his cock and I felt the cum pouring out on my balls. My back was wet with his sweat as he just laid there. Finally he pulled off of me and laid back and I realized I had cum on the sheet under me while he was fucking me. But my dick was hard again. I turned my face and put it to his sweaty armpit and jacked my dick again till I cum. He said "Go to sleep squirt" and we slept naked.

When I woke up the next morning he was gone.

I hope I wasn't too wordy but reliving this got me incredibly horny.
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Added: 1062 days ago / Views: 345 Hi i'm new here....My name is Tom and i look forward to talking 2 u guys :)
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prob uploading pics
Added: 1062 days ago / Views: 231 so trying to upload some pics but it is not working 4 me it keeps giving me probs about the size of the pic try to make it smaller but it still wont work and it says i didnt upload a avatar yet what does that mean???
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flv files
Added: 1062 days ago / Views: 309 hey does any one know how to convert flv files to mp4
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Added: 1062 days ago / Views: 284 so ok not sure if anybody has actuallly seen the show however i had download the series and well it doesn't seem like its the one from the usa lol although still very nice i think however does anybody now how to find the usa one
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just a little kindness and compassion
Added: 1063 days ago / Views: 303 re: post
I was a bit bummed when I heard at MONKEYBOY's passing. I believe his last post was that he was leaving the blog do to some remarks directed towards him. And here is my point. No one nows many of our bloggers ages on here . So young some old, but yet we come here for many different reasons. Some just for the videos. I was one of them but then I started reading the blogs. Others here to vent, find friends maybe meet their next lover or support when trying to make a decision to better there lives we all have are reasons. I did not know his age yet in the last week of his life one of the few things that made him happy no longer did due to what ever the reason was. For those who choose to be negative and spiteful toward fellow GBT's just a little kindness and compassion could have made MONKEYBOY'S LAST WEEK a little more happy. Remember my young friends on GBT's we were once you and you will be us sooner than you think. Treat each other with some respect.
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Labour day
Added: 1063 days ago / Views: 247 To all my US and Canadian friends..i hope that u all have a great LABOUR DAY on Monday..we in the UK don't celebrate labour day it's just a normal working day..
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Added: 1063 days ago / Views: 166 Good morning to every one I hope you have a great day :-)
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feel sooo down right now :(
Added: 1063 days ago / Views: 429 i just feel so down,depressed and lonely and i dont know why, maybe its becoz im fed up of my life atm and nothing is going right :(:(
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Feature Request
Added: 1063 days ago / Views: 329 I was just thinking, if any admin is listening how about added a new feature to the site to allow you to edit your post if you noticed you made a typo and correct it. Say you made a typo on someones wall or on comment in blog, video or pics. What do you guys think about having that feature for our next update. I for one would not mind that just wanted to hear what you guys think.
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can not download videos
Added: 1063 days ago / Views: 182 for past few days not been able to download any of the videos any body else having same problem
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" get you back on track..."
Added: 1064 days ago / Views: 181 glad to hear news of safety, but does anyone else wonder why these 2 left for start 'a new life'?
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Celebs in Town
Added: 1064 days ago / Views: 209 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their 6 children have rented a house for a holiday (vacation) on the lake road... Windermere..Cumbria..UK..just a short drive from the hotel where i work..they may just call in for coffee one day who know's...
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lookin to blaze and chill in the LBC 562
Added: 1064 days ago / Views: 218 lookin for a koo dude to smoke a blunt and chill wit.. ne age welcome so hmu..
fyi i got pics, but seems they are to big to upload on this site lol

get at me
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older 4 younger
Added: 1064 days ago / Views: 327 so wondering how many young guys are actually into older bttm bears :) and yea would love to find someone that is either in the nc area or would love to be in the nc area :)
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Added: 1065 days ago / Views: 703 U can guess the -subject- THE penis, how do you prefer? cut or uncut

You can guess, I don't want those dimensions... you can show us about your experiences.
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