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friend leaves
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sunday october 27,2013...socialsccott has left..sad for me,,he will be ok ..he ,,i believe ,,has left before,,he felt the need to go..he is a good friend..hey scotty..come back soon..we need you,,sweet love..

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I am very scared about that we are spyed out by Governement,Intelligence Agency's and other institutes what we don't know already.

I think we pay a big price for our little freedom in the web!

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Where are the vids?
Added: 919 days ago / Views: 150

Y are some of the vids missing?

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Added: 919 days ago / Views: 211

I feel like such a piece of crap right now, like for realz

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confession time
Added: 920 days ago / Views: 1354 Something that you've never told anyone before. Ever!
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another saturday blog
Added: 920 days ago / Views: 313

i used to think a bisexual male was a gay who couldn't admit to himself that he was gay. i mean seriously, if you can have male to male sex and love it, aren't you gay? but then over the years i have seen my brother go from girls to guys and then both. i think he is mainly a user, who uses people to get what he and it doesnt matter if they are female or male. ive talked with him and with a bf he had and i can't understand his behavior other than to say he is bisexual. i used to blame myself for him switching to guys, but then he went back and forth.

so my opinion has changed and i try to keep an open mind on things. i'd love to hear from other bisexuals, not to yell at me, but to share your feelings of leaning one way or the other. and can a bisexual fall in love with a gay. as a gay, i would always wonder if my bisexual partner would want to revert and go for a girl. i would have that fear of loosing him.

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What would you name your kids?
Added: 920 days ago / Views: 519

If you were to have some that is or get some

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Toby19 reaches 1,000 days on GBT
Added: 920 days ago / Views: 321

It has arrived. Our dear sweet Toby18 has been here for 1,000 days....1,000 days of inspired caring...for he is a man that touches hearts...lets others touch his....although his road his not been easy or smooth...he understands and give without question....I thank you my friend...for being a friend...for making days ligher and brighter...for the kind words...the funny thoughts...and the caring you provide to so inspire me to be shine a light that brightens each day....may the next 1,000 days give you all that you desire...may it be filled with and joy...You are a special friend...that I will treasure well into my dotage...which many think has already begun....It is time to shoot fireworks into the air....A 1,000 kisses...a 1,000 hugs...and 1,000 times the love you have shown others....Thomas xxooxxoo

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saturday blog
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my thought today. is it ok for guys in a relationship to look at other guys and comment if theyre hot or good lookin? we ate out last night and i saw this guy that was "omg" lookin. cute blond, facial hair, sexy eyes, med build and i looked him over about 10 times. im not dead, i still look. kinda the same lookin at porn isnt it? tryin to find someone sexy.

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Famous Gay Men
Added: 920 days ago / Views: 559

Which famous gay man do you most admire? and why?

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Added: 920 days ago / Views: 182

I get excited when I read the name of the video.......only to be dissapointed with the bad quality of it. Why is it the camera or the internet connection of the poster.


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Like a Champ
Added: 920 days ago / Views: 288

Took the cock like a champ. Straight friend pounded me, his dick looked like a banana. The cute curvy ones.

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Added: 920 days ago / Views: 192

was just checking my friends list and I have lost ones since I joined, did the new updates have any affect on this

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Who is your favorite Actor(s) and or Actress(s)
Added: 921 days ago / Views: 143

As for me, Humphey Bogart, Bela Lugosi, Boris Darloff, Sean Connery,

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Please give comments! Gay, Bi and Straight!
Added: 921 days ago / Views: 784

* = optional

1. Gay/Bisexual/Straight?

2. Age?

*3. Where are you from? (Optional: for any culture, knowledge)

4. Have you ever had a condom on? (If no: post comment, If yes:continue question 5)

5. How old where you at first time condom?

*6. Was it for practicing(1), jerking(2) or for real sex(3)?(question 5.)(If 1:question 7

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Added: 921 days ago / Views: 157

since 3 days I did umload one or 2 vids a day, but no one is visible here. Is there anyone with the same problem?

all my uploads have been confirmed as succesful.

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Standardized tests
Added: 921 days ago / Views: 224

Gotta take the MCAT in january.

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my thought for today...
Added: 921 days ago / Views: 503

why did God give us hair around our cocks? i mean like in a bush? and then why did we need it on our balls and back there?

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Added: 922 days ago / Views: 254

We still dont get how this respond button works.

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Gays Socially Awkward
Added: 922 days ago / Views: 432

I ate lunch today at a sandwich shop, and in my usual manner, I eavesdropped on a near by conversation (There's no such thing as a private conversation in public). Anyway, I overhead two guys talking about how you can usually tell someone is guy when they're socially awkward.

I just found this interesting, and I wanted to hear what you all had to say.

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State of Flux
Added: 922 days ago / Views: 180

I am currently very critical about everything around me. Why people behave the way they do, I try to come up with answeres for unanswered questions. Its driving me crazy, to the point of insanity. I feel like I can't be me, I am tired and exhausted most of the time. I want a companion I can talk to and share intimate moments. Whats the point of living? I am one in a billion. Maybe it is the loneliness that is driving me to the point of insanity. I am trapped between two worlds, unsure of what decisions to I gay, am I straight, I dont know and I wish I didnt have to choose, why do I have to be judged on my choice of sexuality. I want to be free and live without a care in the world, yet I cant because the fear/anxiety of being anayzed, being judged prevents me from being my true self. Afraid I will not fit in, afraid as being classified as weird, crazy or lunatic. Dont know why, I know I shouldn't give a fuck. I smoke weed to comfort myself and release my sexual frustration through masterbation. I feel overwhealmed, I work and go to school!

I am an introvert meaning I hate being around others and am comfortable at times being by myself, but I suffer from anxiety and feel socially awkward when I am with people. I am always analyzing myself, judging, I cant stop it is a part of me, yet I hate being alone. I am in a state of flux!

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Added: 922 days ago / Views: 196

lets all give someone a smile, none of the witty comments, but they can be quite witty I suppose. Lets all give the friend next to us that thing that desnt cost anything, A BIG SMILE, says a lot and can bring a tear to a lost soul....

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What is your favorite movie
Added: 923 days ago / Views: 411

My favorite movie is Casablanca and then 1931 Dracula.

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Added: 923 days ago / Views: 145

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inbox problems
Added: 923 days ago / Views: 177

anyone else having problems with their in box? mine hasn't received any new messages in weeks.

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How to ask how far my partner wants to go and how do we have a private time when there is no privacy
Added: 923 days ago / Views: 222

so my boyfriend and i have been dating for almost a month. what are some non intrusive ways to ask him how far he is comfortable going (making out oral full sex etc). Also i have a roommate at university and he lives off campus. any ideas how or where

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Life can be hard life can be fun
Added: 923 days ago / Views: 195

It is what we make out of lfe that counts and not just sex fun and laughting have a joke or just some fun and love as long as we can.

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what do u prefer?
Added: 923 days ago / Views: 538

who is top, who is bottom and who is versatile?

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verification email not being sent
Added: 924 days ago / Views: 262

I have a friend trying to sign up but no verificaqtion email is being sent to his email account, and yes we have checked the junk folder. can anyone assist please.

Thanks in advance

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Right time
Added: 924 days ago / Views: 283

The right time to start talking about defloration?

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Wanting to talk and meet with people
Added: 924 days ago / Views: 255

Hey everyone, I know this seems stupid to post, but one of the reasons I joined GBT is to meet and be able to talk with people.

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Sex type
Added: 924 days ago / Views: 455

Do you prefer romantic sex or loud rough sex?

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Shit just got real....Part 3
Added: 925 days ago / Views: 295

Yesterday I made a blog, and it was a personal one to me and realized I oversteped my bound. I would like to take this time to say my apologies and right what I have wronged. Though I like to state my opions to you all, I have to realize that I cannot be overly pashionate to the point of hurting someone else. I am wrong and human. Though I was wrong, I agree with some on here like Zig and Tolead, that words do hurt some and there is no reason to curse and target violence and hate. But on the other hand, please, do not shun this person. I realized and thought about it last night long and hard, that he too felt a passion and I dont blame him for being upset. When bofriends/girlfriends/spouses and children/family come into play, he was only doing what he thought was right and protecting someone he cared about. So again, I would like to apologize for my portion of the wrong from yesterday and I deleted the following blog. Thank you ----Johnnybe

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When to pull out the Fetish?
Added: 925 days ago / Views: 154

I want to try a diaper fetish with someone, but am not sure how to go about it. I like the way a diaper feels especially when I have a boner, I want to fuck and get fucked, my hormones are raging making me want to experiement with a guy my age till we make a beautiful mess.

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Added: 926 days ago / Views: 138

can anyone message me to see if my message system is workingjQuery18204897979700472206_1382403365646

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hi guys can you help me?
Added: 926 days ago / Views: 164

Hi guys can you help me? i have problems with my page :((
I would like to chat with my friends, but on my side I can see no friends, there is only "This user Has not uploaded any videos yet".
I have already loaded 3videos here, but it still appears.
I have not changed anything since my registration in the settings or do I need to adjust something there?
what should I do to make it work? I would be very happy if you could help me.
already many thanks and horny greets

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Added: 926 days ago / Views: 293

Wow GBT has a disappearing act going on here. Has anyone here anything from Sundancekid (Rex)

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Added: 926 days ago / Views: 535


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Hi here is an update on Sundancekid (Rex)
Added: 926 days ago / Views: 198

I know some of you are woundering about our friend Rex, will today i was able to that to Rex's dad at the resort. Rex and i are good friends i've been at his family nudist resort a few times. Ok here is what is going on Rex has become very sick and depressed over his best friend jay's death. I don't know how many of you known this about Rex and Jay thay where very much in love with each other and rex is taking this supper hard so much he has let the resort and has returne to south Dakota and has gone into seclusion. his dad said rex tryed to return to GBT being encouraged to buy his friends here on GBT and especially his good friend Andy. But something bad had happen to rex he recived some very nasty and hateful e-mail about Jay and that pushed him over the edge. His dad said to say he will keep Sundancekid accound open in hopes rex rerturns to all his friends here on GBT. Also rex dad has ask everyone keep rex in there prayers and dreams, for he is avery sick boy and very heartbroken over his losing jay his frist soulmate. Lets all hope for the best for our friend Rex. Tokyosboys ( Leeo)

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