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Views: 577 · Added: 907 days ago

Iv'e been debating for a little while whether i should shave my dick or not?? Figured I would just ask all of you cute boys! Comment on what I should do!

true or false. if true how
Views: 438 · Added: 908 days ago

Ok hiii guys. Soo im wondering. I have heard for the longest time that u can cum without jacking off. Is that true, if so how.

Views: 178 · Added: 908 days ago

Please drop a message. Thanks!

Views: 181 · Added: 908 days ago


If you want jerkoff with me, please add me eric46savage on Skype. 18-23 years old only. Thanks.

sowi x i'll be out soon...Hopefully <3

Wanna Skype?
Views: 194 · Added: 908 days ago

Haaaay people's names Shane for ho doesn't already know that but I'm really bored and I want some1 to talk to so if u have Skype and r any age under 25 (sry just a personal prefrence) add me on Skype. My name is Upsethalo1137 thanks love u all and have a great day/night

skype anyone?
Views: 205 · Added: 908 days ago

add me brandon.barrett19

Where'd they go?
Views: 198 · Added: 908 days ago

Well, it seems that 2-4 pages of "favorite" photos have disappeared from my profile. Hmm. Now and then I see where there are "drops", if not outright inability to post, on this website. I won't ever "get" it, but thought I'd say what's happened anyway.

please stop
Views: 380 · Added: 908 days ago

who ever is putting the videos of Justin Bieber please stop because people know he will never be GAY

Have you?
Views: 1188 · Added: 908 days ago

Have you ever got caught masterbating?

text or chat
Views: 183 · Added: 908 days ago

Heyy guys boredd here. Wanna text? let me know. If u wanna chat on yahoo let me know also :)

My Dream
Views: 323 · Added: 908 days ago

So I had a dream last night about something that iv' always had a fantasy about! I usually don't remember my dreams but lately iv'e remembered all of them and their really hot. So lasts night was about me and my friend having a sleepover. The last sleep over I had i didn't have the courage to ask my friend if he wanted to jerk with me, but in my dream this is how it played out. Me and my friend went to the movies with a couple of girls, and then I asked if he wanted to have a sleepover. He asked his mom and she said yes so we went back to my house. We went to the basement and played xbox for a little bit, and just talked. I asked him who he liked and he would't tell me. But, I didn't tell him either. I asked him if he was interested in any girls and he wouldn't say who so i asked him what he's done at other sleepovers. He told me usually they just prank people and joke around. I asked him if they ever watched porn and he said yeah so i got my computer and we logged on to watch some porn. I asked him if he liked what we were watching (it was straight porn) and he said yeah. He asked me and I told him it was great. I leaned over towards him and asked him if he'd ever done anything with boys before. He told me no, so I asked if he wanted to. (This would be my first time with a boy too) He was hesitant, but he said okay as long as we wouldn't tell anyone. I said okay and we both took off our shirts. I rubbed his abs and he was kinda nervous. I pulled off his shorts, but left his boxers on while i rubbed his cock. It wasn't that big so I was excited because i like smaller dicks. He was shaved and it was cut. I put my hand through his boxer hole in the front and started to rub it smoothly. He got semi-hard so i grasped it and moved my hand really slow up and down. I got him hard when he took off his boxers and he reached for my cock. He skipped the shorts and boxers and pulled them both off of me. He moved my cock fast and he liked that it was cut and well kept. He moved my cock so fast I thought i was going to cum right there. I told him to slow down so i reached for his dick. I put one hand on his cock and i rubbed his ass with my other hand. He was so smooth!! We started to jerk each other off and he started to moan softly while i jerked him faster. I was worried my parents would hear so i laid on top of him and covered his mouth. We went under the covers and i sucked him for a couple minutes, then without telling me he came on my face and mouth. I swallowed it and it didn't taste bad. I licked the rest up and he sucked mine while i fingered his ass. I came all over his face and even some in his hair. He didn't seem to mind. We were both happy at the end and he asked me if we could do this again sometime! I hope my dream comes true this weekend because he's coming over for a sleep over!! Comment about your first times! Have you ever had a sleepover experience? Message me to talk more!

change history
Views: 414 · Added: 908 days ago

if there was one event or thing in the whole history of the world, what would you change and why? i would stop slavery. i'm mainly thinking of the u.s., but everywhere really. give it a try.

have you ever with a ROOMMATE?
Views: 691 · Added: 908 days ago

For those guys who have ever had roomates.....
In college, camp(s) like summer, cub or boyscout, sports team out of towners, boarding school, etc.
Have you ever messed around at all with your roomie? Or ever jacked him off with him in the room? Or heard or watched him?
Ever touched each other?


Wat happened to all of the great story's????? ;(
Views: 199 · Added: 909 days ago

Where did all of these awesome story's that were osted on here??? I miss them ;(

Views: 296 · Added: 909 days ago

I got the samsung straight talk 3g phone. I dont have adoble flash soo i cant watch any vids plus its not compatable with my phone. Anybody know a browser i can get that i will be anle to watch the vids? Beside skyfire plus its gotta be free. Hit me up plzz let me know. Thx :)

Any Advice ..
Views: 225 · Added: 909 days ago

a couple of days ago my 18 year old cousin came out as being gay and nobody would of thought of him being gay, but it has got me thinking like even though im openly Bi to most people like in school and my friends only 1 member of my family knows and the thing is but for some reason i really want to see my cousin now because we used to be really close does anyone have any suggestions why i feel so shitty and confused about this like cause it feels to me like im missing something and i havent even seen him in 2 years aswell, and it has got me thinkign should itell people in my family cause its got me really confised and a bit depressed

Views: 286 · Added: 909 days ago site has ceased to exist as from this evening without any prior notice. Seems odd that it should close on a Saturaday evening so abruptly.

wish you all ...
Views: 195 · Added: 909 days ago

... a nice hot weekend :p

Views: 306 · Added: 909 days ago

Is the website ever going t o be mobile. Just wondering.

Coming out ....
Views: 277 · Added: 910 days ago

a couple of days ago my 18 year old cousin came out as being gay and nobody would of thought of him being gay, but it has got me thinking like even though im openly Bi to most people like in school and my friends only 1 member of my family knows and the thing is but for some reason i really want to see my cousin now because we used to be really close does anyone have any suggestions why i feel so shitty and confused about this like cause it feels to me like im missing something and i havent even seen him in 2 years aswell.

upload fuckin' up
Views: 230 · Added: 910 days ago

fuck u uploading videos. what is your method about uploading, right now waiting 2 hours and then result as always: "the server didn't accept it" when 100% was ready. Why not before? Nick's answer: You have plenty of uploaded videos, think so.bla bla bla. are you again trying to solve some problems or something stuff like that? have a nice weekend!

FleshJack...who has one? How do you like it?
Views: 465 · Added: 910 days ago

Just got my Brent Corrigan's ass FleshJack in the mail today. Just tried it out for the first-time, it was a good buy. Anyone else own a FleshJack? How do you like yours? Any hints or Suggestions?

Well this is it...I'm Going for surgery tonighjt :(
Views: 1053 · Added: 910 days ago

I'll talk to u guys after the weekend if this goes well....If im not online then i love u all xxxxx <3 im reli reli reli scard

Jacking Off
Views: 340 · Added: 910 days ago

What is the best way to jack off??? Do you use lube or keep it dry??? Do you fuck a pillow, etc.??? Tell me about it!!!!!!!!!!

my avatar
Views: 216 · Added: 910 days ago

I'd like everyone's thoughts and opinions on my avatar :) u can inbox me of leave a reply here. Just curious is all. Thanks :)

Second Class Citizens
Views: 192 · Added: 911 days ago

Please check out Ryan James Yezak's documentary Second Class Citizens site at He has already raised over $160,000.00 towards his $50,000.00 goal to make the movie, that is Awesome!!! Change is happening but more needs to be done and this documentary will help a lot. We need to show to the Nation/World that we are not second class citizens...

have you
Views: 198 · Added: 911 days ago

Have you ever got caught masturbating?

Views: 194 · Added: 911 days ago

Is anyone interested in skype chats, please add me, my skype name is cicero1245.

Views: 935 · Added: 911 days ago

Where is the craziest place u ever jerked off?

uploading Photos
Views: 239 · Added: 911 days ago

I am new at this but everytime I try to upload my photo collection the upload screen showes "Upload Video" and oc course when you browse to select your file the tags are for photos not videos so I can't upload them. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Views: 184 · Added: 912 days ago


I'm 21 years old. I would like to add more guys on Skype. If you're interested, please add eric46savage

Super Lonely
Views: 376 · Added: 912 days ago

Hey im lonely im from texas i would love to have phone sex erotic talk ;) im 18 latino

getting a straight guy..
Views: 461 · Added: 912 days ago

i was 31 and got drunk at my brothers bachelar* party. so did billy. he was a cute 24 year old boy. i stayed at his house cause i was too drunk to drive. he lived alone. i woke up and got into his bed.i started feelin him up and he woke up. he had a Big dick(12-13). we messed around. just orally. he wouldn't kiss. we got together one more time. we did oral again. he wanted to try gettin fucked, but i couldn't keep it up. he found out his girlfriend was pregenant. i never tryed to be with him again. have you ever did a straight boy?

Views: 1068 · Added: 913 days ago

As some of you may know a very hot and happening "underground" type site was closed over night for "finacial" reasons. If you were a collector from that site or better still a regular contributor there then, keep in touch with me here please. I was Jasin Butfuk/Jack Black/ and Josh Bellah to name but a few of my other names. I love cock of all ages and some younger girls too. I regularly posted links as well as and stufff too. As i said get in touch if you want the message of grouply boilove, interculteral or spankboys live on ok?

Views: 210 · Added: 913 days ago

has anyone been on a porn movie set or part of a porn, what was it like?


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