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Music question. What do you all think of Ghost B.C.?
Added: 877 days ago / Views: 166

I was wondering if anyone here had any thoughts on Ghost B.C.?

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Jerk off session
Added: 877 days ago / Views: 641

on average how long do you jerk it before you cum?

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size penis
Added: 877 days ago / Views: 1135 What is your favorite size you like to suck? Small? Large?
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World Leaders....Yet Again
Added: 877 days ago / Views: 171

New Zealand is leading the World once again. This afternoon our Parliament passed a motion supporting gay rights in Russia and calling on other nations to do the same...

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Abuse In The Workplace
Added: 877 days ago / Views: 273

Here is a story about a gay man awarded compensation for abuse and harrassment by psycho employers

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sleepless in cali
Added: 878 days ago / Views: 191

2:00 am and can't sleep, guess I'll watch sea hunt and highway patrol. love to check out the way to cool boats and cars on those showes.

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I am Alive if any one remembers me
Added: 878 days ago / Views: 372

After much therapy and moving out of my homophobic mother's home into an assisted living facility and joining a support group I am doing much better both physically and mentally and spiritually. I had to realize that my life as I knew it was over. Now I understand that my new life is just beginning. I have avoided the blogs for the past few months because I didnt need all the drama but I miss talkint to people. I have been here in the background watching now I just want to rejoin the living

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Added: 878 days ago / Views: 593

i wonder what everyone thinks of these blogs. i see about 12-15 guys who will respond and a lot of readers. i assume the readers are not logged in and cannot post a reply. i'd like to hear what guys think of thsses blogs, what they would like to see and how to create community among some guys that choose to hang out here and socilaize just a bit.

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Hi Gay and Bi Frends
Added: 878 days ago / Views: 199

Hey friends, I've just put down fotos do that for others here. I notice that you also have seen me videos hetereo but I'm not bi, I think all parents not so nice. Makes me weingig out. You are who you are anyway. I'm going to stop for a while singing and some more world voyages perhaps just in your neighborhood. On twitter is I'm too hard to reach, hence this profile.

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Added: 878 days ago / Views: 296

mix-747hotties 18mix-744

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WTF Videos?
Added: 878 days ago / Views: 197

Am wondering if I am the only one that is having problems uploading videos.

As far as I am aware they are not doubles nor are they illegal. I understand they must go through Admin and Mods, but I think it is really unfair that one member who is prolific in his postings can upload huge amounts and others struggle.

I uploaded 4 just on a week ago and still they are not here. So that is my question..WTF?

I am not a nasty person and I do enjoy talking to all, so if you have any suggestions get in touch.

Hugs Nick xxoo

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Added: 878 days ago / Views: 203

who want to skype add me cute.boy692

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Added: 878 days ago / Views: 882

Who's cum did you eat first, your Own or Another Guy's cum?

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First message
Added: 878 days ago / Views: 260

Hello from the cold Sweden :) this is my first message and I want to say hello to everybody. Anybody from Sweden?

February 1st I will be in Budapest, if there are someone from there would be nice to meet to have a drink :)


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Added: 878 days ago / Views: 204


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Japan boys
Added: 878 days ago / Views: 266

What is the point of having videos with masking ?

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Variety of boys (BLOG)
Added: 878 days ago / Views: 241

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Added: 879 days ago / Views: 180

THE Disney Channel has passed a historic milestone with the introduction of the first openly gay characters to ever appear on the network. A new episode of Good Luck Charlie will feature a Gay married couple. Discuss

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First Birthday
Added: 879 days ago / Views: 196

Hi to all the friends I have made on here during my first year on GBT. You are a fantastic crowd and I am honoured to know many of you. Thanks all. Love and Hugs to all. Matt xoxoxox

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King Cromwell [Writing]
Added: 880 days ago / Views: 186

Okay, bit of a major update. And this is fiction! Throwing ideas and seeing what sticks. It's a bit heavy-handed, but it's what I want to write.

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Added: 880 days ago / Views: 260

misteries and scandals..1998-2001

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Justin B
Added: 881 days ago / Views: 402

Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on Justin B at this present time, me I am concerned he will be a bad headline.. :(

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Hi from Australia.
Added: 881 days ago / Views: 222

I thought I would just start a small blog, saying hi from Australia.

I have met some nice people who take the time to chat (you know who you are)

What is everyone up to this weekend. My aussie friends what are you doing for the Australia day long weekend?

Love you all Nick xx

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Looking For a Video
Added: 881 days ago / Views: 392

Recently lost my external hard-drive, which had all of my videos...had a techie friend (also gay, fortunately!) try to recover the stuff but well and truly munched itself. Slowly building from scratch and looking for a specific video...hoping someone here will recognize my description and have the video :-D

It starts with a very cute teen/twink skateboarding at night in what appears to be an Italian plaza; the lad does a bit of showing-off then sits down to have a cigarette. The next scene is in a hotel room, where he's interviewed by the cameraman (English sub-titles)...he says he's "mostly" straight, as I recall, but does say he'll have sex with guys. Also recall he's got a pierced tongue and lip...and, as I mentioned, he's *quite* cute ;-) The next scene is in the shower with a nicely-hung twink...a little playing around, and they end up in bed where the "mostly" straight lad gets his ass pounded by the older twink. It's a very hot scene, and I *think* I originally found it here, although I can't find it again. If anyone recognizes this, and has it, or knows where it could be found, I'd be most appreciative!

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Putin: Gay people will be safe at Olympics if they ‘leave kids alone’
Added: 881 days ago / Views: 455

He's the leader of a Country, (Putin) and like his country, he is far behind the rest of the World... Someone
maybe needs to explain the difference between a Pedifile and a Homosexual...


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Straight Arabian Boys
Added: 882 days ago / Views: 215

nude boy arab big cock

I like summer, warm, men with little clothes that make their bodies. As noted their cocks in shorts and I especially like to see a guy in a swimsuit. It is something that has given me so much curiosity from small, I can not help to stop staring.
This year for the work I haven't been able to go to the beach, so that for refrescarme and above all encourage me I've gone a couple of times a swimming pool, which is close to my house.
It is not very big but it tends to be pretty quiet. So that I can recreate quietly with the males in the neighborhood that are out there checking package and trying to crow.
One of the days, a boy of about 18 years, quite a monkey. You lie close to me. He had a body pretty provided, and the brown of his skin contrasted with a small red swimsuit, that is picked up so that you do not stay mark of the sun. Her thighs were apparent strong, I assumed that by playing soccer. Explore every inch of his body, it was not very attractive, but I was getting really hot.
I think that is realized as I watched him that he felt a bit nervous, so decici turn me over because I didn't want to upset you.
At the time the note was lifted, and I dedicated myself to watch their steps toward the shower. The was cooling off, and I was warming. It gave Me a lot of curiosity for the fucking cryo. Was looking at me defiantly as he passed his hands over the chest, I felt self-conscious and went back to give mouth-to-low order to stop looking at it and hide the erection that I was causing.
Like an hour later, I decided to go home, I had already had enough sun for that day, and the vision of the guy I serviria to make me a good mulch at home. When you pass by your side, I glanced at each corner of his anatomy, I was face up and with her legs wide open, with his cock well-marked to the right of the swimsuit.
Yikes, what a vision me a gift. Often morbid.
Among the locker room, I took a quick shower and got to change. I was with the towel knotted at the waist, and preparing my clothes to change into, and which would be my surprise to see my guy enter.
I try not to look at it, so I started looking at the wall as if it was not. I would get a little nervous, despite being a child I would get so horny that was losing composure in the face.
The is placed almost in front of me, and left his backpack on a bench. I decided to warm it up a little, and I remove the towel with which I started to secarme you hair, leaving so via free to recreate it with my ass. Continue wiping my chest, and I followed with my cock. More than secarmela seemed that I was masturbating, but that game I liked it. I went down my thighs, and I put one of my feet high, in a bank to be able to dry it. Imagine the vision that was giving him, sure that I could see all my ass, open, gentle and safe my balls hanging between my legs, leaving a vision, quite sensual.
Doing the same operation with the other foot, and when it is finished, I put the towel on the bench and sat, opening my legs so that he could see, my cock a little morcillona as caia heavy on my balls.
To have it back in my sight I could see that during the time that I had been secandome just had pulled out a t-shirt of your backpack, so that I could infer that the very hamf-breed had been mirandeme every second. Our eyes locked, and I sonrei, while lowered her gaze up to his lump that felt slightly swollen.
Took his hand to the package in front of my watchful eye.
- You see?- I wonder
- Nothing, nothing. What I feel. I didn't want to bother, it's just that marks a nice cock and I was thinking that I could have done if at your age to have such a tool.
The smiled, satisfied and proud. The youth is so, they like them to worship him.
- Well, neither is it to much, " he said with some false modesty.
- No, but it certainly seems great, I would say that bigger even than the mia.
He kept between shy and proud, and I decided that it was time to attack, so that I get close to where he was, with his dick hanging down, and when you reach your hand grip his cock over for a swim and feel a bit.
He looked at me surprised, but not saying anything.
- Yes, I think you have bigger, and that's not hard at all.
I bend over in front of it and lower your swimsuit before his gaze athos. Cogi his dick each time he was taking more size and weigh between my hands. We look to the eyes, seemed to be scared, you gui

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burns day
Added: 882 days ago / Views: 210

lots of haggis eating today, who likes it

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Gay Student To Lose His Virginity In Live Sex Performance For Art
Added: 882 days ago / Views: 234

Here is an interinsting read

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electrod fun
Added: 883 days ago / Views: 261

just wondering if anyone knows where you can get one what it feels like how it works that kinda stuff i was curious it looks like it feels really good anyone have any insight for me?

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Best Feeling Going to Bed
Added: 883 days ago / Views: 245

Well guys, I just wanted to put this in a post. I feel incredibly good, much better than I've felt in a very long time. Nothing's really changed, just feel much more relaxed, and calm, and happy. I'm going to bed with my teddy, Isaac. The both of us say goodnight. :) xx

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want to skype
Added: 884 days ago / Views: 214

searching for someone to want together
skype: cute.boy692

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what's the lowest point of your life? care to share
Added: 884 days ago / Views: 519 Mine is right now
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Greetings Everyone! :3
Added: 885 days ago / Views: 374

I'm new here and just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone. xD Sorry if this the wrong spot to do so, please forgive meeee. ;~;

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Southland Gay and Lesbian Support
Added: 885 days ago / Views: 171

There is an organisation in my home town called 'Southland Gay and Lesbian Support' and they wondered if GBT members who are on would mind going to their page and clicking the 'like' tab and perhaps writing a brief message. - any support would be greatly appreciated

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Ever here of Caiden Cowger?
Added: 885 days ago / Views: 164

Look him up on youtube, he is a Rush Linbaugh wannabe and a real piece of work! If you already know of him, do you think he is a DEEPLY closeted gay? I think he is.

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a friend
Added: 885 days ago / Views: 234

Just trying to, well, say, I feel deeply about my friends on here, I am emotional person didnt use to be, used to keep it bottled up, until I joined here. Came first to enjoy

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Omg I can't
Added: 885 days ago / Views: 192

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want to see teen cocks
Added: 885 days ago / Views: 188

hello am looking for a teen boy to skype rightnow

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why is this.....
Added: 885 days ago / Views: 261

When I log in to see photos........the first page is good.......but when I go other pages.....there is no photo......whats going onjQuery182018927561654914626_1390355408663???

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