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Anybody ever done a train?
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"Darren Ross" Gay Daddy Sex Fantasy
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Does anyone remember me?
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Hey there boys, I use to be a regular here but after a few years of mental health troubles I stayed away. I'm just wondering if any of my old friends are still hanging out.


Take care, Mikey

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Caturday Everyday ♥
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What hole
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How put my dick in underwear?
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hello, i have a 20cm dick and i don't know what is the best form to put my dick in underwear.

What ara you think?


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Different types we go for
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We all go for different types , muscle guys , skinny guys , camp guys , guys with short hair , blondes etc. What type of guy do you go for and why ? Interesting to find out ..... Cheers ...... John

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Recived Ticket to See My Brother For A week
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My brother has 4 room mates and since  I was q0 I have been him  and his friends cumdump. Went up 2 weeks cause He acted like he really wanted to see me and all I did was get fucked suck dick and eat cum. The guys said they felt bad and wanted me to come bacl Now I hear the fiest night is a small party like 20 guts and I will be back to the same old shit; These fucking college guys are so horney and into poss and  cum. One day bthey lined up so I could piss in each of their mouthes; This shit is wild I just stay fucked up and enjoy it. 

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Charleston USA very bad happenings:(
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Thank you all but at this moment feeling so sorry and bad feelings for Charleston, South Carolina USA for those terrible shootings in a Catholic Church. I don't understand, why all religions can't be the same, with same God but different opinions of course but the basic thing is in my opinion the same. God=Buddha=Allah all the same. Peace!!! in my world and mind. And with all of you.

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Jon and me from the Village Chapter two
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Chapter two

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Thursday Meditation
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raped and being gay
Added: 723 days ago / Views: 13814 Is there a connection with being raped and turning out gay? I was chatting with another member and we found out it was common between us. So is it common that if your raped you might turn out gay. Any studies been done on it? Anyone else fall in the same category?
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When I first Met my James
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James and I.

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Study Links Homosexuality to Eating Grits
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Scientists at Stanford University released a study today showing that men who regularly eat grits are 70 percent more likely to have gay children.


The prospective cohort study, published in Nature Medicine, followed 15,000 volunteers for 30 years to determine the influence of parental diet on the development of childhood illnesses.


Although the study did find some connection between the maternal intake of sugar during pregnancy and childhood obesity, the most surprising finding was that fathers who ate grits had a much greater chance of having a gay child.


âWe were shocked when we ran the data,â says Edmund Bergler, the lead researcher on the project. "But we controlled for every variable. We triple-checked every calculation. And it turned out that eating grits makes your kids gay.â


After investigating further, the scientists discovered that chemical processing of grits creates a substance called homotonin, which acts as a free radical inside a manâs testes and damages his spermâs DNA.


That DNA damage is passed onto the child and researchers believe it is responsible for the later development of homosexuality.


âGay people like to say that they are born that way, and they are right,â he explains. "The DNA damage that causes homosexuality happens much earlier, even before conception.


"Homosexuality is a choice. But it's the father's choice. What he eats  for breakfast determines the orientation of his child."


Another scientist on the study says if parents want to minimize their risk of having a gay child they need to avoid certain foods.


âGrits have the highest homotonin levels. Its off the charts," he explains. "However foods like sweet tea, biscuits, chicken-fried steak, and cornbread also have very significant amounts.â


A spokesperson for Quaker Oats, a leading maker of instant grits said they had no comment on the study.


A representative of Cracker Barrel, a Southern restaurant chain, says that orders for grits have dropped almost 40 percent since the study was released.

Grit makes you Gay

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Can the world live as one?


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What Do You Expect?
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Hey I know it is a morbid question, but what do you expect to happen after you die? I myself, I don't want any pearly gates, a firey hell, reincarnation, or Ilse of blest, I dont want anything, when I die I just want it all to fade to black and end, nothing more I just want it to be over.  With that cheery thought, what are your views on this? I also am not planning on going anytime soon, just a thought inspired by watching to many episodes of Dead Like Me.

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your strength//weakness
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what is a core belief-attitude-habit that you are thankful of///something you really want to improve-change-to help yourself

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Now that we have Gay Marriage...
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Can we begin to focus on things that really matter?

It's just a ride, folks.

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Not in front of the kids Chris!!!  XD

Nick Robinson , Ty Simpkins and Chris Pratt on the set of Jurassic World.

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Pay it forward.......
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I hope every one had a great 4th and they did not burn down the neighbors house or the town for that matter

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This is from the early 2000's. Just saw it for the first time. And thought I would share.

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Nick Robinson
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Am I the only one who finds Nick Robinson from Kings of Summer and Jurassic World really beautiful and Am I the only one who would love to kiss those lips of his?

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Me and Jon from the Village Chapter One
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Chapter One

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As the world moves
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It is summer - it is hot and people wear less clothes, which does not help me at all. I am already far hornier then usual (I rarely feel horny at all) I masturbate daily, which is new since I normally masturbate maybe once every 2 weeks. But here I am - 31 years old, unemployed and horny as hell, but sadly the type of person I feel attracted to rarely/never feels attracted to me. So I will just continue to use my hand.

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videos not loading
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is it us me are the videos not loading

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question of gay men
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has anyone known of a gay young man that in his mind and heart was gay, but could not embrace gay sex with his body?

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Happy Birthday
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Happy birthday to all the members of which come from the GBT USA

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Pic of the day 30/06/15
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i just tured 18, my brother invites me to his dorm with 4 room mates. The guys are between 20 and 22 and HOT. My brother told them I was gay and they said you think he'd gangbang he said ya I can talk him into it. He bought me boose got me drunk and I was high too he talked me into gangbanging all 4 guys and my brother. I never left the apt all I did was have  sex for 5 days straight. Some were bick dicked tops, some made me drink their piss, not alot. I had to swallow everyones cum. I'd be asleep and one of them would be fucking me.  I had to give morning hard on blow jobs and blow jobs before. They had me  set up in a bedroom that was for anyone wanting to get off. I was facefucked 3 or 4 times a day by one gy 3 guys would come in together and gangbang me everyday at least once on the weekend days 3 or 4 times. They were all very nice me its just I was basically their cumddump. As the week went on the sked me to come backk next week and I kind of got used to it. By the end of the weeek I decided to go back for another week. I have 5 straight guys fuckin my brains out. They thoght it was all cool with me. the day before I left they all apologized and each one seeperately asked me to come back. So I am going back at least I kknoow what I am in for and I will enjoy it. The four dudes were really turned on by me letting ny brother fuck me they even viseo us fucking, me sucking his dick and him facefucking me.. My brother has been fucking since I turned  12 he is obsessed with sex. On weekends it was nothing to gget fucked 6 times a day and sometimes his friends. I was planning on me and brother sleeping together and fucking a lot instead my own room and guys n and out they snuck 4 guys in late at night so I couldnt see So actually I fucked and sucked 9 guys in a week. At the end they felt bad and promised to treat me better, and they said you will have your own room again. I mean I already fucked all 5 why stop now. 3 of the guys had just gorgeous ducks. I just can't swallow that much cum.

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love you guys :)
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Matthew J. Dempsey on "Judgment"
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Psychotherapist Matthew J. Dempsey talks about why people tend to judge others easily at times and how it can play out specifically in the gay male community.....

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