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Where I was at school being gay was quite unheard of. It was a sure thing that you would be in deep shit if anyone knew that you liked boys. So nobody said anything to anyone. When I was 14, my school friend Paul asked me to stay over for the weekend. I’d had a crush on him for ages and really looked forward to the time we'd spend together. I always tried to sit next to him in class and that was why I didn’t do very well in exams I think.
The first night of the weekend, after his parents were asleep, we talked about sex and what we had done. We were dressed only in our underwear sitting on the edge of Paul’s' bed. I soon got hard and felt my cock pushing against my boxers. We sat next to each other hands across our laps. It was then that I noticed how Paul’s leg was pressed against mine. It felt strange, but good. My arm brushed against his skin too. I looked down at where our legs were touching, aware for the first time of his smooth skin it heat against mine. I left it there and he didn’t pull away. Suddenly I had an overwhelming desire to be closer. I felt an intense warm feeling, in my stomach and cock. Paul asked me if I had a hard-on. Of course I did, I said. He said that he was hard too. He smiled slightly embarrassed and then moved his hands away, so I could see. I did the same. I was feeling intensely horny now and my cock sprang up inside my shorts noticeably. I was getting really hot now and the intense heat washed over my body, my cheeks were burning. I felt a tingle running down my spine and knew that I badly wanted to show him my cock.
He stood up. I wanted to feel his heat against my body. I wanted to see his cock too. I knew that I had to touch it. I gazed at his smooth, legs and torso, his cute ass with a triangular gap at the top and a heavenly crack that led down to delicious places that I wanted to see. I could hardly stop from jumping on him up squeezing him, to feel his hot skin against mine. Paul turned around slowly, as I sat there watching. My gaze locked onto his shorts. His pulsing cock was pressing up sideways in his pants lifting up the left leg of the shorts. Looking at his smooth flat chest I could see his breathing was frantic, shuddering each time he breathed in. He looked like he was about to cum any second.
“Get up”, he said, tucking his fingers into the top of his boxers. I would soon see Paul's cock and he would see mine. I wanted the heat of his skin against me again. Paul's slid down his shorts; the head of his smooth cock sprang up into the air. Pulsing up and down to his drumbeat of his heart. Swelling up bigger as he occasionally tensed. I moved closer toward him. Our cocks might soon touch and I was hoping Paul wouldn't move away. We were just staring at each other, knowing what was about to happen. When our cocks touched and it was quite startling, I kept moving towards him, wanting to be wrapped around his warmth. Our cocks were pressed between us now. Paul’s legs were longer than mine and so my cock slid between them pressing against the side of his balls. He parted his legs a little to make room for my hard cock. His was pressed against my stomach. Paul’s soft fair hair smelled so sweet against my face, as my head rested against his. My hands ran over his back, feeling his smooth shoulder muscles, and his tight buttocks. His hands moved all over me. He quietly moaned a bit, but nothing was said.
My cock felt like it was right inside him, his hot breath on my neck. Paul would shudder sometimes and I'd quiver too these movements sending spasms through my hard cock as it moved between his legs. I lifted my right leg and put his cock between my thighs so he could feel the same thing. I could feel his hot dick throbbing under my balls, against my thighs. My cock was straining and I knew that Paul must be about to cum soon as well. His breathing was getting heavier and more rapid. Our bodies were entwined and sweat was running everywhere. His body began to tense and I felt his ball sack contract. He gasped as I felt his hot cum between my legs. I supported him in my arms he seemed like he might collapse. Then he lifted his head and slowly moved back, his wet cock sliding from between my legs. My hard cock sprang out too. I was so hard. The pressure in my groin had built to the point of no return. I grabbed my cock. Paul's right hand slipped up between my legs, and his finger pressed on my ass hole. The sensation sent shivers through me. He touched my balls too while I was stroking my cock right in front of his face. I could feel his hot breath on my stomach. Paul pressed my ass like he was ringing a doorbell and began to rub my thighs and balls harder. I felt the first shock of orgasm rising from deep within. I stifled a cry as the first ribbon of silver cum shot from my cock over his shoulder . Paul pushed his finger in all the way and I felt the full intensity of my next contraction. My cum splattered across his hair and face, then next over his slim arms and his hands. The accumulated hours of longingly gazing at him while in class were finally gushing out of me. I strained to the very last drop. After I had stopped Paul pulled me down onto the bed on top of him. Our wet bodies both together. I could taste our sweat and cum. we just lay there, holding each other, not making a sound.

phone help
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Ok so random but need help. I have the straight talk andriod phone snd in order to watch vids i gotts download adobe flash player. Anyways i click on that and it,said not compatiable with this phone. Is there another flash player i can download thats free and that will allow me to watch these vids. Please help guys. <3

day of silence??
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on the other hand...why this video is not with my name? not the first time it happens... BSB

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It seems like you re-release all my removed pictures and now by anonymous name? Don't understand. When you had that so called "big problem" (not the first one in your history) a few weeks ago I was recommended (by other members) to delete/remove all pic files I have uploaded here and that's the way I did. And now... every day I see my old albums appearing here without my name. Really unfair. If I remove something from this site I really hope it's final and not working like this. Thanks, BSB

US "Copyright Clause" (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution), states that the purpose of copyright is to "promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts".

Some defenders of free porn states that porn is not concerned by copyright as it does not "promote the Progress of Science and the useful Arts".

What do you think?

For more, see:

Do you want to chat if your 18 or younger
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im bored on here of all the people who are 30 etc sending messages like your hot or what ever thats why i was wondering who is 18 or younger who wants to chat

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hey boys! i am wondering if nair works? i want to use it on arms, ass thighs for sure andif it doesn't burn then pubes. what do you guys think?

Good news!
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I have a good news! I just found a picture and uploaded it in my profile! You can look in my profile! :D

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has anyone ever been in an orgy how was it and what was it like

My Photo Albums
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Two of my albums have gone missing! :(

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What do you want to talk with me? Ask me anything. I'm trying to think of what to creat a blog, but I don't know. Hahaha. DUH!

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anybody wanna talk dirty and help me get off before bed hit me up

What is 'Pre cum' ????
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so i was wondering is there any nudists out here. i think i might be one

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From Coopers glan, it's a lubricant, keeps you from getting blisters if you don't use one, like spit or such.

Today is my birthday...
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What is my gift?

Profile Picture
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I'm still struggling with upload my profile picture. I want to put a picture on my profile, but I don't know how. Can you please help me? Thanks. :)

A guy
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I've been looking for a guy who I met on Gay Chat, his name is Omar. I can't still find him. He's 17 years old. He's pretty cute! If you read this blog, please add me. Or you can inbox me first. Thanks.

Trouble with uploads of vids ??
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Hi everybody , I have a quest about trying to upload vids. Seem when i click on up load the vid says 100% like a few secs later and then i never get anything more. Like i would see before . Usually i would see something like Vid will be approved in 12 hours . Now i never see anything .

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i spend about 3 hours reading stories on and spend the time with precum running down my leg finally i can here and watched a video long story short i shot for the first time im so happy wish it went farther but beggars cant be choosers

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Any news on Live Cam Chat???

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I love cut cock. If you're cut, please add me eric46savage. I need more guys. However, I can still accept if you're uncut. Don't worry.

Good Morning
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Good morning everyone. I just wanted to say hi. I love to chat with anyone who likes to chat. Age does not matter. Just hit me up. Everyone have a nice day.

My profile
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I just edited my profile. You're welcome to read my profile. If you have a question, please ask me! Thanks! I hope you like it.

cant get to my third cum
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lets just say im having some me time and well like the title says i can't get to my third cum not even a dry orgasm...............i guess this world be great during sex i just keep going and going but its kinda boring during jacking off

summers with Mark
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During the summers, I would often spend time at my grandparents summer cottage on a lake. One of the neighbors had two grandsons, they were teenages . I spent a lot of time with when I was there. The first time I did anything sexually was with the older of the boys (Mark)when we were swimming. I reached inside his footy shorts and felt his penis. I think he liked it cause he smiled and did the same to me. This only lasted about 15 seconds as our parents were nearby. The next incident was when we had a sleep over in a small building next to the main house which had a set of bunk beds. I offered to let them sleep on the bunk beds and I would sleep on a cot. After about a half hour on the cot, I asked Mark if I could share the bed with him as the cot was uncomfortable. He said sure, so I climbed in with him. We slept in the same sleeping bag and it started to get hot, so I suggested we take our clothes off as we'd feel much cooler. He was ok with that. I took my underwear off and then asked if he wanted me to take his off and he said ok. Lying down again, trying to sleep, I got the urge to touch him, so I reached over and felt his stomach. He didn't say anything. So I slowly worked my hand down towards his penis. He had a small pubic bush. When I finally felt his penis, it was soft and warm, but not hard. He still didn't say anything, although I knew he wasn't asleep. I rubbed the head of his penis and it started to get hard. He grabbed my hand and started using it to stroke his penis. When he knew I had a rhythm going he let go and reached for my penis. I was already hard before I touched his penis and he started to stroke my as well. We did this for about 5 minutes and then I told him to roll over on his stomach. I then laid on his back and rubbed my hard penis between his cute bubble butt cheeks. This felt really good and after about 5 more minutes of doing this, I couldn’t contain the sensation of the orgasm building up in my penis, I spurted long creamy shots of my milk on his back. After I squeezed every drop out I needed 2 clean his back. Mark told me 2 wipe the cum up with his underwear and then he put them back on, cause he wanted 2 feel the wetness of my cummmm on his body. That was so fuckin hot.

Good Morning
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I remember 1 nite last yr, i was drunk @ a hotel and a guy i new was gay come in, we started talkin, cause i was so drunk he said we can share the same taxi home, we got out @ his place. I touched him on the butt when we were insid, he said he'd always like me and used 2 check me out all the time. I needed 2 hav a piss real bad.(drank so much), instead of the toilet, he said he wanted me 2 piss on him, so we went 2 his spa bath, he stripped off, got in the bath,i stripped off stood there and started 2 piss on his cock & balls, then up his chest, then on his face and in his mouth, he swallowed as much piss as he could, when i finished pissing, i stood there and jerked off, i cummm really quick, spurt after spurt powerful spurts of white thick cumm, i just kept cummin 6,7,8 spurts of milk all up his chest and face,It was a gr8 climax, After that Troy(his name) got up put me on all fours then fucked me until he cumm inside me. when he was cummmin he laid on my back and i could feel the wetness of my piss and cumm on our bodies. Then we showered and i slept with him until morning.

cute guys with smaller cocks
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heyy. Im looking for cute young guys with avg or smaller cocks to talk to :) msg me if you fit the description :)

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Anybody wanna chat? :) I'm on yahoo messenger. Feel free to pm me Ur username :)

Horny here
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Phone sex anyone ???? i live in texas im 18 i trade pics ;)

want to deep throat
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ok so i love cock i really do :) and so badly want to be able to deep throat a cock i would love for someone to fuck my throat however i got this damn gag reflex :( anybody have any idea as to how to get stop this from happen

just now came across this sight
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hi, i'm new here! was looking and comenting on you guys blogs. this sight and the people on here seem a littel diferent than most others, allmost seems real! is it? guess it just depends on my point of view. anyway i will get a profile set up a little later if i decide i'm rite. thanks for leting me in and haveing me around!

deleting sent mails
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example: I upload 5 movies. I have now apprx. 350 friends. that means I'll send 1750 messages about my new released movies. if i do it 7 days a week it means 12250 messages totally. ok but that also means that I have same amount of sent messages every f***ing week and no way how to delete these messages as one by one. Any comments of any clever tips how to manage with this? Have a nice day or night friends wherever you exist!!! but this sucks!


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