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Straight people answering questions...
Added: 1005 days ago / Views: 164 I think this is just awesome...
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katom coupon
Added: 1005 days ago / Views: 159 I was very pleased to find this web-site.I wanted to thanks for your time for this wonderful read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.
katom coupon
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jerking off
Added: 1005 days ago / Views: 670 Who did you catch jerking off
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Companionship camping holidays
Added: 1006 days ago / Views: 162 I am looking for a bisex boy and a girl to go together on camping holidays. Four weeks (August) the three of us traveling with a tent, somewhere in Northern Europe. Making liberal use of each other's body. Freely fuck together a few times every day, without obligation is an important basis.
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Tyler series
Added: 1006 days ago / Views: 271 Hey If you like to read stories on nifty stories check out Tyler series under Young Friends...If you like it let me know....Thanx...kiss
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Bisexual threesomes
Added: 1006 days ago / Views: 1245 Hey everyone,
Am I the only one that finds bisexual threesomes HOT as anything?
gay guys and one hot girl joining in makes me so wet


this is my favourite one
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Added: 1007 days ago / Views: 859 What age did you notice your first Pubic hair? Were you proud or embarrassed about it?
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My Best friend..
Added: 1007 days ago / Views: 302 SO... Me and my straight!! Best friend are out drinking.. Getting blind as, we both decide we need to hang a piss.. As we approach the dunny, unzip our pants, i look over to see Jesse has a massive at least 9'' cut cock on the slack!!! I instantly go hard.. Jesse notices, and says "hey man, you gonna just stand there hard or you gonna get down and suck my throbbing cock"
So I got down and took all of his cock in my mouth, in front of suprised and horny on lookers.. Bout 5mins had passed and I had 7 hard cocks in face wanting to be suck!!!
Best night ever~!!!!
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Added: 1007 days ago / Views: 179 would like to see photos of younger guys on this site
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Hottest thing in gay porn
Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 274 I love to look at a guys hole when he's having an orgasm. Watchin it snapping open and shut always gets me off. Any1 else like this. Any good examples?
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justin bieber look a-likes
Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 370 can anyone point me in the direction of any videos of good justin bieber look a-likes/
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outdoor sex
Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 152 Anyone enjoy sex outdoors as much as I do? Even jacking is more fun outside. I rubbed one out while nude sunbathing in my yard yesterday...ah, so warm and nice. So what's the word?
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Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 365 I recieved this from Cutkiwis friend today and i see hes left now.I still think he was Geniune and as i thought, he says he lives in Wellington.
> " he worked down the street from me and we hung together a couple of times.i dont understand some people even from other sites we used to be on dont have any info and are really rude.i just want to find a friend if you hear from him please tell him to get in touch with josh..his e mail and phone are not in service."
Sorry Josh that you were told to get lost.!
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Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 395 My two straight friends stopped me at work a few days ago with an important question. As one of them started off the question mentioning gay sex, my initial response was "A lot of lube."
However, the question didn't have anything to do with the pleasantries of anal sex; it merely dealt with the dilemma of two tops hooking up. My answer to them about two pitchers was that if one of them didn't take one for the team, it probably wouldn't work out. I would hope that in the case of two tops, they would both be willing to go out of their comfort zones and experience bottoming, if they haven't done so already. Unless their relationship is completely free of sex, they may be dependent on someone bottoming. Heck, maybe they can even take turns!
Anyway, I was completely sidetracked there by the fun conversation. I got to wondering, "Hmmm... lube. I like lube. I wonder what lubes people use?" So, what lubes do you use? What are your favorites? I like the Fleshlube Ice made by Fleshjack.

P.S. Feel free to comment on the can two tops make a bottom dilemma, too.
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RheinMain - ganz Deutschland
Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 173 Hi, ich suche in RheinMain oder überall nette Kerle - nur für Fundates oder auch für mehr.
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900 days
Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 206 Well have been here 900 days and would not miss a day.I am more of a qiet reader then a writer.This site is the best site i no of.Keep up the good work love you all.Bye the way my name is Jerry ( Jeremy )
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Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 164 Someone from Venezuela?
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looking for xbox friends and fun
Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 150 Hello I'm Chris an I'm looking for friend that share the same interests as me an looking to find some one who plays xbox if u have xbox and xbox live and if u have room on your friends list and if u have the same interests such as call of duty please drop me a friends request and let the games begin

My xbox gamer tag is .................................. ( HAZE 420GENERAL ) im an 20 y/o white slim twink smooth with a 8.5 C I look forward to the game
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Od romance reunited????
Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 162 I've been seeing this guy for about 4 months. As it happens, we've known each other for years. We tried dating about 8 years ago, but it just didn't work out. No big fight, just quietly parted ways. Then 1 day we run into each other in a grocery store and strike up a conversation. Been seeing each other regularly ever since. We've both grown and matured a lot over the last 8 years. Just wanted some opinions on our situaltion. Has 2 much time passed?? Should we just be friends?? Kinda at a loss rite now. We really like each other and enjoy our time together. I can honestly see this as being a good thing for both of us. Any and all feedback wud be appreciated. Thanks all!!
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Remember Sarthe 72
Added: 1009 days ago / Views: 222 You remember Sarthois72.
He is sick of heart.
He fell into a coma.
So it was I who stopped her accounts.
Because it was close to death.
For some time, he woke up.
Difficult, but gently.
His health does not allow to use internet.
But he asked me to open an account.
The name of his old account was sarthois72 it is French, it is 46 years old.
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Church Taken to Court for Breaching Human Rights and Discrimination.
Added: 1009 days ago / Views: 141 A homosexual man has told the Human Rights Tribunal how he was "totally humiliated" by the Anglican Church blocking his route to the priesthood.

The hearing, brought by the Gay and Lesbian Clergy Anti-Discrimination Society against the Anglican Bishop of Auckland, Ross Bay, began at Auckland District Court this morning.

Geno Sisneros, 39 - events coordinator at St Matthew-in-the-city church - came to Auckland from the US in 2002 and became an active participant at the church three years later.

After taking on a Bachelor of Theology degree at Auckland University, he expressed his interest in entering the "discernment process", a three-year training programme which is a pre-requisite into being ordained in the Anglican Church.

However, after five years of study and protracted discussions with Bishop Bay, Sisneros was informed he would not be accepted on to the programme.

Today he told the tribunal how he "felt totally humiliated" by the process and could no longer face meeting fellow theological students, many of whom were now ordained as deacons or priests.

"Feelings of disappointment continue to this day," Sisneros said.

His lawyer David Ryken asked the three-person tribunal panel to determine whether the bishop had acted lawfully in barring him from training.

"It's whether the rules and doctrines of the church are in breach of the Human Rights Act," he said.

The fact openly homosexual church officials had been relicensed over the last few years was very important to the case, Ryken said.

Giving evidence this morning was also Rev Dr John Salmons, who said there had never been a doctrine or rule to exclude people in a same-sex relationship from entering the priesthood or the church in general.

It was promiscuous behaviour that was outlawed, rather than homosexuality, he said.

The tribunal hearing is set down for two weeks but is expected to conclude within a week.
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Favourite/Hottest Picture
Added: 1009 days ago / Views: 2245 My favourite picture is

The in depth look into the camera, the provocative bite on the condom and the sexy body turns me on so much.

What is your favourite picture?
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Added: 1009 days ago / Views: 424 this site...keep 2 was suppose to be an upload site for goes nowhere..a ripoff...anyone know this site????avoid it..
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Added: 1009 days ago / Views: 157 HELLO TO JOEYS FRIEND'S
Joey was my big brother I did not know his pass word or I would have posted this on his blog.Joey past away on APRIL-29th-2013.I know my big bro If he quid have said this him self he would have.I don't know how well you all know him but he never gave in and never stopped.He was a happy person all the time.He would just walk up to people he did not know just to say HI.MY BIG BROTHER WAS THE BEST BRO.He never let me or his friends down never.He just had a hart of gold.Well my big brother is in a better place now.If some body can let the person who run's this know so they can take my brother off That would be nice.I will close this out soon.I JUST WANT TO THANK ALL OF HIS FRIEND'S WELL ALL OF YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND TO MY BIG BROTHER.THANK YOU JOEY'S BROTHER JOSH!!!!!
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GBT Awards Thread 2013
Added: 1009 days ago / Views: 1364 Taking nominations for each of the following....

When you respond to this, leave the category title next to the number so other people know what you are voting for. Only one nomination per line. Can nominate same person for multiple categories. Please don't nominate yourself :\. Have fun!

1) Best Video Poster
2) Best Pic Poster
3) Best Blog Creator
4) Hottest Poster in Real Life
5) Funniest GBT Member
6) Most Creative/ Artistic GBT Member
7) Best GBT member for Friendship
8) Best Old Dude
9) Best Young Dude
10) Biggest Badazz
11) Biggest Mother Theresa Type
12) Needs to Come Out of the Closet
13) Get Back in the Fuggin Closet
14) Biggest Pervert
15) Biggest Prude
16) GBT Member of the Year
17) GBT Mod/ Owner of the Year
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Trade Pics
Added: 1009 days ago / Views: 152 Does anyone want to trade pics or links with me?
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Added: 1009 days ago / Views: 476 I'M a virgin so anyone get his dick in me.
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Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 199 Anyone wants video chat?
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where is cutkiwi??
Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 568 i heard he went to jail for drugs??
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for your birthday
Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 142 ok so what is your fav thing that your better half does to you on your birthday. Mine was Jim would tie my hands while i was still sleeping and i would wake up to him giving me a blow job that went on for ever, then when i was about to blow he would stop and leave me there quivering, till i settle down then finish me off some time latter, i would do the same on his birthday.Birthday blow jobs are the best.
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start to my new life
Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 214 i have srarted a new facebook and i'm going to make better friends so feel free to add me search for my email on facebook it's please only people who talk clean on facebook walls because family still thinks i'm not gay
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vince lombardi supported gays
Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 211
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Help With Profile Photo?
Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 186 Im trying to upload profile photo, keeps saying I have not uploded a Avitor yet? can anyone help? scott x
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Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 307 So my birthday is in a couple days, May 3rd. I cant wait! ill finally be able to do lots of things (legally that is lol).

I plan to go to a local club at midnight on my birthday and hit up a strip club that night.

What did you do for that big birthday or what do you plan to do?
Anything special or memorable happen?
Was it what you thought and hoped it to be?
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What game system do you own?
Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 142 I have a PS3......the best game system in the world
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looking for vid
Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 133 hey everyone, im looking for a vid on here, it starts out with two guys on a bed and one of them orders a pizza which takes 45 minutes. one asks "what r we going to do?" the other replies "I could think of a few things mr pointy nipples".

any help would be greatly appreciated
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xbox live.
Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 145 Cant afford membership. If any1 here is a gamer send me the 2day membership code dat comes free with games. Just played on xbl free weekend and really miss cod. Leave ur gamertag too and ill add u
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swallowing or spitting?
Added: 1011 days ago / Views: 876 you prefer...
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looking by me
Added: 1011 days ago / Views: 158 hiiiiiii i live in elmhurst il and im looking for anyone to meet up with by me message me on here or email mandihomes12345@gmail.con im 18 180 and 6 ft you should be around my age
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look for
Added: 1011 days ago / Views: 226 Whats important when you meet someone, is it their looks or do you prefer a nice personality. But the best thing I think is when you strike it off straight away, with that feeling you have known them for years.
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May is National Masturbation Month
Added: 1011 days ago / Views: 404 For those of you that are unaware, May is National Masturbation Month. What a better place to celebrate than on GBT. That noise you hear is the sound of one hand clapping.
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