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If anyone of the 215 friends I lost (sorry had wipe ) from my profile plzzz can u add me to yours this is sohoangel xxxxxx

Site Today
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Nick: Profile and videos now ok. Understand about photos needing to be reviewed. Keep up the good work.

Were is my profile ??
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Ok Nick so pics and vids u having probs with but why as my profile been wipe I lost all 215 friends vids and fav pics can u tell me why u lost or wipe my profile please thanks anyone else in the same boat xxx

(2nd try) videos...what format to upload
Views: 270 · Added: 887 days ago

what format do you guys upload vids with...posted before but didnt register...unless posts have to be monitored as well..... how boring :-/ everyone seems to scared of their own tail atm

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anyone from denver co?

Views: 254 · Added: 887 days ago

just wanted to ask....what format do you guys unpload your vids ...have tried wmv. and didnt work an /or was not accepted.....anyone can help me?

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What is your fetish? Mine is drinking, smoking and wrestling. I love to watch a guy smoke and I love to watch 2 guys fight, naked would even be better. What's yours?

Video problems
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Apart from losing all my pics I now can't get the videos to play - anyone else having the same trouble?

First of all I want to ask = HOW MANY USER ACTUALLY HERE & existingparallel profiles

Is that true = many hundredthousands of visitors for `GBT´ and this PER DAY ?!

Is `GBT´ also owner of `BROKE-STRAiGHT-Boys(I like because it seems to be authentic)

Is it possible creating >>> function `GROUPS´<<
And by the way if this question isnot to personal: it´s a `fulltimejoB´or freetime

At last: some here uploading endless without proBs...other what ? the secret


P.S.:really thanking for existing `GBT´ - but it´s much Better speaking together and not so often about other & others...moreCOMMUNiTY is may be being much more open myself...where (real) friends should alowe also clear words

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At what age do you know that you were bisexual or gay? how did you know it?

Views: 521 · Added: 887 days ago

the love of my life left me and won't talk to me ever again, so i feel pretty down....:( is there really anything happy past this?

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Words of Encouragement
Views: 226 · Added: 889 days ago

Although I am addressing all guys watching and communicating through this website, it is some encouraging words for young and old alike that it is my intention to offer. My "watching" and "showing" began in my early teens. There was no internet and individuals did not use computers. We chatted on telephones with friends from schools in their homes, when we could not spend time together. Now young men with computers and webcams are connected with each other, and an ever-changing world makes sharing interests in hot videos and pictures, whether self-made or "collected favorites" that much easier and more exciting. When I read that some young guys who are expert users of web cams and website browsers and downloaders are turned off by old guys, I just offer this reminder. Not all old guys are pervs and started in their teens with self-pics and soft porn magazines for their horny releases. In some ways, the guys are the same, but the "tools of the trade" have changed. And all this change would not have happened, had not time, and lots of it, passed, making some guys "old" by comparison with most of this website's users. And yet thanks to all the young guys for their uninhibited postings, because the old guys like the same things, basically, and often are fortunate enough to be blessed with levels of libido that continue to satisfy through the years, even at the same intensity as in youth. So young guys: you're on your way through time. May you continue to enjoy sex and sexuality through your years. Be easy on the old guys. And old guys: Change can be unkind, but if you're enjoying this site, do so with relish, and give thanks for the chance to share with the younger folk, to enjoy their beauty and enthusiasm and willingness to strut their stuff. Thanks for reading.

Hello to ALL!
Mmmh...what a sunny day today and a really good moments for some more open words especially for someone who WANTS TO BE´s the person who is sooo lovely and offered his help (especially for Gay-Teens) to everyone for to be in contact with him ( & his wall & his endless Fans ähm Friends...)mean now never been alone anymore...And he is really...very,very,very buisy posting at his wall and at many,many,many walls...never to forget for asking being rated included `his friends´
At the beginning I find that really big & great and I ask him very interested some questions to him & bate him to answer in a personal & private message like I am send him (here at `GBT´ a good possibility for privates!),but a real answer never came - he posted only at my wall , that he cannot understand...Then I reply as an answer that it´s really funny proclamating social thaughts,he isn´t able to answer at all & never in private way...In this time he have been in nearer contact with the user `texasteen´ I could tell the name because he is gone...because of him the person who is sooo lovely to ALL...Why?This person misuded `texasteens´ confidence uploading private vid of him...And I really believing in his using of sweetest words and all who read this might have thaught the same...noone expected then this BAD FiNAL!...Of course I take him from my friends-list - I dislike that who how ever playing with the feelings of others for Blowing off his own Ego...
His reaction was surrounding some Fans around him telling them that he felt attacked by me & asked for help manipulating them against me...
You can be sure that I know what it really means STANDiNG TO MYSELF because I have been nearly killed by other homophoBic Teens and that two times!!So I COMEBACK very soon after my account have been deleted...for nothing...only being interested in the truth and in the responsibility of real social thinking at all!...
So it´s for me absolut np proB that someone tells in his profile that for him mostly important FiNDiNG ViRGiNS here...but what will not go in my head that he also offering that his EROGENiC ZONE = HEART&BRAiN...what in the result is not to find in his own vid-postings at all...
At least:for me it´s really noproB if someone called me an Big Asshole if he telling me why at may be I have the chance for to change by understanding...But to activate other user (misuasing!) for attacks against me speaks his own language...
What me makes very sad how some user could follow such illusionist so Blind at all!
So if you read that here (I am sure you do!) ofcourse you can act the same again manipulating even the adminstrator here (some asking me if you him himself?!) but may be you try to reflect my open words and may be also that u get over 1100 ratings
which in the result not so good like mine...
I think it needs MUCH POWER for your Big Wish ALWAYS BEiNG iN THE MiDDLE-POiNT and to BE LOVED AT ALL...and I think that you cannot really feel fine when your emotional Living is needed by this...and like I would tell to everyone and if you are Gay-Teen yourself...DONOT PLAYiNG WiTH OTHER FEELiNGS & EVEN NOT WiTH YA OWN...Be just yourself and show us WHO YOU ARE loke to give advises to other & try to animate them...BUT WHAT iS ABOUT YOURSELF??!Why do ya not telling what for example is YOUR PRACTiSE DOiNG for Gay-Teens or what ever you REALLY DO...I am still not against you total...I still try to understand your real motivation...Therefor I take time to make my thaughts open after your posting of A CREAPY GERMAN...So NOW iS YOUR BiG CHANCE MAKiNG iT CLEAR with much more than only sweet words & BlaBla at all...SHOW US YOUR REAL PROFiLE...tell us what really important you(!) have to offer at & FOR ALL...

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Anybody up for a chat lol

Views: 207 · Added: 890 days ago

what is your fantsy?

skype, any one
Views: 262 · Added: 890 days ago

if u liked my vid and wanna see more and have fun time camming add me on skype. oimupset. see yall there

Views: 408 · Added: 890 days ago

hey is anyone here into bondage. dosnt matter if its light and playfull like hands tied behind u while u get sucked off or rough and serious like ur whole body is tied up. just wana know

Views: 434 · Added: 890 days ago

hey if u liked my vid and wanna have some more fun add me on skype: oimupset

Any one "come out" and regreted it ?
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I'm a single parent with a teenage boy, ive used him as an excuse for not "coming out'. Im thinking of explaining to him then coming out, anyone else been in this situation and regreted not coming out or doing so and regreted it ?

Views: 203 · Added: 890 days ago

Hi i was just wondering if anyone has had trouble uploading photos or videos. I have uploaded part 4 of Pasha/Klark and it still hasnt come up yet. Thank you ,tc Tom

des videos
Views: 204 · Added: 890 days ago

ho trouve plus de videos comme rent boy and daddy ho very young twinks merci davence

Invitation to all✾◕ ‿ ◕✾
Views: 800 · Added: 890 days ago

Hey guys its me Ruslan :) I want to give an open invitation to you guys. If you have time check out our page . Its about being positive. Its about being gay and helping other gay teens. My friends and i chat it up on the wall on my page. Nothing is off limits . From break- ups to car repair . All you will find is chill gay boys that want to help. Its nothing more or less then that. Because we believe that being gay is chill and want you to know you are not alone . So if you have time come by and post even if it is to say hi. If you have seen the page tell the other gay boys here what you think. Love you guys Ruslan ≧◔◡◔≦

Hello to ALL & even you and you & of course U 2...
I take this way for communicating because too often messages on the walls are not getting transport complete...
Want to talk with you ALL what is in ya mind A REAL FRiEND at all?...
Here it´s very easy `making Friends´ and some have Hundrets of in their friends-list
and some taken all what they can get...
But WHEN is a friend really a friend?!
And does it give this a really good feeling when you realize that you are only one between many other...where may Be everyone(!) knowing that he iS BE LOVED ?...
When someone feeling really the mission deep inside (of his HEART?) including being open also for talking about himself (his practise experience & his motivation at all)then it´s really fine & helpful...and the most important for that it´s POSSiBLE FOR BELiEViNG iN !!...
And to find real friends in the `Gay-Scene´...may Be it´s possible...may be when we are much more using the truth & living in the reality...THE GAY-WORLD MAY NOT LONGER
SEPERATE THEMSELF...WE ARE SOMEONE (EVERYONE!!) WiTHOUT TO WANT BeING SPECiAL OF THE SPECiALS...So being just authentic yourself included your (homo-)sexuell orientation...not allowing others reducing you in sex & DONOT REDUCiNG YOURSELF!!...
At least some open words because of `Ass17´(this name he gets from many user who wondering about him...)I got messages from my `friends´ here what let me worry about!Let me try to answer like that:for me it´s not in-teresting if `A17´ may be Belonging to the Admins of `GBT´ (ok - it´s right that some user get uploaded all their vids - some up to nothing)...For me is everyone SOMEONE WiTH HiS OWN STORY iN HiS BiOGRAPHY...and user here who also Admins may be have much more RESPONSiBiLity in their actings at & for ALL!In anyway we could learn fromeach other when we communicating like A REAL COMMUNiTY...using clear & truely words...talking with each other and not so often aBout other...
So if some `friends´of me expecting something like fighting against I don´t know really...No...I Believing in the POWER OF THE TRUTH...And everyone must have the CHANCE FOR CHANGiNG at & for ALL...

That´s have Been the `BarBarbados-News´ from 12.11.2011
& thx for ya (open?) Listening
(by-e BjORN-tis-WAY)

Views: 578 · Added: 891 days ago

I was just wondering what sports do you play
(football, basketball, tennis, swimming, ect)
I wrestle

new vids
Views: 2314 · Added: 891 days ago

Hi guys. I want to post more vids, but they maybe borderlne. x

Views: 198 · Added: 891 days ago

anyone want to chat?

Views: 238 · Added: 891 days ago

hi guys anyone like to message me for chat - check out my fav vids so you know what stuff i like

Rememberance Day.
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Today has been Remembrance day so lets take a second to reflect on the lives lost to preserve our way of life. Many people come on this wall and website to talk about their troubles (amoungst other things), well lets remember the millions that died just to give us the right to even have these troubles, let alone the right to live our lives to the maximum. The right to be free, the right to love who we want without persecution, the right to believe in what we want without persecution.

11:11 11/11 Lest we forget.

something new
Views: 617 · Added: 891 days ago

im so happy today i bought some new underwear mmmmm thereis plently of space to have a hand inside :)

Views: 393 · Added: 892 days ago

Has anyone ever ended up in a relationship from this site before? It seems like quite a few people get close from what i've seem on some profiles but i dunno if it has ever gone further for anyone.

I've been trying to talk to people from here and hoping it might happen but results have varied. Anyone else in the same boat?

Views: 294 · Added: 892 days ago

wanna chat maybe trade

Views: 415 · Added: 892 days ago

Anyone with skype that would like to chat and stuff send me a request lonelybassist1
leave me your age pls :)

c 2 c are u playing cam to cam
Views: 235 · Added: 892 days ago

are you playing cam to cam ?
what are you think ?

videos not working
Views: 249 · Added: 893 days ago

ok so whats up with videos not working it says there not loaded nothing plays just a black screen

Crazy German creeper stocker! :(
Views: 1169 · Added: 894 days ago

Nick i wrote you about this guy on my page before. He stopped with his crazy creepy post . That lasted for about a week. Now he is right back at it. Can you help me ? He is very creepy and something is wrong here. If anyone has anything else to add please do .Ruslan


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