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website will not you click on video link or photo clips
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I dunno whats up but i though I would let you guys know asap...

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Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong
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anyone know any jokes, I only know chicken ones and knock knock ones, everybody needs some humor in their lives, laugh or I will need to get out my tickling stick, lol

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Taken this morning my back yard
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Dont you wish all this prettu boys were maybe 5 yrs younger?

Just thinking   LOL

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Anyone in Texas?
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Student in Austin, Texas here. Where my cute Texans at?

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Would like to talk sometimes
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Sometimes i come here and think about talking with someone, messaging I guess back and forth. On a regular basis I mean. I like to do a lot of outdoor things, hunting, fishing, and camping in the summer. If you have interests like that or just want to talk about anything actually I'll write back. There are some peope here in my hometown I talk to but here it would be different I think, in a better way.

So anyway, I'm throwing out the idea if you want a chat friend, pen pal or whatever it would be to quote Val Kilmer from tombstone "I'll be your huckelberry". Always liked that line, but then he ended up shooting Johnny Ringo in the head didn't he?

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Young Love
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17.If you could learn to do anything, what would it be
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or What was your favorite food when you were a child

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old corrals Raymond, Ca.
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First time with an older man
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I'm curious about how many of you had an older man teach you about gay sex?  Did he seduce you or did you ask for it?  How much older was he and did you enjoy it?  Did you have sex with him again later?  I'd love to hear about your experiences.


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What is love?
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I know its a bloated question, but what do you all think, in your own opinion, what love is? I'm still struggling to figure this one out?

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Sexiest men - age 30-39
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Everyone knows i'd do justin timberlake and adam levine.


Did you know however, that Chris Hardwick from talking dead is an all out sexy manjQuery18208584463824518025_1424730943057  OMFG!!

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What Are The Rules Of Uploading
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Soo I Uploaded Some Videos From My Phone The Other Day Both Amateur One Of Me Getting Rimmed The Other Of Me Giving Head But I Haven't Seen Either Appear So I'm Wondering Why Theres No Watermarks Or Anything Someone Help

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how many days old are you find out
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Misleading profiles
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I'm not convinced that most of the guys I have reached out to are actually the age they put on their profile or their picture is fake. This is dissapointing because I would love to talk to somebody who actually is who they say they are so I can talk about struggles ect. I'm not out, in college and it's difficult being gay.

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Best wank ever?
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What was your best jerk off and were u alone or with a friend?

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How is everyone?
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Hey :)

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Does anyone have the full clip of these guys?
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These guys apperently kept going after this video and its super hot, only problem is I cant find it any where!


Do any of you know where I can find it?


Much love!

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It might rain today
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The foothills are so green right now
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giving all my friends loads of love and affection

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Could someone help wash my back?
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Words not required
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any body every wake up annd there is some one sucking on your dick lol

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What kind of Lolli is that?
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I don't think I've seen that brand or flavor.  Any ideas?

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Random Quote
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"There's blood in my mouth and curry sauce on my shirt. I wish it were the other way around".

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My Uploads
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Every upload from me is "blowing in the wind" There is no answer why! Who has an idea? What´s wrong?

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Have you ever had something happen to you that you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best?

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hey hello anybody up at the us/canadian border
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there must be a window or door open  its freakin freezing down here in maryland    thanks

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Been a crappy month
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Actually it's been a shitty month. I will say right up front I'm just venting beacuse I can here. My closest friends are more than tired of hearing me go on and on about things lately I'm sure.

My boyfriend and I parted ways at the start of this month. He apparently thought it was perfectly fine to have more than one partner at the same time. Me,  not so much. On the one hand I think what a shithead! On the other I think, good to know that he's like that now rather than later. I just did not see it coming, and that's what bothers me the most. Fucking two faced, self centered,  asshole that he was/is. There I feel better.

So I'm trying to not to stay negative all the time but not doing so good. Will look back on this as a learning experience someday but for now all I can feel is anger, hurt, anger, betrayal, anger, confusion, did I mention anger.

So that's my rant for today. Hope everyone is doing better than me, pretty low bar I'm setting I know. But hey, now you can say "Holy Crap! I'm glad I'm not that poor guy!"

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Thanks You!
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Thank you to everyone for the all the birthday wishes yesterday and for cheering me up! It's always great to have support from anyone and anywhere, so thank you all. And my 21st was great! Got birthday wishes from all around and my friends took me out for dinner that night. Now just gotta battle one more obstacle: the dreaded hangover right now!

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So my birthday's tomorrow...
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I turn 21. Is it weird that I'm not that pumped about my birthday coming? Yeah, I know I'll be turning 21 and I'll be able to drink (which is nice if you can control it). But idk, it's I've always kinda felt lonely when my bday comes around, same with holidays like Christmas and New Years. Is it weird to feel this way or is it all just me getting older?

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Damn funny man
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I can do this I know I can
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3 hours on the edge
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how do you feel after 3 hours on the edge?

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has anybody got an update on JordanjQuery18205419296303658893_1424080134802 He's not been online for some time.

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