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Driving for Dummies
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which hangs lower when you are totally flaccid. your penis or your balls?
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my dick, my balls tend to cling firm close by.

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hi all, am looking new friends, who like children, as am a single dad, i find it hard

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LOL !!
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wank in class
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is there a vid on group wank in last row of a class in school?... lets chat about that

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Hints, secrets, and innuendos throughout society and media...
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So can you all tell where all you think there are any hints in society and media (such as music, film, and literature) where there implications to being gay or young boy lovers?

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I give up
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...another blog-entry stuff up. WHYjQuery182045068429162769696_1404622358851????????????????????????

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Getting my first toy today
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Any suggestions on a "good" toy?

Should i get a dildo or a butt plug ? anything else?

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i've been enjoying this summer very much. can't get my eyes off a blonde guy in kahki shorts and a white wife beater. why do blondes have the sexist legs? then there is the smooth twink at the pool with dark hair on his head, but none elsewhere. is he 14 or 18? then their is the redhead kid at the drive through window. i keep going back there just to glimpse his cute red hair and wondering what his legs and pubes look like. then there is the guy i live with and adore. his dark haired pits drive me insane and his comfortable stance with nudity in our apartment keep me hard for hours. i love his curls on his chest. i will NOT let him shave them. then there is the guy next door that never wears a shirt. tall, slim, toned...has a long back to die for. summer is sexy, just saying...

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Happy 4 th of July
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american flag

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Lost my virginity ;)
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Awesome Video, Where is the version with sound?
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I love the following video.

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Cartoon briefs?
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Do you like wearing briefs with cartoon characters? Would you date a guy who did?

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to my friends
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The GAY Dream
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Hello fellow jerkers and squirters! The community of masterdibaters! First of all, I wanna say I am addicted to this site! Second of all, I want to share my thoughts with you since I have no sexual friend to love and caress.

Is it just me or wouldn't it be the dream to stay at home, walk around naked, be young, smooth, and await for sugar daddy?

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Profile pictures
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Can anyone help me upload a profile picture? whenever i upload one it always shows up as an empty box...

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Speed up browsing utility...
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I'd noticed that ny Internet browser was seeming to be slow. Did a little snooping around and found an article with some recommendations here:

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I Hope Phallussy is ok :(
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Have not seen Phallussy around for many days, and hope he will come back soon. Just not the same with-out him here, I miss his short films and personally :(

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To ALL my friends that I pm with..I will be traveling to Europe next week and will be away for three weeks. I wish you could ALL join me but I am looking for company for a cruise or two when I return. Anyone interested just hit me up. Always looking for new friends with common interests. See you all in a few weeks...Huggs XXX to all of you.

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Today is the 45th Anniversary of the battle of the Stonewall Inn....this is a short history of that night.
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Every community has its stories. We retell them to remind ourselves of our origins, to note our progress, and to recommit ourselves to each other. We are too wise to believe that one instant in one place in history made manifest our movement for equality. But we can look to the events of June 27-28, 1969 as a moment of tremendous significance -- as a moment when the odds were long against us and we fought back anyway; as a spark -- not the first, not the only, but nevertheless a spark -- which grew into a blaze to burn unjust laws and light the way toward progress. Let us recall the Stonewall Riots.


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Im Back!
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I wasnt that known on here but after a while I got my account back :) id love talking to some new people!

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Member Request and Assistance
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Member verygood18 wrote me about this video: " who are they in this video? if you know can you inform me soon? thanks"...while I did upload it, most of you know I am not a follower of performers so if anyone could help verygood18 out, he would be most appreciative.

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Your thoughts about GBT
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What do you think about GBT how can we make it better

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Don't you guys LOVE ankle bracelets?!
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Don't you guys LOVE ankle bracelets?!

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cock vids wanted
Added: 849 days ago / Views: 360

Does anyone have any videos of them dicks that have 2 pee holes in them i know theres a name for this but cannot remember what it is called

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Random thought of the day: You get one superpower, what would it be.

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whats the point in this world, all down to money, its not the be all and end all of life, whatst he point really.

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Pride Parade First time :)
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I went to the NYC Pride Parade for the first time with my boyfriend and it was just amazing. We had t-shirts pointing to to each other saying he's mine and everyone was complimenting us on them haha. This day was perfect, i've never felt so accept nd actually belonging somewhere:) I've never been so proud of who i am :) Pride 2014 was absolutely amazing ^^ anyone else go?

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Foreign Internship
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If you are a young adult man and would like to stay some time in Germany helping at household and work and learning german under pleasant conditions - mail to me.

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just a random blog never had lobster :) giles

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shhh dont tell any one im in a field of maize - north by northwest ;) my names cary

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What Makes A Great Ass?
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What would you say makes a great ass?

Its size, its hole, smoothness, etc?

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a site dealing with your problems/questions

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In Honor of Pride
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In Honor of Honor of the fighers at honor for all that have fought so hard to get where we honor of those that gave their lives along the way...may we never forget our history...may we continue to make a better history for those that follow behind us.

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