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forgiven but not forgotten
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This is the second part of the story of Sigg Issy and me. Part two
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I want everyone to understand that i would never put the people i love and care in danger, the only real name in any of my stories, is mine, but it is spelt in the Gaelic way but sounds in English the same as Rory.

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I wanted to post this story about Sigg, but I have learned my lesson
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This is a story about Sigg my Icelandic friend, and i do not want to crowed Eric out so bear with me.

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This is a story of how I met Ben in four chapters.
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Chapter One


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Mental Slavery
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Alam notification again
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When trying to login GBT 5 minutes ago this warning came again that I'm trying to enter into child pornography site GayBoysTube, notification from Interpol from url My Norton antivirus and firewall stopped it. Just let you know, now second time in one week this happens. Maybe not serious?

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You want to do what to my what?
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Ok.  Just try to be gentle.  Please.  

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Sprouse ♥ Hutcherson
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hot vid
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what do you think of this hot vid - how old do you think the bottom is?

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Hi friends at GBT. I wanted to post this because this member (I have redacted his name) is not the only one that feels this way. I feel very strongly about my answer to him. My answer was too long and rambling and maybe confusing, but it is what it is. I would welcome any comments or opposing views, especially in light of the fucked up world lately with ISIS and White Supremacists. I could be way off base in declaring these films harmless. At the bottom is a short clip which is typical from these group of films. After the short one is the clip I think he is referring to. I am sorry in advance for the spelling and grammar issues. I had not even a minute this morning to proofread even for major errors.

------------ original message ----------------- The boys are ubercute but the scene is disturbing. I wonder if it is appropriate to post considering the violence rife in the United States. This clip will send the wrong message to viewers who are "ting-tong" (a thai colloquial expression meaning slightly crazy)

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The greatest freedom I've ever found is not caring what others think of me
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As long as you are worried about what 
others think of you, you are owned by 
them. Only when you require no approval 
from outside yourself can you own yourself. 
One of the greatest freedoms is truly not 
caring what everyone else thinks of you. 

∗˖ˎ 乚〇 \/ Є -:¦:-
  ♡ `ˑ∗ˑ´丿〇ㄚ ˏ˖∗˖ˎ ✩
   :¦:  ㄗЄA∁Є  `ˑ∗ˑ´


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Can you work this out. Clue , look ouside the box for the answer
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Two fathers and two sons are walking together down the main street of town. They all are flat broke and hungry. Then a stroke of good luck hits them and the youngest son finds three $2 coins on the footpath just outside the local hamburger shop. Because they all were starving they decided to buy some hamburgers with the $6 the youngest son had found. Now as you know sometimes you get good luck and sometimes bad luck comes your way. But when they walked into the hamburger shop, the price of one hamburger is $1.90 is written on sign behind the counter. "Don't worry" the other son said to the rest of them, "By my calculation every one will have a hamburger to eat and we will get 30 cents change."

How come he was so correct? Remember, everybody got a hamburger each and the hamburger shop did not offer any 2 for 1 deals on the burgers.

First one to guess properly wins a free hug from me.

Good Luck everybody in GBT land.

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Daddy - Son Video
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I so want to be filmed banging a cute twink type. Gets me horny just thinking about it...

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Pic of the day 21,06/15
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♥ ♥ ♥
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A rumor is a social cancer: it is difficult 
to contain and it rots the brains of the 
masses. However, the real danger is that 
so many people find rumors enjoyable. 
That part causes the infection. And in such 
cases when a rumor is only partially made 
of truth, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly 
where the information may have gone wrong. 
It is passed on and on until some brave soul 
questions its validity; that brave soul refuses 
to bite the apple and let the apple eat him. 
Forced to start from scratch for the sake of 
purity and truth, that brave soul, figuratively 
speaking, fully amputates the information in 
order to protect his personal judgment. In 
other words, his ignorance is to be valued 
more than the lie believed to be true.


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Janet Jackson's new comeback single No Sleeep released....
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It’s official! Janet is back after a 5 year break. A week after announcing her 'Unbreakable World Tour', Janet Jackson debuts her first new single in five years, NO SLEEEP, (purposely misspelled). This sexy R and B ballad is the lead single off her forthcoming eleventh studio album being released on her own label, Rhythm Nation Records. Her comeback is long overdue....

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California 'Kill the Gays' ballot blocked
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Some of the people living in this state are unbelievable.

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Welcome Back Jericho
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I want to welcome Jericho back to GBT. I know he has had a very stressful day, and I really do apologies for the issues. He was wonderful so nice and understanding while we where fixing the problems. Please make sure you guys let him know how appreciated and loved he is 

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June is Pride Month
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hols and weekends
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in good spirits, and wishing my friends going or on holiday a wonderful time, and for my other friends, a little squeeze, gentle hug, and a loving kiss, enjoy your weekend, love scott, xx

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THANK YOU NICK and your little helpers :))
Added: 729 days ago / Views: 508 i think many of you don't appreciate what Nick and his gang is doing for us, but i love it, i really do. what he does is not just a nine to five job, he is working hard, day and night and for what? only for you, and all you can do is lament, moan and cry like a baby as soon as something is not running the way you want. you were screaming for improvements, but you didn't want any changes. sure there are some issues, like everywhere, but it's ok for me. i know i'm impatient and believe me i can cry and scream when i really want something (ask my parents) but it doesn't mean that i don't appreciate what i get or what anyone is doing for me.
with GBT Nick gives us a place to find friends, to say what we want, to live what we are, find help when we need it ... and for some of us GBT is their family or their home (how sad it is, but it's true)
so when there is trouble and something is going wrong, be patient, everything will turn out fine, GBT is a lovely place for friends and lovers ...
and never forget, it doesn't cost you anything


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Same stupid question now 5th time without answer
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Nick, I've asked from you 2 times by personal PM and here in my blogs 3 times about the differences between "your videos have been watched" and the total number what my video counter says.on my wall when counting them all together.

Without answer from you or anybody else from your factory.. Am I some kind of second class member here or what? Now it says that totally my videos have been watched 5.516.720 times but my wall says something else, only 4 millions less, means missing.

That is my some kind of hobby collecting statistics and numbers -one reason because my university studies- and now because you deleted (when changing the style of the site) the possibility to collect maps and visitors from other countries this is more important than before. I had good collection before, now it's useless. If you have time please take a look. Before maybe almost 1000 visitors when successful day. now 1 or 2.

I don't mean any bad and I know you're busy with more important things but I think after long patient waiting now it's my turn to get answer to only one question: Where are those 4 million missing watchers of my videos or are they existing at all? If so, this whole counting system here is cheating all of us. If so, I don't really like it, not fair play. Jay

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thankyou nick!
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 i appreciate the effort you are putting into this site.

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If there is a Heaven.
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For me, it would probably be here, with him.

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Unlikely videos
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it's strange but I sometimes find it's the videos that start off as being not very promising at the beginning are the ones that get me wanking to orgasm by the end,does this strike a chord with anyone else?

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Being Professional
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In some situations its so hard to be Professional .

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luv blondes
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Anyone Have Steaming Issues?
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Anyone having any steaming issues, please let me know if so and show a url I might look at. thank you.

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Happy Fathers Day
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How many of you are fathers ?

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