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The foothills are so green right now
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giving all my friends loads of love and affection

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Could someone help wash my back?
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Words not required
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any body every wake up annd there is some one sucking on your dick lol

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What kind of Lolli is that?
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I don't think I've seen that brand or flavor.  Any ideas?

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Random Quote
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"There's blood in my mouth and curry sauce on my shirt. I wish it were the other way around".

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My Uploads
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Every upload from me is "blowing in the wind" There is no answer why! Who has an idea? What´s wrong?

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Have you ever had something happen to you that you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best?

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hey hello anybody up at the us/canadian border
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there must be a window or door open  its freakin freezing down here in maryland    thanks

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Been a crappy month
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Actually it's been a shitty month. I will say right up front I'm just venting beacuse I can here. My closest friends are more than tired of hearing me go on and on about things lately I'm sure.

My boyfriend and I parted ways at the start of this month. He apparently thought it was perfectly fine to have more than one partner at the same time. Me,  not so much. On the one hand I think what a shithead! On the other I think, good to know that he's like that now rather than later. I just did not see it coming, and that's what bothers me the most. Fucking two faced, self centered,  asshole that he was/is. There I feel better.

So I'm trying to not to stay negative all the time but not doing so good. Will look back on this as a learning experience someday but for now all I can feel is anger, hurt, anger, betrayal, anger, confusion, did I mention anger.

So that's my rant for today. Hope everyone is doing better than me, pretty low bar I'm setting I know. But hey, now you can say "Holy Crap! I'm glad I'm not that poor guy!"

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Thanks You!
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Thank you to everyone for the all the birthday wishes yesterday and for cheering me up! It's always great to have support from anyone and anywhere, so thank you all. And my 21st was great! Got birthday wishes from all around and my friends took me out for dinner that night. Now just gotta battle one more obstacle: the dreaded hangover right now!

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So my birthday's tomorrow...
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I turn 21. Is it weird that I'm not that pumped about my birthday coming? Yeah, I know I'll be turning 21 and I'll be able to drink (which is nice if you can control it). But idk, it's I've always kinda felt lonely when my bday comes around, same with holidays like Christmas and New Years. Is it weird to feel this way or is it all just me getting older?

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Damn funny man
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I can do this I know I can
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3 hours on the edge
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how do you feel after 3 hours on the edge?

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has anybody got an update on JordanjQuery18205419296303658893_1424080134802 He's not been online for some time.

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Open the fucking door
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Not enough emaciated pale teenagers staring blankly at webcams
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I was wondering if we could have more emaciated pale teenagers staring blankly at webcams.


I can never seem to find videos here of emaciated pale teenagers staring blankly at webcams.


There is clearly a shortage of emaciated pale teenagers staring blankly at webcams and its difficult to find and rare content.


I just think it would be nice to come here sometime and see nothing but 50,000 fucking pages of emaciated pale teenagers staring blankly at webcams.


Nothing compares to the quality of porn that is emaciated pale teenagers staring blankly at webcams, half wanking while typing slowly and typically begging for cam tips with no audio.


It's premium content at its best, and very unique. You rarely see it. What makes emaciated pale teenagers staring blankly at webcams so great is that you can fast forward through a 40 minute video of it and every frame of it looks exactly like the rest.


It's also a technical advantage for any site that carries it, because you can condense it to a 2 frame animated gif and simply loop it for 20 minutes, and alternate between one frame of the emaciated pale teenager staring blankly at a webcam while typing, or the frame of the emaciated pale teenager staring blankly at a webcam while tugging his dick nearly a quarter inch every 45 minutes, nearly completing a whole stroke in an hour.


Plus you can do it without the distraction of audio, (where one assumes he is howling in pleasure while typing and holding his dick while staring blankly at the webcam, the height of passionate eroticism).


It is also a plus for filling categories, because you can call it amateur, twink, solo, younger, webcam, Valium or simply emaciated pale teenagers staring blankly at webcams. With this forumula, no one will ever get disgusted with repetitive, cheap content and wander off to other sites.

Instead, remember the old addage: "The best things in life are free of action, motion, expression, audio, muscle mass, passion or a diploma."

Thank you for considering my proposal of adding at least a few videos of emaciated pale teenagers staring blankly at webcams. If enacted, I am sure it will bring endless traffic to the site and praise from everyone who enjoys emaciated pale teenagers staring blankly at webcams, as well as necrophiliacs.


Kind regards,



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I love this poem
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I love this poem it is so true.

There are no happy endings,

Endings are the saddest part,

Just give me a happy middle,

And a very happy start.

Shell Silverstien is the greatest.

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Air compressors are SO HANDY!
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chat sites
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does anyone have any suggestions on a non video gay chat room? yes i am behind the times i know

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Love this boys
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They arw the image of beauty, pure perfection, to just sit andnlook at them, letting your fantasies fly. Love them, cuddle and caress them. 

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Hey! Anyone want to share some experiences stories with me? Message me! :) I've got a few ;) !! xx

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ho hum
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:) giles


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Webcam Fun
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Maybe i get too old for webcam fun. But in the last months people asked very often for ass or "finger ur ass". Well people, i prefer cock and i dont find anything exciting in fingering my ass in fron of the cam. mainly because its very uncomfortable ;-) fapping is much more comfortable

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Added: 768 days ago / Views: 365 Boxers or Briefs?
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Arkansas House Votes In Favor Of LGBT Discrimination
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On Friday, the Arkansas House of Representatives voted 57-20 in favor of a bill that would bar cities and counties from sanctioning LGBT anti-discrimination laws.

Arkansas state Sen. Bart Hester (R), who sponsored the bill, told BuzzFeed News that creating uniform policies across the state will attract businesses and that he was angered by one cityâs repeated attempts to expand rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

âThere are many things necessary for stability -- and civil rights need to not be a volatile situation,â he said.

Hester told BuzzFeed News that it isn't just LGBT individuals who are singled out for discrimination. âI am singled out as a politician. I am singled out because I am married to one woman ⦠I want everyone in the LGBT community to have the same rights I do. I do not want them to have special rights that I do not have.â

The bill's stated goal is to improve intrastate commerce by making it illegal for state businesses, organizations or employers to implement or enforce policies outlawing discrimination on grounds not covered in state law. Currently, Arkansas does not have LGBT protections at the state level.

According to Arkansas Online, the small town of Eureka Springs passed an ordinance this week extending discrimination protections to members of the LGBT community.

Nationally, there has been pushback from state legislatures against expanding LGBT rights. It comes as courts have begun to legalize same-sex marriage and the Supreme Court has said it will weigh in on same-sex marriage this year.

Indiana amended non-discrimination rules for state contractors so organizations can hire based on religious preferences. Oklahomaâs House of Representatives heavily supported a bill that would allow clergy members to refuse to perform same-sex marriages. A Florida bill would restrict individuals to using the single-sex public facility, such as a restroom, that matches the gender that person was given at birth, which is a concern for transgender individuals.

But not all local and state governments are working to ban LGBT rights. This week, a five-person town in West Virginia voted in favor of âa new town ordinance extending discrimination prohibitions on employment, housing and public accommodations to LGBT individuals.â

Arkansas would become the second state to authorize such anti-discrimination restrictions if Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson signs the bill into law. Tennessee did so in 2011.

Holly Dickson, legal director at the Arkansas American Civil Liberties Union, told BuzzFeed News that people are not happy about the bill.

âAs soon as LGBT people get some protections against being evicted or fired just because of who they love, the state is going to absolutely prohibit them from obtaining that sort of protection,â she said.

The bill, which passed on a 24-8 vote in the Arkansas Senate on Monday, is now on its way to Hutchinsonâs desk. The Associated Press reports that the governor said Friday that he will allow the bill to go into effect without signing it.

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Does anybody buy porn?
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should share some ;)

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I miss you Chris
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Our friend was in a accident some time ago. As he was riding his bike he was hit by a car. He was in a coma for a week. He is out of ICU now. He needs everyone's thoughts and prayers so he can make a fast recovery.

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Added: 769 days ago / Views: 282 I seem to have lost a good friend, anyone know what happened, JOBEARS aka joel, will miss him a lot, scott
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Blast off
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what was your favorite year/age of your life
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mine was when i was actually (two year span) ages 27 28

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How Was Your Valentines Day?
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Hope you had a great Valentines Day everyone!

Did anyone have a special plan, for that special someone?

Or for folks like me a special plan for yourself?

Either way I hope you had a vundabar Valentines day.

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New guy
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Hey guys new here, looking for a few friends with the same interests as me :)

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