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Why does a lot of videos not have sound with it. I like to hear moaning at least but
a lot of videos just plain silence. To me that is boring. Anyone else feel the same?

Is it rude?
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I have a question/query. Recently I've received several new friend requests/adds. I've accepted all, as I'm primarily here to meet people, chat and maybe make a new friend. My standard way of accepting is to accept the add, then send the member a short but nice message saying "hi, thanks for the add. If you'd like to chat message me anytime etc etc"

Of the 15 or so people who have added me in the last week or so, only one has replied and all he wanted was for me to rate his profile. So is it just me who is here to actually talk to people? And does anyone else find it kinda rude?

ShaunieB x

Manchester UK - Meet, watch porn, wank sesh
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Porn / Wank sesh - meet, watch twink / scally porn, wank off together - simples, can travel

Will go on cam so you know i'm genuine and not a minger.

Deleting outbox message
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Is this function working? Ticked the outward messages I wanted to delete and selected delete at end of page but messages remain. Any advice?

Mobile Section Now Open
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We have just opened up the mobile site for GBT so you can take us with you and keep up with updates and e-mails when your not at home from your web capable phones. Traffic should auto redirect to this option if you connect to the site with a mobile phone, but here is the direct link If anyone has any issues with the videos streaming or any other problems please let me know and what kind of device your using like (Iphone2) Thax everyone and hope you enjoy the new option.

The Lake
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It was a long weekend at the lake with my best friend, after the second day of boating baking in the sun and drinking beer. It was time to camp, I found a nice cove and dropped the anchor. I had a new speed boat that had an full enclosure. I had a blow up mattress that I put on the floor between the captain chairs, where I laid down and my buddy laid on the couch. The temp dropped and my bud asked if he could sleep with me in my sleeping bag so we could stay warmer. Of course I said yes. I was very attracted to his skinny ass but was always too scared make a move. I would borrow his dirty undies (he did not know). I faced the driver side and he laid down beside me in my sleeping bag in the spoon position. As the temp dropped we stayed warm inside the bag. Then I felt his hard dick poking me between my butt cheeks, I could not believe it, it was my Cinemax moment and it was happening to me, my heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest. I was no longer tired I was wide awake. I reached around and felt his throbbing hard dick and it was huge (my boy was well hung). I slipped his swimming trunks down and started stroking his cock. We never said a word I just stroked. I wanted to taste his cock but was scared how far he would let me go. I said what the hell and went for it, I got out of the bag and put my mouth on his cock, (my first time with a dude) we had not showered all weekend and the sweat smell and taste was awesome. I put all of it in my mouth and sucked it up and down licking the base and tip. I felt his cock grow in my mouth, it just kept getting bigger. I rubbed his ball sack and then licked the sweat off his hairy nutt sack. By this time we were not cold anymore. I was strokin his big piece of meat, I lifted his left leg and got a sniff of his bubble butt it smelled so good and tasted even better. I tasted his ass and kept licking and licking, I started to stroke his cock again but kept rimming I could feel his ass hairs on my tongue. My bud said softly that he was going to cum, so I stopped rimming and went back to sucking his monster cock, he told me again that he was cumming but I kept sucking and their it was a mouth full of cum, it was so thick and tasted so good. I then grabbed the base and squeezed pushing every bit of cum out and in my mouth. I then climbed back in to the sleeping bag, my buddy was taller so my face came up to his shoulder I put my nose in his stinky arm pit and my dick stood strait up. I got my rocks off on my buddy's scent I jacked off and cummed on my buddy's ass crack. I then went down and licked it clean. I licked up every drop of man juice out of his ass hole. We slept so good holding each other. It smelled like sweat, ass and cum. We were slippery and sticky. I learned about pheromones that weekend (skip the shower and bring on the boy sweat). One sniff makes my cock rock hard. It was the most fun anyone could have camping, it was my favorite trip.

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Does anyone here have msn or yahoo messenger to chat sometime? If you do happen to have either, send me a message.

Follow me!!
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If you have a Twitter account follow me at!/Kyle9595! :D

How to delete vid
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I have been requested to delete a video but I don't see how to do that. Also, I can't seem to delete anything in the outbox. Help!

what turns you on?
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what turns you on?

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I decided I was going to upload some videos I found online, but from what I read on the disclaimer on this site, it clearly states, you are certifying that the videos belong to you. I don't personally make porn and I don't know anyone that does. From what I see, most of these videos come from some website and I hardly believe all these users claim ownership for these videos/pictures. It seems everyone just uploads what they find, regardless who it belongs to. So that being said, I won't be uploading any videos/pics. I don't want to be violating any copyright laws.

****Pulling out ? For the Bi and Str8 boys....
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Yea....I and bi site. But u str8 curious boys are out there too !!

Have you ever had sex with a girl WITHOUT using birth control?
Did you agree you would pull out?
Were you able to?
Any pregnancies because of it?

best high school sex... at true story.
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Joseph Smith
Subject: best high school sex

I am not a professional writer, but the story I tell is a true account of
some of the guys I had sex with in high school. There will be several parts
so I hope you will not be bored. No body in these stories has incredible 9
in cocks. Just normal 15 and 16 year boys beginning to explore our hidden
sexuality. Your comments are welcome. All rights reserved and must be of
legal age to read. I am now 53 so hear are the accounts of my sexual
youth. Which seem to be more fun back then.

I grew up in upstate New York in the Mohawk Valley region. It was a small
school with a student population of 600 kids k thru 12 there were 72 people
in my graduating class. Yeah I know very small. The major industry ay the
time was dairy farms and one small factory that made baby food. A little
about me. At 15 I was 6' weighed around 150 pounds. I have black hair and
brown eye's and like most kids I hit puberty at 13. I only had hair under
my arms and around my cock. which was 6" and cut. My friend we will call
him Sandy always said I had a funny shaped dick. When I asked him why he
said that he stated that it was kind of shaped like a baseball bat. Kind of
narrow at the base and as you got to the head it got much thicker. Anyway
sandy was one of the guys that I had the most fun with. He was 5'8 at the
most and maybe a 135 pounds. He had light brown hair with hazel eyes. He
was a bit of a nerdy kind of guy. And like most small guys his cock always
seemed big on him due to the fact of his small frame. But in reality he had
about the same size cock same amount of hair and was cut like me.

It all started when we were in math class. The teacher had made us pair to
work on math problems. Back then you had the old style desk that had a
storage area underneath the desk so it sheltered you from the waist
down. As we were sitting next to each other Sandy started to play grab ass
by leaning forward like he was doing his work and with his right hand star
to rub my cock thru my pants. We had kind of played grab ass before like
young guys do. But this was right in class, we sat at the back of the room
so know one could see us. Every time the teacher turned his back to write
on the board Sandy would rub my dick and at 15 it didn't take much to get a
hard on. So I started to do the same back to him. The next thing I know I
could see the top of his cock pop out above his jeans. The head was almost
purple and a little bit of precut was coming from his piss slit. We played
it off like we were just fooling around but sandy was so hot in my eye's
back then I had to figure a way to hook up with him. Back then I new I was
gay and tried to act as straight as everyone else. I was vert active in
sports, football, wrestling and track. I had 4 other brothers as we were al
athletes. Any way back to Sandy.

It was friday and one of our friends parents were away for the weekend
which meant that there would be a small group that we hung out with to
party at that persons house. Which basically consisted of getting someone
to by us some beer and a nickel bag of pot with bah then was a quarter of
an ounce for 5 bucks. So as we were all setting on the living room floor
laughing getting stoned and drink a few beers I kept looking at Sandy I
could not help looking at his crotch and the way his cock was lying in his
pants. He caught me steeling a look and kept adjusting show that he was
getting hard and looking into my eye's smiling. I had never fucked around
with him other than playing grab ass. But with the pot and beer I was horny
as hell. As everybody was getting ready to leave we kind of slid away and
was walking toward my house and I asked if he wanted to come up to my room
and hang out. My parents were down stairs watching some movie with my
younger brothers as we entered the house. It was not unusual for me to have
friends over and hang in my room.

As we got to my room I locked the door and put on music and only had a
small nite light on. We both new what we wanted but did quite no how to go
about getting there. So what do you do when you want to feel up your
buddy. We started wrestling with each other. Sandy was no match for me
since I was bigger but we started feeling each other cocks thru or jeans,
laughing and caring on, but soon he was breathing much heavier and we ended
up in a 69 with our clothes still on. My face was was right on his cock and
I could feel the heat coming off his groin as I ground my own cock into his
face. I undid his belt as he undid mine we matched each other in everything
we did. As I pulled his pants down he was wearing a pair of tight whitey's
and his cock was pushing a huge tent. For some reason I pulled his cock
threw the piss flap and had his balls and cock sticking out of his under
wear as he pulled my underwear down. So here it was his cock only one inch
form my mouth. I could smell his young body and the clean musk of a young
cock as I put the head of his dick in my mouth. Just the crown of his cock
as I slowly suck down his dick i heard him take a deep breath threw his
nose for he was just starting to cover my cock head with his mouth. We just
both moaned as well sucked each other little by little we took more of each
others cock in out mouths. It was so hot as we sucked. Some how I was on
the bottom with him on top of me as we sucked each others cocks. Our mouths
were watering as spit and precut was oozing down the sides of our mouths as
we sucked each others cocks. I could feel his balls on my chin and his
little bush on my nose as he pumped my mouth. At this point I have never
had anyone cum in my mouth but Sandy tasted so good the smell of balls,
cock and ass I want to see what it was like to have someone cum in my
mouth. As we faced fucked each other I could see his balls draw tight up
into him as he started to cum in my mouth. he was moaning but it was muted
due to the fact he was still sucking my cock. I could feel the underneath
of his cock swell and the first shot of cum hit my mouth. It seemed like a
lot as he buried his cock in my mouth. I could feel the warmth and vivid
texture of his cum as he pumped away. I had no choice but to swallow his
load. and when I did I started to cum. Sandy pulled off and jerked me as my
cum hit him in the face and was running down his chin. We both just laid
there on our sides out of breath. It got silent for a minute or two, both
of us thinking about what had just happened. I looked at him as he did me
and we both had this big grin on our faces. I grab my cum towel from under
the bed and we cleaned up. That was the first time I had cum i my mouth but
not the last with Sandy. there were many other times with him and my high
school friends. I hope you enjoyed this true story your feed back is

Where I was at school being gay was quite unheard of. It was a sure thing that you would be in deep shit if anyone knew that you liked boys. So nobody said anything to anyone. When I was 14, my school friend Paul asked me to stay over for the weekend. I’d had a crush on him for ages and really looked forward to the time we'd spend together. I always tried to sit next to him in class and that was why I didn’t do very well in exams I think.
The first night of the weekend, after his parents were asleep, we talked about sex and what we had done. We were dressed only in our underwear sitting on the edge of Paul’s' bed. I soon got hard and felt my cock pushing against my boxers. We sat next to each other hands across our laps. It was then that I noticed how Paul’s leg was pressed against mine. It felt strange, but good. My arm brushed against his skin too. I looked down at where our legs were touching, aware for the first time of his smooth skin it heat against mine. I left it there and he didn’t pull away. Suddenly I had an overwhelming desire to be closer. I felt an intense warm feeling, in my stomach and cock. Paul asked me if I had a hard-on. Of course I did, I said. He said that he was hard too. He smiled slightly embarrassed and then moved his hands away, so I could see. I did the same. I was feeling intensely horny now and my cock sprang up inside my shorts noticeably. I was getting really hot now and the intense heat washed over my body, my cheeks were burning. I felt a tingle running down my spine and knew that I badly wanted to show him my cock.
He stood up. I wanted to feel his heat against my body. I wanted to see his cock too. I knew that I had to touch it. I gazed at his smooth, legs and torso, his cute ass with a triangular gap at the top and a heavenly crack that led down to delicious places that I wanted to see. I could hardly stop from jumping on him up squeezing him, to feel his hot skin against mine. Paul turned around slowly, as I sat there watching. My gaze locked onto his shorts. His pulsing cock was pressing up sideways in his pants lifting up the left leg of the shorts. Looking at his smooth flat chest I could see his breathing was frantic, shuddering each time he breathed in. He looked like he was about to cum any second.
“Get up”, he said, tucking his fingers into the top of his boxers. I would soon see Paul's cock and he would see mine. I wanted the heat of his skin against me again. Paul's slid down his shorts; the head of his smooth cock sprang up into the air. Pulsing up and down to his drumbeat of his heart. Swelling up bigger as he occasionally tensed. I moved closer toward him. Our cocks might soon touch and I was hoping Paul wouldn't move away. We were just staring at each other, knowing what was about to happen. When our cocks touched and it was quite startling, I kept moving towards him, wanting to be wrapped around his warmth. Our cocks were pressed between us now. Paul’s legs were longer than mine and so my cock slid between them pressing against the side of his balls. He parted his legs a little to make room for my hard cock. His was pressed against my stomach. Paul’s soft fair hair smelled so sweet against my face, as my head rested against his. My hands ran over his back, feeling his smooth shoulder muscles, and his tight buttocks. His hands moved all over me. He quietly moaned a bit, but nothing was said.
My cock felt like it was right inside him, his hot breath on my neck. Paul would shudder sometimes and I'd quiver too these movements sending spasms through my hard cock as it moved between his legs. I lifted my right leg and put his cock between my thighs so he could feel the same thing. I could feel his hot dick throbbing under my balls, against my thighs. My cock was straining and I knew that Paul must be about to cum soon as well. His breathing was getting heavier and more rapid. Our bodies were entwined and sweat was running everywhere. His body began to tense and I felt his ball sack contract. He gasped as I felt his hot cum between my legs. I supported him in my arms he seemed like he might collapse. Then he lifted his head and slowly moved back, his wet cock sliding from between my legs. My hard cock sprang out too. I was so hard. The pressure in my groin had built to the point of no return. I grabbed my cock. Paul's right hand slipped up between my legs, and his finger pressed on my ass hole. The sensation sent shivers through me. He touched my balls too while I was stroking my cock right in front of his face. I could feel his hot breath on my stomach. Paul pressed my ass like he was ringing a doorbell and began to rub my thighs and balls harder. I felt the first shock of orgasm rising from deep within. I stifled a cry as the first ribbon of silver cum shot from my cock over his shoulder . Paul pushed his finger in all the way and I felt the full intensity of my next contraction. My cum splattered across his hair and face, then next over his slim arms and his hands. The accumulated hours of longingly gazing at him while in class were finally gushing out of me. I strained to the very last drop. After I had stopped Paul pulled me down onto the bed on top of him. Our wet bodies both together. I could taste our sweat and cum. we just lay there, holding each other, not making a sound.

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I have tried most everything except extreme pain activites. When I orgasm, the most intense ones come when a guy is really sucking me and is swallowing when i orgasm. Does anyone else find swallowing intnesifies your orgasm intensity and length?

The next day
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When I awoke, my cock ached with the sweet pressure of a rigid erection. I could still vaguely feel the intensity my dream about my friend Paul. I could clearly remember the night before, however. The sweet musky scent of our young teenage sweat and cum was still fresh on my body. I wanted Paul’s smooth skin on mine, to feel his warmth once again. For three years we had been sitting together in class. Now I realised, that he had felt the same way I that did the whole time. But we would not be able to do anything again, not yet. His parents were up and in the kitchen, noisily getting the breakfast ready. “They’re going out later”, Paul said simply. It was pure torture, separately showering and acting like normal around his parents, whilst knowing what would surely happen after they left. I did my best not to wonder what exactly that might be however. I was desperately trying not to get hard in front of his parents. I ate, struggling to distract myself. Fighting the urge to touch my friend and hold him close. After an eternity his parents left for town and we were at last alone once more. “I’ll be right back” Paul said and left the Kitchen for a minute. When he returned he looked sort of mischievous but he wasn’t saying anything. We went back to Paul’s room, the scene of the previous night’s passionate awakening. Paul closed the door and turned around. We gazed at each other intensely, as if for the first time. The morning sun streamed in from the roof window, bathing Paul in a golden glow. His tousled fair hair a fiery corona against the light. I could hardly swallow my throat was so dry. My heart was pounding; it’s beat drumming out a rhythm in my hardening cock. I could see the swollen outline of Paul’s cock pressing against the front of his jeans. We had both been hard long before we went upstairs. I could see a small wet patch on his jeans at the end of his cock and clearly see the shape of its head through the denim. Paul was staring at my face as I was looking at his cock, I realised. It sort of thrilled me that he was getting excited about me watching him. I pulled off my shirt and he did the same. I would never get tired of looking at his slender smooth torso, his lightly toned shoulder muscles and beautiful abs. He was a keen swimmer, and you could tell. I was a keen cyclist however and so I was built differently. Paul pulled my hands away from my belt as I started to undo it, and took over. He was going to undress me I realised. Such a thrill of excitement shot through me at this thought that it made me a bit weak at the knees. Paul knelt down before me; I felt his warm breath on my stomach. Long slim fingers gently opened my belt and the top button of the jeans. Then hooking his fingers around the belt he pulled them down slowly as I shuddered, my breathing becoming more frantic. I could see my small bush and the shaft of my cock as he slowly revealed them. Suddenly the end of my cock was released, it sprang upward and slapped against my chest once before it was too hard. Paul blew lightly on the head of my cock as it bobbed up and down close to his face. My glans ballooned right up and a clear bead of liquid oozed out and rolled down the front of my cock as several involuntary contractions jerked it upwards. “You are soooo hard”, Paul said, fascinated. He pulled my jeans right down and I stepped out of them. Now fully hard, standing naked in the sunlight before my friend - this was something I had always imagined. Paul put one hand flat onto my shivering stomach and ran the other up the back of my leg until he reached my ass. He pressed his thumb onto the base of my cock behind my balls and then I could feel his long fingers around my ass tickling. When he pressed his hand against me there; the waves of exquisite sensation spread though all the lower half of my body. As I gasped and shuddered Paul moved his other hand up my stomach and over my nipples then I felt his warm cheek against my belly. I held his head in my trembling hands pressing him into my belly feeling his silky hair through my fingers, the heat of his breath on my cock. Then with the tip of his tongue he touched my aching cock lightly. A sudden shock of sensation; and as my cock jerked up and down the feelings was amplified. I couldn’t take much more of this before I would reach orgasm. Paul stood up then and slipped off his jeans too. As he did so he took something out of his pocket. He opened the tube of lube he had been holding and squeezed some out onto his hard cock and hand. Then he looked at me again with that same impish mischievous expression I saw earlier. I knew him well enough to know what that meant, and it excited me. He walked around behind me looking at me intently. Not knowing what to expect was such a thrill, my cheeks were burning and my face was hot. Paul reached between my legs from behind and suddenly his fingers were inside me. The lube made it surprisingly easy. He put more lube on his fingers and did the same again pressing forwards slightly, a new sensation. My cock was even harder now almost painfully hard. “I’ve always loved your bum”, Paul said softly “lie down, ok”. So I did, while he knelt on the floor between my raised knees. My gaze locked onto his lovely cock, so smooth and straight, “as long as my two middle fingers” he had told me once. Now I knew he had not exaggerated. I looked up at his lightly freckled face; his full lips always seemed to be smiling. Paul’s light blue eyes looked into mine and I knew he wanted this so badly, but was he waiting for me, hardly daring to ask the question. I raised my eyebrows a little and nodded a silent “YES” Lifting my legs up Paul pushed my knees almost to my ears. I rocked back holding my knees gasping. Our eyes locked as we breathed together, two naked bodies bathed in the golden light of the waking sun. On the tip of Paul’s cock a pearl of lubricant squeezed from him. The faint jasmine scent of his body filled my nostrils and sent blood pounding, singing in my ears. I could see Paul’s heart moving under his smooth velvet skin and my heart was beating with his. Paul’s loins moved forwards, and then he was inside me, slowly moving deeper. An intense fullness and pressure that I’d never felt before made my cock so hard as it pressed flat against my stomach. Paul’s movements quickened as he moved back and forth gently. Our eyes were locked together, each reading the others delight there. Paul’s rapid breaths smelled sweet on my face, as he leant lower over me approaching his climax. I could feel his cock inside me so hard now. He bent lower and kissed me on the mouth then, for the first time. Suddenly an involuntary spasm shot through my body and I tightened around Paul’s cock. I was cumming. I hadn’t really thought it was possible as I wasn’t even touching my cock, but I was cumming! silver ropes of cum shot across my chest as I involuntarily squeezed Paul’s cock to the same rhythm. Paul was so excited by this that his cock was pulsing inside me a second later, he moaned and shuddered releasing his hot cum. After a moment we kissed again, for much longer this time holding one another tightly. Our lips parted and our tongues and even our teeth touched. I felt the wetness of my cum between us and we both shone with sweat in the warm golden sunlight. “We need another shower” I said, laughing. “Yes we do” Paul softly whispered accentuating the “we”. I could see that mischievous expression on his face again.
To Be Continued ..... :)

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Alot of us have been at that point where it feels as if the world is coming down around us:

My problem- i had told my friend that i liked him (he's not gay/bi) and even though he said everything was okay i still felt as if i just lost a friend.
My solution- i was sad for about a week which is long for me then i thought he said dont trip so why am i plus i got alot more friends

Well what im trying to say is it gets better no matter how small or big your problem is . :)

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1). Where is the STRANGEST place u have ever had SEX. (Blowjobs and handjobs count !)
2). Have you ever had sex in public? (Again....blowjobs and handjobs count.)
3). What is the wierdest sex act you have engaged in. (Either you doing it to someone or having done to you)
4). Have you ever RECORDED a sex act, or had someone request a sex act be recorded?

Come on now guys.........share and be honest !

what would you do?
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a close friend asks-and genuinely wants-your oppinion about something, but your oppinion is one that he is likely to find quite painful. for example, your friend is an artist and asks your honest estimate of his chances of being successful. you think he is an attrocious artist and who hasn't the slightest chance of success.what would you do?

A Brief Encounter
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i live on the shores of the largest lake in summers night just before midnight i was driving home along the deserted Lake Road about 10 miles from the car headlights i saw a guy walking along the side of the road.i pulled over opened the window and asked him if he wanted a lift he replied thanks very much and jumped in the car..he looked about 16 kinda cute looking..we chatted he was making his way home from a party..anyway as i drove along the hand touched his leg he turned to me and smiled and he did not push my hand away..i then started to rub his leg he then slipped back in his seat and undid his belt on his jeans..i then slipped my hand down the inside of his jeans and felt his cock which had started to stiffen up i played with it for a while until it got realy hard..on the way home i knew we would pass a pic-nic area which i pulled into.. it was deserted
i switched off the engine and lights..then i reclined the front passenger seat until it was nearly horizontal then i pulled down his jeans and this time his cock was rigid..i gave him a blow job and within minutes he gave a moan and shot his red hot boy juice over my face and car seat..i then reclined my seat by this time i was rock hard..i undid my belt he pulled down my trousers and boxers and gave me the best blow job i had ever had for a long time i thought that i was never going to stop fantastic
we cleaned up. got dressed and continued our journey and i dropped him off near to where he lived
it was indeed a memorable journey!!!

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i was travelling from London Euston to the North West of England on a late night train about a 3 hour journey home..i had been attending a meeting in the City.. there was a bit of time to 'kill' before my train left so i had a couple of drinks in a nearby pub...just as we say in th UK a little happy!!!
The train was not very busy at that time of night and the few passengers in my carriage seemed to be half asleep
there was a young guy maybe 16 or 17 sitting opposite me across the aisle..i looked across to him and he looked at me and we sort of smiled to each other.
about 1 hour into the journey i noticed that this young guy was rubbing his crotch
he kept on doing it and he saw me watching him..i could see that he had a bulge in the front of his fairly tight jeans it was obvious he was getting randy!!
anyway he got up from his seat and started to walk down the aisle towards the end of the carriage where the toilet was situated as he walked down he turned around twice and looked back at me as he new i was watching him.
i got up and followed him down the carriage.. he saw me get up i got to the end of the carriage..the toilet door was left slightly open..i pushed it open and went in..the young guy was standing behind the door..his jeans and briefs were round his ankles and his cock was rigid..he said something you like what you see..i said o'YES
and locked the toilet door
i undid my pants and the young guy pulled them down with my calvin cock by then was rock hard the guy asked me to wank (jack) him off i asked him if he would jack me off so we wanked each other off after what seemed only a few seconds we both said together i'm gona cum and then we shot our boy juice together we must have been travelling at about 100 miles per hour and so must our cum it's was 1 of the best wank offs i'd had for several months
i think it's alway nicer when somone else does it for you anyway... and it's more exciting with a stranger on a train!!

Nudist camps
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Can anyone recommend any websites where i can find photos of guys at nudist camps/beaches

from one stinky boy to another
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mainly the first one to speak in this advert

take your shirt off so i can smell ya!

stand by your man
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wait for it. wait for it!

online hideout
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So, im looking for an online gay hang out type place. this place is nice yet im now looking for a non-pornographic site does anyone know of any

phone sex in texas making me cum :D
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any one wanna text send pics and have phone sex im 18yd single hispanic and lonely

Whose Cock Do I Have To Suck?
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Seriously. It's been more than 2 WEEKS. I uploaded 3 videos. And have heard NOTHING. Not published. Not rejected. I'm not angry. I'm confused. How long does review take here? Maybe this is normal. It takes a week on Motherless for non-Premium members to get their videos reviewed (I'm a Premium member; takes less than 8 hours).

The pics I uploaded were approved almost immediately.

I have many more videos I'd like to share, as well as pics. But I won't bother till I get an answer to this question. Thanks.

Student Body President Removed Over Gay Prom Proposal
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just an fyi from ~billy

Upload pictures
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It is easy to upload videos but i can't figur out how to upload pictures

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What do you guys do when you are absolutely bored out of your mind?

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{My generation gave little thought to safe sex practices. We had unprotected sex, multiple partners, and sex with strangers. Because of this, many of us died...Protect Yourself, Use a Condom}.

Gifts That Keep On Giving:

Cum Eating
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When was your first time and what did you like or dislike?

Any boy wanna chat?
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I am teenager in South Los Angeles looking for friends.

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hi operator, the new delete service is very very helpful, great thanks

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This is interesting.

In 1993, the University of Kentucky did a study to see why the head of a man's penis was larger than the shaft. After one year and $ 80,000.00, they concluded that the reason the head was larger than the shaft was to give the man more pleasure during sex.

After the study was published, the University of South Carolina decided to do their own study. After $25...0,000.00, and... 3 years of research, they concluded that the reason was to give the woman more pleasure during sex.

The University of Georgia, unsatisfied with these findings, conducted their own study. After 2 weeks and a cost of around $75.46, they concluded that it was to keep a man's hand from flying off and hitting him in the forehead.

Well you did ask for anther story....
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I was shopping in a department store in Liverpool when I noticed the sign for the loos. I had heard people talk about 'fags' hanging around in toilets etc so I decided to take a look. I went in and was faced with a very small corridor, there was another door on the left which I opened and went through. The loos were in a long room; all the toilets were along one wall with 4 urinals near the doorway and beyond there were around 6 stalls. The room appeared to be empty to I walked passed the urinals and into the first stall.

I dropped my jeans and sat down, looking around I could see the walls covered in graffiti, lots of messages about sucking cock and requests for meets etc. I sat there for quite some time reading all the messages and gently stoking my dick, the messages really turned me on as this was the first time I had read anything like this. As I continued reading and slowly wanking I saw a message which read "fit 19 in the student's union loo every day from 4", I knew the union building as I passed it every day on the bus. I decided that the next time I passed I would get off the bus and take a look. Then I spotted a small hole on my right hand side, it was at eye level and I knew that the urinals were on the other side of that wall. I moved closer and looked through, I could see the urinals clearly but there was still no one else in the loo, but I realised I should get to see some good looking lads if I was patient. Then I heard the door open and a few footsteps, I moved my eye to the hole and looked through - it was a middle aged man with a fairly small dick, he pissed, shook his dick a couple of times and then rolled the foreskin back and forth before a final shake and then left. I sat and waited again.

The door opened again and so I moved to look through the hole, but there was no one at the urinal, I kept looking expecting someone to come into view at any time. Then I heard the door close on the stall next to mine, I just sat there expecting not to get to see anything this time. After a few minutes I realised that there wasn't any noise coming from the other stall, I mean absolutely nothing, this peaked my curiosity. I leaned forward to see if I could see someone's feet, but what I actually saw was a hand on the floor being quickly snatched back out of view. Although I was new to all this I realised that someone was trying to check me out. I moved forward once again but this time dropping to my hands and knees, I looked under the stall and there was a lad looking straight back at me. I kneeled up so that he could see my hard dick and then began to stroke it slowly, almost straight away his arm reached under the partition and grasped me, he didn't even try to wank me off he just held it and squeezed it tightly from time to time. I could see his head almost resting on the floor looking me up and down (well, more up than down cos I was on my knees). Then his hand pulled away and I heard the toilet flush and his door open.

I was really disappointed I just assumed he didn't fancy me. I sat back on the toilet and thought I would just have to have a wank. Then there was a gentle tap on my door, it was so quiet I'm surprised he thought I would actually hear it. He tapped again, I stood up, my dick was rock hard but I wasn't sure how to react. I pulled up my boxers and jeans but didn't fasten them, I unlatched the door and he slowly pushed it open. He stood there his eyes moving slowly down my body until he reached my crotch, the top inch or two of my dick was sticking out of the top of my boxers and his eyes fixed on it as he slowly reached for his own crotch. He cupped his hand over his own dick and began to squeeze it through the material. He must have been about 19 or so, 5' 11"ish, dark hair and slim build.
I lowered my own jeans just enough to completely release my own dick and he took a step forward. I moved back to allow him into my cubicle and once he was inside he locked the door as I was undoing his belt, I released his pants and let them fall to his ankles and we moved closer together and we embraced and kissed each other passionately. His dick was already hard and we ground our hips together as we kissed, I could feel his hardness against my own and the harder we pushed our hips together the harder our dicks seemed to get. He pulled his mouth away from my own and lifted my t-shirt up over my head and off, as he did this I started to unbutton his shirt which he removed completely. We embraced again and started kissing, each taking our turn to delve our tongues into each others mouths, the feeling of his body against mine was fantastic, the heat he radiated was beyond what I thought would be possible from another person.

He once again broke from my embrace and moved round to sit on the loo, his head was now right in line with my straining dick, he looked up at me and moved his hands slowly up my abdomen, across my chest, around to my back and then down to my ass cheeks where they paused. His eyes then moved down to my raging hardon, I could see the desire written all over his face, he lent forward and kissed it at its base near my balls, and then slowly up my shaft kissing and running his tongue over all 6". His head nodded quickly as he took my swollen bell into his mouth and his lips closed tightly around my dick, I could feel his tongue exploring every part of me as he slowly engulfed more and more of my dick. I placed my hands on the back of his head, I wasn't trying to guide him or force him I just wanted to have as much physical contact as I could. He speeded up and moved one of his hands round to grasp the base of my dick, he occasionally stopped sucking and continued to kiss and lick my dick and balls before returning to his sucking. I could feel my knees trembling with excitement and it wasn't long before I was close to cumming. I had to taste him first, so I reached down to his shoulders and lightly guided him to his feet, we then changed positions and I was now the one sitting and facing his dick.

I grasped it firmly with my right hand and took it immediately into my mouth, my left hand moved round to his ass and began to massage it firmly. I started to suck him hard and fast, guided by the thrusting of his hips, the aroma that I love so much was intense and I took as much of him as I could until my nose nestled in his pubes. I could already tell that he wouldn't last much longer and I began to feel his dick straining under the pressure, I increased my speed and grasped his cheeks firmly. He now had to support himself on the walls of the stall as he thrust deeply into my mouth, he grunted as he came and I took shot after shot into my mouth, I kept on sucking slowly until he withdrew. I stood up and he immediately grasped my dick and he began wanking me as he turned and kissed me at the same time, I shot my load against the wall. By now we were both sweating profusely and we paused to get our breath back.

We both dressed and then he turned to unlock the door, before he left he looked at me and smiled, he left and I waited a minute or two before leaving myself. During this entire episode not a word had passed between us and being so close to a complete stranger would prove very alluring to me from then on.


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