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the original doug and jay amateur straight guys site
Views: 179 · Added: 921 days ago

I used to be friends with Doug AKA Scott and before he and Jay ended to original site me and a buddy hung out with them in Phoenix I really would like to get copies of his videos if anyone has them he is Craig from Missouri Really cute has a birthmark on the bottom of his right bicep. Had them all in my old laptop but it got soaked and ruined.

Good news bad news time
Views: 221 · Added: 921 days ago

Good news: thanks to alot of soul-searching and some friends of here i decided to stay :) and i saved alot of money by switching to geico

Bad news: im gone on a little less and not uploading anymore pictures/videos of myself and i dont have a car so i dont need insurance

I have a topic for discussion or ya'll s opinions
Views: 172 · Added: 921 days ago

If you bottom for a new lover and you are not barebacking do you still let him cum inside you trusting that the condom will hold?

Views: 621 · Added: 921 days ago

hey! I'm new here and thought i'd introduce myself...i'm James, 18, from England and about to go to University. Come say hi =)

Morning People, Hope everyone is well
Views: 138 · Added: 922 days ago

I just made it to Boulder Co. Will be here for a few days couch surfing. Expect to head out for Oregon by Wednesday of next week. Anyone in Boulder that might want to show a wandering man of the road a good time? I am 6ft 2in 190lb shoulder length hair and I clean up rather well.

Picture Commnents
Views: 200 · Added: 922 days ago

Is anyone else finding that if you post a comment on a picture, that it does not appear to be posted?

Seems that the comments I post, never appear

Views: 163 · Added: 922 days ago

yay!!!! i can watch vids this morning!!! and not a day too soon!

To say hello
Views: 212 · Added: 922 days ago

Hello,I today find this site and I would like to say hello,my name is Peta and I live in a very hot place called Bulgaria,I can speak to you in English/Bulgarian/Russian/Polish if any person would like to know about Bulgaria I have messemger and mail and allways happy to talk Dobre Den Peta xx

time to leave
Views: 344 · Added: 922 days ago

well its time for me to delete my account wish everyone the best and ill be gone by monday if anyone wants to stay in contact you can find me on facebook

Genuine Meet Wanted UK
Views: 174 · Added: 922 days ago

Genuine guy here, 31, slim, smooth, looking for similar for wank meets, watch porn together, message me for more details.

Why can't I make a banner for my page?
Views: 217 · Added: 922 days ago

I can never do it. Each time I try to upload a banner, it just says 404 file not found. I really want a banner!

I'm Beyond Confused
Views: 453 · Added: 923 days ago

I've been identifying myself as a bi-sexual male for about 2 years now, even though I have never had any sexual encounters with another male. I've had sex with girls before, and I loved it, but there are guys that I find attractive. The reason I'm so confused is because one day I can wake up and want to bang a girl and have a girlfriend, and have no interest in men whatsoever. Other days I wake up and want to suck a cock, and have no interest in women. It makes a relationship with either sex pretty impossible. And it also confuses the hell out of me.

I know this is a gay site, but if anyone has experienced this, or has any advice, I would really appreciate it.

Views: 169 · Added: 923 days ago

Is there any spot on here special to talk about recently posted videos? Im new here and dont quite know the lay (if you'll pardon the pun) of the land. When I logged on this morninhg there were som pretty hot new vids on here at least ones I had never seen before! Thanks to who ever posted em!

friday night
Views: 263 · Added: 923 days ago

Hey It's Friday night, so what are your plans for the night?

starting to get very disapointed :(
Views: 280 · Added: 923 days ago

ok so tried watching the strings that bind us and well yea the stop and go thing still happing. so i tried to download it so i could watch it and well after it finished couldn't find a program to play it :( tried real player tried gom media tried vlc media player and tried windows media player and still nothing :( damn so might there be another player out there were i can download the vids and actually get to see them without it stopping and going :(

Views: 519 · Added: 923 days ago

the nfl is back. preseason games are goin on. who is your team? hopefully we have some fans here. lets talk.

UKs ...Tom Daley
Views: 251 · Added: 924 days ago

how dissapointed i was to read in todays press (21st Aug)that our 18year old hot boy olympic diver TOM DALEY has an american girl friend...diver Kassidy Cook...
it was always a dream on mine that Tom might just turn out be gay...never mind as long as he is happy..he deserves it!!

Free Cam slave
Views: 171 · Added: 924 days ago

Hey I'm offering to be a cam slave for people around my age so no older than 20 sorry add me msn

Hunger Games
Views: 234 · Added: 924 days ago

I watched the Hunger Games the other night. Good movie and so many hot boys in that film. YUM YUM YUM

gay comics
Views: 495 · Added: 924 days ago

does anyone know any good gay erotic comic sites. free is best

what the hell motenaglguil
Views: 334 · Added: 924 days ago

do u have nothing better to do then mess up the blogs :( damn dude. hey nick u think maybe just maybe u could do something about this

Views: 331 · Added: 924 days ago

i think we have been attacked again!!

Views: 491 · Added: 925 days ago

im just wounding who else loves wrestling?

Views: 236 · Added: 925 days ago

what has been up with the websight as of late it seems as thou i have to go some were else to watch vids very very slow it stops loads stops loads stops load get the hint. hoping it can be fixed sooooooon

Views: 303 · Added: 925 days ago

Well I am pissed over a lot of issues here on GBT (some I won't mention because if I do, it will hurt a lot of peoples feelings) but I have been having difficulty adding albums and videos. I have submitted them and GBT never put them up. WTF?! It's been annoying already and well I need a FRIEND (emphasized for a reason!!) to help me out.

:( friends
Views: 236 · Added: 925 days ago

hey everyone just a lil down today becoz i hardly got any friends to talk to :( which does sux at lot made a few friends on here which is kool and thank you, feel free to add me on msn or skype any one will do it be nice to get to know some new friends :D:D
Skype: cuteclown2012

Crappy quality of some videos
Views: 317 · Added: 925 days ago

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to refuse to watch videos that are constantly buffering, and/or pausing while the vid keeps running underneath. It's a pain in the ass, as well as a waste of time. I have a decent high speed DSL connection, so I don't understand it. I've missed a lot of good cumshots because of this. Can't something be done about this? Do some of you have the same experience? I can download, but that takes twice as long as the video and most of the time isn't worth it.

Today my 250th day here in GayBoysTube
Views: 262 · Added: 926 days ago

After 250 days here as member with ~400 videos and 1000 picture albums uploaded I want to thank all my 850 friends with 1050 ratings and 4,5 million times videos watched....

Too many numbers, get the point...(talking to myself)

Show must go on, thank You all where ever you live or stay. I try to keep my "from side to side"-style (like it or not :)), Big Big Hugs, BSB

Where are my photo's
Views: 222 · Added: 926 days ago

I uploaded 3 photographs the other day, 2 of my dick and 1 of my face, where are they??

No more...
Views: 845 · Added: 926 days ago

Im so tired of this life...I'm never gonna get anyone...I'm never gonna be happy again...from this day forward I will not be careful. In situations where I could get hurt like crossing a busy street I will not look both ways and u will walk no matter what happens...I'm tired of this hurt an I know everyone here is trying to help me and I appreciate it sooo much! But the hurt is taking me over and is gonna change me into commuting's just a matter of time.....

Previous: On Crappy Videos
Views: 223 · Added: 926 days ago

I know it's a free site, and a very good one, so maybe I should be criticized for complaining. Sorry about that, but it's frustrating and a shame.

How do I upload some pictures?? There is no button to click... Only videos are available??

Sorry~ guys if I make you so bothered

Justin bieber
Views: 914 · Added: 926 days ago

Does anyone find Justin incredibly sexy. He has a nice bulge and a sweet ass which would be very tasty.

forget the past
Views: 185 · Added: 926 days ago

What has happened is water under the bridge, it is time to move on and forget. I have replied to an email that explained things to me and now I shall endeavor to put it in the place it belongs. Now lets get life back on track.

Views: 290 · Added: 926 days ago

I uploaded 2 videos last week Sunday and they are still not showing up nor did I get any email about them.

How long do they take to be approved and to show up??

Have a great day everyone!!

Anyone in Germany?
Views: 324 · Added: 926 days ago

I was wording if I could get some help, we have been having some streaming issues with parts of Germany. If your in Germany can you tell me if you can see this video play or what you do see? Thank you


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