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Chat with younger
Views: 216 · Added: 913 days ago

Hi looking to chat with younger guys, i'm 39 but look younger, slim n naturally smooth

Missing video
Views: 679 · Added: 913 days ago

There is a video that always comes up in the thumbnail, but when you click on it, it don't work and I assume because the user who posted it shows as blank that, that person either left or was removed. The video thumb looked like the average video here, so I was wondering if anyone had the one called "Teens Experiment In Secret Room" If so can someone re-post it? Or was it banned for some reason?

Views: 238 · Added: 913 days ago

anyone wanna trade sexy boy pics

Views: 239 · Added: 913 days ago

had a profile before accidently deleted different avatar now hope you like wanna swat hot pics messgae me love smooth young boys

Views: 238 · Added: 913 days ago

any younger guys who like the idea of being dominated add me on skype: thefrighteningflautist

Views: 269 · Added: 914 days ago

Any fit lads up for fun with web cam get back lol

Views: 1217 · Added: 914 days ago

whats your ideal age for sexy pics im very open minded

Views: 221 · Added: 914 days ago

Any Fit lads wana meet for first time near swindon

Views: 472 · Added: 914 days ago

how do you unsubscribe from a user? I didn't realize when I subscribed to someone it would just consist of 30 inbox messages every day saying new video that i have to go through and delete...

*Cough* quakerharvest
*Cough* chacaltaya
*Cough* neuneu
*Cough* bqhickory
*cough* sylvatica

we all know what for, their uploads and thier favorites all contain a lot of shal we say un lawful pictures and videos?

skype me c2c fun
Views: 375 · Added: 914 days ago

my skype is mikemikenj anyone wanna skype ?

horny and waiting ;D

Views: 243 · Added: 914 days ago

really wanna swap hot pics am really horny maybe even some hot cam fun love those hot young boy pics

swindon boy
Views: 553 · Added: 914 days ago

hey guys, looking for young boys my age (ask in a messege for age range) for skype to chat, maybe vid chat (im very cam shy btw). add me on skype or message me on this, cnt wait :)
(prefably in or near swindon)

P.S. if u just add me skype, plz includ age and location (must be below the age of 19)

SKYPE ME C2C FUN!!!!!!!!!!!
Views: 532 · Added: 914 days ago

im a 18 year old white slim twink im looking to skype if ur white an the age of 18 and younger hit me up
add if u meet these qualifications (zig9369)
please include your AGE AN

just for the hell of it not like it maters to me but add ur cock size

makeout vid
Views: 2163 · Added: 914 days ago

Lotta guys askin me to do a vid but im not 18 yet and my bf is 14 so would a make-out vid be ok? ya know, no sex or total nudity stuff. just maybe alotta kissing and wrestlin on my bed kinda stuff? so yeah, im goin home this weekend and might be able to do that if hes cool with it. whatdoyathink?

Views: 412 · Added: 914 days ago

come on boylovers chat to me

Views: 300 · Added: 914 days ago

any one up to skype, i have a vid of me on my profile if u wanna see how i loook but if u wanna have some real fun add me on skype oimupset.

Views: 263 · Added: 914 days ago

Is there anyone on this site from Pennsylvania and would like to chat with me or friend request me

Views: 1354 · Added: 915 days ago

Sorry If I offended anyone with the vids I've uploaded, it's difficult to decide what is borderline. Let's see if my last upload will be accepted.

generic viagra
Views: 677 · Added: 915 days ago

so wondering if anybody has ever tried the generic viagra on here and if so was it any good.... lol

Views: 398 · Added: 915 days ago

anyone wanna trade sexy pics message me

Hooking up.
Views: 311 · Added: 915 days ago

When you come across a good looking guy who is on his own and draws your attention caus you are attracted to him while you are in public, either somewhere downtown in a shopping mall or elsewhere. What do you do ?
Would you go for him, or do you rather ignore your strong feelings that you are aware of, caus you would like to fall in love with him. If you would go for him although he is a stranger to you, then tell us how would you handle the situation ?

Question to you guys?
Views: 998 · Added: 915 days ago

(~_^) Not so happy right now. What can i do about another member that post negative things on my wall? I have asked him to stop . He just keeps going on and on. Kind of getting on my nerves now. Any and all advice needed please.

sexy eddie pictures
Views: 643 · Added: 916 days ago

take a look on my profile at the sexy eddie pictures and let me know what you think of him!

Views: 441 · Added: 916 days ago

Is there anyone from this site from Pennsylvania?

In the hope that nick will read this.
Views: 335 · Added: 916 days ago

Hey guys this is Ruslan again some might have seen my page . I am still having trouble with one of the member posting Negative stuff on my wall. I sent Nick a message and i dont know what else to do? Very frustrated because i try to be a positive force. This person is just crazy or something . I am posting here so that maybe you guys will see this and write Nick as well? Thats all i have to say. Thank you guys for reading this and many of you are already my friends . So you know i love you guys . Yours Ruslan. ✾◕ ‿ ◕✾

underwear or free balling
Views: 1018 · Added: 916 days ago

about four months ago i stop wearing underwear i love it well i was just wondering does people like free balling more or wearing underwear

Views: 315 · Added: 916 days ago

Thanks to all who put hot videos on here Im turning into a big pervert

older guy
Views: 519 · Added: 917 days ago

hi all older guy here likes yng fun vids pics chat? msg me

not a sex related question
Views: 352 · Added: 917 days ago

im getting my hair bleached white like freshly fallin snow right now it blond yes im going for half and half black and white while i was wondering how do you like my hair now

re makeout vid
Views: 351 · Added: 917 days ago

yeh sounds good m8 go do it

Views: 541 · Added: 917 days ago

what formats do videos have to be uploaded in? i post tons that never show up and i assume they are the wrong format. i have a very special one i want to post but its in flv. i don't have a clue how to convert can anyone help me out? also was wondering if its ok to post non sexual vids since the one i have in mind is not sexual but absolutely will make any gay boy who has ever lost anyone special cry. sometimes its about how we feel inside not whats outside. a very special friend on here taught me that.

Views: 970 · Added: 917 days ago

Have you ever been caught wanking or with a hard in your trousers?

i go a way two day
Views: 296 · Added: 917 days ago

i been i way just a check up that all the male nurse was nice to me
i aswer some the topic
i like to go free so got me jog pants on if you whant to no if that is boy may be gay or you fancy him get on a pair of jog pant on get a hard on and see what happen
i am plz that the videos up load ok all i can say take your time you never no what tomrrow will bring i no was ok one min then pass out the next dam spina bifa got some kind of bug in the blood so i be wobble for a bit but i no i git you guy to look after me so i be ok
so as i said take you time relax in joy your bf mate or just that horny pal you no
hug and kiss to ho whant one

looking for a video
Views: 306 · Added: 917 days ago

Had good luck with last post,looking for video of a realy cute guy wanking on a park bench.It`s only 3 too 4 mins. long.Have seen pics.of him in shower,on a table,would realy like to find that video.And thank`s to David,for the help..Wayne

young 4 older
Views: 380 · Added: 917 days ago

any young guys into older guys looking to chat ?


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