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Whose Cock Do I Have To Suck?
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Seriously. It's been more than 2 WEEKS. I uploaded 3 videos. And have heard NOTHING. Not published. Not rejected. I'm not angry. I'm confused. How long does review take here? Maybe this is normal. It takes a week on Motherless for non-Premium members to get their videos reviewed (I'm a Premium member; takes less than 8 hours).

The pics I uploaded were approved almost immediately.

I have many more videos I'd like to share, as well as pics. But I won't bother till I get an answer to this question. Thanks.

Student Body President Removed Over Gay Prom Proposal
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just an fyi from ~billy

Upload pictures
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It is easy to upload videos but i can't figur out how to upload pictures

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What do you guys do when you are absolutely bored out of your mind?

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{My generation gave little thought to safe sex practices. We had unprotected sex, multiple partners, and sex with strangers. Because of this, many of us died...Protect Yourself, Use a Condom}.

Gifts That Keep On Giving:

Cum Eating
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When was your first time and what did you like or dislike?

Any boy wanna chat?
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I am teenager in South Los Angeles looking for friends.

new service - nick 18
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hi operator, the new delete service is very very helpful, great thanks

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This is interesting.

In 1993, the University of Kentucky did a study to see why the head of a man's penis was larger than the shaft. After one year and $ 80,000.00, they concluded that the reason the head was larger than the shaft was to give the man more pleasure during sex.

After the study was published, the University of South Carolina decided to do their own study. After $25...0,000.00, and... 3 years of research, they concluded that the reason was to give the woman more pleasure during sex.

The University of Georgia, unsatisfied with these findings, conducted their own study. After 2 weeks and a cost of around $75.46, they concluded that it was to keep a man's hand from flying off and hitting him in the forehead.

Well you did ask for anther story....
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I was shopping in a department store in Liverpool when I noticed the sign for the loos. I had heard people talk about 'fags' hanging around in toilets etc so I decided to take a look. I went in and was faced with a very small corridor, there was another door on the left which I opened and went through. The loos were in a long room; all the toilets were along one wall with 4 urinals near the doorway and beyond there were around 6 stalls. The room appeared to be empty to I walked passed the urinals and into the first stall.

I dropped my jeans and sat down, looking around I could see the walls covered in graffiti, lots of messages about sucking cock and requests for meets etc. I sat there for quite some time reading all the messages and gently stoking my dick, the messages really turned me on as this was the first time I had read anything like this. As I continued reading and slowly wanking I saw a message which read "fit 19 in the student's union loo every day from 4", I knew the union building as I passed it every day on the bus. I decided that the next time I passed I would get off the bus and take a look. Then I spotted a small hole on my right hand side, it was at eye level and I knew that the urinals were on the other side of that wall. I moved closer and looked through, I could see the urinals clearly but there was still no one else in the loo, but I realised I should get to see some good looking lads if I was patient. Then I heard the door open and a few footsteps, I moved my eye to the hole and looked through - it was a middle aged man with a fairly small dick, he pissed, shook his dick a couple of times and then rolled the foreskin back and forth before a final shake and then left. I sat and waited again.

The door opened again and so I moved to look through the hole, but there was no one at the urinal, I kept looking expecting someone to come into view at any time. Then I heard the door close on the stall next to mine, I just sat there expecting not to get to see anything this time. After a few minutes I realised that there wasn't any noise coming from the other stall, I mean absolutely nothing, this peaked my curiosity. I leaned forward to see if I could see someone's feet, but what I actually saw was a hand on the floor being quickly snatched back out of view. Although I was new to all this I realised that someone was trying to check me out. I moved forward once again but this time dropping to my hands and knees, I looked under the stall and there was a lad looking straight back at me. I kneeled up so that he could see my hard dick and then began to stroke it slowly, almost straight away his arm reached under the partition and grasped me, he didn't even try to wank me off he just held it and squeezed it tightly from time to time. I could see his head almost resting on the floor looking me up and down (well, more up than down cos I was on my knees). Then his hand pulled away and I heard the toilet flush and his door open.

I was really disappointed I just assumed he didn't fancy me. I sat back on the toilet and thought I would just have to have a wank. Then there was a gentle tap on my door, it was so quiet I'm surprised he thought I would actually hear it. He tapped again, I stood up, my dick was rock hard but I wasn't sure how to react. I pulled up my boxers and jeans but didn't fasten them, I unlatched the door and he slowly pushed it open. He stood there his eyes moving slowly down my body until he reached my crotch, the top inch or two of my dick was sticking out of the top of my boxers and his eyes fixed on it as he slowly reached for his own crotch. He cupped his hand over his own dick and began to squeeze it through the material. He must have been about 19 or so, 5' 11"ish, dark hair and slim build.
I lowered my own jeans just enough to completely release my own dick and he took a step forward. I moved back to allow him into my cubicle and once he was inside he locked the door as I was undoing his belt, I released his pants and let them fall to his ankles and we moved closer together and we embraced and kissed each other passionately. His dick was already hard and we ground our hips together as we kissed, I could feel his hardness against my own and the harder we pushed our hips together the harder our dicks seemed to get. He pulled his mouth away from my own and lifted my t-shirt up over my head and off, as he did this I started to unbutton his shirt which he removed completely. We embraced again and started kissing, each taking our turn to delve our tongues into each others mouths, the feeling of his body against mine was fantastic, the heat he radiated was beyond what I thought would be possible from another person.

He once again broke from my embrace and moved round to sit on the loo, his head was now right in line with my straining dick, he looked up at me and moved his hands slowly up my abdomen, across my chest, around to my back and then down to my ass cheeks where they paused. His eyes then moved down to my raging hardon, I could see the desire written all over his face, he lent forward and kissed it at its base near my balls, and then slowly up my shaft kissing and running his tongue over all 6". His head nodded quickly as he took my swollen bell into his mouth and his lips closed tightly around my dick, I could feel his tongue exploring every part of me as he slowly engulfed more and more of my dick. I placed my hands on the back of his head, I wasn't trying to guide him or force him I just wanted to have as much physical contact as I could. He speeded up and moved one of his hands round to grasp the base of my dick, he occasionally stopped sucking and continued to kiss and lick my dick and balls before returning to his sucking. I could feel my knees trembling with excitement and it wasn't long before I was close to cumming. I had to taste him first, so I reached down to his shoulders and lightly guided him to his feet, we then changed positions and I was now the one sitting and facing his dick.

I grasped it firmly with my right hand and took it immediately into my mouth, my left hand moved round to his ass and began to massage it firmly. I started to suck him hard and fast, guided by the thrusting of his hips, the aroma that I love so much was intense and I took as much of him as I could until my nose nestled in his pubes. I could already tell that he wouldn't last much longer and I began to feel his dick straining under the pressure, I increased my speed and grasped his cheeks firmly. He now had to support himself on the walls of the stall as he thrust deeply into my mouth, he grunted as he came and I took shot after shot into my mouth, I kept on sucking slowly until he withdrew. I stood up and he immediately grasped my dick and he began wanking me as he turned and kissed me at the same time, I shot my load against the wall. By now we were both sweating profusely and we paused to get our breath back.

We both dressed and then he turned to unlock the door, before he left he looked at me and smiled, he left and I waited a minute or two before leaving myself. During this entire episode not a word had passed between us and being so close to a complete stranger would prove very alluring to me from then on.

sport relief
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WELL DONE to everyone who donated to sport relief, through donations and activities. Total standing at an amazing £51 million and still rising. 50% will be going to projects around britaim and 50% will be goin to the poorest countries for projects which will include fresh water taps, vaccines which cost just £5 each and can save a child's life, also a project to get kids away from rummaging through smelly dumps for scrap to pay for food and getting them into education, in addition getting vulnerable kids off the street. A donation of £5 can save a child's life, a small price to pay for someones life! We all have our home comforts but a lot of these people live in squalor. Check out if you want to make a difference in the world, in britain you can help by donating through any bank, building society or post office or help by buying a sport relief pen which is just a £1, well done if you have already donated !

Beware of Underage Chatters
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I just got asked to chat dirty to a person, no pic, calling himself Adam (14) from US of A in the chat room.
When challenged he gave name of Big Chief Little Dick, which isn't real.
Just be careful guys and take care out there.

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How cum were not able to download the clips anymore? Some of them are really hot! :-)

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Call 1-800-RUNAWAY if you are a teenager who is thinking of running from home, if you have a friend who has run and is looking for help, or if you are a runaway ready to go home.

"Home Free" Bus Service - From Greyhound's site: "Free transportation home for runaways is provided on Greyhound in conjunction with the National Runaway Switchboard. A youth who calls the switchboard is eligible for a ticket home if he or she is 12-20 years old, is willing to return home to their legal guardian, the legal guardian wishes them to return home, the guardian has filed a runaway report, and the program has not been used by the youth two times before. To reach the National Runaway Switchboard, call toll free 1-800-RUNAWAY.

Boy's and Girl's Town:
A national (U.S.) hotline for teens in crisis sponsored by Boys & Girls Town USA.
24/7 National Hotline: 1-800-448-3000

National Youth Crisis Hotline - 1-800-HIT-HOME/1-800-448-4663

National Child Abuse Hotline: Are you being abused? Do you know or suspect a child is being abused? Call 1-800-4-A-CHILD

Views: 222 · Added: 952 days ago

What You Should Know:

No one has the right to abuse you.
You don’t deserve to be abused.
If you are being abused, you are a victim.
It’s not your fault that you are being treated this way.
It is wrong that you are suffering this pain, fear or sadness.
You are not alone. Other kids suffer abuse, too.
Sometimes abusers scare or threaten kids so they won’t tell.
There are people who care about you and want to help you.
If you are being abused, please tell a safe person – that’s someone you can trust like a teacher, counselor, school nurse, neighbor or parent. You can also talk to a Childhelp hotline counselor.

CALL 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) then push 1 to talk to a hotline counselor. The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The hotline counselors work with translators who speak 170 languages to help callers who speak a language other than English. All calls are anonymous. (The Hotline counselors don’t know who you are and you don’t have to tell them.)
How to protect yourself from abuse

Do not be alone with anyone who hurts you.

Listen to the little voice or gut feeling inside you when it says that what is being done to you isn’t right.

Find an adult you trust and tell them what is happening. If they don’t believe you, keep telling other adults until someone does believe you!

The adult you talk to about your abuse (perhaps a teacher or a neighbor) may want to tell the Police or Child Protective Services about the person who is hurting you. If they don’t know the telephone number to call to make the report, they should call 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) and press 1 to speak with a Hotline crisis counselor, who will give them the best number to call in your community.

If you are too nervous or scared to tell someone you know about the abuse, but want it reported to the people who look into child abuse, call 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453), then press 1. A Childhelp Hotline counselor can make a three-way call so that you, the Hotline counselor, and the person taking the report in your area are all on the telephone at the same time.

Before you call to make the report, the Hotline counselor can tell you what may happen after a report of abuse is made.

A lot of people don’t realize it, but every day in the United States thousands of kids are abused. That adds up to millions of kids each year. More than 3.3 million in fact.

Often children and teens are abused by the people who are closest to them like family, friends, sitters, neighbors and sometimes even teachers and coaches. These are the very people that children should feel the safest with.

You are not alone. If you need help or have questions about child abuse, call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) then push 1 to talk to a counselor. The Hotline counselors are there 365 days a year to help kids, and adults who are worried about kids they suspect are being abused. You can call this number if you live in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

There WILL NOT be a charge for the call on your telephone bill if you use a regular phone or a pay phone. If you use a mobile phone or cell phone, there may be a charge and it may show up on the telephone bill. (Don’t use a mobile or cell phone if you want to be sure your call is a secret.) Do not make prank calls to the hotline. This will tie up the phones and keep us from talking to someone who really needs help right away.

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When someone says that they're hung I know that means they have a big cock...but what actually classifies that? How long does it have to be to be considered hung?

SEX - Ercise
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Has any1 ever done anything crazy like had sex after a run, or workout, or tennis or racquet match BEFORE getting cleaned up and showere? Was it hot and steamy or was it gross?
Never done it myself, but I just got a new running partner.........

uncut and cut
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Anyone else love watching a cute young uncut guy get it on with a cute cut guy? Where can i find good cut/uncut porn?

The video "Cum Quickie 15"
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I've listed this video as one of my all time favorites because okay technically this is one of the hottest cum scenes and one of the biggest loads I’ve seen in a long time.
However, I call shenanigans simply because he didn’t swallow any of it!
In fact it looked to me like he even threw most of it up. What the hell was that?
Weren’t there any rehearsals?
Wasn’t this twink warned at casting calls that he was going to get cum in his mouth?
Who directed this video Steven Spielberg? The same guy who brought us Super 8? You know the one with M60-A1 battle tanks shooting off willy-nilly out of control, when everyone knows someone like, oh let’s say a loader, actually has to physically heft a 48 pound round sliding it in the chamber careful not to let the breech close slicing his hand clean off and then he has to yell the word “UP!” before the gunner can even think about pulling the trigger. For Pete’s sake the tanks can’t reload themselves!
And here this supposed “gay boy” is spitting all that precious and delicious cum out of his mouth. I mean who does that? Women maybe, but gay men? Never I say!
Sure, I’ve had a few accidental leeks ooze out the sides of my mouth before, but I’ve never intentionally spit any out. That, my friends is a waste of good cum. Other than that it was a great video.

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Has anyone tried the live chat feature, what did you think of it?

Did you just "chat"?

world autism awareness day
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join the rest of the world and help shine a light on autism, 2 april 2012

you can do it with your front porch or garage lights, even a single lamp that can be seen from outdoors. look who else is joining in here


What the ?
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OMG. A very dear friend here who is like a big brother to me told me that i deleted his pro from my friends list. I checked and found out almost hal of my friends list was deleted. Everyone i friended, look to see if ur on my friends list and if ur not AND if you didnt unfriend me please re request and i'll grab you again. Sorry about this, and Russ, i would NEVER 'just go" and not tell you anything and that goes for all of my friends. I dont know what happened (NICK??!??) thank you all. Travis

Party Chris & Cock (part 1)
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My Roommate Brandon went to a party with Mikey, Ricky & Johnny at Johnnys place and told me I had been invited so I went with him. We stoped off at the store so I could get some Vodka to take with us. When we got there I already knew everyone except a friend of Johnnys named Chris. Chris was way HOT and got me a little horned up when I saw his Tall slender frame & huge buldge in his pants.

We grabed some snacks while Brandon & Johnny started mixing everyone drinks. I turned on the TV already set to Much Music and we started drinking, chatting and looking at videos. Everyone was buzzed big time so adventures started with everyone removing shirts & pants leaving everyone just in boxers. I almost shot a load when I saw Chris remove his shirt & pants staring at his massive buldge in his boxers. The drinks & 420 continued and so did the antics of everyone. Johnny walked to the TV, put in a DVD with the sound turned down. Yeah it was some Hot Porn.

After all the drinks I had to go take a piss so I headed to the washroonm and took my piss. I turned around to find Chris standing there, he pulled down his boxers, started to take a piss and said "That feels much better" and finished taking a piss. Chris saw me stare at his huge cock and shook it several times until he was Hard. This caused my Cock to get rock hard and me wanting to lick him from head to toe finishing up Sucking his Huge Hard Cock. Chris reached over and turned the light off leaving the only the glow of the small night light at one end of the washroom.

Chris walked over to me, reached in my boxers and took my cock out then pushed his boxers all the way down exposing his 9"+ Huge Hard Cock. I was speachless until Chris said "Ya having a good time at this party" I looked him in the eyes and said "Yeah I am, I hope it gets even better". Chris laughed as he said "Im sure it will soon" Since Chris was staying with Johnny this week he had already set up his personal items in the washroom. Chris reached over to one of the drawrs and got something, it was a small bag with something white in it. He shook some out on a small mirror then started making several lines, biglines I should say. He reached back and got two rolled up bills, handed me one and said "Help yourself Sexy Dave" I was kinda shocked but said "Go at it Chris" so he leaned over and snorted a Huge Line. I then followed doing one of the Huge Lines as well, WOW this was strong so thats what I said to Chris.

Chris looked at me saying "Oh sorry, I should have told ya it was way strong" as it hit me right away I said "WOW it is, Fuck" making Chris chuckle. Im sure it had also hit Chris cause I looked down to see him lightly stroking his Huge Cock using his other hand he reached out and started stroking my Cock. It felt great having this HOT STUD stroking my Cock as I watched him stroke his. I thought I was gonna bust a load when Chris got on his knees and started sucking my Cock all the way down. I started moaning some then Chris took my cock from his mouth saying "So the party better now" so I replied "Oh Hell Yeah Chris"

Chris stood up and pointed at the 6 remaining Huge Lines on the mirror as he snorted up 2 of them fast then told me to have more. I did 2 huge lines and could feel it right away. I was already horny as fuck but this got me horned up big time so I reached over and started stroking the Huge 9"+ Cock that Chris was showing. The lines started to hit us harder so I went to my knees and started to Suck his Cock as far down as I could. Chris started to moan some pushing his Cock far into my mouth.

I reached up while still sucking his cock and started to rub his smooth chest and pinched his nipples some causing Chris to moan louder & start fucking my face with his Huge Cock. Chris was working his Huge Hard Cock all the way down my throat and I was loving every inch as well as how his pre-cum tasted. I wanted him to feed me his load bad & when he started pushing my head all the way down on his Cock I knew it woudnt be much longer until he did.

Chris started breathing heavy, forced my head all the way down on his Cock as I felt him shoot a Huge Sticky Load of Jizz down my throat almost causing me to choke but I didnt spill a drop. He then looked down at me and said "Ohh thats HOT, I want ya to cum all over me" so I stood up and shot a huge load all over his chest then licked it off.

Chris looked at me, smiled big, handed me a hand towel and said "Hey we should get back to the party" I replied "Yeah, that was Hot Chris" then Chris said "Hey the party aint over yet Dave, Im sure there is more to Cum later" we both smiled and headed back to the TV room to join the others. When we got back the guys had lost the boxers as they watched Hot Porn stroking eachothers Hard Cocks.

** We did sneak out later in the night, ended up in the room Chris was staying in as we had one Will Time!! I will tell ya more later but will say both Chris & I moaned "Ohhhh Yeah, Fuck that ass" (in part 3)

< More Coming Soon >

BlogPics_Guy_000.jpg BlogPics_Guy_000.jpg BlogPics_Guy_000.jpg BlogPics_Guy_000.jpg


Sexual Adventure Story : NEW (02-09-12)
Party Cock & Chris (part 2)

NOTICE: If drug use offends you please do NOT read this part!!
I engaged in & have in the past but I do NOT engage in drug use on a regular basis.

Brandon: Roomie - 20, 6'4", 145 Blnd Hair, Blue Eyes, Smooth, 8 1/2 Uncut, Hot Bod
Rick: Friend - 21, 5'11", Black hair, Brown eyes 8 1/2" Uncut Cock, Smooth
Johnny: Friend - 20, 5'11", Black hair/Blue eyes, 8" Cut Cock, Smooth
Mikey: Friend - 19, 6', 160, Blonde hair Blue eyes, 9" Cock, Tall, Slim, Smooth
Chris: Friend - 18, 6'3", 175, Blnd hair Blue eyes, 9" 1/2" Uncut, Slim, Smooth, HOTT

Continued from "Party Cock & Chris Part 1"

. . . . . When we got back the guys had lost the boxers as they watched Hot Porn stroking eachothers Hard Cocks.

Chris leaned over and whispered in my ear "Dude they are taking turns using your roommate" so I looked up to see Brandon with Cock in his mouth, hand and one deep inside him. I looked at Chris and said "Humm we should watch this awhile sexy" so he gave a nod yes, so we watched my roommate get used by these hot guys.

Brandon was panting hard, squirming around and breathing heavy as Mikey pounded his Hard 9"+ Cock deep in his butt. You could tell by the look on Brandons face he was way into having his ass pounded hard. Mikey saw that Chris & I were jerking off as we watched making him get even more into it. Chris called out to Rick saying "Hey Rick, ya guys should Double Fuck him" so Mikey said "Hell yeah, come on Ricky lets fill his hole". Ricky started stroking his cock as he moved into position and lubed up his now Hard Cock.

Mikey looked down at Brandon whispering in his ear "Ya ready to take two hard cocks boy" Brandon panted "Oh hell yeah" so Rick positioned himself with Mikey and started to slide his Cock in Brandon causing him to gasp loudly. Mikey & Rick now had both Cocks inside my roommate and started pumping his ass full of Hard Huge Cock. They started sliding both Cocks in slow but soon got quicker, harder and deeper. Johnny just watched and stroked his Cock oozing mass amounts of precum.

Chris & I got way horned up watching my roommate take two hard cocks at once so I droped to my knees and started Sucking Chris taking his Cock all the way down my throat like I had already done once tonight. We both could still watch Mike & Rick double fuck Brandon making both of us even harder than we had been all night. I started to taste PreCum as it oozed from Chris Cock and made sure to swallow it all down.

Bradon was taking both Cocks with ease at this point but still breathing heavy as he squirmed even more. Johnny moved around so he was now jerking his Cock over Brandons face. Rick, Mike and Brandon all started panting hard as the thrust got deeper and Harder. Brandon let out a loud moan followed by "Ohhh Fuck my ass harder, Im gonna cum soon" so the guys realy started pounding his ass good. Several more rough thrust and both Rick & Mike pulled out, jerking over Brandons face then started busting Hot Cum all over Brandons. Johnny was about to cum so he shoved his Cock in Brandons mouth as he started squirting Hot Cum.

Brandon took every drop of Cum Johnny squeezed from his hard Cock & loved how it felt having two Cocks Cum all over his face. I started to unload my juice then could feel Chris start to gush his Hot Cum down my throat. Once again I took every drop of Sticky Cum Chris pumped in my mouth. The Hot Loads of Cum ended with all of us panting hard then started to clean up in hopes more Hot Action would follow soon.

< More Coming Soon >

Roommate Sucks (part 1)
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I heard Brandon chatting in his room and could tell he was talking to Rick, Johnny, Mikey and Marcus since I knew the voices. I was wondering what was up as the level of the chat was not as it usually was. I took a peek since his bedroom door was open some and saw Brandon and the guys were all Naked with Hard Cocks. Then I noticed that Brandon was sitting on his bed Sucking some of his friends Cock. I watched awhile to find out Brandon was taking turnes Sucking Cock and thought how HOT this was.

I headed to the bathroom and took a needed piss then returned to Brandons door to see what was happening now. He was now sucking Mikey who has a nice big cock. The other guys had moved around facing Brandons face and Mikey joined in the formation. All 4 Hot guys were jerking Hard Cock pointing twards Brandons face while Brandon wanked his own Cock. The jerking got faster and the guys were starting to breath heavy.

John and Marcus moved closer to Brandons face while Rick & Marcus followed. It wasnt long until I heard each guy say "Ohhh Fuck Im Gonna Gum" then saw each guy almost at the same time start to shoot Hot Cum all over my Roomie Brandons face. Mikey was the last but shoots big gobs of Cum, as soon as Mikey started unloading Brandon said "Fuck Yeah Im Cummin" and started busting his load. Mikey leaned over and shoved his cock in Brandons mouth where he unloaded his final squirts of cum.

I ended up back in my bathroom where I jerked off thinking about these 4 Hot Guys being Sucked Off by my roommate.

Continued from "My Roommate Sucks"

. . . . I ended up back in my bathroom where I jerked off thinking about these 4 Hot Guys being Sucked Off by my roommate.

I had taken off my shirt and pants so I could lube up my hard Cock and realy get into some serious jerking. I started putting a big gob of lube on my cock then placed some on my finger so I could lube up my butt as well. I leaned against the counter and started stroking my Cock thinking about my Roommate and his Hot friends.

I didnt know that Mikey & Marcus had come to my bathroom or that they were watching me working my Cock like no tomorrow from the open door.
When one of the guys let out a sign I looked over to see Mikey & Marcus standing there jerking eachothers Hard Cock. Marcus said "Hope we arnt interupting Dave" I said "Not at all guys, keep on stroking its Hot!" so we kept jerking off. Then both guys came in and stood near me both still jerking eachothers Hard Cock.

Mikey moved his hand off Marcus Cock, reached over and pulled my hand over onto his Cock then I followed by wraping my hand around Marcus Cock and the jerking continued. We all jerked awhile then Mikey & Marcus moved so each was on an opisit side of me so I could jerk each Hot Guy. As I jerked both guys the precum from both started acting like lube and both guys were way into being jerked off. Mikey was stroking my Cock so Marcus decided to slidehis finger in my butt causing me to almost Cum as I let out a loud moan. Both guys almost at the same time panted harder causing our Cocks to get Rock Hard!

I forget who started it but we all ended up moving so we could sit on the counter, leaning back against the mirror just moments away for busting Hot Cum everywhere. I could feel more precum oozing from both Hard Cocks as well as mine just wanting to cum. Mikey turned to me and said "Hey Dave, lean back and enjoy" I did as each guy started jerking his own Cock they also got on knees pointing Hard Cock at my face. Both guys started breathing heavy then Mikey said "Damn Im gonna shoot my load" Marcus said "Shoot it dude, im ready" then both guys started shooting Hot Sticky Cum all over my face. Mikey slid his Cock in my mouth as he finished busting his Jizz so I swallowed it all. This caused me to start gushing my load everywhere as well over my head.

We all cleaned up and told eachother we should do this again soon. I hope its soon cause I want to Suck both hotties Cock!!!

< More Coming Soon >

Sexy Neighbor Ryan (part 1)
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A new guy recently moved into a friends building near the University. One day when I walked past his building I saw the new guy & some of his friends. H is HOT and I found out his name is Ryan. I decided to head over to his place just to see if he was around and get a look at my friends new HOT neighbor. I knocked on his door and heard Ryan say "Just a sec, Ill be right there" Soon the door opened and I went into his studio apartment.

Ryan had just come out of his bathroom when he answered the door and seemed a bit messed up so I figured he must have just done a hit or something. He said hi and had me come into his apartment. I went in and could tell he was fucked up but I didnt care at all, its his business and all.

We chatted about several things awhile then Ryan said he would be right back as he headed back into the bathroom. I know he took a piss since I heard him but dont know if he did anything else. Ryan came out of the bathroom back into the room and had a smile on his face. I smiled as well and started chatting again. Ryan droped his pants standing only in his boxers. It was easy to see Ryan had a raging Hard On & was horny as hell as he reached down and started to rub his Hard Cock.

I couldnt help looking at this HOT guy and blurted out "Humm seems like your horny & high dude" he smiled and nodded to indicate he was. I was more relaxed now and I guess Ryan was as well so the small talk continued. I reached down and quickly rubed my cock that was now hard making sure Ryan saw what I did. He reached down and adjusted his cock as he smiled big.

I decided to take a chance and ask him "So ya get horned up when your high" he said "Yes, big time" and we both smiled. I told him I could relate and I hope I didnt interupt him jerking or anything. He blushed as he smiled saying "Naw its all good" I decided to take a chance saying "Humm looks like ya have a boner there" and chuckeled some. I then reached out to rub his cock with little resistance. Ryan let me grab his cock and stroke some & soon his precum acted as lube as I continued.

He then pushed his boxers down and motioned in a way that it was OK to continue. I decided to drop to my knees and take his cock in my mouth and started sucking his cock. Ryan started moaning some so I grabed him, pulling him closer so his Cock was all the way in my mouth. Soon Ryan put his hands on my head and started pulling my head further down on his cock. I swllowed his cock all the way down & it seemed both of us enjoyed it. His breathing got faster so I slid my hand under his shirt and played with his nipples some.

Soon Ryan started moaning more then pushed my head all the way down on his cock as he whispered "Im gonna cum" as soon as he did, he started pumping his load in my mouth saying "Ohh thats hot" as I took his hot load!! He finished then wiped off some. He seemed like he wasnt sure what to do or say so I said "I bet ya need a nap now" and told him I was gonna head out but hope I could come back again soon. He said "Yeah that would be cool" then I left to go home.

Wow, I hope to visit, see him in boxers and a little high again soon!!! Yeah when I got home I ended up jerking off thinking how HOT it was to suck him off and how I wanted to do it again soon!!! I busted a Huge Sticky Load just thinking about it.

< More Coming Soon >

soooooo FN happy
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Im texting a guy from this site he is so fucking cute and i like him im just sooooo happy ...... know what free blow jobs for everyone :p

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Can anyone tell me the movie that this clip came from?


i need help!
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ive been trying to post videos on my profile but im not getting any response whether it was approved or not. and ive tried multiple times...

can someone please tell me how everyone is posting videos and im not lol


horny chat
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soo like always im horny and wana chat ill be here all night if u want to chat i prefer ages 18-25. :)

Fetish for spanking and underpants
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Just wanted to say thanks for great clips and pics. i love smooth skinny lads showing off their white briefs and sox, gets me so horny, a good thing at my age, thanks again guys.

first crush
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The following is a completely true story and is based around my experiences trying to come to terms with my sexuality, although I was very much still in the closet I'm sure that some of my close friends suspected that I might be gay. At the time (good few years back) I was around 5'6", good build with short dark hair and a 6" uncut dick that I just couldn't leave alone!

I first met Dave in school when I was 16 in woodwork class; we hit it off straight away and over the next few months became very good friends, spending a lot of time with each other in the evenings and at weekends. He was really good looking in a boyish sort of way, great smile, very slim but well toned. He had no idea that from the moment I met him he became the "other lad" in all of my fantasies. The situation didn't change much for a very long time and I really thought that I would never have the opportunity that I wanted so much, then just before his 18th birthday he was dumped by his long term girlfriend who he had obviously loved very much - he was devastated!

It was around this time that we had both started drinking and going out fairly regularly to the local pubs, we regularly got slaughtered and both got quite a reputation for being a couple of (well mannered) piss heads. One weekend someone had lent me a blue movie which I flicked through expecting to be really turned on by all those big dicks that I was about to see - well, it left me cold, all the men seemed to be fat middle aged Americans and of course I wasn't interested in the women at all.

Anyway it was Friday night and I was going out with Dave to get smashed in the local again, as usual we had a really good night and got really pissed. While we were out I told him about the movie and started explaining about all the really fit birds in the film (lying as usual), he hadn't seen a really hardcore film before and wanted to know all about the film. I was sort of surprised at how excited I became at the thought of giving him all the graphic details, he asked me if he could borrow the tape and I said of course he could, but he would have to wait till after the weekend cos I had a lot of wanking to do (lying again). It must have been around 11.30 when we left the pub and walked up the road to the chippy, we both got something to eat and carried on walking and talking while we ate our food. When it came time for us to go our separate ways I asked him if he would like to come back to my house and watch the film, he said yes and my pants nearly burst open there and then! We got to my house and went upstairs quietly so as not to wake my parents, I started the tape and we both sat on the bed to watch the porn. It was a very small room with a single bed set against the wall, so the most comfortable position was leaning right back with our heads and shoulders against the wall while watching the film in the opposite corner. I started to encourage him straight away with talk of the fit birds and talking about all of the action we were seeing. It was all the typical sort of stuff 'size of the dick on him', 'look at those tits', 'fantastic pussey', anyway I'm sure you've all been there so you can imagine how it went on.

Because I was further away from the TV than him, this gave me the perfect position to watch him while he was watching the film. My dick was really straining in my jeans now and I was trying to discreetly massage it without him noticing, I could see a distinct bulge in Dave's pants which looked as though it followed the contour of his dick perfectly. My heart was pounding so hard it was almost painful, then his hand moved to his crotch and he adjusted himself and said he had a raging hardon, I told him I was in the same boat and that I was going to have a wank as soon as he left. The conversation went quiet for a while as he continued to watch the film and I continued to watch him, but his hand hadn't moved and he was very slowly and very discreetly scratching his bell with his fingernail through the material of his jeans. It was Dave that broke the silence with "I really need a wank!", and with this he undid his belt, zip etc and lowered his jeans and boxers to his knees, all without getting up off the bed. He lay there facing slightly away from me toward the TV; I got a perfect view of his arse and could see him vigorously pounding his dick, which from time to time came clearly into view. I did the same and continued to watch him perform knowing that he wouldn't see me looking unless he turned round, and I would have plenty of time to glance toward the TV. His rhythm changed frequently between really fast beats and long slow movements of his fist, I could see clearly that he wasn't cut but that his foreskin although loose was right back revealing the most beautiful bell that I had ever seen, his dick was lined with protruding veins running it's full length of his shaft and his balls were jumping about loosely in his sack. For me, this was the most amazing experience and would have been happy to lie there for hours watching this fantastic sight. But then he turned to me, still clutching his dick, and said "I'm not being funny, but it might feel better if we wanked each other for a while", I couldn't believe my ears but agreed straight away, at which point he lent across and grabbed my dick as though it was the most normal thing in the world for a couple of 'straight' lads to be doing. He was already stroking my dick as I reached down to take hold of his, and I began to match his speed and grip.

This only went on for a few minutes until he asked where we could cum (not wanting to spoil my bedding I suppose). I reached into a drawer and pulled out an old T-shirt and lay it on the be between us, I got back into position and we started beating each others dicks again - but now the pace had built and we were both breathing noticeably heavier. He said, "I'm gonna cum", so I increased my pace just as I would if I were wanking myself. His grip tightened around my shaft and we both lay there beating each other ferociously. He was the first to cum, his hips lunging toward me and his firs two shots went clean over the t-shirt, one of them hit me in the stomach and I immediately unloaded shot after shot.

This was the first time I had ever touched another lad's dick, but even after 20 years I can remember it as if it were yesterday. After that night I made a point of getting hold of as many blue movies as I could and we would regularly wank off together, sometimes, I guess when he was feeling really horney we would wank each other, but this was always initiated by him.

We went on to have many more sexual experiences together, but other than wanking he would know nothing about them...

This is the first time I've written down my experiences, if you want to hear more let me know and I'll consider posting some more.

looking for 1-2-1 fun
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any young smooth lads in swansea (wales) up for some fun and freidship xxx

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I was shopping in our local hypermarket the other day and was amazed with the number of really looking young guys filling shelves etc. i don't normally enjoy shopping but watching these guys made it a pleasure.

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i guess i'm an idiot.. i have some vids on my realplayer. but how do i upload to here? i've tried to email them to myself but, it won't open.. "can't find server".
where do i find the vid file name if it is on realplayer? or, is it even there?

My New Blog
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am i allowed to post my new blog on here? if not please delete my post many thanks

look at my new blog all my pics and videos will be posted there and please share the link help me promote my blog thanks you can view it here

and like i say please share the link thanks and enjoy

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I can´t download the vids at this night. Anyone have an idea what´s up??


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