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back soon
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not been well, tonight is the best I have felt in the last ten 10days, missed all my friends, scott

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If you have been abused as a child or know someone who has
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Sexual and physical abuse of children is not as uncommon as we might wish to think. There are no reliable statistics because so often the abused child is too afraid and too ashamed to report it. Recovery from sexual and physical abuse is usually a slow process. It involves therapy and being around people who truly care about you. It also helps to have friends who understand what you're going through and who will listen, give you sincere advice and let you know that you are not alone. If you have been abused as a child or know someone who has, please seek help. I have added the following links which provide lots of facts and ways of getting help.

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I stayed up way to late
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Finally left the closet
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Hey everyone!

It's my first blog post ever, so I am sorry if i am doing it all wrong. I just wanted to share a special moment from my life with you guys. Normally I don't talk that much but I really wanted to tell you know that I finally left the closet after years of knowing that I am gay, I finally found my courage and told my parents. They reacted totally cool, there were a lot of tears but it was all so beautifull. I have to tell someone but nobody except my parents knows that I am gay... So I just wanted to share this with you and thank you for reading this blogpost! ;)

I love you guys! Have a great (gay) day!

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A 'Sneeze' vs. a 'Toot'
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I see 10 friend requests but when I click to see the names I only way one application that's going on and what to do.

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look it's yota
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Lost in translation.....
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you WHAT!?

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I've just watched a video from Great Clips

Called Best Friend Breed

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Sexual education, How old where you at the time ?
Added: 819 days ago / Views: 1266 Witch Person gave you the talk about the brirds and bee's ?
Did annyone explain to you Mastrubating, and getting a orgasm ?
I did not get the talk About the brirds and bee's, and mastrubation was taboo.
I found out about Mastrubation by my self, and it was wonderfull at the age of 12 when i found out how to do it, And it's stil wonderfull.

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Gay teen porn actors
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Out of curiosity, what percentage of these guys do you think are straight?

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One of those days
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Give me one slang term for masturbation.
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Jacking off

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what is your pet peave its not an animal
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being tailgated for me

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And thats how it is done
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Block functionality?
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How do you block someone on this site that is posting annoying wall messages?

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The gay dating scene
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I am seeking some advice on picking up guys, and also any recomended websites worth looking into... I have never had issues picking up girls, i am confident, easy to talk to, decent looking (not a 10 but i'd fuck me for sure lol), etc.... but since realising that my gay tendencies are not going to disappear overtime i have began being a little more open minded and started to keep a look out for potential when im out on weekends and general day to day stuff. The problem obviously is you just dont know if a guy is gay, atleast when your chatting up a girl you know whats what, but a guy is so much harder... How do you know? And yeah if anyones had experience on gay dating sites some honest feedback would be helpful...

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Non Porn Day?
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I have always wanted to have1 day a year we only listed new Non Adult videos and images. What do you guys think, sure many might get upset but might be fun and a little diffrent.

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Grand Canyon
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The Phantom ranch is down there in that big crack,

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Pictures of me showing off in skintight clothes
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I'm going to try to upload some piccies of me from the past couple weekends wearing super skintight spandex while running errands. My favourite adventure was going to Dunkin Donuts early in the morning two Saturdays ago wearing my new purple leggings. The material was super thin. Everything showed through, even the veins and the shape of the head. As I walked there, I could feel my entire wiener swelling up and throbbing because I was so horny. It was so daring and exciting knowing that the lady who was taking my order could see every little detail of my boyparts perfectly outlined in the spandex and pointing straight up, completely stiff. There's no doubt she could tell how excited I was that morning!

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Delivery Guys
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One of my favorite fantasies is having sex with a delivery guy.

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Tip of the day
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mops home :)
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your welcome for breakfast coffee supper or a sleepover anytime - giles

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For Toby19
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So fed up
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Quotes from my dad.

"Gay people find it offensive when we use the term 'that's gay' but I find it offensive when two men kiss. Guess who can't voice their opinion?"

"I truly believe gay people are just doing it to be cool"

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my OWN Blog
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Alle die ein ppic haben:

- Johnkenady

- Calimero (kenne ihn von fr

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sound and vision
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I am not into music myself either, and as for the live actor sounds, I hope they don't post synchronize the thing. I know from many older German and French gay porn movies that the voices were re recorded afterwards by studio people. I don't like that either

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Very Urgent: GBT FAQ
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If you visit this website, and have never scrolled down to the bottom of any GBT page to click on the 'FAQ' link, you're missing some extremely important, pertinent and key information about the attitude and philosophy of this website. :)

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Gay Vs str8
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Do you think gay guys are hornier than str8 guys?

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Marshmont and one of his buddys the day woodstock let out lol

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Rodney Pike photoshoppes Mr. Bean into famous
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Rodney Pike is an artist, illustrator and Photoshop ninja. The artist specializes in caricature, photo manipulation and political satire and his work has been featured in countless publications both printed and online.

In an ongoing series of hilarious photoshops, Pike skillfully blends Mr Bean/Rowan Atkinsons face into famous paintings by artists like Da Vinci, Rembrandt and Bouguereau. Be sure to check out Rodneys entertaining artwork at the links below.

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