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Slowly rebuilding all my old photo galleries one at a time. Starting off with some Vincent Kartheiser photos because he was one of my earliest lust-fixations. Of course, expect some Jeremy Sumpter pics in the future and the return of my celebrity nude fakes I've made in photoshop. Enjoy.


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come tell me your deepest fantasy!

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check out my blog
Added: 782 days ago / Views: 784 adding more photos tonight :)

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Anyone Have A Copy of the "Miker 123" video you can send mejQuery1820532464663265273_1428425758430
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Hey--I had this video, but my hard drive crashed and it's gone....anyone have a copy of this they could send to me, it's of this really cute blonde boy, who strips, jacks and cums.    It's awesome and I'd love to have a copy of it again.  On the video there is the name "MIKER 123"    For some reason they won't post it here on idea why.   

Contact me IF you have it and i'll get you my email address!!!





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who de who
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to gayboys 

  the blog that was on my wall was from me to let you know i am not happy with the site because the first time i downloaded a movie it was in mp4 know its in html not to good mp4 is a better was to download can you have a look at it this time and can you send me your e mail so i can rely     


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All people should be free to express their individuality
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Iâve met so many binary people in the trans community who dismiss gender nonconforming AMAB people merely as âguys who like to play dressupâ or âtransvestic fetishistsâ. It gets very discouraging having my identity persistently invalidated by such generalizations â by another minority no less. Itâs almost as harmful and counterproductive as bisexual erasure in the gay community.

There is this overwhelming misconception by certain binary trans people (in particular transgender women) that if an AMAB person doesnât transition or experience body dysphoria, then he is forbidden from wearing âwomenâs clothesâ because otherwise he is nothing more than a cisgender man appropriating the lived experiences of trans women and diminishing their struggles with oppression.

I think it is ridiculous that just because I donât adopt a different label for my identity that I am some how perpetuating transphobic violence and discrimination against trans women. I experience hatred and intolerance on a routine basis: Iâve been harassed, battered, and even raped many times specifically because I am gender nonconforming.

Simply put, I cannot relate to a dichotomy of masculinity vs. femininity. So why do I need to be forcibly bound up in stereotypes of a binary gender system just because closed-minded trans people assume I am just âa cis dude in a dressâ?

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The Brothers Rocha
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New to this
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Hi guys

I'm just new to this and have to admit to a passion for sexy younger guys.

On the road a fair bit for work and curious how to "break the ice" and have a hook up.

Would really love to be blown over and covered in juice but can't host.  Are there other options?



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I know I have been a bit quiet for a while, but I am looking to start being more active on GBT and to start making some more friends on it, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on not only how to start becoming more involved with this place but to also maintain that?

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Any younger in here from Southern WV?  Im loking for a friend

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LGBT, Aging, Depression and Worse.
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More often than not, the focus in the gay community and the media is on the prevention of bullying, and preventing young gay people from committing or contemplating suicide.  This is a good thing and should be addressed.  But you know what?  I see practically nothing in media or even general conversation addressing concerns of LGBT older individuals, and the problems that come with aging.  The fact is that older LGBT DO have a higher incidence of depression, lonliness, and suicide (whether contemplated or realized).  There are a few programs (there is one in the city where I live currently), but getting nowhere near the attention that it should.  I often feel that the LGBT culture is so obsessed with youth and beauty that they could care less about older people (even some of the older people are this way).  Perhaps when you are in your teens/twenties?  But the problem with that is, honey, that if you're lucky to live long enough, YOU will be an older LGBT individual, so I would advise kindness, understanding, and looking forward if you don't want to be thrown away by society like refuse.

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love for easter from me to you
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makea smile have end eggy brekkie;

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Any other young GBT users?
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I am 20, male and live in the USA. Wondering if there are any other young members or only old dudes xD 

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Scamming the Scammers - How to Handle Fake Tech Support Calls
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A must see for all:


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Your favorite quote
Added: 785 days ago / Views: 6304 Here is mine:
“Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable”. Plato
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Anyone know where to get cheap viagra?
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There was an ad on this site a couple of years back and I bought some then (from India I think) - they weren't branded but were fine.

Can't find anyone know :( Don't want to buy in bulk or pay £80 a tablet!

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Flirting with a gay boy
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The past few days a gay boy has been flirting with me. Usually, when I dress up, women are the only ones who take any interest in how I look. Straight guys check me out sometimes too, but they usually do so less conspicuously . It's very rare for younger gay guys to pay any attention to me. And those who do usually take it upon themselves to criticize me. This is one of the first times in many months that I've gotten so many compliments from a boy, esp. one who likes to dress up just like I do! It's not often that I feel appealing around a younger guy. It's an interesting feeling, and I hope it continues!

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Easter Bunny has arrived
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Hi I'm Bruce whats your name
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Checkout my blog
Added: 786 days ago / Views: 251 adding all photos tonight ;)

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I'm waffel nice to meet you Bruce
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Who's better partner
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Who's better partner ? Old man or young boy

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I wish it was normal for boys to wear leggings and short shorts
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I sometimes feel like I am the only one that thinks that boys fashion here in America is extremely boring. Seeing boys everywhere in their baketball shorts and oversized jeans and loose-fitting boxers and board shorts is so cliche and unoriginal.

It's tiresome the way that society teaches us that boys are to be ashamed of their body, and that they are to  hide behind loose-fitting clothes at all times because the male figure is intrinsically unattractive (unless it fits an unrealistic stereotype of hypermasculinity, such as a six-pack). In terms of Western values, the entire sexual appeal of a male is supposed to be derived only from money and power and job security and physical strength, not physical beauty.

In fact, the notion of boys having any concern with physical appearance is seen as the antithesis of masculinity. I think a boy can look just as appealing in revealing or even provocative clothing such as short shorts and leggings and yoga pants and bikinis and leotards as any girl. There is certainly nothing wrong with appreciating the male form. I think it's finally time that boys be liberated by these oppressive stereotypes of masculinity. Fashion policing in America is a function of tribalism and it serves only to control the populace, to maintain unquestioning conformity, and to obviate any potential for dissent. What happened to "land of the free, home of the brave"?

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Silky Smooth Thighs
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Dont you just love these smooth thighs:-

Provide a dirty caption for the image

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The trials of being a boy, who is not a boy
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One day I hope to learn why when boys subvert the gender norms that means they are a "sissy" and that they are supposed to like anal intercourse and play with dildos and be submissive and weak. I do not get this disturbing and oppressive stereotype, and why it is still equated with femininity.

Undoubtedly, there is a pervasive undercurrent of misogyny in our culture, and it certainly goes a long way to explaining why so many men (gay men in particular, perhaps as a result of sexual insecurity) tend to be particularly averse to overt expressions of femininity. From a young age, boys are indoctrinated by a myriad of gender roles and expectations, in which they are routinely policed by their peers, and they are taught to suppress any and all attributes of femininity (vulnerability, compassion, sensitivity, beauty, etc.) These superficial conventions, of course, only further entrench the social dominance of men over women, and what it means to be a "real man" as to the exclusion of anything that is characteristically womanly. Have you ever wondered why crossdressing occurs only one way, but not in the reverse? In our culture, masculinity is deemed to be the default whereas femininity, the perversion. The very conception of crossdressing, drag, and trap as being taboo merely reinforces this sexist ideology.

Imagine if we lived in a world where boys could express their gender however they felt comfortable without being stigmatized and ostracized just for being themselves. That is a world that I hope to live in one day.

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I'm looking for people who, like me, have a fetish for being tied up! Anyone up for a chat about it? 

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Quick Update
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Hi guys.  Sorry I've not been about again.  I'm currently undergoing treatment again for health issues, but will be fine. It just means I'm a little delayed in my emails.  If you have recently emailed me I apologise for not emailing you back just yet. Please do bear with me as I am trying to catch up with everyone and I promise I WILL return an email to you very soon.  Also anyone who's asked me to phone them I'll get round to that soon as well.  Another thing keeping me hectic is editing websites. I have 14 on the go now and it's proving to be a little overwhelming hahahah. That'll teach me to want to be busy!  Love y'all xxx

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Blow blog
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Here is some of the videos I like, 'couse I love to suck:

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Up Is Down
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April First...
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are you superstitious ..  i have a few .. if i'm driving and say..  boy the traffic is moving great .. guess what

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Hey who ever runs the site i think it would be awesome if you allow us to download photos too just like vidoes anyone else think this would be a great idea.

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to cute
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Underwear types...
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I'm guessing this has been done before but what type of underwear do you guys prefer to wear? Any favourite colours? 

My favourite with be plain white briefs!! I think they look cutest :D too bad I don't have any :/ 


Thanks - Jacob :) xx *hugs* 

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my cats a dick
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str8 guys
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have you ever gotten a str8 guy to suck you? do tell how. i think most guys at some time in their life secretly wish they could play with some cock other than their own.

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