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random idea
Views: 254 · Added: 948 days ago

Lets all be straight today and go back be gay/bi/curious/not labled ect. Friday dont that sound FUN :p

Views: 329 · Added: 948 days ago

During sex i start thinking that im not doing something right, these extra happy bastarders out here just gone let me keep going on (saint louis gays/bis suck jk) well my question is Is this a normal thought or am i possibly doing something wrong

Views: 438 · Added: 948 days ago

is it just me /my server but i cant download in the last few hours something about apache server ?

Can't upload any new vid - why?
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1st i wana thank evryone for their comments on my comming out blog. u all were very supportive. no i luv the community feeling on this site and i like having freinds so if u want pls add me as a freind . thx

does anyone find painful hardcore srx a turn on?????? i duno wa to think about it rong?

My new Blog
Views: 175 · Added: 948 days ago

am i allowed to put my new blog on here? if not please delete my post (please dont delete me) thank you. here goes

look at my new blog m8 all my pics and videos will be posted there and please share the link help me promote my blog thanks you can view it here

and like i say please share the link thanks and enjoy

i am so cool!
Views: 155 · Added: 948 days ago

im gona go watch my tv show! can you do that? LOL I hare my dad!

Delete Outbox
Views: 206 · Added: 948 days ago

Hi any of u guys can tell me a quick and easy way to delete outbox messages..i have hundreds of them and to delete each 1 individually will take me an age!

Views: 265 · Added: 948 days ago

How cum I can't watch the vids on my mobile skyfire browser any more?

Ok one last one nd il stopp
Views: 386 · Added: 948 days ago

if a guy died while havin sex would he still hava boner nd if so would they tend to it or chop it off in da fear of embarressin him durin his funeral?

just haveing fun
Views: 302 · Added: 948 days ago

im just here to have fun. im a bit sarcastic, thats just me. i wanted you all to know that if i piss anyboby off it aint on purpose, just let me know and i wont bug ya. heck i will even tell you that i am truely sorry, and i would be. on the other hand if ya just need to vent or just feel the need to give someone crap or abuse, im your man! go ahead and nasty up my wall, its there for your abusement! you can be as mean and gnarley as you like. there will be no retrobution or ill will on my part. if you want some crap back just put my name, kevin, in the wall coment and i will return the favor! if you dont put my name in the wall coment you will not hear from me! let the games begin! btw cool site and great vids! thanks

Phone Sex
Views: 385 · Added: 948 days ago

If anyone wants to have phone sex with a 18 year old boy from nashville tn, message me your phone number. It would be nice tho if you were close to my age. Can't wait to get some numbers.

Live Cam Chat Now Working
Views: 213 · Added: 949 days ago

I just wanted to let everyone know that the Live Cam Chat is now working, should you have have issue just let me know. Thax

virgin no more (copied to this so I can get comments)
Views: 550 · Added: 949 days ago

Okay. It happened. Went to dave's saturday nite KNOWING something was going to happen but didn't know if I had the guts to go thru with it. We watched tv with his mom and sister and then we went to his room and played some video games (man he likes And while we were playing he started running his hand up my leg and rubbing my dick. I just looked at him and put my controler down and said you win. He took off his clothes and I took off mine and when we were naked he asked me if I really wanted to try the butt thing. I told him I did but was nervous and he just told me to trust him. He told me to just get on my hands and knees, and I did and he started rubbing my back and butt and all of a sudden I felt something warm and wet on my butthole. I could NOT believe he was licking it but it started feeling really good so I just went with it. He stopped after awhile and started pushing his finger in me. I like that a lot. He would just rub my prostrate and when I reached back to jerk my dick he grabbed my hand and told me not to do anything. He was pretty much driving me crazy just fingering me and then he put in two fingers and started pumping them in and out of me. Yep, like that too. Then he went with THREE fingers and That felt like he was really pushing it but after a little while it was feeling pretty good too and then he pulled them out and told me to lay on my back. I did and he raised my legs up and told me to hold them behind my knees. I did that and he just started leaning toward me and I felt the head of his dick against my butthole. He told me to relax and I tried (I really did) and he started pushing. I didnt think he would actually get it in me but all of a sudden, like POP, he was in! OH. MY. GOD! It hurt, bad and he must have known because he puled right back out and told me to relax and rubbed my hole with his finger. It stopped hurting and he asked if I wasnted to try it again. I told him I didnt know if I wanted to or not but he said just once more. I told him ok and i got back into the position and he started again. This time when he went in it didn't hurt. Was kind of uncomfortable but didn't 'hurt'. He pushed in a bit and stopped, in a bit and stopped until his stomach was touching my balls. He asked me how I was doing...I said fine and he pulled back and went back in. Every time he went in his dick would hit my prostrate and I would get that great feeling but this time I was holding my knees so couldnt jerk. He was going in and out pretty good and when he started breathing fast he reached down and started jerking me. Couple of strokes and I went off. The feeling I was having was something I could NEVER describe. I could feel him hitting my prostrate while I came and I could feel my butthole clamping around his dick with every squirt. Usually when I cum its like mmmmm...done but this was different I actually came four times (Yes, I counted) while he was doing it to me. He was telling me he was going to come after my third and I felt him swell up in my butt and felt him come in me and that gave me my fourth. He leand down to me and we kissed while he was still in me and kinda rubbed my stuff around my stomach and chest. we got done kissing and he pulled out of me and I missed having him inside me. I did feel like I had to go to the bathroom and he laughed and said that was normal. He asked if I wanted to do it to him and i told him yes (Yes I was still hard, go figure) so he got in the position I was in and I did the stuff he did to me (Yes I licked his butthole, it was kinda cool) and when I put my dick against his butthole and pushed it went in with no problem (Yes my dick is smaller than his) and that feeling was something nobody could explain. Like a mouth but with tongues all around the inside. I have NO idea how the guys in these vids can do it for sooooo ling before they come. Didn't take me long at all. I squirted in Dave and pulled out and just went lower and sucked him until he came in my mouth again. I really must admit. I have the most fun when I'm with I KNOW we'll do it again and hopefully we'll come up with some more games to Hope you all had a great weekend too. :) Travis

can ur prostate fall out?
Views: 643 · Added: 949 days ago

yano if u fart hard enough can it fall out? sory im very bored layin here :( jst humor me at least :)

any one have gigatribe?
Views: 807 · Added: 949 days ago

please answer me

sex toys
Views: 871 · Added: 949 days ago

which is your favorite sex toy?

acting in vids
Views: 391 · Added: 949 days ago

Would love to act in a vid like some of these ones.

Article on homophobic bullying and suicide.
Views: 292 · Added: 949 days ago

This is a link to an emotional article from this months Rolling Stone.


Playing Videos
Views: 230 · Added: 949 days ago

Anyone having difficulty playing videos this aftyernoon (Wednesday) or is it just my computer?

can they :O cos i prob hava 7yer old kid walken around :O

i got a boner!
Views: 641 · Added: 949 days ago

anybody else got one?

Manchester UK - Meet, watch porn, wank sesh
Views: 230 · Added: 949 days ago

Porn / Wank sesh - meet, watch porn, wank off together - simples, can travel

Will go on cam so you know i'm genuine and not a minger.

why the videos aren't working ??
Views: 203 · Added: 950 days ago

i have tried most of the videos, but its not working,, and even the image doesn't appear in the tube..
can someone help me plzzz ?

Views: 514 · Added: 950 days ago

why the hell my uploaded video BOYS ON THE BEACH, uploaded 2012-03-11 20:47 is without my name??? Again. I want you to remove this video right away, it took over 1,5 hours to upload it (why?) and here's totally fine result. Your systems purpose is to tease your members or what? mistakes happen, i know, but all i want now is remove it instantly!

fighting words...
Views: 533 · Added: 950 days ago

one thing that i am most proud of is that i truely do not have any fighting words. Nothing that you can say would make me get violent with you. i may hate you and never talk to you but that is it. hows about you?

Views: 204 · Added: 950 days ago

hey guys i was wondering if there is anybody in the albany, schenectady area of new york

Happy Spring Break Everyone
Views: 435 · Added: 950 days ago

I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful and safe Spring Break, hope you guys don't party too hard and will be here when you get back :)

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safesex is worth the pain.
Views: 179 · Added: 950 days ago

This happened to me few times trying a jerk solo with a condom on. -upon removing, it had slipped out my fingers & slap back the head of my cock :s
I learned that it is better to remove from the base.

funny story
Views: 467 · Added: 950 days ago

Well i was going to make a video of me playing with my dildo then my parents came home lol well nobody wanted to see me anyway ;)

Favourite Video
Views: 278 · Added: 951 days ago


I've been added many favourite videos. I will add more later. I hope they'll cheer you up. :)

Views: 346 · Added: 951 days ago

Hey everyone, I need some friends on here!! Please add me and rate on my vid collection, I have a lot of vids posted and posting more today too! Thanks.

hey any hot twinks want to skype hit me up
Views: 330 · Added: 951 days ago

hey horrny and would like to cam on or chat on skype send me your skype name and i will add u


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