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Anyone from California here?
Added: 1104 days ago / Views: 303 Hey just wondering if there was anyone on this site that lives in CA. Its always fun to chat with people from the same area, if thats you just send me a mesage or post on this blog! Thanks ;)
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please add me on facebook
Added: 1104 days ago / Views: 155 add me on my fb account
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For Billy
Added: 1104 days ago / Views: 250 Billy will understand. I am Australian and we have just celebrated our Queens Birthday.

God Save The Queen.

Much love David
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Added: 1105 days ago / Views: 178 I am looking for fellow guys to chat with about boys, being gay, first experiences or whatever.. I dont care about your age. for yahoo messneger or email
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Is there anything you can't say or talk about on this site?
Added: 1105 days ago / Views: 633 Like i mean, If theres videos of lads pissing on each other on dis....Then u must be aload talk about anything LOL
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dom lookin for sub
Added: 1105 days ago / Views: 188 hello im a dom bear (22) lookin for a young sub (18-25) contact me if intrested
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Just realized
Added: 1106 days ago / Views: 373 I truly haven't had sex and a while about 3 or 4 months wow time goes by so quickly
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social butterfly
Added: 1106 days ago / Views: 187 so i like to talk and get to know people. if u do to add me as a frend or hit me up on skype onelovebaltimore. i like ages 18-30 im 22
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I love trying something new, have you done or want to do something new and exciting with yourself or a partner?
Added: 1106 days ago / Views: 199 Recently had some fun experimenting with edging without touching my cock until I cum, just by carressing all around ...but not my cock, i took a little while longer towards the end but was great. Also I tryed something i read about where you hold your cock or your BF's cock with one hand and make tiny circles with one finger of the other hand - just below the head ( not rubbing ) just moving the skin round in tiny circles same speed - and try not to tense or cum... but just relax and let the tension build slowly untill you feel the cum rising slowly up your cock and then running out without tensing against it just relax and let it happen. It took about half an hour or more and i had'nt cum for three days.. but at the end my hands were shaking so much I could barely hold my own cock :)
I love new things to try alone or with my partner. What rocked your boat recently?
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Righteo then, Looks like its time i delete my account
Added: 1106 days ago / Views: 598 I might be back one day. Love ye xxx
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uploading problems
Added: 1106 days ago / Views: 227 some problems with uploading vids or pics again...looks like that. like storm coming like last spring...well, if everythings ok - as usual:)- sorry and let's keep on rolling. hugs BSB
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Added: 1107 days ago / Views: 254 any guy out there wondering how to make a good living? computers. fix them, software problems, advise. i have to pay a service 125 dollars to walk into the door (1st hour) to help me with my computer. learn microsoft operating systems and you have a skill much in demand. i'm sure some people do provide this service but where are they? getting your name out there is a seperate skill. you can learn much on your own. if you go to a "tech school" it could cost you 20,000+. find a way then call me..
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Added: 1107 days ago / Views: 324
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Is there anything you can't say or talk about on this site?
Added: 1107 days ago / Views: 200 Like i mean, If theres videos of lads pissing on each other on dis....Then u must be aload talk about anything LOL
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First Pubic Hair
Added: 1109 days ago / Views: 303 What age did you grow your First Pubic Hair/s?
Did they sprout earlier or later than other boys of you age?
Exactly Where did it/they first grow on your body?
Are you Ginger, Blond, Dark fair skinned etc?
Describe~ were they soft down? Curly? etc
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Added: 1109 days ago / Views: 546 Playing with my big hard cock now :P
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whats da youngest youv ever had?
Added: 1109 days ago / Views: 353
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Again problem with uploading vids
Added: 1109 days ago / Views: 251 In June, even today, I've uploaded several vids, long and short, which have never been listed. Before uploading I check that there are no watermarks, no studios name.
And I've checked ALL vids posted here, in order not to duplicate files. I hope That all my files I upload are new. Most of files I uploaded in June and since I joined the board, have never been published.
Now I notice, with grea suprise, that the same moment I uplod any vid (successfull) and BEFORE it get listed, ALL my subscribers received message that I have uploaded new video, and my outbox is full of such messages. This is something wrong! The subscribers should be noticed when new vid is listed! not before. It casue a great confusion.
By the way - I found other board, where uploaded videos are published the same monet the uploading is finished. But I still like this board and will try to upload new vids, but don't know how long my patience will last :)
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Tulo Boys
Added: 1109 days ago / Views: 3365
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Tulo Boys
Added: 1109 days ago / Views: 327
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Added: 1109 days ago / Views: 287 Well.. last week my boy friend and I moved into my parents second home in Haworth..West Yorkshire UK..a delightful stone built 2 bedroom cottage with real log fire for the chilly nights is like all our dreams have come true at once.
i would like to thank all of the 19 members of GBT that commented on my previous blog..just to say..a very big thank you for all your sound advice. help and good was much appriciated!!
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Added: 1110 days ago / Views: 492 what is your favorite thing to eat? what is the food most notable where you live? do you cook? what is your favorite thing to cook? what is your favorite cousine?
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My webcam light keeps randomly turning there someone watching me?
Added: 1110 days ago / Views: 385 Every now and again my webcam light turns on and im not on any webcam pages or have my webcam there someone watching me?
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Looking for gay friends
Added: 1110 days ago / Views: 279 Trade pics and vids and chat.
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Uploading Avatar Step-By-Step w/ pictures
Added: 1111 days ago / Views: 224 Image with steps ->

(1) Go to (No registration required)
(2) Click "Choose File"
(3) Select image you want
(4) Click "Continue" button
(5) Click on drop down box, select "Custom Size..."
(6) Change width & height amount from "Percent" to "Pixels"
(7) Set width for "100" & height for "120" (the required size for GBT avatar)
(8) You can choose a special effect, or skip it
(9) Then click "I'm Done, Resize My Picture"
(10) Click "Save To Disk"
* the image will be saved in "downloads" folder" *
(11) Click "Edit Profile" link at the top of your page
(12) Click "Profile Picture" tab
(13) Click "Choose File" button & select saved image (in downloads folder)
(14) Finally click "Upload" and your done!

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Added: 1111 days ago / Views: 292 it is a little suprising that aids as a topic is non-existint. there is no cure. new drugs can extend life but are expensive and have side effects. many porn scenes show people having unprotected sex. it has killed 30,000,000 people. i no longer have an active sex life and remain hiv negative. thanks god. hope you guys protect yourselves.
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GRand Rapids area
Added: 1111 days ago / Views: 313 Any young guys-boys legal age of course interested in BJ's, and anal?
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Are any of you a parent?
Added: 1112 days ago / Views: 525 I've raised 5 kids and have 5 grandkids now. I was lucky I raised them in a liberal area, but how has your gay parenting experience been?
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Friend Request Rejected
Added: 1112 days ago / Views: 842 Its sad that when i reached out for another friend on GBT ....It was thown back
in my face.I really hope this doesnt happen to often on this site.:-(

"you have 284 friends on your list. Go talk to one of them"

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Forrest Boy returns to Holland and I believe the gay community can shine because of it.
Added: 1112 days ago / Views: 235 Twenty-year-old Robin van Helsum better known as Forrest Boy apparently is heading back to Holland. He’s sure pissed off a lot of people especially in Germany, but one must ask what’s really going on with this kid.
I for one can understand the feeling of just wanting to run away and re-invent yourself completely. How wonderful would it be to just decide one day that your previous self is now and forever forgotten? Sure he did it in a balloon boy sort of way, but the concept in my opinion was quite frankly brilliant. I don’t know what laws there are to deal with when you emigrate from Holland to Germany. What opportunities there are; for getting a job or even what social nets there may be because I don’t know German law. I would assume that his previous reputation in Holland as a trouble maker would make things difficult to say the least, so his solution though misconceived had some roots in logic even as ill-conceived as they were.
To tell the truth I worry about this young lad. I wish I could be there just to offer my emotional support. I wish I had the financial wherewithal to assist in his rehabilitation, I certainly would offer that much. If he was an outcast before; then just imagine how difficult it will be for him to have to return to people he knew in udder humiliation and disgrace.
Those of us who are no longer twenty can remember being twenty and the mistakes we made back then. Sure we may have not done anything close to what he’s done and there are reports that he has a shaky past, but in listening to the news I never heard any reporter say that in his previous life he committed murder or belonged to a gang or sold drugs to children, but nobody seems quite as upset about the twenty-year-olds who have. It’s almost as if he’s thought of as worse than those people just because he told a lie.
The German officials say they were made fools of by Robin and maybe so, but to be honest they didn’t need his help in looking like fools, they were doing just fine on that long before Robin came along and I suspect they’ll be doing that long after he’s gone.
If anyone reading this is from Holland then I ask that you attempt to reach out to Robin and offer some sort of compassion and support. Please I can’t explain it, but I feel there is something salvageable in him.
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Thanks to my new friends
Added: 1112 days ago / Views: 194 Thanks for sharing vids and pics. All new friends are welcome and any from the Michigan area please let me know. Have a great day and GOD BLESS EVERYBODY.
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Added: 1112 days ago / Views: 167 Hey, anyone on here from around Grand Rapids Mi.?
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Any Swedes ? ? ?
Added: 1112 days ago / Views: 200 Any Swedish people here ??
Eller kan ju ta det på svenska . . . Någon svensk ?
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taking out the 25ft cabin cruiser yesterday
Added: 1113 days ago / Views: 224 Very hot in Rio vista yesterday 101 . Last wk I bought a bayliner cabin cruiser. My friend An( thats his name) came up , so we cut up some fresh fruit and took some drink and hit the water. He is a very sex guy 20 yrs old from Viet Nam. Smooth as can be as we broke the boat in.
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Elmhurst IL
Added: 1113 days ago / Views: 218 Hey I wanta know if anyone on here is from Elmhurst IL or by here? Let me know lol PM me or email
FYI im 17 6'1 and about 190 lbs let me no if u wanta have some fun lol
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Happy Father's Day To ALL
Added: 1113 days ago / Views: 212 Take the time to love and thank your father today. My father has passed but still thankful I had him. He taught me a lot about life. THANKS DAD.
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Added: 1113 days ago / Views: 182 do u guys like to chat by skype ?? If u do, add me, mattlionn
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Added: 1113 days ago / Views: 284 Used to be able to view videos without streaming delays any ideas on how to view them without the delays would be much appreciated
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Added: 1114 days ago / Views: 314 I would love to post more vids but I only have full ones from BelAmi, Helix, and Boy Crush. Im not sure if it would be illegal to post them on here. I need some advice in what to do.
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Guess the song :)
Added: 1114 days ago / Views: 234 'Rised up this morning'
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Im looking for a video, any help?
Added: 1114 days ago / Views: 479 hi, im looking for a video where there was three friends swiming and then you go back in to the house they talk to one of threr mothers and go up to there room. one says they sould play naked twister (or some game like that) but they decide to just wank then fuck. can anyone tell me what that video is? thanks :)
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