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Photos Posting Videos
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Where are all the photos in my collection? Explain the mystery of uploading videos. Can't figure out how to do it. Many other sites are easier to negotiate.Would like to contribute but cannot.


A Fetish for... Water?!?
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Hey all, I have an odd question for y'all. Does anybody find the site of a guy dropping with water; either standing under a shower, or leaving/standing next to a swimming pool a turn on? I'm not sure why but for some reason seeing water drops cascading over a guys skin is quite erotic to me as was just wondering if it's the same for anyone else?

Looking for a Video
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Hey everyone I found a video a while back while perusing other sites and didn't favorite it. Was hoping someone may be able to help. It is a vintage gay porn, 80's maybe?, of a teacher and a student. Called the lesson or music lesson? (Perhaps guitar lesson?) Not really sure. Anyway the student fucking the teacher is extremely hot and has on headphones the whole time. Keeps calling the teacher "teach". Very good in my opinion, an unusual turn on. Would love if anyone is able to help! Thanks! :)

Missing Favorited Pics
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I've lost more than half of my favorited pics. Is anyone else having this problem?

Views: 180 · Added: 999 days ago

the downloading is more confusing than ever

Views: 186 · Added: 999 days ago

the downloading is more confusing than ever

No-one ever dared to talk about liking boys.
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Where I was at school being gay was quite unheard of. It was a sure thing that you would be in deep shit if anyone knew that you liked boys. So nobody said anything to anyone. When I was 14, my school friend Paul asked me to stay over for the weekend. I’d had a crush on him for ages and really looked forward to the time we'd spend together. I always tried to sit next to him in class and that was why I didn’t do very well in exams I think.
The first night of the weekend, after his parents were asleep, we talked about sex and what we had done. We were dressed only in our underwear sitting on the edge of Paul’s' bed. I soon got hard and felt my cock pushing against my boxers. We sat next to each other hands across our laps. It was then that I noticed how Paul’s leg was pressed against mine. It felt strange, but good. My arm brushed against his skin too. I looked down at where our legs were touching, aware for the first time of his smooth skin it heat against mine. I left it there and he didn’t pull away. Suddenly I had an overwhelming desire to be closer. I felt an intense warm feeling, in my stomach and cock. Paul asked me if I had a hard-on. Of course I did, I said. He said that he was hard too. He smiled slightly embarrassed and then moved his hands away, so I could see. I did the same. I was feeling intensely horny now and my cock sprang up inside my shorts noticeably. I was getting really hot now and the intense heat washed over my body, my cheeks were burning. I felt a tingle running down my spine and knew that I badly wanted to show him my cock.
He stood up. I wanted to feel his heat against my body. I wanted to see his cock too. I knew that I had to touch it. I gazed at his smooth, legs and torso, his cute ass with a triangular gap at the top and a heavenly crack that led down to delicious places that I wanted to see. I could hardly stop from jumping on him up squeezing him, to feel his hot skin against mine. Paul turned around slowly, as I sat there watching. My gaze locked onto his shorts. His pulsing cock was pressing up sideways in his pants lifting up the left leg of the shorts. Looking at his smooth flat chest I could see his breathing was frantic, shuddering each time he breathed in. He looked like he was about to cum any second.
“Get up”, he said, tucking his fingers into the top of his boxers. I would soon see Paul's cock and he would see mine. I wanted the heat of his skin against me again. Paul's slid down his shorts; the head of his smooth cock sprang up into the air. Pulsing up and down to his drumbeat of his heart. Swelling up bigger as he occasionally tensed. I moved closer toward him. Our cocks might soon touch and I was hoping Paul wouldn't move away. We were just staring at each other, knowing what was about to happen. When our cocks touched and it was quite startling, I kept moving towards him, wanting to be wrapped around his warmth. Our cocks were pressed between us now. Paul’s legs were longer than mine and so my cock slid between them pressing against the side of his balls. He parted his legs a little to make room for my hard cock. His was pressed against my stomach. Paul’s soft fair hair smelled so sweet against my face, as my head rested against his. My hands ran over his back, feeling his smooth shoulder muscles, and his tight buttocks. His hands moved all over me. He quietly moaned a bit, but nothing was said.
My cock felt like it was right inside him, his hot breath on my neck. Paul would shudder sometimes and I'd quiver too these movements sending spasms through my hard cock as it moved between his legs. I lifted my right leg and put his cock between my thighs so he could feel the same thing. I could feel his hot dick throbbing under my balls, against my thighs. My cock was straining and I knew that Paul must be about to cum soon as well. His breathing was getting heavier and more rapid. Our bodies were entwined and sweat was running everywhere. His body began to tense and I felt his ball sack contract. He gasped as I felt his hot cum between my legs. I supported him in my arms he seemed like he might collapse. Then he lifted his head and slowly moved back, his wet cock sliding from between my legs. My hard cock sprang out too. I was so hard. The pressure in my groin had built to the point of no return. I grabbed my cock. Paul's right hand slipped up between my legs, and his finger pressed on my ass hole. The sensation sent shivers through me. He touched my balls too while I was stroking my cock right in front of his face. I could feel his hot breath on my stomach. Paul pressed my ass like he was ringing a doorbell and began to rub my thighs and balls harder. I felt the first shock of orgasm rising from deep within. I stifled a cry as the first ribbon of silver cum shot from my cock over his shoulder . Paul pushed his finger in all the way and I felt the full intensity of my next contraction. My cum splattered across his hair and face, then next over his slim arms and his hands. The accumulated hours of longingly gazing at him while in class were finally gushing out of me. I strained to the very last drop. After I had stopped Paul pulled me down onto the bed on top of him. Our wet bodies both together. I could taste our sweat and cum. we just lay there, holding each other, not making a sound.

Recipes, every boy needs a few good recipes.
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500ml of milk
200g of white flour plain or selfraising
3 large eggs
mix or whisk all these togther making sure there are no lumps. add little more flour or milk to the batter as u want.
add about 1 tablespoon melted butter and mix in.
add small ammount of (2-3 tablespoons) sugar to sweeten OR ADD pinch of salt to season for savoury pancakes.
Get a non stick pan hot and use very small ammount of melted butter in the pan.
add about 1 cup (1/3 mug) of mixture and move it all round the pan so its covered and thin.
when the pancake can be lifted at the edges (it is probably cooked enough) it may be turned using a spatula and fingers, try not to fold or break it (not easy at first) Pancakes break when u turn them too early.
Serve the pancake with lemon and sugar (english style)or syrup if sweet pancakes or any other topping u like.
savoury pancakes can be filled with a hot savoury filling (like bolognaise or tuna and condenced mushroom soup etc) and sprinkled with cheese baked in the oven 180c for a few mins and served.


Video upload help
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I have problems with the video upload, would be nice if someone can help.
If the video is at 100% of the text appears:

"There was a problem with the upload. The server did not accept it."

Data to the video:
Type: VLC media file (mp4).
Length: 00:34:11
Size: 524 MB

Why he does not want the video? *OMG

Views: 197 · Added: 999 days ago

Goood,morning everybody. Hope everybody is doing well. Where is the craziest place u jacked off? Mine would be at church in the bathroom :p amen

porn movie
Views: 212 · Added: 1000 days ago

has anyone been on a porn movie set or part of a porn, what was it like?

Views: 192 · Added: 1000 days ago

Any guys under 25 wanna Skype. I don't care how old as long as its under 25 and your cute lol
inbox me :)

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If you're circumcised, how are you feeling about your cock? Are you satisfied with it? Do you wish to have an uncircumcised cock?

If you're uncircumcised, how are you feeling about your cock? Are you satisfied with it? Do you wish to have an uncircumcised cock?

If you have a six-inches cock, but your friend's cock is bigger than you, how do you feel? If you have a six-inches and you really love that guy, but he's straight and has a big cock, how do you feel? I'm asking you this because I just found out my former crush guy (from high school) had a big cock, but he's straight. How do I feel? Jealous, hurt, anger, and desired. I wonder if anyone has a simliar experience?

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It freakin sucks not having a computer, anyways.. Whats the most sexual outragious thing u have done?

i got a question
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i got a friend request with no name on it. i guess thay deleted there account? anyway i tried to decline it then i tried to delete it and it just stays there, cant get rid of it. is that just a glitch or what? its not realy a problem but it bugs the crap out of me! HELP!

Supporting LGBT ppl of ALL ages.
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I know that the focus on help and support here is on young guys and that's very understandable. Coming to grips with being gay when ur young is difficult enough. Getting bullied by ur peers is devastating. It's no wonder so many young boys suffer in silence. They need all the love and support we can give them and I'm behind that 200%. Sometimes however, in our zeal for this worthy cause we overlook giving help and support to older gay ppl, which should not be happening here. Our support and love should be directed to ALL ages, and genders of LGBT ppl. Some of the younger boys here never realize that many older guys of all ages struggle with their sexuality too. Many went thru tremendous struggles in their lives when homosexuality was completely unexcepted by all societies...even illegal! They were beaten up and abused on a regular basis. Thrown in jail, spit on, laughed at, and humilified. Many fought hard for the freedoms that LGBT ppl enjoy today but they get no appreciation or credit for it or for what they went through. Many of them suffer and struggle even now with the psychological scars that are so deeply embedded. It's like post tramatic stress syndrome and they can't shed it. On top of it, it's very difficult to be an older gay in a society that is totally about youth. This is even more true within the gay community. Discrinimation of older gays comes mostly from within our own gay community. Older gays need to feel accepted and need to feel like they fit in too. But many don't. A huge majority of them suffer in silence too and that needs to be changed. I encourage everyone to broaden ur horizons and extend ur support and love to LGBT ppl of all ages. They need help too in dealing with the aforementioned issues. But sadly, the call often goes unanswered. I intend to answer that phone and I ask all of u to please do the same. I love you ALL....hugs....Dennis

Views: 275 · Added: 1001 days ago

In addition to what I said earlier, I want everyone to understand that the comments that I made are NOT about me. None of this is about me. I have been warmly welcomed and accepted here and I thank all of you for that. I'm just being a spokesperson for older gay ppl everywhere, in this VW and the RW. I've talked to a lot of older gays over the years and recently and what I expressed is how they feel. Thanks for allowing me to indulge here. I hope you back me up on this importand issue. Hugs.....Dennis

Best day of the week
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Lets see monday i got a bj from a guy off my facebook its was ok except for the fact that he bent my penis to far and bit me about three times ........Tuesday i tried to rub one out but was still kinda hurt so it wasnt one of my best wanking sessions ............well fast forward three days today my parents gone i got the house to myself and no teeth prints on my penis :) so i finally found a way to mount my dildo to the wall and i was in heaven body still tingling best friday ever

First Orgasm
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I can't remember my first orgasm. Is it common to forget this special moment?
Does you "first time" and your first orgasm coincide? "First time" often mean with someone else.
Can you describe when and how your first orgasm occured?

Gay marriage? Does it violate religion?
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Here is an article I found am just wanted your guy's imput on the idea of gay marriage, of course most of us are very bias about the idea but still... does it violate the original religious relationship that marriage should be strictly between a man and a women?

Gay marriage is all but legalized in Maryland after the legislature gave its final OK Thursday to the law that's being sent to Gov. Martin O'Malley, who said he expects to sign it sometime this week.

The state Senate voted 25-22 for the law. The vote comes less than a week after the House of Delegates barely passed the measure.

Maryland will become the eighth state to allow gay marriage when O'Malley — who sponsored the bill — signs the legislation. The Democrat made the measure a priority this session after it stalled last year.

"This issue has taken a lot of energy, as well it should, and I'm very proud of the House of Delegates and also the Senate for resolving this issue on the side of human dignity, and I look forward to signing the bill," O'Malley said in a brief interview after the Senate vote.

Opponents, though, have vowed to bring the measure to referendum in November. They will need to gather at least 55,726 valid signatures of Maryland voters to put it on the ballot and can begin collecting names now that the bill has passed both chambers.

Some churches and clergy members have spoken out against the bill, saying it threatens religious freedoms and violates their tradition of defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

"The enormous public outcry that this legislation has generated — voiced by Marylanders that span political, racial, social and religious backgrounds — demonstrates a clear need to take this issue to a vote of the people," Maryland Catholic Conference spokeswoman Kathy Dempsey said in a statement. "Every time this issue has been brought to a statewide vote, the people have upheld traditional marriage."

Leaders at the Human Rights Campaign, a group that joined a coalition of organizations to advocate for the bill, said they expect opponents will gather the required number of signatures.

"There remains a lot of work to do between now and November to make marriage equality a reality in Maryland," Joe Solmonese, HRC president said in a statement released Thursday. "Along with coalition partners, we look forward to educating and engaging voters about what this bill does: It strengthens all Maryland families and protects religious liberty."

Senators rejected some amendments to the legislation Thursday. Proponents warned that amending the bill could kill it because gathering enough support for altered legislation in the House would be difficult.

Last year senators passed a similar measure by 25-21, but the bill died in the House after delegates rescinded their initial support citing concerns that it could violate religious liberties of churches and business owners who do not support same-sex unions.

Sen. Allan Kittleman, the only Senate Republican to vote in favor of the legislation, said he is proud of his decision and not concerned about political consequences down the road.

"You don't worry about politics when you're dealing with the civil rights issue of your generation," said Kittleman, R-Howard, the son of the late Sen. Robert Kittleman, who was known for civil rights advocacy.

Christy and Marie Neff, who married in Washington, D.C., where same-sex marriage has been legal since 2010, stood outside the Senate chamber Thursday evening as crowds surrounded O'Malley and other key supporters

The couple, who lives in Annapolis, has lobbied lawmakers to support the bill in recent years.

"This is our victory and we're going to savor this because you can only really jump one hurdle at a time," Christy Neff said. "So we're going to savor this and then if they bring it to referendum, we'll match that effort with the same sort of effort we did today."

armpits anyone?
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come on i can't be the only boy here who likes to sniff! friend/message me if you like too ;-)

Slave or Master
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Lol this is kinda funny coming from the black guy but in a sex relationship do you rather be the slave or the master.........lmao

Pics: Naked or Clothed?
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Hey all,

Today I was looking through all the pics on here that I've "Favourited" and something occured to me... very few, if any, of the pics I like are naked/nude pics... and it got me to thinking... What do others prefer? Do you like naked pics or clothed/shirtless/underwear pics? For me, I like clothed/shirtless/underwear because I think there is something far sexier about imagining what's underneath as opposed to having it flopping/sticking right in your face... so to speak!

What do you guys think?

I miss him
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My Friend.

Boys swimming in the river of light
Shining golden under the sun.
Smiling warmly a twinkle in his eye
One boy gave his hand and opened his heart.
With a quiet voice and gentle words,
He offers a life so filled with joy.
He leads the way, and I will follow.
There among the creatures of light,it happens
A beacon lit by the power of love
Our tingling atoms of long dead stars,
Mother Life, hold firmly on to us.

Customize Profile
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Hi u guys..i have noticed quite a few guys have customized profile pages with music..
is there an easy way to do this..and HOW please in none tech language
thanx for any help

Favourite photos
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Has anyone recently experienced a problem when adding any photos to their favourites? as they're not appearing on my profile page.

How to add a music player etc. to your profile
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I got a flash MP3 player here ,and I upped the mp3 files to this free web host whether u create a free profile then upload called you then paste the hotlink, not the share link URL, from each upped file there individually into the track list page of the file player pimp tour profile website. Then name them and then click to create the code copy and paste it into edit profile under the about you section, if you want it to play in the blogs and pages that you create. (try to make sure you know which code you jave added it you already have other code in there, maybe add to a different section of the profile)...set the pixel size in the player in the HTML code from 300 to 220 and away you go. You can reduce the volume there too.If you are confident you can edit the code and remove add and links too, but perhaps keep a copy in case you have to repaste it into the profile. Good luck RusT XXXX

almost two days!!!
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.....Hey Nick what happened?? I sure missed GBT ....glad iys back .....cheers

Views: 239 · Added: 1004 days ago

hiya add me on skype if ur 18-23 years old thx my skype is onelovebaltimore

Trouble to get in this site?
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You can try to add DNS for CA. That will help.

Looking for places to eat
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We are all from around the world and we have at least a few things in common. 1 is we all must eat. I am looking for place not just in the USA but around the world that are gay friendly and or supportive I am looking for all 3 meals breakfast lunch and dinner and even clubs to dance and party. so if you have a fav place localy or around the world please leave me a note with the name address and what you recomend there.
Your guide

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thank god you back nick. i missed you so much mate wtf?

Views: 235 · Added: 1004 days ago

just doing my thing, so i can be better?
OH! come on u whay my skinny butt,
i get lost of sicko sorry i check out all
for the frats that said no and fucked me ??
it hurt....

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What is all this about on the BLOG to me it reads like a load of RUBBISH!
Are we under a HOMOPHOBIC ATTACK... in my opinion the site users that have wrote all this RUBBISH should be STRUCK OFF..GBT is an excellent site and long may it continue!

Blog Page
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Nick what has to this page,can you get rid of all this rubbish which has invaded this area

Attack of the crazy guy
Views: 185 · Added: 1005 days ago

Looks like we were down because of some crazzzzy guy. The lengths some folk will go to. Has he nothing better to do with his time?


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