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Is the Live cam chat working?
Added: 1097 days ago / Views: 294 I tried it and my camera wont come up.
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taking a break
Added: 1097 days ago / Views: 162 just to say thanks to the friends I have made on here, never thought I would meet such nice people.I think I can be overwelming at times, just my way when I meet someone I really like. Take care my friends and thanks for accepting me into your community,I.. thanks greg
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big news
Added: 1097 days ago / Views: 171 fbi and The Australian Federal Police have caught 6172 pedophiles last year and they have a new device to find more pedophiles online and they want to catch a lot more this year
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Added: 1097 days ago / Views: 266 You know i've been on GBT a short time and ever time i read the blogs i read, someone must say something very hurtful or very stupid about his blog in the comments, Hold on one damn second, have we gone back into time? Shit you young cats need to sit down and listen to the older gay generation and listen to there dark days stories it will make your hair stand on end. Now take me yes i am a old jar head (U.S. Marines). and i am 59 and have lived and seen that Dark side being gay. This young gay generation are free and open and very little hostility being who you are gay. Today you are free to walk down the street holding hands or give a kiss to the one you love, march gay pride parade, hell we have our own gay pride flag. I call that open independence and free.Shit in my teenage days my dad beat my ass for being myself, Let me till you liveing back then was a living hell. you keep to your self and keep your gay life in a box with a big lock. Just saying you where gay could get you lock up or worst killed. You where lower then scum of the earth, you where not fit to live in society, ho it gets better if you where young teenager thay would lock you up and throw away the key,. Hell cops would turn thair backs while the beat the shit out of some poor gay in the wrong place. If you brave enough to find some to have a little fun you keep it lock behind doors. and it was a secret you kept close. So please before you put someone down remember this "we come along way baby". leave the hate, and big bad negative back in the dark days, we are a free open gay community and have to far to start puting down our brothers and family a frends. A lot of old vets who are open now, have fought a long hard battle here at home and other parts of the world to keep us all free and in doing so alot of good man & woman who are straight and gay gave their lives for us to be free as we are to day. in closing i would like to share this story about my boy hood teengae friend. I may 1972.I lost my frend/lover to hate he was only 17 years old. He was coming home when my frend was killed by six high school boys he knew and i also knew, tha dragged him behind thair truck over two miles just for being gay. We both were headed for bootcamp the next day. Before i left i buried my best frend. You ask the six boys will thay walk away after doing only jail time. Only you can stop the hate and bullying, what stories will your generation tall?? SEMPER FI
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pms between me and oldaforyounger
Added: 1097 days ago / Views: 649 oldaforyounger first pm: FUCKING RED NECK GET A FUCKING LIFE GO MILK A COW AM SURE YOU NO A FEW BE ON YA FARM

my reply: haha, u cant offend me, by calling me what i am redneck/hick and DAMN PROUD if it, so crawl back under ur rock and stop attaching ppl here on gbt, sounds to me like ur the one that needs to get a life, i already have one, so HAHA!!!!! so i want to thank u for pointing out the obvious, u made me feel real happy by ur msg, laughing in ur face, haha haha

oldaforyounger 2nd 2 pms: 1) yes your right the joke on you hahahahhahahhaahahha
2) yea ya mam told me bout you so fuck off n leave me alone

my reply to both of them: u started it, and i feel privleaged to be called a redneck so thank u very much, i should turn ur pms into a blog that way every one knows ur a creap

oh wait every one already knows ur a creap and a troll, so have fun with this :D ive delt with ppl like u, all my life, hell i use to be where ur at, but i thought this is getting old and i turned over a new leaf in my life, and im now out there in the real world helping ppl, and reaching out to those here that have troubles and have no where else to turn, ive been on ur levle and it aint no place to be, i hope to receive more hate mail from u, oh....wait no i wont cuz i'll just delete them, i dont have to read any more of ur smut :D so apparently i got ur goat by being nice with my replies, whos the joke on now???? :) :)
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Added: 1097 days ago / Views: 146 hey
i want to chat with boys in my age 16-24 :)
send me a message .

Im 18 years old , from germany and very sporty
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Go out and do a random act of kindness today.
Added: 1098 days ago / Views: 207 I absolutely detest people who are mean. Maybe the world would be a better place if people just treated each other better. There was a lady at Subway today that was being mean to a 80-year old woman trying to order her food, so I paid for her order anonymously and left before she could even know it was me.
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Hottest Twink
Added: 1098 days ago / Views: 197 In your opinion who are the hottest Twinks? Or top 5? for me 1.Kyle Ross
2.Tommy Anders
3.Ashton Michaels
4.Seth Knight
5.(Fairly new)Casey Tanner I wish his videos were on GBT but so far no one uploaded him.(Hint Hint) Who are your top 5 or favorite Twinks?
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Added: 1098 days ago / Views: 286 Hi iam back thenudist and time to play, any GTB Mumbers into young boys ang wold like to chat and do some trading like i said before i am open to any age,looking to have some harmless fun,so lets play.
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Added: 1098 days ago / Views: 179 Wow ! love this GBT eveyone is out for blood on this site. Love it. Frist of all yes i am a Nudist and i photograph nudist, and most of them are young boys, all this is very legal. and what i've been reading in some of the Blogs you boys love to crucified any one who express his feeling for young boys.I take photos all over this big blue ball, and if you get you head out of your ass and do some research you will find thant maney countries have child laws that protect kids Laws here are hard, and should be, but you will find in many countries the age is under 13. now dont get me wrong i dont like a child molesters, You guys got you facts wrong. Will that is that, now if any one would love chat lets hook up. and i love to here some of your stories and tread out some pic. hay one more thing i read this riverdogs blog and he been thair and back you guys need chat with him you may learn something,
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hey all facebook users
Added: 1098 days ago / Views: 217 hey everyone please report the facebook page "Teens adding game 14-19 only" because the post on there are risking underage boys and girl's safety and the facebook please this page must be removed
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The Perks of Being Wallflower
Added: 1098 days ago / Views: 201 Movie and book, highly recommended!
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My favorite gay-themed novel
Added: 1098 days ago / Views: 167 Call Me by Your Name!
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Guess who has a new girlfriend!
Added: 1098 days ago / Views: 346 Haha, I'm f'd. Its a girl from my freshman seminar class!

I tried to tell her Scotty96 was my boyfriend and she didn't believe me!


Haha, sorry.
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This might sound gross
Added: 1098 days ago / Views: 150 Does anybody else get turned on by a young guys and by young I mean of legal age I am not into children, but by a young guys armpit hair? When I like hang out in the quad and there are guys sitting around in the "wife beaters" and they have these deep armpits with just a nice touch of hair sticking out I start to get hard. Is that just me or is this common? Now when I see some dude from Gorilla land and he has hair long enough to braid it turns me off but the 20ish guys when they stretch and the hair is neatly trimmed OMG, am I a perv?
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Added: 1098 days ago / Views: 185 I love this site young chamos porq there like me .. I've searched for other sites that I do not like gay at all .... I hope to have kids young gay Latino friends children'm from Venezuela my twitter is @ christianjsearz they want friends!
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just asking
Added: 1099 days ago / Views: 436 hey everyone sonce im new and don't know almost everyone please give me ur name don't care how and not asking for ur full name ;)
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Added: 1099 days ago / Views: 149 Maybe I hope to be here a long time that this product really is fine I like many young Latino children and young blacks also follow me on twitter @ christianjsearz
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hello of venezuela
Added: 1099 days ago / Views: 145 hello who to chat awhile I'm from Venezuela a young Latino young children
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Down hill
Added: 1099 days ago / Views: 175 I have tried to post videos....they dont show
Also so many duplicate videos in a short space of time

Had GBT had its day?
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Newbie saying hi!
Added: 1099 days ago / Views: 167 Just opened an account on here and all I can say is WOW--an amazing site! Seems like a nice community. As for the boys on here-so beautiful and sexy. The videos I've watched so far are so HOT! I know I will be on here way too much.
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Newbie saying hi!
Added: 1099 days ago / Views: 161 Just opened an account on here---amazing!! So glad I came across it. Seems like a cool site with a good community. As for the boys on here-WOW!! Thought I died and went to Heaven. Some really beautiful guys on here and the videos I've perused so far deliver big time! I'm sure I will be on here way too much!
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hello a all
Added: 1099 days ago / Views: 157 i am new here and I would like to chat with a young latino hairy Venezuela am my contacts twitter @ christianjsearz my facebook cristhian arzola
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Added: 1099 days ago / Views: 205 Add me on Skype for some fun :)
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Do the star ratings actually mean anything at all?
Added: 1099 days ago / Views: 254 If you give someone a 5 star rating you actually only end up giving them 1 point and that's all you can give them. Seems to me you can give a GBT user 1 star and it means the same thing. What's the point of the stars if that's the case?
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Hi I'm new
Added: 1099 days ago / Views: 189 I been looking for someone for a while but none as go as any one here in on Skype add me I'm the gay slave 44566 you can see pic the
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Can we watch videos threw our Xbox or PlayStation?
Added: 1100 days ago / Views: 206 Yes you can, all you need to do is use the IE app both offer for free, visit (the mobile section) and your ready to stream videos on your televisions. We are working on some upgrades to this, but kind of koo if you want to check it out
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Added: 1100 days ago / Views: 194 i am planing a trip to Germany this year is there any body in Germany that i could stop and see and help out seeing the sites
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Added: 1100 days ago / Views: 1516 what is your name. not your full name. i am mike. it is nice to know. i hate to come over there and beat it out of you...thanks, clem.
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Pain after ejaculation
Added: 1100 days ago / Views: 485 For the past couple of months i have been getting a bad pain in the lower part of my shaft after ejaculation. I t starts almost instantly and last a few hours at least. I'm waiting for an appointment with the Urologist, just wondering if any one here has had or has the same problem.
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The difference between a man and a boy, by Hond
Added: 1100 days ago / Views: 251 There is no "age" at which one transitions from a boy to a man. There is no physical finding you can you can point to objectively demonstrate your manhood. The question is therefore, what is the difference between and man and a boy and how can you tell when one reaches manhood? In this lame and boring thread I will attempt to suggest a model to serve as a framework to use in helping differentiate the difference. Those of you that are actually men, feel free to chime in your point of view on the matter.

In a nutshell - boys socialize, while men tend to fraternize.
I know this is a little deep, so I'll spell it out. For example, when boys eat a steak, they'll eat whatever it is that mom plops down on the plate. It might be flat, dry, overcooked, and shaped like the state of california, but since mom (or other) made it and its on my plate, its down the hatch it goes. You ask a boy, "what is your favorite steak?" and he has no idea. Its the one that mom put on the table. You ask a man, on the other hand, and he can tell you immediately that he loves ribeye or a fillet, and will go on to insist it be done medium, on the grill, using a particular rub. The boy eats it to be social with the family. Same with beer. Boys will drink whatever swill his chump friends hand him at a party. It could be toilet water and they wouldn't care as long as it satisfies a need to socialize. You ask a man, however, what kind of beer they like and they will not hesitate to know the exact one in particular they like. They may tell you it has to be a Belgian Ale, brewed by trappist monks, and be either chimay, st. barnabus, or Rochefort 10. Finally, you ask a boy what he wants to do and he doesn't really know. He wants to hang out with friends. A man wants to play golf, go surfing, hunting, or fishing.

See, here's the deal - its every man's responsibility to fraternize. You got to go through life and fraternize - eat the best steaks, drink the best beers, play the best golf courses, smoke the best cigars, drive the fastest cars, etc. Some people never get to that point and go through life as a boy. Those that understand the difference have a moral responsibility to their y chromo to do it with regularity.

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Prayers for Bobby
Added: 1100 days ago / Views: 204 Just watched the gay themed film Prayers for Bobby and not ashamed to say I cried my eyes out like never before. Every parent who has a gay child should be forced to watch this brilliant film. Anybody else watch it, what did you think?
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would like some help
Added: 1100 days ago / Views: 194 Hi all hope you are having a good day i need help with two things her because I am new. Is there a feature here where I can chat live with other users? If so how. Also I never received a confirmation email after signing up. Did anyone else have this happen to them? Thanks a lot
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How to upload a video?
Added: 1101 days ago / Views: 216 How do you have to upload a video?
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Sex Story #1
Added: 1101 days ago / Views: 319 Hmmmm....I don't know which story to start I am picking a random one from my few months of!

I will always remember my first threesome experience. I have just recently lost my virginity and was looking to explore more (a little too early lol). I happened to be on A4A and saw that someone was interested in me. He was cute, tall, and black. I really liked him and we started to message each other. Then, we tried to meet up to fuck around...but somehow our times never got to match one anothers....until one friday night. Him and his friend (white and really cute ;)) was coming back from doing something in another city in NC and he was able to pick me up and we went to his friend's house. Nothing really happened at first (sexually)...just talking about different topics and their past careers. Then at about 1AM we went back out to the store nearby and bought two bottles of wine. Now mind you...I have never drank anything before. Well, when we got back, I had my first glass of wine. I think I remembered having two glasses before we started to go to his friends bed and started stripping each other off. Then, I remember going on the floor and sucking both of their cocks. The black guy tried to gag me and I nearly choked. Then, we ended up in the bed and the black guy decided to just shove his big fat cock inside of me. I was in total hell. After about a few minutes....he stopped and his friend tried to fuck me a litle. Luckily he was smaller so he wasn't so bad fucking my ass. But then...Mr. GIANT came back and tried to finish inside me...but he didn't. He stopped...again....and went to fuck his friend til he shot all over himself and the black guy came inside him. I was just watching and jacking off from the side. I couldn't quite cum then and ended up sleeping with them on the bed. was chilly and dark...and I had no blanket to cover myself I couldn't sleep. After a while, I gave in and jacked myself off to completion...cumming all over my face and body. After that night, I never saw them again...but I sure did learn a lot for my future sex experiences. ;)
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Looking for some guidance/ advice about Bondage.
Added: 1101 days ago / Views: 366 I know this is a pretty strange post, sorry :P But I've been curious about this for a long time and felt like this would be an ok place to post a question or two about such things.

I've been interested in Bondage from a pretty young age and now that I'm at college and away from my parents I'm looking to experiment. My first time with a guy was semi related to bondage so I think that's why I'm interested but apart from that I've never really had experience with Bondage so I'm looking for some help.
I recently seen a video with a guy wearing a chastity device and was wondering if that'd be a good place to start experimenting, the idea really gets me boned (I know its strange), I think I'm more of a sub but I can get excited about taking control too.
I guess I'm asking, where should I start. I like the idea of being tormented, MAYBE a little pain but I just honestly don't can probably tell I'm a little confused on what I want which doesn't help of course, sorry :S
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Added: 1101 days ago / Views: 354 you know i have come to notice, and maybe its just me but i find it no longer fun to watch vids here, I.E. they take to long to buffer, then when they resume, its all glitchy and the sound dosent match up with the vid :( and then it buffers some more aarrgg, what gives nick??? can u please look into this?? please!!! or come up with a new media veiwer??
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How to upload a video?
Added: 1101 days ago / Views: 179 How do you have to upload a video?
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Finally looks like the Boy Scouts ban on Gays will be changed
Added: 1101 days ago / Views: 231 Finally looks like the Boy Scouts ban on Gays will be changed yay...........

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Added: 1102 days ago / Views: 251 what do you guys think is worse, carpet burns or getting cramp(when your leg muscles go into a spasm,not a nice feeling) just at that crucial time,
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Added: 1102 days ago / Views: 245 Today..Sunday 27th January is national Holocaust Day..please give a thought to the millions of Jews..Gays..and others that were murdered for their beliefs in is still happening today..granted on a much smaller scale..why can we not all live in peace and harmony..
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