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Thanks to everyone.
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Hi iam back from Jay's funeral and have retuen home at my familys resort in Mexico. I would like to share with you my friends here on GBT a few things. I was very surprise to see jay's school and a lot of towns pepole turn out for his funeral. Jay's Dad had draped jay's coffin with the rainbow flag and most where wearing a pride ribbons in honor of Jay. And what surprised me most was jay's three best friends who be traded jay and where the ones that started the bullying. Thay where his pallbearers as was I, thay did not look will and you could see thay where hurting inside real bad. Was able to talk to them and thay knew i was jay's life friend and told me thay never had meant for Jay to take his life. these three young man where very tore up inside and you could see this in there eyes. I forgave them, but thay had live with what thay had done the rest of there lives. Yes I feel sorry for them and ther familys. this communty has learned what bullying can do.I would like to thank everyone for there kind words and support this is a strong Gay Communty GBT. Thank you. I'll be saying my goodbyes to all my Friends here on GBT, I've had my troubles being Bullyed for being young and

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omg omg i had to do a systems restore on my laptop , LOST everything , all my good porn and countless porn videos i made , single tear lol i'm so pissed :( i will never find all that porn again .

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anyone want to chat on skype?
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my skype ID is


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IPhone/IPad - still problems
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I have cleared history, cookies and data. Shut the devices down and turned them on again. But still that same page turns up when I search for Gayboystube - (page 1 of 1731). It happens on both my pad and phone.

What more, and how to do?

pls help,,,I'm a bit tired of looking at the same porn haha - and GBT are the best page ever!!!

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alot of vidios dont show.....?

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ANSWER! For gay, bisexual and straight boys/guys!
Added: 998 days ago / Views: 361 These questions are for boys with every sexual prefer

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Bien le bonjour a toi !
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Je suis a la recherche d'un mec super cool

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Kik me?
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My kik is: BornUncut

Lets get to know each other? :)

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I cant update and see the "new stuff", I am stuck on an old page, and everytime I press "newest" it returns to that same page,,, can see its a problem on Android, is it the same for Iphone/Ipad?

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If you like to chat to me I am now on skype, check out my profile for detail, hope to speak to someone soon

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my video hasn't come up yet
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hey i uploaded a video last night and it still come up on my profile yet, im just asking does anyone know why?

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How to get back my old account?
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After the upgrade, I was no longer able to login, even though the system still seemed to recognize my previous username - GreeneGhost.

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For Jay and his Family we thank you all.
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Hi this is Rex's Dad we here at the resort would like thank everyone for thair encouraging words on the behalf of Jay and his friends here at the resort. Rex left this morning to attend Jay's funeral and back soon to correspond with you all. Look ive been trying to post some pictures of Jay and Rex on GBT,but unable to do so. Ive had our tech here try no go. So if some one wood contact me and till me how ill post the pics.Jay was a strong boy and a very happy young man here and at home. He took a stand and me and Rex that he was going to till his closet friends he was Gay and come open all. It sddens me when you trust someone close and thay turn on you being friends for years.I work very close with our LGBT coummity here at the resort for we have all ages who are Gay and Bi. Boys and Girls. I was very surprise to see GBT members trying to help Rex. Thank you. As for Rex closing his account with GBT will lets see. I know Nick and his boys try to keep it safe and Rex's best friends like Hotboy03 and Andy(Nate88) a fellow Marine. Have given some good encouragement to Rex again Thank you. As For all you who love putting down the young Gay youth and someone who lives in a wonderful Gay resort it hurts real bad. Let our older Gay generatuion lead the way to a strong Gay community. Remember what Rex said most young boys are not looking for sex form a older gay men,thay are looking for a good friend to give them answers. Will i said my peace. From all of us here at the resort and Rex and friends Thank you we Love All. Rex's Dad.

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Had a good week?
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Did everyone have a good week?

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hey everyone
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hiya hows everyone doing im sorry that i been on for while i just been very busy at work but im goin try to be online alot more :):) but i hope you all doin ok!!!

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i am happy to be here
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it is a friday the fourth of october,,2013..there has been a lot of turmoil here lately..suicides,,manic ,,,deletions,,,negativity......we need to stay together...i will be here...thru it..good people here will too..

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vids not playing and ratings lost
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Since the new site update, I have not been able to play any vids on my android based phone.

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Photo album
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Ive been trying to post some pics i took but it won't let me post them? is there some type of criteria you have to meet?

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Being young and Gay.
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Will another sad day for the stuggling

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What would you do with your partner
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Other then sex what do you do with your partner and if you dont have a partner what would you like to do when you get a new boyfriend.Life is not just sex there are lots of things partners can do

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Best young teen boy videos
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Send links to the best young cute teen boy videos

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-- Growing up gay 'rural'
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Teenager Justin Allen writes

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LIFE: Gay footballer Anton Hysen: I get calls from footballers who want to come out
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(Coming out can create roll models for others struggling with their own sexuality)
Gay footballer Anton Hysen, who plays for Swedish third division team Utsiktens BK, says heâs had a number of phone calls from anonymous footballers who want to come out.

âIâve had quite a few anonymous phone calls from players who want to come out but I donât know who they are or where they play,â said Hysen.

âI hope that someone else will come out just like Robbie Rogers did. That was great for US soccer. At last weâre having a discussion about it and thatâs huge.

âIt has been pretty quiet and I understand that. People might not want to come out publicly and I understand.

âThereâs so much ignorance,â he told CNN in an interview, on the wider issue of homosexuality and football.

âA homophobe wonât change his mind because players are wearing rainbow laces, but weâre putting it into their minds and weâre putting the issue into society so we can talk about it.

âIt might make people more aware and make them reconsider but itâs not going to make people come out instantly.

âWe can talk about it and discuss it. It needs to be discussed. There are not many players out there (wearing them) but itâs a nice gesture.

âIâve heard some idiotic excuses. I respect anyone who doesnât want to (wear them) and has strong opinions on the matter but donât give lame excuses. Thatâs silly.

âThere are a lot of different things we can do â

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Over half LGBT Hollywood actors heard anti-gay slurs by directors and producers
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The improvement of the depiction of LGBT characters in films and television may have taken place on screen in past years, but a new study has found that it has not stopped LGBT actors from experiencing discrimination in Hollywood.

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) commissioned the survey, which found that over half of LGBT actors feel that directors and producers are biased against them.

Released on Friday, the survey also found that over a third of actors who do not identify as LGBT agree with that perception.

16% of LGBT respondents said they had experienced discrimination, with around 20% of gay men they had experienced discrimination.

The online survey of almost 5,700 SAG and AFTRA members also found that over half of LGBT actors had heard producers and directors making homophobic comments while working on set.

Despite concerns about being typecast, the survey did recveal that two-thirds of gay actors who had played gay characters did not feel it had harmed their careers or limited the roles they were subsequently offered.

However, 9% of gay and lesbian people had said they had been turned down for roles over the past five years because of their sexual orientation.

âThe survey results show both progress and indications that more work will be necessary to make the workplace an equal and fully welcoming place for LGBT performers,â M V Lee Badgett, a University of Massachusetts, Amherst economics professor affiliated with the UCLA institute.

âThe good news is that almost no one thought that opportunities for LGBT actors were getting worse.â

Of the 5,692 participants, 465 identified as gay men, 61 as lesbians, and seven as transgender. Another 301 men and women described themselves as bisexual.

The study was conducted by the Williams Institute, a think tank based at UCLA that specialises in sexual orientation, gender identity and public policy.

The union had pursued the research, the first of its kind, at the request of a committee which represents LGBT members.

The full survey is available to view at the Williams Institute website.

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photos not uploading
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Hi... Has anybody had this problem... I have tried a few times to upload pictures but they never appear. It says it was uploaded fine but even after a few weeks they are not up yet?

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Pos Thinking
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I wanted to say, since I have been back and I had time to actually read my page, I wanted to take the time to thank you all. When I was down in the dumps, I read all the very nice things that were on my page. It made me realize, that I am a fortunate person with such nice, kind, random people in my life. I will say, the temptation of cutting myself is still there, but I bought some rubber braclets that say strong and loving, as a dedication to you all that inspired me to live on and do something with my life. And if it were not for some of you, I truely would not still be here. I wanna again, thank you all for all the love and support. You know who you are!

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Where are all the wonderful photos I had saved over the last year? Some fav videos are listed two or three times!

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is mike18 straight
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i was looking up mike 18 (the famous russian twink) and found him having sex with a girl.

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hey everyone fancy chatting so just send me a message :)

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A big HI! to all my dear friends. I'm back and looking forward to catching up with you all. Got to find my way around the updated site though.

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My one complaint of the new update
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I love this new update, but I only have one thing that I hate more than anything. The mobile version. I'm now forced to use the mobile version when ever i use my phone which I was able to get around in the past so that I can go on the main site. Now, I have to use mobile device which I HATE SO MUCH. The player is horrible and everything is just not organized and not as pleasing to me. I hate having to use this mobile device, I don't want to use my computer all the time just to come on here, I want to talk to people or see videos on my phone too but i can't do either because you can't talk to people because the inbox is glitchy and I can't watch videos because if i press one button the video player will crash... :( That is my one complaint about this new update.

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Added: 1003 days ago / Views: 444

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what kind of movies do you like or hate?
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What kind of movies do you guys like or hate? I love action movies but hate horror movies, unless i have someone to snuggle with :).

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Added: 1003 days ago / Views: 291


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You can add New Blogs Now
Added: 1003 days ago / Views: 238

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Cooper says Good Bye
Added: 1005 days ago / Views: 532 I just got a message from him to say good bye to everyone on his behalf. I hope he returns sometimes soon because he been a great friend to and had these awesome times chatting with him. I know most of you are going to miss him. I am sad about it.
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An actually introduction
Added: 1005 days ago / Views: 222 Hey I'm Justfornow A.K.A. Dean,

I have been in GBT for a while now but I've never actually made an intro blog and I think I should. I'm 19, working on school homework all the time but always looking to have fun. My goal in life is to become an author and have successful books out in the market (even though no one reads books now a days ._.) I love to write, it's my passion to be able to be creative and write whatever i want on a piece of paper. I'm bi and horny when ever im not working. I'll cam anytime or chat anytime I can but I hate it when people just expect to go on cam the second I add you on skype. I only cam with those I trust. But anyways, that's me pretty much. Hello everyone ^^
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New and Improved GBT Coming Soon
Added: 1005 days ago / Views: 2133 I am very happy to announce the New and vastly improved GBT site will be opened by this Friday. We have been working hard on this all summer and I do apologizes for neglecting a few normal duties but really excited to release this new update. Will be done in two parts, and might expect a few small issues but working hard now to catch as many as possible first. I will try to leave it too you to spot the improvements, as just naming them all would take a lot of time :) But its easier to say ALL features, options, lay-outs, and requests have had improvements made to them or soon will.

I really appreciate all of your support, and looking forward to showing you all of our hard work
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Added: 1005 days ago / Views: 321 Ok I finally got my password and shit fixed! I am not dead, some asshole hacked my shit on here as well as other things and posed as my brother on here in which my brother knows nothing of this site! I am alive and I did not off myself! So I wanted to let everyone know that I am back
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Added: 1005 days ago / Views: 263 who would join me if i opened a gay nudist club/camp in southern ohio? nice pool, hiking, lake, restaurant and clubhouse. gays only, all nude. cheap rates. i may have an investor....
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How is everyone's weekend?
Added: 1005 days ago / Views: 233 How has your weekend been going? Any good stories?
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