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size and anal pleasure
Views: 490 · Added: 979 days ago

hello everyone, i´m new on this site though i´ve visited it many times. i´m 30 years old bisexual. the thing is i have an issue that has made shy about sexual relations (so i haven´t had any in my life apart of jerking almost everyday. The thing is my penis only measures 10cm (4") when hard. What do you think about it? (please avoid none productive comments) on the other hand, i´ve tried many times ass fingering myself but haven´t felt anything, can someone tell me how to do it so i can feel what many say a great sensation? thanks everyone!

School Fetish
Views: 177 · Added: 979 days ago

Hi guys just wondering did anyone ever have a fetish or was daring enough to ever walk around the school yard or sit in class with their pants unzipped . Its something i did a few times when i was younger - never got caught by any teachers but sure got plenty of looks from other guys.

this sucks...
Views: 179 · Added: 980 days ago

so there is a boy thats 2 years younger than me that i first saw two and a half years ago and ever since i cant stop thinking about him and i finally got to talk to him and i even got to play video games a few times with him but every time i hear his voice or see him my heart starts racing and it felt like time was slowing down so last year he started returning the looks when i would compliment something he was wearing he would smile so before spring break i asked him to prom it too him a few days to answer and i thought that he wasnt going to and i got really depressed until he finally answered he denied with out saying no witch made it alot better. recently he started posting things about how he was feeling about someone so i kinda got excited but then like an hour ago he posted about a girl that he likes and how much she means to him and he already told er but she doesnt get it and now hes taking advice from a kid i use to hang out with and i stopped when i was 14 because he and the others we were hanging out with were always doing drugs and stuff so not only is he interested in me but he takes advice from someone i didnt even like when we hung out and started to say that i was the one doing things he did.... i dont expect anyone to care or anything just wanted to finally get it off my chest somewhere no one knows me. since im still in a closet and my family doesnt even know only 4 people do and hes one of them.

Good Morning
Views: 681 · Added: 980 days ago

Heyy everybody, wishing all a good day :) What's the most craziest thing u ever done?

Views: 707 · Added: 980 days ago

Hey to all you that are underage please dont ruin our site I think these people that admit to being underage should be deleted before a wonderful site is history and Admin should check out more of what is being put on here Thank You

Hello Friends
Views: 272 · Added: 980 days ago

Just a quick hello to everyone. I'm new on this site and just beggining to understand the rules. Took a bit of time but now I think I get it. Nice site, think I'm going to have some fun here.

APRIL 20 ,2012
Views: 195 · Added: 980 days ago

This is important to Ruslan :) What important to you? This is happening on April 20 . So get going and find out whats up. :) On the National Day of Silence hundreds of thousands of students nationwide take a vow of silence to bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in their schools.

How do you tell someone how you feel without speaking and without writing an essay? How do you defend yourself without words? The meaning of Day of Silence is so much more powerful when experiencing it, hearing about it doesn't compare. The feeling of isolation puts you in a daze, where you forget about the "importance" of every day conversations. The lack of talking even dries out your throat and when you do speak again your voice cracks on the choked out words. Day of Silence isn't just a protest against bullying or something to bring attention to others, but it's to bring a more intense, tangible, awareness to the participants. I tell people it's not as hard as it sounds, just to get them to do it, but in all reality it is hard and stressful and saddening to an extent; however it is also enlightening and eye-opening and incredibly, absolutely powerful. Anyone who has participated the whole day would know. It's inspirational. As human beings we all want to fit in one way or another. No one wants to be isolated or alone or abandoned—no one. So Lord, help me be strong as I venture back into this battle field, because this does not end on the Day of Silence. This is reality for so many people.

accidentally deleted a message
Views: 151 · Added: 981 days ago

hey, i accidentally deleted a message from someone on here before i could read it, does anyone know if theres any sort of trash feature on here? or have i lost it forever?

thanks x

Views: 353 · Added: 981 days ago

Ok guys well update on my brother, the surgery went well. The blockages is out. He is still groggy but will be fine :) Thank you all for your prayers and concern. If u wanna message me u can, Id love to chat and get to know each of yall :p

page 2???
Views: 437 · Added: 981 days ago

Hey guys, can u help me out here? On th popular members community page I got pushed off to page 2. I hate it there! Can u mayb hit on my profile watch some vids, and if u like'em, rate me?

I've tried submiting new vids and pics, but they don't show up!


Views: 370 · Added: 982 days ago

i dont get them! does anyone?! how do you use them??

Views: 270 · Added: 982 days ago

Does anybody know why Live Cam Chat doesn't work anymore?????

Views: 208 · Added: 982 days ago

What's the craziest thing u ever done?

David J. White
Views: 222 · Added: 982 days ago

hello friends , is there someone who have pics from this actor ? Is there someone who knows the movie "Pierre in perril" ?

how do u balence ur faith
Views: 314 · Added: 982 days ago

so im wondering how many people here are actuall christians or active members of another religion. how do u handel homosexuality and ur religion

Please read
Views: 560 · Added: 983 days ago

Please everybody remember my little brother in your prayers. His name is tanner and He is 15. He started having chest pains last night. They think he might have some type of blockage. Please remember him. I know this is a porn site hehe but we can always look after one another :p soo please remember him. If u would like send me a message or add me.. Thanks guys :)

Views: 217 · Added: 983 days ago

Thank you mates for adding me :-)

Views: 373 · Added: 983 days ago

Ight everybody we just found out that my brother tanner does have a blockage near the heart. He will have to go into surgery in the morning at 8am. Just remember to keep us and him in your prayers. I will let all yall know what takes place later on.

Views: 489 · Added: 983 days ago

what is or what would be your favorite thing to do to a butt?

Relationships - Love , Relationships - Fail ,
Views: 200 · Added: 983 days ago

Two hearts joined
In the fate of love
Two hearts break
In the wings of a dove

One heart still loves
Still hopes, Still dreams
One heart hurts
One heart Screams

The heart that loves
Still hopes, Still dreams
That's my heart
Torn at the seams

The heart that hurts
The one that screams
That's his heart
Torn at the seams

Two hearts lost
A beloved lil dream
The hurt the pain
A never ending dream

The heart that's his
Threw it away
The love, The affection
An eventful day

Two hearts joined
But ripped and torn
Just as violent
As a winter storm

One heart still loves
Still hopes, Still dreams
To one day fix his
and sew up the seams

But one heart still hurts
Still cries, Still screams
That's his heart
With no more dreams

A heart confused
A heart in pain
That's his heart
A heart with no gain

Two hearts broken
Ripped at the seams
But two hearts Joined
Forever in their dreams

My heart hopes
That his heart sees
The love we share
Was meant to be

My heart waits
For his to return
My heart hopes
That his will learn

That my heart and his
......Were meant to be

They come and go silly little things happen ,
In my life looking for love I have ha pic collectors who just want your privet
Pic's , no shows who say the really want to meet but they never show up same for those who waist my time you chat and chat and it's all chat and no personal face to face then you find some one who likes you and you like them but then you find there all the same as the rest ,

Is single life meant to be or will it take more and more , o and more time to find the one,

After been let down and down time after time my heart begins to give up on love my emotions get weaker , my social life gets harder I get sadder and sadder and nothing comes that can brighten up my lonely black heart,

Love handles?
Views: 272 · Added: 984 days ago

How do you guys feel about love handles? I personally find them very sexy.

First :D
Views: 269 · Added: 984 days ago

I finaly uploaded my First vid :d soo happy it actualy worked now :D check it out :)

Views: 174 · Added: 984 days ago

i dont understand?? only the 1st couple of lines r printed of my blogs??

Remember when
Views: 237 · Added: 984 days ago

Remember me saying that mrmatt135 has been asking for under age pics and if he asked you I said you report him or get his email and send him really pics Of old men or old women well he just asked me again after he had already asked me one mouth ago so if he asks you report him or send him really old men pics

Hi, hope everyone is doing well. ...Does anyone know the name of the blonde guy in the Virgin Twinks video? Please let me know! Thanks! x

Views: 1061 · Added: 984 days ago

Is it normal to have a fetish for boys in speedos and briefs? Does anybody else share the same fetish as me?

Great site
Views: 162 · Added: 984 days ago

Just discovered recently how great this site is. Really love it. The pics are great. I don't understand why guys don't use the live webcam feature on this site more. Why is that guys?

first time
Views: 501 · Added: 984 days ago

my first time was with a mate from skool.
he came back 2 my place after skool. My father had built a shed for my bro & me to have as a private rumpus/lounge room,we went to the shed and we were watchin tv, sitting on the couch, when my mate put his hand on my cock. At 1st i was really shocked, then i put my hand on his cock, then we decided to take our shorts off, he was wearing super sexy orange undies that showed off his amazing sexy bubble butt, i just starting kissing it and rubbing all over, then i pulled up 1 side 2 check out his butt cheek and i parted his cheek and saw his super hot hairless pink bum hole, i started to lick his butt cheek and his hot sweet tasting bum hole. i was hooked on butts since then.

Trying to download
Views: 1915 · Added: 985 days ago

there is a video on here i am wanting to download but cant get it to download. anybody know how to download the video? thanks.

Views: 591 · Added: 985 days ago

I will begin by telling you about myself, several years ago when this wonderful sexual experience happened between me & Jeremy. I was 15. 5'8", slim build, short brown hair, hazel eyes, and a swimmers body Jeremy was of Italian descent, with an olive complexion, dark brown hair about 5'6" tall, about 140 lbs., 14 years old, and pretty smooth
body. We were school frends.
We had a swimming pool at my house. And on this day Jeremy decided to go for a swim. I stayed inside in the air conditioning, but that did not stop me from watching him. His white boardie shorts clung to him when they got wet. I watched as he would dive into the pool from the diving board. His package seemed impressive even when not excited.

When Jeremy finally came inside. he wrapped a towel around himself and laid down on the couch with his head resting near my lap. I
really did not know what to do as I was experiencing a growing problem.

Jeremy rolled over on his stomach and asked me to rub his back because he was sore from swimming for so long. We had done this b4 2 each other after swimming. I rubbed his back for awhile and he
turned over about a quarter turn. I stopped but he motioned for me to keep rubbing by rolling his shoulders. I did as he wished stroking his back and the right side he had exposed to me. I stroked his side to his armpit feeling just a light dusting of hair under his arm. After several minutes he rolled over onto his back. This really made me nervous because I did not know where this was going, but I was soon to find out. Once on his back, I again ceased to caress his body. Once again he motioned
for me to continue. Reluctantly, I did as he wished. Now I was stroking his stomach and chest. Whenever I was rubbing his chest, I noticed that he would lift his hips a little bit and as I moved lower, he too would lower his hips. I was not quite sure what this meant for several minutes. After a few series of this movement, as I moved lower, he inhaled deeply to get me to proceed lower. As I did this, I discovered he had pulled his boardie shorts down. I ran my fingers along the waistband of his purple undies, and much to my surprise, I felt his bulbous head protruding from his underwear.
By this time I was leaking precum profusely.
I moved back up to rub his chest for a bit and again his hips rose up. As I caressed his lower body, I felt for the elastic band of his purple briefs but could not find it. My hand moved toward his pelvic region and I discovered that he had slipped his undies down. I felt a very nice light patch of pubic hair. The best part was that I found his cock to be no less than 7" cut, thick, and rock hard. I stroked him and rubbed his cock head and his balls 4 a few minutes, then I noticed his balls tightening and WOW, jet after jet after jet of
hot,sweet boy juice exploded up his chest, filled his belly button with boys milk, ran down his hot cock in2 his pubes. He was breathing hard with his eyes shut, I was squeezing his now soft cock 2 get all of his milk out. I scooped up some of Jeremy’s cum on2 my fingers and he licked it off, I then licked the rest off his chest, it was warm and salty, but yum. That was Jeremy’s first time. It would not be his last!

holiday info
Views: 187 · Added: 985 days ago

going to phuket thailand for 3 weeks vacation...any advice on bars/clubs welcome also sheboy bars r they safe to visit..any advice will help as just a bit wary.

Views: 223 · Added: 985 days ago

so i came across some comics anybody happen to know about patrick fillion and his comics? if u hav is there any way i could read a digital copy like for the comp?

help finding a video
Views: 204 · Added: 985 days ago

HEY SO IM not into this but it intrests me. ther is a vid wer a twink is getting fucked and then he says choke me. any1 know what vid that is? thanks.

Translating Gay Male Phrases
Views: 297 · Added: 985 days ago

Translating Gay Male Phrases

Haven't I seen you before?
Nice ass.

I need you.
My hand is tired.

You're the only man I've ever cared about.
You are the only man who hasn't rejected me.

It's just orange juice, try it.
3 more shots, and he'll have his legs around my head.

He's kinda cute.
I want to have sex with him till my dick turns blue!

I miss you so much
I am so horny that my dog is starting to look good.

I've been thinking a lot.
You're not as attractive as when I was drunk.

I think we should just be friends.
You're ugly.

I've learned a lot from you.

He's not my type.
He won't sleep with me.

My vids
Views: 267 · Added: 986 days ago

Sorry that my vids have been deleted. It was debatable if some were cp, better to be safe than sorry. :(

anybody know?
Views: 195 · Added: 986 days ago

does anybody know why the live cam chat does'nt work?


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