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most people here like younger guys. the administrator trys to accomidate. if you don't like it just leave. there are other catagorys with older models. find a site that suites your tastes.

Do you all share this veiw? as i see it this is a great LEGAL site with a few random people who feel it is ok to post the illigal "younger guys" stuff and I will flag them when I see them.

As I see it the people who like the "younger Guys" can go somewhere else 'cause you are going to end up getting Nick18 into a lot of trouble.

no conicetence mike1946's dp is two topless "young Guys" kissing eh?

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Check my new upcoming albums!


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is it me..or is it hard navigating the go from video to video there is a long delay and I doing something wrong?

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just wondering if there are any older guys in northern virginia

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What is the different between "subscribers" and friends thx for answer

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Please tell me the different between subscribers and friends thanks.
wer kann mir den unterschied zwischen subscriber und friends schreiben danke michel

Young policeman and runaway
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Officer PeterPan (23) caught runaway Punky (20) - handcuffs, trampling, boots cleaning and kissing, handgag, bath in cold river. Just sending 3 pics from our last uniform d/s action:



More here: [url][/url]

Let Them Eat Cake
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This is it fans, the scene we've been waiting for! NOW ON BOYCRUSH, LET THEM EAT CAKE! Staring Kyler Moss & Miles Pride!

Let Them Eat Cake may very well be Miles Pride's last scene on BOYCRUSH or anywhere for that matter! And the video on Dedicated to the fan pages Miles Pride Addicts and Kyler Moss Junkiez OFFICIAL FAN PAGES.

On June 28th Miles posted this status on his Facebook wall:

"So for those of you who don't know, I'm taking this time to let you all know that I will no longer be working in the porn industry. It's been a great three years or so, but it's time to say good-bye. I just hope you'll continue to enjoy my work for many more years to come. So thank you all for you're unending support and appreciation."

We will truly miss him but we wish him all the best in life. But for now you can still enjoy a new scene from Miles as well as a staring role in the upcoming (hopefully in October, we'll let you know when we have the press release and when it will be ready for pre-order in the Boycrush Store) in Raw 2.

Check out our new online fan page (away from facebook so we can post our exclusive nakie pics and we will, just a matter of building the page) Fan submissions can be submitted to

and of course you can join us over on facebook for the pg rated fun... and if you don't find the fan page right away, don't worry, it's probably been deleted by facebook but we'll put it back lol

LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!! (or just smear it on each other, lick it off and then fuck like bunnies... that's fine with us) *please be aware that you must be logged in to Facebook to view the linked pages

Webcam photos
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I love the movies on here, but I find saving the photos slow sometimes. Does anyone know where I can find good twink webcam photos, whether it's pay or forum or whatever? They have to be originating somewhere, thanks.

looking to chat with gay boy lovers
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22yo student here. add me on yahoo messenger: christopher_kale

In Two Words
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In two words describe your first time ...

wanna know
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how many of you can suck your own cock? I can

video speed
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Probably kind of a stupid question, but I am going to ask it anyway. Sometimes this sight is really slow to open or it takes for ever whey you click on anything. Sometimes it appears to just be stuck. I am not complaining at all; I am just trying to figure out if the problem is with my computer being real slow or if the sight is to busy. If it is busy it's ok but if its my computer I can fix that. Any advise is appreciated.

Boy lovers
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Looking for other boy lovers for chat and phone. I am ladude1985 on yahoo messenger. Love to talk about what we all like.

same problem different situation
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ok, so i diddnt tell the person last time he stayed round my house, this time a couple of us are camping out and getting drunk, im wondering if this would be a good time to tell him, im also considering taking advatege of him but i dont think ill do that out of respect. what action should i take?

skype near swindon
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hey guys, looking for young boys my age (ask in a messege for age range) for skype to chat, maybe vid chat. add me on skype or messege me on this, cnt wait :)
(prefably in or near swindon)

P.S. if u just add me skype, plz includ age and location

coming out
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im having trouble coming out and i dont know how to do i mentioned a friend that i am attracted to goes to kickboxing class with me . i wanna come out to him . but i dont know how to do it . i dont know if i should just tell him or if i should get naked in front of him in the locker room , or if in while in the locker room while hes changing i should slap his but and depending on how he reacts ill tell him. please help

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I just wanna say sorry to all the people who have a friend request for me.
months ago i already asked the people responsible for this site to do something about it,i cant accept any request it doesnt work and in the meen time i got 1752 friend requests.
So i try again please can you help me,so that i can accept my friend requests?????
thank you.

Approaching someone who I don't know is gay?
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I'm a college student and I see a lot of guys I find very attractive (and girls since I'm bi)on campus but I don't know how to approach the guys to find out if they're gay. I don't know them by name, just see them around campus. I have no problem just coming up and talking to them but I can't just flat out ask if they're gay. Any suggestions? With so much hate in the world I'm afraid they'll attack me or something if I flirt with them. Should I just talk to them and make an educated guess about their sexuality? It's very frustrating. I'm new at this since I just came out not too long ago to my friends. Then, if I do find a boyfriend I'm afraid to come out to my family.It's very depressing since I've never had a relationship and I'm not getting any younger. Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated!

Video ideas
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What would you all like to see in my next video i now film on 2 cameras to get more angels
tell me what you would like to see also if your 18 to 22 and live in the uk massage me

a plusieurs
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you happened to have sex several what were your favorite position and what occasion it is wrong?

existe il des saunas gay dans les pays anglophones avez vous des expériences croustillantes a raconter ?
are there any gay sauna in English speaking countries have experiences you tell a crisp?

Video Error
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I was wondering if there a fix to this? I uploaded a vid some days ago, it's on here, but isn't listed as one of my own vids.

how many guys peek at urinals in public bathrooms?
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who all has gone in a public bathroom and looked at hthe other dudes piss? and look at their dicks?


how many guys peek at urinals in public bathrooms?
Views: 197 · Added: 975 days ago

who all has gone in a public bathroom and looked at hthe other dudes piss? and look at their dicks?


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If I subscribe to someone or someone subscribes to me, what exactly does that mean? Do I/they get some sort of notice or download?

Am I alone?
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It's recently dawned on me that i must have a 'thing' for lycra and spandex. i seem to love pics of a fit lad in speedos more than i would the same lad naked. i love my shiny aussiebums more than my cotton undies. is it just me?

The biggest dick on Gay Boys Tube
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Can anyone tell me where i can find the picture of the biggest dick on Gay Boys Tube?

Favorite style underwear?
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What is your favorite style underwear to wear? What about what style do you like to see guys in? Post links to them if u want

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Any old guy want to do " old and young" with me? I am a virgin. I live in PA, lititz. Message me

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What is the weirdest place you ever had sex at?

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I know, there are always posts about this, but i keep trying to upload a new album of me and everytime i try i either get auto logged out, or the not all the pics appear, or it pretends the whole thing never happened. Anyone else having issues?

best format for video uploads?
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I can't seem to upload videos. What formats work best? It seems to be working but they never actually post. Advice please? And are there instructions somewhere?

Cartoon pics
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Do you like cartoon pictures or not? And who is your favorite toon to see?

Personally if you put some pokemon pic in front of me ill be hard for days LOL i love Ash

How Old is Too Young
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I met this guy on FaceBook. We began talking and a few days after we met, we had cyber sex and exchanged nude photos.He even wanted me to drive to the city where he lives (110 miles away) so we could have sex. I told him maybe this summer sometime. I didn't go because it's a long drive and my car wouldn't make it. Well, come to find out he was 17. I'm 24. When I found out, I immediately broke it off. He called me a prick and deleted me from his FB. But, I just didn't want to risk it. 17 is pretty close to 18 but I already did enough illegal stuff with him so I didn't want to take it any further. Was this the right choice? what you anyone else have done?


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