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Want To Chat on Cam But not with older that 18
Views: 185 · Added: 950 days ago

im bored on here of not chatting to anybody and normally people who want to chat are like 30 or 40 and i dont want to chat with them so wouldnt mind chatting to you if you want to chat just message me :)

Making new friends
Views: 258 · Added: 950 days ago


I'm 21 years old. I'm bisexual. I have 0 friend, I want to get more friends. Can you please add me? 18 - 23 years old are acceptable. I'm really looking forward to chat with you. Thank you very much. Merry Christmas to everyone! Happy New Year! =-)

Merry Christmas Everyone
Views: 162 · Added: 950 days ago

From me down here in Oz, to all of you across the world I'd just like to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and whatever greeting you'd like (or use).

May you have a fabulous time and not be lonely over this period.



Happy Christmas
Views: 242 · Added: 950 days ago

I would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and very best wishes for the new year

Looking to meet Manchester
Views: 243 · Added: 950 days ago

Looking to meet to wank off with other fit lads, watch porn together, can travel

Views: 197 · Added: 950 days ago

I love cut cocks!!! If you're cut, please add me. 18-23 years old are acceptable. Love ya....

Views: 175 · Added: 950 days ago

I'm so honry. I want to jerk off with a guy on webcam. Please. I'm 21 years old. 18-23 years old are acceptable.

If you want to jerk off with me, please add me on Skype. I can't get in gay boy chat because it didn't connect yet. If you have Skype, please inbox me. Thanks. Merry Christmas!!!!

Fran├žais - French ?
Views: 200 · Added: 950 days ago

Ya t il des fran├žais pour skype ou msn ?
Si vous voulez voir a quoi je ressemble, il y a un album "me" sur mon profil avec quelques photos ^^

Views: 192 · Added: 950 days ago

who wanna have a cam with me ?

Anyone Want to Thank Our New Hosting Team?
Views: 297 · Added: 950 days ago

With all the issues in the past with poor load-times, site crashes, and slow video streaming I just wanted to take a moment to thank our new hosting team for helping us put all of that behind us. I have personally not see the site load, or stream videos this good ever before, and very happy with all the efforts they have done to make this a even better site for everyone. Thax Guys

Views: 470 · Added: 950 days ago

Any teens on here that have skype and would like to c2c or just chat send me a message on here: :)

Anyone from...
Views: 234 · Added: 950 days ago


I'm bored and in need of some new friends. Anyone from Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckingham, Essex sort of area?? Although further away doesn't matter too much. I'm looking for chats, LDR (or close), friendship, anything really :P Just msg me.

No older than myself please :)

Views: 197 · Added: 950 days ago

If anyone from the US under the age of 20 likes sexting message me your phone number. I'm 18 by the way.

Views: 216 · Added: 951 days ago

trying to use live cam chat,internet explorer close the program, impossible to youse live cam chat.what is the problem

Site Issues
Views: 467 · Added: 951 days ago

I just wanted to apologizes for the site issues over the past few days. We are moving all of the servers to a new host that will offer more stable hosting, faster load times, and fix some of the GEO location load issues we have had. Most of this should be fixed with-in the next 48hours and we will put all of this behind us I hope. Thax

uploading pics
Views: 202 · Added: 951 days ago

having bother uploading the few pics i have, is there a correct way of doing it? help would be appreciated. thanks

trade pic
Views: 165 · Added: 951 days ago

I'm 18 honey who won't pics

msn C2C ??
Views: 178 · Added: 952 days ago

anyone want to c2c?? message me for addy :)

Views: 359 · Added: 952 days ago

Anyone here from jersey that may want to talk with an 18 yr old, if so send me a message :)

Views: 297 · Added: 952 days ago

How do i put my nude pics up? and how to i make them private?

Help lol
Views: 228 · Added: 952 days ago

If im gonna post my nudes up how to i put it to a private profile and how do i upload them?

Views: 416 · Added: 952 days ago

My ip is blocked in your servers. I need an explanation

Jerk Off Survey
Views: 1300 · Added: 953 days ago

How many times a day do you jerk off? 0 to 2 times

Do you use your right or left hand? I jerk lefty, switch to right to cum.

Ever do it with any friends? yes

Ever fuck with friends? yes

Ever jerk another dude off? yes, but if I'm doing the work, I'd rather suck him off.

Ever tasted your cum? sure

Do you ever have wet dreams? never had one

How big is your cock? 8 inches

Are you cut or uncut? cut

Does your cum shoot out or ooze? always shoots; sometimes far, sometimes not

Where is the oddest place you ever jerked at? on a theatre stage (curtain closed)

Ever jerked off outdoors? Where at? yes; the beach, an office building parking lot

Ever jerked at school? many, many times

How old were you the first time you cummed? 13 years old

How did you learn how to jerk off? The first time I cummed climbing a pole I realized that I could rub with my hand and get the same results.

Do you get lots of precum when you are jerking off? no

Ever use anything for lube to jerk with? oh, yes--I'm cut with little precum; if I didn't use some kind of lube, I'd rip the skin off my dick when I jerked off!

If you use lube, what do you use? usually some kind of oil: cooking oil, baby oil, motor oil (once)

Are you bi, gay, or str8? queer

Ever been caught jerking off? If yes, by whom? yes; my roommate, but she was doing the same thing in the next room

Ever make a video of yourself jerking off? yes, and I put it online, too.

Ever jerked off on webcam for someone? yes...that's how I met my last boyfriend :*)

To what do you usually jerk off? online videos or ones that I have downloaded

Ever think about any of your friends when you jerk off? sometimes

Is your cum thick or thin? neither; it's creamy white, may be clumpy if I haven't cum in a week or so.

Do you shoot your cum on your stomach or into something? stomach-chest-face or onto a shirt/underwear before I send it to my boyfriend

Ever tried to suck your own cock? Can you? I've tried, and I I just blast the load all over my face.

Where do you usually jerk off? my office area at home

Who would you most like to see jerk off? David Henrie; my best friend, also named David; Keanu Reeves

Views: 281 · Added: 953 days ago

Hi guys, It's almost Christmas time, here in Bangkok feels like it's Xmas round the year=))).
So as a beginner here, what would you recommend or what video formats GBT accepts? Would be nice to know before I'll start post more videos...Thanks and Merry Xmas!!!

Views: 180 · Added: 953 days ago

my name is andrew i want friends i am 21yo nice boy i want friends to talk and to make c2c and have fun talk everything people with good hearth add me to my msn or send me an email i love u guys bye

cartoon porn
Views: 336 · Added: 953 days ago

any views on cartoon porn. just askin around see what you guys think about it?

a smile
Views: 267 · Added: 954 days ago

lookin at pics and vids, the cherry on top for a guy is a smile. it makes cute even cuter. how do do you feel about it?

Views: 194 · Added: 954 days ago

If You Have A Big Dick Message Me Now!!!

Views: 386 · Added: 954 days ago

Who is josh, what kind of pic do you have

comments go poof! - no joke
Views: 332 · Added: 954 days ago

during past 24 ppl have written to me that their comments on my posted vidz were deleted; then , I noticed that comments on my wall and others were disappearing, too; I even wrote about this on Nick18's blog "Site Issues" and, U guessed it, it appeared and when I went back to see if he or others responded, aaarrrrggghhhh!!!..even my comment on HIS blog disappeared; wtf; is this happening to U? thx...thom:}

Uploading pictures and connections
Views: 193 · Added: 954 days ago

so i cannot upload any pics what file size and type of file do i need to use

also anyone from colorado here that wants to chat?

Instant messaging (Nick)
Views: 549 · Added: 954 days ago

Nick Would it be at all possible to put instant messaging on the sit. it would make things allot easier for us to chat and hook up, if not thats fine. you give a gr8 service anyway, thanks for everything :)

body types
Views: 477 · Added: 954 days ago

what type of body do you like the most skinny fat muscular

Views: 516 · Added: 954 days ago

Where do you lads like your lover to leave their cum? I enjoy it on my face and in my mouth and if I'm with a trusted friend and we do BB then inside me.Don't like to see it wasted

Views: 180 · Added: 955 days ago

who wants to chat drop me an email

Views: 464 · Added: 955 days ago

some guys ask where to get pics and vids of guys....boys for a great place. big free site. high quality. original stuff. i recommend you check it out. ty. mike.


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