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Added: 1137 days ago / Views: 172 I enjoy this site so much. And at the same time, quite often have the feeling I am not really a part of this community. Not sure why I feel that way. No one has really done me harm. Perhaps it is that I feel like an outsider looking in. Oh well. Perhaps not that important. Maybe it is the sense that I have not truly made a friend here.

Enough self-pity. Onward and Upward.
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Added: 1137 days ago / Views: 355 today is tobs 21at birthday. add a nice comment here, send him an ecard or post on his wall

i hope the guy who has helped so many here (includes me to come out!) gets flooded with message of happiness so much the servers on one side of england go kookoo. tobs you are a great friend to over 2000 here on gbt and there a reason for that, you just one total special human being. congrats and happy years ahead always!
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older 4 younger
Added: 1138 days ago / Views: 203 anybody from the nc area :)
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Banners and things
Added: 1138 days ago / Views: 533 Ha nobody will read this coz it doesnt have a hot title. I should have made the title FUCK ME HARD and everybody would read this haha.

Ok really my question is this, does anybody know how to make a banner or background skin pic for their profile here? Ive noticed a lot of guys profiles have skins and things, but when i try to use that *edit profile* the thing that is supposed to let me upload a banner never works (either from my computer or a url, it comes up with "file not found"). I also tried clicking on the FAQ link at the bottom of the page to see if theres instructions, but in also doesn't work.

Owell, just curious and i promise next time Ill write a blog saying FUCK ME HARD lol.
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Balls, heavy with cream
Added: 1138 days ago / Views: 297 Balls, heavy with cream, means a mouthful of yummy goodness!
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Anyone live near me?
Added: 1138 days ago / Views: 335 Anyone live in the Conway, AR area? Or near it? Just wondering.
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I'm new here
Added: 1138 days ago / Views: 182 Hi I'm new here, I'm 20 and from Northern Ireland, wouldn't mind some action
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Gets My Ass Filled
Added: 1138 days ago / Views: 400 Here are the things I say when I have my ass pounded that gets the guy shooting me full: "Ahh fuck yeah, fuckin' pound that ass dude!" "I bet my ass feels so good to you right now huh? Makes you wanna fuckin' fill me with cream." "Hot damn dude! Shit, you know how to please me. Fuck oh fuck yeah! I'd bet you can shoot a gallon all up in my tight ass." "Hot damn, what a dick! Oh fuck it..take that condom off and fill me with cum. A dick as big as yours is well deserving of a hot bareback fuck." "Oh fuck! Fuckin give me your hot sperm-loaded jizz!"
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Help me out here
Added: 1138 days ago / Views: 180 Okay I've been fucked in the ass but have been on top, But lately I've been curious on what it feels like,anyone got any tips? Also Is there a way to describe what I'll be feeling other then pain or it feels good?
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photo comments
Added: 1138 days ago / Views: 199 it would be great,nick, if the photo comments didn't disappear right after you enter them. i'm sure you can find a way to have them stay in place...thanks
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Closeted kid here, how do you find
Added: 1138 days ago / Views: 199 Closeted kid
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how rough do you get in sex
Added: 1139 days ago / Views: 209 do you go full bdsm or is it light fucking. let me know
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My History
Added: 1139 days ago / Views: 215 Hi its david Sorry if I bore you but I juat wanted to share a bit of my family history. I am a proud Australian aged 55. My first ancestor in Australia came from Britain in 1788 on the first fleet. He was a convict and was sent to (as it was known the as Botany Bay) His crime was stealing a sheep. I am sure it wouldnt happened today but the system then was to give convicts (if their behavior was fine) a "ticket of leave" and was granted land to farm. This he took up and was respcted member of the community). My Irish side of the family came out during the potato famine. My Scottish side being Scotts probably cxame out to hunt haggises. But I am proud to be of the clan Bruce. Now as far of the German side, but to be correct, it was prior to German unification. They were Prussian.
Now in Prussia at the time there were 3 classes, then monarchy , the senior military officers, the senior public servanta and the rest. So he hadsome clout. Anyway to cut a long story short he arrived in Australia and had to make a pledge of allegience to the crown (snd as I am an )Australian citizen.Hope you enjoy this story.
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Added: 1139 days ago / Views: 269 How many of you have a facebook page If so what do you go by so I can find you?
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Added: 1139 days ago / Views: 425 am from Yorkshire I like slim boys
it`s me Jawad 19y old from Yorkshire ,top .
every days am hot , I like sex
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Added: 1139 days ago / Views: 326 Watch the film 'The smudge boy,it's brilliant.
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Hi there!
Added: 1139 days ago / Views: 388 Fairly new to the community, I made an account to upload a few pictures a while back and then forgot about it. I remembered this morning and found ratings, views and friend requests waiting for me! :D Needless
to say it was a confidence boost so I decided to stay :)

This is really just to introduce myself to the community, Hi guys!
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how do you remove a video?
Added: 1139 days ago / Views: 1444 hey i made a video and i didnt mean to upload it and i was only 14 please delete it its conlon087 the account i deleted it and then i deleted the account please delete it
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in the emhurst il area
Added: 1139 days ago / Views: 247 let me know if your by elmhurst IL and wanta have fun? Im 17 no one knows im bi. im 6'1 about 190 lol let me know if you wanta have fun ha lol or just hang.
email or PM me
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First Time
Added: 1139 days ago / Views: 875 I was 12 years old. The older boys 14 to 16 were playing army in the woods behind our houses. I was watching them since they wouldn't let me play with them. Two of them caught me and said they were taking me prisoner and going to punish me. They tied me to a tree and pulled my pants and underwear down. My dick was hard. The started laughing and pointing at it. Then one of them said maybe he likes boys. Let's make him do stuff. The untied me, stripped off all my clothes and pushed me to my knees. Then one of them pulled out his dick and started rubbing it on my face. I automatically opened my mouth and tried to lick it. He was getting really hard, it was at least 6.5 inches. There was precum on the head. I leaned into it and lick it off. Then he shoved it deep into my mouth. Down my throat. I gagged a little, but just swallowed. Then he held my head and starting fucking my mouth. I heard him moan and then felt his cock explode filling my mouth with cum. I sucked hard, it tasted so good. I swallowed. When he pulled out the other boy had been stroking his. Lots of precum on his dick. He fucked my mouth as well. But he came really quickly. My dick stayed hard the whole time. They told me if I told anyone they would really hurt me. I told them I would suck them anytime they wanted. Eventually, I got one of them to fuck me. That was my first experience. What was yours?
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Added: 1140 days ago / Views: 330 any one else from Ohio
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What sort of Music do you guys like:)?
Added: 1140 days ago / Views: 290
Hi, i was woundering what sort of music you guys liked to hear:-)

I am a Foo fighter Guy, the best Rock band ever! :-)
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Skype anyone?
Added: 1140 days ago / Views: 248 Hi all, if any fancies a chat or c2c please get in touch. Peter.348, manly looking for people to chat around my age, 20. Ciao darlings!
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just a thought that went through my mind
Added: 1140 days ago / Views: 203 if i lived in Colombia i would have a bf right now Missouri sucks
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UKs ...Tom Daley
Added: 1141 days ago / Views: 693 does any of u guys thinks like me... that Tom Daley is 1 hell of a sexy guy..specially in his speedo's...
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Comment if you are over 18 and have a beautiful bubble butt.
Added: 1141 days ago / Views: 225 The kind of ass that when guys have a look at it they are like,"Damn! There's an ass that's begging to be fucked and creamed."
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Anybody wanna donate me some money?
Added: 1141 days ago / Views: 928 To help me move and find a job
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blow me
Added: 1142 days ago / Views: 353 Someone needs to suck me off now. God damn! Raging hard-on!
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do you feel cheated when a video says creampie and they pull out to cum?
Added: 1142 days ago / Views: 286 I love videos that have guys fucking and they cum inside then pull out to see the cum drip out. To me thats real sex. Not a lets fuck then I'll jack myself off. Watch them fuck then see the young muscles twitch and spasam as he shoots his load into his partner thats sooooo hot. Who else feel cheated on a pull out?
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porn stars
Added: 1142 days ago / Views: 291 First off all I would like to thank all the guys who make theses vids for our viewing pleasure. was out with an old friend a while back in Vegas. He saw a guy in the bar and said that guy make porn. But it was the way he said it that bothered me. As if to say that the guy was less for doing so. Now my take is we all like to watch hot guys with great bodies press against each other and make the cum fly in there mouths and ass. We watch these and fulfill out little pleasures of life. But without these hot guys doing so we would not have great ideas as to how to fuck and suck the way we do/ In many ways these guys are giving us an education on some parts of having sex. For me I can thank them enough....
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Mi amor soy YO
Added: 1142 days ago / Views: 253 es raro decir
algunas cosas
como, qué hermoso día!
qué maravilloso el mundo!
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Added: 1142 days ago / Views: 222 just got done doing a video chat on facebook and i got another on happening later today.................. by the way im on fb add me :p
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Added: 1143 days ago / Views: 685
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Black guys :)
Added: 1143 days ago / Views: 758 They make me so horny <3
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Added: 1143 days ago / Views: 213 wooooooooow its a great day to have sex sooooo go have some sex
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tom daley
Added: 1143 days ago / Views: 210 id let him cum all over my face what would you like to do with him
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please help me
Added: 1143 days ago / Views: 409 how do you delete a video of this
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Tops guys and cocks
Added: 1144 days ago / Views: 737 Im new here but i have a question for top guys. I'm a bottom and I say it pretty clear on my profile thing that im a bottom. So I put up a few pics of me and 1 of the pics shows my butt, which is what im thinking top guys would be interested in, right? So now i get like 4 msgs asking me about my cock, like how big is it and could i post a pic of it, and this is from guys who say they are tops!

So my question is do top guys like cock? And if so why? I mean im a bottom boy and i don't really care much about what a top guys butt looks like lol.

Ok so just asking. Oh and the answer is my cock is pretty average lol.
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comment if you're over 18 and have a dick of atleast 7". I'd like to tell u what I could do to you.
Added: 1144 days ago / Views: 180 comment if you're over 18 and have a dick of atleast 7". I'd like to tell u what I could do to you.
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the best day of the year
Added: 1144 days ago / Views: 383 today the 6th of july in austraila is my birthday and i am happy to be 18 now
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dirty talk
Added: 1144 days ago / Views: 193 who like to talk dirty (sexually) contact me if u do
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