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a forever 27 club pact
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vehicular accident, drug overdose, poisoning, murdered, natural cause, diseases, suicide....I guess I'll be making a pact to the 27 lounge. Prime years are wasting, I'm a virgin. Rather be with a real young guy (16 OR to 30) But bullshit surrounds and controls who you are allowed to fall in love with. Legal age my ass. These "Vintage" porns tell me "legal age" is bullshit, If they been making young amateur gay teen porn for over 30 years.(which some are REAL HOT) I'll meet up with my sexiest favorite star who'll forever stay young looking as a teenager.....Cobain I love you. I'll play one for you as it goes down. It won't be long from now. Wait. Try to hold on while I slam it to the floor!

My Pics Don't Seem to Appear!
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I keep uploading pics which I'm told were successfully uploaded and will be posted on my site - then nothing happens! Same with some of my videos. Is there a huge backlog?

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Up loading videos
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Every time i up load a vid a message goes to my friends in my out box (new video) how can i stop this, have gone to edit profile, preferences and can't see what to do. Any suggestions would be helpful.

How long?
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Just a question for all the tops out there. On average, how long can you last?

Views: 397 · Added: 1036 days ago

Haven't seen any updates to the vids in over a day. Have uploaded some, but they have't appeared. Just was wondering.

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on my job as a courier, i have a route and see the same faces most of the time. at a stop at a auto parts store(daily stop) i saw a really cute young(21)guy 2 weeks ago. i've seem him about 3 times. he is 5-10, 150, light colored curly hair(under a baseball cap). i'm afraid to look at him too much and he is quiet type but every time i look a him he is lookin at me. i'm sure he isn't "checkin" me out like i'm checkin him out. it is a cool kinda nervious feelin around him. does seein a hot guy give you that feelin?

I prefer to remain totally free of hair from the ears down. Mostly i like to wax, but sometimes I can't find the time, so I shave, but shaving leaves itchy stubble. As for my partner I don't like chest hair, but can deal with at least well groomed.

Manchester Meet
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Manchester meet Porn / Wank sesh - meet, watch twink / scally porn, wank off together - simples, can travel. Looking for lads 18 - 35 who can accom

Up loads
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I'm up loading and one vid stays on 100% when done but the other one went throuh, has anyone else has this problem

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Any one wanna phonesex im from texas im whiling to meet someone and have some fun !!!!!!! txt me i vant wait :€

abnormal psyk class
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so in my abnormal psyk class we are now on sado massochism and i am wondering if anyone is into that syuff.i sortof am

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does anyone have young vids that wanna share???

anyone 18 or under in southern ontario?
Views: 897 · Added: 1037 days ago

just turned 18...seeing if theres anyone on here from southern ontario

I'll miss you
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Any 1 live in norfolk

would you?
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you are given the power to kill people simply by thinking of their deaths and twice repeating the words "good bye." people would die a natural death and no one would suspect you. are their any situations in which you would use this power?

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Just thought I 'd shout out to my dad IF he does see this... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOUR ONE AND ONLY SON IS GAY! :)

no religion
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I don't believe in such things. Just believe in that we all have good and bad in us. I pray not to a god for forgiveness through silent thought, but to the world through a blog. I am sorry for all I have said and done in my life to everyone. please will you forgive me.

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this is for all the friends requests from those that are 111 years old, sorry, butt too old for me, lol ;) to delete them, too old!!!!!!!!

how are you today? maybe feel alone or little sad?
Views: 120 · Added: 1037 days ago

friends can make the difference :) come listen to me update message on profile and know you got someone put their arm around and say i love you ~ not just type it like here but hear it for real and know i mean it true!

comments from an older guy
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I am 55, live in Australia and I am gay. I really really wish that when I was younger a website like this existed. I have had (and still have) some problems but the love snd support shown by you guys here to other gay guys is phenominal.
A site like this would have helped me so much. You are very fortunate that you all belong to a loving and supportive community.

Love to you all (especially Jay who is having a hard time)


Why should you go to Amsterdam with me?
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Let me know the best reason to join me to Amsterdam for a good evening out in the City

Love Bram

Views: 421 · Added: 1037 days ago

guys was it just me or did anybody else think ELIJAH WOOD who played FRODO in the film was sexy.. it was his eyes they just 'turned me on'

true story of high school sex pt 4
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Now that I was able to confirm the rumors about Spike and Ryan I really
started to watch Spike. I was the summer between 10th and 11th grade. I
would hangout with Ryan a few times a week at his house while he would
practice his musical instruments. Even though we only had sex 3 times I was
always hoping he would be in the mood. One afternoon as he was practicing
Spike came over. I watched there interactions with each other and I kind of
felt that Spike was bummed out that I was there when he came. The both of
them acted a little uncomfortable. I could tell just by the way they made
eye contact with each other. It seems that Ryan never said anything to
Spike about our get togethers as He never said anything to me about him and
Spike. Finally Spike said That he was having a birthday party later on to
night up on top of Party Hill. Party hill was just what it sounds like. It
had huge letters spelling out the name of the town that over looked the
village. He invited me as well as Ryan and it was a BYOB and smoke and
would start around 7 pm. I hung out with ryan a little long and went home
till the evening party started.

Now after fooling around with a few of my friends in the past my exploits
with Spike were a little bit deferent. Knowing full well that he liked dick
I figured that he and Ryan sex was probably like mine. WE both sucked his
cock and only got jerked off by him. Most likely Ryan didn't remember any
of it after he pulled his pants up. LOL

I left my house and started to walk across the bridge to head over to party
hill. My older brother had bought my 6 pack of Miller high life which at
the time was the big beer to drink do to the TV adds stating it was the
champagne of bottled beer. Anyway I got to the party around 7/730 there was
around 15 kids age 15 to 18. Spike was partying pretty good as was everyone
else. The beer and the pot was have a good effect on my head as everyone
else was laughing and carrying on. I walked up to spike and put my arm
around him looked him in the eye and wished him happy birthday. He said
thanks as I lit a joint. I asked him if he wanted a shot gun. For those who
don't know what shot gun was, it's where you put the joint in your mouth
backwards and blow so that it blows smoke into the other persons face. They
get real close to your face as to not let the smoke get wasted. It almost
like a kiss, that how close you get. And I made sure to get good and close
to his mouth. I remember staggering a little it forward and our lips
touched for just a brief second. No one really saw it as they were all
consumed with their own conversation, But I knew it and so did Spike. He
looked at me and a little smile came to his face as he pulled away from the
hit of smoke. As I pulled the joint out of my mouth I smiled I said was
that hit good? He looked at with a big smile and said and them some. I
continued to mingle talking with friends as it started to get dark. A fire
was stared as everyone stood around. I was high drunk and very horny. I
kind of just stood just out of reach of the light of the fire and waited
for Spike to go take a piss. The party was staring to slow a bit as kids
had to go home. Soon enough I saw Spike start to walk away from the fire to
ward the tree line. Figured he was going to piss. He

I was now in full hunt mode and knew I may have a chance at talking with
Spike. No one saw me walk over to where Spike was taking a piss as I walked
up he heard me and turned a bit to say hi. There was just enough light form
the fire that I could see he had his pants unbuttoned the whites of his
underwear could be seen as he had them pulled down with his left hand as he
held his cock in his right hand. I could barely make out his bush and his
cock and balls as the hung outside his underwear. I said hey Spike good
party and wished him a happy birthday again. He said thanks and asked what
I got him for a gift. I was very nervous as we stood there pissing with our
cocks out both pressing our shoulders together. I got up the nerve up to
say I was going to let you give me a blow job for your birthday. He turned
his head like he could not believe what I just said to him. I think he was
worried that I may be setting him up for some sort of trap to out him and
make fun of him. He looked at me and said that it was his birthday and that
I should give him the blow job. We both looked at each others cock which
were staring to plump up a bit, when I said lets go walk out in the field
away from the everybody. Not a word was said as we started to walk out into
the darkness. I remember the tall grass about being knee high a bit damp
from the dew that was setting in for the night. We walked maybe 50 yards
away. Far enough that we could stall hear and see the fire from the party
but know one could see us. I had on an old denim Levi jacket on that I took
off and laid on the ground. Spike was standing in front of me when I asked
him to blow me. He again hesitated and said that I had to blow him first. I
said lets do it at the same time and kneeled down and he kneeled down along
side of me. Again just the awkwardness of the act just before you start
having sex was there again.

I remember just staring to feel his cock as I started to undo his belt and
jean buttons I remember he had on 501s and as I pulled on them you could
here the snap of the button as they popped out. In the very dim light his
white underwear seemed to glow as our eyes adjusted to the low light. I
feel spike undoing my jeans as well as my cock had been forced down due to
my jeans not letting it pop up. Spike was fully into it as he hurriedly
pulled my pants and underwear down so that they were around my knees. He
grabbed my cock and just started to pull and play with it as he rubbed his
face all around my belly until I could feel his breath on the head of my
cock. I was just lying on my side as we were in a 69 position. I was
consumed with just pulling and playing with his cock and balls when Spike
said come on put it in your mouth. Just as he said that I felt him slowly
put my cock in his mouth. I just shuttered and he went right down to the
base like he had done this type of thing a lot. I was breathing pretty hard
as I just slowly started to move my hips slowly against his mouth. When I
finally decided to start to suck him I lowered my head and again I just
could not get over the smell of a guys cock and balls. The smell of musk
and moisture with a hint of bath soap and a slight smell of piss at the
very head of his cock. I'm not into piss but that smell as I described
still to this day drives me crazy. Anyway I took his cock in my mouth,just
the heat and pulse of his cock was so good. I just went to town on him as
he did me. At one point in time we were both sucking in unison . I went
down he went down as he went down. We grabbed the back of both our asses
and pulled each other into each other as hard as we could. It was like we
were trying you suck each others balls out the end of our cocks. I could
here him slopping on my cock as It made a popping sound when he pulled it
out of his mouth. I could feel my balls being wet as he was sucking on them
as well. His hands were pulling hard on my ass as my cock slammed into his
mouth. I started to feel my groin get tight as my orgasm was building,
Spike was on it and was going to take my load. I pulled off his cock just
as I started to cum. He pulled my tight as I shot into his mouth. I thought
I was going to have a heart attack as I grunted each shot of cum. I could
here him breathing hard trying to swallow my cum. He reached down and
pushed my head on his cock as I finished cumin in his mouth. I was so
exhausted from cumin I just sucked his cock the best I could. I could tell
that he was about to cum. Suddenly he got up on his knees pulling his cock
out of my mouth kneeled over my face and just started to jerk off with the
tip of his cock touching my lips. He grunted and said he was cumin and put
one of his fingers in my mouth to pry it open and came in my mouth just
jerking his load in my mouth as some of it went all over the side of my
face and ran down my neck. He fell on top of me with his cock still in my
mouth as The taste of cum and the smell filled my senses. I sucked on him
until he was soft and fell over on his side. Slowly we got our breath back
as we lied side by side. I started to slide my pants back up as I stood
up. Spike was just siting there as I was about to put my cock away he
reached up and sucked the last bit of cum out of it. Agin not a word was
said as we walked back to the party . The only thing we did was laugh as we
walked back like little kids who had just been very naughty.

That was the first time Spike and I hooked up. We do get a bit more brave
each time we met. Hope you enjoyed it. God sex was so good back then. Again
so much was taboo and we were so young that cock sucking and jerking off
covered all the bases back then. Nobody was very picky about what type of
guy they liked. As long as you could find a dick you have some fun. The
thing is that the sex was not on a regular bases.There were times when
nothing happened for weeks if not months at a time. The only thing I had in
my favor was it was summer so hanging outside was what everyone was doing.

In our town there was a little pizza shop which was right in the middle of
down town. The pizza was terrible but it was a place to hang out. There was
a pool table, bowling machine and a juke box. It was kind of what Arnold's
of happy days was. On friday nights everyone would gather down there around
6 pm. You would gather with your regular peers slip off to find someone to
by you some beer and a bag of pot. Spike was not really in my peer group so
everyone went with their group to party. The cool thing about it was that
about 9 pm everyone would filter back to the pizza place for there munchies
and to sober up a little before they went home. Most had to be home by
11pm. Once everyone was back from their buzz everyone tended to mix with
everybody. So my signal to Spike to see if he was interested was that I
would nonchalantly walk over and step on his foot and walk away. If he was
horny and it always seemed like he was he would walk by me and do the
same. Then it was a matter of time that we would slip away and find a spot.

The place we started to use was down by the railroad tracks on the outskirt
of town. Which really meant it was about a 10 minute walk to get there from
the middle of town remember its a small town? So the plan was that I would
leave walking one way around the block and he would walk the other way and
we would meet up a few block away.There was an old building that was used
back in the day as a storage building when the tracks where still in
use. We were about 200 yards from and homes and you could see if anyone was
walking up on you.

As usual not to much was said as we walked to our secret spot. I would have
to say that Spike was a little more aggressive than me. I just kind of like
to suck dick and have mine sucked. As kids we heard words like corn-hole
and butt-fuck but none of us never really did it. And for that matter none
of us didn't no anyone who did. Anyway we get to the building and you have
to pull yourself up to climb in. There you would sit in the door opening
with your feet hanging off. As I sat down Spike set next to me. When I
think back now it always make me laugh because the sequence all way went
like this. We would set next to each other with or legs touching each
others. I would put my hand on Spikes thigh and he would do the same to
me. As I would slid my hand over to his and start to rub his cock as he did
to me. After both of us could feel each others hard ons I would slid my
hand inside the top of his pants. And it was always hard as hell to do so
because he always wore tight pants. So basically at the same time we would
undo the top of our pants and pull them down to our knees. So there we were
our pants around our knees our cocks sticking straight up begging for some
attention. I remember this night so well due to the fact that it was the
first night I ever did something that I had never done before.

It was a very hot night muggy as hell and as we started jerking each other
off we alway went threw this routine that we kind of fondled and inspected
other cocks. aAs if alway amazed by who hard they were yet soft to our
touch and lips. So Spike said take of your shirt so I pulled my tee shirt
off as spike push me on my back. He climb up on top of me and was laying on
my chest as he hugged me and humped my crotch. His face was right next to
mine as I could feel his breath on my neck and on my ear. His cock was
grinding against mine and every time his cock head rubbed against the
bottom of my cock head it just fell wild. Spike kept trying to work his
face up by mine like he was trying to kiss me which kind of freaked me
out. But as he kept biting my earlobe and neck he finally put both hands on
the side of my head and kissed me. I fought it at first but he just keep
pushing in on my lips and I finally open my mouth as he basically started
sucking my tongue and just pressing very hard. I absolute loved it but yet
is scared me just as much. I only kissed him for a little bit as he started
to slide down my body and was feeling my nips with was another new thing
for me. But man did it feel good I'm sure I was moaning as he sucked
,kissed and bit my nipples. Spike grabbed my arms and put them behind my
head as he started to rub his face into my arm pits. Being 16 I had some
hair but not a big bush in my pits. Spike was driving me wild as he rubbed
and pulled the hairs of my pits with his lips. WOW it was so wild for me
and he was going to town on them as I could feel him licking and sucking
them as well as my nipples. He came back up to kiss me one more time but I
just kept that kiss short. My head was reeling a he moved back down to my
cock and balls. Man he could suck a cock. He grabbed my balls and pulled
them down to the point it kind of hurt but he just kept sucking me as he
pulled tighter. I told him I was about to cum and he just stayed on it as I
blasted into his mouth. Pumped after pumped he squeezed my balls which only
seem to make me cum more as he swallowed all of it. I was breathless as
Spike sat on my waist with my softening cock on the crack of his ass. I
guess he has a thing for getting off to the side of your face and face
fucking you. Because thats just what he did. He scooted up along side of my
face and just started rubbing his cock all over my face. As I lied there he
turned my head sideways and just started pumping my mouth. I was gagging
and he just kept shoving his cock in my mouth, again I have to say there
was something about the smell of pre cum spit ball and ass that drove me
wild. Finally he took his fingers again and opened my mouth and jerked off
right into my mouth. Evert spurt when in I could see his cock head jettison
his sperm as it hit my tongue and the back of my throat. It was so hot what
he was doing to me I stared jerking off again as he fucked my mouth and
when he blew The smell of cum made me blow with him.

We were spent and just laid there for like a half hour. I finally said I
had to get home. As I pulled my shirt back on and zipped up all's I said
was thanks spike that was great. He said anytime you want you no the

Download Problems
Views: 141 · Added: 1038 days ago

Good news!! The dl function is back and seems to be working just fine.

A BIGGG thank you to the mysterious masked ninjas who run this site .... as always guys, you really are awesome!!

Any thoughts. I mean I never met him in real life but I knew someone who was his bf. What should I do? Expose him or keep it a secret.

Fuck buddy
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What do you do when you don't have a boy friend and you need sex.
I have a couple of fuck buds who are the same if we need sex we meet up and have a session, its not just sex and go we're mates have a chat and drink together but know we're not going to take it any further.

Views: 8554 · Added: 1038 days ago

What age did you first masterbated? How many times did you do it?

to me gbt buddies who have help this autism month ~
Views: 105 · Added: 1038 days ago

thank you so much and now i have to share this just seen and hope you will read this

Secretly Tapes His Autistic Son at School, Discovers He's Being Bullied by Teachers:

To All
Views: 150 · Added: 1038 days ago

To all of you putting new videos on here thank you so much And to all the Amature vid they are fuckin hot

Views: 172 · Added: 1038 days ago


Has anyone ever seen a ghost?
Views: 272 · Added: 1039 days ago

i was lucid dreaming last night and at one point i seen a ghost in my room and i tried to scream but nothing would come out....I dunno if it was a nightmare now or if it really happened....cos i was sitting up in my bed tryna scream eek! It seemed 100% real....It happened another 3 times after that last night...scary

friendly shout out!
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what's up guys! it's a beautiful Friday and I'm all porned out, for now.. LOL.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
Aloha \m/

Get Real
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"Get real" is a film that depicts the coming out of two scoolboys. One is aware that he is gay,he meets the other in a toilet. He is his head boy who is reluctant to acknowlege that he is also gay.
I have tried to download this film from a torrent,but it refuses to accept the file.
It is a beautiful, and rather tragic film.
Either download it from Pirate bay, buy it from Amazon, or watch it in stages on YouTube.
Either way, please tell me of your opinions. Thanks xx

How many believe that soon Jake and Eldridge will get so smashed that they're found sleeping naked together?


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