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First time fun
Views: 5676 · Added: 1009 days ago

Hi wondered if anyone wants to talk about there first time drop a line

Views: 3300 · Added: 1009 days ago

if i remove ppl from my subscribe list do they also get removed from my freinds list??

im a virgin
Views: 3518 · Added: 1010 days ago

wuts up ppl im a real virgin real talk... n i want to lose it anybody want to do the honors... i live n chicago. so if anybody is close enough let me know...

hi lads, i am john. looking for dates with cute, slim/ athletic lad 18-23. if you are interested don't hesitate to contact me for a chat. hope to hear from you soon x

lets chat and cumm together
Views: 3307 · Added: 1010 days ago

wanna have some fun with me ( a black dude from 18years old)
lets playy on windows live messenger so we can cam together.
my windows live messenger =

Views: 3318 · Added: 1010 days ago

It seems that when i try to send a message only a few words of it appear when i actually post it??

It happened to me!
Views: 3495 · Added: 1010 days ago

I had a best friend that I had known for 3 years already. Nothing to indicate he was gay ever happened and a guy knows when someone like his best friend is gay. By the time we got to high school I was completely and totally in love with him and I don't mean that I just had the hots for him and wanted sex, but I really loved him like I had never loved another person. Problem was I was totally in the closet and didn't dare say anything for fear he would reject me and end our friendship I had never seen my friend naked except maybe during the summer when he would go shirtless because of the heat. Just seeing him like that I knew the rest of his body had to be spectacular and it would drive me crazy with desire and lust. But I never let on. Anyway when we got to high school we ended up in the same gym class which both excited me and at the same time terrified me. At the end of gym class everyone had to get naked and jump in the shower. You guys gotta know what I'm talking about. Yeah thats right, I was completely terrified at the thought of not being able to keep my dick from getting hard and everyone seeing me like that. But at the same time the thought of finally seeing him totally nude and standing next to him in the shower thrilled me to no end. When the time finally came I hesitated a bit but I knew I could not play it off for too long and not end up in the shower too. I'll tell you guys it took every little bit of restraint I had in my body to pull it off. I could feel it kinda start to get hard and I would stare at the ceiling while doing multiplications, any sort of thought i could shove in my brain to keep from just going totally hard in front of him. I managed for a whole year like that but at times when I felt no one was looking I allowed myself flashes of erotica in my mind and sure enough I'd get hard, my dick would react immediatly just like some beast that had been tied down and deprived of everything. It was all kind of scary but felt sooo good too. I'd like to know if that is something that only happenned to me or anyone else here had similar experiences like mine. I could go on with more of this story cause alot happenned in the years that followed but thats for another time. I did not want to make this so long because I don't know if they will post it due to it's length already. Thanks for listening my fellow gay brothers.

Deleting Videos
Views: 3344 · Added: 1011 days ago

I got a question about the emails I get concerning new videos. I get alot of emails telling me that a new video has been posted. So many that it is starting to fill up my mailbox. My question is if I delete the mail does that mean I won't be able to see the videos?

personal first experiance
Views: 3633 · Added: 1011 days ago

This is how i first had fun with a boy, thought i would share and wondered if anyone else went through the same type of progression?

He has been my best friend since the middle of primary school. We had always got on really well, and would often go round each other houses after school or have sleepovers. It was during one of these sleepovers probably during our final year of Primary, year 6 when we started to get naked in front of each other and look at each other’s willies. I do not know how this happened but we both seemed to enjoy it. As we progressed into secondary school we where both interested in seeing how puberty was changing us. We both seemed to hit it reasonably early. The thrill of seeing the first few pubic hairs etc. His being black and mine being a blondy-brown. As we started to see each others cocks grow, we would compare them against each other and see if over time there was any growth. It was at this time that we would start to dare each other to take of an item of clothing or touch the other bell end or lick our balls etc. Sometime dry humming to see ‘what if felt like to be a girl’ lol. This would happen till we ended up either wanking each other off or giving them head. We always took down the creamy load. This continued, at sleepovers and until we where about 13. However as we drew nearer to 14 we became more interested in other thing like girls and even though we stayed close did not do anything again until we decided to go skinny dipping in my grandparents pool when we where 15. After messing around in the pool, wrestling and throwing each other about we ened up getting out the pool and giving each other a great 69. It wasn’t to be until another couple of years that we would do anything again and take it to another level...

Views: 3439 · Added: 1011 days ago

so i upload photos of cum shots and the title is "cum shots" but when i went back to my profile it says that i have no photos upload.. help please

into aits
Views: 3377 · Added: 1012 days ago

as u c Im into armpits, I need more pics more vidoes that related to licking ,shaving ...etc armpits. plz help me and give any site u know that is interested armpits ,,,, or any link>

Views: 139 · Added: 1012 days ago

Anyone into skype, my skype is jlfrog246, i should b on every day at 3 pm e.s.t

Views: 364 · Added: 1013 days ago

Is there any one into frottage, or frot as it can be called? I know it is said it is hard to film but I would like to challage that. It is really very fun, just like making out!

Cock style
Views: 1251 · Added: 1013 days ago

6" cut cock

Views: 126 · Added: 1013 days ago

Hey guys I'm looking for a buddy in central massachusetts. Masc, sexy and fit guy. friendly and fun. if your a younger guy in the area then get back to me.

Views: 335 · Added: 1013 days ago

got a new webcam and looking to webcam with anyone

Views: 890 · Added: 1014 days ago

Is anyone else turned on by the recent toon pics. They make me so horny. I love it

Views: 813 · Added: 1014 days ago

what happened to the 30 pictures i posted?

is there a limit ?

is there a censor ?

any suggestions

Views: 189 · Added: 1014 days ago

Just moved to South Manchester, any lads about give me a message.

Views: 103 · Added: 1015 days ago

bored and horney neone want to chat :P

I posted 2 vids the other day entitled Amateur couple 1 & Amateur couple 2, they were from a very obscure place so I knew most would not have them. SO WHY HAS MY Amateur couple 1 VIDEO BEEN REMOVED FROM MY PROFILE AND REPOSTED ON THIS PERSONS PROFILE.

if some admins dicking about then I wont bother in future.

alone and horny
Views: 136 · Added: 1015 days ago

hi there if there is anyone that wants some fun please let me know i am in manchester uk.
Cant wait for a young stud to fuck my ass!

Views: 345 · Added: 1016 days ago

So I was wondering if anybody knows of any good cruising spots in the Manchester/Stockport area? If there is anywhere particularly good? Leave me a comment or send me a msg :)

Views: 198 · Added: 1016 days ago

I am looking to get some boy vids, as my computer don't want to play the ones on here and the ones i have are unfortunley no longer working, I have tried cleaning, with a disc cleaner, to no avail, if you can help me i would be grateful.
Thanking you in advance

Views: 347 · Added: 1016 days ago

whats your fav fantasy scene - let you imagingation run wild

What was your first time like? how old were you?
Views: 236 · Added: 1017 days ago

My first time was when I 14 or so, It was in 8th grade. But it didn't happen all at once, my first time really took 3 or 4 nights to happen, but it was with my next door neighbor.

Anyway, the story goes....My next door neighbor used to sleep over from time to time, in 8th grade, One night we ended up watching straight porn together, neither of us would ever admit to bein into guys straight up. The first time, nothing else happened. The next time we slept over, we got a little more into it, after watching straight porn for a little while and we both ended up jerking off but he insisted on being in different rooms to do the deed.

There was maybe 1 or 2 more nights, but during those nights I started anyways we made a few jokes about how his dick was bigger I said haha yeah its probably small, trying to get him to take it out and prove it!

Then he told me about spitting on your hand and rubbing your head feels like you're getting a blowjob

So, we were sitting right next to each other at the computer but with a blanket covering our laps and he kind of reluctantly agreed to take out his cock so we could compare sizes with a ruler....So we were exactly the same size, I said lets just get close and hold them next to each other, really quickly it wont be gay just do it quick, and when we stood up both our cocks were super rock hard. At that point we started touching each other and we knew we couldnt stop there. We just jerked each other off, no sucking or fucking or anything else, just jerking each other.

I never came so much in my life, neither did he. We probably could have filled up a shot glass between the two of us (maybe even a tall one lol)

He refused to talk about it though the next day. and it was quite a while, actually 3 full years before we ever did anything again. I couldnt put it off anymore so I texted him and told him we had to do it again. We did. So junior and senior year in high school we fooled around like every week. It was cool too because neither of us had any interest in relationship with eachother, just friends w/benefits. I mean it was just good luck having a gay next door neighbor.

Wow, Im high and drunk I hope that was coherent :D

hi guys ;-)
Views: 656 · Added: 1017 days ago

i`m horny. anyone help out? ;-)

i`d be happy too for some comments on my pics

and come on and fuck me

Views: 578 · Added: 1017 days ago

i love to keep the foreskin wet underneath so it smells when you pull the foreskin back... that typical boysmell.
anyone with the same likes?

Piss Play!
Views: 648 · Added: 1017 days ago

Hey boys, just wondering who likes and enjoys piss play? I'm really interested to meet up with people and experiment!! Contact me!

Views: 266 · Added: 1017 days ago

I need a wank

looking 4 younger
Views: 519 · Added: 1018 days ago

so wondering if there are any younger guys out there from nc that are into older. or wondering were are sites were i can watch younger vids :)

DMCA Compliance. Where has it gone?
Views: 229 · Added: 1018 days ago

Can we please put back up our DMCA notice as frankly im fielding questions from members on a gay site half of whom are shitting themselves simply because they cant find the black and white writing. it would appease many. Thank you.

the 3dtoons
Views: 339 · Added: 1018 days ago

I must be kinda preverted cuz some of those 3dtoons in the photo folders are gettin me HOT. DAMN.

Views: 329 · Added: 1019 days ago

who likes sniffing smelly shoes, socks, boyfeet? or anyone who likes farting and/or smegma under foreskin/unwashed dick? or dirty underwear?
i know it's dirty xD ...but i just like it and dont care what others say.
so i'm 22 and want to chat with guys around MY AGE with the same ineterests! :P
add me on msn:

beach nude photo's... WHERE ARE THESE BEACHES??
Views: 369 · Added: 1019 days ago

Hey guys,

I've gotta go to some of these beaches. doe's anyone know where they're are some hot nude beaches?
I know there is a town called Cap d'Agde in france, has anyone been there?


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