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Views: 192 · Added: 1006 days ago

hi gays
Im into armpits,,,Im looking for videos that show twinks licking , shaving and smelling armpits
I need your help plz
Give me any link to watch vidoes that relate to what I want.

Plz Guys

upload photos
Views: 231 · Added: 1007 days ago

Hello friends .. I have so many pictures of beautiful boys
but I can not .. how do I know how to do? I uploaded the photo Profile
how to do it for my collection?..un bacio.(a kiss)

Views: 198 · Added: 1007 days ago

ciao..c'è qualche amico chè parla italiano?--
cerco amici per scambio foto
mio msm-(
hello .. is there any friend who speaks Italian? -
looking for friends to exchange photos
my msm-(

help!! boys
Views: 157 · Added: 1007 days ago

Hello everyone .. why can not I upload my own photo collectors?
how do I upload my avatar picture?

Views: 123 · Added: 1007 days ago

Hi Guys
Add me in MSN if u want to chat or email me ;)

Views: 251 · Added: 1007 days ago

Someone YOUNG message me if ya want. Im young also

so horny
Views: 231 · Added: 1007 days ago

want some steamy chat b4 bed

Views: 3443 · Added: 1008 days ago

i have a fetish for guys in tracksuits, it's orgasmic for me. i also love guys in white boxers and jeans. anybody got any unusual or weird fetishes

I'm confused
Views: 690 · Added: 1008 days ago

Right, The age of consent in the UK is 16. The age for porn on the internet is 18. But is it illegal to talk to somone on the internet who is 17. I'm not here to get in that kind of situation where i could get in trouble, i just want to talk to people of similar age to me. Its probably best just to avoid the situation really isn't it?? It does scare me a bit when someone has that they are 18 on their profile and then they say they are 17, it feels like a trap almost. (Paranoid much?)

I doubt any of you are lawyers but maybe someone will know a bit more than i do :)

Any Guys In MD
Views: 164 · Added: 1008 days ago

Anyone in Maryland for fun? C2c or meet..can't always host. 40m here North of Balto

Views: 159 · Added: 1008 days ago

Im searching for a chat partner and maby more
Im 18 years old and live in germany
Im very sporty and Im cut
please write me a message when u want to chat ... but only when u have pics from u and when u r in my age not oder than 28

Views: 173 · Added: 1008 days ago

hi im looking for a chat my email is

Adding to Skype / MSN / Yahoo
Views: 185 · Added: 1008 days ago

Can someone please tell me as I am a bit confused!!! people ask for our e-mail addresses so that they can add us as friends, but when they are added they don't come on. I for instance have been on after 9pm on Mon/Weds and nearly all day the rest of the time, is it that they just want to add us so that their friends list are bigger than their friends list. What do others think?

Skype Me
Views: 193 · Added: 1008 days ago

Hey guys skype me, im on right now ;D
SkypeName: tykrello663

Views: 174 · Added: 1009 days ago

hey if your hot and gota big dick sext me pic for pic msg me for the # big boys <3

Views: 184 · Added: 1009 days ago

anyone wanna skype, (14-19) add me oimupset

Help with mail
Views: 3420 · Added: 1009 days ago

Hello, everyday my inbox usually has several email notices that someone has posted new videos. The problem is that there is no sender identified in the emails. They are always blank. I can delete them no problem, but I'd like them to stop. They fill my inbox and I'm sure I'll miss an email if anyone ever writes me. I've checked, and I'm not subscribed to anyone. Anyone have any suggestions?

Views: 264 · Added: 1009 days ago

Anyone is PA? That can drive and young(17-21)Other age we will see..

Butt Plug or Dildo?
Views: 198 · Added: 1010 days ago

Looking to buy a new anal sex toy. I can't decide between a dildo or butt plug. any suggestions?

Butt Plug or Dildo?
Views: 161 · Added: 1010 days ago

Deutschland, Hamburg und Umgebung
Views: 3439 · Added: 1010 days ago

Gibt es hier auch Leute aus Hamburg und Umgebung die eventuell mal Lust auf nen Treff oder auch mehr haben?

Views: 3505 · Added: 1010 days ago

Anyone into skype, my skype is jlfrog246, i should b on every day at 3 pm e.s.t

another hot day and I'm looking for some cock
Views: 3292 · Added: 1010 days ago

Hey it's hot outside again but so much for that I'd love to feel a hot cock in my mouth to suck this town is small but I know there's alt of cock around here had alot of problems with my 87 y/o mother for about a month she had alot of mini strokes so she's staying here with me I think she's not going to be around to long I need some cock to suck on and take some good hot loads to swallow and on my face not to mention my ass too.

Phone Sex...So HORNY!!!!
Views: 3341 · Added: 1011 days ago

Alri guys...anyone fancy sum hot steamy wanking over the in dublin and can ring you!!...get back to me via this or my page...QUICK!!!

Masturbation toys
Views: 3419 · Added: 1011 days ago

I almost exclusively use my hand with a bit of lube to masturbate. My favorite lube is Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser (unscented). Add some good online porn and I'm ready to cum. Just wanted to know if anybody has any favorite toys that they use when they jackoff, wank or whatever else you prefer to call it.

Anybody from dallas texas so we can hook up
Views: 3309 · Added: 1011 days ago

I live in dallas near garland nd im looking for a sex buddy or a friend to masterbate with. Just message me or email me at my email:

Views: 3772 · Added: 1011 days ago

Hello,I'm 16yo and I was loking for someone who wanna chat, just wondering
I love to talk or other thinks maybe
So msg me, or just add:

meet ups
Views: 3317 · Added: 1011 days ago

hi, there are lots of people looking for dates, looking for love, friendship etc on this site. it would be good if someone took it upon themselves to arrange special meeting places for a night out or general meet e.g i stay in Glasgow, a meeting could take place at a certain location at a certain time, then groups of people could meet up for friendship, pass numbers etc. there are a lot of people who are shy, not know where to go to meet gay people etc. think this would be a good way of interaction.people from other areas could do the same. anyone got an opinion ? do you think this is a good idea and would work. be interested to hear your comments...... john

Views: 5921 · Added: 1012 days ago

Anyone know any other good sites?

need lessons.
Views: 3357 · Added: 1012 days ago

young lad and looking for a few lessons how to sex. msn n cam I have. can swop things 2

Bi vs Gay
Views: 3719 · Added: 1012 days ago

Do more guy say they bi or gay. Me im bi and loving it

Anyone Got A Skype?
Views: 3572 · Added: 1012 days ago

Hey guys the names Darren and I'm new to this site. Just wonderin if theres anyone who has a skype on here thats close to my age (14-21). If ya do hit me up! :D (Mine is: tykrello663)

msn boi
Views: 3408 · Added: 1012 days ago

whos on msn, swop things?

sex videos.
Views: 3872 · Added: 1013 days ago

I like to see young sex video, is there any?

Smooth Thighs
Views: 3584 · Added: 1013 days ago

boy in this pic has got silky smooth thighs

i bet he got a nice crotch

First time fun
Views: 5694 · Added: 1013 days ago

Hi wondered if anyone wants to talk about there first time drop a line


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