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what's on your mind
Added: 1049 days ago / Views: 148 So what's, on everyones mind today
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Goodbye, 18th
Added: 1049 days ago / Views: 694 Goodbye everyone on here, I'm sorry to leave but this sight has brought some horrible people into my life. Although there are many of you which I cherish so much I can't stay. two main people to why I'm leaving are cooper and Stefan. They have been vile to me for the past few days and they are unforgivable so I'm sorry to all my true friends. I will miss you but by the 18th I will be gone. I hate the nastiness that this sight brings and I hope you all never have to go through what I have had to. Those selfish inconsiderate boys make me want to end my life. They've hurt me in a way no one else could especially Stefan. So goodbye, I will live my life free from those hates
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Nice people
Added: 1049 days ago / Views: 196 Why is it that I can't find any decent lads round my age, ones that are single anyways D: all I want to do is meet an attractive guy who's 16-19 and single
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Some people !
Added: 1050 days ago / Views: 242 Hi to everyone out there, sorry for this but it needs to be said.
Whenever I talk to someone, I'm nice and I say nice things but that doesn't mean I'm hitting on you ! and then don't go telling other people that I'm hitting on you because that's just plain old horse shit !
I'm a one man guy and because of whoever you are that told Stefan I was hitting on you, he know hates me so thanks, and nope I wasn't hitting on you at all. As I said just because I'm nice doesn't mean I'm hitting on you okay ?
Are we all clear ?

To everyone else sorry about the small rant, it needed to be said.
Hope you all have a peaceful day
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Added: 1050 days ago / Views: 200 im sexy and i know it
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No Videos
Added: 1051 days ago / Views: 220 I have tried to upload videos here, but every time I do, they are NEVER posted up. I am a person who will share a really hot video and I even make music videos (porn with fitting music attached to it) yet I am not allowed to have them on this website. I like the videos here but I think everyone should be allowed to share their videos, not just a select few.
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Favorite Sexual Act?
Added: 1051 days ago / Views: 612 Mines Rimming And Recieving And Whats Your Guys?
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Added: 1051 days ago / Views: 204 I came back to the East Coast and I finally got what I wanted. I had a "friend" pick me up from the airport. On the way back to my dorm, I felt him and he jacked me off a little. After I got settled in, we went at it in my room, and we 69'd and I fucked him! After he left, I took a nap because I barely slept during my flight and got up a few hours later for my Fuck-A-Thon at the gloryhole. At first, it was hard to get people to notice me there, but after a while...guys were all over me. I remember a black guy first, where I saw him in a booth alone and then joined him...where we ended up kissing, blowing each other, and him fucking me. Then, I got a chance to suck, fuck, and get fucked by a Latino. After him, I took a little break and looked around other gloryholes. Apparently, people have gotten desparate enough that they made tiny holes on the doors so that you can roughly see inside them. With that luck, I ended up seeing two older white guys fuck each other, the first black guy I was with fucking a Latino, and then that Latino fucking another guy. It got me so off that I actually jacked off with everyone watching...awkward. Anyways, after that, I had the chance to blow a Latino-looking dude and he came for me. Right after him, another black guy came and I blew him. Man, was he huge! I say, almost a FootLong! He ended up coming for me too. Between all of that, plus me being a "Peeping Tom," I was about ready to bust. What made me go overboard was a black guy who had a nice cock. I blew him for a little and then he wanted to we went in a private booth and he fucked me so rough that he made me cum all over, resulting in him coming inside me.....Oh, and all of the guys from last night skull fucked me while I was sucking their cocks...I have to say....BEST HOMECOMING EVER!!!!!!!! XD
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Added: 1051 days ago / Views: 306
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wont play
Added: 1051 days ago / Views: 240 After I download a video, most of them wont play. I have a shit load of different players that cover all formats.I get errors that say format is no good or file is corrupt. What going on.........
Thanks in advance,
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Wet my pants
Added: 1052 days ago / Views: 244 Like it to wet my pants, before having sex. More boys like this?
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Text Chat
Added: 1052 days ago / Views: 327 I think this community would really benefit from a text chat-- not the cam chat that's currently there. Hardly anyone uses it and honestly it's awful.

It's such a pain to use messages to talk to other people. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
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Is That You?!
Added: 1052 days ago / Views: 199 Is Your Profile Pic Really You Cause My Profile Picture Is Really Me Rate Me On A Scale Of 1 To 10 And Tell Me If Thats Really You Or Not!!!! <3 Honesty Is The Best Policy REMEMBER THAT!!!!!
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Added: 1052 days ago / Views: 160 is anyone of you interested in bondage, and forced sex?
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Added: 1052 days ago / Views: 150 anyone online right now?? please message me
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South Beach Repo: Bernice
Added: 1052 days ago / Views: 161 Has Anyone Ever Seen A Show Called South Beach Repo Its Fucking Hilarious There's A Girl On There Named Bernice She Curses Soo Much You'd Think That The Censors Would Break She's A Very Strong Girl Can Take Men With Ease And Is Hilarious I Love This Bitch She Is The Reason The "South Beach Repo" Has Its Spark If You Haven't Seen It Already Check It Out I Assure That You Will Not Be Disappointed <3
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are you
Added: 1052 days ago / Views: 227 a dipper or a sucker, this is a light hearted question, are you a single dipper or a double dipper, aha you may ask what this question is, if you enjoy a cuppa that may be a clue....
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Added: 1052 days ago / Views: 239 went to this party tonight and we had sushi, not on plates but a guys torso, better he had shaved his torso first, you ever tried it
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Added: 1052 days ago / Views: 195 Is er nog iemand wakker die over neuken wil praten?
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Added: 1052 days ago / Views: 229 What's wrong with lovingly incest twinsex?
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Added: 1052 days ago / Views: 161 can anyone tell me how to upload a photo? i want to upload a photo and i dont know how
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Added: 1053 days ago / Views: 811 cant wait till saturday when we both go to Cyprus for a week.
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TWINS bisexual
Added: 1053 days ago / Views: 361 We are the Morren-twins. We do eachother since we were kids. Are here more bisexual twins? Grtz and kizzz from Morren & Morren.
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video player
Added: 1053 days ago / Views: 166 its about time someone looked into the video player i got to keep refreshing to eventually get them to play
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Porn star ?
Added: 1053 days ago / Views: 517 Umm been thinking and a few friends have suggested becoming a porn star, I mean I'm 6ft 2in slim. Athletic build, I swim and run a lot. My dick is 8.5inches I have dark brown hair, think I'm good enough to start ? Oh and anyone have suggestions for stage name ???
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Pretend dad and sons smooching
Added: 1053 days ago / Views: 218 Onne upon a time, there was a man named zwog. He had 2 sons, one named zwiggy, an the other named Zwaggy. These 3 usually got along great together, but occassionally they'd fight.

These fights basically hapened becuse of the fact that zwag had lost his wife and daugher in a car wreck. He really loved borh of his sons though. The three of them had an amazing attraction to each other. They all three enjoyed dry kissing each other on the lips. It made them feel very mushy and want to squirt, but that's as far as they went. They never had the anal/oral stuff. For them that was too sickening. In between kisses they'd say things like, "I love you," "I need you," and "I want you."
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Added: 1053 days ago / Views: 247 jesse star and kyler moss are the hottest guys ever
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i can't post...yeaaa
Added: 1053 days ago / Views: 258 hate to use this way to say I can't post..i can send pm's...I can create blogs..but can't get that message that says their is a problem
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Why Aren't Alot Of My Video's Appearing?
Added: 1053 days ago / Views: 408 So I've Posted Several Video's Over The Last 3 Days Only 4 of Them Have Appeared Can Any One Give Me Some Insight As Too Why?
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Added: 1054 days ago / Views: 504 this is strangely erotic to me. what are your thoughts
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Added: 1054 days ago / Views: 226 just saying a hi from the UK

anyone likes similar vids to me give us a message :)
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Wrestling Vids?
Added: 1054 days ago / Views: 265 Anyone have wrestling vids to share or post?
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Added: 1054 days ago / Views: 197 I guess you could say I'm an emotional person. Although I did cry when Janet Frasier died, this is different. Something about the music and video together just melts your heart away. Yes, its a video but it makes it hurt even worse when you actually think about the thousands of people who go through this and those that never get the chance to make it back to their kids, wives, brothers sisters, fathers, and mothers. It makes you want to live everyday as if it were your last.
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700 Days
Added: 1054 days ago / Views: 508 For me, when some marker is achieved, it seems I always reflect on the journey. And having arrived at 700 days here on GBT, it seemed appropriate to reflect on that time.

Like many, I came here to find porn. Which I did find in abundance. And, eventually felt that I should contribute to the site. The work Nick does is admirable for a free site, but it is dependent upon its members and users to have a credible library of videos and pictures that appeal to people and keep them here. So nearly 2,500 uploaded videos later, I hope I have added to the diversity of things to entertain people. However, that being said, I find I spend much time to find videos, download them, edit and then upload them. And, like many I know the frustration of not always seeing things posted. It goes with the territory and is just the way it is, although it seems to have gotten worse over the last few weeks. And I think I may take a break from the video upload part of my membership for a while.

After some time, I realized that there was an entire community of people that were socially engaged with each other. Some purely about sex, and others about sharing their lives and experiences with people. Actually becoming friends and parts of each other lives. And supporting each other in times of stress and need.

That part of GBT has been a wonderful place to be. I have encountered so many kind and wonderful people. Some of who came into my life, and then left. Some because their lives changed and others because they had played their games and had their fun and moved on. There are also those that have become part of the fabric of my day, I will not list them, for fear of missing someone and I hope that you know who you are, but many are now part of my life away from GBT.

Like all communities, there is a cycle of the friendships, they ebb and flow over time. Some, once close are now just an acquaintance, not always for reasons clear to me. But such is life both here and in the real world.

And that cycle of ebbing seems strong lately, and it causes me to wonder, is this where my time should go each day. For as we all know, it take time to try to touch those we care about. I do not regret any of the time in the last 700 days, but am not clear if there is another 700 for me in the future. I think it is a day at a time proposition for now. Clarity in life is not something you create, it comes to you on its own schedule and in its own way.

No need for anyone to comment. Not looking for pleas to stay, or kind words, or a push to go. Just wanted to share how I felt. So many have made me feel so good to be here. And to those that chose to make it painful, I hope you enjoyed it as well.
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uk guy
Added: 1054 days ago / Views: 158 so good to get replys to blogs thanks to all who did so

hi again from uk if u like my vids msg me!!
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cute young teen guys
Added: 1055 days ago / Views: 554 Whats the best young cute teen boy videos on GBT??

Send links..
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Question Sucking Cock
Added: 1055 days ago / Views: 408 How many cocks have u suck in one day?
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how do you upload pics here.
Added: 1055 days ago / Views: 211 hiya boys. how do you upload pics to here. i had an album with 1 pic in it and some sweet comments but i accidentally deleted it lol.

if i click on upload thats just for videos. i want pics.

help please darlings :)
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Troye Sivan came out!
Added: 1055 days ago / Views: 296
If you don't know who he is, he's an Australian singer, actor (X-Men origins: Wolverine, Spud) and Youtuber.
Don't forget to subscribe him and give him the thumbs up!!!

By the way, Ben Whishaw confirmed that he entered into a civil partnership in August 2012 with Australian composer Mark Bradshaw. Congratulations!
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Any guys in Arizona :)?
Added: 1056 days ago / Views: 183 Any hot young guys in AZ wanna chat? Hit me up
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really horny 24 yearold bear wants to skype
Added: 1056 days ago / Views: 167 hey I am really horny holding a 2 day load. anyone 18+ wana skype add me onelovebaltiomre
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