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videos down
Views: 254 · Added: 1014 days ago

videos still not working any sign of a repair

New self pics blog!
Views: 560 · Added: 1014 days ago

Everybody, I have created a new blog, and it's full of twinks photos, so I hope You will like it. I wonder if you coul cooperate with me, sending your own pics!
The blog is

searching for a cute young boy
Views: 527 · Added: 1014 days ago

wanna fuck a cute young boy

Ever been caught
Views: 962 · Added: 1014 days ago

Have you ever been caught with a friend or on a site pretty much anything gay? How oldare where you? What happen? Did you get in trouble?

videos down
Views: 411 · Added: 1014 days ago

are videos not playing are is it just me

Views: 699 · Added: 1014 days ago

any gay boys into wearing pantees

anybody want to chat
Views: 161 · Added: 1014 days ago

I just feeling loney and just would like to know if anyone want to chat with me

Straight Vids with hot guys yes or no?
Views: 369 · Added: 1015 days ago

So I upload a lot of vids on here but wanted to know, would you guys like to see straight vids also with hot guys? or only gay vids on this site? I dont mind either as long as it has a hot guy or guys. Just want to know what people wanted to see before I post.

Private Pic Galleries
Views: 378 · Added: 1015 days ago

Why are private galleries restricting pic access to friends and subscribers allowed? Surely the purpose should be to share as much as possible. Thankfully the restriction seems not to apply to vid viewings.

come out
Views: 778 · Added: 1015 days ago

tonight im gona come out to my fam wish me luck

Sharing your coming out story≧◔◡◔≦
Views: 1840 · Added: 1015 days ago

Hey Its Ruslan :) I am posting this Blog because i think it's important . I want to ask Gay Boys here to post the positive and the not so positive . Real stories of what happened when they came out . This will be an ongoing Blog . I hope it will give Gay Boys ideas and encouragement :) Please share your story . You are not alone and you will see that in the stories guys post. :)

How do i get a background for my profile page?
Views: 290 · Added: 1015 days ago

Does anyone know?

too often jerk off
Views: 1191 · Added: 1015 days ago

hey guys
what do you think it's still normal when I jerk off 5-6 times every day? or maybe I'm too much horny or crazy?
how often is normal for you, every day?

Straight vids with hot guys yes or no?
Views: 336 · Added: 1015 days ago

I dont think I clicked send on my last post so sorry if this posts twice, however just wanted to know if you guys would like to see straight vids with hot guys also? I post a lot of vids and have seen some straight vids on here. Just wanted to know if you guys like those too, or should we try to keep this an only guys site and have no straight vids?

Views: 242 · Added: 1016 days ago


Many thanks for restoring my growing and, I think, wonderful photo collection.


what does the download link do?
Views: 250 · Added: 1016 days ago

does it actuly download the vid to my computer or does it just tell you where the vid came from? this has probly already been asked but i couldnt find it. i am wondering cause i clicked on it then looked for the file on my comp and couldnt find it. i have an older computer that plays vids slow and thought downloading would be better, i share it with others so i have to delete when im done. thanks for any info!

Views: 249 · Added: 1016 days ago

Hey, add me!!! I am up loading more vids now!!! need more friends!! and please rate and comment my pix and vids, I will do the same.

Uncut and Cut Porn
Views: 219 · Added: 1016 days ago

I've noticed how many uncut cock guys are in porn. They're pretty many, but I've notice only few cut cock guys are in porn. I want to see guys with cut cocks more often. Is uncut cock more popular than cut cock? No? I wonder why? But, yes I know that uncut and cut cocks both have advantages and disadvantages, right?

Views: 194 · Added: 1016 days ago


I would really like to add you on Skype if you're interested. Please add me eric46savage 18-22 years old only. Thanks.

Why ask us to be negative?
Views: 458 · Added: 1017 days ago

Every day in our lives people like us are critisised, marginalised and cast in a negative light by people in our communities and the media. Only Today i was shouting at some stupid Catholic Cardinal from Scotland who was describing gay people being married as a grotesque abberation. Here we are in a community where we don't have to be subjected to any unjust critism and excluded. Yet in our profiles for no good reason we are asked to list "Turn offs" some people state the obvious like nasty people or smelly unhygenic people but many people feel it necessary to list other attributes that essentialy are describing other members here, it must be hard for someone who is overweight or not very tall or skinny or big or older to see another member saying that the hate people like them. It's just not necessary and is not healthy either. why cant we say what we do like and just leave it at that! We can be positive and make everyone feel included instead of providing a platform that allows people to unwittingly dicriminate against, and insult other fellow members; especialy given that we all get enough of that in our lives. Can we not get rid or the turn offs and have more turn ons??

Second story
Views: 359 · Added: 1017 days ago

Okay, seems like I got ALOT of good stuff from you all for my first time story and were wondering about the next, and the next, and the So I thought I would tell you about my second time having sex. The team and I had just finished practice and I sat in the locker room and talked to dave (The guy that showed me about blow jobs and stuff) while evryone else showered dressed and left. (At the school where I practice after practice the coach leaves and we leave as we get done with whatever). So, anyway I stripped off my trunks and went in to shower and dave followed me in to get his shower too. Ron was in there and was just leaving when we were going in. We said goodnight and see you thursday and went on in to shower. I was getting soaped up and dave came over and stood at the shower next to me and we kept on talking about stuff. He started talking about what happened at his house and we both started getting hard. I started shampooing my hair and felt his hand on my butt cheek with his fingers kinda in the crack. I pulled away a little and said someone might come in. He said he heard Ron leave and put his hand back on my butt. He slid his fingers in my crack and asked if I kept it real clean in there. I kind of laughed and said yes and he just started rubbing his finger against my butthole. It was feeling pretty good He kinda just pushed my shoulders and told me to reat my head against the wall bent over so I did and I felt his finger being pushed into my butthole. Now, I have put my finger in my butt and other stuff too but, like the blowjob, this was totally better. He kneeled down and pushed his finger in more and found my prostrate and started rubbing it. It was awsum! Never felt like that when I did it to me. He pulled his finger out and, like a baby, I whined until I felt his finger back. actually it was 2 fingers this time and he pushed them on in and kinda pumped them in and out and took his other hand he started jacking me and when he put his fingers all the way in and hit the spot there was no holding back. I got the feeling and started shooting...alot...more than I ever had so far and I really thought I would fall down cause my knees didnt want to when I was done shooting he just kept pushing against the spot and rubbing just under the head of my dick with his thumb and it didnt take long before I squirted again. He pulled his finger out of my butt and turned me to face him and kinda pushed down on my shoulders. I knew. I kneeled down and put his boner in my mouth and just started sucking him until I felt him swell up and squirt in my mouth. (Kinda getting to like that). He pulled out of my mouth and I stood up and he asked me if I liked that (cant believe he asked me that)lol Of course I said yes and he came up to me and kissed me..on the mouth..and I felt his toungue pushing against my lips so I opened my mouth and felt his toungue against mine. Felt really weird but when he started kinda sucking on my tongue, loved it!! He reached down and started jerking me so I grabbed his and started jerking him. He kept sucking on my tongue and I kept trying to get his to suck on it and I squirted. We kept kissing until he squirted and we split apart. I think in the back of my mind the thought that someone might walk in made me more turned on (If thats We talked while we finished our shower and he asked me if I ever wanted to try a dick in my butt and I said maybe and he just grinned and said "well, we'll think about that" Well, we finished our shower and got dressed called our moms and went outside to wait on them. While we waited he asked if I would ask my mom if I could spend the night again saturday after practice and, of course I said yes. (Mom said yes BTW) Okay, this was the second time I ever had sex. Hope you all like this one too...I did. Travis

Additional comment on missing photos
Views: 301 · Added: 1017 days ago

I do not see all my favorite photos when I click to see more than just 4 on my profile page. When I do get to see them all is only when I add a new one by clicking "add to favorites" on a selected single photo. At that point all my saved favorites re-appear.

Looking for more safe sex tips
Views: 968 · Added: 1017 days ago

Hey guys i try to help out with safe sex tips and sensual sex ideas if you have anything to ad or help out please feel free to do so here or at my wall or visit the livingroom at alex17 we would love any ideas


Views: 571 · Added: 1017 days ago

i got home about a hour ago im still really really sleepy so i'm gonna go asleep now. just taught i would let you guys no im still alive. thanks for all the support iv been reading all of your messages. thank u so much! i havent had a wank in 8 days or more, my balls are about to explode!!! i dont think i will make it all the way thru it tho without falling asleep tho :P i will talk to u guys in a while but now i really need to sleep. night xxxxxx and thanks x

Manchester UK meet for wank sesh
Views: 224 · Added: 1018 days ago

Porn / Wank sesh - meet, watch porn, wank off together - simples, can travel

Because I am an atheist who is tired of having to explain why I say “gazoontite” instead of” bless you” to people who sneeze on me I came up with this new and more honest approach.

Although I do not believe in an omnipotent being and I do not have the theological authority to do so, I will, if it helps to keep you from having a nervous breakdown say bless you for your completely natural biological reaction to foreign particulate which may or may not be microbial and infectious in nature having been ejected from your nasal passages onto my face thus putting me at risk for your split second of misfortune. Now… Would you happen to have any Purell?

lol this game
Views: 326 · Added: 1018 days ago

i found this game where you have to shot nude men but i did not kill them in the game and they got to close but i'm not telling you what they do when they get to close you can see for yourself here}

Views: 205 · Added: 1018 days ago

messege me with your skype name and stats and i will add u on skype i am 21 weigh 130 i am a bottom horny would like to skype hope u message me your skype name no one over 25 thanks

Downloads to RealPlayer
Views: 1327 · Added: 1019 days ago

Did something on the site change? I can no longer seem to download videos to my computer from this site. I always used RealPlayer, and it worked fine, but all of a sudden I get the message "This video is not downloadable from this site...."

Nick-Did you change something so we can't download to our computers anymore?

sunday morning
Views: 524 · Added: 1019 days ago

i love wakeing up with a boner on sunday morning cause i dont got nothing to do but have a nice slow jackoff. was an awesome load this morning! when is your fav time to jackoff?

Views: 602 · Added: 1019 days ago

Iv'e been debating for a little while whether i should shave my dick or not?? Figured I would just ask all of you cute boys! Comment on what I should do!

true or false. if true how
Views: 463 · Added: 1020 days ago

Ok hiii guys. Soo im wondering. I have heard for the longest time that u can cum without jacking off. Is that true, if so how.

Views: 191 · Added: 1020 days ago

Please drop a message. Thanks!

Views: 193 · Added: 1020 days ago


If you want jerkoff with me, please add me eric46savage on Skype. 18-23 years old only. Thanks.

sowi x i'll be out soon...Hopefully <3


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