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Added: 1150 days ago / Views: 182 i wish i knew what is wrong with the vids on here. i don't have the same probs on other sites but, i like this site better. what to do??
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Added: 1150 days ago / Views: 179 i wish i knew what is wrong with the vids on here. i don't have the same probs on other sites but, i like this site better. what to do??
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Apologies and thank you's
Added: 1150 days ago / Views: 202 Thanks so much to everyone for all your messages, there's been so many, I'm sorry I've not got back to everyone yet ... but I promise I'll reply to you all soon.
Thanks again, love and hugggs
Bob xxx
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Added: 1150 days ago / Views: 207 Hey everybody! Hope everyone is doing well there. I am almost to my first week of college life. :D It's been great so far. Now, classes start today. Just wanted to run on here and give my love to you guys. Remember, add me on skype: ChrisA2016. Luv ya guys....see ya later. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO
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Sound on Videos
Added: 1151 days ago / Views: 178 Has anybody noticed that sound is missing on some videos but if you download them then the sound is all there?
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just for a thought
Added: 1151 days ago / Views: 560 have you ever had pity sex with someone?
do you think someone has had pity sex with you?
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im trying out craiglist
Added: 1151 days ago / Views: 211 anyone ever use craiglist for fun is it a good idea or not can someone shed some light on this for me :)
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grow your penis
Added: 1151 days ago / Views: 622 is it possible to perminitly grow the size of your penis
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some things that could be better on gbt...
Added: 1152 days ago / Views: 630 hey nick. can i make some suggestions?

- it would be nice to have a signal that an user is online. like a green light when you look at his profile and that you see unter his avatar everywhere.

- maybe there is a better way to signal that someone has a private message too
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Added: 1152 days ago / Views: 296 For the chat on friday I want to make sure I lay some things down now...if you have not even spoken to me once then no chat for u....if you would like to know me and are or are not on my friends list or you are one of my bffs then you are most welcomed. The show will start with q and a so that you get to know me better and I get to know you better (no question off limits for both sexual and nonsexual) and then the second half is all of us jacking off together! ;-) and it is all clothing optional! My only rules is be nice, do not be shy cause we are family, and have fun! Any questions,let me know.
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hey any one want to skype add me
Added: 1152 days ago / Views: 165 hey i am 22 weigh 130 like some other twink types to add me on skype my skype name is bret.arter1 add me we can chat and cam must be under 28 and be good looking please and thank u
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An Angel Cries
Added: 1152 days ago / Views: 174

Time frozen, a body still:
Pools of red, bits of white:
Cuts upon the back and legs:
Sends through the body a morbid chill:
Making for a long lonely night:
Revenge the moon and stars do beg.

Red and blues flashes light up the night:
Chalk circling the little child:
Tape blocking the way pulled so tight:
Flash of panic, anger gone wild.

Death of a child, the hurt so wide:
A parent’s loss, a mother’s pain:
Tears that flow a torrential tide:
Screams of anguish they fall like rain.

High above and angel cries:
At the loss of a precious love:
To all who stand, we’re asking why:
Now safe in heaven with god above.

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almost there
Added: 1152 days ago / Views: 423 weeee this is my last year of high school and im pretty excited already but im so tried i am also almost 18 just wait till february i will b a grown up......i guesss..............wat to do.........
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No vids
Added: 1152 days ago / Views: 990 I cant see any vids,only if i had download them.
have someone same prob?
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hot day
Added: 1153 days ago / Views: 247 It will be over a hundred today. It does not get that here that often. So glad I bought a boat to take out on the water today. Bb q a rack o ribs last night got a cooler of adult beverages some fresh fruit and I'm heading out . have to companions to join me today. should interesting. to see how the day turns out.
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Added: 1153 days ago / Views: 297 Wandering off the subject of sex, sexiness, cuteness and general horny stuff just for a moment ... I just wanna say how totally fucking proud I feel right now just to be British!! Dunno if any of you guys have been watching it at all but I think as a nation we've pulled off the most AMAZING Olympics, it's been exciting, thrilling, spectacular from start to finish. Team GB has done our country proud, so many medals it's almost unbelievable, but all the athletes and competitors from around the world have given everyone a feast of sporting brilliance and so many memories that will live with us all forever (Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt and David Rudisha to name but three), and all the spectators have given a wonderful atmosphere to all the events. And the opening and closing ceremonies have just been completely awesome ... for the closing climax, The WHO just totally NAILED it!! And huge enormous thanks are well deserved for all those unknown people who worked so tirelessly behind the scenes to make it all such a success. Well done guys, congratulations to everyone involved ... YOU DID IT!!!!
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The Smells of Sex - Questions and Info
Added: 1153 days ago / Views: 529
A few questions for the GBT crowd here, regarding your perceptions, or reactions, to smells. Was talking to another GBT member about this, and thought I'd post a blog entry about it :

QUESTION #1: Have you ever tried smelling the (dried) cum-soaked underwear of someone you are sexually attracted to (while they are not present in the room) ? If
so, did you become sexually aroused by the smell of the dried cum .. or turned off by it ?

QUESTION # 2: Does the smell of reasonably fresh sweat (not a day old) of other men turn you on sexually ? Or is it a turn-off ?

As for other sexual smell-related topics I found a few bits of information on the web, that were somewhat interesting. National Geographic published an article here quoting a study that says gay men react similar to women when they smell male sweat :

I also noticed a few sites that talked about the effects of what we eat, on the taste of our semen and the smell around our genitals :

"" Consuming toxins like nicotine, alcohol, and drugs will negatively affect the flavor of your body fluids. The same holds true for red meats, fish and dairy. ""

"" Good (semen) flavors can come from pineapple, both the fruit and the juice, as well as fruits with citric acid like oranges and also cranberry juice. Eating the fruit or drinking the juice will have the same effect. Additional fruits and other foods that have been reported to increase the sugar in semen are mangoes, apples, grapes and melons, along with celery, wheatgrass, and parsley. It is also recommended to drink water. Water will flush toxins from your body and improve the texture of your semen to make it consistent. ""

Useful to know ... :-) Eat more fruits before someone gives you a blowjob !!!

Wearing a pleasant perfume or cologne has been proven to increase your overall attractiveness to the opposite sex. Even those that were considered 'average' in terms of their looks have scored higher in tests when given a pleasing scent to wear.

The daily use of colognes or perfumes is also linked with lifting depression which can make you all the more attractive to a sex partner. People report having higher spirits when they're wearing or smelling something pleasant, so they're happier and more fun to be with – and that is sexy.

Strong odors have a stimulating effect on the body, which results in increased blood flow to the penis which heightens arousal.

Anyone care to add their thoughts, or experiences ?
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so funny
Added: 1154 days ago / Views: 260 hey folks. consider going to u-tube and search "the police raid in waterloo station" it is the best benny hill skit i have ever seen. he is a genius with comedy. this is so funny. i put it up on boyspop. it hasen't shown yet. thanks.
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clips buffing.
Added: 1154 days ago / Views: 282 hi guys, notice last few times lots of the videos tend to be going rather slow,buffin. how can i fix this. ty.
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boys and girls
Added: 1154 days ago / Views: 193 I reckon if you took all the beautiful girls in the world and put them in a line it would stretch from say, New York to New Orleans. But if you did the same with all the beautiful guys the line would stretch from New York all the way round back to New York. Guys are the tops.(and the bottoms, lol)
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feeling a lil down
Added: 1154 days ago / Views: 277 after the post i put up yesterday and after the advice i had, i been thinking alot today and made me feel abit down in the dumps, one thing i do know is i wish i knew that i was interested in guys way back wen i was a teenager :(
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Added: 1154 days ago / Views: 345 SO i am sitting here dying of horniness as my friend sleeps right next to me with a somewhat stiff cock and open boxers!! he is just killing me i wanna suck him so bad but he is straight and i already caught me one night years ago. basically FML i really wanna suck him dry. im going crazy here. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! anyways just wanted to share! hope everyone has a better day than i am having
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Boy Scouts of America
Added: 1154 days ago / Views: 479 President Obama has come out against the BSA and their anti-gay stance. Apparently Mitt Romney said the same thing several years ago. Do you think that the Scouts have the right to refuse gay boys and gay scout leaders? Would you join a group that didn't want you in it?
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Another Saturday Nite
Added: 1155 days ago / Views: 545 So this time Dave was over at my house for the night cause my mom went out of town for the weekend to a sales thing. After we watched a little TV he told me he had gone on GBT and seen some of the videos and stuff on my profile and he tole me he had a surprise for me. I thought it was cool and told him that and he went to his nite bag and pulled out a jock strap and told me to go into the bathroom and put it on. I laughed and said that he's seen me naked but he told me again to do it in the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and got undressed and put on the jock strap. Having a boner already was pretty obvious but I didnt care. I went out over into my bedroom and saw Dave had brought some laundry line. He had a pair of scissors and he told me to lay down in the middle of the bed. OMG!! I knew what he was thinking and got kinda scared. One thing to like to watch movies and be curious about stuff but some stuff...OMG!! I trusted Dave so went ahead and got into my bed laying on my back. I said no spanking or anything and he told me not to worry. He started tying my left wrist with the rope and when he was done it was like I had a rope bracelet on but kinda loose. Then he tied it up to the post of my bed. Then he did the other hand and then my left leg and then my right one. I was tied spread out and my dick was so hard it kinda hurtHe started playing with my nipples and rold me that I was his and would have to listen to whatever he told me. I nodded and he said the first rule was that I could NOT come until he told me or else! I asked him what if I couldnt help it and he just grinned and sat on my stomach and started digging into my ribs. YES! I am very ticklish and he knew that. I started wiggling but could'nt do anything to stop him. I was laughing and begging him to stop but he kept on going for (to me) a very long time. Finally he stopped tickling me and waited for me to calm down an told me that was just a very short time compared to what would happen if I couldn't help it. He told me to let him know when I was close. I promised I would. (I HATE getting tickled) He took off his clothes and stood there with a boner and moved down and put my hand around it. I couldn't pump him so he just pumped my hand and kinda rubbed his hand all over the pert of my body he could reach (except for my dick) His dick started dripping a bit so he got up in the bed and kneeled with my head between his legs and tilted my head up towards his dick. I just automatically opened my mouth and he put it in and put a pillow under my head to hole it there while he started pumping in and out of my mouth while i sucked on it and pushed his dick against the top of my mouth with my tongue (Dave taught me that)lol. He stopped and pulled out (kinda popped) and backed up and leaned down and started kissing me. I could feel his hard dick against me chest and was loving it. After a few minutes of sucking my tongue down his throat he hot up and started rubbing my dick thru the jock, I lay there and just lived the feeling I was getting, then he stopped and started to dig his finger into my butthole. He had to lick his finger to make it actually go in but he got it there. I loved it when he did that to my prostrate. I started moaning and trying to pump the air but he wouldn't touch my dick. I looked down and saw he was jerking and the front of the jock I was wearing was very, very wet. He pulled his finger out of my hole and started rubbing my dick theu the jock again. I told him I wasnted to come and he asked me if I was close and I said yes but not too close. He stopeed rubbing me and grabbed the scissors and actually cut the jockstrap off. He used the dry part to kinda wipe off my dick and roll it around the head which kinda made me crazy cause it was sensative. He stopped doing that and started to jerk me rreeeeaaaaallllly slow which felt good but I knew it was too slow for me to come so I tried pumping his hand faster but he just took his hand off and got back up and made me suck him some more. It really didn't take him long and I felt him grow and start squirting in my mouth. I enjoy that. Kinda weird I think mine is gross but I would drink all of his and swallot it and LOVE it. (Yep weird)He finished coming in my mouth and got out of bed and went over and got another piece of the clothesline and put it around my dick and nuts and pulled tight. I mean...real tight but it didnt hurt. Then he just tied a knot in it and took both ends around again but at the bottom pulled them on around but just around my sack and pulled that tight too. I watched as good as I could and saw both of my balls was tied inside the sack real tight. Kinda looked like I only had one ball. Putting thaqt in a knot too he leaned down and put my ball sack in his mouth and ran his tongue around them and just licked them like that. Again, I was trying to pump ther air but he wouldn't do anything. Finally he got up and looked at me and said remember what I said about you coming before I tell you too. I said I did. He licked his finger again and up my butt it went. Then he leaned down and put my dick in his mouth and started doing what I did to him while he was playing with my prostrate which made me feel like I could squirt at any minute and I told him I was getting close so he pulled his mouth off my dick and started stroking me real slow again. Was still close and told him that but he seemed to know better and kept stroking my dick. It was like I was right on the edge but couldn't come and I really wanted to come. I asked to go faster and let me come but he didnt. EVERY time I said I was going to h would stop get up and go do something somewhere and when he'd come back he would start right back in. After a while I actually started begging him to go faster but he wouldn't. I was starting to get mad because he was doing this and told him that and he just told me that thats what happens when you're the slave. Bringing me to the top stoppign bringing me to the top and stopping got me begging again and he asked me what it was worth to him and I told him ANYTHING. He said he was going to hold me to that and put my dick in his mouth and started sucking me. OMG I was there my head was soooo sensative and he just pushed against the top of his mouth and sucked against it. I started to get the feeling and told him I was going to come and he pulled his mouth off and started pumping me slow again. Finally I got to the top with him going slow and got the feeling and told him. He said it was okay and just kept pumping me slow. As soon as I squirted I squirted all the way up to my face (forehead actually) and seemed to just keep on pumping and I might have made some loud noises too but he just let me do it. I could barely move when I finally got over that and he just grinned and told me that the first part was over and all I could think was O.M.G!! Wow, I know this was long so I decided to split it up if you want me too. Just let me know. Hope you enjoyed it...I did, Talk to some of you later. Travis
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dont know what i want
Added: 1155 days ago / Views: 333 over last 4 years i done alot of things that no one would think i would do and especially me but know it got to the stage it tearing me apart inside, The things i did was basically had sex with another guy it was my 1st time and i was nervous at first but in the end i loved it and ever since i just been interested in guys more then women but whats actually tearing me up inside is that i got a family i dont wont to let down or lose and on the other hand is i want be with a guy aswell
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Added: 1155 days ago / Views: 257 Hey I finally got a Skype going and my roommate isn't here until midnight. Who wants to chat and wank? ;) Add me: ChrisA2016. Hurry, time is limited.
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heyaaa !! the very hot clip uploaded from SATOR1 `FiRST ANALSEX´ ....
Added: 1155 days ago / Views: 209 Because still the walls donot transport the texts complete here that in the BLOG:

just wanna tell all who are interested to know that this upöoaded Vid fom SATOR1 `First time anal Sex´ is the real softcore-film called `SHANK´ with much BDSM so you need good nerves for ...

This sex-szene is also to find but without the details...and I have been very surprised that parallel hardcore have been produced.And once again ===) less romantics !!

BjORN !!
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Cam Cancelled
Added: 1155 days ago / Views: 254 Well...since no one messaged me or anything....I will not be doing my first cam show tonight. That is only part of the reason though. The other half is because I just moved into college today and I have a whole weekend planned for I have a roommate. So, if you want to cam with will be on special request until I get the flow of being a Freshmen. Thanks for understanding guys.
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Added: 1155 days ago / Views: 440 Hopefully you read the busted blog before this. So, it was the day after my 14th birthday and I was going to stay at Daves house again but this time Ron was going to be there to. Daves mom and dad were going out and his big sister had friends staying over to. Dave, Ron and me went to Dave's room and Dave shut the door and told me to lay down on his bed. I took my shoes off and did. He sat on one side of me and Ron sat on the other and Dave said it was time for my birthday present. He took off my shirt and laid my hands over my head. Then he undid my belt and button and unzipped me and started pulling my pants off. Ron sat there and watched while Dave took off my clothes. Socks were next and before he took off my briefs he started rubbing my already hard dick. Kinda jerking it thru the brief. He stopped doing that and took Rons hand and put it on my dick and told him to do what he did. Ron's face was really red. My dick was the first one he had ever touched. That turned me on more and I just laid there and spread my legs. Dave pushed them back together and pulled down my briefs and took the off. I was totally naked then. The only one that WAS naked. Both of the had seen me naked alot in the shower at school, and Dave here and at my house, so they already knew I was totally hairless...still. Ron started feeling my dick and balls and Dave just kinda pinched my nipples. I was feeling great. Ron started to jerk my dick and I felt myself getting close and when I moaned Dave made him stop. Dave stood up and started taking off his clothes and so did Ron. When both of them were naked I reached for their already hard dicks and they moved so I could grab them. Ron had the biggest dick there (we measured when we were done Ron-7 and a quarter inches, Dave 5 1/2 inches and me with a whopping 4 1/2 inches) I started jerking them and Dave reached down and started jerking me to and Ron kinda played with my balls. Every time Dave felt I was close he stopped and waited while I kept jerking them. Ron's dick started swelling up and I felt him squirt and land all over my chest. Dave was next pretty soon after that and his come landed on my chest too. He kept just jerking me to when I got close and stop. He knew I really wanted to squirt and I would be pumping the air everytime he stopped. I started saying please but he said soon. Dave told me to roll over to the side of the bed so Ron could lay down next to me and he told me to start sucking him. I put Rons dick in my mouth barely and Dave just told me to relax and put his hands on the sides of my head and kinda pushed my head down to help me get used to Rons big dick. I only got a little more in and Dave started moving my head up and down on Rons dick. I thought, wow, Dave is teaching me how to really suck on a dick. Ron started squirming and moving his legs around and I felt him getting ready to come. He warned me he was and I felt him squirt into my mouth. (I was used to Daves come, kinda like mine, just a bit) It seemed like it would blow out of my mouth (I swallow) but I was able to get it not to. Rons dickhead got sensative (like mine and Daves) and he started jerking around but I kept on sucking him till his pulses stopped. Dave started rubbing my back and telling me how good I did and I looked up aT Ron who just looked at me and said he had never had that done. Not even by a girl. He loved it. All I could do was just smile. Dave rolled me back over and took Rons hand and put it on my dick again and Ron said he wanted to try sucking but he didn't want me to come in his mouth. COOL! He scooted down and started sucking his first dick...mine...Dave got up on the bed and put his knees on the sides of my head and put his dick in my mouth and I just started sucking on it. That was all it took for me. I started getting the feeling and pulled it out of Rons mouth and he started jerking me while I squirted. That made Dave squirt in my mouth and I went ahead and swallowed it. Dave took his dick out of my mouth and Ron put his finger in my come and kinda licked it. He said that it wasn't too We rested and talked about what we wanted to do next and Dave asked Ron if he wanted to do my butt. My eyes flew open and I, there is no way that would go in me. Dave laughed and told me to trust him. He put me sideways on his bed and pushed up my legs and told Ron to hold them back and in a V. Dave started putting baby oil all over my butthole and pushing his thumb in a little at a time. He knew I loved that. From there it was a finger then two then three. He got done with playing with my hole and put his dick head against it and started pushing it in. After it first goes in he always pulls it back out and waits a couple minutes and pushes it back in again. I dont know why it hurts the first time but the second it doesnt...weird. He started pumping in and out of me while Ron watched and I just looked up and watched his dick get hard again. I reached up and started jerking him kinda slow for a bit and Dave puled out and walked over to where Ron was and took hold of my leas and told him to go for it. Ron walked around and I just looked at Dave. He knew I was scared but he just smiled and said I would love it just trust him. I did trust Dave. Ron put baby oil all over his boner and I felt his (really big) head against my hole and hestarted pushing it in. MAN O MAN!! I felt his head kinda 'pop' in and I almost screamed. Dave Told him to take it out and he did, waited a couple minutes I guess until I started breathing normal and Dave told him to try it again. I almost said no but the way Dave looked at me I just tried to relax as much as I could which was really hard when I felt his head against my hole again. When dave does me I have a boner. I was totally soft when Ron tried to do it tho. I felt him push and he went in easier that time. Still hurt a little but not nearly as much. He kept pushing and pulling and pumping more and more in to my butt until I actually felt his dickhair against my hairless sack. Dave was watching and was as hard as I have EVER seen him. Looking at his dick and feeling Ron pump all the way in and out of my butt made me pretty hard too. I could feel his big head go against my prostrate and everytime it did I just moaned. I looked down and saw I was oozing big time all over my stomach. Dave kinda bent down and I put his dick in my mouth and he started pumping it. I reached my hands up and around Dave and started playing with his butt and hole. I could NOT believe this was happening stuff I only saw on videos was happening to me! All of a sudden I felt the feeling and for the second time in my life started squirting with nobody touching my dick. I was squirming as much as I could and kinda pulled Dave all the way in my mouth and Ron said he could feel me coming and I felt him start to squirt in my butthole and Dave started to come at about the same time and, believe it or not, I started coming again. Totally amazing. I felt Ron pulling out of my butt and Dave pulled his dick out of my mouth. Ron looked at my hole and said it was wide open and his come was leaking out. Dave told him it would close and just wipe it Man, I was done. Dave kissed me and started sucking on my tongue like he likes to do (and I like him to do and) we just sat around and talked some more. Ron thanked us for doing that stuff with him and I thanked both of THEM for the best birthday present I had EVER gotten!! I looked at Dave and he just winked at me. I think we both knew Ron would be playing with us again. We did more of the same that nite. No more butt stuff but the jerking and sucking kept going on till we were all squirting Hopefully I might be able to do a 4-some or even an orgy some day? Well, not so far. Hope you liked this. All of you have a great day/nite/life. Travis
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Quick Question
Added: 1155 days ago / Views: 579 Well to let everyone know that I am still in the closet but my question deals with that a bit. I been living a lie with my true friends and my family for so long now and never yet told anyone who really I am. My major problem is my best friend who is homophobic and is scared to lose him if I do come out. However can homophobic people be living a lie too. The reason is that I sometimes think my best friend is really gay too but just doesn't want to admit it. I think this may be the case because some of the things he does to me when we are along are things that I think a homophobic person never do. Most of the things he does to me is that he loves hugs and cuddles but besides that he also fondles my balls and rubs my nipples and is constantly rubbing me and touching me. I don't mind that he does that to me since I still single and that it feels good to. I also return the favour and do it back to him and doesn't say anything about it. I for one think that he might be gay but there are times that I have popped the question to him and admitting that I am gay but then he reacts that I am leaving and don't want to be friends anymore. I then tell him that I am joking and then he stays and everything goes back to normal.

The question I want to ask does do homophobic person touch other guys in gay ways like fondling there balls. I think he might be gay but who knows. I want to hear what you people think.
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Wank before work
Added: 1156 days ago / Views: 206 I gotta crank out my 3 day load on here before I go to work today. Anyone else doing the same thing?
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free Hand
Added: 1156 days ago / Views: 167 How to go that?

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Added: 1157 days ago / Views: 340 Just a question. Is it rude or not allowed to try to chat with people in the live cam chat when I don't have a cam and they do? I go on there all the time and even connect but then I 'leave' because I don't know if it's right. Ideas? Comments? Thank you
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First time
Added: 1157 days ago / Views: 2218 I saw a blog once where a member was asking for us to tell about our first time doing anything. I cant find that blog anymore so I just thought I would start another one. I was 13 (almost 14) and on a swimteam at school. 5 feet 1 inch and 112 pounds and still no hair. Dick was a little over 4 inches and worked just fine...daily! Starting the swim team was me and seven other guys from the 7th to the 9th grade. As much as I enjoyed swimming I looked forward to it. But, I was a very shy guy. Being almost 14 with no hair and a little dick was embaressing to me and was not looking forward to the shower we would all take at the end of the practice. On that first day I was surprised that not only was I not the only hairless boy there but nobody seemed to have a problem when they got a boner in the shower. :) One boy, dave, would come over to me and just talk to me and one day he started soaping his boner and asked me if I liked what I saw and when he looked down at me smiled and said I guess you do. I got scared and left the shower and didnt talk to him for a couple of meets after that. Then he asked me if I would be allowed to stay over at his house after practice the upcoming saturday and I told him I would ask my mom. He just grinned at me and told me that he slept naked and he hoped I would be okay with that. I told him I seen him naked all the time sometimes with a problem. Mom said yes and it was on! I went home with Dave and his mom that saturday and met his older sister (cute) and ate supper and went to him room and played SoCom on his playstation and watched a movie. Going to bed he took off his clothes (everything) and said I told you and laughed. I stripped down to my briefs and tucked into the sleeping bag on his floor. We talked a bit more and he asked me if I ever jerked off and I said yes and he asked if I ever jerked off with anybody and I said no. He came down to the sleeping bag and crawled in with me and just took my hand and put it on his boner and said if I did him he would do me so I started to beat him off kinda slow and he just laid there and enjoyed it. I was awsum!! Someone else's dick was in my hand. I just watched my hand on it and then he just breathed out and I felt his dick swell up and watched him cum! WOW! He didnt have any hair either but his dick was bigger than mine. About 5 inches and bigger around. His cum was whiter than mine but pretty much just oozed clear like it did when I came. Pretty cool. He cleaned himself off and pushed me onto my back and took off my briefs. He started rubbing my chest and stomack, legs and put my balls in the palm of his hand and then moved his hand to my dick. That was it. Just a quick pffft and I was done. I said I was sorry but all he did was just grin and say watch this. Then he went down and put my dick in his mouth. Oh. MY. GOD!! I jerked dry and with soap and lotion and nothing was like this. He just sucked and moved his head up and down and I was just floating. I felt myself getting ready to cum again and told him but he just kept sucking until I did. My head got real sensative and I had to pull it out of his mouth but I was totally out of breath. He was smiling and asked me if I wanted to try it so, of course, down I went. It was great. He kinda just pumped himself in and out of my mouth and I was able to put my hand around his dick while I sucked him and jack him at the same time. He kinda moaned and I felt him swell up again and let him cum in my mouth. Wasn't bad at all. Tasted like mine. We did that to each other a couple more times and then he went to his bed and we went to sleep. We both woke up with boners (he called them pee-hards, lol) but we just got dressed and went about our day. My mom came over to pick me up Sunday night and I looked forward to our next sleep over. :) Hope this didnt bore any of you but this WAS my first time.
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Another Saturday night (2)
Added: 1157 days ago / Views: 734 Ok. Dave untied me from the spread position and told me to sit on the edge of the bed and lean down and hold my heels with my arms inside my legs. I did and he put my arms against the leg and wrapped the rope around both my arm and leg. When he got done making sure they were tied good he just stood in front of me and tilted my head up and had me suck him again. He held the sides of my head and pumped in my mouth while I did the tongue thing until he stopped pumping and he squirted in my mouth. (I really love feeling his dick kinda pulse while he He finished squirting and just kinda rolled me back onto the bed. He put my pillows under my back and he used the rest of the clothes line to tie to one arm and leg threw the line under the bed and tied to the other leg after he spread them as far apart as he could i could look down and see my tied up dick and balls and if i leaned my head a little I could even see my hole. Dave asked me if I was okay and I told him I was. I really didnt feel uncomfortable at all. He took out some lotion and started rubbing it on my tight balls and down to my hole. Of course I was still hard and O could see it just throb while he played with my hole kinda pushing his thumb against until it slipped inside. Once it did that he pulled his thumb out and pushed his finger in me until he hit my prostrate. Every time he rubbed against it i would just moan a little and feel my dick just kinda vibrate. I was oozing and Dave just took his otheer hand and rubbed the stuff all over my dick head. It was awsum my whole body seemed to feel what was happening and Dave just sat there and smiled while I moaned and watched what he was doing to my dick and hole. I tried to pump but the way I was tied I really couldn't do anything but lay there totally exposed and helpless. He pulled his finger out and stopped rubbing my dick head and leaned down and put my dick in his mouth and started sucking me but just for a little while and then he just stopped. I was breathing like I just swam across the lake and asked to PLEASE not stop but he just smiled and squirted some more lotion on my butt hole. He started rubbing it in a bit and squirted some on his dick and started rubbing it all over it. I knew what he was going to do and was looking forward to it but remembered how it hurt the last time and told him that. He said to relax cause he had an idea. He got up in position and I watched his dick head against my hole and he started pushing. In the position I was in it seemed to not be as hard to get in cause all of a sudden I watched the head of his dick just pop in. OOOOWWWw! Again! He pulled right out and started rubbing the hole till the pain waas pretty much gone and lined up again and pushed. Right in with little to no pain (Just like last time. Whats up with that? Why doesn't it hurt after the first time a dick goes in? Anyone can He slowly kept pushing until his stomach stopped against my butt and was touching my balls. His dick was right against my prostrate and everytime he pulled out and back in I think his head would go across it. Everytime it did I would just moan and I was really hoping he would rub the ooze around my dick head again but he never touched it. :( It still seemed to vibrate every time he pumped in and out and I just watched it go in and out of me. I could see my ring either pull out a little or push in depending on his I could also see the skin on his dick moving while he pumped me. All of that was really hot and I was really getting into it when Dave started breathing loud and moaning (and I thought that was hot too) and then he just shoved his dick into me and I felt him swell in my butt and start squirting. Everytime he pulsed (what else can I call that what is it called?) his dick head would press real hard against my prostrate and all of a sudden I got the feeling and started squirting too! Nothing was touching my dick but I had no control with it, wasn't expecting it and loved every bit of it. Dave whispered that he can feel me coming around his dick and started pumping again while I came. OMG! Did NOT see that coming. He pulled his dick out of my butt and I could see my hole was still open and could see his come kinda oozing out of it. (Again, hot) he leaned down and licked my cum off of my balls and stomach and started sucking me again. He put his finger back in my hole and played with my prostrate while he sucked me. Didn't take long for me to come again. his time he just kept sucking and rubbing in my hole. My dick head was real sensative (anybody else have that?) and I would kind of jerk while he sucked and I clamped down (Like I had to pee really bad but had to hold it in.) I could feel my butt hold gripping his finger when I did that and I started squirted again and he kept sucking. He kept on doing that and I squirted 6 times (Yes I counted) in his mouth and by then was begging him to stop. Finally he stopped sucking me (Never thought I would say that)lol and pulled his finger out of my butt and started to until me. When he finished untying my arms and legs he laid me on my stomach and tied my hands behind my back and my feet together. I'm like OMG. He laid me on my back sideways on my bed so my head hung over the side and he knelt there and put his dick in my mouth again and I sucked him, again. He pumped my mouth and played with my nipples and rubbed my stomach and my STILL HARD DICK until I felt him swell up in my mouth and squirt again. After that he untied my dick and balls. The my arms and legs and then did something I never expected. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, real low...I love you. I got real embarrassed because I started tearing up and thought I would start to cry but Dave was cool, he just lay down next to me and hugged me and I hugged him back and we went to sleep like that, naked and hugging. Next morning we got up, peed, sucked each other again and started watching TV and talking about last night. He told me he had a couple more ideas but that would be when its nicer outside. CAN. NOT. WAIT!! Yep definitely a bottom and I guess a wimp. Hope you all liked part 2. HAve a good day and nite and everything else. :} Travis
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Ageism in the Gay Community
Added: 1157 days ago / Views: 329 Watch this vid 'agism in the Gay Ccmmunity' on Canadamans wall. It makes you think.
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Added: 1158 days ago / Views: 247 DO ANY OF YOU GUYS OUT THERE MISS USER JAS69ER
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Added: 1158 days ago / Views: 654 i was walking behind a cute young guy the other day..his pants were hanging down they were so baggy u could see most of his briefs and they were halfway down his backside..showing off the split in his butt as he was was quite a turn on for me...
do any of you guys feel the same?
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SEX Stories
Added: 1158 days ago / Views: 799 Hey everyone !im new on GBT but love it!! <3 i wanted to know some of your first times! pleade the more detailed the better !
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Regarding Contest 1
Added: 1158 days ago / Views: 211 Hey guys well the first contest has been over lol so whoever I talked to about it has won and has gotten my sets of pics! Next week I will have another contest up and this time it will be for vids and/or pics ;-)
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First Live Cam Chat
Added: 1158 days ago / Views: 191 Hey guys I will be doing my first ever live cam chat this friday night around 11pm Eastern time in my dorm in college! Message me if you want in! I will be broadcasting on skype but if you have a different one than message me and I can work something out! Account name is to be determined right now lol I will let you know friday night before the show! Message me if you got any questions! Luv ya guys! XOXO
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