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nudist experience
Added: 867 days ago / Views: 166 new to this, please have patience.
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Dang...still can't post photos.
Added: 868 days ago / Views: 238 Any help from successful posters or mods would be appreciated!

(Well, it looks like I can post them here, but not in my profile.)

My Blue Bulge
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Jerk off session yesterday after practice with my friends...True story
Added: 868 days ago / Views: 859 Yesterday after school I had practice and then went over to a friends house. There was no one else home except four of us who each had practice. We were really bored because it was so cold out. All my friends say they are straight and I've only jerked off with one of these guys in the past - not the other two.

So I started looking at some "straight" porn on pornhub - but ones that showed a lot of dicks. lol It didn't take long for the others to start watching too. We put it on apple TV and just laughed at it for a while. I finally couldn't take my hard boner getting my boxers wet anymore so I said, "I'm goint to jerk off...hope nobody cares".
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Not all men have dicks.
Added: 868 days ago / Views: 317 I've always been somewhat bothered by how the queer community equates loving men with loving penis, despite the fact that there are plenty of gay trans men who do not have penises. I guess I'm more aware of this because I'm a trans person (non-binary) myself, but there is so much cissexism in this community, and if we truly want to encourage the movement as a whole to accept everyone, we need to call ourselves out on this kind of thing more. We particularly need to quit equating one's genitalia with one's gender, because they are absolutely not the same thing. Just a little reminder for everyone here.
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Added: 868 days ago / Views: 242 Hello everybody!!
Well... I really dunno what 2 say... mm... well... I like guys, obvious nd... well...I hope to be here for longer and know a lot of nice and sexy people... for my first time here I will send an image, it's my boyfriend sucking my... well... yo know... cock haha

Well, tell me if you think it's big :D

Mmm... now I dunno how to upload this... whatever, tell me how and I will upload the picture haha

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Penis Clone Set Vibrator
Added: 868 days ago / Views: 330 I like know.. somebody have make this
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Now thats a cool T
Added: 868 days ago / Views: 191
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"Is it safe?"
Added: 868 days ago / Views: 175
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philly harry
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 301 Does anyone have or know where to find his set? I find a few pics allover the Web but never the set.
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a little help please
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 250 a new member with a question. I am trying to load pictures, but i can only load one picture at a time into a newly created album. At this rate, I will have 1000 albums with one picture each. Any tips on how I can load more than one at a time?
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two little words
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 270 MY FRIEND, two little words with a lot of meaning, I am so lucky to have met and made friends on here at gbt, thank you all from the bottom of my heart, love scott
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Danny and Pavels
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 163 Hi does anyone have the picture set or video of Danny and Pavels from doggyboys? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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Contacting webmaster
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 207 Is there any way to contact the webmaster?
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bag of kitty chips
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 156
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Some one say cookies
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 229
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hi and sorry
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 416 I'm going thru a hard time right now
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great wallpaper
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Any North Sea Texas fans here?
Added: 870 days ago / Views: 208 I was reading some boards elsewhere and came across that the actor who played Pim in that movie, is going to be in a new film this summer of the same type.
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Feeling left out
Added: 871 days ago / Views: 144
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any versatile guys age 20-35 here?
Added: 871 days ago / Views: 170 please let me know ;-)
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No I haven't seen the cat
Added: 871 days ago / Views: 177
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Are you gona finish that
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Gay Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey on 'FINDING LOVE'
Added: 872 days ago / Views: 172

Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey speaks about how to be ready for your best romantic connection. He describes common issues that come up, including the unique set of challenges gay men face when it comes to dating, and how to overcome them to secure the love you need.

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Deleting a video
Added: 872 days ago / Views: 233 How is possible to delete video? The delete button doesn't work!
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Added: 872 days ago / Views: 262

While I pick this guy over both teams. I tend to believe New England will win.
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Who is your hero?
Added: 872 days ago / Views: 338 By 'hero' I don't mean what Hollywood means. I don't mean someone perfect, superhuman, cool and always ready with a smart ass quip. By 'hero' I mean human beings who remind you of your own humanity and allow you to live with it in a profound way; I mean someone who inspires you with depths of admiration approaching love; I mean someone whose accomplishments, whatever they are, are so hard won and so beautiful that when you feel you can't go on or you're tempted to self-pity, this person both humbles and elevates you and gives you strength. For me it's the Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky, my absolute hero, a gay artist who lived at a time when his way of loving and desiring was not only frustrating - which all of us can relate to - but extremely dangerous. He also suffered from depression, at a time when there was no medical structure for understanding and helping with that. Living in one of the most repressive countries in the world, torn between forbidden and melancholy feelings, yet driven by a precocious musicality, Tchaikovsky created what is still, to me, the most jawdropping piece of art ever made: his 6th symphony. symphony has been my 'go to' place whenever I feel that life is too much. In it I feel all of nature, all of love, all of the cosmos, all of mortality and infinity, all of the human spirit, all of sex and death, all of the struggle to be a person, all of pain, all of joy, all of wonder. It has rescued me so many times from ceasing to care that I can't count them. That this man - this gay man - under duress, lonely and sometimes in despair could defy all that and create what is to me the greatest work of art in human history is what makes Tchaikovsky my hero. Who is yours?
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pictures shown here
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Has any one here ever considered crossdressing?
Added: 872 days ago / Views: 208 I was wondering if anyone here has ever considered crossdressing. I ask, because several times even after talking to me face to face, people have though that I was a girl. So this made me start thinking, could I actually pull of crossdressing? I will admit that I have tried on a few things, but I have never really gone farther than that. Has any one else had a similar expirence? Not really loking for guidance on this just wondering.
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Need smexy emo guy.......
Added: 873 days ago / Views: 160 Life is pretty up and down atm, and it's been a while since I've been able to meet a hottie for a lil more than a 1 night stand, or 3 month fling.

If you want someone to hold you tight, make you feel special and be there for you, then hmu coz I needs a cutie. =3
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buzz buzz o shit
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19 years old and very shy
Added: 874 days ago / Views: 233 test test
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to cute
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