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Added: 1068 days ago / Views: 165 It seems that when you click on the vid, it's changes from adobe player to flowplayer. The flow player is slower and less clear...any idea how to make it so flow player is uninstalled or can keep it to adobe??? I have Mac
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New Flowplayer
Added: 1068 days ago / Views: 222 Thanks for your wonderful site!!

I want to let you know, that after your recent change in the layout and using flowplayer i can no longer add videos as favorites or download any.

I am using Mac OS X and have the same problem under safari or firefox browser.

I hope you can fix that problem.

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Exercise: I need help to build up or reaffirm.
Added: 1068 days ago / Views: 502 Hi there, first time I'm posting a Blog.
I want to ask for help about tips, products, links, books, vids, etc. that you (anyone of you) have tried for real and get results.
There are so many products that are just a fake to take my/your/our money.
Can you help me? I want to get better abs, and bigger bicepts (among other things).
Any real help will be greatly apreciated!!
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Skype wank in an hour
Added: 1068 days ago / Views: 200 On android so dont hav cam. But cant still horny chat. If ud like to join me, send me ur skype name.
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Are you single or in a relationship?
Added: 1068 days ago / Views: 498 Hey guys, just wondering how many guys are single?
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random ppl
Added: 1068 days ago / Views: 451 web camming with random people is guys have any stories of when you web cammed?
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Favourite tops/bottoms?
Added: 1068 days ago / Views: 495 My fav bottoms are jack roys, sammy case and jesse starr. Fav tops are elijah wood and mike from cumintomyass. And versatile would b brent corrigan.
Who makes u shoot?
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Added: 1068 days ago / Views: 154 anybody her live in minnepolis
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Video player problems
Added: 1068 days ago / Views: 203 The new video player seems to have a few problems, as I'm now unable to add to my favourites or download any videos, either using Firefox or Google Chrome.

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Added: 1068 days ago / Views: 181 I do not like the new set up to watxh videos or programming, I like the original.
Please go back to it. The new version is slow. please change back.
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any irish gbt members?
Added: 1068 days ago / Views: 175 If ye, say hi!
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5 Seconds of summer
Added: 1069 days ago / Views: 222 hey guys just wanted to let you know of a new great Australian band called 5 seconds of summer, there best song is called Out of my limit. they are so cute go and check them out on youtube:)
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pics and vids
Added: 1069 days ago / Views: 216 hi guys! who want to trade pics and vids of Young boys? add me on skype: stefanocrocco
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Added: 1069 days ago / Views: 810 hey does anyone on here live in ohio? ;)
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Added: 1069 days ago / Views: 176 just saying hi to all....whats up? new here but seems to be a pretty COOL site ( ;
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How to get a video removed?
Added: 1069 days ago / Views: 239 there is a video on here that I would like to be removed.. How can I get it deleted?
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thanks Nick18 !
Added: 1069 days ago / Views: 431 This site is rockin! Chill guys / amazing quality !
Best vids on the net! Relationships abound, help is everywhere!

Lets all post a "Thanks Nick18 ! " below and acknowkledge his efforts!
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what is your main fantasy
Added: 1070 days ago / Views: 301 My main fantasy is to have naked lube wrestling with my partner. IDK why but this idea really turns me on.
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Added: 1070 days ago / Views: 152 Any body wanna meet me live near Swindon can travel lol in RAF goodlooking
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Added: 1070 days ago / Views: 155 hay any body on the west coast like so calif ta hang out and do what ever
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Most popular members on community page.
Added: 1070 days ago / Views: 293 How does it work. Is it views/ratings/friends?
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Life is Unfair
Added: 1070 days ago / Views: 339 Hello... I think it is true what people say, when you isolate yourself from the rest of the world it drives a man insane. I think it is true, or maybe Im sane and the rest of the world has gone insane. I am a college student who has discovered that for the rest of my life I have to work, have a job in order to be happy. Everything in life revolves around money. Work M-F, and have Saturday and Sunday to enjoy it by doing whatever we want, which will usually involve spending money. So the pleasures in life revolve around spending money?!?

I dont have much money and spend my days watching online television and jerking off. The only thing that is free in life is jizz aka life lol. So is our purpose as human beings to be slaves to labor, and reproduce?

Also I live in an apartment with 4 roommates, whom usually don't like to socialize. And this is jumping to another tangent, but Every time I get a phone call from home it is bad news. I have a single mom raising two sons. Ever since I moved to college my brother and mom are always bickering and yelling at each other. Torment after torment, lonely, confused about sexuality, unhappy, stressed, and unsure about my future.

The thought of suicide has always been in my head. But I have been courageous never to take the easy way out. I want my life to have purpose, and I want to leave a legacy. That has been my inspiration...

... lately my inspiration has been low... I still have some courage, but i don't know how much longer I can last.
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Do's any one own a Dildo?
Added: 1070 days ago / Views: 460 In some of the videos i have seen dildo play and teen having dildos. I have not to buy a dildo but am thinking of one to buy. I also seen them chat rooms and like watch them play!! kinda hot but I just wanted to know if any one owns one?? Cuse i don't but wish to pay one soon!
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happy days
Added: 1070 days ago / Views: 234 what makes your day go with a yip, anwsers on a pad. Lets get some sunshine on peoples lives
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Added: 1071 days ago / Views: 531 who's better boys or girls at sex
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Someone you know...
Added: 1071 days ago / Views: 441 Have you ever come across a photo or video of someone you know? I've come across a few photos of guys that looked liked people I know.
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Added: 1071 days ago / Views: 253 Why can't delete blog posts n comments?
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como tirar um video
Added: 1072 days ago / Views: 154 olá gostaria de saber como faço para tirar um video onde eu apareço daqui desse site , quem puder me ajudar vou agradeçer.

hello would like to know how do I take out a video where I show here on this site who can help me I will thank.
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Milking you
Added: 1072 days ago / Views: 241 Who will let milk them dry.
Would you feed me all of your sweet milk let me drink it all.
Let me know?
Like sweet young milk the best.
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summer school
Added: 1073 days ago / Views: 410 whos going
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gay et fier
Added: 1073 days ago / Views: 194 vous pouvez poster et commenter
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Added: 1073 days ago / Views: 172 M still waitin 4 the filipino request but till now i've not got any. What not even a single filipino gay is there in this community .
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Added: 1073 days ago / Views: 182 I'm surprised ,Not even a single filipino gay is there in this community or what.
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Site Updates Underway
Added: 1073 days ago / Views: 1190 Hi everyone, we have begun the biggest update we have ever done, while I do not expect any interruption in service you might start to see things suddenly start to improve. The first fix I can report is in the e-mail set-up where the categories are not longer listed under your e-mail messages. This is a rather small improvement but only the start of a very long list of big updates. Thank you for your support of GBT
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Added: 1073 days ago / Views: 182 A
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Added: 1073 days ago / Views: 173
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Added: 1073 days ago / Views: 180 Is there any philipines gay in this community. if its there please add me cause i like filipino gays.
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looking for cam guys for a group cam session
Added: 1073 days ago / Views: 629 hey guys im looking to set up a group cam session , regular basis just to jerk off together . if interested pm me:)
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Coming up on 1 million views.
Added: 1073 days ago / Views: 209 Tanx every1
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my first sex with a boy
Added: 1074 days ago / Views: 1263 I started out having sex with a friend when I was 11. He was my age, but after a while we also started to play with his brother who is 5 years older than us. That was very exciting since his dick was then so much bigger than ours and he could cum a lot. This is almost 10 years ago, and now I only have sex with guys my own age +/- a few years, but I still get hot thinking about the sex we had back then.
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