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anyone remember xymagazine?
Added: 1184 days ago / Views: 151 its parked now @dreamhost and me unc was tellin me about what all gone on with it. if seen please say what you like about it.
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I LOve the Short Films and Non Adult Videos
Added: 1184 days ago / Views: 755 Just wanted to say how much I really have been enjoying the short films and funny music clips that have been added over the past few months. Have really been getting into watching many of them myself :)
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Added: 1184 days ago / Views: 167 hi I'm adrian I'm from spain please I waana friend ok I'm 18 years my msn E-mail is add me please
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Added: 1184 days ago / Views: 157 What happend to the download link for videos?
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Live Cam Chat
Added: 1185 days ago / Views: 449 Does anyone use the "live cam chat"?...does it even work?
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Fav song from childhood
Added: 1185 days ago / Views: 177 Just out of curiosity, what is everybody's favorite song from childhood? Mine is Sk8ter Boi by Avril Lavigne. Back in 2002, I was 9 years old. It was only 10 years ago, but it feels like an eternity since then.
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best friend
Added: 1185 days ago / Views: 754 if your best friend had a real cute lets say 19 year old son would you have sex with him.
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how many years
Added: 1185 days ago / Views: 1546 how many years yunger than u would u have sex wit
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download buttom
Added: 1185 days ago / Views: 247 Shit, where is the download buttom. Please info here.
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learned something
Added: 1186 days ago / Views: 246 Found out a while ago while i was taking a shower that im close to fisting myself i wanna do it but i kinda nerve imagine me explaining how the hell i got my ha d stuck :p
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thanks guys
Added: 1186 days ago / Views: 164 thanks for trying to fix the download prob..this is a great site, and lets not forget it free..and the guys have other things going on as well as keeping the site going.. thanks again xx
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cant download to real;player
Added: 1186 days ago / Views: 216 hi guys =- cant download any of the videos to my real player - any ideas - it works on othere sites - thanks
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looking 4 a movie group
Added: 1186 days ago / Views: 166 so wondering if there are any movie groups were i can download movies doesn't have to be porn just regular movies any help would be helpful
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Added: 1186 days ago / Views: 189 hey any one living in Nottingham? just looking for some people in nottingham to chat with and maybe meet up
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Does anyone else find themselves always checking out guys while walking around the streets. I just can't help myself.
Added: 1186 days ago / Views: 371 I always look for guys in trackies and hoodies. Do you think they know when you are looking at them in that way?
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Added: 1186 days ago / Views: 174 any twinks will have fun ? I'm 17
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Looking to c2c
Added: 1186 days ago / Views: 246 Hi!
Kinda bored. Msg me if you want to c2c with me and ill give you my skype or work something out :)
Please try to stay within a reasonable age range :P
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upload videos
Added: 1186 days ago / Views: 174 I have several videos that I would like to share but the only way i could download them was with real player and they don't seem to do it. Is there some other program I can use. Also I really appreciate this web site so I think being patient with the download problems is important.
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Added: 1187 days ago / Views: 561 You may surprise something about me..... I haven't sex with anyone for 1 and a half year.
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A few questions
Added: 1187 days ago / Views: 704 Before you started having anal sex did you think the practice was disgusting? If so what made you decide to do it.
A: The person wanting it was irresistible
B: You were under the influence
C: He was under the influence
D: It just happened.

Your first sex partner was.
A: Older than you
B: Younger than you
C: The same age.

Were you ever in an orgy?
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Added: 1187 days ago / Views: 406 Ok what was your first reaction the first time you actually blow a load. Were you by yourself! Did you tell your very best friend! Did it happen while you and your best friend were jacking each other off!.
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Added: 1187 days ago / Views: 160 whats up or should I say whats going on I cant seem to upload any pictures
or vid's, BUT every day their or new uploaded pictures Damn this is really starting to suck.
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nipple play
Added: 1187 days ago / Views: 177 Does anyone get horny playing with your nipples, I get really horny when my nipples get hard luv playing with them, my fuck bud gets me really turned on pinching them my cock goes wild.
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My new site
Added: 1187 days ago / Views: 377 watch gay teen videos and look at hot twins on my new website. Also you can become a member and share your photos and videos for free. Click on the link below to check it out;
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The Students Union
Added: 1187 days ago / Views: 388 I had heard about all the glory holes and fit students in this place from a scrawled message on the back of a toilet door. Well, I decided I would have to try it out so on my way home from work I got off the bus early and went into the students union building. I followed the directions I had seen on the toilet door and made my way directly to the loos.

I opened the door and went inside, it was a very large brightly lit room. I walked over to the stalls which were in two long rows with a wall about 7ft high in between that contained the sinks. I went to the row furthest away from the entrance and to the cubicle 4th from the end as indicated in the message I had read. I went in and locked the door, pulled down my pants and sat on the loo. I began to look around, the walls were covered in messages and there were two large holes in the wall (around 3 or 4 inches across), one on either side, the walls were covered in dried cum stains. As I sat and read some of the messages I began to get hard, as I imagined all of the fit and horny students that used this place, slowly I began to wank as I flicked from one message to the next. I had been in there around 10 minutes when someone came into the stall next to mine. I leaned forward and looked through the hole, the lad locked the door behind him and threw down his bag against the door, I could see him clearly from his waist down, he undid his pants and pushed them down but before he sat he cupped his dick and shook it from side to side, as if he were glad to release it from his pants. Once he sat I had to move back slightly so as not to be too obvious, but with care I could see that he was around 19 or 20. We both sat there for a while and although I continued to wank I did it very slowly so as not to attract too much attention, I was straining to try and see his dick without him seeing that I was watching, but it soon became obvious that he was also wanking very slowly.

I decided to take a chance and stood up so that he could see my hard cock, his face came immediately to the hole as he watched me wankin, I could see the desire on his face the tip of his tongue coming to his lips as he concentrated on what I was doing. I let him watch for a while before I went down to my knees and looked him straight in the face, he stood up and began to perform for me, slowly wanking his dick, pulling his foreskin all the way back to reveal his fully engorged bell end and massaging his balls that hung low between his legs. His dick was thick with veins clearly visible running around his shaft and as he continued to stroke it I could see that he was rock hard as is seem to resist his movements. I continued to watch as I kneeled on the floor slowly wanking my own straining dick which seemed to ache with desire. I had to have this lad in my mouth...

I brought my finger up to the hole in the partition and motioned for him to put his dick through, he understood immediately what I wanted and stepped forward, then slowly he forced his dick down so that he could push it through. As soon as it came through I leaned forward and ever so gently brushed my face against it, I didn't want to take it into my mouth just yet but instead enjoyed the smell and the feel of its perfectly soft skin as I kissed and caressed it. This was a smell that I had grown to love since my earliest sexual encounters, it smelt clean yet there was something more that ever so faint body odour that could only ever come from a lads dick. I moved my head back to get a good look, his bell was fully engorged and it held his foreskin back behind the rim. I reached up and took hold of it with my left hand as I continued to wank myself with my right. Once again I moved my head forward and then began to rest my parted lips against his bell, letting my tongue find its target I ran it slowly over the contours and could feel a surge of blood flooding into his already engorged dick. I opened my mouth wider and gently slid it over the top of his dick, I moved my head down and let it fill my mouth gently and slowly moving up and down this boys shaft, feeling every contour with my lips and tongue. I had an overwhelming desire to suck him hard and fast but I didn't want this to stop so I resisted the temptation and continued my explorations at a slow gentle pace. Although he was on the other side of the partition I could sense the tension in the lads body and could sense that he was almost quivering with excitement. I released him from my mouth and once again moved back to look at his cock, I continued to wank him slowly with my left hand and could feel his rock hard almost ribbed dick that lay under his silky smooth skin. He slowly pulled away from me and stepped back, then dropped to his knees and I knew what he wanted. I stood up and let him watch as I massaged my dick and balls before moving forward and easing it through the hole. Straight away I could feel the heat almost burning of his mouth engulf my bell and shaft. I could tell he wanted it bad because straight away he was sucking it hard and fast. I fell into complete extasy as I lent against the partition my knees slightly bent and my hips thrust hard against the wall. His sucking was relentless, hard and fast, I could feel him trying to swallow the full length of my shaft, my bell occasionally touching the back of his throat. As this went on my knees seemed to turn to jelly and I reached out with my arms to try and support myself. The sensations were tremendous and I knew if I let him carry on that I would explode at any moment, but I couldn't let this finish I wanted it to last. I felt him grip my dick tightly with his hand and he began to concentrate his attention solely on my bell which he sucked and licked. Finally I couldn't take this any longer and I had to withdraw from his grip, I stood back and cought my breath my heart beating heavily in my chest. I once again dropped to my knees and looked at his face, I moved closer to the hole and whispered 'come in here'. There was a slight pause and without saying a word he stood up and pulled up his pants.

My heart was now pounding in my chest but I knew I only had a few seconds to get things ready. I stood and got several sheets of toilet paper, folding them over I used them to cover the hole in the wall. Then I unlocked the door and stood and waited to see if he would come in. I heard him flush his toilet and leave his cubicle, then there was a pause of what seemed like ages before I could see a shadow on the floor just outside my door. He gently pushed my door open and stepped inside locking the door behind him. He dropped his bag to the floor and stood there, he almost looked a little nervous as I stepped forward and pressed my body against his, our mouths met and we kissed passionately our tongues taking turns to explore each others mouths. My jeans were still around my ankles as I ground my hard dick against his which was now covered by his jeans. I reached down with my hand and could feel his dick straining to be released, I rubbed him hard through the material as we continued to kiss. His own hand found my still rock hard dick and he once again gripped it tightly as he began to stroke it. We continued like this for a minute or two before I began to drop to my knees and faced his crotch, I knelt there in front of him and ran my hand over the hard bulge in his jeans. I took hold of his belt and began to undo it, then the button and finally lowering his zip, as they parted I was faced with the obvious outline of his dick beneath his boxers. I pulled his jeans down till they hit the floor and ran my hands up his legs and round to his firm arse where I gripped him tightly and brought his crotch forward against my face. I massaged his arse as I once again enjoyed his odour and the feel of his hard dick beneath the thin material of his boxers against my face. My hands moved up on either side of his hips and gripped his waistband and then slowly pulled his boxers down, his dick briefly caught against the band but once released it sprang back and slapped against his stomach. I once again took him into my mouth but this time I didn't use my hand to guide him in, instead they continued to explore his young firm body, moving from his arse up his back and then round onto his pecs and stomach.

I sucked him deeply taking as much as I could till I could feel his swollen bell filling the back of my throat, as I sucked I glanced up to look at his face, his eyes were closed as he rested his hands on the back of my head. The expression on his face filled me with satisfaction because this boy was as close to extasy as he had ever been. My hands continued their explorations and I reached the crack of his arse, running down they began to explore for his tight hole, I could feel him change position ever so slightly to allow me access and then I found his tight sphincter. I nipped and licked at the shaft of his cock as I began to massage his hole with my middle finger, gently at first and then with a little more force. I changed position and moved my left hand up between his legs and continued to finger my friend, with my right hand I now took hold of his shaft and wanked him slowly as I nipped and licked at his balls which hung loosely in his sack. His dick which was a little bigger than mine must have been around 7" and I revelled in it, the taste, smell and the feel of it left my heart pounding and my own dick aching for attention.

Once again I released him and stood up this time taking off my t-shirt as I did, he did the same and we embraced each other. Our bodies pressed tightly together and he began a slight humping movement pressing his dick against my own the firmness and size of it felt wonderful, he gripped me tightly as we began to kiss once again. We stayed in this position for some time just enjoying each other, of all the things I enjoyed doing with other lads sometimes just holding someone and feeling their body against your own is one of the most arousing.

Although I would have been content to carry on like this for ages, my new found friend now spoke for the first time and oh what words! "Fuck Me" he said in almost a whisper. I needed no further encouragement, I smiled at him and nodded my head. We both moved round so that he was facing the toilet and he lent forward and rested his hands on the cistern, he spread his legs as wide as he could but they were still constrained by his jeans which were round his ankles. I dropped to my knees behind him and came face to face with his arse, I parted his cheeks with my hand and pressed my face against his crack. Imediately I found his tight hole with my tongue and began to flick it around his sphincter, he began to pant heavily as I delved deeper and deeper with my tongue. I licked a finger and began to rub it round his hole all the time trying to work it deeper inside. I alternated between my tongue and my finger making sure he got nice and wet, each time I would push my tongue or my finger inside of him he would groan with satisfaction.

I stood up behind him and used my own saliva to wet my dick. I moved forward and pressed my bell against his tight hole, I tried to push inside but he was just to tight and probably a little tense, once again I wet my finger and rubbed it around and then deep inside his hole, it gripped me tightly as is fingered him. I again wet my dick and then pushed my bell against his hole, this time I wasn't going to give in and I pushed firmly as a pulled his hips back against me. He raised his arse ever so slightly and I continued to push, this time I could feel his hole opening just a little, we both continued to alter our positions little by little until as quick as a flash his hole gave a little and then closed tightly over the rim of my bell end and I was held tightly inside of him. His head dropped forward and he exhaled deeply, his sphincter gripped my bell tightly as I reached down and pulled his arse cheeks apart, very gently I started to thrust forward and with each stroke I began to ease further and further inside of him. Eventually my balls were pressed hard against his arse and I knew I was fully home, I began to fuck him his arse gripping tightly. I gripped his hips and pulled him back toward me to match my thrusts and he would push back hard against me to get me deep inside. We continued to fuck as my hands explored his body caressing his back and reaching round to his stomach and pecs. I lifted him up so that he was now standing upright but stayed deep inside of him and reached round and began to wank him. I wouldn't have thought it was possible but his dick now seemed even harder than before. He arched backward as I explored the front of his body my hand continually moving across him but always returning to his dick and balls, I began to thrust harder and harder as I continued wanking this beautiful lad. His breath was now quicker and deeper and I could feel his hole gripping my dick in waves of excitement. I quickened my pace once again and thrust deep inside of him and at the same time gripped his dick hard. He began to cum, his whole body quivered as he shot load after load into the air and over my hand, it was now that I knew I couldn't last any longer and pushed him forward. His arse was still pulsing as I rammed my dick deep inside, thrust after thrust until I knew I was cumming, I pulled out and beat my dick as I exploded over his back, each shot seemed as strong as the first until slowly it subsided.

He stood and lent back against me as I continued to caress the front of his body with my cum covered hands. It was only at this point that I realised just how out of breath I was, I felt as if I could faint at any moment. The lad turned to face me and we once again kissed and held each other for a while.
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Added: 1187 days ago / Views: 205 warum kann ich keine eigene Fotos hochladen?
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Attention Dairy Farmers
Added: 1187 days ago / Views: 519 One of my fantasies has always been to try putting my dick into the teat cup of a milking machine. Anybody out there tried it? How was it?
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Download Progress
Added: 1187 days ago / Views: 160 To: Mike18; can you guesstimate how much longer it will take for the download program to come back on line. It's been 3 days since I've been able to download. Thanks for your efforts - You are appreciated. I'm going to guess that this is a problems with everyone else too???
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download problems
Added: 1187 days ago / Views: 232 I also am having problems downloading. I get error message that says internet explorer cannolt connect to the server. this started yesterday.
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Problems Download
Added: 1187 days ago / Views: 495 Anyone else having problems downloading videos? I've tried in Chrome and Firefox and I get errors when trying to save from the download link.
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dl vids
Added: 1188 days ago / Views: 167 OK so I dl 2 vids went through the dl with no problems this was 2 days ago and they haven't pop up yet????. I even did some pic's of nothing but pic's of my motorcycles and drag boat races that I took and nothing. WTF??????
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Wanting someone to talk too
Added: 1188 days ago / Views: 213 please hit me upz
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Horny Chats
Added: 1188 days ago / Views: 1440 If any of you guys like a hot horny chat please get intouch.
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vid chat
Added: 1188 days ago / Views: 168 so (and no offence to anybody) when ever i go on the vid chat its always ppl 50 and older. any one around my age 22 that wants to cam message me about it
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horny chat
Added: 1188 days ago / Views: 173 lookin 4 guys my age near my age (22) to chat/cam with lets cum to gethere please contact me
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Added: 1188 days ago / Views: 195 Is there any jersey boys around
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horny 18yo
Added: 1188 days ago / Views: 266 want to go c2c with me
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Webcam chat
Added: 1188 days ago / Views: 169 Where is the best place to have a webcam chat? or does anyone what to to chat with me instead? ;)
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uploading videos with all-time problems
Added: 1188 days ago / Views: 553 what is wrong again? when trying to upload videos -fucking same what format- when 100 % ready then upload cancelled because your server. Uploading most of videos takes over 1 hour, because your connection, not mine. Your story/explanation this time? Greetings BSB
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Added: 1189 days ago / Views: 272 Hi can I ask if ou have ever thought of developing an app for us ipad users?
If so when can we expect to see it?
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Eveil (première partie)
Added: 1189 days ago / Views: 715 Il était une fois...


Je ressentis mon premier "orgasme" dans une maison de vacances, dans le sud de la France, en jouant secrètement avec le pommeau de douche dans une bain chaud et trouble. Terrassant, terrifiant (plaisir).

Premiers jeux de mains avec Philippe, un de mes meilleurs amis de l'époque, et certainement parmi les plus beaux garçons de ma classe: fin, timide, souriant, les cheveux mi-longs, de beaux yeux clairs. Entre deux parties de console, nous primes l'habitude de nous abriter dénudés dans le revers de ma couette. Nous nous tenions ainsi face-à-face pendant de longs moments, excités à nous regarder ou à nous caresser mutuellement, souvent pris de fous rires idiots. Lorsqu'un de mes parents entrait dans la chambre et nous surprenait sous les couvertures, nous prétendions jouer au camping dans une "tente imaginaire" que ne dissimulait pourtant que nos deux petites queues excitées par la découverte du contrôle de l'autre et de la passivité. Il avait un sexe déjà bien long pour son âge (jalousie). C'en était fini pour Philippe, je ne sais ce que ce garçon est devenu.

Premiers jeux de bouches avec Frédéric. Des baisers, avec ou sans la langue, et une belle expérience de fellations réciproques un après-midi, isolés dans sa chambre. Nous n'avions toujours pas de vraies éjaculations et pratiquâmes ainsi ce jeu toute une journée, alternant nos rôles de suceur et de sucé. Première fois à genoux, soumis et dévoué. Première fois en chien aussi, à prendre mon plaisir par les cheveux. Notre première envie fut de garder nos sexes calottés pour ne pas trop sucer le liquide qui commençait à s'en écouler. Première fois que je réalisais que ma queue était longue (fierté). Nous achevâmes cette journée dans la chambre de sa sœur qui nous laissa la caresser, lui coller quelques doigts contre ou dans sa chatte serrée mais humide. Premier contact avec le sexe d'une fille. Je pris grand plaisir à y apposer mes lèvres et ma langue pendant un moment, ce que Frédéric ne fit pas, comme par un sens instinctif des limites du monde adulte. Elle ne nous toucha pas en retour mais sembla apprécier cette expérience et son premier cunnilingus (perversion). Je ne reverrais Frédéric que des années plus tard, sans jamais reparler de cette histoire.

A ce moment, je me rapprochais surtout de François, qui resterait mon meilleur ami jusqu'à nos vingt ans. J'en tomberais un jour éperdument amoureux, de son corps magnifique, de son visage d'ange. Quelques autres potes de notre bande participeraient à nos premiers délires sexuels : Julien, Eric. Tous "définitivement" hétérosexuels (en devenir). Ce fut l'époque des échanges de Penthouse ou des premiers films pornographiques de Canal+, des premières expériences de vestiaire. A la piscine ou au bord de la mer, François et moi partagions souvent les cabines et je découvrais régulièrement son sexe impressionnant, ballotant, entre deux enfilages de maillots. Quelques rapprochements vécus à sens unique sous les douches, quelques frottements et des érections embarrassantes lorsque je frôlais son corps humide et shampouiné (fantasme).

Premier échec amoureux avec Agnès qui préféra Cyril mais voulut rester une amie (rejet).

Premier histoire hétérosexuelle avec Amélie, pourtant garçon manqué dont je tombai en amour et en amitié. Des caresses à-travers ou par-dessous les vêtements, en cachette après l'école. Le relief de ses seins en devenir. Beaucoup de tendresse et d'affection entre nous, de beaux moments de partage. Premier succès, premier baiser amoureux (grâce). Qu'est-elle devenue ?

Pendant les derniers mois du primaire, Aurélie prit pour habitude de me branler pendant les cours de l'après-midi après avoir découvert avec envie la taille de ma queue qu'elle devait juger excitante. Cette fille, qui avait déjà un peu circulé avant de me parvenir, n'était pas vraiment attirante, plutôt grosse et antipathique. Mais ses qualités de branleuse-suceuse me poussèrent à la choisir comme voisine de table attitrée pendant de longues et agréables semaines d'intense pédagogie. Premières vraies éjaculations servies, arrosant ses mains ou sa trousse pendant les cours, sa bouche pendant les récréations (salir).

Un midi, après la cantine, elle décida même de masturber toute notre bande de potes dans les toilettes. François, par timidité, se contenta d'observer la scène, Eric et moi nous laissâmes faire jusqu'à cracher entre ses mains expertes. Julien éjacula au bout de trois coups de poignet. Puis nous la doigtâmes collectivement pendant plusieurs minutes, à deux par devant, à un ou deux dans les fesses, elle parut en vouloir toujours davantage (domination). Mais c'en serait fini pour cette déjà-catine. Et François demeurait puceau au premier degré.


Arrivé en sixième, les amitiés évoluèrent légèrement, les anniversaires se transformèrent en "boums", les parents commencèrent à nous autoriser à dormir chez nos meilleurs amis. Premier souvenir d'excitation collective devant "Club privé aux Seychelles", chacun dans notre coin, nous caressant discrètement, commentant avec l'arrogance des puceaux les performances sexuelles que nous fantasmions sur l'écran. Guillaume, notre hôte du weekend, plus expérimenté, nous fit entrevoir l'épaisseur de sa bite encore mollassonne avant de la ranger illico sous une couverture : nous n'étions pas pédés quand même ! (mensonge).

Premières séances de visionnages de films pornographiques avec François (mon meilleur pote, toujours). Nous dormions souvent l'un chez l'autre. Encore aucune masturbation à proprement parler ; nous nous caressions simplement à travers nos habits ; je matais déjà les courbes impressionnantes de son entre-jambe et les spasmes de ses érections contre d'amples survêtements ou, mieux, directement contre ses caleçons. Plongé dans ces images de luxure, il parlait de filles du collège (qu'il s’apprêtait à tomber les unes après les autres), tandis que, positionné un peu en retrait de son matelas, je l'observais fantasmer et se caresser au rythme des images (désir).

Une masturbation collective eut lieu un après-midi chez François, avec Eric, Julien et Alexandre. Cette fois, autre bande d'amis, autres mœurs, nous nous fîmes jouir sans retenue, à la vue de chacun. Alexandre, dans un fauteuil plus isolé, et nous quatre, caleçons baissés, assis côte-à-côte dans le canapé familial, visionnions un de nos classiques cinématographiques. Je vis ce jour le sexe de mon meilleur ami en érection pour la première fois, encore en pleine puberté mais déjà extrêmement bien monté. Il fit impression ce jour, et ce pour toute notre adolescence. Il était à moi tout seul, à ma droite, compressé entre l'accoudoir et mon corps dénudé. Je n'osais le regarder ni en profiter comme il l'aurait mérité, en présence des autres mecs. Je ne profitais que des vibrations de sa masturbation, exagérant les miennes contre son aine. J'étais un peu le deuxième chanceux à exhiber fièrement mes attributs physiques. Eric, moins gâté, parut néanmoins fort à l'aise et décontracté à s'exhiber ainsi sur ma gauche tandis qu'Alexandre, qui avait encore ses formes d'enfant, fut plus mal à l'aise. Julien, de deux têtes de plus que nous, était doté d'une bite ridiculement petite, et François et moi pouvions clairement lire dans son regard et dans ses mots une profonde jalousie qui allait prospérer avec le temps. Je perdis le concours d'endurance, que François remporta (égo). Mais il refusa de m'éjaculer dessus comme prévu lors de l'énoncé des règles. Je feignis simplement de mal vivre l'alternative proposée : nettoyer son abdomen d'une belle quantité de sperme encore tiède au moyen d'un ou deux mouchoirs en papier (dissimulation). C'en serait alors fini de mes rapports intimes avec Eric et Julien. Eric serait le premier de ce groupe d'amis à perdre son pucelage quelques semaines plus tard.

De chaudes vacances dans les Landes l'été suivant. Aymeric est le fils d'amis de mes parents. Il est de trois ans mon aîné et me raconta une nuit les détails croustillants de son couple et de sa vie sexuelle déjà expérimentée. Je l'écoutais parler de son dépucelage précoce, de la manière dont se passe la pénétration, de sa queue qu'il trouvait trop longue et qu'il devait manier avec précaution pour ne pas heurter sa partenaire. Intrigué par son discours, je lui demandai alors timidement de me la montrer pour pouvoir juger sur pièce, ce qu'il fit sans vraiment hésiter. Il sortit de son caleçon un sexe immense, totalement reposé, qu'il étendit comme un trophée le long de sa cuisse. Sa queue parfaite et son corps de jeune homme musclé et sportif me mirent dans un état d'excitation particulièrement intense, alors que nous commençâmes à nous caresser individuellement en parlant de seins rebondis et de chattes humides. Je n'osais exposer ma ridicule bite à son regard ; quant à lui, il avait rangé la sienne sous la couverture, refusant de me montrer une érection : j'en avais "assez vu". La réalisation de mon homosexualité se joua certainement à cet instant précis. J'insistai de longues minutes pour qu'il me laissât la toucher ; il finit par céder, dans le secret total de ce grenier aménagé. Je le branlais depuis plus d'une demie-heure quand il atteignit enfin son l'orgasme. Mes mains balayèrent encore en cadence son sexe épais mais immensément long pendant de longues minutes. Jamais je n'avais vu une éjaculation aussi puissante. Les draps étaient couverts de son sperme et de mes jouissances incontrôlées, ma tête collée contre sa jambe, à quelques centimètres de son sexe en décroissance, mes doigts nageant dans un océan de vice (chance). Le lendemain, nous initiâmes plus ou moins son frère à la masturbation collective, dans une atmosphère plutôt légère et décontractée. Jeu de la biscotte que je perdis à nouveau, contre Aymeric. Seul son frère et moi montrions nos sexes ; Aymeric avait repris ses distances, en présence de son frère bien sur, mais aussi pour me faire comprendre que ce qui s'était passé n'arriverait plus jamais. Et c'en serait fini de mes rapports intimes avec Aymeric (et le frangin). Il est aujourd'hui père de famille.

Cinquième : année charnière. Après un anniversaire à la rentrée, Virginie et moi restâmes dormir chez notre ami Guillaume. Ces deux là étaient sortis ensemble l'année précédente, avaient déjà couché maintes fois ensemble, et, rapprochés par leur maturité et leur expérience commune de redoublement, étaient restés en d'excellents termes. Ce soir là, ils avaient simplement décidé de me dépuceler. Premiers pétards, nuit d'ivresse, je pénétrai deux fois Virginie, profondément ; Guillaume la pratiqua deux ou trois fois de son côté. La demoiselle passa une bonne nuit. Des courbes superbes et un regard myope et envoutant. Je ressentais la perfection et l'abandon pour la première fois de ma vie, l'oreille collée contre son cœur, à nous écouter reprendre notre souffle. Merci. Virginie et moi eurent quelques autres rapports sans grande originalité, le plus souvent chez elle, dans l'intimité cette fois-ci. J'abordais mon hétérosexualité avec une facilité plutôt déconcertante, avec elle, puis avec une certaine Céline en fin d'année. Cela n'allait pas durer (étape).

Quelques temps plus tard, mon lot de partenaires sexuels allait se réduire drastiquement : j'étais officiellement hétérosexuel, ayant fait preuve de ma virilité de manière assez précoce et efficace (compétition). Certains de mes amis (garçons) commençaient à faire de même et le temps du touche-touche s'éloigna peu à peu au profit des complexes existentiels et sexuels de l'adolescence. Mon désir et mon attirance pour le corps masculin devinrent de plus en plus dissimulés ; mes fantasmes homosexuels se focalisèrent sur mon meilleur ami, particulièrement beau garçon, intelligent et terriblement excitant. Hétérosexuel, toujours puceau, jamais branlé, jamais sucé. Il avait un grand succès auprès des filles mais hésiterait à franchir le cap sexuel pour de longues années encore (jusqu'à ses dix-neuf ans, même). Par timidité ? Etrange pour ce beau mec, sportif, dynamique. Par homosexualité refoulée ? Je le pensais malheureusement... Pourtant, il avait de gros besoins sexuels et j'en fus le premier ravi. Mais, en attendant de découvrir son corps et ses fantasmes, c'est avec un autre ami, Benjamin de deux ans mon aîné, partenaire de sport, de console et de geek attitude, que je trouvais réconfort. Je ne vis qu'une seule fois son sexe le jour où il m'en annonça la mesure, règle à la main : vingt-deux centimètres j'étais jaloux et envieux de m'en emparer, de le manipuler. Mais il le recouvrit aussitôt, je ne pus jamais profiter que de la projection de son membre contre la couverture, droite comme un volcan prêt à exploser (consolation), et des gémissements de plaisir permanents qu'il n'avait surement même pas l'impression d'émettre. Ma première faiblesse : soulever délicatement la couverture une nuit au niveau de son entrejambe, observer longuement son slip blanc rempli à craquer, approcher une main tremblante, frôler, sentir, la fermeté, l'épaisseur... Le réveiller en sursaut aussi ! Mon étalon se rendormit aussitôt sans même comprendre ce qui s'était passé. Ce fut ma seule et unique tentative le concernant : trop risqué, pas assez excitant.

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