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Guys with long hair
Views: 185 · Added: 238 days ago

What do you think about guys with long hair? Do you think they are hot? Or does it turn you off?

With long hair I mean shoulder-length hair...

Trouble Uploading
Views: 95 · Added: 238 days ago

Hey Guys,

I need some help, each time i try to upload a new vid on the site, It doesn't show up. But when it was finisched uploading it sayed it was oke.

How do i fix thisjQuery182044761867285706103_1389114247664

new sounds for 2014
Views: 120 · Added: 239 days ago

any new music sounds for this year that think will be big, MNEK,

Views: 48 · Added: 239 days ago

I am trying to upload pictures, but cannot get the format to change into the proper one to upload. Can someone tell me how?

Emotional Sexual Fantasies
Views: 235 · Added: 239 days ago

Ever have sexual fantasies that involve just a little bit of emotion? Let me tell you about the one that I came up with a couple of days ago.

This one involves my imaginary boyfriend, of course. I like to imagine that he is in the hospital for whatever reason (having his appendix removed maybe). One day, I casually go strolling into his hospital room after ending my shift at work and find him laying on his bed watching T.V. with his roomate (who just happens to also be young and attractive).

My boyfriend looks over and gives me a big smile when he notices me walking towards him (his bed is closest to the door with the other guy's bed on the opposite side).

I stroll over to the curtain that is hanging between the two beds and notice the roomate watching me as I slowly pull the curtain around my boyfriends bed. While I'm doing this, I'm looking at the roomate with a look on my face that says "mind your business".

I turn around and see my boyfriend staring at me with a loving grin on his face. That grin that he only gives to me and no one else. Before I sit on the side of his bed, I quietly pull his blanket down and notice that he's got a bit of a bulge going on underneath his gown.

As I'm sitting there on his bed, I'm chatting with him about how he's doing and tell him about how much I'm missing him. Once I have his full attention, I place my hand under his robe and on his knee. I slowly begin to slide my hand sensually up the inside of his thigh and onto his raging pole.

We keep speaking to each other as I'm sitting there slowly and sensually stroking him. After a bit, I tell him that I need to see his scar, so I reach down and gently pull his gown up, exposing his scar and boner. I keep stroking him as I gently trace his scar with the tip of my finger. I give him a warm smile and tell him that I'm sorry he's in the hospital. He just smiles back and tell's me that these things happen.

After a few seconds of silence, I bend down and begin licking his dick while I look him in the eye. He smiles back and gives me a look that says "please go all the way". I close my eyes and gently place him in my mouth while he tilts his head back and struggles not to make any noise.

As I'm slowly sucking on him, I open my eyes a bit and notice that his roomate is covertly watching us from around the curtain. I'm slightly angry about his sudden voyeurism but I don't say anything because I don't want to frighten my boyfriend.

I re-close my eyes and know that my boyfriend is getting close by his sudden thrusting in and out of my mouth. I pull my mouth off of him and begin stroking him again as I watch him shoot a load of jizz onto his face. I knew that my boyfriend hasn't gotten off in a long time. We are fiercely loyal to each other and would never pleasure ourselves without the other being right next to us.

After I clean him off with a cloth that I snuck into the hospital, I bend down and kiss him and notice a tear roll off his eye and down the side of his face. I know that my boyfriend misses me and is eager to come home and be with me again, and he knows that I am hurting and equally as eager to once again have him by my side.

I stand up and slowly pull the curtain back from around the bed and notice the roomate watching me again. I tilt my head down sligtly, raise my right eyebrow and give him a look that says "don't you say a damn thing to my boyfriend about this!".

I turn and smile at my boyfriend and tell him that I will be back later, being sure to say it loud enough that his roomate will hear me. I walk out into the hallway far enough that my boyfriend can't see me. I turn and glare at his roomate one last time before walking away...

So what are some of your emotional fantasies? Tell me about that special fantasy that you've conjured up in the past that means more to you than the other ones.

hot teens
Views: 98 · Added: 239 days ago

Hi guys! i have hot teen boys pictur. but i cannot upload. anyone know how to upload it in this site? please let me know.!
Views: 215 · Added: 240 days ago

use this to communicate and translate many languages.

Sound Quality
Views: 88 · Added: 240 days ago

Hi guys,

been getting a few comments about the sound quality on my vids, with some sort of buzzing sound or something like that throughout the vids when I use my webcam and HD webcam. Any idea how to stop this?

Youngest you should date...per Butch
Views: 187 · Added: 240 days ago

Views: 133 · Added: 240 days ago

new for 2014, or beyond. Having a bond with someone, is important to me, someone you can trust, you can have your up and down days, maybe you wont agree to everything in life together, but forgiveness, or just holding out your hand and saying sorry to that special person. Maybe take then out for a chinese meal, flirt with then, make them smile or share a hot tub together, it re-ignites the friendship flames, pass them a beer or just a nice cuppa. You know they care deep down, they will have my friendship forever........

Why is it?
Views: 306 · Added: 240 days ago

Why do cocks seem bigger in the mirror or in pictures/videos than in person?

Views: 86 · Added: 240 days ago

been trying to upload a video for thepast 2 month and no luck. Any pointer on how to get it on here? I keep on waiting for it to be approved but it never gets approved

Loading Times
Views: 257 · Added: 241 days ago

Has anyone else been having serious problems with videos loading?

They seem to take several minutes just to load a few seconds. It's very annoying. It's been going on for a bit now.

Sucking Cock ?
Views: 728 · Added: 241 days ago

Anybody have a hard time fitting a cock in their mouth ? I seem to have a real small mouth and would like to know if their is a method to learning how to do this.

umm what prefer....
Views: 536 · Added: 241 days ago

Big and hairy, or small and shaved?

Suggestion for admins
Views: 61 · Added: 241 days ago


After login, it will great if the site goes to the exact page I was before of login.

Today, if I am seeing a photo or video and I want to do login to add it in favorites, after login the refresh goes to my profile and this is not efficient.

Congrats for the site, it's the one of bests.

No idea how to use this
Views: 151 · Added: 242 days ago

How long does it take for my videos to show up on here? I uploaded 3.

How do I upload more photos? It only allows one profile pic!

And how do I get all the great photos and animated gifs onto my home page?

Happy New Year !!!!
Views: 113 · Added: 242 days ago

For this new year, I wish the best for all members of gayboystube !!!


Is he A. Monroe?
Views: 212 · Added: 243 days ago

Who's the blonde on ? Is he Austin Monroe from Belami ?

Video Quality On Gay Boys Tube?
Views: 170 · Added: 243 days ago

Why are so many videos poor quality?...all blurry and pixalated?

to late :-))
Views: 71 · Added: 243 days ago

omg i forgot this forum/space Happy New Year to all of you, i hope you enjoy xmas and newyears-parties :-)

So when is this website suppose to start working again?

My New Years Resolutions
Views: 107 · Added: 245 days ago

I resolve to balance my checkbook. (on my nose!)

I resolve to Google myself. (ooooh....that tickles)

I resolve to stop letting my forgot.

I resolve to stop hooking up with Craigslist guys. (Damn rash!)

I resolve to suck my thumb when I can't find a cock.

I relsove to stop saying," Ooh, that feels nice", whenever the security guys frisk me at airports.

I resolve to be one with my duality. (Typical Gemini)

I resolve to stop blaming the dog when I fart.

I resolve to stay up until midnight THIS New Years make SURE the old year leaves!

Let's face it.....A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year .....and out the other.

HAPPY NUDE REAR GBT'ers!! (((HUGZ))) :Deeenis de Meeenace

New Year 2014
Views: 77 · Added: 245 days ago

A Happy and Safe 2014 to all here. May you have the joy and peace you deserve.

Views: 238 · Added: 245 days ago

Does anyone know who the mysterious "moderator(s)" here is? What is his story? Has anyone actually had any interaction with this will-o'-the-wisp? Or is he really another "Wizard of Oz"? Or maybe the "Banker" from "Deal or No Deal"? We all know what a "sweetheart" he was! LOL Air Tight Outta Sight!

new year nearly
Views: 85 · Added: 245 days ago

tis nearly that time of year, looking forward to 2014, had a lot of heartache, hopefully the new one will be more pleasureable. signing off this one with lots of love for all my friends here on gbt, HAPPY NEW YEAR, when it starts, it started with a kiss, hug..................................

Views: 572 · Added: 246 days ago

I notice more members have their albums set to "private".
Many thanks to the members who make their posts available to all.
Your generosity is much appreciated.

But Human Nature Always Prevails...
Views: 137 · Added: 246 days ago

There have been some blog posts in the last couple of days mentioning how wonderful the World would be if we all joined hands, had a group hug and lived in utopia; great stuff but there is a downside - here is an article in todays New Zealand Herald Newspaper about that sort of thing...

Just something that will make you giggle....he had to work so hard to get this down right:

nothing works
Views: 66 · Added: 246 days ago

can not get a video to work..............itried many

I once heard a story told about what Heaven and Hell were like. It went something like this. In hell, people sit round a big table filled with good food of all sorts, but the silverware, which is chained to the table, is too huge for them to bring to their faces and feed themselves with, so they starve. While in heaven, people sit round a big table filled with good food of all sorts, but the silverware, which is chained to the table, is too huge for them to bring to their faces and feed themselves with, so they feed the person across from them.

We can bring heaven to earth by being here for one another. We need each other. Life will be filled with hard times. It's not that there won't be darkness in each of our lives. It's that each of us can bring a little light to each other's hard times.

You can read the full story at:

Wheres our Toby
Views: 79 · Added: 246 days ago

i mean toby who had the bone marrow transplant...........Billy

Happy New Year
Views: 87 · Added: 247 days ago

I want a whole community of GBT a good year in 2014 and that all your wishes are realized, I wish you love and meet someone with whom you feel good.
For me, my dearest wish, would be able to speak better English to be able to discuss with you.
Happy New Year everyone.

Merry Christmas
Views: 118 · Added: 247 days ago

Hi all sorry for being late but i just had this awful week, i been without power since 9pm Sat night and been bitter cold in my house. It been 112 hours and my power yet to be turned on and have not got alot of sleep over the last few days. Also work been crazy to with the last minute shoppers. Hell we had no lights and we were still busy (don't know why we were still open) So i hope everyone had a better Christmas then me. Big hugs to you.

гєคl ℓღνє
Views: 94 · Added: 247 days ago

Blogs 2013
Views: 256 · Added: 247 days ago

Well who wrote the best blogs in 2013 not about sex but interesting things or good storys who would you pick.Mabe some thing inspiring that picks out from the rest think about it please


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