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Fun Pic: Just For Laughs
Views: 140 · Added: 234 days ago

Finally Off To Bed (oops...)
Views: 77 · Added: 234 days ago

Just wanted to say goodnight

My Giggle Of The Day
Views: 107 · Added: 234 days ago


This video always cheers me up if I feel down.

Views: 155 · Added: 234 days ago

I've just taken a look at my friends list...

C'รจ qualche italiano su questo sito ?
Views: 104 · Added: 234 days ago

Ciao a tutti :) Mi chiedevo se ci fosse qualche ragazzo italiano della mia et

Billy Elliot
Views: 230 · Added: 234 days ago

OMG i watch billy elliot yesterday and it is one of the best films ever :)

Lost video clip
Views: 221 · Added: 234 days ago

I watched a video clip today. It had 2 young twink boys in briefs.They BB fucked and one cum up the other . It was very erotic and I thought I had saved it. It appears not to be the case. The guy posting was called something like Maddtrader. Has anyone heard of him and could they send me a like to his videos.

Dailight savings time remember to set your sun dial...
Views: 179 · Added: 234 days ago

...spring ahead.

Ultimate Dream Sex Partner/Couple/Orgy Group
Views: 140 · Added: 235 days ago

What is your ultimate dream sex partner/Couple/Orgy Group? What is the ultimate fantasy couple or group of people that would engage in the sex of your dreams? You can exclude yourself too. These people can be celebrities or pornstars or just an ideal physique type. Any race and gender identity is valid here. No discriminatiion. For men, for instance, twinks, bears, and jocks are examples of physique types.

I am Thankful for.....
Views: 655 · Added: 236 days ago

my vids
Views: 95 · Added: 236 days ago

i hope u all like my vids :)

Custom profile pages?
Views: 121 · Added: 236 days ago


this is my first blog entry :D

I have a question: I already saw several profiles with a custom design (different text font, size, etc.). Could somebody explain me how to do this?

Is there maybe also a web tool that can generate me the code.

I'm studying Applied Computer Science and know about programming and stuff but why should I get my head around it when there are already solutions for this :D

Testicles, one, two, three, testicles.
Views: 165 · Added: 236 days ago

Testicles, one, two, three, testicles.

To my friends:
Views: 77 · Added: 236 days ago

Congratulations Billyboy96 on 800 GBT days
Views: 212 · Added: 237 days ago

Love you booboo :)

Socks are the wonderments with cocks!
Views: 106 · Added: 237 days ago

Socks are wonderments with cocks!

Mrs Doubtfire Returns..
Views: 111 · Added: 237 days ago

Have Ron Wood from The Jeff Beck Group, The Faces, and

Have you ever notice how mushrooms look like cocks?!!

Views: 82 · Added: 238 days ago

think I may be getting converted, watched a tv program tonight, about cowboys in alberta canada, and enjoyed Beverley Mahood, never heard of her before. and somebody called George mac i think

Embarrassing Moments
Views: 380 · Added: 238 days ago

I have an embarrassing moment which I'd like to share.

I like them young. I can't hide ;)

I hope that someone somewhere is documenting the history of gay porn in both film and other formats!

Password Reset
Views: 50 · Added: 238 days ago

Is anyone having problems logging into their account?

Favela Boy
Views: 98 · Added: 238 days ago

Views: 765 · Added: 239 days ago

I just found out about this guy. Have no idea why he's famous aside from being gorgeous. Also, I hope he's hung like a horse, since I haven't seen any photos featuring his bulge or anything. It would to complement that amazing body and that pretty face of his!

What do you guys think about him?

Here's his blog:

I recently started watching Arrested Development and I can't get enough of Tobias Funke's sheninanigans. lmao.

Here are some highlights:

Send links to the best young cute teen boy videos

20 Years Of Bieber
Views: 394 · Added: 240 days ago

Justin Bieber celebrates his 20th Birthday tomorrow and I thought I would mark the occasion with a joke:

What do you call it when a "Belieber" punches JB in the mouth? (answer in the first post)

Question for administrators
Views: 239 · Added: 240 days ago

How long does it take for a video to be approven, and if not, do I get any kind of notification about it or not?

Thanks in advance

Share a Hug Today
Views: 117 · Added: 241 days ago

Shout Out
Views: 91 · Added: 241 days ago

My backs making it impossible for me today.

Small Cocks?
Views: 423 · Added: 241 days ago


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