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Slow downloads and downloads that dont finish..
Views: 45 · Added: 235 days ago

I love the is free! But when I try to dl big files......the dl is usually very slow and if the file is real just stops downloading.......frustrating!

Is it mejQuery18207069138848151779_1393540617567???



Roy Simmons RIP
Views: 57 · Added: 235 days ago

A gay footballer called Roy Simmons died last week at the young age of 57 and I thought his passing should be mentioned.

He came out on the Phil Donaghue talk show some years ago which resulted in the usual fuss from the "Usual Suspects".

Unfortunately for Simmons he had a fondness for booze and cocaine which meant his actual playing career was fairly short; starting around 1979 and ending at the 1984 Superbowl where his team lost.

Upload Photos
Views: 46 · Added: 235 days ago

Anybody else finding it difficults as HELL to upload photos!

Views: 236 · Added: 235 days ago

i know there is xbox and so on, but you must have tried board games like scrabble or monopoly, well

Giovanni di Giovanni
Views: 122 · Added: 235 days ago

Many of us discuss matters of gay persecution today, but I was reading about one poor prick from several hundred years ago called Giovanni di Giovanni.

He lived in Florence, in Italy, and was charged and convicted of being a bottom to a large number of men and labelled "a public and notorious passive sodomite".

His punishment was to be castrated (eekk!) and a red hot iron shoved up his backside!

Done with blogs
Views: 891 · Added: 236 days ago

Done with this part of this site.

Views: 561 · Added: 236 days ago

How many times have you cheated on your boyfriend?

Another One Bites The Dust...
Views: 79 · Added: 236 days ago

In the game of Ten Pin-Striking-Down-Stupid-Laws it is Round One to the gay couple who challenged the Texas ban on gay marriage.

No need to scream hysterically, no need to abuse critics, no need for over the top antics - just go to Court and state your case.

Drop My Pretenses
Views: 198 · Added: 236 days ago

Sometimes I wonder how its even possible to feel so alone in a world of millions. Right now I feel like I could cry forever. What do I even have to offer? Just some stupid dreams that will never become reality. I'm hoping that venting will at least slow the tears. Then just maybe they'll stop. Iv'e never felt so vulnerable and weak in my life. But today I just don't possess the energy to flash a fake smile, laugh at the insulting jokes, or massage your ego. I know that I shouldn't rely on others to make me happy, one day all I want is someone to make me laugh, to hold me when life breaks me down and tell me it will all be ok. Someone who sees past all the flaws and sees me for me.

blond boys
Views: 329 · Added: 236 days ago

it's just my opinion, but I think blond boys have the hawtest body hair. fuzzy balls, furry legs, armpits, even treasure trails.

chat ?
Views: 54 · Added: 236 days ago

Anybody up for some hot, sexy yahoo chat jQuery182042701577534899116_1393447645374

chat ?
Views: 44 · Added: 236 days ago

Anybody up for some hot, sexy yahoo chat jQuery182042701577534899116_1393447645374

19 yo old latino boy, horny tonight, seeking friends.
Views: 106 · Added: 236 days ago

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Views: 101 · Added: 236 days ago

now with my girl ;)

Watch Movie Together or Go Clubbing?
Views: 95 · Added: 237 days ago

I guess this question don't apply to me

'Aristocratic Vice'
Views: 90 · Added: 237 days ago

I have just finished reading an hilarious book about the "Cleveland Street Affair".

This was a major scandal in 1889 in London where a gay brothel was discovered which catered to quite an upper class clientele.

The funniest part of it is that homosexuality was portrayed as an 'aristocratic vice' which corrupts lower class young men lol

"Exposed!" the headline of the Red Pepper tabloid read, beneath photographs of Ugandans it said were gay, as well as reporting on lurid stories of alleged homosexual actions.

"Uganda's 200 top homos named," the daily newspaper added, which listed both those who have openly declared their sexuality as well as those who had not, including gay rights activists, priests and music stars.

"In salutation to the new law, today we unleash Uganda's top homos and their sympathisers," the newspaper added.

Gay Law

Sweet Dreams
Views: 78 · Added: 238 days ago

Just seen the time. It's not long gone 5am here in the UK...

Is Vova 18 ?
Views: 657 · Added: 238 days ago

Simeon Solomon
Views: 82 · Added: 238 days ago

The Advocate has an article online today about Simeon Solomon, a gay artist from the 19th century.

I became aware of his work about 10 years ago and have always found it strange that Solomon seldom appears in books, or other media, about gay artists despite his enormous volume of excellent work and tragic story.

If you have a few minutes then clicking on the link and reading about him will be well worth it.

Solomon's was the usual story in the Victorian England period - lauded widely, gets caught shagging, everyone shuns him, comes to a tragic end. Poor bugger!

What Is Your Favourite Hitchcock Movie?
Views: 195 · Added: 238 days ago

I have always been a great fan of Hitchcock movies; which one is your favourite?

Make love not war
Views: 101 · Added: 238 days ago

Is this photo most beautiful?
Views: 284 · Added: 238 days ago

Have you all ever thought that chicken skin is kind of like scrotum?!

Ismealan Hits 600 Days
Views: 129 · Added: 239 days ago

One of the bestest best members of GBT, Alan, 'ismealan' celebrates 600 days on the site tomorrow and I wanted to mark the occasion and wish him all the best for the next 600 days. Always enjoy talking to you Alan HUGS

A surprise package
Views: 204 · Added: 239 days ago

On my Birthday, the other day...

Sounthern California Vacation
Views: 366 · Added: 239 days ago

Hi Guys. My family (Me, my wife and 2 older teenagers)are thinking about coming to Southern California this August for a holiday. I've been reading the Lonely Planet Guide and it mentions the traffic is bad wherever you go, fog on the west coast, sea is cold! We are thinking of flying to LA, driving up the coast to Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Yosemite, Las Vegas, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs and fly back from San Diego.

So, I was wondering, those who live in California or who have been there, is it really that bad:) What suggestions do you have? Thank you.

Thank you!!!
Views: 94 · Added: 239 days ago

As of 2/23...I HAVE 200 friends!!! thank you guys sooooooooooooooooo much for adding me to your friends list. :)

Time zones
Views: 128 · Added: 239 days ago

I have a favour to ask all friends...

Vova, still beautiful.
Views: 123 · Added: 239 days ago

Is Leo 18 ?
Views: 100 · Added: 239 days ago

Balls Deep.
Views: 114 · Added: 239 days ago

Views: 144 · Added: 239 days ago


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