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bored and horney neone want to chat :P

any 1 from massachusets?
Views: 267 · Added: 1130 days ago

heyy im tryna find a young cute guy like mme around my area hmu on here ;)

to gays bisexuals and lesbian ppl:
Views: 222 · Added: 1087 days ago

Love Is Love

♂ + ♂ = ♥

♀ + ♀ = ♥

♀ + ♂ = ♥

It doesn't freaking matter who you love!

Views: 214 · Added: 1000 days ago

hey i mkinda horny who wants to help me. ill help u ;)

star tattoos
Views: 185 · Added: 913 days ago

I have been wondering what a star tattoo means if anything - emblem or sign or brand? If anyone knows, pls inform.

The moment you realized you weren't straight
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Alright everyone not only am I new to this site, but also just recently came out to my friends as being interested in men and women. I would like to hear your coming out stories! Firstly, I'm going to start with mine. It was my sophomore (10th) grade year in high school, which I'm 21 so it wasn't too terribly long ago, I was in the bathroom. Every day I used this bathroom (there were multiple bathrooms in my school) for that entire school year. It became apparent that every day it was the same people that went in there so that's that. One day I walked in and went to the urinal, and at that point I was the only person in there, then one of the "regulars" walked in, said "well, it's time to whip out my big cock" and pulled his shorts down, and at first I was like what the hell? From my peripheral vision I could see this thing... hanging down and I was like should I look, or should I not? Lol, well, I did. I looked over, and saw his really big dick hanging out of his shorts. In my head I was like "oh my god".

video upload issue
Views: 490 · Added: 735904 days ago

I have added several videos today. some just disappeared after they were there for a few minutes the others never showed up??? whats up with that?

Still not fixed
Views: 209 · Added: 1388 days ago

While watching videos the pause button still disappears as does the full screen option. The fast forward option also is still unavailable.

Since last year (Oct 2010) when the servers crashed/changed, none of my new video uploads ever posted. I was just about to give up but about a week ago another member here JAMIEH posted a simple blog question asking what was the best video format to upload? My bud fjoe1957 simply replied - FLV.

Well, I had always uploaded my vids as .mov so I decided, why not try .FLV? That's what I did and the 3 vids that I uploaded in that format posted. I hope it continues to work and I hope I haven't just jinxed myself lol. So THANKS to JAMIEH and fjoe1957!!! I owe you. :-P


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Just moved to South Manchester, any lads about give me a message.

nc here
Views: 224 · Added: 1087 days ago

i wish i could find younger men from the nc area :)

Views: 195 · Added: 1000 days ago

anyone here from Sydney, Australia?

thanks Nick
Views: 143 · Added: 913 days ago

tomorrow is my 2 yr anniversary here, i've seen the sight go thru many changes and go thru the bad probs too...i enjoyed it and look forward to many more!!!!!!! thank all those who help you too!

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so new state new ife old family members i havent seen for 15 year yet i feel diff they know and respect and love that im gay and i happy but still feel the need to impress them i dont know wat to think these days with life moving on and im just standing there wanting the past how do you let go of sumthink hat helps you see thing as they are.... well thanks anyway ppl and hopfully ill move on or change myeelings

NY Senate bill seeks to end anon Internet posting
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Well...everywhere around the world it should be Christmas right about now. The most wonderful day of the year! Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you are with loved ones right now cherishing the day..eating a lot...opening loads of presents...and being with the ones who truly make it the season. God Bless Us Everyone! Have a wonderful day guys and Merry Christmas to all...and to all a GOOD NIGHT!!! :D

This is a poem perfromed by its author at a poetry slam.

Is there a way to change the eMail on my account?
Views: 197 · Added: 1130 days ago

I've forgotten the password for my old email which is on my profile and I can't seem to change it!! Thanks in advance.

-Alex :)

Friends list
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Is there any way to change the 4 friend on my main page? It used to change when I added new friends but now it doesn't. No offence to the 4 that are there now, but it would be nice to change it up a little.

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Views: 178 · Added: 1000 days ago

who wants to wank with me

wish you all ...
Views: 198 · Added: 942 days ago

... a nice hot weekend :p

wales uk guys
Views: 124 · Added: 860 days ago

im looking for guys from wales uk what is young

and im good at making a porn dvd in the next month or sore if guys one me on it massage me so i know come guys is up for it young guy no one over 26.

If anyone in the springfield mo area who might like to talk about being in porn or is thinking about getting into porn and needs advice please feel free to contact me. I've produced some in the past as well as been a talent scout I can offer what I learned and tell you the mistakes I made

golo free
Views: 79 · Added: 504 days ago

hiiiiiiii every body if u like add me on skype: golo93
im 20 years and i like boy under 22

Curiosity: Uploads
Views: 43 · Added: 170 days ago

So, I thought I'd be nice and upload some random stuff I found on the net and the Upload page itself caught my eye - 'I certify that I own the content' and 'I certify that I have consent to post it' - or however it's written.

Now, I'm not knocking anyone or anything about it, unless you upload stuff you bought or of yourself, that's perfectly fine, but, what about the very highly likely/high percentage of pictures and videos that probably don't belong to the uploader and no consent was had because this is the Internet and as long as I can copy and download stuff very sneakily, it don't matter.

I'm just curious about the whole thing really, because the wording makes it seem like it'd be total blashpemy if you don't adhere to it :P

Views: 271 · Added: 1394 days ago

funtion is broken. tried 3 browsers!

NEW Pics.
Views: 216 · Added: 971 days ago

Hey guys just recently I posted some new pics of me on here. Check them out, and let me know what you think. Hope to hear from some of you guys. LATER

Views: 291 · Added: 942 days ago site has ceased to exist as from this evening without any prior notice. Seems odd that it should close on a Saturaday evening so abruptly.

gotta go
Views: 82 · Added: 538 days ago

hi I've been here lots of times.
But I gotta go now cause it's getting to old. I need young hotties.

update on me if anyone is interested
Views: 163 · Added: 405 days ago

I don't know why I am doing this. I guess its because everyone from school that I thought were my friends have moved on, most were just interested in my body. I at the request of my mother again went to confession Sunday, the Priest wants me to come in for counseling. I guess 12 hail Mary's just wont get the gay out. Mom has a big photo of Jesus in my room on the cross hate to say it but he's pretty hot.

I went to be fitted for my peg leg. They took casts of my thigh. Also next month I will get ceramic balls implanted in my sack. So at least it looks normal. Don't know if anyone will ever get close enough to see them again but they are supposed to be real imitations? Of course they don't work. Don't know if I can or will ever get a hardon again, right now my meds prevent that.

Oh well I'm alive right? Yea I'd fix that issue if I had a gun believe me

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We can all help make a difference no matter how big or small it is.


spy vids
Views: 462 · Added: 735904 days ago

hi all i'm really into watchin SPY vids. NE ONE NO WHERE I CAN C MORE? cheers guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

good video
Views: 231 · Added: 999 days ago

I think someone could try to post that on 'gayboystube'. =)

Outbox Mail Problem
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My problem, although maybe that is the way it is supposed to work, is that whenever I upload vids, I get individual outbox messages telling my subscribers that I have uploaded a new video. Having a lot of subscribers and uploading a lot of files, my outbox gets huge and I then have to go through and delete them so I can actually see the necessary outbox messages.

I looked in preferences but wasn't able to see any checkable item to hinder this from happening. Am I resigned to delete all my subscribers to take care of this problem? Obviously I would like them to know about my new uploads.


The young man, only 19 in the movie, looks like a bambi: Bobby Kendall, the legendary actor of "Pink Narcisus", the first gay independend movie of all time, made in the sixties, is a legend. No one knows untill now, although he is alive or dead. His real name, any dates or informations about him- nothing. But his real firstname was known- Robert or Roberto. That he is a latin, you see by his skin. In the movie, he has strong presence. And, through the pants, you see the shadow of his best thing. But in these time to show a cok, it was forbidden and this was the reason, why the boys carries so narrow pants. You can dream about it and you should. There is one scene, Bobby is totally nude and walks along a wood. Sometimes you see shortly his dick, but the director of the movie, James Bidgood, let it be a secret.

Nowadays, such innovate and artifical movies doesn´t made by young directors. Neither they are like real porn or they haven´t any kind of erotic. In this case, they are extreme. In the old days, Bidgood and Kendall made filmhistory. They took the dreams of all gay man and put it in a movie, that was made like a eden or a paradise of gay. A lot of artist have copied the style of James Bidgood: Andy Warhol, David LaChapelle, Bruce Weber, Pierre et Gilles for example. And some music-videos of Madonna or the Pet Shop Boys take the idea of the "gay kitschy glitz".

Nowadays, James Bidgodd, born 1933, is still alive, but he is ill. He lives in New York and think of the better days of the legendary seventies. Bobby Kendall was his boyfriend all the time of the sixties. In my opionion, after his death, there will be more informations about Bobby Kendall and his own life. Untill then, we can wait and watch the film and dreamed...


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