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make a wish
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see if I can make one person smile from the inside, its all been worth it, life is all about celebrating, and I lke to share my love and friendship with you all

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Hi everyone. New here.
Added: 1294 days ago / Views: 280 I am new here. I really have to say that this site is sooo awesome. People is so nice and most of guys treat me very well. I feel like I am part of the team.
Well, I post this beacause I wonder if you guys can help me with some issues I have. I am virgin, but I take my time to think if I get fucked today I would like to play bottom.
The problem is that I dont know anything about sex. About flirting. About anything.
Bottom guys what do you do when you are with other guys? Top dudes what do yoou like about bottoms, what do you like they do to you.?
If you can hepl me (any tip) I would really appreciate it!
PS: I accept everyone as friend here! :)

Thanks in advance!
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Need a good laugh?.....
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2014 Just for Men World Beard and Moustache Championships®
Added: 630 days ago / Views: 175

On Oct. 26, 2014, last weekend, the 2014 Just for Men World Beard and Moustache Championships took place inside the spectacular, 3,000-seat Keller Auditorium in downtown Portland, Oregon. Approximately 300 contestants competed in 18 different categories. After a fierce day of competition the judges declared Madison Rowley the champion. On hand to capture the festivities was photographer Greg Anderson.

You can see the entire 202-picture album on Gregs Facebook page:

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California attorney general to ask judge to halt 'shoot the gays' initiative
Added: 483 days ago / Views: 149 You can't make stuff like this up...Sigh.
California attorney general to ask judge to halt 'shoot the gays' initiative

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Hello Everybody
Added: 189 days ago / Views: 91

Hey Guys. Just wanted to see how everybody is doing

Hope you guys are all doing well!!! :)

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in the emhurst il area
Added: 1472 days ago / Views: 311 let me know if your by elmhurst IL and wanta have fun? Im 17 no one knows im bi. im 6'1 about 190 lol let me know if you wanta have fun ha lol or just hang.
email or PM me
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Invite on my profile
Added: 1293 days ago / Views: 298 Sooo... I want to invite you on my profile. ^.^ Im 19 years old boy from Poland and I like young boys with medium hair. ;3 Anyone know how I can add to my profile any mods or addons? ;<
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Od romance reunited????
Added: 1176 days ago / Views: 199 I've been seeing this guy for about 4 months. As it happens, we've known each other for years. We tried dating about 8 years ago, but it just didn't work out. No big fight, just quietly parted ways. Then 1 day we run into each other in a grocery store and strike up a conversation. Been seeing each other regularly ever since. We've both grown and matured a lot over the last 8 years. Just wanted some opinions on our situaltion. Has 2 much time passed?? Should we just be friends?? Kinda at a loss rite now. We really like each other and enjoy our time together. I can honestly see this as being a good thing for both of us. Any and all feedback wud be appreciated. Thanks all!!
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that little thing, that affects us all, on how you are treated or not, just being a friend is all someone needs

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Is there anyone here that from Florida?
Added: 1811 days ago / Views: 320 Hello everyone!

Is there anyone that is from florida? I would like to have a friend to talk too. If interested. send me a message. You all Have a wonderful day. Thank you for reading this.
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I'm Moving YAY
Added: 1646 days ago / Views: 338 I'm moving to the Canaries tomorrow woooooooooooooooooooooo xD
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Some pretty sick people in the world
Added: 1378 days ago / Views: 251 On his eighth birthday he was tied to a tree, doused in petrol and set on fire.

The inferno left Robbie Middleton with third-degree burns to 99 per cent of his body. No-one expected him to survive.

But in a story of staggering courage, Robbie lived. He endured 200 operations and endless therapy to repair the burns.

Tragically, he was to die just weeks short of his 21st birthday from a cancer which doctors blamed on the original injuries.
After years of such terrible suffering, Robbie’s premature death was to have one positive outcome

In a harrowing 17-minute video made just before he died, he named the man he believed had torched him in Splendora, Texas, in 1998.

And he also claimed that he had been raped by the same person, a 13-year-old neighbour called Don Collins, two weeks before being set alight.....
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my friend - things arnt always good but gbt and my friends here make it better and inspire me to be positive and dream along the way i apprieiate the random posts and the daily ones ....without you guys ... well i try to share my world and thank gbt aka nick for the opportunity and to you thanks to those that send humour positivity and randomness my way even if your far far away  and who appreciate my randomness [eace take care and inspire - giles


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Gay movies
Added: 1672 days ago / Views: 484 I have seen almost all gay movies. I wonder if you have seen gay movies? What is your favourite movie? I have many favourite movies such as 10 1/2, Mysterious Skin, LIE, Milk, Summer Storm, Beautiful Thing, and Pixote.
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Jordan's Daily Giggle - 2
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Webmasters deleted so many of my gallerys!
Added: 466 days ago / Views: 285

Without notification the webmasters deleted over 40 of my gallerys. Without notification or reason why. Thats not the right way. Im angry and dont post any more new pics.

Bye all.

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Added: 332 days ago / Views: 198

a fantastic show by boz scaggs..I hope you listen and watch..heavenly sounds..

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Again uploading problem
Added: 1457 days ago / Views: 326 I am allready bored with uploading vids, which are not listed.
Latelly I've uploaded again several movies: no underage, no company's logo on it, not posted here before (can you belive, that I saw ALL vids here?), nothing what could eliminate it from listing.
Am I blacklisted here ? I see every day new vids uploaded and listed, but NOT mine.
I like very much this board, but I am pissed off with uploading (successfully) and not listed. I am uploading daily vids to other boards and "tube" websites, and do not face such problems like here.
I repeat - this is great froum, but I will refrain from uploading antything more, as I see it absolutelly pointless.
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Added: 1377 days ago / Views: 271 Songs. Each day we hear them. They are everywhere. In our heads, our cars, our tvs, and radios. They make us cry, they make us laugh, and most importantly they make us feel good inside. Too many times, I hear songs, without really listening to them. Without actually grasping the emotions put in every letter and every single word. If you pay attention you can hear the sadness, the pain and every other emotion. You can hear the defiance, the power of a single voice. A song is never flawless, you can hear every note, every crack in a persons voice. Thats what makes it real.
Songs give you a glimpse into the troubles of the rest of the world. Close your eyes and listen. Listen with your heart, listen with your soul. Let the emotions wash over you. Let the words touch you. Let them into your head. I guess I had to hit rock bottom again to figure this out. But I am fine with it. I would hit rock bottom a million times, to learn a million lessons of life. I've tried so hard to fight with the problems in my life. I don't want to fight them anymore. Right now I can't afford to care about them. I'll push them out of my mind, because I will not let them control me. I'm taking my damn life back. I'm going to be happy,I'm going to hit the ground running and no one can stop me this time. I'm gonna flourish, I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna sing, and I'm gonna scream for the whole world to hear. Yes, I am pouring my heart out into this blog. Yes, every word is full of emotion, and yes, I will do it again. I've done things that I'm not proud of, I have regrets just like any other person out there. I have dreams, I have hopes. Some might even say that I deserve every bad thing that I've been handed. I can't say that I agree or even disagree. I am the only person that can free my mind. Im still finding myself, I don't truly know who I am or who I want to be in life.
I have felt true love once in my life, not the kind of love that you give to family. The kind of love that makes you revolve around that person, the kind of love that brings tears to your eyes if you imagine leaving them. The kind of love that helps you finish each others sentences. A love that seems to good to be true. A love that keeps them on your mind at all hours of the day.
I don't know too much about what life has in store for me, but I do know one thing.
I want that kind of love, and I won't give up until I find it. -Danny
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900 days
Added: 1176 days ago / Views: 231 Well have been here 900 days and would not miss a day.I am more of a qiet reader then a writer.This site is the best site i no of.Keep up the good work love you all.Bye the way my name is Jerry ( Jeremy )
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Finally able to fix my page since Imgur screwed up and wouldn't show any photos here :) YaY!!!
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Drop by tell me what you think and rate my page please :) hug xxx 

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Where is.....oh never mind
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Access Denied
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Added: 584 days ago / Views: 128 hey guys marry christmas to you all godbless xxx
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wishing all my friends a loving weekend, love, Scott

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Added: 1176 days ago / Views: 196 Someone from Venezuela?
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The Importance of Friends
Added: 701 days ago / Views: 209

Yesterday was an incredible life-changing day for me, one that I am still trying to come to terms with.

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Hard Core Films - Long or Short
Added: 644 days ago / Views: 206

What hard core films can anyone recommend that have a story and include hard core fucking?

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Zack Snyder's
Added: 465 days ago / Views: 156

The first "Batman vs Superman" teaser trailer will debut this Monday on IMAX. The director post on twitter a sneak peak of the upcoming teaser, here's the link : 

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Ever wondered?
Added: 1854 days ago / Views: 506 My cock is cut but I have always wondered what it would be like to be uncut. I've read somewhere that it makes a person feel an orgasm better when un cut. Does anyone ever wonder what it would be like to have the opposite of what u have?
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Anybody in Northern California?
Added: 1763 days ago / Views: 454 Any guys in Nor Cal that are looking to hook up? Let me know!!
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What is the best lube for barebacking?
Added: 1728 days ago / Views: 602 I've seeen alot of these lube's some have the 'blue bottle' but I've heard that 'gun oil' is the best anyone out there know the best one's?
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Right U lot!
Added: 1409 days ago / Views: 303 Whats the difference between a cuddle and a hug?
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I love boys with their animal hats!!! They are SO cute!!!
Added: 867 days ago / Views: 234

I love boys with their animal hats!!!

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Added: 1266 days ago / Views: 192 thought u should know im a huge ravens fan
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Ambush is set
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