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Love pegging
Views: 76 · Added: 427 days ago

Are there more guys who have good experience with pegging? Love to hear.

Have you all ever noticed that Spider-Man's web shots from his wrists look like fucking CUM?!!

Amateur twinks best
Views: 663 · Added: 735956 days ago

Nice action and models in this vid but would like to have seen more of their faces particularly during the fuck scene. Like the way the passive one arches his back and presents his bottom for penetration but we don't get to see the look on his face when the rubber clad cock is introduced and slid up his tight boi pussy hole.

Views: 164 · Added: 1236 days ago

Hey if anyone likes sexting txt me. My # is 6157883662.

Disappearing Blogs
Views: 215 · Added: 1142 days ago

c 2 c are u playing cam to cam
Views: 249 · Added: 1108 days ago

are you playing cam to cam ?
what are you think ?

Balls, heavy with cream, means a mouthful of yummy goodness!

Im just checking with his Boss to make sure hes still turning up for work
I have to know hes ok...The more resent one is better.Thanks

young butt
Views: 143 · Added: 524 days ago

help me to fuck young ass like me or to get b´vids to wank about it
thnx friends

Three Twinks Fuck
Views: 452 · Added: 735956 days ago

Enjobable treble decker fuck action.The bottom model certainly earned his bucks looking exhausted and red faced (even purple) at the end.

Disappearing Blogs
Views: 220 · Added: 1142 days ago

Views: 311 · Added: 1108 days ago

wanna chat maybe trade

People willing to skype with me.
Views: 171 · Added: 1055 days ago

Hello, i'm bi, i'm 19 and I love me some boys lol. Just as long as you're between 18 and 22 message me and let's get our skype on ;)

Views: 217 · Added: 997 days ago

has anyone been on a porn movie set or part of a porn, what was it like?

Austin Parker and Jesse Jacobs
Views: 180 · Added: 946 days ago

Dude! Why are there no full length vids of these two, I've looked everywhere online, tons of different sites and even 4shared and TPB, Couldn't find a damn thing. So i have decided a cry for help is needed. Someone somewhere must have these two gorgeous boys somewhere. I'm begging you, Please, share these beautifully toned and spunklicious boys with the rest of us. I urge you to post the vids!

Damn it I am payalot
Views: 107 · Added: 760 days ago

Look you imposters I am payalot

Views: 100 · Added: 699 days ago

Q: What does Justin Bieber and a Christmas tree have in common?
A: Their balls are just for decoration.
* * *
Q: What does Justin Bieber and the New Years crowd at Time Square have in common?
A: They’re both waiting for balls to drop!


new york
Views: 78 · Added: 492 days ago

hey guys its clint anyone in new york wanna be friends inbox me...

Horny Dormmates
Views: 546 · Added: 735956 days ago

I like watching these two fucking in different positions with the close up face shots of the bottom model as he gets done in the bum.

Who is this guy?
Views: 157 · Added: 914 days ago

Any information about these videos would be great.
I'm looking for the bottom guy!

Who wants to trade videos and pictures?
Views: 148 · Added: 699 days ago

I wish to trade pictures and videos, inbox me

Another apology
Views: 104 · Added: 674 days ago

Seems my photo's disappeared off my profile page, no idea why. I go into Edit Profile and it's still there, I've tried re-uploading but it's still not showing on my profile page. Oh, and when I click on "Return To Profile" it takes me to some other page, another member (Mich). Sorry guys, it's not me deleting my photo ... anyone got any ideas?

Sooo when are the videos going to start working again?

Monday Morning Thought
Views: 64 · Added: 117 days ago

Russian Boys
Views: 1472 · Added: 735956 days ago

Nice tender passionate action from these two cuties. The red head is adorable and should have been cast in the bottom role.

im in oklahoma
Views: 173 · Added: 1286 days ago

heey does anyone in oklahoma city under 20
my bb pin 21E3079F

Views: 127 · Added: 791 days ago

In vermont now ;) anybody close?

997 Days.
Views: 129 · Added: 760 days ago

I know most people would write this kind of blog on a nice even number; 50, 200 or 1000. But, I don't know, I prefer the unevenness of 997... something nice about it.

I have been a member of this fantastic site for 997 days, and in that time I have spoken to a great many people; some who come and go (no pun intended) and some who have stood the test of time. When I first came here, it was for the same reason we all did.. hot vids of boys doing what they do best; other boys (or if you are bi like me, boys doing boys and girls). And for a while that was all I needed... log on every few days, find a few hot vids, wank off and log out. But then, something happened... I started to talk to people on here, just one or two to start with but growing more and more regular, with more and more people.

As I inch closer to the 1000 days milestone, which by the way, is longer then I have been on twitter or facebook combined; I just want to stop and say a few things.

I have been a member of various 'gay' sites in my time; gaydar, manhunt and numerous others... and GBT has them all beat. The word 'community' is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days... and most times I hear someone talk about 'community' i tend to just think 'yeah whatever' and move on. But on here, a strange thing has happened, a real, honest to god (or whatever deity you may or may not believe in), genuine community has developed on here. It used to be come on, browse, watch, wank, log off. Now I log on, check my messages, reply to people I consider friend, check the blogs to see whats happening in peoples lives; sometimes they are funny blogs, sometimes sad, sometime controversial... but they are all helping to expand and enrich this site, this place I have come to adore, full of people I adore.

I may have never spoken to half of you who may read this, but that doesn't matter because those of you I have spoken too have enriched my life greatly so I just want to say a big thank you to all of those I have spoken to these past 997 days.

GBT is the one site I visit every day, and if it wasn't for the hard work of the people who run it, I think the internet would be a sadder place, so I thank you guys above all others; if it weren't for you I wouldn't have stayed all this time so I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here's to the next milestone!

ShaunieB x

Nottingham Skype
Views: 189 · Added: 674 days ago

im gay 18 add me on skype - haydenwalker96 young teens please leave asl plz also looking for a meet up if in nottingham

skype: golo 93
Views: 72 · Added: 558 days ago

hiiiiiiii every body if u like add me on skype: golo93
im 20 years and i like boy under 22

trade pics vids
Views: 115 · Added: 523 days ago

hi guys how u doing? who wants to trade pics and vids of Young boys? kisses

May I ask how do you "unsubscribe" someone?
Views: 78 · Added: 335 days ago

May I ask how do you unsubscibe someone?

Views: 41 · Added: 222 days ago

Where frost, where sorrow

Some Handy Facts about Masturbation
Views: 77 · Added: 134 days ago

Watch and enjoy

Live Cam Chat & Iphone Working
Views: 582 · Added: 735956 days ago

I just wanted to make a quick blog post to let everyone know the live cam chat is now working, as well as the iphone feature. I do invite you to check out these free features of the site, and really appreciate you choosing us for your porn needs.

im in oklahoma
Views: 205 · Added: 1286 days ago

heey does anyone in oklahoma city under 20
my bb pin 21E3079F


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