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dl vids
Views: 114 · Added: 839 days ago

OK so I dl 2 vids went through the dl with no problems this was 2 days ago and they haven't pop up yet????. I even did some pic's of nothing but pic's of my motorcycles and drag boat races that I took and nothing. WTF??????

To 3Arsenokoitai Who is this Intruder
Views: 95 · Added: 785 days ago

How did this Creep make it on to our site.Im helping my Good friends Support our much,loved friend Billy and we, wont take this shit lying down.Im here to support Billy,Chris,Andy,Jake and Cody. Love u guys and we stand proud and as one.Brothers in Arms...Long live Gay Freedom and Gay Love.!!!

Lets SHOOT the BULLYS down, like Ducks in a Shooting Gallery at the Fair......

Not family
Views: 84 · Added: 296 days ago

My favourite is my foster bro.

Uploads and Free Live Chat Working :)
Views: 523 · Added: 735834 days ago

The past few days the upload feature has had a small problem as well as the live chat do to the new upgraded servers responsible for it.

I just wanted to let everyone know they now are working perfectly and their should not be any future problmes for years I hope, so I hope you will give us another shot if you had problems in the past few days.

Thax and I really appreciate all of your support

need lessons.
Views: 3759 · Added: 1101 days ago

young lad and looking for a few lessons how to sex. msn n cam I have. can swop things 2

Views: 320 · Added: 1012 days ago

Thanks to all who put hot videos on here Im turning into a big pervert

For Nick18
Views: 198 · Added: 926 days ago

Nick I found the problem why my phone won't play the vids.. It's said that why phone won't allow vid that is in adobe flash.. Is there away to change it to other than adobe flash? Also checking up on the app situation.

nick, - operator --- pics
Views: 184 · Added: 744 days ago

can anyone help me, ? if i share a pic from somebody, why i have it 3 times on my wall ????????????????????

yum yum
Views: 86 · Added: 571 days ago

Any ever have a prostate massage? tell us about it...

horny for action
Views: 232 · Added: 977 days ago

hey if anyone (usa and above age 18) wants to fone chat or cam email me or write on my wall.

Views: 174 · Added: 868 days ago

Anyone in the Lancaster county PA? If so message me :)

Views: 140 · Added: 704 days ago

I have just read the twp poems that this guy oftenback has posted and I have noticed that no one seems to care, I preferred his poem the beach as it reminded me of the few times I was able to sit on the sand with some one I cared for. his other poem is dark and gruesome, but I see a point to it everytime I walk down some large city street. I wish oftenback all the luck and hope he posts more poems for us all to share.

hi (edited of my last blog)
Views: 98 · Added: 545 days ago

hi everyone how you all doing today??? just thought i say hi to you all and see how you all doin???

with me im getting back on track now as things are starting to look better in the future altho i got no special person yet :(:( but hey i hope i find one soon either of here or anywhere else anyway i got to go cya all soon xxxxxxx loads of love greg

ps leave me a message if ya got msn or skype becoz its alot easyer for me to chat to you on there then it is on here as im living at my old folks now and they dont know anything yet for alot of reasons :):)

anyway take care all of you and i catch ya on msn or yahoo MSN ADDY: SKYPE: cuteclown2012

Does anyone have suggestions for videos thAt r really vocal, like the guys totally expressing themselves w words like when theyre getting sucked or f*

Views: 465 · Added: 735834 days ago

What in the world is going on with the server today? Videos start and stop, start and stop and are jerkey and some even lock my computers up.

I have have been trying three seperate computers, all with different operating systems and different browsers and they are all the same. It is exptemely annoying.

This problem was non existent unless too many people were attempting to watch the same video at the same time. I am not sure if you use MS Server and if you do are their recent patches installed? The problem is one relating to timing and buffering, not server load. I have increased my systems time out and increased the data and video buffers available to no avail. I determined that the problem was on the server end by running my H-P network monitor, the same one I have used many times to troubleshoot large computer network problems for the aerospace industry.

i am sure that the problems annoy others as well as give you headaches.

Photo uploader error
Views: 478 · Added: 1309 days ago

I've recently uploaded some new photos, but like other site users in the right corner of the album it states the wrong amount "showing1 to 5 of 5 photos" when I actually uploaded 6 visible images. I've browsed other albums and they seem to be getting the same error.

meet ups
Views: 3720 · Added: 1100 days ago

hi, there are lots of people looking for dates, looking for love, friendship etc on this site. it would be good if someone took it upon themselves to arrange special meeting places for a night out or general meet e.g i stay in Glasgow, a meeting could take place at a certain location at a certain time, then groups of people could meet up for friendship, pass numbers etc. there are a lot of people who are shy, not know where to go to meet gay people etc. think this would be a good way of interaction.people from other areas could do the same. anyone got an opinion ? do you think this is a good idea and would work. be interested to hear your comments...... john

need you to fix it
Views: 124 · Added: 819 days ago

The download button seems to have disappeared is it only me having problems or has it just gone??
Can anyone help please

Views: 112 · Added: 785 days ago

Hello all,
Frist entry ever.. took me long enough :P
There are a few things I want to say, but that is for later. Right now I am just going to say that I am a confused bi-sexual that is having a hard time dealing with this way of life, mainly since I have not said to anyone that I am bi. I frist realized I was bi when I started noticing I was "getting hard" at boys and girls the same amount.. time wise I have only in the past year accepted it, but noticed it when I was in 5th or 6th grade ( 11 or 12 yo).
Now for the fun bit...
I am currently going out with this wonderful girl (no she does not know ( I do want to tell her), but there is a friend of mine (male) who I seemingly have a crush on. As some crushes go, I don't know why I have this crush on him. He does not know anything, some times I want to tell him. We have been friends for four years now, the crush growing ever since the first year, and he has made it clear that he does not like guys in the way I like him. I have been throwing out hints that I am bi and somewhat into him, but I am unsure if he is getting those hints.
If anyone can help me I will be ever so greatful. I just don't know how to handle it, with coming out to the people I know and love and to tell my friend that I have a crush on him.

sprouse twins
Views: 105 · Added: 571 days ago

So I didn't realize that's Dylan and Cole were 19 now. Anyone up for a threesome? ;)

Gay Parents
Views: 81 · Added: 521 days ago

Who has gay parents in this community? How is your relationship with them? Tell us some stories of your modern family! THX! <3

Views: 494 · Added: 1309 days ago


In the hope that nick will read this.
Views: 371 · Added: 1012 days ago

Hey guys this is Ruslan again some might have seen my page . I am still having trouble with one of the member posting Negative stuff on my wall. I sent Nick a message and i dont know what else to do? Very frustrated because i try to be a positive force. This person is just crazy or something . I am posting here so that maybe you guys will see this and write Nick as well? Thats all i have to say. Thank you guys for reading this and many of you are already my friends . So you know i love you guys . Yours Ruslan. ✾◕ ‿ ◕✾

Français - French ?
Views: 170 · Added: 896 days ago

Ya t il des français pour skype ou msn ?

Views: 154 · Added: 744 days ago

Anyone else here like the feeling of being sweaty like I do? I find it erotic and somewhat of an aphrodisiac. And it's nice seeing a guy shirtless and moist with sweat. I wish I had my own sauna or steam room.

Views: 127 · Added: 631 days ago

Jeez i cant turn my back for 5 mins round here can I? hahaha! seems a bit has hapened since last nite on the site.
Few dudes have dropped out, few blogs gone - anyone want to fill me in?

Views: 96 · Added: 601 days ago

I knew it! i always knew this guy was gay :P his whole demeanor is so camp and poofy haha

"...TV reporter Matty McLean has made a personal plea to Parliament to legalise gay marriage so he can fulfil his father's wish to attend his wedding.

McLean told a select committee considering the legalisation of same-sex marriage of the difficulty of growing up gay in NZ and the signal that the government sent by not allowing homosexual couples to marry...

"Put simply, I want the same rights that the majority of New Zealanders are afforded because ... I truly believe that the right to get married is a matter of human rights at its most basic level," he said yesterday.

The Close Up reporter, who previously worked on Breakfast, said writing his submission on the bill had reminded him of his decision to reveal his sexuality to his father - a rugby-playing, Speight's-drinking, construction company owner from Central Otago.

"That was six years ago, and the first thing he told me was how disappointed he was. Not in me, but in the things that he thought I would miss out on.

"Like any parent, he had dreams of having a beer with me on my wedding day and holding his first grandchild, and he was concerned that I might miss out on those things.

Views: 71 · Added: 430 days ago

how like getten spanked by girls or boys

Views: 74 · Added: 158 days ago

disapeared postings
Views: 247 · Added: 1317 days ago

I posted several albums and vids, but they all seem to have disapeared. Something wrong?

some new boygalleries or blogs?
Views: 422 · Added: 1154 days ago

pm me please. greetz chez

Anybody from dallas texas so we can hook up
Views: 3712 · Added: 1100 days ago

I live in dallas near garland nd im looking for a sex buddy or a friend to masterbate with. Just message me or email me at my email:

Views: 222 · Added: 1052 days ago

Hi i am new here. Anyone like to chat with a 35yo male? Feel free to do it. Feel free to be my friend

what do you celebrate?
Views: 158 · Added: 784 days ago

every year on the anniversary of my first orgasm, I celebrate with a few good strokes and a good cum. . And you, what do you celebrate???

Views: 103 · Added: 661 days ago

hey, im hayden add me on skype if you wanna chat or if you live in Nottingham, cause i do!!! let me know.

Layout Feature
Views: 111 · Added: 631 days ago

i have seen on a few profiles people have a rotating cube that depending what side you click on , a different video is displayed, anyone inform me of how this is achieved . thanks xoxo


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