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Some people !
Added: 1316 days ago / Views: 252 Hi to everyone out there, sorry for this but it needs to be said.
Whenever I talk to someone, I'm nice and I say nice things but that doesn't mean I'm hitting on you ! and then don't go telling other people that I'm hitting on you because that's just plain old horse shit !
I'm a one man guy and because of whoever you are that told Stefan I was hitting on you, he know hates me so thanks, and nope I wasn't hitting on you at all. As I said just because I'm nice doesn't mean I'm hitting on you okay ?
Are we all clear ?

To everyone else sorry about the small rant, it needed to be said.
Hope you all have a peaceful day
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test blog
Added: 1024 days ago / Views: 216

test test :D

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For those of you far away
Added: 867 days ago / Views: 153

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First Birthday
Added: 1150 days ago / Views: 250

Hi to all the friends I have made on here during my first year on GBT. You are a fantastic crowd and I am honoured to know many of you. Thanks all. Love and Hugs to all. Matt xoxoxox

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Added: 26 days ago / Views: 62

Yip the first whisky has gone mCdonalds for tea ththe boy next door cum over whith the cream for ricky yip i love you all big hugs  will i have a whisky or beer chaser

u all have a nice week end

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im looking for a boyfriend
Added: 1964 days ago / Views: 658 hi im 17 hispanic latino short im looking for a relationship in texas san antonio my hometown never been with man im still waiting to be open ;)
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I took a walk down a lamp-lit lane;

So good to see this familiar place again.

And thinking back to the last time I came by here;

the company I had, filled me so full of cheer.


So hand in hand as we walked along this way;

you gazed at me, as you often did that day.

We spoke of things that we'd like to do together;

I pictured you, as you lay amongst the heather.

The Summer breeze cooled your heated face;

and I thanked the stars to be with you in this place.

I can't imagine what I did, to have you near me;

but I love you forever and I swear I don't mean maybe.


So here I am as I walk this place alone;

I want you so bad, tell me are you coming home?

the light shows the way to the lonely path's conclusion;

and I need you now, to light the way though my confusion.

By Jack D. H.

(sorry but I can't use the pic that inspired this).


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Plane Flies Across The Pacific Using Only Solar Power
Added: 331 days ago / Views: 126


“It’s a new era. It’s not science fiction. It’s today.”

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Rainbow House Project?
Added: 73 days ago / Views: 93

With the new presidency, there needs to a new movement fighting for our rights in southern states. Mississippi is one that's high up on the list. The objective is to have volunteers paint their houses in rainbow colors. Let the state governments know, that we will not put up with forced evangelism.


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Photo Approval
Added: 1571 days ago / Views: 291 how long does it take for photo to appear
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Added: 1262 days ago / Views: 343


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twink handjobs / blowjobs ?
Added: 1314 days ago / Views: 426 My bf and I are looking for some hot, kinda longer vids of younger guys giving each other handjobs and blowjobs ( like 69 ing )l the way till they finish each other off.
Any links or suggestions?
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hey Guys anyone wanna cam with me?
Added: 1262 days ago / Views: 301

let me no if anyone wants to cam with me looking for around 18 to 23 of age ty...:)

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My Tumblr! ;)
Added: 622 days ago / Views: 280

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Upload pictures
Added: 1823 days ago / Views: 581 It is easy to upload videos but i can't figur out how to upload pictures
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Way to win an argument for guys
Added: 835 days ago / Views: 194

Compare dicks--the guy with the biggest wins, and his way goes! If it's a tie, then they challenge each other to see who, in front of the other, has the biggest load! Whoever cums the most wins, and his way goes! If the loser dislikes it, he can always suck the winner off and/or get fucked in his loser ass!

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A question about crowdfunding
Added: 584 days ago / Views: 173

If I'd create a campaign on CumFundMe in order to raise money for producing my new videos, ex. to buy a better camera, lights, body paint, accessories and other, could I link the campaign to my videos on GBT or would it be against the rules?

Would it make me some kind of a prostitute? Would you think it's prostitution? Would it change the way people are watching my stuff, I mean, would you respect me less than you are doing now?

In my opinion, as my vids would stay free anyway and as the funding would simply be a gift, it should be OK, but before doing something stupid I'd prefer to make sure I won't get in trouble. Well it would not be the first stupid thing I do but...

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Nudist camps
Added: 1822 days ago / Views: 866 Can anyone recommend any websites where i can find photos of guys at nudist camps/beaches
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Added: 1445 days ago / Views: 241 i dont know how to work this site.cCan anyone tell me how to expand on my more info box? thanks
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hey all i'm back
Added: 1138 days ago / Views: 232

hey it's great to be back i have been very busy

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ASPCA and Humane Society aside, BEASTIALITY has all but been condemned by mainstream society.
Added: 303 days ago / Views: 186

I don't believe in listening to that inner voice inside me telling me "No, don't go there."  When I was a child I had a poodle who I loved more than life itself.  Whenever I would fart, even if I was in another room, "Puppy" would come running for a whiff and lick.  Sometimes when I would be completely naked, although I was too young for gratification, I found it quite enjoyable.  Needless to say, I could never control "Puppy", one day he escaped the yard as I was leaving to ride my bicycle to 7-11.  He was running North on the opposite sidewalk up San Antonio Avenue.  When we neared the railroad tracks, I called him over because I knew it would be too dangerous to go any farther.  As he was running in full stride, he was struck by a car.  I've never gotten over losing my "Puppy".  If anything, it was him and his rim jobs that turned me gay, but one thing I know with complete unabashed certainty-  There's nothing on this planet that compares to a great rim job.  What makes bestiality wrong are the wrongdoers, not the animals.

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Where to start?
Added: 1690 days ago / Views: 384 Hello everyone.

I'm 45 years old, and apart from some under-the-desk wanking with a schoolfriend many years ago, I am still a virgin with guys.
I'm bi I think, but gone off women over the past five years. Always liked young guys, watched a lot of gay porn!

I want to meet a nice young guy locally for fun and more, as I'm not into casual sex, never have been.
But how do I meet someone? I am on Gaydar, and my profile is honest that I have no experience, so I think that puts guys off maybe.

I am quite desperate for some action, keep myself fit, but feel it may never happen.
Any advice from anyone would be appreciated, or any guys in Devon/Cornwall/Cardiff, slim and smooth, please say hello.
Thanks a lot.
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from me to all my friends this christmas
Added: 820 days ago / Views: 195
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Added: 458 days ago / Views: 191

If you want to see a guys go crazy movieclip (13 mins) with psychadelic lights and music and many boys dancing and sucking cock


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There Comes a Time...
Added: 317 days ago / Views: 137

There comes a time when one stops and thinks about about how life is going. I have done so much with my life and yet feel as though i h ave nothing to show for it, except pain. Being almost 30, I have traveled the world, Raced in every form of racing (that involve cars), "Fought for my country", Owned houses, Auto Shops, Many Cars and gave most of my life to others. In the end, I'm stuck with Urinary Incontinence, a shoulder that Just got fixed after 11yrs, and Epilepsy... oh lets not forget I'm Autistic (Asperger's Syndrome). Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that I have it worse then anyone else, because I know that's not the case. What I will say is that I have been afforded the chance to learn from many things and many people. I know that in time my life will right it's self, but in the mean time I am not what one would call happy. That being said...

Many of you look at your life and think just the way I just did, Right? Things are not going well, It seems like nothing is going to plan, or maybe you think that life is just one big routine. I have learned that this way of thinking is not completely true... Lets Take My Asperger's Syndrome as an example, I have problems with large crowds (3 ), Textures, and Social Ques. Instead of allowing all of those issues get in my way I learned to adapt to my situations, If I get overwhelmed in a crowd type environment, I simply excuse myself from the area, go and calm down, than try again. I haven't got anywhere on the Texture area yet... etc. Point being... I try and try and try until I find a way that works for me. which makes me think of Vince Lombardi- " I am not remotely interested in just being good, but am in the relentless pursuit of perfection, fully knowing I will never achieve it, but in the process I will exceed Excellence." Words that can be taken to heart. For some, my problems will not be anywhere close to what is being dealt with in their own lives, but the basic principle is still there. And Lets face it You could be like me and Have to wear diapers 24/7. Just Remember... You Can't Change Yesterday, It's the PAST... Today is for Learning and Making Mistakes... So Tomorrow We Can Make A Better Future.

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The Japanese Boy Chaptyer six
Added: 225 days ago / Views: 169

Chapter 6

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mwahs to Yall
Added: 206 days ago / Views: 74


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Added: 654 days ago / Views: 161

I don't make promises that I can't keep, which is why I won't make promises ever. And when I write those letters to those ex girlfriends, that's gonna be the header. 

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autumn the time is now ramble on
Added: 171 days ago / Views: 103

giles x

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hello everyone :)
Added: 1880 days ago / Views: 432 Hey everyone I'm new here :) just wanted to say hi. From Pennsylvania and still in the closet. If u guys wanna know anything more feel free to message me :)
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Added: 1646 days ago / Views: 348 this was a pretty nice blogging spot but lately 3 members in general have been spamming everything and doing another internet war. what the hell? its like reading slightly gay youtube arguments now. its not fun to read and blogs are not being answered or read with any respect now. All i ask is to clean it up a little. act your age!
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Added: 1158 days ago / Views: 311

Chatted to 2 guys on Gaydar a few years back

Finally met them and we had a horny meet. Took them to a safe house nearby and had fun

1 Guy fucked me while the other videod it. have uploaded the film clip. Its in night vision I'm afraid .

Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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Cute Teen Boys
Added: 301 days ago / Views: 291

Cute Teen Boys

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Myths and stuff
Added: 971 days ago / Views: 204

So i just got the odyessy and im really excited to reread it because i love old fashion mythology stuffs,

so my question being to those who also like to dwell in that realm, what are your favorite myths, mythical heros, or even cultural specific mythology (like Asian, European, African etc)

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Gay Boys Hot Funfights, erotic wrestling
Added: 286 days ago / Views: 256

Gay Hot Funfights – Erotic Wrestling
A gay website for boys looking for erotism in funfighting or erotic wrestling

Let's share and have fun!

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Added: 1961 days ago / Views: 755 im trying to meet someone in texas older age or younger who would love pick me up take me to a private area open my legs hold me tight and pop me open!!!!! im 17 texas san santonio
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Added: 1904 days ago / Views: 411 Does anyone like gay guys and lesbians.Am i abnormal or is it common.Some days
gay guys get me horny and other days i look at lesbian porn and get turned on.
My favourite Lesbian director is Jay Sin who is the best.
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