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Twinks for Trump?
Added: 102 days ago / Views: 159

Yep before you freak out its true, this was Art at the Republican National Convention. We got this it wil be ok guys :) 

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Added: 2196 days ago / Views: 1739 WHATS WITH THE VIDEOS LATELY!
The quality of videos are going downhill fast

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Added: 1520 days ago / Views: 332 I want friendship with I want friendship with
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Joffrey Baratheon
Added: 1230 days ago / Views: 410

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Hi Gay and Bi Frends
Added: 1118 days ago / Views: 245

Hey friends, I've just put down fotos do that for others here. I notice that you also have seen me videos hetereo but I'm not bi, I think all parents not so nice. Makes me weingig out. You are who you are anyway. I'm going to stop for a while singing and some more world voyages perhaps just in your neighborhood. On twitter is I'm too hard to reach, hence this profile.

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to cute
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Recent breeding videos
Added: 396 days ago / Views: 170

Just wanted to say it's nice to see some breeding videos for a change on here and love all of it. Being a closeted bi guy who has never had an STD in his life and loves raw bareback mutual sex, HI 5 ON THAT GUYS! Why can't the openly gay gay community be honest and upfront about their HIV/STD status? I would rather use my fleshlight or right hand than have a nsa bb sex encounter any day! And for you guys who create self made videos, learn how extra light could make them truly amazing and clear. Just an FYI guys.

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fave pics
Added: 2261 days ago / Views: 369 before the updates i had over a thousand fav photos and since the work has been done i have lost all of them, any chance i will get them back thanks
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How do u go?
Added: 1849 days ago / Views: 403 How do u dress underneath when u go out?

Does it change? Why?
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Super Lonely
Added: 1818 days ago / Views: 484 Hey im lonely im from texas i would love to have phone sex erotic talk ;) im 18 latino
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Still About...
Added: 1107 days ago / Views: 174

Hiya guys,

I'm still about...

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how many days old are you find out
Added: 726 days ago / Views: 209

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Talented.....and Ready
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14 year old kicks mascot
Added: 258 days ago / Views: 164

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The only mention of 'gay' on new White House website refers to old word for 'happy'
Added: 26 days ago / Views: 40
The only mention of 'gay' on new White House website refers to old word for 'happy'
And we're not happy about this at all

The only mention of 'gay' on new White House website refers to old word for 'happy'
The White House isn't likely to be illuminated in rainbow lights anytime soon under a Trump-Pence administration.

24 January 2017
by Joe Morgan

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My attempt at B/W
Added: 761 days ago / Views: 176
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Plan sexe ?
Added: 589 days ago / Views: 168

Salut à tous 

jai envie d'un plan sexe


contacte moi 



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Refusal to React
Added: 1581 days ago / Views: 311 Just to be very clear. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and their statements. What they say about their opinion...and those that I know and those that know me...I take your comments to heart. To those that don't know me, or have never made an attempt to know me...your opinion doesn't matter. So spread your stories where ever you want, because it has no impact on me. Just so I am clear. Just sayin'
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bull shit
Added: 975 days ago / Views: 215

wy is it every time i try to log in to gbt

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Wild Wednesday:)
Added: 320 days ago / Views: 282

I hope you're having a very wild Wednesday, boys:)

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Added: 2057 days ago / Views: 420 Im making a cum stained pair of jockstraps for anyone thtat like that fetish what do u think
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Added: 1789 days ago / Views: 269 Does anyone here have msn or yahoo messenger to chat sometime? If you do happen to have either, send me a message.
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Boy quest
Added: 209 days ago / Views: 781

Does anyone know who this boy is? Where can I find more pics/vids of him? Any info gratefully received. Thanks
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Has anyone been getting messages that the video u posted is the person in the video & sending u the message
Added: 2195 days ago / Views: 1358 Has anyone been getting messages that the video u posted is the person in the video & sending u the message & depending u remove it.
Here's an example of the a message I received
Just think for a second,if it isnt me in the videos, why would I have an issue? And as I've already mentioned, the videos were stolen some time ago so it's perfectly possible that someone has spread them around, it's obvious that's what has happened.I'm not going to argue with you, I don't need to. I wanted to get this resolved the easy way and thought you'd see reason but obviously not.
I hope nothing like this ever happens to you!

I believe the sender is fake

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blog posting
Added: 1191 days ago / Views: 195

so how do you copy and paste a link into a blog? i can't do it. i can't copy the url, but i can copy the url in the box below the vid, however, then it will not paste. i thought i would share a vid to make comment on, or better yest a pic. also how do you post pics into the blog? i've tried that too and will not work. thanks for your expert techincal assistance.

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time to wake up?
Added: 523 days ago / Views: 213

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anyone know
Added: 314 days ago / Views: 139

i saw these sexy pics on page

does anyone know if this is an actual vid or if its just a photo set.

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Have a Blessed Yuletide
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Hey everyone..
Added: 1441 days ago / Views: 230 Tuesday March 12th is the birthday of a very special friend of mine - Yoshi312. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he turns 22. His name is Mike, he's from michigan and he's a wonderful friend. He's very beautiful in real life. If you don't know him yet, please stop by, friend him, and wish him a happy birthday!

Sorry to embarrass you like this Yosh!! *HUGE HUGS!!*

<3u bro,

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A Phallussy Phunny.....
Added: 1021 days ago / Views: 230

Nu Math.....

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"My mission is to protect you"
Added: 591 days ago / Views: 248

Eddie Furlong (37) back in the days of T-2 (1991) at the age of 14.



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mr crow steals some cheese
Added: 535 days ago / Views: 161

mr crow and jr and the rest of the family have left the crows nest

a young buzzard is hanging out now ... they hang out crawing and riding the breeze in the next pasture ... mr crow might come back in the autumn when the family have broken up and reclaim his tree ... the mighty beech reckon its 250 years old ... still been fun having him arround but he did know how to steal snacks from  my ruck sack ...

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Dylan Young
Added: 35 days ago / Views: 222

Does anyone have any vintage pics of Dylan Young? I am looking for his stuff before his video career. Thanks

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