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Thick black bars
Added: 397 days ago / Views: 231

Hello all! I'm sure everyone will agree that this site is pretty damn good! I definitely enjoy it as much as possible and am VERY thankful for the creators and moderator

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Video choice
Added: 86 days ago / Views: 124

I have nearly 1300 favourite videos....all carefully chosen for their sexiness, clarity, and boyishness. When I want to choose one to 'relax to' it's a bit of a dilemma you have this problem? ...or do you have all time favourites that you habitually wank to?

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AND A VERY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY GREETING FROM YOUR LIITLE BRO.IN THE UK..and don't forget to check your hotmail acc.
HUGZZZZ from Russ.
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my apology
Added: 1146 days ago / Views: 251 I sincerely wish to apologize for my actions the otherday. As many of you long time mambers know I was poisioned several years ago and that left me in a wheelchair. Well several weeks ago I passed out from lack of oxygen and spent a week in the hospital. Last week I met with my doctor and was given the results of the tests. It turns out that I had a small stroke, and due to my condition I will keep having them now till I have one big one and that will be the end. I was just really pissy at everything and when I saw the blog about someone critizing my comment from days earlier I just lashed out. I am truly sorry I was just mad. Looks like I will be looking into Hospice care so I dont know if I will be online any more or not. I wish you all well.
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profil problem
Added: 1748 days ago / Views: 564 hi
I think if got a problem with my profil. When I click on it I always get the profil of someone called "loverboy". So I would like to ask u if u have access to my profil or if u get also another profil?

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des jeune gay
Added: 1669 days ago / Views: 544 sent parllee de pedophilie je voudre savoire si long peu trouve des video de jeune gay -de18 ans qui se font (lamoure ) car jaime la deaute de la jeunese qui fond lacte avec tendrese merci d avence
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Added: 1074 days ago / Views: 199 I'm all for meeting new ppl. If you would like to text hit me up please :)
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special moment
Added: 1014 days ago / Views: 160 guys do you have a special piece of music or song, that jingles your bells, that brings back some good memories.
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Added: 540 days ago / Views: 79

Not everyone who is alone is lonely, and not everyone who is lonely is alone. I don't remember where I read that but the other day i mentioned on the how do you feel today blog that I was feeling down and going through a rough time. I was suprised at the number of people that I didn't know who took time to say a few kind words or to ask how

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TGIF cuz
Added: 49 days ago / Views: 42


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video uploads
Added: 1748 days ago / Views: 488 Hallo ! In der letzten Woche hatte ich ca. 5 videoclips gesendet aber nicht mal einer von Ihnen hat es auf diesem Site geschafft. Sollte der Fehler bei mir liegen dann bitte ich dem Management höflich, mir zu erklären woran es liegt. Meinen besten Dank im voraus an jedem der mir den Zugang zu irgend welchen Ratschlägen gewährt. Euch Allen, sowie all meinen Freunden, wünsche ich ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und einen sanften Rutsch ins neue Jahr !
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uploading pics/videos
Added: 1493 days ago / Views: 303 Hi! any experiences how f***ing long time does it take to upload pics to this site now? one minute/hour/week/month/year? all answers wellcome. best regards from pissed off kartza
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My dog got into it with a skunk tonight.
Added: 1226 days ago / Views: 216 He's spending the night in the garage till I get some tomato juice. This is the second time he's done this. I think he may have some mental problems or he's into S&M or something.
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Stay Strong...Stay True......Thanks Tobs xoxxoo :-))
Added: 1104 days ago / Views: 181 I just wanted to share something i read on Tobys wall.

" so guys keep believing things will be good, dont give up the fight in what you believe is right ..i know you cannot change everyones thinking about certain things but to lay a seed of doubt that will hopefully grow into something bigger is worth the effort ... good always overcomes bad just sometimes takes a long time ... Stay strong .. Stay true ... T♥by xxx
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Wow! And by that I mean, WOW!
Added: 1072 days ago / Views: 161 I been watching the exercise and instructional videos here for quite some time now, not all at once but repeatedly. Today however I clicked the blog icon for the first time and i must say , I just was not expecting what I found. Young gay dudes actually discussing issues that affect them. If i told everyone i know about the intelligent , REAL chat on here they would each call me a liar and at some point an intervention would occur where i would be urged to seek help and begin a course of psycotropic meds.

all you guys deserve to be told how awesome you all really are for creating and being a part of this online community here. What you have going on here is a very rare thing in the world and in life. Congrats to all.

So, hello to everybody here. Chris is the name and i will definitely drop in here when im finished masturbating to see what you all have to say.

when im done masturbating. Which is a frequent sort of thing i guess… sort of. does it mean im lazy if i get someone to do it for me? Ah, nevermind.

Cool s#%t here, glad i found this place. you guys rock!
Oh, the vids are hot as they come too, got me rubbin all the skin right off my poor dick. i think its mad at me. I would be if i suffered the way it does. ahhhhh, luv it all!
g;) Remember, puff, puff pass………the lube.
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Love handles?
Added: 1369 days ago / Views: 302 How do you guys feel about love handles? I personally find them very sexy.
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Comment if you are over 18 and have a beautiful bubble butt.
Added: 1184 days ago / Views: 231 The kind of ass that when guys have a look at it they are like,"Damn! There's an ass that's begging to be fucked and creamed."
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hi guys
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 145 any guys want to role play message me
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Kaboing lives this way
Added: 379 days ago / Views: 113

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Chrisley Knows Best
Added: 309 days ago / Views: 123

anybody watch this season :) chase is so gay and looks so fine :) wish i could find alot of pics of him :) yes he is know 18 mmmmmm dinner

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Live Cam Chat
Added: 1419 days ago / Views: 289 Do any of the GBT members go on Live Cam Chat? Whenever I go on I keep meeting random guys who've never heard of it! Would love to cam with some of you guys - least we know what we're interested in!
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Relationships - Love , Relationships - Fail ,
Added: 1368 days ago / Views: 256 Two hearts joined
In the fate of love
Two hearts break
In the wings of a dove

One heart still loves
Still hopes, Still dreams
One heart hurts
One heart Screams

The heart that loves
Still hopes, Still dreams
That's my heart
Torn at the seams

The heart that hurts
The one that screams
That's his heart
Torn at the seams

Two hearts lost
A beloved lil dream
The hurt the pain
A never ending dream

The heart that's his
Threw it away
The love, The affection
An eventful day

Two hearts joined
But ripped and torn
Just as violent
As a winter storm

One heart still loves
Still hopes, Still dreams
To one day fix his
and sew up the seams

But one heart still hurts
Still cries, Still screams
That's his heart
With no more dreams

A heart confused
A heart in pain
That's his heart
A heart with no gain

Two hearts broken
Ripped at the seams
But two hearts Joined
Forever in their dreams

My heart hopes
That his heart sees
The love we share
Was meant to be

My heart waits
For his to return
My heart hopes
That his will learn

That my heart and his
......Were meant to be

They come and go silly little things happen ,
In my life looking for love I have ha pic collectors who just want your privet
Pic's , no shows who say the really want to meet but they never show up same for those who waist my time you chat and chat and it's all chat and no personal face to face then you find some one who likes you and you like them but then you find there all the same as the rest ,

Is single life meant to be or will it take more and more , o and more time to find the one,

After been let down and down time after time my heart begins to give up on love my emotions get weaker , my social life gets harder I get sadder and sadder and nothing comes that can brighten up my lonely black heart,
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Added: 1260 days ago / Views: 191 Hey can anyone please tell me how to upload a profile picture because it wont let me
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looking for young guys 18 to 21 to be my top guy.
Added: 1043 days ago / Views: 199 looking for young guys to orally service in pittsburgh,pa. must be straight acting and appearing like me. penis size means nothing to me. cute chubby boys are welcome.
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US: School board votes not to ban ‘Two Boys Kissing’ book
Added: 529 days ago / Views: 158

A Virginia school board has voted unanimously against banning a gay-themed young adult novel, after a lengthy public hearing.

A number of parents spoke at the hearing, both in favour of banning the book and against, but Jessica Wilson, who initially called for the ban, opted not to speak.

Book; Two Boys Kissing

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how do you unsubscribe?
Added: 1668 days ago / Views: 850 Is there any way to unsubscribe from other users stuff. I keep getting loads of messages just saying new video...
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Added: 1309 days ago / Views: 279 Hey, add me!!! I am up loading more vids now!!! need more friends!! and please rate and comment my pix and vids, I will do the same.
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Added: 932 days ago / Views: 183 Today how many buddys d0ing fuckng...
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What do I have to do to get a video deleted from the site?
Added: 668 days ago / Views: 233

There is a video on the site that has been uploaded illegally by one of the members. It was recorded without permission and uploaded here.

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Wild Things.
Added: 301 days ago / Views: 82

On an island full of Wild Things like this one? I'd never want to leave.

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Venice from above
Added: 161 days ago / Views: 85


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Added: 1667 days ago / Views: 747 Gotava de conhecer jovens de portigal. Moro em queluz
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Mi amor soy YO
Added: 1185 days ago / Views: 259 es raro decir
algunas cosas
como, qué hermoso día!
qué maravilloso el mundo!
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vid probs
Added: 1144 days ago / Views: 201 for some reason i have all kinds of issues watching vids on this site. it hasn't always been this way.. my pc is out of date. it cant even do skype!! but i do have a 256kbps connection. could it be the vid card or something in my pc?
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Meet & Fuck
Added: 1042 days ago / Views: 152 It would be nice if GBT would have a search and meet program that didn't cost you to use. The one here is like Outpersonals that cost just to search profiles, read an email and anything else you may want to do. Any thoughts on the matter??
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Site problems
Added: 379 days ago / Views: 117

This site has some serious issues with photo approvals. I uploaded an album with 15 photos three days ago, and it still hasn't appeared on the site. This isn't the first time either.

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Eclipes from a plane
Added: 203 days ago / Views: 66


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