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yeah you might stub your toe
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Thanks Everyone For The Advice
Added: 678 days ago / Views: 175 Bouna Sera everyone,
I just wanted to thank everyone who has offered me advice in regards to my earlier posts. I would also like to apologize for any confusion posting it in two seperate pieces caused, but whenever it tried to post it half of what I had written would disappear. So thanks for again for answering.
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video notification
Added: 1648 days ago / Views: 296 Hi everybody! is possible to uncheck somewhere the option of receiving new videos uploaded notifications in the inbox?
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Funny haha...
Added: 679 days ago / Views: 169 Read this joke the other day... made me laugh:

-- A boy runs into his dad's office. "Dad, I had sex for the first time today!"
"That's great, son" the dad says. "Sit down and we'll talk about it."
The boy looks at his dad and says "But Dad, I can't sit down." --

I had a chuckle. Thought I would share it. :-)
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Pussy must be respectful all time
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The law has been changed for a reason. Now it's against the law for disrespecting women and their pussy. Pussy is the most powerful genital in the world. We all must respect it. If we don't respect it, it can devour people and leave bones for only 3-5 seconds. Be careful. Pussy may be fearful and dangerous to our world now. 

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The Japanes Boy Chapter nine
Added: 115 days ago / Views: 80

Chapter 9

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post a pic
Added: 1525 days ago / Views: 246 does anybody no how to post a pic i keep trying but does not work
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hope everyone is having a good day/night
Added: 1190 days ago / Views: 239 hope everyone is having a good day/night and is finding happiness
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Well this is boring...
Added: 662 days ago / Views: 210 ....
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Hear their voices....Feel their pain...and get up off your asses and do something...sorry for the editorial
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From the Huffington Post:

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The Japanese Boy chapter 15
Added: 103 days ago / Views: 122

Chapter 15

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I speak 4 languages
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Pic of the day 04/04/16
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Added: 1702 days ago / Views: 301 i notice some guys have tunes on their profile....
how do i add that on mine??/ i don't see anywhere in the edit
section to do that..
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thank you
Added: 274 days ago / Views: 120

this is just to thanks to all my friends, for caring about me, it means a lot to me, love you all, Scott

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WetDreamer is gone!
Added: 244 days ago / Views: 219

We miss you. XOXO


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Hello Friends
Added: 1788 days ago / Views: 389 Just a quick hello to everyone. I'm new on this site and just beggining to understand the rules. Took a bit of time but now I think I get it. Nice site, think I'm going to have some fun here.
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Vids not working
Added: 1494 days ago / Views: 272 For the last three days i cant get any video to play. Can only save to favs. What gives. Any suggestions. FAQ link will not open.
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Nyk, Nyk, Nyk....Moe, Larry, WEED! Moe, Larry, WEED!

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Sorry Nick.
Added: 32 days ago / Views: 106

I apologize, i thought you kicked us out again and slapped a block on the ISP.  Not the case.  My apologies, Dakota.

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Added: 1159 days ago / Views: 214

Where are all the wonderful photos I had saved over the last year? Some fav videos are listed two or three times!

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I apologize for pissing joel off
Added: 971 days ago / Views: 281

My taint has hurt all day long.

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Favourite artist
Added: 560 days ago / Views: 124

Hey guys, I'm trying to add more music to my library and was wondering for anyone has any suggestions with thier favourite artist or artists. I enjoy a variety of music just not country, it can be sung in a different language. 

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Mental Slavery
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How to add a background to my profile.
Added: 1703 days ago / Views: 335 Can someone please explain? TIA.
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no religion
Added: 1681 days ago / Views: 254 I don't believe in such things. Just believe in that we all have good and bad in us. I pray not to a god for forgiveness through silent thought, but to the world through a blog. I am sorry for all I have said and done in my life to everyone. please will you forgive me.
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!This one is a happy one lol!
Added: 1523 days ago / Views: 289 As of late all my blogs have been sad,or negative things that truly happend in my life. But it was not all bad. I have had great experinces also.
Every year at my old job, we would raise money to buy gifts for kids that came from poorer homes and went to a low income school in our area. Our boss would dress up as santa and his assistant mgrs would dress as elves. Anyone who wanted to come was welcome to come with us when we delivered the gifts before Christmas break. They would be so excited when handing out the gifts. In a way you could see yourself at hat age looking back at you in their eyes, you could relate to what they were going through. You know what it feels like to go hungry. You know what it is to truly be poor. It was amazing to see the gratitude that they had, and how thankful they were. For some, it was the only gift they would get for Christmas. No one would ever open it right there. Every single kid would leave it wrapped and take it home with them. It was all worth it to experience that. I have never felt the way I did that day. It was an amazing experience. I am happy I got to experience it. I did not know that it would become an important memory to cherish. It felt good to help people. Even donating coats that we didnt wear to the shelters, or havig a can food drive. If you have never done anything like that I would recommend you do it. Its not about the attention, its about those less fortunate and what we could do to help. Donating school supplies, uniform shirts to schools for kids that cant afford them. Every little thing, no matter how small it is helps out someone in some way, and even if you only help one person then you have succeeded.
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Added: 1435 days ago / Views: 198 Allen GBT-Usern ein gutes Neues Jahr. Mögen Eure Wünsche sich erfüllen!

Happy New Year to all GBT-Users. May your wishes come true.
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I can't view videos
Added: 1222 days ago / Views: 245 Am I the only one that can't view videos? I haven't been able to for a couple months now. I was told that the problem must be on my end. I've tried everything to fix the problem and have gone as far as getting a new PC. I can watch videos at other web sites. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me? I miss my GBT videos.
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The Mach Loop (also known as the Machynlleth Loop) refers to a series of valleys in the United Kingdom in west-central Wales, notable for their use as low-level training areas for fast jet aircraft. The system of valleys lies 8 miles east of Barmouth and is nestled between the towns of Dolgellau to the north and Machynlleth to the south, the latter of which it takes its name from. The training area is within the Low Flying Area (LFA) LFA7, which covers most of Wales.[1]

Aircraft which use the training area include Royal Air Force Tornado, Typhoon, and Hawk jets, as well as U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles, which are based at RAF Lakenheath in eastern England.[2]

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Added: 2167 days ago / Views: 714 hi
I search lads in my range of age to chat with. Just send me an message an I will give you my msn adress.
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New self pics blog!
Added: 1730 days ago / Views: 697 Everybody, I have created a new blog, and it's full of twinks photos, so I hope You will like it. I wonder if you coul cooperate with me, sending your own pics!
The blog is
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Added: 1681 days ago / Views: 387 Just thought I 'd shout out to my dad IF he does see this... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOUR ONE AND ONLY SON IS GAY! :)
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hot boy checking me out?
Added: 1323 days ago / Views: 375 Ok so I was getting changed recently and my friend was kindof watching. It seemed like he was trying to get a look at my dick. I got semi hard which must have been easy to tell through my boxers coz that's when he really started staring. He never said anything but a few min later I saw him push his crotch like he was getting stiff aswell. Don't know if he's gay but He's never had a gf but he knows I've had gfs so he might think I'm totally str8. I wish I knew how to make a move without freaking him out. Were both pretty shy and our families know each other so it would suck if either of us were caught or outed. Help anyone?!?
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Added: 1290 days ago / Views: 259 Hi guys ! I'm really sad ;-( 2day cause i've lost 1 of my best pal;-(.but y did he refused me?;-(
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email me
Added: 1143 days ago / Views: 258

if anyone wants to email me im up for anything, from talking to whatever you want, my email is

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Awesome Advice Applied
Added: 678 days ago / Views: 191 Guten Abend everyone,
after reading someones post I realized that you might like a little feed back on how things are going. So far I have not told anyone, but I am trying to figure out who I trust enough to tell. I am also working on toning down the shields I have created, because appearently the mask I created for the world to see is a little scary. I have started to talk to a few people, nothing serious just this and that. There are so many cute guys at my college. Thanks again, I hope everyone is doing well. XOXO
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Thank You all ...
Added: 257 days ago / Views: 126

a loving thanks to all boys and men who post many videos and photos here


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Where are my vids?
Added: 1730 days ago / Views: 535 Hi, I am new here, joined on 7th March 2012. Since then I uploaded several vids, but only first two are visible. Can anybody tell me why? And what happen to other vids uploaded ? I have several thousands vids with boys ( and girls) 18-20yo to share. But not seeing uploaded vids I think it pointless to upload new one.
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Added: 873 days ago / Views: 202

The former CEO of one of the world's most successful companies is calling on gay business leaders to come out of the closet. John Browne was publicly outed by a British tabloid in 2007, forcing him to step down from his position as head of oil giant BP. Browne's written a new book, "The Glass Closet: Why Coming Out Is Good Business," and he sat down with CNN's Richard Quest to talk about it:

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Added: 274 days ago / Views: 729

hello people i'm new here, anyone would like to talk?

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