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Censorship Pisses Me Off
Added: 564 days ago / Views: 205

1 of my posts of a legal aged dude was taken down because apparently something happened, not in the video but in his real life, that was depressing for some people to think about. I am being facetious, obviously, but here is what I know: he started out as a naturist model as a child where nothing sexual was involved, then once he became legal he did a couple of hardcore vids (depending on your definition of "hardcore" I guess he fucked a blow up doll and jerked off in them) which netted him some decent money which he then used to buy a flashy sports car which he was driving at high speeds in when he was later killed in an accident. Yes, it is tragic. No, I don't think it should affect our opinion of how beautiful he is and that he was a legal, willing participant in the vids. No, I definitely don't think my video should have been taken down because some asshole reported it. I lost my Twitter recently for something just as stupid. The asshole ex of this dude I wasn't even dating but who took an interest in me reported me on a bogus charge ("targeted abuse" whatever the fuck that means) and I lost an account I had fostered for more than 5 years and about 11 thousand followers. But more than that I lost a creative outlet. My point being: Social media and blogs SHOULD NOT FALL PREY TO CENSORSHIP. I realize this is simply a porn site, but hey, to some people 50 Shades of Gray might be considered porn, would you like to burn that while you're at it? In future, to all those who "don't like" something I post or say, heed these words: FUCK OFF AND DON'T LOOK AT IT! And my intention was not to offend people, just to vent anger and make a point. I'm not interested in hearing more skeptical information about what happened to the dude in the video I posted. My choice is to watch his vid, enjoy a nice wank, and not much else.

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Confusion about posting pictures on a wall ?
Added: 61 days ago / Views: 62

I've tried several times to post an image on someone's wall with nothing but the text of where it's hosted showing up. Could someone please give ma a quick tutorial on how to make this work if I host on Imgur, or do I need to host it on GBT somewhere?

Thanks, Todd.......

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how can I remove friend?
Added: 2036 days ago / Views: 332 can't find anywhere how to do it.thanks.
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cleaning up
Added: 1962 days ago / Views: 1204 how do you remove duplicate copies on your picture favorites?
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Uploading Vids
Added: 1722 days ago / Views: 464 I have found that if you change the video format they will upload a lot faster and actually appear on this site. MPG format takes 3 beers and a dube to upload and never show up. WMV format seems to be the fastest.
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Where do all the videos and pics go?
Added: 1375 days ago / Views: 254 I'm relatively new to this site. I know everyone complains about their videos not getting posted. But does anyone know why some videos make it and some don't? Is there any rhyme or reason?

One video I attempted to post never made it to the site. Three days later I tried the same video again and this time it made it on the site. I have a lot I want to add, but it seems like only 10% of what I have attempted to post so far has made it.

Should I go back and try to repost those all again?

If there are guidelines anywhere here please let me know.

Squirt ;p

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new pics
Added: 1107 days ago / Views: 313 Hi
pretty tempted to post new pics of myself online but not too sure what other kind of pics to take. Anyone got any ideas send me a message
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I want a cooke too
Added: 646 days ago / Views: 161

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Added: 19 days ago / Views: 57

You might have seen him on '60 MINUTES' (CBS) last night. He taught himself to play listening to his Dad's jazz records!

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live cam chat
Added: 2036 days ago / Views: 305
Anyone want to video chat with 18 and always willing when im online. Just send me a frend request and a message and details bout u so we can set something up....anyone interested??


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Best day of the week
Added: 1582 days ago / Views: 381 Lets see monday i got a bj from a guy off my facebook its was ok except for the fact that he bent my penis to far and bit me about three times ........Tuesday i tried to rub one out but was still kinda hurt so it wasnt one of my best wanking sessions ............well fast forward three days today my parents gone i got the house to myself and no teeth prints on my penis :) so i finally found a way to mount my dildo to the wall and i was in heaven body still tingling best friday ever
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Added: 1407 days ago / Views: 274 THE BEACH:
The sun it sets on fiery wings:
We stand alone as it goes down:
Birds hush the songs they sing:
The sight brings smiles and not a frown.
Alone upon a beach we stand:
The waves do gently ebb and flow:
Then build a castle in the sand:
To lie beneath the moonlight glow:
We watch the stars across the sky:
Clouds soft pillows like feather down:
The beauty we feel will make us cry:
Holding hands we make no sound.
On golden wings the sun does rise:
The night has past without a care:
These precious moments can make us wise:
Time alone for us to share.
We spent our time upon the beach:
The moon, the stars were ours a while:
Though the heavens were beyond our reach:
But the time was right for us to smile.

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talented piano player
Added: 189 days ago / Views: 102

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Break time
Added: 147 days ago / Views: 76

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Added: 131 days ago / Views: 113

I am looking for someone to have a convo with in person about stuff. Also looking to have some fun

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Added: 1821 days ago / Views: 326 I am looking to try out my webcam, if you would like to try with me please send a message
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Thanx to Straight people
Added: 1727 days ago / Views: 567 I would just like to say thanks to all the straight people for getting together and making all these cute boys for us to check out. And thanks to society for accepting gay people and letting us all come out of the closet and be who we really are. Back in the day it was totally unheard of. And thanks for being gay and sharing with the rest of us. We now know we are not weird and alone. XXOO
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Pending Videos
Added: 754 days ago / Views: 221

Anyone know how long it takes for videos to be approved? It has been almost 24hrs and still nothing :L

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Happy New Year Everyone!!
Added: 540 days ago / Views: 156 I just want to say happy new year to you all... Everyone has been so nice to me here :)

I would have said this yesterday but I was a bit busy..
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Hurry up Cirice.
Added: 285 days ago / Views: 118


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Real Post
Added: 1375 days ago / Views: 447 Has anyone else ever been sexually abused or used by an older person when they were a young child? Be it a dad,mom,brother,sister,neighbor,teacher or a scout leader?

If you were abused, How did it make you feel? Did you like it, did you not like it?

if you could go back and change the events, would you? What would you say, what would you do?
Do you feel these events have had an effect on your life? positive or negative?

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Film dreh Germany
Added: 774 days ago / Views: 153

hey suche hier jemand der lust hat mit mir ein gleines filmchen zu drehen.
also wer lust hat schreibt mir bitte nicht

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Smoooching GBT vid recommendations?
Added: 597 days ago / Views: 195

I love loads of stuff on this site, but it's only when I kiss someone that I know it's all really going on.

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Cum Shower
Added: 198 days ago / Views: 111



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passing this onto my friends
Added: 74 days ago / Views: 108

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Webcam photos
Added: 1771 days ago / Views: 622 I love the movies on here, but I find saving the photos slow sometimes. Does anyone know where I can find good twink webcam photos, whether it's pay or forum or whatever? They have to be originating somewhere, thanks.
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Smile to life....and life will smile back at you. :)
Added: 668 days ago / Views: 181

There is no way to happiness, rather happiness IS the way.

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The Japonese Boy Chapter 22
Added: 285 days ago / Views: 163

Chapter 22

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Anyone in California?
Added: 1960 days ago / Views: 881 Is there anyone this site that is from california? I am a hot teen looking for some hot sex. if u r interested send me a message and a frend request and i will get back to you.

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Yahoo Messenger
Added: 1283 days ago / Views: 207 Are we in the realms of Orwellian Doublespeak when peace means war and so on. For yahoo to say they closing down the chat rooms to improve their service. Is there a hidden agenda or does some suit in a chair really believe it.

What our our alternatives.
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Uploading pics
Added: 938 days ago / Views: 159

I am trying to upload pics, but says invalid file. Mine are jpg. How do i change them to be able to upload.

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Big Brother 2015 (Argentina)
Added: 332 days ago / Views: 130

The lovely Matías (right) 19 years old. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Added: 1611 days ago / Views: 436 Every time I click on the photos banner is goes straight to videos. Now I know my computer won't play the videos but why can't I see the photos? Does anyone else have this problem? Is it you or my computer?
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Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 168 hay any body in so calif
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Added: 737 days ago / Views: 213

How did the interviewer keep a srtaight face?

I'm Guessing He's A Proctologist?

I wonder what he named his kids?

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Here's Looking at You
Added: 539 days ago / Views: 131
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Added: 470 days ago / Views: 182

who like to see asa butterfield in the nud yummy

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Added: 74 days ago / Views: 130

heya Zed. So I don't know why I have never 'found' you here at GBT before today. I usually notice people like you pretty quickly. You have extraordinary tastes in uploads and your choices for favorites is pretty impressive as well! 5 stars, and many thanks from the community! People like you make it easier to navigate GBT and any help in that department means extra time to enjoy the actual content!

You are now part of Team GreatClips! WELCOME, Friend!!



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New Servers Are Up.
Added: 2036 days ago / Views: 342 The 2 new servers we have been waiting for are up. Videos appear to be playing fine, and we're working out a configuration issue for thumbnails (they are loading, just slowly). We've also published around 90 new videos, which also appear to be playing correctly.

Please write in this post if you have any issues with videos playing.
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Moving pics
Added: 1420 days ago / Views: 272 Can someone tell me how I can move a pic(file) from one of my folders to another site, Like an email, or to add to one of my favorites? I never have figured this out yet.
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