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back :-)
Added: 1793 days ago / Views: 488 i just want to say that i am back...hugs for all
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is it UK / WALES guys on here
Added: 1602 days ago / Views: 332 is it UK / WALES guys on here it be good to get to know alot if guys im into a lot if things i love younger guy just massage me :)
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National Coming Out Day
Added: 1477 days ago / Views: 261 As all of you know, coming out to our families is probably the most difficult thing we will ever have to do. October 11 is National Coming Out Day in the US. It is a day those of us that have made the journey with our families, stand ready to hold out our hands in support of those that want to make that journey. I wanted to share two things...the first is the Expedia support for marriage equality video which is the journey of one father and his lesbian daughter . The second is from Andrew Sullivan's blog the Daily Dish, which is his story about his father and his journey: "Who never wavered in his love and support for me from the second I told him I was gay; whose face dropped like an ashen landslide when he discovered I had become HIV-positive; who - a former high school rugby captain, national mid-distance runner, and player on our town's team, a man's man in many ways - has never faltered in defending his son's orientation even to his boss in a small town in a pretty conservative small town. He has been a rock for me on this question my adult life.

I remember a conversation long, long ago, when I was dating someone way out of my league, before I had come out to my folks. My boyfriend, who was older, Californian, and goddamn beautiful, said something to me that never left my consciousness, when I told him I hadn't yet told my folks: "Don't you deserve to have parents?" I said: "I do and they love me." He said "But how can they love you if you will not allow them to see all of you? If they do not know the part that loves another human being, how can they love the full you?" I saw the closet was both a form of self-protection but also something that hurts and wounds a family. The closet denies your family and some of your closest friends the chance to embrace as well as disdain. It is a silent statement that you do not think they can rise to the occasion. In some cases, it can lead to disaster. But in more cases than you'd think, it doesn't. In fact, it is that self-revelation that, in my view, is almost entirely responsible for the shift in attitudes toward gay equality and integration. This was grass roots development that the center had to adjust to; not a crazy idea foisted upon a world unready for it. Watch the honest video above and see how ready many can be.

It's a risk. Integrity is always a social risk. But you only have one life. Why not tell the truth and be set free? Why not give your own parents the chance to love all of you? When you make yourself that vulnerable, there is a kind of freedom in it. And a chance for grace."

For those of you that are ready to make that journey with your family, know that I will stand with you, hold your hand and support you through the journey. Thomas
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Don't you guys LOVE ankle bracelets?!
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Don't you guys LOVE ankle bracelets?!

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This is the best pixar short ever!
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This is only the song and it is still wonderful!


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here is some of my love for my friends ;

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meeting boys
Added: 1793 days ago / Views: 800 how do you guys meet other gay guys? like i want to do sexual stuff with a guy but it seems like i don't know any gay guys.....
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true story of high school sex pt 5
Added: 1633 days ago / Views: 345 I am not a professional writer, but the story I tell is a true account of
some of the guys I had sex within high school. There will be several parts
so I hope you will not be bored. No body in these stories has incredible 9
in cocks. Just normal 15 and 16 year boy beginning to explore or hidden
sexuality. Your comments are welcome. All rights reserved and must be of
legal age to read. I am now 53 so hear are the accounts of my sexual
youth. Which seem to be more fun back then?

I had a lot to think about after my late night with Spike. The whole
kissing thing was weighing very heavy on my mind. I was totally disgusted
with the whole kissing thing but yet when it happened it was hot and wild
for me. It was such a taboo thing to do and only certified in my mind that
was really gay and not a phase I was going thru. Deep in my heart I new but
just did not want to be who I was. That whole night of armpits nipples and
kissing was just hard to process. Looking back I see it clearly but at the
time you just wanted to be like everyone else. Not the guy who secretly
looked at all his friends in the locker room or at parties wondering what
they are like and if they think the same as and are just as afraid, just
like you. After that night with Spike I pulled back on who I was and tried
to hide myself in deferent roles of who I was. I drank and partied a lot
did a lot of drugs anything to hide from myself. Finally one morning when I
came down stairs to go to school my mom said that she need to talk to me. I
stopped dead in my track as she said with much concern that I was no longer
the fun loving son she new and was concerned about how I was acting. She
said that she loved me very much and that I could come to her with anything
that was troubling me. In side I just wanted to scream who I was and how
unhappy I was buy I just started to cry and tell her that everything was ok
and I would work it out. We hugged and I walked to school. It was a bit of
a turning point in my life and basically made the man I am today. Now
enough of all the bummer talk and on to my senior year which I have to say
was really one of the most outstanding times of my life.

August 1976, I had just turned 18 and was entering my last year of high
school. After a long soul searching month of july I had decided that I
would start with a clean slate and mend the many fences I had broke. Jimmy
who I had know all my life and was the first guy I had a fist fight when we
were in 6th grade was really someone I could talk to. He was very smart and
understanding. When we were in 7th grade we did the circle jerk thing when
we camped out, but it really wasn't his thing. So it was left were it
was. Fast forward to the day he was giving me a ride home from football
practice. As we talked about college and leaving the town we grew up in
when graduate. Some where out of the blue I just said Jimmy I think Im
gay. He start laughing so hard he almost drove off the road. I started to
get piss and asked what was so funny. He stopped the car and Joey I have
known that for a long time I wondered how long it was going to take you to
understand it. He said you have done everything you could not to be who
you are, You trained hard in sports, built your body up to where you are
physically dominate over everyone yet get upset over the stupidest shit. I
smile d so hard finally there was someone who did not care if I was gay or
not and still was my friend.

Football was in full swing and there was a bit of a ritual that seemed to
start with my buddy Sandy. He had a car and on every friday night after
practice before the game on Saturday he would pick me up and we would in
his dodge dart and we would drive out into the country and drink some beers
and usually smoke a joint. Usually there would be some others on the team
that would join us and they would be in their own cars. After an hour or so
everyone would head back to the pizza shop. As we got in his car sandy
asked if I wanted to ride around a bit. Which usually meant we would find
some farmers side road pull in out of site and do the same thing? Start
wrestling around pull out each other cocks suck a little he would cum in my
mouth and I would shot on his face. He never seemed to like cum in his
mouth. But tonight seemed to be much more deferent than our usual blow and

We drove way out in the boonies took some dirt roads that led to fields
which turned into deep wood. I asked where the fuck are we going? Sandy
just said he wanted to be in a spot that no one would no or bother us. So
he finally parked turned the car off opened to beers click are can together
and drank up. He looks at me all serious and says You know I'm not gay but
I like fucking around with you when there aren't any girls around. Now that
struck me as pretty funny because I never ever saw him with a girl all thru
school. But I said thats cool sandy I like fucking around with you too we
have fun. So now that that was out of the way we sat there and as we
started our grab ass which lead to pants being undone we were in full on
heat. He was much more aggressive as he started to pull my pants down. He
was rubbing my nipples and stared to just smell all of my torso finally he
took off my shirt and was grabbing my arms kneading my muscle and kissing
me all over. This was a lot more intense then he ever was before and I
loved it. His body was so rock-in 5'9 now about 150 his super great 6 inch
cock with some of the lowest hanging balls ever. He had no hair except
around his cock. I really liked his cock. But he was going crazy like he
had not had sex in years. As I stated earlier I had pulled back and it was
really only Sandy that I was fucking around with since football
started. But here we were he was a wild little guy going crazy on me. He
wouldn't let me touch him. The front seat was all the way back and he was
touching all parts of my body with his fingers and mouth. All I could do
was lean back and let him do his thing. It felt like at one point he had
both my balls in his mouth. The car smelled of young guy cock,ass beer pot
and english leather cologne But he just kept it up. I told him
I was going to cum and he said not yet and let go of my cock. He sat up and
jumped over me and straddled my body with his lower body and he just looked
at me with his hands on my shoulders and his face was two inches from my
own face. I could feel that feeling coming on of dread and yet lust to have
him kiss me. As I just looked into his green eye's put my hands on the side
of his head grabbed his soft brown hair and pilled him towards my face and
closed my eyes. I could feel his breath as he closed on my lips and kissed
me deep. Not some little grandma kiss I mean open mouthed tongues fighting
with each other as he attacked me. All my fear was gone and it felt like he
and I wear one. I know sounds corny but it was most remarkable. He jus kept
kissing me all ver my face ears neck man I was on fire. I could feel his
pre cum smearing on my belly as his cock head stabbed and bucked as we made
out. My cock was rubbing against his ball sack leaking juice all over
him. And then he stopped. I said whats wrong. He looked at me and was quiet
for a moment and said I want to try some things we have never done. Well,
we just kissed and we never done that shit before. He knows, I know but I
want to do more and I feel cool with you. I said ok what do you want to
do. He was again quiet for a second and say I want to play with your ass if
thats ok. Jesus Sandy I never had nothing done there and I do not want your
cock in my ass. NO, No, No thats not what I mean. Well, what?.He says that
he wanted to try a rim job. What the fuck is a rim job as I looked at
him. And to be honest I was going soft do to this conversation. He goes
just let me show you. Ok I say , what do we do for a rim job. Sandy says
take your pants and underwear off and just set on the seat and lean your
back against he door and I will do the rest. So we both take off our
clothes. Now I know why he drove way out here. He say to me you did take a
shower after practice tonight didn't you. I shook my head. Then he says so
you are clean, Fuck sandy you've been sucking my cock and licking my balls
of course I'm clean. So as I lean back he starts sucking me and licking my
balls all the time rubbing my stomach and nipples. Every now and that he
would come back up and kiss me and work his way back down again. Slowly he
starts to go under neath my sac with his fingers and rubs my taint. His
fingers would rub my hole Wow was all I could say as he put his finger on
my ass and just rub it. He never tried to put his finger in my ass but just
rubbed it. It was wild I have never felt anything like that I never did
that to my self and here is sandy sucking my cock and rubbing my hole. He
lifts my leg and just and just starts licking and eating my ass. It was so
wild as he jerked me off. It was wet hot soft and really felt great. Again
I told him that I was going to cum and he just kept doing it to me. As I
came I remember him just pushing as hard as he could with his face in my
asshole. And boy did she blow, My first shot hit me right in my own face as
the second just kept pumping onto my stomach. Just as I was done sandy
started jerking off and started rubbing his cock head on my hole again not
pushing it in but just rubbing it on and around my hole jerking off until
he came. It was wild the smell of cum, sweat and youth.

We both just set there breathing hard. Finally he says so do you like that?
I just looked at him with very big eyes I said that was crazy. He just
laughed. He had an old sweatshirt and we wiped our selves up. I stated to
get dressed and he say are you in a hurry its still early. No, I'm not why
do you want to stay a little long ? He says lets just hang here I like
looking at you naked. He joey you have really worked out and it looks
good. I was embarrassed but I don't know why we had just shot cum all over
the place and sucked each other while he ate my ass. But yet I was a bit
embarrassed but not enough to make a muscle fro him as we both just
laughed. I asked him why he wanted to do that and he just said I know that
you and Spike have fucked around because I have fucked around with Spike
to. I just remember say that Spike was hot and it had been a while since I
hooked up with him. Sandy says I know Spike was wondering if you were
pissed at him or something. I was quiet for a minute and just said that I
needed to take a break. Sandy just laughed and said well I'm glad you hung
with me. I said yeah me to.

We had the rest of our beer and was sitting there when sandy asked If he
could kiss me again. As I looked ay him he just leaned forward and softly
kissed me as his body fell against mind. He kiss was deferent than earlier
it was more caring and not so lust full. He pulled away from me and just
said I no I'm not gay But I like to do gay shit with you and we just both
started laughing. I just looked at him sitting there naked his full cock
setting to the side of his recently drain balls and I loved what I was
looking at. As I kept looking at him he smile and said what? I was just
thinking about what you did to me with that ass stuff and was just kind of
wondering what it taste like. He said you were clean and it was like real
naughty shit, but you smelled and tasted great Sandy said that he never did
that before But Spike did the same to him. He says to me would you like to
try it. I'm clean as he stated. Can we kiss a little more I said sure as he
straddled me again and kissed me softly? This time Sandy leaned against the
door and lifted his leg as I lied along the seat as i grabbed his cock and
began to suck him again. I could taste the little bits of dried cum along
the crown of his cock. Not to fat long just right to suck. As he lifted his
legs higher and said here it is, his ass was looking right at me as I
lowered myself i was smelling his ass and taint and it did smell
good. Other than the sweat from us fucking around earlier I started to eat
his ass . Just my tongue around his cheeks until I touch his hole. He was
moaning and jerking his cock as I licked his but hole . It was the first
for me so I was a bit reluctant but got into the swing of it as I took the
fat part of my tongue and ran it across his hole. Sandy said to take my
finger and wet it with my mouth and stick my finger in his ass. That was it
he just started bucking and breathing very hard as jerked off as my finger
went deeper. It was hot as my finger was in his ass as Sandy said let me
suck your cock as you finger me. So I sat on the seat and he bent over me
and started sucking me as I reached around and stuck my finger in his
as. Sandy was going wild ,moaning backing into my hands as he sucked me
like crazy. I could tell he was jerking off as he sucked me as I finger
fucked him. I was ready to blow and told sandy that I was close he just
moaned as I came right in his mouth, he quickly pulled off with cum
dripping from his mouth and face as he jerked off on my chest. both of us
just heaving trying to breath. finally he say fuck that was good and i just
sat there saying, yup. we got dressed and he dropped me off at my house. As
u started to get out of the car sandy said come here and as I leaned in he
kissed me good night. All in all it was pretty wild. Sandy was so much
fun. We had similar run ins all just as much fun. I don't no where he is
now but I would like to find him to say hello.

Most of the school year went pretty good. I slowly started to except who i
was. I will spend a few more chapter about my high school wrestling. I
thank all who have enjoyed a part of my youth. The parts That i have shred
were the parts that were life changing in some way to me. Each time the sex
seem to get better as I can more comfortable with who I was.
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How do I change my email on my profile?
Added: 1419 days ago / Views: 236 It won't let me change my email on my profile.
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Added: 1246 days ago / Views: 298 My name is max and I guess I am a strange guy. I enjoy being alone in peace and solitude. To do what I want with no one to judge me. I love watching movies, listening to instrumental music. When I am alone I jerk off, sleep, and forget about my issues, I let the naked human me come out. During the day I feel like I have to be an actor, pretend to be straight, pretend to enjoy talking to people. I also share a room, but on the weekend when I am alone... is when I am most happy. To relax and forget about the stresses in life. Some may describe me as skinny, nice, and nerdy. But there are times when I get lonely and wish I had someone there with me who will understand me. Personally I don't care whether it be a girl or guy, as long as our personalities matched. I want someone I can trust, to tell my darkest secrets, and most of all to sexually explore each other. But as of right now it seems I will not find that person, because I know that person is not very social, he or she enjoys solitude while being alone like me. Also I do not like sports, so ... if you like sports we wont work out unless you show me a good reason to like it. I am willing to go on adventures and explore the world.
Ohh I almost forgot the type of guy I like should be around my age, skinny, and smooth. I like girls who are down to earth, who dont make everything a big deal.
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Happy New Year
Added: 1391 days ago / Views: 205 Hey

Happy New Year to Everyone! Please inbox me if you want to talk. Add if you have Skype

I wish you a best year!
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What you gonna do
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Added: 1391 days ago / Views: 191 hello all I wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone! How was all of your xmas'? Hope everyone is well and sorry I have been gone! But been so busy with work and feel like I left everyone =( But hey, drop me a line if you guys want. <3 Johnny
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Blog release
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If I realease a blog why only half of the text is released, not all? Not the first timejQuery18208263672727084445_1456017083562? Don't understand or are you just fixing the problems again? As usual. Nice try to get slowly

back into business and first time this it's like this.  Have a nice weekend:) Hugs!

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Inspirational Wednesday :)
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Inspirational Wednesday, Boys!

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Big Rugby Weekend in UK
Added: 1338 days ago / Views: 224 Hi everyone. I've been missing for almost a week and need a release!!! Big rugby weekend here in the UK with the 6 nations games. Will most likely have to party :-) Anyone else on here looking forward to the rugby?
Love to all. Matt xx
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New Look
Added: 1559 days ago / Views: 342 New Profile design, hope you like ....
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Are you ready for Monday
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The Japanese Boy Chapter 10
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chapter ten

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James Charles makes TIME's most influential teens list after fierce senior year photo goes viral
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James Charles makes TIME's most influential teens list after fierce senior year photo goes viral
Along with trans activist Gavin Grimm and bisexual star Amandla Stenberg. Move over, Kylie Jenner!

James Charles makes TIME's most influential teens list after fierce senior year photo goes viral
James Charles is from Bethlehem, New York.

21 October 2016
by Jamie Tabberer

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Jerking off
Added: 1390 days ago / Views: 361 Does anyone know how to cum without using your hands haha! I'm tired of of using my hand but want to jerk off. I don't have anyone to jerk me off unfortunately.
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Added: 1178 days ago / Views: 291 So it has been 3-4 months since I had sex and I am thinking of having a Fuck-A-Lot Weekend coming up next weekend when I go home and let guys fuck me back open (and to their hearts content)! I want to do one night at the gloryhole...but I want to know some creative ideas. What can I do to get the word out there and be safe at this Fuck-A-Lot Weekend!!!??? How should I even approach this whole idea of madness? XD lol. Please leave your comments and suggestions! Thanks guys!!!!
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Pride Parade First time :)
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I went to the NYC Pride Parade for the first time with my boyfriend and it was just amazing. We had t-shirts pointing to to each other saying he's mine and everyone was complimenting us on them haha. This day was perfect, i've never felt so accept nd actually belonging somewhere:) I've never been so proud of who i am :) Pride 2014 was absolutely amazing ^^ anyone else go?

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november my place - mr crow too at the crows nest

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Added: 1513 days ago / Views: 244 Good morning to every one I hope you have a great day :-)
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My Brother and His Two Best Friends
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My brother just called and I was working on a special IT project at Verzon til 7 and my brother didn't get fucked right after work so the went to thee bar with his two best friends. He just called and told me me all 3 of them are fucking horny as hell and they are leaving in an hiur get your boypussy ready.So I have 3 horny guys fucking the hell out of me and sucking cock all night.  OHH my lucky day I I rarely get all3 together and my day sucked so I am so in the mood to just get fucked all night long. When I first started blowing my brother I was 11 and he told me to start blowing his 2 best friends at 14 after puberty he said I was his no one elses and he did not want me dating period and absolutely no se with anyone but us 3 he said Ok I asked are you my boyfriend he said no I am your lover. Now I always found it odd that he doesnt caare his best friends ffuck me about as much as he does. They can be be fucking me on the couch and he's like 10 feet  away watching TV as I am getting fucked. He's complicated. They even have to ask him not me to fuck me. He has never said no that I know of except once they brought a guy t video they both taag teaming me he flipped but let them do it and then the net day he called them over

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'True Bromance' Showcases A Surprisingly Romantic Day In The City
Added: 933 days ago / Views: 277

A man filmed to str8 friend in New York. Slowed it down and set it to music. Change the entire mood of the film.

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Dinner anyone
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Added: 2120 days ago / Views: 1100 Kant upload my pics why?
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what would you change?
Added: 1711 days ago / Views: 451 If you had to change anything, or do anything different, with your first time with another guy....what would it be?
OR......would you do it all over again just as it happened?
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Happy New Year
Added: 665 days ago / Views: 149 I have to go away for
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