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Views: 26 · Added: 13 days ago


i like trade gay / male pics.

skype: gayy201


Question about photo abums
Views: 452 · Added: 735870 days ago

Hi, does anybody knows that all photo albums added in the last 20 hours contains no photos?

lets chat and cumm together
Views: 3869 · Added: 1139 days ago

wanna have some fun with me ( a black dude from 18years old)
lets playy on windows live messenger so we can cam together.
my windows live messenger =

young 4 older
Views: 394 · Added: 1049 days ago

any young guys into older guys looking to chat ?

Wanna Skype?
Views: 194 · Added: 906 days ago

Haaaay people's names Shane for ho doesn't already know that but I'm really bored and I want some1 to talk to so if u have Skype and r any age under 25 (sry just a personal prefrence) add me on Skype. My name is Upsethalo1137 thanks love u all and have a great day/night

Webcam chat
Views: 123 · Added: 876 days ago

Where is the best place to have a webcam chat? or does anyone what to to chat with me instead? ;)

bowling day
Views: 166 · Added: 780 days ago

So i pick up my cousin and we drive around for half an hour asking each other where are we going and what are we going to do until we finally ran across a bowling alley. so we when in and during our first game (which im winning) a guy and his three kids(who had to be about 13 or 14) walked and the first thing i thought was why in the hell am i 20 no fair no fair no fair. well the cutest of the three was watching me and my cousin the whole time(my cousin only when he did something stupid) God he was cute all of them was.

PS i didnt have a belt on and i dont wear underwear so my butt was showing most of the time i could swear they was watching

Views: 126 · Added: 741 days ago

i wish i knew what is wrong with the vids on here. i don't have the same probs on other sites but, i like this site better. what to do??

Views: 82 · Added: 232 days ago

received a video from JOSH 2323 thru my Email, was not sure if it was a con but tried it but sure to his word he made a video personaly for me, sent it quick worth the money for such a beautiful boy that does what you like on video, wonder if others tried his videos

Looking for friends in N. Z.
Views: 485 · Added: 735870 days ago

I'm very interested to find friends in N. Z. I like this country and the kiwi people so much. I've often visit this wonderful country down under - next time I'll be there in January / February 2011.

Views: 524 · Added: 1348 days ago

if anyone wants a chat my msn is (only if ur under 25)

looking for a video
Views: 313 · Added: 1049 days ago

Had good luck with last post,looking for video of a realy cute guy wanking on a park bench.It`s only 3 too 4 mins. long.Have seen pics.of him in shower,on a table,would realy like to find that video.And thank`s to David,for the help..Wayne

Were is my profile ??
Views: 206 · Added: 1015 days ago

Ok Nick so pics and vids u having probs with but why as my profile been wipe I lost all 215 friends vids and fav pics can u tell me why u lost or wipe my profile please thanks anyone else in the same boat xxx

i did it!!!!
Views: 249 · Added: 963 days ago

i finally put a profile pic thank u all who helped me love ya <3

Swindon again lol :)
Views: 175 · Added: 934 days ago

any younger members in the swindon or near lying areas that want any form of relationship, friendship or no strings ;) if so drop me a message. must be below 20 !!!!!!

looking for twinks to cam with on skype
Views: 163 · Added: 741 days ago

my skype is bret.arter1 add me must be twink or twink type :) i am 22 w/130 so hit me up :)

pics and vids
Views: 100 · Added: 431 days ago

hi guys! who want to trade pics and vids of Young boys? add me on skype: stefanocrocco

What I hear when I watch the news......
Views: 37 · Added: 80 days ago

inbox or trade?
Views: 436 · Added: 735870 days ago

hi, anyone wanna trade pics, or inbox me?
Views: 236 · Added: 1194 days ago add me please if ur young!:) thanks:)

hi lads, i am john. looking for dates with cute, slim/ athletic lad 18-23. if you are interested don't hesitate to contact me for a chat. hope to hear from you soon x

i go a way two day
Views: 305 · Added: 1049 days ago

i been i way just a check up that all the male nurse was nice to me
i aswer some the topic
i like to go free so got me jog pants on if you whant to no if that is boy may be gay or you fancy him get on a pair of jog pant on get a hard on and see what happen
i am plz that the videos up load ok all i can say take your time you never no what tomrrow will bring i no was ok one min then pass out the next dam spina bifa got some kind of bug in the blood so i be wobble for a bit but i no i git you guy to look after me so i be ok
so as i said take you time relax in joy your bf mate or just that horny pal you no
hug and kiss to ho whant one

Site Today
Views: 267 · Added: 1015 days ago

Nick: Profile and videos now ok. Understand about photos needing to be reviewed. Keep up the good work.

anybody know?
Views: 192 · Added: 963 days ago

does anybody know why the live cam chat does'nt work?

Views: 164 · Added: 876 days ago

Is there any jersey boys around

Circke jerk
Views: 130 · Added: 822 days ago

Have you experienced circle jerks? Tell us where (locker rooms, outdors, public toilets...) when (after school, by evening), who (friends, class mates, strangers...)and what (wanking, blowjobs...). Please comment about your experiences (good, bad). This is for a personal study I workon. Those of you who prefer can report by a message to my mailbox. Thank you for jour helpfull contributions. Vlad, phd in sexology

Views: 216 · Added: 741 days ago

hey any gays in nottingham?? if yh, find me on Skype - haydenwalker96

Why, why, why, why, WHY won't the videos play more than one time when you return to them after looking around?!!

Fancy A Wank
Views: 536 · Added: 1352 days ago

Hey anybody who fancys having a bit of fun over webcam just add my msn and we can talk and have fun :D

its : xx

Views: 312 · Added: 1194 days ago

Private Message me with the links please.

Views: 258 · Added: 1015 days ago

If anyone of the 215 friends I lost (sorry had wipe ) from my profile plzzz can u add me to yours this is sohoangel xxxxxx

My vids
Views: 264 · Added: 963 days ago

Sorry that my vids have been deleted. It was debatable if some were cp, better to be safe than sorry. :(

Views: 181 · Added: 906 days ago


If you want jerkoff with me, please add me eric46savage on Skype. 18-23 years old only. Thanks.

horny chat
Views: 150 · Added: 876 days ago

lookin 4 guys my age near my age (22) to chat/cam with lets cum to gethere please contact me

please help me
Views: 173 · Added: 780 days ago

how do you delete a video of this

older guy looking for younger guys
Views: 177 · Added: 741 days ago

hi im 56 guy looking for younger guys for role play


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