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Hotel Boys Pissing
Views: 113 · Added: 614 days ago

There was a video on here a while back that I can't find now, two twinks and an older guy in a hotel room. One twink was a young latino looking and pissing everywhere and getting sucked. Never managed to see the whole video just the first 15 seconds as it would never buffer past that. Anyone have it or know where to find it?

Today Oct 11
Views: 71 · Added: 375 days ago

Wishing all my brothers (and I guess a few sisters) here


This IS a Holiday. We celebrate everyone of you who ARE Out, We stand by those of you who Are

Views: 63 · Added: 302 days ago

if anyone wants to trade pics, email me

Views: 65 · Added: 250 days ago

how meany times a day to you jack off in school

Jerking Off
Views: 782 · Added: 735924 days ago

When you have time, do you "edge....." and for how long? Do you shoot more if you do??

Views: 258 · Added: 1150 days ago

hi is anybody on here from chicago lookin for friends and other me know dont be shy =)

Words of Encouragement
Views: 242 · Added: 1072 days ago

Although I am addressing all guys watching and communicating through this website, it is some encouraging words for young and old alike that it is my intention to offer. My "watching" and "showing" began in my early teens. There was no internet and individuals did not use computers. We chatted on telephones with friends from schools in their homes, when we could not spend time together. Now young men with computers and webcams are connected with each other, and an ever-changing world makes sharing interests in hot videos and pictures, whether self-made or "collected favorites" that much easier and more exciting. When I read that some young guys who are expert users of web cams and website browsers and downloaders are turned off by old guys, I just offer this reminder. Not all old guys are pervs and started in their teens with self-pics and soft porn magazines for their horny releases. In some ways, the guys are the same, but the "tools of the trade" have changed. And all this change would not have happened, had not time, and lots of it, passed, making some guys "old" by comparison with most of this website's users. And yet thanks to all the young guys for their uninhibited postings, because the old guys like the same things, basically, and often are fortunate enough to be blessed with levels of libido that continue to satisfy through the years, even at the same intensity as in youth. So young guys: you're on your way through time. May you continue to enjoy sex and sexuality through your years. Be easy on the old guys. And old guys: Change can be unkind, but if you're enjoying this site, do so with relish, and give thanks for the chance to share with the younger folk, to enjoy their beauty and enthusiasm and willingness to strut their stuff. Thanks for reading.

Thinking about girl
Views: 172 · Added: 991 days ago

I found something little interesting about myself. Last week, I discussed with my good friend about vagina. My good friend is a girl. After that, I started to think about girls. Hmm. I guess I still have more time to discover my sexual orienation.

Views: 132 · Added: 933 days ago

hey can any one tell me why i cant upload pic's to my page I have tried everything but nothing is working can't cut and paste drag nothing is working.

man with two brothers
Views: 148 · Added: 756 days ago

does anyone see the constant man with two brothers who are gay, (him too)all the time od gtb video chat?

Hey everyone
Views: 235 · Added: 1106 days ago

Anyone in the south manchester area looking for friends or fun? Msg/Add me or leave a comment :) x

Views: 176 · Added: 1019 days ago

Hey guys im new(ish) to this site, but just wondering, does anyone else when filtering videos by most watched or being watched etc find they can't view more than the first page of results? even though theres loads of pages listed at the bottom....

Views: 181 · Added: 991 days ago

I wish I could watch videos on this site on my iPhone 4
Who thinks the same?

Please reply...IT'S AN EMERGENYC
Views: 96 · Added: 879 days ago

Top Rated/ favourited Pictures
Views: 123 · Added: 725 days ago

Hi guy would like to know what you all think about possibly adding the same feature to the pictures that is on the videos, so we can see which pictures are the top favourited and rated.


Views: 79 · Added: 614 days ago

Anyone got MSN, if u do inbox me on here

mark 2
Views: 65 · Added: 273 days ago

Just trying to, well, say, I feel deeply about my friends on here, I am emotional person didnt use to be, used to keep it bottled up, until I joined here. Came first to enjoy

older vids dont work
Views: 202 · Added: 1019 days ago

can some one explain why older videos do not work and therefore why even have then there

facebook :
Views: 173 · Added: 991 days ago

hi nick, is it possible to connect GBT with facebook ? whats your meaning guys ?????????????????????

thomthumb666 is a friend of mine and i love all me friends here. but right now i just have to say im very grateful to him for makin the avatar on his page for autism awareness day and that is tomorrow 4/2/12 and it is world wide. his page is at and if you want more info about tmw the address is ~ please share and help tmw make a difference for people with autism, pdd-nos and like me, asperger's

Please reply...IT'S AN EMERGENCY
Views: 106 · Added: 879 days ago

Movies LGBT
Views: 76 · Added: 557 days ago

Call me stupid, idiot or whatever you like.

But no matter what, even if I like porn videos, long or short they are, sometimes there are times when'd love to see a movie in LGBT issues, with friends or even alone.
Just to spend a different evening in the company of a movie, romantic, dramatic or comic that is.
On this site there a category on its merits, and I think it 's unique in the world as I understand it.
No matter what, this category has been violated, and there are only a few movies appropriate to this category, while others are starting to others.
No matter what language they speak, that much, or you are with the sign language. Sometimes you just have to follow, picture by picture, facial expressions, and you can follow the ongoing story.
Who knows now what happens from the moment will post this blog.
Thanks for everything.
And thanks to "gayboystube."

Uploading films anomaly...
Views: 76 · Added: 524 days ago

I've uploaded several films over the last couple of weeks, but they don't seem to ever be posted. They're not anything especially controversial, and I wondered if there was someone to contact about it. I use a browser called Seamonkey (a Mozilla product), which may have something to do with it as I've been able to post videos in the past using Firefox.

In advance, thanks!


como tirar um video
Views: 70 · Added: 489 days ago

olá gostaria de saber como faço para tirar um video onde eu apareço daqui desse site , quem puder me ajudar vou agradeçer.

hello would like to know how do I take out a video where I show here on this site who can help me I will thank.

Love on GBT
Views: 113 · Added: 457 days ago

Hi everyone , just thought i'd upload a blog seeing that it's my 200th GBT day anniversary today and I haven't done one before so not even sure if it will get any answers or not but here it is.

Has anyone ever found love on gayboystube?

Alright that's it , thanks everyone , these 200 days have been great so far may more come in the future ;). Mitch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Views: 66 · Added: 136 days ago

Views: 50 · Added: 51 days ago

I would love for everyone on the site to friend me. Im always looking to talk to people.

hot young teen jo video
Views: 647 · Added: 735924 days ago

this video does not load, any chance it can be fixed. thanks for all the help

Hey Guys
Views: 221 · Added: 1407 days ago

Anybody got any videos with sweaty young guys or Ben from Eastboys, Thanks

alone and horny
Views: 149 · Added: 1198 days ago

hi there if there is anyone that wants some fun please let me know i am in manchester uk.
Cant wait for a young stud to fuck my ass!

hi lads
Views: 293 · Added: 1150 days ago

new this site, got to say, its just the best, so many videos! im in2 feet and love the glory holes videos, so if anyone uploads any of these, then let me know! i have a feet video on xtube, if u wana c it then let me know! trust me if feet ur thing then this is not 2 miss! hope to chat soon

Views: 84 · Added: 586 days ago

Those of you who are trying to reach my though my e-mail at Yahoo and my yahoo messenger. Will it was lost and trying to recover it though yahoo. The tech geeks here at thr resort when we where hit by lightning last night might have somethig to with it. You think!! Anything hooked up to the cable line blow up. BOOM!!! This resort lost 150 Tvs and 160 computers and our resort main frame at the cost of $25000 dollers. I dont know if any GBT ever been in BAJA Mexico along its cost, when a cost storm hit with lightning you find low cover fast.This resort has been hit a number of times,but a direct hit on the cable never. So boys that is the news from our nudist resort here in Mexico. So all my net friend can contact me here at GBT.Sandancekidxxxxxxx

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Views: 87 · Added: 321 days ago

My website lads im trying to promote it please so have a look thanks and enjoy

Views: 57 · Added: 199 days ago

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