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Lazy Sunday
Views: 234 · Added: 1005 days ago

The temperature and humidity are horrible today. I can't seem to get motivated to do anything at all. Going to be a lazy quiet day. While I don't enjoy the heat and humidity, wouldn't mind getting a sweaty for the right person. He He

Views: 127 · Added: 659 days ago

Well....looks like things are getting pretty much back to "normal" here at GBT. Like they say..."if it ain't broke, don't "fuck" with it. Sometimes something "new just ain't that good.


cam bitch
Views: 397 · Added: 1410 days ago

23yo looking for a submissive boy to be my personal cam bitch. message me.

Thank u admin
Views: 183 · Added: 1104 days ago

Thank u admin for the great page. This must be said.
Gave me great hours.....

Why do you have to go alllll of the way back to the first page of the wall in your information page about yourself after you watch a video?! I don't get that and it is VERY inconvenient. God knows if you click on the wrong thing you have to go through the process all over again to get through your selections of favorites or what have you.

Also why do the video clips that you have put in your favorites or whatever section not show slides of the video when your cursor is on it just like before on the regular video section?

I don't mean to be trouble or complaining as this is the greatest website ever...I'm just trying to find out if there is an option here to what maybe I can do or if anyone else has any thoughts on this. Thanks!

Views: 101 · Added: 257 days ago

Gotta bad hit off a smoke, dropped an ember burnt my butt. coffee wnet flying beer was safe. Have to ride my bike to the store to buy a 4 fortys, I can barely see cos of my medication. a cat is in my yard trying to eat birds. And i'm gonna try to smoke anotherr smoke. Still Cool Day.

Site not so good
Views: 305 · Added: 1273 days ago

Is it me or is this site going down hill. The last 2-4 weeks the content seems real crap and noone can post any more :-(

no videos playing
Views: 305 · Added: 1238 days ago

videos are not playing again nick whats happening?

Well, I distinguish between acquaintance: Volatile, mostly superficial, not intense and sporadic contact.
Next stage is the friendship: Intense, spiritually intimate contact, a mutual basis of trust.
The partnership includes the characteristics of a friendship and also goes far beyond that total opening of their own deepest thoughts and feelings is possible.

Views: 828 · Added: 1482 days ago

je voudre savoire que represante les etoile tatoue sur veau cord si beau est an rapore avec le monde gays ou parceque cai beau merci

Views: 255 · Added: 1313 days ago

Is there anyone from tennessee?

A Question for you all?
Views: 229 · Added: 1188 days ago

Horny Italian here...LOL Where is and how do you find the best place to find Jack off play Buddies. Free and with little age bull-chat mostly someone to just jack off with. Love to play on Cam! Please help this horny addicted California Italian with a grower…make me grow!

US "Copyright Clause" (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution), states that the purpose of copyright is to "promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts".

Some defenders of free porn states that porn is not concerned by copyright as it does not "promote the Progress of Science and the useful Arts".

What do you think?

For more, see:

lookin to blaze and chill in the LBC 562
Views: 212 · Added: 959 days ago

lookin for a koo dude to smoke a blunt and chill wit.. ne age welcome so hmu..
fyi i got pics, but seems they are to big to upload on this site lol

get at me

Sooo I Uploaded Some Video's :)
Views: 102 · Added: 624 days ago

Can Somebody Please Tell Me How I Know If It Got Approved Or Not And How Long It Should Take?

Where I live
Views: 101 · Added: 474 days ago

Most I imagine cannot read Russian but I live in Archangel city though I attend the University of Moscow studying sciences. Currently on holiday over in Australasia. You can read about that on my wall.

Views: 595 · Added: 473 days ago

I notice more members have their albums set to "private".
Many thanks to the members who make their posts available to all.
Your generosity is much appreciated.

Young profesional looking for young bottom
Views: 842 · Added: 1481 days ago

I live in sioux falls sd and looking to meet a young bottom for NSA or maybe more

Live cam chat
Views: 238 · Added: 1188 days ago

Is this feature working? if I enter the site nothing seems to happen after I am informed I have connecte

change profile name
Views: 94 · Added: 340 days ago

how do you change your profile name? mine sounds wayyyy too perverted

i want 2 meet .
Views: 369 · Added: 1237 days ago

my all friend if u r living UK.
pls add me .

Detailed Ideal Partner
Views: 178 · Added: 922 days ago

If there was your ideal partner, what would he/she/it(?) look like in detail? :) ~ Mic

Anyone from Bristol, uk
Views: 108 · Added: 753 days ago

Anyone from Bristol, uk or close by comment :)

boyfriend please
Views: 875 · Added: 1565 days ago

Hey I'm looking for a hot teen guy(19 or younger) to hook up with msg me for the # hope to hear frm sumbdy in the next few days love y'all xoxoxo

Skype anyone?
Views: 237 · Added: 1008 days ago

Hi all, if any fancies a chat or c2c please get in touch. Peter.348, manly looking for people to chat around my age, 20. Ciao darlings!

Views: 182 · Added: 835 days ago

Some one want to Skype add subzerox77, I am 18 and shaved

It's a new day...
Views: 61 · Added: 339 days ago


day of silence part 2
Views: 228 · Added: 1159 days ago

I get where people are coming from but day of silence? it should be a day of handing out pamflets and organizing protest to bring awarness to bullying and harrasment. just my two cents what do u think

Delete Pictures??
Views: 601 · Added: 1479 days ago

Hey just wondering how to delete photos off ur profile?

Phone sex in Texas
Views: 190 · Added: 1047 days ago

Hi im giving everyone a change for ohone sex freeeeeee!!!!! im 18 years hispanic black hair average sooooo if u want a good sexcx talk is just one call away messege me if ur interesting remember its free by the way my parents are away !!!!!;)

" get you back on track..."
Views: 160 · Added: 959 days ago

glad to hear news of safety, but does anyone else wonder why these 2 left for start 'a new life'?

Views: 124 · Added: 923 days ago

Just curious - anyone else on here practice kendo or another martial art?


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