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It will be back to school for the kids pretty soon and while they may have their own ideas about what to wear, would you let your son wear pink zebra print shoes to his first day of preschool?

A five-year-old American boy was allowed to do just that but his family couldn't have anticipated the reaction that would follow when a photo of young Sam wearing the 'girls' shoes went viral online.

His mother posted the photo to her Facebook timeline until an onslaught of negative responses from her family forced her to remove it.

The harshest of which came from the boy's great aunt, who wrote "that sh*t will turn him gay".

While other family members commented on how "wrong" it was and how "things like this will affect him socially".

Sam's older sister was so outraged by her family's response that she was moved to repost the photo to Have A Gay Day's Facebook page with a detailed explanation of the event.

The photo has since been shared over 20,000 times and has over 130,000 Facebook likes.

Her mother had explained to her younger brother that the shoes were really made for girls but he was untroubled by this fact and simply responded with, "ninjas can wear pink shoes too."

The response from his preschool was nothing but positive.

"Sam went to preschool and got several compliments on his new shoes. Not one kid said anything negative toward him about it," she wrote.

"What does it say about society when a group of adults could stand to take a lesson in humanity from a class of preschoolers?" she asked.

Sam has since told his mother that he didn't like the shoes because they were pink but because they were "made out of zebra" and "zebra is his favourite animal". This fact alone reveals that a colour is simply a colour in the eyes of a child. Perhaps we need to be more mindful of what meaning we, as adults, attach to such things and what messages we are projecting onto our children.

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im top gay 24 age

the greatest sex u ever had.
Views: 72 · Added: 424 days ago

give a descrption of the greatest sex u ever had

New York City?
Views: 65 · Added: 332 days ago

Anyone in the Big Apple?

Anyone from Canada?
Views: 178 · Added: 952 days ago

I am 17 and I live in BC! :D go hockey! lol

Not Letting Me Upload Vids >.<
Views: 170 · Added: 913 days ago

I upload and says to wait 12 hours and nothing happens :( what can i do to make it work?

why the videos aren't working ??
Views: 189 · Added: 771 days ago

i have tried most of the videos, but its not working,, and even the image doesn't appear in the tube..
can someone help me plzzz ?

anyone in the online live cam chat
Views: 143 · Added: 745 days ago

if anyone is in the live cam chat room and wants to have a wank i am their right now

Gay marriage?
Views: 101 · Added: 722 days ago

A very good friend of mine, a Drew Peacock, entered into a marriage with another friend of mine, a Rudolph Hucker. They had a lovely maid, a Miss Stitts - Gloria. It was a very happy occasion,and,so far it has all worked out.

I'd love any comments on this rather unconvential state of affairs.

Thank you.

St. Louis
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Who out there is 18 or 19 that lives in St. Louis MO

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why do the guys in porn not have facial hair? i mean i know the trend is to look twinkish and smooth, but i think guys with a day or two of facial growth look hot. or even trimmed chin growth. just my thoughts this morning as i jo before work and view the newest vids and blogs.

how do you delete peoples comments on ur wall?
Views: 472 · Added: 735744 days ago

Someone posted a bunch of vids and it really slows loading my profile on my cells browser

site jamming and slow page loading
Views: 130 · Added: 1002 days ago

Just wondering if it's just me or is this site very very slow sometimes ? you get a good run of flow for a few pages then it just jams up and eventually loads an error page...

hey guys :P
Views: 180 · Added: 829 days ago

anyone live around boston area looking for new firends?

Views: 177 · Added: 799 days ago

What the fuck? I can't upload more pictures. What should I do?

Wall updte
Views: 169 · Added: 645 days ago

I've added new videos and pictures to my wall. Nothing of me for right now.

Darling Underwear
Views: 68 · Added: 264 days ago

Darling Show me your underpant , Show me your underpant. Shalalalalaaaaaa lmfao.

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hi guys , i said as i was having this issue, that i would post my siltation. if you are having trouble uploading pics for your avatar or just want to make sure all your uploaded pis are a good size, then get fast picture resizer --its idiot proof and does the job. helped me so i hope it helps others

Please post your personal email address to my account. Please read my reply to nerdboy 69

I posted a video
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Anyone know how i can get a video posted to my page? I uploaded a Video to this site called Title: Twink in a Red shirt part 2 Part one is on a linked to me but i see part 2 is not linked to me at all?

older dom guys in london
Views: 196 · Added: 913 days ago

Hi guys looking for older guys in london esp se london. love to be dominated spanked forced fantasies etc . Get in touch. If further afield write and tell me what you would like to do to me.

Views: 219 · Added: 878 days ago

Does anybody have a scat fetish? i dont know why but i have a fetish about poop. To me, nothing feels better than when you have to take a big dump.Pushing the poop out just feels good to me. I also get turned on when i think about or see hot young boys poop. Im 17 btw.

Porn Club
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I went to the club with my friend. This was my first time. There are some stripper girls. I asked one of girls if she can give me a lap dance. She agreed. We went to the other room. There we did. How did I feel? I don't think I enjoyed it. I don't think that means I don't like girls. I think I prefer to fall in love with girls first. I mean, I think I should have a bond relationship with girl. What do you think? Have you done like that before?

Photo albums not appearing
Views: 128 · Added: 721 days ago

I've posted 3 albums recently, but only one has appeared. Kinda frustrating. Also frustrating is when I post an album and it appears but without my name :(

Views: 229 · Added: 645 days ago

am from liverpool am young and am in to young

I forgot to ask
Views: 125 · Added: 564 days ago

I forgot to ask if anyone has an estimate on how many videos are here

Ostern 2013
Views: 60 · Added: 393 days ago

a little vacation from me in Florence?

Ciao Tony

Hey Boys I am looking for a boyfriend
Views: 97 · Added: 362 days ago

Hey Boys Its Chris hear I am looking for a nice hot young boy ags19to22 I live in New York state in the city of Rochester so if you live in or around New york Please let me know?. I am a nice boy hot very kind And friendly I like to have fun go out And do things togeter like go to movies go out to eat travel go to the parks And I love to hike And just spend a lot of time togeter spend time at home watch movies cook dinner And just talk with each other. I love to kiss And cuddle make Love I get in to all kinds of sexy things like sucking And ass play And watch a hot porn movie. Hey Boys I wanted to know have you ever used whipped cream when jacking off? if so let me know. I would be fun to this with a boy And if we had Ice Cream And hot fudge we would have lots of fun. So Boys this is my story so hit me up And we can chat with each other.
SO I will see you Boys lots of Love from your Friend Chris.

How to download?
Views: 395 · Added: 735744 days ago

Hi Guys...
I want to download a video from here. But how can I do this? Can anyone help me???

Chat or Webcam?
Views: 175 · Added: 1001 days ago

Lookin for UNDER 35 open minded guys in Florida
Views: 182 · Added: 951 days ago

In south FL here, lookin for open minded guys to have some good chat. Maybe meet

Instant messeging, like on facebook
Views: 172 · Added: 828 days ago

Nick Would it be at all possible to put instant messaging on the site. it would make things allot easier for us to chat and hook up, if not thats fine, private messaging where you can just add someone to contacts straight off the site. you give a gr8 service anyway, thanks for everything :

Views: 195 · Added: 799 days ago

Is anyone else on skype? I'm looking for some guys who are down with causal sex chats. 18-25 yrs old is preferable, body type doesnt really matter. So send me a friend request if your interested. My skype name is cicero1245.


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