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I uploaded my avatar! It's ME!
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Hey, everyone. Now, since you can see my picture, I hope to have more contact with y'all on here!

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Added: 1551 days ago / Views: 334 Would anybody like to text me? Only for guys 18-28 I just need to talk :(
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4 gamers
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I really need some help here with this one guys
Added: 1846 days ago / Views: 451 So, first off, I should note that I am so far in the closet I'm finding three year old Christmas presents.But anyway, my Dad and I always have these deep philosophical conversations late at night when I am home. Tonight, we started talking about homosexuality and whether it is a choice. I vehemently stand behind the notion that, no, it is not a choice but instead is an urge that one can either act on and be happy or suppress and always feel empty like you are denying who you really are. He started off the "debate" by stating that he thought it was a choice that one makes when they are very young. I proceeded to pour my heart and soul into this long response about why it is not a choice (of course I was trying to sound disconnected so as not to reveal my secret to him just yet). Surprisingly, he backed down from the argument - which almost never happens - and he seemed really understanding of my opinion of the matter. Somehow, the conversation shifted to how he would react to one of his children being gay (I have five siblings)and he kept repeating that he would be absolutely fine with it. Something about his tone made me think that he may be on to me. I may have put a little bit too much emotion into my argument. He kept saying, "I would love them just as much if they were gay as if they weren't." Do you think he knows?
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Problem with uploads
Added: 1181 days ago / Views: 251

Hi i cannot upload any pics ore vids anymore. I always get asked when i upload a file:do you whant to leave this page? and before i can push the upload button every file disappeared and it says thank you for uploading your pics etc. will be appear after a moderator etc. but nothing happens.

And i would like to share some slutty things with you all !

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Secrets Revealed
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hey guys.
Added: 749 days ago / Views: 147 im having a tough time uploadind my personal videos and self pics am i doing something wrong?
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My Old Photos Deleted?
Added: 1817 days ago / Views: 418 I had 3 albums of myself up and now they're all gone. Was just wondering why. It sucks because I don't my old pictures saved on my computer.

On the bright side, I took some more photos of myself today, just uploaded them and it says they should be approved within 12 hours.

Feel free to rate and friend request!
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New Vid ideas
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I'm thinking of making a new vid - but dont know what to do :P Any ideas? Check out my previous ones and tell me x

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First Pictures taken with the New Camera
Added: 513 days ago / Views: 248

Put my new camera to work for some Classic Portrait's.

I took the pictures in RAW and later converted them to Jpg, at the lowest  compression.

My friend how asked me to take the pictures was very surprised at the Quality of the Jpg's


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Join me for sex cam on Streamen Live Amateur Men or on Skype
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I'm performer on  Streamen Live Amateur Men.  My name is: Tommy. Join me for sex cam with me.  You can so join me on skype:  my nick name for skype is: tommygay4

Horny !!!!!!!!!!

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hi there
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Added: 2025 days ago / Views: 488 So I was wondering if anybody knows of any good cruising spots in the Manchester/Stockport area? If there is anywhere particularly good? Leave me a comment or send me a msg :)
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i just need some one.......
Added: 1844 days ago / Views: 468 i need someone to talk to to make me feel like they care for me to make me feel safe with them

send me a message and i will give you my hotmail, but of course i have to know who you are first
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Password Reset
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Does anyone know if they got the password recovery fixed yet?

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Paddle me anyone?
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pic of the day
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its friday
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Coming out ....
Added: 1788 days ago / Views: 401 a couple of days ago my 18 year old cousin came out as being gay and nobody would of thought of him being gay, but it has got me thinking like even though im openly Bi to most people like in school and my friends only 1 member of my family knows and the thing is but for some reason i really want to see my cousin now because we used to be really close does anyone have any suggestions why i feel so shitty and confused about this like cause it feels to me like im missing something and i havent even seen him in 2 years aswell.
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yellow brick cinema
Added: 776 days ago / Views: 281 excellent source of background,,sleep..brainwave music
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scientific question
Added: 327 days ago / Views: 185

so last winter we had some serious below zero temps in ohio where you could throw a glass of water in the air and it would freeze instantly. my question, how cold would it have to be to have a guy jo outside and shoot in an upward arc and freeze before it hits the ground? anyone ever freeze their cum before like in ice cube trays?

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High Shool Frat Bottom Goes To College There and Lives at The Frat
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When I was 117  I went to a frat party and thes 3 brothers got me drunk and asked to fuck me they were hot I said sure. They said come back next week in like a month they were all dumping loads in both ends. So I graduate they say go to school here and live with ud free. I said sure! Man the first two weeks dudes were blowing loads  like every minute I wasnt in class plus I did private frat parties in a glory hole. and do like 20 or 25 loads. I could who some of the guys were by their dicks is that fucking crazy? So its slowed down a lot except the private frat parties are still every Sunday night. I figure hey get a lot of cock before I settle down with one guy. This is perfect/

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Morning (11)
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Please reply....IT'S AN EMERGENCY. I had Anal Sex like a hour ago
Added: 1705 days ago / Views: 524 I had anal sex like a hour ago and my butt feels like its onfire

It feels so uncomfortable. I was hurting trying to sit down so i went to lay down n bed and its still really really sore and im worried.

Does this feeling pass? i dont think i can bear the taught of this forever ooowwwweee
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Hi I'm Bruce whats your name
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Meet the Woman Who Cared for Hundreds of Abandoned Gay Men Dying of AIDS
Added: 19 days ago / Views: 51 Meet the Woman Who Cared for Hundreds of Abandoned Gay Men Dying of AIDS

Brian Chilson

“Who knew there’d come a time when people didn’t want to bury their children?” says Ruth Cocker Burks.

THU, 2016-12-01 14:05

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profile picture
Added: 2234 days ago / Views: 363 I'm having a problem they no save button at the bottom of the profile picture page
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Tell a friend
Added: 1816 days ago / Views: 386 Ok I have this friend from school and I like him alot but I know he is st8 but I was thining I should tell him how I feel should I?
Ps. We dont talk much since we graduated but he is one of my friends on facebook.
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Pink Cum
Added: 167 days ago / Views: 138

I was shocked the other day when I jacked off.  Out came PINK CUM!!!  Even though it was pretty, I knew it meant there was blood in my cum.


Fortunately, after some googling, I found that blood in the cum isn't dangerous - not like blood in the urine can be.  I had recently starting taking glucosamine for joint health and found out that it was most likely the cause.  I stopped taking it and took a break from jacking off for a few days.  The next time I came, my cum was clear and white - what a relief.


I don't know if it will work for everyone, but if you'd like some pretty pink cum, try taking glucosamine for awhile.


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Medical Fetish
Added: 1582 days ago / Views: 351 I have a fetish for medical actions, so real studies without sex by the Doctor. Who has the same preferances and corresponding videos? Thanks for tening me.
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hey everyone!!!
Added: 1382 days ago / Views: 227 hey all i hope you all doing well!!! just thought to post a blog to see how everyone doing :):):)

Love and kisses
Greg xxx
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A thought to start the week
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Added: 315 days ago / Views: 170

There's a boy in my bed, though I don't know his origin;
he looks so darn cute, please pass me the oxygen.
He appeared there last night, and he looked just right;
and today as I woke, this same pretty bloke.

He lays right beside me, and removes all my cares;
his charm and his beauty, catch me un-awares.
He snuggles up close, behind me to spoon;
and feeling him now, I can only swoon.

My best friend, my soulmate, to me he will be;
a help and a comfort from breakast, to tea.
You cutie, you angel, I need you right now;
get in here beside me, just get here somehow.

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