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Congrats Nick18
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Hi y'all..

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Which Brother Has The Best Ass ?
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Three Members Of R5 Naked In The Shower !

Riker On The Left And Ross On The Right of The Picture ( Rocky In The Middle )



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Added: 1977 days ago / Views: 384 Unfortunately, I haven't sex with anyone for one and a half year, but I promsie you I will let you know if I have sex with a girl or guy. I'll tell you how I do with a girl or guy. I'm sure you're excited to know. :D
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Wonderful Gesture
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An Idaho man, Barry Johnson, has given up his burial plot in a military cemetary to a lesbian woman so she can eventually be buried next to her Wife who died in 2012.

Navy veteran Madelynn Taylor has been refused permission to be buried next to her long time partner so this chap Mr Johnson, a retired Army Colonel, came to the rescue saying "Madelynn Taylor seems a heck of a lady"

What a wonderful gesture and shows the world really is full of good, decent people.

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Added: 1950 days ago / Views: 434 what be up with the codes at the end of a sentence.)p <<
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Interesting fact!
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The Japanese Boy Chapter 17
Added: 300 days ago / Views: 122

Chapter 17

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Added: 2010 days ago / Views: 632 Any teens on here that have skype and would like to c2c or just chat send me a message on here: :)
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Added: 1980 days ago / Views: 448 still not working can not see photos
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Keep smiling
Added: 1686 days ago / Views: 265 KEEP SMILING CAUSE : A smile does not cost anything and produces much, It enriches that which receives it without impoverishing that which gives it, It lasts only one moment, but its memory is sometimes eternal, Nobody is not enough rich to occur some, Nobody is not enough poor to not deserve it, He creates happiness with the hearth, supports the business, He is the sensitive sign of the friendship, a smile gives rest to the tired being, Gives courage to more discouraged He can neither be bought, neither to lend itself, nor to steal itself, Because it is a thing which has value only as from the moment when it is given. And if however, you meet somebody who cannot smile any more, be generous give him yours, Because no one needs as much a smile only that which cannot give some to the other.(raoul follereau) ..have a good day :) ....Alexis Samuel xxx
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Easter ‘Milk’ Chocolate
Added: 1545 days ago / Views: 223 So the usual day here for easter, same as many I guess, family and food and chocolate… For me this is never an easy time – especially when I’m surrounded by sexy cousins and uncles and my hardon doesn’t leave me all day! LOL But on I go – getting hornier and hornier all through lunch, adjusting my tent all through the meal and wonderin when I can excuse myself and head into my room for sum release… This year but I wanted to try sumthin different… Then I saw the label on an easter egg – milk chocolate and an idea starts to form…

So after lunch I headed into my room horny and desperate for release… I took with me a few easter eggs for desert and then the fun began… i started by breakin up the eggs into bite sized pieces and then I layed them on a towel on the floor next to my bedroom door… if I open the door a crack I can see down the hall into the dinning room where the eye candy is at its peak and in true spy fashion (getting good at this) no one can see me… from there i started to work my hardon in my shorts at first, teasin it and workin it good till its drippin with pre… then I set it free a bit and picked up a bit of chocolate in my hand and startedworkin it around the head… it melted pretty quick and I couldn’t resist tastin it – fuck man the taste was awesome… sweet chocolate and salty pre – fuck yeh!

So theres me workin this knob with bits of chocolate and tastin the pre flavoured chocolate whilst watchin the rellos – fuck man heaven! Then as I kept workin it watchi my cousins run round in jeans, sagging and showin their undies I nearly blew right there – but I wanted to savour it sum more… so I worked it up for about half an hour I rekon – not my usual edgin sess at all – but fuck I didn’t have the luxury of time and I was so damn horny, always easier to edge after a good blow I rekon… so I was gunna cum in my usual rag (my brothers undies) but then I thought fuck it and sprayed all over the chocolate broken up on the towel and there was streams of it… thick white cum sprayed all over the place and I thought yeh why not so I had a feed… broken chocolate covered with cum and it was fucken heaven! Never tried it b4…. Ended up savin a few pieces folded up in the towel and put it under my bed and savoured it throughout the day – ok wiered I know, but that’s me! So now I got me a new flavour in life – pure ‘milk’ chocolate!
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I cant update and see the "new stuff", I am stuck on an old page, and everytime I press "newest" it returns to that same page,,, can see its a problem on Android, is it the same for Iphone/Ipad?

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Spam bot
Added: 2347 days ago / Views: 2238 I've received this wall comment on my profile "Hi,my name is Vlad i like your profile . Check out mine rate me and lets chat." I'd advice against adding as it's a possible spam bot.

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Back at Last
Added: 1306 days ago / Views: 237

After weeks of being unable to log in after the site upgrade at long last thanks to the efforts of Grangeol I have been able to come back.How much I have missed everyone.

Nick if you read this may I suggest you give an email address where members can tell you if they are unable to login because I understand that there are many others who are in a similiar situation

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Happy Birthday
Added: 719 days ago / Views: 142

Happy birthday to all the members of which come from the GBT USA

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Dildo/butt plug
Added: 1050 days ago / Views: 327

I've recently been watching lots of videos of boys using dildos and butt plugs, and I started to really want to try one out, I've only ever used my hand to wank in the past so I'm wondering what these things do to make that better? I'd love to have some advise on what to do, wear to buy, antying that could help me out would be great! Thanks, - Jake

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Cute little stinker....
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message and/or pics to all your friends walls?
Added: 398 days ago / Views: 301

Is it possible to send pics and/or messages to all your friends walls at the same time with one click..if so how please...

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I never knew this.
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Saturday night laff
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Wtf 157boyfun
Added: 1979 days ago / Views: 624 157boyfun Stop posting the same thing on people's blogs please you could of made your own blog in stead of posting the same thing on every blog and your profile is really odd
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photos upload
Added: 1742 days ago / Views: 418 How do you upload photos?
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Question Sucking Cock
Added: 1414 days ago / Views: 467 How many cocks have u suck in one day?
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help mefind the sleeping guys get cummed on videos ?? PLZ???
Added: 1379 days ago / Views: 406 only the amature real stuff i wana find it bad but i cant there is more than one but all searches dont work very well there is this one that is way hotter to me than all the rest cuz he looks like stiles from teen wolf
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My First Orgasm
Added: 1067 days ago / Views: 362

I wrote this for another forum.

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why won't my videos upload?
Added: 978 days ago / Views: 237

Are there any specific guidleines I should be following? I tried uploading a few videos that were never accepted and i don't know how to contact the website to ask why. It was a pretty standard video

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Added: 540 days ago / Views: 137

Happy New Year to all here at GBT!  Here's hoping you have a hot boi with you to help welcome in the New Year!   My best in 2016!

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Nick, what about this option for living?
Added: 426 days ago / Views: 148

It's totally free, my mom promised. Her property. Free delivery of pizzas and pizza boys. Can you ask more for living? Hugs:))))))

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Added: 241 days ago / Views: 270

Anyone know who this is? Are there more pix of him? Video? Lusting minds need to know.


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Saying Hello, and also a quick question
Added: 2100 days ago / Views: 631 Hey guys new to the site blown away by how great it is. Ive lurked for a while now and decided I should try and add to it. One quick question though. My first album "simply covered" uploaded correctly but now it doesnt show up as mine. Is that just a bug or did I do something wrong? Thanks guys and once again hey glad to be on a fun site with fun people.
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Electro Stim?
Added: 1574 days ago / Views: 350 Does anyone here do electro stim? If so, what is the best and most inexpensive way to get started?
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Gay marriage in UK
Added: 1178 days ago / Views: 214

At midnight tonight gay marriage becomes legal in UK, our Prime Minister Cameron deserves great credit for forcing it through Parliament in the teeth of strong reactionary opposition, just as President Obama does for signing in the Matthew Wayne Shepherd legislation.... RIP Matthew Shepherd and the many others who have died and are still being murdered and persecuted by ignorant bigots all over the world.

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Added: 2231 days ago / Views: 1238 i love to suck cocks that is my all time favorite thing to do. i like to suck entill i feel you sqirt your candy cream inside my mouth.
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Added: 1683 days ago / Views: 464 young boy new to the site looking for people to talk too
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