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picture for profile
Added: 1447 days ago / Views: 333 I am having problems putting my photo on my profile any suggestions? Am I not holding my feet right? Do I need to have my cock out? Should it be hard? What am I doing wrong? Please advise
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how ya do that
Added: 1182 days ago / Views: 290 how does one copy a vid from this site to hes computer little help here please
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Hi to all my friends, I'm back.
Added: 153 days ago / Views: 72

Just wanted to say hi to everyone I left behind when I deleted my profile after some 1200 days on here. Hope you all are doing great and hope to chat with a lot of you soon. Hugs guys. :)

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thank you for everyone for wishing me 700 days here GBT
Added: 589 days ago / Views: 139 Hello everyone this is Sundance Kid Rex I wanted to thank everyone out there for the wishes and the support on this two wonderful years on GBT.A very special thanks goes out to Andy for posting this blog to all the membersout there.
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Added: 1798 days ago / Views: 538 Any cute 18-22 guys interested in some webcam fun?
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Added: 1448 days ago / Views: 261 ok folks,,,who is your team playin? sorry ny/dal..what up?
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About technology
Added: 1328 days ago / Views: 238 What You prefer Samsung galaxy s3 or Apple iphone 5 smartphone?and why?
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Hey guys I need some help
Added: 1273 days ago / Views: 300 My friend just turned 18 and he was trying to make an account on gbt. Well he keeps putting all the information in right and it's saying th caption is an error.. What do I do to help him fix this problem? I tryed to make one for him and it wouldn't even let me do it
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Video Uploads
Added: 708 days ago / Views: 231

Hi, everyone - I've only just joined this horny site and have uploaded several videos all of which I'm told have been successful, yet none appear on my site. Have I done something wrong? x

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Sweet Sweat ♥
Added: 381 days ago / Views: 106

Delious sweaty guys in great gym outfit.

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Chapter 21 The Japanese Boy
Added: 350 days ago / Views: 159

Chapter 21

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Loading Video Problems?!?!!!
Added: 1571 days ago / Views: 317 At first I thought it was my desk top, but now I'm on my laptop. Am I the only one having problems with videos loading? You're watching an interesting video and a few second or minutes later into it, there's a loading countdown. Makes me so mad! Is it me or is anyone else having this problem. There are some really good videos I want to see but I just have to give up looking at them. Thanks guys.
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Las Vegas
Added: 1268 days ago / Views: 262 I will be visiting Las Vegas from Saturday March 2nd for a week. If anyone fancies meeting up for a beer or anything please let me know. It's been a year since I was last in sin city and I'm looking forward to returning. Anyone got any good stories on Las Vegas?
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Added: 1147 days ago / Views: 249 listen...I have to go to work..its Friday...don't touch the stove...there is stuff in the is 2 outside...don't bring a bunch of kids in you..daddy..
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easter over
Added: 857 days ago / Views: 154

Hope all my friends had a lovely time at the weekend, it will soon be someones birthday, a very close friend indeed. love and hugs scott, and least i forget, if anyone didnt have a nice weekend, I will share my love with you too, xx scott

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Added: 350 days ago / Views: 143

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Brent Corrigan
Added: 22 days ago / Views: 152

Name your favorite Brent Corrigan video.

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NIce Light Scones Recipe
Added: 1534 days ago / Views: 316 I reckon that this is a great site but I haven't seen too many recipes here yet. I promised a few people too (Billy) - so I will put some here.

Light Scones
(RusT always makes double and sometimes triple this)

250g self-raising flour with a pinch of salt

50g caster sugar

100g butter at room temperature, cubed

1 large egg (duck eggs are best)

Yoghurt or Buttermilk

Preheat the oven to 450F/220C and lightly grease a baking sheet.

Sift the flour and salt into a warm bowl (forget warm bowl, RusT says) and add the sugar. Then rub in the butter lightly with your fingertips until the mixture looks like coarse breadcrumbs. Break the egg into a measuring jug, beat with a fork and then add buttermilk or yoghurt to bring the mixture up to the 5fl oz/150ml level. Beat together and then pour into the bowl and mix gently until the dough comes together. It should be slightly sticky, so add a little more liquid if it looks dry. Knead lightly with floured hands, then pat it onto a floured surface to 1”/2.5cm thick.

Flour a 2”/5cm cutter and cut out rounds, placing them on the baking sheet. Re-form and cut the trimmings. Bake them in the top of the oven for 10-12 minutes until golden brown. If you can lift one without the top breaking off, they are done. Put them on a wire cooling rack and wrap the whole thing in a tea towel. Ideally – serve while still slightly warm.

For fruit scones add 2oz/60g (RusT almost doubles this) mixed dried fruit, sultanas or chopped, peeled eating apple to the mixture after rubbing in the butter.

(You could brush with egg on top to give them a shine. If I do this I sometimes sprinkle on sesame seeds)

I enjoy eating these while still hot with thick cream and jam MMMM
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What they should have taught us in high school.....
Added: 768 days ago / Views: 191


OH WAITER!.....Separate Checks please.

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Webcam recomdationi
Added: 716 days ago / Views: 416

SInce gaytube doesn't have webcam/webchat available anymore, any recomdation to what else could be used?

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Don't know what to do...
Added: 1448 days ago / Views: 273 I have had this crush on a guy for a couple of months but I still haven't told him. I know he is gay as he has been open about it longer than I have known him, meanwhile I am not. The real problem is that he has now gotten a boyfriend and I just don't know what to do.
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Added: 1386 days ago / Views: 245 Thanks to all u dudes who post the vids! Bruce xo
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rising to the challange :)
Added: 10 mins ago / Views: 18

somehow i said i  like a beanie - some  on guys look nice - i have been challenged to knitt a slouchy mens hipster beanie hat for myself - doh - where do i start has anyone done this

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My tumblr.
Added: 1722 days ago / Views: 716 My boyfriend and I Made a dirty tumblr. ;)
Enjoy and reblog! Message me for any suggestions or if you have any comments.
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Added: 254 days ago / Views: 131


I am apologized for making a few inappriotate blogs. I won't do that again. Instead, I'm going to make short stories on blog.  

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Just a little announcement Bro is now Bra
Added: 185 days ago / Views: 92

Just keeping up with the lingo :)

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French ?
Added: 1844 days ago / Views: 478 Are there any french boys?
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Thanks that GBT is.
Added: 1595 days ago / Views: 334 I just want to say thank you it is. I find your website great, because in your case it's not just about porn. Your page is different from the other side, I think it's nice that it can be seen here, many short films and also the blog is TOP, where everyone can exchange with each.

SUPER easy for her - the beautiful is it to you.
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Added: 1569 days ago / Views: 265 Hi Guys, I collected these for my friend, BillyBuddy...but he's having a hard time of it right now...Maybe BillyBuddy can help some of you even when he's feeling so down...
This is the organization he most wants you to know about, and support:
Preventing Suicide Among LGBTQ Youth | The Trevor Project
Ellen Degeneres: It is okay if you're gay ... Stop Bullying Now!
Anderson Cooper - Bullying It Stops Here - Part 1/4
Anderson Cooper - Bullying It Stops Here - Part 2/4
Anderson Cooper - Bullying It Stops Here - Part 3/4
Anderson Cooper - Bullying It Stops Here - Part 4/4
Dr. Phil - Being Gay Is Not A Fad
A Cyber Bullying Suicide Story -- Ryan Halligan age 13
"Bullied to Death" - AntiBullying Video
Bully Suicide Project-Stories
AC360 - 14-Yr-Old Jamey Rodemeyer Bullied To Death
AC360 - Asher Brown - Bullied To Death
AC360 - Ellen DeGeneres Speaks Out On Bullying
Ellen DeGeneres Talks To Extremely Inspiring 14-Year-Old Graeme Taylor
Gay Suicide Help
1-800-246-PRIDE (7743)
Help for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People and their Parents
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Crazy Thing Happened
Added: 1413 days ago / Views: 303 Well last night me and a few friends wanted to meet up for a game of hockey at our local rink. My dad let me use the car so I didn't have to take the bus. I also decided to pick up my best friend since he was on my way to the rink. This is why thing get strange.

I pull out of my drive way onto my street and reach the traffic light. While waiting this car pulls off a side street and pulls up behind me with his high beams on and is off centred to me so they are shining right in my rear view mirror and my drivers door mirror. I could not wait for the light to change so he don't have to be behind me. Well that didn't happen every time I changed lanes he change too so he is behind me. So down the road there was a drive thru coffee shop so I decided to stop there so this ass hole will get off my tail.

Well that plan never worked since he followed me to. So he followed me back to the street and at the next traffic light I decided to take the back streets. But before I can reach the intersection I noticed a bus loading a wheelchair person so I pulled up behind it so that guy would pass me. Man I was wrong he waited the whole 6 minutes behind that bus with me. After when the bus started to move I turned down the side street and he followed too.

That made me rethink my plan. I knew there was a police station down the street and was going to use that way instead. So I turned down this residential street and pulled into this driveway and noticed he was signaling too. So while waiting to turn I grabbed one hockey stick just in case he was going to attack me. However this is when it gets funny while pulling into the driveway the garage door opens and the guy that was following me pulls into the garage and looks at me with this look because I have a hockey stick in hand.

Well that was kind of awkward since he followed me right to his house. However why would he not pass me when I pulled behind the bus since he would of been home 6 minutes earlier if he didn't wait. Well that was my crazy night I told my friends and they found it funny so I decided to share it here.
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Pic of the day 22/07/15
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I am free....are you?
Added: 139 days ago / Views: 90


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Search for Video company
Added: 1708 days ago / Views: 525 I can't read the name of a company who has many videos under lycra boyz 5 & other numbers showing short scenes up to about 1:05 minutes. The name up in upper left is too blurry
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Channel Background
Added: 1622 days ago / Views: 367 I've noticed some profiles have personalised channel background imagery. Could someone please explain how this done? as there's been no explanation your just expected to simply know, which doesn't help.
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Added: 401 days ago / Views: 166

hi everyone, what you guys up to ?

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Terrible News from Paris. Bangkok Post This Morning. What can we do?
Added: 286 days ago / Views: 135

PARIS - Dozens of people were killed in multiple attacks in Paris Friday (early Saturday Thailand time), including one near the Stade de France sports stadium and another at a concert venue, police said.

At least seven separate attacks took place. Two suicide bombers were believed involved.

A police official said "at least 100 dead" are still inside the concert hall where attackers seized hostages. The death toll was expected to rise.

Three suspected jihadists were killed when police stormed the venue, the official said.

A blanket curfew (as opposed to a few streets) has been imposed in Paris for the first time since Allied Forces were fighting Nazis in World War II.

President Hollande closed all French borders in response to the attacks.

It is the first time a state of emergency has been declared in France since Algerian War.

At least 15 of the victims were killed at the Bataclan concert hall in eastern Paris, police said, adding that a hostage crisis was ongoing at the venue.

ISIS backers have started a Twitter hashtag in Arabic that translates to "Paris burns" to celebrate the attacks. They're also using #FranceUnderAttack.

There also is a video in which an explosion is heard in the audio of the French-German soccer match.

A reporter inside a concert hall escaped, and reported it was a bloodbath. No police were inside. According to CNN, hostages were texting that they are being "killed one by one" and begging for a police raid.

Three others were killed in explosions near the stadium just north of Paris, where a France-Germany football match was taking place.

President Francois Hollande, who was at the match, headed for crisis talks with Prime Minister Manuel Valls and Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve at the interior ministry.

"At least three shootings took place, possibly four in the Bataclan area and rue Charonne" in eastern Paris, a police spokesman said.

The attacks, whose motive was not immediately clear, came less than a year after jihadist gunmen killed 17 people in attacks on nearby Charlie Hebdo magazine and a Jewish supermarket.

In similar attacks in 2008 at Mumbai, extremists killed 166.

French authorities have been on high alert since the January attacks, and the country has been named as a priority target by Islamic State militants.

Several attacks have been foiled since January.


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