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Question for Nick:
Added: 1313 days ago / Views: 262 When the monitors are reviewing a submitted photo album and find an unacceptable photo, do they reject the entire album, or just delete the offending photo and then publish the rest of the album ?
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any free cam sites
Added: 1127 days ago / Views: 264 other than cam4 and yahoo chat
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How do I add videos?
Added: 1737 days ago / Views: 987 I can't figure out how to add photo albums or videos. Also how do I make them private?
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Have anyone ever got caught playing with a friend while they was sleep?
Added: 1506 days ago / Views: 612 One night my friend spend the night and while he was sleep i jacked him off then he woke up i acted like i was sleep he hasnt said anything about it yet
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Added: 1553 days ago / Views: 309 any dudes from south jerey area?near atlantic city
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My first time
Added: 1392 days ago / Views: 368 My first time was when I was 13. I used to like to go to the mall bathroom and read the writing on the wall. One day I got enough courage to give a call to a guy who had his number on the wall. I called him up and told him I wanted to learn how to suck cock. He met me and we both blew each other in his car. He drank my cum but I did not drink his. I still think about that first time. Anyone else have a similar first time experience?
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Added: 1132 days ago / Views: 190 hi everyone...message me if you want to chat :D
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thank you
Added: 622 days ago / Views: 123

thank you for the people who commented i want to thank you for saying nice things about my profile u guys are the best :)

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Brrrrrr ll
Added: 431 days ago / Views: 76

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Added: 351 days ago / Views: 208

Can anyone tell me how to delete an accoun here?

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All my albums
Added: 1392 days ago / Views: 306 What is happening all my albums have disappeared? where are they?
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anyone in washington dc virginia are
Added: 959 days ago / Views: 122 I'm new to there aria of Alexandria va and looking for friends or more so if any one around my age (20) so between (18 & 22 &) lives in Washington DC or Virginia and r up for meeting up and hanging out hit me up you can contact me on here I check daily or u can email me at
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any versatile guys age 20-35 here?
Added: 291 days ago / Views: 97 please let me know ;-)
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23 yr old bi male up of c2c?
Added: 1651 days ago / Views: 390 I'm into people talking dirty whilst I wank. Anyone interested? or
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Added: 1474 days ago / Views: 276 Hi i was just wondering if anyone has had trouble uploading photos or videos. I have uploaded part 4 of Pasha/Klark and it still hasnt come up yet. Thank you ,tc Tom
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Added: 1099 days ago / Views: 208 Somebody want to Skype add subzerox77
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Attachment love
Added: 827 days ago / Views: 188 Has anyone ever experienced with attachment love? How did you deal with it? Was it hard or easy? I would love to listen your advices and sharing stories. :)
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Lost in translation.....
Added: 394 days ago / Views: 105

you WHAT!?

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Shaging Like Rabbits
Added: 96 days ago / Views: 75


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The White House Boys Tragedy
Added: 70 days ago / Views: 78

I've been reading the books of Roger Dean for years. It's a shame what happened to these boys then and still happens today.

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Upload problem
Added: 1808 days ago / Views: 267 Hey I'm having a problem uploading photos, whenever I go to do it the website says "the page you have requested is not available on this server" any one else having this problem?
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Gay or bi with str8 friends?
Added: 1391 days ago / Views: 309 Particullary for younger guys:
Do u have many str8 friends? ((Male or female))
Do they know you are gay or bi?
Do u ever have conversations about who ure dating, or sexual experiences or what uve done with other boys?
Or what ure particular gay sex likes and dislikes are?
How graphic has it gotten?
Have you ever watched gay porn with a str8 friend?
Has a str8 friend ever come on to you, or asked to do something with you...."just to see what it's like?"
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anyone want to save me fro
Added: 1240 days ago / Views: 247
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Bambi was a boy.
Added: 431 days ago / Views: 111

Bambi was a boy.

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hurry their catching up
Added: 306 days ago / Views: 93
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He's looking at you
Added: 190 days ago / Views: 73


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Search bar dead?
Added: 651 days ago / Views: 125

Anyone having this problem? Also search function doesn't work on mobile :((

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How Do You Download Videos.
Added: 381 days ago / Views: 154

How Do You Download Videos In Gay Boys Tube.

Please Help!!!

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The Japanese Boy Chapter 10
Added: 99 days ago / Views: 107

Chapter 10

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Oral and orgasms
Added: 1015 days ago / Views: 183 What is your term fellatio?

How do you feel during the pre-ejaculatory period?
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video's still not playing
Added: 1808 days ago / Views: 293 Anyone else having prob's

anyone else having prob's? just tried one of the new uploads (boy's sex game)and still freezing

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skype anyone?
Added: 1333 days ago / Views: 274 anyone under 20 add me on skype if you want brandon.barrett19 :) im always online
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Added: 599 days ago / Views: 156

He's SO HOT! *drool*

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Manchester Meets
Added: 1469 days ago / Views: 494 Any one up for meeting to watch porn pics and videos together?

Love the idea of meeting up with a fit lad both of us wanking together over the horny lads we see on this site.

Will c2c before meeting so you know im gen and good looking.
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Jacking Off
Added: 1363 days ago / Views: 381 What is the best way to jack off??? Do you use lube or keep it dry??? Do you fuck a pillow, etc.??? Tell me about it!!!!!!!!!!
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Você é Gay?
Added: 1157 days ago / Views: 192 Hoje em dia viver como nós achamos certos e sermos nós mesmos é difícil, pois como posso ser eu mesmo se sempre tem alguém lá pra me insultar, questionar e criticar. É nessas horas que expressões como essa "sair do armário" vem átona.
Alguns se escondem, outros se revelam, até de mais às vezes, alguns guardam segredo até a morte e acabam se prejudicando ainda mais e outros a riscam saber quem é quem realmente. Por isso, como saber quem é "gay", perguntar, adivinhar. Pra vocês qual é a melhor forma de se saber se alguém realmente é gay ou pelo menos simpatiza com o movimento?
Por que não podemos esquecer que a maioria dos problemas que enfrentamos nasce da falta de comunicação, de alguém chegar e conversar e saber mais sobre você e não sair criando ideias errôneas sem nem ao menos te conhecer.

OBS.: Fiz este topico em portugues pra aqueles que vem do Brasil não precisarem ou não saberem usar o inglês para compartilhar suas opniões.
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Added: 987 days ago / Views: 539 Does anyone know any good Tumblr sites.
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