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Photo album problem
Added: 835 days ago / Views: 171

I have been trying to upload a new photo album now for 3 days. Every time I upload a photo it say's "upload failed". Anyone have the same issue?

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We shoud have a GBT chat like other sites
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They do on other gay sites like Lube Your Tube (and it's free, unlike the rest of their services at the moment). So, why not us?

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Impressive Thursday :)
Added: 68 days ago / Views: 108

Impressive Thursday, Boys:)

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Greetings from Barsinger
Added: 12 days ago / Views: 46

Hi y'all..  I'm still about, guys.  I've been dealing with health issues a lot lately, but am slowly getting back on track.  I'll be back singing at the events hopefully this weekend coming but again its up to the specialist about that  (spinal issues). I've also been doing coding work on the chat room a lot too..  fixing the odd bugs here and there and just making sure everything is ok. Heck of a shock when I discovered theres nearly 300 members!  A massive "thanks" to the chat rooms staff for all of their help and to all those who have put a banner about the chat on their profiles - thank you!  Back to bed for me, I am not supposed to be awake!!   love ya, guys xxx

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Anyone on here from Preston, Lancashire up for chat, friends, fun?
Added: 1834 days ago / Views: 336 Anyone on here from Preston, Lancashire up for chat, friends, fun?
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my bday
Added: 1603 days ago / Views: 431 which boy would like to sweeten my bday? ;-)
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White sadness.
Added: 770 days ago / Views: 147

White snow sparkles on my hand

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Day 2
Added: 718 days ago / Views: 136

Video hasn't posted yet...guess I will upload again.

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April First...
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Added: 233 days ago / Views: 286

Are here more boys who love family sex?

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To all I know...
Added: 198 days ago / Views: 78

And even for those I've not met yet...  my way of saying "Love ya, guys!" :)  I'm singing this on Sunday, and will dedicate it to each and every one of you.

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Added: 155 days ago / Views: 57

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Added: 68 days ago / Views: 111

you people seem to be easy going (or just pretend). any idea for real bad day? or rather 3 years

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Added: 1654 days ago / Views: 447 Anybody up for a chat lol
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Looking Looking
Added: 1601 days ago / Views: 329 Looking for any nice young men/boys in the Brisbane Qld area for...well, anything really. Let me know.
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one year anniversary
Added: 1107 days ago / Views: 162 had a nice weekend, just celebrated anniversary our first year together. What started out as a dinner and conversation has become a great love. Communication, compassion and compromise are the keys to a long term relationship. Buy An having a rocking body and a great smile helps as
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Sexparty am 03.05.2014
Added: 771 days ago / Views: 178

Ich veranstalte eine sexy Party am Sa. 03.05.2014 in K

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ME IN THE RAW (photos)
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Go and see "The Witch" in theaters now!!!
Added: 79 days ago / Views: 97

Go and see "The Witch" (the folklore film that was released limitedly throughout 2015 but has just been given a wide release in theaters now in 2016)!!!     It is a phenomenal movie!     Don't listen to the naysayers concerning it!    It is excellent!     Like one critic said 90 % of the people won't understand or get all of the symbolism in it so it probably won't be embraced the way it should or could be!     I'm surprised it was allowed in the U.S. with some of the symbolism!     It is TOTALLY ace!    

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Rememberance Day.
Added: 1656 days ago / Views: 372 Today has been Remembrance day so lets take a second to reflect on the lives lost to preserve our way of life. Many people come on this wall and website to talk about their troubles (amoungst other things), well lets remember the millions that died just to give us the right to even have these troubles, let alone the right to live our lives to the maximum. The right to be free, the right to love who we want without persecution, the right to believe in what we want without persecution.

11:11 11/11 Lest we forget.
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Added: 1602 days ago / Views: 347 I have to admit that I am a versatile guy. I just can't decide which I like better. To fuck or be fucked, that is the question. Is there anyone else out there who feels the same way?
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Added: 395 days ago / Views: 159

When you get home from work and remember that you have leftovers and you don't have to cook!




When you discover that you ate them last night.

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Added: 1308 days ago / Views: 251 OK I had too leave a reminder note on this one, keep forgetting to ask.

Tosh.O the comedy show: How many of you like to watch it, The stuff this guy comes up with just cracks my ass up.
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Leader of the Pack.....
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book recommendation
Added: 192 days ago / Views: 95

I recently finished a great book named "The Absolutist" by John Boyne. I love history and the setting is London, World War I. A gay 17 year old boy, Tristin, leaves home and joins the army. This is not porn, but a romantic story of realism that is very well written and has an unsuspected ending. I highly recommend it.

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Added: 1782 days ago / Views: 363 I need a wank
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Skype near swindon
Added: 1732 days ago / Views: 516 hey guys, looking for young boys my age (ask in a messege for age range) for skype to chat, maybe vid chat. add me on skype or messege me on this, cnt wait :)
(prefably in or near swindon)

P.S. if u just add me skype, plz includ age and location

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NEWS: Chance for same-sex marriage in Australia
Added: 903 days ago / Views: 158

Gay couples are free to marry in the ACT this weekend after the High Court reserved its decision in the Commonwealth's challenge to the territory laws.

The court has reserved its decision in the case, in which the Commonwealth argues the territory's historic laws are in contravention of the federal marriage act, until December 12.

No injunctions were sought or ordered, so the law should take effect on Saturday.

This means couples could have a five-day window to wed under the country's first same-sex marriage law before a decision is published by the

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Roy Simmons RIP
Added: 817 days ago / Views: 158

A gay footballer called Roy Simmons died last week at the young age of 57 and I thought his passing should be mentioned.

He came out on the Phil Donaghue talk show some years ago which resulted in the usual fuss from the "Usual Suspects".

Unfortunately for Simmons he had a fondness for booze and cocaine which meant his actual playing career was fairly short; starting around 1979 and ending at the 1984 Superbowl where his team lost.

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Added: 698 days ago / Views: 179

Take pride in our rich heritage.

A comprehensive list of famous Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People

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another day
Added: 452 days ago / Views: 117

ready for spring


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Who here knows who Sir Terry Pratchett is?
Added: 436 days ago / Views: 122

I ask because recently the world lost one of its best writers. For those who know who I am talking about this past Thursday Terry Pratchett passed away at the age of 66, at home in his bed surround by his family. Despite having Alzhiemer's he was lucid till the very end, his final tweet reads quite simply "The End". Please join me in a moment of silence for the passing of a great man. Farewell, Sir Terence Pratchett you will be greatlly missed, Pacifici Alis Grave Ad Perpetuam Memoriam.

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Sawyer Sweeten Commits Suicide
Added: 373 days ago / Views: 156

Sawyer Sweeten -- one of the twins from "Everybody Loves Raymond" -- committed suicide Thursday morning, according to his sister.

19-year-old Sawyer reportedly shot himself while visiting family members in Texas. His older sister Madylin Sweeten -- who was also on 'Raymond' -- confirmed the death to TMZ, saying ... "This morning a terrible family tragedy occurred. We are devastated to report that our beloved brother, son, and friend took his own life."

Sawyer played Geoffrey Barone -- one of Ray Romano's twin boys -- on the series from 1996 to 2005. He not only co-starred with Madylin, but also his real life twin brother Sullivan.

His 20th birthday was just a few weeks away.

Madylin posted on Facebook on Thursday afternoon ... "At this time I would like to encourage everyone to reach out to the ones you love. Let them have no doubt of what they mean to you.

Read more:
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Where the Answer Lies
Added: 1038 days ago / Views: 187 Hollow eyes, the spirit inside decayed over time
like old bark. His smile, the corners of his lips
now weighed down by loneliness. His shine,
his inner essence,
as pale as a sheet of whiteness, as
cold as a sleet of snow. His memories, an ironic treasure,
torturing him constantly. His imagination,
a devil’s playground.
His inner sanctuary shaped, molded, and molested by his outer environment.
His hope, it lies buried with sunflowers across it’s chest.
His dreams, now transparent in nature and in reality.
His mind, now impressed upon and made up.
His sorrow, it runs alongside the deepest of pits.
His determination, it blows the wind.
His pain, it will be over soon….


One distraction keeps him from ending that pain.
One distraction causes him more pain in a different sense, but
With that pain comes experiences. His resolve, now shaken
By this distraction as it plagues his mind,
Constantly hammering it with new thoughts about the sacrifices
And dangers and obsession that come with this distraction.
Yet it is also these same thoughts that provide his pleasure.
His body crumbles in the wake of this distraction, a
Whole new kind of release than that found at the end of a
razor and his arm. His soul, it has been taken over by
This distraction and melts in its presence, withering under its power.
He cannot end his pain; it will never leave him.
But he can transform it, mold it into the only kind of
Pain unique to this distraction, for this distraction is love,
And it only comes from one place:
My Friends, please, never turn your back to someone that sounds as if they may have the ability to be pushed over the edge. No matter what anyone wants to believe, suicide is very real and relevant to today's world and many people suffer from enough depression to think that this is the answer. No matter what, suicide is NOT the answer. Sometimes situations can be prevented by just really talking about the issue, and especially on this site there are many willing ears that will be there to listen, and I'm one of them. Been there, dealt with that, and it's my turn to help those that need/want it. Life can be painful at times but learning and growing from those experiences are what help make life beautiful. I wish everyone happiness and please, enjoy life, you only get one. ~Kriter~
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Weekend Thought
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What was your first time like? how old were you?
Added: 17 days ago / Views: 567 My first time was when I 14 or so, It was in 8th grade. But it didn't happen all at once, my first time really took 3 or 4 nights to happen, but it was with my next door neighbor.

Anyway, the story goes....My next door neighbor used to sleep over from time to time, in 8th grade, One night we ended up watching straight porn together, neither of us would ever admit to bein into guys straight up. The first time, nothing else happened. The next time we slept over, we got a little more into it, after watching straight porn for a little while and we both ended up jerking off but he insisted on being in different rooms to do the deed.

There was maybe 1 or 2 more nights, but during those nights I started anyways we made a few jokes about how his dick was bigger I said haha yeah its probably small, trying to get him to take it out and prove it!

Then he told me about spitting on your hand and rubbing your head feels like you're getting a blowjob

So, we were sitting right next to each other at the computer but with a blanket covering our laps and he kind of reluctantly agreed to take out his cock so we could compare sizes with a ruler....So we were exactly the same size, I said lets just get close and hold them next to each other, really quickly it wont be gay just do it quick, and when we stood up both our cocks were super rock hard. At that point we started touching each other and we knew we couldnt stop there. We just jerked each other off, no sucking or fucking or anything else, just jerking each other.

I never came so much in my life, neither did he. We probably could have filled up a shot glass between the two of us (maybe even a tall one lol)

He refused to talk about it though the next day. and it was quite a while, actually 3 full years before we ever did anything again. I couldnt put it off anymore so I texted him and told him we had to do it again. We did. So junior and senior year in high school we fooled around like every week. It was cool too because neither of us had any interest in relationship with eachother, just friends w/benefits. I mean it was just good luck having a gay next door neighbor.

Wow, Im high and drunk I hope that was coherent :D
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new friends
Added: 1602 days ago / Views: 307 heyy anyone else from Canada? I want to make sum new friends here :) I jus want to talk to sum new people ;)
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