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I'm back!
Views: 70 · Added: 122 days ago

Hey guys, I'm back.........................i had an acct before but i had to delete it, but i'm back now!

First time experiences
Views: 442 · Added: 1318 days ago

Anyone wanna share their first time experience with a boy?
Inbox/message me with yours, and I'll reply with mine......

Views: 247 · Added: 1130 days ago

just woundeing what you guys would like in a video let me know and add me as a friend i have msn just let me know your email is i dont block u
mines is

Views: 183 · Added: 908 days ago reporting malware problems here, i can't upload any videos... why? thanx Nick for now solved problems, have a nice weekend :))) BSB

Humming birds
Views: 64 · Added: 159 days ago

Making porn
Views: 148 · Added: 837 days ago

Love shooting and editing porn!

Views: 117 · Added: 810 days ago

it is a coming together of peoples views and personality, relating to your own.

Views: 41 · Added: 30 days ago


Self Suckers
Views: 207 · Added: 1021 days ago

From the time I was about 14 to like 18 I was able to suck myself off and go all the way down to my balls. I did so by laying on my shoulders and a few times sitting, but joining the army didn’t offer much private time for that, so I lost the limberness.
How long were you able to self suck? Do you still do it?

Some pretty sick people in the world
Views: 116 · Added: 836 days ago

On his eighth birthday he was tied to a tree, doused in petrol and set on fire.

The inferno left Robbie Middleton with third-degree burns to 99 per cent of his body. No-one expected him to survive.

But in a story of staggering courage, Robbie lived. He endured 200 operations and endless therapy to repair the burns.

Tragically, he was to die just weeks short of his 21st birthday from a cancer which doctors blamed on the original injuries.
After years of such terrible suffering, Robbie’s premature death was to have one positive outcome

In a harrowing 17-minute video made just before he died, he named the man he believed had torched him in Splendora, Texas, in 1998.

And he also claimed that he had been raped by the same person, a 13-year-old neighbour called Don Collins, two weeks before being set alight.....

Jerk off.
Views: 112 · Added: 361 days ago

Lots of hot gay videos make me horny. I'm going to jerk off. Have a good night. Bye.

so much to choose from
Views: 75 · Added: 89 days ago

some of the vids on here leave you licking your lips wanting more :P

Views: 172 · Added: 1529 days ago

the site seems to be getting back on its feet--however my profile details are incomplete and im missing my pic albums that i uploaded.--also i cant accept friend requests either

Hi! c:
Views: 120 · Added: 752 days ago

I'm bored, sorry guys :'p
Anyone got a big, fat dildo for me? :b
I could need it

Views: 70 · Added: 273 days ago


wanted to delete some stuff on my wall
Views: 1275 · Added: 1462 days ago

When are we going to be able to delete stuff on our personal wall page,now that the holidays are over,my fingers are getting itchy!


Anyone here from arkansas?
Views: 240 · Added: 1270 days ago

Just out of curiosity :3

Views: 170 · Added: 868 days ago

Who want cam with me? Inbox me. :)

Manchester Guy
Views: 123 · Added: 505 days ago

Hi ppl-just a line to say hope all is well with you.
Add me as friend if you like my collection of vids. x

Hey boys
Views: 71 · Added: 67 days ago

Im a Curious guy, looking for a master!
Read my info and add me if you are interested ;-)!
My skype is: Sleskemig

rape vids
Views: 1491 · Added: 1462 days ago

wer weiß andere seiten,wo vids mit rape oder spank sind.liebe auch echte vids nicht nachgestellte und hauptsächlich teenys

Photo numbering
Views: 192 · Added: 1314 days ago

The way the photos in albums are numbered beginning with 0 wouldn't be a problem except that if you click through from the first photo you can't get the last one. The album may say there are 19 photos when there are really 20. The only way to see the last photo is to click on its thumbnail. Photos should be numbered beginning with 1.

Views: 117 · Added: 724 days ago

Who loves erotic stories, view porn, especially the stories lived on boats between sailors on the high seas?
If so, I told you could, some of which I myself participate.

feel the need.
Views: 101 · Added: 88 days ago

really annoys me when you feel the need for a wank and can't get any time alone :(

Views: 401 · Added: 1188 days ago

anyone who livesin texas wanna fuck im willing to give up my virginity ;)

Book about Anal Sex
Views: 192 · Added: 916 days ago

I realize most guys learn about anal sex either from somebody who is experienced or by the old fashioned 'trial and error' method. There is one book I have read that explains, in detail, ways to make sure that your experience, especially as a bottom, is the best possible experience. The book is "The Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Men" by Bill Brent. It is sold online through Overstock, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others. There is no e-book edition. It is also sold in many book stores. The cost is about $13.00, and well worth it. I get no commissions.

verification email not being sent
Views: 187 · Added: 464 days ago

I have a friend trying to sign up but no verificaqtion email is being sent to his email account, and yes we have checked the junk folder. can anyone assist please.

Thanks in advance

Hey new here
Views: 82 · Added: 191 days ago

Not new to this site. Been watching videos for a bit. This is my new profile my old one had so many problems.

Trade Teenboypics (legal age)
Views: 443 · Added: 1146 days ago

Hey, Who wants trade teenboy pictures in msn messenger?

My website
Views: 174 · Added: 836 days ago <--------- the best gay blog of Brazil, is not virus or spam. comes and enjoy it a little bit. do not forget to comment, it is always good to know what readers want * ---- *

Phallussy Phunny......Rednecks and Big 'Decks'
Views: 106 · Added: 272 days ago

I still have the trouble.
Views: 213 · Added: 1529 days ago

I'm still having trouble with this Site (Gayboystube)
And I am getting frustrated..

Views: 219 · Added: 1269 days ago

Jemand aus Berlin hier?

Here is an interinsting read


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