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Matthew J. Dempsey on "Judgment"
Added: 222 days ago / Views: 98

Psychotherapist Matthew J. Dempsey talks about why people tend to judge others easily at times and how it can play out specifically in the gay male community.....

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gay xbox friends
Added: 884 days ago / Views: 149 hello i am looking for the people on here that have xbox an xbox live if u have it please add me and lets play some games lol ;)

gamer tag is TheCampingSgt
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videos hochladen
Added: 1338 days ago / Views: 338 hat einer nen plan warum das bei mir nicht funktioniert, mit dem videos hochladen, hat oder hatte einer das selbe problem und vielleicht ne lösung für mich???
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Whenever I see non-nude selfies...what comes to my mind is...
Added: 650 days ago / Views: 126

Whenever I see non-nude selfies what comes to my mind is the very first time I saw one which was with a naked boy!

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I like it
Added: 605 days ago / Views: 161

Everybody hello:~

Do your know ''Thomas Dyk'' this porn star? I want his gay video

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Haters Gonna Hate.....
Added: 553 days ago / Views: 175

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Added: 1601 days ago / Views: 496 Hey any teen from the US want to sex text aka sexting? He so message me ur #
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New Here - Some Help Please
Added: 1483 days ago / Views: 238 Joined today and still have not recieved my e-mail verification. I also am unable to upload pics or vids. The open file for uploading does not show for me to selet files to upload. I want to share/participate.
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Added: 515 days ago / Views: 157

Some where some one gets to see this in real life while on his boat

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Added: 1483 days ago / Views: 275 hey is any one here into rough sex like hard fucking or spanking let me know
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Added: 1015 days ago / Views: 202 Hallo bei mir werden die Videos nicht mehr geladen. Hab verschiedene Browser probiert!
Hier sind so geile Videos und es lädt in der Mitte den Playbutton nicht mehr. Hat wer eine Lösung?
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An Open Letter to Porn Producers
Added: 491 days ago / Views: 208

I've sent this, in various forms, to a number of pay-sites:

The responses (when I've gotten one) have varied from the ridiculous "our models say they don't like having someone get them off, as the climax isn't as good," to "we've tried, but, our models say they can't cum with someone doing them," to "sounds like a great idea, we'll start doing that," which they never do.

On the last pay-site I subscribed to (won't mention their name, but, it's definitely one of the major sites), the subscriber forum was filled with requests like no avail.

Wish I had the money to set up my own

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Spam On This Site
Added: 1855 days ago / Views: 1066 Don't know how to contact anybody on this site but been getting strange emails ... messages .... and shit .... just be careful not to open anything you don't know about.......just fyi

thanks jerome
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Added: 1338 days ago / Views: 232 I don't get this anymore.....wether theres a gang of convicts all around me or just a bunch of dumb fuckin fat CUNTS that just won't get a fuckin clue. Frankly it feela like I'm being annoyed by convicts or robbers. Alien in other words... Illegal aliens not space aliens. I feel INTIMIDATED all over ANY social media including this one. Which is why I slip out and speak vulgarly. Vulgar displayed language is just my way of expressing me true thoughts to free my hate. I APOLOGIZE to any if it's "offensive" to you. But to whomever is the perpetrators I feel intimadated by.......I end this world. So fuck off and LEAVE ME ALONE. I DIE I'M TAKING THE WHOLE GALAXY AND ALL LIFE IN IT. xox
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What a terrible thing to go thru, for a little girl.
Added: 1251 days ago / Views: 182 (CNN) -- For as long as eight hours, the small girl hid, unnoticed, in a car with the bodies of two British women and a man shot dead in foothills of the Alps in eastern France.

Probably paralyzed by fear, the 4-year-old remained among the corpses as investigators waited for crime scene technicians to arrive so the car could be opened.

She is now under police protection, as is an older girl, thought to be 7 or 8 years old, who was found injured near the car. She suffered a fractured skull and an apparent bullet wound to the shoulder.

Prosecutor Eric Maillaud told reporters Thursday that investigators failed to notice the younger girl because she didn't move for hours as they waited for the forensic experts.

She was hidden under baggage and the legs of one of the dead women in the car's back seat. A thermal imaging camera failed to pick up her presence, Maillaud said.
What led to fatal shooting in France?

The child was "probably terrorized, completely concealed, completely immobile amid the corpses," he said.

Her Fmily shot dead around her and her dead mother on top of her,and the police
stood by without checking for survivers.
She,ll probably have Nightmares for weeks.Thank god her sister survived.
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Moble site problems
Added: 1077 days ago / Views: 202 Is anyone having problems viewing the videos on the moble site?
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Added: 1015 days ago / Views: 155 Hallo bei mir werden die Videos nicht mehr geladen. Hab verschiedene Browser probiert!
Hier sind so geile Videos und es lädt in der Mitte den Playbutton nicht mehr. Hat wer eine Lösung?
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Navigating Pix
Added: 1604 days ago / Views: 433 Has anyone else had a problem clicking on one pic and having to go back to the entire album? How do you handle this?
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We got a new dog!
Added: 1077 days ago / Views: 213 The rents back in Atlanta just scored a new Chocolate! They named him "Liffy"! I'm stoked!

Can't wait to get back there over SB. I'll post some pics when I get them!

'Bout time! Somebody needed to guard my trampy in the garden. All these gay guys jumpin' naked on it when I'm not there!!!!

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Added: 914 days ago / Views: 199 just saying a hi from the UK

anyone likes similar vids to me give us a message :)
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Omg I can't
Added: 749 days ago / Views: 173

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today i had coffee soo try too guess this song artist and title ?
Added: 142 days ago / Views: 100

weather im right or wrtong /theres no jQuery182038747631618753076_1440527122503?? like a dirty old shoe that fits ./and if all the world was??? well be in the dirt desiening  stars  /you make me feel soo buetiful /no one else in the world but you. ok soo thats all hints i will give you ? what song is this ?

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la isla bonita
Added: 121 days ago / Views: 62

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Problems with viewing
Added: 1853 days ago / Views: 965 Does anyone else notice that on the Gay Boys Tube site we can no longer go to a
full screen or that it is impossible to use the fast forward button?
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bi friends
Added: 1400 days ago / Views: 291 ok so my friend came out and told most people he was bi this year and when he was talking to me i was asking about it long story short i told him i was bi too. im the least likely to be gay or bi person you would think of by looking at me btw so.. like a month later i just about told him i liked him more than just a friend... he dose not feel the same back. but he sends very mixed messages to me a lot of the time. i cant tell if he wants me to bring it up again (its been past most of the year by now) or is he really just likes me as a friend.. like yesterday we were fucking around with other friends and basically dog piling on one of our very straight friend and he felt up my ass. and yes very intentionally. and other times it seems like he wants nothing to do with me or very obviously gos for other girls.

btw, im leaning to the gay side of bi and hes leaning to the straight side
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Gay Pioneers in New Zealand
Added: 738 days ago / Views: 168

Gay history is filled with Oscar Wilde and the Stonewall riots, but a month or so ago a pioneer in the gay community in New Zealand died.

Tony Katavich, along with his business partners, stood up and was counted at a time when not only was gay sex illegal, but openly repressed, in my country and did so at enormous personal cost.

I knew Tony's business partner, Brett Sheppard, very well, but only met him on a single occasion when he told me an hilarious story -

In 1975, in the bad old days, their gay sauna was subjected to its periodical raid by the Police and if that wasn't bad enough, one of the walls chose that moment to cave in - literally on top of around 100 men having sex with each other!

As the Police were pulling bleeding, naked men out of the rubble covered in bricks and masonry, the Inspector in charge of the raid wasn't sure whether to arrest everyone or call for ambulances! haha!

Here is his obituary

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nude beach
Added: 553 days ago / Views: 211

i so want to go to one? so, anyone been? what was your experience(s)?

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Added: 374 days ago / Views: 151

Its shocking to realize just how powerful the influences are from ppl around you, from your family, peers, and your social environment, and its easy to allow others opinions to become your own, especially when you are young. Its interesting to see the reactions from various ppl when they, for example, watch two guys kissing. My elderly mother always reacts the same way, with a loud verbal EEWWW, to which I gently point out why her reaction is inappropriate. I watched several guys of varied ages in a bar some time ago, who saw two guys kissing on the TV and they responded with utter discust and offensive slurs like, FUCKING FAGGOTS, and GOD DAMN QUEERS. I am embarrassed to admit that I did not speak up, out of fear, which may have been the wisest decision under the circumstances, but it left me feeling sick to my stomach. I stopped patronizing those kind of bars and for some years now have tried to make some sort of positive LGBT comment in similar situations. At another time, in a different bar, a picture of two women kissing came up on the TV and there seemed to be general acceptance from the women in the crowd, and the guys were all, OH YAY BABY!, and GET IT ON GIRLS! I always thought that was odd. I remember when I was very young and saw, for the first time, two guys kissing, my reaction was like my mothers, EEWWWW! Gee, I wonder who I learned that from? Of course, that changed dramatically when I realized my true sexuality, just before I hit puberty. I have also seen in recent years, very different reactions many younger ppl have now when they see ppl of the same sex showing sexual affection towards each other, and that reaction was generally more positive and accepting. Obviously, a reflection of the current social advances and acceptance towards LGBT equality and same sex marriage. I guess what I am saying is, no matter how deeply seeded, no matter how rooted the intense feelings of hatred are towards the LGBT community and its ppl, they can be changed. They can be retaught and relearned, and they ARE changing! Maybe slowly, but change and hope are in the air, now more than ever, and isn't that a refreshing feeling! I want to breath more of THAT air! It's up to all of us to keep it moving forward, whether it be in big ways or subtle ways. It all makes a difference. Just use your common sense and stay safe in doing so. Thanks for allowing me to babble on about some thoughts I have this morning. I'd like to hear about some of your experiences, and what your thoughts or suggestions are on this topic of speaking up for change, yet staying safe in doing so. (((HUGS))) to you all. ~ Dennis
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Oliver Twink
Added: 103 days ago / Views: 288

Oliver Twink [PZP Productions 2007] 

Main theme:  Mainly Studs fucking TeenBoys with great dialogue

Description: A gay parody of Charles Dicken's novel "Oliver Twist". An excellent film of Studs fucking Twinks at every opportunity. It is quite 'camp' and very entertaining even apart from the sex

Comment: WoW! For 'WoW' factor this movie has it all 100%. For more Studs on Boys see 'Bewitched [PZP]. Condoms are used but they are not very noticeable. The whole film is a Classic!



Dillon Samuels (as Oliver Twink), Jarett Fox (Fagin), Brad Star (Mr. Bumble), Kyros Christian (The Artful Dodger), Riley Burke (Detective Brownlow), Matt Havoc, Ryan Thompson (the Revd), Jayce Jones, Gabriel DuBois, Misty Eyez, Harry Beastt, Auntie Mame

Storyline: A gay interpretation of the story of 'Oliver Twist' set in modern day Florida with a few camp twists, especially at the end in the killing of Nancy. The 'Boys' are super and may be just about 'Teens'. The parts of Mr. Bumble, the Rev., Fagin and the policeman are played by 'studs' so it introduces an element of 'Older/Younger' in that there are studs fucking boys. Super film with quite a few laughs. "Please, sir, I want some more..." What these boys want more of is....COCK! Fortunately the condoms are not too obtrusive. It is fantastic! From the producers of The DaVinci Load and BeTwinked, comes a movie 169 years in the making.

Starring uber-twink Dillon Samuels as Oliver Twist and new discovery Kyros Christian as The Artful Dodger. Super Twink Jarett Fox was brought out of retirement, kicking and screaming, to play the key role of Fagin. The Twink lovers will of course love Fagin's waifs. However, those who like real, hunky men can feast their eyes on the studly Brad Star as Mr. Bumble and the hairy-chested Riley Burke as Detective Brownlow. With its mix of twinks and studs, Oliver Twink tells Charles Dickens' classic story with a slight twist... It's 2007, the locationis South Beach FL, Fagin is a pimp and his boys are whores. But that co-dependant bitch Nancy still gets it in the end! Although there are plenty of laughs in this parody, like in all PZP films the 100% hardcore sex is rough and hard with ass eating and facial cum shots. This is one you will want to own for your collection.


Scene 1 - Oliver asks for More

In the workhouse, it is Oliver's 18th birthday and he wants a treat. He asks Mr. Bumble "for more" but all he gets is 18 slaps on his bare bottom. He's too old now and has to leave the workhouse.  But he is willing to work his ticket out of there and earns it well as he munches on the stud's big slab of meat. Then they chew each other as they 69.

Oliver takes a ride on that big cock and his ass swallows it all. Oliver is bent over and fucked from behind by the stud (Brad Star) then side saddle and finished off on his back. See that cock plunging in and out of his sweet little bottom and Oliver cums his Boy load with the stud still pumping away. He gets on his knees and sucks on that big cock til it spurts in his face - he gets loads of spunk - AND HE WANTS MORE!! Slut!    


Scene 2 - The Artful Dodger and the Rev. 

Oliver arrives in the big city and meets The Artful Dodger dressed in Gothik clothes including top hat. He's quite camp and has a charming lisp but then he's whisked away by a trick (the Reverend).

The Rev. is into role play and gets the superbly beautiful slim Kyros Christian (The Artful Dodger) into a studded collar and harness and makes him pretend to be a dog. Well, if you're going to do it doggy style, why not?

The stud takes full advantage of that slim youthful body, sucking the boy's cock and eating his sweet hairless asshole like there's no to-morrow. Then he primes it with a dildo and makes him beg for the real thing.

Dodger assumes the doggy position on the bed and takes the man's cock up his ass with the stud holding onto the harness like it was reins and riding the boy like he is a horse. This is a fabulous scene of a stud fucking a boy doggy style.

Now the boy takes a ride bouncing up and down on that cock. What a fucking the guy gives him and then side saddle, then riding again. The Teen wanks himself furiously as he bounces up and down on the man's prick and cums then the stud fucks his mouth and shoots in his face.


Scene 3 - Fagin fucks Oliver and the Artful Dodger - Quite my favorite scene

The Artful Dodger returns to find Oliver hungry and penniless so he takes him to Fagin's. "You Got To Suck A Penis Or Two" Fagin (Jarett Fox) tells the rentboys and the Dodger gets right down and does just that. With a demonstration from the Artful Dodger, Oliver Gets a Lesson from Fagin in how to be a fag, as if he doesn't know already. Oliver eagerly joins in sucking that big thick slab of meat between Fagin's thighs.

 What a superb stud Jarett Fox is - and that prick!! How do the boys take it. Lucky Fagin, he gets to suck and fuck two of the most beautiful Teenboys in the business. How beautiful the Dodger looks crouched up against Fagin. Like an Asian twink with his slim tanned body. He needs a good fucking and soon gets it. Meanwhile, Fagin facefucks the boy while Oliver sees to his prick. Then Fagin does Oliver the same way while the Dodger busys himself licking Oliver's asshole. Then Dodger sucks them both.

Dodger straddles Fagin and takes that huge piece of meat up his bottom and rides it like the slut he is. Now its Oliver's turn and he kneels doggy style on the settee and takes that big cock of Fagin's in his butt and Dodger's prick in his mouth. Then he gets it side saddle. Look at that huge slab of meat go in his Boy ass. Then he takes it on his back with The Dodger sitting on his chest with his cock in Oliver's mouth. Oliver beats off with Fagin still fucking him and shoots his load over himself.

Oliver then gets a double load of sperm from both Fagin and The Dodger. Dodger cums first and pours a load straight into Oliver's eye. Then Fagin cums masses of spunk that joins the Dodger's and covers Oliver's face with loads of thick white stuff. What a faceful!        


Scene 4 - Oliver and the Policeman 

Oliver and The Dodger are hanging around the street corner when the Dodger gets a trick and goes off. Then Oliver's luck changes - for worse then better when he gets arrested and finds a lover with a big prick for him to chew on. Officer Browlow (Riley Burke) returns the favour sucking on Oliver's nice BoyCock and licking out his smooth hairless asshole. Oliver gets fucked doggy style then face down by the hairy chested stud. Then takes a raunchy ride on his cock then gets fucked on his back. Oliver cums on himself and the stud shoots all over Oliver's face


Scene 5 - Oliver gets kidnapped- This scene is camp as fuck

Mr. Browlow goes to work leaving Oliver on his own. A character called Toby comes up behind Oliver in the kitchen, chloroforms him and whisks him away. When Browlow returns, Oliver isn't there and he isn't the only boy missing. Fagin and Dodger are also concerned about Bill Sikes's intentions with the boys. Meanwhile, back at The Big Sausage Factory, Sikes' is trying to make a porn movie with the Boys and he wants it to be Bareback. He's got 2 twinks with very long cocks sucking and 69-ing each other. 

The blonde boy takes a ride on his mate's cock and gets well shafted then fucked up his ass side saddle. Blondie gets a faceful of cum and gives his friend the same. Suddenly, Sikes realises that Nancy gave the boys a 'rubber' to use when they fucked and sets out to kill her but she just won't die. Enter Fagin then Toby with a naked Oliver quickly followed by an armed Officer Browlow who has come to the rescue and shoots Sikes.


Well that's almost the end. Fagin has to desert his lair and looses all his money but he bumps into the Artful Dodger again. Dodger gets his soft cock out, Fagin kisses it and they live happily ever after, as do Oliver and Brownlow. All so camp.

 Hope you enjoy.













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Ssd7635 What Happened?
Added: 42 days ago / Views: 99

There was this new member who posted some cool selfies of himself yet it seems like he deleted his account. If you are Ssd7635 and you are reading this, I just want to let you know that you are welcome back here anytime.

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Can't add friends
Added: 1853 days ago / Views: 923 My friends request page will not respond. It hangs up when trying to approve a friends request.
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GBT Web Page
Added: 1451 days ago / Views: 344 OK everybody..have a look at the web page of PHALLUSSY..fantastic and with a choice of music...HOW DO U DO THIS i would luv to know!? answer's please to lakescruiser
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why catholic church still operate after this 'cure for homosexuality'
Added: 1374 days ago / Views: 191 on announce by bbc of new inquiry into the awful abuse by fr brendan smythe in north ireland ~

i still cant get over this from while back about 'cure for homosexuality'

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Small penis
Added: 1157 days ago / Views: 180 A guy goes into a book store and says to the lad at the counter " i'm trying to find a book about living with a small penis but i can't remember what it's called".
The lad at the counter replies "do you want me to see if it is in yet ?"
The guy says "that's the one , i'll take a copy".
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Curious about a couple things
Added: 1698 days ago / Views: 753 First thing is that when I watch some of these videos and a guy cums usually his partner will start licking his dick head right away and I'm wondering why everytime that i cum I can't bear to have anything touching my dick head cause it's so sensitive right after I come. So much so that if I rub against something it makes my whole body jerk and I see it has no effect on most of these guys. Second thing I'm wondering about is are all these guys in the videos at least 18? Cause I swear some of them don't look over 13 or 14 and if they are under age can I get into some sort of trouble?
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Favourite Fantasy, what's yours?
Added: 1652 days ago / Views: 402 Hi everyone,

We all have one, that secret dream, that deep desire to do something that little bit out there.

Mine would be to be in the team shower after our game of football (Aussie Rules) and have the guys, especially the red and blonde head boys, have their way with me before the whole team bukkake me :)

Hot, steamy, sweet smelling soap suds slowly seeping south across their bodies. As they secretly watch each other wanking, pretending note to enjoy the experience before they get to me for their turn.

Go on, tell me yours, let's share and enjoy each others dreams.

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A Gay Internet Guide?!?! Yes please!
Added: 1292 days ago / Views: 420 I have been traversing the internet universe for several years—first as a gay teen, and now as a gay man. I would constantly be asking myself: “Is this the right site for me? Are there any others out there more suitable?”

It can extremely frustrating!!

Throughout the years, I came across such websites from to; to; and to There are tons of sites out there for the Gay community—all with their own function.

It is either…

The right dating site.


The right social network.

And so on…

The internet continues to get larger and larger, and all who take part in it are welcome! But some can struggle!

Do you think you struggle to keep up with all that is available for the Gay community online?

I am HUGE into socializing on the internet, but who isn’t now these days! I mostly use Facebook — but now I even have it and other social networks on my phone! But I also like to interact with the Gay community exclusively. So, I was searching for a guide or tutorial of some sort, right?! To help me find places that I may be missing out on. In my search, I came across a book: The Gay Internet Guide.
It is really self-explanatory…

Find it here:

The guide covers a lot of internet issues and information that helped me out as a gay man on the internet. This is also an ideal book aimed for the gay internet newbies, covering issues such as anonymity, dealing with stalkers, and handling attacks.

The Gay Internet Guide lists several social media sites dedicated to gay-specific social networks, and how to make the most of these networks. There is also a list of sites aimed at dating, hook-ups, long-term relationships, dating advice, and safety when dating. It really seems to have everything I need to use the internet to its full potential as part of the online Gay community. You can also read up on other gay topics like: music, movies and television, books and magazines, and gossip. It includes gay rights organizations that you can contact so that you can involve yourself even further in the Gay community online. This list extends nationally, as well as internationally.

This book gave me everything I needed to interact with the Gay community both online and offline.

The best part about it was I didn’t have to wait for the book to be shipped to me because it also comes as an E-book—I started reading that very night! =D

I recommend this internet guide to anyone! Get OUT!

Find it here:

The internet is a vast, exciting universe for the Gay community as well! There is probably more out there than you realize!

Happy Socializing! =D

<3 <3 <3 <3
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Queens Day
Added: 1014 days ago / Views: 165 What an amazing day we had!! Holland is truly a country where community is number one. The celebration of the new King spills out into the streets everywhere and now Paul Van Duke playing riverfront for the new King, ourselves and over a hundred thousand people will be unforgettable!! we travelled all night on the train from Prague to Amsterdam to get there and then traveled all night that same day to get back in time for school so we would only miss one day it was well worth the experience amazing we will never forget it
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