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A slice of humor
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Weekend Again!
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Happy and Joyful Weekend all GBT members. Some Clubs are waiting for me tonight here in Saigon:) Welcome here and let's party!!! Jay:)

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E Komo Mai my GBT friends
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I'm back, finished my mainland summer trip with some of my friends and some of my family. I got to meet so many nice people along the way. I traveled to the East Coast, went thru the South and even went North to Canada then last part of my trip hung out on the West Coast. I must say it sure is nice to be back home here in the Hawaiian Islands. I am taking a year off from any schooling, I want to enjoy the surf with my fellow surfers. I sure hope all of you had a great Summer! ALOHA!  

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youung boy looking for bf or fuck buddy
Added: 1933 days ago / Views: 492 I am a top looking for a bottom, i have a big dick,I'm shaved,cut, and have a very athletic body.
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I Am Back
Added: 1447 days ago / Views: 337 I hope my friends remember me but my anti virus software has not allowed me access to GBT for about 2 months or more saying its a damgerous site. The problem seems to be fixed and now I can access GBT. Someone that really worries me is billybuddy. I know he had his issues and it seems he is no longer here. Is anyone still in conyact with him? I know he had some major issues and that is what worries me. Does anyone know how he is. Please let me know for better or worse.

Love to all and please contact me

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How I Feel.
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How many?
Added: 1447 days ago / Views: 382 Anyone have any idea how many members there are on GBT? By members I mean people, not...Oh wait...they would be the same. :)
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wont work
Added: 1185 days ago / Views: 230 cant log on to gbt through firefox, anyone else having problems
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I Love To Care
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Hands Of Friendship

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Looking for 18 / 23 yo
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I'm looking to meet younger 18 / 23 yo guys for mates dates and maybe more in Melbourne australia

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Just mindless dribble for fun. Please nobody be offended. This is just dribble, but feel free to add to it.
Added: 1798 days ago / Views: 407 What’s up with EMO’s?
I spent my teen years in the 70’s and 80’s and most of my generation had the same hair style, we called it long hair and from what I’ve seen we had the same clothing style of tight jeans and shirt design. We never called ourselves anything really. All teenagers are moody and very emotional and from what I’ve seen of EMO twinks we were identical. As I see it EMO is just the same as all style statements. By that I mean styles repeat themselves.
We can start with ties. First they were wide and I mean really wide and frilly. Then they went thin and then back to wide and thin again. Personally I hate ties and never wear them for any reason, but there you go.
Cars started out boxy and then turned rounded and then back to boxy and now they are rounded again and some cars are nothing but boxes with windows. Scion I hate you!
When I was a kid I had a thing for guys with braces and teardrop glasses. Admit it, boys with braces are adorable, but now they have invisible braces and the glasses have gone so square and boxy that they remind me of librarians, but I know that in a few years those things will go back to the way they were, so I’ll just wait because everything’s going retro again.
So, maybe that is why vintage porn is so big these days? I don’t know, just saying.
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Added: 1484 days ago / Views: 283 any guys on here from noth east pa??
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Updated My Avatar, But..
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It didn't appear on my profile :(

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omg post lol
Added: 637 days ago / Views: 172 I can't post more than 1 line
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thinking about getting a chest tattoo
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after i got my back tattoo, i've been kinda addicted to getting them my next project is a relatively medium sized one but it will be on my chest from near my nipples to my sternum. anyone ever experienced anything like this before?

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End of the week 11/13/15
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kinda funny story, just thought i'd share
Added: 1448 days ago / Views: 257 so i just moved in with my friend and her family, who all know i am gay and are very loving and amazingly cool about it (even making little jokes here and there in good fun). her mom hates sarcasm (even tho she is sarcastic all of the time lol). so my friend tells her kids not to be sarcastic around grandma even tho she's the queen of sarcasm. without missing a beat the oldest one looks at her and says "grandma isn't the queen of sarcasm, that title belongs to kyle".(me) lol

spent the next hr laughing at that more than i should have so thought i'd share :)
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i like this short film

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Furry gay cartoons pictures - a new cult -
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Furries are fans of the anthromorphic art. They enjoy dressing up in fur-suits. A gay furry wouldjust be a gay person who is a fur-suitor. See my pictures album collection! (if it is published by the moderator)!


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That's Funny
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R.I.P Lemmy
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Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, founding member and singer in the British heavy metal band Motörhead, has died at the age of 70 shortly after learning he had been diagnosed with cancer.  He learned of his cancer on the 26th of December and passed away just 2 days later, as with everything in his life even death was on his terms.

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Jon and me part four
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part 4

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Added: 1887 days ago / Views: 444 Studies show that there are many boys who have gotten sexually abused, and boys tend to get abused more than females; and that ones abused don't tell and are willing to keep the secret until death.
How many of you are willing to share if you were abused. If you do, can you share this:
1.) Abused by an unknown person; friend; or family member.
2.) You haven't told anyone and never will.
3.) Received counseling.
4.) Blame yourself.
5.) Believe that this could be the reason of why you love guys.
6.) Despite the incident, you forgave.
7.) You knew that you were the only one; or other boys were involved.
8.) I live in denial--who; what; where; when--what are you talking about...
9.) No need to make anyone else hurt--I'll take it to my grave.
10.) I enjoyed so much the feeling that it wasn't abused at all.
I know this list is long, but it's just as a reference to what happen, if you decide to share. You don;t need to follow the list, but can describe your experience as you feel most comfortable.

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What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to you?
Added: 1797 days ago / Views: 566 Well I think this embarrassed my kids as much as me. When my kids were tweens we decided to join a Bally’s fitness center mostly for them, but my partner and I really needed some toning up, so we signed.
The first thing I wanted to do was the same as the kids. We wanted to swim in the pool and hit the hot tub. We then showered as is proper and then I donned my swim trunks. (Not used to this as we swim nude)
After the shower and properly dressed I headed out to the pool area and noticed right away that I was not only being stared at, but there were some giggles. Not only that, but my kids were looking at me with absolute horror in their eyes. Of course I immediately looked down to check if I was wearing my trunks and I was, so I couldn’t understand what everyone was on about.
That’s when my scalp itched a little so I reached up to scratch it and lo and behold I hadn’t rinsed the shampoo out if my hair and I mean it was lathered to the hilt. I must have looked like an actual clown. I ran back into the showers and rinsed off and when I returned everyone applauded.
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what is "ttv"?
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I see a lot of videos with "ttv" in the title, forgive my ignorrance, but what does that stand for?

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the pace of my life early autumn morning arriving at work - giles

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World Wide Wank

Where in the world have you had a wank? My places include , England ,Wales , Spain , Gran Canaria, Furtuventura, Tenerife, Algarve, Corfu, Crete, Rhodes, Kos, Sweden, Bankok, Phuket, Las Vegas.

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Gay Wedding
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I played (pipe organ) at my first gay wedding last Saturday and it was a breeze and a lot of fun - no drama from upset brides, or moms. The guys who got married did their own floral arrangements and they were beautiful. Really nice ceremony with a picnic at a local park afterwards. Sweet people.

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Girls Who Accessories Gay Guys
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I don't know about you but I really hate being someones "Gay Friend".

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To ALL my friends that I pm with..I will be traveling to Europe next week and will be away for three weeks. I wish you could ALL join me but I am looking for company for a cruise or two when I return. Anyone interested just hit me up. Always looking for new friends with common interests. See you all in a few weeks...Huggs XXX to all of you.

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Danny and me at Uni
Added: 56 days ago / Views: 390

Part 2

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Hope everyone has a good weekend
Added: 1115 days ago / Views: 196 Hope everyone has a good weekend
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Who goes there
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The Japanese Boy chapter 13 (unlucky for some)
Added: 397 days ago / Views: 263

Chapter 13

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Added: 1798 days ago / Views: 497 The latest stuff in Duisburg....was it good...???
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my mate steve
Added: 1683 days ago / Views: 447 it was one hot summers day and me a few mates was at the local park playing fooball we were about 15-16 and we decided to call it a day and go home steve decided he wanted to come back to my for a shower and something to eat all my other mate went to there houses and me and steve went back to mine and we went to my bedroom so i could change my clothes and have a shower.
i was sitting on my bed in just my footy shorts and we started talking about sex and stuff and steve turned to me and said if i have ever tried anything with a guy i said no and he went to have a shower and whilst he was gone i laid down on my bed and closed my eyes for what seemed like an hour and i opended my eyes and steve was sitting there in just a towel and i could see the outline of his cock through the towel and he moved the towel up and down with his cock. i sat up and continued the topic of doing anything with a guy and he said yes he had give a guy a bj i said oh right what was it like he said it was good i laid back down on my bed and steve came and sat beside me and i could hear is breathing getting heavy and started to shake i said are you ok and then he looked at me and he said "i want you " so i said ok and i could feel him getting close to me and i looked at him and he came to kiss me and i lent foward and we stated to kiss each other and he started to rub my cock and balls and i did the same to him and i started to kiss himon his smooth toned torso and then i made my way down to his cock and started to suck it and he was 7" uncut pubeless and then he started to suck mine it the 69 postion and we did till we cum and then once we had cum we just laid there holdoing each other and we sucked and wanked each other maybe 4-5 times a wwek which was great and we continued to do this till i was 17 and one day we was at his house in his room listning to some music and we where both sitting on his bed and then lent over me to turn the stero up and i could fill that he was hard so i grabe him and he just looked at me and we started to kiss and he pulled my tigth white briefs down and started to suck me and he did this for about 10 minutes and the i started to suck him and he said he would like to lick me so i said what for he said he wanted to do me and so i said ok and he starte to rubing his throbbing cock between my legs and then he put it in me and stated to move it in and out it felt so nice and i could fill that my cock was wet with pre-cum so i started to rub my cock and i could fill his cock in me pulsing inside me and he squirted his boy juice all over my torso and then i cum as well and he stated to lick both our cum of me and the we stated to kiss and we did this quite alot which was fun

this is a true story
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