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video player
Added: 1714 days ago / Views: 279 hi the new video player don't work on my ps3 please put the old video player back ok because i don't have a computer
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uploading again
Added: 1562 days ago / Views: 369 Hi! today I tried upload 2 videos and result was the same: when uploaded 97-98% of the video completed comes message:the browser didn't accept the download. try again. WHY? i have a new lap,my connection to all other places just working excellent,all programs up-to-date, i don't live in armenia/azerbaizan or kind of that country, coming from Nokia motherland. what is still ur problems? still i think(i like ur site as u can see)and wondering how is this possible in ur country and with ur technology? it just sucks. happy easter time anyway. kartza
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May I ask to have my "Requests" number set back to one?
Added: 459 days ago / Views: 88

May I ask to have my "Requests" number set back to one?

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New ~Denny's Dance Mix 4 Available for Free Download.....
Added: 147 days ago / Views: 57

It's located just below my radio player. Just click on the DL tab to listen to it or DL it.

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Video removal- please help me
Added: 1102 days ago / Views: 409 Hi,

Can anyone please help me in how to delete a video from this page? It is a video of me, I did not upload it and I don`t want it on here.

The person that put the video on the site tried to remove it, but it only got removed from his user, not the page. Now you cant edit the video either. Please help me in how to remove it.

Anyone that can help me with this?
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kissing and oral.
Added: 1056 days ago / Views: 198 Has anyone have any videos of just kissing and oral sex. Also love threesome movies. Thank you
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and what is his? shall I repair it?
Added: 1564 days ago / Views: 274 Incorrect key file for table '/tmp/#sql_cc4_1.MYI'; try to repair it
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photo upload
Added: 1207 days ago / Views: 249 i cant upload any photos the upload doesnt work.
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hey everyone im back
Added: 1056 days ago / Views: 147 how is everyone and i hope all is well pm me to catch me up on how you guys are! love johnny
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Added: 29 days ago / Views: 37

This is from the early 2000's. Just saw it for the first time. And thought I would share.

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Script Improvements Update
Added: 1714 days ago / Views: 275 I just wanted to give everyone a update of the site. The videos should start to stream much better in the next few days, we have only been able to add 1/2 of the servers to the network because its really a lot of files to move around. But ones that is done the site will stream super fast for everyone. Also tomorrow I hope to have all the friends issues and the image section issues fixed, then next we will move on to fixing the player issues not working with Xbox and PS2 systems as well as all mobile products. I do apologies but I also will assure everyone we will fix every issue, and really appreciate you guys helping us spot them.
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Added: 183 days ago / Views: 148 This dude posts maybe 1 out of 7-8 of my uploads. What a pain in the ass for nothing.

Only thing I see posted is the same clips from years ago but a different title and those show up over and over each week. Honestly, I don't really care if my uploads get posted, I am just trying to share.

The big problem is there are never any new videeos on this site. That's why i barely stop by.

Oh well, I am sure he knows his site. No biggie.
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Meet Mancheser Area
Added: 1504 days ago / Views: 267 Any1 wana chat or meet near ma area wud love to suk and get suk and fuk
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"Bully" New Documentary
Added: 1207 days ago / Views: 231 The weekend, the controversial movie "Bully" opens, and we highly recommend it. Bully is a frank, no-holds-barred documentary that intimately portrays bullying victims' daily lives. It is often heartbreaking, and deals with tough issues like suicide, but we hope to see a discussion about this film here on GBT, as it will touch many of us that have had to endure harassment at school, Gay or not. Lets hope that someday soon this pattern will no longer be tolerated. Please find the time to see this. We are showing the official trailer on our page. Thank You.
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Delete pics
Added: 1290 days ago / Views: 394 I guess admin are looking through the collection of photo's and removing those that do not conform to new changes, which are soon to announced, In the meantime I am going to delete/remove my albums that contain commercial pic's. Maybe you should start doing that too.
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New avatar
Added: 480 days ago / Views: 86

I changed my avatar. My intention is to put it on one of my shirts as a statement for equal rights.

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FYI-Atari to Launch New LGBT Game Later This Year.....
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Added: 1649 days ago / Views: 2310 ne1 got any pics/vids with boys getting there faces covered in cun
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A really cute Christmas gift for all of you
Added: 1333 days ago / Views: 407

Merry Christmas

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Added: 1314 days ago / Views: 271 if you want i can send you naked pictures from my phone send me your number ;)
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Sexually curious
Added: 1180 days ago / Views: 276 Is there anyone in Ireland or UK for fone sex with 18 yr old boy!!...can anyone handle it :)
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Whats your favorite song?
Added: 480 days ago / Views: 85

Find you , by Zedd

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Cat verses Man.....
Added: 360 days ago / Views: 120

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First time experiences
Added: 1503 days ago / Views: 466 Anyone wanna share their first time experience with a boy?
Inbox/message me with yours, and I'll reply with mine......
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Added: 1316 days ago / Views: 265 just woundeing what you guys would like in a video let me know and add me as a friend i have msn just let me know your email is i dont block u
mines is
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Added: 1093 days ago / Views: 202 reporting malware problems here, i can't upload any videos... why? thanx Nick for now solved problems, have a nice weekend :))) BSB
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Humming birds
Added: 345 days ago / Views: 81

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Making porn
Added: 1022 days ago / Views: 172 Love shooting and editing porn!
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Added: 995 days ago / Views: 151 it is a coming together of peoples views and personality, relating to your own.
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Added: 215 days ago / Views: 78 why
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Self Suckers
Added: 1206 days ago / Views: 222 From the time I was about 14 to like 18 I was able to suck myself off and go all the way down to my balls. I did so by laying on my shoulders and a few times sitting, but joining the army didn’t offer much private time for that, so I lost the limberness.
How long were you able to self suck? Do you still do it?
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Some pretty sick people in the world
Added: 1021 days ago / Views: 149 On his eighth birthday he was tied to a tree, doused in petrol and set on fire.

The inferno left Robbie Middleton with third-degree burns to 99 per cent of his body. No-one expected him to survive.

But in a story of staggering courage, Robbie lived. He endured 200 operations and endless therapy to repair the burns.

Tragically, he was to die just weeks short of his 21st birthday from a cancer which doctors blamed on the original injuries.
After years of such terrible suffering, Robbie’s premature death was to have one positive outcome

In a harrowing 17-minute video made just before he died, he named the man he believed had torched him in Splendora, Texas, in 1998.

And he also claimed that he had been raped by the same person, a 13-year-old neighbour called Don Collins, two weeks before being set alight.....
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Jerk off.
Added: 546 days ago / Views: 125

Lots of hot gay videos make me horny. I'm going to jerk off. Have a good night. Bye.

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Go Irish
Added: 131 days ago / Views: 63

beat wichita state!!  Oklahoma too!  For Billy!

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