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Added: 1388 days ago / Views: 217 anybody wanna talk dirty and help me get off before bed hit me up
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Added: 1187 days ago / Views: 217 Why am I never getting results when I search for videos? SYSTEM ERROR! >.>
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older 4 younger
Added: 1232 days ago / Views: 217 anybody from the nc area :)
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Went out to town for a walk and what did i see ......
Added: 301 days ago / Views: 217 IT WAS NICK BLACK....... HELP HELP I HOPE HE IS NOT COMING BACK

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Hot fun
Added: 1147 days ago / Views: 217 After seeing so many flashjacks on videos I bought my first one... I think my right arm is getting bigger...LOL Anyone got a favorite one or story to tell?
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are you more interested in history or whats ahead
Added: 531 days ago / Views: 217

i'm kinda down the middle

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Added: 15 days ago / Views: 217

how old is everyonejQuery18202870486811734736_1447451071807? Not that age matter though.

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4th July
Added: 878 days ago / Views: 217 Wishing all our friends on GBT a great Independence Day celebration XXXXXXXXX
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What do you think about the police brtality in Miss.?
Added: 466 days ago / Views: 217

Wow, just wow!

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New profile pic
Added: 1116 days ago / Views: 217 Finally managed to figure how to do it LOL hope you all like it heheheh
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Wanting to talk and meet with people
Added: 768 days ago / Views: 217

Hey everyone, I know this seems stupid to post, but one of the reasons I joined GBT is to meet and be able to talk with people.

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Added: 1409 days ago / Views: 217 Anyone else wish the videos on this site would play on their iPhone? Then I could check em out at work. Lol
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Added: 1211 days ago / Views: 217 reporting malware problems here, i can't upload any videos... why? thanx Nick for now solved problems, have a nice weekend :))) BSB
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hot gay xbox gaymers
Added: 549 days ago / Views: 217

hello i am looking to see if there are any hot gaymers out there that would like to meet up and chat on xbox live if there are any hot gaymers on here hit me up

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Added: 1619 days ago / Views: 217 Hi guys I'd really love to chat with and hopefully meet young lads in the Birmingham area in the uk, message me xx
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Hello Everybody!
Added: 1052 days ago / Views: 217 I am feeling soooooooooo very much better now. It turns out the mix of the medication they were giving me. Was actually turning to poision in my body and slowly killing me. For the last several weeks I have been dealing with the Broken ankle as you all know (real pain in the ass) but I've had this nagging headache and everything just kept annoing me, much like Cutkiwi( jokling!!Damien!!Kiss) no more like fingernails on a chalkboard. It kept getting worse and worse, then the other night I had a seizure. Luckly my boyfriend (yes my boyfriend thats another post) is a former us army medic getting his paramedic certification. He picked me up, literally, and took me to the hospital. After most of the night and well into the next day and many many little pricks... ( I mean needles get your mind out of the gutter guys. Oh wait this IS a porn site oh well carry on) they figured out that this was a 1 in 1000 reaction. Another day or so and I would be dead.

So thanks to who ever is out there looking out for my skinny fuzzy little ass, and once again thanks to my big strong strapping man Stephen (he is the same guy who threw all the lumber off of me at the Home Depot!) I am still here and alive to annoy and pester you all.

I am feeling so much better now. Its like having someone finally tuen the static out of your television and now I have a clear picture. I want to thank my Dad for putting up with me over the last few wI have really been a pissy little whiner. If he was here he most likely would have spanked my butt rosey,,, (there you go again, jese guys he'smy Dad for God's sakes)

Love Peter
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Horny and want to chat
Added: 1431 days ago / Views: 216 Hi there anyone want to chat, i have skype, msn and yahoo mess.

Message me ;)
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Added: 1252 days ago / Views: 216 I am looking for fellow guys to chat with about boys, being gay, first experiences or whatever.. I dont care about your age. for yahoo messneger or email
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"How To" can be sooo helpful.
Added: 1320 days ago / Views: 216 Here is a link to an article I read that has it all: love and desire, options for "consummating", postponing the acts that need to be learned before being satisfying, and being gentle, caring, loving and HOT partners for a good relationship. I hope it may be as helpful and interesting to others as I hope it can be for me:
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BillyBuddy invites you to remember Davy: Travis Hachy Walters
Added: 862 days ago / Views: 216 Davy and Stu on GBT:

Travis portrayed Davy in "Davy and Stu" that can be seen here among other places online. A few months ago I learned that Travis passed away, 24 April 2012 at the age of 21. If you would like to remember him, here is the link to his permanent memory book online:

Fare well Davy. Rise In Glory Travis. Many will miss you in this life.
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Regarding Contest 1
Added: 1209 days ago / Views: 216 Hey guys well the first contest has been over lol so whoever I talked to about it has won and has gotten my sets of pics! Next week I will have another contest up and this time it will be for vids and/or pics ;-)
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Added: 799 days ago / Views: 216 Mom says Alcohol is your Enemy. Jesus says Love your Enemy. Have a nice Weekend.
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im in oklahoma
Added: 1659 days ago / Views: 216 heey does anyone in oklahoma city under 20
my bb pin 21E3079F
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heyaaa !! the very hot clip uploaded from SATOR1 `FiRST ANALSEX´ ....
Added: 1206 days ago / Views: 216 Because still the walls donot transport the texts complete here that in the BLOG:

just wanna tell all who are interested to know that this upöoaded Vid fom SATOR1 `First time anal Sex´ is the real softcore-film called `SHANK´ with much BDSM so you need good nerves for ...

This sex-szene is also to find but without the details...and I have been very surprised that parallel hardcore have been produced.And once again ===) less romantics !!

BjORN !!
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Added: 1243 days ago / Views: 216 hot smooth boy pics
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Fond Memory
Added: 570 days ago / Views: 216

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pink floyd** dsm** time**(words of wisdom)
Added: 1282 days ago / Views: 216 ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
you fritter and waste the hours in an off-hand way
kicking around on a piece of ground in your hometown
waiting for someone or something to show you the way
tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain
you are young and life is long and there is time to kill today
and then the one day you find ten years have got behind you
no one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun
and you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it's sinking
and racing around to come up behind you again
the sun is the same in a relative way , but you're older
and shorter of breath and one day closer to death
every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time
plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
hanging on in quiet desperation is the english way
the time is gone the song is over, thought i'd something more to say

home, home again
i like to be here when i can
when i come home cold and tired
it's good to warm my bones beside the fire
far away, across the field, the tolling of the iron bell
calls the faithful to their knees
and hear the softly spoken magic spell
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Growing Up And Coming Of Age Stories
Added: 1316 days ago / Views: 216 Love to share stories with anyone about growing up and how you learned or who taught you. I was 'taught' how to j/o when I was just 8 years old by my teenage step uncles while visiting them on their farm one summer. Went home and taught my little brother what I had learned and he and I became j/o buds until he got married. Later in my teens, my twin cousins begged me to teach them about sex when they were almost 13. Would love to hear how others learned or were taught. Hit me up if you want to hear the full stories! I grew up thinking I was the only one having these experiences because no one would talk about stuff like that in school...then the internet came along and I found out I have alot of company. lol.
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Are poets mostly gay?
Added: 1127 days ago / Views: 216 The question is, for me, as a man, who is interested in art and poems, are the most poets gay? Of course, there was a lot in the history, that was truly gay: Walt Whitman, Fernando Pessoa, August Graf von Platen (Germany), Jaime Gil y Biedma, W.H.Auden,Allen Ginsberg, Sandro Penna etc. Are gay man more sensitive? But there are a lot of heterosexual poets. Maybe, it´s a stereotype, but in the society, the most people think, when a 18 years old man writes poems, he is gay. Only he knows, if he is gay. You must read his poems, to know it or not, but you can not say, every poet is gay. Next time, when you read a poem, please inform you (in Wikipedia, for example), if the poet was or is gay, but don´t create stereotypes in your brain!
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older guy looking for younger guys
Added: 1201 days ago / Views: 216 hi im 56 guy looking for younger guys for role play
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Added: 1192 days ago / Views: 216 Is there any spot on here special to talk about recently posted videos? Im new here and dont quite know the lay (if you'll pardon the pun) of the land. When I logged on this morninhg there were som pretty hot new vids on here at least ones I had never seen before! Thanks to who ever posted em!
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I have a topic for discussion or ya'll s opinions
Added: 1191 days ago / Views: 216 If you bottom for a new lover and you are not barebacking do you still let him cum inside you trusting that the condom will hold?
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Added: 519 days ago / Views: 216


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FILM....Song for a Raggy Boy
Added: 1278 days ago / Views: 216 I recently watched the film Song for a Raggy's about young boys some with behavioral problems..sent to a residential school in Ireland run by roman catholic priests..a number of the boys suffered both physical and sexual abuse in the hands of the priests.. A most moving and heart rendering film i have seen for some time... It is available to watch in about 10 parts on You-Tube
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anybody want to chat
Added: 1359 days ago / Views: 216 I just feeling loney and just would like to know if anyone want to chat with me
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site jamming and slow page loading
Added: 1588 days ago / Views: 216 Just wondering if it's just me or is this site very very slow sometimes ? you get a good run of flow for a few pages then it just jams up and eventually loads an error page...
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What's your deepest but most unfullfilled fantasy?
Added: 130 days ago / Views: 216

If you could have 1 wish come true that related to sex, what would it be?

As a masseur for a football team mine is to be in the shower post game and have the team all wank and fuck my face then blow their hot juicy loads all over me.

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Alexis Samuel 1,000 Day
Added: 408 days ago / Views: 216

Today, Alexis Samuel (Kaya986) has reached the 1,000 day milestone on GBT. Sam is the kindest and most caring person I have ever known. He exudes love and caring to anyone that he meets. With all that has happened in his life, he still only knows to love and care. I am priveleged and humbled to call him a friend. Please join me in raising a glass in his honor today. Sam, may you have another 1,000 day. And with that my gratitude for being a friend.

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Added: 1117 days ago / Views: 216 an other word for heartless is a nobody
an nobodys have no feelings
so shut the fuck up you ass hole
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Can i have a copy of this wonderful short film- Last call?
Added: 1438 days ago / Views: 216 Hello i love this movie on here Last call, Can anybody provide me with a company of this video because my internet is slow and it keeps buffering so i want to download it and watch on my computer :) Can anybody help me out please?
Please message me if you need me, i would really appreciate getting this movie.
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