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!This one is a happy one lol!
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As of late all my blogs have been sad,or negative things that truly happend in my life. But it was not all bad. I have had great experinces also.
Every year at my old job, we would raise money to buy gifts for kids that came from poorer homes and went to a low income school in our area. Our boss would dress up as santa and his assistant mgrs would dress as elves. Anyone who wanted to come was welcome to come with us when we delivered the gifts before Christmas break. They would be so excited when handing out the gifts. In a way you could see yourself at hat age looking back at you in their eyes, you could relate to what they were going through. You know what it feels like to go hungry. You know what it is to truly be poor. It was amazing to see the gratitude that they had, and how thankful they were. For some, it was the only gift they would get for Christmas. No one would ever open it right there. Every single kid would leave it wrapped and take it home with them. It was all worth it to experience that. I have never felt the way I did that day. It was an amazing experience. I am happy I got to experience it. I did not know that it would become an important memory to cherish. It felt good to help people. Even donating coats that we didnt wear to the shelters, or havig a can food drive. If you have never done anything like that I would recommend you do it. Its not about the attention, its about those less fortunate and what we could do to help. Donating school supplies, uniform shirts to schools for kids that cant afford them. Every little thing, no matter how small it is helps out someone in some way, and even if you only help one person then you have succeeded.

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Any news on Live Cam Chat???

since few days I had always this text into the screen:

- The used table type doesn't support FULLTEXT indexes -

Do you have this problem? So, I cannot had access to films I wish.

It's A Jordanism!
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There I was, trying out the Google Hangouts thing

are you more interested in history or whats ahead
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i'm kinda down the middle

August 21, 2012
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"In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make ;)"
Good day today. Tigers won (Porcupine pitched very well), and I had a fantastic dinner with a very funny waiter.
Heard back from my boyfriend who's still in Paris. Seems to actually miss me.
Boring Sunday ahead. Then again, my Sundays usually suck.

hey all facebook users
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hey everyone please report the facebook page "Teens adding game 14-19 only" because the post on there are risking underage boys and girl's safety and the facebook please this page must be removed

Happy 4 th of July
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american flag

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to share my venture into writing with you lovely people. I've written a few chapters so far and would love to have your thoughts and suggestions. If you guys have anything written, I'd gladly check it out as well.


Sports players' underwear
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Looking a vids like "a hot guy", I'm curious to know what underwear (if any) athletes likes soccer players wear under their shorts?

What's wrong in ''Mobile'' section?
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- The used table type doesn't support FULLTEXT indexes --

Is the message I received on white screen each time I try to want something in this section. Is it same thing for you?
Thank you - Andre

Photo album disappeared from page
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Hi my album was on my page yesterday and today the puctures have disappeared. The album is still in the list of photo albums. Its called Me and was submitted 8th July. Anyone know how i can get it back on my profile page?

Message me
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I would love you to message me sometimes and start some topics if you can. :)

Awarding Stars
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How does one award stars to profiles, vids and pics. May seem like a dumb question, but I'm new here...Steve

Thanks Dudes!
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Thx for responses on Size. Yes, mine is 5" hard and I am proud of it. Long live
sort ones!

Gay pride parade
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Have you ever been to one , what was it like for you :)?

"How To" can be sooo helpful.
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Here is a link to an article I read that has it all: love and desire, options for "consummating", postponing the acts that need to be learned before being satisfying, and being gentle, caring, loving and HOT partners for a good relationship. I hope it may be as helpful and interesting to others as I hope it can be for me:

KINGuys - Sex gay!
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Re-blogged from GBT member Martin56 from his Tumblr blog:


>>>STALKER `wanniwi´<<<
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Writing that in my profile ====) TURN OFfs & this ENDless(?) STALKER `wanniwi´
i know that not only stalking me - so pls informate directly NiCK18 !
If there also other like him make it puBlic just in another
BLOG here for mayBE there is a chance to STOP such evil

By the way thank

A Beautiful Poem
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I thought I'd post something totally different and share what I think is a wonderful poem written by e.e. cummings I think that it is a great poem that describes true love, which is something we all seek. I hope that it displays properly in this posting so that the verses are separated like they were written

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in
my heart) i am never without it (anywhere
i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing, my darling)

i fear
no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) i want
no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)

~e. e. cummings

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anybody else having problems trying to post to blog. when i click on the post button, nothing happens

hey all
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Just sitting around and just relaxing today. I hope that everyone has an awesome saturday! I am planning on pigging out and watching some shows i needed to catch up on while sipping on hot chocolate. Again guy, have an awesome saturday!

what do you celebrate?
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every year on the anniversary of my first orgasm, I celebrate with a few good strokes and a good cum. . And you, what do you celebrate???

what kind of movies do you like or hate?
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What kind of movies do you guys like or hate? I love action movies but hate horror movies, unless i have someone to snuggle with :).

Wow! And by that I mean, WOW!
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I been watching the exercise and instructional videos here for quite some time now, not all at once but repeatedly. Today however I clicked the blog icon for the first time and i must say , I just was not expecting what I found. Young gay dudes actually discussing issues that affect them. If i told everyone i know about the intelligent , REAL chat on here they would each call me a liar and at some point an intervention would occur where i would be urged to seek help and begin a course of psycotropic meds.

all you guys deserve to be told how awesome you all really are for creating and being a part of this online community here. What you have going on here is a very rare thing in the world and in life. Congrats to all.

So, hello to everybody here. Chris is the name and i will definitely drop in here when im finished masturbating to see what you all have to say.

when im done masturbating. Which is a frequent sort of thing i guess… sort of. does it mean im lazy if i get someone to do it for me? Ah, nevermind.

Cool s#%t here, glad i found this place. you guys rock!
Oh, the vids are hot as they come too, got me rubbin all the skin right off my poor dick. i think its mad at me. I would be if i suffered the way it does. ahhhhh, luv it all!
g;) Remember, puff, puff pass………the lube.

looking for young guys 18 to 21 to be my top guy.
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looking for young guys to orally service in pittsburgh,pa. must be straight acting and appearing like me. penis size means nothing to me. cute chubby boys are welcome.

older 4 younger
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anybody from the nc area :)

1 Year Anniversary Today
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I just wanted to say thanks to everyone here at GBT. Today is my one year Anniversary and had many ups and downs over the last year and every single one of you guys helped me through out it all the good and bad times.

I am glad to talk to all of my good friends and still willing to meet new people. Well just wanted to give everyone here a big hug and will enjoy talking to everyone for years to come.

Cam 4 Suck's.
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Hey everyone.

I try to cam at Cam 4 and I get banned as the viewers are over 250 or so they just say we need you're ID and the Admin Ban's the Account. What is with that. I do Gay Twink Porn. They should want me there.

Is anyone getting that problem.

Pics to big to be profile pics
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Can someone tell me how to make it so that my pics are not to big to be my profile pic?

Women That Love Gay Porn
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In your opinion guys, how do you REALLY feel about women who love Gay Porn? Are we becoming a nuisance that y'all (I'm from the South lol)just grin and bear it, hoping that we'll eventually go away? Or do you think it's ok. Some of y'all may know and some not, but there's a lot of us lurking in the shadows enjoying man love on sites like this. We think it's hot too. There are some of us who can also get down when it gets down and dirty too. ie bdsm, fisting, felching, piss, pig...excuse me while I clear my head for a second. lol To each his own. I'm not mad atcha. There are communities out there where we woman talk freely about what we love about gay porn, from studios, favorite movies and actors etc. I'm just one female fan who has no problem in saying I love it and have loved it for a long time. The straight porn out there is so tiresome and all that fake moaning and hollering get's on my fair nerves. Makes you wanna say bitch shut the hell up! Now let's get real, there's a lot of that fakeness in gay porn too, but the boys/men are so darn purty. lol Later

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This blog is to host STORIES.
Want to share a part of your youth or a hot encounter or... ?
Post it on this blog. It won't overload the main blog page and still be open to be read by all of us.

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I want your smooth rock hard body. I want you to stroke that dick of your so hard until you cum all over me. I want your young hard cock, so I can lick suck it. interested, leave a message then with your pics. mmmmmmm..... I am waiting. Let us play. mmmmm...... message me please, so horny!!!!!!!

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