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Wanting someone to talk too
Added: 1518 days ago / Views: 261 please hit me upz
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loss of photos
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Its a shame......after the last photo hitch I lost the vast majority of my favourite photos. New photos are appearing but most of the back photos have disapeared!! Is this for good I wonder?

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feel free to share
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what sort of porn does everyone like?. i'm not picky.

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Hey! I'm new
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Hi guys!

I'm a new member but I've been watching videos here for over a year now.

There are a couple that seem to have went missing and I was wondering if anybody maybe got a chance to save them before they went away?

the first used to be at this link ( and it was of this really cute guy with a smaller cock that shot like 10 or 11 shots of cum, I really miss this one :(

and the second unfortunately I didn't save the link for but the title was "teen boy gets spermed" and it was of this really thin asian guy getting a handjob, also a smaller cock.

If you have them I'd really love a link where I could get them, or you could send the file to my email at hector460106 at yahoo.

Also, I really love videos of younger looking guys with small cocks, it really turns me on, any suggestions?

Love you guys,

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What's your deepest but most unfullfilled fantasy?
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If you could have 1 wish come true that related to sex, what would it be?

As a masseur for a football team mine is to be in the shower post game and have the team all wank and fuck my face then blow their hot juicy loads all over me.

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Unable to sign in: nerdboy69
Added: 1029 days ago / Views: 261 Hi Everyone,

I've created this temporary profile, as I'm unable to sign in to my nerdboy69 account, I use the correct password but am told it's incorrect, plus my background has gone. I've tried to change the password but haven't yet received an email. Could someone please help.
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New Here - Some Help Please
Added: 1593 days ago / Views: 261 Joined today and still have not recieved my e-mail verification. I also am unable to upload pics or vids. The open file for uploading does not show for me to selet files to upload. I want to share/participate.
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Added: 1510 days ago / Views: 261 hey guys i was just wondering if there are any guys in the albany area of schenectady new york if there is send me a message please
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skype in swindon
Added: 1764 days ago / Views: 261 hey guys, looking for young boys my age (ask in a messege for age range) for skype to chat, maybe vid chat. add me on skype or messege me on this, cnt wait :)
(prefably in or near swindon)
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Added: 1406 days ago / Views: 261 A long Time ago, there used to be a movie on GBT called "Huge Gym Cock". If anybody has this movie, please let me know. JotoDude
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New Community Page Update
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We have updated the community page. I do hope everyone will enjoy the new set-up, I believe it better reflects our community and allows many of the newer members better ranks, but still keeping the respect for the older members.


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looking for 1-2-1 fun
Added: 1532 days ago / Views: 261 any young smooth lads in swansea (wales) up for some fun and freidship xxx
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Wise Words
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Confucius say....

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Hi guys
Added: 1588 days ago / Views: 261 Just moved in to the neighborhood, like to say hi.
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Japan boys
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What is the point of having videos with masking ?

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I finally have a boy friend.

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Added: 1313 days ago / Views: 260 hi friends , is there anuone who's have problem wiht uploading vids the last 4 day?
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Don't You Want Me Babe?
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Hi babe!

I am starting to touch myself. My nipples are getting very hard. I am rubbing my nipples gently, back and forth, getting even harder just for you baby. I am slowly rubbing my chest, I am taking my shirt off, watch me take my shirt off slowly as you stroke your cock for me, your watching every inch of my body as I touch myself. I am slowly going down to my pants. I am starting to unzip my pant baby, oh yeah!!! mmmmm..... I am getting so horny. My nipples are so hard, they are waiting for you to lick them, oh yes.... My cock is so hard and firm, it wants a good sucking. My ass is so tight, loosen it up baby, I am wait for you to cum all over me. Yes baby, cum on me now, fuck me so hard that I scream, wanting more, give it to me baby. Kiss me baby, I am going to cum, you are going to make me cum, I can feel you in me, yes baby, I am cuming, yes, oh yes.... mmmmm.... Take me baby

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are there any gay sauna in English speaking countries have experiences you tell a crisp?
Added: 1747 days ago / Views: 260 existe il des saunas gay dans les pays anglophones avez vous des expériences croustillantes a raconter ?
are there any gay sauna in English speaking countries have experiences you tell a crisp?
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Uploading videos & pics
Added: 1553 days ago / Views: 260 still problems vith uploading videos??? same thing what format you use, 1 of 5-6 uploaded videos succeed, others failed because your (not mine!) server don't accept it. and you (nick18) said before that all formats are welcome. same problems also with pics. your answer is of course that you're working with it and with problems and solve those in 2-408 hrs. but when really? if i want to upload something for this site (i think it's a purpose?) i want to know when it's working and if not, please inform if not to do the work without sense. not nice. thanks. BSB p.s. would be sometimes very nice to thank you all and thank for your good work. but not now.
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beautifule quote
Added: 1097 days ago / Views: 260 People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway.

What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.

Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.

In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.

-this version is credited to Mother Teresa

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Disappearing blog entries...
Added: 1467 days ago / Views: 260 Has anyone else experienced the disappearance of blog entries in the last day or so? A couple of posts I made have vanished (they were there when I checked the comments yesterday evening). Nothing mean, defamatory, spammy, or illegal. Just asked a couple of questions about content. Noe I'm confused...

If they were removed, I'd appreciate knowing why. I certainly didn't intend to upset or offend anyone and I don't think there was anything in either one that would have.
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anyone want to save me from summer?
Added: 1427 days ago / Views: 260 Hola guys,

Anyone interested in chatting here, on e-mail, or on kik? I'm home from school for the summer and I don't have a lot of friends that live near me. No one was hiring either :/ so yeah, hit me up if you want to chat. I like making friends! :)

<3 Ry
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Afternoon Snack
Added: 300 days ago / Views: 260


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New to this
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Hi guys

I'm just new to this and have to admit to a passion for sexy younger guys.

On the road a fair bit for work and curious how to "break the ice" and have a hook up.

Would really love to be blown over and covered in juice but can't host.  Are there other options?



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Toby Regbo
Added: 1248 days ago / Views: 260 I just finished watching "Treasure Island" the 2012 version, you got to check out this movie and the actor Toby Regbo! and let me know what you think of him! the movie was cool but he is over the top sexy.
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I'm new to this site but, so far I'm loving it. My bf says really another porn site but as I said this ones different and I feel better than the let's see.

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accidentally deleted a message
Added: 1600 days ago / Views: 260 hey, i accidentally deleted a message from someone on here before i could read it, does anyone know if theres any sort of trash feature on here? or have i lost it forever?

thanks x
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Celebs in Town
Added: 1368 days ago / Views: 260 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their 6 children have rented a house for a holiday (vacation) on the lake road... Windermere..Cumbria..UK..just a short drive from the hotel where i work..they may just call in for coffee one day who know's...
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Madonna's Son wants Dad!
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I know nothing about this, but I do know she supported that BS asexual propaganda documentary on CNN saying 1/3 of college guys are rapists or some BS......

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Added: 1244 days ago / Views: 260 Some one want to Skype add subzerox77, I am 18 and shaved
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Added: 23 days ago / Views: 260

when you 69 do you like to be on top going down on your partner OR on the bottom with his balls bouncing in you nose and a great view of his hole?

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Added: 1626 days ago / Views: 260 who wants to chat drop me an email
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Hi everyone
Added: 1269 days ago / Views: 260 I am here and I love you all. I want to thank everyone for all your kindness and prayers. I have never in my life had so many friends that cared about me without wanting me to blow them or bend over. It means so much to me. I cried so much when I read Thomas' (Dad's) blog. I cant tell you how I feel right now except to say I love you all. When I am feeling better I have something special to share

Love Alan
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Science Fiction
Added: 1159 days ago / Views: 260 What are your favorite science fiction series
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Added: 1760 days ago / Views: 260 hey guys, looking for young boys my age (ask in a messege for age range) for skype to chat, maybe vid chat. add me on skype or messege me on this, cnt wait :)
(prefably in or near swindon)

P.S. if u just add me skype, plz includ age and location
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