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Tell me...
Views: 165 · Added: 532 days ago

do you like my ass? you would do with my ass?

Views: 165 · Added: 1181 days ago

I want to see you guys jerk off for me...but I don't have cam at the while , I will stroke you , suck you till cum and shallow every drop of your cum ! HAHA . under 25 though please :) Can't wait!

to a friend
Views: 165 · Added: 18 days ago

when a friend needs a hug, or just a smile to see them through a difficult time, I will always be there for them. Especially for you Jerrod.

What is your idea of a perfect Christmas day?
Views: 165 · Added: 637 days ago

Ideal Christmas day? Having a fun time with my friends and family at Christmas dinner. When everyone is gone, with only the flickering lights of the tree and the crackling noise of the fire place, making sweet passionate love to my boyfriend in front of the fire place and feeling his orgasm as he cums inside me. Then a long cuddle while watching the fire dance.

profile picture
Views: 165 · Added: 853 days ago

I wanted to change my profil picture but somehow it doesn't work. Can anyone give me a piece of advice? If not, could the admin please simply delete my picture?


Views: 165 · Added: 326 days ago

We still dont get how this respond button works.

Gay pride parade
Views: 164 · Added: 219 days ago

Have you ever been to one , what was it like for you :)?

Can It Still Happen???
Views: 164 · Added: 633 days ago

Lord...I am on vacation with my family in's almost 11:30pm Thursday....and I am scared. I fear that my life is almost at an end. I can't believe I still think the world is gonna end real soon. I am a Christian and I believe that we won't know when...but lord...why??? Why am I so afraid? I have read the recent news...everyone else in the world is alive...but why do I have to suffer through this alone....oh Lord...I haven't even lived my life to the fullest yet...if I live to see tomorrow...I will smile and spend more time with my family and live life to my upmost and go to church more and believe. I just wanna see the sun shine again!

First Live Cam Chat
Views: 164 · Added: 770 days ago

Hey guys I will be doing my first ever live cam chat this friday night around 11pm Eastern time in my dorm in college! Message me if you want in! I will be broadcasting on skype but if you have a different one than message me and I can work something out! Account name is to be determined right now lol I will let you know friday night before the show! Message me if you got any questions! Luv ya guys! XOXO

Any boys from Los Angeles?
Views: 164 · Added: 897 days ago

I am looking for friends in LA?

Views: 164 · Added: 1161 days ago

Anyone into skype, my skype is jlfrog246, i should b on every day at 3 pm e.s.t

>>>STALKER `wanniwi´<<<
Views: 164 · Added: 842 days ago


Writing that in my profile ====) TURN OFfs & this ENDless(?) STALKER `wanniwi´
i know that not only stalking me - so pls informate directly NiCK18 !
If there also other like him make it puBlic just in another
BLOG here for mayBE there is a chance to STOP such evil

By the way thank

Views: 164 · Added: 687 days ago


Michael Pitt
Views: 164 · Added: 212 days ago


Got an account made but...
Views: 164 · Added: 516 days ago

I havnt gotten a confirmation email. any ideas?

tom daley
Views: 164 · Added: 798 days ago

id let him cum all over my face what would you like to do with him

Thick black bars
Views: 164 · Added: 9 days ago

Hello all! I'm sure everyone will agree that this site is pretty damn good! I definitely enjoy it as much as possible and am VERY thankful for the creators and moderator

A little seasoning?
Views: 164 · Added: 139 days ago

Cock Seasoning...  lol

Ohhh myyyyyyy!

Wow! And by that I mean, WOW!
Views: 164 · Added: 685 days ago

I been watching the exercise and instructional videos here for quite some time now, not all at once but repeatedly. Today however I clicked the blog icon for the first time and i must say , I just was not expecting what I found. Young gay dudes actually discussing issues that affect them. If i told everyone i know about the intelligent , REAL chat on here they would each call me a liar and at some point an intervention would occur where i would be urged to seek help and begin a course of psycotropic meds.

all you guys deserve to be told how awesome you all really are for creating and being a part of this online community here. What you have going on here is a very rare thing in the world and in life. Congrats to all.

So, hello to everybody here. Chris is the name and i will definitely drop in here when im finished masturbating to see what you all have to say.

when im done masturbating. Which is a frequent sort of thing i guess… sort of. does it mean im lazy if i get someone to do it for me? Ah, nevermind.

Cool s#%t here, glad i found this place. you guys rock!
Oh, the vids are hot as they come too, got me rubbin all the skin right off my poor dick. i think its mad at me. I would be if i suffered the way it does. ahhhhh, luv it all!
g;) Remember, puff, puff pass………the lube.

how the heck do you upload photo's to blogs?
Views: 164 · Added: 127 days ago

Hey guys, Seem a few guys are uploading photo's of there places I want to too. but i have know idea how to do it. Can someone help? :)

Views: 164 · Added: 574 days ago

As I was growing up, I was always self-conscious about the way I looked. Taking a look back to when I was in high school, I noticed that I was very different from all of the other guys. Overweight, hairy...the list goes on and on. I was always envious of the other guys, of the way they looked and the way they seemed to keep their bodies so in shape with almost no effort at all. I contemplated what I was doing wrong that was preventing me from having a body like that and, for the rest of my time in high school, grew to hate myself for how I looked.

When I graduated, the feelings followed me into the real world. I was always afraid of what people thought of they viewed me as a person because, as I'm sure many of us here are aware of, multitudes of people judge the book by its cover. I continued hating myself, but times have changed.

As I started college, I began browsing various gay communities across the internet, sharing little tidbits about myself and occasionally a few pictures. As time went on, I began to realize that the image I had of myself in my head was not what the rest of the world was seeing. People seemed to like how I looked and assured me that there was nothing wrong with my body type. Some of them even chatted with me further, boosting my confidence levels in myself and making me realize that everybody has their flaws, but if you look past them, you see the person behind the mask.

Today, I maintain a healthier diet and semi-regular workout routine, but not to change the way I look, but to give me a feeling of accomplishment. I'm comfortable with how my body looks and am no longer ashamed of myself. Sure, I might not be the fittest, or the most handsome, but I am ME, and, through struggle, I have learned that NOBODY can take that away from me.

Views: 164 · Added: 891 days ago

i notice some guys have tunes on their profile....
how do i add that on mine??/ i don't see anywhere in the edit
section to do that..

Views: 164 · Added: 313 days ago

this video sums up my most recent sexual fantasy

changing positions
Views: 164 · Added: 167 days ago

I was a total TOP TOP TOP and loved to sink my dick into a nice ass, now all I want is a dick up my ass. Has anyone else gone from total top to bottom and if you have which do you prefer. Me

what happened to the video :(
Views: 164 · Added: 7 days ago

so the title of the video was movieboys i think. and i was downloading it and well it never got to finish for some reason and now its gone :( :( :(

Favorite 80s movie ?
Views: 164 · Added: 149 days ago

The Outsiders

Sex Story #3
Views: 164 · Added: 567 days ago for this story I wanted to use a I decided to use Justin Bieber in this fantasty. If you all got a celebrity that you have in mind for my next story, let me know. I will soooo use it in next week's tale. ;) Enjoy.

Justin just got done with his concert for the night. Singing all of the same songs...the same screaming girls clawing at him....Justin needed some relief. He went into his dressing room and locked the door. He saw his best friend sitting there waiting for him...naked. Justin's eyes lit up and took off his shirt. He asked his friend to give him a massage on his shoulders. His friend started there...but then worked his way down to Justin's big cock that was starting to tent up. His friend couldn't take it anymore and Justin let him at it. Justin stripped off completely and his friend sucked him off. Justin felt like he died and went to heaven. Only his friend knew that he was gay and was always there to give him some relief after all of his shows. So after his friend sucked him dry, he licked and played with Justin's balls. Then, Justin decided to eat his friend's ass so that he was ready for Justin's big cock. Boy...did his ass taste soooo good to Justin. With that, Justin decided to play with his friends cock a little. Finally, the time came for Justin to fuck his friend. He didn't hesistate for one moment and fucked his friend bareback. Justin didn't stop at all...he kept going and going. His friend was in complete ectasy as he kept moaning and begging Justin to cum. After what seemed like an eternity, Justin finally shouted out and came inside his friend's ass. His friend jacked his cock off like mad and in a few seconds, splattered his cum all over the sofa. After that, Justin and his friend cuddled up for a while until they knew it was time to go. But that didn't stop them from doing anything in the tour bus....... ;)

thanks guys
Views: 164 · Added: 889 days ago

thank you for fixing the download xx

hey guys
Views: 164 · Added: 705 days ago

just want to say im still here, im just keeping a low profile because atm im goin through a bad time so im sorry if i dont talk or send messages just i dont know where i am these days, anyways i got to go and i hope everyone is doing well!!!

huge hugs and kisses to you all xxxxxx
love Greg

god and being gay
Views: 164 · Added: 972 days ago

if god does not like gay guys then why did he put the prostate in the rectum and in the perfect spot to stimulate............

Views: 164 · Added: 784 days ago

hey does anybody want to give me the D?

Ben's gone
Views: 164 · Added: 825 days ago

Just noticed Ben has left this site, i forget his user name but he was a cute boy i think he made 5 vids of himself, and he new how to use a banana

first time
Views: 164 · Added: 886 days ago

My first and only time with aguy was when I was 21 and he was 18. We were drunk and laying on my bed and somehow I got the courage to grab his dick and rip off his under wear. I stroked foe a bit and then laid on top of him and we dubbed our cocks together. He had the largest cock i have ever seen. Long and thick and hairy. I eventually sucked his big dick and stoked him. When he came, he came all over the place and i licked it up. He then lrt me cum on his face. We only did it one time and we oth went on to marry but I think about him alot and think how great it would be now with all we know. Anyone have a story like this?

good news
Views: 164 · Added: 640 days ago

i have a new job and i start next year, i will be packing stuff and the stuff i pack goes around to all the shops
not what i wanted to do but it's good pay

dirty chat before bed
Views: 164 · Added: 857 days ago

anyone one wanna chat dirty before bed hit me up at

The summer blog
Views: 164 · Added: 87 days ago

What are you doing in the summer are you off some where where its hot or just staying at home and doing some grilling tell us your dreams and i will tell you mine


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