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this video sums up my most recent sexual fantasy

Views: 159 · Added: 816 days ago

William Shakespear..wrote LOVE ALL and TRUST but a few...and how right he was!!

Net Stream Play
Views: 159 · Added: 195 days ago

Many of the new videos are coming up net stream play cannot be found or played.Is this a general fault or just my computer being difficult.Some will play although keep stopping.Help! please

thanks guys
Views: 159 · Added: 838 days ago

thank you for fixing the download xx

god and being gay
Views: 159 · Added: 921 days ago

if god does not like gay guys then why did he put the prostate in the rectum and in the perfect spot to stimulate............

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This blog is to host STORIES.
Want to share a part of your youth or a hot encounter or... ?
Post it on this blog. It won't overload the main blog page and still be open to be read by all of us.

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hey does anybody want to give me the D?

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to share my venture into writing with you lovely people. I've written a few chapters so far and would love to have your thoughts and suggestions. If you guys have anything written, I'd gladly check it out as well.


Near Swindon
Views: 159 · Added: 685 days ago

Anybody up for a meet near Swindon. Im 27 slim goodlooking an wana try everything with YOU, lol

back again
Views: 159 · Added: 808 days ago

Hey everyone :) sorry that I've been gone awhile. Had some minor internet issues when I moved into my new apartment. But all is fixed now. So for those of u who messaged me or are my friends, I'm back :)

good news
Views: 159 · Added: 589 days ago

i have a new job and i start next year, i will be packing stuff and the stuff i pack goes around to all the shops
not what i wanted to do but it's good pay

Views: 159 · Added: 621 days ago

Hello everyone.
I just opened up a few years ago about my sexuality, so it's been a little difficult to interact with other guys who are LGBT. I always knew that I like guys, but took me a while to embrace it in my bias surroundings. My point is I'm still somewhat new to the community, and would like to meet more people with experience and make some friends along the way.

Abuse In The Workplace
Views: 159 · Added: 179 days ago

Here is a story about a gay man awarded compensation for abuse and harrassment by psycho employers

KINGuys - Sex gay!
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Bottom in pain
Views: 158 · Added: 797 days ago

Hey, can you anyone recommend some vids where the bottom in genuinely in pain and the top just carries on like this one:

First Live Cam Chat
Views: 158 · Added: 719 days ago

Hey guys I will be doing my first ever live cam chat this friday night around 11pm Eastern time in my dorm in college! Message me if you want in! I will be broadcasting on skype but if you have a different one than message me and I can work something out! Account name is to be determined right now lol I will let you know friday night before the show! Message me if you got any questions! Luv ya guys! XOXO

Follow me!!
Views: 158 · Added: 851 days ago

If you have a Twitter account follow me at!/Kyle9595! :D

To all my friends
Views: 158 · Added: 580 days ago

I want to wish all my GBT friends a very merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year.

Stees xxx

FlashPlayer Problem
Views: 158 · Added: 641 days ago

Could any of u gentlemen help me with the problem i am having with my flashplayer. i downloaded flashplayer and now have the problem of clicking on a vid to view and having the buffering constantly speed from 0 to 94 without stopping causing the the video to play the sound but no video. i also have the prob sometimes with the video to play normally but freeze at 10 or 20 seconds-both audio and video. this happens with MSN and Chrome and Explorer. i have removed the flashplayer from my laptop and then download it again. i did this two or three times without fixing the prob. Before i downloaded the new upgrade i did not have any probs. It is not my laptop cause i have another and once i downloaded it on this one-it downloaded it on my older notebook as well with the same probs. Does anyone know what could b the prob? i would appreciate any info u can give me. Thanks-JoAndy

Views: 158 · Added: 500 days ago

Hello to all my friend's I am home doing really well.
Thank you all so munch for the e-mails and the blog.I will be getting to all the e-mails soon.just can't really sit up for that long as of yet(yep I'm being a wimp)I am walking around well just in side now it snowed her in sunny toledo Just want to thank all of you her so munch have a sweet week bro's joey

Michael Pitt
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what do you celebrate?
Views: 158 · Added: 789 days ago

every year on the anniversary of my first orgasm, I celebrate with a few good strokes and a good cum. . And you, what do you celebrate???

Great site
Views: 158 · Added: 931 days ago

Just discovered recently how great this site is. Really love it. The pics are great. I don't understand why guys don't use the live webcam feature on this site more. Why is that guys?

tom daley
Views: 158 · Added: 747 days ago

id let him cum all over my face what would you like to do with him

coming out
Views: 158 · Added: 46 days ago

when did u come out? I did it when i just turned 16 (had a bf a that time).

!This one is a happy one lol!
Views: 158 · Added: 662 days ago

As of late all my blogs have been sad,or negative things that truly happend in my life. But it was not all bad. I have had great experinces also.
Every year at my old job, we would raise money to buy gifts for kids that came from poorer homes and went to a low income school in our area. Our boss would dress up as santa and his assistant mgrs would dress as elves. Anyone who wanted to come was welcome to come with us when we delivered the gifts before Christmas break. They would be so excited when handing out the gifts. In a way you could see yourself at hat age looking back at you in their eyes, you could relate to what they were going through. You know what it feels like to go hungry. You know what it is to truly be poor. It was amazing to see the gratitude that they had, and how thankful they were. For some, it was the only gift they would get for Christmas. No one would ever open it right there. Every single kid would leave it wrapped and take it home with them. It was all worth it to experience that. I have never felt the way I did that day. It was an amazing experience. I am happy I got to experience it. I did not know that it would become an important memory to cherish. It felt good to help people. Even donating coats that we didnt wear to the shelters, or havig a can food drive. If you have never done anything like that I would recommend you do it. Its not about the attention, its about those less fortunate and what we could do to help. Donating school supplies, uniform shirts to schools for kids that cant afford them. Every little thing, no matter how small it is helps out someone in some way, and even if you only help one person then you have succeeded.

Favorite 80s movie ?
Views: 158 · Added: 98 days ago

The Outsiders

Hampton VA guys
Views: 158 · Added: 923 days ago

IF any Guys Hampton VA perferably Burckroe beach wanna have sex im down but must be discreet just message me for more info ;D

GBT rocks!
Views: 158 · Added: 692 days ago

i just came here for the hot vids but i'm pretty much hooked on the site for other reasons too...there is family here and its been neat getting to meet guys around the world...and sharing what we are about and whats going on in our lives. i like guys that don't mind showing who they are in the inside and not so macho on the outside...that's cool. i fucked girls but guys are so much better to be around, share common interests and be intimate hot! waking up in the morning nakid with a best friend is so much better than some girl who has to put on makeup before u can see i hope everyone here finds that special someone! take time to look and make the effort to share your life... if someone doesn't like it... fuck 'em...and move on... there is plenty out there just like u. don't let it get u down...:-)... just thought i would say that. Thanks for all the know who you are...:)

uploading photos
Views: 158 · Added: 1138 days ago

i have some pics i want to upload but unsure how. can u help?

Views: 158 · Added: 837 days ago

hi guys,
if u like me to add u as a friend,please say so ob my inbox.
my request feature doesnt work.
thank for your understanding.

Views: 158 · Added: 116 days ago

I wish we could post pictures on peoples walls.

Happy Father's Day To ALL
Views: 158 · Added: 770 days ago

Take the time to love and thank your father today. My father has passed but still thankful I had him. He taught me a lot about life. THANKS DAD.

Views: 158 · Added: 1131 days ago

I want to see you guys jerk off for me...but I don't have cam at the while , I will stroke you , suck you till cum and shallow every drop of your cum ! HAHA . under 25 though please :) Can't wait!

dirty chat before bed
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anyone one wanna chat dirty before bed hit me up at

What is your idea of a perfect Christmas day?
Views: 158 · Added: 587 days ago

Ideal Christmas day? Having a fun time with my friends and family at Christmas dinner. When everyone is gone, with only the flickering lights of the tree and the crackling noise of the fire place, making sweet passionate love to my boyfriend in front of the fire place and feeling his orgasm as he cums inside me. Then a long cuddle while watching the fire dance.


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