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Views: 178 · Added: 865 days ago

Saturday was just awsome for GB...SUPER SATURDAY..we won 6 golds in 1 day..absolutely fantastic...CONGRATS to all the athletes!!!

A new kid on the block.
Views: 178 · Added: 676 days ago

Hi guys iam new and looking to meet any one who is or is not a nudist and loves going bare ass in the wild outdoors? I love boy whiching, so sweet to just enjoy that young boys playing. i enjoy tiling me life stories as a nudist photograph. ive been a nudist all my life, my family owns a restort, and i live and work there. i also trivel to other restorts. The things that go on at this restorts would blow your mind, lets say Fun,Fun and all matter of fun sex, as you know thes restorts have no age limits, or boundarys, and yes here or there it is very much legal, and lawful, A lot of you need to start living and get some sun and play in the outdoors clothes fee and do some boy whiching it will make you young in heart. ok

mhhh i am wondering right now....
Views: 178 · Added: 675 days ago

if someone would notice if i would disappear from this site. still find it hard to get in contact to others on here

Views: 178 · Added: 970 days ago

Man have you kept up with todays photo's whats up with that

Broken heart
Views: 178 · Added: 697 days ago

Can I just say thank you so much to everyone who's been so wonderful and supportive through this terrible time, I can't say how much I appreciate it. Sadly my beautiful adorable sister passed away Friday night. I will love her always.

Download ?????
Views: 178 · Added: 968 days ago

Seems like download option is not available (again). Sent message to nick.Hopt to hear something soon. Too Bad it's happening when things seemed to be going good. Andy

UPLOADING VID waiting time
Views: 178 · Added: 640 days ago

What is usual time for vids to appear? How long will it take for uploaded vids to appear? Messages have been sent to my subscribers two days ago, but nothing shows yet. Just curious to know if this is usually how long it takes for my vid to be available to my subscribers.

Photo Albums
Views: 178 · Added: 36 days ago

Poking around and for some reason I cannot see how to add albums (photos)
Would be nice if I could as I have a number I would not mind sharing :)

Fran├žais - French ?
Views: 178 · Added: 1045 days ago

Ya t il des fran├žais pour skype ou msn ?

Views: 178 · Added: 692 days ago

Why is it that all blogs lately have been downers, or is it just me. Let's all be happy!! : )

Views: 178 · Added: 1073 days ago

i dont understand?? only the 1st couple of lines r printed of my blogs??

Photo comments
Views: 178 · Added: 1296 days ago

I've commented on several photos recently and none have posted.

happy new year
Views: 178 · Added: 714 days ago

hey's hopein you have your best year yet..i'm plannin to..i have had fun here in 2012..thanks everybody for all the great vids, pics, and, mike

Sat Night Out !!!!
Views: 178 · Added: 535 days ago

right guys, we off tonight into central London. hope every has a fab night and lots of sex. chat soon xxx

Views: 178 · Added: 239 days ago

Wish you all the best to your 600 days buddy and i hope all your friends write on here your a great guy

Video Quality On Gay Boys Tube?
Views: 178 · Added: 350 days ago

Why are so many videos poor quality?...all blurry and pixalated?

Whats your favourite position to get fucked in
Views: 178 · Added: 626 days ago

If you are bottom which do you like best and why. I prefer on my back with my legs on his shoulder. You can play with his balls and wank yourself off.

Some to talk to under 19's only
Views: 178 · Added: 1086 days ago

Hi, i would like to find someone to chat with aged 19 or under, please email or add me on msn at!!

The Joel-a-bomber manifesto - Part II (Deux)
Views: 178 · Added: 250 days ago

Read me.

Views: 177 · Added: 394 days ago

anyone started their chrismas shopping yet, or dont have any ideas yet what to get your loved ones. Or are my americam friends gearing up for thanksgiving first. Never experienced thanksgiving, whats it like.

phone sex in texas making me cum :D
Views: 177 · Added: 997 days ago

any one wanna text send pics and have phone sex im 18yd single hispanic and lonely

dirty boyfun
Views: 177 · Added: 1266 days ago

any young guys around my age (22) into unwashed/dirty dicks and/or farting???

Sometimes its nice to Run Away
Views: 177 · Added: 903 days ago

Sometimes I feel that I should just pack my bags, and run away. Then I think a couple of logicial question ,I think " What to do for money, where to stay and where to go ?"
I dont know why but this month, I just wanted to leave my home and go away very far. And I did that, all those question I though just became meaningless and I just left, told my parents I have nothing to do, and to my surprise they said they understand.
I cant say whether my travels were good or bad. I went to meet my boyfriend, who lives very far, I was so happy to see him but I cant say about him. More than half the time he was drinking beer and was drunk, whenever he introduced me to someone, I was presented as if I were a trophy wife and nothing more. He got angry at me when I would live the room and go out because he was always busy talking to someone on the phone and what choice did I have ? I was in a new place so I would leave the room and luckily I found friends in the staff of the hotel I was staying at,me and them had pleasant talks, my boyfriends use to make fun of this also.
One night he and I had bitter fight(both of us were drunk), he threw beer at me in a fit of rage, told me that the only reason he loved me was out of pity.
At that moment I was crushed, for he is my first love and for some strange reason I still love him.
After all this I went back home. I had to keep a strong face, so as my family would know nothing. And here am I now writing this, dont know why, I guess sometimes it's better to write than to cry.

Next time when I leave my home I would go to a place where atleast I know I can hug someone, I know that he would hold me tighly while we sleep and I hope that I would forget all about him and move on.
It is hard sometimes to move on, I know that from an experience in my life, not this on of course. But as time passes our wounds do heals and this one would also heal.
I just wanna say, dont run away from your problems in life, no matter what they might be, embrace them, and you can become strong. And when you have embrace the follies in your life, then fly away somewhere nice, if you want go with someone or better still go alone, just equip yourself with a pen, a notepad and a book ( good one not something crappy like Twilight or Harry Potter).

Just think on this , it's something said by Leo Tolstoy " All happy families are alike and all unhappy families are unhappy in their own way ". I'll twist the words and say "when we are happy, all the people around us, their happiness your happiness is smiliar, but when we are sad, we are sad because of so many things, and this saddness is different from someone elses saddness, but even in this saddness you try to become someone elses happiness, well that feeling is indescribable"( Give this a thought once in a blue moon)

One way to tackle your sadness is just by talking to someone, let it be your friends or family or if you want to unburden yourselves from your troubles, chat with this blogger, I have plenty of time, I have nothing to do except read books and sleep. Talking is sometimes the only and the best medicine to cure your saddness.

Hope my blog wasnt boring, if it were go suck a tree :P

Views: 177 · Added: 428 days ago

Its a well established fact they dont change their undergarments as frequently as regular females.

Views: 177 · Added: 809 days ago

hey im hayden add me on skype (haydenwalker96) if you wanna chat and if you live in Nottingham cuz i do!! add me on skype im single - haydenwalker96

What do you know about worry mania?
Views: 177 · Added: 188 days ago

Some persons like to make life like hell.


we are all bozos on this bus
Views: 177 · Added: 341 days ago

please see first post or else....

...and I wanna suck his cock...
Views: 177 · Added: 303 days ago

Favorite 80s movie ?
Views: 177 · Added: 242 days ago

The Outsiders

hey guys
Views: 177 · Added: 798 days ago

just want to say im still here, im just keeping a low profile because atm im goin through a bad time so im sorry if i dont talk or send messages just i dont know where i am these days, anyways i got to go and i hope everyone is doing well!!!

huge hugs and kisses to you all xxxxxx
love Greg

Views: 177 · Added: 494 days ago

jesse star and kyler moss are the hottest guys ever

hot gay xbox gaymers
Views: 177 · Added: 201 days ago

hello i am looking to see if there are any hot gaymers out there that would like to meet up and chat on xbox live if there are any hot gaymers on here hit me up
Views: 177 · Added: 325 days ago

misteries and scandals..1998-2001

Who wanna chat?
Views: 177 · Added: 1097 days ago

Wattsup- looking to chat w/ other dudes esp. if u in NYC. I'm puerto Rican but made in NYC ... 5'7", a little skinny but fit- i hoop everyday so it keeps things tight. I'm into all types of dudes white, black- esp. like my latino ppl's... get at me

Views: 176 · Added: 41 days ago

has anyone had any problems with a virus? says interpol, can unlock p.c with money pak.


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