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Hi Guys
Added: 1498 days ago / Views: 302 Just wanted to let you know I am doing Ok. The pain is much better, not gone but not like I want to die either now. My friend Stephen is taking excellent care of me. I dont think I would have made it without him (Literally). I go tomorrow to get a cast put on my foot and ankle, thats good because it looks so nasty! My toes and part of my leg are deep purple but the swelling has gone down. My ribs are not hurting so bad now but they are still black and blue also. I dont quite remember what happened... Just a loud snap then Stephen on top of the pile throwing 2x4s in every direction screaming for help. I swear it was like Superman coming to the rescue. Anyway, I'll check in tomorrow after I get my cast and let you know how it went, he says that It will hurt like crazy again because they will pull around on my foot so I might not be on tomorrow but I'll try. Thanks again to everybody for the love and concern. Love to all

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Merry Christmas Everyone
Added: 1853 days ago / Views: 302 From me down here in Oz, to all of you across the world I'd just like to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and whatever greeting you'd like (or use).

May you have a fabulous time and not be lonely over this period.


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Thx a lot for the new GBT- DOWNLOAD-quality !! NiCK ===) pls after the `mobile´-function now also `Groups´ !!
Added: 1740 days ago / Views: 302 Hello & good morning Gay-World & much more...

Really nice the new DOWNLOAD-possiBility & it´s very fast - for example for nearly 30min-vid the download needed only less than 2 minutes!!! (very hot my first now the Asia-Teens puBlic group-sex with facials cumshots & fucking in a real train in the day - funny that this vid is named `sex in Bus´ - but in anyway a must for downloading !!!

GBT is changing from Better to Better - much more colours & also now the `moBile-function´...May be it´s also now the right time for the function `Groups´ especially for the more active & creative user of our community...The Blogs belonging fast to the past & the walls could just be walls (often the text to the walls don´t get transported complete...)

Nick - you know that GBT is living through the activity of the users - not only uploading pics & vids!Groups-Function would be a Bigger step to more community...

Best Grets : BaBe ;-)-
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electrod fun
Added: 1089 days ago / Views: 302

just wondering if anyone knows where you can get one what it feels like how it works that kinda stuff i was curious it looks like it feels really good anyone have any insight for me?

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Can i have a copy of this wonderful short film- Last call?
Added: 1853 days ago / Views: 302 Hello i love this movie on here Last call, Can anybody provide me with a company of this video because my internet is slow and it keeps buffering so i want to download it and watch on my computer :) Can anybody help me out please?
Please message me if you need me, i would really appreciate getting this movie.
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boyfriend wanted!!!
Added: 1321 days ago / Views: 302 hey all im searching mr right/ my soul mate so im just wounding if anyone on here that's got a great personality and great sense of laugher and don't judge people by their looks and judge them for who they are as a person and what they are like on the inside...

so if interested please leave a comment or message me please

Greg :)
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Notoriety/Bad Publicity
Added: 999 days ago / Views: 302

Here's another one for you guys.

When I was single I pretty did what most of you do, shared pics and some vids with guys whom you could trust and enjoyed what you did and looked like and all; not so much now of course. With them I was never worried that I'd up on Tumblr or Reddit or even here, cuz we're friends first and foremost and we respect each other.

Thing is, I'd never upload myself, faceless or whatever, to a site like this one because you know it'll just get shared to the ends of the earth and beyond.

So, my question is - to those who upload themselves and to those who don't - why do you do it? How do you deal with it? And so on. And I am aware some guys have had issues with this from reading past blogs, so I know shit happens and all.

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vids back ????
Added: 1552 days ago / Views: 302 4:50AM pacific time 10-19-2012 vid's are back no warning popping up, Whats was that all about???
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Added: 1613 days ago / Views: 301 THE BEACH:
The sun it sets on fiery wings:
We stand alone as it goes down:
Birds hush the songs they sing:
The sight brings smiles and not a frown.
Alone upon a beach we stand:
The waves do gently ebb and flow:
Then build a castle in the sand:
To lie beneath the moonlight glow:
We watch the stars across the sky:
Clouds soft pillows like feather down:
The beauty we feel will make us cry:
Holding hands we make no sound.
On golden wings the sun does rise:
The night has past without a care:
These precious moments can make us wise:
Time alone for us to share.
We spent our time upon the beach:
The moon, the stars were ours a while:
Though the heavens were beyond our reach:
But the time was right for us to smile.

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Added: 1733 days ago / Views: 301 If you are not comfortable with all of the settings needed with ANVI SMART DEFENDER, an excellent alternative is:
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Any cute young guys like Daddy/Big Bro types?
Added: 1842 days ago / Views: 301 I'm a nice looking, fun, older guy (44) who is looking for any cute young smooth guys who like being with a Daddy or Big Bro. I'm in GA, so if you're close by thats even better. But would be good to have a chat buddy.
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Added: 472 days ago / Views: 301

Are here more boys who love family sex?

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have you
Added: 1783 days ago / Views: 301 Have you ever got caught masturbating?
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i just wish someone would talk with me
Added: 517 days ago / Views: 301

ok soo i want too talk with other guys like myself  i seem too have a porn addiction .just wanna talk more about it 

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Cooper's Spooky Halloween Night: Part 6
Added: 426 days ago / Views: 301

[Adriana's grip on Cooper's shirt begins to relax as Eric stands off in the distance; silently observing the confrontation but ready to spring into action should the need arise.]

[Adriana steps back away from Cooper and slowly turns her head towards Eric. After a brief moment of consideration, Adriana begins to walk slowly towards Eric; stopping directly in front of him. Eric stares back at Adriana with an emotionless face as Adriana places her hand on his cheek.]

[Adriana] "I understand your desire to restore the regain what was lost, but...should Cooper's memory of that night be fully restored, it will bring with it a torrent of painful memories full of sorrow and anger. Is this what you truly desire?"

[Eric] "It is the only way. In time, the sorrow and anger will subside, and he will be at peace. Then, we will be together as one; never to be separated again."

[A small smirk begins to overtake Eric's face as Adriana slowly withdraws her hand from his cheek.]

[Eric] "For too long has this world been ruled by the self righteous judgements of mortal men. For too long have the children of the night lingered in darkness and silence. For too long has our kind been hunted to the brink of extinction by the 'Righteous Order of Angelic Knights'. Soon, I will raise an army of Night Bane the likes of which the world cannot fathom. With this army, I will purge the world of its righteous corruption and usher in a new vampire order. The weak and the strong alike will cower before us and beg for a mercy that will not be granted."

[Eric's smirk turns into a wide grin.]

[Eric] "And I will do so with Cooper at my side. With our combined strength, we cannot fail."

[Adriana stares at Eric briefly as she considers his words. She speaks in a small, cautious voice as she backs away slightly.]

[Adriana] "My my...aren't you...ambitious..."

[Adriana continues to stare at Eric with a look of forboding on her beautiful face.]

[Adriana] "I don't suppose you've figured Marian into you little equation? You do realize what he is capable of, yes? The sorrow and regret of the events that transpired at this pond two years ago have come to pass, leaving Marian full of rage and jealousy."

[Eric] " I am fully aware of Marian's treachery. I have made the depth of my plans known to Marian so that I may test his loyalty. A loyalty that has been growing weak with the passage of time."

[Eric slowly turns his head and looks at Cooper.]

[Eric] "However, I fear that the presence of Cooper may have ignited a fire in him the likes of which hell has never seen."

[Eric returns his gaze to Adriana as Cooper continues to watch and listen.]

[Eric] "I do not fear Marian. He is of little consequence."

[Eric once again begins to grin.]

[Eric] "Besides, I know every move that Marian makes."

[The steady chirping of crickets can be heard all around the motionless pond.]

[Eric] "Gabriel has not been the loyal friend that Marian believes him to be..."

[Somewhere in a forest far from Brasov]

[Marian and Dumitru are crouching in a group of dense forest trees as they stare ahead at a large, ominous compound. The large structure is surrounded on all sides by an imposing wall of concrete and electrified wiring. An eerie blue light can be seen surrounding the compound as large search lights shine brightly onto the surrouding landscape as if to search for any signs of trouble.]

[Marian's face is twisted with disgust.]

[Marian] "Sickening!... A house of hatred and violence! Vile, disgusting men...and they dare to call us 'monsters'?! They capture our kind and torture us to death all for the glory of their righteous indignation!"

[Marian suddenly stands while he continues to stare at the compound. Dumitru follows Marian's lead and stands, deciding it wise to keep quiet.]

[Marian] "These 'Righteous Angel Fuckers' have no idea what's coming! Little do they know that death will soon come knocking on their door!"

[Dumitru watches Marian as he swallows before speaking.]

[Dumitru] "Eric's plan is a brilliant one. An army of Night Bane. The Knights will never see us coming..."

[Marian suddenly whips his right arm around and backhands Dumitru, knocking him down onto his back.]

[Marian] "Eric is weak! He is too gentle! For too long have I stood and witnessed his cowardice! He will not lead us to glory! I will!"

[Marian quickly steps forward and sits down on Dumitru's crotch as he holds Dumitru's shoulders down against the ground. Marian begins to cool slightly as he lowers his face and begins to speak in a throaty voice.]

[Marian] "The Order will fall... The righteous will fall... And I will be the one to lead the charge."

[Marian raises his hips slightly as he reaches down and unzips Dumitru's pants.]

[Marian] "Will you help me, Dumitru? Will you forget about Eric and help me usher in a new age of prosperity and power?"

[Marian gets up onto his knees and gently pulls Dumitru's pants down. Dumitru remains motionless; a small smile on his lips as Marian slowly takes him into his mouth.]

[The chirping of crickets can be heard all around as a small moan escapes Dumitru's mouth]

[To be continued...]

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Added: 552 days ago / Views: 301

Difficult to be gay in Russia

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nick, - operator --- pics
Added: 1654 days ago / Views: 301 can anyone help me, ? if i share a pic from somebody, why i have it 3 times on my wall ????????????????????
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Added: 1204 days ago / Views: 301


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Added: 330 days ago / Views: 301

was thinking of getting some chickens, are they hard to look after, do you get much eggs from them, do you build a chicken hut or something. do they BOCK BOCK BOCK, or is that just an impression.

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Added: 1611 days ago / Views: 301 I just wanted to say heyy to everybody, if idku or we havent tlked plzzz talk to me id love to get to know u :) cum check out my pics if u wanna text let me know. I hope u all have a happy horny day :)
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hairy arms
Added: 622 days ago / Views: 301

do you guys shave your arms?

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flv files
Added: 752 days ago / Views: 301 Hi I am looking for a safe flv files player under Windows. Do you have any suggestions, comments about your experience with a flv file player...
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As US copyright is to "promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts" does it cover porn?
Added: 1801 days ago / Views: 301 US "Copyright Clause" (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution), states that the purpose of copyright is to "promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts".

Some defenders of free porn states that porn is not concerned by copyright as it does not "promote the Progress of Science and the useful Arts".

What do you think?

For more, see:
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Added: 1720 days ago / Views: 301 situation hypothetical............
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serious question about same-gender oriented persons as legal couple based on human right
Added: 1679 days ago / Views: 301 i am going to london for international gay pride. now some will ask why i dont say 'gay marriage'. firstly and in my opinion, 'gay' include too many politics not all agree with. mainly however, if 'gay' cover all in community why we say 'lgbtq'? now many know i am aspie so this may sound so literal and all black/white ~ no it is valid comment on the term. so now on another term, 'marriage'. to me (and i have talk about me faith here before) marriage is a word that define a 'holy rite' and this may upset many who might otherwise say, 'no, america is a democracy with constitution so live and let live' you know?

i have mention this before but now let me make personal. i want the human right of being in 'legal relationship' that non-discriminatory against same-gender couples. we have separation of church and state (which mean freedom of religion not from it) so how can expect state to legalize 'holy rite' based in largest faiths of world? this why i say 'legal relationship' that does not cross the line of church/state and since legal, use the language of law that is still (in usa) latin: matrimony comes from matrimonium means same thing as marriage.

so, i want to hear from people that would support same-gender leaders come back to washington and all organizatiosn to unite in calling for federal law similar to the doma, let that law stand but create a law like it called 'right to matrimony act' or 'rtma' for both house of legislature to pass and forget all this state voting stuff. in other words, let federal law for marriage stand and create equal law to let matrimony to exist and all states abide by it. please do not compare this to separate but equal. this means same and equal only. thank you for constructive and positive comments and i will bring these to london when i go on 6 july for big day on 7 july (also me birthday #21 and time to take on new responsibilities :)
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Were there any gay overtones in Star Wars Episodes I-III?
Added: 1499 days ago / Views: 301 Palpatine seemed a little too interested in Anakin if you get my drift.

"Send me you're cutest little Jedi to be my personal cabana boy!"
"Yes Sir!"

Like, right? Yoda can sense shit half way across the galaxy, but whiffed on a fifty year old man perving it up with with kids right down the hall from him? Who does he think he is? Joe Paterno?

"Eager learner, this one is.."
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Good site
Added: 991 days ago / Views: 301

really glad i joined this site

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Cooper's Spooky Halloween Night: Part 7
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[Somewhere in a forest far from Brasov]

[Gabriel crouches down behind a large tree; careful to remain out of sight as he continues to watch and listen to the exchange between Marian and Dumitru.]

[Marian stands in front of Dumitru; once again staring at the Angelic Knights compound with a less agitated countenance than before. Dumitru finishes dressing and crouches behind Marian.]

[Dumitru] "You still haven't told me what we're doing here."

[Marian turns and looks at Dumitru for a short time before turning his attention back to the compound.]

[Marian] "It's simple... The Order is going to capture Cooper, and when Eric comes to rescue him, the Order will capture him too. Once they are gone, I will take Eric's place as the new master vampire."

[There is a slight pause as Dumitru considers Marian's words.]

[Dumitru] "And then?"

[Marian] "And then? I will raise my own army of Night Bane, and lead us to glory against the Righteous Order of Angelic Knights! The whole of Romania will tremble in fear before me. No longer will we cower in the darkness like frightened children! We will rise up and reclaim our former glory, and I will usher in a new era. An era of the vampire... A new vampire order... It will be an age of glory for all children of the night..."

[Gabriel slowly stands as he continues to watch and listen. A small sound of snapping twigs is heard as Gabriel turns his head to scan the area behind him. Confident that he is alone, he turns back towards Marian and Dumitru.]

[Dumitru] "Why are you doing this, Marian? Avenging our fallen brethren and bringing justice against the Order was Eric's idea. After everything he has done so far, you still doubt his abilities?"

[Marian] "Eric has grown soft and weak. Many times have I pleaded with him to allow me to take my place at his side; to be his instrument of retribution in these dark times, only to be rejected again and again. 'The place at my side is not meant for you', he would tell me. Well, I disagree. If I cannot stand next to him, then I will stand against him! He will fall, and I will rise!"

[Gabriel releases his grip on the tree and begins to slowly back away; careful not to make any audible noise. He turns around as he is suddenly struck on the head by a blunt object, knocking him to the ground as darkness and un-consciousness overtakes him.]

[Somewhere on the outskirts of Brasov]

[Eric watches as Adriana surrounds herself in a veil of black mist and ascends into the night towards her hidden lair.]

[Eric] "So much for secrets..."

[Eric turns his head and stares at Cooper.]

[Eric] "You are not fully a child of the night yet. Soon, you will begin to grow weak and must learn to feed."

[Eric turns and looks off towards the East.]

[Eric] "The night is late, and soon, the sun will rise. You must remain in shadow lest the light burn your skin. We must return now to the castle and prepare for daylight. You will be tired and must sleep."

[Cooper] "Will we sleep inside a coffin?"

[A slight smirk can be seen on Cooper's face as Eric gives him a dissatisfied glare. He points his finger at Cooper.]

[Eric] "Forget you now, at this moment, everything you have come to know about vampires."

[Eric lowers his arm.]

[Eric] "We do not sleep in coffins, nor do we change ourselves into bats. Do not believe in the stories that are told of us by unglorified story tellers. All that you must know, you will learn from me."

[Eric begins to slowly step closer to Cooper.]

[Eric] "For too long has there been an emptly place at my side... You knew me...two years ago, though your mind does not remember. For two years have you lingered inside my mind; unable to escape my thoughts. I have fought, bribed and killed to find you. Now that you are here, you must forget all traces of your former life, and take your place at my side."

[Cooper] "What if I refuse?"

[Eric] "Refuse?"

[Eric steps up and places his face directly in front of Cooper; their noses nearly touching as Eric gives Cooper a determined glare.]

[Eric] "Then I will kill you..."

[Inside a small cabin somewhere in a forest far from Brasov]

[Gabriel is lying on a small bed as his eyes begin to open. He reaches up and rubs his throbbing head as he tries to make out the shapes that are present in his blurry eyesight.]

[Unknown Stranger] "Ah, you're awake. I was beginning to worry that maybe I had clubbed you over the head too forcefully."

[A small laugh escapes the strangers mouth and he begins to pour a cup of hot tea; offering it to Gabriel.]

[Unknown Stranger] "Tea?"

[Gabriel] "No!"

[Gabriel continues to rub his aching head as a small moan escapes his lips.]

[Unknown Stranger] "Suit yourself."

[The stranger sets his tea kettle back onto his wood-burning stove before he turns and sits on a large, wooden chair. He takes a sip of tea from his cup as he watches Gabriel.]

[Gabriel] "Where am I?"

[Gabriel blinks several times and carefully sits up on the bed; leaning his back against the wall as he tries to focus his vision on the man sitting before him. The man regards Gabriel slightly before answering.]

[Unknown Stranger] "Someplace safe. Tell me...what were you doing out here, Mister...?"

[Gabriel] "Gabriel. My name is Gabriel, but please don't call me 'mister'".

[The man grins slightly as he prepares to take another sip of his tea.]

[Unknown Stranger] "Very well..."

[Gabriel begins to look around the dimly lit room as his vision finally begins to re-focus. On the walls of the cabin hangs all manner of memorabilia. All types of medals and photographs can be seen hanging next to framed letters of commendation. Gabriel then notices, hanging above the fireplace, is a white and red uniform covered in all kinds of exotic decorations. Gabriel winces as he begins to recognize the uniform. He turns to face the man sitting in the chair before him.]

[Gabriel] "Who are you?"

[Unknown Stranger] "You mean you don't know who I am?"

[Gabriel slowly shakes his head as he watches the man take another sip of his tea.]

[Unknown Stranger] "My name is Edric Turner. Former Grand Master of the Righteous Order of Angelic Knights..."

[Gabriel says nothing as he feels a sudden shiver run up his spine.]

[Somewhere inside a secret location far from Brasov]

[Adriana ascends a flight of stairs; coming up into a dimly lit room. The room is illuminated by candles set upon a series of large stone pillars. On the floor is a long, red carpet that runs the length of the entire room. On the far wall is a roaring fire set inside a large fireplace. If front of the fireplace sits two large, red-velvet chairs. One of the chairs is larger and more grand than the other. Adriana sits down on the smaller chair. A deep voice begins to reverberate throughout the room with no particular point of origin.]

[Deep Voice] "It is done, then?"

[Adriana] "It was not necessary. Eric is...unpredictable at best. With absolutely no encouragment from me, he is determined to wipe the Order from the face of Romania. Our plans are proceeding better than we had anticipated. He truly is the child of destiny."

[Deep Voice] "And what of his companion?"

[Adriana] "His companion is no longer of any consequence. In fact, he may prove to be useful. Eric seems to draw forth strength from his continued presence. Cooper, however, must not be allowed to fully regain the memory of his time in Romania two years ago. If our actions were to be discovered, it could undo everything we have worked for."

[Deep Voice] "What of Eric and Marian?"

[Adriana] "Eric does not know. Our actions of the past remain a secret to him. As for Marian...he could prove to be a threat. He has been rebellious of Eric for quite some time now. I will be keeping a close eye on him."

[Adriana continues to lounge in the smaller chair as she stares at the fire before her.]

[Adriana] "Soon, the pieces will begin falling into place. Eric will rise against the Order, and the Order will be destroyed. Their downfall will be the gateway to your resurrection. Once they have fallen, we will recover your body from the crypts. Eric will be sacrificed, and you will be reborn. We will use Eric's life energies to heal your broken body and you will once again walk the earth as the lord of all vampires..."

[To be continued...]

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Tony, from the Uni Film Club,
Added: 402 days ago / Views: 301

Chapter 1

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What defines you as a man
Added: 1160 days ago / Views: 301

The best index to a person's character is how he treats people who can't do him any good, and how he treat people who can't fight back Abigail Van Buren

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Online Gaming
Added: 1740 days ago / Views: 301 going to play some killzone3 what your favorite online game these days??
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Mitch Hewer
Added: 1714 days ago / Views: 301 What do u GBT guys think about the gorgeous Mitch Hewer? see my profile page to see his pics.
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do you feel pressure to come out?
Added: 975 days ago / Views: 301

tell us..

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Tip of the day
Added: 818 days ago / Views: 301

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Added: 1384 days ago / Views: 301 well everyone i meet seems really cool I have made a really good freind on here whos super cool n really awsome. I guess idk what to say on here but if ya wanna know anything or chat jis messege me or whatever.
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The trials of being a boy, who is not a boy
Added: 656 days ago / Views: 301

One day I hope to learn why when boys subvert the gender norms that means they are a "sissy" and that they are supposed to like anal intercourse and play with dildos and be submissive and weak. I do not get this disturbing and oppressive stereotype, and why it is still equated with femininity.

Undoubtedly, there is a pervasive undercurrent of misogyny in our culture, and it certainly goes a long way to explaining why so many men (gay men in particular, perhaps as a result of sexual insecurity) tend to be particularly averse to overt expressions of femininity. From a young age, boys are indoctrinated by a myriad of gender roles and expectations, in which they are routinely policed by their peers, and they are taught to suppress any and all attributes of femininity (vulnerability, compassion, sensitivity, beauty, etc.) These superficial conventions, of course, only further entrench the social dominance of men over women, and what it means to be a "real man" as to the exclusion of anything that is characteristically womanly. Have you ever wondered why crossdressing occurs only one way, but not in the reverse? In our culture, masculinity is deemed to be the default whereas femininity, the perversion. The very conception of crossdressing, drag, and trap as being taboo merely reinforces this sexist ideology.

Imagine if we lived in a world where boys could express their gender however they felt comfortable without being stigmatized and ostracized just for being themselves. That is a world that I hope to live in one day.

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