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The final part of the story about Sigg and me and it's up to date as of now June 2015
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The final part of me and sweet Sigg

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Sat Night Out !!!!
Added: 1039 days ago / Views: 254 right guys, we off tonight into central London. hope every has a fab night and lots of sex. chat soon xxx
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Added: 1600 days ago / Views: 254 who wants to chat drop me an email
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Added: 969 days ago / Views: 254 well no one discussed my post yesterday, so i will try again today. do you agree morning blowjobs are the best? we just woke up and orally pleasured each other and enjoyed strong orgasms. now it is off to my weekly run. do any of you guys jog or run for fun? to stay in shape? running right after sex is energizing. try jacking off right before you go! my tip for the dayQ
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A German Sings about his two Fathers
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A German Boy Sings Kinderen voor Kinderen song - Two Fathers

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Unable to sign in: nerdboy69
Added: 1003 days ago / Views: 254 Hi Everyone,

I've created this temporary profile, as I'm unable to sign in to my nerdboy69 account, I use the correct password but am told it's incorrect, plus my background has gone. I've tried to change the password but haven't yet received an email. Could someone please help.
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god and being gay
Added: 1568 days ago / Views: 254 if god does not like gay guys then why did he put the prostate in the rectum and in the perfect spot to stimulate............
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New Here - Some Help Please
Added: 1567 days ago / Views: 254 Joined today and still have not recieved my e-mail verification. I also am unable to upload pics or vids. The open file for uploading does not show for me to selet files to upload. I want to share/participate.
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somebody know about this guy ?
Added: 54 days ago / Views: 254

he had great taste and allways great videos....

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Added: 1456 days ago / Views: 254 Is there any way to change my username without deleting my account and making a new one?
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good morning
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ive got nothing on my mind this morning, can't find a decent new vid to wank too. hope you all have a great day! wank one off for me.

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We still dont get how this respond button works.

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Added: 940 days ago / Views: 253

I finally have a boy friend.

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I don't understand.
Added: 416 days ago / Views: 253

I was just looking for directions to the sauna...

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Added: 1147 days ago / Views: 253 Help how do I change my email on this
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Added: 1285 days ago / Views: 253 Ya got to wonder why anyone in usa would break the law when yua see where you will end up; this looks realy bad and overcrowded
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Added: 608 days ago / Views: 253

Looking for daddies who need a cute twink boy ;)

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Added: 810 days ago / Views: 253

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Added: 878 days ago / Views: 253

its the weekend and enjoying my ben and jerrys, phish food icecream, what are your favorite flavour

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Photo Albums
Added: 540 days ago / Views: 253 Poking around and for some reason I cannot see how to add albums (photos)
Would be nice if I could as I have a number I would not mind sharing :)
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Toby Regbo
Added: 1222 days ago / Views: 253 I just finished watching "Treasure Island" the 2012 version, you got to check out this movie and the actor Toby Regbo! and let me know what you think of him! the movie was cool but he is over the top sexy.
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Videos watched
Added: 368 days ago / Views: 253

Hi all my friends! I was just counting for fun how many friends here have watched my videos and I got total number of about 1.800.000 times watched when counting all videos together since 50 days when I was accepted as a member here.

But when checking my profile it is said that: People have watched Jayden videos: 581258 times. There is more than 1,2 million watchers difference. Is this normal or is there something wrong what I don't understand or know?

Just asking and wishing you all a sunny Wednesday! Hugs Jay

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Test your IQ
Added: 276 days ago / Views: 253


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photo comments
Added: 1389 days ago / Views: 253 it would be great,nick, if the photo comments didn't disappear right after you enter them. i'm sure you can find a way to have them stay in place...thanks
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Madonna's Son wants Dad!
Added: 127 days ago / Views: 253

I know nothing about this, but I do know she supported that BS asexual propaganda documentary on CNN saying 1/3 of college guys are rapists or some BS......

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not sure it worked
Added: 1696 days ago / Views: 253 hey not sure if my first post worked. im 22 in maryland usa lookin 2 meet up with someone im 5foot 11 250 lbs hit me up if u wana meet
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Added: 491 days ago / Views: 253 why do some people harass others, this is a friendly site mostly, I support my friends who are getting this harassment just now, love you
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Happy Birthday Israel
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Today marks the anniversary of the establishment of Israel - the bastion of democracy, freedom, free enterprise and western civilisation in the Middle East.

It is the only nation in the Middle East possessing the above qualities and also the only middle east nation which has an excellent record on gay rights.

They inherited a silly law from the British against sodomy, but did what should be done for all silly laws and simply ignored it.

The only oddity about Israel, gay-wise, is they recognise gay marriage or civil unions performed in other countries, but not in their own. Weird.

I hope they enjoy their 66th birthday.

Despite the best efforts of terrorists, mass murderers, persecutors of gay people, persecutors of women, persecutors of democrats and some other awful people, Israel has survived and prospered and I wish them all the best for the future.

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i am so cool!
Added: 1511 days ago / Views: 253 im gona go watch my tv show! can you do that? LOL I hare my dad!
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Science Fiction
Added: 1132 days ago / Views: 253 What are your favorite science fiction series
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Hard to find for phone
Added: 1273 days ago / Views: 253 It is hard to find to someone phone someone phone when you are hard and horny. I tried and failed. Maybe my I am lucky here? :) Reply if you are interested.
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First message
Added: 826 days ago / Views: 253

Hello from the cold Sweden :) this is my first message and I want to say hello to everybody. Anybody from Sweden?

February 1st I will be in Budapest, if there are someone from there would be nice to meet to have a drink :)


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where are you
Added: 1377 days ago / Views: 253 is there anybody in so calif that want to hook up
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to a friend
Added: 615 days ago / Views: 253

when a friend needs a hug, or just a smile to see them through a difficult time, I will always be there for them. Especially for you Jerrod.

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Guess who's going to france for two weeks this summer!
Added: 1184 days ago / Views: 253 Yay me! hrmpf~

Suck it-
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rimming question
Added: 1207 days ago / Views: 253 i just watched a vid where the guy getting rimmed jerked off and came. something new ive never done but now willing to try. my goal would be my bf is on his back and cums downward toward my licking and let it run down his balls and become part of the rimming. sound hawt?
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Added: 1588 days ago / Views: 252 If you want to post my wall, you're very welcome! I would love to read your message. Please. Thank you very much. :)
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I love this
Added: 271 days ago / Views: 252

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