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Balls, heavy with cream, means a mouthful of yummy goodness!
Added: 1192 days ago / Views: 205 Balls, heavy with cream, means a mouthful of yummy goodness!
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Who is this guy?
Added: 1231 days ago / Views: 205 Any information about these videos would be great.
I'm looking for the bottom guy!
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Wank before work
Added: 1152 days ago / Views: 205 I gotta crank out my 3 day load on here before I go to work today. Anyone else doing the same thing?
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100% Hottie
Added: 35 days ago / Views: 205


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North American Indians on Homosexuality.....
Added: 434 days ago / Views: 205

Wikipedia on 'Two-Spirit People':

Huffington Post on 'Two-Spirit People':

Gay Art History:

Will Roscoe's very interesting website:


'Dancing To Eagle Spirit' Society:
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Added: 1546 days ago / Views: 205 Anyone into skype, my skype is jlfrog246, i should b on every day at 3 pm e.s.t
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your colors
Added: 484 days ago / Views: 205

i find strange corelations among guys hair colors that don't always follow what should be. facial hair doesn't always match head hair or eyebrows. pubs even differenent. so what are your natural hair colors from head to toe ? head, eyebrows, facial hair, pits, trail, pubes, ass, legs..and what color are your eyes just to compate.

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Gay Boys: Ever had sex with a girl?
Added: 1227 days ago / Views: 205 I know bi guys have cause that's what makes them bi. For all you boys who are 100% gay, have you ever at least had sex with a girl once? I am sure plenty of us have experimented with it, especially in high school due to peer pressure. Others maybe never tried it. So please share your experience and tell how old you were when it happened and whether or not you enjoyed it. Thanks!
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Hi Honey Im Home!
Added: 208 days ago / Views: 205

Heyyyy everyone...  been ages I know.  I apologise for not being back sooner.  My dream move did happen, but then fell apart.  Didnt help that some ass decided to stab me just for the sake of robbing me of £2.  I'm okay though and swore I would get through it.  Ive nearly recovered enough to start life again but just for now I want to focus on two things...   one is coming back here and the other is re-launching my singing career.  Then I will focus on setting up in a new place again and THIS time..  nothing is going to go wrong for me.  Ill be back later to post more but for now just wanted to send you all my love and BIG hugs!

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The love of there life
Added: 397 days ago / Views: 205

Has any body found the love of there life im shore i have Davey i love you

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Added: 802 days ago / Views: 205 everyone here has a great life span most are well over 100 lol Im 50 and loving it
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gbt Friends
Added: 759 days ago / Views: 205 I have been on gbt for a while but never participated. I requested as many friends as I could get in a two day period. It wasn't a contest. Just wanted to see who would embrace me. I now have 30 friends and hope they keep coming. Hugs to all of you. Luv ya.
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Butt Plug or Dildo?
Added: 1540 days ago / Views: 205
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I have a topic for discussion or ya'll s opinions
Added: 1136 days ago / Views: 205 If you bottom for a new lover and you are not barebacking do you still let him cum inside you trusting that the condom will hold?
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The Japanese Boy chapter 1
Added: 20 days ago / Views: 205

The Japanese boy Chapter 1


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We miss you Toby
Added: 596 days ago / Views: 205

sad cat

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Added: 322 days ago / Views: 205

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Marco Rubio is Hot
Added: 59 days ago / Views: 205

Uh huh.  Admit it.

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Went out to town for a walk and what did i see ......
Added: 246 days ago / Views: 205 IT WAS NICK BLACK....... HELP HELP I HOPE HE IS NOT COMING BACK

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Cam 4 Suck's.
Added: 1175 days ago / Views: 205 Hey everyone.

I try to cam at Cam 4 and I get banned as the viewers are over 250 or so they just say we need you're ID and the Admin Ban's the Account. What is with that. I do Gay Twink Porn. They should want me there.

Is anyone getting that problem.
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Added: 1357 days ago / Views: 205 I uploaded two albums of pics last night/early this morning and I'm just curious why its taking so long for them to appear? Help anyone?
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God watches you masturbate.
Added: 23 days ago / Views: 205

As if you didn't know this already.  But three cheers for fundamentalist religion!  Trying to convince you for hundreds of years that this is wrong, bad, evil, and secures your one way ticket to a lake of fire for all eternity.  Those who are easily frightened are easy to control.

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I asked an elderly friend.....
Added: 496 days ago / Views: 205

Boxers or briefs? He said, "ummmm.....Depends."

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Cute boy wanks and cums
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Hey I am new here.
Added: 1001 days ago / Views: 205 I wanna meet some guys. Make relationships. Talk. I have a skype account. I truly dont know how to explore this site. Someone can help me? Thnx
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Hey there sexy young guys!
Added: 1086 days ago / Views: 205 Who wants to have fun now? I am ready to cam! Add me on skype: sixteensteven XX
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update on bushfires in Australia
Added: 998 days ago / Views: 205 Now I have strted a new blog for those interested. I did have a blog but but there were a couple of comments effective in the extreme.

The emergency in Tasmania is continuing with now parts of Victoria and New South Wales in severe strife. No word yet on loss of life you concentrate on the living. Have a look at my previous blog please. I understand the first town in Tasmania detroyed had winds so high the burning branches were blown into houses and they burnt from the inside. My town here in South Australia is now safe.

PRAY FOR US. Love David
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Added: 1024 days ago / Views: 205 R.I.P Sandy Hook Elementary School Children and teachers Australian people pray for the poor Children and teachers that died

Prayers for the families of the victims. May God's peace be with you and comforted you all during this difficult times. May their souls RIP.
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Added: 277 days ago / Views: 205 CONGRATS TO ONE OF OUR OLDEST MEMBERS

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Added: 335 days ago / Views: 205

Did I mention that I love, love, love, redheads?

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Added: 970 days ago / Views: 204 Somebody have a twin brother? How is your relation with him?
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I don't understand.
Added: 205 days ago / Views: 204

I was just looking for directions to the sauna...

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Added: 490 days ago / Views: 204

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Sometimes its nice to Run Away
Added: 1195 days ago / Views: 204 Sometimes I feel that I should just pack my bags, and run away. Then I think a couple of logicial question ,I think " What to do for money, where to stay and where to go ?"
I dont know why but this month, I just wanted to leave my home and go away very far. And I did that, all those question I though just became meaningless and I just left, told my parents I have nothing to do, and to my surprise they said they understand.
I cant say whether my travels were good or bad. I went to meet my boyfriend, who lives very far, I was so happy to see him but I cant say about him. More than half the time he was drinking beer and was drunk, whenever he introduced me to someone, I was presented as if I were a trophy wife and nothing more. He got angry at me when I would live the room and go out because he was always busy talking to someone on the phone and what choice did I have ? I was in a new place so I would leave the room and luckily I found friends in the staff of the hotel I was staying at,me and them had pleasant talks, my boyfriends use to make fun of this also.
One night he and I had bitter fight(both of us were drunk), he threw beer at me in a fit of rage, told me that the only reason he loved me was out of pity.
At that moment I was crushed, for he is my first love and for some strange reason I still love him.
After all this I went back home. I had to keep a strong face, so as my family would know nothing. And here am I now writing this, dont know why, I guess sometimes it's better to write than to cry.

Next time when I leave my home I would go to a place where atleast I know I can hug someone, I know that he would hold me tighly while we sleep and I hope that I would forget all about him and move on.
It is hard sometimes to move on, I know that from an experience in my life, not this on of course. But as time passes our wounds do heals and this one would also heal.
I just wanna say, dont run away from your problems in life, no matter what they might be, embrace them, and you can become strong. And when you have embrace the follies in your life, then fly away somewhere nice, if you want go with someone or better still go alone, just equip yourself with a pen, a notepad and a book ( good one not something crappy like Twilight or Harry Potter).

Just think on this , it's something said by Leo Tolstoy " All happy families are alike and all unhappy families are unhappy in their own way ". I'll twist the words and say "when we are happy, all the people around us, their happiness your happiness is smiliar, but when we are sad, we are sad because of so many things, and this saddness is different from someone elses saddness, but even in this saddness you try to become someone elses happiness, well that feeling is indescribable"( Give this a thought once in a blue moon)

One way to tackle your sadness is just by talking to someone, let it be your friends or family or if you want to unburden yourselves from your troubles, chat with this blogger, I have plenty of time, I have nothing to do except read books and sleep. Talking is sometimes the only and the best medicine to cure your saddness.

Hope my blog wasnt boring, if it were go suck a tree :P
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About the same-gender issue of being united
Added: 1231 days ago / Views: 204

I was still a teenager, pretty much on my own in San Francisco, when I volunteered for the Milk campaign. I also marched until dawn and actively took part in demonstrations after the assassination of Mayor Moscone and Councilman Milk. I have since volunteered with Clive Smith, a dear companion of Harvey's (and I do not feel at all awkward in using his first name.) I watched the quilt project overseen by Clive go from a small U-Haul trailer to 2 semi-trucks when it went to Washington, D.C. There's a lot more history in the last 35 years I have experienced and been actively involved with.

So, when my about to turn 21 nephew broached his anger about the lack of intense focus on LGBTQ suicide and cited the massive amounts of money being spent on the "same sex marriage" issue, I sat down to listen. Why not? He like others here are the future of the community so many have suffered and even died to get to where it is today.

I believe Harvey would have as well. Further, that as the firey yet pragmatic figure he was, he would not insist that one word be necessarily used to describe the union of two people of same gender as "marriage".

So I listen to my nephew, who loves Latin. When he told me his rationale, pretty much summed up above, as said unions being both human and legal rights and suggested the use of "matrimony" (from Latin, "matrimonium" meaning "marriage") and further that under the legal context, the system still uses Latin for most processes ("nolo contendre" = "no contest" etc.) Well, I would bet Harvey would jump at the concept to say, "OK, we won't call it "marriage" but instead use "matrimony"."

My nephew is also a Christian (who goes so far as to challenge "Gay Christians" and ask, "You put sex before Savior?" ) and he is firm as he is sincere in stating, "Marriage law already exists. One man, one woman like mother and father from where I come. It (is a) Holy rite. Matrimony for same gender attracted persons (should be) a human and legal right."

I am now in complete agreement with him, especially to the point of the millions of dollars being spent on this issue, being rather simply resolved by the changing of one word. When he pointed me to "" and showed me where youth suicide ranks on their issues (#6) I joine him in his outrage.

Now I when I get back home to The City, I'm bringing this up and quickly to get help bring this issue to resolution, in a manner that cannot be disputed under our Constitution.

PM me if you are interested in joining this effort, or helping to stop the tragic loss of life by youth suicide.

If you are a young person in crisis, go now: or out of country, please visit the links on the page of Toby19,

First, the NAACP citing it to be a "civil" right lessens what it should be recognized as globally: a HUMAN right. Homosexuality is a human condition, not meaning it is a disease or illness but as in simply existing in the flesh.

In the United States,
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will the real payalot please stand up
Added: 1078 days ago / Views: 204 I am the real payalot the others are fakes
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Looking for more of this guy
Added: 419 days ago / Views: 204

I found this video not long ago and found a better one a week or so later which was a lot better. It looks like it was taken down unfortunatly. Does anyone know where I can find more of this cutie?

thats the boy

many many thanks for the help

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Added: 1499 days ago / Views: 204 Aqui no meu blog eu vou postar alguns contos que li e gostei na internet.
Todos serão em português, pois eu só os leio em sites brasileiros.

Espero que curtam pq é o que eu mais gosto :)
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