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where are you chris, I miss you as well as your other friends on here, take care, scottish hugs, scott

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Added: 1019 days ago / Views: 197 Why do beautiful young men with hot and super well built bodies insist on defiling them by covering them with insideious tattoos? If I had a nice smooth set of abs or beautiful biceps etc the last thing I would want to do is hide them under ink, jeeze I hear guys complain about body hair!
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Can It Still Happen???
Added: 986 days ago / Views: 197 Lord...I am on vacation with my family in's almost 11:30pm Thursday....and I am scared. I fear that my life is almost at an end. I can't believe I still think the world is gonna end real soon. I am a Christian and I believe that we won't know when...but lord...why??? Why am I so afraid? I have read the recent news...everyone else in the world is alive...but why do I have to suffer through this alone....oh Lord...I haven't even lived my life to the fullest yet...if I live to see tomorrow...I will smile and spend more time with my family and live life to my upmost and go to church more and believe. I just wanna see the sun shine again!
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Can anyone tell me how to delete an accoun here?

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does anyone out there have any videos from this web site? i know of a few on here but am looking for more. can any of my friends help? id appreciate it

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facebook :
Added: 1309 days ago / Views: 197 hi nick, is it possible to connect GBT with facebook ? whats your meaning guys ?????????????????????
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what women think while giving oral sex! we should create one about what men think while giving oral sex!
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This is what we’re thinking on those occasions when you’re lucky enough to be getting head.

1.This is an overly complicated belt. Seriously, is this a chastity belt?

2. Note to self: buy him new pants. If I don’t, his mother will get more of these monstrosities.

3. Hm, how to start?

4. Christ, this is taking a long time. Is he delaying on purpose or am I really bad at this?

5. If I pretend to be enjoying this that might speed things up.

6. Jaw ache.

7. Oh well, at least he’s not as big as that guy I met on holiday.

8. Er, grabbing the back of my head may seem sexy but I’d rather not choke to death, thanks.

9. I wonder if men secretly find vaginas as gross-looking as women find penises.

10. Not as gross as balls though. There’s really nothing sexy about a ball.

11. If I look in his eyes while I’m doing this that will speed things up, won’t it?

12. I really want to stop now but it seems like I might actually be getting somewhere.

13. Dilemma: if I switch to hand I’ll be way more comfortable. But that might set things back a bit.

14. That’s it, I can’t breathe, I’m switching to hand.

15. Why do men like this so much anyway?

16. I guess I might as well try that thing I read in Cosmo.

17. I really should have tied my hair back.

18. Ugh. Pubes.

19. Right. How should I deal with the impending, er, situation?

20. Don’t want to swallow. Spit seems rude. Boobs might be better but I don’t trust his aim.

21. If I’d used a condom I wouldn’t be having this dilemma.

22. Shit, better decide soon.

23. Oops, neck and hair it is then. Oh well, better than that time I got red eye.

24. Crap, this will take ages to shampoo out.

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Added: 1514 days ago / Views: 197 Anyone into skype, my skype is jlfrog246, i should b on every day at 3 pm e.s.t
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Added: 1041 days ago / Views: 197 ,
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How to delete?
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How does one deleted unwanted friends and where is the HELP section on this site?

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Got an account made but...
Added: 869 days ago / Views: 197 I havnt gotten a confirmation email. any ideas?
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Observation and Possible Rant
Added: 802 days ago / Views: 197 I have a number of straight friends and I've seen quite a lot of the porn they collect; I've also ventured onto quite a few sites that cater more to straight guys. And, I've noticed something rather odd. I can find literally hundreds of straight videos where the girl will "get the guy off," most often by jacking him off, but, quite often, by sucking him until he shoots in her mouth.

Contrast this with gay porn, where you'll almost NEVER see one guy sucking his partner to and through an orgasm...or even simply jacking his partner off until he cums. No, in gay porn, for some bizarre reason, no matter how hot the sex between partners is, the videos almost exclusively end in the same way: both guys grab their own dicks and jack off. If we're lucky, one will shoot his cum *near* his partner's mouth. Very rarely, one guy will actually allow some of the cum into his mouth. Even the simple act of stroking a partner to an orgasm is rare, in gay porn. Why?

I've had sex with a lot of guys, of all ages, and I've never once had a partner prefer jacking himself off...just find it decidedly odd that there be such a difference in gay versus straight porn.....

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Wow! And by that I mean, WOW!
Added: 1038 days ago / Views: 197 I been watching the exercise and instructional videos here for quite some time now, not all at once but repeatedly. Today however I clicked the blog icon for the first time and i must say , I just was not expecting what I found. Young gay dudes actually discussing issues that affect them. If i told everyone i know about the intelligent , REAL chat on here they would each call me a liar and at some point an intervention would occur where i would be urged to seek help and begin a course of psycotropic meds.

all you guys deserve to be told how awesome you all really are for creating and being a part of this online community here. What you have going on here is a very rare thing in the world and in life. Congrats to all.

So, hello to everybody here. Chris is the name and i will definitely drop in here when im finished masturbating to see what you all have to say.

when im done masturbating. Which is a frequent sort of thing i guess… sort of. does it mean im lazy if i get someone to do it for me? Ah, nevermind.

Cool s#%t here, glad i found this place. you guys rock!
Oh, the vids are hot as they come too, got me rubbin all the skin right off my poor dick. i think its mad at me. I would be if i suffered the way it does. ahhhhh, luv it all!
g;) Remember, puff, puff pass………the lube.
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cute guys with smaller cocks
Added: 1304 days ago / Views: 197 heyy. Im looking for cute young guys with avg or smaller cocks to talk to :) msg me if you fit the description :)
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FILM....Song for a Raggy Boy
Added: 1191 days ago / Views: 197 I recently watched the film Song for a Raggy's about young boys some with behavioral problems..sent to a residential school in Ireland run by roman catholic priests..a number of the boys suffered both physical and sexual abuse in the hands of the priests.. A most moving and heart rendering film i have seen for some time... It is available to watch in about 10 parts on You-Tube
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what to do
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been having sex with a guy for 15yrs and he is married now but a have feelings for him

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10 Great Tips For Parents Whose Children Have Just Come Out As Gay The tips are the first ten comments
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"Mom, Dad, I'm gay." Rarely are these words met with fanfare and rainbow flags flying, except in the rare instance when your parents already knew and were just waiting for you to admit it.

The more common reactions are fear, disappointment, confusion and outright anger. But the worst is when a parent's first thought is, "how am I going to save my own face once people find out Sally's a butch lesbian?" Seriously? Were Mom and Dad the only ones who didn't notice Sally's flannel shirt, oversized baggy jeans, and biker wallet and think that maybe she wasn't interested in finding Prince Charming?

But a funny thing happens when a child comes out of the closet; his parents walk right into it. The roles are now reversed and the parents are now the ones crying in the closet with the door closed and only dust bunnies and dirty laundry for company. Welcome to the new scary closet of your life Mom and Dad. Trust us, it's no picnic in there, unless you count munching on mothballs and dirty socks an entree.

Nevertheless, we'd like to throw you a life preserver to help you float smoothly out of the closet, if and when you see fit. You see we've learned a few tricks along the way about this coming out thing that will help you.

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experiences after comimg out
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I have a few questions for guys who have come out about some things I and my boyfriend have seen and experienced. The first thing and the one that bothers me the most is that a really good friend that I grew up with and went to school with and spent a lot of time with has stopped coming around now. I'm not sure if his girlfriend is causing this or it's his feelings about me being gay as she seemed really cold towards me last time I stopped over at his palce. Anyway I miss him not being around as we used to do a lot together like hunting fishing and stuff. I tried to explain I was the same guy as before but I thinks he's having a hard time accepting I'm gay. When we were kids we sometimes jacked off together in a fort we'd built but nothing else and from what I have heard talking to others this is very common and doesn't mean anything really. But anyway I miss my friend and wish I could say something that would make him ok with who I am and he could still be a part of my life. Should I just accept he's not going to be able to deal with me being gay ya think? Did anyone else loose straight friends when they came out? As I typed that just now is seemed like a dumb question I know.

The other thing is my boyfriend Jordan and I have started hanging out with some other young gay people some of them couples and some not. It seems that because we are gay there is this idea for some people anyway that we want to have sex with anyone else who happens to be gay. Even whan we expalin we are a couple they don't seeem to want to accept that. Also they keep talking about how great sex is while taking painkillers as they say you last longer. Is all this pretty common or are these just some really strange people? This is still pretty new to

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new neighbours
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hum my twin ?

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Just wanted to share!
Added: 969 days ago / Views: 197 I'm going to admit it, today I had sex with a guy. And I realized that I'm not gay. It was lust and curiosity that overtook my emotions. I did not like the taste of dick, nor liked being pounded in the ass haha, nor did I like sticking my dick in his ass. I liked getting head but who doesn't. I will continue to jerk off to gay porn, but from now on I will only hook up with women. Experimenting made me realize what I do and don't like.
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But Human Nature Always Prevails...
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There have been some blog posts in the last couple of days mentioning how wonderful the World would be if we all joined hands, had a group hug and lived in utopia; great stuff but there is a downside - here is an article in todays New Zealand Herald Newspaper about that sort of thing...

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Added: 791 days ago / Views: 197 Hey

I just edited my new profile, so I just wonder if you're satisfied with my new profile. Do I need to edit more?
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2012 Coachella Music And Arts Festival
Added: 1239 days ago / Views: 197 Here is the link for the live feed for the festival going on over the next three days (April 13-15) in Indio,California. This is one of the biggest festivals of it's kind in the world, and is something to behold if you ever have attended it- but here is the next best thing-
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HOW come when I sign out I stay signed in on the ONLINE MEMBERS lists???
Added: 1238 days ago / Views: 197 I'm still shown as I'm online.
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Robert Gibbs
Added: 1238 days ago / Views: 197 I meant to say it doesn't look good for him not does. Sorry guys! but still give the man a moment of your time if you would.

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Hello Everybody!
Added: 965 days ago / Views: 197 I am feeling soooooooooo very much better now. It turns out the mix of the medication they were giving me. Was actually turning to poision in my body and slowly killing me. For the last several weeks I have been dealing with the Broken ankle as you all know (real pain in the ass) but I've had this nagging headache and everything just kept annoing me, much like Cutkiwi( jokling!!Damien!!Kiss) no more like fingernails on a chalkboard. It kept getting worse and worse, then the other night I had a seizure. Luckly my boyfriend (yes my boyfriend thats another post) is a former us army medic getting his paramedic certification. He picked me up, literally, and took me to the hospital. After most of the night and well into the next day and many many little pricks... ( I mean needles get your mind out of the gutter guys. Oh wait this IS a porn site oh well carry on) they figured out that this was a 1 in 1000 reaction. Another day or so and I would be dead.

So thanks to who ever is out there looking out for my skinny fuzzy little ass, and once again thanks to my big strong strapping man Stephen (he is the same guy who threw all the lumber off of me at the Home Depot!) I am still here and alive to annoy and pester you all.

I am feeling so much better now. Its like having someone finally tuen the static out of your television and now I have a clear picture. I want to thank my Dad for putting up with me over the last few wI have really been a pissy little whiner. If he was here he most likely would have spanked my butt rosey,,, (there you go again, jese guys he'smy Dad for God's sakes)

Love Peter
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Added: 716 days ago / Views: 196 i've never been one to like clear, slimy cum. i see it sometimes in vids. for me, i prefer the white stuff...thick and edible. no offense to anyone with clear, slimy cum :)
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Added: 961 days ago / Views: 196 i'm so damn horny right now.........
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Added: 1047 days ago / Views: 196 I was out busking with my guitar on Sunday and made £56 or something like that. On Friday I went to a local ceilidh and was asked to stand in for the guitarist, he was ill and couldn't make it. Any, the guys in the band knew I could play but they thought I was just into rock and pop and couldn't play country, but I showed So thet gave me the courage to try my hand at buskin and I loved it. What an easy way to make some extra money. However, got the shit ripped out of me for wearing those leggings, GAY or what? Fuck em.
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Added: 746 days ago / Views: 196 Well, i do not know whether to upload more frequently, as i havnt uploaded in a while i was thinking about maybe doing a schedule, so say, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and then sunday (if im not busy)...who would like that? drop me a inbox
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Added: 1475 days ago / Views: 196 Please tell me the different between subscribers and friends thanks.
wer kann mir den unterschied zwischen subscriber und friends schreiben danke michel
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About the same-gender issue of being united
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I was still a teenager, pretty much on my own in San Francisco, when I volunteered for the Milk campaign. I also marched until dawn and actively took part in demonstrations after the assassination of Mayor Moscone and Councilman Milk. I have since volunteered with Clive Smith, a dear companion of Harvey's (and I do not feel at all awkward in using his first name.) I watched the quilt project overseen by Clive go from a small U-Haul trailer to 2 semi-trucks when it went to Washington, D.C. There's a lot more history in the last 35 years I have experienced and been actively involved with.

So, when my about to turn 21 nephew broached his anger about the lack of intense focus on LGBTQ suicide and cited the massive amounts of money being spent on the "same sex marriage" issue, I sat down to listen. Why not? He like others here are the future of the community so many have suffered and even died to get to where it is today.

I believe Harvey would have as well. Further, that as the firey yet pragmatic figure he was, he would not insist that one word be necessarily used to describe the union of two people of same gender as "marriage".

So I listen to my nephew, who loves Latin. When he told me his rationale, pretty much summed up above, as said unions being both human and legal rights and suggested the use of "matrimony" (from Latin, "matrimonium" meaning "marriage") and further that under the legal context, the system still uses Latin for most processes ("nolo contendre" = "no contest" etc.) Well, I would bet Harvey would jump at the concept to say, "OK, we won't call it "marriage" but instead use "matrimony"."

My nephew is also a Christian (who goes so far as to challenge "Gay Christians" and ask, "You put sex before Savior?" ) and he is firm as he is sincere in stating, "Marriage law already exists. One man, one woman like mother and father from where I come. It (is a) Holy rite. Matrimony for same gender attracted persons (should be) a human and legal right."

I am now in complete agreement with him, especially to the point of the millions of dollars being spent on this issue, being rather simply resolved by the changing of one word. When he pointed me to "" and showed me where youth suicide ranks on their issues (#6) I joine him in his outrage.

Now I when I get back home to The City, I'm bringing this up and quickly to get help bring this issue to resolution, in a manner that cannot be disputed under our Constitution.

PM me if you are interested in joining this effort, or helping to stop the tragic loss of life by youth suicide.

If you are a young person in crisis, go now: or out of country, please visit the links on the page of Toby19,

First, the NAACP citing it to be a "civil" right lessens what it should be recognized as globally: a HUMAN right. Homosexuality is a human condition, not meaning it is a disease or illness but as in simply existing in the flesh.

In the United States,
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To all my Bros here :)
Added: 984 days ago / Views: 196 This time of year to lots and lots of guys can be a lonely time . :( A time when some feel no one cares or gives a rip about them. If you can just reach out to one person . A call a note a text . a knock on the persons door. Please do that . Because we all matter . If you can please share with us how U reached out how you made a difference in another persons life. Have a kick Holiday guys :) love ya Rus
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Fond Memory
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new to site just wanted to say hi to all

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Has this happened to you?
Added: 739 days ago / Views: 196 You post a vid or something which does not post to the site in the allotted time frame only to show up months later as an entry by someone else? What other site do those uploads go to? Just curious.
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Love, Hook-up, or Friends with Benefits
Added: 930 days ago / Views: 196 Which do you, hook-ups, or friends with benefits??? And why???
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Added: 1104 days ago / Views: 196 yay!!!! i can watch vids this morning!!! and not a day too soon!
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What do you know about worry mania?
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Some persons like to make life like hell.


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Added: 1247 days ago / Views: 196 hey any one living in Nottingham? just looking for some people in nottingham to chat with and maybe meet up
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