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Public Bathrooms (Toilets in UK)
Added: 1283 days ago / Views: 272 do you have such things in your countries..and are they used to 'pick up' guys...or do you 'steer clear' of such places for safety reasons...
many in the UK were closed down as they were used for sex and drugs..most places now you have to pay to pee..
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True or False
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I read this story on a message board on the topic  "Family Nudity/Nude Childhood" All of the stories are tame and seem realistic. As if they are from real nudist families, or stories about summer camps ext. But this story I can't decide. It starts out logical but then takes a turn. However I'm sure stuff similar to this goes one. And it taking place in FL, I can't tell. Tell me what you guys think, fact or fiction. Keep in mind this is not my story it's something I am simply copying and pasting.

my uncle has two boys . when things took place they. were 8 and 10. i went to stay with them while my parents went out of state for a month. during summer vacation. i had seen them before but it had been quite a while. His wife had left him over a year earlier . i had just turned 12 when this event happened. my uncle picked me up and drove me to their farm which was quite a ways out in the country . after we arrived i put my stuff away in the spare room. his sons Jimmy and Joey came home soon after i got there . they were nice kids. very good looking boys. i went upstairs with them to wash up for dinner . after we cleaned up we all went into their room. they took off their shirts . i thought it was odd since we were about to eat supper . i asked them about it. they said we always take off our clothes in the house. then to my surprise they started taking the rest of their clothes off. after they were naked they said come on supper is ready. i was puzzled and a little freaked out but i followed them down to the dining room. my uncle was standing near the table. he had on gym shorts and a tee shirt. he just smiled and we sat down . the food was good. after the meal uncle Ron looked at me. he said. "I guess you notice that we are different from most people." I said. "Well it does seem strange that they're naked." He said that they were almost always naked at home . i asked him why. the boys just grinned at me. uncle ron said it was because he wanted it that way. then he paused and looked me in the eyes . "If you are going to be staying with us i expect you to go naked too. " i was shocked but the boys were nodding and smiling. i asked if i had a choice. Ron shook his head. "No. go ahead and take off all your clothes . then we will go watch TV." they were all watching me intently. i stood up and took my shirt off. then hesitantly undid my pants . soon i was also completely naked . lots more happened but i will post later...i learned a lot that summer.

I hung out with them all the time and obeyed the no clothes rule . one night some people came to visit so we boys all had on long tee shirts with nothing underneath.. the people a woman and two men never knew . as soon as they were gone their dad pulled our tee. shirts off. he could never stand for us to wear clothes . they had a big van that was like a camper. we went for long rides and never had any clothes on. we had shorts and shirts with us but only wore them to get out of the van to eat or something . once back in the van we took our clothes back off.

One day uncle Ron drove us to visit a friend of him . the guy lived several miles away . his place was always in the country . when we got there he had us. put on just the long tee shirts like the time the guests came to their house . no clothes underneath of course . the guy was about forty. he let us in.. i was surprised . he had three boys . One was fifteen and tall. One was thirteen and bigger than us but not by much . the third one was eleven and my size. they were all naked . i looked at the oldest one . he had pubic hair and a fairly big dick. the other two didn't have hair yet. uncle Ron had us stand in front of all of them. then he yanked our shirts off. the guy liked us. so did his boys . that was the first orgy i. ever was in. within five minutes i was on my knees in front of the biggest boy sucking his penis ...lots of boy sex all weekend . the grownups joined us too. later they came to uncle Ron s house a few times . i was able to get my parents to let me stay all summer ...more if requested. i still see the boys sometimes . we are all in our twenties now. we don't do stuff now . Ron is still around . we see him occasionally . we talk about the good old days and watch videos we made . they will never be publicized . names changed to protect all concerned.

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Trump Proves Beyond Doubt that hes not related to an Orangutan
Added: 1255 days ago / Views: 272 A comedian, a millionaire and an orangutan. It may sound like the beginning of a screwball joke, but Donald Trump isn't laughing.

The famously outspoken real estate magnate has sued famously outspoken television host Bill Maher, demanding the $5 million Maher offered to give to charity if Trump could prove his father is not an orangutan.

But legal experts say Trump is unlikely to get a dime from Maher, the host of the HBO series Real Time With Bill Maher, because his offer was clearly made in jest.

"It's parody," said Bryan Sullivan, a Los Angeles entertainment lawyer. "You know Bill Maher is a comedian and a satirist. The offer is so ridiculous."

Trump, however, has taken the comic at his word.

"Attached hereto is a copy of Mr. Trump's birth certificate, demonstrating that he is the son of Fred Trump, not an orangutan," Trump's lawyer, Scott Balber, wrote to Maher last month.

When Maher did not respond, Trump filed a breach of contract lawsuit last week in Los Angeles Superior Court.
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The Results of Bullying
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A body has turned up in a caravan in New Zealand and, although the Police are still investigating, there is reason to think it is a man called Simon Garrick, an old acquaintance of mine.

I first met Simon in 1980 and

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What the fuck is wrong with people?
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I realize that to a lot of you I am just a kid but I just dont understand what the fuck is going on! OK, police shot some guys that I guess they shouldnt have, I wasnt there neither were 99% of these people causing all this bullshit. So now if you are a Police Officer you automaticlly are classified as a bad guy. You know what my father was a police officer for all of hs working life, I didnt think it was cool when I was a little kid but he died of cancer when I was 17 and I wish I had told him just how proud I was of him. Being a poilce officer is not easy, day in and day out you see the worst that people can do to each other. My Dad found a baby in a dumptster once and was shot once but he never gave up.

Now I watch TV and I see people who want to shoot and kill police officers just because... Ok I may be a bit young and inexperienced but fine. Let them have it their way, shut off 911, Police officers stop responding to calls. Let the "Black lives matter" mother fuckers deal with it. Sit back and let it all fall to shit.

I am going to spend the rest of my college fund to rent out the top floor of the Adams Mark hotel inSt. Louis and have a fuck-a-thon.  Everyone without an attitude welcome no clothes allowed. Warm lubes on tap.


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Gay Couple
Added: 545 days ago / Views: 272 IN all seriousness, from those who have been in a relationship. Whats the best part of a gay relationship?

I have had one night stands, but never a romantic bond. I guess I have not met the right guy yet, but from pictures on this site. Gay couples have this aurora of happiness! The utopian idea of not worrying about pregnancy, knowing what feels good down below since both have the same sex organ, it looks like a best friend with benefits relationship.

Or are my fantasies of gay relationships too optomistic since I've never had one?
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hey all
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Just sitting around and just relaxing today. I hope that everyone has an awesome saturday! I am planning on pigging out and watching some shows i needed to catch up on while sipping on hot chocolate. Again guy, have an awesome saturday!

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Added: 1125 days ago / Views: 272 it appears the add favorite is not working?? this the same for anyone else?
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I'm new to this site but, so far I'm loving it. My bf says really another porn site but as I said this ones different and I feel better than the let's see.

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Added: 1085 days ago / Views: 272 So it has been 3-4 months since I had sex and I am thinking of having a Fuck-A-Lot Weekend coming up next weekend when I go home and let guys fuck me back open (and to their hearts content)! I want to do one night at the gloryhole...but I want to know some creative ideas. What can I do to get the word out there and be safe at this Fuck-A-Lot Weekend!!!??? How should I even approach this whole idea of madness? XD lol. Please leave your comments and suggestions! Thanks guys!!!!
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Joel is GONE!
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I wonder what happened. First it was HotJosh, now it's Joel! So many great members are deleting their accounts.

UPDATE: Joel took a break from this site. I wanted to let you guys know.

file not found

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Added: 1592 days ago / Views: 272 hey guys i was wondering if there is anybody in the albany, schenectady area of new york
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Added: 1679 days ago / Views: 272 who wants to chat drop me an email
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Added: 1864 days ago / Views: 272 Hi all I have just joined and looking to meet new friends young and older my e-mail is
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Good site
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really glad i joined this site

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Tree of life
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Everything is Terrible.
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Ahhh, Sweet relief!
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It was a week ago today that I had my surgery, a hernia repair. Well, my houseguests left this morning. I decided it was time for me to rub one out. I was a little worried, the 5" long incision is only inches from my penis. I had not asked the doctor about when "sexual activity" would be safe. I took it easy on myself and am happy to report that I had a nice cum without popping a stitch! A word of advice to anybody that faces surgery in the future: ask your doctor about when it will be safe to 'get off' afterward. I wish that I had thought to ask, it would have saved me some worrying. Knowing ahead of time can save you the worry and let you get back into action as soon as it is safe.

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Wasn't Bruno Mars AMAZING?!!!
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Wasn't Bruno Mars AMAZING?!!!

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So my birthday's tomorrow...
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I turn 21. Is it weird that I'm not that pumped about my birthday coming? Yeah, I know I'll be turning 21 and I'll be able to drink (which is nice if you can control it). But idk, it's I've always kinda felt lonely when my bday comes around, same with holidays like Christmas and New Years. Is it weird to feel this way or is it all just me getting older?

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Take a Moment from the Porn :(
Added: 1314 days ago / Views: 272 After the shock and the horror comes the speculation: Why did an obviously disturbed young man enter an elementary school in Connecticut and gun down scores of people, many of them children?

We will root through his background for clues: Who raised him? Was he in the military? Did he play video games? Was he in a cult? Did mental illness take him to this dark place, and did we miss the warning signs along the way? We will piece together an approximation of a workable narrative that somehow inevitably ends with this man going into a school and doing what he did -- because the ending is the one part we can get fully right.

But there is really only one fact that makes such violence comprehensible: This man woke up in a country in which virtually anyone can purchase weapons -- with little more effort than is required to put gasoline in the tank of their car -- that give them the power to murder people.

That is the one fact that demands to be changed.

The impetus to make sense of unspeakable tragedy is a basic part of humanity. Something both terrible and extraordinary has happened, something we are eager to avoid envisioning as the fate for our own children, so our minds search for the particulars that might render this situation unique. We try to distinguish this young man from any other young man who might enter our own local elementary school.

But the underlying tragedy of this latest American catastrophe is how familiar this sort of spectacle has become. The television coverage and the reactions of prominent people all seem to unfold along the lines of a preconceived script: shock and heartbreak, then biographical inquiry, before we stick the story on the guy who pulled the trigger and move on.

We know what to do, what to say, what to ask, because we have been here before far too many times, absorbing the images of horrifying violence and imagining what it would be like to hear the news if those children were your own.

This is insane. It is madness that we continue to allow such bloodshed to unfold, occasioning predictable dismay while the gun lobby keeps buying off our politicians and ensuring that the rules never change.

As I type this, we do not know what prompted this man to kill those people in that school, but we know that the next disturbed person with similarly murderous inclinations will be able to get their hands on the means to follow through.

In every country, some people lose their jobs and become enraged. Some suffer mental illness and seize on fantastical notions. They are spurned and hatch crackpot schemes and seek revenge. In every country, some people are disturbed, broken-hearted or angry enough to murder. What is special about this country is the extent of the damage that such people are able to inflict when the urge comes.

As we inevitably speculate and sift through biographical facts in this process of seeking reassurance, there is one fact above all others that needs to be altered: We have to make it harder for people to get their hands on guns.

Peter S. Goodman-Huffington Post
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Looking for chat
Added: 1667 days ago / Views: 272 Hi, there looking for someone to chat to aged 20 or under, please message me, i have skype and msn
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Camp Gay Men
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How do you feel about camp gay men?

The reason I ask is there is an interesting article in pink news about how a lot of gay men hate those who are camp and singles out certain comedians such as John Inman and Larry Grayson (two hilarious men who made millions laugh by being over the top gay characters on television)

I wondered what everyone's thoughts on the subject are; do camp men embarrass you? do not like camp men? do you consider it just part of life within a gay scene in your city? do you prefer camp men to straight acting?

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Always be true to thy self
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Hope to meet frends.
Added: 1259 days ago / Views: 271 Hello, iam a new to GBT and have been told by a friend this a place to meet guys who are open and true blue. I hope so for ive have visit a number of other sites and found a fuw guys , but i am all ways looking for more to chat with. Iam a Frist mate on a very big ship with a very small crew, and only few are gay, so iam all ways looking for some fun and hope to find a ship mate that would come aboard and visit me, who knows what will happen. Ive only invited one person i meet on line at interactivemail and he ejoyed it and lasted only four months, sea life was not his cup of tea. Yes we had a wonderful time together,but living on a ship takes a little getting use too. belive me ive been out here all most 20 years, that is why iam here at GBT to meet you guys. ok lets chat and get to know each other. online at night depending on which side of the world i am on. Love.Peace, SeaKid666
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hi friends read my story' ""
Added: 1344 days ago / Views: 271 dale felder's life story,written in many languages,english, german, russian, chinese, french, japanese,india,hindi,italian,

hi friends im dale felder, im a author, designer, writer, photographer, and i live in sanfrancisco, california, you read my new photo books click the links here>

hi friends my name is mr dale felder I live in san Francisco California, and this is my life story, I came here to San Francisco in 1979, but I was born in Kansas City mo., February 15,1957, today is the mouth of May 2012, so that makes me a 55 years old black man, so you do the math. ha ha and I know your probably riding high in the sky on a airplaine and reading my book just to pass the time away. Or maybe you're just sitting in a Starbucks coffee shop reading my book on your apple computer and your ebook. Or riding on a train with that little reading light on above your head and your just having a laid back quiet spiritrual moment with yourself our you good now? So let me tell you about my life's journey it starts in Kansas City mo, my mother and father met in the early 1950s and got married. My brother was born 1955, then me and my other brother came later 1957, then my mother had an enlarged weak heart and she died when I was two years old. And a day after my mother died my father marred the 18 year old girl who lived upstairs from us in the apartment building. so she became my step mother and she would baby sit me and my brothers when my mother was sick in the hospital. I never knew my real mother the sound of her voice her touch but never the less my dear sweet mother's life did have a purpose. and shortly after my mother's death my father used her life insurance policy to buy a two story house. now it's the year 1959 and were all living in this big and when his brother grows out of the shoes. and my father had to go bear footed to school all his child hood because they was to poor in the 1930s and he only went to the six grade because my father had to work in the cotton fields, water melon fields, he was used as child labor back in the 1930s and my fathers, father killed his mother and a black preacher and his wife took him and his brothers in their home and treated him bad. the south treated him bad all of his life and when he was 18 years old in the 1940s my father went to the army in Paris and Germany his job in the army was to unload the ships like tanks, guns, bombs, and the black men had the most deadliest job unloading the bombs from the ships. And when my father got out of the army he ended up in Kansas City, mo., how? I don't know he never told us but Kansas City, mo. must have been better than the south. because he got good job at a steel company in Kansas city where he became foreman and supervisor of that company and I remember in 1970 I was the 7th grade my father was in the hospital for about two weeks my step mother told us a steel wire went thru his chest in his lung. but I really think my father had to fire a man on the job and the man stabbed my father in the chest. but my step mother never took us to see him in the hospital but I didn't care at that time. But all I know is I had a nice vacation from getting a beat down by him. When my father got out of the hospital his mental state of mind had got worse my father's definitely had a mental problem he drank vodka on his days off from work and beat me or he beat my step mother. But all I know is that some body in my house was going get beat down by my father. Just for no reason at all or when he was having mental flash back about his jacked up life. my step mother would leave my father and go stay at her mothers house for about two weeks and our house would be real quiet and my father didn't beat no body the house whole time my step mother was gone. but after my father would be on the phone pleading to my step mother to come back so she came back and my father just be mean and agian and my father could'nt stop my step mother from having sex with other men. so my father put her in a mental ward at the hospital. where she stayed for about two weeks and i remember it was in the spring of 1970 i think i was about 13 years old. my whole family is in our big green station wagon and my uncle was sitting in the front seat with my father. and my father just driving along and talking to my uncle and my father was swirling, weaving the car in the street and driving crazy in the street and my father was trying to drive the car in the parking lot of the hospital but he could'nt get control of the steering wheel and my uncle had to grab the steering wheel and got in the drivers seat and finish driving in hospital emergency entrance and my nucle got my father in to the hospital and he layed him down on one of those flat hospital beds in the hall way. And the hospital people were buzzin around in the hall ways of the hospital and it was taken such a long time for some body to take care of my father. And while my father was lying on that flatbed his eyes were red and just staring up in the ceiling all glassy eyed and my father's head was raised up. And he was looking into all of our faces like it was the last time he was going to see us. And the look on his face was like he was afraid he was going to die. But I had mixed feeling what would my life be without my father? But my father didn't die he stayed in a mental ward of the hospital for about two week. And our house was nice and quiet while my father was gone. So we all went to the hospital to visit my father and he looks so pitiful with his head in his lap. So while my family was visiting with my father. I went walking around this big hospital just amusing myself and I saw a tray with a fresh jello and pudding cups on it. so I help myself to the goodies and since my father wasn't at home I could think to myself and it felt good and peaceful for a change in my life and as time went by I found out why my father had to go in the hospital. It was on my father's day off from his job, and my uncle and my father was experimenting with some kind of speed drugs and it had a bad reaction in my father's body so there now you know. and now I'm going to say this about my step mother she was a good mother and took good care of me and my brothers when we was sick because she was a nurse aid. and she tried to create a sense of normalcy in our home and on Christmas my step mother buys a green Christmas tree and sit it in the front room window and buy a lot of gifts and rap them up real nice and on the holidays all the family came over to our house because we had the biggest house in the family and we had some really big family picnics at that house there was big tables out in the big back yard and my father would put the ice cream machine together. and my step mother would make the ice cream mixture on the stove with eggs cream just all the stuff that make homemade ice cream etc., and all the aunts and grandmother's would be there cooking and the weather would be hot but we all just had a good family time. Things was not bad all and there were good time in my family but I just had to get the bad stuff out of my system and move of on with my life and my story. I like the early spring in that big house two story house. On 3217 Michigan, street, we lived in because my step mother would all ways be cooking food when I and my brothers would come in from school. And she would be cleaning that big house and waxing the hard wood floors. And the scent of pinesal would fill the air and a cool gentle breeze would blow through the open windows. after an early spring rain and make the flower printed curtains flap around and the white flower bushes in the front yard smell so sweet and I love smelling the yellow and white honey suckle vine that grew in the back yard and little thing like that made me feel happy and it's the early 1970s and I'm 15 years old and the family is loading up our furniture and moving to the suburbs pass 63th street where black people could not live in the 1950s and after the martin Luther king riot in 1968, the white people start leaving the so called whites only neighborhoods. And the black people start moving in so called white neighborhoods. And now our family is living in a new house in the suburbs it was small and had three small bed rooms and one little living room and a small kitchen. So now there are five of us living in this small house so now I'm going to a suburban high school and so what. That school and all the other schools I ever attended the teachers never did teach me anything. The teachers were beating me across my butt with a long thick wooden broad and that made my nervous system really bad thru out my childhood. Did you know I was in the seventh grade two times and the ninth grade two times well it's true. The Kansas City school system did nothing for me they got paid money for nothing. And there were no books in our house and whenever I would bring a school book home my father would throw it out and I never could find it any more. My father was not big fan of education so I just stop going to school. I wanted to be a photographer and clothes designer and there was no inspiration in my home and there was no inspiration in Kansas City in the 1970s so when I was nineteen years old in 1979 I went to job corps in Clearfield Utah it was my first airplane trip and it was a free trip to anywhere. And when I arrived in Clearfield Utah my fraternal twin brother had been there in job corps for an about two weeks and he was having mental stuff going on in his head. And fighting people in his dorm and when I found my brother he was sleeping on a top bunk when I walked in his dorm. but I didn't know I not allowed to enter the other dorms and few guys was looking at me real mean like they was going to beat me up. Until I woke my brother up then it was ok and we hung out and it was just like my brother was not even there, some time he was in space most time. and think we was together for a week and then the cafeteria had burn down and us job corps guys had to get up real early in the morning. And stand in the cool snowcapped mountain air and wait for this big yellow school bus to take us guys to a school cafeteria. to eat three time a day for about two weeks until they finish building our new cafeteria out of two dorm rooms on the job corps center and when I was at job corps I signed up to learn how to be cook. And I earned 25 dollars a week while I was in job corps but I really didn't like cooking but I kept cooking because job corps didn't have any other training I wanted to do. But I was having so much fun and all 80 guys living in my dorm would all go on these field trips high up in the Utah Mountains and along a rushing river. In a big wide beautiful green valley and we went on some many field trips I cannot count them. But I'm glad job corps was a part of my life journey for nine month of my young life and while I was in job corps it became a coed job corps center. The girls started coming in the job corps center from all over the world. And the guys in job corps were from all over the world and when the girls came to the center it was less fighting from the guys that was a good thing. and I was a big guy I could handle myself pretty good and it was three girls from the virgin islands and they like hanging out around me on the center I was sort of like a big brother to girls and job corps was a good experience for me to learn how to be on my own. I had good time and a lot of silly little boy fights but my nine months at job corps was up. and now I'm back home in Kansas City, mo. and my body is a lot bigger and my mind is a lot wiser and job corps sent me a 1000$ dollar check. And I never had that much money in my life. my oldest brother just got out of the navy and then he got married and his own home my other brother went to the navy I stayed at home for little while it was early spring my step mother had lift the home the same time I was going to job corps. and she was living in her own little apartment in midtown in our old hood on Linwood blv., and now im the last guy living at home and finally my father kicked me out the house. It was a hot summer day in Kansas City, mo. and got jobs as a dish washer at Denny's 24 hour restaurant on 39th, street main, because that's the only kind of work I could get. But I did eat well at those jobs and the economy was real good in the year 1979 and I thank god there were so many restaurants for me to work at. Now and I turned 20 years old and I'm on my own and no looking back ever again. everybody shut doors in my face so I lived in the YMCA hotel for 25 dollars a week in down town Kansas City, mo. and I was young and free gallivanting thru the city night life and I never been in a bar before so I walk in to this bar with low lights and it was a block from the ymca where I was staying and I order a soft drink. And I wasn't in there to long and the red head bartender lady said me hey frank over at the end of the bar want to buy you drink. I said ok and what kind of drink is that orange and red drink? The bartender said that's a tequila sunrise so I said I want one of those drink and this was the first time a man ever wanted to buy me anything. So I got up and walk and down to the other end of the bar and I sit next to this much older white man who had just bought me this drink. and I don't remember what we was talking about maybe it was the tequila sunrise and I didn't like the taste of liquor any way but the orange juice sure made it go down a lot while we're talkin and it seems like this white man's only interest was the size of my Johnson rod so this white man said to me lets go out to my car and I said ok and I do need some easy money so now we're sitting in this white man's car in the parking lot and whip out my Johnson rod and this white man grabs it and start bobbin my Johnson rod. I think I kind of like it or maybe it was just the tequila drink but any way I had just discovered that white men had a craving for the Johnson rod of black men. and discovered I can make money off my body and there was a time in the 1960s white men was chasseing black people out of their neighborhoods and in 1970s white men was driving in the black peoples neighborhoods to find young black guys to give oral to there Johnson rod what a laugh. And after I would get off from my food service job I would walk to down town Kansas City. And the bright neon light of the sex clubs and the strip clubs of Kansas City. HEY FRIENDS DO YOU WHAT TO READ MORE OS MY LIFE STORY? YOU GO TO THE LINK BELOW>

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Confronting Hate.....
Added: 710 days ago / Views: 271

Story Address in Huffington Post:

About Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church's Website

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Rating star
Added: 1638 days ago / Views: 271 What is rating star for? How can I get increase rating stars? I don't understand.
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KINGuys - Sex gay!
Added: 1018 days ago / Views: 271

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Thanks Everyone
Added: 1282 days ago / Views: 271 I dont know what to say.... I feel more loved than I ever have in my life. I dont know who that was, but he must have known me from my "other life" and I won't lie to you I did some things that I am ashamed of. I am in a better place now and I have a man who loves me in my life. He is helping me get my GED. I am HIV+ but I am healthy. (except for this damn broken foot) Once I get my GED my case worker is going to help me get into community college, she has a position open for me to work with her helping street kids get into the half/way house and off the streets. She feels that I will be able to help council them as a as she puts it "someone who made it out". I am going to do my best to help others out of the "pit"

I will always regret the things I did in my past but I cannot change them all I can do is learn from them and use them to help me teach others.

I am so sorry if this person upset any of you today. I should have realized that by putting my photo on my profile I risked some of my past tricks finding me.

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More Bisexuals/Straight dudes than Gay guys on GBT?
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I was looking at the vids posted over the last day or so, and the vid with the most views is "lucky girl"--straight porn. Either homos are a minority here or there are a few gay boys who have not seen straight sex and were curious I guess. Interesting anyway....

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Added: 1339 days ago / Views: 271 i'm in a rather bitter mood today! i hate the holiday season.. i hate the upcoming winter weather! hahaha.. i hate the fact i have NO prospect of any kind of relationship! and i hate the fact that...not even porn is doin anything for me now! lolss

has anybody ever felt this way? am i just efing weird!
happy thxgiving every1
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Finally left the closet
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Hey everyone!

It's my first blog post ever, so I am sorry if i am doing it all wrong. I just wanted to share a special moment from my life with you guys. Normally I don't talk that much but I really wanted to tell you know that I finally left the closet after years of knowing that I am gay, I finally found my courage and told my parents. They reacted totally cool, there were a lot of tears but it was all so beautifull. I have to tell someone but nobody except my parents knows that I am gay... So I just wanted to share this with you and thank you for reading this blogpost! ;)

I love you guys! Have a great (gay) day!

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what women think while giving oral sex! we should create one about what men think while giving oral sex!
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This is what we’re thinking on those occasions when you’re lucky enough to be getting head.

1.This is an overly complicated belt. Seriously, is this a chastity belt?

2. Note to self: buy him new pants. If I don’t, his mother will get more of these monstrosities.

3. Hm, how to start?

4. Christ, this is taking a long time. Is he delaying on purpose or am I really bad at this?

5. If I pretend to be enjoying this that might speed things up.

6. Jaw ache.

7. Oh well, at least he’s not as big as that guy I met on holiday.

8. Er, grabbing the back of my head may seem sexy but I’d rather not choke to death, thanks.

9. I wonder if men secretly find vaginas as gross-looking as women find penises.

10. Not as gross as balls though. There’s really nothing sexy about a ball.

11. If I look in his eyes while I’m doing this that will speed things up, won’t it?

12. I really want to stop now but it seems like I might actually be getting somewhere.

13. Dilemma: if I switch to hand I’ll be way more comfortable. But that might set things back a bit.

14. That’s it, I can’t breathe, I’m switching to hand.

15. Why do men like this so much anyway?

16. I guess I might as well try that thing I read in Cosmo.

17. I really should have tied my hair back.

18. Ugh. Pubes.

19. Right. How should I deal with the impending, er, situation?

20. Don’t want to swallow. Spit seems rude. Boobs might be better but I don’t trust his aim.

21. If I’d used a condom I wouldn’t be having this dilemma.

22. Shit, better decide soon.

23. Oops, neck and hair it is then. Oh well, better than that time I got red eye.

24. Crap, this will take ages to shampoo out.

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For those of faith
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I am not a religious man, but I have great interest in understanding different worldviews.  I am not a troll, and genuinely want to hear your answers.  I was recently exposed to yet another story of abuse perpetrated by religious authority figures, those in a position of ultimate trust.  Again, as is so often the case, this event was never confronted, and the young man has lived with this terrible secret causing great emotional and psychological damage.  I struggle to understand...  As a person of faith, how does this make you feel?  How does the knowledge of the Pope's involvement in protecting those responsible affect you?  How do you reconcile these stories within your faith?  I truly mean no offense, and sincerely hope you ask yourself these questions honestly.  My heart goes out to the countless victims.

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