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new neighbours
Added: 111 days ago / Views: 191

hum my twin ?

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Added: 1000 days ago / Views: 191 who want to video chat i need to talk to some one :0
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Added: 727 days ago / Views: 191 hey im new to this and i just want to know if anyone's interested in teaching me how to use this...
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Whens it all gonna be fixed?
Added: 1723 days ago / Views: 191 I notice that all the videos I uploaded as private are now public and none of them are associated with my account. Are they going to be associated back to my account and made private again? ANd when?
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Can i have a copy of this wonderful short film- Last call?
Added: 1319 days ago / Views: 191 Hello i love this movie on here Last call, Can anybody provide me with a company of this video because my internet is slow and it keeps buffering so i want to download it and watch on my computer :) Can anybody help me out please?
Please message me if you need me, i would really appreciate getting this movie.
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My blog
Added: 1022 days ago / Views: 191 <--------- O MELHOR BLOG GAY DO BRASIL <--------- THE BEST BRAZILIAN GAY BLOG
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Sports players' underwear
Added: 1180 days ago / Views: 191 Looking a vids like "a hot guy", I'm curious to know what underwear (if any) athletes likes soccer players wear under their shorts?
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its a pleasure
Added: 933 days ago / Views: 191 just like to say to all my friends on here, its been a pleasure to find such a place and meet a lot of cool guys,and get some anwsers to some of my questions, still got a few more to ask, but they will keep for the time being. lots of love and affection, greg
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Horny and want to chat
Added: 1312 days ago / Views: 190 Hi there anyone want to chat, i have skype, msn and yahoo mess.

Message me ;)
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I'm horny
Added: 1312 days ago / Views: 190 Could people who live in or around Atlanta,ga please friended me I'm so horny
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Alan willy is a pedophile
Added: 930 days ago / Views: 190
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Added: 1493 days ago / Views: 190 hi, anyone wanna chat? inbox me or email me -
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Added: 1130 days ago / Views: 190 im so into guys feet, always been that way even b4 i knew what gay was ,, as a kid i use to fantasize about touching an playing with other boys feet ,,anyone else feel the same
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Added: 355 days ago / Views: 190




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Milking you
Added: 776 days ago / Views: 190 Who will let milk them dry.
Would you feed me all of your sweet milk let me drink it all.
Let me know?
Like sweet young milk the best.
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Added: 872 days ago / Views: 190 Hello to all my friend's I am home doing really well.
Thank you all so munch for the e-mails and the blog.I will be getting to all the e-mails soon.just can't really sit up for that long as of yet(yep I'm being a wimp)I am walking around well just in side now it snowed her in sunny toledo Just want to thank all of you her so munch have a sweet week bro's joey
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shout out to thank thomthumb666 for making autism awareness avatar!
Added: 1219 days ago / Views: 190 thomthumb666 is a friend of mine and i love all me friends here. but right now i just have to say im very grateful to him for makin the avatar on his page for autism awareness day and that is tomorrow 4/2/12 and it is world wide. his page is at and if you want more info about tmw the address is ~ please share and help tmw make a difference for people with autism, pdd-nos and like me, asperger's
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Added: 1483 days ago / Views: 190 Hey guys I'm looking for a buddy in central massachusetts. Masc, sexy and fit guy. friendly and fun. if your a younger guy in the area then get back to me.
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>>>STALKER `wanniwi´<<<
Added: 1163 days ago / Views: 190 HELLO & GOOD EVENiNG !!

Writing that in my profile ====) TURN OFfs & this ENDless(?) STALKER `wanniwi´
i know that not only stalking me - so pls informate directly NiCK18 !
If there also other like him make it puBlic just in another
BLOG here for mayBE there is a chance to STOP such evil

By the way thank
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Are poets mostly gay?
Added: 1008 days ago / Views: 190 The question is, for me, as a man, who is interested in art and poems, are the most poets gay? Of course, there was a lot in the history, that was truly gay: Walt Whitman, Fernando Pessoa, August Graf von Platen (Germany), Jaime Gil y Biedma, W.H.Auden,Allen Ginsberg, Sandro Penna etc. Are gay man more sensitive? But there are a lot of heterosexual poets. Maybe, it´s a stereotype, but in the society, the most people think, when a 18 years old man writes poems, he is gay. Only he knows, if he is gay. You must read his poems, to know it or not, but you can not say, every poet is gay. Next time, when you read a poem, please inform you (in Wikipedia, for example), if the poet was or is gay, but don´t create stereotypes in your brain!
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looking for twinks to cam with on skype
Added: 1082 days ago / Views: 190 my skype is bret.arter1 add me must be twink or twink type :) i am 22 w/130 so hit me up :)
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Watching a cute guy give a BJ
Added: 482 days ago / Views: 190

I like a video of a cute guy getting a BJ as much as the next guy I suppose. But have that same cute guy GIVE a BJ instead of receiving it and I really like watching that. Anyone else feel this way?

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dirty talk
Added: 1120 days ago / Views: 190 who like to talk dirty (sexually) contact me if u do
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Added: 1072 days ago / Views: 190 yay!!!! i can watch vids this morning!!! and not a day too soon!
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The Grindar App Review. :)
Added: 1160 days ago / Views: 190 Ok its been a while since i have posted a Blog. This is my question of the week . I heard some guys going on and on about an App called Grindar. Its like a hook up App. Anyone use this ? lol No i am not going to download it . Just saying but i do want to know. So share with us. You can post here or stop by my page and say hi. Ruslan :)
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Observation and Possible Rant
Added: 770 days ago / Views: 190 I have a number of straight friends and I've seen quite a lot of the porn they collect; I've also ventured onto quite a few sites that cater more to straight guys. And, I've noticed something rather odd. I can find literally hundreds of straight videos where the girl will "get the guy off," most often by jacking him off, but, quite often, by sucking him until he shoots in her mouth.

Contrast this with gay porn, where you'll almost NEVER see one guy sucking his partner to and through an orgasm...or even simply jacking his partner off until he cums. No, in gay porn, for some bizarre reason, no matter how hot the sex between partners is, the videos almost exclusively end in the same way: both guys grab their own dicks and jack off. If we're lucky, one will shoot his cum *near* his partner's mouth. Very rarely, one guy will actually allow some of the cum into his mouth. Even the simple act of stroking a partner to an orgasm is rare, in gay porn. Why?

I've had sex with a lot of guys, of all ages, and I've never once had a partner prefer jacking himself off...just find it decidedly odd that there be such a difference in gay versus straight porn.....

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looking for young guys 18 to 21 to be my top guy.
Added: 976 days ago / Views: 190 looking for young guys to orally service in pittsburgh,pa. must be straight acting and appearing like me. penis size means nothing to me. cute chubby boys are welcome.
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Congratulation Dennis ( phallussy ) 1000 days on GBT
Added: 290 days ago / Views: 190

My dear friend, Congratulation for the 1000 days on GBT...Thanks for your friendship, love alws..1000 big Hugzzz n kissss... SAMMY xxx

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The Westboro Church......
Added: 730 days ago / Views: 190 I Hate Them They're Asshole And Nonetheless Of Hateful And Belligerent Idiots Who's Believes Are Stupid And Just Plain Cruel And Uncalled For They Go Around Bashing Gays And Gay Supporters Which Is Just Plain Wrong They Have No Right Too Do What They Do They Have No Right Too Judge People Based Purely Off That Persons Sexual Preference Its Wrong And Cruel And Too Be Quite Frank They Need Too Be Shot On Spot!! Any Thoughts Or Opinions On What I Just Said Or Of The Westboro Church Please Leave Your Thought And Opinions Below :) Thank You
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Went out to town for a walk and what did i see ......
Added: 182 days ago / Views: 190 IT WAS NICK BLACK....... HELP HELP I HOPE HE IS NOT COMING BACK

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Did you vote today ?
Added: 1000 days ago / Views: 190 Share with us why .... hope to see you soon :)
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But Human Nature Always Prevails...
Added: 581 days ago / Views: 190

There have been some blog posts in the last couple of days mentioning how wonderful the World would be if we all joined hands, had a group hug and lived in utopia; great stuff but there is a downside - here is an article in todays New Zealand Herald Newspaper about that sort of thing...

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Added: 1209 days ago / Views: 190 hi guys,
if u like me to add u as a friend,please say so ob my inbox.
my request feature doesnt work.
thank for your understanding.
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Added: 1105 days ago / Views: 190 hey does anybody want to give me the D?
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Please help
Added: 1183 days ago / Views: 190 I have just uploaded a pic from a video i have seen of these two boys.

I can no longer find it can someone please help?

Please give photo time to show

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Ben's gone
Added: 1146 days ago / Views: 190 Just noticed Ben has left this site, i forget his user name but he was a cute boy i think he made 5 vids of himself, and he new how to use a banana
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start to my new life
Added: 821 days ago / Views: 190 i have srarted a new facebook and i'm going to make better friends so feel free to add me search for my email on facebook it's please only people who talk clean on facebook walls because family still thinks i'm not gay
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