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I'm not the only one that see no pictures right?
Views: 188 · Added: 405 days ago

Are all the pictures gone or something? Am I not the only one? Just wondering

Views: 188 · Added: 1122 days ago

I wish I could watch videos on this site on my iPhone 4
Who thinks the same?

Views: 188 · Added: 1151 days ago

who wants to wank with me

Growing Up And Coming Of Age Stories
Views: 188 · Added: 1042 days ago

Love to share stories with anyone about growing up and how you learned or who taught you. I was 'taught' how to j/o when I was just 8 years old by my teenage step uncles while visiting them on their farm one summer. Went home and taught my little brother what I had learned and he and I became j/o buds until he got married. Later in my teens, my twin cousins begged me to teach them about sex when they were almost 13. Would love to hear how others learned or were taught. Hit me up if you want to hear the full stories! I grew up thinking I was the only one having these experiences because no one would talk about stuff like that in school...then the internet came along and I found out I have alot of company. lol.

anyone in or near saint louis missouri
Views: 188 · Added: 1120 days ago

just wanna kick it like soccer :P

Fantasy Story #1
Views: 188 · Added: 740 days ago is a fantasy story that I came up with. Let me know what you think...

He pulls me into the bedroom. We're both horny as fuck. The beautiful stud in front of me...tall, blonde...with a beautiful face....and sexy muscles. He pushes me on the bed and we make out like mad. He keeps rubbing all over me...feeling me...nonstop pleasure. Then, he pulls off my shirt...and I take off his. Then, he licks me all stomach...until he reaches "down there." He pulls down my jeans and sees my cock through the outline of my jockstrap. He licks my jockstrap all over and rubs my cock roughly. The moment comes when he pulls my jock and sucks on my now raging cock. He takes it down to the pubes and sucks like mad. The feel of ecstacy rushing within me. The pleasure that this boy was giving me. He licks me balls and plays with them in his mouth. Then, he stops. He looks at me and gives me that look....oh. We flip around and I pull off his jeans and jock and we start to 69. The feel of his now big cock inside my mouth. It's so fucking awesome. We are moaning and sucking like crazy until he asks to fuck me. I don't hesistate saying yes and before I know it...I hear the sound of a foil packet and a bottle of lube. Then...he's inside me. His blonde hair flapping and dripping with sweat...his balls pounding on my ass intensley. He is close...and so am I. He turns me around so that we are both looking at each other. He thrusts a few more times and begs me to call out his name. I do so...and continue until one final thrust...BAM! The moment of pure pleasure kicks in as he finishes inside me and I finish on myself. I wake up just as it gets to this part...and wish that he was here with me...right here, right now.

Views: 188 · Added: 279 days ago

Internet Abuse

Count Down 95 Days Till ( The Day Of Silence )
Views: 188 · Added: 1141 days ago

On the National Day of Silence hundreds of thousands of students nationwide take a vow of silence to bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in their schools. If your gay and or a teen this day is important to me and i hope you:)So if you are a teen boy lover and i know lots of you are . Show your support please :) If you have questions go to the website or ask me :) Love ya Ruslan Peace out

wanking at urinals
Views: 188 · Added: 1358 days ago

does anyone else love wanking at urinals and do you have any horny urinal stories??

Well done!!
Views: 188 · Added: 303 days ago

300 Days

Congrats on the milestone!

Views: 188 · Added: 539 days ago

well no one discussed my post yesterday, so i will try again today. do you agree morning blowjobs are the best? we just woke up and orally pleasured each other and enjoyed strong orgasms. now it is off to my weekly run. do any of you guys jog or run for fun? to stay in shape? running right after sex is energizing. try jacking off right before you go! my tip for the dayQ

are you more interested in history or whats ahead
Views: 188 · Added: 257 days ago

i'm kinda down the middle

trade pic
Views: 188 · Added: 1166 days ago

I'm 18 honey who won't pics

Views: 188 · Added: 1304 days ago

hey guys, looking for young boys my age (ask in a messege for age range) for skype to chat, maybe vid chat. add me on skype or messege me on this, cnt wait :)
(prefably in or near swindon)

P.S. if u just add me skype, plz includ age and location

Ahhh, Sweet relief!
Views: 188 · Added: 382 days ago

It was a week ago today that I had my surgery, a hernia repair. Well, my houseguests left this morning. I decided it was time for me to rub one out. I was a little worried, the 5" long incision is only inches from my penis. I had not asked the doctor about when "sexual activity" would be safe. I took it easy on myself and am happy to report that I had a nice cum without popping a stitch! A word of advice to anybody that faces surgery in the future: ask your doctor about when it will be safe to 'get off' afterward. I wish that I had thought to ask, it would have saved me some worrying. Knowing ahead of time can save you the worry and let you get back into action as soon as it is safe.

Dailight savings time remember to set your sun dial...
Views: 188 · Added: 357 days ago

...spring ahead.

Tip of the day
Views: 188 · Added: 130 days ago

Hi guys
Views: 188 · Added: 1132 days ago

Just moved in to the neighborhood, like to say hi.

feet lover
Views: 188 · Added: 1018 days ago

hi my name is marco im 19 im a feed addick,take a look at my vid and pics on beaupied.
write me your best feet sex scene whit other dude and why you love feet.
i get horny just by readind you.
thank marco xxxx

Always be true to thy self
Views: 188 · Added: 721 days ago

Where do all the videos and pics go?
Views: 187 · Added: 894 days ago

I'm relatively new to this site. I know everyone complains about their videos not getting posted. But does anyone know why some videos make it and some don't? Is there any rhyme or reason?

One video I attempted to post never made it to the site. Three days later I tried the same video again and this time it made it on the site. I have a lot I want to add, but it seems like only 10% of what I have attempted to post so far has made it.

Should I go back and try to repost those all again?

If there are guidelines anywhere here please let me know.

Squirt ;p

dirty boyfun
Views: 187 · Added: 1340 days ago

any young guys around my age (22) into unwashed/dirty dicks and/or farting???

Views: 187 · Added: 271 days ago

Views: 187 · Added: 936 days ago

hi im in memphis for somebody to get in with or get into me lol hit me on here if your in town and maybe we ca go from there

The Results of Bullying
Views: 187 · Added: 505 days ago

A body has turned up in a caravan in New Zealand and, although the Police are still investigating, there is reason to think it is a man called Simon Garrick, an old acquaintance of mine.

I first met Simon in 1980 and

Views: 187 · Added: 466 days ago

Sex is always on everyones mind! WHY! Because humans are designed to eat and fuck! Why do we have to work day to day, dealing with nonsense and political bullshit!?!

im trying out craiglist
Views: 187 · Added: 928 days ago

anyone ever use craiglist for fun is it a good idea or not can someone shed some light on this for me :)

Photo Albums
Views: 187 · Added: 110 days ago

Poking around and for some reason I cannot see how to add albums (photos)
Would be nice if I could as I have a number I would not mind sharing :)

Views: 187 · Added: 502 days ago

Its a well established fact they dont change their undergarments as frequently as regular females.

in your experience?
Views: 187 · Added: 1230 days ago

Photo comments
Views: 187 · Added: 1370 days ago

I've commented on several photos recently and none have posted.

happy new year
Views: 187 · Added: 787 days ago

hey's hopein you have your best year yet..i'm plannin to..i have had fun here in 2012..thanks everybody for all the great vids, pics, and, mike

Canada Day
Views: 187 · Added: 608 days ago

Just wanted to wish all you Canadian guys out there a 'Happy Canada Day'.

hey guys
Views: 187 · Added: 871 days ago

just want to say im still here, im just keeping a low profile because atm im goin through a bad time so im sorry if i dont talk or send messages just i dont know where i am these days, anyways i got to go and i hope everyone is doing well!!!

huge hugs and kisses to you all xxxxxx
love Greg


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