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DOH! wtf happened? everyone deleted me :(
Added: 1897 days ago / Views: 319 re-add me if you didn't, whomever I requested previously if you want. I don't remember who I had. subscribe or friend? whichever fits?
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whats the best free player to play videos, running windows 10, cant get the videos to play, so tried downloading them ,still cant get them to play, help

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Have you ever been in love?
Added: 1541 days ago / Views: 318 Horrible isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life…You give them a piece of you. They didn’t ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn’t your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like ‘maybe we should be just friends’ turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It’s a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love.
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Added: 1786 days ago / Views: 318 My aged parents paid me a visit at the weekend...
on the Sunday morning my dad asked me if he could borrow a newspaper...
I said to this is the 21st century..i don't waste money buying
newspapers.. Here you can borrow my iPad...
I can tell you..that FLY never knew what hit it....
THAT'S LIFE..when you get i need to go and buy a new iPad...
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Refusal to React
Added: 1710 days ago / Views: 318 Just to be very clear. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and their statements. What they say about their opinion...and those that I know and those that know me...I take your comments to heart. To those that don't know me, or have never made an attempt to know me...your opinion doesn't matter. So spread your stories where ever you want, because it has no impact on me. Just so I am clear. Just sayin'
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Dylan Young
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Does anyone have any vintage pics of Dylan Young? I am looking for his stuff before his video career. Thanks

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Nottingham Skype
Added: 1623 days ago / Views: 318 im gay 18 add me on skype - haydenwalker96 young teens please leave asl plz also looking for a meet up if in nottingham
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Finally left the closet
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Hey everyone!

It's my first blog post ever, so I am sorry if i am doing it all wrong. I just wanted to share a special moment from my life with you guys. Normally I don't talk that much but I really wanted to tell you know that I finally left the closet after years of knowing that I am gay, I finally found my courage and told my parents. They reacted totally cool, there were a lot of tears but it was all so beautifull. I have to tell someone but nobody except my parents knows that I am gay... So I just wanted to share this with you and thank you for reading this blogpost! ;)

I love you guys! Have a great (gay) day!

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What I Hate Now Since, 2003!
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Feel free to reply...

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What happen to live cam chatjQuery1820738251726078871_1396754645325?
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DId it get removed? it keeps sending me somewhere else

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nick, - operator --- pics
Added: 1816 days ago / Views: 318 can anyone help me, ? if i share a pic from somebody, why i have it 3 times on my wall ????????????????????
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Toby Regbo
Added: 1642 days ago / Views: 318 I just finished watching "Treasure Island" the 2012 version, you got to check out this movie and the actor Toby Regbo! and let me know what you think of him! the movie was cool but he is over the top sexy.
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No school for me today
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I had to have a liver biopsy this morning. I had to be at the hospital at six and the biopsy at seven. 

So I get to the hospital and they have me change into one of those stupid hospital gowns. I was allowed to keep my boxers on so it wasn't so bad. Then comes the IV ... I don't care much for needles - especially when they want to shove them into the top of my hand. The nurse had trouble with my vein ... she said I must be dehydrated. I said maybe that's because I wasn't allowed to drink anything for the last eight hours (and coming up on 9). I was really getting cranky because I hadn't eaten for eight hours and I had a slight headache. Plus I was nervous and scared. 

She told me that the doctor ordered Demerol and something else that I can't remember and that she was injecting those right now. She promised that when that cocktail "kicks in" that I won't care what they do to me. Cool

I'm laying there and my step-mom, Marlene, is rattling on about stuff. I asked her if she could be quiet and watch the tv. She said she goes on like that when she's nervous as she sits there eating a Lance cracker and drinking a coffee. I rolled my eyes! Jeez!

Soon they were wheeling me into a Procedure Room. Inside there must have been 12 white coats to greet me, the only familiar face was my doctors. He was quick to find out if it was OK with me if some medical students looked on. I told him it would be OK but that I didn't want any pictures taken. He chuckled and then told me (or the group) that I didn't appear too sedated. He told me that it won't hurt - that it would be over in a few minutes. Then he cautioned me not to move while he was working. 

He said he was going to inject lidocaine to numb the skin. If you have never been injected with lidocaine it burns like hell! It wasn't just the one injection either - there were multiple injections. After the first four that area was pretty numb but every so often it would burn. When he's done injecting he turns to talk with the students for about 5 minutes. He turns his attention back to me asking how I felt? If I felt numb - he began pricking me with a needle or something sharp. Good my whole side seemed numb. 

He was doing stuff down there - I could feel pressure but no pain. Then it felt like he was sucking my insides out. I think he took a few felt like it.  And then it was over.

I'm sure that biopsy didn't hurt as much as having my finger cut off or a white, hot poker jabbed into my eye.  But I hope it's a long time before I have to have that done again. 

I forgot to mention that I have a genetic blood disorder called Juvenile hemochromatosis or iron overload.  If you want you can read about it here ...

If you want to see how the biopsy was done watch this .... 

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Added: 1807 days ago / Views: 318 How about bukkake while getting your ass filled with cum by a few cum-loaded guys? Boooeyy...! Fuckin' hot! I want that.
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Wall updte
Added: 1807 days ago / Views: 318 I've added new videos and pictures to my wall. Nothing of me for right now.
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I am thinking about starting my own website "hot country boys" I have a lot of young friends that live around here in rural area. Working in Missouri on the farm tends to keep you lean and cut. Any advce?

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How do you like your orgasm??
Added: 1694 days ago / Views: 318 For me, after a long session of passionate foreplay, I totally explode while my partner is sucking and rotating on my cocks mushroom. I love the sensation of his sucking and swallowing as I cum, not spurting all over his face or body. I watch alot of videos where the partner ends up jacking over his partners face or chest. To me that does not cut it, I want my partner to experience the same mind blowing orgasm as I do, and that by getting im off with my mouth. Does anyone else feel the same?
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Sexy Guy:D
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Nick please read
Added: 1985 days ago / Views: 318 Hey This is Ruslan again . This is about Celebrate National GSA Day: January 25th, 2012. I uploaded 2 videos on The great things Gay Straight Alliance is doing . ACHS GSA-Day of Silence.....Gay Straight Alliances. With this day coming up this would be a totally kick way to show this site support for GSA and what Gay Boys are doing at University's. Gay Boys that push for change get things done . Thank you Nick :)
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Added: 1927 days ago / Views: 318 was watching a cool self suck video, used to be able to self suck when was younger, not flexible enough now lol. interested to know how many here can self-suck and do you cum in your own mouth?
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Saturday's Quiz: What is the Name of this City ?
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Who knows where we are now? Still in Namibia? The view is perhaps not quite from there.... but who knows first today? Good luck and cheers Boys:)

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W hu am still alive
Added: 1687 days ago / Views: 318 Iam feeling so low.
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Is there anyone that is from florida?
Added: 2147 days ago / Views: 318 Hello everyone!

Is there anyone that is from florida? I would like to have a friend to talk too. If interested. send me a message. You all Have a wonderful day. Thank you for reading this
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Pope Francis Visit to USA
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I have to say I am impressed with Pope Francis visit to USA and him as well especially with the assistance in better Cuban relations. I am sure his far more tolerance/welcoming attitude might not be heard as loud where it most needed but was refreshing. Not sure in my lifetime I have seen a Pope lead or do anything relevant or meaningful, I am sure they did many great things just not to this level IMO  

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Best place to store files?
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This computer is about to die on me and I need a place to store my files. What would be the best site or web service?


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Chatted to 2 guys on Gaydar a few years back

Finally met them and we had a horny meet. Took them to a safe house nearby and had fun

1 Guy fucked me while the other videod it. have uploaded the film clip. Its in night vision I'm afraid .

Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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Added: 2188 days ago / Views: 317 hi, anyone wanna chat? inbox me or email me -
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Added: 1592 days ago / Views: 317 just a light-hearted approach to a subject, let all the other guys discuss the more serious or sexual subjects. Do you wear them or thinking of buying one, or do you think they are drab, personally I dont think I would ever buy one, dont think they are suitable attire for guys, no trap doors on them.
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Taking an a$$ pounding
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tan lines
Added: 1528 days ago / Views: 317 who likes them
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Added: 2179 days ago / Views: 317 Just moved to South Manchester, any lads about give me a message.
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Added: 2001 days ago / Views: 317 anyone here from Sydney, Australia?
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Hey guys. Merry Christmas everyone. I must say, I am feeling incredibly welcomed by all you lovely people here at GBT, so in the spirit of Christmas generosity, I have decided to share with you all my latest fake of Jeremy Sumpter. I call it 'Morning Dew', for obvious reason. :P Enjoy! And please leave feedback.

- Sumpterslostboy/Pornypants.

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The vicious cycle of trolling
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It turns out, I have considerable experience in this area!

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