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About technology
Added: 908 days ago / Views: 184 What You prefer Samsung galaxy s3 or Apple iphone 5 smartphone?and why?
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just like to say guys thanks for all your support, I would like to say more, but I am empty just now, dont know whats wrong, the words just seem to have dried up. THANKS

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Near Swindon
Added: 1026 days ago / Views: 184 Anybody up for a meet near Swindon. Im 27 slim goodlooking an wana try everything with YOU, lol
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Near Swindon
Added: 1176 days ago / Views: 184 26 Goodlooking in RAF slim wana meet tonight for fun please get back, or anybody up for fun with cam laterz
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I wish we could post pictures on peoples walls.

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Robert Gibbs
Added: 1175 days ago / Views: 184 I meant to say it doesn't look good for him not does. Sorry guys! but still give the man a moment of your time if you would.

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My website
Added: 990 days ago / Views: 184 <--------- the best gay blog of Brazil, is not virus or spam. comes and enjoy it a little bit. do not forget to comment, it is always good to know what readers want * ---- *
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So I'm want to meet a guy who I've met online, he's offered to tie me up which is something I've wanted for ages! I've been speaking to him for a while and he seems really nice and real, however I know this can be esiliy put on over the internet, so I should I go about this? Any advise would mean the world to me, Thanks! 

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BillyBuddy invites you to remember Davy: Travis Hachy Walters
Added: 713 days ago / Views: 183 Davy and Stu on GBT:

Travis portrayed Davy in "Davy and Stu" that can be seen here among other places online. A few months ago I learned that Travis passed away, 24 April 2012 at the age of 21. If you would like to remember him, here is the link to his permanent memory book online:

Fare well Davy. Rise In Glory Travis. Many will miss you in this life.
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Fruits mystérieux
Added: 1461 days ago / Views: 183 Je me lève, il fait beau. Je m’assoie, profitant de la chaleur du soleil sur mon torse nu, et je prends une pomme fraîchement cueillit que je m’apprête à croquer. Mon regard par la fenêtre s’arrête net, empli de curiosité. J’aperçois au loin un bel ange, qui s’approche de ma maison en me faisant un de ces sourires fondant et chaleureux.

Le garçon est là, à ma fenêtre et me contemple. Son regard me fait fondre, et je lui propose une pomme, qu’il accepte généreusement. Je le fait entrer chez moi. Il croque la pomme avec beauté, du jus coule lentement le long du coin de ses lèvres. Il me regarde toujours, les yeux pétillants, se mordant la lèvre.

Il me désire, je le ressens au plus profond de moi. La réciprocité de ce sentiment n’a d’égal que sa beauté. Je me lève, seul le grincement de ma chaise se laisse entendre. Près de lui, je le serre dans mes bras et je sens son étreinte sur mon torse doucement chauffé au soleil.

Nos ébats commencent, il me couche sur la table et m’offre les plus puissantes jouissances que je n’ai jamais eues, avec une extrême délicatesse et une subtile poésie. Le bonheur m’envahit, j’aperçois des milliers d’étoiles, et je m’endors paisiblement sur ma table, ma tête plein de rêve et de magie.
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hi friends
Added: 1060 days ago / Views: 183 i put some work on my profile and added a few favourite vids and pics. hope you like my choice.
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First Live Cam Chat
Added: 1060 days ago / Views: 183 Hey guys I will be doing my first ever live cam chat this friday night around 11pm Eastern time in my dorm in college! Message me if you want in! I will be broadcasting on skype but if you have a different one than message me and I can work something out! Account name is to be determined right now lol I will let you know friday night before the show! Message me if you got any questions! Luv ya guys! XOXO
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Added: 1459 days ago / Views: 183 Hey if anyone likes sexting txt me. My # is 6157883662.
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hey guys sum new vids
Added: 1132 days ago / Views: 183 have uploaded sum new vids and will continue to upload over coming days so please drop by and enjoy. please rate my profile and videos too. thanks and happy wanking
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Physical feelings when being fucked
Added: 266 days ago / Views: 183

In a very good short story called "Escort" by D.C. James (available on Amazon), the male escort who is mostly a bottom says "I enjoy getting my lover turned on more that I enjoy being screwed".

I find the same is true for me - I don't actually feel much inside my ass during the fucking but I do get a lot of pleasure of his body on mine and his reactions while he's fucking me.

Anyone else feel this way?

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Genuine Meet Wanted UK
Added: 1042 days ago / Views: 183 Genuine guy here, 31, slim, smooth, looking for similar for wank meets, watch porn together, message me for more details.
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Added: 912 days ago / Views: 183 To all the guys here on GBT,,,,Each day is unique, every New Year is a promise of joy and discovery. I wish that 2013 will be a special year for you and a thousands of small and big joys embellish your life. "I wish That for you 2013 will be a year of success: professional success, personal success. "May this new year bring all what you desire; that it will also reserves the unexpected pleasures. "For 2013, I wish you to be surrounded by those you love, with intense moments and lovely days. "For 2013, I wish you a year full of surprises I vow that 2013 is a year of intense joy and durable happiness. Happy New Year my friend, I kiss you hard..Happy New Year....Alexis Samuel xxx
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Why are some people so racist?
Added: 37 days ago / Views: 183

Why some people are racist. Someone who is a racist can feel threatened by anyone who is from a different race or culture. Our views and beliefs develop as we grow up. If a child or young person grows up within a racist family, or has friends who are racist, they may believe that racism is normal and acceptable.

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National Coming Out Day
Added: 999 days ago / Views: 183 As all of you know, coming out to our families is probably the most difficult thing we will ever have to do. October 11 is National Coming Out Day in the US. It is a day those of us that have made the journey with our families, stand ready to hold out our hands in support of those that want to make that journey. I wanted to share two things...the first is the Expedia support for marriage equality video which is the journey of one father and his lesbian daughter . The second is from Andrew Sullivan's blog the Daily Dish, which is his story about his father and his journey: "Who never wavered in his love and support for me from the second I told him I was gay; whose face dropped like an ashen landslide when he discovered I had become HIV-positive; who - a former high school rugby captain, national mid-distance runner, and player on our town's team, a man's man in many ways - has never faltered in defending his son's orientation even to his boss in a small town in a pretty conservative small town. He has been a rock for me on this question my adult life.

I remember a conversation long, long ago, when I was dating someone way out of my league, before I had come out to my folks. My boyfriend, who was older, Californian, and goddamn beautiful, said something to me that never left my consciousness, when I told him I hadn't yet told my folks: "Don't you deserve to have parents?" I said: "I do and they love me." He said "But how can they love you if you will not allow them to see all of you? If they do not know the part that loves another human being, how can they love the full you?" I saw the closet was both a form of self-protection but also something that hurts and wounds a family. The closet denies your family and some of your closest friends the chance to embrace as well as disdain. It is a silent statement that you do not think they can rise to the occasion. In some cases, it can lead to disaster. But in more cases than you'd think, it doesn't. In fact, it is that self-revelation that, in my view, is almost entirely responsible for the shift in attitudes toward gay equality and integration. This was grass roots development that the center had to adjust to; not a crazy idea foisted upon a world unready for it. Watch the honest video above and see how ready many can be.

It's a risk. Integrity is always a social risk. But you only have one life. Why not tell the truth and be set free? Why not give your own parents the chance to love all of you? When you make yourself that vulnerable, there is a kind of freedom in it. And a chance for grace."

For those of you that are ready to make that journey with your family, know that I will stand with you, hold your hand and support you through the journey. Thomas
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Is "pen" short for "penis"?!
Added: 457 days ago / Views: 183

Is "pen" short for "penis"?!

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kinda funny story, just thought i'd share
Added: 998 days ago / Views: 183 so i just moved in with my friend and her family, who all know i am gay and are very loving and amazingly cool about it (even making little jokes here and there in good fun). her mom hates sarcasm (even tho she is sarcastic all of the time lol). so my friend tells her kids not to be sarcastic around grandma even tho she's the queen of sarcasm. without missing a beat the oldest one looks at her and says "grandma isn't the queen of sarcasm, that title belongs to kyle".(me) lol

spent the next hr laughing at that more than i should have so thought i'd share :)
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If your uncle jack helped you off an elephant...
Added: 380 days ago / Views: 183

Would you help your uncle jack off an elephant?

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New profile pic
Added: 966 days ago / Views: 183 Finally managed to figure how to do it LOL hope you all like it heheheh
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first time
Added: 1176 days ago / Views: 183 My first and only time with aguy was when I was 21 and he was 18. We were drunk and laying on my bed and somehow I got the courage to grab his dick and rip off his under wear. I stroked foe a bit and then laid on top of him and we dubbed our cocks together. He had the largest cock i have ever seen. Long and thick and hairy. I eventually sucked his big dick and stoked him. When he came, he came all over the place and i licked it up. He then lrt me cum on his face. We only did it one time and we oth went on to marry but I think about him alot and think how great it would be now with all we know. Anyone have a story like this?
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Added: 1687 days ago / Views: 183 the site seems to be getting back on its feet--however my profile details are incomplete and im missing my pic albums that i uploaded.--also i cant accept friend requests either
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wind in your hair
Added: 755 days ago / Views: 183 who like motorcycles or just bicycles, there is nothing better than feeling the wind in your hair when you are on one of these
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Added: 531 days ago / Views: 183

how to I

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The Past Year;
Added: 445 days ago / Views: 183

Wll it looks like I made this account exactly one year ago. In this year:

I lost my fake friends and got real one that will stick with me.

Came out of the closet

Got my firt boyfriend.

Gave him my virginity

Got my heart broken by his scumbag, lieing, flirtatious ass.

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Awarding Stars
Added: 1068 days ago / Views: 183 How does one award stars to profiles, vids and pics. May seem like a dumb question, but I'm new here...Steve
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Added: 1145 days ago / Views: 183 hey all i have been helping gay guys who go to my school who get bullyed because they are gay because i have been bullied the same way when i was their age but i'm 17 now and i don't get bullied anymore because they stopped bullying me because i just pretend that they are not there and i know their are some under age people on this site and i just want to say if you are getting bullied because you are gay all you need to do is pretend that they are not there and they are surely to stop because they will get bored and if anyone has any other problems you can inbox me and i will be happy to help
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Added: 1255 days ago / Views: 183 for some reason, when i reply 2 messages or blogs or write on my wall, only parts of my messages get saved and added.
can any1 tell me y???? this happens????
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Horny and want to chat
Added: 1281 days ago / Views: 182 Hi there anyone want to chat, i have skype, msn and yahoo mess.

Message me ;)
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come and go
Added: 683 days ago / Views: 182 Just to say my heart goes out to the guys that come and go from the site, for any particular reason, I wish them well on their road to happiness and hope they find true love and not to be too sad, life is difficult enough for some people, so hugs and kisses from scotland.
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Blog Repies
Added: 1098 days ago / Views: 182 I have tried over the last 2 days to reply to a blog but it doesnt go through. Is there a problem?
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About the same-gender issue of being united
Added: 1136 days ago / Views: 182

I was still a teenager, pretty much on my own in San Francisco, when I volunteered for the Milk campaign. I also marched until dawn and actively took part in demonstrations after the assassination of Mayor Moscone and Councilman Milk. I have since volunteered with Clive Smith, a dear companion of Harvey's (and I do not feel at all awkward in using his first name.) I watched the quilt project overseen by Clive go from a small U-Haul trailer to 2 semi-trucks when it went to Washington, D.C. There's a lot more history in the last 35 years I have experienced and been actively involved with.

So, when my about to turn 21 nephew broached his anger about the lack of intense focus on LGBTQ suicide and cited the massive amounts of money being spent on the "same sex marriage" issue, I sat down to listen. Why not? He like others here are the future of the community so many have suffered and even died to get to where it is today.

I believe Harvey would have as well. Further, that as the firey yet pragmatic figure he was, he would not insist that one word be necessarily used to describe the union of two people of same gender as "marriage".

So I listen to my nephew, who loves Latin. When he told me his rationale, pretty much summed up above, as said unions being both human and legal rights and suggested the use of "matrimony" (from Latin, "matrimonium" meaning "marriage") and further that under the legal context, the system still uses Latin for most processes ("nolo contendre" = "no contest" etc.) Well, I would bet Harvey would jump at the concept to say, "OK, we won't call it "marriage" but instead use "matrimony"."

My nephew is also a Christian (who goes so far as to challenge "Gay Christians" and ask, "You put sex before Savior?" ) and he is firm as he is sincere in stating, "Marriage law already exists. One man, one woman like mother and father from where I come. It (is a) Holy rite. Matrimony for same gender attracted persons (should be) a human and legal right."

I am now in complete agreement with him, especially to the point of the millions of dollars being spent on this issue, being rather simply resolved by the changing of one word. When he pointed me to "" and showed me where youth suicide ranks on their issues (#6) I joine him in his outrage.

Now I when I get back home to The City, I'm bringing this up and quickly to get help bring this issue to resolution, in a manner that cannot be disputed under our Constitution.

PM me if you are interested in joining this effort, or helping to stop the tragic loss of life by youth suicide.

If you are a young person in crisis, go now: or out of country, please visit the links on the page of Toby19,

First, the NAACP citing it to be a "civil" right lessens what it should be recognized as globally: a HUMAN right. Homosexuality is a human condition, not meaning it is a disease or illness but as in simply existing in the flesh.

In the United States,
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Added: 1452 days ago / Views: 182 Hey guys I'm looking for a buddy in central massachusetts. Masc, sexy and fit guy. friendly and fun. if your a younger guy in the area then get back to me.
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How delete subscribers ?
Added: 1010 days ago / Views: 182 How delete subscribers ? (too much email with new video notifications !)
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