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PLZ help
Added: 1764 days ago / Views: 306 Can any one tell me what does (You didn't upload a avatar yet!) mean, i'm trying to upload a photo of me comes up this and a size. The size of picture i know
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what a bunch of bullsh***ers
Added: 1764 days ago / Views: 306 The police department around here is full of dumbass liars. So full of themselves with "criminal intent" that them being their own policing department instead of RCMP running the show, I see as a waste of money being distributed for all those nice vehicles they have (Chargers, Challengers, Yukons,) WHILE rcmp's are stuck with standard cruisers. I'm tailed by them because I like young guys and watch alot of gay porn on someones WIFI I leech Roflmao.
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Gay Retirement Homes
Added: 1575 days ago / Views: 306 I recently read a Newspaper story on Gay Retirement Homes and i didnt know they existed.
In my Country it is a Totally new concept.
A group of ageing gays say they want to be able to retire among their peers, instead of facing potential discrimination in traditional, heterosexual rest homes.
The proposal at this stage is in its infancy, but may eventually result in the group buying units in an apartment building, sharing a swimming pool and garden, and hiring a care worker or "houseboy" to live in the complex.
Spokesman Mike Keegan said the village was first mooted after the community heard about a group of gay women who were also considering a retirement home.

"The lesbians were looking at the concept. So we said if the lesbians can do it why can't the gay guys do it?" he said.

A survey conducted by the group of 60 gay men found 100 per cent would prefer a retirement lifestyle choice other than what was currently available.
According to a 2010 report by the US elder gay group SAGE, many gay and lesbian people grow old without the support of family, they are twice as likely to live alone and that nursing homes often failed to protect gay men and lesbians from hostile treatment by staff or other patients.
Retirement village living was predominantly a lifestyle choice so it was important the atmosphere was conducive to a resident's happiness.
It said that there popular in the US and i think that,there a good idea.
Has any one here thought ahead that far and might consider a Gay Retirement Home.
The thought of moving into a Retirement home, when, i absolutely, needed to, would be much nicer if i was around Men that had a similar Background.
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The walking dead
Added: 1435 days ago / Views: 306 Not a bad show! The zombies are a little pussy for me and it dwells too much on the conflict with the governor, but still an OK gig. Did you know that Rick and that white chick glen bangs are Brit actors that fake their US accents?

That Governor is nuts!
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Added: 1812 days ago / Views: 306 messege me with your skype name and stats and i will add u on skype i am 21 weigh 130 i am a bottom horny would like to skype hope u message me your skype name no one over 25 thanks
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Thick black bars
Added: 897 days ago / Views: 306

Hello all! I'm sure everyone will agree that this site is pretty damn good! I definitely enjoy it as much as possible and am VERY thankful for the creators and moderator

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Added: 1810 days ago / Views: 306 Hey

I would really like to add you on Skype if you're interested. Please add me eric46savage 18-22 years old only. Thanks.

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a happy easter to all on gbt
Added: 1780 days ago / Views: 306 special thanks to nick18 who keeps it all goin i dunno how! but all gbt family and especially me buddies who help me so much be free and glad to be alive. i mean, look at me page in just 1 month as pit and about 6 month as billybuddy before i went all wonky and all you help me get back and happier again. what can i say but that im grateful. you know why this place has so many. not pics and vids. its more than that so thanks all and hugs of love and peace :-)

free just like electricity in billy elliot

(some who seen me face might say liam and me could be brothers :)
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Added: 1202 days ago / Views: 306

this video sums up my most recent sexual fantasy

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My History
Added: 1682 days ago / Views: 306 Hi its david Sorry if I bore you but I juat wanted to share a bit of my family history. I am a proud Australian aged 55. My first ancestor in Australia came from Britain in 1788 on the first fleet. He was a convict and was sent to (as it was known the as Botany Bay) His crime was stealing a sheep. I am sure it wouldnt happened today but the system then was to give convicts (if their behavior was fine) a "ticket of leave" and was granted land to farm. This he took up and was respcted member of the community). My Irish side of the family came out during the potato famine. My Scottish side being Scotts probably cxame out to hunt haggises. But I am proud to be of the clan Bruce. Now as far of the German side, but to be correct, it was prior to German unification. They were Prussian.
Now in Prussia at the time there were 3 classes, then monarchy , the senior military officers, the senior public servanta and the rest. So he hadsome clout. Anyway to cut a long story short he arrived in Australia and had to make a pledge of allegience to the crown (snd as I am an )Australian citizen.Hope you enjoy this story.
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happy new year
Added: 1510 days ago / Views: 306 hey's hopein you have your best year yet..i'm plannin to..i have had fun here in 2012..thanks everybody for all the great vids, pics, and, mike
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Happy easter
Added: 1036 days ago / Views: 306

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Added: 2078 days ago / Views: 306 Is there anyone form south central Pennsylvania?
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fav ass #3
Added: 386 days ago / Views: 306

For more check out my favourite photos

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friend requests
Added: 1776 days ago / Views: 306 hi guys,anyone who wants me to add him as a friend send a request please to my inbox.friendrequest does not work.
i have 1853 requests pending and i cant add them.
so sorry guys if i didnt respond on your requests.
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Hottest thing in gay porn
Added: 1385 days ago / Views: 306 I love to look at a guys hole when he's having an orgasm. Watchin it snapping open and shut always gets me off. Any1 else like this. Any good examples?
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Right time
Added: 1216 days ago / Views: 306

The right time to start talking about defloration?

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Added: 1617 days ago / Views: 306 There is a scam trying to be perpetrated on the site. I'll try to copy a PM message sent to me: Sign Out My Feeds Requests (0) Inbox (3) Edit Profile Welcome: cremaster! Videos Photos Users FEATURED Videos Photos Meet & Fuck Live Cam Chat Blogs Categories Community Mobile UPLOAD MESSAGES
Compose Message Inbox Outbox READING: From Princess Sameera Michelsameera4you
Greetings beloved one,
I am Sameera Michel from COTE D IVOIRE, i inherited (5,650, 000.00USD)from my late father i need you to assist to transfer

and invest it in your country then i shall and continue my study there, i will offer 15%(sameeramichel56 @ more details and also see the person you are dealing with.


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vids back ????
Added: 1586 days ago / Views: 306 4:50AM pacific time 10-19-2012 vid's are back no warning popping up, Whats was that all about???
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Added: 1190 days ago / Views: 305

anyone started their chrismas shopping yet, or dont have any ideas yet what to get your loved ones. Or are my americam friends gearing up for thanksgiving first. Never experienced thanksgiving, whats it like.

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Added: 2062 days ago / Views: 305 who likes DIRTY boyfun? fart, wank-addiction, cheesy dick, etc. i'm 22, looking for guys around my age for chat about this stuff or maybe more.
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Added: 1248 days ago / Views: 305 Nervous about getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Worried something will go wrong.
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Living without a Boyfriend
Added: 1552 days ago / Views: 305 Just what are we doing wrong when we dont have a Boyfriend for a long period.
Does it mean were too shy,afraid of committment,Scared of being hurt,Only
interested in one night stands,Scared that were not good enough for someone
or just happy with our own company.Id love to know your thoughts please !!
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YAY!!! … 1000 days … WOW!!! … AWESOME!! ….
Added: 937 days ago / Views: 305

hej H., it was february last year when we met here, we became friends and first i fell in love with the guy you are at GBT, and the more we knew each other the more i love you as the boy you are. we talked nearly every day, you are so funny, so lovely, so wonderful and i feel so much for you that my boyfriend got jealous - and then came the winter, the dark days, we were in love, but something changed. it was around christmas and new year, i spent the holidays with my boyfriend and our families and you were back home with your family. i didn't know that you were in trouble, i came back, i was looking for you, but i couldn't find you, i miss you, i've lost you. i don't know what happened, you just passed away and i could only cry. sometimes i go to your profile, i'm the only visitor, i want to be close to you, it makes me feel better.

today is your 1000th day at GBT and i still love you and i feel that you know how much you mean to me ...

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holiday info
Added: 1870 days ago / Views: 305 going to phuket thailand for 3 weeks vacation...any advice on bars/clubs welcome also sheboy bars r they safe to visit..any advice will help as just a bit wary.
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nick, - operator --- pics
Added: 1688 days ago / Views: 305 can anyone help me, ? if i share a pic from somebody, why i have it 3 times on my wall ????????????????????
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College Guys
Added: 1647 days ago / Views: 305 What are you guys majoring in? Why and did you make that choice? I currently just finished my first year of college and I just can't wait until I graduate as an engineer. At first I wanted to be an architect, but down the line I've changed my major. I wanted first to be a civil engineer, you know, designing bridges, molding our infrastructure, make traffic flow smoothly, but when I saw the Mars' Curiusity land, I got the chills and inspiration to be mechanical engineer. I want to build, or be a part of, something that would benefit human kind.
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Anyone Have A Copy of the "Miker 123" video you can send mejQuery1820532464663265273_1428425758430
Added: 685 days ago / Views: 305

Hey--I had this video, but my hard drive crashed and it's gone....anyone have a copy of this they could send to me, it's of this really cute blonde boy, who strips, jacks and cums.    It's awesome and I'd love to have a copy of it again.  On the video there is the name "MIKER 123"    For some reason they won't post it here on idea why.   

Contact me IF you have it and i'll get you my email address!!!





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Added: 967 days ago / Views: 305


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clubbin !!
Added: 1431 days ago / Views: 305 what's the hot club in your city ?
what's it like ?
what do they play ?
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What would you do with your partner
Added: 1236 days ago / Views: 305

Other then sex what do you do with your partner and if you dont have a partner what would you like to do when you get a new boyfriend.Life is not just sex there are lots of things partners can do

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Desperate Housewives
Added: 1526 days ago / Views: 305 Have you seen Desperate Housewives? I'm currently watching Season 2 on DVD. It's pretty good show! Andrew Van De Kamp is so smart ass!!! Hahaha.
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looking for cute,young guys in pennsylvania
Added: 1984 days ago / Views: 305 if there is any hot,babyfaced young boys 18-23 who lives in cecil,canonsburg,bridgeville or any town close by,hit me up.i live in lawrence,pennsylvania.please be discreet.
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Added: 1861 days ago / Views: 305 Hey,

I want to thank you for willing to inbox me. It keeps me busy. I really appreciate. Can you please keep talking with me more? I want to get know you. Thanks.
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Love Hurts
Added: 1362 days ago / Views: 305 If you every broke up with some one and you went to get your feeling out this is the blog for you
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Added: 1715 days ago / Views: 305 Gettin tired of these fat bitch smelly female cunts who won't believe me that I'm gay. I like dick. You know.....that long thing hanging between a persons legs. With the balls. Shoots goo. Whatever CUNT in my community sees this, stalking me. GO KILL YOURSELF. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!
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A surprise package
Added: 1093 days ago / Views: 305

On my Birthday, the other day...

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Sexy Guy:D
Added: 67 days ago / Views: 305



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