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anyone started their chrismas shopping yet, or dont have any ideas yet what to get your loved ones. Or are my americam friends gearing up for thanksgiving first. Never experienced thanksgiving, whats it like.

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Photo Collections
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Is there a way to download all pictures in a particular posted collection?  For instance., if there is like 200 pix in a would take forever to download one at a time.




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Added: 1856 days ago / Views: 310 Goood,morning everybody. Hope everybody is doing well. Where is the craziest place u jacked off? Mine would be at church in the bathroom :p amen
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Has Anyone Ever Used Opera?
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I was planning on downloading it once Internet Explorer gives out due to it being discontinued. So what do you guys think?


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Warm feelings? Fuck!
Added: 1283 days ago / Views: 310 Kissing and hugging are only a delay to fuck.
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my dirty ebook
Added: 1644 days ago / Views: 310 hey guys, I don't know if anyone here is into gay erotica but I recently self published my own if anyone would like to check it out. Hot stuff, and I have 2 more planned.

Also, any other good erotica out there?
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download problems
Added: 1819 days ago / Views: 310 I also am having problems downloading. I get error message that says internet explorer cannolt connect to the server. this started yesterday.
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Added: 1849 days ago / Views: 310 Hey

If you want jerkoff with me, please add me eric46savage on Skype. 18-23 years old only. Thanks.
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Bareback Cream
Added: 1405 days ago / Views: 310 Hi all
Went to a local Sauna on Tuesday. had planned it for a couple of days. i was going down that way so decided to pop in late afternoon.
When I got there the guy at desk said there were only 3 others in. Ok i thot I'll chance it.
There was a guy around my age and a tall young guy well hung and oozing sex.
We all finished up in a common room with Porn on the TV. The young guy was sitting and playing. I eventually went and started sucking his cock mmmm lovely.
We played for a bit then I went off to the steam room.
The young guy came too and we played there I rimmed him for a while . He whispered did I want to fuck him . How could I refuse.
I went to the common area where the private rooms are. he appeard to have left , however after 10 minutes he arrived back and we went to Steam room again. There he said lets play. We then returned to the Common area and started to play. I rimmed him and lubed him up he was on his knees and begging for cock. This I oblidged and proceed ed to fuck him bareback Lovely tight hole. Another guy who had just arrived a few minutes prevoius came in ad appeared to want his ass too. I oblidged and let him fuck him He wore a rubber and fucked him real hard I fondled his balls as he fucked out boy. Just before he cum he whipped off the rubber and shot his load all over the crease of our boys ass.
On seeing this I had to say it was so horny. I then fingered his cum into his hole before pushing my cock deep into him all covered in the guys spunk Christ it was like a porn movie lol. Result was I shot my load right up the young guy as he whimpered asking for my seed.

We both then showered and left I was certainly very very happy.
Anyone had similar experience. Comments

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Any Guys In MD
Added: 2077 days ago / Views: 310 Anyone in Maryland for fun? C2c or meet..can't always host. 40m here North of Balto
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My History
Added: 1717 days ago / Views: 310 Hi its david Sorry if I bore you but I juat wanted to share a bit of my family history. I am a proud Australian aged 55. My first ancestor in Australia came from Britain in 1788 on the first fleet. He was a convict and was sent to (as it was known the as Botany Bay) His crime was stealing a sheep. I am sure it wouldnt happened today but the system then was to give convicts (if their behavior was fine) a "ticket of leave" and was granted land to farm. This he took up and was respcted member of the community). My Irish side of the family came out during the potato famine. My Scottish side being Scotts probably cxame out to hunt haggises. But I am proud to be of the clan Bruce. Now as far of the German side, but to be correct, it was prior to German unification. They were Prussian.
Now in Prussia at the time there were 3 classes, then monarchy , the senior military officers, the senior public servanta and the rest. So he hadsome clout. Anyway to cut a long story short he arrived in Australia and had to make a pledge of allegience to the crown (snd as I am an )Australian citizen.Hope you enjoy this story.
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who are mods?
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Hi guys I am wondering who the mods are. I have a question about uploading vids thx

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Added: 1898 days ago / Views: 310 Hey guy wanna chat hit me up on yahoo messenger if you have it, sexydillon2008
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flooding him
Added: 1715 days ago / Views: 310 I haven't cum in days. So, when he was taking my load in his mouth he was swallowing. He continued to suck and swallow but my load seemed endless. Spurt after spurt out of my 7 inch cock and into his mouth until he couldn't keep up with the swallowing. I could see my jizz oozing out his pretty cocksucking mouth, dripping from his chin. A hot mess, literally! Hot as fuck dudes!
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Photo albums not appearing
Added: 1791 days ago / Views: 310 I've posted 3 albums recently, but only one has appeared. Kinda frustrating. Also frustrating is when I post an album and it appears but without my name :(
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The Westboro Church......
Added: 1332 days ago / Views: 310 I Hate Them They're Asshole And Nonetheless Of Hateful And Belligerent Idiots Who's Believes Are Stupid And Just Plain Cruel And Uncalled For They Go Around Bashing Gays And Gay Supporters Which Is Just Plain Wrong They Have No Right Too Do What They Do They Have No Right Too Judge People Based Purely Off That Persons Sexual Preference Its Wrong And Cruel And Too Be Quite Frank They Need Too Be Shot On Spot!! Any Thoughts Or Opinions On What I Just Said Or Of The Westboro Church Please Leave Your Thought And Opinions Below :) Thank You
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Added: 1946 days ago / Views: 310 Hey any boys 19 or younger in or near Columbus ohio hit me up I'm very horny.
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looking for cute,young guys in pennsylvania
Added: 2020 days ago / Views: 310 if there is any hot,babyfaced young boys 18-23 who lives in cecil,canonsburg,bridgeville or any town close by,hit me up.i live in lawrence,pennsylvania.please be discreet.
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Well done!!
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300 Days

Congrats on the milestone!

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Your Favorite Youtubers !!
Added: 1630 days ago / Views: 310 Hey guys just thought we could share our favourite youtubers with one another. Im going to pick one Big youtuber (1 mil+ views) 2 medium size (100K +) and 3 small ones. Check them out. Youtube has helped me with my sexuality, maybe it can with yours as well. (btw not all these youtubers are gay) Big youtuber NO.1 CHARLIEISSOCOOLLIKE: 2. Jacksgap: 3. Tyler Oakley 4. PandaManDanny 5. ThatRandomGayGuy: 6. Jaackintosh:

......... They are my personal favourites :) what are yours?
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Added: 1514 days ago / Views: 310 You know i've been on GBT a short time and ever time i read the blogs i read, someone must say something very hurtful or very stupid about his blog in the comments, Hold on one damn second, have we gone back into time? Shit you young cats need to sit down and listen to the older gay generation and listen to there dark days stories it will make your hair stand on end. Now take me yes i am a old jar head (U.S. Marines). and i am 59 and have lived and seen that Dark side being gay. This young gay generation are free and open and very little hostility being who you are gay. Today you are free to walk down the street holding hands or give a kiss to the one you love, march gay pride parade, hell we have our own gay pride flag. I call that open independence and free.Shit in my teenage days my dad beat my ass for being myself, Let me till you liveing back then was a living hell. you keep to your self and keep your gay life in a box with a big lock. Just saying you where gay could get you lock up or worst killed. You where lower then scum of the earth, you where not fit to live in society, ho it gets better if you where young teenager thay would lock you up and throw away the key,. Hell cops would turn thair backs while the beat the shit out of some poor gay in the wrong place. If you brave enough to find some to have a little fun you keep it lock behind doors. and it was a secret you kept close. So please before you put someone down remember this "we come along way baby". leave the hate, and big bad negative back in the dark days, we are a free open gay community and have to far to start puting down our brothers and family a frends. A lot of old vets who are open now, have fought a long hard battle here at home and other parts of the world to keep us all free and in doing so alot of good man & woman who are straight and gay gave their lives for us to be free as we are to day. in closing i would like to share this story about my boy hood teengae friend. I may 1972.I lost my frend/lover to hate he was only 17 years old. He was coming home when my frend was killed by six high school boys he knew and i also knew, tha dragged him behind thair truck over two miles just for being gay. We both were headed for bootcamp the next day. Before i left i buried my best frend. You ask the six boys will thay walk away after doing only jail time. Only you can stop the hate and bullying, what stories will your generation tall?? SEMPER FI
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sunday chat
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ok so maybe alot of you read on sunday evenings. for discussion today. if you knew at 16 what you know today, what would you do different?

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Hey Everyone!
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Hello, I'm Jacob. I've been on this site for a while now and desided to make an account! So here I am, hi all! :) xx

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GSA Day, Jan. 25, 2012
Added: 1892 days ago / Views: 310 My friend Alex17 said this the best, so here's a re-post of a blog entry he wrote:
"Celebrate National GSA Day: January 25th, 2012 For decades, GSAs have been working to make their campuses safe places for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Students who start and take part in these student groups are brave. They dare to create a dialogue to improve lives. We believe that courage deserves to be recognized, to be celebrated! Hey i posted a blog on this day and as far as i know not even one person posted a reply :( Very disappointing to say the least. I dont mean to be an ass here but if twink boys are ok to look at and do what you do . You might take a sec to show some support for them and the young gay community . Just a thought on my part . Your Ruslan"
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Added: 1480 days ago / Views: 310 Wo bleiben meine ganzen Videos die ich hier hochlade??
Habe so viele videos hochgeladen und keine sind davon
sichtbar. Wahrscheinlich irgendwo im Reich des Internets
verschwunden. Schade um die ganze Arbeit und Zeit!
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Alan blog response
Added: 1532 days ago / Views: 309 Obviously this guy that is leaving the blogs the canceling his account has no balls or is someone who already has an account IN A DIFFERENT NAME you know who you are its not difficult to work out. This is the message I wrote to his 1st blog but by the time I went to post it the coward had already ran away.....

Sounds like you are the evil one, life is about who you are now not who you were under extenuating circumstances. Sometimes in life we have to do things to survive that we are not always proud off but he has struggled to pull himself up, as for forgiveness thats what you have to do in order to move on is forgive yourself first and others follow on. Sorry you sound so bitter but I wouldent mind guessing there is much more to this than simply a new account added 2 days ago for the purpose of writing this not so sure I beleive you are real and more likely someone that has invented a profile for the sheer pleasure of upsetting and annoying people with this crap. As for new friends they are only freinds if they see past this pile of horse shit
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Pro pic
Added: 1479 days ago / Views: 309 I am tryina upload a profile pic n everytime i click save it wont save it anyone know why?
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Down To The Stragglers...
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We are down to a mere 6 people who were born in the 19th century.

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Living without a Boyfriend
Added: 1587 days ago / Views: 309 Just what are we doing wrong when we dont have a Boyfriend for a long period.
Does it mean were too shy,afraid of committment,Scared of being hurt,Only
interested in one night stands,Scared that were not good enough for someone
or just happy with our own company.Id love to know your thoughts please !!
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Boeing 747 for 900k!
Added: 206 days ago / Views: 309



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You won't believe this, but I have to tell everyone.
Added: 1587 days ago / Views: 309 Ok so I’m sitting here bored off my ass. The phone rang and the caller ID said “United States Gov”. Before my father died we got calls from the VA all the time and the caller ID always read “US Government” and usually it would be a recorded reminder that my dad had an appointment and I would have to press 1 to keep the appointment or 2 if we weren’t going to make it. Also, after dad died I was supposed to send them, or bring them in my dad’s death certificate just for their records, but I keep forgetting to do so.
Anyway, so that’s what I thought about when I answered the phone and I even had my apologies all lined up for them, but when I answered it a woman asked. “Is this David?” I said. “Yes ma’am” Then she said. “Please hold for the president.”
Ok so I froze and stopped breathing. I can’t remember being so scared, or nervous, or excited. I don’t even know what I was feeling. So the next thing I heard was “Dave!” I knew it was president Obama’s voice, but I couldn’t speak for a moment there trying to figure out the proper etiquette when talking to the president when there is no reason in the world you should be.
So I managed. “Yes mister president.”
“Listen.” He said. “I just had some questions about your letter.”
Right now I’m freaking out because I knew I never wrote him a letter. I sent in $10.00 for his re-election and that was all and it sounded like he was going to continue talking. I didn’t want him to say anything that wasn’t any of my business, so I cut him off and said. “Mr President. I never sent you a letter. I think you have the wrong number.”
He said. “This isn’t David _______?” I won’t repeat the name.
I said. “No sir. I wish I was.”
He said. “I’m so sorry.”
I laughed and said. “Sir if ever I wasn’t annoyed with a wrong number; it’s right now.”
He laughed and wished me happy holidays and I did the same and hung up. Best wrong number ever!
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Added: 1280 days ago / Views: 309 hey I am looking for a older man to Skype with. add me if u are interested subzerox77 ;) Im 18
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PLZ help
Added: 1800 days ago / Views: 309 Can any one tell me what does (You didn't upload a avatar yet!) mean, i'm trying to upload a photo of me comes up this and a size. The size of picture i know
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holiday info
Added: 1906 days ago / Views: 309 going to phuket thailand for 3 weeks vacation...any advice on bars/clubs welcome also sheboy bars r they safe to visit..any advice will help as just a bit wary.
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Peace and Friendship pledge
Added: 1611 days ago / Views: 309 I do hereby pledge to do my best to remain calm cool and collected at all times in the blogs that are posted on GBT. I also Pledge to do my best to treat all with dignity and respect. I will turn the other cheek when I am attacked and do my very best to try not to respond to hurtful remarks in kind. To all members I do give you my pledge.

Wont you join me, there has been enough fighting and hurt feelings
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Added: 1847 days ago / Views: 309 messege me with your skype name and stats and i will add u on skype i am 21 weigh 130 i am a bottom horny would like to skype hope u message me your skype name no one over 25 thanks
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ok fine, no more
Added: 1682 days ago / Views: 309 It seems like I have upset asheshauled and someothers so screw it no more blogs. I dont need to communicate here anyfurther. I will go back to watching the porn like before. I dont need this drama in my life.
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Thick black bars
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Hello all! I'm sure everyone will agree that this site is pretty damn good! I definitely enjoy it as much as possible and am VERY thankful for the creators and moderator

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Photo comments
Added: 2128 days ago / Views: 309 I've commented on several photos recently and none have posted.
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