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any aussies or kiwis here? anyone have kik?
Added: 1758 days ago / Views: 646 Just wondering if there are any other aussie boys or kiwi boys on here, if there are you should message me. Also, if anyone under 25 has kik messenger you can msg me its trevmelbourne xx
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Ever have a Forbidden Love?
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smile :)
Added: 1170 days ago / Views: 645

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Added: 1820 days ago / Views: 645 if you wanted to look very sexy, how would you dress?
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e mail change?
Added: 2158 days ago / Views: 645 hy I have a new e mail.but how to change the profil.....please reply thanks
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what happend to Jericho?
Added: 91 days ago / Views: 644

hes no longer listed in the community section..

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group sex: yes or no?
Added: 1175 days ago / Views: 644

friend of mine suggested it to me. I wasnt sold. Would u think otherwise?

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Added: 645 days ago / Views: 644

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Added: 2355 days ago / Views: 643 anyone live near the ohio area
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Hello, I just joined
Added: 1744 days ago / Views: 643 I am hoping to find a few friends to talk to and get to know online. I dont talk about my personal life in the real world too much. People kind of shy away from me when they find out my history. I would like to make some friends that I can be me with here, and watch some hot porn
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Death by dick
Added: 39 days ago / Views: 642

I don't think you'd come out of this encounter unscathed...

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Locker room preference
Added: 581 days ago / Views: 642

Have noticed at my US college gym locker room, most alums, like myself, staff, and older guys tend to disrobe entirely and walk nude to shower or sauna with towel in hand.  Undergrads, to my disappointment (LOL), tend to change underneath towels like at a beach and/or wear underwear or even more to go to the stall showers or sauna.   Your preference and why?

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A heart broken :(
Added: 1689 days ago / Views: 641 Who here has truly had his heart broken by a break up . Or when a relationship you had dreamed of just did not work as you wished ? Who will share this with others . So that we can see and hear we are no different from you. ≧❂◡❂≦
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Hey all!
Added: 736962 days ago / Views: 641

So I'm really bored and I need people to chat with, maybe more, so add me on msn. ;) x

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Added: 2268 days ago / Views: 641 hey, anyone wanna inbox me?
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Added: 2072 days ago / Views: 641 Any teens on here that have skype and would like to c2c or just chat send me a message on here: :)
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Father and Son vids
Added: 736962 days ago / Views: 640

Hi everyone if you have any Dad and son or Younger and older - where the lad fucks the dad - please let me know and please show to everyone on here. Thanks.Mickey

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Just A Joke to Make You Smile
Added: 2150 days ago / Views: 640 So..This guy wins a bit of money on the lottery and decides hes going to buy himself something nice. So away he goes downtown window shopping when he sees a pair of alligator shoes in the store window. He thinks to himself that he always wanted alligator shoes so he goes in and buys them. He then goes home and his wife is sitting in the living room watching TV and he says hi dear how are you. Fine she reply's. Do you notice anything different about me? he asks. Nope, why should I she says. So he thinks to himself I'll fix this, and he goes into the bedroom and takes off every stitch of clothes except the new alligator shoes and walks back into the living room. He says to his wife, do you notice anything different about me now dear? She looks at him and says no your dick is still hanging down as usual. He says that's because hes looking at my new alligator shoes. She looks at him and says.. Maybe you should have bought a hat.
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chick orgasm.......
Added: 2143 days ago / Views: 640 For the biguys.....
Was sharing with a girl friend yesterday. (A girl FRIEND only!)
she is bi too. Said she has never had an orgasm from either sex, no matter what the act.
(Oral, vaginal, anal) we haven't done anything yet and may never......but
has any one ever heard of anything like this in a girl?
pretty nervous IF we ever do hookup I wont be able to satisfy her.
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Added: 1170 days ago / Views: 640

I know that BB sex is "unsafe" but why am I so damned obsessed with not wearing a condom?

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XXX Video posts
Added: 1752 days ago / Views: 640 OK anyone know what is going on with the uploads, I have uploaded approximately 14 XXX videos since last night and not one is showing???
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This picture was taken minutes before ISIS threw a man off a building for being gay
Added: 222 days ago / Views: 640 This picture was taken minutes before ISIS threw a man off a building for being gay
Gay people, according to ISIS, are the 'worst of creatures'

This picture was taken minutes before ISIS threw a man off a building for being gay
ISIS murder another gay man

9 January 2017
by Joe Morgan

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Skype anyone?
Added: 2119 days ago / Views: 640 So I am not liking the msg system on this site so far.
Whose got skype?
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How do i UL a vid??
Added: 2120 days ago / Views: 640 Hello... I have no idea how to upload a video here... other than you hit the red "UPLOAD" button, select a vid off ur computer and load it up.... But i always get a failed message.My vid's are in MPEG-4 movie format & i got lots of stuff in my Windows Media Player... but i can't get it to load up here? (don't know the format of the Windows Player is in)

Do i need some software,to convert the vid's into a certain format before uploading here??

THHX for helping me :p
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Is it a good idea to become a Webcam Model?
Added: 1903 days ago / Views: 639 Like is it safe?

People couldn't ttrack u down and kill you?

Can you really make good money by doing it?

or would someone take a video of me and stick me on a pornsite and my family n friends will end up seeing it??????

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what do u prefer?
Added: 1400 days ago / Views: 639

who is top, who is bottom and who is versatile?

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Pic of the day 26/08/15
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first orgasm of 2016
Added: 597 days ago / Views: 639

what time did you have your first orgasm of 2016? and by what means? or admit it if you have not yet popped your cork.

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Joeliejoel has left
Added: 739 days ago / Views: 639

Please come back buddy because alot of guys here will miss you.

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School, College, Military , Health Club Showering Practices and Attitudes Where You Live.
Added: 1759 days ago / Views: 638 Hi guys, I really love this community here at You guys have really built something to be proud of. I'm hoping to start a discussion here, concerning this communities experiences and attitudes with the whole subject of showering practices at school, college, military, health clubs or some other arrangement, that you can enlighten us with. This discussion is open to all members, young and older. We can all learn from one another. Showering practices, attitudes or beliefs about it, have certainly changed over time and continue to evolve. I thought this would be an interesting topic for discussion, because of the diverse membership, with worldwide reach. Blessings to all.
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Added: 1746 days ago / Views: 638 i have decided to move to montana and raise dental floss..
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Decline Friendship Request
Added: 1772 days ago / Views: 638 Is it so wrong to decline a request for friendship? It is unlikely I am ever going to meet anyone on here face to face. The only way a person is able to convey their nature and character is by what they have written on their profile. There is much that be taken from what a person writes, especially in the ABOUT ME section. There is also an indication of their nature and character in the blogs they have created or the blogs in which they have contributed to. There are many guys on GBT I would not have as friends in the real world and I see no reason to have them as friends in this virtual world. I'm sorry if my refusal to accept your request for friendship offends, but please, get over yourselves. If I accept an offer of friendship it's because I have something in common with you and because we have that connection. There are some guys on GBT who have also set conditions to accepting friendship requests, I am doing the same. Please accept my right to do so.
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Hi Andy
Added: 736962 days ago / Views: 637

I love to suck cock aswell.The taste of spunk changes with every new cock.

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