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I know that BB sex is "unsafe" but why am I so damned obsessed with not wearing a condom?

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Added: 1840 days ago / Views: 623 how's yours? your thoughts on gaydar.
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Decline Friendship Request
Added: 1654 days ago / Views: 623 Is it so wrong to decline a request for friendship? It is unlikely I am ever going to meet anyone on here face to face. The only way a person is able to convey their nature and character is by what they have written on their profile. There is much that be taken from what a person writes, especially in the ABOUT ME section. There is also an indication of their nature and character in the blogs they have created or the blogs in which they have contributed to. There are many guys on GBT I would not have as friends in the real world and I see no reason to have them as friends in this virtual world. I'm sorry if my refusal to accept your request for friendship offends, but please, get over yourselves. If I accept an offer of friendship it's because I have something in common with you and because we have that connection. There are some guys on GBT who have also set conditions to accepting friendship requests, I am doing the same. Please accept my right to do so.
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(help me)
Added: 1379 days ago / Views: 622 (help me) there is this lad in work that i like and i can not stop looking at him and being gay but not out yet it hard to chat to him.i do not want to come out myself but i want to know if he gay or not
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video probs
Added: 2216 days ago / Views: 622 seems like the vids are not playing again,just freezing
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Added: 1954 days ago / Views: 622 Any teens on here that have skype and would like to c2c or just chat send me a message on here: :)
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Im going to buy new underwear but am not sure what kind! There are so many options: briefs, bikini briefs, boxer-briefs, boxers, etc. Buying new underwear feels like an erotic experience for me knowing I'll be getting naked and putting on fresh fabric against my crotch. Personally I like anything with cartoon pictures on it, makes me feel like a kid again. Any recommendationsjQuery18202504253974184394_1403589103828(I'll post pictures)

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To shave or not to shave?
Added: 1814 days ago / Views: 621 I am sub bottom guy and have always shaved my pubes since i was 16, as my 1st dom told me subs dont deserve mens pubes, what do we think ?
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Joeliejoel has left
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Please come back buddy because alot of guys here will miss you.

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Added: 515 days ago / Views: 621 I like guys that are androgynous, meaning partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex.  However I don't like to be confused as to whether it is a boy or a girl.  I think the picture below is of a boy and his dog - but he sure looks to me like a girl trying to look like a boy.  What do you think? Girl or Boy?
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Pic of the day 02/14/16
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size of manhood
Added: 1911 days ago / Views: 620 i have a friend on GBT he is realy WORRIED about the size of his penis 4.5 inches..can anybody tell me if it's possible and how it can be enlarged safely and without pain
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Seeing up someone's shorts
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Ok so I was at the beach today lying facing my friend and his mate who is visiting for holidays.

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what kind of vids do you like?
Added: 1728 days ago / Views: 620 i must prefer i like vintage vids. the boys wer sucking harder and deeper. the modern twinks are not really into sucking and most of the cumshots are jerk-shots and no cum in mouth-shots or on someones body-shots.

and the vintage boys are the cutest ;-)
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Added: 1444 days ago / Views: 619 how you like your dick sucked
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19 Souther California
Added: 2168 days ago / Views: 619 Any other young guys add me on skype johan.mira1 or message me we can have some fun.
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Kekswichsen / Soggy cookie
Added: 1784 days ago / Views: 619 There's a scene in the movie "Crazy", boys play a game called "Kekswixxen" in English "soggy cookie", this is where boys get together with a cookie or biscuit in the middle. Everyone masturbates and shoots onto the object. Last man to shoot has to eat the cookie.
Has anyone ever played this game with friends? I'm interested to hear some stories of yours! Anyone to share??? ;) (unfortunately I don't have this kind of experience to share... Only jerkoff each other with a schoolmate once on pool, but not in a circle...!)
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Father and Son vids
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Hi everyone if you have any Dad and son or Younger and older - where the lad fucks the dad - please let me know and please show to everyone on here. Thanks.Mickey

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Hi Andy
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I love to suck cock aswell.The taste of spunk changes with every new cock.

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if a family member or a friend found your page on here would you be embarresed?
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What would you do? I was scaring myself thinking about it today haha

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what do u prefer?
Added: 1282 days ago / Views: 618

who is top, who is bottom and who is versatile?

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Trade videos
Added: 2007 days ago / Views: 618 Is anyone interested tradin sexy videos? If u do inbox me
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What is it like
Added: 1510 days ago / Views: 618 How does it feel to have 2 dicks in u
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Added: 1771 days ago / Views: 618 Playing with my big hard cock now :P
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Added: 1731 days ago / Views: 618 hay everybody i'm new and looking for pics on here that you can not find add my email i will finf you ANY kind of pics and any age
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Site Issues
Added: 1955 days ago / Views: 618 I just wanted to apologizes for the site issues over the past few days. We are moving all of the servers to a new host that will offer more stable hosting, faster load times, and fix some of the GEO location load issues we have had. Most of this should be fixed with-in the next 48hours and we will put all of this behind us I hope. Thax
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where to move?
Added: 1612 days ago / Views: 617 In which country you dream to live as a gay guy? Why?
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Added: 2020 days ago / Views: 617 how do you unsubscribe from a user? I didn't realize when I subscribed to someone it would just consist of 30 inbox messages every day saying new video that i have to go through and delete...
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Added: 1780 days ago / Views: 617 As i said in my previous blog my boy friend (he is 9 years younger than me) we are going to live together for the very first time..we will be moving into my parents second home a stone built cottage in Haworth West Yorkshire UK..a village made famous by the Bronte Sisters....
'Jane Eyre' and 'Wuthering Hights' anyone interested in literature will know the stories!!
I hope that living together 'works out' for us both..we are very compatible and care for each other very much...Any tips and advice from GBT members will be appriciated!!
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Does anyone else sleep naked?
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Sleeping naked is so awesome! I go right to sleep.

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what's your most perverse turn on?!
Added: 1397 days ago / Views: 617 Behind closed doors people are free. What's wrong with consenting people doing what they want! What's your bit of rough??!!!
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how long is ur preferable wanking session
Added: 1743 days ago / Views: 617 just wandering.. love doning for 2 hours most
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