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funny story
Added: 1627 days ago / Views: 577 Well i was going to make a video of me playing with my dildo then my parents came home lol well nobody wanted to see me anyway ;)
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double cum
Added: 866 days ago / Views: 576

ever cum twice on the same erection?

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Added: 1471 days ago / Views: 576 Idk I don't really see a point in it anymore..I wake up with no one to hold me and tell me that I am loved and then all i want to do is be tired again because being asleep doesn't bring that pain of when I'm awake...I wanna die soooo bad sometimes...I feel as if I'll be single forever and no one will want me cause im always put second or farther from first...all the heartbreaks and sadness is hard u know? If people felt what I felt they probably would already of killed themselves...that's how bad I'm feeling...I don't know what to do anymore... :'(
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Hey all!
Added: 736599 days ago / Views: 576

So I'm really bored and I need people to chat with, maybe more, so add me on msn. ;) x

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Added: 1188 days ago / Views: 576 who like getten handjobs or blowjobs
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BJ HJ and bumsex :D
Added: 1679 days ago / Views: 576 hey im posting this now because i cant believe for my first time i gave a guy a hand job and a blow job. i was very nervous but as soon as he pulled his pants down and i had his dick in my mouth i just didnt want to pull it out. after he tried to put it up my ass but because it was so thick i had to pull it out because it started to hurt. i really cant believe i did all that for my first time :P. i just want to know how your first time was and if it has an relation to mine :)xx
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group sex
Added: 470 days ago / Views: 575

does anyone have experience with group sex? like 3 or more guys doing things?


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Obama Best President of my Lifetime
Added: 291 days ago / Views: 574

No matter what happens in the upcoming election I am sure many of us will really miss Obama for a long time to come. He got things done where others failed or stalled under pressure, for so many reasons he was the best President of my lifetime IMO. I know he must be looking forward to getting some time away but we will all miss him and compare all future leaders upon the standers he set. Just wish we had another fresh idealistic young candidate like we had in 2008 but we will toe the line. 


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Should I?
Added: 1084 days ago / Views: 574 I'm thinking that I need to contribute to this site! Was thinking of posting an album of myself naked, what do you guys think? I know i don't have an avatar but I'm Asian, thai/french to be exact, 5'7", 128 lbs, twinkish and very lean build. Let me know what you guys think, thanks :)
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how to illustrate a blog
Added: 196 days ago / Views: 574

why illustrate a blog - well it adds  context to your point or is just an image you want to share - its not an alternative to posting an album

so its not as simple as selecting an image clicking copy and pasting but this might help -

so create a blog on gbt - ok funny cat - i have a photo i want to share

i made a free account on an image sharing web site in this case

i uploaded the image to my account on imgur

back in gbt blog i selected the icon for image sharing and a window opened

i have to post the source - i copy that from imgur - step 5 - click direct link (e mail and im )

and paste on the gbt window

you now need to resize your image - step 6 try 500 x 500 - that a reasonable size no bigger thats just annoying

step 7 click ok and you have your image on your blog - comment and send


its not easy first time round but keep trying - and there are other ways - hope this helps


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Profile Pic Issues
Added: 1966 days ago / Views: 574 Hey guys, anyone know why I might be having troubles changing my profile pic. Not working for some reason, it says it can be 100x120 max and i'm trying but still it isn't working ):
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Thanx to Straight people
Added: 1789 days ago / Views: 573 I would just like to say thanks to all the straight people for getting together and making all these cute boys for us to check out. And thanks to society for accepting gay people and letting us all come out of the closet and be who we really are. Back in the day it was totally unheard of. And thanks for being gay and sharing with the rest of us. We now know we are not weird and alone. XXOO
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Like Big Dicks? ♥
Added: 464 days ago / Views: 573

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anyone in Michigan?
Added: 1819 days ago / Views: 573 im a skinny 135lbs male lookin for 1st with skinny male. if your around here hit me up!
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No one ever dared talk about liking boys.... contd. (Pt2 The next day.)
Added: 1650 days ago / Views: 573 When I awoke, my cock ached with the sweet pressure of a rigid erection. I could still vaguely feel the intensity my dream about my friend Paul. I could clearly remember the night before, however. The sweet musky scent of our young teenage sweat and cum was still fresh on my body. I wanted Paul’s smooth skin on mine, to feel his warmth once again. For three years we had been sitting together in class. Now I realised, that he had felt the same way I that did the whole time. But we would not be able to do anything again, not yet. His parents were up and in the kitchen, noisily getting the breakfast ready. “They’re going out later”, Paul said simply. It was pure torture, separately showering and acting like normal around his parents, whilst knowing what would surely happen after they left. I did my best not to wonder what exactly that might be however. I was desperately trying not to get hard in front of his parents. I ate, struggling to distract myself. Fighting the urge to touch my friend and hold him close. After an eternity his parents left for town and we were at last alone once more. “I’ll be right back” Paul said and left the Kitchen for a minute. When he returned he looked sort of mischievous but he wasn’t saying anything. We went back to Paul’s room, the scene of the previous night’s passionate awakening. Paul closed the door and turned around. We gazed at each other intensely, as if for the first time. The morning sun streamed in from the roof window, bathing Paul in a golden glow. His tousled fair hair a fiery corona against the light. I could hardly swallow my throat was so dry. My heart was pounding; it’s beat drumming out a rhythm in my hardening cock. I could see the swollen outline of Paul’s cock pressing against the front of his jeans. We had both been hard long before we went upstairs. I could see a small wet patch on his jeans at the end of his cock and clearly see the shape of its head through the denim. Paul was staring at my face as I was looking at his cock, I realised. It sort of thrilled me that he was getting excited about me watching him. I pulled off my shirt and he did the same. I would never get tired of looking at his slender smooth torso, his lightly toned shoulder muscles and beautiful abs. He was a keen swimmer, and you could tell. I was a keen cyclist however and so I was built differently. Paul pulled my hands away from my belt as I started to undo it, and took over. He was going to undress me I realised. Such a thrill of excitement shot through me at this thought that it made me a bit weak at the knees. Paul knelt down before me; I felt his warm breath on my stomach. Long slim fingers gently opened my belt and the top button of the jeans. Then hooking his fingers around the belt he pulled them down slowly as I shuddered, my breathing becoming more frantic. I could see my small bush and the shaft of my cock as he slowly revealed them. Suddenly the end of my cock was released, it sprang upward and slapped against my chest once before it was too hard. Paul blew lightly on the head of my cock as it bobbed up and down close to his face. My glans ballooned right up and a clear bead of liquid oozed out and rolled down the front of my cock as several involuntary contractions jerked it upwards. “You are soooo hard”, Paul said, fascinated. He pulled my jeans right down and I stepped out of them. Now fully hard, standing naked in the sunlight before my friend - this was something I had always imagined. Paul put one hand flat onto my shivering stomach and ran the other up the back of my leg until he reached my ass. He pressed his thumb onto the base of my cock behind my balls and then I could feel his long fingers around my ass tickling. When he pressed his hand against me there; the waves of exquisite sensation spread though all the lower half of my body. As I gasped and shuddered Paul moved his other hand up my stomach and over my nipples then I felt his warm cheek against my belly. I held his head in my trembling hands pressing him into my belly feeling his silky hair through my fingers, the heat of his breath on my cock. Then with the tip of his tongue he touched my aching cock lightly. A sudden shock of sensation; and as my cock jerked up and down the feelings was amplified. I couldn’t take much more of this before I would reach orgasm. Paul stood up then and slipped off his jeans too. As he did so he took something out of his pocket. He opened the tube of lube he had been holding and squeezed some out onto his hard cock and hand. Then he looked at me again with that same impish mischievous expression I saw earlier. I knew him well enough to know what that meant, and it excited me. He walked around behind me looking at me intently. Not knowing what to expect was such a thrill, my cheeks were burning and my face was hot. Paul reached between my legs from behind and suddenly his fingers were inside me. The lube made it surprisingly easy. He put more lube on his fingers and did the same again pressing forwards slightly, a new sensation. My cock was even harder now almost painfully hard. “I’ve always loved your bum”, Paul said softly “lie down, ok”. So I did, while he knelt on the floor between my raised knees. My gaze locked onto his lovely cock, so smooth and straight, “as long as my two middle fingers” he had told me once. Now I knew he had not exaggerated. I looked up at his lightly freckled face; his full lips always seemed to be smiling. Paul’s light blue eyes looked into mine and I knew he wanted this so badly, but was he waiting for me, hardly daring to ask the question. I raised my eyebrows a little and nodded a silent “YES” Lifting my legs up Paul pushed my knees almost to my ears. I rocked back holding my knees gasping. Our eyes locked as we breathed together, two naked bodies bathed in the golden light of the waking sun. On the tip of Paul’s cock a pearl of lubricant squeezed from him. The faint jasmine scent of his body filled my nostrils and sent blood pounding, singing in my ears. I could see Paul’s heart moving under his smooth velvet skin and my heart was beating with his. Paul’s loins moved forwards, and then he was inside me, slowly moving deeper. An intense fullness and pressure that I’d never felt before made my cock so hard as it pressed flat against my stomach. Paul’s movements quickened as he moved back and forth gently. Our eyes were locked together, each reading the others delight there. Paul’s rapid breaths smelled sweet on my face, as he leant lower over me approaching his climax. I could feel his cock inside me so hard now. He bent lower and kissed me on the mouth then, for the first time. Suddenly an involuntary spasm shot through my body and I tightened around Paul’s cock. I was cumming. I hadn’t really thought it was possible as I wasn’t even touching my cock, but I was cumming! silver ropes of cum shot across my chest as I involuntarily squeezed Paul’s cock to the same rhythm. Paul was so excited by this that his cock was pulsing inside me a second later, he moaned and shuddered releasing his hot cum. After a moment we kissed again, for much longer this time holding one another tightly. Our lips parted and our tongues and even our teeth touched. I felt the wetness of my cum between us and we both shone with sweat in the warm golden sunlight. “We need another shower” I said, laughing. “Yes we do” Paul softly whispered accentuating the “we”. I could see that mischievous expression on his face again.
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Pic of the day 26/08/15
Added: 324 days ago / Views: 573


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(help me)
Added: 1134 days ago / Views: 572 (help me) there is this lad in work that i like and i can not stop looking at him and being gay but not out yet it hard to chat to him.i do not want to come out myself but i want to know if he gay or not
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Back Street Boy Blog
Added: 491 days ago / Views: 572

Toni had put up a blog sharing his feelings about GBT and in particular about uploads and support. I believe it was posted yesterday. This morning I posted on the blog to support Toni. Later this morning Nick18 posted in the blog and basically trashed many of Toni's uploads. And basically bitched Toni, and I assume me for posting in the blog about issues. Toni is not the only person that has raised issues. Others have on the same subject. Some member have gone completely silent and are not active here any more, some like me have stopped uploading because of the lack of positive feedback or response.

Just now I notice that Toni's blog has been deleted. Knowing Toni, I doubth that he would have done that. And there is only one other person that can delete a blog. Frankly for all the talk about "freedom of speech", it appears that only applies as long as one is not critical of the site or Nick. Now I fully expect this blog to be deleted. And perhaps Nick will delete me as well. So be it.

But for a site dependent upon its members to upload content, you would expect that uploaders would be at least be accorded some level of respect for their point of view. I do understand the issues around needing to curate uploads. But the fact is, that many uploaders have asked for some feedback about why their stuff is not approved. But in my over 1,300 days here, that has never happened. I understand the stres and work Nick has to put in to keep the site up and running, but to treat a long standing member the way he did is poor business and rude.

Just my humble opinion.



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true or false. if true how
Added: 1635 days ago / Views: 572 Ok hiii guys. Soo im wondering. I have heard for the longest time that u can cum without jacking off. Is that true, if so how.
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Decline Friendship Request
Added: 1410 days ago / Views: 572 Is it so wrong to decline a request for friendship? It is unlikely I am ever going to meet anyone on here face to face. The only way a person is able to convey their nature and character is by what they have written on their profile. There is much that be taken from what a person writes, especially in the ABOUT ME section. There is also an indication of their nature and character in the blogs they have created or the blogs in which they have contributed to. There are many guys on GBT I would not have as friends in the real world and I see no reason to have them as friends in this virtual world. I'm sorry if my refusal to accept your request for friendship offends, but please, get over yourselves. If I accept an offer of friendship it's because I have something in common with you and because we have that connection. There are some guys on GBT who have also set conditions to accepting friendship requests, I am doing the same. Please accept my right to do so.
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what's your most perverse turn on?!
Added: 1153 days ago / Views: 571 Behind closed doors people are free. What's wrong with consenting people doing what they want! What's your bit of rough??!!!
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Favourite pics gone
Added: 1650 days ago / Views: 571 Ive noticed most of my favourite pics have dissapeared, will they be coming back?
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Why do videos play so fast?
Added: 736599 days ago / Views: 571

A lot of videos on here seem to play back at 100 miles per hour and are unwatchable. Does anyone know what this is?

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mmmmmmmm. blowjob and a wank !!!!
Added: 1104 days ago / Views: 571 we think the best time of the day for a blowjob and a wank is when you wake up. ok a blowjob and wank is always nice but the very first one of the day is the best for us anyway.

what do you boys all think ?

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road head
Added: 1146 days ago / Views: 569 how many of you have either gave or received road head? iam asking because i was off work last monday,a day off for me is a day at the beach given the opportunity so i got up early and headed out in my pick up with boards in the back.i stopped at the local waffle house for an all star breakfast,while there downing my food and lots of coffee i hear,hi doc m 2 seat down is this sandy hair well tan guy looked to be 20 then it hit me i had put sutures in his thumb about a month ago damn i couldnt remember his name but a face i never forget i said hi,and we talked for a while as we finished our food when the conversation got to me going to the beach he asked if he could tag along i said ya sure.we paid for our food and headed out to the truck then down the road the 50 miles to the coast.we talked about everything and one thing lead to another,and lead to another finally leading to him untying the shoelace in my boxer trunks,and he started giving me head as iam driving us to the beach,with my ass cheeks well clamped to the seat of the truck i was busting my 3rd nut as we pulled into a very secluded beach know for skinny dippin more then surfing,yep i like nude took a few minates for my ass cheeks to let go of the seat,all the time i think this guy can suck a water melon through a garden hose.we spent the day enjoying each others nakedness and munching on junk i brought in a was about 8pm i told him we better get heading back its gonna be dark when we get there so we loaded up the truck and started headed back,damn he is on my cock like a calf to a heffers tit again. i busted my 2cd nut pulling into his driveway at his house.we made plans to see each other the next day said good byes for the night.tuesday the next day he drove out to my house,we spent the day together in total naked bliss,it was then i found out he loves to give head while ridding in a vehicle yes we are continuing to see each other but how many of you have done this road head sex,and did you give head or received head?
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skype anyone?
Added: 1818 days ago / Views: 569 im a slim, dirty blonde 16 yr old teen, im hung, and luv to cam, so add me on skype: oimupset
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Added: 1528 days ago / Views: 569 what is your favorite thing to eat? what is the food most notable where you live? do you cook? what is your favorite thing to cook? what is your favorite cousine?
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Cum Join the Train :)
Added: 350 days ago / Views: 568

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looking for local perv buddies in San Antonio
Added: 736599 days ago / Views: 568

Hey yall....just like the title says..looking for local buddies who are into perv or nasty k9 equine, ws, rough....just drop me a line so we can talk.

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gay comics
Added: 1463 days ago / Views: 568 does anyone know any good gay erotic comic sites. free is best
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slave boys
Added: 1921 days ago / Views: 568 looking for young slaveboys with cam on skype/msn who want to be ordered around and dominated.
message me.
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video uploads
Added: 2070 days ago / Views: 568 Hallo ! In der letzten Woche hatte ich ca. 5 videoclips gesendet aber nicht mal einer von Ihnen hat es auf diesem Site geschafft. Sollte der Fehler bei mir liegen dann bitte ich dem Management höflich, mir zu erklären woran es liegt. Meinen besten Dank im voraus an jedem der mir den Zugang zu irgend welchen Ratschlägen gewährt. Euch Allen, sowie all meinen Freunden, wünsche ich ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und einen sanften Rutsch ins neue Jahr !
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Little Dick
Added: 1408 days ago / Views: 568 I have always had a small penis. I see teens in the vids with much bigger, cuter
cocks. If you saw me you would think I was just entering my teens. Anyone else?
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me or my computer
Added: 1939 days ago / Views: 567 is it me or just my computer, or is it the website, but i seem to get this msg ALOT,
Got error 28 from storage engine, please help, its gettin annoying
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Hi Andy
Added: 736599 days ago / Views: 567

I love to suck cock aswell.The taste of spunk changes with every new cock.

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missing person..
Added: 1741 days ago / Views: 567 Anyone know where the user Nickynick went too? I dont see any of his pics anymore.:(
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Getting Milked
Added: 86 days ago / Views: 567

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how long is ur preferable wanking session
Added: 1498 days ago / Views: 567 just wandering.. love doning for 2 hours most
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Added: 736599 days ago / Views: 567

How do I delete videos I uploaded?

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