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Hi Andy
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I love to suck cock aswell.The taste of spunk changes with every new cock.

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hehe :)
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Cum Join the Train :)
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skype anyone?
Added: 1762 days ago / Views: 559 im a slim, dirty blonde 16 yr old teen, im hung, and luv to cam, so add me on skype: oimupset
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Decline Friendship Request
Added: 1353 days ago / Views: 559 Is it so wrong to decline a request for friendship? It is unlikely I am ever going to meet anyone on here face to face. The only way a person is able to convey their nature and character is by what they have written on their profile. There is much that be taken from what a person writes, especially in the ABOUT ME section. There is also an indication of their nature and character in the blogs they have created or the blogs in which they have contributed to. There are many guys on GBT I would not have as friends in the real world and I see no reason to have them as friends in this virtual world. I'm sorry if my refusal to accept your request for friendship offends, but please, get over yourselves. If I accept an offer of friendship it's because I have something in common with you and because we have that connection. There are some guys on GBT who have also set conditions to accepting friendship requests, I am doing the same. Please accept my right to do so.
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Added: 1644 days ago / Views: 558 oh yummy :)
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video uploads
Added: 2013 days ago / Views: 558 Hallo ! In der letzten Woche hatte ich ca. 5 videoclips gesendet aber nicht mal einer von Ihnen hat es auf diesem Site geschafft. Sollte der Fehler bei mir liegen dann bitte ich dem Management höflich, mir zu erklären woran es liegt. Meinen besten Dank im voraus an jedem der mir den Zugang zu irgend welchen Ratschlägen gewährt. Euch Allen, sowie all meinen Freunden, wünsche ich ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und einen sanften Rutsch ins neue Jahr !
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foot fetish
Added: 1705 days ago / Views: 558 I dont understand all the foot photos added today. Whats the foot-fetish all about? I mean really! Still about to puke...Just saying!
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Guys in Upstate New York?
Added: 1700 days ago / Views: 558 I'm 18, 19 in February, and I go to college in Upstate New York. I was wondering if anyone was close by and would like to get to know me. I'm kind of lonely and really horny. Perhaps we could set up a date or something.
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looking for local perv buddies in San Antonio
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Hey yall....just like the title says..looking for local buddies who are into perv or nasty k9 equine, ws, rough....just drop me a line so we can talk.

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"You're too old!" or "If Only I Was Younger!"
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Many a time I have heard those sentences aimed at me.

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new here
Added: 1492 days ago / Views: 557 Hey all whatup? Five words or less...what is the best part about BGT?
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My First of Many
Added: 1199 days ago / Views: 557 Maybe I'm naive, but I still believe even at my age that people should be able to do what they want with who they want regardless of age, color, creed, or any of that other bullshit, as long as there is no coercion or manipulation. But you know I did their crime, I did my time, and five years for possession of boy porn seemed a bit harsh, especially when I purchased it from Hong Kong. Oh well. I look back on my own life and find I began intimacy with another boy when I was ten, and had a long relationship with a boy for seven years when I was 14 and he was 12. I first had sex with an adult when I was four, and she taught me to jack off. What a great thing it was, and I've done it every day since, sometimes twice or more, as long as I was physically well that is. Hard to puke and cum at the same time. I had four other adults before I was 11, and I didn't feel damaged. Hell I was a gay kid, I had to figure out how to do everything somehow. What's my point? I'll get to that when I write again.
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Added: 1412 days ago / Views: 556 why is ity everytime I come in here the blohs are always the same thing, can't people talk about normaleveryday things, instead of just sex, or this video or sucking someone while sleeping, I mean get real people, I don't care what you do at night, and I don't really want to hear about dreams or sill inane subjects, lets get a good thing going.
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w cam
Added: 1916 days ago / Views: 556 branlette devent la w cam maite vous de profi poure l'ejaculation cai mieu et on voi le jue partir du reaudinet de lamoure mercie
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What's your weird fetish?
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I see on here some people get turned on by people smoking a ciggarette, i really cannot see how that could make you horny

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Added: 221 days ago / Views: 556 Summary version (in case you don't feel like reading a wall of text) - I'm in love with someone who I've got no shot with (been told no multiple times) and I can't get over him. What do?

Wall of text version - So there's this guy. He's super hot, gay, single, and just happens to be one of my best friends. Let's just call him Jamie (not his real name). Now, several months ago, I came straight out and told him that I really liked him and asked if he'd like to go out on a date. I was told no (what a shock...) because he sees me as more of a brother than a potential boyfriend. Originally I was okay with that, but after unsuccessfully trying my hand with other guys, I kept coming back to Jamie, who gave me the usual answer.

I'm madly in love with Jamie, to the point where I imagine I'm plowing his arse while I'm engaging in a bit of self love. On Saturday we went to a party together, I went to the toilets, and when I came back into the hall I saw him getting off with another guy (who was at least a 7, maybe an 8). I was so upset I left without talking to anybody. I don't think he realises how much he upset me although I'm confident he didn't do it to intentionally hurt me, in fact more than anything, its a call for me to move on. The problem is, I've tried many times in the past to get over this crush, so to speak, and I always keep coming back to Jamie, because we're such close friends so we spend a lot of time together.

I don't want to risk our friendship by confronting him about Saturday and I don't want to ask him out (even though I DESPERATELY want to make a boyfriend out of him). What should I do about this? I'm positive this wonderful community will throw out some valuable advice and I'm thanking you all in advance.

(I should also point out, I've been burned badly by previous relationships. Because of this, and because I've been single for so long now, I tend to become emotionally attached to people in order to fill the void, so to speak.)
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Freedom of speech?
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Open Letter to Nick18
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I chose to post this outside of the system issues blog because I believe you need to address this issue. It is a recurring issue for people that upload videos and pics. There is no clear rules or feedback regarding uploads. And for a site that is dependent upon those that upload to continue its existence, it frankly if poor customer service and creates both frustration for some and creates tension between those that have videos approved on a regular basis with those that do not seem to be able to get anything posted. I know that to be a fact. There is a belief that approval of uploads is based on privilege and favoritism. I have been messaged by members multiple times because I do get multiple videos approved that I am privileged and that my video approvals choke their videos out. In fact, that belief, in part, has cost me what was once a good friendship.

The inability to know whether or not what you upload will be approved and posted should not be a mysterious process. Members should know the status of their uploads in a reasonable time. And, in fact, the why not should be just as apparent.

I also know that uploads are sometimes held for a considerable amount of time and then mysteriously appear. Toby19 has been absent from the site for over 200 days. And he just had a video posted. So it has been sitting in some queue for a long time. I have had the same experience multiple times. And while happy to see something finally posted, it is hard to fathom why it was not posted when originally uploaded.

The vast bulk of the members here are here to see the porn. There is most likely a small number of people that actually upload on a regular basis. And this site is dependent upon those individuals. And frankly, they should be treated with more respect and courtesy than they are.

You need to address these issues. Not just with some chit chat about it, but real action that makes members feel that their efforts are appreciated, or frankly this site will have fewer and fewer people that bother to contribute content.



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I know that BB sex is "unsafe" but why am I so damned obsessed with not wearing a condom?

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Just wondering :-0
Added: 1006 days ago / Views: 554 Not to be negitive, but what is it that younger guys see in much older men !!!
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Does anyone else sleep naked?
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Sleeping naked is so awesome! I go right to sleep.

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What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to you?
Added: 1710 days ago / Views: 554 Well I think this embarrassed my kids as much as me. When my kids were tweens we decided to join a Bally’s fitness center mostly for them, but my partner and I really needed some toning up, so we signed.
The first thing I wanted to do was the same as the kids. We wanted to swim in the pool and hit the hot tub. We then showered as is proper and then I donned my swim trunks. (Not used to this as we swim nude)
After the shower and properly dressed I headed out to the pool area and noticed right away that I was not only being stared at, but there were some giggles. Not only that, but my kids were looking at me with absolute horror in their eyes. Of course I immediately looked down to check if I was wearing my trunks and I was, so I couldn’t understand what everyone was on about.
That’s when my scalp itched a little so I reached up to scratch it and lo and behold I hadn’t rinsed the shampoo out if my hair and I mean it was lathered to the hilt. I must have looked like an actual clown. I ran back into the showers and rinsed off and when I returned everyone applauded.
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Desperate about my boyfriend
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My boyfriend is still seeing his former girlfriend. I know they have a few times a week intercourse. He would'dt have that kind of sex with me. Just tender kissing and feeling. I'm desperate.

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cute young teen guys
Added: 1057 days ago / Views: 554 Whats the best young cute teen boy videos on GBT??

Send links..
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Where are my vids?
Added: 1236 days ago / Views: 554 Last two weeks I've uploaded about 30 vids. And only few of them are listed.
Only the 5th Feb I've uploaded 5 new videos and no one is listed. What's wrong with "my" vids? On other boards if any vid is rejected or deleted, I am informed about the reason, like: "copywrited", "too young" "doubled" and so on.
On GBT, which I consider my favorite website, and I am uploding as many vids as possible, I don't know why my videos are rejected. Such situation makes me feel that my efforts are pointless, and discourage me from uploading any more.
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Added: 1854 days ago / Views: 553 I uploaded 2 videos and I recived the message in 12 hours administration will review it but it has been a week and my videos arnt up
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Locker room preference
Added: 162 days ago / Views: 553

Have noticed at my US college gym locker room, most alums, like myself, staff, and older guys tend to disrobe entirely and walk nude to shower or sauna with towel in hand.  Undergrads, to my disappointment (LOL), tend to change underneath towels like at a beach and/or wear underwear or even more to go to the stall showers or sauna.   Your preference and why?

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My own personal webpage
Added: 1026 days ago / Views: 553 am I allowed to post the link to my own webpage I built it all myself im dead proud and dying to show it off so can I post the link here (I don't want banning)
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Added: 1912 days ago / Views: 553 Any other forums? Email me please.
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share your thoughts and ideas
Added: 1261 days ago / Views: 553 this is my first ever blog, so be nice please:

if your in the closet and say you meet the one guy you want to spend the rest of your life with, would you come out of the closet for this guy, or would you continue to live your life in the closet, and risk destroing your relationship by not coming out, or would you come out and emmbrace your new lease on life?
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I'm Beyond Confused
Added: 1405 days ago / Views: 552 I've been identifying myself as a bi-sexual male for about 2 years now, even though I have never had any sexual encounters with another male. I've had sex with girls before, and I loved it, but there are guys that I find attractive. The reason I'm so confused is because one day I can wake up and want to bang a girl and have a girlfriend, and have no interest in men whatsoever. Other days I wake up and want to suck a cock, and have no interest in women. It makes a relationship with either sex pretty impossible. And it also confuses the hell out of me.

I know this is a gay site, but if anyone has experienced this, or has any advice, I would really appreciate it.
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Yahoo messenger
Added: 1166 days ago / Views: 552 Just a heads up, now got a bunch of regular friends in chat that use yahoo messenger. Once you kinda get in with our circle of friends, you kinda get to meeting a lot of people on line in a hurry. Always happy to add more tho.

If you would like to become a part of our chat circle you can either leave yur yahoo messenger I'd in this blog or PM a message to me. Please no downers, basket cases, pedophiles, or deeply troubled individuals!!!

Hopin to hear from you!

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I dont often get angry
Added: 1333 days ago / Views: 552 I dont often get angry but I have to admit to being a little angry when this arrived in my GBT mailbox after downloading a movie that was titled by a site I use as "Russian boys have a 4some" I then set about uploading it to GBT about a couple of hours later I recieve the following message.
"Those boys speak Czech. Maybe you don't know it, but Russia and Czech are two different countries with different languages. Or for you is for ex. Canada and USA the same countries?"
First I know Russia and the Czech Republic are different countries I also know where they are both located and even know a little about the velvet revolution etc I certainly didnt need a reference example of Canada and the USA, I have been living in the USA since I was 12 years old and I think 10 years has been enough time for me to work out while they may be next to each other they are seperate countries.
I sent a message back stating while I am very aware of where both countries are situated I do not understand the languages of either and didnt do a background check of authentication before uploading it to GBT for others to enjoy. I think sometimes people do not appreciate that finding, downloading, and uploading takes time and effort. And no before I get the hate mail from people saying I think people that contribute to uploading are anymore important than others "I DONT THINK THAT" although having said that he didnt even have favorites listed and no other contributions including no profile lol, I did think his message a little rude.

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Seeing up someone's shorts
Added: 899 days ago / Views: 552

Ok so I was at the beach today lying facing my friend and his mate who is visiting for holidays.

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The next day
Added: 1556 days ago / Views: 551 When I awoke, my cock ached with the sweet pressure of a rigid erection. I could still vaguely feel the intensity my dream about my friend Paul. I could clearly remember the night before, however. The sweet musky scent of our young teenage sweat and cum was still fresh on my body. I wanted Paul’s smooth skin on mine, to feel his warmth once again. For three years we had been sitting together in class. Now I realised, that he had felt the same way I that did the whole time. But we would not be able to do anything again, not yet. His parents were up and in the kitchen, noisily getting the breakfast ready. “They’re going out later”, Paul said simply. It was pure torture, separately showering and acting like normal around his parents, whilst knowing what would surely happen after they left. I did my best not to wonder what exactly that might be however. I was desperately trying not to get hard in front of his parents. I ate, struggling to distract myself. Fighting the urge to touch my friend and hold him close. After an eternity his parents left for town and we were at last alone once more. “I’ll be right back” Paul said and left the Kitchen for a minute. When he returned he looked sort of mischievous but he wasn’t saying anything. We went back to Paul’s room, the scene of the previous night’s passionate awakening. Paul closed the door and turned around. We gazed at each other intensely, as if for the first time. The morning sun streamed in from the roof window, bathing Paul in a golden glow. His tousled fair hair a fiery corona against the light. I could hardly swallow my throat was so dry. My heart was pounding; it’s beat drumming out a rhythm in my hardening cock. I could see the swollen outline of Paul’s cock pressing against the front of his jeans. We had both been hard long before we went upstairs. I could see a small wet patch on his jeans at the end of his cock and clearly see the shape of its head through the denim. Paul was staring at my face as I was looking at his cock, I realised. It sort of thrilled me that he was getting excited about me watching him. I pulled off my shirt and he did the same. I would never get tired of looking at his slender smooth torso, his lightly toned shoulder muscles and beautiful abs. He was a keen swimmer, and you could tell. I was a keen cyclist however and so I was built differently. Paul pulled my hands away from my belt as I started to undo it, and took over. He was going to undress me I realised. Such a thrill of excitement shot through me at this thought that it made me a bit weak at the knees. Paul knelt down before me; I felt his warm breath on my stomach. Long slim fingers gently opened my belt and the top button of the jeans. Then hooking his fingers around the belt he pulled them down slowly as I shuddered, my breathing becoming more frantic. I could see my small bush and the shaft of my cock as he slowly revealed them. Suddenly the end of my cock was released, it sprang upward and slapped against my chest once before it was too hard. Paul blew lightly on the head of my cock as it bobbed up and down close to his face. My glans ballooned right up and a clear bead of liquid oozed out and rolled down the front of my cock as several involuntary contractions jerked it upwards. “You are soooo hard”, Paul said, fascinated. He pulled my jeans right down and I stepped out of them. Now fully hard, standing naked in the sunlight before my friend - this was something I had always imagined. Paul put one hand flat onto my shivering stomach and ran the other up the back of my leg until he reached my ass. He pressed his thumb onto the base of my cock behind my balls and then I could feel his long fingers around my ass tickling. When he pressed his hand against me there; the waves of exquisite sensation spread though all the lower half of my body. As I gasped and shuddered Paul moved his other hand up my stomach and over my nipples then I felt his warm cheek against my belly. I held his head in my trembling hands pressing him into my belly feeling his silky hair through my fingers, the heat of his breath on my cock. Then with the tip of his tongue he touched my aching cock lightly. A sudden shock of sensation; and as my cock jerked up and down the feelings was amplified. I couldn’t take much more of this before I would reach orgasm. Paul stood up then and slipped off his jeans too. As he did so he took something out of his pocket. He opened the tube of lube he had been holding and squeezed some out onto his hard cock and hand. Then he looked at me again with that same impish mischievous expression I saw earlier. I knew him well enough to know what that meant, and it excited me. He walked around behind me looking at me intently. Not knowing what to expect was such a thrill, my cheeks were burning and my face was hot. Paul reached between my legs from behind and suddenly his fingers were inside me. The lube made it surprisingly easy. He put more lube on his fingers and did the same again pressing forwards slightly, a new sensation. My cock was even harder now almost painfully hard. “I’ve always loved your bum”, Paul said softly “lie down, ok”. So I did, while he knelt on the floor between my raised knees. My gaze locked onto his lovely cock, so smooth and straight, “as long as my two middle fingers” he had told me once. Now I knew he had not exaggerated. I looked up at his lightly freckled face; his full lips always seemed to be smiling. Paul’s light blue eyes looked into mine and I knew he wanted this so badly, but was he waiting for me, hardly daring to ask the question. I raised my eyebrows a little and nodded a silent “YES” Lifting my legs up Paul pushed my knees almost to my ears. I rocked back holding my knees gasping. Our eyes locked as we breathed together, two naked bodies bathed in the golden light of the waking sun. On the tip of Paul’s cock a pearl of lubricant squeezed from him. The faint jasmine scent of his body filled my nostrils and sent blood pounding, singing in my ears. I could see Paul’s heart moving under his smooth velvet skin and my heart was beating with his. Paul’s loins moved forwards, and then he was inside me, slowly moving deeper. An intense fullness and pressure that I’d never felt before made my cock so hard as it pressed flat against my stomach. Paul’s movements quickened as he moved back and forth gently. Our eyes were locked together, each reading the others delight there. Paul’s rapid breaths smelled sweet on my face, as he leant lower over me approaching his climax. I could feel his cock inside me so hard now. He bent lower and kissed me on the mouth then, for the first time. Suddenly an involuntary spasm shot through my body and I tightened around Paul’s cock. I was cumming. I hadn’t really thought it was possible as I wasn’t even touching my cock, but I was cumming! silver ropes of cum shot across my chest as I involuntarily squeezed Paul’s cock to the same rhythm. Paul was so excited by this that his cock was pulsing inside me a second later, he moaned and shuddered releasing his hot cum. After a moment we kissed again, for much longer this time holding one another tightly. Our lips parted and our tongues and even our teeth touched. I felt the wetness of my cum between us and we both shone with sweat in the warm golden sunlight. “We need another shower” I said, laughing. “Yes we do” Paul softly whispered accentuating the “we”. I could see that mischievous expression on his face again.
To Be Continued ..... :)
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Added: 1203 days ago / Views: 551 Hey guys I'm very much into briefs or tighty whities so if you know where to get pics or videos on here let me know. Thanks
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Problems Download
Added: 1548 days ago / Views: 551 Anyone else having problems downloading videos? I've tried in Chrome and Firefox and I get errors when trying to save from the download link.
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