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Seeing up someone's shorts
Added: 1101 days ago / Views: 606

Ok so I was at the beach today lying facing my friend and his mate who is visiting for holidays.

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Does anyone have a room to rent in and around the Los Angeles area???? x
Added: 1729 days ago / Views: 605 im thinkin of running away after the summer :D
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Hey all!
Added: 736745 days ago / Views: 605

So I'm really bored and I need people to chat with, maybe more, so add me on msn. ;) x

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Is there a secret word to say to pick up a guy?
Added: 1379 days ago / Views: 605 I feel like it not easy to pick up a hot dude! I'm so want a hot guy to play with!! I'm tired of this games that young guys do on line.. I tried hot pic and i do have lots of hot underwear to wear. I kinda giving up.. So any help with me with a line of words to say? or better words.
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Site Issues
Added: 1855 days ago / Views: 605 I just wanted to apologizes for the site issues over the past few days. We are moving all of the servers to a new host that will offer more stable hosting, faster load times, and fix some of the GEO location load issues we have had. Most of this should be fixed with-in the next 48hours and we will put all of this behind us I hope. Thax
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Pic of the day 02/14/16
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Cum Join the Train :)
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Why is it so hard to find a fuck buddy?
Added: 1658 days ago / Views: 604 You know guys I just would like to find a guy in my area that I could get together with now and then for some good old plain sex. No drama no Bull shit just him and I together giving each other pleasure, then once the urges are satisfied we go. Is that wrong? Why does it have to be complex? Why does everyone want to make a big deal? You come over we get naked we bust a nut or two in each other you get dressed and leave. We do it again next week, no muss no fuss, no whining over our feelings no drama, no presents no lets move in together no lets get married. Damn when we get horny we fuck like animals, then go back to our regular lives
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The Smells of Sex - Questions and Info
Added: 1620 days ago / Views: 604
A few questions for the GBT crowd here, regarding your perceptions, or reactions, to smells. Was talking to another GBT member about this, and thought I'd post a blog entry about it :

QUESTION #1: Have you ever tried smelling the (dried) cum-soaked underwear of someone you are sexually attracted to (while they are not present in the room) ? If
so, did you become sexually aroused by the smell of the dried cum .. or turned off by it ?

QUESTION # 2: Does the smell of reasonably fresh sweat (not a day old) of other men turn you on sexually ? Or is it a turn-off ?

As for other sexual smell-related topics I found a few bits of information on the web, that were somewhat interesting. National Geographic published an article here quoting a study that says gay men react similar to women when they smell male sweat :

I also noticed a few sites that talked about the effects of what we eat, on the taste of our semen and the smell around our genitals :

"" Consuming toxins like nicotine, alcohol, and drugs will negatively affect the flavor of your body fluids. The same holds true for red meats, fish and dairy. ""

"" Good (semen) flavors can come from pineapple, both the fruit and the juice, as well as fruits with citric acid like oranges and also cranberry juice. Eating the fruit or drinking the juice will have the same effect. Additional fruits and other foods that have been reported to increase the sugar in semen are mangoes, apples, grapes and melons, along with celery, wheatgrass, and parsley. It is also recommended to drink water. Water will flush toxins from your body and improve the texture of your semen to make it consistent. ""

Useful to know ... :-) Eat more fruits before someone gives you a blowjob !!!

Wearing a pleasant perfume or cologne has been proven to increase your overall attractiveness to the opposite sex. Even those that were considered 'average' in terms of their looks have scored higher in tests when given a pleasing scent to wear.

The daily use of colognes or perfumes is also linked with lifting depression which can make you all the more attractive to a sex partner. People report having higher spirits when they're wearing or smelling something pleasant, so they're happier and more fun to be with – and that is sexy.

Strong odors have a stimulating effect on the body, which results in increased blood flow to the penis which heightens arousal.

Anyone care to add their thoughts, or experiences ?
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19 Souther California
Added: 2069 days ago / Views: 604 Any other young guys add me on skype johan.mira1 or message me we can have some fun.
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PART 1-Fixing the rundll32.exe problem

First go to C:\WINDOWS and make sure you have the file rundll32.exe in both your 'SYSTEM' and 'SYSTEM 32' folders. If it's in one but not the other, copy the file to the folder it's missing in. If it is in neither folder go to C:\ServicePackFiles\i386 or find your servicpackfiles folder and copy the rundll32.exe file from there.

Second go to and download the free version to your desktop.

Install Malwarebytes. Then close all windows and reboot in SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING.

You can do this by hitting the F8 button at the very top of your keyboard after the bios page during the reboot.

Once your in safe mode open the malwarebytes software that you downloaded and do a scan. It will take several minutes. It should find the malware and quarintine it. Press okay to quarintine the malware files and close program.

Reboot your computer normally.

PART 2-Fixing the EXE file association Fixes for windows


Click on the appropriate system you have and follow the directions.

This will provide you with the exe_file_association_fix_xp.reg file you need to run to fix the problem. *

Once you've done that reboot your computer.

PART 3-Fixing the non-working shortcuts problem in Windows XP (This part should work for other Windows operating systems but I'm not sure if it will-Sorry, the links to the other systems at are down ATM-The key here is to run this little 'fix-it' file 'linkfile_fix.reg' and it will automatically replace an important file into your registry that the malware removed. You can run it right on your desktop. If it doesn't work Google 'Shortcuts don't work in Windows XP (or whatever your system is and you should find a solution)


Click on Win XP Fixes in the left hand column.

In the center alphabetical listings find and click on 'File Association Fixes' to fix non-working shortcuts.

In that list click on 'LNK (Shortcut) File Association Fix'.

Download the zip file to your desktop.

Click on the zip file to unpack it-Unpack it to your desktop also.

Find the unpacked file-it's called: 'linkfile_fix.reg'.

Click on it to open it* and click yes when it asks you if you want the file copied to your registry.

Reboot your computer and the shortcuts problem should be fixed.

* IF YOU CAN'T OPEN the 'exe_file_association_fix_xp.reg' file or the 'linkfile_fix.reg' file do this for each file:

On your keyboard click 'control-alt-delete' at the same time which will open the 'Task Manager' control panel.

Click on 'Task Manager'.

At the top in the upper left side click on 'file' and point at 'new task'

Then press 'control' on your keyboard and and click on 'new taks' which will open a command prompt window.

In command prompt type in REGEDIT.EXE and hit enter on your keyboard-This opens your registry.

Click on the file tab in the upper left side of the registry and then click on 'import'.

This opens a 'find file' box. Point to the linkfile_fix.reg file on your desktop-then click open.
This should open the file that you couldn't open the conventional way.

Then just click yes for it to copy the file to your registry.

Close all windows and reboot your computer. When your computer reboots the shortcuts problem should be fixed.

When you're all done it would be a good idea to reboot in safe mode and rescan your system with Malwarebytes again. I just discovered and went through this entire process and my computer is completely back to normal. GOOD LUCK and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
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how long is ur preferable wanking session
Added: 1643 days ago / Views: 604 just wandering.. love doning for 2 hours most
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Another Saturday Nite
Added: 1621 days ago / Views: 603 So this time Dave was over at my house for the night cause my mom went out of town for the weekend to a sales thing. After we watched a little TV he told me he had gone on GBT and seen some of the videos and stuff on my profile and he tole me he had a surprise for me. I thought it was cool and told him that and he went to his nite bag and pulled out a jock strap and told me to go into the bathroom and put it on. I laughed and said that he's seen me naked but he told me again to do it in the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and got undressed and put on the jock strap. Having a boner already was pretty obvious but I didnt care. I went out over into my bedroom and saw Dave had brought some laundry line. He had a pair of scissors and he told me to lay down in the middle of the bed. OMG!! I knew what he was thinking and got kinda scared. One thing to like to watch movies and be curious about stuff but some stuff...OMG!! I trusted Dave so went ahead and got into my bed laying on my back. I said no spanking or anything and he told me not to worry. He started tying my left wrist with the rope and when he was done it was like I had a rope bracelet on but kinda loose. Then he tied it up to the post of my bed. Then he did the other hand and then my left leg and then my right one. I was tied spread out and my dick was so hard it kinda hurtHe started playing with my nipples and rold me that I was his and would have to listen to whatever he told me. I nodded and he said the first rule was that I could NOT come until he told me or else! I asked him what if I couldnt help it and he just grinned and sat on my stomach and started digging into my ribs. YES! I am very ticklish and he knew that. I started wiggling but could'nt do anything to stop him. I was laughing and begging him to stop but he kept on going for (to me) a very long time. Finally he stopped tickling me and waited for me to calm down an told me that was just a very short time compared to what would happen if I couldn't help it. He told me to let him know when I was close. I promised I would. (I HATE getting tickled) He took off his clothes and stood there with a boner and moved down and put my hand around it. I couldn't pump him so he just pumped my hand and kinda rubbed his hand all over the pert of my body he could reach (except for my dick) His dick started dripping a bit so he got up in the bed and kneeled with my head between his legs and tilted my head up towards his dick. I just automatically opened my mouth and he put it in and put a pillow under my head to hole it there while he started pumping in and out of my mouth while i sucked on it and pushed his dick against the top of my mouth with my tongue (Dave taught me that)lol. He stopped and pulled out (kinda popped) and backed up and leaned down and started kissing me. I could feel his hard dick against me chest and was loving it. After a few minutes of sucking my tongue down his throat he hot up and started rubbing my dick thru the jock, I lay there and just lived the feeling I was getting, then he stopped and started to dig his finger into my butthole. He had to lick his finger to make it actually go in but he got it there. I loved it when he did that to my prostrate. I started moaning and trying to pump the air but he wouldn't touch my dick. I looked down and saw he was jerking and the front of the jock I was wearing was very, very wet. He pulled his finger out of my hole and started rubbing my dick theu the jock again. I told him I wasnted to come and he asked me if I was close and I said yes but not too close. He stopeed rubbing me and grabbed the scissors and actually cut the jockstrap off. He used the dry part to kinda wipe off my dick and roll it around the head which kinda made me crazy cause it was sensative. He stopped doing that and started to jerk me rreeeeaaaaallllly slow which felt good but I knew it was too slow for me to come so I tried pumping his hand faster but he just took his hand off and got back up and made me suck him some more. It really didn't take him long and I felt him grow and start squirting in my mouth. I enjoy that. Kinda weird I think mine is gross but I would drink all of his and swallot it and LOVE it. (Yep weird)He finished coming in my mouth and got out of bed and went over and got another piece of the clothesline and put it around my dick and nuts and pulled tight. I mean...real tight but it didnt hurt. Then he just tied a knot in it and took both ends around again but at the bottom pulled them on around but just around my sack and pulled that tight too. I watched as good as I could and saw both of my balls was tied inside the sack real tight. Kinda looked like I only had one ball. Putting thaqt in a knot too he leaned down and put my ball sack in his mouth and ran his tongue around them and just licked them like that. Again, I was trying to pump ther air but he wouldn't do anything. Finally he got up and looked at me and said remember what I said about you coming before I tell you too. I said I did. He licked his finger again and up my butt it went. Then he leaned down and put my dick in his mouth and started doing what I did to him while he was playing with my prostrate which made me feel like I could squirt at any minute and I told him I was getting close so he pulled his mouth off my dick and started stroking me real slow again. Was still close and told him that but he seemed to know better and kept stroking my dick. It was like I was right on the edge but couldn't come and I really wanted to come. I asked to go faster and let me come but he didnt. EVERY time I said I was going to h would stop get up and go do something somewhere and when he'd come back he would start right back in. After a while I actually started begging him to go faster but he wouldn't. I was starting to get mad because he was doing this and told him that and he just told me that thats what happens when you're the slave. Bringing me to the top stoppign bringing me to the top and stopping got me begging again and he asked me what it was worth to him and I told him ANYTHING. He said he was going to hold me to that and put my dick in his mouth and started sucking me. OMG I was there my head was soooo sensative and he just pushed against the top of his mouth and sucked against it. I started to get the feeling and told him I was going to come and he pulled his mouth off and started pumping me slow again. Finally I got to the top with him going slow and got the feeling and told him. He said it was okay and just kept pumping me slow. As soon as I squirted I squirted all the way up to my face (forehead actually) and seemed to just keep on pumping and I might have made some loud noises too but he just let me do it. I could barely move when I finally got over that and he just grinned and told me that the first part was over and all I could think was O.M.G!! Wow, I know this was long so I decided to split it up if you want me too. Just let me know. Hope you enjoyed it...I did, Talk to some of you later. Travis
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looking for local perv buddies in San Antonio
Added: 736745 days ago / Views: 603

Hey yall....just like the title says..looking for local buddies who are into perv or nasty k9 equine, ws, rough....just drop me a line so we can talk.

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Added: 953 days ago / Views: 603

I know that BB sex is "unsafe" but why am I so damned obsessed with not wearing a condom?

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relationship sex
Added: 1540 days ago / Views: 603 so i am in a long term committed relationship with my bf and mate. we have been together a long time, he is 20 i am 21. i have been told it is wrong for me to masturbate without him as that is like cheating on him. this friend said that all sex should be between myself and my partner. i know my partner does not jo, and he knows i do, but i wondered what others thought. thanks!
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Just wondering :-0
Added: 1208 days ago / Views: 603 Not to be negitive, but what is it that younger guys see in much older men !!!
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Added: 1185 days ago / Views: 603


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Meets in Birmingham
Added: 2214 days ago / Views: 603 Hi there guys, if any young lads (up to about 25) want to meet up in Birmingham, please get in touch - my door is always open for cute young lads ;)
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Does anyone else sleep naked?
Added: 859 days ago / Views: 603

Sleeping naked is so awesome! I go right to sleep.

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straight guy i work with
Added: 2050 days ago / Views: 603 i am attracted to a guy at work, he is a straight guy, who recently broke up with his girl friend, to me this guy is smokin, average hieght, every time i see him, i think to my self, GOD...i wish i wish he could be mine,any ideas?
thanks snowman
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Desperate about my boyfriend
Added: 1165 days ago / Views: 603

My boyfriend is still seeing his former girlfriend. I know they have a few times a week intercourse. He would'dt have that kind of sex with me. Just tender kissing and feeling. I'm desperate.

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share that boy
Added: 2103 days ago / Views: 603 Hi friends (^_°) I received a bug warning because of 'share that' whats going on ????
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body types
Added: 1859 days ago / Views: 603 what type of body do you like the most skinny fat muscular
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Added: 234 days ago / Views: 602

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hot, hot
Added: 1809 days ago / Views: 602 Durning the summers, I would often spend time at my grandparents summer
cottage on a lake. One of the neighbors had two grandsons, they were teenages . I spent a lot of time with when I was there. The first time I did
anything sexually was with the older of the boys (Mark)when we were swimming. I reached inside his footy shorts and felt his penis. I think he liked it cause he smiled and did the same to me. This only lasted about 15 seconds as our parents were nearby.

The next incident was when we had a sleep over in a small building next to the main house which had a set of bunk beds. I offered to let them sleep on the bunk beds and I would sleep on a cot. After about a half hour on the cot, I asked Mark if I could share the bed with him as the cot was uncomfortable. He said sure, so I climbed in with him.

We slept in the same sleeping bag and it started to get hot, so I suggested we take our clothes off as we'd feel much cooler. He was ok with that. I took my underwear off and then asked if he wanted me to take his off and he said ok. Lying down again, trying to sleep, I got the urge to touch him, so I reached over and felt his stomach.
He didn't say anything. So I slowly worked my hand down towards his
penis. He had a small pubic bush. When I finally felt his penis, it was soft and warm, but not hard. He still didn't say anything, although I knew he wasn't asleep. I rubbed the head of his penis and it
started to get hard. He grabbed my hand and started using it to stroke his penis.
When he knew I had a rhythm going he let go and reached for my penis. I was already hard before I touched his penis and he started to stroke my as well. We did this for about 5 minutes and then I told him to roll over on his stomach. I then laid on his back and rubbed my hard penis between his cute bubble butt cheeks. This felt really good and after about 5 more minutes of doing this, I couldn’t contain the sensation of the orgasm building up in my penis, I spurted long creamy shots of my milk on his back. After I squeezed every drop out I needed 2 clean his back. Mark told me 2 wipe the cum up with his underwear and then he put them back on, cause he wanted 2 feel the wetness of my cummmm on his body. That was so fuckin hot.

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what do u prefer?
Added: 1183 days ago / Views: 602

who is top, who is bottom and who is versatile?

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Wtf 157boyfun
Added: 1824 days ago / Views: 602 157boyfun Stop posting the same thing on people's blogs please you could of made your own blog in stead of posting the same thing on every blog and your profile is really odd
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Are any of you a parent?
Added: 1674 days ago / Views: 602 I've raised 5 kids and have 5 grandkids now. I was lucky I raised them in a liberal area, but how has your gay parenting experience been?
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how many members use their real profile picture?
Added: 16 days ago / Views: 602

Just out of curiosity, how many members use their real profile picture. meaning a picture of the real you :)

Give me a quick yes or no and meaby explain why


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Hi Andy
Added: 736745 days ago / Views: 601

I love to suck cock aswell.The taste of spunk changes with every new cock.

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Open Letter to Nick18
Added: 874 days ago / Views: 601


I chose to post this outside of the system issues blog because I believe you need to address this issue. It is a recurring issue for people that upload videos and pics. There is no clear rules or feedback regarding uploads. And for a site that is dependent upon those that upload to continue its existence, it frankly if poor customer service and creates both frustration for some and creates tension between those that have videos approved on a regular basis with those that do not seem to be able to get anything posted. I know that to be a fact. There is a belief that approval of uploads is based on privilege and favoritism. I have been messaged by members multiple times because I do get multiple videos approved that I am privileged and that my video approvals choke their videos out. In fact, that belief, in part, has cost me what was once a good friendship.

The inability to know whether or not what you upload will be approved and posted should not be a mysterious process. Members should know the status of their uploads in a reasonable time. And, in fact, the why not should be just as apparent.

I also know that uploads are sometimes held for a considerable amount of time and then mysteriously appear. Toby19 has been absent from the site for over 200 days. And he just had a video posted. So it has been sitting in some queue for a long time. I have had the same experience multiple times. And while happy to see something finally posted, it is hard to fathom why it was not posted when originally uploaded.

The vast bulk of the members here are here to see the porn. There is most likely a small number of people that actually upload on a regular basis. And this site is dependent upon those individuals. And frankly, they should be treated with more respect and courtesy than they are.

You need to address these issues. Not just with some chit chat about it, but real action that makes members feel that their efforts are appreciated, or frankly this site will have fewer and fewer people that bother to contribute content.



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Pic of the day 26/08/15
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cute young teen guys
Added: 1258 days ago / Views: 601 Whats the best young cute teen boy videos on GBT??

Send links..
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In Which Country U Live?????
Added: 1508 days ago / Views: 600 I Live In Pakista
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A few questions
Added: 15 days ago / Views: 600

The following are some questions to know about what makes you turn on when you see a male?

1] Facial beauty

2] cock

3] size of cock

4] flaccid cock

5] erected cock

6] balls

7] ass 

8] jerking

9] cum

10] underwear


12] cut

13] with pubic hair

14] without pubic hair

15] white undies

16] colored undies

17] bulge

Pl give your answers in the comment section

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