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Need the twenty-somethings advice please.
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I have become 55 and have been celibate for mostly the past 15 years, due to having to take care of my 81-year old mother. the doctor finally wants her to move into a nursing home, or long term care facility. Now here is the trick question. I have my own house, car, income from early retirement. I want to find a life partner, or even husband/spouse if that comes up. I've got no children so that would allow someone in my preferred 20 to 30 year old range to adopt a family with all the rights of being true family. of course, this would take some diligent search and decision making, but am I suggesting something that is creepy, or are there gay guys out there that would jump at such an opportunity? I realize that this is a very strange question. But I am only asking for opinions, I am not trying to start a search on this site. Is it worth my time to look, or have I just become too old to interest the age-group which has always been my preferred partner range. BE HONEST, EVEN Brutal, but please give me some advice. thank you in advance..stargeeyzer

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for sharing
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Good Morning
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What is your favourite restaurant?
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I think we all love food here? 

But what are your favourite places to eat? And include pictures of your favourite food from there if you can.

It's a shame Americans don't get to know all about Nandos.

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Boys Kissing 2
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Couldn't find the earlier blog..but thought it would be nice to see more boys kissing ...have any to share?


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so fucking horny
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wish someone would come stroke my cock until i blow all over them

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I Just Cut the Cord :)P
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I have cancelled my cable TV service and sending back all 5 boxes I had. No longer forced to pay to support CNN or any of this other one sided, 1/2 informed, selective information propaganda. I am not alone millions of others are doing the same 


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👓 3D porn
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anyone else into sfm or 3D stuff? nᴥn; i plan on making some sfm porn when i get my own pc  

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Philippines GDP growth seen hitting 7% in 2018
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Ya the Philippines economy is growing at about 7% every quarter, they say 2% growth is impossible for the USA we are at 1% when lucky 

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I'm searching for the original of this photo with the original banner "" printed at the bottom of the pic. I have seen it here on GBT but cannot located it now. Any assistance in finding greatly appreciated.

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Today you Feel ........
Added: 6 hrs ago / Views: 66049 In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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Julio Salazar actor pornografico gay
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Julio Salazar Actor pornografico gay

gay pasivo, me encanta tomarme fotos gozando mamando guevo ymientras me meten verga tiesa por el cul mi tlf 04143263876


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Anyone have Site Issues?
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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

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Series of random photos and videos that grab me as I trek through the virtual universe and report back to Earth_rosewater
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Week of May 20, 2017

Que la jeunesseQue la jeunesse...Que la jeunesse...Jamie Thorington In “Endless Heat” By Hadar Pitchon

Gilles Chambon, Dédale, 2017

Gilles Chambon, Dédale, 2017

Sibling Rivalry

e-mbody:<br />
“brothers.<br />

Close comrades - circa 1890 

collarbonecollection002cutecaturday001Que la jeunesse...Que la jeunesseQue la jeunesseQue la jeunesseQue la jeunesse




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Which one do you like?
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Vote for your fav.


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freddie mercury
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happy friday guys
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which one you want


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Want Profile Views?
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Hey, you guys upset about people using bots to up their view scores?

I know a way to bump yours!

Just get the chat fixed, and give us all a live re-enactment of your favorite video, to tell us why your page is the best!  We can have runoffs and vote!

You'll get tons of new views!

For tips and suggestions, feel free to skype with me (18 ).

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Gay rights Str8 rights Child Rights RIGHTS RIGHTS RIGHTS RIGHTS
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As a major in political science I can tell you all the legal issues about your rights and the road blocks the barriers etc, However that is not the point. YOUR rights are not guaranteed, no matter whats the US constitution says. Your rights are what you are given at any one particular moment. They rights expressed in the constitution are philosophies and can be debated and argued over and over. They can be interpreted a hundred different ways. My point is is you are on a plane and a us marshal tells you you have to get off screaming to him about your so called rights will not change the face that at that moment those rights are not available to you. Now after you cooperate and avoid an assbeating you can talk violation of your rights to a lawyer. But in that moment the only rights you actually have are the ones that the man in authority gives you. Get off the plane of get your ass beat and then get off the plane. those are your rights at that very moment.

As an American Citizen I feel bad when I see someones civil rights being trampled on, but I also think to my self in most cases(not all) " you silly son of a bitch, just do what he/she says and this will be over in a few minutes there is no reason to escalate things out of control and get someone hurt!) I think sometimes the people eho get shot are daring the police to shoot them, when you leave them no choice they are trained to shoot your uncooperative ass!

Remember your rights are what the person of authority gives you at that particular moment, all the pissing protesting and screaming wont change a thing.  Afterwards when things are calm is the time to take your grievance to lawmakers for the press etc.


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My Wall Post For Today
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In order to save time, instead of my going to the Walls of ALL of my GBT Friends, I will post my daily items here.  I'll try to update this daily, and will move what is today's post down when I add a new post.  Enjoy!

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Arline refused to let gay couple and their kids use family boarding
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Arline refused to let gay couple and their kids use family boarding
'I felt like I was a criminal and I was humiliated'

Arline refused to let gay couple and their kids use family boarding
Southwest Airlines

23 May 2017
by Joe Morgan

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My summer place , its weird, sexy and a bit creepy all at the same time
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School is out and as most of you know I sold my mom's house so for the first time in my life I truly did not have anywhere to go for the summer. I thought about renting someplace but when they know its month to month they really fuck you on the price. So I answered this ad on Craigslist, yes I know it was stupid but hey live life take chances right. Anyway I met this guy Steve who owns a "ranch" in central Ill. He takes in four or five students every summer to work for him. 

He explained that it is an openly sexual place and if that bothers me then I needed to move on. I said not a problem for me. Ist stop was the health department to get tested for STDs. All his interns have to be tested. I passed. Then we went to his ranch.  Its a big place about 250 acres. He has his home set on 15 acres the rest is woods and pasture for all his cattle. 

I met my co workers, Tyler a nice guy toned and tanned kinda quiet, he is the pool keeper. Justin, 6 foot 4 muscles Blond hair looks like he just got off a surf board, he takes care of the 4 horses. Then Tom a skinny guy with a dragon tattoo of a dragon going from his right to his left shoulder across his back. he is the house boy keeps everything neat and tidy.

My job is  to keep the immediate grounds around the house manicured. Its cool I have every lawn care toy known to man.

There is a bunkhouose where the men who care for the cattle live about 1/2 mile from here but we dont mix with them. Arnie is the cook, he fixes our meals everyday. Steve insists we eat a full meal of lots of protien to build us up.  Justin and Tyler live here full time and they are build like Zac fucking Efron. We all sleep in the same room in bunk beads, we have our own bath . everybody is cool. Steve has some strict rules, no drugs, no fighting, no stealing, no chewing tobacco. One infraction and you are out.

We eat at 6 am then get to work. I ride the mower for most of the day then trim and such. I really dont know what the other guys do. Lunch is usually burgers hot dogs chicken etc then we shower and have dinner about 7 so far its been steak , prime rib , BBQ all from his own cattle.

The evenings are when it gets a bit weird, Steve insists we all wear nothing but these white terrycloth bathrobes he gave us. We sit on this bit pit style sofa and watch porn on his projection tv. He sits in a recliner off to the side in a robe having his vodka and cigarette. Well after about 20 minutes of really good gay porn and us in nothing but open front robes we start going at each other and fuck and suck till about midnight. Everybody is hung pretty well and seem to enjoy pretty much everything.

At the end of the evening either Tyler or Justin will sleep with Steve for the night and the rest of us go on to bed.

Like I said its a weird set up but so far I like it

Love and Kisses


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Your Favorite Cars
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Classic cars and trucks, custom cars and trucks, concept cars, any cars and trucks you want to share.


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😍 Thats my fetish!
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☆ read inside! ☆

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Our Canadian Adventure Chapter 5
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Chapter five

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younger who like older
Added: 15 hrs ago / Views: 10916 hi, i am a mature older guy and enjoy the company of younger guys 16-21. never lost my virginity till i was 23 and think because i missed out on the fun in my teenage years is why i go for younger. i also believe that if two people like each other [ or more if you are lucky lol } then shouldn't matter about age as long as it is legal age. a lot of people frown about age difference, however i feel that i should do what i really enjoy doing. i am a decent guy, loving ,caring, kind, honest and treat younger with respect. is there any younger guys who have went out with an older guy. what was your experience like. are there any younger guys whos preference is for older guys, i find them hard to find. would appreciate your comments....send a message here or you can contact me on thanks.....john x
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Your Favorite TV show as a kid
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tvpost your fav tv show back in the day


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