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YAY the weekend is here
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I hope you can get out and have fun this weekend, Here in Hillcrest it will be cooler then last but still warm and fun to see the boys out playing.



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Anti-Gay Pride Events or?
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This is not bashing the Gay group nor am I trying to steer up arguments.  This is how I feel about such things.  

Although more gay than bi, I don't get the fascination in Pride Marches and Parties, they are usually filled with men dressed in bondage and leather gear, not what I like.  They are also filled with lads acting really camp and they portray to the world that Gay men no matter who they are or how old they are, are all the same.  There are more cross dressers at these events as well.  Why being gay says you have to act or be in to such things.  Do you agree or not, please tell me your thoughts.  


This is not saying that the party atmisphere is not fun, it is.

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Just wanna say hi (I'm new here :P) How you all doing! :P 

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Your Favorite Cars
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Classic cars and trucks, custom cars and trucks, concept cars, any cars and trucks you want to share.   (With Gavin's blessings!)  Starting out with a 1935 Auburn 851 Speedster. Image result for classic cars

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not sure how many are parants
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so ok i was cici right and this family walked in mother, father and of course a young man in gym shorts. and omfg he was hung like a damn horse and he had no underwear on i wathed this swing back and forth and yea he saw me to looking lol. my thing is this if u are a parent and u know u have a son that is very well endowed wouldn't u tell me that he needs to wear at least underwear to try to hide such a massive cock. and i am sure i wasn't the only one that was looking i am sure there were girls as well as other guys im sure looking. so tell me parents would u let me walk around with a huge cock swinging or would u tell him he has to wear some underwear or a jock strap something damn. lol 

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Well Over a Million
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I was just cruising the 'back issues' and noticed this video clip had well over a million hits! That's got to be pretty rare, doesn't it? Actually I don't usually pay that much attention to the numbers, Congratulations, Lord090588!

boys sex brother 2

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Boys Kissing 2
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Couldn't find the earlier blog..but thought it would be nice to see more boys kissing ...have any to share?


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Double Trouble - Wake me up Inside and Is That The Thanks I get are Up !
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This took me 4 days and I still mite do more But 

It Rocks - Play it LOUD - Love Ya - XXXOOXXXXX

This Ones By Rod Stewart - Ope U like it 


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Maybe some can relate.
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Maybe some can relate. I know I can LOL.



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say it with a song ...
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Hávamál, The Saying of Odin, Stanza 12
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Hail and welcome! This is Huginn's Heathen Hof, with your Daily Hávamál.

Era svá gótt
sem gótt kveða
öl alda sonum
því at færa veit
er fleira drekkr
síns til geðs gumi

Ale is not as good as it is said to be,
for the sons of men;
The Drunken man 
rarely comprehends his disposition.
-Hávamál: Stanza 12

Once again, the One-Eyed-God warns us of the dangers of over-drinking. This stanza marks the introduction into a short poetic narrative in which Odin himself pays the price for not practicing proper moderation. The Lore tells us again and again how Discipline and Self-Awareness are important virtues, for those who want a long and healthy life.

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I find a lot of us here at GBT seem to be lonely in one way or another.
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We seems to have found this site to be useful for us to make friends and some even have made family here. I also notice that the feeling of loneliness is not only us older members but also the younger ones. I myself am tired of feeling lonely. If anyone else feels the same way you are more then welcome to contact me privately. I hope this opens the channels of communication between many of us to feel supported and less lonely. 

I am in Ontario Canada and acknowledge that many members are far away in the US or UK or other European countries, hell even in Canada we can be thousands of kilometers/miles apart. But wouldn't it be wonderful if we all tried to meet for a real life gathering like many other online groups/clubs do. 

Lonely and tired of it 


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bike ride?
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Is it me or does any one else get the urge to go for a ride now?


Cute boys

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This is a nice bum :)
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my art__✏️
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re-uping since imgur links kept breaking ~


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This is how you can be Troye Sivan's date to the GLAAD Media Awards
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This is how you can be Troye Sivan's date to the GLAAD Media Awards

This is how you can be Troye Sivan's date to the GLAAD Media Awards
Troye Sivan is one of the world's biggest openly gay pop stars

23 March 2017
by Jamie Tabberer

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"beatin till it's cold" New Urban Disctionary defines as " masturbating in the shower until the water turns cold'
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boys, who read here, your parents know what you are doing. and why it takes so long in the bathroom. they also know you do it elsewhere so always clean up your crusty remains. you mom will thank you!

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wishing you guy a nice friday
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hoping to catch up with my sleep later

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GBT Friends Chat
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Gay Site Unite is dedicated to and all other porn site members.



All you need is a active account. Please use your account name you have here with a different password. 


Google Chrome works best with the chat room.



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JonDavid introduced me to another Pennsylvania 10 yo drummer
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Alex Shumaker. Lives in Punxsutawney, PA (yeah, home to Groundhog Day). 

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I heard this coming from a classroom and thought it was so nice. I had to go in and find out from the teacher (this was during a lunch period) what he was listening to.

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Hard big cock
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Playing with mijn big, fat cock :P  Who`s jerking too?

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