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Anyone have Site Issues?
Added: 51 mins ago / Views: 62672

I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

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nuisance subscriber/message etc notifications
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Here is an example of a false nuisance notification apparently sent by GBT:

Dear wunderbois,
You have a friends request from Qycnopfa.
Click to Accept or Decline


Your Friends Request is set to Manually Approve all Members.
To change your Friends Approval setting:

Sincerely yours,

Dear Nick18, I receive up to 20 of these a day...please can you do something about them, my preferences are correct and I know you have regular

complaints from other members. This one happens to be correct but most, especially those saying that someone has sent a private message are


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Since today we have marriage equality in Germany.
Added: 1 hr ago / Views: 240

I live here, so want anyone? 💍 😉

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Added: 2 hrs ago / Views: 12

hola busco chicos en madrid para hacerles mamadas wassap00573125905880

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Love Boys and Cock
Added: 2 hrs ago / Views: 345

Hi I am A 19 Gay Lad from England UK looking to make friends and share vids and pictures with lads. So love sucking cock and swallowing.

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What's the story on posting feminine guys on collections?
Added: 3 hrs ago / Views: 151

If one scans the profiles of a large number of members, girly guys are often posted, yet GBT won't post collections with noticeably feminine guys.   Why? 

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Name the movie
Added: 3 hrs ago / Views: 2381



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confusing illness
Added: 3 hrs ago / Views: 227

Hey all 

I thought id take a minute to write about my ongoing struggles with depression which has often led to suicidal thoughts, sorry if it bores you or brings down the tone of the website but i really felt I needed to talk. 

I guess I've had these thoughts for as long as i remember due to be being bulled from a young age so I've always thought the world would be better off without me, Anyway a few years ago it came out about my sexual interests (you can assume from my profile) and since then these thoughts have got a lot stronger, and over this time I've lost friends and my family have been pulling away, so I've been getting more and more lonely as time goes on. 

To top it all off I have a job that i hate and every day i'm overworked and bullied by my manager for minimum wage and i cant even quit due to how unemployment benefits work in this country, all this is accumulating in my head and i think about taking my life for about 80% of my day every day, the only thing that stops me is that a family member committed suicide earlier this year and i saw the affects that it had on my mother and sister and even thought i wouldn't be around to witness this i don't think i could make them go through it all again. 

To top it all off my financial situation is getting too much and i only have enough reserves to last until October. 

As a man in England i think this illness is the hardest to talk about, everyone including medical professionals basically just say "suck it up and get on with it" or make you feel stupid because they are going though a lot worse things.

Anyway thank you again for taking the time to read this, i just feel like i had to get it out of me somehow and this is the only way i could think of.

Dazzer x

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Added: 5 hrs ago / Views: 77

He's cute, he's hot and he has a very beautiful sex........

I can't upload this video on GBT because the mp4 format is not supported.

You have if you want 7 days to upload this one on transfer.


little dog to tabe a lot

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I Got Some Good News
Added: 6 hrs ago / Views: 117

Got a call today by some family member that I got a job at some construction company! I personally couldn't believe it. It turns out that my uncle "the one who got me the job" has done business with them and was able to get me in. Hope everything turns out well. If it does, then I will be able to finance a car from the bank since the place is like 6 miles away. Will probably go for something that can be easily repaired in case someone crashes into me. I will keep you guys updated.


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Rosewater's Blog II
Added: 10 hrs ago / Views: 1200 Welcome to the second cumming of Rosewater's blog featuring erotic images, videos and commentary. Please, no hardcore stuff. I archived the entire body of the original blog at Amazon Prime Photos. I don't think you need a password. 
Page 1 --
Page 2 --
Enjoy, contribute and visit often ♂♂☺


malebodylines:<br />
“trim and lean and naked and totally hot<br />


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Skype with me
Added: 14 hrs ago / Views: 16

Any twinks wanna skype with a hung Scottish boy?

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So I finally made a JO vid :)
Added: 14 hrs ago / Views: 927

And I uploaded it here. It's my first and only video... I hope you enjoy it! Photography and wanking are my two favorite hobbies and I had a lot of fun making it.

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Cute Faces ?
Added: 15 hrs ago / Views: 12

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cum cuties
Added: 20 hrs ago / Views: 70

Nothing in the world makes my day a special one then watching cute young ment bust a nut on video for others to enjoy I dont care if you cum alot or a little, weather you squirt or dribble allowing others to watch is always a huge priviledge and for those boys that share that moment with guys like me let me say my deepest hestfelt thanks and appreciation I love and pray for you all THANK YOU SOO MUCH YOU TRUE CUTIES. 

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One of the days
Added: 23 hrs ago / Views: 22

Feels like today is going to be one of those super horny days.

Add me on snapchat: Kiwizzle2

Feel like swapping nudes heehee

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