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Favorite Barefoot Boys;
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Post your favorite barefoot guy pics here;


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what happend to Jericho?
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hes no longer listed in the community section..

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say it with a song ...
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Your Favorite TV show as a kid
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tvpost your fav tv show back in the day


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Hey guys!
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Who are these guys!
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Could anyone tell me who the guys in this video clip? Thanks

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My Wall Post For Today
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In order to save time, instead of my going to the Walls of ALL of my GBT Friends, I will post my daily items here.  I'll try to update this daily, and will move what is today's post down when I add a new post.  Enjoy!


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Your Favorite Cars
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Classic cars and trucks, custom cars and trucks, concept cars, any cars and trucks you want to share.

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Today you Feel ........
Added: 5 hrs ago / Views: 65952 In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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Does your zodiac sign actually describe you, your sex life or your relationships accurately in the slightest way?
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Like most mumbo-jumbo, the whole 'zodiac sign personality' thing has always made me roll my eyes. Almost any of the supposed characteristics of each sign could apply to almost anyone at certain times or under certain circumstances. It's all vague enough and human beings are complex enough for the woo-woo of it to occasionally match reality and seem to have substance.

Yet despite that, over the years I find a bit of me almost somehow gives some of it a kind of credence, which aggravates me because I know it's balderdash.

For instance, Leos. They're meant to be bossy, self-aggrandising extroverts, although full of a warm passion that can sometimes mitigate their egos and make them loyal and good friends, or particularly good leaders in certain situations. Weirdly, pretty much every Leo I've known matches this description, either positively or negatively, but mostly negatively. On the whole, any time I've automatically disliked someone, found them insufferable or had to bail out of a friendship or relationship with them, they've turned out to be a Leo. I was at a party not long ago and a guy there was trying very hard to pick me up. There was something so aggressive and all-encompassing and self-asserting and self-absorbed about how he did it - the completely wrong way to appeal to me - that eventually, when he was suggesting I go back to his place, I just said, "Hey no offence but I just don't go out with Leos any more." He looked at me, totally stunned, and said, "How on earth did you know I was a Leo?" I burst out laughing.

Meanwhile, I myself am a Virgo. And even though I consider it all poppycock, I can't help but notice that I do have a lot of what are considered 'Virgo' characteristics that other people don't seem to have to the same degree. An intense attention to and fascination with intricate detail. A tendency to be drawn to, and skilled at, very detailed large scale projects. A sort of 'intellectual' cast of mind, loving science and art. A real insistence on reasoning and logic and an abhorrence of wooly thinking. These traits have their good sides, but can have drawbacks and even be obnoxious when they're not called for, despite the fact us 'Virgos' are generally, apparently, quiet and reserved, even shy, in person.

The main thing is that it annoys my sense of reasoning and logic and abhorrence of wooly thinking that the nonsense of the zodiac predicts exactly how I would react to it.

Relationship-wise, my best star sign match is Capricorn. Like I'm trying to emphasize, to me the zodiac is invented drivel. Yet I can't help but notice that all my best, strongest, most rewarding and easy-going, pleasurable relationships have been with precisely Capricorns. Argh! Shut up Sky Shape monsters! I don't believe in you!

At least when it comes to sex I can see that it's all made-up piffle. When I look up 'the zodiac and sex' this becomes clear. On the one hand sex with a Virgo is apparently "toe-curling" and our fastidiousness means that "I need to wash the sheets now" is what we're most likely to say right afterwards. Yet according to other people Virgos have "awesome sex skills" and of all the signs we are "the sweetest in bed".

Hmm, those last two things seem pretty accurate after all. Maybe there is something to it. Argh! No that's just the flattery of it working its voodoo!

So, um, what about you guys? Do you match your sign? Does your sex and relationship life match what the zodiac says about you? Are you like me and don't believe any of it but are baffled by those odd bits of spoooky resonance it sometimes has?

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Arline refused to let gay couple and their kids use family boarding
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Arline refused to let gay couple and their kids use family boarding
'I felt like I was a criminal and I was humiliated'

Arline refused to let gay couple and their kids use family boarding
Southwest Airlines

23 May 2017
by Joe Morgan

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What's your favourite cheese?
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How would you have your favourite cheese? By its self? With bread? Crackers? 

With a paticular alcohol 

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Hanging Out
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Anyone have Site Issues?
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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

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My summer place , its weird, sexy and a bit creepy all at the same time
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School is out and as most of you know I sold my mom's house so for the first time in my life I truly did not have anywhere to go for the summer. I thought about renting someplace but when they know its month to month they really fuck you on the price. So I answered this ad on Craigslist, yes I know it was stupid but hey live life take chances right. Anyway I met this guy Steve who owns a "ranch" in central Ill. He takes in four or five students every summer to work for him. 

He explained that it is an openly sexual place and if that bothers me then I needed to move on. I said not a problem for me. Ist stop was the health department to get tested for STDs. All his interns have to be tested. I passed. Then we went to his ranch.  Its a big place about 250 acres. He has his home set on 15 acres the rest is woods and pasture for all his cattle. 

I met my co workers, Tyler a nice guy toned and tanned kinda quiet, he is the pool keeper. Justin, 6 foot 4 muscles Blond hair looks like he just got off a surf board, he takes care of the 4 horses. Then Tom a skinny guy with a dragon tattoo of a dragon going from his right to his left shoulder across his back. he is the house boy keeps everything neat and tidy.

My job is  to keep the immediate grounds around the house manicured. Its cool I have every lawn care toy known to man.

There is a bunkhouose where the men who care for the cattle live about 1/2 mile from here but we dont mix with them. Arnie is the cook, he fixes our meals everyday. Steve insists we eat a full meal of lots of protien to build us up.  Justin and Tyler live here full time and they are build like Zac fucking Efron. We all sleep in the same room in bunk beads, we have our own bath . everybody is cool. Steve has some strict rules, no drugs, no fighting, no stealing, no chewing tobacco. One infraction and you are out.

We eat at 6 am then get to work. I ride the mower for most of the day then trim and such. I really dont know what the other guys do. Lunch is usually burgers hot dogs chicken etc then we shower and have dinner about 7 so far its been steak , prime rib , BBQ all from his own cattle.

The evenings are when it gets a bit weird, Steve insists we all wear nothing but these white terrycloth bathrobes he gave us. We sit on this bit pit style sofa and watch porn on his projection tv. He sits in a recliner off to the side in a robe having his vodka and cigarette. Well after about 20 minutes of really good gay porn and us in nothing but open front robes we start going at each other and fuck and suck till about midnight. Everybody is hung pretty well and seem to enjoy pretty much everything.

At the end of the evening either Tyler or Justin will sleep with Steve for the night and the rest of us go on to bed.

Like I said its a weird set up but so far I like it

Love and Kisses


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Hope everyone is having a great week.
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Popping in to say 'Hi and have a great week'. Just home from work and had a few minutes before I shower and hit the hay. Hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying life. I hope to have some extra time this weekend to stay on GBT longer. Miss my friends and appreciate the wall posts and messages. Happy Wanking..... Zayden

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Pray For Mancester
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Stop Violence
Stop Hate
Live In A Better World 

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How is this possible?
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Hi every one, strange things happening here again on GBT. GEKSENAL is just 17 days here and he has already 4267 ratings. This is an average of 251 ratings a day. He has nothing special on his page. How is this possible?  HUGS

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Welp, guess this headline really screws things up. But for at LEAST the next year these destinations will be relatively off the radar, untouched, underdeveloped, under-Americanized, and about every other turn-on word for adventurous travelers. It's fine if you like to sit on the beach at your all-inclusive and sip on that Bud Light. But if you need us, we'll be visiting these countries, with very few other Americans. You know, until we ruin them with this headline.


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The Pirates of the Caribbean gay porn parody has promised to provide historical context
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The Pirates of the Caribbean gay porn parody has promised to provide historical context
Ever wanted a history lesson with your alone time?

The Pirates of the Caribbean gay porn parody has promised to provide historical context
There is going to be a 'historical' gay porn pirates parody

23 May 2017
by Joe Morgan

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LGBTI celebrities react to horrific bombing at Ariana Grande concert that killed 19
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LGBTI celebrities react to horrific bombing at Ariana Grande concert that killed 19
Charlie Carver: 'No matter how barbarous hate and violence can be, love will win'

LGBTI celebrities react to horrific bombing at Ariana Grande concert that killed 19
Charlie Carver/Instagram
Charlie Carver recently appeared in When We Rise

23 May 2017
by Greg Hernandez

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The Ringling Bros./Barnum and Bailey Circus, "The Greatest Show on Earth", has given it's last performance, due to declining revenues and animal welfare concerns.  Wow!!  I saw my first real live Elephants, Lions, Tigers, Monkeys, Apes and various other exotic critters at the age of five in Chicago, Ill. at that circus.  Also saw a man (not a Walenda, I think) who walked on a tiny wire way up there near the top of the tent, carrying two ladies on a pole over his shoulders--WOW, how could he do that?!! Ladies that stood on the backs of horses at what looked like a full gallop!! Lots of clowns--they made my cousin cry--scared him!  My family, plus several aunts and uncles and cousins took a train (only good mode of long distance travel at the time) from Southcentral Michigan to Chicago, stayed in a hotel and went to the circus.  All firsts for  a five year old farm kid!! Almost every little boy dreamed of running away to join the circus to ride the elephants and train the Lions. Many TV shows and  movies evolved from that "joining the circus" theme in later years.  No one thought about the plight of the animals that were hauled all over the country to be unloaded, made to perform, then reloaded to do it all over again.  Kinda sad to see that era end (except for the animal treatment thing), I'm sure that five year old would be really disjointed!

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Boys and Gentlemen...!
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Briefs vs Boxers
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What kind of underwear do you like to wear?

Briefs or Boxers.

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Happy Tuesday Guys ...
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And be happy in the knowledge that, someplace...somewhere in the world it's Wednesday and Wintertime! Lol 

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What do you read? How do you read? Where do you read?
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Usainindia's blog of gay historical novels, plus my own natural interest, made me curious about who here reads.

If so what do you read? Prefer fiction or non-fiction?

If it's fiction, is it nicely digested entertaining, thrilling stuff or do you quite like weighty, thoughtful tomes with philosophical undercurrents and rich prose?

If it's non-fiction then what's your intellectual tipple?

When do you read? Every day or just on Sunday mornings?

Where do you read? On the loo, in the bath, in bed last thing at night, just while travelling on a bus, train or plane?

Are you like me and used to read a lot more, but now find yourself clicking on news and politics articles as often as picking up a book?

Do you actually pick up a physical book any more or do you read on a kindle device?


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GBT Friends Chat
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Gay Site Unite is dedicated to and all other porn site members.



All you need is a active account. Please use your account name you have here with a different password. 




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How can someone who joined 12 days ago rack up 1055 ratings?
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Seems weird to us.


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virgin, are you one?
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A little something more about me.


I'm a virgin.

true. I've never had sex. I think just down to my issues. I've been offered by lots of guys,  but always turned them down.

I don't mind being a virgin at 25 (almost 26 ) , maybe ill never have sex, who knows.

Anyone else not ashamed to say they're a virgin aswell

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