Jay--A Smooth Man
That's not my pic, you sillies! It's Robert Downey Jr., from whom I take my style cues. His beard is artificially colored, but doesn't look stupid. His hair is long, giving a more youthful appearance. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this site? Love it! Realized the other day just how many FAVE videos I have marked. The content is so excellent here at GBT that it's almost pointless to mark favorites. It'd be easier to mark the few videos one doesn't like. I first joined in 2014 and spent a lot of time here, (doing you-know-what) but didn't embrace the friend/social aspect. This was to my own detriment, as there seems to be a great sense of community. Shame on me! I'm an idiot. Was too addicted to Facebook for a time, and have now abandoned FB. It seems some people can speak of nothing but politics. I haven't posted on FB since Jan 2017, just after the Superbowl, and now spend about 20 minutes of scrolling, every-other-day, VS five hours a night, previously! Facebook--Good riddance to you! Back on GayBoysTube with a vengeance! Been shooting my cream once daily, often twice, since Jan 1st 2017. Very soon, I will begin making long-overdue friend requests to many GBT uploaders whose content I like, and will finally do the right thing and rate them with five stars. Don't assume it's "creepy" that I make that many friend requests in a short time--Your profiles have been bookmarks in my computer for 1-3 years, and my reaching out for a proper friendship is long overdue.