Jay--A Smooth Man
That's not my pic, you sillies! It's Robert Downey Jr. On a good day, I look a bit like this pic, but slightly shorter hair. He's my age, so one CAN still look good at this age. After 15 years in an office job, I now have work which allows for a less conservative look, so I am trying to rock this beard like a sexy beast! My user name, jsmooman, is simply a contraction for Jay, a Smooth Man. I'm a widowed white dude from the heartland, USA. Angelo, my lovely Latino partner of 14 years, struggled with alcohol, and died in 2007. Miss him daily. July 2017 will mark 10 years since he left this world, and I've been only 30 percent alive since he died. Don't know how I've endured it. I talk to him and kiss the pillow beside me every day, upon waking and before going to sleep. I reach for his hand, across the console of the car, but he is not there. Yes, I am so very glad I found love at least once in this life, but am not all just lovey-dovey. Am a very erotic and naughty boy, still.