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Alex--My Sweet Blond Boy Fantasy of 2017 PART ONE

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TRUE STORY--Name has been changed. 

I don't know how Alex (name has been changed)  first got my attention, for blond boys are not my type.  As I myself am blond, or was when younger anyway, I prefer dark haired boys.  Always have.  The little boy on Tarzan, when I was myself a little boy of five.  The Indian boy, Haji on Jonny Quest, when I was 9 and 10 years old.  On thru my youth, there was Chris Knight as Peter Brady.  David Cassidy.  Brian Tochi.  Erik Estrada.  Scott Baio.  Not so much into the Willie Aames types.  Or Leif Garrett.  They looked too much like me.  I wanted DIFFERENT. 

I have always liked the exotic appearance of Latino boys, Asian boys, etc.  Or even dark haired white boys. Current-day, there is an Italian restaurant where I go to feast on the busboys with my eyes, as much as to feast on the meal!  Who knew a busboy's sinewy, exposed forearms could be such a lovely gift? But the attraction to my blond sweetie-pie Alex goes far beyond mere appearances. 

He is a clerk at the convenience store near my home.   His name tag suggests he's been employed there "Since 2014."   I do recall seeing him there, from about that time, but never payed him any special attention, no more than any of the other staff members.   I really started obsessing over him in the first quarter of 2017.  This is when the nature of my work changed, and I found myself with the company vehicle, working in my own neighborhood, visiting the convenience store much more often that before, about 3-4 times daily.  And so it is that a store I already frequented often, as I live close by, was now a place I visited much, much more.  

I would stroll in quickly, use the restroom, pick up a corn dog and an iced tea, tell a couple of saucy jokes, pay, and leave.   I loved getting the staff to crack up over my foolish jokes! 

Alex has a good work ethic, and appears to know nearly all functions of the store.  He rings up alcohol, so must be at least 21, per state law.  His sheer humanity reached out to my humanity, by laughing at my foolish jokes.  Suddenly, as of January 2017, I was paying more attention to him than the other staff.  I learned which car he drives.  Learned he usually works 2-10pm.
His dedication to the less glamorous cleaning aspects of his job, reminded me of my young self.  I thought, "He's everything I would admire, if I had a son."  

At 54, I routinely grieve and weep that I have no children, in which to invest myself and my hard-acquired wisdom about life.  The whole "I don't have a son" thing, alone, would be reason enough for me to have very strong feelings towards a lad who works hard, appears honest, and looks a lot like I did at 21, blond hair on top, but dark at temples, and dark of beard.

To be continued...


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