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Father Found!!

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My dad had left before I was born, but now my mom said he wanted to meet me. Mom made the arrangements, and we were set to meet him after school ended, which was only two weeks away.

I think I was always looking for a father figure, because I grew up without a dad. When I was little, it was my mom’s boyfriends that I would cling to for attention. Then as I grew older it was my teachers who I looked up to. And then in high school it was my coach. During high school Coach was always there for me, becoming my mentor. I think that’s why I went so hard core into weight lifting and football, because I wanted to impress him.

Somewhere in between junior high and high school I started noticing men for a whole different reason. I noticed their hairy bodies, the bulges in their jeans, and the muscles on them. Maybe that’s why I liked Coach so much. He was all those things.

Right before senior year, I also discovered a park near my house and the men’s room in it. I went in there one day to piss and noticed all these men in there just waiting around. It was great. I saw all sorts of cock standing at the urinals. I was bored at home one night and decided to bike down to the park. It was only five minutes from my house. When I got there, the place was deserted. I went in the restroom, but no one was there. I went out and sat on one of the picnic tables close to the wooded area.

Then I saw this guy walk up and go in the bathroom. I thought I’d go in a get a look at his cock. When I went in, he was standing at the urinal. I stood next to him and pulled my cock out. The guy was tall and big. His shoulders made his whole body into a “V” shape. His forearms were covered in hair, and I’m sure his body was, too, under the red flannel shirt he wore. I glanced over but couldn’t see anything. Damn, I thought, big waste of time.

“What you looking at, kid?” the big man asked firmly. “Uh … nothing, sir,” I quickly said.“You trying to look at my dick, kid?” He turned toward me and his huge cock came into view. He was rock hard and very veiny. There was a silver cockring at the base of his dick. The massive meat stood hard and proud.“What you going to do, kid?” I didn’t know what he wanted from me. Did he want me to suck him like I had seen in pornos? The big burly guy stood there with his cock pulsing. I dropped to my knees.

“That’s it, kid.” I grabbed the thick shaft of his cock and licked at the tip. He let out a loud moan. His cock tasted good. The precum oozing from the head was salty. I put my mouth around his cockhead and began working down his veiny shaft. I was amazed I could get my mouth around it. He moaned as I sucked his dick. “Yeah, kid, suck my fucking cock. Knew you were in here for this.” I was working his shaft with all my might. I could feel his hands on my head pushing me further down his long man rod. It felt wonderful having my mouth stuffed full of his cock. “You’re going to make me bust a nut, kid, if you keep this up. Ohhhh yeah, kid! Suck me!”

I wanted his cock to spew his man seed in my mouth. I sucked as hard as I could all the way down his big prick. He was balls deep in my mouth and down my throat. “Ohhh fuck, kid … ohhhhhh yeah!”

Then I felt it: a hot blast of salty cream hitting the back of my throat. I backed off so I could get a shot in my mouth. Shot after shot exploded from his massive cock, almost drowning me. I wanted to have his cock in my mouth all the time. It felt so great. “OHHHHHHHHHH yeah, kid, suck me! Take my load …YEAHHH!YEAHHH! YEAHHH!”

He popped his cock out of my mouth and stuffed it back in his jeans. His cum was still fresh in my mouth. “Gotta go, kid. Come back at 1:00 a.m. on Wednesday, and I’ll be here again.” The guy zipped up and left. I was still on my knees. I jacked my cock hard and shot a load in my hand. I licked it off my fingers but the guy’s cum tasted better … manlier. I certainly was going to be back.

It took forever for Wednesday to get there. Then I had to wait till 1:00 a.m. I hated waiting. I hoped I would get to suck the big man off again. At 12:30 I biked over and sat on the picnic table, waiting for the man to show. One o’clock on the dot he showed and walked into the bathroom. I got up and went in. He was standing there at the urinal with his hard cock jutting out. “You ready, kid? I need to unload.” I didn’t say anything. I just went over and dropped to my knees. I took his cock between my lips and sucked as hard as I could. “Mmmmmmmmm, kid. You really love my cock don’t you?” I did. I loved the feel of his steel hard shaft in my mouth, the taste of his manly body, the smell of his musky crotch and body. I went down on his cock with all force. I was balls deep on his cock when I felt his hands on my head. The way he forced me on and off his cock was a great turn on. My own dick was straining in my shorts. I pulled them down, releasing my dick. It felt so good having my cock out. I began jerking off my pud as I sucked his manly cock. I knew I wouldn’t last long; I hadn’t masturbated since the last time I saw the mystery man.I could feel my balls tingling, signaling eminent release. I shot all over the floor. Just then the big man began cumming down my throat.

“Yeah, kid, take my cum. DRAIN ME! Uhhhhhhhh yeahhh! I’m fucking cumming!” The man was unloading all his hot seed in my mouth. It felt incredible. He pulled out of my mouth and picked me up. He then carried me into a stall and dropped me on the toilet.

“Turn around, kid; we’re going to try something new.” I knew what he wanted. He wanted to fuck my ass. I don’t know if my ass would be able to take his big cock, but I turned around anyways. I wanted to try. I felt his big hands on my butt cheeks, kneading and spreading them wide. He spit on my hole. The warm wet saliva felt strange on my tight, little hole. Then I felt a hot liquid pouring over my ass. I smelled the piss before I knew what it was. “Yeahhh … going to get you all wet to take my cock kid.”

I felt his still pissing cock against my hole, and in it went. He plowed right in, all the way to his balls, his piss acting as perfect lube. I cried out in pain as the thick monster cock spread me wide. The pain only lasted a few seconds. Then it was replaced with pure pleasure. The big man fucked my ass like I was some two dollar whore. I could feel every inch of him deep in my ass. I wanted him in me all the time. I wanted his cum to coat my insides.

“Fuck, kid, you’re one tight bottom.” “Fuck me, sir!” “Yeah … I knew you wanted my cock up your ass.” “Fuck me, sir … FUCK ME!” The big man’s cock plowed deeper into me. It felt amazing. Then he stopped. I wondered why, but then I heard it too – someone had come into the bathroom. We heard footsteps. Then pissing at the urinals. We silently shifted in the stall. The big man’s cock was still in my ass, but we changed positions so I was in front of the door. The man’s hand was over my mouth, his big paw shutting off my gasp as

I saw through the crack in the door that it was a police officer. The officer turned to look at the stalls. He walked over and knocked on our door. “What’s going on in there?” Neither of us spoke. I could still feel my ass full of the man’s hard-as-rock cock.

“I said, what’s going on in there?” the officer asked again. The big man opened the door. “Fucking some tight hole, what’s it

look like?” The officer just stood there. His uniform pants started tenting. He unbuckled his pants and whipped his cock out. I took it in my mouth as the big man started fucking my ass again. The officer’s cock was solid and thick. Far thicker than the big man’s. I sucked on it as hard as I could. The officer was moaning loud. The big man was picking up his speed. My ass was burning. “Oh, fuck! I’m going to cum up this kid’s tight ass!”

He fucked me hard. His steel cock felt like it expanded, and then my ass was flooded with man cum. It felt hot, and I felt full. “Uhhhhhhhhh! I’m fucking cummmming! FUCCCCK YEAH!” The big man unloaded all his cum up my sore asshole. Then he pushed us out of the stall and into the open. All while I had the police officer’s cock in my mouth, sucking it for all I was worth. The big man pulled out of my hole and zipped up. “I’d fuck his ass if I were you,” he said to the cop as he swatted him on the ass and left.

The officer pulled out of my sucking mouth and got behind me. The cum from the big man acted as lube as the officer shoved his huge, thick cock in my already fucked ass. He went balls deep in there, andI felt so full. The officer’s cock was the best thing I had ever sucked on, and now it was up my ass. Over and over he fucked. Deep, hard thrusts. He never spoke a word; all he did was moan.

My cock was drooling all over the place, and I knew I was going to cum just from his cock fucking me. It wasn’t long before I lost another load all over the floor again. The officer grunted and I felt his balls empty into my ass. It was great knowing his cum was mixing with the big guy’s. The officer pulled out of my ass and zipped up just like the big guy did, and left. I stuffed my spent cock back in my shorts and headed home.

Two weeks later, school was out for the summer. My mom had made arrangements for us to meet my dad at a small diner for some dinner. I was nervous as we made our way there. We walked in, and my mom introduced us … but I had already met him. He was the police officer from the bathroom. He shook my hand.

I think I’m going to love getting to know my dad.


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