Coal Train To Stanley, North Dakota...
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Boys And Dogs
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Post pics with boys and dogs!

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Favorite Jokes
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Post some jokes, the more intelligent the better...

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Report Any Site Issues
Nick18 Blog Last Activity 1 hour ago 43.3K views 905 comments Post Comment

Please report any site issues you might have.


Thank You

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Gorgeous Boys Bottoms
Stam4o Blog Last Activity 2 hours ago 24.5K views 2.14K comments Post Comment

Ass, Cock, Feet and More - 5d9a20f5dc4dd.jpg

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Boys Feet
Stam4o Blog Last Activity 2 hours ago 8.2K views 946 comments Post Comment

Feet Fetish 1 - 5d8f7f5d81467.jpg

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It Is About Looks!
Oli Blog Last Activity 2 hours ago 12.2K views 1.34K comments Post Comment

No politics, just cute faces, beautiful looks 😉

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The Beauty Of Boys (no Porn Images Please)
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Some Members Here Are Quite Rude. Should This Be Tolerated?
Digidial36 Blog Last Activity 4 hours ago 266 views 16 comments Post Comment

I had a rather unfriendly interaction with ChrisMD, after making a tiny joke underneath one of his posts. I think that in the end, he wanted me to write in German, not in English. How was I supposed to know? This is an English site after all. Asking nicely would have worked. Ich halte Deutsch für meine zweite Sprache. Some people just never learn. I think the cartoon above is appropriate under the circumstances, it says: "Why does the guest at table 2 scold so much?", "He doesn't scold, he's German.". I only post this here because he blocked me. The blog was:

He's not the first one to use strong language. Other members, I won't name names, often use insults in discussion instead of arguments. Some downright bully other users. Should this be tolerated? I think this kind of language, and behavior, is the main reason many people, including myself, don't participate more in these blogs.

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Is there a more guapo man?

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Enough Said...
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Your Thoughts Today?
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I need advice, most of you guys are older than me and have had way more experience so here goes. I am staying in and not hooking up with anyone right now because of covid. There is a guy who lives in our building he is 26 and pretty good looking. His name is Darren. A while back he sucked my dick in the sauna down in the workout room. It was good. We had a few meetings where he would suck me off but I was underage so we didnt do much more. Now he is also stuck  inside and working from his apartment. He texted me earlier and asked if I wanted to hook up. My dick says yes but my head says hey wait just a minute. Since my Dad works nights now we could do a lot more than a quick blow job. but I am scared. Advice?

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Hot Gay Gifs
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Is anyone else having any issues accessing Nifty?

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Vessel1215 Blog Last Activity 7 hours ago 784 views 8 comments Post Comment

How many of you experimented with your group of same-age friends back when you used to have sleepovers, campouts, school trips, scouts and so on with them? Were these experiences fun and did they ever get quite filthy?

Only talking about consensual experiences here - not interested in anything involving molestation or rape.

Feel free to PM me if you don't want to talk about the fun you had here.

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Hornyleipzig Blog Last Activity 7 hours ago 51 views 1 comments Post Comment

Bist Du hier (noch) unterwegs? U.

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Random Thought For The Day - Take 2
Icecream Blog Last Activity 8 hours ago 9.16K views 361 comments Post Comment

Random Thoughts (Part 2 Edition) - YouTube

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New York
Bloodychunksameat Blog Last Activity 10 hours ago 29 views 0 comments Post Comment

I need to go down on some hot New York hungry for it today.

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A Question On Racism
Aladdinsane Blog Last Activity 11 hours ago 181 views 11 comments Post Comment

I was watching a documentary about Adam Goodes the other day and was trying to get my head round racism. And considering who Adam is and where he lives and of his circumstances I realised it must be hellish to be in his shoes.

The troubling thing for me was that very few people are empathetic because very few of us north western europeans/scandanavian types have ever been victims of racism. Yet it is us who are most likely to be accused of racism.

But what is it that we are getting wrong? why do non-whites feel victimised by what we say or think.

SO, here we go.....answer me this


""A senior employee is under investigation for corruption. An employee who is part of the internal investigation team feels as though the senior employee needs to be disciplined for the corruption allegations. If the low ranking employee can prove the senior was indeed guilty of corruption it would look good and favour a career advancement.

However some colleagues are warning over the repurcussions of taking the seniors scalp because it might do damage to the companies good name."


Do any of you guys think there is anything in the above quoted text that may be construed as racist? please give a reason for your answer....if you can be bothered.

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Zentai And Cosplay
Twinkz Blog Last Activity 11 hours ago 293 views 16 comments Post Comment

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For Emoboys Only
Pinkbarbie Blog Last Activity 12 hours ago 167 views 10 comments Post Comment

Reserved for emostyled Boys!

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Just Saw A Manscape Commercial On Cable Tv And Just Can't Believe What We Saw!!
Gigimundo Blog Last Activity 13 hours ago 474 views 10 comments Post Comment

Manscape has been running commercials but we never saw one like this before.  The last scene on today's commercial was someone on his back with his hairy ass showing and legs up in the air with him using the device shaving near his butthole with his open asshole right there in the middle of the shot!!  WTF?!?!?

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Jordanmccloud18 Blog Last Activity 17 hours ago 418 views 7 comments Post Comment
My name is Jordan. I live in an apartment with my dad. My mom left us when I was 4. I had cancer and she couldn't deal with it. So it's just me and dad. Because of my medical history I can't take the risk of going out and getting covid. So me and my very active penis are stuck looking online for porn and using up Vaseline by the gallon. Dad works nights so he sleeps during the day and is gone at night. Normally I would be getting lots of sex while he's at work but not now. Well I say lots of sex, that was always the plan but I didn't get to put it into action. So far I've only had sex a few times. If not for this virus this year I would have been really on fire.
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Very Cool Old Car
Marshmont Blog Last Activity 20 hours ago 38 views 1 comments Post Comment

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Everybody Watches Porn (huffington Post)
Boyconnoisseur Blog Last Activity 21 hours ago 59 views 0 comments Post Comment


But then we already knew that. : )

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Boys Showing Their Ass;-)
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Styxx Is Back For You
Marshmont Blog Last Activity 1 day ago 28 views 0 comments Post Comment

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Gbt Page Blocked For A While ... My Comment
Switch1 Blog Last Activity 1 day ago 435 views 9 comments Post Comment

Hello to all my GBT "friends" - I am for freedom, beauty and empathy - I know we are all of us in here for sharing mainly photos and videos to achieve our "virtual" tastes. Each one is free (please believe in this freedom in your mind) - I do believe we must feel free ...

Anyway, we are in here on GBT using a tool and making it running - without us no tool is useful anymore - photos and videos are not acts - but one fact is that we must follow rules - the way to explain them clearly and make them followed is the duty of the "community" (if this word still means something!) 

To be honnest, I want all my "GBT friends" know that my wall has been blocked several hours coz reported by some "GBT friends" members of this "community" - I have been on GBT for 6 years without any troubles and 1004  not banned "GBT friends" on this 2020-08-10.

I make you know the exchange of the "GBT moderator" with me for you to understand and forgive me for not posting so sweet photos anymore. Please respect these rules on my wall otherwhy I will be banned and you too. 

Never forget we have other ways to share what we like to share - maybe we will have to consider GBT only as a showcase hiding treasures behind. 

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Putin Says Russia Has Approved 'world First' Covid-19 Vaccine. But Questions Over Its Safety Remain
Patrickhenry87 Blog Last Activity 1 day ago 65 views 7 comments Post Comment

Even though it is unproven to the west that the Russian vaccine for Covid-19 actually works and is safe right now would you  take he vaccine if given a chance?



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New To Europe- Looking For Caucasian Teenager Friend
Boylover999 Blog Last Activity 1 day ago 129 views 3 comments Post Comment

Dear All,

I am coming to Europe for six months. I will stay 90 days in each of Germany, France, Italy and Netherlands. I am looking to find a partner of less than 20 age. I like Caucasians. I can also act as a sugar dady. I am not a beautiful person and ages more than 33.

Please guide where I can find such trusted friends for long term relationship.

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Guynflint Blog Last Activity 1 day ago 115 views 3 comments Post Comment

when i was a kid i really hated school. it was a good place to take a nap. but i always looked forward to this time of summer. why? bcuz all the stores put out their "back to school" catalogs with all those adorable teen models. remember those days?


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Dear Moderator, Please Make New Cover Pictures For The Links Below (sets)
Maglover Blog Last Activity 1 day ago 26 views 0 comments Post Comment

General information:
I'm postponing uploading new content. And start over again a little later, slightly different. Seems to me to be smart right now. Existing unapproved sets can be deleted, which makes it easier for me later. In the meantime, thanks for the new cover pictures, where the old cover pictures are missing. If you already have the links, please delete the blog. Thank you!

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Teenage Crush
Sassunach69 Blog Last Activity 1 day ago 57 views 0 comments Post Comment

In our early teens, a bunch of us used to go swimming at an outdoor pool. One of the crowd was my cousin Oswald. Ozzie was mixed race, kind of coffee-coloured. His mum, my dad's sister, was white, his dad black. Ozzie was a very good swimmer. When I was 15, he would have been maybe just short of 13. Although the pool was always kept clean, the male changing-room was definitely very basic even then, just a row of lockers, showers, a couple of lav cubicles.


The two of us didn't go to the same school. I didn't see him again until both of us were in our 20s, when he wrote me a note just saying how he wanted to tell me something.  When he turned up to meet me at a pub, he'd grown tall and good looking. What he had to tell me came as a total surprise, all about us going swimming so long ago. 


By the time I was 15, I was well aware that I'd developed quite a big cock, balls that were close under it, not hanging down, and a tangle of light brown hair just above my cock. Like everyone else of that kind of age,  I masturbated quite often. What I never noticed is that whenever we were changing to swim, or standing on the floorboards drying ourselves off, my cousin Ozzie would sneak a look at me naked, secretly admiring everything between my legs.


That wasn't all. When he got home afterwards, he would start masturbating just as soon as he could, always thinking about me and imagining what my cock would look like really stiff.  Grinning about it, he confessed to stopping doing it only once it became very messy!  I wonder whether any user of GBT had a similar experience?



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Time Off
Talone Blog Last Activity 1 day ago 47 views 3 comments Post Comment

Amazing guitar from this short gay film from 1.30.


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