I Like
Sdtop Blog Added 1 hr ago 255 views 14 comments Post Comment

pale boys 😍

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Anyone Have Site Issues?
Nick18 Blog Added 2 hrs ago 7.29K views 312 comments Post Comment

Please report any issues you might have

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One Of The Best Podcasts Ive Ever Heard
Codybeans Blog Added 2 hrs ago 99 views 7 comments Post Comment

This guy will change the way you think with this podcast if you can stick with it and listen to it to all the way to the end.  Curious as to all of your thoughts and the more people that know this information the better.  Please indulge me and give it a listen.  Love you all, Cody.

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Cute Mexican Twink.
Dosco29 Blog Added 2 hrs ago 9 views 0 comments Post Comment

This is my first blog but I had to share this with you. A beautiful young man with a great body and a huge dong. Enjoy. 


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Hopefully A Subject That Doesn't Cause Hostility But Is Very Important...
Catfan1900 Blog Added 2 hrs ago 519 views 34 comments Post Comment

I myself am increasingly concerned with the falling vaccination rates in America.  I mentioned it in a blog yesterday.  When did American's start getting their health care advice from celebrities with their heads scrambled from Scientology?  Are we really going to let Jenny McCarthy cause a widespread health emergency?  Measles were gone, dead.  No more... and now increasingly becomes a problem.  Widespread outbreaks in parts of America because some study from over a decade ago tried to draw a link, which those scientists have now come back and called their own study flawed.  And not vaccinating your kids not only risks the lives of those of us who have had our kids vaccinated, but also those of us who were vaccinated as children and the vaccines have diminished in effectiveness. 

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Another 8 Dead
Normsil Blog Added 3 hrs ago 1.76K views 87 comments Post Comment

Another 8 people will not be coming home from school again. They died because they went to  school this morning.. Trump says to send them our hearts and prayers.  I'm all prayed out. It appears that our lilly-livered president and congress  will do nothing but talk again.  They will only do something of their children or grandchildren become involved

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Tributes To Actors/actresses We Have Lost...
Catfan1900 Blog Added 4 hrs ago 249 views 34 comments Post Comment

Hollywood types are frustrating.  As discussed earlier, they can be a liability to society.  Yet I can't but help appreciate their work.  Maybe it makes me a hypocrite, but I can enjoy things from people I don't agree with.  Any actors or actresses we have lost you want to post as a favorite of yours? 

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Capncrunchboy Blog Added 5 hrs ago 168 views 14 comments Post Comment

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Love Conquers All
Msgboy Blog Added 5 hrs ago 537 views 38 comments Post Comment

"..I know it's late, I know you're weary.." (and I can't remember any further lyrics).

I think we should usher in a new spirit for the GBT blogs - that of spreading the love among ourselves; stop the fighting, stop the silly stuff, but love each other.

A few weeks back I had suggested everyone should PM their friends and favorite members and say "I love you"; let them know you care, let them know they are in your heart and in your thoughts. Tonight I am suggesting you do that again in a virtuous spirit of love and friendship which could make this an even better website than it is at present.

So take a moment, write some sincere, heart felt, generous messages of love to those you like here on the site, and even to some folks you don't care for so much; you won't regret doing so. We need to join together and raise each other up.

Onwards into a new era of GBT.....

Related image

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Post A Funny Joke...
Msgboy Blog Added 5 hrs ago 7.42K views 662 comments Post Comment

So there's a man and a woman in a bar and the man turns to the woman and says "Hey, I got this magic water that can make me fly". The woman says "I don't believe you, show me", so the man downs a magic water, goes up the roof, jumps off, and flies back up again. 

The woman is very impressed "wow! that's amazing; do it again".

So the man goes downstairs into the bar, drinks another magic water, goes up again to the roof, jumps off, and flies back up again.

The woman is so impressed she says "Hey I gotta do this for myself" and she goes down to the bar, drinks the magic water, goes to the roof and jumps off. Unfortunately she is killed when she hits the ground.

The man goes back down into the bar and the bartender says "You can be a real asshole when you're drunk Superman"


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Capncrunchboy Blog Added 5 hrs ago 26 views 3 comments Post Comment

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Weird Photographs
Msgboy Blog Added 9 hrs ago 732 views 59 comments Post Comment

Post the weird and wonderful photographs you have seen....

Image result for weird gay pictures

Related image

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So Need Advice I Think
Bqhickory Blog Added 10 hrs ago 580 views 23 comments Post Comment

so i had sex with this young man (legal age lol) and well he has been texting me letting me know that he has chicken pox ;( :( and i am not sure if i had ever then or not. and he went bareback on my ass lol so went to the doctor today and he told me it could take 2 to 3 weeks before anything might show :( :( :( so i guess wondering if i should wait to see what happens before i have sex with anybody else :( :( :( :( 

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Have You Ever?
Zombilicious Blog Added 11 hrs ago 2.74K views 122 comments Post Comment

 basically,  ask a question and see if people answer yes or no. Any body can ask anything they want . Let me start......

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Why Is Gay Midget Porn So Rare ?
Bloodychunks0fmeat Blog Added 15 hrs ago 536 views 22 comments Post Comment

Are gay midgets really that rare ?

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Ezra Miller:)
Pmpedchillen Blog Added 20 hrs ago 195 views 16 comments Post Comment



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Hey Bro. Do You Think You Could Maybe Post Something Beautiful Again? This Page Has Turned Into Yet Another Cesspit. Please? Thank You.
Leokricov Blog Added 22 hrs ago 199 views 10 comments Post Comment

Hey Buddy. I know you got something in those archives or maybe in that wonderful mind of yours. I could as well as other could sure use something about now. If you don't want anything to do with it, believe me, I understand.

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I Forgot What This Guy's Name Is...
Zanyzander Blog Added 1 day ago 138 views 4 comments Post Comment

I forgot what this guy's name is...https://www.gayboystube.com/video/754560/twink-wanks

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Today You Feel ........
Toby19 Blog Added 1 day ago 79.2K views 6.39K comments Post Comment
In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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Fuck Jay Z
Pmpedchillen Blog Added 1 day ago 38 views 1 comments Post Comment

Why The Fuck Is It So Damn Hard To Find His Music On The Internet?!


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Has Anybody Ever Hurt There Cock From Masterbation ?
Bqhickory Blog Added 1 day ago 643 views 38 comments Post Comment

 u see i am usually up around 6am and already on gbt and already masterbate iike 4 times already over vids and my cock is so sore :( :( :( and the sad part is i am suppose to have sex later on this evening lol don't think its going to be a good night lol 

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Chef Vs. Cook
Pmpedchillen Blog Added 1 day ago 99 views 8 comments Post Comment



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Great Paintings
Msgboy Blog Added 1 day ago 1.22K views 113 comments Post Comment

Post pictures of great paintings; not modern crap but real paintings, like, talented stuff that the great Masters did.

Image result for homoerotic paintings

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Bi22 Blog Added 1 day ago 44 views 1 comments Post Comment

Please dont go away so early,

So moon merely begins lost, 

Come sit next to me, 

And watching stars allow to feel... 


When the pain disapered, 

Burning in the sun, 

And hearts start beating faster, 

Come sit next to me for some time, 

To remember them evenings we spend together, 

When my world lost watching your eyes, 

And in yours hugs i loose my self!

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A Question For Everybody
Bloodychunks0fmeat Blog Added 1 day ago 186 views 7 comments Post Comment

I think this might have been asked recently but I can't find it. What are some of the criteria you may use before you decide to send someone a friend request ?

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I Graduated From Med School Today
Codybeans Blog Added 1 day ago 413 views 43 comments Post Comment

Thanks for being my friends, i love you all.

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Thank You
Starfire Blog Added 1 day ago 95 views 6 comments Post Comment

Hi everyone! as a newcomer im in awe of how friendly everyone is I love you guys hugs and kisses (tongue no tongue you chose)to all my friends and future friends

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Anybody Like Highschool Boys?
Blog Added 2 days ago 161 views 0 comments Post Comment

Message me :) I wanna talk to someone 

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Who Sucks Dicks And How Many?
Lewis97 Blog Added 2 days ago 596 views 18 comments Post Comment

i suck dick only if they suck mines too. I sucked two dicks 

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Look Dad
Bigeorge Blog Added 2 days ago 308 views 3 comments Post Comment

Look Dad, brought a new friend for a No pajama party.........

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Back From The Dead
Kidphantomphucker Blog Added 2 days ago 136 views 2 comments Post Comment

It's time to have some fun!

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What Is This Notiication On Website
Steelerussell Blog Added 2 days ago 299 views 6 comments Post Comment

what is 2635.jsfromtracking.packarge.com it is showing up on my computer wanting me to install? showing up since saturday

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Sos Warning, Alive With The Donkey Or Not: Last Time We Saw Tristan Fancat, Was When He Play Around With The Donbibi, The Adorable Republican Party's Donkey Pet, Waiting For His Buddy Zizi Delonge, Before They Departure To The Howard's Party In Chanatooga
Kylekeanuk Blog Added 3 days ago 83 views 5 comments Post Comment


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Sos Warning, Alive Drunk Or Sober: Last Time We Saw Steve Pepper Chilli, Was When He Try To Get A Lift On Zach Delicious Icecream's Car For The Howard's Party In Chanatooga, New Jersey !!!
Kylekeanuk Blog Added 3 days ago 114 views 7 comments Post Comment


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The Power Of Photography ~ Photography That Depicts Life Definition
Sircumsalot Blog Added 3 days ago 1.41K views 229 comments Post Comment


"Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true."

- Jacques-Henri Lartigue





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Jace With Another Sexy Dance Routine From A Couple Days Ago...
Catfan1900 Blog Added 3 days ago 152 views 12 comments Post Comment

admittedly not as hot as the last.  All clothes stay on :-(  But he seems to be enjoying himself showing off what his mom gave him... or perhaps his dad...

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