#1 Celebrity Fantasy ?
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my #1 is Tom Holland from Spider man homecoming 


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Share Your Tumblr Blog
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Tumblr is a great venue for expressing oneself in graphic, video, sound and text content. It is so easy to upload images and videos off your files or the web. Totally apolitical, I have not met a hater in the many years I've had a Tumblr blog and the customizing features for your front page are infinite.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            If you already have a Tumblr, give us your Tumblr.com  address.   My smaller account is https://vagariousinterests,tumblr.com

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Funny Jokes
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Please post funny jokes, memes, photos and other material here. Hopefully this lasts longer than the last two, killed off by the fun Nazis who want everyone as miserable as them.

If your very existence is a bottomless pit of depression, a black mist of despair, I can understand why you hate the idea of others laughing and having the sort of happiness and fun which you will never know. But why shit on it for them? why be so spiteful as to ruin it for everybody else just because you can't hope with day to day life?

Leave this blog alone and keep on scrolling snowflake (and if anyone is unsure who the bad guys really are on GBT, if you've been conned into thinking they are nice people, then just see who trolls this blog to find out the truth haha!)

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Awww... My Blog Is Completely Gone
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with quite possibly my favorite photo of my favorite hottie and future husband.  So simple, yet so hot. 

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American Fish And Chips
Nick18 Blog Added 2 hrs ago 107 views 12 comments Post Comment

when I must get goldfish to feed my pet, I often buy myself some fish as well,

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Maybe As Long As Two Or Three Years Ago I Did A Bit Of A Series Of Hot Chefs That I Shared To Peoples Walls.
Catfan1900 Blog Added 2 hrs ago 285 views 27 comments Post Comment

That was before I was active in the blogs.  Thought it might be fun to revive here. 

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Bloging On Gbt
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I don't know how long this will be up. It seems on this site if you blog anything that upsets the conservative masters your blog is purged.

Somehow I find that unamerican. I thought freedom of speech was part of our way of life.. Yet there was an instance where someone voiced an opinion and said anyone who didn't like it could leave the country.

Well, I'm a Vietnam era vet, when others were burning draft cards I did my bit, I came home; raised my family paid my taxes and I'M NOT GONNA BE TOLD TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY BECAUSE I DON'T AGREE WITH SOMEONE. That's the way some folks think here.  


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'merican Heartland
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Post pictures of the great American heartland, where the good and decent people live; envy of the whole wide world.

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Do U Have A Fav Actor
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Your Hot Actor is .... answer me...


My Fav-Actor is:

Edison Chen
Tom Holland
Nick Robinson



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Handsome Boys Club
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Report: More Women Quitting Their Jobs To Pursue Lying Face Down On The Floor Full Time
Nick18 Blog Added 4 hrs ago 42 views 2 comments Post Comment

Ironically this is true, for decades the number of women in the workforce was rising but now its begun falling, especially with millennial women. But they are also not getting married or having children, guess they are at least figuring out the wonder's of the workplace aren't so great after all. Whole thing was a stupid counter productive un-natural and dangerous ideology, glad its reversing itself naturally it seems 


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Today You Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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For F1 Fans
Rosco22 Blog Added 6 hrs ago 10 views 1 comments Post Comment




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Have You Ever?
Zombilicious Blog Added 6 hrs ago 8.47K views 314 comments Post Comment

 basically,  ask a question and see if people answer yes or no. Any body can ask anything they want . Let me start......

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Okay Boys..... Post Your Cars Here!
Catfan1900 Blog Added 7 hrs ago 1.32K views 84 comments Post Comment

First give me your money is no object dream car, and then the more realistic car that you either are working toward or perhaps already own!! 

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Anyone Have Site Issues?
Nick18 Blog Added 8 hrs ago 16.9K views 595 comments Post Comment

Please report any issues you might have

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Monty Python
Amantedelaguacate Blog Added 9 hrs ago 38 views 5 comments Post Comment

My favorite movie of theirs was "The Meaning of Life" (1983 movie).  But this is my favorite TV-show sketch.


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What Every American Should Know
Bl1 Blog Added 9 hrs ago 43 views 3 comments Post Comment

The problem is bigger - it is the SYSTEM 

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Freedom Of Speech !!
Simbasya Blog Added 9 hrs ago 825 views 23 comments Post Comment

Here on GBT I somehow feel back 75 years ago - the white supremacist herding some inocent members into a a no go out situation. I feel sad, really. The beauty of boys is in its photography - not to mistaken with child PORNOGRAPHY !!  How do you think about it....


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Sex Stories To Cum By - Please Add Your Adventures And Keep Us Cumming Back For More!
Hotnbuttery Blog Added 11 hrs ago 532 views 14 comments Post Comment

I am switching kinky corner to Sex Stories. Please try to keep them real and especially legal.


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I've Been Blocked By Msgboy! Aint That A Bitch. Must Have Been Something I Said.
Leokricov Blog Added 11 hrs ago 741 views 30 comments Post Comment

My heart is in turmoil. My own father has blocked me. Does this mean I don't get the slum property, Dad? Okay. We can do the diaper thing again if you want. 

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Looking For Cute / Handsome Boys Worldwide
Edison5 Blog Added 20 hrs ago 52 views 1 comments Post Comment

That's - I AM


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The Blogs Used To Be Interesting.
Phillb Blog Added 1 day ago 108 views 5 comments Post Comment

When did the hatred start? More importantly, why? 

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What Should I Do
Lewis97 Blog Added 1 day ago 191 views 8 comments Post Comment

I miss hanging with my friend I text him twice and he responds who’s this and don’t text back no more we had sex twice and I want him 

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Name That Movie
Rubberboy847 Blog Added 1 day ago 848 views 70 comments Post Comment



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Add My Kik
James09879 Blog Added 1 day ago 36 views 1 comments Post Comment


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Thanks For The Ride, Lady!
Werewolvesoflondon Blog Added 1 day ago 307 views 26 comments Post Comment

What are your favorite funny horror movies?

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Blog Pics
Bjc5000 Blog Added 1 day ago 82 views 11 comments Post Comment

I use Firefox most of the time for a web browser. I have not yet been able to add a picture to something in a blog. Could someone help out on how to do it please?

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My New Friend
Photoboy257 Blog Added 2 days ago 215 views 6 comments Post Comment

About a month and a half ago a guy moved into the house next door with his mom, his name is john and he is the same age as me. We started hanging around together and since I have a car I was able to give him a tour of the area. He is mexican american but looks, talks and acts more mexican than american. He caught my eye the day he moved in. He is tall about 6"2 and thin as can be with dark brown eyes and short fine black hair. He speaks and understands english real well too. As time went on I got to know him better and better, hes bi sexual and has no partner at the moment. He knows that I am gay and that I like him in a sexual way and he is ok with it. He don't mind me asking him questions about his dick and he's not uncomfortable with me seeing him naked or hard and he even lets me watch him jerk off but he seems nervouse and uncomfortable when I attempt to touch any part of his body. I don't know why.

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Fantasy Couple
Stroker685 Blog Added 2 days ago 381 views 12 comments Post Comment

Whom would you cast in a video? I'd put Kirk Gauguin (Bel Ami) with Sean Ford (Cocky Boys).

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World Cup 2018
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Félicitations à l'équipe de France pour la Coupe du Monde et la Croatie à la vice-coupe du monde.
Congratulations to the France team for the World Cup and Croatia at the vice-world cup.

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