Silk Sheets Worth The Money?
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idk never owed any, but people are saying they are great for your skin. Not sure about sleeping on something excreted from a worm but...

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Boys Feet
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Boy Erased!! So Fucking Good! Did Anyone Else See It? Troye Had Just A Small Part But His Music For The Movie Was Amazing! Conversion Camps Are Still A Thing. Ugggh!
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Went to a dingy old theater to see the movie. Have the book sitting in a drawer. Decided to see the movie first. Boy Erased was SO fucking good!!  My movie buddy and I hit the theater during some snow. My movie buddy is my best friends son. We have been going to the movies since he was like 14. So he tripped and fell on the first step. Popcorn everywhere. The steps were really tall! He said "I hate this theater"  LOL. It was old and smelly. Sound sucked, movie had captions at this theater....  None of that matter! The movie was SO fucking good!! Acting was great. Story was amazing. The fact that this is a true story, and that they did not try to make it more than what it was for popularity was inspiring. Go see it if you get the chance or get the video when it comes out.  I laughed, cried, got mad.... All of it. Conversion Camps are still a real thing in our country and HAVE to go!  

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Hi Peoples
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Have a great Day and Week... 

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Facebook Working With Law Enforcement To Battle Suicide.
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It would appear that, for the past few months, Facebook has been using Artificial Intelligent algorithms to scan what is being said on their platform that might indicate an individual is contemplating suicide and alerting Law Enforcement. They are also working toward using the same technology in other ways. We were wondering how you feel about this. 

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Running Away
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Anyone ever feel like running away from home when you was young.

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Which Picture Posts Do You Regularly See Posted Over And Over Again On Walls And ...........
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really dislike!! Please post here for discussion. :) 

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This Is Your Life On Gbt
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Tell your Story so far about GBT

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As A Follow Up To My Chefs Blog
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I'd like to do a blog about some of the handsome successful entrepreneurs around the world. 

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Wildfires In California
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the devistation is great to the environment and communities burnt out - lives lost  - i would not be surprised to read a tweet that states - trees SAD clear fell all forests

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Awww... My Blog Is Completely Gone
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Holy crap.. new favorite photo of Jace.  Wowzers...

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What's So Funny?
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Post your funniest
Jokes, Memes, Animated Gifs and Videos here...

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A Great View!
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Do you like to have a guy stand over you like this? I enjoy a 'downunder' view - nothing to do with the Antipodes of course. Does anyone else enjoy a view like this?

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Anyone Have Site Issues?
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Please report any issues you might have

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Fantastic Beasts!!
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Tell me which one of these hotties you would like to take on? 

Fantastic Beast weekend is here at last!! To celebrate... Some cute guys with fantastic beasts of their own! Feel The Burn!!  :)~ 

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Fav Pics
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so tell me guys do you have a fav style of pic? like i love selfies when i can see a boys face dick AND asshole in one pic lol whats yours?

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Wanting Pics And Vids
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wanting pics and vids of a kid called JESSE years ago.

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Linux Mint
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Anyone using Linux Mint as their OS?

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why is there advertisements before each video, kind of sucks seeing it each time.

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The Passing Bells (ww1 Movie)
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Veteran's Day has of course passed. Still, I think this movie is well worth watching at any time. To quote IMDB: "An epic historical drama spanning the five years of the First World War, as seen through the eyes of two ordinary young soldiers." Without spoiling it for you, all I can say is that if the movie's depiction, story line is anywhere near being accurate, it must have been a slice of hell. Heartbreaking, really. Links below:


It's being shown of both Amazon and Hulu.







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Today You Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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Have You Ever?
Zombilicious Blog Added 23 hrs ago 19.5K views 607 comments Post Comment

 basically,  ask a question and see if people answer yes or no. Any body can ask anything they want . Let me start......

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I Don't Know What Xlcruiser's Deal Is...
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I don't know what XLCruiser's deal is but I accidentally asked him to be a friend without reading how he won't do that with anyone and got banned from being able to contact him.     What a prick.    

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I uploaded some pics, made a blog entry, and I see nothing.  Can anyone help?


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Les Gilets Jaunes
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Que pensez-vous du mouvement de colère que traverse les français ? Que disent les médias étranger.

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@msgboy (chris)
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Anyone know what happened to Chris did he delete his account?

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Our Thanksgiving
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We are aging to have a nudist Thanksgiving dinner.  Chad invited a few if the people  he works with at the studio.  Jack invited some of his friends,, I invited my friends, including my gf, Carol.  She may not come. We will have about 15 people and plenty of cocks for my mpith to water over. I hope I am not hard all night------Henry

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Straight Boy
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I haven't  wrote in a while but I just have to talk about the so called straight boy I hooked up with last night. Big boy with huge hands, he grabbed onto me like a clamp. He was a dark hair hottie and natural all over. My jaws dropped we I seen his great dick. Though In the end it was really differant the boy had a major foot fetish. Thankfully I have great feet and the boy couldn't get enough. Big  guy and big  load all over my feet and legs. Definitely a interesting experience.

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Favorite Quotes.
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Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Oscar Wilde


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