Modicum Of Intelligence
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So thinking back to my childhood, my first recollection of being attracted to a guy was while I was at the circus with my grandparents, I was probably 6 years old. Sitting in the row directly behind my grandfather was a young man. Thinking about him now I would say he was probably in his late teens. What I remember most was his cologne. He was blond, smartly dressed and smelled beautiful.

What I wanted from him was to be held in an embrace similar to the loving, tender and reassuring embrace of my grandmother. I wanted to feel his love, I wanted to be enveloped in that beautiful sweet smell that seemed to pour out of him. I wanted to be tickled, teased and caressed while cradled in his bosom or lying across his lap. I wanted to press myself into his groin.

Ofcourse none of that happened because after the circus ended he went his way and we went our way and our paths never crossed again.

But I had felt something and I wanted to feel it again.

It was a short time after that circus episode my mother let me join the local Cub Scout pack. There was nothing there that tickled my fancy but I didn't have to wait long to discover someone that did. We were to spend a weekend away at a park not too far from the city. Templars Park in Maryculter was where the scouts, brownies and guides went for weekend camps. Our cub scouts was to attend also. 

So skipping straight into the good part.

The tents were being set up and the leaders were allocating cubs, scouts and akela's to their tents and determining the sleeping arrangements. Each person having their own sleeping bag. It was all way above my knowledge and understanding so I was just doing what 6/7 year olds do. So bedtime comes around and we all head off to the tents and sleeping bags, I was led to mine by our akela. 

Anyway, my sleeping bag was placed next to this lads bag and he was a full scout, probably about 14 years old. The tent was a very old smelly huge oily canvas bell tent thing that later leaked in the rain. There was rough and tumble and toy fights, wrestling and general fucking about before lights out was shouted. Then we all got into our sleeping bags. 

It was pitch black and I became a little scared I must admit, however the lad next to me told me to snuggle up to him and I did so. He told me to open my zip and he would open his and we could cuddle each other, all the time his whispers mixing in with loads of other whispers and the sound of other zips being pulled up and down. I was aware he was naked and I was overwhelmed with that feeling I had at the circus. I was wearing my pyjamas and he suggested I take them off and I eagerly did so. Most of the night was spent with him and I cuddling each other and he was kissing me around my lips, face, neck and rubbing his hands all over me and getting me to do it back to him. It was nice and I enjoyed it. He was touching my balls and cock and taking my hand to his. After a  minute or two he didn't need to guide me again, I was groping him with as much entusiasm as he had for me. 

There were torches shining and flashing around the tent now and there was movement, moans and groans and sobbing. My lad held on to me as boys and men began to move and slide around the tent. I had no idea what was happening but we stayed inside his sleeping bag all night. In the morning most of the men and boys in the tent crawled around looking for their clothes and I was happy that we were not the only ones that were naked. It seemed to me as though this was heaven and I had found my paradise.

The day passed away as scout days everywhere do I guess and night came soon enough. Once again we bedded down and again my lad drew me in beside him. I needed no prompting and was naked in a flash rubbing myself against his warm and loving body. I felt a glow inside me that only my grandmother had previously induced, but now this lad was making me feel it. It wasn't long before he was wriggling down the bag and his mouth and tongue was working on my cock and balls. I had never before known such pleasure and I wanted him to feel me doing to him too.

The torch lights were again flashing and again boys and men were slipping and sliding around the tent. This time my lad could not keep a hold of me and I was stolen away. I found myself on top of this guy who I recognised as a leader, he was bearded and looked as old as my father. I tried to get away and was sobbing my protests but he persisted and forced himself on me. The episode lasted too long and I was eventually pulled from him by persons unknown. I was given back to my lad and he restored me with his love and affections. 

With the morning came the realisation that the weekend was coming to an end and we would go our seperate ways. But we were told that another camp was organised for later in the summer. I had that to look forward to

But as I sat alone in my own bedroom later that evening I remembered that bearded man and thought to myself, anyone with a modicum of intelligence would surely know that a boy of any age is no way attracted to a man of his nature. Men like he have no regard for anything other than their own cravings and perversions. It would take another two years for that man to fall from grace. He was arrested for child sex abuse and sent to prison, my mother said he was a scout master and did i know him. I said no, and that was that.

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What Is The Nicest Thing Anyone Ever Said To You?
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I was working on my boat and the guy on the boat next to me was working on his. I looked over and said, Dude. What now, Leo? he replied. I said, Dude, Do you know every person in this town loves me? He said, yes I know that, Leo. Even I love you, and I know what a colostomy bag you really are. It kinda gives you a warm feeling inside. 

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Anyone Have Site Issues?
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Please report any issues you might have

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*a Blog Especially Dedicated To Handsome Guys.*
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Feel free to post all your favorite, handsome hunks, twunks, and other guys you find handsome on this blog;)


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The Best Fish And Chips In London
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The best fish and chips in London

The top spots for fish and chips in the capital. From old school haunts to new-wave fish bars reinventing Britain's beloved dish, here are GQ's go-to's...

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Vintage Gaylife...?
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Sasha pointed my attention to a small film for television, who was very interesting (one of his hobbies is digging in IMDb). Yesterday I had the opportunity to see it. It's an Australian movie called RIOT, filmed for HBO in 2016 or 17 in Sydney, I believe. Small production, low budget. It never gets to the theatres or the big cinema circuits, since it was a small production for television.

However, it called my attention to several points that I knew very little, such as:

* The Cruising

* The strong antagonism between the various genders within the gay community (strong struggles between gays, lesbians, drag queens, transvestites, transgenders, etc.)

* The strong criminalization based on very old laws that supported police brutality.

* Despite the problems there were many bars with singers and dancers, transvestites and drag queens.

* Also the enormous antagonism within the gay community between the moderates and the revolutionaries.

* Many of the members of the community maintained heterosexual marriages and had several children.

* The history of the Australian Mardi Gras that began in 1978 thanks to the strong personality and drive of Lance Gowland, a gay member of the Communist Party.

* Listen to parts of a song, which I have never heard. The chorus went something like this: "Singing, singing if you are happy to be gay ..." or something similar.

* What happened in those times to the teenagers, I mean the boys of 16, 17 years ...?

* And then ... the damn apparition of the scourge of AIDS ...

I am convinced that the new generations have little information about it. Of course, there are thousands of articles on the internet.

However, I would be very happy that our older members, who probably lived all these problems in their own flesh, can enlighten us with their personal and living experiences.

Howard Voyeur, Leo Kricov, Tristan Catfan, Steve Rosewater, Vermont, Giles Mophead, Bendy, Steve Chillippper, Edre, Mike Marshmont, Loulou, Koko and so many others whose name can escape inadvertently, his opinion would be greatly appreciated, especially for us, the guys born in the 80's, 90's and millennials.

The reward for all participants will be:

* Invitation to the Forum "How to Have an Ass of a Boy of 16 years and Enjoy It", dictated by the Emeritus Professor Doctor K and

* A stay for five days in the ASSPA, a property of Dr K, where your ass will be treated as if you were royalty, personally by the world's number one assiologist.

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Happy Birthday, Leo !!!
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Gays On Thrones, Final Season, April 14, 2019
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Directed by ICECREAM 

Screenplay by ROSEWATER


Kyle Keanu Knightley as Jaime Lannister and as Cersei Lannister
Jake Buddy Player as Tyrion Lannister
Tristan Catfan as Daenerys Targaryen
Candy Candy as Jon Snow
Howard Le Voyeur as Davos Seaworth
Fabio Massimo as Sansa Stark
Olivier Olifan as Arya Stark
Steve Chillipepper as Theon Greyjoy
Josh Prim as Brienne of Tarth
Vegas Inonly as Samwell Tarly
Avocado Lover as Bran Stark
Zach Olicious as Sandor "The Hound" Clegane
Zombi Licious as Varys
J. C. Love as Melisandre
Marci Pan as Tormund Giantsbane
Mike Marshmont as Gilly
Miguel Principe as Bronn
Mark Punk as Gendry


Gay Finn as Jorah Mormont
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Where R U Leo?
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Today You Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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Cremation Or The Box
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So I'm 75 and for sure I got a lot more time behind me than in front. Ya think of things. I'm kind of weighing the options of the more traditional being planted in a box box against a toasty fire and the dusty remains. Anyone got any opinion? Pros

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I Feel Pretty Confident That This Is The Most Beautiful Boy I Have Ever Seen In My Life.
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I feel pretty confident that this is the most beautiful boy I have ever seen in my life.     He does such a good job masturbating and ejaculating sperm and semen onto himself out of his erect penis as well as squirming around with his anal orgasms (perhaps better identified as sensations maybe?) from his wireless dildo up his  arse.    




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Shazam Is A Handy App
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Ever wanted to know what that song playing is called or by what Artist.

This App is easy to use and free.

Gets it right  I find most of the time.

Available on Google play store.

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Climate Change - Fact Or Fantasy? Avoidable Or Inevitable?
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Extinction of our first mammal due to climate change. Australia's Bramble Cay melomy

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Favorite Barefoot Boys;
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Post your favorite barefoot guy pics here;


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Courage, Humility, And Discipline . The Three Must Haves Of A Great Leader!
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No one is complete and competent in all respects, everyone has chinks in their Armour. The one who realizes this, is the one who will dare to do something about it. To realize, one needs courage to get feedback and to honestly look at themselves in the mirror. To face your inner most fears, to face the change, discover blind spots, ask for and seek feedback and to act on the same, even if it may not be to one’s liking, needs immense courage. Courage is about confronting your weakness(es) and devising strategies do work on the identified weaknesses. Courage is about getting out of your comfort zone and doing things that feel uncomfortable (e.g. asking for feed-forward suggestions from others, or raising difficult conversations). Great leaders have immense courage.


If you are wanting to get better, then you have to start by accepting that you are not perfect. Humility is acknowledging the work that needs to be done to change and grow, not to let ego come in the way of this process of change, and therefore growth and to accept one’s areas of improvements. Humility involves letting go of your ego and focusing on how to change your own behavior to make your team and workplace more effective. Besides, it needs a lot of humility to take a Coach and more importantly to believe that someone who may not necessarily be better than you at what you do but can still help in achieving the desired outcome of the coaching engagement. The job of Coach is to observe and make you realize all that needs to change and then hand-hold you in the process of change, not necessarily being better than you at what you do. Any learning journey is a humbling experience as the realization dawns that there is no much that you didn't know or didn't realize or how you could have done things differently to be even more effective. It is also a highly rejuvenating experience once the positive behaviors start building, but one needs the humility to make the start.


Discipline is the third pillar for adopting any change or learning anything new. It is the ability to commit your time and energy to the outcome being pursued, in a quantum commensurate with what you are expecting to achieve. To be able to devote yourself to a learning journey, which when it comes to behaviors is mostly preceded by a phase on unlearning, needs a lot of commitment and discipline. You need to get out of your comfort zone again and again to re-learn behaviors, before you get from a stage of unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence. Discipline relates to consistently implementing effective behaviors until they get ingrained in your neural paths and become a habit. To be a great leader, you have to have the discipline to follow up and do the hard work to keep getting better.

Self-reflect and see if you have the courage, humility and discipline to be a great leader! If you see a scope for improvement then before working on any other behavior or outcome, commit to work on these three traits which is really the foundation of great leadership.

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Please Remember To Be Active Giving Comments To Both Videos And Pictures!
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Please remember to be active giving comments to both videos and pictures throughout all of the website!    

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Best Wishes
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Best wishes to all you members who celebrate easter HAPPY EASTER everyone, this is my best time of the year, I love to watch the little kids dress up and hunt for their easter baskets but most of all I get a thrill making and giving easter baskets to friends and relatives .

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Have You Ever?
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 basically,  ask a question and see if people answer yes or no. Any body can ask anything they want . Let me start......

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Boys Feet
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Real Movies
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I'm a fan of gay coming of age movies not really porn but a few spicy scenes would be kool. So does anyone have a movie up on their page?
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Happy Easter
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I wish all GBT members a Happy Easter.

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Gay Bunny!
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Gulte Allergies Don't Exist
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Science is beginning to suggest the vast majority of food allergies don't really exist. 

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Movie And Tv Show Guys That Got You Off Growing Up!
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The World Would Be A Better Place If,
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All guys were barefoot (and gay)

All Trucks Were 4x4

More twin guys gave free lap dances

Consuming junk food, smoking, and drinking were all healthy activities

The HOA would move to a communist country

People minded their own business and stopped bitching over every petty little thing

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It Go's In One Ear Is Up !
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Sometimes I sits and thinks - Sometimes I just sits.

Have a Great Weekend Every Body - Thanks for your support Love U Guyz XXXOOXXXX

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