Who Already Done This?
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Assorted Hot Boyz 3

as well the fucker , as well the fistfucked?

tell me if you were able to do it, or if you failed trying it

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Report Any Site Issues
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Please report any site issues you might have.

Thank You

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Happy Birthdays!!
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Celebrating the birthdays of the famous and not so famous! You are welcome to add birthday posts--just no drama and no underage nudity please.  If you have a birthday--do let us give you a shout out!  Comments are welcome--but PLEASE no political comments.  This is meant to be a fun blog. 

These are people that have influenced my life if one way or another--plus some hot boys of course! So if I skip someone--please feel free to add your own posts. AND maybe we can learn some history along the way...  :)~ 

February's cover birthday boy....  Got to be this hottie who is about to turn 19.  I first noticed him in the show TOUCH with Keifer Southerland. Most recently he did a great job portraying Bruce Wayne in GOTHAM.  David Mazouz!! 

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Do You All Ever Have To Wear Diapers After Anal Sex?
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Do you all ever have to wear diapers after anal sex?

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Trump Named Person Of The Year By Popular Sociopath Magazine
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WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—For the third year in a row, Donald J. Trump has been named Person of the Year by the magazine Popular Sociopath, the publication announced on Thursday.

“Once a year, we at Popular Sociopath recognize the person who best epitomizes sociopathic-personality disorder, which manifests in antisocial behavior and a total absence of conscience and concern for others,” Harland Dorrinson, the magazine’s editor, said. “We are delighted to bestow this honor, once again, on Donald J. Trump.”

Dorrinson said that Trump bested a daunting roster of competitors for the title, including the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell; the Fox News host Tucker Carlson; and Trump’s own son Donald J. Trump, Jr.

“Honestly, though, it wasn’t close,” the editor said.

When asked if he had reached out to his son since surpassing him for the magazine’s honor, Trump told reporters, “Why would I do that? I don’t care what he thinks or feels. This is all about me. What a stupid question. You’re worthless.”

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I've got a steady stream of hot young workman doing renovations on my house and can't stop perving as they work hard, thinking about how I could really get them into a lather with a big group fuck n suck session.

Am sitting here on GBT imagining that the workers catch me mid wank and ask to join in.

Have you ever had a "tradie" provide extra services?  What would your fantasy be? 

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What I Like
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I like to see dicks ,faces, abs and asses are nice as well

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Hot Gay Gifs
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Gorgeous Boys Bottoms
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Boys Feet
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Feet Fetish 1

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What Was The First Gay Porn Video You Saw.
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The first one on my list was Cuming of Age with Kip/Scott Noll and Steve York, still a classic today.

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Which One For You? I Like Both.
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Snooker, for when I am feeling artistic and want to dance around with my foil. Eight ball when I want to slash through the crowd with my sabre. Btw, the snooker table is larger, with smaller balls. 

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American Porn
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Any opinions? I tend to skip past it. The boys are rarely hot (to me at least). They talk too much, and when talking they say the stupidest things, such as, "Do you like that cock?" What do you expect the guy with the cock in his mouth to say?

Or: "Yeah, suck that cock."

The guy is already sucking that cock.

Apart from that, they're all mutilated (by which I mean cut). 

Apart from that that, they behave as if sex is dirty/nasty.

Anyone with me on this? Euro porn is much better. Also latinos...

(No offense to Americans, I just don't like your porn is all!)

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Tracy Chapman Refuses To Join Social Media
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Interesting and refreshing to hear Tracy's views. 

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Does Anyone Know This Precious Little Darling's Name Who Is The Bottom?
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Does anyone know this precious little darling's name who is the bottom?




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Sorry To All My Friends On Gayboystube
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Sorry I’ve not been around for quite some time but I’ve been in hospital. I got a cyst on the bottom of my right foot and it got infected so badly doctors had no choice but to amputate my right leg below the knee so I’m currently confined to a wheelchair. Hope you are all ok and still enjoying life and all the hot videos on here.

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Eating Cum
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Does anyone here eat their own. Cum I do quite often when I jerk

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What Is Your Opinion On The Age Of Consent In Your Country?
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Do you think it should be made lower or higher? 

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How To Post To A Wall
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I keep trying, it just doesn't work for me.

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Daddy For Twinks
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This daddy loves twinks , the chemistry is always so right when I get to play with a cutie. Im curious how many twinks are into daddies 

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Name One Or More Problems In This Country And Tell Us Your Ideas On How You Would Go About Fixing It Or Them.
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There are no sides here. Just how would you fix the problem(s) that bother you the most. Obviously the government has run out of solutions. Perhaps the people might have a few. Use your imagination, creative, engineering, sociological talents. Don't worry about if the other side would agree. These are your ideas. 

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"joyboy" Sounds And Looks Nice, Huh?
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"JoyBoy" sounds and looks nice, huh?




The gay life of cute and happy gay boys porn - 5e4f0e0a7071c.jpg

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Justin Bieber?
Pmpedchillen Blog Added 21 hrs ago 554 views 18 comments Post Comment


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Used Condoms ;-p
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I posted this a while back, but wanted to see if anyone else was into it. I haven't done this in a long time now, but I went through a phase... I still know the secret places where young teens take their girls for a fuck because they haven't got their own places yet. I feel an urge to go hunting again...

This will gross some of you out, but I know I'm not alone in my new-found liking for used condoms. Let me explain. 

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Tiny Twinks On Top
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I love to watch tiny twinks topping slightly older and bigger twinks. Definitely not 'daddy' types. Can anyone recommend any clips please? 

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T.h.c. The Trump Haters Club
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If he got smoked in November the whole world would be on a High. Living with the fear of global annihilation makes me want to crawl into a weed warehouse and........ well what would you do in a weed warehouse. But we all have to live in reality so please america do the right thing for yourselves and the rest of the world that you love to claim you are the leaders of, and vote him OUT. Trump is a Russian spy helped by his boss Putin to take over your political system and influence your newly reformed traitorous Republican party.And lets not forget about moscow Mitch. He has needed to go for a very long time. Come on all you sane and conscious voters and take back your country and politics.Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssse.

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Kind of new here,I find some of the blogs interesting others not so much. 

But i find that all blogs have something in common.The longest replies to the blogs no matter the subject make the least amounyt of sense.

Why ,if you reply try to keep it short :)

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How's Your Guardian Angel Treating You?
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  When I was little I was told that everyone has a guardian angel assigned to watch over them.  What this really meant wasn't clear, since I never was aware of any warning when I was "bad."  -And when I began to masturbate there was no feeling that this might be a sin. After all, it was the greatest feeling and fun of my young life. If a guardian angel didn't stop me, what "good" was he?   Since almost 100% of boys "jerk off" a lot, maybe guardian angels don't fight the "problem."  They could be useful if they could keep Mom from coming into the bedroom at the wrong time!  

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Boys On A Rowboat
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Perverts Can Go To Hell
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Paederasty can change the world.  If you love young boys look me up.  They can change the world if you truly care about them. ..I swear! !

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