Scandal !!! Read The Story Behind The Remake Of
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Today You Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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Travail D'été
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Pour m'offrir le cyclomoteur qui constituerait un grand pas vers mon indépendance, j'ai décidé de travailler un mois durant les vacances d'été. C'était possible dès 14 ans à l'époque. je trouvais une place dans une usine de yaourts.

Il faisait chaud en ce mois d'aout. J'y allais en short. A cette époque, dans les années 60, ils étaient courts et larges. très sexy. J'avais remarqué quelques employés qui jetaient sur moi ce regard insistant, comme pour me déshabiller et abuser de moi. Ayant deja eu quelques expériences, je connaissais bien ce regard.

A midi, nous nous asseyions sur le trottoir près du parking à la sortie de l'usine pour déguster le repas que nous avions apporté. Lorsqu'un de mes admirateurs passait, je ne manquais pas d'écarter largement les cuisses et de le laisser profiter du spectacle.

Un jour, l'un deux m'a invité à venir manger dans sa voiture où nous serions plus confortable. Je le suivis et nous nous sommes installé sur la banquette arrière. Alors que nous dégustions nos sandwichs, il a posé une main sur ma cuisse, l'a caressée, palpée, puis est remonté sous mon short pour me tâter la bite, deja raide. Des gens passaient sur la parking. Il m'a dit "tu devrais sortir, ça va faire jaser". je sortais donc, après lui avoir dit que cet après-midi je serai au sous-sol, seul, pour ranger des caisses.

J'espérais qu'il vienne en rangeant mes caisses. je ne l'ai pas entendu. Juste senti des doigts se glisser dans la ceinture de mon short, le baisser lentement. l'air frais sur mon cul m'a fait du bien. Il l'a caressé, passé un doigt dans la raie, pénétré doucement mais profondément le trou. Puis j'ai senti sa langue me pénétrer l'anus. Il s'est relevé, m'a serré contre lui, et là c'est sa bite qui est venue masser ma rondelle. Elle était dure et me paraissait énorme. Il a un peu enfoncé le gland, pas entièrement, s'est bien caressé entre mes fesses.

Il m'a retourné, a posé ses lèvres sur les miennes, nos langues se sont frottées. Nous nous masturbions mutuellement.

Nous avons joui et il est parti.

Nous nous sommes revus dans ces circonstances 3 ou 4 fois. il m'a aussi invité une fois chez lui un samedi. Ce fut très chaud.

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Gorgeous Boy Bottoms
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Gay Movies
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What is your favorite gay movie?

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Does anyone read stories from and/or

If so, what authors or stories did you like?

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Okay Boys..... Post Your Cars Here!
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First give me your money is no object dream car, and then the more realistic car that you either are working toward or perhaps already own!! 

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Brett And Julian Part Three
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   Brett took  Julian  down the stairs to the basement and switched on the lights. He had made sure it was heated in anticipation of their meeting and being successful in making a move on him. Brett wanted  Julian  to shiver with pleasure not in the cold. Brett’s arm was around  Julian ’s hips pulling him into hip to contact.  Julian ’s hand began to gently caress Brett’s butt.


   “What do you think?”, Brett asked.


  It was a large space. In the centre was a comfortable bed covered in a sheet of linen. Around the walls were various paraphernalia – lube, butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, discipline and S

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The Silly Blog
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Just for fun!

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This Is Funny
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Who In Your Opinion
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Who in your opinion is the hottest gay porn star at this moment 2018/19. He can be an established or rising star.

Which studio is he with and I will try and get pics, or if you have the latest pics please post them.

MUST BE A TWINK......create your own blog if you want to see hunks, jocks or hairy men.

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Funny Iii
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Nick. Is It Possible To....
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I wonder if its possible to put a date time on the PHOTOS when they are uploaded on someones favourites.

I see a date in the VIDEOS and on their WALL, but not the PHOTOS page.

It would be great to to be able to see when my FRIEND last posted a PHOTO in their FAVOURITE PHOTOS page. It would be a nice quick way of checking without having to scroll through pages of them each time.



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Funny Ii
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Any One Wanna Talk?
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im a twink msg me :)

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Should Straight Actors Play Gay Characters On Screen?
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Should straight actors play gay characters on screenjQuery1820705032922470491_1547494606109?


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Have You Ever?
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 basically,  ask a question and see if people answer yes or no. Any body can ask anything they want . Let me start......

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Music For Making Love
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I can imagine it could be some topic like this somewhere in the past but i would like ask you people what music, what songs do you like during sex?

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To all the guys who work hard to bring video clips to the site....THANK YOU.

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Wall Backround
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I want to make the backdrop of my wall look amazing. What do I do?

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The Bathhouse - Hot Or Not?
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I know some of us find bathhouses gross - and they can be! I would love to hear what your experiences have been like. 

When I first started trying gay sex (I am bi) I discovered a bathhouse when I was 19 - it was heaven! Pre-AIDS madness. The place I frequented had a playroom that was more like a crawlspace - you could not stand up - but that didn't matter! You just crawled through a hole in the wall into a writhing sea of men illuminated by red lightbulbs. I got the first really great blowjob of my life from a hot ginger boy. I remember waking up one morning with a sore jaw because I had sucked so much cock... Liking both men and women, the bathhouse was always a sure thing - that's one thing I love about sex with men over women - the lack of game-playing - the mutual desire and understanding of what you BOTH want. You always know when a man is turned on and when he comes. 

I am well past my expiration date, which can make it a humiliating experience at times. Sometimes I just like to go for the atmosphere - all those men in one place - naked but for towels - all of us knowing we are there to fuck and suck with no other pretense. I don't like bars and clubs - too loud - too many posers.

There are certain types you always meet there - old guys like me (a little sad but hopeful) hot guys who strut around knowing they can have anyone they want... just regular geezers who hoping for whatever... Tragic married men like me (like I was before I lost my dear wife) seeking the only man-to-man contact to hope for - anonymous, safe and quick. Not the stuff of romance...

I don't like the gloryholes or the dark playrooms where you don't know who or what you are getting. Though it is fun to wander into a room where a guy has laid himself out to be gangbanged over a fuck-bench. I have been tempted to join in, but it's rather like eating off someone else's plate at a restaurant.

I was in London last year and went to a couple of places, anticipating I would be watching and jerking off - works for me! Instead, a sweet young guy found me in the hot tub, took me by the hand to a cubical (I don't think he spoke English) and fucked me harder than I have been fucked for a LONG time. 

The one thing I don't like is the lack of conversation - I tend to be a bit chatty, but most guys just cruise around like dick-sharks on a relentless, faceless cum hunt. 

Thoughts, gentlemen? Hot or tragic experiences to share? 

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What's So Funny?
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Post your funniest
Jokes, Memes, Animated Gifs and Videos here...

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Death Of A Modern Wolf
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Once feared, vilified, and exterminated, the wolves of Vancouver Island face an entirely different threat: our fascination, our presence, and our selfies.


In the 20th century, humans exterminated the gray wolf population of British Columbia’s Vancouver Island, the largest island on the west coast of North America. The animals repopulated the island by the end of the century, and now live side by side with people. Photo by April Bencze


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Twink With Skype
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I have Skype add me at goproteen I can send pics and video chat

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Twink With Kikane Skype
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Twink 18 here with Skype add me at goproteen  I can send pics and video chat

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Some Photos Of Beautiful Jace..
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Just some photos of handsome Jace (my fantasy future hubby)   

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