Lonesome And Have No Friends
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I am here to meet people and make new friends. I enjoy laughing and cooking. 

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Thanks For The Ride, Lady!
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What are your favorite funny horror movies?

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Awww... My Blog Is Completely Gone
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with quite possibly my favorite photo of my favorite hottie and future husband.  So simple, yet so hot. 

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Maybe As Long As Two Or Three Years Ago I Did A Bit Of A Series Of Hot Chefs That I Shared To Peoples Walls.
Catfan1900 Blog Added 1 hr ago 211 views 20 comments Post Comment

That was before I was active in the blogs.  Thought it might be fun to revive here. 

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Music Artists You Had A Crush On When You Were Young?
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Kind of curious to see what some of yours were. 

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Funny Jokes
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Please post funny jokes, memes, photos and other material here. Hopefully this lasts longer than the last two, killed off by the fun Nazis who want everyone as miserable as them.

If your very existence is a bottomless pit of depression, a black mist of despair, I can understand why you hate the idea of others laughing and having the sort of happiness and fun which you will never know. But why shit on it for them? why be so spiteful as to ruin it for everybody else just because you can't hope with day to day life?

Leave this blog alone and keep on scrolling snowflake (and if anyone is unsure who the bad guys really are on GBT, if you've been conned into thinking they are nice people, then just see who trolls this blog to find out the truth haha!)

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Something To Ease The Drama On This Website!
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Hot pervy twins! Look, enjoy, and beat off!


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Handsome Boys Club
Shadowx Blog Added 2 hrs ago 2.08K views 172 comments Post Comment

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Confused About Political Blogs
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What is the policy on political blogs? Are they not allowed? How about blogs on social issues? Are they allowed? Is discussion about trade wars or tax cuts to the filthy rich or free public college or cuts to social security

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'merican Heartland
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Post pictures of the great American heartland, where the good and decent people live; envy of the whole wide world.

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Saying Goodbye To You All. Will Miss My True Friends. *love To You*
Angelicvirginboy Blog Added 2 hrs ago 1.97K views 42 comments Post Comment




Goodbye All,

I've only been here a short time and I've been seeing nothing but bad behavior from most of the other members.(Only a few exceptions.) There are few that respond well to my posts and me being unconformable with the other long time members that abuse the site's blogs, walls, albums and videos. There are obviously underage pictures and other material on this site, that have been flagged by me and reported. But, still all that's happened was a few wrist slaps by suspensions for a few days for a few. Some have felt empowered with their return after a temporary suspension. It's getting clear that flagging and reporting is not being taken seriously or Nick is overwhelmed by the work. If so, why do we see his news posts and removing of blogs rather than working at a fix? One can contemplate that he enjoys these videos and posts as well. Do they not first have to be approved before they would appear on the site from an upload? So, the GB videos that are illegal, have been here for years are pointing out how this site has been managed all this time. That and the deleted user's posts remain with the gifs and pics that got the users deleted.

I see no reason to remain here. I think you all should consider leaving this site and leave it to those so devoted to pictures of young teens and children. Claiming they're 18-24 when they're obviously much younger is such a farce... We'll see how long it takes to have this blog of mine disappears.



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So Its Me Again Lol
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so ok went to the heart doctor today cause my other doctor told me i needed to go and yea he was very concerned and said my heart was damaged he wasn't sure how bad yet however he is putting me on something to slow down my heart :( :( ( so concerned about that and what its going to be like he is also going to give me a sonogram i think and one other test and then of course he wants to give my heart a stress test which heard could give me another hear attack. so really nervous about that for sure. then after that he stats that he wants to put some kind of die in my blood to see were the blockage is :( :( i know i am not going to like that at all 

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Today You Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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Have You Ever?
Zombilicious Blog Added 4 hrs ago 8.13K views 303 comments Post Comment

 basically,  ask a question and see if people answer yes or no. Any body can ask anything they want . Let me start......

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Anyone Have Site Issues?
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Please report any issues you might have

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Cliche' .. A Funny Word
Marshmont Blog Added 5 hrs ago 24 views 3 comments Post Comment

never in a million years do i use cliche's ..it seems like a blast from the past...i don't have an ax to grind over this word...some use these at the drop of a hat but i'm between a rock and a hard place to figure why..i hope someone can clear the air in regards to clichez.....i have to cut and run now...i'm dog tired and hungry. i could eat a horse. later dudes. https://prowritingaid.com/art/21/List-of-Clich%C3%A9s.aspx    // for a big list of cliche'

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Day Off , Gbt Apreciation Day!
Bjc5000 Blog Added 7 hrs ago 56 views 3 comments Post Comment

Well I took today off to go to Traffic Court on a turn on red ticket so I have time to talk more this week.

I think we should take a day to thank the mods and admins on the great work they do keeping GBT online and free each year. I have been a registered for a short time but a visitor for years. Their hard work and dedication to the site keeps it great!

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My Intent Access Sucks
Nick18 Blog Added 7 hrs ago 159 views 13 comments Post Comment

My internet access crashes 6 days a week, for 1-2 hours at a time, I think they are mad I stopped paying for cable Tv?

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Thanks Guys
Bendy Blog Added 7 hrs ago 48 views 3 comments Post Comment

A big thank you to the regular bloggers and commentators of GBT. The site wouldn't be the same without you.

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Okay Boys..... Post Your Cars Here!
Catfan1900 Blog Added 7 hrs ago 1.19K views 75 comments Post Comment

First give me your money is no object dream car, and then the more realistic car that you either are working toward or perhaps already own!! 

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How Cute
Higuys16 Blog Added 9 hrs ago 208 views 7 comments Post Comment

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Wow! July 10, 2018. No One Is At War With Anyone Else. Of Course It Won't Last, But Can You Feel It For Just A Moment? Not Bad, Is It?
Leokricov Blog Added 11 hrs ago 514 views 20 comments Post Comment

I was responding to alot of PMs that told me that they didn't want to fight any more. I don't know what that's worth, but I'll throw it out there. I don't know what you'll do with it, but that's none of my concern. I only track beauty and respond to threats. No threats, more time for beauty.

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Happy Birthday Toby19
Davey1965 Blog Added 12 hrs ago 109 views 8 comments Post Comment

On behalf of Alexis Samual

(Sam) and myself I'd like to wish Toby a happy 27th Birthday today.

We miss you Toby and will never forget the love and kindness you brought to Gbtube and all you befriended here.FFEver....

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Favorite Barefoot Boys;
Pmpedchillen Blog Added 12 hrs ago 6.65K views 301 comments Post Comment

Post your favorite barefoot guy pics here;


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World Cup 2018
Xfabricex Blog Added 18 hrs ago 68 views 7 comments Post Comment

Félicitations à l'équipe de France pour la Coupe du Monde et la Croatie à la vice-coupe du monde.
Congratulations to the France team for the World Cup and Croatia at the vice-world cup.

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Hey, I Am A-l-e-x From Germany
Edison5 Blog Added 21 hrs ago 68 views 1 comments Post Comment


Add me and rate me, when u want. I write back in messages and HAVE A GREAT DAY PEOPLES

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Romie Blog Added 22 hrs ago 8 views 0 comments Post Comment

it was our local pride party this weekend. Talk about a feast for the eyes. Lot of the young LGBT like to come to this. I was working on a sweet Asian muscle boy but my buddy cock blocked that 🙄 I still had a great time even enjoyed the drag shows and I usually don't like drag👏🏻 if you  can you got to go to your local pride get together soon. They can be interesting .

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Question To Define...
Jasechase Blog Added 1 day ago 539 views 29 comments Post Comment

how would you describe a snowflake?

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Jacopo Blog Added 1 day ago 23 views 1 comments Post Comment


Is there any option on the site to reduce the heaviness of the photos and so uppare them more easily and with less time? Thank you for your attention and good weekend ...

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Devil's Advocate.
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As we are all aware. Some members have actively sought out and exposed child porn on this site. They have in turn been applauded and chastened. 

The admins have set into place a block on said members. It is a work in progress, but it is a step forward.

Some members have suffered by it, others have abused it. But it is now here. Let's work together to keep this site going. Child porn is not acceptable on this site full stop! It doesn't matter what your point of view is on the matter. It is illegal to post such stuff.

I wish I knew how to post stuff on here, but I'm either to old. To stupid or my system isn't compatible. So I ask you all to google cosine scale on Wikipedia.

There you will find what is, and what is not acceptable. 

Use this on this site and we can get back to posting funny stuff in blogs. Hot boy's. And generally chit chat. Or just keep being dicks to each other. 

Me. I just want England to beat Sweden. Have a blast boy's.

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Biway Blog Added 1 day ago 23 views 1 comments Post Comment

Uploads are working great, I uploaded a video and POW posted in less than 15 minutes. Thanks admin.

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What Are You Drinking / Your Favourite Alcohol #2
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What are you're favourite alcoholic drinks and are you drinking right now? 

What do you have on the weekend?  Anything  cheap or a single malt? 

What are your favourite experiences with alcohol and your worst. And when did you start? 

I love drinking. But sometimes it doesn't like me. So , please, let me know about your alcohol tastes 

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Gone Camping/fishing
Higuys16 Blog Added 1 day ago 144 views 10 comments Post Comment

Hi guys. I'll be gone this week. Dad is taking my brother, Justin and I camping in the Pocono's. I will not be online much, if any, so I thought I'd make a general post before I leave. Take care and I love you guys, Jason


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