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WOOD WATER STONE Figures in a Landscape
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Photographs and Art Celebrating the Beauty and Mystery of Man in Nature.

          Nudity fine but NO PORN please

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Pretty long haired boys
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I like long haired pretty boys...dry or wet...clothed or unclothed. The fact that I like guys with long hair doesn't necessarily mean that I would hop into bed with any of them or that I don't like guys with short hair. ;.)

My posts are not visible for you? With the FireFox browser it should work fine...

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Putting this here again, part 3
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404 Help Blog
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Please report any issues and problems you might have

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Man vs Machine
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A mixture of men and machines. Steampunk welcome, creativity is appreciated. Nudity is fine, just no porn please.

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More Bulges
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since I've been blocked by the user who posted a Bulges Blog (because I didn't post pics often enough on his wall). I've decided to start my own. Here are my first entries, but everyone is invited to add their own favorites :)

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"Dick of the day" for Undress
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This is a daily for ALL of us. If you see a gorgeous dick pic on the net... please put it here. Thank you. :))

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Aaron dominated
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The Laughs
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Leader in Richmond Democrat Party group posted bomb threat against Andy Ngo Virginia talk

Leader in Richmond Democrat Party group posted bomb threat against Andy Ngo Virginia talk

An official member of the Democrat Party in Richmond, Virginia, posted a bomb threat against journalist Andy Ngo on Friday. 

Jimmie Lee Jarvis, the owner of Mission Control Research and Consulting in Richmond, posted the bomb threat on X ahead of Ngo's speaking event organized by The Virginia Council and Common Sense Society at the Commonwealth Club in Richmond, Virginia.

The post included an image of dynamite with Jarvis writing in the description box, "On my way to the Andy Ngo event!"

According to the official website of Richmond Democrats, Jimmie Lee Jarvis is listed as an official member of the Richmond City Democratic Committee.

Jarvis' threat was one of many that came from radical leftists ahead of Ngo's speaking event, which resulted in two venues pulling out at the last minute.

While Ngo, senior editor of The Post Millennial, explained that the event was ultimately a success after the third venue refused to cave to the coordinated campaign attack of threats issued by Antifa and other far-left activists, Marriott forced the Westin to cancel the venue just hours before it was set to kick off on Friday. Earlier in the week, the Commonwealth Club pulled out from allowing its venue to be used for the event following harassment and threats of violence.

Antifa and far-left activists utilized social media platforms like X, formerly Twitter, and Instagram to encourage fellow "comrades" to harass the venues with threats of violence in multiple calls-to-action.

An account on X with the username @DSTRadicals provided a script for people to say when they call the front desk, which falsely claims that Ngo is a "homophobic neo-nazi" and that his supporters will show up "armed" with weapons.

"Hey, the event this evening features a racist, misogynist, homophobe intent on provocative neo nazi speech. His name is Andy Ngo and he is a violent extremist. Many of his attendees are armed neo-nazis," the script reads.

A flyer posted to social media by Robyn Proffer, who is behind the "Nonbinarymachinelanguage" account on Instagram and "enbyMachine" on X, labeled Ngo as among the "fascists" and strongly asserted that his presence is not welcomed in Virginia.

"Fascists not welcome in RVA. Andy Ngo, we said it and we mean it. Stay out of our city," the flyer read, which features a photo of a violent assault carried out against Ngo in Portland in 2019 by members of Rose City Antifa.

Proffer was arrested in Richmond in 2020 amid the destructive BLM riots that spread across the country and Ngo reported on his arrest.

After the event concluded, Ngo posted about its success on X despite Antifa's attempts to thwart it from happening.

"My live speaking event in Richmond, Va. at a third secret has concluded. I am safe. Despite threats and two venues cancelling (Commonwealth Club and @Marriott), hundreds heard about the Antifa terrorism parallels between Richmond and Portland. Thank you @CommonSenseScty and @VA_Council," Ngo wrote.


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anything blue
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post anything blue

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