Sexy And Cute Boys Smoking
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Swimming Against The Current.
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     Once again I have fucked myself up swimming and I cannot do much until I heal, but tropical force winds and unruly seas have my love as much as Rats and crows. I pushed against it rather than just try to survive and I deserve what I get, which means you get my undivided attention for a day, possibly two (hopefully not two, for all our sakes.)

     I have been noticing for some time, in fact after we got all these rights that things weren't going as I thought they would. That's fine. I am a soldier, not a diplomat. Let someone else make the agreements. I did my part. Problem? Instead of being grateful for what we have, there is a faction of us that not only want more rights, but to rub our victory in the noses of the people who supported us in our fight. Rather than become better citizens, there are those of us who push the boundaries even more, who can't do enough to make people uncomfortable and, quite frankly, to make them regret their support.

     I have many advantages over the rest of you in that everyone knows who and what I am and I have proven myself to these same people and they are comfortable talking over sensitive issues with me. This is both sides, I should let you know. Normally the questions are pretty easy to answer, but some are a bit touchy, and the one most asked is, "where do you go from here?" I should also let you know that when someone asks this question that there is an instant silence if we are in a group of people, resulting in an uncomfortable moment for me. My response is always, I can only answer for myself. That my goal was to gain parity in society and integrate and form our families and raise children, have careers and share in a society that accepts people's differences, and that is all. 

     Now I am seeing the boundaries being forced, people that do not respect the new boundaries and want to push for more freedoms than the straights have. I am not with you on this. I want to make that statement plain and clear. I will say it in more plain terms. You are the new malevolent current and I will swim against you. I am used to winning, perhaps after many failures, but I always win. It will take time to make people completely comfortable with us, but it will happen. There are new generations coming up that don't have the hate and prejudice in their hearts or simply don't care about differences. It will happen, but what is not helpful is giving the opposition new weapons to use against us. Do that and you will find that you have fewer and fewer friends.

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Because My Dear Friend Mikemike Is So Very Wrong About This.
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Let's just solve this right here. There is only one right answer.  ;-)

Johnny Cade




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National Kyle Day Yet?
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Sorry Kyle, but nope!  However, August 13th is National Left Handers Day! So, all you Southpaws get out the lube, get comfortable, go to "videos", and celebrate the hell out of the best friend you've ever had, your left hand!!

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Be Proud !!!
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O Puto Ao Lado / The Boy Next Door
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Boys Love Boys
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Meninos Bonitos E Seus Animais De Estimação / Cute Boys And Their Pets
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Meninos Bonitos E Seus Animais De Estimação / Cute Boys And Their Pets

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Twinks 4 Older Master
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Hi m 18 Twinks looking for a older master Kik me or Skype at goproteen

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Dear GBT Friends,


Our GBT friend Spacecadet2019 is absent from GBT for the past two weeks. Yesterday I got a message from another GBT member [ WhereisLOVE]  who is a friend of Spacecadet2019. He   informed me that Spacecadet2019 [ his real Name is Michael] was hospitalized following a serious infection. Now his infection is under control and is in a nursing home and is expected to return home within a week. Michael is our good friend and I  request you to pray and wish for his speedy recovery and good health. Thanks.

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Freaky Friday Weekly Question!!
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Every Friday I post a question---YOU post your answer and/or photo... No kiddie photos please! NO DRAMA!  

FRIDAY THE 13TH question... Which hot boy has THE sexiest eyes?   

My answer is.... Gavin Casalegno!  I know big surprise!  :)~  Those baby blues, full eyelashes and eyebrows.  Mmmm! Lips are pretty nice too!! 

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Report Any Site Issues
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Please report any site issues you might have.

Thank You

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Just Stop Already
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To the ten or so regular so called bloggers (commenters) and in particular 2-3 who've chased away all the others over the past two years and more so that past year as everyone see's and know's what this place has become...... a desolate wasteland left with the 2-3 feeble half ass wanna be ring leaders and a few even less than capable ass kissers.... nah, you all just keep on keeping on and be who and what you are...... deservedly.

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Can You See Who Has Favorited Your Videos?
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I swear I saw a way to see who has favorited your videos but can't seem  to find out how. 

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I love wearing another guys undies, especially when he has had them on all day or longer. I walk around in them all day and have a hardon most of the time. Anyone else get turned on my other guys undies, especially if they have precum stains or piss stains

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Birthday Is Up !
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It must be some ones Birthday ....XXXOOXXXX luv ya

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Dirty Boy
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Sitting In My Office...
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Sometimes I sit here wondering why I didn't just keep farming.  I would be in infinitely better physical condition no doubt.  I would be my own boss ( though I'm pretty much that now, I still ultimately  answer to clients that I work for).  And at least I would get to keep all the money I make instead of having to share it with others in my company.  

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Not A Bad Idea.
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Do Any Of You Have A Fairy King Like The Queen Song? :)
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Do any of you have a Fairy King like the QUEEN song?    :)

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Son Of A Bitch! I Am Pissed!
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Son of a bitch!     I am pissed!     :(

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There Are Those Who Can Do, Those Who Can't Do, And Those Who Do Nothing But Criticize.
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If you can do, be better at it and help those who can't do. If you can't do, accept the help and try till you can. If you do nothing but criticize, enjoy the rewards that brings. You will have earned them all.

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Another Silent Film From 1924.
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Another silent film from 1924.     There sure are a bunch of these.      Sigh.



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Future Heart-breakers
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Hey guys, tell me in the coms which underage boy you believe will become a heart breaker in a few years. My vote goes for Christopher Feghali, 9 years old kid of Lebanese legend rally driver Abdo Feghali. Christopher holds the record as the youngest lebanese cart champion as he won the championship winning 5 out of 8 races in 2017, being just 7 years old then. I find him really cute and i think as he grows up he will destroy a lot of hearts! The guy next to him is his father, Abdo.



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Naked 69 With My 1st Cousin Yes Or No
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Me and my cousin started sucking kissing French kissing being watched loving are little dicks small bald balls sucked Our dicks 1000 timesbefore pubes and cum

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Dean-charles Chapman
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I would love to see the omegle video from Dean-Charles Chapman :P

but I can`t find it in the www :(

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Today You Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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Hi, I'm back in Crete with a summer job, at least until mid September. Cretan guys are really hot, quite hairy and with great cocks, not that I've had that many! I work in a taverna, serving beer mostly. I'm slightly west of Chania. Και μαθαίνω Ελληνικά.

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Tease Cum
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