The Naked Populist
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anyone missing kyle?

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Anyone Have Site Issues?
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Please report any issues you might have

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Today You Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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彡[ᵂʰᵃᵗ͢͢͢ ⁱˢ ᴬʳᵗ?]彡🌈
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 It is a relentlessly unforgiving fury that has the potential to magically transform itself into beauty without ego.

~ Carmen Aiello (Hollywood Casting Director and Producer)

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Cute Farmer Boys...
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There is nothing hunkier then a young man working hard tending to our needs by making sure we'll be able to put food on the table. 

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Road Side Jerk Off
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Today when I got off work a wave of horniness overcame me. I drove away still in my work uniform and my cock automatically got hard in my shorts. Of course I started groping it and pulling on it. I had to get off and fast. It was 3pm on a Saturday in broad daylight. I found a street kind of on the outside of town that looked empty and woods on one side. I have done risky stuff before but usually never during the day, so my heart was racing and plenty of that blood was in my hard cock that was resting across my thigh. I got out and wasted no time unzipping my pants and pulling out my dick. I stroked it hard and fast like I had remembered jerking when I was a teen. Since no one was around I moan and groaned, and I shot a hell of a load that landed probably five feet in front of me. Five or six jets of my cum, strung across the grass. I shoved my cock back in my pants and left in a hurry, paranoid of someone seeing me. It was my first, but definitely not my last time jerking off in broad daylight. 

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I Don't Understand
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The other day my friends lil brother showed me videos that he got off the net about guys doing crazy stuff to their balls one video a guy had a leather band around his ball sack with a rope that was attached to a pully on the roof and at the end of the rope the guys friend attached weights pulling and stretching the guys ball sack about seven inches from his body as he yelled in pain, the other video showed an 18 year old twink stick a huge hypo derm8c needle into his ball why would people do such wild and sick stuff like that to their dick or balls.

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Hey Guys. Can You Help Me Out Here!
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Sorry to ask you, but I decided not to let the news interfere with my life anymore. That is, unimportant news. Sure, I was an addict as in 24 news from many sources, then I realized I only care about my kids, all their friends, my children's mothers, my little island and GBT. If something happens and it doesn't affect any of the above, I don't care, but one of my real life friends says something his happening in the Middle East (again) and I asked him what, but this is the guy who smokes his bonsai weed, so he told me he forgot. I still love him. If you could find your way clear to give me your headlines, what is important to you, I would greatly appreciated it. You might have noticed that I am a lot happier now. It's that kind of happiness you don't want to lose. But if it's important to you, then it is to me. Please nothing mean about either side. I don't want to know about that. Things like if your team won a soccer match, the latest in F1, did you compete in something and won, perhaps something that you accomplished and of course world news and news of America. I am a journalist, or used to be, but I'd much rather hear the news from people I trust. If I don't respond right away, you can bet I am thinking about it. News from Finland would be nice, Gayfin, the weather in my beloved CA, Chili. How things are in Moscva, you get the picture. You can bet with my self-imposed blackout, I will read every word hungrily and not criticize comments. It's your take on it, but I would like to hear your take on it. Thanks in advance. 

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Sexy And Cute Boys Smoking
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Celebrity Crush!! Post Some Hotties! Actors, Musicians, Models...
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Just post a hot male celebrity photo or GIF--gay or straight. No nude underage stuff... Spark up a conversation or just comment anytime!!  People seem to like the blog--so we will just change it up a bit and push on!  FOREIGN friends... Please add some hotties from your region! HUGS!




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Any Other Fans Of Country Music?
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I'm sure there aren't many here but those who are please feel free to participate.  What are some of your favorite country songs? 

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Boys Love Boys
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O Puto Ao Lado / The Boy Next Door
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The Wonder Of Twincest
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I know how most people feel about gay twincest, or incest. They say it's disgusting, and I can understand why they would feel that way, but I find it really hot. If I had a twin brother, or even a brother, I would probably do it with them. What are your thoughts about it?

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Gorgeous Boy Bottoms
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Hot Gay Gifs!
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Have You Ever?
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 basically,  ask a question and see if people answer yes or no. Any body can ask anything they want . Let me start......

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Band On The Run Is Up ! (happy Memorial Day)
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Made this kinda fast But I think it came out Good .  Starts kinda slow with Gabe but it picks up .

Thanks for all your Support - a lil bit of All my Lovin at the end by Paul  - Love U guyz XXXOOXXXXXX

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Does Anyone Know How To Get In Touch With The Admin ?
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who approves our photo submissions?


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Twink Hook Up Advice
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Hi all. Just need some advice. My wife will be going out of town next weekend for a few days. What is the best way to meet a twink bttm to full fill my lustful desires? I have tried Grindr but that isn't the best. I really want to take advantage of this rare freedom I will have. It won't come around again for a while. 


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Whats The Big Deal
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I have been a member of this group for a while now and most of you know me and all about me I shared with the group that I pose nude for dirty pictures mostly for horn old men who pay me, and yes if the cash is there I let them suck my dick, jerk me off, or let them watch me jerk off. WhenI was thirteen I was a horny lil bastard and would jerk off every day and some times three or four times a day, other times I wouldn't do it for a week or two, I loved to experiment with myself and find that when jerking off I love to squeeze my balls till they hurt the pain  ade me cum more and made it feel so much better. At times even today some members and friends bad mouth me about what I do and yo I don't see what the big deal is.. When I was young I jerked off all the time and got nothing but a few minutes of pleasure and now I do it for pleasure, cash and to make others happy. My friends call me cum for cash hell yep yep my cum for you're cash guys do it on dozens of web sites and I do it in private shows so whats the big deal, I am sure that some young guys living in the midwest and has no job would jum at an opportunity to let some horny old man suck his dick or watch him jerk off  if not don't bad mouth those of us who do it and don't cry you are poor and don't have money to buy all the things in life that you want or need. Don't judge me till you try it.

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Missouri Devastated By Tornado's Last Night And Overnight
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About 15 minutes before midnight on 5/22/19, the Missouri state capital Jefferson City with a population of 43,000 was issued a tornado warning.  Just a few minutes later a massive wedge tornado (pictured below) devastated and caused what is being called "catastrophic" damage to the city.  Wedge tornados are wider at their base then they are tall, if you can imagine.  A report stated the massive tornado felt like an "earthquake" hit the city.  No deaths reported so far, but that would shock me considering the time of night but we can remain hopeful.  In Southeast Missouri 3 people are confirmed dead near Joplin, MO from another tornado that tore through the area on the 8th anniversary of the tornado that leveled the city killing nearly 200.  Statewide and across the region rivers continue to rise, levees are at their limits.  Prayers that this violent tornado outbreak of the last few days ends soon, but cities from Kansas City, to Columbus, OH all the way down to Lubbock, Texas are under the gun for more potential tornado's today/tonight. 

A lightning illuminated image of the tornado that devastated Jefferson City, MO the state capital and some of the damage. 

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Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser ‘could Dodge Uk Porn Block’
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From what I gather FireFox will offer free DNS encryption, chrome idk. I hope Google steps up and offers the same for all users. I don't even know what we will do, they have changed the date so many times and I'm not even sure how to offer what they want, I will need them to offer a script of some kind. Originally I was told we would have time to 'comply' but I'm not sure, the longer I can hold off the better for us. UK government is so messed up, its like dealing with a 3rd world country.


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Movie Time!! What Movie Inspires You? Post Your Favorite Trailer Or Scene... Suggestions For Movies For Others To See!
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This was a fairly popular movie, but some might not have seen it.  HIGHLY recommended by me!  

Searching For Bobby Fischer----OMG such a great movie!  Watch it asap if you haven't seen it. 

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Wow! Look At All Of His Semen!
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Wow!    Look at all of his semen!   Imagine that all being from one orgasm!    I guess it is, huh?    And you can see his beautiful erect penis it surely came from too!   



U38oee6w o



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Bless Little Joel And His Family This Memorial Day Weekend
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Hoping you're ok.  We all miss you so very much.

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La Pissotière.
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Il était vieux, il était gros, il était moche. Il était... comme moi aujourd'hui. Il sortait de la pissotière alors que j'y entrais. Il s'est arrêté, m'a regardé passer, m'a suivi. Je me suis installé devant un urinoir, il s'est mis à côté de moi. Ma bite était deja sortie, il a sorti la sienne. Le voir se branler en me matant m'a fait bander. Impossible de pisser. Il fallait que je débande. Un seul moyen: me branler pour jouir. Je n'ai pas eu à me donner cette peine. sa main est venue s'emparer de mon petit zizi d'ado. Il a commencé à me masturber pendant que j'ouvrais le pantalon pour sortir mes couilles.

Il s'est mis contre moi, ma bite dans une main, mon cul dans l'autre, il m'a astiqué en me massant la rondelle avec un doigt, sa langue explorant mon oreille. Sa bite était dure contre ma main. Je l'ai attrapée et serrée bien fort pour m'agripper à quelque chose alors que tout mon corps était envahi d'une formidable jouissance.

Mon sperme a giclé en trois jets puissants. Il en avait sur les mains qu'il a léché. Pendant que je me rhabillais, il s'est tourné vers l'urinoir, s'est branlé et a joui en me souriant. Puis nous sommes partis chacun de notre côté.

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I’m here using this blogging thing to kill time while I get approval. I’m interested to know if anyone really reads this.

I’m guessing no, but everyone loved Playboy for the quality articles, right?



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