And Now Some Words Of Wisdom For Our Younger Members. The Sign Outside My Shop And On My Business Cards.
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Guys. I am hesitant to play the older man with wisdom card, but I wish some older men would have given me this piece of advice.

Image result for you can have it fast cheap and good

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Today You Feel ........
Toby19 Blog Added 5 mins ago 104K views 7.35K comments Post Comment
In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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Just Off The Motorway
Murbi82 Blog Added 34 mins ago 9 views 1 comments Post Comment


Just off the M1, near to where I lived, there’s a service area with a small bathroom that housed two cubicles and a sink … and a door

that locks from the inside. My mate, Evan, told me about it, and we decided to go. Jake, another friend, wanted to tag along, and so

we headed out one Monday, but found it empty. We waited around a while but no one showed. As Jake was stepping up to the urinal to

do his business, he read what was on the wall in front of him. “Young guy, eager mouth, likes to suck, willing to swallow, bring

your friends, 4 PM every Thursday.”

The following Thursday, Evan, Jake and I strolled into the dingy place to find the cutest little cocksucker you ever did see on his knees

and waiting for dick. Evan locked the door behind us and Jake stepped over to the youth, undoing his fly as he moved.

“I’m …” the youth started. “We’re not here to make friends,” Jake barked. “We’re here to have you suck our cocks.”

Jake unleashed a nice slab of meat for the youth, who was handsome and hung. Jake sported an easy nine inches that was topped with a dark crown that flared out like a horny cobra. The blond youth’s small hand took the base of it and began licking it like an everyday cocksucker. Jake held onto his pants for a while but when the kid got going, he let them drop so that he could take the youth’s head in his hands and begin throat-fucking the little cocksucker.

Evan opened his shorts and freed his own monster. He was a beautiful black man with a beautiful black dick, and there were times I wished I could get my mouth around it, but he never seemed up for that. As he stepped over to the blond, he waved his hand to get the youth’s attention. Like a true cockwhore, the kid’s eager blue eyes fixed on that dark, throbbing knob, and soon his mouth was attached to thehead and sucking for all he was worth.

“The kid’s a natural,” Jake said, stroking himself. “Come on over and get your cock sucked!” I dropped my shorts and stepped out of them. Pulling my T shirt off, I dropped it on top of my shorts and took a few steps over to where my mates were. Jake thought my being naked was a good idea and shed his clothes as well. He was a skinny guy with a nice head of hair, some on his chest and some on his stomach. His pubes curled in on themselves and ringed his cock nicely. He leaned over and took the back of my neck in his hands.

“I’m so horny right now, I’d let your straight ass suck my dick!” he said with a smile. “Let this cocksucker have a go on your pole, Dave.” Turning his face toward me, I saw the youth’s mouth slip over my hooded cock just as his eyes caught mine. A soft moan came from him as I knotted his hair in my hand so that I could control how deep I went.

At first, I eased into him, watching my seven inches disappear a little at a time. When his nose was scratching my pubes, I waited until he choked before letting him back up off me. He coughed a little but went right back down on me, loving every inch. He set up a regular rhythm on me and didn’t stop until Evan took hold of his hair to drag him off me. The boy swallowed Evan’s black cock over and over, both of them moaning like bitches after a while. Feeling like he might have left Jake out, the kid dropped both our dicks and swallowed that  hole-puncher post haste! Evan sidled in close to me, pulling his shirt over his head and getting out of his clothes and shoes. Watching the kid swallow Jake’s pole was making us all that much hotter and hornier.

“What if one of us fucks him?” I said, watching the kid gobble Jake’s dick. “I’ll bet he has a sweet ass just begging for cock.” “You turning queer on us, Dave?” Evan said, stroking his pole. “You got a hankering for boy-hole all of a sudden?” “Shit … a hole’s a hole,” I said, smiling. “Besides, you guys won’t say anything to my wife.” “Hell …” Jake said, his hand in the boy’s hair, “you want a piece of this dirty cocksucker, I say have at it. We’ll make sure his mouth’s busy, either way.”

I moved around to the kid’s backside, easing him up onto his knees. He was naked, had been since we walked in, and I imagined he’d been ready for all of what was going to happen to him. I spit on my finger and found the hole I was about to have. He squirmed like he might have been trying to get away from me, but Jake’s cock in his mouth seemed to act like a leash. Either he really liked that horse-hung Hispanic or he was afraid of what three bigger men might do to him if he made too much of a fuss. It didn’t matter as I slid my fingers into him and stirred him up a little.

“Look at that ass,” Evan chuckled. “He really wants that dick!” Jake said, jackhammering the kid’s face. “You want that ass plugged by a real buttfucker?! Shake that ass for him … back it up on my pal’s cock!” I was surprised to see the youth do as he was told. I worked my fingers into him and he backed up on me good. I parted his cheeks with my thumbs and watched his hole wink a few times for me. Letting a long string of spit fall onto that hole, I was chomping at the bit to get in there!

The other guys didn’t know that this wasn’t my first time assfucking someone. I’d done this in London some years before and didn’t regret a stroke!

The kid moaned around Jake’s cock and Evan moved in to watch me slide inside him. Jake laughed when the kid let out another moan as the first three inches of my dick went into him. “Damn … like a hot knife,” Evan said, watching me as I kept going. “That whore isn’t no virgin.” I slid home as easy as you please, and as the youth’s mouth took Jake’s log, his ass ate me up! Soon, I was giving it to him in long strokes, holding onto his narrow hips and watching his pale flesh heat up from the occasional smacks that Evan gave him. I can’t tell you what it was like punching this kid’s asshole while my mates face fucked him. Evan and Jake even fed the little slut their pricks at the same time, and he swallowed them both like a pro!

This bitch-boy was one hungry cocksucker! Squirming in my hands must have been some kind of game for him because he didn’t stop moving the entire time I fucked him. His sweet ass swallowed every inch and ground into me like I was keeping some cock from him, somehow. He whimpered, moaned, reached back to spread his ass further, anything to get more dick in him! Evan and Jake used his face, each of them taking turns at those puffy lips, their sweaty, naked bodies gliding against each other.  For the next half hour, we fucked this youth. His ass made love to my dick, gripping and straining to keep me inside him while his mouth sucked hard on anything put in it.

His hands tugged their ball sacks, rubbed their stomachs and tugged on their nipples. Jake slapped his hands away and kept fucking his mouth while Evan let himself enjoy the little extra included in the service. I knew as I glided in and out of his pussy that I was nearing the end. I grunted as I latched onto his narrow hips and shoved hard into him.

“Dave’s gonna cum!” Jake said, taking the kid by the hair. “Let’s do it together! Let’s hose this little bitch down together!”

Evan moved to the side and Jake closed the space. Together, the two of them started jerking their cocks, long hard strokes with solid

grips. Tears of clear precum pearled at the heads of each of their shafts and the cock-hungry youth lapped at them like a dog! This turned Jake on even more, and with a groan that seemed like it shook the walls, my crazy Latin friend hosed this slut’s face, good and proper! From where was, I could see into the bathroom mirror, and I watched the sperm streak the blond’s cheek, his nose and lips.

He didn’t have time to take a breath before Evan was pumping his own juice onto the youth’s face! Stream after stream covered that bitch's face and that’s when I lost my own inside his tight ass. Caught up in the moment, I smacked the slut’s white ass and he yelped, but ground himself tighter against me. I shot deep in his hole, filling him with cum!

“Pretty good, bitch,” Jake said, wiping his cock on the kid’s face. “You clean up your leftovers?”

I pulled out, cum still dripping from my cock and the youth’s hole.

Going round to where my buddies were, I added my own cock sauce to the mess. That sweet, round face was glistening with Latin goo, ebony glue and my own Caucasian sweetness! The bitch boy lapped at each of our spent dicks, his tongue working overtime. I smoothed back his hair so we could see his face and I felt a stir of something in those big, blue eyes that looked up into mine. He was so … happy, kneeling in this shithole in front of me and two of the biggest, manliest men I knew.

Evan and Jake dressed quickly and said they were going to go back to the car. I told them I was going to make sure the little faggot didn’t tell anybody about this and hung back until they were outside. I locked the door again and turned toward the blond, still kneeling on the floor, his sweet face covered in cum, his ass thoroughly fucked and leaking the same. Walking over to him, I caught his chin and turned that face up toward me so I could look into those blue eyes again.

“Is that what you wanted?” I asked. “To be used like a whore and left on your knees?” The kid nodded, his eyes still on mine. “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself,” I said with a smile. “Happy Birthday, little brother.”

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After A Stressful Day...
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This made my eyes pop out a bit.  Wowzers 20 year old Jaden Smith!!  Thought these photos deserved their own blog.  If you disagree.. sorry.  Is he Jace?  No, but damn the young man is looking pretty amazing.  Love the shorter hair. 


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23 Year Old Eric Burdon From The Animals —- Wow
Gointohell Blog Added 2 hrs ago 89 views 6 comments Post Comment

 This is my first blog entry so bear with me. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the band “The Animals”.  They most definitely have their place in music history. 

 The house of the rising sun popped up on my YouTube feed the other day. I did not realize how fucking hot the lead singer was. I would wreck that so hard. Of course this was 1963 so he has not aged well. LOL 

 Check out the video and share your thoughts.

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Gays On Thrones, Final Season, April 14, 2019
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Directed by ICECREAM 

Screenplay by ROSEWATER


Kyle Keanu Knightley as Jaime Lannister and as Cersei Lannister
Jake Buddy Player as Tyrion Lannister
Tristan Catfan as Daenerys Targaryen
Candy Candy as Jon Snow
Howard Le Voyeur as Davos Seaworth
Fabio Massimo as Sansa Stark
Olivier Olifan as Arya Stark
Steve Chillipepper as Theon Greyjoy
Josh Prim as Brienne of Tarth
Vegas Inonly as Samwell Tarly
Avocado Lover as Bran Stark
Zach Olicious as Sandor "The Hound" Clegane
Zombi Licious as Varys
J. C. Love as Melisandre
Marci Pan as Tormund Giantsbane
Mike Marshmont as Gilly
Miguel Principe as Bronn
Mark Punk as Gendry


Gay Finn as Jorah Mormont
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Today my old pc crashed so I'd to buy a new one. Now I'm trying to restore my old settings and configurations.
The beginning is already done, GBT works again... ;.)

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Prayers To Individuals In Nebraska And Across The Midwest As They Suffer
Catfan1900 Blog Added 7 hrs ago 237 views 22 comments Post Comment

from the snow melting and water filling the rivers downstream.  People have been forced out of their homes, and states of emergency have been declared in several states across the Midwest.  Rivers are cresting at record levels.  If anybody can send any assistance, it would be appreciated.  I left today to help some friends and their neighbors along the Missouri River to get livestock to higher ground as the water continues to move.  Nobody is certain exactly how high the rivers are going to go, so there is a lot of preventative measures being taken further downstream.  But it has devastated Nebraska. 




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Pet Peeve
Cornchip Blog Added 7 hrs ago 109 views 13 comments Post Comment

Can we please find out who decided that we should have to have all of this lip-smacking kissing? And, have him/her horse-whipped. I swear, with some of the models, it sounds like someone being slapped. If I were only listening to the sounds, then I wouldn't be bothered...but, it's video, ffs, and I can freekin' SEE that they're kissing, I don't need an audible cue!

And, while I'm in old, curmudgeon mode:  while I know none of us controls content (unless you're posting pics/videos that YOU have taken), but, we can make sure that the file-names are accurate. "Fucking bare" means none of the participants are wearing condoms. "Breeding" means actually cumming (bare) inside someone's ass, NOT shooting the load *on* the ass, even if the cum is then pushed inside...that's just being sloppy. damned kids get off my lawn!!

***Exit curmudgeon mode***


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Anyone Have Site Issues?
Nick18 Blog Added 8 hrs ago 58.4K views 1.55K comments Post Comment

Please report any issues you might have

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Davidk69 Blog Added 8 hrs ago 3 views 0 comments Post Comment

...everyone had a fun night. Got a good friend in front of me kissing and licking my tip. (He's shy and won't let me take a photo). I'll make him some eggs and hash browns tomorrow morning, Maybe a little bacon. He's already had enough "sausage" Haha.

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Open Relationship?
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Is anyone else in an open relationship with someone they care very much for?

My boyfriend and I are in just that type of relationship. We love and care for each other, but still being quite young, we are also curious about other guys and experimenting. We have a small group of friends who make it possible and very exciting. We kinda "keep it in the family."
Although my boyfriend is almost a year younger than i am, he actually started having sex before I did. He was actually involved sexually with my older brother several months before he and I got together. 

our first ever sexual encounter was a situation with my brother. After school one afternoon, we were in our room that my brother and I still share. They started kissing on the bed and and decided to get in and after school fuck before our mom got home. This was far from their first time fucking. After they finished, my brother suggested i try it out. At that time I had never fucked a boy before. My now boyfriend agreed it would be cool and said, "Jami, come on. it's cool." so I did.

We have been very close now for just over 3 years. We both have had multiple experiences both together and apart.
My brother now has a new boyfriend and on weekends we often trade boys. 
We also have our small circle of friends that we often play with on weekends.

My relationship with my boy has grown closer and closer. We like what we are doing. We enjoy it very much.
Some say it is a bad thing, but i believe being jealous is a destructive and pointless thing.

What do you think? Good? Bad? Ugly?
We would love the have your feedback...


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What Are Your Earliest Memories Of Music?
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Or atleast parts you think fondly of? 

Ussually when we think of our youth we think of a soundtrack to go with it. What's yours?

what was your first record/tape/CD/download?  What are your memories about it? Does it provoke nostalgia?  Thoughts of friendship and parties and lost youth ?

music from my past reminds me of who I can have been, sometimes, and also of who I was.


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Dirty Deeds (joanjet) Is Up !
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I had a lot of fun makin this one - I put Max Logic and The Joker

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Wishing I Was There Is Up !
Dracoxx05 Blog Added 13 hrs ago 25 views 2 comments Post Comment

I gut nuthin

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How Do You Make Tea?
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We used to use these and still do when company is expected. We fill the teapot with fresh tea leaves and make a concentrate, then use the spout at the bottom to pour hot water over the concentrate. We have done this for centuries and I have found out that other countries do it the same way. I notice the Americans and English throw in a tea bag and call it done. I've done that and it doesn't taste the same. To be fair, I have also put the teapot on a hot exhaust of my bike and it tasted okay. We do what we have to, I guess. 

Related image

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Brooklyn Bizarre 2015
Oao Blog Added 14 hrs ago 164 views 6 comments Post Comment

A very odd movie but visually stimulating.   Pierre Prieur is very handsome and in every scene!

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The Cookie (biscuit) Dilemma
Leokricov Blog Added 15 hrs ago 55 views 5 comments Post Comment

Being as I don't drink unless I have to, I have a worse habit: Tea and Cookies. Now, I have a favorite tea which is Bigelow Black Currant. The problem is I have eaten and enjoyed so many cookies that I am running out of interesting ones and am going to the exotic and, as you can see, the crazy. Any ideas from here or the country you live in. If I can't find them, I'll make them myself. The crazier and odd the better for me. I love scones and Devon cream, but one of those and I'm stuffed, but can nibble on a cookie all day. Thanks. 

Image result for exotic cookies images

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10 Types Of Internet Trolls You'll Meet Online Haters Gonna Hate, Trolls Gonna Troll
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by Elise Moreau 

Updated November 04, 2018


An Internet troll is a member of an online social community who deliberately tries to disrupt, attack, offend or generally cause trouble within the community by posting certain comments, photos, videos, GIFs or some other form of online content.

You can find trolls all over the Internet – on message boards, in your YouTube video comments, on Facebook, on dating sites, in blog comment sections, and everywhere else that has an open area where people can freely post to express their thoughts and opinions. Controlling them can be difficult when there are a lot of community members, but the most common ways to get rid of them include either banning/blockingindividual user accounts (and sometimes IP addresses altogether), reporting them to authorities, or closing off comment sections entirely from a blog post, video page or topic thread.

Regardless of where you'll find Internet trolls lurking, they all tend to disrupt communities in very similar (and often predictable) ways. This isn't by any means a complete list of all the different types of trolls out there, but they're most certainly some of the most common types you'll often come across in active online communities.

of 10

The Insult Troll

The insult troll is a pure hater, plain and simple. And they don't even really have to have a reason to hate or insult someone. These types of trolls will often pick on everyone and anyone – calling them names, accusing them of certain things, doing anything they can to get a negative emotional response from them – just because they can. In many cases, this type of trolling can become so severe that it can lead to or be considered a serious form of cyberbullying.


of 10

The Persistent Debate Troll

This type of troll loves a good argument. They can take a great, thoroughly researched and fact-based piece of content, and come at it from all opposing discussion angles to challenge its message. They believe they're right, and everyone else is wrong. You'll often also find them leaving long threads or arguments with other commenters in community comment sections, and they're always determined to have the last word – continuing to comment until that other user gives up. 


of 10

The Grammar and Spellcheck Troll

You know this type of troll. They're the people who always have to tell other users that they have misspelled words and grammar mistakes. Even when they do it by simply commenting with the corrected word behind an asterisk symbol, it's pretty much never a welcomed comment to any discussion. Some of them even use a commenter's spelling and grammar mistakes as an excuse to insult them.


of 10

The Forever Offended Troll

When controversial topics are discussed online, they're bound to offend someone. That's normal. But then there are the types of trolls who can take a piece of content – often times it's a joke, a parody or something sarcastic – and turn on the digital waterworks. They're experts at taking humorous pieces of content and turning them into an argument by playing the victim. People really do get upset by some of the strangest things said and done online.

of 10

The Show-Off, Know-it-All Or Blabbermouth Troll

A close relative to the persistent debate troll, the show-off or blabbermouth troll is a person who doesn't necessarily like to participate in arguments but does love to share his or her opinion in extreme detail, even spreading rumors and secrets in some cases. Think of that one family member or friend you know who just loves to hear his or her own voice. That's the Internet equivalent of the show-off or know-it-all or blabbermouth troll. They love to have long discussions and write lots of paragraphs about whatever they know, whether anyone reads it or not. 

of 10

The Profanity and All-Caps Troll

Unlike some of the more intelligent trolls like the debate troll, the grammar troll and the blabbermouth troll, the profanity and all-caps troll is the guy who has nothing really of value to add to the discussion, spewing only F-bombs and other curse words with his caps lock button left on. In many cases, these types of trolls are just bored kids looking for something to do without needing to put too much thought or effort into anything. On the other side of the screen, they're often harmless.

of 10

The One Word Only Troll

There's always that one contributor to a Facebook status update, a forum thread, and Instagram photo, a Tumblr post or any other form of social posting who just says "lol" or "what" or "k" or "yes" or "no." They're certainly far from the worst type of troll you meet online, but when a serious or detailed topic is being discussed, their one-word replies are just a nuisance to all who are trying to add value and follow the discussion.

of 10

The Exaggeration Troll

Exaggeration trolls can sometimes be a combination of know-it-alls, the offended and even debate trolls. They know how to take any topic or problem and completely blow it out of proportion. Some of them actually try to do it to be funny, and sometimes they succeed, while others do it just to be annoying. They rarely ever contribute any real value to a discussion and often bring up problems and issues that may arguably be unrelated to what's being discussed.

of 10

The Off Topic Troll

It's pretty hard not to hate that person who posts something completely off topic in any type of social community discussion. It can be even worse when that person succeeds in shifting the topic and everyone ends up talking about whatever irrelevant thing that he or she posted. You see it all the time online – in the comments of Facebook posts, in threaded YouTube comments, on Twitter and literally anywhere there're active discussions happening. 

of 10

The Greedy Spammer Troll

Last but not least, there's the dreaded spammer troll. This is the troll who truly could not care less about your post or discussion and is only posting to benefit himself. He or she wants you to check out his or her page, buy from his or her link, use his or her coupon code or download his or her free ebook. These trolls also include all those users you see littering discussions on Twitter, Instagram, and every other social network with "follow me!!!" posts.

Post Comment Looks Like My Country (uk) Is Going To Be The First To Block Porn As Of April 2019.
Ordinarybloke Blog Added 20 hrs ago 1.02K views 38 comments Post Comment

All porn sites will have to have strict age verification (where they can track you by using your credit card details to prove you are over 18) This is an absolute disaster for most guys who just want to jerk off and then get on with the rest of their day, without the government not only tracking where you go, but what you watch.

As with any prohibition, it will encourage illegal behaviour, you only have to look at drugs, entirely in the hands of criminals, and just look at what ten years of alcohol prohibition did in the USA-turned the inner cities into gangland war zones.

People will just download software that takes them to illegal places online, darkweb stuff springs to mind, none of this is good, and besides, this ban only covers porn sites, younger people will still find what they want through social media which is full of porn, and will be unaffected by the age verification ban.

As for me, I guess it’s time to get a VPN, all I want is to see good old fashioned sex, I don’t want my internet habits used against me in the uncertain years to come

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Have You Ever?
Zombilicious Blog Added 20 hrs ago 31.1K views 890 comments Post Comment

 basically,  ask a question and see if people answer yes or no. Any body can ask anything they want . Let me start......

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If You Could Visit Anywhere In Your Dreams, Where Would It Be?
Leokricov Blog Added 21 hrs ago 578 views 41 comments Post Comment

If money, transportation, language were not barriers. If the whole world was open to your dreams...

Image result for Beautiful views images

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Gorgeous Boy Bottoms
Anamnasia Blog Added 21 hrs ago 11.6K views 573 comments Post Comment


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3000 Days
Ladude1985 Blog Added 21 hrs ago 40 views 6 comments Post Comment

Today marks 3000 days here on GBT. It has been a great experience. Based on my calculations, 3000 days equals at least 9000 orgasms thanks to this site and to my many friends. Looking forward to another 3000 days!

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Asmr Best Blanket Commercial Ever :)
Bart1981 Blog Added 1 day ago 13 views 0 comments Post Comment

Anyone into ASMR? I think this guy is quite good, and pretty :p

He has a whole lot of nice videos on his channel, here he is promoting a blanket :)

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"go To" Video
Ladude1985 Blog Added 1 day ago 1.05K views 19 comments Post Comment

Do you have a "go to" video? A video that is guaranteed to make you cum every time you watch it? If so, please post the link. Thanks

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Hot Gay Gifs!
Anamnasia Blog Added 1 day ago 1.62K views 62 comments Post Comment

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Bigc Blog Added 1 day ago 114 views 7 comments Post Comment

have tried 5 times to upload a video but they never get put up

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Boys Feet
Anamnasia Blog Added 1 day ago 4.06K views 223 comments Post Comment

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Blizzard News Coverage
Nick18 Blog Added 1 day ago 33 views 3 comments Post Comment

I like watching blizzard news coverage because it never snows here.


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Stories From My Youth
Banishedboy Blog Added 1 day ago 430 views 14 comments Post Comment

    Yes I know I'm only eighteen, but I think to talk about my experiences growing up will not only be helpful but therapeutic for me, and I hope that this can help others. So let us start from the beginning.

     I was an average looking kid at best, blond hair blue eyes. I liked to run with my father but hadn't started puberty yet, so I hadn't entirely developed a runners physique. I was born in August of 2000 in a small town in California to two very loving, but very religious Christians. They were average looking; my father was a tall, well-built man, that had a runners body. My mother was a short but kindly looking woman, a mom from the fifties but put her in the 2000s. The church we went to preached the typical anti-gay or anything different from what they saw, as usual behavior, and being from a small town I typicality only had known the members of the church we went to and the people from around our neighborhood.

    The church also ran the School that I went to, I remember the Pastor/Principle being a real jerk. Every day before school started we had to go to the chapel for morning prayers, and I remember one time that fat old man hit the top of my head with a ruler because I didn't bow my head low enough. Most of the teachers weren't any better. I think most of them thought it was funny, and he really seemed to have a hated for me. So I really couldn't talk to any of my school friends about the feeling I was having about the other boys in my class.

    Our neighborhood wasn't much better we had either older retired people or families with children that were too old or too young for me to play with, most summer was typically long an boring. That was until the summer that I turned eleven. New neighbors had moved into the house next to us, and as luck would have it they also a child — a boy named Tyler a kid with brown hair and green eyes and that was just a day younger than me.
    Our parents hit it off almost instantly, and they were invited over for dinner that night. I was away at a church group for boys( kind of like the boy's scouts but more religious), so I didn't get to meet them when they first arrived. When I got home and heard about the family that just moved in  I couldn't wait to meet the boy next door. After dinner our parents wanted to talk to each other more so Tyler, and I went to my room, I will admit at first things were a bit awkward, but after we bonded over our love of baseball, we became friends. Tyler father, a short and thin man, had gotten a job at a company that built airplanes for the air force in the town just a few miles away. His Mother was also short, and a little on the heavy side, but seemed very kind-hearted. They had moved from Dallas Texas, and boy could you tell they were Texans.

    After about an hour of talking everything Baseball related, Tyler asked if I had a girlfriend or if I liked any girls in my class, which I replied no that girls were gross, and we both laughed. After an awkward silence, he asked if I was interested in any of boys from class. My heart skipped a beat as I looked at him stunned, he smiled back and in a low whisper said he knew it, I tried to protest his accusation, but he quickly calmed me down and told me he wouldn't tell anyone if I told him the truth. For some reason, I felt like I could trust him, and there for the first time, I opened up to him about my feelings. I told him about how I felt horrible for even thinking about boys in that way. I started to cry a little, and I remember how he put his hand on my shoulder with such love and kindness, he hugged me and told me that it was alright that he knew how I felt. I smiled at him, and he gave me a slight punch to the arm.

     Unfortunately for me shortly after this, his parents were ready to leave, and we didn't get to finish our conversation from that night.  I asked him if he could come down to the neighborhood pool tomorrow. He gave me another punch in the arm and said he would ask his parents. We said our goodbyes, and we watched them leave. My parents seemed to like them, which made me happy.  As I was getting ready for bed that night the one thing I couldn't put my finger on is how he could tell.

That's all, for now, guys, let me know if you want more. Sorry if there are any errors writing is not my strongest of subjects.

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How The Hell...
Davidk69 Blog Added 1 day ago 28 views 0 comments Post Comment

...does Kyler Moss do what he does? My pucker gets sore just WATCHING him take these utility poles. He's such a small person. I'm surprised that the tip of some of these guys dicks don't pop out through his mouth when they're behind him!!! He's getting impaled! I sincerely hope he makes good money. He deserves it! XO, David

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