What Was Your First Time Like? How Old Were You?
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My first time was when I 14 or so, It was in 8th grade. But it didn't happen all at once, my first time really took 3 or 4 nights to happen, but it was with my next door neighbor.

Anyway, the story goes....My next door neighbor used to sleep over from time to time, in 8th grade, One night we ended up watching straight porn together, neither of us would ever admit to bein into guys straight up. The first time, nothing else happened. The next time we slept over, we got a little more into it, after watching straight porn for a little while and we both ended up jerking off but he insisted on being in different rooms to do the deed.

There was maybe 1 or 2 more nights, but during those nights I started anyways we made a few jokes about how his dick was bigger I said haha yeah its probably small, trying to get him to take it out and prove it!

Then he told me about spitting on your hand and rubbing your head feels like you're getting a blowjob

So, we were sitting right next to each other at the computer but with a blanket covering our laps and he kind of reluctantly agreed to take out his cock so we could compare sizes with a ruler....So we were exactly the same size, I said lets just get close and hold them next to each other, really quickly it wont be gay just do it quick, and when we stood up both our cocks were super rock hard. At that point we started touching each other and we knew we couldnt stop there. We just jerked each other off, no sucking or fucking or anything else, just jerking each other.

I never came so much in my life, neither did he. We probably could have filled up a shot glass between the two of us (maybe even a tall one lol)

He refused to talk about it though the next day. and it was quite a while, actually 3 full years before we ever did anything again. I couldnt put it off anymore so I texted him and told him we had to do it again. We did. So junior and senior year in high school we fooled around like every week. It was cool too because neither of us had any interest in relationship with eachother, just friends w/benefits. I mean it was just good luck having a gay next door neighbor.

Wow, Im high and drunk I hope that was coherent :D
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To Jericho - An Open Post
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Heya Jericho!
I just wanted to pass along my appreciation for some- AMAZING uploads I just stumbled upon., Thanks for the set;
That’s truly fresh stuff to my eyes and some really hot stuff....


Jericho, you are the quiet, thankless contributor who continues to be the driver behind SOOO much of the content that represents the real heart and soul behind GBT. This trio of clips is a textbook example that shows why you could never be unseated or replaced!


I have to tell you though, when you have your once every leap year blowout with Nick, all of us sit on the sidelines praying that you two will kiss and make up. So far, we have gotten lucky that it works out.


With a big lesbian like Nick there is bound to be some fights and drama occasionally. I don’t think we can get too mad at him.
I suspect that’s just his hormones kicking in. That menopause bullshit HAS to be tough to go through! To keep his chemicals in balance his system needs to spray some stinky clam pie juice on the walls every leap year or so. Fucking Dykes get crazy every now and then!! However, it does not mean we will ever stop getting nervous at that first whiff of tuna juice that seems to be bleed from the walls.
Thank god for Renuzit – amiritejQuery18203875293126730863_1464650155577


Anyways, great videos and THANKS AS ALWAYS!!


(actually, only GoodClips as long as you are around to compare my uploads to)





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Dulce Et Decorum Est....some Radical (and No Doubt Incendiary) Reflections On Memorial Day 2016
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"...You measure peace with guns. Progress in mega-tons. Who's left when the war is won? Soldier of misfortune. Soldier of an angry call. Soldier on foreign soil. I'm not here to fight your war. I know what you're fighting for. Ah, boy, boy, this world is not your toy. This world is long on hunger. This world is short on joy." -- Soldier of Plenty by Jackson Browne

Its called "American Exceptionalism," the carefully inculcated notion that the United States, by virtue of its unique history, enlightened Constitution, phenomenal wealth and technological ingenuity, and even by Providential design, is immune from the restraints and consequences governing human affairs since the beginning of recorded time. Not surprisingly, in a country populated with historical illiterates, this notion has gained widespread public acceptance. Its the very air we breathe, in the land that Gore Vidal once named "the United States of Amnesia." But while we're busy scarfing down our beer and barbecue this holiday weekend, discordant notes float above the din of the hometown parades, the firecrackers, and the endless corporate-sponsored expressions of self-congratulations. Since 1990, by law, every department of the Federal Government is required to submit to an independent audit, to make sure that the American taxpayer is not being swindled. Guess what government department has never submitted to this legally mandated financial examination? If you said the Department of Defense, go to the head of the class. And it gets worse. The journalist William D. Hartung reports that in addition to blocking efforts at an accurate accounting, Pentagon officials have created huge, off-the books, slush funds. No one knows for sure how much money is involved, or for what purposes this money is being earmarked, but Hartung notes that annual "defense" spending is estimated to exceed one trillion dollars, an amount seven times larger than that of second place China, and even larger than the combined costs of the rest of the world's military spending. And yet, voices within the military-industrial complex scream for more funding. The United States military has been actively engaged almost continuously for the last third of a century, yet none of these actions have been authorized with a declaration of war by Congress, as the Constitution requires. A recent poll of people worldwide named the United States as the country they most feared, even by the citizens of our western European allies. This is the rot of militarism, and I will not celebrate it. Meanwhile, a survey of independent engineers reported last week that nearly 60,000 bridges in the United States are in a serious state of disrepair. The activist Erin Brockovich tells us that some 300 communities in America have unsafe drinking water. This week, Congress will likely authorize a bill to allow the FBI to expand warrantless searches of the private information of law-abiding citizens through the use of secret "National Security Letters." Recently, we learned that the NSA and the CIA were using their enhanced intelligence capabilities to spy on the computer systems of Congress itself, and NSA officials, when asked about this at a Congressional hearing, lied under oath. What do you call a government acting with no oversight, no accountability, and no respect for its own laws, a government that neglects the most basic needs of its own citizens, while secretly spending trillions spying on the whole world? Isn't it a dictatorship, or at the very least an incipient one? Why would any rational and moral human being want to serve it, and possibly die for it? Who's freedom is being fought for here?  To again quote the late Mr. Vidal, this is "surrendering to everything evil in the society."

"...If in some smothering dreams you too could pace / Behind the wagon that we flung him in, / And watch the white eyes writhing in his face, / His hanging face, like a devil's sick of sin; / If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood / Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, / Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud / Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, / My friend, you would not tell with such high zest / To children ardent for some desperate glory / The old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est / Pro patria mori. -- Wilfred Owen 1918


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My dads homophobic comments push me further and further into the closet 

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Have a great week!


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For Those Of Faith
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I am not a religious man, but I have great interest in understanding different worldviews.  I am not a troll, and genuinely want to hear your answers.  I was recently exposed to yet another story of abuse perpetrated by religious authority figures, those in a position of ultimate trust.  Again, as is so often the case, this event was never confronted, and the young man has lived with this terrible secret causing great emotional and psychological damage.  I struggle to understand...  As a person of faith, how does this make you feel?  How does the knowledge of the Pope's involvement in protecting those responsible affect you?  How do you reconcile these stories within your faith?  I truly mean no offense, and sincerely hope you ask yourself these questions honestly.  My heart goes out to the countless victims.

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Ages Of Porn
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What kind of porn do you like or have? Interested to know lol!

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A Sunday Meditation
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Favorite Gay Porn Movie
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My favorite is Cadinot's Harem.  In the main part of the film, the young French man-boy goes from shop to shop in an Arab market and gets fucked in each of them - sometimes several times.  All of the scenes are hot and I seldom tire of watching them.  I'd be interested to know if you have a favorite and what it is.


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Copyright Laws Should Be Ablolished
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I was looking online for one of my favorite songs, and I cannot find it. Can someone please send me the MP3. It's the Weeknd- The Hills. Life isn't worth living if I can't listen to it!



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Future Film Young
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If There Is Any Doubt, Then You Aren't Gay
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How do you know if you're gay?

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Somethings Never Change About This Site Lol
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There is a double standard here when it come to uploading videos and photos 

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Thank You All For The Warm Welcome
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I'd like to thank you all, esp Steve, Thomas, Davey and Bill

for the yesterdays warm welcome at gbt's chat and the funny lesson

about metric measures and ominous mirrors.

Hugs, Kal

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What one of you fags I gotta blow to get my video posted here? 

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4 Gamers
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2016 Gbt Update Begins.
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We have begun the 2016 GBT update some of you might start see some small changes already, and could be a few bugs.
I am so appreciative for all your help and truly hope this update will improve your experience.

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Thailand - Anyone Talk The Thai Language - We Need Help
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My lovely friend Aidan needs to find out all he can about his mother and father who went to live in Thailand 20 years ago. He lost touch with them in about 2000 when he was 20yo. I do family research using Ancestry but it is of no help in Thailand. I/we need assistance and advice from either a Thai person here or someone living in Thailand that we can talk to. We need to research their Births, Deaths and Marriages indexes. Any help or advice will be gratefully received. Can't send you a blowjob but will blow you a kiss. The reward will be a picture of Aidan when he was 14yo.

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Cock Sucking On Youtube
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I was amazed to find actual cock sucking videos on youtube whilst searching for "explicit sex cinema"

Imagine sitting down with your mother and watching this 

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I'm So Happy
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Soon I will finish my first 2 years of college. It wasn't easy for me but I did it. Soon I will be working full time for the department of human resources.  I'll be in training to be a case worker. When I was a little boy I always avoided case workers lol. Now it will be my career. Part of me is so thankful for gayboystube. In a way I grew up here. I want to thank all my good friends here for the support you've given me over the years. 

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Morning Dance
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Welcome To Jurassic Word Boys
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Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson

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"phallicman" The Superhero Penis.
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Would you approve of a comic book about a penis who sets out to save the World?

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Holy Crap - Um, Um, Good :)
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What Is The Single Most Important Gay Issue Affecting The Lbgt Community Yesterday? Today? Tomorrow?
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I believe gay marriage was important, Hate and Cyber Gay Bashing may be the most important issue today, and Gay Divorce may be the most important issue tomorrow, but then again I don't know anything which is why I'm asking YOU. Have a great day!

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Plug It In?
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My Feeds
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What does My Feeds on the top right do? All it does for me is take me to an HTML page.

I'm curious :) 

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Yea I'm Crazy
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in love

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Cute Teen Boys
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Cute Teen Boys

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Did Losing My Mother At A Young Age Make Me Gay?
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Its unfortunate, but parents don't always stay with us as long as we like.  My Mother died when I was 11, and not a day goes by that I don't think of her.  She was a dream and drop dead gorgeous.  Wherever you are Mom, I still love you.

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Nice Feet:)
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Mes Fétiches
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Je devais avoir environs entre 10 et 12 ans quand j'ai commencé à prendre conscience de mes fétiches. J'aimais beaucoup me mettre en caleçon long moulant. À l'époque je ne comprenais pas vraiment. Encore aujourd'hui cela m'excite. Quand j'ai découvert GBT et que j'ai réalisé que d'autres gars aimaient ça aussi, j'ai été rassuré et je me suis permis d'aimer ça et de bander sur ces images. Quels sont vos fétiches et quand en avez vous pris conscience ?

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Fun In The Wc
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