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General Enquiry
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Nick18...  I've made a chat room especially for the members here of GBT.  Basically, I created it so that not only could everyone post on this site, etc.. but also have a chat too (text based). I've put the link in my profile so far (the "About Me" section)  but I thought I had best create this blog and ask you if it is okay for me to do this. You will also be welcome there as owner of GBT.  Anyhow...  thought I had better check. Can you let me know, please?  I'm still tired from all the setting up! hahaha.  -- Jordan.  Sorry guys for not catching up sooner with the wall posts...  had a hectic weekend and hospital on Monday. Since then, I've been resting but I am raring to go now LOL

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This Thanksgiving, You Are Thankful For?
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uncut meat makes for the best thanksgiving!

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You Think
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you think you know everything, but I dont, you think you can say whatever you like to friends without thinking out what you are saying, I think I always put my foot in it big time, I have lost quite a few friends, with what I said and it being taken out of context, I am sorry for this, but I am still learning, I find it hard at times to control my emotions at times, when I really like someone. LIke stepping over the line of friendship, I apologise for it. love scott

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Best Thing
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to beat the winter blues

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Weekend And 4 Weeks
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to go until santa comes round, but until then http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_3OEN-lInIZM/TP_iLCC_R0I/AAAAAAAACOQ/h_0OgrsEg_k/s1600/100764.gif, have my love and hugs for the weekend, scott

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Antonio Madiera Video Scene
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Devonian posted this in 2010: http://www.gayboystube.com/video/13156/horny-boys-fuck-in-toilet. Antonio Madiera is the beautiful Latino twink who bottoms first. He was one of the greats from the late 1990s/early 2000s. Check him out. Lotsa nice photos on Bing Images, too. Don't forget this guy!

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Question About Picture Uploading
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When you upload pictures, it gives you the option to write a description for the album. I always do, but I don't see where it shows up once the album is uploaded... does it show up at all? Also when you create an album you can't go back and add more pictures to the album, can you?

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Bubble Butt
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Worried About Calimero
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I am really getting worried about Calimero I hope he is ok, anyone heard from him?

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Again And Again
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There's another "suspicious" video on the main wall, seems it belongs to a popular member the thumbnail shows a kid in green t-shirt and the video title is in Spanish.

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A Good Sock Eating Session
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My mate and I had decided to meet up one evening and go to some woods from intimate fun. Armed with a rug and a porno film on a mobile phone, we found a suitable spot. The porno film got us in the mood and it was not long before my mate’s jeans were off. He was wearing some white, sexy “no show” socks, which I was looking forward to get my hand and mouth on.

He was wearing trunk style pants, so I got to work eating his cock through the material. He soon needed some cock to play with, so my jeans were removed. His hand slipped in to my black briefs and found my cock.

Wanking is fun, but sucking is a much better past time. So the pants were removed and we laid head to foot and sucked each other’s cocks. Thankfully, I managed to grab hold of one of his white socks and enjoyed feeling the white material in my hand. Not wishing to cum too soon, his sucking had to be stopped. So moving out of the position and putting him on his back, I grabbed both socked feet and pushed his legs back. This spread his cheeks so that I could lick his arse.
He kept his leg spread for me, as he enjoyed my tongue licking him out. He loves this and I enjoyed giving him the pleasure.

Then he wanted to be fucked and why not. He instructs me to lie on my back and, keeping his back to me, sits on my cock. This I enjoyed for, as I turned my head to one side, came face to face with a sexy white socked foot. Temptation was soon dismissed as I took his white sock and started to fondle it, rubbing from his toes, down the instep to the heel. As he moved up and down my cock, I got braver with his sock.

Finally, I took his toes in my mouth and gently bit down. Then I kissed as much of his sock as I could reach before taking as much of his sock in my mouth again. Fuck knows if he enjoyed it or not, I did for soon I reached a point of no return. With his white and now damp sock in my mouth, I groan and I emptied my nuts. As he had not reached his own orgasm, he jacked off on my mouth.

Thankfully, he lets me work out my sock fetish on him.
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Great Site
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Hi all what a great site this is with some fantastic guys on it wish there was one like it in my country many thanks guys keep on  keeping on    Mersi    xxxx

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So My Sex Crazed Brother Is Trying To Be An Actual Adult Boyfriend
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So after the huge fight over  the shit he said to me that he will fuck my holes where and when he decides to he has never talked to me that way he found out when I told him I was going back to Chevy Chase that he may have been mistaken when  he saw me packing that may not have been the best idea he was up until 5 am begging me to stay and finally tears just started running down his face and he kept apologizing and this morning he woke me up sucking my for the first time and begged me not to cum in his mouth and I didn't. he is just this dumb ass alpha male shit. He is veryy very good to me overall but he says the craziest shit to me sometimes  cock. now he wants me get my ass tattoed annd  it will say  Jason's cumdump I said you  are kidding he said  dude tht would be sohot i  said you an't just put like property of jason  you have to call me  your cumdump where do you get this shit from  if anyone we know would somehow see that it  is just over the whole world will know he just has no sense when it comes  to se nd what this big deal about a littlr bit of cum meanwhile no one shoots loads as big as his and I have no choice but to eat at least  4 a day. bit he did initially did suck my cock while I was sleeping and what a great qay to wake p but then as I do every morning I have tp blow him  yp bust 2 loads he never shoots 1 loadkis there a training mnual how to domesticate an alpha jock mle

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Oops Sorry Dad
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Back From Hospital
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Hi all my friends. So sorry I've been away so long time but after 1 month terrible flu ago before I get sick again and this time I spend 2 weeks in hospital because of pneumonia. I went back to school and studies too early after my last flu. Now everything is in control, thanks to good hospital and doctors and of course antibiotics. I've ever been so sick as I was last 2 weeks. I have no idea about my weekend message here maybe 2 weeks ago, I know I did it but don't know it was published. All around me like sleeping in the clouds. Now recovering and no party in near future, just relaxing and getting back to normal life. Easy way. I thank you all of your postings to my wall, this time I don't answer to all of you personally as I normally do but in the future I'll do that again. Love and peace to all of you, my heart is also in Paris and Beirut, as I think most of you do the same way. Not forgetting all evil things happened in our short life before. Hugs from Jay :)

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Anyone Know Who This Is?
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hey everyone, hope you're doing good. Does anyone know who the hung as fuck guy is in the beginning of this video is, or maybe where that video is? thanks :) http://www.camboystube.net/videos/cute-hat-lol-3878.html

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Hey Leute

suche nette jungs aus deutschland zum chatten :)

bin ein sportlicher , netter und lustiger typ :D

und suche gleichgesinnte .

Meldet euch ;)

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Draco N Harry = Somewhere Only We Know (gay Dream)
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So Hot , So Cute.
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True Dat...
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Happy 12000 Days To Me
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Hey guys just wanted to say thanks for the last 1200 days here on GBT. With out my friends here I be really lonely and horny LOL. I hope you all are having a great weekend. Big hugs to you all

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Anyone Seen That Gif?
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Anyone Seen That Gif? of that kid that shakes his head no no then yes yes? trying to find it but its gone :(

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I'm Back
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To most of you who will not know, I have been away for the past week following doctors orders and a half taking a break from everything  with family. My bipolar is a little bit better - one day at a time. When I got back I was really happy to have the loving support of  "close friends" here on GBT ( they know who they are) . 

I am not looking for special treatment or saying that I am worse off than anyone else, just that my close friends on GBT mean a lot to me . While I was away I also had time to do a lot of thinking and - to put it simply my attitude towards this site isn't the same as what it was a month ago, disappointment I guess. BUT that does not change how I feel about my friends here on GBT 

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No Messages In The Inbox
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To all, who wrote me messages over the last few days. Again, i cant see your mails. I´m getting a notification to my e-mail adress, but there are no messages in my GBT inbox. Dont know why this is and i dont know, when its fixed...


So sorry...


Lova ya...

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Come Visit Me!!
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Come visit my home site at http://brotastic19.wix.com/misha-yan ; Also, KIK me for private live video chats; My KIK is 'mistirmeeseeks' (no quotes, obviously) !! Lots of fun! In the DC area? Let's meet!! Professional rent boy here!! I may be only 22 years young, but I've been chugging cocks since I was 16!! For those fancies it shall tickle, I was selling booty and exquisite blowjobs back when I was 16 as well!! Keep it our secret though ;) 

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