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Went to see SPECTRE yesterday and one of the best things was to watch the adorable Ben Wishaw once again in Bond.

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Terrible News From Paris. Bangkok Post This Morning. What Can We Do?
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PARIS - Dozens of people were killed in multiple attacks in Paris Friday (early Saturday Thailand time), including one near the Stade de France sports stadium and another at a concert venue, police said.

At least seven separate attacks took place. Two suicide bombers were believed involved.

A police official said "at least 100 dead" are still inside the concert hall where attackers seized hostages. The death toll was expected to rise.

Three suspected jihadists were killed when police stormed the venue, the official said.

A blanket curfew (as opposed to a few streets) has been imposed in Paris for the first time since Allied Forces were fighting Nazis in World War II.

President Hollande closed all French borders in response to the attacks.

It is the first time a state of emergency has been declared in France since Algerian War.

At least 15 of the victims were killed at the Bataclan concert hall in eastern Paris, police said, adding that a hostage crisis was ongoing at the venue.

ISIS backers have started a Twitter hashtag in Arabic that translates to "Paris burns" to celebrate the attacks. They're also using #FranceUnderAttack.

There also is a video in which an explosion is heard in the audio of the French-German soccer match.

A reporter inside a concert hall escaped, and reported it was a bloodbath. No police were inside. According to CNN, hostages were texting that they are being "killed one by one" and begging for a police raid.

Three others were killed in explosions near the stadium just north of Paris, where a France-Germany football match was taking place.

President Francois Hollande, who was at the match, headed for crisis talks with Prime Minister Manuel Valls and Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve at the interior ministry.

"At least three shootings took place, possibly four in the Bataclan area and rue Charonne" in eastern Paris, a police spokesman said.

The attacks, whose motive was not immediately clear, came less than a year after jihadist gunmen killed 17 people in attacks on nearby Charlie Hebdo magazine and a Jewish supermarket.

In similar attacks in 2008 at Mumbai, extremists killed 166.

French authorities have been on high alert since the January attacks, and the country has been named as a priority target by Islamic State militants.

Several attacks have been foiled since January.


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Fun At The Pool
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How Long Is Your Dong? I
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Pray For #paris
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Please Always Remember To Vote!!
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We will never be truly free unless we Vote and Vote often. Does not matter who you vote for, all that matters is we as a group are known for great turn outs the old grandmothers are Killing us!. Its your civic duty, and the number one way no matter where you live to be heard and eventually we all pray free once again!.

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My Brother And His Two Best Friends
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My brother just called and I was working on a special IT project at Verzon til 7 and my brother didn't get fucked right after work so the went to thee bar with his two best friends. He just called and told me me all 3 of them are fucking horny as hell and they are leaving in an hiur get your boypussy ready.So I have 3 horny guys fucking the hell out of me and sucking cock all night.  OHH my lucky day I I rarely get all3 together and my day sucked so I am so in the mood to just get fucked all night long. When I first started blowing my brother I was 11 and he told me to start blowing his 2 best friends at 14 after puberty he said I was his no one elses and he did not want me dating period and absolutely no se with anyone but us 3 he said Ok I asked are you my boyfriend he said no I am your lover. Now I always found it odd that he doesnt caare his best friends ffuck me about as much as he does. They can be be fucking me on the couch and he's like 10 feet  away watching TV as I am getting fucked. He's complicated. They even have to ask him not me to fuck me. He has never said no that I know of except once they brought a guy t video they both taag teaming me he flipped but let them do it and then the net day he called them over

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Great Couple Of Days
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Hey guys, I don't write much on this site but it is a great site.  I thought I would share my last couple of days for anyone that may be interested.  Yesterday i found an 18 year old through craigslist that wanted to be played with by an older guy.  I picked him up at a restaurant and took him to my office last night.  He is latin, about 6'1" and perfect build.  He was wearing some white shorts and a blue shirt.  When he got in my truck I started to feel his cock and balls through his shorts.He was obviously packing a nice package.  I slowly undid his shorts and started stroking him ever so slowly.pretty soon he was growing and he kept growing.  He was also producing some precum that I rubbed on the tip on his cock.  

So about 20 minutes later we got to my office and I led him to the couch in the break room.  I undid his shorts and he took his shirt off.  There he stood fully naked (no underwear) as I sit on a chair in front of him.  He had gone soft again from the trip into the office.  What a great cock and balls.  I started playing with his cock and balls and he got hard fast.  He had to be 8 inches with nice low hanging balls.  His cock was not only long but was thick.  The perfect cock.  He claimed that he was partially cut but he looked uncut to me.  Anyway I started sucking on his cock and licking the massive amounts of precum he was producing.  I could suck on him and jack him with both hands at the same time.  Pretty soon he wanted to lay down on the couch.  I took the opportunity to suck his balls one at a time into my mouth then both at the same time while I jacked his cock.  I continued to suck his cock and get him to the verge of cumming then i would stop and let him settle down.  This went on for what seemed like forever but it must have been about two hours.  He finally couldn't take anymore and I sucked him off to the point that he shot a huge load in my mouth.  I didn't waste a drop and swallowed it all.  Then I milked out as much as I could from his massive meat.  I kept licking his head and it sent spasms through his body.  He let me take some pics also.  Great cum!!

As I was taking him to the city to drop him off he mentioned that he had a friend that would enjoy doing the same thing and he showed me pictures of his friend.  We are hopefully getting together this weekend with the three of us so I can suck both of them off.  Stay tuned......

As good as that is my story is not over.  Today I had a day without a lot to do which is not normal.  Anyway as I was driving around San Diego I saw a post on Craigslist from an 18 year old that wanted someone to watch him skinny dip and jack off at his condo's outdoor pool.  I was close to the location so I answered back and he gave me directions.  Within a few minutes I pulled up at his condos and sure enough there was a guy in the Jacuzzi.  He was a good looking Asian with a great body.  He opened the gate for me and I sit next to the Jacuzzi as he stripped and started jacking off.  He could have been seen by countless people in the condos but he didn't care.  This was in the middle of the day.  I was amazed.  Pretty soon he got out of the Jacuzzi and went into a small gym next to the pool.  He waved me in and asked me to take pics and video of him while he jacked off.  As I was doing as I was asked, he told me to help him jack off.  I obliged his request and pretty soon he shot his load on his stomach and chest.  He asked if I wanted to eat it and he didn't have to ask twice.  I licked every drop off of him and played with his cock a little.  He didn't want me to blow him for some reason though.  Later he asked me to take pics and video of his ass hole and balls and cock.  Then he wanted me to finger him and use a dildo on him and video it.  This was all out in the open where he could have been caught at any time.  Some of it was in the pool area, in the gym and in the laundry room.  He asked if I would be available tomorrow to continue and mentioned he had a roommate that may want to get sucked off.  Stay tuned..........

You would think that my story was over but no.  I met another Latin guy on Craigslist in the middle of all of this that wanted to be sucked off also.  He met me tonight after dark at a golf course next to my house.  He is 24 and is a small well proportioned Latin boy.We went out on the golf course on a cart path and I proceeded to suck him off.  His cock was about 6.5 inches and cut.  He was very good looking and enjoyed me deep throating him.  After sucking him out in the open for about 30 minutes he came down my throat.  I kept licking his cock and sucking his balls and within a couple of minutes he was hard again and within five minutes he sent the second load down my throat.  Instinctively I kept licking his cock and he got hard yet again and ended up shooting yet a third load down my eager throat.  I was amazed to say the least.

Anyway, this has been the wildest couple of days I have had in a long time.

Let me know how you like my story.  Bye the way it is all true. 

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So Who Knows About Children's Law ? And No Not For Sexual Purposes
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ok so this is the deal i have been talking with well 16 year old yea thought he was 19 however he just told me he was 16 anyway he was telling me that his parants are going to send him to God conversion therapy and he doesn't want to go. he says he is not depressed or suicidal anyway can they really make him go ? he lives in virgina he talked to the school counsler and he stated that he can try to become emancipation however that was a long shot. so what can he do ? anyway my email is bqhickory1@gmail.com right me please only if u can really help

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I'm So Thirsty
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So i'm gonna go a little fanboy here for a minute. Jesus Christ there is this kid in my gym class who just walks around the locker room in his low cut boxerbriefs for like 10 minutes every class. He is muscular and skinny and everything that I like and oh my lord if I don't see the inside of this boys underwear before the end of this school year I'm going to die. Just today he went up to these wall mounted hair dryer things we have and just pulled down the front of his underwear to dry his cock, then he spun around to dry off his hot bubble butt. Someone hold me back before I get suspended for sexual assault. Anyone know hoe to convert straight guys? XD. Ok i'm done now.

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Last Night’s Escapades
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Wow, what a night I had.  First I met a friend down town.  He is 18, Latin, great body and has an uncut cock and balls to die for.  I picked him up and we went to my office.  I took his shirt off and slid his pants off.  I started playing with his meat through his boxers but I didn’t last long and had to strip them off to get a good look at his huge cock and balls, nicely trimmed.  I edged him jacking and sucking for about two hours.  He finally asked permission to cum.  He shot as I was jacking him onto his stomach and chest.  I licked every drop up and sucked all I could out of his pole. What a cock this guy has. 

 I dropped him off and then proceeded to the work of another friend. This is the same friend who has been fucking me on the golf course.  (Read a previous blog for that story)  He works at the desk of a local hotel.  He is also Latin, 24 years old and very good looking also.  He let me into an unoccupied room and he would come in every 30 minutes to get a blow job.  I would blow him until he was just about ready to cum then he would go back to work.  We did this six times until he got off of work.  When he got off he came in and I sucked him off for a few minutes again then he fucked my ass until he blew his load.  I immediately  sucked the remaining cum out of his cock and he started to get hard again.  Within three minutes he was rock hard and pumping a second load down my throat.

What a night!  Please like, share and ask questions.

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Pop-up For Flirt4free
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If anyone is interested in sending multiple ddos attacks on this website to take it of the web, please let me know. Why gbt has promoted them is beyond me and I am sick of it already! Let me know. Thanks guys. :)

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luv seeing all the sexy vids and luv all my friends

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Openly Gay Celebrities
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A well done video posted on Youtube by user 'MoroccanLikeMe'. As he states, this is a list of openly gay celebrities (actors, singers, directors, models, authors, etc.). The songs in the video are by Arabic singers: Elissa, Assi el Hilani, and Samira Said. Enjoy.

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Just For You Guys...
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I sang this at the weekend.  Before I started, I went on mic and said "This is for my family... they all know who they are".

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Tomorrow I have my first meeting with my counselor. I don't even know what to say or do. My counselor is not a state appointed one. A special friend is paying for his services and I promised not to say who is paying it. Dallas said I should write down a few things that I may want to say to the counselor. I'm nervous as hell lol.

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Wilderness--111115-022 (1).jpg


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Lest We Forget
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Make Me Feel The Love
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Famous Picture
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Here's a famous picture and another of a nude model.  Which do you like better?

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Ohio People
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hey im looking for people around ohio, send me a message! thanks!

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Memories. 11/11/1918...
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Peace in world ! for ever !!

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Need Your Help!
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Hi! Is anyone knows how to post a picture on his own wall or on a wall of another member?
It asks me the "source" and "image description",but I can't put a picture on the "source" even with a copy/paste.... :/
Thanks for your answers! (sorry if I made language mistakes,I'm french and don't speak very well english) ;)

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Pic Of Te Day 11/09/15
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Fantastic Fail!
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^.^ Meww
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hehe i'z really beginning to like the community here, although i suck at participating.. i'm still around from time to time. cx

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South Africa Cape Town......
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Any of you guys around from Cape Town South AfricajQuery18206436394722447074_1446995128312

would love to maybe make contact.  Not nessecarily meet if you are a bit cautious.:)


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I Love You Guys :)
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I just wanted to say I love you guys thank you for all you have given me

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