Sex-with-robots Conference Banned In Malaysia
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Sex-with-robots conference banned in Malaysia



It’s hard to be a sex machine in Malaysia these days.

The country’s inspector general of police has declared that a local technology conference centered around sexual relations between humans and robots is illegal and that the people who organized the event will be punished if they proceed with it anyway, local media reports.

“There’s nothing scientific about sex and robots!” inspector general Khalid Abu Bakar said Tuesday.

“Don’t try to be ridiculous,” he barked. “It’s already an offense in Malaysia to have anal sex, what more intercourse with robots.”


The international conference — titled “Love and Sex with Robots” — is scheduled to take place in Iskander from Nov. 16 to 19, according to Free Malaysia Today.


A link on the event’s website leads any interested parties to another webpage, named “Advances in Computer Entertainment Conference.”

“Interactive entertainment is one of the most vibrant areas of interest in modern society and is among the fastest growing industries in the world,” a description reads. “In 2015, ACE will bring together leading researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to present their innovative work and discuss all aspects and challenges of interactive entertainment technology, in a vibrant, exciting, cultural, and stimulating environment.”

Experts who speak at the “Love and Sex with Robots” workshop are expected to address a wide range of topics — such as robot emotions, humanoid robots, clone robots, entertainment robots, robot personalities, teledildonics and intelligent electronic sex hardware, Free Malaysia Today reports.


But one of the co-chairs of the event, City University London Professor Adrian David, told The Star Online that the conference will in no way advocate sexual relationships between humans and machines, insisting that the event was simply an academic discussion among researchers.

But Bakar warned Tuesday that all organizers would be punished swiftly if they go through with the robot sex summit.

“We will take action,” he vowed. “There are many laws that we can use.”



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Homophobic Bullying...
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Don't worry, guys..  I don't mean here.  I was doing a test stream on my talk radio station...  and didn't realise I had gone live on-air.  I was practicing (spell check, please?) a show which I plan on doing next week.  Anyhow, some guy phones in (via Skype..  that's all how it's done)  and he was the most annoying, homophobic ass I have ever heard!  As our conversation went on, I sat there... biding my time and just being patient..  until he stopped talking (eventually).  My words before I ended his call were  "Thanks for phoning in and taking part in the show. It's people like you who distill a lot of fear in the gay community. You're comments are evil, pathetic and more importantly words which can have you arrested. I suggest you crawl back under the rock from where you came and never let me hear you speak like that again."   cue me cutting him off.   I sure hope this does not happen next week when I go live..  because I won't be tolerating that kind of crap.  After that, I switched off the server, sat back and felt proud that I had finally put a homophobic person in his place.  Sadly, it's not like me to react like that..  but I had to.

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school tomorrow so im all like




but then i remember that school is where cute boys are and im all like



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if my little brother doesnt stay the hell out of my room hes going to get the beating of his life!

such anger

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boys with braces are soooooo cute :)

braces boy

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Sunday Night Movie "southpaw" (2015)
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I just finish to watch Antoine Fuquá's Southpaw, crear performances by the cast , predictable yes but it becomes a minor detail once you're caught by the movie.




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Societey Is So Weird
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Older man - younger woman

...everybody hetero likes that,


Older man - younger man

every hetero hates that and thinks the man is creepy old perv  that maybe is a p....o too

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Saturday Night Movie : Scarface (1983)
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Boy! I love this movie and this great scene of Brian De Palma's Scarface (1983) , the movie is awesome, performances are unforgettable and Giorgio Moroder music is just flawless.

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Attempted Repost --- A Private Mmessage Sent To Me My Response Re: The
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 Hi friends at GBT. I wanted to post this because this member (I have redacted his name) is not the only one that feels this way. I feel very strongly about my answer to him. My answer was too long and rambling and maybe confusing, but it is what it is. I would welcome any comments or opposing views, especially in light of the fucked up world lately with ISIS and White Supremacists. I could be way off base in declaring these films harmless. At the bottom is a short clip which is typical from these group of films. After the short one is the clip I think he is referring to. I am sorry in advance for the spelling and grammar issues. I had not even a minute this morning to proofread even for major errors.

------------ original message -----------------

The boys are ubercute but the scene is disturbing. I wonder if it is appropriate to post considering the violence rife in the United States. This clip will send the wrong message to viewers who are "ting-tong" (a thai colloquial expression meaning slightly crazy)


Response: This is prolly the first message I have ever answered here. Not because i am rude - actually I usually am over fixated in replying to all my emails and messages on social sites, even if it is just a one liner. I have a couple of hundred messages that I never knew existed until very recently (few weeks ago) because for some reason my Chrome browser did not show the messages. It said I have XXX messages but when I clicked on that there was nothing there. It was probably something I fucked up with my java settings. Then when I saw all the messages I felt bad for not responding so only actually read a few before just deciding to not even try catching up. I vowed to read current stuff. 

I will probably reconsider that policy because I always feel like I should respond because I am a nice kid in general, but I don't have time really and when I did find a minute here I ended up getting carried away. ugggg I think I will try and figure out how to simply turn them OFF LOL

To start, I just wanted to say that I agree with you about societal issues as of late being horrific. However, I could not disagree more about "filtering" things for society sake. We are lucky to be in the US and our entire society was based on freedom of expression and speech. To me, and I know there are many who will disagree, a country that filters or stifles free art and expression is not really free. 

Also, there is so much more violent and gory content in video games and movies, all available 24-7 to any child with an internet connection. There also has never been a single study that shows violent content leads to violent behavior.

 The few times that it comes up is when a mass shooter is said to have played X video game around the clock. This defense gas NEVER, EVER been successful and the psychiatric community has always contended that these individuals had psychotic tendencies that were in place long before their crime.

Considering a billion people play video games or listen to extreme musicians without ever acting on it is proof that the violent entertainment has no effect on "normal" people. If you look at the entire population of mass murderers I think you will find that a large percentage had problems with their father or some other authority figure yet we don't blame shitty parenting because for every murderer that had daddy problems there are a couple of billion others that also had daddy problems but did not act on it.

Interestingly, I will bet a small percentage of violent offenders also hate pistachio mint ice cream. I apologize for the hyperbole but it illustrates that with every subset of people (killers, molesters, firemen, teachers, priests etc etc), there is going to be a percentage of them that hate pistachio ice cream.

Thus, there is a percentage of killers that watch horror films too. However, like the ice cream example, all this shows is that x-percent of every population subsets will have a weird quirk or tastes, but that is irrelevant to propensity to commit crime.

Lastly, I actually HATE horror films, however, these clips are sooooo fucking cheesy and poorly acted that i find them comedic. If these CAMPY films send any message at all, it is that we have a great sense of humor in the gay community, not that we are promoting violence.

You know, Digital video is free. i.e. unlike old 35mm films that cost a ton of money, there is none of that cost these days. What I am saying is this - Don't you agree that the producers and directors could EASILY have coached these guys to act better? Like "stop smiling, please don't move you are supposed to be dead, try not lo actually LOL etc" - OR - at least say TAKE TWO, try harder.

No, they did not do that because these films are not serious and not meant to be taken seriously. I think you are short changing American intelligence and the maturity of Gay Men by you taking it as serious as you are. This is satire and comedy on a level that may make you personally squirm. However, if we as gay men in the freest nation in the world find this content so offensive to the point that the parody, comedy and satire is missed, then I would argue that we are moving backward.

Gay marriage is a great step forward, but it appears we may actually be a community of judgmental and oppressive, immature people that probably don't deserve the new rights we have won if shit like this gets censored from communities like this. We would in reality be portraying the  polar opposite mindset of the Utopian society we supposedly are in search of and always chasing.

I'll go ahead and be a drama queen here and say that if this content is considered to be "removable:, then I am fucking disgusted and ashamed.

In fact, I would be so outta here because the utter hypocrisy of all of this would infuriate me every time I logged in. I certainly know this would not even be noticed nor would anyone care. But a bell can never be unrung and I would no longer enjoy myself here. We all know there are hundreds of other sites and none of this content is exclusive. Most of it is reposts and anything new would eventually make it to ALL the sites, probably within an hour.

I hope I did not come off as an asshole here but I also know that I likely did. That's just me. A young homo with a huge mouth that can come off as abrasive would be a perfect description of me! For that, I apologize.   jmho

peace love respect

I'm going to re-post this on a blog, but of course won't identify you. I welcome you to chime in on the post if you wish

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1500 Days On Gbt
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Today it is 1500 days I am a member of GBT

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Last Night
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me and my gay best friend justin hooked up again last night. totally bragging now lol :D

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Pic Of The Day 10/17/15
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Glory Holes
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ok, so where do you find glory holes at? i've only seen them in porn. who has actually given or received at a glory hole before?

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sorry I missed the start of the weekend, but its never to late to share my love with my friends, shining a little happiness over your lives, love scott

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Revive The Blogs
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i'm dying for some discussion on here. so why do porn vids ejaculate in the face most the time? is it a visual turn on for the vid? i mean, outside of porn, do guys really want it in their eyes and hair? i prefer it in my mouth.

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Hello Boys/men
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well looks like  i finally kiked out one of my roomates  first off let me say  here was the situation  one 33yr old guy and 0ne 20  they were a couple  ok i work over 50 hours a week  weekends are over 10 hours  shifts i politely told both guys please not too party as much .so as time went on weekend  were all about them being passed out drunk  but the older guy would always come too me for advise because i was with the younger guy for 6 months i had too be honest with him both were good freinds even though  i was dealing with all this i still tried too help  finaly the older roomate showed me a text  that pissed me off  about the younger guy .i wont say what was said  he asked me too kik hm out they were not gettin along my option was kiking both out and the older guy be homeless and the younger guy can live with mom .or kiking the younger guy out only  being the younger guy had a job  yet he only paid 40 dollers rent   soo anyways long story short  i am stuck with a roomate  we are both his x b.f  should i continue too help him he does work and we seem too get along  but one thing he keeps wanting too be freinds with the younger guy i dont get that   any thoughts on this id appreciate  thanx for reading 

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Pic Of The Day 03/10/15
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Spirit Day October 15 2015...wear Purple To Stand Against Lgbt Bullying
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Millions go purple on Spirit Day in a stand against bullying and to show their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth.

Observed annually since 2010, individuals, schools, organizations, corporations, and public figures wear purple, which symbolizes 'spirit' on the rainbow flag.


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What If We Declared World War Iii On The Big Issues?
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We all seem too be willing to spend unthinkable amounts on Wars and loss of life (on both sides) but so much less on the things that would really lift humanity. We spent so much to go to the moon, and now mars as well but we have Huge scientific priorities here on earth like.

Alternative Fuels, Save the World

Cure/Vaccine for Cancer/HIV. Vaccine preferred on both when possible but both would change the human experience. 

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. This could end the need for labor or most unliked jobs. No Work needed to live any longer or have basic needs meet.

We vastly under fund scientific research and depend on the free market to make these kinds of advances and in many cases that is best and smart but for the Biggest issues we need more than that. I would love to see a Manhattan Project type Global effort to really fix the problems that matter, yet we talk about e-mails and building walls, oh ya speeding billions to go to mars and plant a flag........

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The Nighthawk Returns...
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Hi everyone!...  yep, it's me, Jordan back again.  Guys..  before I begin I want to openly apologise for leaving before.  It wasn't personal towards the site, I just have some serious health issues to deal with..  and honestly could not cope.  Sure, I could have left my original profile..  but heck..  I could not stand it!  I wanted to create a new profile which in a way is a reflection of the new me...  standing up to my mental illness and fighting back.  I am more determined than ever to recover and get back to what I do..   singing!    A big thank you to the close friends who have added me once more..  and indeed a warm welcome, and thanks to all new friends who added me that I've not met before..  appreciated!   Love y'all and it sure feels good to be back :)  Love and hugs to everyone

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Janet Jackson Earns Historic Seventh No. 1 Album On Billboard 200 Chart
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Janet Jackson Earns Historic Seventh No. 1 Album on Billboard 200 Chart




Jackson is only the third act to achieve No. 1 albums in each of the last four decades.

Janet Jackson debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart with her new album, Unbreakable. It marks her seventh chart-topper and makes her just the third act to achieve No. 1 albums in each of the last four decades.

Full Article Here:

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Want Your Own Hoverboard? It's Yours, For Just $420!
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Want Your Own Hoverboard? It's Yours, For Just $420!



Who doesn’t want a hoverboard? Ever since 1989, when Back to the Future Part II showed us a glimpse of the distant future – well, 2015 – and the ability to get around on a levitating skateboard, we’ve all openly desired one. A hoverboard belongs in an exclusive group of near-future readily available technologies that every single human on this planet has on their ultimate wish list, which also includes jetpacks, teleportation devices and, for any fans of Doctor Who out there, sonic screwdrivers. In fact, 2015 seems to be the year of the hoverboard: With several companies already throwing their hat into the ring, another contender, Mr Hoverboard, has surprised no-one by inventing its own version of the hallowed device.

The company’s crowdfunding website begins as it only could: surreally. “Mr Hoverboard is the latest and greatest in anti-gravitational toys. Using common hovercraft technology and modern day ingenuity, riders are able to glide frictionlessly over smooth surfaces such as concrete, wood, and flooring.”

So what on Earth powers this device, which the makers describe as being constructed out of “Baltic birch plywood, PVC, and belief”? Is it some sort of superconducting magnet relay? Ion thrusters? Does it harness the power of the Force in some way?

Well, not quite. In fact, it uses the awesome power of – wait for it – leaf blowers. That’s right: attach four leaf blowers to this elegant plank and you can genuinely hover around. Add some LEDs underneath and you’ve got yourself a pretty futuristic looking method of transportation. You maneuver it in the same way you would a Segway, by leaning and going with the flow.


By donating $420 (£275) to the crowdfunded project (leaf blowers not included), you can help bring this working concept to life, and secure a hoverboard kit of your own. You have to build it yourself, sure, but it doesn’t look more complicated than putting together a piece of IKEA furniture.

How does this relatively affordable hoverboard compare to its more high-tech competitors? The super sleek Lexus Slide, which is powered by superconducting magnets cooled by liquid nitrogen, only works on a custom-built magnetic track. As you can imagine, the costs are somewhat astronomical, and you can only hover around on that specific track. It gets a bunch of cool points for how genuinely futuristic it looks, though.

Tony Hawk, skateboard peddler extraordinaire, is fronting another hoverboard. The Hendo Hover also uses a series of conductors and electromagnets to levitate. Unfortunately, you can only do so if you happen to own a personal skate park made out of copper. It is certainly cheaper than the Lexus version, though.

If only a superconducting magnet that could work at room temperature could be developed and stuck inside a hoverboard, I hear you say. Oddly enough, these almost magical magnets – which wouldn’t require the expensive liquid nitrogen cooling system present in the Lexus Slide – already exist, but they are at present fairly unwieldy and unbelievably expensive.

Still, the fact that we do have the technology to invent working hoverboards means that we are one step closer to the high-tech future we all dream about. In the meantime, though, if you can’t wait for a futuristic hoverboard, I’d recommend checking out Mr Hoverboard’s crowdfunding campaign. Just don’t expect a time-traveling DeLorean to give you a lift any time soon.


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Just Finished Work....
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Just finished work, now I'm alone, bored and very horny.

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Pic Of The Day 10/12/15
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Most Popular Members Changes
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I have been thinking our Most Popular Members Section is getting stale with many that do not contribute or even visit the site much. I think we might make changes to this section so it counts the past 3 months updates/views MUCH more in how we rank members so that newer members that contribute a lot and get a lot of views for their content can have a better rank. What do you guys think? This is a Porn/Upload site after all and not sure this is being well reflected by our Most Popular Members any longer

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Has All The Drama And Attacks On Each Other And The Site Destroyed The Blog?
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I have to ask has all the Drama and Attacks on Each Other and the Site Destroyed the Blog? and Greatly damaged our community now. HOw can we fix this?

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Video Tfile Sizes
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Hi all at GBT - I love the vids!


I only have mobile broadband at the moment so can you please list how big the vid files are and not just how long they take to view (or does anyone know where I can find this information?)



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Happy 1200 Days Andy
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As many of Andys Friends Know we havnt seen him here much lately because he has been Busy...I just wanted to wish him a happy Belated 1200 Days because he still, and always, will be a Great Friend, to many of us here...Get back here soon Buddy 8-)

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The End Of An Era...playboy Magazine To Stop Publishing Nude Photos
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I know that many of the younger members of GBT are thinking: "Who cares? Magazine publishing as a whole is a dying business, and Playboy in particular is a lurid relic from the fervid, pre-internet, masturbatory fantasies of our decaying grandfathers. Playboy objectified women, and its carefully airbrushed images created unrealistic and unfulfillable expectations of feminine beauty that corrupted an entire culture. Its millions of deluded monthly subscribers were buying into the myth of an accessible "Playboy Lifestyle," with private jets, celebrity-filled parties at the mansion, hot new cars, and even hotter young women--a lifestyle that only publisher Hugh Hefner himself could afford. And oh by the way Doc, you do remember that this is a GAY website!" Yes, of course, to all of that. But pause a moment. The purpose of this blog is to provide a gentle reminder of just how repressively puritanical American society was when Playboy began 62 years ago, and still largely remains, but also how the success of this admittedly sexist publication played an enormous positive role in helping to create some space of freedom for the pleasures we now take for granted here at GBT. Farewell and thank you, naked centerfolds!

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Have A Nice Day
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