Today You Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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Anyone Have Site Issues?
Nick18 Blog Added 66 days ago 63.3K views 4.17K comments Post Comment

I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

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Gay Site Unite
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The Gay Site Unite Organization,  the safer place to chat.



We are dedicated to providing gay guys from all around the World with a safe place to chat with each other. It doesn’t matter where in the World you live, or whether you come from another gay website, you are most welcome here.  The only thing we ask is that you MUST be aged 18 to apply for registration.


It’s not just about chat,  it’s all about talking to like minded guys, having a laugh, sharing good times and yes, even talking about bad times.  Here, you can talk in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment and you can do so with the knowledge that we will respect your privacy. In the all new chat room, there are different rooms which you can pop into to participate too. For example, there’s the General Chat room where you can talk about anything you like (well.. within reason, of course!..)


Had a long day, or need some time alone to think, why not pop into Ryan’s Garden. A room where you can relax, unwind and just talk if you want to. This room is perfect for talking about things which have been bothering you or you’ve had a stressful day at work. Whatever the reason, do pop in here just to “chill out” There’s a Team of Staff working both in the background, and in the chat room keeping the place safe. If you feel you need to talk we are here for you. If you’re worried about privacy, please let us reassure you that anything you say will be treated with the strictest of confidence. But do bear in mind that although we can offer help, advice and support, we are not trained Counselors. But, we will help you find a way to overcome whatever is troubling you.

Then, there’s the Social Networking part of the site. You can meet people, make new friends, upload photos and much more.  Yes, you can even send private messages!


Come on in and make yourself at home. The entire Staff Team look forward to welcoming you as a member.







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Give Your Support.
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A great sorrow has filled my soul this morning. The news that we announced Toby11467 makes me cry. This is an amazing guy and has great inner strength and a great desire to live.He will fight against cancer so me I ask all those who knew him and even those who don't to support him in this great struggle lies ahead. Thank you my friends .... SAM xxx
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Steelhammer Your Day Of Reckoning Is Here........
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Everyone who has opened a blog I am sure has had the pleasure of Steelhammer commenting on your blog. In over 500 days he has not posted a blog of his own so there is no way we can comment on him. This blog is meant for everyone to say whatever you have wanted to say about Steelhammer. Beware his sharp tongue will also comment here. Now don't hold back lets here it.......
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Name The Movie
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We Will Be Testing The New Update Over The Next 3 Hours
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Please post here about any errors or issues and they will get fixed asap. Thank Youou

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Whats Your Fetish ??
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Write one fetish. your main one !
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*a Blog Especially Dedicated To Handsome Guys.*
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Feel free to post all your favorite, handsome hunks, twunks, and other guys you find handsome on this blog;)


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Your Favorite Quote
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Here is mine:
“Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable”. Plato
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Rosewater's Blog Ii
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Welcome to the second cumming of Rosewater's blog featuring erotic images, videos and commentary. Please, no hardcore stuff. I archived the entire body of the original blog at Amazon Prime Photos. I don't think you need a password. 
Page 1 --
Page 2 --
Enjoy, contribute and visit often ♂♂☺


malebodylines:<br />
“trim and lean and naked and totally hot<br />


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Im 21 And Best Friend Is 15. Im In Love But Its Complicated :/
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ok so i a couple months ago i moved to a different country (im from the u.s.) and i started hanging out with a cool group of people aged 15 to 20. we all like to smoke herb and just kick it. there is this boy louie hes 15 and hes super cute. at first we hardly talked. then we began talking and hanging out a lot. he invited me to sleepover at his house a couple times. slowly all of our friends began to think that we were more than just good friends and started calling us the couple of the group. I cant blame them i mean were always hugging each other and we call each other stuff like my love, baby, babe. One time at a sleepover at a friends house we sleept together with the same blanket and the next day one of our friends said that he saw us touching each other. it wasnt true but hes convinced we did. Louie and i do a lot of gay stuff like grope each others crotch and ass and we have walked down the street holding hands. not to mention that he sleeps over at my place every weekend for the past months or so. theyre 2 single beds in my room and we always sleep together in the same bed. i think the fact that i look like im 16 makes a little less weird but still. I think louie is straight and everything we do is just a a game. one time he said that we were in a fake gay relationship and that everyone thinks were gay but were not. Hes really really popular and has tons of girls that want him but somehow hes not intrested. hes all i think about all day every time i jerk off i do it thinking about him. Im going crazy im obssesed and its not healthy. Please help me out what should i do?
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What Are Some Quotes You Carry Around?
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Ya know like memorable ones. The ones that are stuck in your head. Any subject.

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Favorite Barefoot Boys;
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Post your favorite barefoot guy pics here;


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Come On,......its The End Of The Year.......ave A Laugh.!!!
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How do you make an idiot laugh on Boxing Day?
Tell him a joke on Christmas Eve.
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Which One Do You Like?
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Vote for your fav.


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Pour Les Francophones
Brian555 Blog Added 663 days ago 4.96K views 212 comments Post Comment
mes amis, essai de blog pour voir si c'est aussi bien que les messages, je vous salues tous et à bientôt
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Site Software Update
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Hi Guys,
I'm the developer for this site. We've done a software update, and are currently working out a few kinks. If you notice anything wrong, please post in here.

Stuff we know about already:
- The site will run a little slower for the next few hours while the caches rebuild.
- There may have been some very minor data loss during the move, namely things that were added in the few hours during which we were performing the data migration. The only way to avoid this would have been to take down the site for an indeterminate amount of hours while performing the migrate - which we didn't want to do.

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Good Movies On Gbt
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Beyond great porn, there are very good movies on GBT. Let's share our favorites!

Bookmark this blog for future reference:


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Series Of Random Photos And Videos That Grab Me As I Trek Through The Virtual Universe And Report Back To Earth_rosewater
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Week of May 20, 2017

Que la jeunesseQue la jeunesse...Que la jeunesse...Jamie Thorington In “Endless Heat” By Hadar Pitchon

Gilles Chambon, Dédale, 2017

Gilles Chambon, Dédale, 2017

Sibling Rivalry

e-mbody:<br />
“brothers.<br />

Close comrades - circa 1890 

collarbonecollection002cutecaturday001Que la jeunesse...Que la jeunesseQue la jeunesseQue la jeunesseQue la jeunesse




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Bottom Or Top
1antoniomac Blog Added 291 days ago 6.22K views 154 comments Post Comment
umm top or bottom
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Attacked By 4 Guys
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Just to let you know guys Mark was attacked tonight in London. Me and Paul and Mark and his friend Ryan met up then we went our separate ways, we stayed in G A Y and they both went to Heaven. Outside when they walked back to the station they were attacked by a gang of young lads and Ryan ran off leaving Mark on the floor. He was kicked about by 4 guys and he has a broken jaw, a fractured rib and lots of bruising. we have just come back from the hospital where he is staying. I wish we never left him with Ryan. He just ran off and left Mark all alone. He better not come anyway near Mark again after this. What kind of person would just run off leaving his friend? we so feel responsible now for leaving Mark with a stranger. Just thought you guys should know. will update you soon :) xx
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You Had Sex Where?
Tyrone22 Blog Added 13 mins ago 6.94K views 149 comments Post Comment
What's the strangest, weirdest and/or the most kinky place you have had sex?
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Porn Actors
Steesbratt Blog Added 256 days ago 5.86K views 142 comments Post Comment
Who is your favorite porn actor of all time and what makes him special
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Share An Intresting Fact About Yourself...
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i wet to bed into my teens..

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Favorite Quote Of The Day
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There are many things I don’t know, but quite a few I do. I know you can’t be lost if you know where you are. I know that life is full of precious and fragile things, and not all of them are pretty. I know that the sun follows the moon and makes days, one after another. Time passes. The world turns, and we turn with it, and though we can never go back to the beginning, sometimes, we can start again.” ― Megan Hart
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Positive Thoughts...
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Let's all share some happy and/or positive thoughts,send out some good vibes...

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Say It With A Song ...
Chris1993 Blog Added 73 days ago 1.99K views 137 comments Post Comment


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Will Try This Again With The Cats..
Blog Added 208 days ago 1.81K views 135 comments Post Comment

^^^^ They make me happy their so cute :3  

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Brothers, Twins, Dad/son...just Wondering
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Hi all, was just wondering if anyone else is into the whole 'incest' fetish...brothers, twins, dad/son etc etc?

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First Sexual Experience
Johngreen28645 Blog Added 4 days ago 29.9K views 133 comments Post Comment
Describe your first sexual experience. How old were you? Where did it happen? What happened?
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I Got A Question
Shecapios Blog Added 585 days ago 3.77K views 128 comments Post Comment
Is being a homosexual is a mortal sin? My parents were born again Christians and they said gay people are sinners is that true or they're wrong?
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Tjholmes Blog Added 140 days ago 24.9K views 126 comments Post Comment
I like small young penises. Message me if you fit the description ;)
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Who Wants A Chat About Sex ? :-) So Share With Us Please :p
Alex17 Blog Added 1242 days ago 3.87K views 126 comments Post Comment
Who would be willing to show up on my page for a chat on whats safe and whats not? We have a lots of smart guys who i hope are willing to step up and share . This would be about any and all subjects about how us teens can be safe. We have not set a date yet and this is just to see who is willing . Ideas and subjects are needed so please dont hold back. Please reach out and share. Love ya Ruslan :-)
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Billy's Music Thread
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What is your favorite song or album from Youtube?

Post the link to your favorite song, cover or album from Youtube.

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What You Wearing?
Hotmike19 Blog Added 762 days ago 3.85K views 116 comments Post Comment
What underwear you got on?
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Democratic Socialism Vs. Democratic Capitalism?
Pmpedchillen Blog Added 564 days ago 1.13K views 115 comments Post Comment

What are your opinions on this?


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Dream Car
Blog Added 490 days ago 1.76K views 114 comments Post Comment

Was talking to Paw Paw or Grandpa as some of you know him. Wanted to do something that he would be into and that I like too. I love old cars and trucks and wanted to know, if you had one day to drive any car you wanted which would it be?

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