Must Be My Sweet Tooth, Like To Share It With You All
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not my tooth, my sweet pizza

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Praying For Boston
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Hey guys, please remember those in Boston, send a prayer up and remember god is always watching over us <3
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My Dog Has Gotten Out Of Hand
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photo from internet

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Damn Hot!
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Leo Fitzpatrick and Justin Pierce in Larry Clark'c "Kids" (1995)

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Young Bi And Str8 Videos
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I love teen boy/girl sex vids. It is difficult to find any that use such young couples. Some claim they are but appear more to be in their young 20's. Anyone know of any good young teen couple videos? Not illegal, just really young looking. Thanks.
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Has anyone heard anything from Toby.I was wondering if anyone has his email or skype address

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Today's Quiz: What Is The Name Of This City ?
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So name this beautiful City, the name of the Beach and where is it located? Good luck again, Boys! Cheers:)

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Good Morning (11)
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Oops... I Did It Again.
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All People Should Be Free To Express Their Individuality
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Iâve met so many binary people in the trans community who dismiss gender nonconforming AMAB people merely as âguys who like to play dressupâ or âtransvestic fetishistsâ. It gets very discouraging having my identity persistently invalidated by such generalizations â by another minority no less. Itâs almost as harmful and counterproductive as bisexual erasure in the gay community.

There is this overwhelming misconception by certain binary trans people (in particular transgender women) that if an AMAB person doesnât transition or experience body dysphoria, then he is forbidden from wearing âwomenâs clothesâ because otherwise he is nothing more than a cisgender man appropriating the lived experiences of trans women and diminishing their struggles with oppression.

I think it is ridiculous that just because I donât adopt a different label for my identity that I am some how perpetuating transphobic violence and discrimination against trans women. I experience hatred and intolerance on a routine basis: Iâve been harassed, battered, and even raped many times specifically because I am gender nonconforming.

Simply put, I cannot relate to a dichotomy of masculinity vs. femininity. So why do I need to be forcibly bound up in stereotypes of a binary gender system just because closed-minded trans people assume I am just âa cis dude in a dressâ?

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Ronald Reagan Is Alive And Well
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Ronald Reagan said there is no such thing as a free lunch. There is also no such thing as a free porn site.
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College Guys
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What are you guys majoring in? Why and did you make that choice? I currently just finished my first year of college and I just can't wait until I graduate as an engineer. At first I wanted to be an architect, but down the line I've changed my major. I wanted first to be a civil engineer, you know, designing bridges, molding our infrastructure, make traffic flow smoothly, but when I saw the Mars' Curiusity land, I got the chills and inspiration to be mechanical engineer. I want to build, or be a part of, something that would benefit human kind.
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I Love This Meme:)
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Mops Random Weekend Stuff
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mops cleanorama laundrette and scrb`n`rub parlour is now open saturdays only july to september cum and enjoy air dried laundry - chillout in the yard - wifi - bring your friends for a mornings entertasinment - will be soon offering a gents barbour boutique in the back room

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Sexy Uk Guys
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Any sexy .u.k guys on here ?
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I need to vent, I'm having a bad day :'(
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everyone here has a great life span most are well over 100 lol Im 50 and loving it
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Gbt Friends
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I have been on gbt for a while but never participated. I requested as many friends as I could get in a two day period. It wasn't a contest. Just wanted to see who would embrace me. I now have 30 friends and hope they keep coming. Hugs to all of you. Luv ya.
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A Sunday Meditation
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Other Video Sites
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anyone know any safe (free) sites to get videos from?


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warum kann ich keine eigene Fotos hochladen?
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For Jim
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I have your back buddy

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Nearly Back
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Hi yall.

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Does anyone else fine it a huge turn on to see a guy in his boxers. I love seeing there dicks just popping out of the front slot. Also if anyone has said pictures please upload them here hahaha :)


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Favorite Film
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I have watched this 7 times in the last 4 months,just love it,

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I remember 1 nite last yr, i was drunk @ a hotel and a guy i new was gay come in, we started talkin, cause i was so drunk he said we can share the same taxi home, we got out @ his place. I touched him on the butt when we were insid, he said he'd always like me and used 2 check me out all the time. I needed 2 hav a piss real bad.(drank so much), instead of the toilet, he said he wanted me 2 piss on him, so we went 2 his spa bath, he stripped off, got in the bath,i stripped off stood there and started 2 piss on his cock & balls, then up his chest, then on his face and in his mouth, he swallowed as much piss as he could, when i finished pissing, i stood there and jerked off, i cummm really quick, spurt after spurt powerful spurts of white thick cumm, i just kept cummin 6,7,8 spurts of milk all up his chest and face,It was a gr8 climax, After that Troy(his name) got up put me on all fours then fucked me until he cumm inside me. when he was cummmin he laid on my back and i could feel the wetness of my piss and cumm on our bodies. Then we showered and i slept with him until morning.

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Toby Regbo
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I just finished watching "Treasure Island" the 2012 version, you got to check out this movie and the actor Toby Regbo! and let me know what you think of him! the movie was cool but he is over the top sexy.
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Any Kingdom Hearts Fans Here?
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We have a great community here ok we have some ups and downs and new guys come and loved Buddys leave how can we make it better.Have you some ideas
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Bugs Vs Daffy
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