It seems there is calm at least for now here at GBT. It's good to see profilers back who were suspended and hopefully we can get beyond our differences and work together. There is a beautiful song sung by the late Nancy LaMott called WE CAN BE KIND...The lyrics give us hope and understanding…. "What can we do when there is nothing we can do? The power to heal is in our hands. We all need the same thing. Together we will weather what tomorrow brings. We have to try to get along." As participants on GBT we have the responsibility to follow the rules and hopefully those who run GBT will do a good job providing us all clear guidance what their expectations for us are. I have zero tolerance for child pornography anywhere and we should work together to remove it once and for all. Lastly, I have no interest adding those of you with hundreds and in some cases thousands of friends... I already have over 50 friends and I only communicate with about 20... Please accept the reality that no means no.