Hello to GBT Friends ! and the others. I want to say THANK YOU to the many guys who ask me as a GBT friend and to whom I didn't write one word of thanks personaly. Thank you also to those who like my posts. I just wanted to upload "Die nacht aus Blei" an avant-garde film of 1985 by Petr Weigl (1939-2018)which is about the imaginary after life of a dead victim of homophobia. In France, many homophobic aggressions since some months in the center city in the the plain day in Lyon, Paris. Fascism hates us and he is back. I wanted to dedicate this uploading of this authentic chef d'oeuuvre to all victims of homophobia. The site doesn' t want this movie and doesn't care of this issue the 3Oth anniversary of the assassination of Matthew Shephard. SHAME ON YOU! . So ADIEU. Despe09