We are back! Thanks for posting while we were away.
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Sorry we haven't posted back on walls lately. Josh figured you'd rather see more videos than a picture on your wall since he does the uploading. I'm sorry I haven't had time to return wall posts. We love you and do appreciate your wall posts. When I get time I'll return wall posts since that's my responsibility here. Thanks for understanding, Bran.

Return posts, unfortunately, have to done be as time permits due to, sports commitments, things like shool, sex, and uploading videos when we have time. We'll still log on to check posts and answer mail but please don't feel offended if we don't have the time to post ya right back. We're pretty busy and it seems like it could get us in trouble. Please feel free to post away on our wall. Thanks, we love all of you and please rate us if you like any one of our posts and put them in your favorites.