Hi C:
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Hi all, I would like to know if anyone would dare to change pictures with me C:
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Great Site
Blog Added 2110 days ago 332 views 0 comments Post Comment
Just discovered recently how great this site is. Really love it. The pics are great. I don't understand why guys don't use the live webcam feature on this site more. Why is that guys?
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@ Nick18
Anusinterruptus Blog Added 314 days ago 332 views 8 comments Post Comment

Nick, just want to know why my post in your blog about women wearing Burkha's was deleted - without any explanation. I guess it is OK to berate one particular ethnoreligious group, but not others. Is that because the particular ethnoreligious group that I referred to has the American society so brainwashed so as not to speak out against this group, that any defamatory remarks against them are immediately removed without trace? Is your society totally unable to participate in robust debate without heightened emotion? I think so - commentary appearing on this site regarding your recent election proves my point. They say we should never discuss religion and politics in polite conversation - I disagree, of course you can, and if you can - it displays a mature intellect, free from immature emotion. I post comments on this site to insight debate - not insult (generally) and mostly without emotion, I look forward to receiving viewpoints from others. It is just another form of communication. You will know about it if I choose to berate or insult you.

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Hello I Am New
Phillipscassidy Blog Added 1437 days ago 332 views 17 comments Post Comment

Hello There

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Remove My Video
Mikeslong7 Blog Added 996 days ago 332 views 1 comments Post Comment
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Why Release Removed Picture Galleries
Backstreetboy Blog Added 2075 days ago 332 views 0 comments Post Comment
It seems like you re-release all my removed pictures and now by anonymous name? Don't understand. When you had that so called "big problem" (not the first one in your history) a few weeks ago I was recommended (by other members) to delete/remove all pic files I have uploaded here and that's the way I did. And now... every day I see my old albums appearing here without my name. Really unfair. If I remove something from this site I really hope it's final and not working like this. Thanks, BSB
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Prob Uploading Pics
Ggwl2186 Blog Added 1873 days ago 332 views 6 comments Post Comment
so trying to upload some pics but it is not working 4 me it keeps giving me probs about the size of the pic try to make it smaller but it still wont work and it says i didnt upload a avatar yet what does that mean???
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Relationship? Or Not?
Blog Added 1809 days ago 332 views 8 comments Post Comment
Do u think some of the guys on here are REALLY in the relationships they claim? :P

I know a lot of gay boys in there teens and erly 20s where i live but dont know any who r in comitted long term relationships, yet on GBT it seems lots of guys are.

Do u thik its a case of a couple of days rooting, a couple of nites wathcing movies and clubing and BINGO suddenly u r claiming to be in a relationship.

(Wonder what the 'boyfriend' would say to find out hes magically manacled to tht 3 day one nite stand from last week?)

The way i see it Thomas - tolead - is in a relationsip; 30 years; but kinda wonder bout evryone else, especilly any that are under about 2 yers duration.

What is ur definition of a relationship?
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Missing Videos
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Hi all - I am a much older guy but I love this site and have uploaded a few videos, which seem to be appreciated. However, not all the videos that I have uploaded have ever appeared on the site. Can anyone tell me why. I contacted a user that I was told was the webmaster, but never received any sort of reply. I have recently uploaded a full length film called "Just 18" and for some reason that has not been accepted and shown, so who is it that decides what is accepted and what is rejected and how does one contact them? If I click "webmaster" at the bottom of the home page it tells me that this is not supported by the server. Nevertheless, this is still a lovely site with lovely people (contacts) and lovely videos.
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Blog Added 2074 days ago 332 views 0 comments Post Comment
What the fuck? I can't upload more pictures. What should I do?
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Blog Added 1425 days ago 332 views 12 comments Post Comment
n e body have a used dildo they would like to send my way?
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Anyone Know Who This Is?
D34ny Blog Added 400 days ago 332 views 5 comments Post Comment


anyone know who this is and if there's any more of him about?

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Show Of Hands (or Whatever)
Blog Added 1807 days ago 332 views 8 comments Post Comment
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Thanks Again Xxx
Welshlad Blog Added 1959 days ago 332 views 1 comments Post Comment
love this place loads of hot vids and pics and to all the friend that i have made here you know who all are and hopefuly will make more xxx
keep up the good work.
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Anyone From Connecticut?
Fuckmehard Blog Added 2101 days ago 332 views 0 comments Post Comment
anyone here from CT who wanna chat and maybe meet up?
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Important Date For Teens And 20 Somethings
Alex17 Blog Added 2099 days ago 332 views 2 comments Post Comment
Celebrate National GSA Day: January 25th, 2012

For decades, GSAs have been working to make their campuses safe places for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Students who start and take part in these student groups are brave. They dare to create a dialogue to improve lives. We believe that courage deserves to be recognized, to be celebrated! http://gsaday.org/featured/celebrate-national-gsa-day/ Hey this is Ruslan again . This is am important day to students. So show your support and check it out. You guys like to look at them . So show it in some way :) We are only strong if we stick together . We are weak and nothing when we dont . Love ya Ruslan :)
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An Introdcution Is An Order Here!
Blog Added 1805 days ago 332 views 13 comments Post Comment
Being this is mine very first blog entry here, I thought it would be proper to introduce myself. If you have gone to my profile: now would be good time to do so! There is lot fun information about me there. But here I thought here, I would go a little more in depth. I am 26 year old who loves to be comical. I also eager people. My hobbies are: writing stories and music. and dream job is to film composer some day. :) Another important fact: I am christian. Thus, I do not judge other people. We are make bad choices in lives, but I am ashamed of mine. :) That is it for now. Till next time.
Aniolel, out
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Whens It All Gonna Be Fixed?
Blog Added 2531 days ago 332 views 0 comments Post Comment
I notice that all the videos I uploaded as private are now public and none of them are associated with my account. Are they going to be associated back to my account and made private again? ANd when?
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Str8 Friend
Red1844 Blog Added 487 days ago 332 views 7 comments Post Comment

i know i am not the only guy out there. how many of you out there have that one friend you can't have that drives you nuts?  my friend is trevor. he is so hot! perfect little twink. so cute. perfect body . never seen anything  of his body.  other than an open shirt. tried one night 'but was politely let down. still hang out today. sucks some times to be gay and have a str8 guy you are in love with. argghhh

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Blog Added 2128 days ago 332 views 0 comments Post Comment
I'm so honry. I want to jerk off with a guy on webcam. Please. I'm 21 years old. 18-23 years old are acceptable.

If you want to jerk off with me, please add me on Skype. I can't get in gay boy chat because it didn't connect yet. If you have Skype, please inbox me. Thanks. Merry Christmas!!!!
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Crazy Thing Happened
Johnnyboy20012 Blog Added 1832 days ago 332 views 3 comments Post Comment
Well last night me and a few friends wanted to meet up for a game of hockey at our local rink. My dad let me use the car so I didn't have to take the bus. I also decided to pick up my best friend since he was on my way to the rink. This is why thing get strange.

I pull out of my drive way onto my street and reach the traffic light. While waiting this car pulls off a side street and pulls up behind me with his high beams on and is off centred to me so they are shining right in my rear view mirror and my drivers door mirror. I could not wait for the light to change so he don't have to be behind me. Well that didn't happen every time I changed lanes he change too so he is behind me. So down the road there was a drive thru coffee shop so I decided to stop there so this ass hole will get off my tail.

Well that plan never worked since he followed me to. So he followed me back to the street and at the next traffic light I decided to take the back streets. But before I can reach the intersection I noticed a bus loading a wheelchair person so I pulled up behind it so that guy would pass me. Man I was wrong he waited the whole 6 minutes behind that bus with me. After when the bus started to move I turned down the side street and he followed too.

That made me rethink my plan. I knew there was a police station down the street and was going to use that way instead. So I turned down this residential street and pulled into this driveway and noticed he was signaling too. So while waiting to turn I grabbed one hockey stick just in case he was going to attack me. However this is when it gets funny while pulling into the driveway the garage door opens and the guy that was following me pulls into the garage and looks at me with this look because I have a hockey stick in hand.

Well that was kind of awkward since he followed me right to his house. However why would he not pass me when I pulled behind the bus since he would of been home 6 minutes earlier if he didn't wait. Well that was my crazy night I told my friends and they found it funny so I decided to share it here.
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Gsa Day, Jan. 25, 2012
Jozer1822 Blog Added 2097 days ago 332 views 0 comments Post Comment
My friend Alex17 said this the best, so here's a re-post of a blog entry he wrote:
"Celebrate National GSA Day: January 25th, 2012 http://gsaday.org/featured/celebrate-national-gsa-day/ For decades, GSAs have been working to make their campuses safe places for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Students who start and take part in these student groups are brave. They dare to create a dialogue to improve lives. We believe that courage deserves to be recognized, to be celebrated! Hey i posted a blog on this day and as far as i know not even one person posted a reply :( Very disappointing to say the least. I dont mean to be an ass here but if twink boys are ok to look at and do what you do . You might take a sec to show some support for them and the young gay community . Just a thought on my part . Your Ruslan"
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Intercourse With A Black Boy
Blog Added 1564 days ago 332 views 2 comments Post Comment
Here in South Africa there are a lot of black boys, but I did'nt succeed to find a boy for having intercourse. Sex with a black is my greatest dream. Anybody tips for me?
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Bigstiffy123 Blog Added 2264 days ago 332 views 0 comments Post Comment
any one wanna skype if so add me oimupset is my screen name
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Again Problem With Uploading Vids
Blog Added 1946 days ago 332 views 4 comments Post Comment
In June, even today, I've uploaded several vids, long and short, which have never been listed. Before uploading I check that there are no watermarks, no studios name.
And I've checked ALL vids posted here, in order not to duplicate files. I hope That all my files I upload are new. Most of files I uploaded in June and since I joined the board, have never been published.
Now I notice, with grea suprise, that the same moment I uplod any vid (successfull) and BEFORE it get listed, ALL my subscribers received message that I have uploaded new video, and my outbox is full of such messages. This is something wrong! The subscribers should be noticed when new vid is listed! not before. It casue a great confusion.
By the way - I found other board, where uploaded videos are published the same monet the uploading is finished. But I still like this board and will try to upload new vids, but don't know how long my patience will last :)
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Marshmont Blog Added 1361 days ago 332 views 5 comments Post Comment

misteries and scandals..1998-2001

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Anyone Near Prague?
Blahupdown Blog Added 1903 days ago 331 views 0 comments Post Comment
Anyone live in Prague or traveling through sometime soon? I would love to meet up with another guy for some fun
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Best High School Sex... At True Story.
Onlyinvegas Blog Added 2031 days ago 331 views 0 comments Post Comment
Joseph Smith
Subject: best high school sex

I am not a professional writer, but the story I tell is a true account of
some of the guys I had sex with in high school. There will be several parts
so I hope you will not be bored. No body in these stories has incredible 9
in cocks. Just normal 15 and 16 year boys beginning to explore our hidden
sexuality. Your comments are welcome. All rights reserved and must be of
legal age to read. I am now 53 so hear are the accounts of my sexual
youth. Which seem to be more fun back then.

I grew up in upstate New York in the Mohawk Valley region. It was a small
school with a student population of 600 kids k thru 12 there were 72 people
in my graduating class. Yeah I know very small. The major industry ay the
time was dairy farms and one small factory that made baby food. A little
about me. At 15 I was 6' weighed around 150 pounds. I have black hair and
brown eye's and like most kids I hit puberty at 13. I only had hair under
my arms and around my cock. which was 6" and cut. My friend we will call
him Sandy always said I had a funny shaped dick. When I asked him why he
said that he stated that it was kind of shaped like a baseball bat. Kind of
narrow at the base and as you got to the head it got much thicker. Anyway
sandy was one of the guys that I had the most fun with. He was 5'8 at the
most and maybe a 135 pounds. He had light brown hair with hazel eyes. He
was a bit of a nerdy kind of guy. And like most small guys his cock always
seemed big on him due to the fact of his small frame. But in reality he had
about the same size cock same amount of hair and was cut like me.

It all started when we were in math class. The teacher had made us pair to
work on math problems. Back then you had the old style desk that had a
storage area underneath the desk so it sheltered you from the waist
down. As we were sitting next to each other Sandy started to play grab ass
by leaning forward like he was doing his work and with his right hand star
to rub my cock thru my pants. We had kind of played grab ass before like
young guys do. But this was right in class, we sat at the back of the room
so know one could see us. Every time the teacher turned his back to write
on the board Sandy would rub my dick and at 15 it didn't take much to get a
hard on. So I started to do the same back to him. The next thing I know I
could see the top of his cock pop out above his jeans. The head was almost
purple and a little bit of precut was coming from his piss slit. We played
it off like we were just fooling around but sandy was so hot in my eye's
back then I had to figure a way to hook up with him. Back then I new I was
gay and tried to act as straight as everyone else. I was vert active in
sports, football, wrestling and track. I had 4 other brothers as we were al
athletes. Any way back to Sandy.

It was friday and one of our friends parents were away for the weekend
which meant that there would be a small group that we hung out with to
party at that persons house. Which basically consisted of getting someone
to by us some beer and a nickel bag of pot with bah then was a quarter of
an ounce for 5 bucks. So as we were all setting on the living room floor
laughing getting stoned and drink a few beers I kept looking at Sandy I
could not help looking at his crotch and the way his cock was lying in his
pants. He caught me steeling a look and kept adjusting show that he was
getting hard and looking into my eye's smiling. I had never fucked around
with him other than playing grab ass. But with the pot and beer I was horny
as hell. As everybody was getting ready to leave we kind of slid away and
was walking toward my house and I asked if he wanted to come up to my room
and hang out. My parents were down stairs watching some movie with my
younger brothers as we entered the house. It was not unusual for me to have
friends over and hang in my room.

As we got to my room I locked the door and put on music and only had a
small nite light on. We both new what we wanted but did quite no how to go
about getting there. So what do you do when you want to feel up your
buddy. We started wrestling with each other. Sandy was no match for me
since I was bigger but we started feeling each other cocks thru or jeans,
laughing and caring on, but soon he was breathing much heavier and we ended
up in a 69 with our clothes still on. My face was was right on his cock and
I could feel the heat coming off his groin as I ground my own cock into his
face. I undid his belt as he undid mine we matched each other in everything
we did. As I pulled his pants down he was wearing a pair of tight whitey's
and his cock was pushing a huge tent. For some reason I pulled his cock
threw the piss flap and had his balls and cock sticking out of his under
wear as he pulled my underwear down. So here it was his cock only one inch
form my mouth. I could smell his young body and the clean musk of a young
cock as I put the head of his dick in my mouth. Just the crown of his cock
as I slowly suck down his dick i heard him take a deep breath threw his
nose for he was just starting to cover my cock head with his mouth. We just
both moaned as well sucked each other little by little we took more of each
others cock in out mouths. It was so hot as we sucked. Some how I was on
the bottom with him on top of me as we sucked each others cocks. Our mouths
were watering as spit and precut was oozing down the sides of our mouths as
we sucked each others cocks. I could feel his balls on my chin and his
little bush on my nose as he pumped my mouth. At this point I have never
had anyone cum in my mouth but Sandy tasted so good the smell of balls,
cock and ass I want to see what it was like to have someone cum in my
mouth. As we faced fucked each other I could see his balls draw tight up
into him as he started to cum in my mouth. he was moaning but it was muted
due to the fact he was still sucking my cock. I could feel the underneath
of his cock swell and the first shot of cum hit my mouth. It seemed like a
lot as he buried his cock in my mouth. I could feel the warmth and vivid
texture of his cum as he pumped away. I had no choice but to swallow his
load. and when I did I started to cum. Sandy pulled off and jerked me as my
cum hit him in the face and was running down his chin. We both just laid
there on our sides out of breath. It got silent for a minute or two, both
of us thinking about what had just happened. I looked at him as he did me
and we both had this big grin on our faces. I grab my cum towel from under
the bed and we cleaned up. That was the first time I had cum i my mouth but
not the last with Sandy. there were many other times with him and my high
school friends. I hope you enjoyed this true story your feed back is
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Blog Added 2058 days ago 331 views 0 comments Post Comment

I'm 21 years old. I would like to add more guys on Skype. If you're interested, please add eric46savage
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Blog Added 1934 days ago 331 views 1 comments Post Comment

I like to get know you more and have fun on skype. Please add me a.savage.man.10

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Is There A Way To Change The Email On My Account?
Alexnet69 Blog Added 2244 days ago 331 views 0 comments Post Comment
I've forgotten the password for my old email which is on my profile and I can't seem to change it!! Thanks in advance.

-Alex :)
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Another Pic;-)
Gaymanholland Blog Added 565 days ago 331 views 9 comments Post Comment


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Countryboys Exklusiv :d
Cockfrog Blog Added 1970 days ago 331 views 2 comments Post Comment
Let my Show what you do :)
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Haster9mace Gbt Virgin
Haster9mace Blog Added 1481 days ago 331 views 3 comments Post Comment
Okay, so I'm just starting to figure out how to work all the aspects of this site that are available to members. I figured out how to upload vids and I'm really pleased at how well most of the them have been received.

If some kind friend who's reading this has a moment, would you please clue me into how to post photos. I posted one but it was by pure accident. I have no clue what I did to get it uploaded . . . . I'm good at pressing keys and buttons, not so great at doing things in the proper order (instructions are generally not my strong suit.)

So if you've got a minute, toss me a clue or two, I'll be forever in your debt . . . well, maybe for a few minutes, at least.

Waiting breathlessly but with luv, You can probably tell I was an English major, huh?
h9m, somewhere in the States.
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Do You Think This Is True About Matthew Shepard?
Blog Added 1255 days ago 331 views 10 comments Post Comment

''Mathew Shepard was a meth head and meth dealer. He was killed over a drug debt. His death was not because he was gay. His killer was gay also.'' I've read comments like that all over the place

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Blog Added 1544 days ago 331 views 9 comments Post Comment
whats your favorite time of the day guys, is it the midnight hour, or are you a morning type of guy, or do you come to life midmorning, or are you a sleepyhead and dont come to life until the afternoons........
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Uncut And Cut Porn
Blog Added 2050 days ago 331 views 0 comments Post Comment
I've noticed how many uncut cock guys are in porn. They're pretty many, but I've notice only few cut cock guys are in porn. I want to see guys with cut cocks more often. Is uncut cock more popular than cut cock? No? I wonder why? But, yes I know that uncut and cut cocks both have advantages and disadvantages, right?
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