Swiss Boys?
Drufi Blog Added 2380 days ago 655 views 0 comments Post Comment
Swiss boy clips r welcomed here, r they not?
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Body Hair?
Fifteenmtor Blog Added 1248 days ago 655 views 25 comments Post Comment

I have hair on my chest, stomach, etc..

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Logs Out While I Upload An Album?
Tillden19 Blog Added 2206 days ago 654 views 14 comments Post Comment
I have had this happen more than once. Someone told me that I simply wasnt logged in when I started the upload but thats not true. You have to be logged in to be able to even start the process. I am just curious if this happens to anyone else or if its just taking that long to upload that it times out or what.
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Uploading Photos
Nerdboy69 Blog Added 2206 days ago 654 views 6 comments Post Comment
I appreciate this site is free, but I recently tried to upload some twink jpg photos, and It would of been quicker to send them via carrier pigeon it was that slow, in fact eventually I had to cancel due to the length of time it was taking. I've never had this much trouble trying to upload several images on any other site. This needs to be rectified as it's always been a real problem.
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Chat Up Line
Tico12 Blog Added 1937 days ago 654 views 13 comments Post Comment
whats the best chat up line,you guys ever used
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Just For A Thought
1antoniomac Blog Added 1894 days ago 654 views 13 comments Post Comment
have you ever had pity sex with someone?
do you think someone has had pity sex with you?
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Where Do The Zoomboys777 Come From? Heaven?
Jacklovespik Blog Added 237 days ago 654 views 0 comments Post Comment

here do the zoomboys777 come from? heaven?

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My Cousin
Onlyinvegas Blog Added 1963 days ago 654 views 4 comments Post Comment
When I was a teenager 13-17 I used to fuck around with my cousin.He was the same age and about the same build as me. he would come into town from the farm or i would go to the farm for sleep overs. nothing ever happened until bed time. once we were in out tighty whity under wear the fun would star. we would take turns rubbing each other bellies. little by little we would rub in larger circle until our hands would go across each other nipples and down along the waist band of our under wear. we would rub each other for three minutes at a time taking turns as we went lower and lower. i was always the first to rub and feel his cock get hard as I would rub his hard on . just as he would start to breath heavy i would stop and say it was his turn. He had a great cock as I remember 6 or 7 long cut with a great mushroom head.

The thrill of finally sliding my hand under his pants and feeling the top of his cock hitting my fingers and the heat coming from was so hot. we would edge each other time and time again as i would hold his cock seeing the precum slowly oozing out. I like sucking cock by when but never did with him but as we laid there I would prop myself up on my elbow and jerk him of with my face only inches away from his cock. I love the smell of his ball as i would jerk him of always close enough that when he came it would always hit me in the face. I would act like it was disgusting as his cum would splash on my face but i never pulled away. once he recovered he would jerk me off. we would do it 3 or 4 time a night when ever we got together.
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Larryj214 Blog Added 2363 days ago 653 views 1 comments Post Comment
where can i find me some used jock straps
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Devonian Blog Added 2232 days ago 653 views 12 comments Post Comment
just a warning about a message I just received from the above person wanting money and asking for bank details this is obviously a scam but I thought I would draw your attention to it
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This Picture Was Taken Minutes Before Isis Threw A Man Off A Building For Being Gay
Kylekeanuk Blog Added 281 days ago 653 views 32 comments Post Comment
This picture was taken minutes before ISIS threw a man off a building for being gay
Gay people, according to ISIS, are the 'worst of creatures'

This picture was taken minutes before ISIS threw a man off a building for being gay
ISIS murder another gay man

9 January 2017
by Joe Morgan

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What Is The Best Lube For Barebacking?
Michaelbregan Blog Added 2182 days ago 653 views 3 comments Post Comment
I've seeen alot of these lube's some have the 'blue bottle' but I've heard that 'gun oil' is the best anyone out there know the best one's?
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Boxerbriefs Amateur
Blog Added 286 days ago 652 views 13 comments Post Comment

Dont you like sexy guys in their boxerbriefs? Post them here or post link, vid or post anythin related to the subject. I started with my selfie;)

Selfie boxerbriefs

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Des Jeune Gay
Blog Added 2413 days ago 652 views 1 comments Post Comment
sent parllee de pedophilie je voudre savoire si long peu trouve des video de jeune gay -de18 ans qui se font (lamoure ) car jaime la deaute de la jeunese qui fond lacte avec tendrese merci d avence
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Profile Pic
Blog Added 2488 days ago 652 views 2 comments Post Comment
hi i cant seem to uplaod a profile pic on here
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Blog Added 1778 days ago 652 views 6 comments Post Comment
kann mir jemand sagen, wie das hier mit den ratings funktioniert und wie man diese vergibt? Kann leider kein Englisch und von daher ist die kommunikation auf diesen Seiten sehr schwer für mich, aber ansonsten tolle Seite.
Danke im Voraus, würde mich freuen, wenn Ihr mir helfen könntet.
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Decline Friendship Request
Blog Added 1831 days ago 652 views 31 comments Post Comment
Is it so wrong to decline a request for friendship? It is unlikely I am ever going to meet anyone on here face to face. The only way a person is able to convey their nature and character is by what they have written on their profile. There is much that be taken from what a person writes, especially in the ABOUT ME section. There is also an indication of their nature and character in the blogs they have created or the blogs in which they have contributed to. There are many guys on GBT I would not have as friends in the real world and I see no reason to have them as friends in this virtual world. I'm sorry if my refusal to accept your request for friendship offends, but please, get over yourselves. If I accept an offer of friendship it's because I have something in common with you and because we have that connection. There are some guys on GBT who have also set conditions to accepting friendship requests, I am doing the same. Please accept my right to do so.
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My "struggle"
Blog Added 1020 days ago 651 views 15 comments Post Comment
As a teenager who's still in high school, sometimes it's really hard to find guys to do stuff with :(
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Locker Room Preference
Mirish7 Blog Added 640 days ago 651 views 24 comments Post Comment

Have noticed at my US college gym locker room, most alums, like myself, staff, and older guys tend to disrobe entirely and walk nude to shower or sauna with towel in hand.  Undergrads, to my disappointment (LOL), tend to change underneath towels like at a beach and/or wear underwear or even more to go to the stall showers or sauna.   Your preference and why?

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Quetion Time
Sleuth1939 Blog Added 811 days ago 651 views 20 comments Post Comment

Hey! How's everyone doing? 

I want to ask you all something? When did everyone first realize that they were gay, bi, pansexual, or whatever? When and how did you first realize these feelings?

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Anyone Wanna Boss Me Around.
Blog Added 2312 days ago 651 views 7 comments Post Comment
18 year boy looking to be told what to do on the cam
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Group Sex: Yes Or No?
Blog Added 1235 days ago 650 views 28 comments Post Comment

friend of mine suggested it to me. I wasnt sold. Would u think otherwise?

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Advice Needed
Blog Added 597 days ago 650 views 23 comments Post Comment

I like a boy from my school but i dont know how to tell him.  People dont like gays much where i live and I'm afraid to say anything to anyone.

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Any Aussies Or Kiwis Here? Anyone Have Kik?
Blog Added 1817 days ago 650 views 10 comments Post Comment
Just wondering if there are any other aussie boys or kiwi boys on here, if there are you should message me. Also, if anyone under 25 has kik messenger you can msg me its trevmelbourne xx
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Ever Have A Forbidden Love?
Blog Added 1299 days ago 650 views 12 comments Post Comment


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What Do U Prefer?
Blog Added 1459 days ago 650 views 39 comments Post Comment

who is top, who is bottom and who is versatile?

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Larryj214 Blog Added 2212 days ago 649 views 5 comments Post Comment
We need new videos on here Tired of seeing repeated films
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Hey All!
Trickthrills Blog Added 737021 days ago 649 views 0 comments Post Comment

So I'm really bored and I need people to chat with, maybe more, so add me on msn. ;) x

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Dmlge Blog Added 1718 days ago 649 views 21 comments Post Comment
after reading about all these stories on teen suicide, i just wanna say that kids or anyone for that matter who take their own lives are the kost selfish people. your sad cause life sucks? grow some balls! there are millions of people with.diseases or cancer who would.give anything for extra days to live, and these pussies give up.theirs?? not cool...
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Father And Son Vids
Bradfordmickey Blog Added 737021 days ago 648 views 0 comments Post Comment

Hi everyone if you have any Dad and son or Younger and older - where the lad fucks the dad - please let me know and please show to everyone on here. Thanks.Mickey

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Attention Dairy Farmers
Gonzo99 Blog Added 2027 days ago 648 views 6 comments Post Comment
One of my fantasies has always been to try putting my dick into the teat cup of a milking machine. Anybody out there tried it? How was it?
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Adamadam1212 Blog Added 1230 days ago 648 views 29 comments Post Comment

I know that BB sex is "unsafe" but why am I so damned obsessed with not wearing a condom?

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E Mail Change?
Caracol88 Blog Added 2217 days ago 648 views 0 comments Post Comment
hy I have a new e mail.but how to change the profil.....please reply thanks
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