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Added: 1028 days ago / Views: 201 Any other like minded guys on Skype? Add me Ladude25. Love to chat, mic, cam, share screens, etc.
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Added: 1028 days ago / Views: 126 have you notice that Evening news is where they begin with 'Good evening', and then proceed to tell you why it isn't.
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Added: 1028 days ago / Views: 415 Hey my name is Tanner Shane I just got into the porn industry and my Boy friend Dylan Chambers has been in for a while. If any of you guys are intrested in adding either of us on facebook or following us on twitter @tanner_shane or @dylanxchambers. Im down to talk and so is my bf, we will let you know about uncoming cam shows or vids we are doing. Let us make your fantasies come true :P
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Added: 1028 days ago / Views: 195 an other word for heartless is a nobody
an nobodys have no feelings
so shut the fuck up you ass hole
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Added: 1029 days ago / Views: 146 i can't seem to upload photos. all this thing does is ask for vids.
what am i doin wrong?
on another note.... has anyone ever done a gloryhole? is it worth it?
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Added: 1029 days ago / Views: 401 do you prefer to jo laying down or standing up? i met a friend once who had never jerked in the shower or standing up. i do both.
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just a dam good day today
Added: 1029 days ago / Views: 235 i would have to say
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GBT friends, when do you say yes and when do you say no
Added: 1029 days ago / Views: 254 ok I need a little advice, I am inundated with friendship requests, please dont take me wrong that does not mean I am not grateful or being flippant about it. But when do you say yes and when do you say no. Why does someone want to friend you and then never interact with you in anyway neither through mail or sharing with your thoughts or your opinions in bloggs. I must say I like it when people at least acknowledge it through a few words thanking you for accepting their friendship (as I do) but most people not only dont have an avatar they dont even bother to read your profile nor rate you or the uploads you add what is the point?? I dont care if you upload or not that is not an issue at all but at least come by read my profile and rate me and my uploads (good or bad)or just leave me a message say hi.
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How do you like your orgasm??
Added: 1029 days ago / Views: 217 For me, after a long session of passionate foreplay, I totally explode while my partner is sucking and rotating on my cocks mushroom. I love the sensation of his sucking and swallowing as I cum, not spurting all over his face or body. I watch alot of videos where the partner ends up jacking over his partners face or chest. To me that does not cut it, I want my partner to experience the same mind blowing orgasm as I do, and that by getting im off with my mouth. Does anyone else feel the same?
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Added: 1029 days ago / Views: 297 I'm horny lol just want y'all to know :)
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Those ads are nasty
Added: 1029 days ago / Views: 165 at least pick something that doesn't gross you out when you try to watch a vid.
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funny quote
Added: 1029 days ago / Views: 191 The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the list.
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Added: 1029 days ago / Views: 191 Love Quote of the Day
There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart.

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Added: 1030 days ago / Views: 260 When Justin Beiber says "we gonna party like its 3012" wouldnt that make him really old and munted?
And when he says "Im coming for ya im coming for ya" isnt that kinda creepy (old, munted, wheelchair ridden 1018 year old wrinkly dude-wise)

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Added: 1030 days ago / Views: 145 who wanna video chat
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Show of hands (or whatever)
Added: 1030 days ago / Views: 251
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Did you vote today ?
Added: 1030 days ago / Views: 196 Share with us why .... hope to see you soon :)
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Whos Voting ? This is BIG TIME IMPORTANT !!!!!
Added: 1030 days ago / Views: 269 I am a first time voter here in WA. This is just a reminder to go vote. Not telling you who to vote for . Just go do it and be counted . Peace guys :) Ruslan
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Erick3587 is a spammer
Added: 1030 days ago / Views: 175 ... and i dont like that kind of spamming
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Added: 1030 days ago / Views: 195 who want to video chat i need to talk to some one :0
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Please everyone that is in the USA go out and VOTE tomorrow
Added: 1030 days ago / Views: 254 If you dont go out and VOTE tomorrow then I dont want to ever hear you piss and moan about the way things are. This is your chance to have a say in how our country is run. This is your right as a citizen! This is what the soldiers of our armed forces have lived and died for. APATHY is no excuse, GO OUT AND VOTE TOMORROW! ( and thats my soapbox for today now show my some porn)
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Added: 1031 days ago / Views: 244 i love lads and vids
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need some advice
Added: 1031 days ago / Views: 369 so a couple days ago a close friend of mine came out to me on facebook. i had no idea he was also gay. i have never had any romantic thoughts towards him before, mostly because i was sure he was straight and didn't want to hurt our friendship. but tonight he sent me another message, saying that he has feelings for me. now i am confused i'm still not sure if i have romantic feelings towards him, but we have been friends for over 9 years now and i can't think of anyone that i am closer to. i don't want to risk a great friendship but i also don't know if i want to close any romantic doors with him. can anyone offer some advice here?
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Nick where is my pic on my profile ????
Added: 1031 days ago / Views: 219 Would be kinda nice .
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Added: 1031 days ago / Views: 543 I am younger and uncut and wondering if cut (circumcised) is better? I think cut looks better but I dont know if I should get it done....
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Added: 1031 days ago / Views: 141 who want to video chat cause ima board :_(
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I dont often get angry
Added: 1031 days ago / Views: 467 I dont often get angry but I have to admit to being a little angry when this arrived in my GBT mailbox after downloading a movie that was titled by a site I use as "Russian boys have a 4some" I then set about uploading it to GBT about a couple of hours later I recieve the following message.
"Those boys speak Czech. Maybe you don't know it, but Russia and Czech are two different countries with different languages. Or for you is for ex. Canada and USA the same countries?"
First I know Russia and the Czech Republic are different countries I also know where they are both located and even know a little about the velvet revolution etc I certainly didnt need a reference example of Canada and the USA, I have been living in the USA since I was 12 years old and I think 10 years has been enough time for me to work out while they may be next to each other they are seperate countries.
I sent a message back stating while I am very aware of where both countries are situated I do not understand the languages of either and didnt do a background check of authentication before uploading it to GBT for others to enjoy. I think sometimes people do not appreciate that finding, downloading, and uploading takes time and effort. And no before I get the hate mail from people saying I think people that contribute to uploading are anymore important than others "I DONT THINK THAT" although having said that he didnt even have favorites listed and no other contributions including no profile lol, I did think his message a little rude.

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XXX Video posts
Added: 1031 days ago / Views: 525 OK anyone know what is going on with the uploads, I have uploaded approximately 14 XXX videos since last night and not one is showing???
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Added: 1031 days ago / Views: 165 Random question, does anyone have the iPad 2? If so is ere a free app where I can download free music?
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Added: 1031 days ago / Views: 244 Do u think some of the guys on here are REALLY in the relationships they claim? :P

I know a lot of gay boys in there teens and erly 20s where i live but dont know any who r in comitted long term relationships, yet on GBT it seems lots of guys are.

Do u thik its a case of a couple of days rooting, a couple of nites wathcing movies and clubing and BINGO suddenly u r claiming to be in a relationship.

(Wonder what the 'boyfriend' would say to find out hes magically manacled to tht 3 day one nite stand from last week?)

The way i see it Thomas - tolead - is in a relationsip; 30 years; but kinda wonder bout evryone else, especilly any that are under about 2 yers duration.

What is ur definition of a relationship?
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Submitters Appreciation
Added: 1031 days ago / Views: 254 I just wanted to take a moment to tank all the submitters and make sure they know how much we all really appreciate them. They truly are the heart and soul of this site and always have been. I have seen a few having issues getting videos listed, if we could just watch out for Watermarks I believe 95% of all vids should be listed with-in hours. Just so many problem with sites that will Spam up with watermarked content trying to promote what every site or program they want to target I have to limit this. I do apologies for this, but its what keeps up the quality of content we have come to expect, and keeps the Spammers from taking over
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Get homophobe Griffin off Twitter:
Added: 1031 days ago / Views: 300 Hi everyone ... did you all remember to sign this petition? If not go on please do it now..and ask your friends to as well..nearly 45,000 signatures so far
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Added: 1031 days ago / Views: 869 Who do you reckon was really cute and yummy in history frmo looking at old photos and things?

My all time favourite cute yummy guy from history would be "peter pan" - and he was gay too!
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Help me ;(
Added: 1032 days ago / Views: 181 My boyfriend was shot anf is in the hospital and the doctors cant stop the bleeding and they say he is dieing ;(. Help me if you ha e any advice on what to do please please share it. I dnt know what to do.
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Good morning to all my new friends and to all my friends whom I havent met yet
Added: 1032 days ago / Views: 239 Question ( Its not porn related so I hope I dont get into trouble but you seem like an intelligent bunch) Whats all the hoopla about WINDOWS 8? Does anyone have it? Does anyone like it or dfislike it? Should I rush out and get it? I made the mistake of buying windows 2000 when it first came out, boy was that a colossal turd. I could use some honest opinions. If I am allowed to ask non- controversial questions
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Hey gbt :)
Added: 1032 days ago / Views: 701 Would like to know, what's the most craziest thing you have ever done,, doesn't matter if its sexual or regular :)
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Hello, May I join in?
Added: 1032 days ago / Views: 479
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can anyone help.
Added: 1033 days ago / Views: 186 i just bought a new comp and video will not play on the site any more do i have to download a program ? thanks.
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Added: 1033 days ago / Views: 393 Was at work at the dairy/convenience store this afternoon and across the street at the bus shelter were two young guys. They don't go to my school but i seen them around and one of them is relly cute and was wearing pink shorts.

They were thre for about 3 hours - not waiting for a bus - and were sitting with their legs up on the seat facing each other, so there legs were intertwinned and talking and talking with each other.

2 boys, pink shorts, legs intertwned, obviously not waiting for the bus, 3 hours - what would u think? :P

The shop was sooooo busy so it was ages until i was able to take a break - i went across to these guys and said to the cute one wearing PINK SHORTS how cute and yummy he looks (as ya do) and he should ditch his mate, wait round till i finish at 8pm then come back to my house for Jack Daniels and sex. As ya do.

Anyway turns out he is straight! told his bitch mother and she comes into the shop going bersek! calling me evry name under the sun - and how the shop has a 'reputation' and my boss shuld not let me spend my time crusing.

The way she carried on yu would thik i had only done it to piss her off!

Anyway - what do you think? a teenage boy wearing pink shorts - would u have asumed he was gay to?
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older horny dude
Added: 1033 days ago / Views: 393 live alone in the o man..these boys i see are so HOT...i hate to think of the jism wasted..when us daddys like to eat it so much..and eat dick, lick nuts and feast on buttholes....sorry..just venting a bit !!!
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The smaller the candy gets, the more you pay
Added: 1033 days ago / Views: 320 Has anyone noticed we’ve been being stiffed lately? My favorite pickle has always been Claussen Pickles and I remember a time you almost needed a crowbar to get them out of the jars because they were always packed so tightly. Well now you mostly get loose cucumber seeds more so than pickles. I say to Claussen that if you want to put fewer pickles in a jar; that’s fine, but maybe you should consider making the jars a little smaller so that maybe consumers at least think they’re getting their money’s worth.
As for Halloween I’ve seen people spend over $30.00 and even far more on what can’t even be called bite sized candy. I decided to try an experiment and took a chance because I’ve noticed that kids aren’t trick-or-treating in my home town as much as when I was a kid, I guess because (and I grant you and understand it’s a little scary out there lately) the town holds a haunted house at the community center. So, I took a chance and spent $14.68 on a box of full sized Mars brand candy bars. We had Trick-or-treat from 4:00pm to 7:00pm and when it was all over I had 2 bars left over. Our only decorations for the house this year were 2 decorated, but un-carved pumpkin and a Tiki torch. (Our front door light can’t be seen from the street, so the torch indicates we’re passing out candy) Grand total for Halloween this year was $21.68 (pumpkins and torch fuel included) and every child left our house bug-eyed ecstatic over the size of the candy we handed out. Oh and 3 fully grown young people whom I can’t be sure weren’t past voting age, but who cares; they were dressed up for Halloween, so I was happy to give them a treat too.
My point is those bite sized candies, just like Claussen pickles and other so called great deal items, might not be such good deals after all. Maybe people should consider not buying those bite sized bags anymore and bring Halloween back to the way it was when we were kids. After all, it’s only once a year anyway.
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