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FYI-Atari to Launch New LGBT Game Later This Year.....
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what is your most important ingrediant in your current relationship...that keeps is together and on track?

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THE 'C' WORD......
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I sit outside at night looking at the stars wondering how many more people in my life have to die or dissappear in order for my heart to finally become unmendable. How many times can my life forever be changed. One, two, maybe three? How many times must I tell myself that these tears aren't for nothing. That every tear that falls into these sheets somehow strengthens my resolve. How should I feel knowing that I will never see your smile again. I will never hear your voice say my name again. Ever. How can I help but feel that a unique part of me is gone forever. I feel like im just an empty space, a hollow shell without any substance. Theres so much that I wish I could have said to you.

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Would you vote for an
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Would you vote for an "admitted heterosexual"...see how residents of Austin Texas responded to that question:

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My First Orgasm
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I wrote this for another forum.

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@The TweetOfGod
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Anal incidence
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Porn spends a lot of time on anal sex, so much of porn is focused on it that I've been wondering if its incidence is an accurate representation of what we do. Is anal invariable? Do

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Being Called Gay
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A couple of weeks ago I was at the pool with a friend when a wasp landed on the sole of my foot. I quickly panicked because I'm terrified of wasps, bees, hornet, or any other insect that flies and stings. I thought it was just hanging out on my foot, so I begged my friend to look and see. After she let me know the coast was clear, I calmed down and she told me, "Wow, that's the gayest I've ever seen you act." I was pretty upset with this statement. Calling me gay to say that I like men is fine, but calling me gay to say I fit into ignorant, warped stereotypes bellittles me and crosses the line. Being more outspoken than ever these days, especially in the face of generalizations and statements without any foundation, I quickly gave her a piece of my mind. I really don't understand what acting gay, straight, feminine, or masculine means anyway. I'm not an actor, I don't fit into some role. I'm not acting anything, I'm being me.

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What they should have taught us in high school.....
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OH WAITER!.....Separate Checks please.

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A Sunday Thought
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did you ever go through a time when you or someone you liked , went through a time of denial of their sexuality? i mean it is tough enough as a teen to have those feelings and to come to terms with them.

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Down for chatting?
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I like to consider myself a straight guy but I've been craving doing stuff with other guys for quite some time now. Would anyone be down with chatting sometime? Especially guys my age a around 18-21?

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Hey! I'm new
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Hi guys!

I'm a new member but I've been watching videos here for over a year now.

There are a couple that seem to have went missing and I was wondering if anybody maybe got a chance to save them before they went away?

the first used to be at this link ( and it was of this really cute guy with a smaller cock that shot like 10 or 11 shots of cum, I really miss this one :(

and the second unfortunately I didn't save the link for but the title was "teen boy gets spermed" and it was of this really thin asian guy getting a handjob, also a smaller cock.

If you have them I'd really love a link where I could get them, or you could send the file to my email at hector460106 at yahoo.

Also, I really love videos of younger looking guys with small cocks, it really turns me on, any suggestions?

Love you guys,

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A Zach Braff Tweet....
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pls help me
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i wants to change my profile name but i don't know how .if you know taht pls let me know .tnx

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Watch my new vid
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;) xx

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name change?
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Can I change my user name without deleting my account?

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New on the site.
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Still pretty new on this site. Check out my profile and give me an add! Really enjoy the site and looking for some friends who may wanna swap pics and vids!

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fuck me
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Any body want a virgin boy pussy

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i like chat and trade. ask me for skype

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did he leave? kicked off? anyone know him much?

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Michael Sam gives emotional speech after accepting Arthur Ashe Award at ESPYs
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Michael Sam received the Arthur Ashe Award at the ESPYs. This is his acceptance speech. Emotional and heartfelt.

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Marriage and civil partnerships are now legal realities for gay couples in many countries, with more set to follow this encouraging trend. So if you and your boyfriend decided that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together, what would it be, and why? Civil marriage, a religious ceremony, a civil partnership or simply an informal arrangement? And would you want to adopt children?

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My thought for the day
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10 Great Tips For Parents Whose Children Have Just Come Out As Gay The tips are the first ten comments
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"Mom, Dad, I'm gay." Rarely are these words met with fanfare and rainbow flags flying, except in the rare instance when your parents already knew and were just waiting for you to admit it.

The more common reactions are fear, disappointment, confusion and outright anger. But the worst is when a parent's first thought is, "how am I going to save my own face once people find out Sally's a butch lesbian?" Seriously? Were Mom and Dad the only ones who didn't notice Sally's flannel shirt, oversized baggy jeans, and biker wallet and think that maybe she wasn't interested in finding Prince Charming?

But a funny thing happens when a child comes out of the closet; his parents walk right into it. The roles are now reversed and the parents are now the ones crying in the closet with the door closed and only dust bunnies and dirty laundry for company. Welcome to the new scary closet of your life Mom and Dad. Trust us, it's no picnic in there, unless you count munching on mothballs and dirty socks an entree.

Nevertheless, we'd like to throw you a life preserver to help you float smoothly out of the closet, if and when you see fit. You see we've learned a few tricks along the way about this coming out thing that will help you.

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Happy Birthday Toby19
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For those that hate Monday
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Overheard on the Subway..
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I have seen this before, but still find it to be a wonderful story. Please see the first comment for the conversation.

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I've been missing :-(
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I just wanted to say sorry to all my friends because I have been so busy and also away I have not written to any of you for the last couple of months.

You have all been in my thoughts though and I hope you are all loving the summer weather.


matt xx

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The former CEO of one of the world's most successful companies is calling on gay business leaders to come out of the closet. John Browne was publicly outed by a British tabloid in 2007, forcing him to step down from his position as head of oil giant BP. Browne's written a new book, "The Glass Closet: Why Coming Out Is Good Business," and he sat down with CNN's Richard Quest to talk about it:

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Nyk, Nyk, Nyk....Moe, Larry, WEED! Moe, Larry, WEED!

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