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Added: 1019 days ago / Views: 142 We all know that Xmas is a Busy time and it can cause a lot of stress.
As we shop for presents and wrap them nicely,lets also remmember to think
of our Loved ones, near and far on Xmas day. Even a short phone call, can
bring a smile, to someone special. Its also a good time to share a smile
with a stranger and wish them a happy New Year....All my love to all my
friends, here and i wish, you all a Wonderful Xmas day with the ones you
Love, at this special time of the Year 8-)
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Hows your Reationship Going.
Added: 1019 days ago / Views: 600 Hows your Relationship going with your boyfriend.
Is it a relationship that will last a long time
or do you think that it wont last too long.
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The adventures of Will and Jon, a Sexy story. A non stressful blog as it should be here More chapters to follow
Added: 1019 days ago / Views: 180 This is the story of Will. A young man at the beginning of his adventure looking to explore the world and his own body. After turning 18 two days ago Will realized that there was more to life than what he was used to in the little mid-western hometown. He just didn't realize that he was about to discover just how much more.
Will had been at the lake with his friends most of the day, but the football jocks and the incessant sluts in heat had finally taken their toll on him. There was only so much he could stand. He didn't understand why the girls had to be such whores spreading their legs for everyone and why the guys were sniffing after every pussy out there. Granted he had fucked a few of the girls and while he had enjoyed it, he was not out of his mind to get more.
Finally he had enough so he headed for the road and figured he would hitch-hike back to town. I was a hot mid-western day, about 95 degrees and 100% humidity. Will took off his shirt and carried it, his lean frame glistened with sweat as he walked down the two lane asphalt road. Will was not skinny by any means but neither was he bulky. Four years on the high school swim team had given him a tight toned physique, nicely chiseled Pecs and a very defined set of washboard abs. with a very light covering of golden blond hairs. His shoulders were broad and his arms strong and defined from years of swimming with tufts of blond hair under each. His head had a lions mane of golden blond hair that reached his shoulders, something he never had while competing.
He still wore his cutoff shorts tight blue jeans that were cut off just below his ass cheeks faded blue, which made his long legs look that much longer. His copper colored tanned legs were covered in strands of fine blond hairs which looked like spun gold, that got thicker as they got closer to his ankles. He wore his size 13 1/2 Nikes with ankle socks, preferring to go barefoot but it would be a long walk.
It was about 11 miles into town so Will hoped that a car would come by very soon. It wasn't long before a car did. Will heard the rumble of a car and turned to see a jeep coming up the road. He stuck out this thumb and the car slowed. It stopped next to him. Inside was a young man with short dark hair, He smiled and looked at Will, he slowly looked from wills face and then down his body drinking in every beautiful inch, he gasp a bit when he got to Wills crotch and saw a very nice bulge. "Do you need a ride" The dark haired man asked. "Yea, that's kind of why I have my thumb out" Will snickered. The young man drew his gaze away from Wills crotch and laughed, "Oh yea hop in" They drove off.
The young man's Name was Jon and he was very personable, he and Will quickly hit it off. Will noticed his body right away. For some reason it interested him. He wasn't like a football player. He too was lean and toned. His skin was an olive color, he had a patch of black chest hair, that formed a line that went down across his well formed abs to the waist of his shorts. He had very hairy legs. He wore flip flops and somehow being able to see all of his leg and feet seemed sexy. Will stole a peek at Jon's crotch. There was a long bulge going down the inside of his left thigh.
What is wrong with me, why am I getting turned on ? "Hey Will do you have any plans for tonight?" Jon asked Will snapped out of his trance "Uhhhh no not really why?" he replied actually a bit embarrassed for being a bit aroused. "I'm new in town and don't have any friends yet, I have a big DVD collection you want to come over to my place and hang out get some pizza and watch some DVDs?"
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Added: 1019 days ago / Views: 145 So, I've seen u in the store occaisonally for the past few months. Wondering wat it wud be like to have u. I see u sitting there but u ignore me. I brush innocently against u but no resposne. Finally yesterday I muster up the courage to make my move. I've got to have u!!! My life is incomplete without u!!! I have fallen in love,,, with my new deep-fryer!!!HAHAHAHA Some of u may think this is lame and it is. But I really love it!!HAHA Merry Christmas all!!!!!
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Added: 1019 days ago / Views: 212 anyone like astrology? i'm not a big fan but my report nailed me..what does you think?
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Added: 1020 days ago / Views: 146 hi am from england liverpool up for any think old or young and trade pics and vids
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Added: 1020 days ago / Views: 610 what age was your first bj mine was 13 with a lad from school in the shower room
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yahhoo chat rooms
Added: 1020 days ago / Views: 219 dam that sucks they got rid of rooms anyone know of ther sites like yahoo
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Today sucks balls
Added: 1020 days ago / Views: 151 So,today I witnessed an elderly lady get her purse snatched. It happened so fast. She didn't give up though, she chased him and he dropped it after all of us shoppers got out of our vehicles to try and help. I mean, who steals from the elderly? If that wasnt enough, I also found out that a classmate of mine passed on today. She was only 21 and had fought so many battles in her life for so long, it sucks so bad. And because of this stupid cold weather my knee feels as if someone is drilling into it. So I guess I could call today a bad day. My spirits are broken, Im tired of seeing death everywhere I look, my classmates are too young to be dying so soon. Everything just sucks right now. Tommorrow will bring a new day, so I guess I will turn in early at least.
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Desperate Housewives
Added: 1020 days ago / Views: 247 Have you seen Desperate Housewives? I'm currently watching Season 2 on DVD. It's pretty good show! Andrew Van De Kamp is so smart ass!!! Hahaha.
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What is your idea of a perfect Christmas day?
Added: 1020 days ago / Views: 203 Ideal Christmas day? Having a fun time with my friends and family at Christmas dinner. When everyone is gone, with only the flickering lights of the tree and the crackling noise of the fire place, making sweet passionate love to my boyfriend in front of the fire place and feeling his orgasm as he cums inside me. Then a long cuddle while watching the fire dance.
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first kiss
Added: 1020 days ago / Views: 463 How old were you? Was it a boy or girl? How old was she/he? I was 18 with a girl, also 18. Yuck!! Haha!!
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HELP...Has this site changed?
Added: 1021 days ago / Views: 146 I can't seem to download any movies. When I click DOWNLOAD and click the next link I go to a black page that shows the movieAND when I save it it comes out as barachive instead of MP4 Was never like that before...ANYBODY knows Whaz UP?
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Added: 1021 days ago / Views: 267 does any1 have a nickname for their penis
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Added: 1021 days ago / Views: 166 ..... and he plays some interesting game with me....I love it
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Take a Moment from the Porn :(
Added: 1021 days ago / Views: 225 After the shock and the horror comes the speculation: Why did an obviously disturbed young man enter an elementary school in Connecticut and gun down scores of people, many of them children?

We will root through his background for clues: Who raised him? Was he in the military? Did he play video games? Was he in a cult? Did mental illness take him to this dark place, and did we miss the warning signs along the way? We will piece together an approximation of a workable narrative that somehow inevitably ends with this man going into a school and doing what he did -- because the ending is the one part we can get fully right.

But there is really only one fact that makes such violence comprehensible: This man woke up in a country in which virtually anyone can purchase weapons -- with little more effort than is required to put gasoline in the tank of their car -- that give them the power to murder people.

That is the one fact that demands to be changed.

The impetus to make sense of unspeakable tragedy is a basic part of humanity. Something both terrible and extraordinary has happened, something we are eager to avoid envisioning as the fate for our own children, so our minds search for the particulars that might render this situation unique. We try to distinguish this young man from any other young man who might enter our own local elementary school.

But the underlying tragedy of this latest American catastrophe is how familiar this sort of spectacle has become. The television coverage and the reactions of prominent people all seem to unfold along the lines of a preconceived script: shock and heartbreak, then biographical inquiry, before we stick the story on the guy who pulled the trigger and move on.

We know what to do, what to say, what to ask, because we have been here before far too many times, absorbing the images of horrifying violence and imagining what it would be like to hear the news if those children were your own.

This is insane. It is madness that we continue to allow such bloodshed to unfold, occasioning predictable dismay while the gun lobby keeps buying off our politicians and ensuring that the rules never change.

As I type this, we do not know what prompted this man to kill those people in that school, but we know that the next disturbed person with similarly murderous inclinations will be able to get their hands on the means to follow through.

In every country, some people lose their jobs and become enraged. Some suffer mental illness and seize on fantastical notions. They are spurned and hatch crackpot schemes and seek revenge. In every country, some people are disturbed, broken-hearted or angry enough to murder. What is special about this country is the extent of the damage that such people are able to inflict when the urge comes.

As we inevitably speculate and sift through biographical facts in this process of seeking reassurance, there is one fact above all others that needs to be altered: We have to make it harder for people to get their hands on guns.

Peter S. Goodman-Huffington Post
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Added: 1021 days ago / Views: 335 Some one want to cam on Skype I am young? Add subzerox77
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anybody on facebook ??
Added: 1021 days ago / Views: 151 meet me : niellshoorn
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I like looking at boners
Added: 1022 days ago / Views: 606 I admit it.
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somebody help me get pics/vid on my profile please
Added: 1022 days ago / Views: 274 My stupid ass computer is screwed up and wont let mme upload annything period, due to a forgotten administrator password. I'l give my G.B.T info to anyone that will help me il send the pics/vids and if it dont work do as you please with the pic/vid. put them on your's if you want my name is sean
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Fun in NORWICH, Norfolk
Added: 1022 days ago / Views: 142 I'm back from uni for a few weeks and would love to find a guy/guys to have some fun with, in Norwich/Norfolk. Give me a message if you're interested. Would be great to meet some people!
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Connecticut Tragedy
Added: 1022 days ago / Views: 232 I posted this on many of my friends walls this morning. But realized that some of you are not listed as my friend, but are part of the family that exists here. So I share it with you all:

My Friend….after the events of yesterday in Connecticut, I find myself in a dark and sad place. Violence is never an answer. And violence perpetrated against children is the most heinous act there is. My heart is heavy with emotion, and I do not want to debate the politics of guns or mental health care. Both are issues that we as a nation need to wrestle through, for these acts are too horrible to have repeated over and over. What I do know, is that today, I have an incredible need to hold close to me those that I care about in the real world and the family I have here. So today, I open my arms to you, as my friend, to hold you close, to thank you for being in my life, to thank you for your friendship. I know some may think it in poor taste to post this message on each of your walls, the same message. But each of you has touched me, made me grow, and made me a better person. And I want each of you to know the same thing from me.

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Added: 1022 days ago / Views: 204 R.I.P Sandy Hook Elementary School Children and teachers Australian people pray for the poor Children and teachers that died

Prayers for the families of the victims. May God's peace be with you and comforted you all during this difficult times. May their souls RIP.
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i'm not happy
Added: 1022 days ago / Views: 327 some lozer sent me this message
stop being sexist asshole, Gillard doesnt say..'stupid gay people are the cause for this and that' does she? NO!

wtf i don't said that at all and i don't know what is wrong with him i never said Gillard said stupid gay people are the cause for this and that and i would never say that because i am gay and all gay people are awesome so (charlie1) plase don't say that and i will report you sorry
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Celebs in Town
Added: 1022 days ago / Views: 279 Harry Styles of 1 direction and his girlfriend Taylor Swift are staying in
Bowness-on-Windermere in the Lake District guess at who's hotel they are staying!
sorry can't tell you the name of the hotel for security reasons but i work there..
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Has this ever happened to you in the steam room?
Added: 1022 days ago / Views: 148 I was just at the gym and after yoga I went to the steam room. I was in the steam room, just relaxing, and this guy looks at me and starts jerking off while staring at me (he wasn't hot). This has never happened to me before. I'm both flattered and like "what the fuck." Has this happened to anyone else? Or anything similiar. I'm curious to hear stories.

I have to say, I have been thinking about it all night. If only he had been hot... I think I might have to try this sometime soon.
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Added: 1022 days ago / Views: 158 why can't we download any videos?
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It's So Sad!
Added: 1023 days ago / Views: 391 My friend that I was talking to told me of the CT Shooting that happened this morning. I go on ABCNews and the story just broke me down. 2 gunmen shoot at an elementary school leaving 27+ dead. It's so sad. I have three nieces, two in elementary school and 1 in middle school. Yes, they live on a military base and all....but imagine if that was them...I just couldn't hold myself anymore. That's why I am going to enjoy every moment with them today because I never know when something will go wrong and I never see them again. I would go crazy. Those gunmen ought to be hanging their heads right now...I just can't believe this. I feel it's one of the worse shootings to have ever happened to this nation. will these kids feel next week....or in a month...or even a year. The thought is just gruesome right now in my head. I ask God to bless everyone right now that is in the middle of this crisis and pray that justice will be served and that the community can help one another in this time of need.
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Hi guys
Added: 1023 days ago / Views: 193
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glory holes
Added: 1023 days ago / Views: 685 Does anyone still do glory holes? I used to have a favorite shop I frequented when I was in my late teens and early 20s but it has long since been demolished. Do they actually still exsist? I see a few videos here and there but I also see videos of bigfoot as well and I dont think he exsists. Does anyone on here ever go to one?
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good news
Added: 1023 days ago / Views: 201 i have a new job and i start next year, i will be packing stuff and the stuff i pack goes around to all the shops
not what i wanted to do but it's good pay
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What's wrong in ''Mobile'' section?
Added: 1024 days ago / Views: 206 - The used table type doesn't support FULLTEXT indexes --

Is the message I received on white screen each time I try to want something in this section. Is it same thing for you?
Thank you - Andre
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I am doing well
Added: 1024 days ago / Views: 285 Guys just a quick note to let you all know that I have my cast on and even though I though I was going to pass out when the Doctor pulled on my foot I am doing well now. My friend Stephen is staying with me and taking good care of me. His brother in law is a lawyer at a big firm here in Chicago and said he would represent me for free if Home Depot tried anything bad. So far they have had all medical bills sent to them directly and have told me my pay will not be interrupted for at least 26 weeks. Everything is going fine.

I HAVE RECIEVED MANY PMS FROM FRIENDS ON HERE OFFERING TO SEND ME $$. I thank you truly from the bottom of my heart but I cannot accept. I love you all and I am touched. I have never had people who have cared for about me in my life and it makes me feel so special. What I would like you to do with the money you want to send to me is to take it and donate to the homeless shelter in your community. I WAS HOMELESS. I know what it was like living on the street and not having enough to eat or trying to keep warm. I now have a special friend looking out for me. I have my loving friends on her as well as Cecilia my case worker and my Dad Thomas (tolead) so please make a donation to those who have not made it back on their feel like I have.

I love you all

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I am asking for opinions
Added: 1024 days ago / Views: 422 Every year I take my staff and their spouse and or partner or date out to a plush eatery in the area for a Christmas Party. I also buy them something special. Now this dinner usually costs me around $125 per person and I have a staff of 15 so I am not talking McDonalds here. My Medical Assistant and Office manager have been with me for years and have husbands who are used to and expecting this event. The others have been her significantly less time. I have no problems continuing the tradition but I was wondering with todays economey should I consider just a monitary bonus of what I would have spent on each of them? Then Take my office manager and Medical Assistant and spouses out as always and give them a bonus? I am unsure, I know that people can use extra this year more than they can use a prime rib dinner and booze.
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Added: 1024 days ago / Views: 206 I just wanted to let you all know that in light of everything I am so very proud of Alan. Normally I send money to a variety of different charities each Christmas season. Being a Doctor and a specialist gives me the recources to do this, especially since I have no family of my own. This year was good to me and I have a bit of a surplus and rather than let Obama (ugh) and his fiscal cliff bullies take it away from me I gave all my staff a very healthy bonus.

Now I was going to give money to The American Cancer Society and United Way as always, but you know those are biggies. You never truly know where that money goes. does it just find its way into the executive staff pockets? How much of what gets donated goes to salaries and how much goes to the actual people?

In honor of my friend and the most inspiring young man I know I decided to pool my donations this year and I went downtown to the Shelter where they feed and house people who have no place else to go. I was shocked to see families with children, little children who had been foreclosed on and had lost everything coming there for the night so they would not be sleeping out in the 25 degree temps tonight. Elderly people in their 80s as well as young kids 14 & 15. This shelter provides them with a warm place to sleep and a hot evening meal. Families are given a room to themselves if possible. Women are seperated from the men so no hanky panky happens.

I must say I in my $300,000 house never ever dreamed what it was like down there. I was moved to tears. I wrote them a donation in Alan's name for $5,000. I also volunteered to work there Christmas day helping to Serve Christmas dinner. I plan to speak to the Director next week to offer my medical services once or twice a month to help out.

Alan I told you that you inspired me, I truly didnt realize just how much.
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Added: 1025 days ago / Views: 246 Some sicko crims were ploting to kidnap(!) an castrate(!!!!) Justin Beiber but the cops managd to stop it in time, which was lucky for him in more ways than one hahaha....

"Mark Staake and his nephew Tanner Ruane were allegedly hired by Dana Martin, who is serving 978 years in prison for rape and murder, to allegedly abduct Bieber while he was in New York to perform concerts in late November and strangle him with a neck tie, according to KRQE-TV in Alberquerque.

Police claim Staake met Martin in Las Cruces prison in New Mexico, where Martin recruited him to kill four people, including Bieber. Martin is reportedly obsessed with the Canadian singer, and has a tattoo of the 18-year-old on his leg.

He allegedly ordered Staake to carry out "the murder and castration of Bieber and his bodyguard..."
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I'm Back!
Added: 1025 days ago / Views: 182 has been awhile since I was last on here! Yes, I am back and not a virgin everyone...I finally lost it! After that, it's been crazy. Meeting guys (and being safe) and then college life. Lol...I am so glad it's Christmas Break! I am in sunny California with my family and I am exploring as much I can. I am even an hour and a half away from LA (my future dream home). So much has happened during the last few months and I apologize to you all on here for not being on much. I will be on as much as I can this upcoming semester and I will have to tell you all of my sex stories and more. ;) Loads to come in 2013! Thanks to everyone out there and for GBT! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!!!
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If the Phone Rings..Make sure its the Phone, your picking
Added: 1025 days ago / Views: 152 A Polish man has gone to extreme lengths to get out of doing the ironing by burning the entire side of his face after mistaking the iron for a telephone.

Tomasz Paczkowski may now have an excuse for life when his wife next asks him to help out with the chores, proving to be more of a hindrance than a help.

Polish newspaper Fakt has reported Paczkowski was now swathed in bandages, but appeared to be in good spirits.

"My wife had gone to work," the 32-year old told the Polish newspaper Fakt.

"After breakfast I started to work. I turned on the boxing channel on the TV, opened a beer and started ironing.

"I was really getting involved in the boxing and was not really thinking about what I was doing.

"Suddenly the phone rang and I mucked things up.

"Instead of grabbing the receiver I picked up the iron and put it to my ear."

Paczkowski said it did not take long to realise his mistake.
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Added: 1025 days ago / Views: 430 Accordin to a lot of loons and kooks the world is goin to end tomorrow on December 12th.

I wonder how will it happen; will it be all at once or in stages?
I mean will it end here in NZ first an a couple of hours later in Australia then SE Asia an so on so that by the time the Brits an Yanks r for the highjump we r long gone in this part of the world? hahahaha

I can see Obama puffing on a ciggie thinkin to himself as the eastern seaboard disappears into the abyss "gee guess the fiscal clif was the least of my worrys"

I can see elated Greeks, Icelandrs, Spaniards an Italians dancin in the streets in the final seconds thnking "jeez we shuld have borrowed twice as much!" hahahaha

In various parts of an imploding world the Pope, Madonna, Bill Clinton, Nelso n mandela, Bill Gates an Bernie Madoff all say to themselfs "shit! i knew i shuld have listend to my Mother"

...and so it ends.

At 12:01am on Wed 13th the only New Zealandr with a work ethic turns up at his supermarkt as usual saying "sorry babe dont have time for the world to end - got work to do" :P
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