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spit or swallow
Added: 1016 days ago / Views: 1128 Do you prefer to spit or swallow?
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Added: 1017 days ago / Views: 879 Who loves cum? who loves a face full of cum? who loves eating cum? I love it! just cant get enough of cum!
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Added: 1017 days ago / Views: 687 Okay if you walk a room and there is a naked guy standing there what are you looking at first
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Added: 1017 days ago / Views: 432 how old were u when you first had sex?
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dirty talk
Added: 1017 days ago / Views: 893 what r ur fav. dirty phrases u use during sex
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Fat Tuesday, (pancake day)
Added: 1017 days ago / Views: 187 In honor of Pope Benedicts abdication and tomorrow being the start of lent I have decided, with much soul searching, for this years Lent season sacrafice I will give up "women" while I know this will be a very difficult struggle with the support of my GBT freinds I think I can make it.........
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Best Position
Added: 1017 days ago / Views: 636 Guys, what do u think the best position for getting fucked is? The only one I have ever found the best for me is sitting on the cock, so getting more control but wondered what others though???
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Added: 1017 days ago / Views: 163
Gay Tube
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tell a moderator
Added: 1018 days ago / Views: 1919 hey if you come across innapropriate piks or vids tell a moderator like me so we can delete it
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Dear God I am a whore
Added: 1018 days ago / Views: 300 I went from a virgin to a whore in like 30 seconds. Dick is the apple in the garden! One taste and I have become the Whore of Babalyon!. My Friend David Gave me my first experience recently then Thursday night he let me top him, it took a bit because he said I was the widest he had ever had. I didnt realize I was that wide but when I put my hand around it to beat off my fingers dont touch. Soooo that went well very well infact he invited me over Saturday night. Several other people came over and we watched movies and had a great time. Around midnight he put on some gay porn and soon after that everyones clothes just flew off. I was the center of attention. David brought out a bowl of condoms and various lotions and oils and I have never been massaged by 6 people at once before. Infact I have never had a massage before at all. Everyone was very cool and very nice and I lost track of how many times I got off. I just know by 10 am Sunday I couldnt cum again if I wanted to, to tell the truth I couldnt get it hard again if I tried. David's apartment smelled like a combination of lotion pizza and sex. It was incredible. I am going to hell now for sure!>>>>>>>>Joey

I wish I had brought my camera!!!!!
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Sex Story #2
Added: 1018 days ago / Views: 161 Ok...I am going completely out of order with my stories...but this one happened to me last night and I gotta tell it. So last night...I decided to go to one of the local gloryholes here in real action was going on (prob. cause of the rain)....but then I saw that this couple went in a booth and I went in the one next to it. I listened in a bunch of times to hear them going at it. It was so hot lol..wish I knew who it was. Anyways, so I went back to looking at other guys and then this white guy came in. I didn't really notice him at first and went to mess around with a black guy (worse guy ever...couldn't even take my dick). Then I went in a booth to relax for a minute and then the white guy is peeping down at me and one thing led to another and he sucked me and I fucked him (bareback ;))...and for the first time ever...I was able to cum inside someone. :D Happiest Night ever!!! I think I am growing up real fast...but at least I know my favorite position Ok...I will try to go in some order next time with my stories.
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Walking Dead ITT
Added: 1018 days ago / Views: 215 Starts back up tonight. I"M GOING TO MISS IT! Ug@1, somebody tape it for me!

Merle and his bro are f'd.

Their zombies aint half as badass as mine.
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patents make perfect
Added: 1019 days ago / Views: 164
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need a little bro or a big bro
Added: 1019 days ago / Views: 427 i love jo off on cam with guys that like to play big bro and little bro
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Morning play
Added: 1019 days ago / Views: 290 I'm just sitting in front of my PC. Trousers down and gonna watch a real horny movie. Hoping I find a nice slim hung boy gonna bareback a tight hole. I've a new bottle of poppers to help me along. Does anyone enjoy poppers and if so what type?
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Horniest movies
Added: 1019 days ago / Views: 337 Just have to say that for myself the horniest clips are. Young hung smooth boys barebacking real hard with jizzy climax at the end. Whats everyone elses preference .
Let me know If you have a favourite post the link for me to view. thanks
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mhhh i am wondering right now....
Added: 1019 days ago / Views: 223 if someone would notice if i would disappear from this site. still find it hard to get in contact to others on here
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Where are my vids?
Added: 1019 days ago / Views: 504 Last two weeks I've uploaded about 30 vids. And only few of them are listed.
Only the 5th Feb I've uploaded 5 new videos and no one is listed. What's wrong with "my" vids? On other boards if any vid is rejected or deleted, I am informed about the reason, like: "copywrited", "too young" "doubled" and so on.
On GBT, which I consider my favorite website, and I am uploding as many vids as possible, I don't know why my videos are rejected. Such situation makes me feel that my efforts are pointless, and discourage me from uploading any more.
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Added: 1019 days ago / Views: 126 what is the craziest/raunchiest thing you have done...It can be sexual or not
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A new kid on the block.
Added: 1019 days ago / Views: 218 Hi guys iam new and looking to meet any one who is or is not a nudist and loves going bare ass in the wild outdoors? I love boy whiching, so sweet to just enjoy that young boys playing. i enjoy tiling me life stories as a nudist photograph. ive been a nudist all my life, my family owns a restort, and i live and work there. i also trivel to other restorts. The things that go on at this restorts would blow your mind, lets say Fun,Fun and all matter of fun sex, as you know thes restorts have no age limits, or boundarys, and yes here or there it is very much legal, and lawful, A lot of you need to start living and get some sun and play in the outdoors clothes fee and do some boy whiching it will make you young in heart. ok
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strange video
Added: 1019 days ago / Views: 369 check it its weird
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Hope to meet frends.
Added: 1019 days ago / Views: 229 Hello, iam a new to GBT and have been told by a friend this a place to meet guys who are open and true blue. I hope so for ive have visit a number of other sites and found a fuw guys , but i am all ways looking for more to chat with. Iam a Frist mate on a very big ship with a very small crew, and only few are gay, so iam all ways looking for some fun and hope to find a ship mate that would come aboard and visit me, who knows what will happen. Ive only invited one person i meet on line at interactivemail and he ejoyed it and lasted only four months, sea life was not his cup of tea. Yes we had a wonderful time together,but living on a ship takes a little getting use too. belive me ive been out here all most 20 years, that is why iam here at GBT to meet you guys. ok lets chat and get to know each other. online at night depending on which side of the world i am on. Love.Peace, SeaKid666
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Added: 1019 days ago / Views: 199 Who am I? No seriously who am I?

I believe that television and films in modern society create psychological anxieties and stress.

I for instance don’t even know who I am anymore. In TV everything looks more exciting, no matter what happens everything ends up being ok. We and I mean everyone who has eyeballs that watches television, lose our self in the imaginary world. From the way we dress to the way we critique others, to the way in obtaining a relationship… people are brainwashed to buy buy buy!

People’s personalities now a days tend to resemble those we see in television. When we compare our lives with those in movies, it is pretty depressing if you tell me.

I am talking to you because I want to reveal my true self. I may be shy and nerdy or geeky, but hey that’s who I am. I am single because I feel like I have a problem talking to people. I feel like I have to be careful with what I say because people are very critical in a negative manner.

Being completely honest I don’t know if I am gay or straight. I like both men and women. If you and me click… hell it doesn’t matter if you have a penis or vagina. We are human we can adapt ways to pleasure each other. So then… why are there people critical and consider you inferior if someone is gay. I’m not saying everyone is like this, there are nice considerable people out there, but for the majority 80% of people in this world, there are some assholes who get pleasure from making people suffer.

That was one of my many rants. Back to me… if you knew me in person I would not be so talkative like I said I guess Im shy.

Back to television! It shows us, an unattainable form of living. In real life people live in a routine cycle, day to day, year by year. But in tv there is something different every hour, we see how others are living their life.

If you are like me, then you find yourself alone. After masturbating… you think to yourself what can I do next. Sometimes there is nothing to do but allow time to go by before you have to get into another daily routine.

I am lonely and depressed at times, but what keeps me going is my desire to make my dreams come true. Ironically, that dream is to be a filmmaker. So I can make my world come true, the world I want to live in.

I just wanted to write this to release some stress. Finally show that I have a voice.

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I Smashed Him Dude.......
Added: 1020 days ago / Views: 186 It's a, um, complete smash. Smash. Smassssssssshhhhhh.

A man known simply as Kai the hitchhiker stormed the internet this week after he helped save a utility worker and two women from a violent driver.

In a television interview following his heroics, he gleefully described how he took to the man in Fresno, California with his hatchet.

"Smash, smash, smash."

He then goes on to provide some home truths, Kai-the-hitchhiker style, about
common decency.
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Added: 1020 days ago / Views: 142 I want sex send requests .... Black and Brown 18 to 27 sex sex sex
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SEX with realistic solid DOLL
Added: 1020 days ago / Views: 354 I have a Real Doll fantasy, I'm obsessed with the idea of having sexual intercourse with a realistic solid lifelike doll. Do more boys have such fetish fantasy, or are experienced?

(see doll pictures in: My favority photos)
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Judge trumps middle finger with jail time
Added: 1020 days ago / Views: 245 A Miami woman has been jailed on contempt charges after flipping off a judge during a drug possession hearing.

Miami television station NBC 6 reported that on Monday, local time, 18-year-old Penelope Soto laughed when Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat asked how much her jewellery was worth as he inquired about her financial assets.

The judge told Soto to be serious and Soto said she was.

He set Soto's bond at US$5000 (NZ$5958) and said bye-bye. Soto laughed again and replied, "adios". He summoned her back and reset her bond at US$10,000.

Soto asked whether the judge was serious and he said, "I am serious. Adios".

Soto flipped him off and blurted an expletive as she walked away.

Unamused, the judge called her again and sentenced her to 30 days in jail.

- AP
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Added: 1020 days ago / Views: 373 Well this sucks.... I found out who a guy really is on here and he blocks me. :( I really liked him
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dateing a twin
Added: 1021 days ago / Views: 198 im dating a twin! hes 100% gay and his brother is 100%straight they are exactly alike! dress alike do the same sports hair cut the same play the same instruments! they even both play Pokemon at 18! he said he would absolutely never do anything with his brother sexually. (like most i was wondering too :P)

the only way i can tell them apart is facial expression. mine is always excited and happy looking :D and by the way they talk. mine swings his voice a lot when he talks and is higher pitched normally (not the gay lisp)
but if his brother yells.. the more excited he gets the more they sound the same!
this leads to some misleading and confusing moments at times! ...dont wanna lean in and kiss the wrong one!!! lol jk
oh and hes a swimmer... omg amazing body! definitely a huge turn on! :D
so anyone else ever date a twin?
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Added: 1021 days ago / Views: 211 Somebody have a twin brother? How is your relation with him?
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hey all
Added: 1021 days ago / Views: 120 hey i hae not been on here for a bit because i have been camping with a friend and i can see that someone hacked my account and posted blogs using my account so sorry to all the people that saw the blogs
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Weekend movie night - part I
Added: 1021 days ago / Views: 206 Hey, I've spent some time trying to get to know people around here and have met tons of kool people and have had lots of fun. Was going to try to set up a regular installment of movie threads such as this for the weekends. The intent here is b-rated trash that's funny or stupid, but entertaining, so that when I come to your wall, for example, and joke about Kinky Kelly, you know what the heck I'm talking about *poke Toby*.

In the spirit of Kinky Kelly and Toby, this week the flick is Clerks II, which is a lovely little story about a convenience store operated by two guys trying to get accepted to Harvard's gifted program. Haha, enjoy.
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Bieber naked
Added: 1021 days ago / Views: 1507 Does anyone know where i can find the recently leaked nude pictures of justin bieber?
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Some Random Thoughts about the Community at GBT
Added: 1022 days ago / Views: 446 Over the last few months, there have been some recurring themes that trouble and upset me. We have been and are a small and supportive community of all ages and backgrounds. And as a member of this community, there are three things I hold true and dear.

First, discussions of suicide and pleas for help and guidance have become common posts. We have lost friends from here and some from our lives due to suicide brought on by many factors. In that regard, I treat any post that speaks to someone feeling the desire or need to end their life as true until other facts are presented. I realize that this is an alternate cyber world and that people do play games. But anytime I see such a post, I will hold out my hand in friendship and support. While none of us here are the professional answer to such issues, the ability to support someone to find the help they need is my first reaction. If it should happen to be a game, shame on you for playing with my and perhaps our emotions. But I will continue to hold out my hand when I see a person in need.
Also, the discussion that suicide is a cowards way out, or that you should grow a pair, is unacceptable in any time or place. And any person that chooses to spout such view should be shunned until they leave or learn.

Second is the issue of sexual abuse and exploitation of children, youth, teens and young adults. The objectivizing of children for someone sexual enjoyment is wrong. Pure and simple it is wrong. The abuse of anyone by virtue of a person’s power over them to achieve sexual gratification is wrong. It is not a subject to be debated. It is sick and wrong. This community has many members that have been abused by trusted people. These discussions bring back every memory and every experience. These experiences do not go away. The memories stay forever. I know all too well. It has been over fifty years and I can still see his face, smell him, and it bring terror to me. It does not matter to me what your excuse or reason is, it is wrong. And anyone that brings these discussions to this place should be shunned and removed. This is not a question of legal age; it is a question of a person using their power and authority to use another human being. And the exploitation of children, youth, teens and even adults is wrong. And should not, and at least by me, will not be tolerated.

This site works hard to insure that the images and videos are legal and appropriate. When you find ones that do not meet that standard they should be removed. Be warned and be aware.

Finally, we are community made up of many different people. And is the case everywhere, we will not always agree about everything. But we can disagree without threatening or abusing other member of the community. I realize all things are not private here, nor am I suggesting that they should be. But disagreements can be handled without name calling and personal attacks. I will not tolerate that in my life here or in the real world.

Just some thoughts I felt I needed to share. Thanks for listening.
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Added: 1022 days ago / Views: 177
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Added: 1022 days ago / Views: 162 hello who for chetar
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Added: 1022 days ago / Views: 547 after reading about all these stories on teen suicide, i just wanna say that kids or anyone for that matter who take their own lives are the kost selfish people. your sad cause life sucks? grow some balls! there are millions of people with.diseases or cancer who would.give anything for extra days to live, and these pussies give up.theirs?? not cool...
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how do you put pic on here
Added: 1023 days ago / Views: 204 i have tried so many times
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How do I add Music?
Added: 1023 days ago / Views: 156 I need music on my page! I tried SCM but not sure if gbt supports them. I see it but no music. What are other people using?
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Added: 1023 days ago / Views: 162 I missed all the friends I made on here and the community spirit, it made life a bit easier to get through.
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Didn't Forget!!!!
Added: 1023 days ago / Views: 153 I didn't forget you guys. I have been busy and tired lately with classes and rehearsals...but sex story #2 is coming up this weekend! XD thinking of which one to do Hope everyone is doing good. Miss ya and love ya.

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