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Viewing problem - need help
Added: 710 days ago / Views: 162

I'm getting this message on my laptop.  Any idea what's going on?

200, Stream not found, NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound, clip: "[Clip]\



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A temp replacement
Added: 710 days ago / Views: 159

i was upset when my freind went away for a few weeks, but he got me a male inflatable sex doll, so now i get to blow it and fuck it ;). its not as good with the blowjobs, my friend gives me nice wet, slow blowjobs, the doll is a bit dry. lol

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ich finde jungs geil
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The Japanese Boy Chapter 20
Added: 711 days ago / Views: 238

Chapter 20


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Bed time
Added: 711 days ago / Views: 251

laying naked in bed. Room for one more, who wants to join me ;) 

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Added: 711 days ago / Views: 221





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Good people exist.
Added: 712 days ago / Views: 274

Good people exist. Rare, but they exist. And when they cross paths with you, be mature enough to not play games.

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Added: 712 days ago / Views: 223

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Troye Sivan's awesome new EP release 'WILD'
Added: 712 days ago / Views: 224


Published on Sep 3, 2015

Director Tim Mattia
Produced by Brandon Bonfiglio at London Alley
Get your copy of WILD:

Follow Troye:

WILD is the title track from Troye's new EP under the same name. WILD follows a friendship between a younger Troye and what appears to be his best friend. As the story progresses, we jump between the friendship and the current Troye clinging onto this childhood boyfriend before ending as the duo kiss. Wild is the first of three in his Blue Neighbourhood series.
(Re-blogged from

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Safe sex?
Added: 712 days ago / Views: 429

Three boys want to f*** a boy, but have only two condoms. Is a safe sex possible?

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The Japanese Boy Chapter 19
Added: 712 days ago / Views: 240

Chapter 19

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Site hacked
Added: 712 days ago / Views: 440

To all UK users trolls have hacked the site and informing users they are guilty of sexual offences But if you pay £100 you will be let off This is not genuine so beware users

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just got hacked 5 minutes ago.
Added: 713 days ago / Views: 146

I got the message I would be reported to Interpol or whatever a couple of minutes ago. To get out of it, press control/alt/delete this brings up taskmaster. Click on the prog that is running, right click and delete it. Restart you browser.

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The Carnival is Over.
Added: 713 days ago / Views: 142

The group that has remained a relatively consistent soundtrack to my life for over 20 years.

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interesting video (rise up)
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don't know if the video actually worked don't know how to do it i guess. however it was a interesting vid that is for sure and spoke the truth that is for sure as well



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Congradulations to Sam Smith who announced he will sing the New James Bond Theme
Added: 713 days ago / Views: 143

Sam who came out as Gay last year and who was Bullied for being Gay at school, is a a Modern day, Gay Icon to me and im proud of him for realising his dreams and being recognised for his talents.

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Random twink of the day
Added: 713 days ago / Views: 271

Always been one of my favorite photos:

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The Japanese Boy chapter 18
Added: 713 days ago / Views: 257

chapter 18

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"The Lovers" (My Latest Artwork)
Added: 713 days ago / Views: 252

Here's piece I've been working on the last few days. A Tarot card design requested by another GBT user and artist: Chestromanci, who trust me this assignment and gave me not only the chance to challenge myself but also and most important, to meet the great guy he is.

Hope You Like Boys!

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Bulge ♥
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THE GREAT RED DRAGON (my new artwork)
Added: 714 days ago / Views: 334

Hi Guys! I want to thank to all of you who appreciate my work by letting nice comments in my previous posts, they really mean a lot to me.

For this one I choose to go dark but keeping the sexier tone of the others, I'm also a big "Fannibal" (Hannibal Fan) , love the tv show so I was kinda inspired by it and of course by Blake's masterpiece "The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in the Sun"


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Anyone want a hotdog?
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Pic of the day 28/08/15
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Jay - Striking Boy Beauty
Added: 714 days ago / Views: 836

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Added: 715 days ago / Views: 189

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why i like blondes
Added: 715 days ago / Views: 265

Cute Boys 20  yes, I don't see pics like this often. fuzzy legs, blonde pubs, uncut and light blonde hairs over the stomach and he's gorgeous. this gets me hard. what about you?

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tv and gays
Added: 715 days ago / Views: 173

i'll admit I don't watch much tv except football. but when I do it seems I see more and more gays represented in comedies, drama and crime shows. all good. but what I don't understand is why gay men are so stereotyped. if they are to portrayed and mixed into the mainstream of television and movies, they should be shown as human beings and not idiots. I don't like to shop, i'm not fashionable, I don't use product in my hair, I don't use a gay accent, i'm not a gym junkie and I don't slobber over beautiful guys. i'm the boy next door that turned out gay, loves men, loves male sex, loves football, plays basketball, loves Jesus, has a career and a life partner. and some very good supportive friends, gay and straight. plus great in-laws! ok, i'm just ranting. i'm done. have a great weekend!

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Added: 715 days ago / Views: 369

I was very sad to login and find Rob gone. He was an awesome new member, outgoing and friendly, and he contributed a lot, especially in the blogs, during the short time he was a member. He also made a lot of friends quickly becaue he was so likable. If u see this Rob I hope u didn't have to delete ur account over something tragic and that u reconsider joining us again when the time is right. Take care Rob....u will be missed by many. ~ Dennis

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Sunny and Funny and Wild Weekend, my Friends!
Added: 715 days ago / Views: 209

4 weeks ago I had a lots of fun with this young man in the picture and he called me yesterday just asking can we do something nice this weekend, together...

Well... I thought very carefully (about 5 seconds) what to answer him. So I'll meet him in a bar after 2 hours and we'll start with a jug of Mojito. As a starter. What comes

after that I have no idea yet... maybe let you know... Wild Weekend for all you Boys! :)

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Added: 716 days ago / Views: 184

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Love is ......
Added: 716 days ago / Views: 1700

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What You Want From The Next Big Update?
Added: 716 days ago / Views: 491

I would appreciate it if you guys have suggestions on what you would want from the next Big update from GBT I believe we will have a set-up soon to test new Monitor options like approving vid/images, and an update for the Mobile site is coming in the next few weeks as well. But what else could we offer you guys would enjoy. thinking more Big things not little bugs or features please. I have been thinking about a kind of type options that will let you guys have Live Chat, Watch Movies/Video Games Others, Tip the Host of the Live Chat, and options like these. Only worry ,many might not use a LIVE CAM. What do you guys think and please think BIG lets not ask for small little things please

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Finally back here again, my friends )
Added: 717 days ago / Views: 241

After lap top collapsed, buying a new one (begging mama to buy it, one story more) and then of course because this lovely country of mine, problems with connections again... I was in black out almost two weeks! Now I think it's working again! Happy to be here, this fire works from celebrating our Independence Day yesterday 2nd September, picture from Ha Noi, not by me but anyway beautiful. And also beautiful to be back here and sharing the fireworks with you! Today I start my activity here again (if you don't mind?). Hugs to all firends:)))))))

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