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Drop My Pretenses
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Sometimes I wonder how its even possible to feel so alone in a world of millions. Right now I feel like I could cry forever. What do I even have to offer? Just some stupid dreams that will never become reality. I'm hoping that venting will at least slow the tears. Then just maybe they'll stop. Iv'e never felt so vulnerable and weak in my life. But today I just don't possess the energy to flash a fake smile, laugh at the insulting jokes, or massage your ego. I know that I shouldn't rely on others to make me happy, one day all I want is someone to make me laugh, to hold me when life breaks me down and tell me it will all be ok. Someone who sees past all the flaws and sees me for me.

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blond boys
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it's just my opinion, but I think blond boys have the hawtest body hair. fuzzy balls, furry legs, armpits, even treasure trails.

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chat ?
Added: 853 days ago / Views: 120

Anybody up for some hot, sexy yahoo chat jQuery182042701577534899116_1393447645374

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19 yo old latino boy, horny tonight, seeking friends.
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now with my girl ;)

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Watch Movie Together or Go Clubbing?
Added: 854 days ago / Views: 190

I guess this question don't apply to me

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'Aristocratic Vice'
Added: 854 days ago / Views: 204

I have just finished reading an hilarious book about the "Cleveland Street Affair".

This was a major scandal in 1889 in London where a gay brothel was discovered which catered to quite an upper class clientele.

The funniest part of it is that homosexuality was portrayed as an 'aristocratic vice' which corrupts lower class young men lol

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Ugandan newspaper names 200 'homosexuals' after anti-gay law signed
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"Exposed!" the headline of the Red Pepper tabloid read, beneath photographs of Ugandans it said were gay, as well as reporting on lurid stories of alleged homosexual actions.

"Uganda's 200 top homos named," the daily newspaper added, which listed both those who have openly declared their sexuality as well as those who had not, including gay rights activists, priests and music stars.

"In salutation to the new law, today we unleash Uganda's top homos and their sympathisers," the newspaper added.

Gay Law

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Sweet Dreams
Added: 854 days ago / Views: 154

Just seen the time. It's not long gone 5am here in the UK...

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Is Vova 18 ?
Added: 855 days ago / Views: 801

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Simeon Solomon
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The Advocate has an article online today about Simeon Solomon, a gay artist from the 19th century.

I became aware of his work about 10 years ago and have always found it strange that Solomon seldom appears in books, or other media, about gay artists despite his enormous volume of excellent work and tragic story.

If you have a few minutes then clicking on the link and reading about him will be well worth it.

Solomon's was the usual story in the Victorian England period - lauded widely, gets caught shagging, everyone shuns him, comes to a tragic end. Poor bugger!

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What Is Your Favourite Hitchcock Movie?
Added: 855 days ago / Views: 341

I have always been a great fan of Hitchcock movies; which one is your favourite?

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Make love not war
Added: 855 days ago / Views: 204

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Have you all ever thought that chicken skin is kind of like scrotum?!
Added: 856 days ago / Views: 214

Have you all ever thought that chicken skin is kind of like scrotum?!

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Ismealan Hits 600 Days
Added: 856 days ago / Views: 236

One of the bestest best members of GBT, Alan, 'ismealan' celebrates 600 days on the site tomorrow and I wanted to mark the occasion and wish him all the best for the next 600 days. Always enjoy talking to you Alan HUGS

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A surprise package
Added: 856 days ago / Views: 287

On my Birthday, the other day...

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Thank you!!!
Added: 856 days ago / Views: 204

As of 2/23...I HAVE 200 friends!!! thank you guys sooooooooooooooooo much for adding me to your friends list. :)

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Time zones
Added: 856 days ago / Views: 205

I have a favour to ask all friends...

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Vova, still beautiful.
Added: 856 days ago / Views: 237

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Is Leo 18 ?
Added: 856 days ago / Views: 222

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Balls Deep.
Added: 856 days ago / Views: 235

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Added: 856 days ago / Views: 248

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A Dauntless Daydream
Added: 857 days ago / Views: 213

Have you ever left everything youv'e known behind to go somewhere where you could truly be happy? Sometimes I wish I could just pack up and fly aroud the globe to a place where I wont be judged for being who I am. Then I think that it probably doesn't exist. That I will always be judged. All I have ever wanted is to be happy. To walk the streets and hold that special boy or girls hand

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Added: 857 days ago / Views: 241

My entire life I have pretended to be the perfect straight little boy, "the nice kid." When I got to college and my strong desire for sexual release begin to burn within me, masterbation was not enough. I have put peanut butter on my balls and letting a dog lick me. I have bought diapers soaked them with warm water and made a small hole and fuck the living shit out of them. I have stuck pens up my butt. The craziest things would come in to my young horny mind. Everytime I watched porn I would repeatedly come to my favorite website so far. I check on it everyday to see whats new. My favorite is seeing young smooth boys, because it reminds me of me discovering the beautiful sensation of jerking off, and I wish I had a buddy to have fun with. Think about it masterbation is a private, secret, taboo subject, and if it is ever publically discussed it is framed as a joke!

After many years of trying to be a perfectionist, and realizing I had no friends. My weekends and school days I spent at the university I spent a lot of time by myself. As if hidding because I am scared to tell people the truth. I do not like the feeling of people calling me names, looking down upon me, telling me I'm the devil, or making it appear as if Im some kind of hideous monster. The secret I have been hiding for 22 years is really eating at at me, if I dont tell someone I will continue to suffer from anxiety, depression, onlyness. Yet fear prevents me from telling! Everyone I know describe homosexuals as undesirables.

The truth is I am GAY. Sexually curious I would say, because I still havent lost my virginity. I dont know why I am ashamed. I am scared and lonely, so any hatred comments from anyone even the slightest one will make me hate myselfs for eveolving into a kind hearted person who simply wanted another man to be there for him, instead of a woman. I am a shy person, who feels socially awkward, im the nerd with glasses who never had a father.

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Added: 857 days ago / Views: 186

Hello! man my first blog....haha. well anyways, if anyone want to email account is hope to hear from one of you lovely guys soon!!!!!! :)))

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Nearly 3am UK Time
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good vid
Added: 857 days ago / Views: 170

Thomas, where did you come up with this? Skip to the second half and oh man, amazing passion, moaning, rimming with passion and great orgasms. keep it man Thomas!

My partner and

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Added: 857 days ago / Views: 206

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Added: 858 days ago / Views: 211

I know there are important things to discuss on here and some guys need advice now and again, but I cant help but offer my love and affection to everyone of my friends on here. It can make it a better place, not all the time, life is not perfect, but offering the love from my heart,

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New Zealand Military the most Gay friendly
Added: 858 days ago / Views: 224

The NZ Military has been ranked number one for gay friendliness by the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies.

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profile pic
Added: 858 days ago / Views: 221

have tried to uplaod new profile pic, but unable to view it. Why?

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Question about the "asshole" after sex...once or many times.
Added: 858 days ago / Views: 375

I was wondering if you all could tell me if "asshole" gets tight again at some point after having sex with it?

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Looking for a couple videos of 2 boys
Added: 858 days ago / Views: 440

Hey guys, A month or so ago there was 3 videos(part 1, 2, 3) of these 2 really sexy boys. Part 1 and 2 were about an hour each and part 3 I think was 40 mins. It was super hot and the boy on the left had spacers in his ears. Also the boy on the right was sucking the other boys dick for a while in it. They took the video down tho and I cant find it anywhere... I have a link to a sample of it I found today but I want to find the whole thing because it was soooo good. If any of you know where it might be could you let me know? I would absolutely love that!!


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Do you know how to find a "boy pussy" on someone? It's magical.
Added: 858 days ago / Views: 440

Do you know how to find a "boy pussy" on someone?

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Goodbye, 40... hello 41
Added: 859 days ago / Views: 259

Happy Birthday to me. Well...

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Have you ever accidentally ejaculated...especially in front of someone or in public?
Added: 859 days ago / Views: 468

Have you ever accidentally ejaculated...especially in front of someone or in public?

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Added: 860 days ago / Views: 377

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sexy model
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