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Boi Pussy
Added: 837 days ago / Views: 166

How tight do you like boi pussy to be?

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Boi Pussy
Added: 837 days ago / Views: 148

How tight do you like boi pussy to be?

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It's a new day...
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Film dreh Germany
Added: 837 days ago / Views: 166

hey suche hier jemand der lust hat mit mir ein gleines filmchen zu drehen.
also wer lust hat schreibt mir bitte nicht

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Added: 837 days ago / Views: 226

Just me

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A Tribute to Mothers..... :)
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My place
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RM layla may

Hey guys, I've always been into you show me yours I'll show you mine. this is my 54" ex-fishing trawler that up until November last year was my home. I took a job interstate and i haven't had the chance to move her up with me. As soon as I've got the cash I'll bring her up and move back onboard.

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The real me (picture)
Added: 838 days ago / Views: 197

Well, I finally changed my profile picture to an actual current pic of myself. I had used cartoons, what I wished I looked like and one pic of me almost thirty years ago. But the pic on my profile is indeed me.

I don't know why I waited so long, it's not like I'm pretending to be a different age or someone else. Those I care about know all about me now. And let's face it the chances of anyone from this site walking up to me in my little town are below zero probably. So anyway, that's me in a pic taken a few months ago when there was still plenty of snow and cold. Before you start screaming about the fur hat, I won it as a door prize and it's WARM!

I'm just aan average middle aged (or damn close to it) guy and I'm probably here for the same reason most everyone else is. But aside from the pics and videos I do enjoy talking with people. Young old I talk to everyone as long as its not to crazy. If you think it it's too crazy then it probably is.

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Is it strange that I bypass all shaved cock videos?
Added: 838 days ago / Views: 307

I dunno but tats and shaved cocks are such a turnoff.

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change profile name
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how do you change your profile name? mine sounds wayyyy too perverted

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Added: 838 days ago / Views: 520

so if a guy is ejaculating in your you prefer to swallow as he shoots, let it acculate in your mouth, or run out of your mouth and onto his cock?

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Do you think this is true about Matthew Shepard?
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''Mathew Shepard was a meth head and meth dealer. He was killed over a drug debt. His death was not because he was gay. His killer was gay also.'' I've read comments like that all over the place

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Man Overboard
Added: 838 days ago / Views: 244

I notice that Rossi has departed - the Greek chappie; does anyone know why? was it bullying or some other reason?

Sorry to see him depart as he was great fun to have as a friend.

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Come join me...
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how the heck do you upload photo's to blogs?
Added: 838 days ago / Views: 350

Hey guys, Seem a few guys are uploading photo's of there places I want to too. but i have know idea how to do it. Can someone help? :)

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Sunday Morning Meditation
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New Zealanders
Added: 839 days ago / Views: 206

Any young 16-21 guys in NZ want to chat? i'm 25 and keen to make friends.

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Nearly Halfway There
Added: 839 days ago / Views: 161

Arkansas has seen its ban on gay marriage ruled unlawful becoming the 22nd State where this has happened.

The Judge cited a 1967 Supreme Court decision which ruled a ban on interracial marriage was similarly unlawful, to support his reasoning.

Things are looking good!

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It's no bother at all
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Happy Mothers Day
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A Lil Banana
Added: 839 days ago / Views: 151

Hey guys I need a Lil Banana to drool over.

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My House
Added: 840 days ago / Views: 224

The top photo is of my house; the bottom is of Lake Rotorua (basically what you see if you turn around 180 degrees whilst standing in that spot) - as you can see I am slumming it at the moment LOL!!

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Vid is up
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Added: 840 days ago / Views: 216

try it..

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Man, I love Tino Media! They are great!
Added: 841 days ago / Views: 494

Man, I love Tino Media!

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Are music man Owls11 ads
Added: 841 days ago / Views: 371

I hope all his friends will say hallo as he has his 600 days to day

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Not All Pleas And Discrimination Are Created Equal
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There has been a recent, and highly effective, boycott of the Dorcester Collection Hotel chain because it is owned by the Sultan of Brunei who has recently introduced a law for 10 years imprisonment and stoning to death of gay men.

Various people from Richard Branson to Stephen Fry to the Beverly Hills City Council have announced a boycott and it is making quite an impact on the company.

The Chief Executive has made a 'plea' to end the boycott sighting unemployment of its staff as an inevitable result; but I am sure his plea will be about as successful as a gay man 'pleading' for mercy in Brunei.

The CEO makes a risible claim "we do not tolerate any form of discrimination, never will, never have" (unless you like sucking cocks that is)

The hotels which the company owns - which GBT members should boycott to teach these pricks a lesson - are: The Dorchester, Beverly Hills Hotel, Plaza Athenee, Hotel Meurice, Principe di Savoia, Hotel Bel-Air, Coworth Park, 45 Park Lane, Le Richemond and Hotel Eden.

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How is your penile projection?!
Added: 842 days ago / Views: 282

How is your penile projection?

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One More And You Get A Set Of Steak Knives
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The Vatican has defrocked 848 Priests for child molestation and rape during the last decade.

This astounding figure was released by the Vatican Ambassador to the UN and is significant for a couple of reasons

1. If you analyse when these defrockings took place they tend to only occur during periods of scandal (ie: the Catholic Church and Vatican are not actively rooting out evil men in their ranks as a matter of course, but only to make it look good when someone complains)

2. The kept it all 'in house' whereby almost none of these Priests were reported to the Police

Shame on the

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Greedy Mofo
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Fond Memory
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Home View
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Final Thoughts
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This is my second attempt at a blog, first time I tried to blog here no one could respond to it, not sure if it was something I did or if it was the site but here it goes again. I have a strained (at best) relationship with my very closed minded parents. Amazingly the strain of this relationship has nothing to do with sexuality, they are unaware that their last child turned out gay. I grew up in the heart of the Bible belt in the Ozarks and gay is just not something anyone admitted to. My parents have 10 children, I was the last and came nearly 7 years after the next to last and really, growing up all I ever wanted, all I ever tried to do was to have a loving parent child relationship with them. My siblings all had it, and I tried, I mean I really tried, I did not live just a normal youth, turn out like you turn out, I really put a conscience effort into trying to be the son they wanted me to be. I wanted and I guess I still do want their approval, I want them to be proud of me but that is a phrase I never have heard my father utter to me. I graduated from HS near the top of my class, was MVP on the baseball team the year we won district, got accepted to a major university, worked full time paid for every class myself and also my room and board, I earned everything myself ever since leaving home and I received my BA in 2007 and none of that impressed my father. I remember the day I got my degree, much to my surprise my parents came to the ceremony though I am pretty sure my grandparents played a huge role in them coming. I found them after the ceremony with my degree in hand, my grandparents were all smiles and hugs, even my mother even dredged up a hug, I turned to dear old dad and his first words were, good for you, you can hang your paper on your wall at home, are we done now? I guess he was worried his PBR was going to get warm if he did not get home. So what kind of relationship do you have with your parents? If your parents rejected you did you ever reach a point where you no longer cared? I most certainly do care and as of late I have been really feeling an emotional need to establish something with them but I just feel that is either something I cannot have or do not know how to do.

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