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To shave or not to shave?
Views: 512 · Added: 927 days ago

I am sub bottom guy and have always shaved my pubes since i was 16, as my 1st dom told me subs dont deserve mens pubes, what do we think ?

Mitch Hewer
Views: 204 · Added: 927 days ago

What do u GBT guys think about the gorgeous Mitch Hewer? see my profile page to see his pics.

Views: 194 · Added: 927 days ago

Is there any way to change my username without deleting my account and making a new one?

Views: 117 · Added: 927 days ago

hi everyone. just like to start talking to a few new people. message me if u want to chat x

Views: 186 · Added: 927 days ago

now i no i added a few pics of myself and friends but dose anyone have any requests
i no my vid is shot am working on a new one
got to just add really enjoying the short story's xx john

i'm nobody ...
Views: 108 · Added: 927 days ago

ever feel that way? i have and maybe more than most guys. some here know i'm an aspie ~ have aspergers syndrom ~ but i can say honest that since come this place almost year and half ago even leave and come back, this place more than just a porn site and i'm so much to help nick get other site without porn goin cos not only think but KNOW it can help so many people. not sure 'boyspop' the right name for it but something cos i know others here for real care about each other.

first 10 years of me life i am trapped in body control by miswire brain. some know couple of stories with me gran who always say she know im 'in here' and she the one who see it be true, from make a salad and i get upset cant talk but make her understand she forget green pepper. then one day, so thirsty and dehydrate and sick cos me sugar high from it and i finally say 'DWINK!' and all know i am here for real. so im sayin to you if you feel like your boy time lost for any reason, cos know you are homosexual but afraid or you get hurt and feel shame like i have also, or told you 'abomination' by church or feel hate from any one, i firstly say GOD love you. not say i am born this way but know HE love me. gran make sure i know that so i share her love with you. next i say you find that boy in you even if you 111 and you watch the video with him and at long time past should be let him BE FREE. if you 20 like me and still feel so much hurt come with me and for 5 minutes find how it is to BE FREE. watch over 100 times if you want but BE FREE. no more hurt, in prison of heart mind or soul. no more think you not good enough or shameful. you reach and spin with your eyes and know what it is like to BE FREE. i think big message to all those think of end their life is 'why?' you can BE FREE and love of all who know it will help you. i come to think that suicide is like self death sentence cos so not feel freedom. but it is a lie to self and we all need make clear that it is a lie and people love so you can BE FREE not execute self. we need to make that other place so ALL can BE FREE and have happier LIFE!

youre somebody not nobody. if you feel like you nobody come over to me profile and know i will be your friend. not the biggest poster here (i have post before but lose when leave go to anon) so if that not biggest reason for be here, you want friends well i will be one.

ya you are somebody so why not BE FREE?!

Views: 141 · Added: 927 days ago

who is into rough sex and what do u like to do

Views: 721 · Added: 927 days ago

I am tempted to join "BoyCrush" but I must be absolutely certain that it is private. I don't want anything showing up in my postal mailbox. Can anyone give me some experiences they have had with pay sites? Thanks

Lonely in Connecticut
Views: 218 · Added: 928 days ago

Any guys from the CT area feel like talkin or something... hit me up ;)

Views: 174 · Added: 928 days ago

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share my venture into writing with you lovely people. I've written a few chapters so far and would love to have your thoughts and suggestions. If you guys have anything written, I'd gladly check it out as well.


A 'Self-Portrait'
Views: 201 · Added: 928 days ago

My name is Ambrose (Yeah, I know: sorry about that!) but my friends call me Brody. My home is in Derbyshire and I'm 19 and a student.
I'm fair-haired and blue-eyed; 6ft. 1in. (that's my height, not cock size) and I weigh 14 stone.
Vital statistics: Uncut, and 6.5ins hard; flaccid, it's not really worthwhile measuring. I'm a "grower" and not a "shower".
Orientation: I'm 'bi' but mostly gay.
Preferences: Mutual hand jobs and blow jobs. I'm not really into anal, most definitely not as a 'receiver'.
I've a crazy sense of humour which always sees the ridiculous in things. (Well, I ask you: a naked guy lying flat on his back, eyes closed and mouth agape, gasping and moaning, and waving his legs in the air while his friend's cock is rammed hard up his bum! See what I means?)

Alone and horny
Views: 223 · Added: 928 days ago

Im alone for the weekend....slim...innocent and VERY horny...anybody fancy wankin with me??...its discreet and fun cos im curious....get in touch and ill ring you!!!....ill be waiting and gettin ready!!...dis is not a joke

I don't know about you, but I don't want to see a guy being BRUTALIZED, OVER AND OVER, while I'm trying to watch a beautiful boy beat off or making love to another boy. Would it hurt GBT to replace that one NASTY animated banner with a less offensive, PREFERABLY STATIC, banner? D.

Loading Video Problems?!?!!!
Views: 205 · Added: 928 days ago

At first I thought it was my desk top, but now I'm on my laptop. Am I the only one having problems with videos loading? You're watching an interesting video and a few second or minutes later into it, there's a loading countdown. Makes me so mad! Is it me or is anyone else having this problem. There are some really good videos I want to see but I just have to give up looking at them. Thanks guys.

Stanley Blow: Heart-breaker
Views: 186 · Added: 929 days ago

So, as you may know, I have been coming out to friends and whatnot — in fact, I even wrote a sex column for my college newspaper ( about my sexuality. Anyway, A friend of mine, a girl, read the column and was obviously upset. Later, I happened to be on facebook and noticed that she posted a status that said "Oh no, not again... :(" Without thinking, I said "Uh-oh, what happened?" and she typed back, "I just read something that made me really sad." Come to find out, she liked me, and I mean she REALLY liked me. I feel so bad because I think she was under the impression that I like her the same way. I feel like it's going to be kind of awkward from now on. Oh well, what can you do?

on announce by bbc of new inquiry into the awful abuse by fr brendan smythe in north ireland ~

i still cant get over this from while back about 'cure for homosexuality'

Please help
Views: 162 · Added: 929 days ago

I have just uploaded a pic from a video i have seen of these two boys.

I can no longer find it can someone please help?

Please give photo time to show


In your opinion, from what you've seen on the web and personal experience, what country do you think the hottest guys are from (and why)?

uploads ???
Views: 127 · Added: 930 days ago

what's the deal with the uploads.i have try'ed a few time to upload things but no luck even after i have done that it say's that thay would by up after 12 hours but nothing.only had one successful upload.any help ???

Views: 233 · Added: 930 days ago

suche wichstreff im raum Hockenheim Speyer indoor oder outdoor egal hauptsache fun

Views: 557 · Added: 930 days ago

so does any one know of any sites with gay fictional story's

story to long for blog
Views: 360 · Added: 930 days ago

It has been brought to my attention that my story about high is to long for some here on the blog. I thought would just share a part of my youth with guys on GBT. If anyone is interested in the last two chapters just let me know and I will email them to you. It was never a thought to post to long a blog on this site and did not know there were restrictions. Sorry to offend anyone who thought I was excessive.

Views: 170 · Added: 930 days ago

This blog is to host STORIES.
Want to share a part of your youth or a hot encounter or... ?
Post it on this blog. It won't overload the main blog page and still be open to be read by all of us.

great song!
Views: 152 · Added: 930 days ago
^^ great song i found and im surprised its not well known!

intense orgasm masturbation
Views: 1393 · Added: 930 days ago

so how do you have a really intense orgasm when masturbating

Views: 197 · Added: 931 days ago

I really wana meet someone soon, I havent been with anybody before as no one knows im Bi. I have a girl frend just wana try something diffrent im 27 In RAF goodlooing get back if your up for it. live near Swindon. Thanksssssssssssss

Taking advantage of you
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Do any of your str8 friends that know you are gay or Bi try and take advantage of this and try to get you to give them a blowjob or to jerk them off? And would you knowing that you are being taken advantage of?

paid porn sites
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will any one share there login info for a paid site like helix studios and boy crush i want to pay for one but want to test it out first, so if you would let my test yours. that would be cool

and this summer on me birthday in london!

add me
Views: 140 · Added: 931 days ago

if any one is looking for more freinds feel free to add me

R.I.P. Jack Reese, 18, Utah
Views: 178 · Added: 931 days ago

my sincere gratitude to gregg for posting about jack on


spread this link *everywhere* and the toll free trevor lifeline operates 24/7 1-866-488-7386

on me profile

thanks for every post you make to spread the word and we STOP the sadness of suicide!

I am Bisexual, thats what I say i am now, before now I avoided saying anything that put me in a category at all, maybe because i didnt want to lie about it. I have fallen in love several times and my first time was with a boy. That was of course a secret love as at that time it would have been normal for everyone to shout at you in the street or openly inult you in the classroom; where I am from. But that ended badly and after my BF was gone I never could take the chance that it might end in tragedy again - I felt. I fell in love again and am very happy now with a woman. I liked boys and girls maybe more boys than girls... but I am not straight and not gay.. Everyone hears about the stright people who say that gay is curable and we need treatement for loving the wrong sex, but also i have been told by gay people, and very often, that i must be gay if i like boys and that i am playing at being straight maybe to fit in. But i can tell you that the love i feel is like part of my life like the air i breathe, i couldn't live without my love. I wont ever cheat and betray my love for another person because they are not the same sex even though i might be attracted just like anyone else, its just that i am not as fussy about gender. Gay Straight where does BI fit in, or maybe everyone is at some point along a spectrum between one place and another, sex isnt love, if just the right person came along maybe many other ppl would be tempted to cross over?


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