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A Drunken Holliday
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After that first night seeing and touching Dave's dick it seemed to be on my mind almost every moment of every day, especially when we were together and I would try and steal glimpses of the bulge in his pants or watch him pissing at a urinal etc. He still had no idea of my real feelings and although he would quite happily wank in front of me, I really don't think he thought that was in the least bit unusual.

It was now coming up to summer and his parents asked me to join them on a holiday in Devon, and although I would have preferred Spain, Grease or just about anywhere else, I agreed to go because I knew I would get the opportunity to see him naked almost every day. As we got closer to going away we would often talk about what we were going to do to all those girls that would be dropping to their knees right in front of us, I of course was happy to play along knowing the effect these conversations would have on him. Finally, the day was here and we set off in his dad's car on Saturday morning, 5 hours later we were there. We pulled up outside the hotel, unpacked the car and moved in. I should say at this point that me and Dave were actually staying in a hotel next door to the guest house where his mum and dad had been going for years.

It was a large room with two single beds side by side, we each chose one, unpacked our bags and went straight out to get the lie of the land. We wondered round for an hour or two just checking things out and trying to find all the local pubs that we would no doubt visit that night. By six we had got back to the hotel, showered, changed, and there we were ready to go. Well, needless to say for a couple of young piss heads on holiday, we had a fantastic night, staggering from one pub to the next, eyeing up all the talent. By around midnight we were both completely plastered and we eventually staggered back to the hotel propping each other up as we went. Dave was much more drunk than I was, (I'm sure that any of you who have these fantasies as I do, are used to playing the drunk very effectively). We got back to our room and I lowered him onto his bed, I was still talking to him as if he were completely conscious, but of course I was only looking for any sign of a response. I stripped down to my boxers, my dick was already hard and my heart had begun to pound so hard that it almost seemed audible. I moved over to Dave who was lying across his bed with his feet still on the floor, I said; "come on, let's get you to bed". I started to undo his shirt buttons all the way down to his jeans, and then still talking to him I released his belt, zip etc. I pulled him up off the bed into a sitting position and removed his shirt and then lowered him back down, still not a sound out of him. I stood there for a moment and admired his body, beautifully cut but only slightly muscled, just the sight of the fine downy hair running from his belly button and disappearing into the top of his underwear made my dick ache with desire. I rubbed myself for a moment and then lay down on the bed beside him, his arm was stretched out under my head, and I raised my leg and let it rest on top of his. Reaching down, I very gently placed my hand on his stomach and rested there for a while, my heart was still pounding and I have to confess to being quite scared, but from the start I knew that the only way that this would stop was for him to wake. He didn't. I moved my hand lower, into his jeans and it was now resting on his dick, I could feel it clearly through his underwear, it was completely limp but to me it still felt fantastic. I started to massage it slowly and gently, at the same time I was pushing my own dick up and down his thigh. The feelings were so intense I trembled with excitement; I could feel every blood vessel in my body pounding and pulsing in some sort of unnatural rhythm. As I gently massaged his dick my nose was pressed against his armpit, the aroma added to the sensations, I began to feel his dick stiffening under my touch, almost imperceptibly at first but as the time passed it was getting harder and harder. His balls were large and even though they were covered by his underwear I could tell that they hung loosely in his sack, I knew I couldn't take it any longer and I just had to free him from the remains of his clothes.

I stood up and looked at him, he lay there soundly asleep and completely unaware of the effect he was having, I could see his dick straining to free itself from its restraint. I felt as if I had no options, I had to carry on, to stop now would have been impossible for me I had wanted him so much and for so long I was willing to risk anything. First I removed his trainers and then looped my left arm under both of his knees, lifting them I began to pull down his jeans and his underwear at the same time, I removed them completely.

Now he was there lying naked in front of me, he had a raging hardon, his balls hung low between his legs and as I watched I could see them moving, tiny movements in his sack. His dick lay on his stomach pointing straight up toward his head, I reached out and touched it and as soon as my fingers made contact it seemed to harden even move. I kneeled between his legs with one of his knees on either side of my chest and his feet still on the floor, I moved my head forward intending to lick his shaft with the tip of my tongue but before I made contact I noticed the smell, the most fantastic smell, I couldn't even begin to describe it, I've heard people before describe a shiver up their spine but this almost felt like my kidneys were aching and the back of my throat was tingling. I paused and enjoyed the aroma while I looked at the dick I had fantasised about for months, I reached up and took his bell in between my fingers and pulled it slightly away from his balls, his dick seemed to react to this sensation and stiffened even more, several times I did this and each time it felt as though his dick was pulling back but each time it seemed to pump more blood into his swollen bell. I wrapped my hand around his hard shaft, it was absolutely solid but the covering of skin was incredibly soft it almost felt like expensive satin, I pulled his dick up to that I could reach it with my mouth, all the time it was straining against me to lie back against his abdomen, I stoked it up and down and then moved my lips over his bell end. I started to suck him, gently at first but as he stayed sound asleep I began to suck stronger and deeper until my mouth was nestled against his pubes, I could feel his bell filling the back of my throat and on each down stoke I paused at the bottom and strained to take it as far in as I could without balking. I continued sucking and rubbing my other hand over his abdomen, chest and thighs before moving down to my own dick which I beat frantically, I would have liked to think that I could take my time and last for ages, but I knew only too well that I would have to cum soon, I just wasn't used to the intensity of these feelings. My head bobbed ever quicker enjoying every bit of his dick; I paused occasionally to run my tongue around his bell and even gripped it gently between my teeth before continuing my frantic sucking. Although his dick remained rock hard throughout our little session, from time to time I could feel it harden even more, I picked up the pace on my own dick and started to feel the familiar sensation but this time it seemed so much more intense. I stopped sucking but kept his dick in my mouth as I reached my climax, I shot 5 or 6 times presumably hitting the side of the bed, it seemed like such a relief to cum but I still didn't want to lose his dick from my mouth so stayed there for a while just enjoying the sensations.

I finally released him stood up and looked at my conquest, I think I may have felt a pang of guilt, but that certainly didn't last long - you probably could have measured it in nanoseconds. I turned out the light and went to bed; I had fabulous dreams all night.

As it turned out, having sex of one kind or another with my straight mates would become a regular part of my life for several years to come...

Scouse Lads
Views: 191 · Added: 890 days ago

Anyone in or around Liverpool fancy meetin up for some fun...

i love puberty
Views: 536 · Added: 890 days ago

if you want to see my undies pm me your email!

Searching a vid
Views: 325 · Added: 891 days ago

Hi i was searching for a video I recently saw here at GBT. It was about a cute guy with a bow tie who was wanking using Lubricate. Can someone PM me the link or write it at the comments ? I spent days searching for this video.

Views: 201 · Added: 891 days ago

Hi i was searching for a vid i saw recently but cannot find anymore. It was about a really nice guy with a bow tie who was wanking with lubricate. Can someone PM me or post the link at the comments ?

Channel Background
Views: 275 · Added: 891 days ago

I've noticed some profiles have personalised channel background imagery. Could someone please explain how this done? as there's been no explanation your just expected to simply know, which doesn't help.

Going out with a girl
Views: 633 · Added: 891 days ago

So a girl i like asks me to go out for lunch with her. I sad yes because she is real hot
As far as girls go. I'm still not sure if I'm gay or not but have started to accept it
More lately. Do you think it's a good idea to go out with her. Do you think it will
Turn me straight?

What did you do to him?
How old were you?
How old was he?
Was he drunk,asleep or other?
Did you get caught?
Did you feel guilty afterwards?
Would you do it again?

i will like to chat
Views: 168 · Added: 892 days ago

hi everyone, i will like to chat with some hot young boy, 19 yo or less, just talking about everything hehe.... send me pm :)

Views: 271 · Added: 892 days ago

hi guys can anyone tell me if u can get cosmetic surgery to tighten yor scrotum
or we call it yor BALL SAC..i like to see a nice tight sac..mine hangs down causing some slapping when butt fucking i would luv them tightened..any sensible suggestions

Views: 246 · Added: 892 days ago

any cute young guys out there?

what would you do?
Views: 640 · Added: 892 days ago

one a hot summer afternoon, while walking thru a parking lot at a large shopping center, you notice a dog suffering badly from the heat inside a locked car. what would you do?

is there such a thing as a pot hangover?
Views: 239 · Added: 892 days ago

my thinker is broken today!

Question to anyone
Views: 281 · Added: 892 days ago

What would you do if u saw a number of naked pictures of a best friend, just an ordinary friend or someone you but not very well?

bored... want to speak on msn or skype 18 or below
Views: 230 · Added: 892 days ago

bored as hell like and just want to speak to someone or something like so just message me if you want to chat

Views: 669 · Added: 892 days ago

do you find it so hard to say "no" that you regularly do favors you don't want to do? if so, why?

this pisses me off
Views: 274 · Added: 892 days ago

If its your house and no one else live with you why the hell are you whispering??????????

oh boy
Views: 310 · Added: 892 days ago

while out one day, you are suprised to see your mother holding hands with someone who is clearly her lover. she notices you, runs to you, and begs you not to say anything to your father. how would you respond? what would you do if your father later told you that he was going crazy because he kept thinking your mother was having an affair yet knew it was just his imagination?

its a blog so I'm treating it as such
Views: 245 · Added: 893 days ago

I know its not interesting at all but I got a new phone today,the Nokia Lumia 800. Freaking LOVE IT :P

Anyway that's really it, I know itself not the same sexual questions or stories that people post but im easing into this lol, so lame,.sorry guys lol

do you have an age limit?
Views: 1062 · Added: 893 days ago

I have a 5 year age limit so with me being 19 (turn 20 april 20) i wont talk to anyone (boy or girl) younger than 14 or older than 24.... i five years might be pushing the boundaries on whats right or wrong but hey im only human :p

my first vid and coming out
Views: 169 · Added: 894 days ago

thanks to a lot of good mates here and xtranormal, i have made a couple videos including finally coming out, the best i can right now

what if...
Views: 282 · Added: 894 days ago

would you rather be given $10,000 for your own use or $100,000 to give anonymously to strangers? what if you could keep $1,000,000 or give away $20,000,000?

live cam chat
Views: 196 · Added: 894 days ago

live cam chat activated :)

Gang bang
Views: 669 · Added: 894 days ago

Have someone did had a gang bang ore is that a dream of youres?

Views: 336 · Added: 894 days ago

I see lots of videos that say "straight boy jerking" or whatever and most of them shave their pubes. I would really love to know if shaving is that pervasive in the straight community, especially the younger crowd. Any thoughts?

random idea
Views: 251 · Added: 894 days ago

Lets all be straight today and go back be gay/bi/curious/not labled ect. Friday dont that sound FUN :p

Views: 324 · Added: 894 days ago

During sex i start thinking that im not doing something right, these extra happy bastarders out here just gone let me keep going on (saint louis gays/bis suck jk) well my question is Is this a normal thought or am i possibly doing something wrong

Views: 431 · Added: 894 days ago

is it just me /my server but i cant download in the last few hours something about apache server ?

Can't upload any new vid - why?
Views: 231 · Added: 894 days ago

Views: 181 · Added: 894 days ago


Views: 398 · Added: 894 days ago

1st i wana thank evryone for their comments on my comming out blog. u all were very supportive. no i luv the community feeling on this site and i like having freinds so if u want pls add me as a freind . thx

does anyone find painful hardcore srx a turn on?????? i duno wa to think about it rong?

My new Blog
Views: 172 · Added: 895 days ago

am i allowed to put my new blog on here? if not please delete my post (please dont delete me) thank you. here goes

look at my new blog m8 all my pics and videos will be posted there and please share the link help me promote my blog thanks you can view it here

and like i say please share the link thanks and enjoy

i am so cool!
Views: 153 · Added: 895 days ago

im gona go watch my tv show! can you do that? LOL I hare my dad!


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